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File: lf1.jpg (87 KB, 800x800)
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>Previous Thread:

>Older Threads


>Meandraco's Game

Never made a thread before, hopefully it worked okay.
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File: GrimmportExpandedUniverse.png (2.08 MB, 1423x6700)
2.08 MB
2.08 MB PNG
The "Grimmport Expanded Universe" as Deep Things Anon called it, a collaborative masterpiece from the last thread that's everything Everyday With Monstergirls should have been.
I had to break it into 2 pieces to get it to fit under the 4mb limit.
Yeah, that’s the date. Also don’t worry about the error in the request, I pretty much got what you were saying.
Ah, relief returns by the breeze.
Now then, back to philosophising how to contribute to a thread.
File: randomexample.jpg (82 KB, 850x850)
82 KB
When in doubt: repost
Go to e621 or similar, search both "Monster" and "Female"
pick the sexiest thing from the results that isn't already on the thread (note, there's a 4mb maximum size for uploading)
save these to your temp files
upload to thread from temp files
Voila, you've bumped the thread in a productive fashion
is there Deep things archive where you keep all this stuff. I'd ask you to post all the images but I don't want to spam the thread
>While Anon knew that over 9/10 of the women he'd been intimate with in his life were significantly stronger than him, he'd never actually felt so helpless as when he was with Hope
>At least with the other monsters he was sleeping with, he was fully aware of what was going on for the most part
>The ones who didn't just engulf his whole body like Samantha or Dr anyway
>But Hope was fairly normal sized, she fit in his livingroom anyway
>With Hope, Anon felt helpless because he couldn't directly see the gorgon without being temporarily paralyzed- but not numbed
>Add that to her preference of tying up her men using her powerful coils along with her domineering playfulness, and Anon was reduced to just feeling what she was doing to him as she set the pace for every bit of their encounters
>"You know, I think I might be getting addicted to you. I mean I already love your primal fear of being confined but this stuff? Mmmm"
>Anon couldn't answer, but Hope smirked down at his upside-down face as if he had, licking cum from her smooth bronze hands
>Contrary to the myth, she was actually quite pretty, her snake hair took a little getting used to, but there wasn't anything in particular about Hope's body that struck Anon as being a 'punishment by the gods'
>Even her hands were actually pleasantly warm to the touch
>"I can feel your attention wandering over me, you know. Please, tell me what you're thinking. And remember: Don't lie"
>With that Hope shifted Anon so he was wrapped much more securely, but not an inch of her skin was in his vision
>"I was thinking that Perseus must have been gay or something to not-" Anon was forced to abruptly cut off as Hope kissed him. When she let up, Hope had adopted an angry expression to try and hide her beet red blush
>"How many times do I have to say this Anon? You can't just say things like that and expect there to be no consequences! I'm in control of the bedroom, you don't get to fluster me by lying and calling me pretty!"
I used to have a Tumblr before they shot themselves in the foot, but right now I've just got a Pillowfort account https://www.pillowfort.social/LMeire (I've been informed that you have to manually turn on the ability to see NSFW content in your account settings to see any of my art)

Might have to make another account elsewhere though, since the Pillowfort devs have prioritized premium features over making sure people can reliably donate to site upkeep and so the site could fail at any time

But IDK where else I could really do that cheaply/securely so for now it's just the Pillowfort.
Had an idea but it's late so I'll try to summarize it
>Monsters sneak into Anon's computer to look at his porn history
>Find mostly nothing since his taste is rather bland
>Stumble across his anime history
>Finds Monster Musume
>Spends all day shit talking the monster designs
File: claws5.jpg (138 KB, 1024x1280)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
Have you considered furaffinity? Deep Things and explicit Terrato content in general are unlikely to violate their ToS any time soon, they'd lose all of their traffic before that happened

Then again, I would have said the same thing about Tumblr a few years ago
Ah, thank you.
Sorry, fever.
Uh... I'll go update the pastebin with the previous thread.
>Find mostly nothing since his taste is rather bland

Pretty sure they find mostly nothing because Anon hasn't had a dry spell since he got cursed. Carol can probably smell the horny pheromones in him before he's consciously aware of it himself.
File: 1636272515965.png (742 KB, 1992x1222)
742 KB
742 KB PNG
From a /v/ drawthread
To the guy who wanted the spider story last thread, here you go : https://ricebowl70.blogspot.com/2021/11/trapdoor-spider-story.html
I hope you enjoy.
Or I could, Y'know, write something?
Hopefully, I can get it done within a few days.
>Anon's house is a fixer-upper
>Peeling paint, no outlets in half the rooms, and most relevantly:
>No insulation
>None of the houses in Grimmport were insulated actually
>Monsters aren't nearly as fragile as humans and it seemed like an unnecessary expense for constructing buildings that wouldn't be housing any humans
>But it was cheap, and Anon figured he could get it all done by the end f summer with a few trips to the hardware store a few towns over
>Anon's house still does not have insulation
>Most of the monsters didn't realize this was going to be a problem until it was too late, Anon likewise had other concerns
>Luckily, Anon had many large warm friends who didn't mind spending the night on top of him as his 'blanket'
>Or in Samantha's case, his sleeping bag
>So Anon managed to weather the winter just fine, content that he'd be able to fix the problem for real this time
>Better than fine actually, monsters get pretty toasty to cozy up to just from having so much more mass than a human
>The following summer Anon still never managed to actually get his house insulated
>A lot of unexpected things came up
>Often Anon would get distracted when he remember to try and ask somebody to buy him supplies with his money
>Other times he apparently described what he needed badly, and the items would have to be returned
>So Anon found himself needing to cuddle up to his monstrous friends with benefits all winter long once again
>And once again, they were all too happy to oblige him
>Anon isn't stupid
>He knew full well what was going on
>But he also didn't actually care all that much
>Cuddling is more comfortable anyway
>Cheaper too
>And it wasn't like he was going to /not/ be sleeping with anyone who asked
>Monsters invite themselves into his bed all the time
>Plus it was hard to argue with somebody who can literally use puppy-dog eyes when they start losing
>Or else physically pick him up and carry him to the bedroom for 'their turn'
v3 never ever
atleast i got my mods
File: d15.jpg (47 KB, 680x864)
47 KB
Fucking christ lamias with well-rounded hips and asses do something fierce to me and I couldn't explain why
where are these mods?
File: Te'Saho.png (162 KB, 1408x664)
162 KB
162 KB PNG
So I tried this idea, but uh, the upload limits are kind of tiny. 1280x1280px at max. Nothing I make is that small so I end up having to sacrifice a bunch of details to put anything up. Otherwise I guess I might have to break up the DT pages into multiple single panels, which would get awkward since a lot of the panels aren't standard rectangles.
Any vam'ers? This game is pretty cool minus the shitty VR performance
I love it!
Holy shit, what's that called? Nice to see a VR thing that allows for something other than anime girls and anthros.
Needs some PBR materials and better lighting set-up, though. That webm looks like a low quality SFM scene. Have the Onoskelis sheen realistically with high quality sweat and have the skull inside her head be visible just enough with reflected light. You don't even need raytracing; cubemaps are enough for sweaty fresneled reflections, and GI can be faked with some clever spot lights.
Cute couple.
I want this but r63 pyramid head smothering me with her breasts
File: bunphone.png (181 KB, 3500x1200)
181 KB
181 KB PNG
Yeah I agree, the game has a dated Unity look, it's called Virt-a-Mate btw and theres a general here on /aco/

