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File: pdmeme1.png (623 KB, 313x767)
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Hi, /biz/anons.
It's me, your friendly Bitcoin Cash autist.

I became a bcash shill when I realized that Bitcoin was always meant to be cash, and that Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin.

In this thread you will see a lot of corecucks who can not back up their statements.

I want to tell you about my story.

I first learned about Bitcoin 2011, when the first whitepaper pdfs started being shared on /pol/. I read it, didn't fully understand it, but I got it.

I was really excited. This was freshman college. I had smoked my first joint and watched Zeitgeist with my friends. The internet was vast, and 2012 was coming. It genuinely felt like the world was going to change, and soon.
File: Lil Windex.jpg (40 KB, 500x500)
40 KB
Lil Windex - Bitcoin Ca$h (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

So after reading the whitepaper, I went and talked to my best friend about it.

This was my first and biggest mistake. Anons, please don't make the same mistake. When you ask questions of someone who knows just as much as you (jack shit) then you ruin any chance of learning more about that question. You will "have an answer" which comes from the same shit (ignorance) your question came from.

Long story short, my friend thought it "might theoretically make sense, but would never work out IRL".

I did still try to buy some, but it was not easy and I didn't really find out more.

I was (and am) ideologically motivated and would have hodled at least some. You can see why when I heard about Bitcoin again in 2014, I was jealous. I was mad.
File: tlzP3q9b_400x400.jpg (31 KB, 400x400)
31 KB
I was indeed mad bro. I could have used that money. I was struggling with college, taking multiple years off to pay for my shit, and I really kicked myself in the nut when I saw that news.

I think the anger blinded me. I didn't think about what MORE could happen. I was just thinking about what COULD have happened. I didn't buy Bitcoin.

Instead I bought some silver coins (I mean, probably like $50 worth of silver in total), so that when the SHTF, I would at least be able to buy some hero pills.

Some dark times. I really thought shit was going to end real soon. War and famine and all that.

Now I realize that old post that still floats around today. The collapse was going to take a long time. There will be no fireworks, it will not be televised.

Instead we will all get poorer and poorer and poorer.

It's happening as we speak. I am scared. Now that I have a gf to live for. I even want a family. I would like to have a house a yard a dog, barbecues in the backyard, walks in the woods.

But reality is hitting so hard.
File: bch_meme1.png (913 KB, 750x500)
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913 KB PNG

So instead of buying Bitcoin in 2014, I went out and bought silver, and waited for the apocalypse to arrive.
When it didn't and I started getting income (not wagecuck, freelance), I started thinking about investments. I still wanted something that supported what I believed in, (an odd mix of anarcho-punk-libertarian) and that's when I found Bitcoin again. For the third time.

I fucking hated it.

1MBs? Lightning Network?

This didn't seem sensible and I didn't want to put money into it. I didn't really know much about the big blockers, and I (again) didn't do my own research.

I read a bunch of articles on the Economist and Yahoo Finance about Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Ethereum made sense to me. Still think there is some value there, but I don't think it's gonna take longer, and be smaller than what people imagine.

Most people don't care or want decentralization. My normie sister WANTS apple to own all her info. She wants things to be easier and cares very little about security and shit. I totally understand. We are all fucking surveilled anyway. My SSN and credit report is all out there connected to a port somewhere, if not hacked already.

Anyway I still bought some Eth, made a bunch of money. Way more than I expected and way sooner than I expected (I caught the very start of the bull run).
File: bch-btc-compared.png (232 KB, 1500x800)
232 KB
232 KB PNG

August arrived, and I had heard about the Hard Fork.

That's when I heard about that Bitcoin CASH.

Bitcoin Cash was everything I wanted.

A simple Electronic P2P Cash system.
The system that I found out about in 2011.
The system that I ignored in 2014.
The real Bitcoin.

Fast, simple, trustless, and nearly free.

I started finding out more. I have read more in the last year then I have read since college. I actually went out to cons, met real people who (do not) use BTC and people who cannot wait to use BCH.

There is no economy in the hodl culture. There already is an economy where people with all the money refuse to spend it. They are called Boomers, and we live in that economy.

Think about it. BTC is the perfect analogy of a boomer coin.

Refuses to adapt.
Silences opposition.
Ignores common sense.
There is still time.

Don't be like me.

Do your own research. Do not ignore the haters, but do not let them define your research either.

Do not let the finance talking heads on TV explain to you what Bitcoin is. They never knew from the beginning, why would they know now?
why does it seem like your trolling?
I dunno. It is just the truth.

I ignored bitcoin. It took bitcoin cash for me to see the light.
OP is a shill
bch 100k gold troy ounces 2022
I fully admit that I am shilling BCH.

Why? Because I think it's global sound money that can and will save those anons who can see the light (that is Bitcoin).

Look. Link is not gonna save you, Silver and gold can always be stolen.
But Bitcoin is Cash.
File: poke.jpg (63 KB, 805x498)
63 KB
Bitcoin Cash
Gotta Cash'em All
File: its_simple.png (790 KB, 1500x1000)
790 KB
790 KB PNG
File: .jpg (62 KB, 768x768)
62 KB
Let Bitcoin Be CASH

Reject ye the words of others and do your own research.

Let there be objective discussions about the future of scaling bitcoin.

Let there be real questions about why censorship is practiced in bitcoin forums.

