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File: angelhair.jpg (236 KB, 660x666)
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I got a sign today. A proof that I'm not just mentally ill, paranoid, schizophrenic. Well I got the proof yesterday, but I shrugged it of as paranoia but today my husband saw it too, so I'm damn sure I'm not a schizophrenic.

Here's the story:

Yesterday I sat in front of my laptop, following this thread on /x. The lights were off, only the light of the the TV and the light of my laptop were illuminating the room. Then something passed me by at an incredible speed, from above my head on the right side, just right in front of my eyes to the left and it vanished. It moved a bit similar to a rhythmic gymnastics ribbon. It was a thread, or something like a strand of hair? It was dark greyish blackish. The diameter of this whole thing maybe 3-4 inches.

At first it made me wince hard. First moment I saw it I thought it was a big ass insect, I even hit the air after it instinctly.
But suddenly the thing was gone and I was questioning my eyesight. Also it had reflected/emitted light while passing.

My husband got up and turned the lights on and I looked on the floor to see if there was any hair (or perhaps was it just spiderwebs flying down?) lying around anywhere. Nothing. My husband said, "well I didn't see anything. it's because you haven't slept well the last weeks at all".

Okay now finally I'm going crazy, right? I tought.
File: Angelhair.png (3 KB, 150x176)
3 KB

It kind of looked like pic related. The white part depicts it's glimmering/reflecting of light.

But today evening, lights are all out again, me on the same spot on the couch, me with my laptop again. This time my husband stands beside the living room door and talks to me I don't even remember about what anymore. The lights were turned off again but in the hall the lights were on. So we're talking and suddenly it's there again, this time moving on the left side of the laptop screen. It reflects light again, something like a thread and then vanishes immediately. I'm wince again and stare up to my husband and ask did you see that! At first he's shocked and silent. He takes a few seconds then answers... YES I SAW. He turn's the lights on and suddenly goes there's it again, on the living room wall behind me, near the ceiling. This time he can see it in full light, he says it's something black, something solid not just spiderwebs and it was kind of rectangular he says. It vanishes as quickly and I couldn't see it this time.

We both look at each other.... long silence......

We talked this all evening long, my husband tells me flat out, he sees those things all the time all throughout his life. And I'm like AND YOU NEVER TOLD ME? And he was like "I always thought my eyes were tired, bad vision, reflection on my glasses or just something in my eye. I didn't know they were real".. But now we both saw that, at the same time! It was REAL!

My husband and I, we're both floored. To much to process right now...

This makes us feel, yet again, the dream I had wasn't a dream at all.

My husband has conflicted feelings now. He's jealous, he doesn't want this guy to interfere in our relationship.

File: 1540895862114.jpg (323 KB, 2048x1408)
323 KB
323 KB JPG


As for my part, I know, no matter what, my love and relationship to my husband won't ever change. Whatever happens, I want to stay by his side, I'll never leave. I came to the conclusion, if the white man wants to be part of my life RIGHT NOW, if he can't be patient enough he has to settle things with my husband himself at first and most imortant, give us some info.... Who is he, what's going on here and why would he want to connect to me?

But I won't ever accept anything that would hurt my husband. I'm sorry but my husband comes first, if this whole thing will hurt him in any kind or way or if he doesn't agree, nothing will happen. He has to wait another 50 or so years.

I didn't regain any more memories than I already shared in those "I have been here before" threads..

but to be honest I kind of feel like it might happen soon.

I'm kinda nervous...



Look near the bottom of that thread.
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File: Nordic.jpg (2.76 MB, 1865x3316)
2.76 MB
2.76 MB JPG
>This makes us feel, yet again, the dream I had wasn't a dream at all.

For those who don't know about my dream and are interested:

In my early/mid twenties I had a very overwhelming and vivid dream of which the memories only started fade away like three weeks after waking up.

I dreamt I was levitating, being pulled up from the surface of earth way up into the atmosphere. I still remember how everything looked like while looking down on earth. Suddenly I was in a platinum grey room. There wasn't any light source nor where there windows but it still the room wasn't dark. I could see everything perfectly fine. Everything looked like smooth platinum and there were some carvings on the surface of it. Nothing else.