Takes some messing with to get things to look decent, but I've just been loading premade mocap scenes and replacing them with monster girls and xenos
File: borpa.webm (1.41 MB, 1280x720)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB WEBM
Honestly I wish there were more looks like that, if I give a shit enough I'll eventually learn how to port things to VaM myself

There's some creators that make stuff like that but no scenes available to dl which kinda sucks
File: Amelie, Frankenfrau MKII.png (1.09 MB, 1200x1600)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB PNG
Damn, I got really fatigued on this one. Gotta streamline my workflow.
I saw her on your Twitter.
I have to wonder how the house deals with her
File: Capture 5.png (264 KB, 725x777)
264 KB
264 KB PNG
It's not a terribly common problem, thankfully. But to answer your question: Food. Food and powerful tranquilizers. A medically enhanced case of "the itis".
1) Your art is amazing.
2) That's awesome.
File: FAuhbnaVgAowt-H.jpg (86 KB, 735x953)
86 KB
Fuck man just imagine giving a succubus a son
File: 1636342503328.jpg (281 KB, 604x1600)
281 KB
281 KB JPG
Monstergirls with kids!
That's super cute.
>A new person rolls into town one day
>Dude monsters rejoice, for it is a woman
>Her car broke down just on the outskirts and she needs to stay for a few days
>Straight male and lesbian female monster population agrees that they need to work together to try and make her feel welcome
>Straight female monsters are worried that Anon will marry her if given the opportunity and try to either scare her away or else bad mouth Anon so she doesn't get interested in him
>Monsters on both sides are concerned with the ethics of the whole thing but don't want to be rude
>Anon has no idea about any of it, he bumps into New Gal a few times but assumes she's just a monster with a poor memory
>She asks him for directions a few times, never gets any that make sense because Anon has fully internalized his curse and uses it like fast travel, the other residents have to remind him and she doesn't do that
>She gets paranoid over time, muttering about ghosts and aliens, monsters all wonder if she got cursed
>Later confides in John who's fixing her car that Anon scares the fuck out of her, she can't get away from the creepy gaslighting teleporter fast enough
>The whole bar laughs uproariously when they hear John repeat her words
>They don't even care that he accidentally cost them human pussy, that's some funny shit
>Besides, there's always furry conventions
>Anon is presented with a crown on his next visit, proclaiming him the scariest "monster" in town
>Anon still has no idea
Sauce, please!
honestly man i'm sick of people depicting those monsters as gaunt deer-beasts, they're ice giants or some shit
not saying the name of the beast because it's a cold winter night where i am and i'm too much of an autist to risk invoking a malevolent creature of the cold at a time like this
File: New_Fetish_Unlocked.png (32 KB, 787x649)
32 KB
>Autist anon doesn't want to invoke monster and make it real
>Meanwhile I'm over here telling the breathing noises in my closet to either climb in the bed or fuck off because I don't have time for their indecisive bullshit
>MFW this usually makes them go away
>MFW I'm not sure if that's because I'm an diagnosed schitzo on top of being an autist or if I just outcreeped a literal closet monster

This you?
Man I fucking wish, especially if she's like really tall, actualy seeing a lady monster climb out of the closet and "threaten" to fuck me would be the best day of my life.

No man it's just creepy breathing for like- hours. It does nothing but give me something to focus on when I'm trying to unfocus and get to sleep. I hear that shit start up and I'm like "Fuck your fucking mind games over there, do you see the shit I get off to? I've jacked it to fucking Shub-Niggurath. You have no power here and you're not scaring anybody. Now either fuck off or cuddle up I'm sleepy and I don't have time for your nonsense."
I'm so glad these are still going.
Who and what exactly are Orma, Olivia, Reba, and Patty supposed to be? I'm especially confused about Patty, is she supposed to be the concept of pestilence itself?
According to one Anon who I presumed who wrote that part fo the green
>Reba: gargoyle/demon creature
>Orma: ghost/phantom/weird spook
>Olivia: slime/ooze/jelly/mucoid/etc.
Yeah Patty turn into a swarm of predatory bugs with a hivemind. She's the town exterminator, incidentally.

I figured Deep Things Anon already pushed the envelope on what could be called a classic monster with the "mermaid" in the picture so it was fine, trope subversion is partially the point.
File: giphy.gif (2.38 MB, 480x270)
2.38 MB
2.38 MB GIF
>Straight female monsters are worried that Anon will marry her if given the opportunity and try to either scare her away or else bad mouth Anon so she doesn't get interested in him
This is probably the shittiest thing they've done to Anon
I could see some of the older monsters (including one frustrated chimera) reprimand the actions of the female monsters
On one hand, they possibly ruined a possibility of Anon finally connecting with another human and give him levity from the curse
On the other hand I could see a comedic sense on how they manage to gas light Anon
>"Oh yeah Anon? He's a real piece of work"
>"I once saw him kick a wolf into the curb and call her a bad girl."
>"You should probably stay away from him if you know what's good for you."
>The woman was a bit perturbed when Carol in her human form, suddenly sat beside her in the bar and started talking about Anon
>In fact, every woman she met in this town seems to have some bad blood against the dude
>Also she can't help but feel some of those talks felt like indirect threats to her
>"Y-Yeah... I'll remember to stay clear from him."
>She quickly snatches her purse and exits the bar
>Carol huffs at the site of woman leaving before pushing something in her ear
>"The fire has been lit, I repeat, the fire has been lit. Target is exiting the camp zone."
>Cue on the other side of the phone where gif happens but with monsters celebrating that they secured their Anon
Sorry for the late reply
First image
Second image

Is it weird that I can sort of see this as a Harry Potter AU? Like there's no wizards/witches, they're all just folklore creatures of various kinds pretending to be human, they've got the same reasoning for it and everything
The only part that doesn't fully match up is the blood politics, like what even is a muggleborn in this context? A "monster" who can't take off their human skin? Maybe they're the only pure witches/wizards, looking human while able to use magic?

