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Beddinates and worn pics are okay, open to other jstyles too.

Pic: @kumya.chan on IG (not me)
>not me
I literally searched for #eglcommunity on IG because I thought the post was boring without a pic. Guess it is anyway since nobody is answering
This is an example of how floordinates can look great, but this would look terrible on a normal person. I own this dress and it does not have enough black in it (if any) to warrant coording it with those items.
I can't find a worn pic on her IG but I don't agree. The black is used as accent colour and makes the coord look more mature and polished. You could definitely coord this with pastel pink or blue but it would give off a different vibe.
It really doesn't though, it has no black at all in the dress so looks really shoe horned in. I think she was inspired by Alice but I think brown would have worked better imo
I do agree that brown would've worked better, but I agree with the other anon that the black doesn't look bad. It's little pops here and there instead of big chunks. If she had included a black cardigan or solid black tights it would've been way too much.
Anyone know which usakumya is the one on the right with the darker bow?
that bow was added on, not official

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