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Old thread autosaging >>9585926
Thread Guidelines:
- cosplay and lolita welcome
- please list your location and any shipping restrictions you have
- leave contact info you actually check!

General buying and selling tips:
- have feedback ready if you can
- have proof pictures ready
- always ship with tracking
- never do a transaction with someone you're uncomfortable with
- don't name & shame without contacting the buyer or seller first

Introductory tips/Guide:
I'm selling a couple of things atm
Will probably add some more this week.
Check my lm account for listings
File: download.jpg (7 KB, 198x255)
7 KB
Long shot, would anyone be willing to part with a Mr Yan body pillow? I have no idea what price they go for, but offer if you have one! Also if you shoot me an email, please let me know here since I never check the email otherwise.
I have one I would be willing to part with! Also, I'm the UK so that might alter shipping prices etc and I'd need your email!
Aw I didn't realise I dropped my email! It's seethegulls@gmail.com
File: image.jpg (629 KB, 1774x1774)
629 KB
629 KB JPG
Posted this in the dream dress thread, but I'll throw this out here too. It's awful searching for second hand indie pieces.

I just want casual some jellies...
What size you after?
I got really excited for a hot second and I thought you were selling.
Enjoy your body pillow when you get it, anon!
I'm jealous.
File: image.jpg (86 KB, 500x375)
86 KB
Ideally, XS-S, but M-L works fine!!
File: sales3.jpg (147 KB, 1262x1000)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
Selling: Jane Marple, Angelic Pretty, Innocent World, Metamorphose, abilletage


Meta Little Squirrel Fur JSK with Hair bows- $380CAD Bid $445CAN BIN
JM Grimms Marionette OP- $328CAD
IW Rococo Doll OP- $103CAD
AP Academy Border socks in Pink-$16CAD
AP Lady Rose socks in black- $20 CAD
AP Crown Ivory OTKs-$25CAD
abilletage corset tights-$20.79CAD

All prices in Canadian and flexible. Send me your offers!
Feedback and listings: https://egl.circlly.com/users/rainingbows
Didn't you already sell the Little Squirrel JSK? Did the buyer back out?
File: IMG_2713.jpg (97 KB, 736x997)
97 KB
WTB any cheapass off-white or cream blouse with a collar (not peter pan or sailor). Can be offbrand, chiffon, any length sleeve, whatever. I just need it for a regular jfash coord under an axes femme tunic. Bust 36".
yeah buyer backed out so I had to relist.
Shite pocketbee12@hotmail.com
File: logo-3.png (7 KB, 210x194)
7 KB
WTB Either Rufflecon tea party ticket or deluxe ticket + tea party ticket. If anyone is selling theirs, send me an email.

Email in the field.
They don't sell the tea party tickets separately this year, just as an fyi
Can you not sell your ticket when you get it though? If I remember correct, it was just a physical ticket last year.
I bought this JSK in black but they sent the wrong size (jsk is XL). I adore this print, and the dress is beyond gorgeous. Should I alter or sell it? Any offers on it?
File: lm.jpg (1.15 MB, 1996x2000)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB JPG
I'm selling some items on Lacemarket, but feel free to drop me an email, if you wish to buy anything, or have any questions:

1) Angelic Pretty Berry Garden Shirring OP
2) Angelic Pretty Castle Mirage JSK
3) Metamorphose Voyage in Memory Ribbon Pinafore JSK
4) Enchantlic Enchantilly Chandelier OP in black
5) Innocent World Organdy Collar OP
6) Aatp Mermaid Dot Sundress JSK
7)**Free shipping** Lindy Bop Hot Rod dress
8) Fint Regimental Stripe cardigan in navy
9) Fint Sailor bolero
10) Fint Moon cardigan
11) Brown faux leather jacket
12) Angelic Pretty Dreamy Fairy OTKs in black
13) Lis Liza pink hoodie
14) Amavel cardigan in red
15) Pom pom beret in wine red
16) Metamorphose beret in gray

Feedback and listings:
File: IMG_1806.jpg (101 KB, 480x640)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
Selling BtSSB Dot Millefeuille JSK in brown. $100 bidding or $125 BIN + shipping from the US


AP Glass Doll OP in blue. $175 bidding $200 BIN + shipping.


Willing to take reasonable offers from gulls.