Let there be light shined on why and how Blockstream's Liquid incentivizes miners.
File: 1520771120450.png (6 KB, 305x165)
6 KB
all the OG bitcoin autists know what bitcoin is and what it is not.
>t.whitepaper reader
>BCH at last resort
>'let's shill it to the most redardest of zoomlets'
>Lil Windex - Bitcoin Ca$h
File: ver1.jpg (4 KB, 167x250)
4 KB
how much did jihan and ver pay windex
it's honestly hilarious how autisitc cashies have become and how much money they blew trying to prop up an absolute scam fork alt token (over a billion dollars at this point) kek
Why do you persist in believing that these individuals control bitcoin cash?

Who and what is blockstream?

Who watches the watchmen?
look at the math surrounding a network and ecosystem
their model guarantees centralized miner modes who control the network
only those who control that and shills would promote such a system

muh blockstream can't limit who runs a node, but miners blocked segwit for a year so kys faggot
who watches the watchmen? try forking a bloated miner controlled chain and report back to me
you niggers promote a system that's controlled at the consensus layer, while talking shit on people who design 2nd layer projects that have no influence on how decentralized the project is
you're abrasive faggots who don't understand how this works and are shilling a broken project
Non-mining nodes do not secure the network.

It “validates” the blocks, but because they cannot create blocks, there is nothing non mining nodes can do to prevent the longest chain forming from different rules.

Bitcoin works by creating a mutually beneficial system between miners and users. BTC broke this system by reducing adoption and forcing wealth into liquid and LN.

Bitcoin is Cash.
Would this happen in a model that forces centralized consensus?
lies and wrong
cash has 7% of the hashrate and a longer chain through EDA abuse, that's not good that's not bitcoin that's not consensus
your chain is broken and retarded
would what happen?
centralized consensus?
your definition of consensus is flawed you think miners hold all the weight in deciding the future but they're just a minor service the users and services pay to ensure security
How do non-mining nodes contribute to POW?

They lied to you, mate. Sorry.

Bitcoin Cash had to hard fork to keep segwit from being soft forked in. Yeah there was chaos. But it is still Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is Cash.
File: 1503248233391.jpg (63 KB, 500x500)
63 KB
Will he kill himself when his bcash bags destroy bitmain? If BTC falls through 6k I doubt bitmain lasts until the IPO.
you weigh PoW as consensus as if you believe major mining hubs control the chain and its future
if you believe that you're a sucker

non mining nodes can fork away from bad actors and maintain consensus in a decentralized manner
yeah I hope so
he had the keys to the kingdom and blew it hahaha every year will grind on him on how bad he blew it

not one fucking person will accept a database controlled by him for no reason whatsoever
he misunderstood the entire point and blew billions of dollars chasing after his flawed reasoning
bitcoin is proof of work not proof of stake.
non mining nodes have no ability to do work and therefore zero influence on consensus
they have the ability to maintain consensus when niggers go outside it
no they can't. There is no situation where non mining nodes can change what miners decide
saying non mining nodes can do anything is like saying people watching a tennis match on tv can change the outcome of the match
Jihan does not control Bitcoin Cash.

Adam Back and AXA on the other hand, however....
they maintain you stupid fuck
look at S2X the miners "decided" to change 90%+ of them and they didn't get shit
so fuck them and fuck you too you sucker retard
File: 80c.png (58 KB, 645x729)
58 KB
>There is no situation where non mining nodes can change what miners decide
BCH is the one thing that gives me hope for the crypto space.
It's funny that the shills who get paid 50 cents per day to make fun of BCH are the ones who will benefit from it the most .
a non mining node cannot change anything on the blockchain because it has no ability to do work. Re S2x the miners back out, they could have gone ahead even if tone vays had 1billion raspberry pi non mining nodes running a 1mb implementation.
bitcoin is not proof of stake it is proof of work.

your posts are doing the opposite of what your employer is paying for
and they didn't which proves they're paper
or at the very least they knew it wasn't in their economic interest to go outside consensus
you'll see that when nigger miner nodes go outside consensus we'll have no option if the blocks are raised to unsustainable levels
I wish I was paid to debunk you retards but I'm a neet who sees through your bullshit
This desu
oh they didn't buy they could have
you sound like the most fake fucking retard ever
seriously kill yourself or come up with something better to talk about
the DCG and many other people you just posted about supported S2X but that didn't happen so kill yourself please
File: 1525512880066.png (277 KB, 1500x800)
277 KB
277 KB PNG
Ey corecucks. U feel the tides turning yet?
yeah your shittoken is under 7% some real progress you have happening lol
there is no mechanism for non mining nodes to force miners to do anything. Miners did not go ahead with S2x by choice not because of non mining nodes.

but keep educating the lurkers
>Bitcoin was always meant to be cash
should have made it to scale then
>Miners did not go ahead with S2x by choice not because of non mining nodes.
they would have if there wasn't the possibility of continuing without them
you've been btfo in every response just give it up
if that were true the system is broken. miners cant dictate policy or have any power in crypto. that is an abonimation.
File: 6948565841.png (158 KB, 609x606)
158 KB
158 KB PNG

non mining nodes have zero impact on consensus because they cannot do work. Bitcoin is proof of work not proof of stake
if you disagree with that I will agree to disagree and hope you are all in btc
you just don't get it
everything will play out an you will lose
nigger when non mining nodes discard your invalid chain and accept an other with lower hashrate you did the work in vain. just use that 2 braincells you have

The chain with the most proof of work is by definition the most valid one.

If you disagree, don't use bitcoin cash.
I agree so I use bitcoin

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