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Going along the lines of the old thread >>>2596765
Post/Dump content from /y/ indie games. Might be too early but lets keep it rolling.
any one know of a game where you wake up as the mc in a town and some random guy acts natural, and gives you a (red iirc) ring or smth for 'people' that come from other worlds like us. There's like a bar/tavern to the rightwhere you can go to sell milk/get milked; and a farm to very far right. The game might be a demo, or in progress.
does that game something to do with milking bull men???
maybe cant be too sure tho .
Are you talking about Harem Builder by RedFlash?
might be let me re-dl & check
Can someone upload one of the demos for Osakamen? Since it's been cancelled I can't find a download for it anywhere...
iirc there isnt much the videos should be enough. you get to the center hedge then meet with npc's, aside from one scene with the boss they just tell you to wait for a new demo to learn about em.
I seem to remember a game where you played as some dude perving on a muscled hunk in the gym.
Anyone recall the game I'm talking about?
File: pic1_2.png (219 KB, 817x624)
219 KB
219 KB PNG
Alright. Guys. What do you want to know?

A Hero's Wish
Black Grimore
ChinChin Quest 1 & 2
Daddy-Slayer Mini
Fantasy Football Locker Stalker
Gully's Pharmacy (Demo Only)
Gundilo Masic Academy (Masic is Engrish for Magic)
Heave-ho Sex Adventure, We Go. (Title Loosely and liberally Translated)
HELLBRIDE (Demo only)
Kasu & Kuga's Abandoned School Sleepover
Legend of Leovia (Demo only)
Magical Love Ring
Mao Quest 1 & 2
Naked Hero
Save the World From What?
No Exorcisms Allowed
Snow Ballads (Demo only)
Strange Flesh
You Can't Fuck on an Empty Stomach
The Light to Light up the Cursed World
Thief Hunt (OP's image)
The End of Dreams Ch 1 & 2
Gentleman Unleashed | Superior Man
File: pic1_3.png (255 KB, 817x624)
255 KB
255 KB PNG
Honestly, there's nothing much to Superior Man.
You just walk around a town. You get stat increases. from talking to NPCs. You fight a mad scientist's robot.
Honestly I think it takes longer to download the game than to play it.
File: pic1_4.png (268 KB, 817x624)
268 KB
268 KB PNG
File: pic2-2.png (189 KB, 816x624)
189 KB
189 KB PNG
Sorry, that came out wrong. You fight as the Mad Scientic's Android. The game begins by losing to the super hero. The Android gets upgrades and items by going around town. Then you fight him again.
Anyone knows what happened to this?

It suddenly start glitching and now it seems unavailable on most servers
Remember to buy Moritake's game if you haven't already: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1018880/YOU_CANT_FUCK_ON_AN_EMPTY_STOMACH/

He announced Spokon is getting an English release next. Future English releases depend on the sales, he is interested in doing his older titles too.
He should be ashamed to ask for money. He can't even even use the tilesets properly.
File: GokuRaku.png (101 KB, 1278x714)
101 KB
101 KB PNG
Found this game on booth for free. Well, it was listed under "games" but it's more of a visual novel. It has the fixings of a Point & Click Adventure game though, so there could be more to it in the future. But it ends after the guys suck each other off.
Where i can find this game?
it's also still censored, unfortunately
That's a shame. Magic Love Ring II is the same way.

The first game didn't have much gameplay to it either, but at least the player did something. I had hoped a sequel would have been improved upon. But no, it degenerated into a power point presentation.
What is the name of this game?
Why are all of these games barashit? Where the twinks at?
Nah fuck off, go back to your Camp Buddy thread or something.
>Daddy-Slayer Mini
The title's new to me at least, why not.
The name in japanese is jijikura-(mini)
Jiji meaning papa or gramps
kura could mean a lot of things. Saddle. Warehouse. Versus

So alternative title could be Daddy Rider. Daddy Eater. Papa vs. ...., or Grandpa's Harem in the sense of a collector and depository. Daddy Collector.
"mini" is just means that it's a short sample type game.

I went with "slayer" because it is an RPG, and "slaying" can be a colloquium for wooing.
You play as this Old Man. I think if this was a full game the pattern of game play would be:
>Gain stars by building a reputation around town.
>Unlock "quest" with the CGI reward.
There are different reputations or "titles" you can acquire. And would probably have some freedom in the order in which you unlock them.

But in this game there is only 2. And they're staged for you the learn the mechanics in order.

The first one, you get after visiting a dancer at a pub; then resting at home you get a masturbation scene.
Then you take up a quest for a little boy who wants to get his dad his favorite mushrooms from the forest. The foresting being offlimits, but the guard will let Gramps through because he's a veteran and can take care of himself.
Of course the forest is full of mushroom monsters that you have to fight, Rpg style.
Then you go back to the boy who'll take you back to his house and introduce you to his single father.