So I stood there, in complete terror (I’ve levitated a few moments ago off the earth) in the middle of a circular “room”, and across from me, at the far end there's a very tall alien being standing (see pic related. I'm a 5'3" short woman myself and this being was maybe 6'4" tall). There’s something like a console behind him and at some point later on he leans a little against it.

Upon our eyes meeting my heart pounded instantly like crazy and the feeling of instant love rushed through my body and mixed with the absolute terror feelings.

So in this dream we stand there, something like 10 ft distance between us and he talks to me, telepathic, with a very calm, deep and soothing voice.

He kind of proposes to me.. He's explaining things in concepts, rather than human words like marriage etc.

He's asking if I want to marry him. But if I agree, I won't be leaving this place (somehow I know now it's an alien aircraft) ever again to go back to earth. If I say yes, I have to abandon my human life and leave my family and everything dear to me behind.

Here's a weird detail: At the time I dreamt of this I was married and I had two kids. But in this dream I was single and only had my mom and sisters back on earth who were dear to me
File: topelement.jpg (424 KB, 640x426)
424 KB
424 KB JPG


Anyways, he told me if I said yes, we'll live together forever because it’s the way they live. And he'll make me one of them and I won't be a human anymore.
He told me if I said yes, he'll show me whatever I always wanted to know about the universe. He'll show and teach me everything, he'll tell me every answer to any question head I’ve ever had.

So it was time for me to decide. I love my family and being human too much to give it up. Also the thought of being immortal frightened me too.
I thanked him very much for this kind offer but declined.
After that my memory cuts off and I have a black screen until I remember looking down on the floor of the aircraft. I see my legs, feet, and on the right side, behind and very next to me I see his legs and feet. Suddenly the floor goes transparent / vanishes and I see the clouds below us.

After that I remember being hovered back down onto earth. It seemed like I had no solid body at all. I'm being hovered back down through trees and buildings.
I winced awake the exact moment I come back down on earth, covered in sweat. It takes quite a few moments for me to remember, who I was (like, I mean my whole life story) and where I was.

So finally I see it’s still daytime, I took a nap at my mom's because I was exhausted and maybe three hours have passed while I was sleeping. I go to the living room where my mom watches the baby and everything seems like nothing happened at all. But I still feel all of these overwhelming feelings.. and his face is still engraved vividly in my memory.....
Do you have a discord?
>proof that I'm not just mentally ill, paranoid, schizophrenic
t. mentally ill paranoid schizophrenic
Hey there OP, I remember you from a thread for like 2 months ago? You telling sth similar to this, I told u I got laid by a cute busty girl with similar appearence
>Do you have a discord?
Yes but it's private. I'd rather talk here anonymously.
you didnt have to say your a woman. the inability to make a post about your story in a paragraph is all thats needed. your not writing a short story. your telling people you had some alleged spoopy moment. just spit it out without 10 post about random unrelated shit
>I got laid by a cute busty girl with similar appearence

I remember!!! So how have you been??? As for me.... it only got more and more weird. LONG STORY short... I've had daytime visions of this guy laying me.... and I don't even know why...!
>just spit it out without 10 post about random unrelated shit
Sorry this thread was more or less for some friends of mine who know a bit of my background story...
Listening to that hair thing remembered me about people with more or less same story. I think the hair thing was meant to explain you it wasn't a dream or sth but kinda real?
Alright. I get that and I understand... just know that these things are happening to a bunch of people around the world and that you are welcomed at anytime.
>just know that these things are happening to a bunch of people around the world and that you are welcomed at anytime.
Damn... okay I kinda want to connect now...... I guess I'll make a new I'd then..
>I think the hair thing was meant to explain you it wasn't a dream or sth but kinda real?
I get that feeling too but really... we're just floored and really confused....