Regimental Stripe anon, left my email in there field.
Depends on how much you like it anon. Getting it altered shouldnt be too difficult, selling it shouldnt be too hard either I know Id be interested.
What dress is this? I need it.
Grove Deer's City of Devils series, that being the JSK cut. It also came in an OP and a skirt. Recently released and is like 99% sold out. Got the skirt myself in black x red, can't wait to see it~~
File: lacemarket.png (454 KB, 652x540)
454 KB
454 KB PNG
Based in the USA, happy to trade (I'd love to trade for the swankiss ribbon sweater from the lucky pack or pinkxwhite wristcuffs)
This is the last of what I need gone/doesn't fit into my wardrobe, please take it off my hands.
E-mail is in the field if you don't have LM.

probably 35 plus shipping
File: DSC_0228.jpg (236 KB, 600x800)
236 KB
236 KB JPG
Listing this here again.
Alice and the Pirates Regimental Stripe OP in navy. New without tags.
$75 or trade for another brand dress or goth (both western and japanese) items.
Ah, sorry, i tried it on again and I can't part with it just yet... So sorry friend. Good luck.
Damn. I guess I'll have to wait and see if anything pops up in the future.
It's okay, I understand! Thanks for considering it
File: sales2.png (676 KB, 994x529)
676 KB
676 KB PNG
Price dropped!
Checked LM but didn't see anything.
I'm looking for a cheap skirt with either full or half shirring (not sure of my current measurements, not huge but my weight has fluctuated a lot lately and so I want to have something that can go bigger just in case). I was thinking of those meta ones but not trying to pay much since I've sold the ones I had NWT for like $40 (I used to go to more meets and didn't want casual items)
ISO cheap casual skirts & cutsews

Minor damages are fine

Looking for classic or gothic flavor but I like toned down sweet as well. Not too picky about color, but I hate yellow, and I hate baby pink, most of what I wear is black usually.
If you're in the US (or don't mind paying first class international shipping) I have an extra, I was annoyed with how much shipping cost so I bought a couple wigs and an extra to justify the order
Need before the end of Sept
My LM user is hokaidoplanet if you want to pm me there
what sort of brand dresses are you looking for?
Selling Halloween items, Holy Lantern high waist JSK in pink and lav. Horror bat bag. ALL ITEMS BRAND NEW WITH TAGS.

Anyone interested in an arda luthien wig in black, unworn and untrimmed? Bought at a con and never used, only taken out of package once. 25$
I might be, what's the color like? Is it a natural ish black? My current favorite black wig is a little worse for the wear and I've been in the market for a new one but too lazy to actually buy one.
It's definitely a black black (not as natural as a very dark brown sort of black), but if you are more tanned than I it might look more natural on you. I would say it's maybe more suitable for cosplay
>if you're more tanned

rip, I'm the pastiest piece of shit on the block

Oh well, I'll keep looking. Thanks.
Hey anon are you still interested in selling?
File: original.jpg (298 KB, 712x1068)
298 KB
298 KB JPG
Reposting since last thread died but I have always wanted this sex pot revenge sweater like the ones An Cafe wore on one of their old PV
I would rather have it in red but would take pink also
File: Rose Toilette.jpg (28 KB, 225x300)
28 KB
Don't have a wish list saved on this computer but pic related is my current holy grail. I'm mostly into gothic and sweet with classic elements. Love florals, religious, sweets and fairytale themes but solid black dresses are always nice too. But send me an email of what you have in mind. I really want to get rid of the OP.
If youre interested i have Rose Toilette OP and Canotier in red

Brand postcards, artbooks
also postcards from Imai Kira and Makoto as well as brand artists.

If you draw well I might commission a postcard too for my collection but my priority is currently models and the two artists listed above

Also, WTB lief apple blossom JSK in the larger size
Lemme just pick my spaghetti up
Hey I am! I just emailed you, sorry it's all been a bit crazy over here!
Wtb in black, I regret not picking it up when I had the chance. Has this been sitting around in your closet? I would be happy to take it off your hands.
I have this set for sale: https://egl.circlly.com/auctions/casual-set-2pcs
No problem, replied!
Wasn't there one on LM?
File: wishlist2017.png (531 KB, 927x450)
531 KB
531 KB PNG
WTB pic related.
I have the Fantasy Parade frill skirt in black I could do $45 plus shipping?
Check out my shit for sale:
20$ off any dress if you mention you're a gull.
I'd love to, it's amazing in red but sadly I don't have the cash to add at the moment
Looking for either this dress or something similiar for an event! Want to try Gothic Lolita for it. Would prefer someone in Europe but will consider further if I can get a good offer, Thanks.
I just looked thru again and didnt see them? I been checking like every day for them...
File: wtt.jpg (90 KB, 500x531)
90 KB
Especially Valeria in the offwhite colorway.
File: sales5.jpg (499 KB, 1492x1797)
499 KB
499 KB JPG