>Malfoy constantly hitting on Hermione and the other muggleborns
>He doesn't realize that being offered to be his mistress isn't really all that romantic
>Particularly when he goes into how politically disadvantageous it would be if he had a witch or a human as anything but a sex toy

>Remus Lupin is secretly a werewolf
>He's gotten really good at never letting any of his traits slip out
>Not because werewolves are discriminated against, but because it's easier to pick up monster chicks if they think he's a normal wizard who can't transform
Your deep things remind me of the forgotten beasts from dwarf fortress. Mostly because they live in caverns and come in random shapes and sizes.
>”C’mon Anon! I know you can’t run all day! You’re gonna get tired eventually!”
>When Anon first found himself in this cursed town he would’ve never imagined he’d become bound to it by magic, nor did he think that being chased through town by horny monsters wanting to rape him would be a regular occurance.
>Now it’s happened so often that he knows his rapists by name. Today he’s being chased by a demon named Reba.
>”You’re gonna trip, and then I’ll have my way with you!”
>Fortunately, either Anon had been getting faster or Reba had been getting slower because he managed to find his way into the woods surrounding Grimmport.
>Like almost every other time this happened, he had found himself on the other side of town.
>Confident that he had evaded his pursuer, Anon stopped and doubled over to catch his breath.
>He didn’t have long though, because he almost immediately felt skinny, ice cold fingers wrap around his waist and underneath his legs before being lifted to an almost dizzying height off the ground.
>Anon felt like an idiot for not seeing this coming.
>Reba had set him up.
>She was leading him there the whole time.
>And he fell for it hook line and sinker.
>As his ascent stopped, he was greeted by Orma’s pale grinning face.
>Normally it was hard to tell how Orma felt, between the fact her face was missing features like lips and eyebrows, and the height difference that made it difficult to even see her face in normal conversation. She also rarely got loud or expressive.
>None of that mattered though.
>”Heard you were going out for a jog Anon.” Her voice was always hoarse.
>”Oh, shut up.”
>She hooked a finger under his pants and underwear, sliding them down to reveal his genitals.
>She opened her mouth and out came a long, wet tongue dripping with drool.
>Contrasting with the cool autumn air, Orma’s hot breath on Anon’s member was enough to bring him to half mast.
>Her tongue would slide around, wrapping around his cock and balls.
>The tip of her tongue played with the head and underside of his penis.
>Anon couldn’t deny her dexterity, she knew all of his weak spots.
>After only a few minutes of her wet tongue job, Anon came deep into her mouth.
>Swallowing his load, she looked at Anon, still beaming.
>”Have you been eating pineapple lately?”
>Orma was kind enough to carry Anon home after her unconventional “blowjob”.
>She placed him down in front of the door, and waved him goodbye.
>It struck Anon as weird that she stopped at just one orgasm. Usually it was around three or four before she let him go.
>Oh well, Anon had plans for the day and he didn’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth.
>As he closed the front door behind him and stepped into his living room, he wished he had been a bit more inquisitive with Orma.
>”Have some fun this afternoon Anon?”
>Reba was behind him, blocking the door.
>Anon had become used to running checks of rooms for escape routes whenever he entered them or was threatened.
>However, he knew his own house well enough to know there wasn’t really anywhere left for him to run because of just how small it was.
>He knew now that when the mayor gifted him the residence as compensation for being trapped here that it was probably a self-serving gift on their part, so that situations like this could happen.
>Reba gently grabbed Anon’s right arm with a clawed hand. “How about we have some fun ourselves, Anon? I know you have it in you.”
>Anon didn’t put up a fight as she guided him to his battered bed.
>She’d push Anon onto it before leaping atop him, using her wings for balance as she rode him.
>At least Anon got to grab her breasts, fondling them and rubbing her pierced nipples.
>Her fiery red skin was soft, smooth, and pliable, with just the right amount of yield.
>Soon they reached climax together, their moans filling the bedroom.
>As Reba climbed off of Anon and collected herself, she told him how she figured he would want some private time to relax, and that he wouldn’t appreciate reeking of sex, so she prepared a bath for him.
>She even got the wooden boards and nails for him.
>She led Anon into the bathroom, who was a bit surprised at her thoughtfulness.
>”I need to get going; but I can’t wait to do this again sometime!”
>As Anon let the bubbles wash over himself, he took a deep breath of the lavender scent, and thought about what he was going to do with his day now.
>Baths like these are one of the few times he feels he doesn’t feel the need to be somewhat vigilant.
>The other time being when he’s asleep, and that’s because he’s already in a girl’s grasp.
>Usually when he showers or takes a bath he nails the doors and windows so that no one could interrupt him.
>After he had been fucked by Orma and Reba though, he was dead tired.
>So thankful he was for Reba getting things set up for him that he hadn’t noticed she had neglected something.
>Anon had planned to go to the corner store to get some groceries, but his busy day kept him from getting there before they closed.
>He was imagining getting acquainted with a large Hawaiian pizza, and while he sat in his tub staring up at the ceiling, so lost in thought he didn’t notice orange goo seeping under the door.
>By the time he heard the slimy shifting noises she was almost fully formed in his bathroom.
>It was only then that he knew he had forgotten the door seal strip that he had bought specifically for Olivia.
>”I didn’t know you liked lavender scented soaps Anon. I love lavender!”.
>Anon sighed. He knew not to trust Reba, who already shown her cunning many times before today, but he still felt stupid for missing such an important detail.
>Olivia slid forward, her gelatinous mass taking up nearly the whole bathroom.
>She had no defined body; though she reminded Anon of those diagrams of cells he saw in middle school.
>Various masses of different sizes and colors floated inside her, they looked important but Anon hadn’t the slightest clue what they did.
>”Are you taking a bath to de-stress? I know a much better way to relieve stress, I’ve tried it on many other residents and they loved it.”
>Anon stood up and got back as she slid forward into the tub.
>He noticed that almost all of the water in the tub got absorbed into her.
>She extended several pseudopods out towards him, offering the cornered Anon a hug.
>He accepted and as she held him he found her body was squishy and slimy like a water balloon that was filled with molasses, but also covered in it; Olivia could choose whether or not to let large objects in or out of her body, but when pressure is applied to her she couldn’t help but leak slime through her membrane.
>She reached behind him several pseudopods and started giving him a massage, making sure to get as many muscles as she could.
>Had he been a fly on the wall Anon would’ve found the sight undeniably strange.
>Her massage wasn’t a very skilled one, as she didn’t have much experience, but the contact with her body and pseudopods was a wholly unique experience that was good enough for Anon to forget about his worries for a while.
>He hardly even noticed or cared when she wrapped herself around Anon’s hardening member.
>All he was focused on was how pleasant the other sensations were, the sliminess, the wet noises filling the bathroom, the smell of lavender.
>He wasn’t prepared when she pushed his member inside her and through her membrane, causing him to cum in her sticky insides.
>Eventually Olivia let go of Anon, who was half asleep from a long day, and let him rest in the empty tub before leaving.
>Anon would be thankful she did, because when he woke up the next morning when he found himself much more lucid he found himself covered in dried slime that smelled faintly of burnt plastic.
>That massage seemed a lot less gross in the heat of the moment.
>As Anon turned on the shower and started to apply some shampoo, he hoped that maybe today he could actually get something done instead of being fucked senseless.
This town is a very good idea.
Olivia sounds way more likable than she did previously, maybe it was just an excuse to grope him but it's still leaps and bounds away from thinking Anon had nothing to be stressed out over.
>Olivia drinks humie bath water
Knew my girl was kinky.
I'm excited to see what other people come up with.
Maybe having a talk with Reba and Orma probably had an effect.
in my harddrive
I'm going to write something with my three girls (Reba et al.) but I wanted to present a couple of unrelated ideas first.