And why did my husband see those Angel Hair things all throughout his life??? Does this mean he's someone special???
Assuming you aren't bullshitting this entire thing, you're probably just overthinking some dumb shit. Decent tatas btw, post more.
It could be, where are you both from? The cases I heard where from middle U.S.
>It could be, where are you both from?
South Germany.
File: 20181108_013111.png (28 KB, 1440x300)
28 KB
Is this enough?
Hm... Do you have the hair? Also no more visits for me, sadly
Well that is what we cry, feelings we keep inside
And you are not in the right, and you've no reason to hide
Its that we must collide, nothing can overwrite
And you are not on my side, and we will never arrive

Be quiet at times to learn, that life's about to take a turn
And I am fixing to burn, from which I'll not return
A little bit of love, from somebody above
Life is addition in any way, there's no such time now as today, today

Saw you walking back from a nightmare
Wont change what you're to do, well I don't care
I grew up there and I wasn't scared. I am from there, I was born there.

Forgive me if I cry, look when you lifted the sky
Everybody emptied their slime, those memories stole my side

And will you sit by my side, if me not live past tonight?
Life isn't here and so streaming.
What was the feeling to stream again, stream again?

I am becoming a voyeur. I am a small man, I told ya.
I don't miss coming at all
>Do you have the hair?
No both times it vanished into thin air. Need to sleep right now but I'll be back tomorrow...
File: 9.png (288 KB, 835x1200)
288 KB
288 KB PNG
I obviously should have explained this from the start, but he's part of your animus. Given that you're clearly rather spiritually charged, it makes sense that your unconscious masculine would be.. of an overly passionate nature. Perhaps to the extent of an unconscious force towards bringing you intimacy.

"Jung believed that every woman has an analogous animus within her psyche, this being a set of unconscious masculine attributes and potentials. He viewed the animus as being more complex than the anima, postulating that women have a host of animus images whereas the male anima consists only of one dominant image.

Man of mere physical power
The animus "first appears as a personification of mere physical power - for instance as an athletic champion or muscle man, such as Tarzan.

Man of action or romance
In the next phase, the animus "possesses initiative and the capacity for planned action...the romantic man - the 19th century British poet Byron; or the man of action - Ernest Hemingway, war hero, hunter.

Man as a professor, clergyman
In the third phase "the animus becomes the word, often appearing as a professor or clergyman...the bearer of the word - Lloyd George.

Man as a spiritual guide
"Finally the animus is the incarnation of meaning. On this highest level he becomes (like the anima) a mediator of spiritual profundity". Jung noted that "in mythology, this aspect of the animus appears as Hermes, messenger of the gods; in dreams he is a helpful guide." Like Sophia, this is the highest level of mediation between the unconscious and conscious mind. To control it, recognize when it manifests and exercise our ability to discern the anima/animus from reality."

What everyone has been suggesting is basically "understand and accept the male." Not to accept a lifestyle change, but to accept a divine understanding of the rejected 'other.' In the same way that you all helped my anima into it's third stage, which is a spiritual acceptance of female purity.
>my husband
What do you mean with that? We both hallucinating at the same time?
>I obviously should have explained this from the start, but he's part of your animus.

I don't know but I don't think so. I think he really exists... But I guess I'll see. If strange things happen again I'll report back here.
Angels doesn't exists, but other things do, just live without rationalizing everything, what the fuck is life anyways, im sure you understand more about perception than the 90% of NPCs out there

You didnt both hallucinate, just you. Youre hallucinating he saw it because you're a shizo.
You're way too naive
stop spamming this board with your schizophrenic cuckolding fantasy
He totally exists!

Not to be too weird about it, but consider my experience with you. Because my anima projected Mary, mother of Jesus on to you, she totally exists. This day. In human flesh. As you, for me. You're also sunset, of course. Loved as divine, as the result of my psyche's functions.

That's not implying he can't manifest other strange phenomena.. as far fetched as it is, perhaps that even other's could perceive, as the result of your unconscious psychic ability.This kind of explains why the female sex is considered more magically gifted - so much masculine function in the unconscious must give it a lot of drive.

File: 1540112729070.jpg (33 KB, 500x369)
33 KB
Thank you.
>Youre hallucinating he saw it because you're a shizo.
Does that even make any sense. We both described each other what we saw and it matched. Damn. Then he admits he saw those things all his life but thought it was his eyes acting up...
Could you be more specific, I'm absolutely new to this kind of stuff...
>As you, for me. You're also sunset, of course. Loved as divine, as the result of my psyche's functions.
I don't understand...

