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Post spooky/nope stories.

>Be me
>Be like 6 at the time
>Be antisocial kid, like to stay inside
>No real life friends
>Only had one imaginary friend, that lived in that massive antique dresser
>We'd chill out
>Also vividly remember him telling me stories , though I don't remember what they were about
>One day I talk to the parents about it
>Dad isn't really up to date cause he was travelling a lot
>Tell him about my dresser friend
>He wants to know his name
>It was something like Patrick/Peter
>Holy shit
>He turns fucking pale
>Asks me to draw Patrick/Peter out for him
>He calls my uncle
>dad and uncle take it out of my room and burn it
>Was later revealed that uncle had the same imaginary friend
>After a few months of that imaginary friend bullshit, uncle starts having night terrors about Patrick/Peter
>Got so bad that we had to move him out of his room before he changed back to normal
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So Dad freaked out immediately? Wouldn't he assume that your uncle mentioned Patrick/Peter to you before and maybe you didn't remember? I mean it's more likely than the supernatural.

Anyway, here's my story:
>6 or 7
>me and my sister are playing in this old pig shed (shaped like pic related but much bigger obvs.
>hasn't been used for years. There's some old buckets and pallets and shit in there.
>very rarely go in there because it's dusty and why would you?
>sister and I sit on two upturned buckets.
>her's has a hole in it.
>as we're sat talking I see some kind of "leg" reach out from the hole. It's about 30cm and bristly like a spider's leg.
>I freeze and just stare at it.
>she notices my look and follows it to the thing.
>she screams and stands up.
>the leg darts back inside straight away.
>this all happens in a few seconds.
>she chastises me for not telling her, says that it could be diseased or something.
>neither of us know what that was.
>I suggest a rat's tail, but it really was more like a limb. I remember it having joints and shit.
>we're both scared but for some fucking reason we decide to kick the bucket over and then run away.
>we get ready to leg it out of there and then she kicks the bucket over.
>it's dark, and neither of us wait to see what it is we just run.
>we both remember it to this day.
>still no idea what it was.
>parents didn't believe us at first but because we both remembered it for so long they now believe we saw something.

A rat is still the most likely culprit but I remember very distinctly thinking that it looked like a giant spider's leg. Spooki
I have a spooky story about my old Catholic elementary/junior high school if anyone cares to hear it, it's kinda long-winded though.
Nah, don't bother.
>be me
>tell people of the madness i have endured
>faggots from 4chin show up to annoy me further in spectral form
>along with what seems to be a couple of remote viewers and a army psychic soldier faggot
>they annoy me and my family for a while not realizing they cant do much and when their back is turned i set a few things up
>they attack the inhabitants and brag of their victories over people who arent fighting back
>then i notice they cant tell whats going on
>they noticed a few things in the yard which is why they preferred the side windows but they didnt know what was going on in the city
>as is typical some of the local ghost show up and pull me from my body
>i have to run people out of my house for like a 3rd time
>its gotten to the point im sure it wont end until a few people go brain dead
>when my parents act odd its them
>they arent skin walkers they are just annoying
>1 of them likes to attack people thinking it means something
>they fought over a "guardian" i set up in my parents room
>not with over
>im guessing they are a special kind of looser
>i have no clue what they see when they look at it i just know they can see it
>when i die one day i will have to fight these people endlessly
>they claimed the war is over when they pull me from my body
>i never enlisted in the military
>maybe 10 years old
>moved to a new house recently
>isolated place
>basically a farmstead
>fields and forests all around
>me and my brother (2 years older) and/or friends soon go explore the forest
>doesn't take us long to realize there's abandoned cold war military installation in the forest
>go there often, always something new to discover
>above ground bunkers scattered around the forest
>used to store hay by farmers
>occasionally homeless people sleep there
>one day, mum goes for a walk with dog in that forest, me and my brother go along because why not
>mum wasn't there before
>want to show her some of the above ground bunkers
this is where it gets interesting
>run ahead to wait at the nearest bunker
>look into on of the grated windows (there was no glass there, just grates)
>see some black shape staring at me
>basically looked like a hooded figure with glowing yellow eyes
>see the eyes for maybe a second, the thing turns away from me
>run back to my mum and brother
>tell them I saw something scary
>go back to bunker with them, nothing there
>go inside, nothing there
>never saw anything like that thing again

