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I'll start:

>be me, regular Joe IRL in his early twenties
>had a dream about WWII one night
>I was a marine in a jungle in Asia and me and my squad were to take the fight to the enemy (Japs)
>walking right into a Japanese ambush, gunfire and shit everywhere
>couldn't see anything because the vegetation was just too heavy
>order my guys to fire back. It's total chaos, my ears are ringing and I can't hear shit despite being in a dream
>guy to my right is hit
>see something flying my way
>think of my family back home, my wife and my two daughters
>wake-up in a panic right as the grenade explodes

So yeah this dream has always bothered me because usually when I dream everything feels really distant and like it's not me in the dream. This one though felt really personal and like my very soul was in the dream, I even knew what "I" looked like (black hair, 6'11", brown eyes, stocky) without even looking at myself in a mirror or anything, and I also knew my rank. I've also always felt emotional when American soldiers die in movies or whatever and I'm not even from the States.

Ok /x/, your turn.
Sometimes people will have odd birthmarks or scar-looking skinmarks from where they were damaged or killed in a previous life if the injury was severe. Anything that you notice on your body from what you can remember what happened?
i had a similar dream, i dreamt that i was an RTO for a russian squad during ww2 and we were fighting in a school house, i kept asking why we weren’t calling for air support and our officer kept saying that we could hold off the germans without it then there was a sudden burst of artillery all around us and i woke up crying
I had something similar, but set in Eastern Front:
>be me, 16 back then
>dreamt of being young German paratroopers
>knew it was in Russia, 1944, early summer
>had memories of earlier events despite not having dreamt of them before, such as me joking with friends in training and previous battle
>my regiment had to rotate with a battered one at a poorly dug out defensive position
>got posted to a foxhole at the forefront of the defensive line
>everyone else to my back, just me with smg and a panzerfaust
>gets bombarded by artillery, with a shell landing in front of me, right outside blast radius
>tanks rushed towards us after artillery stopped, with infantry following behind
>skilfully waited for the tank to get close so i could pop up and kill it with the panzerfaust
>fucking missed despite the tank around 25m away
>got scolded by nco and someone else blew the tank up
>climbed back into foxhole and waited for the infantry to close in
>tried to shoot in control bursts, but not hitting anyone cuz shit skills as I was used to a bolt-action rifle
>started to just spray aimlessly with the Russians getting close, throwing a grenade out every now and then
>keeps spraying, reloading and repeat
>in my last reload, I heard someone call out to me, someone I thought not to be there, and I looked behind, but couldn't see who that was
>suddenly spot something under the tank I failed to destroy earlier, a Russian rifleman, with a field cap, I remember distinctly
>I try to pull the trigger
>hear a crisp "plink", feel something on my forehead, lose all control of my body, and I just slump forward, blacking out and then I wake up

I never had a dream where I had memory of that world before. For example some of my friends had a real life counterpart, I knew the unit didn't have full training, and I remember how I dropped my rifle and picked up the smg during house to house fighting. Quite a lot for a dream.
German paratrooper anon here. I remember feeling intense deja vu watching some documentary on Discovery Channel 1 or 2 years before the dream, first proper introduction to WW2 German troops, and I'd stick with German weapons in ww2 games because they felt familiar. Also I frequently have headaches.
Okay, what about birthmarks on your head where you think the bullet went through?


Check the birthmarks parts
I have strange marks on my lower-back near my spine that look like scratch marks but I have no idea if it's related or not. The grenade in my dream exploded on the ground and I am the only one in my family with loose ligaments in my legs (my knees can dislocate if I don't pay attention) which means I'll never be able to join the military. I think of it as some kind of karmic justice.
I don't think I have any birthmarks anywhere on my head unfortunately
I have a scar on my left eyebrow and nobody seems to know where it came from. I have no memory of getting it, and I've asked my mom about it but she doesn't know either. I've just kind of always had it.
File: darklord pepe.png (391 KB, 743x479)
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391 KB PNG
I have a good one, i'll always remember
>be me
>5 years old or so
>dream that i'm in a Savannah-looking place
>in the dream i am a young boy maybe 12 years old
>i'm in a small circular straw hut maybe 6 square meters
>there's an older person there, an authority figure
>suddenly, feel an oppressive sense of incoming danger. almost as if an enemy army is approaching the hut fast
>the older authority person points to a spear on the wall of the straw hut and tells me i need to take it up
>i've never handled a spear before, i'm just a boy
>i feel that i need to act, either fight or run fast