Finally got access to my entire wardrobe so I'm selling again. Prices are in USD and Canadian since some of my listings are old and were created before I switched my currency on Lacemarket to CAD. I will invoice in whatever currency the listing was made in.

Selling: Jane Marple, Angelic Pretty, Innocent World, Metamorphose, abilletage, Victorian Maiden, Mary Magdalene, Boz, Atelier Pierrot, Juliette et Justine

Send me your offers, I want everything gone!
Feedback and listings: https://egl.circlly.com/users/rainingbows

Excentrique Cashmere Check Corset jsk $97USD
Meta Little Squirrel Fur JSK with Hair bows- $380CAD Bid $445CAN BIN
Mary Magdalene Mariette Coat $ 365USD
JetJ collection d'ange otks x2 $80CAD
VM Rose Card Skirt-$26CAD

IW Blouse -$25USD
Excentrique Etranger Corset Vest -$93USD
Moitie Over Tulle Corset NWT -$ 66USD
IW Headbow -$ 12USD
Boz Blair Vest -$17USD

VM French Marine Wrist Cuffs -$8USD
IW Satin Headbow Brown -$ 11USD
Black fur collar -$ 4USD
Pink fur Collar -$4USD
JM Grimms Marionette OP- $295CAD

AP Crown Ivory OTKs-$22CAD
abilletage corset tights-$17USD
Mary Magdalene Angelic Op with sleeves black -$179USD
AP Academy Border socks in Pink-$14CAD
IW Rococo Doll OP- $103CAD

JetJ Fleur et Fruit -$77USD
AP Lady Rose socks in black- $18 CAD
Atelier Pierrot Blouse -$65CAD
Excentrique Jacket -$115CAD
Moitie Cross Ach Frill Bolero black -$120CAD

AP Cirque du l'etoile op, Green NWT -$198CAD
Brown Fur collar -$5USD
Jane Marple Socks x 3 -$40CAD
File: IMG_1908.jpg (34 KB, 250x333)
34 KB
Kinda posted everywhere already but...

Wanting Hinaichigo OP by Innocent World is either a small or medium. Willing to pay a good chunk of cash for it.
WTB: Black rectangle headdress. Doesn't matter the brand. Something with lots of lace.
this year only certain tiers get entrance to the tea party. it isn't a separate ticket. I don't know how they'll tell those of certain tiers apart, but the bottomline is you have to get either deluxe, deluxe plus, or premium ticket.
here's a few ImaiKira listings for you anon, if you know how2SS
Oops my bad didn't realize they were rights. I swear the blue and black were up for a while. Guess you were too late lol
File: Sept wtb.jpg (71 KB, 499x281)
71 KB
WTB Baby items:

Sweet Check OP in mint (op only)

Pony in Sweet Dream sk in black
>not Dreamy Pony, the less attractive younger sibling

my ss grabbed a blk PiSD sk+kc set, only for the seller to mysteriously cancel after payment. I'm still pissed.
Yeah i seen those, not interested in the tights. Also last pair that was sold was in january so i havent missed any
File: socks.jpg (515 KB, 1557x4032)
515 KB
515 KB JPG
I found an old pair of Baby the Stars Shine Bright OTK socks in my closet. I have never worn these, but they are second hand. looks nice and clean but these have probably been washed a couple of times. I will never wear these so I just want them gone.

Colors: black/light gray. I know it looks white in the pic but it's really more of a light gray in person.

$5 shipped same day first class on business days. I have an ebay feedback profile on request etc.

Pls email me if interested. Not interested in trades.
How cream is that IW blouse? I'm not sure of IW sizing and I'm assuming it's too small for a 36" bust, but just in case....is it?
Still trying to exit this set from my closet. Open to payment plants or trades.
Please take these from me.
I ship from Germany, also offer combined shipping.