Today I'm pretty sure it was just some kind of bird (maybe an owl?) but fuck, back then it scared the shit out of me. I've got some more stories from that forest if anyone want to hear them, nothing exceptional or paranormal, just things that scared me as a kid.
you guys murdered a friendly spirit
File: spooky ghost.jpg (8 KB, 223x226)
8 KB
> Indian Ocean tsunami
> taxi drivers picked up a foreign man and his Thai girlfriend going to the airport
> look in mirror
> only empty seat
File: spooky ghost.jpg (6 KB, 225x225)
6 KB
> Indian Ocean tsunami
> body searchers heard laughing and singing on the beach
> only darkness and empty sand
Pics, eurocuck.
>be me
>be 13
>be Strayan (Northern territories)
>go out swimming and just fucking around with a bunch of friends(the brother of one of my friends even got us a beer each)
>we bring allong said Tinnies, some snacks and some fishing equipment
>need to cross a small creek to get to where we want to sit
>creek was like 7/8 feet deep
>we decide to swim over
>im the last one to cross the river
>I feel something big slither past like 6 feet from me
>seagull was resting on the water like 40 feet away from me
>it suddenly gets hit by a bullshark
tell more please
>vividly remember construction and roadwork happening behind my backyard for like 7/8 months
>construction never happened there when I was alive, all houses in our neightbourhood are about the same age and all build in the 60's
>still have the memories of seeing constand construction work from my backyard and my room upstairs and the houses behind mine being build.
Was it called jacobs creek?
Perhaps you were born in the 60s and are just a manchild.
Spoiler alert: Patrick/Peter was not a hallucination.

Dem ghosts they seem real af to children and people who are connected with spirit realm.
Not first-hand experience but story coming in.

>Be grandpa
>Contractor for different companies in 30s in Indiana.
>A circus hires him to do some repairs fo the land.
>One night as he worked, came across a tent for the staff.
>Looks inside and sees a man trying to cut his wrist.
>Grandpa stops the guy and talks to him.
>Guy was a clown but was depressed as shit.
>Grandpa offers him to work for him and says that he will talk to the clowns manager. Ask the clowns name. William.
>Grandpa goes to the manager and talks to him. Tries to convince him that William can go with grandpa.
>Manager looks at grandpa in disbelief and asks if hes joking.
>Grandpa gets offended and tells him the location and the course of events.
>Manager looks distubed and asks grandpa to take him to the location.
>When they get to the location, the tent was missing. There was a storage tent there instead.
>Manager told grandpa that it has happened to some people before.
>Manager said that William was a clown about a decade ago who killed himself.
>William was an alcoholic and got affected by the Prohibition. He was also taunted a lot by his coworkers.
>Grandpa quits the job.

Now heres the fucked up part.
>William haunted grandpa in his nightmares for rest of his life.
>Found dead in the same spot as the clown.
>Same method.
Another one.

>Uncle (wayyy older than my dad) grew up in 50s.
>Joined the mafia for unknown reason.
>Got murdered.
>His wife went insane. Killed their son and killed themselves.
>The mafia members involved all died of mental illnesses within half a year.
If you go to
and look at the right side of the page/scroll down a bit you can see a lot of pictures. I don't live there anymore so I don't have a problem with anyone knowing the location

>12 or 13 at the time (memory is a bit foggy)
>celebrate birthday with two mates
>got a few beers
>go to forest, drink on the way
>it get's dark
>drink in one of the bunkers where previous story took place
>decide to go further into forest
>inner area of military base has a chain link fence around it, gates exist but they are on the opposite site of base
>know a place where the fence has a hole
>go there, go through fence
>at this point it's pretty much night, can't see shit
>sit down on a tree that's fallen down
>drink for maybe half an hour
>fucking around, laughing, feeling the alcohol
>out of nowhere, hear this deep growl
>sounds like it's not far away
>we all freak out a bit
>pretty sure it was a wild boar, the one with tusks, not sure what the english term is
>no weapons on us, it's Germany we're talking about
>tell my mates I think it's a boar and we better leave
>oldest one who's 16 and a city dweller doesn't want to leave
>growling get's closer and more frequent
>nope out of there
>continue getting drunk on way home, all in all good Birthday with a good story

The sound we heard sounded a bit like
>Be 3 or 4 years later.
>Same place but with my mom n little sister.
>Having a fun time eating sandwiches n shit.
>Had to pee so went to a place behind the bunker.
>Peeing behind a tree when I heard a scream.
>Thought it was my mind playing tricks because Im German.
>Heard it again. Sounded closer.
>Ran to my mother and little sister.
>Found them making out furiously. Asked if I can join.
>Never felt so lonely.

Had to watch my mom make out with my younger sister for two hours as I ate sauerkraut.
What in the actual fuck
But anon, I don't have a little sister.
>Thought it was my mind playing tricks because Im German.
I have a couple, used to work in a haunted mansion turned restaurant
>First days at work
>Been hearing the ghost stories for a chile
>Work day ends
>Manager checks the cameras
>In this recording you can clearly see a white thing floating around the room
>Goes towards the camera, camera goes statiky for a moment then continues operating normally without a hinch of the ghost/spirit/whatever
Happens to the best of us
why the fuck my pp hard
> be me
> go to nearby town
> sudendly remember i left the oven on

Don't listen to him, please do

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