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Post thin girls getting fat or fat girls getting fatter. Also, discuss the best way to make someone fat very quickly.
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>casually belches so loud it reverberates down the street.
The worst part of being a fatfag is having to share the place with guys who can't get a stiffy without imagining the girl nearly vomiting.
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I have not seen that.
File: 1638264058531.jpg (126 KB, 1024x1311)
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would you say they're worse or better than the death feedist/healthplay people?
Probably worse since they're much, much more common. Burpfags are all over the place and they can apply it to any level of weight gain instead of the more specific scenario of blobs hooked up to medical equipment or having heart attacks.
Probably better. I still hate them, but wanting your partner to die from obesity is just creepy. Fantasy bursting is less weird though.
File: 1636760372375.png (2.54 MB, 1578x1292)
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>"she's some good breedin' right there"
>wanting your partner to just fucking die by your hands
Why tf would anyone want that
Here we see one of the really good body types. All rounded, no real dominance in one area.
I’m a damn moron
File: KneesocksBBW.jpg (233 KB, 450x525)
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233 KB JPG
Something I did in another bbw thread as a request, but figured it might be relevant here. Might do more to practice body types!
I saw this in the other thread but it looks really good!
It’s a comic called wacky candy by 0pik 0ort, weight gain is not the main focus of it but there is a good bit of it sprinkled throughout
Not the best rendering I've ever seen but I love the idea of that pic:
Hourglass prison with food in upper chamber emptying into the girl below until she fills the lower chamber. Seriously good.
Would be fun as a timer for the final battle
The hero has to beat the boss before his darling princess is rendered completely spherical. Every second he tarries is another pound of flab on her gut.
Shut the fuck up you disgusting faggot, kill yourself immediately
by grogygoty
>abhorrent post
>zion don
Seems about right
Anyone have that trinity fate sequence where Mayumi gets fat as fuck? Not the one with the eclairs, the one where she calls Yuuki a butterball.
File: Lovely_Tasty-min.png (2.43 MB, 2048x4069)
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>that pink haired chick you had a crush on sure has changed since 2020...
Alright story time, gather round, gather round

>Be me, Texas Anon
>moved from east Texas out to Lubbock
>Work in gas station since I can’t afford schooling
>Have my own place, surprisingly cheap.
>It’s not in a good neighborhood though, niggers and crime are common
>One day be working at the cash register
>6/10 girl walks in
>she’s really slim, almost ghostly how thin she is
>she walks around the aisles for a bit, and then grabs one of those fruit protein bars.
>she walks up to the register, and looks up at me
>due to my autistic nature, I scan the bar at light speed, and give her the cost of the bar
>she pays, and then leaves
>a few days pass, I see her again
>she looks the same as last time, can’t really see a difference
>she gets 2 of those bars
>walks up to the register, says something I can’t hear.
>scan the bars as quickly as possible, lest it clue this woman in to my complete inability to talk to her
>She leaves after paying
>as the days pass, try to figure out what she said to me
>couldn’t hear it that well so it passes over my thoughts and leaves
>she comes in again the next day, decides to get something different. A Coke and some M&Ms
>she comes up to the register
>”uh... hi...”
>no clue how to respond
>continue with my lighting speed service to avoid autism
>”That’ll be $4.36 ma’am
>she leaves, looks kinda sad
>As she’s walking out the door, notice something
>is she... wider?
>such a minuscule amount I can’t tell
>think nothing of it
>weeks pass with me continually invoking my inner autism to dodge speaking with this woman
>she keeps buying more things per visit
>Kinda weird, probably trying to show that she has money or something
>she comes in one day
>looking less like Ms. Bones and more like a person
>face is fuller, she has hips and breasts
>jumped to a 7/10
>Think that if I continue dodging, she’ll just keep getting hotter
>She looks around the store, comes over with a big bag of Those sour gummy bears, some Reese’s, and a few Twix bars as well as a Pepsi
>”Hey, s-“
>”That’ll be $12.75 ma’am, cash or card?”
>she looks like she wants to say something, but gives up and pays
>autistic mind is perfectly pleased with this outcome
>begin to wonder just why does this female want to talk to me
>have no redeeming physical qualities
>fit, but not extremely muscular
>blue eyes, brown hair
>basically a 5/10
>begin to think
>if she keeps buying more things when she comes here, eventually she’s going to get fat, or at least a little chubby off of them.
>I am really only attracted to women if they’ve got some heft to them
>so basically the plan is to do exactly wha I’ve been doing and watch this girl get fat trying to talk to me
I apologize for my autism, typing shit coherently hard

>a few weeks pass, with this girl walking in and buying more and more
>she starts getting the larger sodas, and the more filling treats
>completely ignores the “healthy” section (the protein bars and health shakes)
>she’s filling out faster now
>her boobs and butt have both grown, her thighs are closer together.
>she sports a small potbelly
>she walks in one day, puts several honey buns and 2 large Pepsi bottles on the counter
>she takes a deep breath
>for the first time, I stay silent and don’t move
>”H-hey, do y-you wanna...”