>You're way too naive
What do you mean. Could you guys please be more clear :/

laptop, phone, wi-fi ….

digital tv ...
So why did we see that. You can't SEE wi-fi. Plus that thing was reflecting/glowing. It was too fast to tell which.
File: 852.png (800 KB, 752x792)
800 KB
800 KB PNG

messages and images travel through wi-fi / ... at the speed of light.
Females have an animus like I listed above, the masculine unconscious which projects itself in the reality around them. In your case it manifested as a hallucination - which as I understood made you feel intense things without reason. It's trying to communicate a universal principal to you.

This is the masculine component of your psyche, a PART OF YOU - Just like your husband is a PART OF YOU and always will be. It's made up of every PART OF YOU which you're unconscious of, from all past lives and other planes you've ever been, there are infinite potentials. His form is composed of archetypal symbols which best convey what it's trying to communicate.

Males instead have a feminine anima. While I could have had a hallucination, instead you served as place to project female PARTS OF ME which I was unconscious of, allowing me to become aware of them. While you are not those parts, I did find those parts in you and they remain there. It's complex, like the whole Jesus is God but they're not the same person thing.

This is spot on what you're dealing with. It is THE universal processes of male/female integration in it's deepest aspects - so any non-physical male love from the universe coming at you, is surely coming through this process,
That's very interesting, thank you! I'll definitely look into that.

Still there's a difference with ours. Ours wasn't coloured at all, see pic here >>21712526

Plus my husband started seeing these things way before wi-fi existed. We're talking here about 20-25 years ago.
TV... ? aerials stay active even when the TV isn't turned on... I bring it up because technology really impacts this area...
File: TR-3B-UFO-881923.jpg (24 KB, 590x350)
24 KB
I'm another note, earlier maybe I should have mentioned that my husband and I have two UFO witnesses in our families. One uncle of my husband saw a triangle shaped aircraft while driving, the other uncle saw an extremely bright light orb flying through is home. Came in from one window and goes out somewhere else.
My aunt and my sister saw a metallic orb in while we were visiting my aunt's friend.
It floated mid air very slowly from their left side to their right side. Right in front of them it stopped mid air before taking off at an insane speed and leaving a rainbow coloured light trail in the summer night air. The distance between them and the orb was something about 10 feet. The thing floated in the air about 8 feet from the ground.
All of this happened 22 years ago, outside in front of the house, without any noise whatsoever. My aunt, my sis and the friend saw it. Me, my little sis and I were inside so we didn't see.

The orb kind of looked like pic related but its surface was solid and absolutely smooth.
File: 2.jpg (484 KB, 836x1200)
484 KB
484 KB JPG

In my very first post about you:
>Along with an exploration of archetypal qualities involved. I think applying those in an actual practice of active imagination would dive Sunset deeply into the unconscious and provide some intense self-examination.

You could go back in if you need to, though you're already at the second stage. I know this seems less exciting than the alternatives, it's still deeply spiritual and cosmically significant phenomena.

I'd put emphasis on understanding the fact that it obviously was there to communicate to you - as it communicated. Just keep trying to find the significance, in terms of a universal male principal.
>messages and images travel through wi-fi / ... at the speed of light.
Okay now I've looked into it and that's not true.

The article about the creator of these images says: "Hernan created the photographs using a custom-made instrument to reveal them. It scans continuously for wireless networks and transforms the signals strenght to colour LEDs"

That means in fact those photographs are rather diagrams than actual photographs.

Nevertheless, interesting read. Thank you.
Just wanted to say my good byes before this thread dies. I guess I'll leave /x from now on.

Thanks for being with me, all of you. Lurker or poster. Special thanks to flower of love and law of one anon.

I love you guys. Please stay as you are <3
Thank you aliensunset. I run out of things to say and energy to write, but I wanted to thank you too. Thank you for everything. It's been great getting to know you and I hope to somehow meet you again in some way, eventually, like with flow. Good bye, good luck, and truly truly all the best with everything. I really really really hope things will go better for you. Truly. You have all my support and love. Thank you for everting, from the bottom of my heart. I hate goodbyes ahah. Please take care <3

>He totally exists!
>Not to be too weird about it, but consider my experience with you.
Now I get it finally.