>What appears to be another human has visited Grimmport. The monsters don't see anything particularly noteworthy about them, but Anon is completely terrified. He insists that they aren't human - can't be human - despite appearances.

>A monster in town is pregnant and says that it's Anon's. The rest of the town is skeptical, and Anon can't remember if he's responsible or not (he sleeps with so many so often).

>A monster in town swears that they used to be the monster that lived in Anon's childhood closet. Anon remembers being afraid of a monster in his closet, but he can't remember if it's the same monster.
File: rtgttrgtrrtgrtr.png (823 KB, 1375x921)
823 KB
823 KB PNG
File: E_qheMTVEAIgsyM.jpg (207 KB, 697x887)
207 KB
207 KB JPG
File: Shadow.jpg (290 KB, 3087x2048)
290 KB
290 KB JPG
>Anon would have a hard time getting sleep in the weeks after coming to Grimmport.
>It wasn’t the fact that he was cut off from the outside world that kept him up at night, it was the residents.
>And it wasn’t the neighbors sleeping with him almost every night, he would come to accept those soon enough.
>Before he had them to keep him company at night he had to deal with frequent sleep paralysis nightmares which he hadn’t experienced before he came to Grimmport.
>They all started the same, with him waking up in the middle of the night.
>In the corner of the room, in the shadows, he could see a feminine figure.
>She would walk out from the shadows and towards his bed.
>He could never get a good look at her; even if she were to walk into the moonlight pouring in from his window, it’d be as if the shadows in the room followed her, smothering what little comforting light he had left.
>She’d walk up to his side of the bed, run a formless hand across his face and speak to him in a way Anon couldn’t understand.
>Anon had the sense they were supposed to be words of comfort.
File: Shadow2.png (1.9 MB, 1127x1600)
1.9 MB
1.9 MB PNG
>From there, she might ride his member, or grind on his thigh and touch herself, or give him a handjob.
>Her feminine but ill-defined body would smother his body in her darkness, and he could only lie there and accept her.
>He’d be brought to orgasm, and then every dream would end with her giving him a smothering kiss on the lips.
>For an agonizingly long time.
>Till his lungs would burn.
>Till his vision would start to go black.
>Till he’d mentally plead her to release him.
>And only then would he wake up.
>Usually it’d be morning, but Anon would be deeply tired.
>He’d always have to clean jizz off of his sheets.
>Anon couldn’t be sure if he was just having really weird wet dreams or if he was being assaulted in his dreams too.
>Either way they became much more rare once the townsfolk started sleeping with him to keep him warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
>He’d tell Carol about the dreams, she’d tell him to go to bed earlier and avoid using electronics beforehand.
>He’d tell Hope about the dreams, she’d simply tell him to drink warm milk.
>He didn’t follow their advice, but the visits stopped anyways once he started sleeping with others.
>Every so often though, he’d be left to sleep by himself.
>And when he did, she’d be waiting for him.
These are some great ideas.
File: Bou'Isar.png (200 KB, 1489x627)
200 KB
200 KB PNG

Replacing the deleted comment, I have an FA account for anybody that wants to look at my Deep Things art without me spamming these threads. I'm thinking of putting at least the portaits of my THaH deities on there too (Pic related), but I might hold off until I'm finished giving them all a pic of their own instead of the 'inscription'-looking ones that I'm currently using for the main pantheon.

Presumably a titty bird-snake goddess is less offensive than a titty elephant-taur goddess and this comment won't get deleted.
>I have an FA account
Link it, you beautiful fool!
I knew I forgot something. https://www.furaffinity.net/user/lmeir3/
Teraurge is update is a fever dream.
as one of those "anonymous monster fetishists," i say you can absolutely make art of anything mentioned in these threads. i especially want to see Carol in your style.
The second idea could be interesting
I could see some of the monsters trying to disprove that Anon impregnated her or she is faking her pregnancy

Either way that could spell a problem to the agreement they had and the rest of them would have to leave Anon alone since he's taken
>this thread
no, theyre my own monster girls. i havent come up with a name for them yet that i really like
you have a nice Digimon-like aesthetic
File: 5665y5665y6.png (780 KB, 1564x925)
780 KB
780 KB PNG
thanks :). i can kinda see it, with this one on the left
You have an archive anywhere? Really dig your style.
thanks! yeah its twitter.com/tetsett
I could see the idea that our childhood monsters would be the equivalent of a childhood friend

We keep chasing monster pussy all the time yet we forget the one that stuck to us since we were kids

Just like in anime
>”Why would I not want to know what’s going on in Grimmport?”
>”Oh trust me Anon, you wouldn’t find our town hall meetings very interesting, mostly just everyone arguing about... trivial things...”
>Samantha and Anon had just finished a session of sex, and they got to having small talk.
>Out of curiosity Anon asked her when the next town hall meeting was.
>He hadn’t attended any before, and it seemed strange to Anon that Samantha would try to dissuade him from attending any.
>She seemed a bit nervous about it too, constantly breaking eye contact with him and fidgeting.
>She tried to change the topic, but Anon was only half-focusing on what she was saying.
>He wanted to know what went on in those town hall meetings.