It's about 45 cm flat across the bust.

The blouse definitely not white but the beige shade is a little cooler and more grey than a cream. I think the colour is a bit more beige than how it looks in the photo I took.
File: sales.png (3.75 MB, 1570x1636)
3.75 MB
3.75 MB PNG
I got some stuff to sell and I haven't uploaded it to LM yet. IDK how to price any of this cause it's just a donation grab bag from a friend who was moving and didn't want to be bothered trying to sell any of the stuff..so open to offers. Ship from Canada, stuff's in canadian dollars. Don't be afraid to ask if you're interested.

1. VM Noble rose (2007) jsk in red/beige. Several small paint stains on the bottom. Not removable. Otherwise very good condition for it's age. $150cad
2. VM noble balloon pants NWT - $120cad
3. Miho Matsuda skirt. Pinestripe, elastic all around. $20cad
4. Axes femme cinderella(?) print skirt. $20cad
5. BPN asymmetrical skirt. Shorter/bustle in the back. $20cad
6. Miho Matsuda bouquet/otome dress. The side has lace up. Couldn't find on lolibrary. $120cad
7. ETC black with beige lace jsk. $50cad
8. BTSSB cutsew with non-detatchable choker. $25cad
Do you have a worn photo of the BPN skirt?
No sorry, if I fit it I would keep it. It's small. 42cm length 33cm waist (flat) with no shirring and only a side zipper.
Hrm... How much would shipping to the US 19530 be? I'm a little concerned about the length because of my long legs, but since it's not too expensive I might as well take a chance. I've only had tops from BPN but they usually fit perfectly so I'll cross my fingers.
If you're okay with it being put into a bubble mailer, 10 bucks should be more than enough to cover it. And if it's less I'll refund you.
Send me an email if you want it. I'll send you more photos and we can work out all the fine details.
still selling the remains of my wardrobe, including this apron skirt from meta for only 50 euros. other pieces are 30 euros or less, discount if you buy multiple!

after this round I'll just put everything in one big lot.

shipping from the netherlands

File: sweeeeet check.jpg (107 KB, 240x320)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
hopefully closing soon on the Baby sk!
still WTB pic related (mint op only)

>as well as these other dream items: >>9620387
File: Untitled collage.jpg (1.07 MB, 2000x2264)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB JPG
For sale: All of my jfashion related regrets - everything $5, $15, or $50. I am going overseas, so need cash and cannot accept trade offers. Untracked airmail is $10 for most light items, $15 for heavier items; I will make up the difference if shipping to your location costs more than this. Offers on multiple items etc welcomed. All items in good second hand condition (would probably be about B-C on Japanese websites) except the first dress which is NWT. Please email for further photos/measurements.

LM = scandium

1. Miss Patina "Give you Heaven" dress, UK M/Size 10
B 92 cm, W Shoulder: 36 cm, Length: 93 cm. Would definitely go lower on this - it needs to be out of my wardrobe
2. IW Melody Border JSK - I think from 2006, Chopin's Minute Waltz is embroidered on it and it has paw prints. B 80-90cm, W 65-75cm
3. ETC A-line music print dress. I took the bow off but can sew it back on if you would like or include separately. B 86cm
W 70cm. Kinda feels like a wool blend? This also really needs to begone.
4. Atelier Pierrot striped JSK. B 86cm
W 70cm (has waist ties)
Length 90cm. Straps not stretched out, has always been kept on a clip hanger
5. MAM polka dot blouse. B 90cm
6. Zara skirt, size S - .low waist 78cm
7. Axes Femme Blouse - Black/beige with pearl buttons. B 90cm
8. Metamorphose Melody Note Biker Jacket - Bust 92 Waist 70cm. Sat well on me at B81/W65, tightest belt notch is 62cm.
9. Meta LP blouse B 92cm, W 80cm Shoulder 42cm seam-seam, my shoulder width is 38 cm and it is fine on me, just too big in the bust
Sleeve 58cm inc. lace
10. Shirley Temple strawberry purse. 15 x 23cm
11. Putumayo bolero. B 85cm max
12. Hat dress. Asian size S, B 82cm, W 66cm Shoulder approx 36cm
File: IMG_20170913_200250.jpg (1.26 MB, 1564x1564)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB JPG
Btssb Slow Motion Bouquet jsk + headbow $100

Angelic Pretty Mermaid Symphony jsk + clamshell headdress $200

Free shipping for gulls in the usa.