Gramps and the boy's father hit it off. Talking about their mutual love for "mushrooms".
The father had shut himself up in the house because he had lost his job. That's why the boy wanted to get his favorite mushroom to cheer him up.

The father would like to repay Gramps for what he did. But as it is, he doesn't have the money. Or the moral to get involved with the world again.
Gramps is a real inspiration to him.
I detect some word play and childish ignorance at foot.

The father lost his morale
The boy mishearing "morel" as a kind of mushroom.
And Gramps come in and raises his morale and his "morel" if you know what I'm saying. Wink. wink. nudge. nudge.
File: 65581603_p4_master1200.jpg (441 KB, 1200x918)
441 KB
441 KB JPG
That's if for the demonstration. Other prospective Daddies to collect, if this was ever a fully realized game, would be the king, I'm sure.
And in the game files their are shirtless men called mob Fishermen 1 & 2.

There's also ruins and other town maps that aren't accessible in the demo. There's fairly fancy looking restaurant which I'm going out on a limb to guess is a sushi restaurant that's connected to the fishermen somehow.

On the creator's Pixiv, theres some more previews and concept art revealing some Non-human characters.
Cyclops. Tiger Beast man getting nipples sucked by tentacles. and a Chubby blue beard guy with furry ears.
File: 69061057_p0_master1200.jpg (175 KB, 1088x832)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
The last pixiv update was an image still from last year "A monsters with a situation"
But the creator's twitter account has more to show.
File: D9N47KwUYAEjw35.jpg (94 KB, 600x893)
94 KB
King is more or less confirmed.
File: D7kf4oJVsAE85qY.jpg (271 KB, 1200x918)
271 KB
271 KB JPG
File: D8N-8YcUcAAGOuf.png (276 KB, 544x416)
276 KB
276 KB PNG
File: Dv6MFTaUYAAwLRb.jpg (35 KB, 544x416)
35 KB
On his twitter, there portaits art for an Orc Solider.
And you could have voted for the hair color of this Siegheil character, Black, Pink, or Yellow. Black won.

This demon character is apparently a recrutable party member.
File: DxMpwCKVAAAqTwZ.jpg (79 KB, 816x624)
79 KB
This seemed kinda weird and out of place. But there is a Superhero type character you'll fight in a snow-town.
File: DTld0VOV4AEBW8m.jpg (33 KB, 544x416)
33 KB
This red-bandanna guy who is in every RPG maker game. I do like seeing how artist interpret these default characters in their own style.
I know from screenshots that Gramps is going to find him on the ground. With a mission prompt about eating something.

I could keep posting development sketches from his twitter. But maybe I should stop here and not spoil everything.
He's been working on it at least 2 years, so I have high hopes about it.
Unlike more Rpg Maker users, he know how to use the software, the tilesets, and has a sense for game design.
Which one of these would you recommend the most?
That's hard to answer. I think Moritake's games have the most Artwork per game, and the artwork itself is pleasing. But everything outside of the artwork is a headache and eye sore. The stories aren't well written. And the maps, if they're not RPG Maker's premade sample maps, are a cluster fuck of random crap and on the floor to fill space.

The Mao Quest Games are the least talented, artistically speaking. But the story has this entertaining meta-story that makes it interesting. Like, you need to know that it's a dream world, and that the characters are-but-aren't his Dad and his Uncle who are twins. So there's this incest-but-not-incest thing happening.
Like how in the Wizard of Oz the farm hands, the mean neighbor, and the fortuneteller became Dorthy's companions, the Witch, and Oz.

I'd recommend End of Dreams. But I think everyone's played that at some point. I really love how the dev worked to match Rpg Maker's default Character Art.

Naked Hero was fun. Although you need to know that scenes are hidden behind losing battles. So whenever you fight a boss, lose on purpose to unlock the scene. Otherwise you'll miss out and can see it unless unload you have a previous save or start a new game.

Black Grimoire kinda has the best balance of art, gameplay, and story. The Art looks good. The story is competent. The gameplay is mild, meaning it doesn't do anything wrong. But it doesn't do anything great either.
The creator, Naop, mainly does fantasy comics. So of course he can tell a story. But this is his only game to date.
Kasu & Kuga's Abandoned School game features twinks. I wasn't going to recommend it, because it was kind of a stupid concept. More of a walking simulator than an adventure game. You just walk around an abandoned school at night as a dare to trigger scenes. But there's like 1 lewd scene in the entire game and the rest is just pointless dialogue between the 2 characters.

However. I was just checking back on different artists and found out they re-released the game with more erotic scenes. So it looks like it might actually be worth playing now.

For example. At the beginning of the game (I forget who is who) one character is planning to masturbate when his friends calls him to tell him about the dare and how they're going to the School after dark.
But he finishes masturbating at falls asleep instead. So his friend has to go get him. What unfolds is a "heart emoji", fade to black, suck-sucky sounds. "!!!" as the guy wakes up. Then you see the character sprite jump off the bed. Implying he was doing something bad - but then acted innocent, and annoyed, that he had to go wake him.