>November 5th was the date for their next town hall meeting.
>It was cold outside, the first snow dusting the ground.
>Dressed in his finest winter coat, he made his way to the town hall.
>The town seemed especially quiet that night, there were no cars out, and most houses had their lights off despite it only being 7:00.
>The town hall, however, shone like a beacon.
>Anon was about to open the front door, but he stopped himself when he heard muffled conversations coming from inside the building.
>”Anon clearly likes me the most, you should’ve seen the look on his face when we fucked!”
>”You’re so crude, and besides, I’m much better in bed than you are!”
>”Anon doesn’t even like your spikes, he wants someone who can make him feel safe!”
>”You’re one to talk with those claws of yours!”
>That, and the occasional comment swooning over some mundane aspect of Anon that made him wonder just how pent-up everyone was until he came along.
>He decided to sneak over to a window and peek inside…
>...Just to see that the meeting had devolved into a bunch of disorganized arguments.
>The mayor, a chimera, stood behind a podium trying to get everyone to calm down before being pulled into an argument with her own snake tail.
>Somehow a trash bin in the corner had caught fire and almost no one noticed except for one resident who was putting it out while simultaneously arguing with someone else.
>Eventually one of the residents, a ghoul named Lana, would speak up and get everyone’s attention.
>”I’m sure we can all agree that ever since Anon moved here things have gotten a lot more fun; that won’t be the case if he spends all of his time in only one of our bedrooms.”
>”What I’m trying to say is that we should all share Anon as his no strings attached fuckbddies.”
>Everyone thought about it for a few moments, and eventually most of the residents were nodding along and agreeing with her.
>The mayor felt otherwise, but couldn’t argue with her logic, and she knew that if she wanted to get a re-election she’d have to go along with it.
>”Lana’s right everyone, we can’t let this split us apart. We can all have some time with Anon if we practice a little restraint and take turns.”
>Once they all agreed that no single resident could get married to Anon, they talked about how exactly they were going to share him.
>They decided that they wouldn’t have strict times as for when they’d have Anon to themselves, as that would take away the spontaneity and fun from stalking him before having their way with him.
>They came to an agreement that after fucking him they’d wait a short time before fucking him again.
>Times weren’t written down so they relied on the honor system, and no one wanted to be the one known for fucking Anon when it wasn;t their time.
>Anon had missed most of this as he was too busy being fucked behind some bushes by Carol, who had stepped outside to get some fresh air only to find Anon eavesdropping on their meeting.
Thank you very much Ricebowl!
Based as always
>>What appears to be another human has visited Grimmport. The monsters don't see anything particularly noteworthy about them, but Anon is completely terrified. He insists that they aren't human - can't be human - despite appearances.
>Anon, who is completely over how monsters tend to look, is completely terrified of something that looks just human enough to fool the casual observer - or the average monster - but absolutely is not human.
>The uncanny valley doesn't hit monsters like it does humans. When you spend your life around so many different creatures that look nothing like you, you tend to get desensitized.
>Something that to a human would fall squarely into the uncanny valley would look like any other human to most monsters, especially to those that don't interact with humans regularly.
File: Danger Don't Trust.jpg (517 KB, 1800x800)
517 KB
517 KB JPG
Who is this
Who's the poster or who's the unknown human-looking thing?
Oh hey, this is from Arai-san Mansion
>The reptilians who secretly control human society were initially dismayed to find that some other species they'd never heard of had already infiltrated the primitives and spread all over the globe in secluded communes
>Their dismay turned to confusion when it was discovered to actually be a cooalition of species and then to fear when the monster population's true nature was revealed
>The reptilians knew that their survival depended on the supernatural elements on the planet never being provoked into using their terrible science-defying powers for war and have shifted gears from mere subjugation of Earth to placating the monsters quarantined there
>And then Anon went and fucked it all up by spotting the covert agent responsible for informing the local government on what Grimmport needs to stay docile and uncurious
Ha ha, lol
>ywn lead your girlfriend into a trap in the woods and turn her into an eldritch monstrosity
I’ve finshed the story for you :
I hope that you enjoy it.
Good to hear you enjoyed the story, Anon.
Do living Mannequins belong in this thread?
Nah, they just want to spook ya, so when you come into them they get wierded out. Happens to me from time to time. Or I have extremely interspersed hallucinations. Been doing energy work so I guess I'll find out.

Try talking to it, if your not trying to banish it
File: Childhood Snuggles.jpg (25 KB, 454x340)
25 KB
Go for it.
File: owl.png (98 KB, 682x551)
98 KB
is there any furry mods? where would i get the mods in your webm
I, for a lack of a better expression, enjoyed it.
Which is to say three things: the n u t has been pleased, "Oh it's beautiful", and surprisingly for being ultimately an erotic text, the worldbulding,and many of the scenes and dialogue you wrote were interesting in their respective ways all on their own.

Of course, like literally everything else it's not perfect; a couple of word errors here and there, some sentences may be a bit long (fret not for I too struggle with this) and some events and scenes are unintentional in some of their aspects (which is likely my own fault in not being precise enough in my request). But, you'd have the right to condemn me if I expected every single scene to be exactly how I wanted.

Anyways, I think I'll stay dormant for some 5 days before I return with a request, but I can't say for certain. I'll leave with two notes, one concerning the second installation of the wendigo series and another of the hypothetical third should you be willing to write it.

>The wendigo story: one hell of a night
I had originally intented the capra demon to follow the pack through the portal and esentially stick with them and anon. This is why I mentioned that she gets quite exhausted from using her teleportation, expressed by the following;
>teleports all including herself to the space station
>Too exhausted to try again to teleport elsewhere, >therefore has to stick with them until further notice
Of my taste I'd like to see her return to the pack in the possible third installation of the wendigo story. However, If her joining the harem so to speak bothers you, Then don't worry about it.

>The wendigo story: (insert title here)
If you haven't noticed or didn't know, the "building better worlds" quote in the second story is a reference to the logo of the company "weyland Yutani", A scientific organization in the alien series mainly responsible for animal cruelty against the xenomorphs in the name of science, or "Science" in this context.
Esentially, anon and da gang has landed in one of weyland yutani's space stations, which deals with xenomorph experimentation.. You can probably guess where this is going.