Then i grab the spear and the dream ends.
I always will remember this dream, it felt as if that was me in a previous life.
I wonder if little ooga booga Anon made it out ok
The dream certainly had some ooga-booga vibes to it. I may have had dark skin in the dream but i am white in real life though. It is interesting though because that dream really stood out, like where did the narrative come from? I remember another dream i had from childhood, in which i was devoured by a monster that i had seen on the cover of a Donald Duck magazine. That dream makes sense because the narrative came from somewhere, but the savannah dream came out of nowhere. The defining feature was that heavy oppressive feeling of dread, uncertainty of what would happen when the enemies (people? a herd of animals?) would arrive.
When I was very young ( I think 4/5) I had a recurring terrifying nightmare. I was on some kind of dirt mountain, more like a tower....like a tall rock in the Grand Canyon (but i don't think it was there). It felt like ancient times and i was on my knees being forced to read thousands of pages in so many books....there were some entities I didn't see standing there forcing me to do it...it semed like the most impossible task and I felt consigned to be doing it forever....
Subsequently something spiritual happened to me at the dawn of the internet and I have spent 20 years doing just that but using the internet, searching for truth, answers to everything....life, the universe and so on. It's been more enjoyable in real life but if I am honest, it came at the expense of many other things....I don't regret it though
Wow, that's amazing :)
Cool dream Anon, it is very heavy in symbolism (the tower / elevated place, reading, the entities overseeing you). Also how it seemed like a neverending task, that's so interesting.
Thank you, it made such an impression, but I didn't think about it too much from then until 23...then I realised it was kind of self fulfilling....perhaps my mission here. Was considering going to a hypnotist or something to try and get more clarity...but thinking back to the dream still gives me the fear and there is not that much that scares me
The only conclusion I came to is that if the end times come as some think, perhaps I need to carry some of that knowledge forward so it isn't lost.....the compelling feeling to learn, understand everything about the world - how it really is (at a top level, the concepts at least - I am no scientist) is so strong....it's my primary focus in life. I have to hide this from my wife and family to an extent.....I spend at least 5 - 8 hours minimum a day trying to get to the bottom of it all !
A lot of these just sound like dreams or musings inspired by new age, spirtism, demonic shit.
Which leads me to my weird, new age, spiritusm demonic shit dream(s)

I’ve only had maybe 3 or 4 of them, but they’re the closet thing i would consider a lucid or vivd dream or a false awakening dream, because each starts of seemingly normal as if i was awake, but within moments i’ll notice an object, say a backpack or a rock just dangling in the air, as if suspended by something invisble, then when it process that is weird, its as if the invisble whatever doing that to the object spergs the fuck out as if i just broke the rules in a game and the tistic kid is reee’ing in my face over it. Then i wake up.

Once it happened where it was just a big distortion in the air in front of the fridge/blocking the only exit out of a small kitchen.

