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Last thread was great so let's keep it going. Enjoying any Yaoi manga lately, anons?
File: m16.jpg (158 KB, 897x885)
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158 KB JPG
Stigmata is finally getting gay for real now that the newest chapters are getting published on a BL magazine. I recommend it if you don't mind waiting for chapter translations.
File: x3.jpg (1.11 MB, 1400x1988)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB JPG
However, if you prefer reading finished works, Rumspringa no Joukei got fully translated recently. It was a very sweet ride. I wish I could've seen Theo's shenanigans in New York though.
File: IMG_20190630_215856.jpg (148 KB, 1000x708)
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show me more yaoi with mature men pls
File: IMG_20190630_220654.jpg (229 KB, 827x1168)
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229 KB JPG
This is an one shot from pixiv

File: 34219.jpg (734 KB, 751x1078)
734 KB
734 KB JPG
I really liked this one. It's the kind of work that makes me wish BL didn't have to be so fucking short all the time. It's called Ryouomoi Nante Joudan Janai!!
Bought doukyuusei today. It makes me pretty sad to see how low on the amazon rankings it is though.
Midnight Rain has me hooked. Older gay couple, one's a chaotic cute and the other angsty with a mysterious past. It's all that I love in a plot.
I just got that on Kindle Unlimited. Glad to hear its good.

Given comes out this week. Hopefully we finally have the first good BL TV adaptation.
File: 61343513_p16_master1200.jpg (505 KB, 847x1200)
505 KB
505 KB JPG
Hell yeah I loved the last thread. I hope we can make this a regular thing.

Also glad to see the appreciation for older guys here, shorouke (is that the name for it? It's the tag on pixiv, at least) is underappreciated.

Anybody know any manga on MRM that involves older guys getting fucked? Everything I seem to find is shotashit.
On Doorstep is one with older guy as a bottom. It's very heavy on sex scenes, but hey lol. Also the other guy is a cutie
File: 15200.jpg (458 KB, 751x1078)
458 KB
458 KB JPG
Just bought the Renai Rubi No Tadashii Furikata and Sabita Yoru Demo Koi Wa Sasayaku drama CDs, should be here in a week or so. Really excited, this author is great.
File: 38171.jpg (364 KB, 910x1300)
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364 KB JPG
Oni to Tengoku, it's one of my current favorites. Cute older bottom with nice psychological elements.
Do you usually buy BLCDs, anon? Sometimes I wish I could buy some, unfortunately they usually don't sell digital copies and I don't trust my country with deliveries.
File: 2 (1).jpg (279 KB, 800x1142)
279 KB
279 KB JPG
This is my first time actually! I wasn't able to find these anywhere online, and someone was selling it on Ebay so I thought why not. If only I could understand Japanese...

That's a shame anon, where do you live?
File: 31.png (239 KB, 800x1112)
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239 KB PNG
What's your guys' thoughts on Sorairo Panda?
why is it so hard to find yaoi that isnt rapey?
like that gay character isnt basically forcing straight/unsure character into fucking them?
i just want some sexy consensual boy love.
Yeah its annoying how often they have that setup of "I'm a straight man but I love you so I will rape you till you love me too but trust me we are both still straight its just love is BLIND" also all the weird imposed gender roles where it may as well be a porny shoujo manga where the girl is just butch looking.
I love it. His body anatomy is mostly good, and the guys he's drawing are cute.

Question:Why do so many female yaoi artists need to put their self-inserts in their work so much?
>Why do so many female yaoi artists need to put their self-inserts in their work so much?
File: hameraretori_rinunu.png (540 KB, 633x655)
540 KB
540 KB PNG
anyone else like tops with long hair? recommend some good works if you do
Where do people upload doujinshi nowadays? Myreadingmanga never publishes what I submit.
I very rarely see this
>Question:Why do so many female yaoi artists need to put their self-inserts in their work so much?
Name 10 who do this.
I'm relatively new to this, I was wondering if there are any image boards you all use
Because r34 and gelbooru usually don't have good quality yaoi stuff because its straight focused and I wonder if there's some similar sites for gay stuff
This isn't exactly uncommon in bara either, plus most Japanese porn in general is rapey anyway.
>weird imposed gender roles where it may as well be a porny shoujo manga where the girl is just butch looking.
Since it's for women it makes sense to have one of the partners be easy to identify with.
despite all their porn japs are quite sexually repressed, look at their birthrates
Pixiv is really the best place right now, if you can navigate the moon runes.
Otherwise, tumblr was a good place for more Western and videogame stuff until they dropped porn. Man, it hurts to think of all that good porn lost to the ages.
I'm honestly shocked people haven't come up with a better alternative yet and everybody just collectively decided to settle for Twitter, which is goddawful for art. The site barely even has a tagging system and tweets just stop loading after some time. You want to see that fanart from 2 years ago? Well good fucking luck trying to find it in the middle of all those food pictures and gacha screen caps. Even nip artists are abandoning Pixiv for Twitter. It's the worst.
Well, there's a yaoibooru but it only has 5 posts abd malebooru which is mostly bara...
I'm honestly surprised more people didn't just start using Hentai Foundry. There's a decent amount of yaoi on there, though the majority of the art on there is very full of boobs.

Also, I've been reading BJ Alex, which just updated, and the next chapter is going to be the last.

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