In the new version, it looks like we actually get to see what happend. And he was in-fact sucking off his friend in his sleep.
I'm assuming this based on new screenshots; not having played the new version.
Scratch that. They literally took out all of the gameplay. And are selling a PDF Bundle of the dialogue with new illustrations.
Fantasy Football Locker Stalker

cant see much about it, could have sworn it was on steam.
Fantasy Football Locker Stalker
Did this disappear?
Save the World From What?
No Exorcisms Allowed
File: gameover.png (649 KB, 1283x714)
649 KB
649 KB PNG
The creator went on to make Bastard Bonds, which is on Steam.
FFLS was a sketchy prototype of a game. You sneak into the locker room and take pictures. But you got to keep moving so you don't get caught. It's almost like Football in the sense that you want to get the one end where the showers are.
File: strap.png (263 KB, 1283x714)
263 KB
263 KB PNG
I really suck at this game because it's boring to wait for red dots to move across the radar.
And taking photos from inside lockers or stalls, there's no "click" sfx. And the it's blurry silhouettes. You're suppose to move to the exit to keep your photos.
File: ambush.png (154 KB, 1283x714)
154 KB
154 KB PNG
You can unlock some rewards just by playing.
File: diddle me this.png (108 KB, 1283x714)
108 KB
108 KB PNG
But some prizes are storyboards of the teammates lives outside of football. Like them going to a bar or camping out.
I miss the duddledee mini games
I personally really enjoyed the first ChinChin Quest.

The second one had a bunch of cut content and relies too much on guest artists. But I give it a pass due to Funa's personal issues at the time.
Does the text at the beginning hint at who to hide in first or something? It feels really rng with no way to tell who's coming when.
I don't know either. Plus, when it says so-and-so caught you sneaking around, it's not always the guy who you were nearest.

I think the names at the beginning are MVPs. And you get something special by grabbing their jockstrap or snapping pictures of them..
File: june_bonus.png (943 KB, 1339x2000)
943 KB
943 KB PNG
marccus game "Hello Eastwood"
File: D9do_CDU0AAbRjb.jpg (98 KB, 1200x675)
98 KB
I have doubts. Reading his twitter posts, he confuses gameplay with user-interface.
This will likely be another visual-novel miss marketed as a game.

There's a chance it might be a dating sim, but I don't see anything that suggests time-management. It'll be "dating" in a strictly verbal sense; ignorant of the actual genre conventions.
You know, like how people think all games are RPGs because you're "role-playing" as a character. But that's "Role-playing" - the verb; not "RPG" - the name of a genre featuring games that utilize stat sheet and special formulas to dictate the outcome of actions.
Help, I downloaded Moritake Sport's Spirit and this message pops up whenever I started the game. Doesn't this game work in window 7?
File: Untitled.png (32 KB, 574x153)
32 KB
this message
I'm also ignorant of these "conventions" guess he shouldn't have labeled it anywa, people can take conventionalism seriously as if.
The name jijikura is actually a portmanteau of Jiji ha shizuka ni kurasanai. So it's more like gramps don't live quietly.
I'd say it's an arbitrary rule at best. In Japan vn's a game-genre, and they invented it...
It has been 2 years after Bastard Bonds what is he doing now? Disappointed at the sale?
False advertising is a crime, and ignorance isn't an excuse.
All mediums have their own genres. Many people think Visual Novels are a genre of Video Game, but it's a medium with it's own genre. Just like Film and TV are different mediums.
Video Games are categorized by gameplay, While Visual Novels have no gameplay to categorize.
There are many types of games that could contextualize "dating". They'd all be put into different genres since they are different types of game.
"Game" being a mode or pattern of engagement. Not to be confused with a naive association with fun. It's a matter of taxology.

So when you play a title under the "Dating Sim" genre, you should expect to find the same pattern of engagement from any other title of the same genre. Granted, a title can be placed in multiple genre but I digress.

The conventions of a Dating Sim, or any Life Sim, confines the player to a time frame. It could be a number of years or a few days. The passage of time varies by activity. Focusing on Dating Sims, the player will have to manage their activities, studies, and possibly finances to be at the right place and time as prospective romantic interests and earn their affection. Some characters having special requirements. In erotic games, you might get sex immediately, having few variables to mind, but a hidden sequence to unlock through careful planning.
Im curious, why is rnarccus working on another game when he has another game long over>>2638867
due? on kickstarter no less?
If you mean that Furry Game, He's was only a illustrator; not a developer.
You say that like it's a fact, when it really is open to interpretation. Visual novel is usually consider a genre of video games. If you Google it, its says right it right on top... I'd say that would be the generally accepted opinion.
what furry game? i mean this one

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