Open to reasonable offers.

Dream dresses that didnt fit in with my wardrobe as well as i had hoped.
WTB : ista mori nameless poem in size S, black ;_;
cute headbows too, i'd like red/plaid/black..
File: photo-collage.png (1008 KB, 1024x1024)
1008 KB
1008 KB PNG
Selling some Listen Flavor stuff, new with tags

Tutu - $68
Panda Sweatshirt - $49
Polo - $44
Harness Shirt - $44

WTB ;_____;
File: IMG_7814.jpg (915 KB, 1920x1920)
915 KB
915 KB JPG
Selling two idol cosplays! Please email me for info + pictures.
Don't you dare ruin this dress you bitch
lol cool off buddy

Long cut or short?
Either!! Also not super picky about high waist vs just waist (tho high is preferred)
Looking to buy generic j fashion coat in some brown or beige shade. I wear EU size S or M, so something that would fit that (so, maybe not an asian S)
Doesn't matter what brand, I'll be interested in basically anything as long as it's somewhat decent quality. I was hoping to find something for around $100, but I'm fine with going over it if it's something I really like
Feel free to send me an email!
1) MODIFIED Jane Marple "Alice Print" Square JSK in black. Second owner, only tried on once. $110 OBO
Listing: https://egl.circlly.com/auctions/jane-marple-alice-print-square-jsk
2) Milu Forest "Nightmare - Red Leaf Festival" JSK in wine. First owner, only tried on once. $70 OBO
Listing: https://egl.circlly.com/auctions/milu-forest-nightmare-red-leaf-festival-jsk
Looking to make some quick sales, so don't be afraid to make reasonable offers!
what size was the milu forest?
you'd be better off posting in facebook groups where people don't know you can buy those cosplays new for $40 on taobao
File: sales.png (2.59 MB, 1576x964)
2.59 MB
2.59 MB PNG
Getting rid of "tried on only once and never worn again" stuff! Both of these items were bought new and didn't suit my wardrobe by the time I got them.

-Pumpkin Cat Pink blouse in L ($16 +ship)
-Angelic Pretty Dreamy Baby Room tights ($18 +ship)

Paypal only. Shipping from the US, would prefer to ship within the country but willing to ship elsewhere! My shipping is pretty cheap ($3-5). For any extra pictures or general questions, please email me or drop yours!
Looking to buy some cheap taobao dresses for comparison.
Both sold, thank you!
Just any dress? How about $50 for this and more if you want the headbow and blouse?
File: mtp.jpg (68 KB, 375x500)
68 KB
Dropped pic
File: hmhm-lamia-skirt.jpg (42 KB, 335x457)
42 KB
Putting out a feeler for this skirt since I've been holding onto it for a while, but I don't feel like it's quite my style.
-HMHM Lamia series skirt, second owner, only tried on. $60 USD OBO.
I can't find a lolibrary entry for it, but the waist is around 67 cm (there's a little stretch) and the length is 55 cm. Shipping is from Australia.
If anyone's interested I'll snap some photos (leave a throwaway if you want any specific detail shots or anything).
WTB: a large witch hat
or if you know any shops that sell them desu;;
File: IMG_2096.jpg (69 KB, 280x373)
69 KB
Adding to the list

AP MRC jsk in mocha size M for $150 bidding and $175 BIN.

I was in a ridiculous amount of last minute work meetings when Halloween Treats got released. So for any reason if someone doesn't want their Halloween Treats ivory set when it comes in, please let me know.

• Ivory Halloween Treats JSK
• Ivory Halloween Treats Beret
• Ivorty Halloween Treats Socks

Yes, I realize the JSK is still up on AP JP site, but I'd like to get all three together if possible.
Selling some cheap stuff for a friend and myself; all prices include US shipping and I’m open to offers/negotiations. Will certainly give multiple item discounts!


