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File: Gn.png (1.04 MB, 710x535)
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1.04 MB PNG
Any Bara/Yaoi Visual Novel/RPG games you played are welcomed.

1.) Discuss the games you played and how you would rank them

2.) Having pictures and the name of the visual novel is helpful

3.) Please try to be polite

4.) Specific details and information on the visual novel is helpful

5.) Not all request for a game can be answered but, if you can describe the description maybe someone can help.
File: gh.jpg (287 KB, 964x670)
287 KB
287 KB JPG
I'll go first played cross spirits brought from digiket, overall it was a good game and CG was fine. Not surprised how short it kind of was as the author made continued stories as there is 6 in total.
I really enjoyed Chinque (Chin-Chin Quest). The sequel was a disappointment though (but Funa had some real life issues going on so I've given him a pass...).

First game: https://funa.booth.pm/items/299501
Second game: https://funa.booth.pm/items/725923

The second ends on a 'To Be Continued' and Funa expressed an interest in a 3rd on twitter.
File: samune3.jpg (341 KB, 800x600)
341 KB
341 KB JPG
Going through all of Moritake's games right now and it's enjoyable enough, VNR really help make sense of the stories (which are definitely not what I expected when I only saw the CGs a while ago). I wish there was some more body variety but at least the character archetypes are varied.
I think for now my favorite might be Maratopia, with Transparency close behind.

Oh yeah I saw this guy's games on pixiv, would you be kind enough to share what you have if it doesn't bother you? I'm curious on what they're about.
File: t0okori.png (457 KB, 800x600)
457 KB
457 KB PNG

VNR makes Moritake bara better for sure. His work is very porn, sure, but the context takes it over the top.

Knowing that the gym teacher in Transparency was blackmailed into getting fucked is so much hotter.
Knowing that Yoshino from Festival had never bottomed before and this was his very first time losing his anal virginity is so incredibly hot.

That's why instead of rushing through a Moritake game, it's way way more worth it to take your time, translate it, and really enjoy it.
File: intro1.jpg (338 KB, 800x600)
338 KB
338 KB JPG
That's true, honestly that's what really makes Moritakes visual novel text interesting. When I read Yoshino bottoming it was really hot but I didn't used Visual novel reader. Instead I just used my phone app google translator and took a picture of the screen and translated yes it was long and slow but worth it.
It's the same with Tanetsubo so many great moments but by far the boxer was great. I wished we could have him bottom more though.

I have to see if I can get the file, my old laptop died and I'm not sure if all the data transferred through so I have to look around for it or try to re-download if I can. I'm surprised no CG are out yet despite the game being out for a long time now since they are on episode 6.
Are there any translations yet of this VN?
I'm positive there never will be.
No because translation for those games will have to be done by fans an example was Bad boys Academy. A fan provided a rough translation and short summary of what was going on. They were able to do so because that game was short and didn't have much text, but Moritake games are a bit longer and have multiple text as some of his visual novels stories connect with each other.

Asking a fan to translate that much text is to much work so there will not be a translation for those. Just use Visual novel reader or your phone app google translator to understand what's going on.
File: 1.jpg (11 KB, 249x188)
11 KB
is there anyone here willing to share all the chapters of the game cross spirits by bravery cause i am very poor and i dont have money to buy it i will be very happy if anyone is willing to share the game thanks and godbless
No, I didn't make this thread to have a pity begging party for people who are poor wanting to get free games and give nothing in return. What your asking for is completely ridiculous.

Since I made this thread

6.) No beggars who do not contribute to the conversation can make request. Though sharing is allowed only within reason.

If needed I will continue to add additional rules or change them.
I love that you think just because you created the thread, you get to somehow police it and create rules for it. You had an idea and made a thread for it. You don't get to tell people they don't get to ask for things.
Practically any game by the former 2 mothership game producers UGCP and 四畳半的生活.
For example

- Rental Athletes with expansion pack
4jh's last erogame before he went mobile app, to escape piracy.
There's no chance for you to get through the game without knowlegde of Japanese since this game has very heavy gaming elements. You could customize your protagonist and there were actually plenty of routes with awesome characters.
Link: http://4jh.sakura.ne.jp/circle/?page_id=23

- 忘我境界カンマの庭
Awesome game, SRPG. Period.
Story is insane just like the one of its predecessor 'Doppelgänger'. You are a transfer student (of course), and wind up at a highschool with mysteries going on and about.
You have to advance through the story, there's lots of battles going on and you can date (using your cellphone) your classmates, teachers, part-time job boss and students from another school.
Link: http://ugcp.sakura.ne.jp/kamma/index.html
It's annoying.
This thread is for discussion. People can ask for free share in a separate thread.
And yeah, too bad that there isn't a function for OPs to delete any comments in their own created threads.
File: 1.jpg (63 KB, 280x379)
63 KB
A circle called E-Puppet produced two interesting Yaoi games.

