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Is Zbrush better than Blender?
It's a chore just trying to pose the stupid mesh, or "tool"
Yeah, Zbrush could handle more detail but holy fuck, is it worth it? I tried to make an eye shader as a new user and it doesn't even seem possible. Most seasoned Zbrush sculptors seem to just polypaint the eyes and fake the effect.
It's worth it if you're gonna go for very high end sculpts or make sculpting the main thing you do. Otherwise I'd stay away. Sculpting in blender is good for anything this side of movie assets or highest tier AAA type stuff.

You can learn all the skills you need as a sculptor with the toolset available in blender and transition into Zbrush when you already have serious skills if you one day wanna work on something really high fidelity.
why would you make an eye shader in Zbrush? It's a sculpting program not a rendering one. Export your sculpts somewhere else.
Cris. Why?
>Zbrush could handle more detail but holy fuck, is it worth it? I tried to make an eye shader

What the fuck?
having sculpt layers or

having to use low performance deformations for cope as not having sculpt non destructive layer system in 2024 with paid plugins


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