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File: 1460789955323.jpg (30 KB, 480x477)
30 KB
Seems to be a fucking nightmare. Either it throws the weight heat error or you need to repaint pretty much every bone to not get orange skin or even worse distortions.
I don't want to fucking retopo the whole thing just because I want to bend the arms and turn the head a bit. Is the only way to manually transform parts without using bones?
You wouldn't have this issue if you were using ZBrush. Pick tools that deal with problems, not tools that create them.
Multi level subdivision.

Rig on low level, sculpt on higher level.
Fuck off nigger, go fixs you swiss cheese mesh.

Oh wait you can't fix it, your work is fucked now.
Clara doesn't have zbrush problems.
you could try a really fucky arrangement of lattices after breaking the sculpt into groups (or just leaving them in said groups if already)

but what most people already said is correct, pose it in zbrush if that's where you made it
use the cage modifier
learn how to weight
Cheese mesh is very simple to fix you retarded sperg, got anything else?

Use the right tool for the job. I know zbrush and learning blender so dont even go there.
The Linear Deformer Tool from the Mira addons could work as the transpose tool somehow, only for edit mode and 2.79
make a low poly cage, weight *that* and use it as a modifier for the sculpt. That way sculpting won't affect your weights.

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