I chalk it up to demons and shit cuz i used to mess with the occult and new age a lot, stopped after some bad experiences, went to Jesus instead, so they’re a lil peeved I wont blindly open up to them anymore even in dreams.
That's some freaky shit ! Happy to hear you went to Jesus. That's where all roads led me and my life is much better for it and I feel protected against the demonic. I lived in Exeter, Devon UK for 2 years above the green surrounding the cathedrals. There are thousands of bodies buried under there from the black plague and also roman times. It's one of the most haunted cities in the UK. Local papers regularly report ghostly happenings as a matter of fact there. Our flat was haunted. Before it was flats it was a restaurant storeroom..the manager had to keep a huge book to log the nightly weirdness. We had internal doors open, slam, knockings on external walls (4th story) and much more. For 2 years only the time I lived there...I had a recurring dream of being in an empty black void, endless.....then I wouldn't see it but feel it....the darkest most evil presence wanting to drag me away. Terrifying. Stopped after I left. My faith helps prevent fear of that kind of thing affecting me....so far so good....side note...my brother, a total skeptic and non believer went there to visit me...I took him to a pub downstairs, told him some of the above....he said I don't believe in ghosts. Immediately after 3 x loud bangs on the pub table, no one else near...he thought it was me but realised i was sat back too far. So he said it once more and it happened again. That changed his mind
i get dreams from time to time where its like im another person. when i wake up i have to 'remember' my actual life and memories.
one time i dreamt i had a black grandma who was dying of liver disease and i was consoling her.
im not black.
one time i dreamt i was a homeless person. i was squatting in an abandoned building trying to get to sleep. i kept hearing weird scuttling in the corners of the room that kept me awake.
all of a sudden hundreds of rats come out of the shadows and start circling me.
they all spoke together, like, all their little rat voices combined to make a deep mans voice.
i cant remember what they said but i remember it being deeply unsettling
Around 4 or 5 years ago, I had a dream that I was serving in the Revolutionary War and unlike most other dreams I've had, I could remember it pretty clearly after I woke up. At the time I had only entry-level knowledge of the war. The dream made me want to research the war so I did and found that the dream was pretty fuckin historically accurate. There's no way I could've dreamt it with the pleb-tier history knowledge that I had at the time. I'm convinced it was either some genetic memory thing from an ancestor who served in the war or a past life.
What were some of the historical details that made you convinced it was a genetic memory?
The first one that comes to mind is how the muskets were portrayed in it. At the time, I had no idea how a musket worked other than that it was a "long gun that takes a while to load" but the dream depicted the process of loading and firing it completely accurately, such as using the paper cartridges containing both the bullet and the powder (which is something I had no idea they even did at the time)
The uniforms were also pretty damn accurate too
That's incredible, has it resulted in more empathy towards others or anything else? It reminds me of reading I did years ago on astral travel where this guy could visit friends on the other side of the world and inhabit the body of a cat...perhaps you are taking over their bodies for a while...
Very nteresting and good point, there is evidence that knowledge and experience are passed through DNA
That is convincing. The muskets were loaded in a very special manner in that war. The soldier had to open the paper cartridge and load the gunpowder first, then stuff the bullet along with the paper into the barrel manually. There's no way a person without experience could describe that process (my own experience comes from video games).
File: 1499861330459.jpg (25 KB, 480x480)
25 KB
I have very bizarre dreams, and about half of them involve my death. I've been shot with guns, a crossbow, decapitated myself with a chainsaw, fallen off of buildings, ripped apart by a bear, possibly burned, and probably some other ways that I can't remember.

For as long as I can remember, I've always had a morbid curiosity about violence. This could be a result of some traumatic experiences in my early childhood, like getting beat up on the street by a group of older kids and my dad screaming at me when I was a toddler.

I've always been a touch psychopathic, but when I hurt someone who has always been nice to me I tend to feel remorse. Now that I think about it, I may have been a murderer in my past life. I don't necessarily condone what serial killers do, but I understand it in a way that most people I talk to find disturbing.The hunger for blood, the fantasy, the plan of action, the hunt, the control over the life of another, the satisfaction of seeing the chaos they've created. At the same time, I can put myself in the place of the victims and feel what they must have felt once they realized they were going to die. The dread, the panic, the desperation, the fight or flight, the pain and terror, and the light fading into the distance. This has given me the ability to distinguish people who are potential predators from those who are potential prey.
Hi folks, those of you with these dreams that end in actual death have reincarnated by accident.

