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Need pitbull memes/captions RN. Ideally the picture with the pitbull lover that got killed by her doggo.
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Pits are incapable of goodness. They need to be shot
Top fucking kek
>killing outdoor cats
unironically: whats wrong with that?
The fact that you can't control your dog. Proper training means curbing your dog's prey drive, and ensuring no incidents. One day it's a pest like a stray or feral cat, the next it's your neighbors toddler.
This is something all large dog owners need to be aware of, especially pitbull owners.
toddlers cant run as fast as cats
Which has fuck all to do with anything I just said,but thanks for your contribution anyway.
File: Dogs Chase Cat.webm (1.7 MB, 480x360)
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well part of my point was that running-away-fast will *always* trigger prey drive, because prey drive is genetic. you cannot train it away.

the main problem in your scenario would be the unsupervised toddler interacting with the unsupervised dog.
both parents and dog owners are at fault here.

as for dogs killing outdoor cats: they're doing god's work
What is this autistic hatred against letting cats outside?
>because prey drive is genetic. you cannot train it away.
I respectfully disagree. A properly trained dog should not "bolt" while being supervised, on leash or not. Of course this would be a different situation if the dog was unsupervised, but like you pointed out both parties would be at fault in that particular example.
People so blind they can't discern a cat from a raccoon
you must be new here
Unsupervised cats kill local wildlife and fuck with people's backyard. Cat shit and pee is bad for gardens. It's also needlessly putting the kot in danger. Play with it and take it out on a leash or make an outdoor enclosure. Like dogs, if the cats are on a leash, there's no issue.

What's wrong with taking care of your cat?

How should I work on my dog's prey drive? He always tries to go after squirrels or cats. I can get him to sit and bring his attention back long enough to walk away, but I'd like to not have him bolt in the first place.
>implying this doesnt make me love pitbulls even more
Outdoor dogs are the only thing shittier than an outdoor cat. They actively don't give a shit about cars and will walk right into traffic. They also tend to start barking anytime you walk by and follow you
>How should I work on my dog's prey drive?
Lots of time with leash training, then off leash focusing on recall. The purpose is to train the dog to know it can't just leave without being commanded, and to reinforce common voice commands such as "sit" and "stay".
Again, unsupervised is different, the dog knows it doesn't have to obey your commands if you are not physically there.
>open hand slap to get her to stop
Also pits are less likely to attack little kids unless they're still crawling. They're bred to go head to head with other 4 legged creatures, a properly bred one will only attack other pitbulls but with shelter muts that are partly pitbull and something atrocious fucking up the bloodline, who knows. At which point they shouldn't be unsupervised at all... especially with a dog
>shelter muts that are partly pitbull and something atrocious fucking up the bloodline
gb2 /pol/ and never return
>implying bloodline doesn't matter in dogs
kek, there is nothing /pol about the fact that bloodlines have an effect in dogs at all.
Liberals aren't allowed to talk about differences in dog breeds anymore.

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