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What's better as an apartment pet?
I would really like a dog but I feel like a cat would be a better choice ( considering I'd have to leave it alone while I'm at work )

As a dog I'd either get a stray or a Basset Hound
Basset Hounds howl a lot and they're loud as fuck. Get a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

If you do get a pet you should know that the vast majority of apartments don't accept cats or dogs so if you move around a lot it's gonna be hard to find a new place.
If you think dogs are better don't get a cat.
Thank you
I won't move a lot so that wouldn't be a problem
Cat is a great choice. I would also like to have a dog but I don't for the same reason as you - it would be left alone for too long all the time. I have cats and it love them :3

Also I own my home but a dog can do a lot more damage to an apartment and you probably have to pay a higher premium or something for having one compared to a cat.
Crate training is piss easy. It housebreaks dogs in about 3 weeks usually (most of the time faster), keeps them from messing up the house, and dogs grow to love their den as if it is their own bedroom.

Seriously, it is a no brainer if you live alone and work.
Just be sure you have enough time to socialize with a pet. Many issues owners face with pets are the result of boredom and the pet acts out.
I guess that's what I'll go with
Walks and time spent together wouldn't be a problem since I would spend my time with him after work
A cat is a much better starter pet. I have both a cat and a dog while living alone in an apartment and it can be a nightmare sometimes, but it's always the dog. You have to structure your entire life around a dog and while a cat can do some damage, the dog destroys the place,
For an apartment, get a cat. Generally, they are less loud, smaller and need less running space, and need less attention which I'm assuming in your current living situation you won't be able to give. They also can dispose of their waste better, and having to take your dog out on walks (you SHOULD be doing this) will get old quick.

Most dogs are meant to have a job, so if you have no intention to give it one, you should not consider actively searching for one unless you are adopting it and giving it a better life it otherwise wouldn't have.
People are already telling you to get a cat, but every single person that I knew who lived in an apartment and had a cat also had a litter box that was absolutely FILLED with shit and really there is no good place to keep a litter box. Keep in the washroom and you have to smell shit when you want to take a shower or brush your teeth, keep it in the open kitchen/living room area and you'll smell shit when making or eating supper.

A dog also forces you to get up early to do things like getting up early and getting some mild exercise both in the morning and in the evening and at night. but again that's maybe not something you'd want. They also require you to play a lot with them.

Birds can make better apppartment pets, they still shit indoors but at least their waste doesn't smell like death like cats' do.
A litter box only gets FILLED with shit and stink all the time if you never clean it...
yeah and the kind of person who gets a cat wants a low-maintenance pet that doesn't need to be taken outside and can play mostly by itself and do its own thing and unfortunately a lot of people double down on that praxis where when they get home they just want to sit on the couch and watch TV and then go to bed they don't want to have to empty and clean and re-fill a litter box.

plus even when it's a pristine fresh litter box, a cat taking a shit will permeate the entire apartment no matter what, just an overpowering smell of like rotten beef and tuna. At least bird shit just kind of just smells like hay a little bit and that's when you really have to let the cage get filled up..
OK but OP doesn't sound like one of those people. Of course if you don't ever clean the litter box your house is going to smell like shit. And actually, it'll more likely smell like piss because ammonia has an odor and the little turds get dehydrated so fast from the litter they stop stinking pretty fast as long as your cat bothers to cover them. Anyway...

I could say don't get a dog because it's going to be a nuisance that jumps all over people, chews up your furniture and pisses and shits all over the carpets. But that's not really something inherent in having a dog, it's all problems stemming from bad ownership. So your objection is pretty stupid. There's problems with any kind of pet if you're not going to take care of it properly, no shit.
>OK but OP doesn't sound like one of those people.

We don't know that
No but he didn't say he's looking for a low-maintenance pet in specific he just said he has reservations about a dog (which he kind of prefers) because of how long it will have to be alone.

Seems like you just came into this thread with an agenda and are doing all kinds of projecting.
Cats are more independent and won't lose their fucking minds if you are gone for a day or two.

Dogs are better if you're an extremely active person and/or have somebody to take care of them while you are away.

As a general rule, if you're living alone, buy two animals of whichever you choose to keep the other company. Cats do better when raised younger.

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