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cant wait to watch them get btfo
clearly someone doesn't know what a busy cycle is. This time 2023 we will be in a bear yes, but btc will be well above 30k to 50k by then LOL
Good luck in predicting this market longer than a few hours
There’s zero buy pressure or interest right now. If you think we’re at the bottom you’re an imbecile. BTC is overvalued right now and it accounts for half of the market so. There are literally 1400 other absolutely worthless coins and tokens out there that will never do anything. This market is going to implode hard.
Thanks for the explanation faggot, wasn't aware of this. It doesn't take away anything from my statement though.
how many times have we heard this
>it's different this time
If and when btc breaches 5800, all hell is going to break lose. I mean all fucking hell. We've seen nothing yet.
already has reached 5800 you dummy
he said breach not reach you fucking readlet
You know what is a never-ending implosion?
A black hole.
You know what that makes?

$1000 EOY
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Bitfinex has suspended all fiat deposits:

They also just pulled some shady shit with Tether:
>more than 100 million USDT was removed from circulation and Bitfinex sent unidentified addresses millions of USDT.
>Bitfinex is the third largest holder of USDT with over 259 million in its wallet. Just last night, that number dropped to 143 million.
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All the sell pressure coming from short sellers. One day or other those short will be closed or going to get liquidated.That will be the buy pressure
Yeah Bitcoin has been totally dying since 2008. Its did forget it. It barely goes up, fuck it, nah man its just shit, so bad...yeah really now listen its bad, do not buy it. no one every did well buying this rubbish, give it away, send it back, its over seriously never gonna rise like it did since 2008.
Post their office shill.

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