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RIP Stephen Hawking 1942-2018 🙏

Janitor acceptance emails will be sent out over the coming weeks. Make sure to check your spam box!

What are some more "mainstream" or non- jFashion brands you would recommend to wear with J-fashion? Last time we did this topic some people were a bit confused, so here are some reasons why sourcing off-brand is useful;

>Sometimes you can't get stuff shipped from Japan to your home country. (because of literal barriers in trade relations or the shipping&handing is way too damn high)
>Certain brands only make certain size ranges, such as in the case of Lolita shoes which usually don't have Wide or Narrow options.
>Item has sold out and you are looking for something that can stand-in for it. Also sometimes an item might be so rare on the secondhand market that it's better to "move on" with your life and your coord and get something just as good but easier to obtain.
>Sometimes you might want to try on something before buying it, or at least be able to look at it in person.

>And finally... Some of us just want to know if we have a wider pool of options.
File: amerdutch_spring2018.jpg (341 KB, 871x772)
341 KB
341 KB JPG
American Duchess seems to have a good reputation for making not-cheap-but-not-stupid-priced shoes that can be worn with Lolita, Mori Kei and Otome Kei. Most of the styles here have multiple colorways and there's a ton of handy shoe care supplies for sale on their site too.
File: betjon_spring2018.jpg (529 KB, 806x818)
529 KB
529 KB JPG
>>9814947 (2/2 ...for now!)

Betsy seems to excel at OTT bag designs. They're often jarring but look more "balanced" in person. I think Sweet Lolita, Deco, Fairy Kei, Yumekawaii and anything 6% Doki Doki inspired can definately find something they like here.

(I had to include Future Space Bow, sorry, I couldn't leave it behind. You must know of it's existence, it must be witnessed!)
noah offense but absolutely none of these should be worn with lolita
Oh my god these are tacky, sorry
File: honeycake_betsyjonson.jpg (585 KB, 779x940)
585 KB
585 KB JPG
Sorry I offended your optical nerves.

Actually, I thought the toaster was a dead-ringer for Honey Cake and I thought the woven-straw ice cream matched Milky Planet. But I agree that most of Betsy Johnson is more other J-fashion and not so much Lolita.

btw, the pop tart is a small bag you can either leave sticking out or remove entirely.
Its cute and it matches, but if you think too hard, you don't use a toaster to make pancakes. I do like the removable pop tart though!
I like a lot of Betsey's purses as concepts, but in reality they just look so meh most of the time. Kate Spade's novelty purses are just as quirky but so much better looking.
if you like Betsy Johnson, check out Justice's purses (formerly limited too)
they are hit and miss though, but I love them for my pop kei coords
Vivienne Westwood is a favorite of mine. Very pricy through.

I’m getting a pair of my first Viviennes today and I’m excited.
File: katespade_mar2018.jpg (444 KB, 775x768)
444 KB
444 KB JPG
According to anon from the last thread, there's suppose to be crab and lobster themed novelty bags from Kate Spade later this year (probably summer?) but for now they seem to be a bit more low-key then usual with a "light" strawberry theme and some bee themed items.

A lot of these seem like pretty safe Larme or Lolita items, though I hope they come up with more dramatic pieces in the coming weeks.
Congrats, anon! I love VW, her pieces are such high quality. You won't be disappointed.
Kate Spade is having another surprise sale on their "surprise site". Last time gulls were looking for the link, but it was broken or something. This tweet links straight to the sale, but be warned; the company wants your zip code as the entry fee.


Highlights I see in there right now are Bunny and Cat face purses. Otherwise it's a bit more of their normie stuff.

>>9815600 >>9816455
I just looked over Vivienne's web store and I didn't realize that she tends to run in the mid-hundreds instead of the thousands. Somehow I thought she was more on Dior or Chanel's price point (which is double, triple). Also, I got inspired to snoop around and realized her stuff is sold secondhand on sites like theRealReal, which I didn't think of checking before. Her handbags on theRealReal run under $200.
ngl i like the ice skater shoe.
Hi! I'm the KS anon. The lobster and crab stuff is for April and my store got our first shipment of them yesterday. I'll try to take a picture what we have so you guys can have a preview.

Some info about upcoming collections: the entire year is themed around "a road trip around the US", so each month is supposed to be a different location.
>January: Miami
>February: New Orleans
>March: Charleston
>April: Chesapeake Bay

Summer gets into warmer locations such as California and Hawaii, and fall is supposed to be the Midwest, I think. There's no official preview of winter/holiday yet, but my guess would be that they'll be going back to the east coast and end the year with Christmas and New Year's in New York.
Before I forget, if any anon has cash to spend on KS, wait to drop by a store until your store is having an event.
Corporate sent out a notification to stores recently for an upcoming event that they want stores to have an event on March 31st.

It's a nice way to connect with someone at your store if you want someone who can send you previews (not all stores get the same product), hold pieces for you until you can see them in person/try them on, let you know about sales, etc
My store doesn't have a client capture goal for events, so it's solely if you want to connect or not. Quite a few of my clients are cosplayers or lolitas and it's nice to have that kind of connection with them instead of them just being viewed as a walking wallet.
They're actually a bright red, but my camera can't capture the color.

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