If you'd like to talk
You might just have the warrior spirit. It doesn't necessarily mean you are a "bad guy", there are both good and evil men of violence.

heres a good video on reincarnation.


I've had a very peculiar dream once. It was at night and I was in a small boat near a large ship. I seen other men with me that were wearing armor and mohawk helms. There was fire on the shore lighting the area around the boats.

Probably just imagination but its very interesting.
im not sure if this counts. i dreampt some black kid broke into my house and killed me while i slept. stabbed repeatedly. then him and his family moved in. they while he slept i payed him some visits and he ended up dying some how i dont recall. then people from the neighborhood took revenge and broke into the house and lynched the black people. they didnt find all of the family members bodies but they crucified one specifically and he was there for weeks before any one found him
Isn't the prevailing theory that most reincarnations occur within the same family lineage, or at the very least the same race?

My sis (who always has really surreal/crazy dreams) had a very detailed dream set in an Italian villa where she spoke to the family matriarch. We're asian.

We also share the same recurring nightmare (black greasy gears/train and extremely loud engine/furnace/mechanical noises).

She's also had a few AP experiences without any sort of practice, but she doesn't know what AP is in the first place (she is Christian though)

I've also AP'ed three times-- two were triggered by extreme stress and the other time was when I randomly did a meditation retreat for like a day.
I have birthmark on my dick, sooo that was a pretty shitty way to die...
Maybe next time don't actually follow through when you threaten to break it off in someone and stick it in double
Same here. I actually researched my WW2 dream and the 16th regiment of the 6th Fallschirmjager Division was indeed in Russia in summer 1944, the kind that was no longer fully trained (e.g. lower quality, and insufficient parachute training etc.). It took me a while to research that because I did not know the Fallschirmjager used different helmets at first, and I was further confused by the fact "I" wore the regular army helmet during training, only switching to the Fallschirmjager helmet just before completion of training. Also, I just somehow "knew" I fought in a counterattack in a city, which the 16th Fallschirmjager Regiment did in July 1944 Vilnius with intense house to house fighting. Think the actual battle scene was as realistic as it gets as well, classic order of big artillery bombardment -> tanks with mounted infantry -> dismounted infantry+rest of infantry. I saw tanks that were visually accurate (T-34 tanks upon researching), and the Russian troops were dressed just like they were supposed to. Heck, even the earth that were blown into the air by artillery felt very hot when it landed on my hand.
I don't believe it was from a past life but still very strange.

Years ago I had a dream that I lost my virginity. I was mounted by a women who had sex with me and I could see and feel everything, the dream felt so lucid, I felt wide awake, it felt so real, like I could feel everything you would expect to feel. It seemed to go on for hours as we had sex, finished and then laid in bed together, saying nothing. When I woke up I was genuinely surprised, I didnt think I had been dreaming.

From then on, even though I knew it was a dream, I no longer considered myself a virgin, even though I was, the experience just felt so real to me that I felt like it counted. Sometime later when I lost my virginity in the physical world, it didnt feel new, the sensations felt just like they had in the dream, even though I hadnt experienced them yet at the time of having it. I didnt feel nervous about being a virgin because I didnt feel like one. I still consider that dream my first time.
The first time I meditated on the sigil of one of my demon guardians I put it under the pillow and dreamt of being on a hill with someone and I saw missiles coming from the sky and destroying a shopping center.
It was the most vivid dream I had in my entire life and it happened a lot of time later since my last dream.
How does one go about discovering their demon guardian(s)?
File: 1529949487335.jpg (43 KB, 859x637)
43 KB
>had a dream of having sex
>basically had sex
>checkmate virgins
There are various rituals. You often know who she/he is because in a previous life you were close.
I found her on Joy of Satan in the demons list, than I made a ritual with a pendulum and all the demons name written on paper and asked all of them at turn if they were my guardians. I got three names, all of them are virgo like me.
I'm trying to summon her but I have difficulties in visualizing the sigil, I'll try again later.
Check Joy of Satan, it's filled with occult knowledge.
This one isn't about me, but I remember the story vividly. I was in my late teens at the time, and going through a lot, and confided in my favorite uncle, who would offer me advice and let me crash at his ranch.