- Sakura Yuki
Sheltered protagonist is raised in a military facility and has to survive a case about a mysterious dead body.
Typical BL fashion, protagonist is mainly uke and mostly everybody else is seme. Game features a fully voiced cast.
In order to make any sense out of the story, you shouldn't rely on translation gimmicks alone.
Link: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=117761
Can you please share the game with us?
I played 忘我境界カンマの庭. But i stopped half way because I couldn't understand the controls half way through the game. The RPG was great almost like an actual game bored and the story was a little confusing to understand but the cg's helped. What was a basic summary of the plot?
Mine actually would be moritake games ... they're simple hot and amazing.

Btw OP... any links to buy the cross spirit game ?
Sorry, no. I gave up on sharing years ago.
I'm not giving the plot away of course :P
However, you can understand about 70% at least just with using translation gimmicks.
That's how I played the game back in the day ;)
But I'll leave a tip here how to literally plow through every enemies:
After each chapter you get the option to train, it should be called 'Free Battle'.
Train your sole magic user, the pink haired girl Iori/Inori/Ikari whatever her name was again. She'll be able to destroy everything on the field in no time. Forget everybody else except Subete(MC), because you need him for the null magic battle. Basically, just get through the game once in any way possible and for the New Game+ you get the option to instant win every battle.
Bravery got his shop over at DiGiket, http://www.digiket.com/gachi/worklist/_data/ID=CIR0004253/
and luckily for the new comers, he's even opened a Booth, https://bravery.booth.pm/
The problem with Moritake is that his games are all just raw porn, all of them lack the finesse that other VNs have.
These surely are a treat to the majority of the internet that merely seek a quick wank and always scream "CG!".
That being said, however his games are indeed quite enjoyable. The lack of character design and good fluent dialogue isn't that big of a problem since there's always a solid base present. His recent efforts to include more and more a full voice cast are definitely a gigantic Plus.
Apparently he's working on his next game, according to this https://twitter.com/fore_st/status/1005724349607788544
Moritake seems to be our best option at English bara titles though. He expressed an interest on twitter and Lovelab approached him.

File: 1.jpg (71 KB, 407x412)
71 KB
Visual Novels that involve any of these two artists: Dobnezumi and Taro Heppoko
For example

- どすけべ教師のマル秘性活指導
This game was a hit a few years ago.
It's got a fully voiced cast and some very intense background groaning. It's the voiced cast that wins you over for this game, because the rest is... special.
The plot is decent enough, Highschool Drama of course, and the scenarios are high-end perverted thanks to Dobnezumi being in charge of writing. But if you can't tolerate a drawing style focused on more chubby characters, then this game won't be the one for you.
This game has never been shared, because it's not available as digital download. You have to import a physical CD from your trusted online store.
Link to info/trailer: http://guffaw-coccyx.com/game/dosukebekyoshi/index.html
Links to purchase:
File: 2.jpg (113 KB, 560x420)
113 KB
113 KB JPG

- 夏氷-なつごおり-
From last Comiket, this game features a single parenting kemono dad and the friend of his human daughter, You.
Seiten Mokusi is in charge of writing, which means this game is very vanilla. It's a sweet summer love story drama.
Once again, some might not like it since the drawing style has a focus on chubby characters.
The game features same seiyuu as with the pervert teacher game abovementioned and a special guest also lend his voice, takehikong.
The voicing again goes beyond just voicing dialogue, there's plenty of background groaning present again.
The standard for so many plain hentai games is slowly marching into Gay VNs too, which is a VERY good thing ^^
This game actually IS available for digital download, DiGiket-exclusive though, http://www.digiket.com/work/show/_data/ID=ITM0166096/
File: 3.jpg (112 KB, 560x420)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
Visual Novels by circle Wild Wild West
for example

- ビッキビキ体育教師
Once again a High School setting, Japanese tropes being Japanese tropes.
Still, the artist responsible, Gas Heckman, is one of the best writers out there and his artwork has a heavy focus on muscles.
This game is his latest "completed" doujin work, he's got a knack for just leaving stuff incomplete.
However, this particular game is definitely a must-read, plenty of wacky humor and intense ero scenes.
Link: http://www.digiket.com/work/show/_data/ID=ITM0127292/
Can someone please share any of these games? It'd be much appreciated.
Cool, I never really looked at his work before but if his writing is good then I can take the time to slowly understand if i buy it.
You can request in another thread.
Instead share your information/opinion about other VNs you've played
God please no Yaoi feminine shit.
If you buy it, can you please share it with us?
No because at this point i'm pretty sure it's just the same Anon who's begging
that one anon who begs for things writes in the same grammar as he always does in every single thread he does so. you would know if it was them.
You sound like those gentlemen(assholes) back then that drove irisu out of the bara forum years ago. Shame.
Besides, it clearly states in the title that Yaoi is fine and by extension BL is too.
So please, I kindly ask you to keep your insecurities to yourself and instead contribute to this thread productively. Alright? ^-^b

It sure is annoying how this thread is supposed to be about discussion and once somebody shares some info about any game, a share request directly follows.
You're not going to get any good discussion out of the brainlets on this shitty board. There's a BL game general on a certain weeb board that I won't link for their sake, but if you're smart you'll find it.

