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How do I work up the courage to kill myself after all? I've had an exit bag order on Amazon saved for a while but I always pussy out at the last moment. I have an overall plan (get my car, get exit bag, drive to bumfuck nowhere, goodbye) but it's hard to get the last impulse in.
why suicide when you could just go do crazy things like completely changing your identity and living in another country, breaking laws, taking drugs, taking risks and being free? You're at ground zero you got nothing to lose if you don't even care about existing. Are you not at least curious to know what it might be like to just climb up the tallest tree in your vicinity? or to see what the inside of some strangers house looks like? or to push your boundaries and go completely mad and sperg out at people? or to be someones slave?
You shouldn’t kill yourself if it’s an impulse anyway. Impulses aren’t reliable, sure you won’t regret it if you die, but hurrying will make you likely to mess up And end up as a vegetable or otherwise debilitated.

Your suicide should be well planned, only do it after you’ve tidied up your affairs (to the extent you can muster, I know energy might be a concern).
That way you will be certain that you want to die And that you’re not just an emotional little bitch that’s a bit out of it for the moment.

At the moment it sounds like you don’t want to die, and that’s fine. I know it can feel like it’s worse to not want to die, because you haven’t got the energy to live either but trust me, nothing is worse than half assing it and ending up with just brain damage and regrets.

It’s good that you aren’t 100% fed up with the world. Do as anon said, go with the flow. Do that thing you always wants to do. Maybe get help if you think it will work. Dare to try living, after all you have nothing to lose.
Well then you don't really want too die/ kill yourself
It's the worst part how I'm not able to muster that last courage to end it.

I do have a pretty good method and plan though. I live in a low population area so it's hard that I'll be found while doing it, and helium it's reliable.

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