One night, my uncle offered me a beer. (I was 16 at the time...he is my "cool uncle".) He said he'd been having dreams of a little girl who came to visit him. She would come and ask him questions, and he'd answer them meticulously. She appeared differently in each dream, but there were common elements in each incident, such as her hospital gown and scars/bandages on her abdomen. He says he'd watch her play, then, without cause or reason, she would decide it was time to leave, and she would cordially bid him farewell each time.

The last time he had the dream was different. The girl came in his dream, just like before, but seemed a bit somber this time. He said after a while of sitting on the floor playing, she stood up slowly, and said with deep sadness on her face, "it's time for me to go. If you want to find me, I'll be sleeping over by the highway". (In this case, Interstate 45, right near his ranch property). He said at that moment he woke in a cold sweat. He said never told anyone this story besides me.

Here's the kicker: My uncle owns a ranch in Texas where they found the remains of a young girl with an artificial feeding tube in her stomach. He had this dream just days before finding her body and reporting it to the authorities.

To this day, I'm the only one in the family who he's told about his dreams.

Here's a link to the story that was reported after my uncle called the authorities:
My husband had like three different war themed dreams too. Whereas he doesn't know on which side he was or who he was fighting. We're in Germany and he's of German/Austrian heritage
just wow
>in movies or whatever and I'm not even from the States.
I'll bet you were at one point.....
It was your husband from a past life when you were a Thai lady boy
You were his husband in a past life as a Thai lady boy that's why his American masculinity leaves you shaken and trembling in anticipation into this life
I had many dreams growing up of fire bombings. Whistles in the sky, melted asphalt all over people, countless times died with a bomb blowing up in front of me. The problem is these dreams were happening where I currently lived at the time. As I got older, the dreams warped to quarantined zones in places I have never been and finally to something like torture chambers. Think like skyrim music playing in the background of some kind of inquisition / dungeon in some mountains in Europe.

>White supremacist /pol/
>Wants to exterminate all nogs
>Was a nog in a past life, that hated whites for colonization
>Past-past life as a champion gladiator that killed nig gladiators as a specialty

There are actually are quite a few stories online of Blue eyed blonde haired kids having dreams of past lives as blacks or asians.

Perhaps developing good karma in a past life as a non-white, leads to reincarnating as a white person in the next.
File: let me go.gif (997 KB, 500x330)
997 KB
997 KB GIF
I had a dream were a girl from my old class was hug me. I loved that girl all the years we were in the highschool. And the dream was so real. It was beautiful. When I wake up I felt devastated. I don't know why I share this here but it was 4 years ago and I still remember this.
It's from your past life as a cuck
File: 200_s.gif (47 KB, 356x200)
47 KB
Good thread.
Lol. Them fucking grenades! I got a gas grenade lobbed at me (in a ''dream'').
I was a literal charlie. I saw myself in both 3rd person and 1st person. Normally i dream of myself, always. This time i had ginger hair and a face of someone who i recognized as myself, but not from this lifetime.
Was pretty certain/adamant about his name literally being charlie. He had green uniform, general feel of WW1 attire.

Was walking towards a trench. Everything else was white like ''the matrix' i knew i was dreaming whilst ... replaying this memory (?)
because it was a dream, i ignore the grenade
until suddenly the air i am breathing starts to burn. I felt the immediate need for a gas mask, combined with the knowledge of ''it's too late''
and i choked on the gas which by this time was an actual visible cloud.
Didn't make it to the trench
Woke up
thought it was really odd that i knew what a gas grenade TASTED like...

