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Please post large arthropods (insects, arachnids, crustaceans, myriapods, etc.)!
Large enough to be cherished in some big lady's bosom
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why not just use a trident?
Even knowing shenanigans were afoot, even dragging along the progress bar slowly, I still jumped.
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The miracle of life
We already have a bug thread aldoebeitever
Because Ranchelers are friends
Many such cases (not me) (I braced myself)
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I love giant beetles so fucking much
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Can’t beat a big fukkin beet
File: Dynastes.neptunus.jpg (49 KB, 611x502)
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Damn. That’s a sick pattern
My BBCs are fighting over and over again and I cannot sleep lol
God fucking dammit. I've seen this stupid video before and it still got me.
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i dont know which board is the correct one to ask
how do new bee hives get built? when a queen bee of a hive gives birth do the new bees leave the hive and build a new one somewhere else? how do they decide who becomes the new queen?
File: cicada bro.jpg (1.94 MB, 2040x1536)
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Bros do you think I've got what it takes to impress Stacicada?
Initially, all eggs are the same. But when certain conditions are met, the eggs get bigger cells built for them by the workers and the larvae fed with gelee royal instead of pollen, which makes them grow into new queens. The old queen leaves the nest with some of the workers before the new queen hatches and takes over the hive.
Come on bro, at least for the first date you should hide your power level.
fascinating stuff!
are those "certain conditions" rare? i heard that bees are at risk nowadays and was wondering if it was feasible to breed more into existence to counter that
european honeybees aren't rare at all. native bees are generally endangered though. the conditions that wikipedia says aren't too rare.
>1. The hive is filled with honey, leaving little room for new eggs. This will trigger a swarm, where the old queen will take about half the worker bees to establish a new colony, and leave a new queen with the other half of the workers to continue the old one.
>2. The old queen begins to fail, which is thought to be demonstrated by a decrease inqueen pheromonesthroughout the hive. This is known as supersedure, and at its end, the old queen is usually killed.
>3. The old queen dies suddenly, a situation known as emergency supersedure. The worker bees find several eggs (or larvae) of the appropriate age range and feed them royal jelly to try to develop them into new queens.
I like big spiders
File: yummy.webm (3.7 MB, 1280x720)
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>The worker bees find several eggs (or larvae) of the appropriate age range and feed them royal jelly to try to develop them into new queens.
wouldn't that result in multiple queens being born?
File: IMG_20240527_173608270.jpg (3.22 MB, 4096x3072)
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i met a Millibro on my walk last weekend, say hi!
I like cute stylized spiders
Yes. The first born queen will kill the others before they develop further

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