This is not a request by the way, just a teaser for one, if you're interested.
>Werewolves tend to be very close-knit
>They'll do anything for individuals that they consider to be their pack, and generally don't drift out of contact like humans do
>Within 3 months, literally Carol's entire family was aware of the human in Grimmport
>All across multiple countries
>And of course because tolerant humans are kind of a big deal in the monster community, let alone humans that don't seem to mind being "hunted", Anon became something of a minor tourist attraction
>Most monsters aren't about to drop everything and take a trip to a sleepy port town just to fuck one guy, particularly when it's generally easier to just pounce on somebody drunk and/or alone in the wilderness and then use magic to make them think it was a weirdly erotic nightmare
>But the allure of being able to have an actual conversation with the guy during or afterwards was still strong enough that Anon got aggressively snuggled by 1 or 2 foreign monsters popping in to visit on about a monthly basis
>The latest instance of this, Anon was pinned between the six-inch wide pussy of the wyvern that had swooped down to carry him off into the forest with and a boulder that was now completely slick with her juices
>Anon was going to need a shower, possibly 2
>It was actually the second time she had captured him today, the first time she accidentally flew too far away and his curse popped him over to the other side of the woods
>Anon for his part, was just happy she was considerate enough not to literally tear his clothes off like the last tourist did
>Though he still had no idea what she was saying as even with magic her accent was heavy and she would switch to a stream of what sounded like Spanish seemingly at random
>Still, he knew that her name was Emma, that she was an accountant in some place called Macabre and that this was the single most exciting thing that she'd ever done
>Anon also knew that she liked being complimented for her wing scales
>”Is that you Anon? I never thought I’d see you again! Do you remember me? I used to hide in your closet when you were a child! My name is Helena by the way.”
>Anon, for his part, couldn’t be sure whether the 7 foot tall spindly monster in front of him was actually the monster that used to stare at him from his closet and occasionally knock down his coats all those years ago, or if he was just misremembering things.
>”I’m sorry that I had to scare you like that; I feed off of fear, or at least I used to. My doctor told me that a fear-based diet could actually be very unhealthy so a short while after you moved houses I switched to eating healthier foods like salads.”
>”Oh, um… I’m glad I could’ve helped you. But I could’ve sworn my closet monster had more claws.”
>Helena looked at the long claws on her pointer fingers, which she used to drag along walls and make unsettling noises.
>”I thought my monster also had shorter teeth.”
>”...A lot can change between then and now, Anon. For example, you used to love baseball.”
>”...I was never into baseball. I’ve always been a track and field kid.”
>Helena chuckled to herself “Well, I guess I was mistaken. It can be kind of hard to make out details in a dark room.”

>Later that night, as Anon was getting into bed he was startled by a voice coming from the darkness of his closet.
>”Hey! Anon! It’s me Helena, from the grocery store!”
>”Helena, you should’ve knocked on my door rather than just sneaking into my house.”
>”Sorry Anon. I figured you might’ve been lonely at night and wanted some company. And I’m not here just to scratch at your walls and stare at you.”
>Her eyes wandered up and down his body.
>”I can see all those years of track and field have done you well.”
>Anon sighed, he knew it was going to be hard for him to get any sleep tonight.
>The more things change, the more they stay the same.
I'm going to post a couple pictures.
>It was 8:00 pm, and the local clothing store was closing for the day.
>Anon was looking at scarves when Beatrice, the store’s owner, asked him to follow her into a dark storage room in the back of the store; she had something to show him.
>Beatrice had never forced herself upon Anon, so Anon trusted this not to be another ploy just to get in his pants.
>”Close the door behind you Anon.”
>Anon did as he was told, and when he did she turned on the lights.
>Beatrice was always in her human disguise, even if there were no outsiders in the town.
>But now Beatrice stood before him, not in her human disguise but in her true form, a living mannequin.
>Or rather, a collection of plastic arms, legs, torsos and heads all joined together.
>She explained to Anon that the last time she showed her true form to someone, a normal human, they didn’t take it very well.
>Ever since then she’s been very scared about showing her true self to any human, even Anon.
>”I’m tired of watching you from afar, and though I know I might scare you I need to show you how I feel.”
>With that, she grabbed Anon and started kissing him on the lips.
>Her mouth wasn’t cold and plastic like he thought it’d be.
>The same went for the other mouths kissing him all over his body.
>Plastic hands roamed over his body, touching, squeezing, fondling, and methodically removing every article of clothing.
>Anon gasped as a pair of legs and hips wrapped itself around him and impaled itself on his cock.
>The warmth was unbelievable, and he came almost immediately.
>He only had a few seconds to catch his breath before she slid another torso onto him.
>They went like that for several hours, and she wouldn’t stop until he had come as many times as possible in as many holes as possible.
>Unbeknownst to her she didn’t have to force herself on Anon.
>She was nice towards Anon, and didn’t constantly ride him, so all she had to do was ask him.
I've got a question, what kind of job do you guys think Anon would have while living in Grimmport?
Any drawfriends on here?
Piggybacking my question: what kind of internet access does Anon have?
From the angel "chapter" he seems to work in the kitchen at the diner.

Assuming he has any, I imagine it'd have to be similarly cursed so he couldn't spread knowledge of monsters existing to other humans even by accident.
What really bothers me is how Anon has no say in what happens to him.
File: hellknight-bleached-18a.png (635 KB, 1280x1509)
635 KB
635 KB PNG
Hey rice, can I request a story with the hell knight? The premise would be that you're the few remaining soldiers still alive on the mars settlement, lucky for you the doom slayer cleared a whole bunch of the blood thirsty demons while you were hiding, however one was missed, and it's chasing you. Becase of your training and physique you survive far longer than the others. After a long chase and fight between you two she overpowers you, but instead of turning you into a red pasta on the floor, she demands to be breed by your potent seed to create stronger demons. Feel free to change anything you don't like, thanks in advance!
>Back when Anon was first cursed - when his panic and desperation were at their zenith - he tried everything.
>He started by trying to run away, first by foot and then by car.
>While ineffective, he and the monster townsfolk learned something from his attempts.
>Namely that while the curse worked on him and whatever he had on his immediate person, it didn't extend to cars.
>While he had popped up on the other side of town, his car had kept on speeding away.
>Future escape attempts would yield similar results - boats and buses were no more effective.
>Curiously, bicycles would loop with him.
>The town's magical experts theorized that their must be some critical mass after which the curse loses effect.
>Anyway, with his car in the shop, Anon pressed on.
>Once he realized that he couldn't physically egress the town, he turned to seeking outside aid.
>The town's postal service was, of course, staffed entirely by monsters.
>Monsters who, though polite and professional, made absolutely certain that none of Anon's mail ever left Grimmport.
>Stymied, Anon turned to his final hope: the internet.

>Furiously seeking any aid he could, he went to every website that might let him get a message out.
>Message boards, online forums, comment sections, and more.
>He tried recording videos and uploading them.
>He even created crude artistic representations of his dilemma.
>It should come as no surprise that none of this worked.
>Aside from the general skepticism of the online community, there were other forces at work.
>The Grimmport IT department.
>A group of gremlins, self-aware machines, possessed electronics, and more esoteric creatures.
>All absolutely dedicated to keeping Grimmport hidden from the prying eyes of the modern world.
>To Anon's credit, he didn't give up until his computer was thoroughly bricked.
>After that, Anon was running on fumes.
>Terror burned to cinders, it was around the time that he started contemplating smoke signals and semaphore that his resolve broke.
>Realizing that he was well and truly stuck, it wasn't long before a broken Anon made his first practice noose.
>And it wasn't long after that when Carol discovered his first practice noose.