Stop this shit though.
File: 2.jpg (84 KB, 560x420)
84 KB
Great RPG game made by Zettoken

- セカイを救うそのモノの名は。
Another one of those RPG Maker creations, but a real good one.
The story is pretty simple, you're an orphan by the default name of Willow and you have the quest to heal the people of an unknown disease by "cleansing". You're somehow the only person capable of doing that and this process requires a lot of ecchi effort.
Link: http://www.digiket.com/work/show/_data/ID=ITM0140175/
File: 3.png (383 KB, 400x558)
383 KB
383 KB PNG
A sorta Indiana Jones rip-off by muscle artist Tuna Onigiri from MEN'S GJ!!

- 古代王の聖杯
This is a literal novel with added cut-in illustrations. The artist went completely solo with this one so that explains why the missing VN engine. However, still very worthwhile and hot to "play". This one is event-only though.
Link: http://mensgj.blog51.fc2.com/blog-entry-391.html
File: 1.jpg (148 KB, 961x478)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
Another one of those HighSchool drama adventure games

- まじかるDKタイキくん ワンだふる!
This one looks kinda like Sailor Moon meets shota. It's got wacky humor, weird crazy protagonist and crazy tentacle-laden villain.
It's being released in chapters and is completely free.
Link: http://ketu.x.fc2.com/animege-mu/gemu/taikikun/taikikun.html
Just wanna say thank you to the anon dumping all these games info.
Can any of you share any of these games you're giving info for?
no spoonfeeding. find it yourself.
File: 2.jpg (564 KB, 1080x675)
564 KB
564 KB JPG
Here's still more stuff to share for you guys ^^

- 禁鬼調伏
Another RPG and still not finished yet, sadly.
This one has been in production since forever and a shame that the artists responsible are more concerned about releasing hypnosis blame doujin rather than finally getting a full release done.
Link: https://duke.booth.pm/items/111118
File: 3.jpg (133 KB, 888x500)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
Many little games by 秀

This one has a fetish for Action Hero Suits, think about Power Rangers.
His games are rather small but compact, some even got some simple animation and are overall quite enjoyable.
He doesn't put his work on sale.
Link: http://www.geocities.jp/gorioshikyoudai/GSM.html
File: 1.jpg (129 KB, 560x420)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
Gag Visual Novels by トラトラ

He produces comedy VNs that tend to be so funny that they're almost being ridiculous.
'Beast Strike Wizards' and his current ongoing episodic tale '八十島大学人外絵巻'.
You can buy his stuff either on DiGiket or Booth, even his BSW game is available for digital download for some time now.
Link: https://toratoraya.booth.pm/
File: bad boys baseball.png (362 KB, 802x629)
362 KB
362 KB PNG
Bad Boys Academy

Surprising this game was really, not hard to understand, short but the cg's were great.

Fighting and topping the baseball captain was the best cg for me
These all look great. Can you please share them?
Is this game made in tyranobuilder too? the last one of his I played was in that engine, and it's incompatible with VNR (and any other hook application)
Are you doing this on purpose now or is this board really this cancerous?
>or is this board really this cancerous?
If you have to ask this question you weren't here for the shitshow that was Syunta's management game first thread. This board is full of impatient kids that want to be spoonfed everything and anything.
On purpose. You try to pretend you get to make rules that dictate what people get to do and I'm going to say fuck you and disobey them.
Yes, this one is made with TyranoScript.
For the time-being you have exactly 2 options, either you learn Japanese or you extract the game's executable and copy/paste the script
The first two are actually for free if you haven't noticed already ;)
would you kindly create a seperate thread for requesting stuff?
I believe this thread here is mainly about discussion.
Spoken like a true barachanian
Hey guys I know it's kinda off topic but what ever happened to Mentaiko/ Itto? I kind expected him to make a visual novel or something since his art was really popular before but now it feels like he just dissappeared.
I would be up for it, especially his RPG Maker game Yokkora Sex, but I don't know how to extract livemaker files or if something for that even exists.
Found out how to make the RPG translation happen :)

Instead of fan translating it, I'd be more up to pushing for >>2533401 to happen. If Love Lab licensed it then we could get it uncensored and people could support further releases by purchasing it.

Plus getting one bara company on board with a western release may help convince some others. Funa responds to English fans so Moritake's success could lead to his works.
File: 1.jpg (71 KB, 256x361)
71 KB
back to topic

Here's a quite sinister game, 'オメガヴァンパイア'
It's BL with lots of angst, drama, vampires but sadly the plost is kinda just a ripoff from a novel/tv series called True Blood. Just with boys exclusively xD
Link: http://ov.chatnoir.biz/

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