Innocent World Satin Stripe Blouse (navy, size L) NWOT: $70
Moi-Meme-Moitie Candlestick logo lace oldschool blouse: $40
Atelier Pierrot Polka Dot corset skirt: $35
Bunny House brown bolero, NWOT: $40
Bunny House black bolero, NWOT: $40
Bunny House brown bunny ear hood bolero, NWOT: $40
Hellcat Punks pink riders jacket (size M): $30
Black Peace Now navy striped blouse: $20
BTSSB Leopard Coat: $45
WTB RHS size 26 in white, looking for a US seller
File: 13thman.jpg (65 KB, 720x721)
65 KB
WTB: The 13th Man by Listen Flavor in any colorway
stop wearing things that don't fit you.
Anniversary rose has an 80cm+ waist lmfao. Even if it was a 70cm waist, who cares? Doesn't affect you.
File: selling.png (255 KB, 436x302)
255 KB
255 KB PNG
selling Little bears cafe and Whimsical vanilla chan
$70 starting bid for both
i'm dumb here's the link
Looking to sell my Honey Cake OTKs in ivory. Worn by previous owner, there is minimal usage. I was thinking $45 plus $5 shipping in the USA and can provide proof photos. Is anyone interested?
File: selling.png (393 KB, 616x433)
393 KB
393 KB PNG
Selling two JSKs both NWT
hey anon, what's your price range for sweet check? i'm thinking about selling mine. do you have a throwaway i can email?
File: 3.jpg (56 KB, 500x600)
56 KB
Added the lav Romantic Cat JSK
File: IMG_20170919_071312.jpg (295 KB, 1564x1388)
295 KB
295 KB JPG
I ended up adding these items plus some other things to my LM account.
I accept reasonable offers too so just shoot me a pm.
I mostly just need to make space in my wardrobe I own too much shit and need some things gone.

File: IMG_9261.jpg (60 KB, 250x333)
60 KB
Selling my first release dream sky jsk $350 shipping included.
U.S. Only please. No international buyers.
Open to offers, dress is in good condition. I am the second owner but I never wore it.
All items have sold except the Atelier Pierrot polka dot skirt, which has been reduced to $25 shipped in the US!

Also added, Moi-Meme-Moitie Ruins Cathedral skirt:
Can I ask what your waist measurement is since the skirt technically fit but wasn't comfortable? Such a beautiful skirt, but I'm probably in that zone as well...
My waist is 70cm; I could get it buttoned but I had a little bit of muffin-top going on over it and it was a little tight. I think 68cm is the comfortable max to where that wouldn't happen.
Are you willing to sell Vanilla-chan directly?
File: IMG_2156.jpg (313 KB, 1536x1536)
313 KB
313 KB JPG

Automatic Honey Sweet Dreams earrings in pink(this colorway only)

Angelic Pretty Snow Bunny headband in pink(willing to consider white)
yeah! depending on the offer. you can message me on LM.
selling lavender alpaca cupcakes hoodie size S/M fo 20 euros excl. shipping.

shipping from the netherlands
Fuck off voldie
What's the drama about this dress or wanting it or having it?
It's not the dress, it's the person.
File: sales.png (1.49 MB, 967x1000)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB PNG
Turns out I had all of these in storage so I wore them once and put them away...Anyways, cheap stuff!

All items will range from a US Small to a tight Medium except the items with a ***

-Swankiss blouse is $18 +ship, I bought it new and wore it once indoors
-The sailor dress has an additional organza type apron, can be included for +$2 or if you just want the apron by itself, please PM!
-***(M-L) Pink dress was bought secondhand and I wore it once
-***(XS/Petite) Navy Heart embroidery dress is VERY short, if you are over 5 ft. it will become a cute shirt
-Black dresses were bought new and tried on once

All dresses are $15 plus $3 shipping within the US! Will discount if bundled or if you feel like working out another price with me please PM, as well as for additional photos or questions!
File: sales2.png (1.25 MB, 1542x522)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB PNG
A few lolita accessories! Perfect for fall.

-Innocent World berets ($15+shipping in US)
*Cream and black, both bought secondhand but in very good condition
-BTSSB headbow ($8 shipped in US)
*bought secondhand and came dirty

Please PM for more pics, questions, or price negotiating!
Just sent you an email!
Emailed you about the beret :)
Voldie used to be a mildly irritating namefag here and some people continue to begrudge her existence because of it.
Oh no... this dress is super cute. I'll fight you for it, Voldie.
I thought she already had it.
Hah, I mean the just waist version is prettier and turns up more often, my heart is pretty set on high waist. Maybe they'll re-release it.