Also another dream i had OP that i can relate to your story
>be me on an airplane, incredibly lucid
>there's something wrong with the plane, turbulence, it's going down
>can't seem to see anyone else on board, but was unaware it was actually a dream, thought i was going to die there, all i could do was think of my mum, hoping she would know i was OK and that i love her and that it isn't her fault
>was very glad to wake up, alive. Albeit really shaken up.

Thought it was ''funny'' (read: peculair) that we both had the experience of
also it is wise to take note:
your future and previous lifetimes are alive and they talk with you constantly in the 21st century (they are everywhere around you)
I had an astral viewing of a torture chamber and i think the feds need to be informed.
Rows of bodies in blue tarps with their faces nailed to the wall above the tarp. It disgusts me to use this vocabulary but it is what i saw.
I went into a door, saw 2 turkish ''above middle-aged'' men stabbing a woman repeatedly whilst i think trying to make love/sex with her.

Was the most corrupt thing my mind has experienced and i've been really quiet about it, in denial, pretending i didn't see anything, but i think that is wrong. I think people should know, and do something against it.
Explanation for this that i hope will be easy to comprehend:
Our space-time is looped.
So this >>21449109
can be real?

Hope I'm reincarnated as my Hapa tomboy dream waifu that every chad wants but no one can have.

Man, That'd be so kicks!
The scientific consensus is that dreams process our subconscious so something in your subconscious told you that girl wanted to hug you (or more)
I have been truing to make sense of it because these experiences don't fit historical time lines. Like.. I know I've seen older movies in previous lives and that really narrows down what I must have lived. If I am a 30 yo boomer then I died previously in the 80s. Urban firebombing screams ww2, but I must have somehow survived or lived a very short life from the 40s to the 80s. I also have a very psychotic thing I can only express as being a very smart untrusting woman. I am a guy right now and it really makes fucked up decisions considering the power I have now.
File: woji.jpg (188 KB, 841x898)
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188 KB JPG
>that girl wanted to hug you (or more)
Don't tell me that
Can I be your boyfriend?
File: 20488-29877.jpg (45 KB, 320x240)
45 KB
File: C7ANo9vUwAAdaS2.jpg (53 KB, 650x320)
53 KB
The only person to ever call me beautiful was a girl named Erica in my dreams. She was the most beautiful girl I've ever seen in my entire life.
I've told this one before but w/e, i can't find my own pasta. I dreamed this earlier this year, i was 24yo at the time. I'm not sure if it was another life, but it really felt like one. I remember i woke up tired as fuck.

>be me but 8yo and in another family
>sister looks to be the same age, maybe 1 year older, mom and dad were "normal"
>feels like the 70s
>in a family trip to some wood house
>go play with my sister in the woods
>just two kids running and laughing around
>suddenly my sister falls
>i ask if she is ok and she nods
>she says something pushed and holded her at the same time
>go back to the house
>next day she doesn't want to play outside
>mom and dad says she should enjoy the sun
>there we go again
>just poking things and watching plants
>weird small screech gets our attention
>search around but we can't find a single animal
(in the whole dream i didn't see one animal btw)
>louder screech getting closer
>we run to the house as fast as we can
>parents says it must be some animal
>next day she won't go play outside again
>mom said she heard the screech at night, we couldn't play outside anyways
>boring trip ends, we go back to our own house
5 years later, still in the same dream
>be in my bedroom
>hear that same loud screech
>wake up scared shitless
>hear my sister screaming
>go to her room
>she is fighting herself on the bed
>try to wake her up
>she won't
>she was almost choking herself with her own hands
>get on the bed and hold her arms
>she is still suffocating
>dad comes and turn the lights on
>she wakes up
>her bed is soaked on blood
>i don't understand the bleeding
>my dad doesn't understand anything
>dad punches me and asks what the fuck is going on
>sister says it wasn't me
>mom comes and passes out
>ambulance comes and takes my sister
>i don't understand what i did wrong
>next day in the hospital
>sister talks about the nightmare she had
>it's basically the wood house trip + she found a carved toy
>she thinks it's linked to her nightmare
>mom and dads thinks she is allucinating
>i tell my side of the story
>mom believes it, dad don't
>a doctor came by and said she had to talk to my parents
>dad certainly wants to kill me
>security has to hold him down
>mom took me and we had a conversation
>she asks what exactly happened
>i tell the same story
>mom tells it isn't true
>mom tells that whatever happened, it really hurt my sister and i should help them by telling the truth
>but i am telling the truth
>tell mom to ask sister about what "exactly happened"
>sister tells the same story i told
>in resume my sister was raped but noone believes in me not being guilty
10 months go by
>our story was well known and published in papers
>our entire town knows about "13yo rapes his own sister"
>she basically droped out of school
>i changed school several times
>this made my mom really work a lot because my sister wouldn't leave the house and i was depressed
>meanwhile dad became drunk permanently
>that "rape" got my sister pregnant and she gave birth
>the newborn was an aberration
>pale green skin, red lips, black eyes, no ears, no hair, plain nose
>the body was all wrong
>humanoid but definitely not human
>mom knew that my sister wouldn't be able to give birth without another media scandal so she prepared herself to do it
>noone really accepted that "child"
>father saw it only once
>mom couldn't handle it
>sister couldn't look it without crying
>i was sad all the time
another 5 years jump
>dad ended up killing himself
>mom was workaholic
>sister was a neet
>she wouldn't leave the attic
>the sadest person on earth
>another unsolved rape happened last year and the child also gave birth
>this one got popular
>something mysterious and they vanish
>people tell they either moved or killed themselves