Thank you too Autolycus <3
In this thread mentally ill person with mentally defective husband enabler sees floaters and seeks more enablers.

This is the state of /x/ 2018.
>I got a sign today. A proof that I'm not just mentally ill, paranoid, schizophrenic.

Yes you are.
Wolf! Pic related!
File: 1374056.png (56 KB, 900x485)
56 KB
Being understood was all I wanted~ Thank you, too. Feel free to visit sometimes.

Yeah, I'd never quite realized that it doesn't mean 'accepting your personal sexuality', but it's actually referring to accepting the COSMIC sexuality between the male and female, which is both inside and outside of us. It's like my yin-yang got it's dots.

This has had my whole system involved and there are quite a few changes. Esteem at the navel making my heart all warm and squishy, leading to a lot more flow to the the throat and higher.
I see them too. When you are sleeping, pretend to be asleep and continue to dream. Sometimes when you open your eyes, you will see something moving away from your face.

You're on the beginning to something new. But only if you engage with it will they begin to take notice. Your mental health is perfectly fine, you are just beginning to see auras.
I've been fixated on chaos and positive-disintegration for years. Severity has essentially been my fetish. It's nice to finally just chill out.. well, this is the pay off, I guess!
>I see them too. When you are sleeping, pretend to be asleep and continue to dream.

Never happened when I was sleeping.

Both times it was in the evening hours and my husband and me, we were both wide awake and together. First time my husband didn't see but he was sitting next to me with his back turned to me.

Second time we had 10 ft distance between us and were looking at each other. Both times it happened more or less on the same spot in the living room.

>You're on the beginning to something new. But only if you engage with it will they begin to take notice.
I waited for it yesterday evening. Put my hands out in the hopes it would maybe come back and dance around it?

I wonder, now that it's given me proof and helped stabilizing my mind, will it ever come back again?

>Your mental health is perfectly fine, you are just beginning to see auras.
Thank you.

May I ask what exactly are auras?
OP keep taking your haloperidol and stop browsing /x/ ffs.
You absolutely are not fine OP. The things you think are happening aren't real and your brain is hallucinating and developing delusions, if you don't have a prior schizophrenia diagnosis then go to a doctor. If you do then for god's sake either take your antipsychotics or get in contact to increase the dose.

If these nonsensical impossible things are real then some anti psychotics aren't going to stop them. If they're in your brain then they sure as shit will stop.
I work with schizophrenics weekly, it's really common that delusions and hallucinations involve the belief that other family members or close ones are in on the experience but when i talk to them they clearly are not. I'd say call them and ask but obviously with the nature of delusion you'd argue with them, come up with some reason they are lying now and go back to claiming you all saw things.
File: 1539189552246.jpg (43 KB, 446x448)
43 KB
I live in Germany, a country with one of the best healthcares, if not the best. I've had my depressions due to other childhood related traumas. I've been in therapy for about a year, I didn't hold back anything from my therapist, as I wanted to get better. My therapist - a professional, mind you, decided I'm not shizophrenic or any other type of mentally ill and I don't need any type or form of medication.

After a year of therapy and working through the ugly stuff of my childhood she decided I'm doing fine and don't need her help anymore.

>I'd say call them and ask but obviously with the nature of delusion you'd argue with them, come up with some reason they are lying now and go back to claiming you all saw things.
You know I didn't believe it happened for the longest time. I've ask them thousends of times if they were just making it up, or as my mother suspected, if they were just making things up to give us a good scare.


Other than this story, which consistently was the same up till the last time I asked in hopes it would have been lies when I was 16 years old and my sis 18 years old, there never have been any strange things happening at all. Neither my aunt, nor my sister are mentally ill, in fact those are one of the most stable people I know. Pic related looks exactly like the UFO btw.

Even I tend to be more unstable then them.
>Me, my little sis and I
*My mom, my little sis and I

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