I wish, I borrowed it from a friend for an event and fell in love with it then.
I see, the whole discussion makes sense for me now.
Good luck with getting your anniversary rose! I've voted for this print in the IW resale questionnaire, not the high waist cut though.
I actually prefer the high waist cut myself as well so I'll see you on the bidding ground if it ever comes up for sale!
Black beret sold!
File: sales.png (739 KB, 1159x427)
739 KB
739 KB PNG
Selling some outerwear

AP British Coat in black: $110
AP Colorful Polka Dot cardigan pink: $45
AP Strawberry Parlour bolero pink: $45
Putumayo Stoopy Fluffy Cape black: $60

All including shipping in the US, email me for proof pictures
File: darceychiffon.jpg (37 KB, 460x291)
37 KB
Selling 2 more dresses
Feedback and listings: https://egl.circlly.com/users/rainingbows

VM Chiffon Doll op in Brown -$109CAD
IW Darcey op - $99CAD

I'm always open to offers and have dropped prices on other items.
>tfw just bought a cardigan but seriously eyeing that pink cardigan

If I can't control myself expect an email real soon.
File: StarryGirlTrade.jpg (176 KB, 1000x757)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
Let me know if this is unreasonable. I'm willing to add some cash as well/negotiate.

I have cosmic, but I hate the fit, and frankly it's kind of a meme dress. I'm interested in this new, similar OP, that looks like it might fit me better.

If you're looking to buy Starry Girl this weekend from AP and you don't like the fit or would prefer to have cosmic, send me an email and comment in the thread. Navy preferred, but I would consider the pink and the white as well.
Partially leaving gothic lolita. Have some stuff on my depop. @ghostkat316. Also have a few normie/gothable pieces up. Willing to trade for pastel vomit sweet stuff.
-dresses reduced to $12 plus shipping
-Swankiss blouse reduced to $15 plus shipping
-cream beret reduced to $15 shipped
-headbow $5 shipped
please e-mail me kind anon
I look forward to it, anon.
I'm selling these items on Lacemarket, but, if you prefer, you can contact me via email as well.

1) Angelic Pretty Berry Garden Shirring OP
2) Metamorphose Voyage in Memory Ribbon Pinafore JSK
3) Innocent World Organdy Collar OP
4) Aatp Mermaid Dot Sundress JSK
5) DreamV apron style JSK
6) Fint Sailor bolero
7) Fint Moon cardigan
8) Brown faux leather jacket
9) Angelic Pretty Dreamy Fairy OTKs in black
10) Lis Liza pink hoodie
11) Amavel cardigan in red
12) Pom pom beret in wine red
13) Metamorphose beret in gray

Feedback and listings:
Replied! ^^
Leave the vendetta anon, it's not cute.
one post replying to*

Brainfarts aren't KAWAII but I blame it on the dumbness rubbing off on me.
File: IMG_7743.jpg (1.81 MB, 3362x2736)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB JPG
WTB SWIMMER Biscuit purse! Mostly looking for the "Eat Me" purse but I'd also take the other biscuit purse, preferably in the brown color.
I also prefer US sellers cause I need it for mid-October.
WTB AatP Diamond Lame OTKs in blackxgold only! Ty!
File: pic.png (939 KB, 1174x780)
939 KB
939 KB PNG
Long shot, but if anyone would be willing to trade this jsk cut for the cut on the right please let me know. Just saw it in stock on the baby nyc store and regret my decisions. I'd be willing to add extra cash too. Thanks!
WTB: Purple sweet blouses and boleros/cardigans! Off brand or brand is fine. Located in the USA. Thank you!
Interested in the Victorian Tassel and Bodyline OP. What size is the bodyline, and how much for shipping?
Oooh, Victorian Tassel... Kind of interested, but moreso can I ask a question on the sizing? Lolibrary lists the measurements as Bust: 89-103 and Waist 70-83, is it really that huge? I'm only 84 / 66, is this a dress that would never fit me or can you tighten it to that point? I've always admired it but the measurements have always put me off.
Shipping is ten dollars initially and I refund if costs are higher in the US. International depends where you are. Unsure of the measurements of the Bodyline OP but it is a medium and fits more like a small. It was snug on me when I tried it on.
Ugh mobile is making me do individual responses. It isn't that big. It may fit you somewhat loosely but the waist ties should pull it in enough. There's just a good bit of shirring.
*costs are lower derka derk
I voted for it too along with Astronomical Clock and still haven't gotten my confirmation on that one!! So upsete
Alice halloween coord?
It's a size XL according to their Taobao page.
File: IMG_5812.jpg (374 KB, 500x600)
374 KB
374 KB JPG
Thinking of selling my British Crown navy JSK with headbow. I have the socks too but there is some slight staining on the heel from wearing them with my navy tea parties. Not sure what to ask, I wore it once. Email in field, I'm located in Japan.
WTB Krad Lanrete Medusa Skirt in either Green or Red. I'd prefer L size.
Located in Portugal so if you're from the EU it would be great.
File: collage2small.jpg (281 KB, 798x798)
281 KB
281 KB JPG
Selling some cute halloween brooches. Hit me up on LM if you want one! All $5 each except for the poison bottles which are $4 each. I have multiples of everything except the brains in jars, only one of each color left.

