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Anyone have any expierience with these things?
Thinking about getting one instead of a skillet. I make a lot of burgers and it seems like it would be great for that.
It's cast iron btw
To answer your only question: Yes. Anyone does have experience with them.
They're not too bad if you act use it. Really good for pancakes too because you can make a bunch at a time.
No experience with these types specifically
But it's basically a grill which is nice
It's a bitch to clean tho
Ye they're great. My dad can't live without it
They have a bit of a learning curve to take care of properly, but they're great to cook on.
>It's cast iron btw
No shit?!
the oil/fat spills off the sides pretty easily if there's too much which is annoying.
What does he cook on it? It looks massive so used on a bbq with multiple burners?
Sorry for dumb questions, I'm gay.
You just put it over the front and back burners of a gas stove. Not sure how well it would work on an electric...
I use mine almost every day. Bacon, fried eggs, smash burgers, chicken breast, etc. The sky is the limit and I really recommend getting one!
>Not sure how well it would work on an electric
My electric stove with a ceramic glass top has an extra field for rectangular/longish cookware ... I have almost never used it but it might be worth looking into getting something like this.

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