>There was a new arrival in Grimmport, a traveling artist
>The first thing this visitor did was go to the local celebrity which was Anon
>She introduced herself as Hiromi, calling herself a "satori"
>They engage in small talk, telling each other about the happenings in Grimmport and the outside world
>She tells him that his story has reached outside of Grimmport and into the monster news sphere and asks him if she could also gather info about his life
>He agreed, telling her about the events which led to him here (though leaving out the attempted suicide and the raunchy stuff he and the townsfolk engage in)
>Eventually, this escalates to them sleeping with each other, the usual Anon thought
>The following morning, Anon was left with a minor headache and a note telling him that she enjoyed the time spent together and promised his plight will be heard by millions
>Anon didn't thought of it much else of it until a few weeks later
>He wasn't expecting Carol busting down his front door with a manga on her hand
>He wasn't expecting his likeness on the pages of a hentai manga featuring a human fucking feral monsters
>He did expect Carol wanting to recreate some of the scenes featuring the werewolf
>"C'mon Anon! You gotta do the ahegao face when you cum! Fuck! You're gonna be so hot when you do it!"
File: FEMId1-WUAAYN6Z.jpg (126 KB, 1080x1071)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
Will Anon at least get some residuals?
I’m glad that you enjoyed the story and I’m sure I’ll be able to include some of the ideas in that later story you’re coming up with and I’m glad that you enjoyed the world building as well.
Sounds like a good idea to me, Anon. I’ll get to it as soon as I can.
I really, REALLY really want to fuck a monster
Also, did we have a story archive somewhere?
>Suicide attempt
File: meatythreesom.png (796 KB, 2271x1636)
796 KB
796 KB PNG
Drawn for /v/
Can I make a request?
It was like, the first or second greentext after the initial Spoopy post

Anon made a "practice noose" and stored it next to the ties in his closet, and then Carol found it when she went to go hide there. Then she cuddled him presumably all night because she felt so bad for him.
Thanks, man!
Could I get a pic of a dude cocooned in webbing with a giant, black, shiny spider sucking his cock, with her two front begs pulling him in?

Not a spider-girl, but an actual spider, like a black widow giving him a blowjob. Got a right fetish for spiders lately for some reason.
I'm not proficient in drawing spiders.
This was also a turning point for Anon's relationship with the town as he went from the village bicycle to the village bicycle but people are actually empathetic and invested in his health and well-being.
File: E_qgwopUUAABjGPffe.jpg (95 KB, 582x897)
95 KB
if someone wants to share their monster girl character i'll draw her if i like the design
Shadow spawn with big boobs, long sharp claws and sharp teeth
shadow spawn from swtor?
Oh hi Carrion.
I'm not the best artist, but I'd love to see my girl Mudhook here in your style
File: Taka'Asa.png (138 KB, 1408x664)
138 KB
138 KB PNG
>YWN be the rebound guy after a literal goddess gets dumped mid-fuck and left to stew in her poor self-esteem
That's why you need to work up to revealing your true form.
Was thinking more like a completely dark void kind of a monster woman
File: U MrMayhemm - Puppet Girl.jpg (708 KB, 2409x3300)
708 KB
708 KB JPG
Who are they?
File: Dana'E.png (341 KB, 3156x1360)
341 KB
341 KB PNG
This exact scene had a happy ending by the way. Pic related, Taka'Asa's daughter, goddess of the Home
You got a twitter or blog? I like your stuff.
How do I worship her? What are her tenets? Do I need to sacrifice anything?
>it took borderline suicide for the town to accept him
Spirits in THaH desire and acquire sustenance from mortals involving themselves in the spirit's associated precepts- that is- the elemental forces that underpin reality. This can either mean living that sort of lifestyle yourself or enabling someone else to do so, do that and you make it trivially easy for her to take your soul into her afterlife once you're done here.

The first precept that all spirits have in common (due to their ancestors having it in common) is Lust, so just perceiving Dana'E as desirable has already put you in her good books.

But her major precept is the Home, she values things like having lots of kids and making sure they grow up big and strong. If you happen to have an idol in her likeness she'll make it lactate soup broth like she does when you need to feed a lot of people.

For more information, I've got a big ol' googledoc on the setting here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tZIJ5JbdR3usy7C-iQpnoKocrCgiNeWvU6KsDc3ZXQA/edit?usp=sharing
File: jfk-clone-high.gif (299 KB, 640x630)
299 KB
299 KB GIF

>Anon's first glimpse past the Veil be like
thanks, yeah it's twitter.com/tetsett
Damn why does this thread give me a boner and good music?
I mean yeah, the monsters are just legit having a great time being spooky, Anon should be happy they thought to include him in spite of his initial rudeness. And if you switch out the school segments with his job then it's almost exactly how I imagine Anon flirting with a coworker for the first time going.
File: Bow.png (555 KB, 1342x878)
555 KB
555 KB PNG
A little bit of lovely lagomorph
File: sexcomic1.png (2.86 MB, 2235x2238)
2.86 MB
2.86 MB PNG
Drawn for /v/. This is the version without cum.
File: Crimson Deep Thing.png (3.6 MB, 3507x2480)
3.6 MB
3.6 MB PNG
Made some fan art of the Deep things
Noticed a good few spelling, punctuation, etc. errors in this one. Should I make an edited (or cleaned up) version and leave it in a Pastebin?
she just what's to love him
File: 95eoiz2smy971.jpg (172 KB, 850x1511)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
I like the skull, particularly how it's ambiguous on whether that's part of her face or just a neat hat that she found. Somehow adding both personality and mystery at the same time.
Thanks, I definitely wanted it to be vague given how varied deep things are meant to look.
Five days and I return with a request of the newest installation to the wendigo story.
I decided to compile it into a ghostbin.

Note: I was rather tired when writing this as I state at the end of the request, so expect this to be a rather clumsy, unrefined request.
Be sure to ask if there is anything you are wondering about or wish me to change.
Godamit, already the beginning was screwed up.
Basically, the potential newest story begins after the massacre that happened died down and everyone but you, your family and capra demon is dead. You go checking after your group and that is where the request is supposed to begin, I think.
>Deepthing picks up you up by the waist and gingerly puts you in between her breasts
>You have no choice but to be along for the ride as she travels deeper into the caves
>She comes into a large clearing full of other Deepthings with humans on their person as well
>She plucks you from her chest and presents you to them as if you were a new toy
>Rubs parts of your armor and points at your horns while uttering gutteral sounds akin to boasting
>One deepthing steps forward and presents her own human which was a wizard
>They start growling at each other while waving you two around like action figures
File: 1633916928870.png (3.05 MB, 2202x4654)
3.05 MB
3.05 MB PNG
Skinwalker time?
I know some people don't like creatures having a bunch of tits slapped on top of them, but my god this is the hottest wendigo image I have ever seen.
That's adorable
File: maxresdefault.jpg (149 KB, 1280x720)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
File: 1618301146869.png (2.94 MB, 1499x1975)
2.94 MB
2.94 MB PNG
She's one of my favorite wendigo designs too.
I’ve finshed the story for you :https://ricebowl70.blogspot.com/2021/11/hell-knight-story.html
Hope you enjoy.
Sure, go ahead and do that, Anon.
That sounds like a good request to me and I’ll be sure to try and meet all the criteria for it!
I'd say there's not much competition for that title, but then again, this is the internet.
Not the best quality but I still think it's nice
There are some good spider pics
Dagoth ur needs his royal harem.
File: 1626931700614.png (1.47 MB, 1280x1280)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB PNG
>tfw no giant monster gf that can slip you into her pussy
I'm starting to worry about your sanity Rice. What with all the criteria being accepted in spite of their increasing disproportionality to common taste.
I mean, I'd glorify it, but You sure you're okay? Not having any shell shocks recently? Any sightings of wendigoes haunting you recently? Ya sure ya don' need any jazz?