If you are still interested in selling your mint sweet check op pls pls hit me up! email in namefield
i've sent you an email!
replied! thank you
File: sales.jpg (269 KB, 2499x1216)
269 KB
269 KB JPG
DS! A bunch of shit on my LM. Make me an offer!


I've got one I'm selling!
oops, the size on the Sparkle Jimble Skirt should say "M-L". Whoops!
How much for shipping to Canada?
Looking to buy Eternita magazine incl patterns
anon, your shipping to outside of the US, you said it has to be tracked, that means its minimum $25+$15 for the tracking code, correct?
I'm not selling anon, but I can help you with the pattern part probably. I think I have a scanner and I can mail you copies of the pattern pieces (you might have to pay for shipping). It's just, if I can't have it (like some random patterns) I want it more. I hate to think of a poor gull suffering from the same thing, especially when I have the solution buried somewhere in my pile of mooks.

Looking for Kitten Piano Concerto in Pink or Black in a 2L (3L could work too). Haven't seen these colors pop up in my size.
File: img_102093_1.jpg (328 KB, 560x560)
328 KB
328 KB JPG
WTB - Seriously, if anyone has or has come across this dress, especially a size M, I would give a kidney for it!
I'm going to tag along and say I'd like the blue. I'll keep a look out for the other colours
There's a blue in 2L on lacemarket!
It's tempting but I'd really really prefer pink or black. There's also a yellow on lacemarket but it's 50 goddamn dollars
WTB: Taobao OP's (wines, browns, beige, dusty pink/mauve)

Looking for anything really, long sleeved is preferred though
I have a few old dresses from Baby and Angelic Pretty that I want to sell. But I don't know the name of the dress/print. Is there some kinda online catalogue I could scroll through to find my dress?

How do you typically figure out the dresses title?
lolibrary isn't great right now but probably your only resource

if you type in something basic like "angelic pretty pink jsk" + other keywords you might find what you're looking for.
You can also check the tags to possibly get an idea of the year if it has it printed. Post pics on a Facebook group and someone might have some knowledge.
Thanks for the help!
I put in a bid! Little stressed someone's already inquiring about it... thanks for the tip!
File: honey cake necklace.png (118 KB, 332x250)
118 KB
118 KB PNG
WTB: honey cake necklace. I'm located in the US
Possibly selling Holy Lantern zipper JSK in pink. Do people still buy this print?
Oh no... I didn't know this existed, but now I have a desperate need for it.
I don't know whether to thank or curse you lol

Sure. send email with quote
File: 6149487378.jpg (258 KB, 505x505)
258 KB
258 KB JPG
I recently bought this cute witch hat from lolitawardrobe.com and to be honest it's a little on the pricey side but totally worth it!
Do you have any pics, anon?
I was worried that the shape would be a little awkward and too floppy irl.
I own this too and I love it, the fabric is nice and lush. the pointed part is floppy but i think its cute
File: lacemarket.png (1.33 MB, 964x901)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB PNG
Plus-sized Lolitas, look no further! Tired of combing through sales posts to no avail? Well, I am fellow fatty-chan, here to offer you my gently (more like barely) used skirts!

If you purchase multiple items I am more inclined to adjust the prices. I would appreciate if you could leave a review (considering I don't have any).
I forgot to link to my lacemarket: https://egl.circlly.com/users/EncasedFlame
Emailed in case you're still looking!
D-does anyone here still care about v-kei?
I got a h.naoto blood cardigan and h.naoto blood jeans+cape that needs a home.

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