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ITT: Discuss the iconography and themes used in the Final Fantasy series and what source they stem from in history, philosophy, religion, esoteric works, etc.
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Gnostic fags, where are you? What does pneumatic mean again?
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Surely they don't hide information in plain sight.
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Black and white make red, not NPC gray. :(
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We joker, anyone? Spill your beans. We both know they've always been OUTSIDE of the CAN.
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Ozma was clearly an angel based off it's appearance
The SOUL of the jester
I was under the impression that ozma was represemtative of the void. Huh..
I actually got that. LOL. Based post, man.
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The Demiurge is often depicted and described as a beast with a Lions head and a serpents body.
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What Final Fantasy boss or mob would the demiurge resemble..?
He is the Final Boss
The light will cover the darkness and obliterate it. It will become like something that never existed. And the source of the darkness will be dissolved. The deficiency will be plucked out at its root and thrown down to the darkness. And the light will withdraw up to its root, and the glory of the unconceived will appear, and it will fill all the eternal realms, when the prophetic utterances and the writings of those who are rulers are revealed and are fulfilled by those who are called perfect. Those who were not perfected in the unconceived father will receive their glories in their realms and in the kingdoms of immortals. But they will not ever enter the kingless realm.

For it is necessary that everyone enter the place from which he has come. Each one by his deeds and his gnosis will reveal his nature.
You haven’t watched much Evagelion I see
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Haha. I believe the problem for me may stem from the lack of current knowledge about physics, perhaps on the quantum or subatomic level as well as frequencies in the way that they apply to the physical and metaphysical realm. I really need to rewatch Evangelion.

lmao seriously?? But in which game?

Also, Tiamat is the primordial water goddess in Sumerian or Akkadian myth (Babylonian era. She is the symbol of the chaos of primordial creation.), but I was under the impression that Tiamat had some sort of ties to Egyptian religion? Would anyone be able to confirm or deny this?

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