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>Be me 3 months ago
>Leave my dog at a kennel while I'm on vacation
>Provide kennel with 2 7lb bags of dry dog food (enough for 2 weeks with a little overage)
>Tell them specifically not to feed my dog wet food, so as to not spoil him
>Go to Florida for 2 weeks
>Return home, pick up doggo from kennel
>Lady at the register hands me back my two bags of dog food, along with a """complimentary""" can of the wet dog food they've been feeding him for 2 weeks
>Bring doggo back home, he won't even touch his dry dogfood
>Decide to see how long the cunt will suffer hunger pains
>Doggo goes on a 3 day hunger strike
>Every time I put out his bowl of dry dog food, he just looks at me like I'm an asshole
>Get the can opener, open the can of wet dogfood
>As soon as he hears the can opener, doggo leaps from his lethargy and looks at me with hope in his eyes
>I see the drool dripping from his chops
>I take a small dab of the wet dog food and stick it on doggo's nose
>He laps it up eagerly
>I then put the bowl of dry dog food in front of him
>He sniffs it for a moment, hesitant, then devours the entire thing
>I pour him another bowl, he wolfs it down just as fast
>Now every time he starts acting prissy with his food, I just dab a little of that wet food on his nose and he'll eat
>Have managed to stretch out a 3 oz can of wet dogfood for 3 months
Pic related is my pup-pup
Why are you jewing your dog, anon?
Get a lab next time, they'll eat anything you give them.
How does this make you thrifty?
By not falling for the wet dog food meme. Kennel cunts tried to get my dog addicted to their wet food, but I was one step ahead of them
>Have managed to stretch out a 3 oz can of wet dogfood for 3 months
>keeping an open can of wet food in your fridge for three months

why would you feed your dog rotted moldy food?
I was thinking the same thing

Op if you make bacon, keep the grease in a cup with a lid and just rub that on his nose instead. It'll last as long as you need it to, will be fresh and will make his coat soft and shiny after a couple months.

Leaving open dog food in a cab in the fridge is really nasty and unsanitary.
>nasty and unsanitary
You have just described OP and also every fucking pitbull lover out there.
OP is a disgusting fuck.

Also took your dog to a pretty shitty kennel if they didn't even try to follow your feeding instructions.
OP here, I kept the food in a ziplock bag to make it keep over night. I may own a pit bull, but I'm not completely retarded, lol
I'll admit that it wasn't the nicest kennel in the world, so I suppose they make up for their cheap prices by getting the dogs hooked on their wet food. I swear, that shit was like cocaine to my pup. He goes crazy just listening to the can opener now, whereas before he never really cared.
>I may own a pit bull, but I'm not completely retarded, lol
If you think owning a shitbull is retarded, why do you have one?
When I was a kid, my abuelito used to keep pits as guard dogs. They'd scare the piss out of anyone that got near them, but they'd always be sweet to me. Guess I just kinda fell in love with the breed after that.
I definitely think they're a hard breed to keep, tho, and unfortunately, the people who generally go for them are idiots. You shouldn't keep a pit unless you can make sure they're well-exercised and always have something to do, otherwise they get frustrated.
My boy gets plenty of exercise every day, so he's sweet and docile around people. The only problem he has is that he'll pretty much try to kill any dog or cat that comes near him. Hopefully, he'll mellow with age.
>The only problem he has is that he'll pretty much try to kill any dog or cat that comes near him
That's a pretty major problem, anon... And the whole reason Pitbulls are hated
I'm pretty sure any dog can be trained into obedience, just as any dog can be made aggressive. My pup has always been affectionate to me and any people he's met, and he's starting to show signs of his training overcoming his aggression against dogs. However, there's still a long way to go before I feel comfortable taking him to a dog park. I might even have to take him to a professional aggression trainer, but I hope it doesn't come to that.
> thriftycatowner here

Got a couple of bags of kitekat brand kibble from friend's girlfriend's family, mixed it up slowly in the cheap cat food I usually use

> nr 1 cat gets bladder infection
> nr 1 cat gets anal prolapse twice in a row

Some expensive vet visits later, back to cheap cat food again,

I do feed them wet food a bit more often though, cheap stuff mind you, vet's orders, and nr1 cat has healed her prolapsed ass despite the vet being very pessimistic about her prognosis (especially after the second prolapse)
I would be fucking livid if I boarded my dog and they didn't follow my feeding instructions. They had no right to feed your dog something else when you provided them with food and explicitly told them not to feed anything else. How are they to know the dog doesn't have food allergies or sensitivities or something? FFS. Completely unacceptable and if I were you, I wouldn't use that kennel again, and leave a review warning other dog owners that they didn't feed according to your instructions.
Instead of buying premixed ToxiBan granules or gels for emergencies, I researched the proportions of ingredients, dosages, etc. and then bought the ingredients in bulk and mixed it myself. Does that count? It was much cheaper and I actually learned a lot. Worth it

Last year I read that they had figured out why labs were so food-obsessed - there's a gene that regulates the chemical that regulates appetite/switches off hunger, and "food-driven" labs have a faulty set, so they're more hungry more often, and harder to satiate.

Food-obsessed labs have two copies of the faulty apetite gene, and subsequently have a constant, insatiable hunger that never goes away, no matter what they eat or how much.
File: 1473852543526.gif (16 KB, 633x758)
16 KB
Anon, you're a genius!
>3 months
jesus fucking christ please kill yourself
So why use dogs breed specifically for cattle hurding when you can just teach your pug to do it instead. It's not like it comes instinctively to them or anything
I'm sure you COULD train a pug to herd sheep, but a herding dog would be able to learn to herd much faster. In the same vein, you can have a pit, which unfortunately has some violent tendencies in its breeding, and simply train them to overcome them. You wouldn't say that EVERY SINGLE bloodhound has to be a hunting dog.
Anyways, my pupper isn't pure pit. I'm pretty sure he's got some pointer in him, but odds are he's just a pit mutt.

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