The dream continued but nothing so unusual happened.
File: 1510699560850.jpg (107 KB, 600x696)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
If i were my hapa tomboy dream waifu, I would travel around the world looking for 3/10 beta depressed incel dweebs and just pop into their lives out of the blue like that bitch in FLCL, make their lives exciting for a bit, Take their virginities, have them fall deeply in love with me, and after a week just fucking disappear without a trace. I would've promised that I'd return one day.

It would've been the best week of their mediocre lives, and they would always have those memories to fall back on in the in their worst of times and my promise to them that I'd return would stop them from committing suicide.

That would be my mission, to make every beta incels dream come true and give them and give them what I was denied by all these fucking uppity hapa bitches that act like we don't exist. HOW DARE THEY NOT SERVE US!
"And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:"
-Hebrews 9:27
"For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord."
-Romans 6:23
File: wpf43f6450.gif (3.47 MB, 255x255)
3.47 MB
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>"And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:"
-Hebrews 9:27

The judgement is they aren't saved, they get thrown in the Lake of fire whicih is actually a tesseract time portal that sends them to beginning/genesis to do it all over again until they accept yeshua

i'm sorry but incels like you don't get to reincarnate
>npc dreaming about being hylic
Dream this morning was going through a state park on my bike, I see a big puddle and a camel "parked" againts a wooden fence, so I go splash it for some reason, after I do that I see a tall lanky ape-like creature with wingarms telling me to go, I pull out my trusty gutting knife but it breaks as I draw it, it tells me to go again and I wake up.
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Albert Einstein said it himself bro:
Time is relative.

I would expand upon this, and say that time is also spatial. Once you get into quantum theory/physics/interpretations and stuff like many worlds and quantum probabilities (quantum timelines) then the ''historical timelines'' is way more malleable than you think.

Everything you know and are, is comparable to a drop in and ocean of the infinite. (because you are 1 thing amongst an infinite which is a paradox but we don't think about it too much cause there's so much knowledge it can literally hurt our heads so we have to categorize it into actual timecodes / time-spaces themselves)
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>different hypercube than the one i have on file
DUDE (bonus points for you, brother)
>quoting from le bible, cherrypicking as is preferred
x2 multiplier
>using Jesus' real name
>The judgement is they aren't saved, they get thrown in the Lake of fire whicih is actually a tesseract time portal that sends them to beginning/genesis to do it all over again until they accept yeshua
Describing the time loop
Hero = (You)

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