In anycase, thanks. Hopefully I'll pay off the literary debt i currently feel
(I swear to god, if writing was a cooking sport, my still unfinished story would be in the oven even weeks after)
>Camping with the gf
>Up in the Canadian mountains, no technology of any kind, absolutely roughing it
>Don't even have a map
>Would probably be the most dangerous thing ever, if gf wasn't literally an unstoppable force of nature who just decided to be human for convenience
>So instead it's a sort of humbling romantic spiritual experience
>She shows you how to live a naturalistic lifestyle as your ancestyors did, what plants are edible etc and keeps your dumbass safe from predators
>And of course having lots of weird eldritch monster sex, which she assures you was a crucial part of the average human lifstyle before those prudish new pantheons moved in
>Suddenly blizzard
>2 meters of snow before you even have time to figure out which way to civilization
>Not really a problem for gf, but you'll definitely die if left exposed
>Gf has brilliant idea
>She grows to be the size of a small hill
>Slips you inside herself
>It's toasty warm for you, with plenty of water and nutrients to be had from licking her inner walls
>Also feels great on her end just having you there
>She accidentally "forgets" that she's supposed to ferry you out of danger
>Instead she waits for the snow to melt and you continue camping where you left off
>Eldritch gf plays by fae rules
>Because you ate and drank while spending multiple weeks inside her pussy, your soul can't leave it
>Gf notices the change, but doesn't think it actually means anything significant
>Spend entire life blissfully unaware of this development
>Eventually marry eldritch gf and grow old with her
>You're both pleasantly surprised when instead f disappearing to whichever souls normally go after death, that your afterlife is instead forever filling the pussy of your eldritch wife
>Wife remarks that this probably isn't how soulmating is supposed to work, but she wouldn't complain
>Neither would you, honestly
>Wife proceeds to tell all her eldritch monster friends before fucking off to go explore space with you
File: teamworkcum.png (2.31 MB, 1404x1334)
2.31 MB
2.31 MB PNG
Drawn for /v/
File: 1576727338474.jpg (125 KB, 978x1280)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
File: y6fwfucvhpm71.png (1.73 MB, 1921x1080)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB PNG
>SCP Foundation, but it's waifus
>Anon is a multiversal constant
>in every alternate timeline, Anon is engaged with a different SCP
>this doesn't preclude the possibility of harems, however
>for example, Anon-078 might be engaged with multiple SCPs, but one of them is 078
File: Despair.jpg (102 KB, 1280x720)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
And we will never live in that verse...
It's a pain we all have to live with
Why bother living?
look up "FABUI (FurAffinity Uploader & Notifier)" for your browser, makes uploading things to FA not awful and lets you get around that old file size / resolution limit
What exactly is the problem that movie monsters have with teenagers getting a little nookie?
To do our part to make waifurs a reality.
How come those two werewolf women monster didn't get any nude fan art?
I'm not angry though.
Her dragon form is one of my favorite Nightmare dragon. No luck in finding her in more muscular dragon form though.
File: teerhMonster2.png (767 KB, 768x1024)
767 KB
767 KB PNG
Awkward Teeth

As you proceeded into the hive, the air got thicker, and reminded you of some heated up brothels you visited, rife with the stench of reproductive fluids, sweat and female fluids. So when you came into the lair of the beast, you were no longer willing to shoot her point blank in the face, but wanted to eagerly stick your rod into her slime-filed nether regions. For some reason the alien mutant goddess understood american sexual slang...better not question it and get to work, as long she is puzzled by the request.
>be a horny teenager inside a tent with your gf
>about to have your v-card punched in
>aw yis
>suddenly there hear something rustle outside of the camp
>both of you take a peek out and see large, tall, and strangely buxom monster
>gf screams and runs away, shoving you aside in the process
>head back inside the tent and pray it targets your ex gf instead
>it tries to open your tent but its large hands keep fumbling through the zipper
>slashes the entrance open, leaving the tent's insides exposed to the cold air
>monster crawls inside as the tent could barely fit her hunched form
>you try not to move a muscle as it examines your body
>her gaze stops at your erect penis
>start feeling her bony, sharp fingers carefully stroke your cock
>she starts emitting guttural sounds until you hear her utter coherent words
>"I... better girlfriend... Won't leave... you... forever..."
>lost your virginity that night
>aw yis
File: teerhMonster2_alt.png (809 KB, 768x1024)
809 KB
809 KB PNG
Awkward Teeth II

The "nectar" you provide seems to please her. She continues to sample your fluids in her maw while
the rest is dripping down her considerable mammaries and abs.
Got a story suggestion for you rice, I’ve been playing examina for a little and came up with a story thing. It’s simple, you woke up in some dungeon randomly so you’ve been going through it to try and escape, you’ve got pretty stacked with loot so you decide to delve into the sewers after gearing up. You go down there and you get attacked by any of the enemies included in the photo, you try to fight back but are easily overpowered when multiple show up. They take off your armor and disrobe you before you know what happens.
File: 20211125_153947.png (102 KB, 1844x902)
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102 KB PNG
File: 1616558129889.png (753 KB, 1564x925)
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753 KB PNG
Yeah it's really hard to like him seeing how pussywhiped he is
Not what I meant even in the slightest.
Imagine finding monster's lair and seeing the human effigies in various sex positions
anon please, share with us
File: Demon of Hell.png (2.53 MB, 800x1732)
2.53 MB
2.53 MB PNG
Stupid Idea.
I thought of an interesting idea for a lovecraftianb horror female that, upon being gaze causes an uncontrolable arousal/heat on her man. Basically, he can't stop mating, because it's never enough and the horror aspect comes down to the fact that something so alien looking causes him extreme arousal to the point of cumming in his pants at her sight.
I wanna smooch them.
File: boobabed.png (1.19 MB, 1155x1349)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB PNG
Drawn for /v/

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