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I just need a black gas mask to complete it, any suggestions for a website that has one?
eBay. Just look up "soviet gas mask" and you'll find so many cheap options. Just make sure you don't use them with the original filters, since 99% of the time they contain asbestos/chromium. So get a different cheap filter with an adapter for GOST threads to NATO threads.
Make one. Pic related is a foam prop.
You can either buy a real one, or make one yourself out of leather or foam.
Foam is probably the best option.
I’m a milsurp autist but for a TF2 cosplay I’d recommend against this, and do what the others said about making the mask out of eva foam or something

An actual gas mask wouldn’t really fit the whole stylized cartoony vibe tf2 has, unless you’re going for a purposefully gritty realistic version of the character I guess
i would make one from foam or something. i've work a similar gas mask as part of a costume before and it is miserable. it's way too hot, way too sweaty, you can't see shit, and when you do eventually cave and take it off, it's a pain in the ass to lug around

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