>Too slow
>scan her items
>”That’ll be uh... $17.92”
>I can see the small loss of hope in her
>she pays and leaves
>feel kinda bad
>I’ll listen to her next time
>Forget about that in the next two seconds
>dicking around after shift, look at some memes.
>see something about lifting and autism
>immediately think autists need to be lifters
>go to gym, do various machines at no real pace or organization
>come in to work next day extremely sore
>almost impossible to do basic human tasks
>girl comes in, buys some donuts and a slushee
>can’t perform super scan due to soreness
>she walks up to the register
>”Just these please.”
>Internally panic
>”Ok, your total is...”
>lean on my arm to get better view of register
>soreness hits, I fall
>yell the loudest “FUCK” I have ever yelled
>get back up, really hurts
>”sorry about that, your total is $7.62”
>look at her for a reaction, she giggled a bit when I fell, and then yelled fuck
>somehow most uniquely adorable experience I had had before now
this is wonderful, please continue
>immediately think autists need to be lifters
This convinced me of the story’s authenticity
File: 1626701148183.png (1.16 MB, 1389x1359)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG
File: 1616752992453.png (417 KB, 1255x984)
417 KB
417 KB PNG
>So much spaghetti is in my pockets
>”Are you ok?”
>she looks at me, genuine care in her eyes
>”Yeah. I’m sorry about that, I just started lifting yesterday.”
>”Oh really? That sounds fun.”
>”Yeah it is. Ow... fuck that hurts”
>”So what’s your name?”
>oh fuck
>brain don’t fail me now
>”I’m TexAnon. What’s your name?”
>”I’m femanon. Nice meeting you.”
>feel really warm inside
>she leaves with a pep in her step, and I get to watch her ass jiggle a bit more than yesterday
>These conversations begin to become more frequent.
>She’s a nerd like me, but I like outdoors stuff, and guns, while she likes vidya games, cooking, the like
>she keeps buying more things so I have to spend more time scanning items
>the effects are swift
>over the course of a month, I watch her gain around 15 pounds
>when she talks about cooking, desserts and sweet foods become more and more common
>one day, she gets her usual large order
>2 honey buns, 4 kolaches, 2 big Pepsi bottles, a large bag of gummy worms, and then adds in some beef jerky.
>steel my will for a second while she comes to the register.
>”Will this be it?”, I ask
>”No, can I get your number too?”
>mfw neither of us had each other’s numbers
>mfw she was the one that asked first
>”Yeah, here. Call me any time.”
>I scan her things slowly
>”so anything happening tonight?”, I ask
>”yep! I’ve got an in game event with some friends, you want to join?”
>is this a date??????????
>”Uh... sure. What game is it?”
>She quickly replies, “Oh, it’s just TF2. It’s on a community server.”
>I doubted that any female would ever touch TF2
>God has blessed this day
>”Oh, that’s cool. I’ll join in, just text me whenever y’all are starting.”
>I go home after my shift in a hurry
>I look in my fridge for something to eat
>oh right I’m poor
>there are some carrots, celery, several large jars of pickles, and a pack of sausages
>Make soup
>Soup takes some time to boil, but it’s fine
>keeps me occupied while I wait for the text
>soup is ready, make myself a bowl
>It’s delicious as always
>Phone buzzes
>It’s femanon
>Open message
>”Hey, it’s femanon. The server is Skial FF2, and my username is Anon_12
>FF2? Must be fun
>open up old Lenovo laptop and join
> Anon_12: Hi!!!!!
> TexAnon: Hi
>We try to talk over voice chat, but there’s too many people in the server, so she invites me to a discord call with her friends
>it’s all gamer girls
>what the fuck how
>throughout the game I can hear her snacking on the food she bought earlier
>after the crinkling of the bag stops, I hear a “I’m gonna go get dinner, brb.”
>It’s femanon
>is this possible
>how does she eat so much
>She comes back after about 10 minutes, the sounds of a fast food bag opening is the first sound that comes out of her mic
>for a few minutes, all I hear from her are sounds of chewing and drinking from a large soda cup
>”oof... can’t believe I ate that much.”
>”What’d you even get?”, I ask
>”Oh, not much. Just a Big Mac, 20 nuggets and some fries, and a large coke.”
>she can eat all that after her snack
>I think I popped a boner then and there, must conceal it
>try to think of a way to sound less poor
>”That sounds good. I had a burger and fries too.”
>”Did you have it before the game?”
>Throughout the night we play the game. >Eventually it’s just them and me
>5 girls and one Texas Anon in total.
>One of them decides to play a game where the losers had to drink alcohol and the winners could stay sober, based on the game’s results
>I haven’t played FF2 before this day, but it’s simple.
>you’re either a Hale or a TF2 character in a 1 v X encounter
>Where the hale is basically a boss in a boss fight
>Surprisingly enough, all of them agree
>First round, I’m selected as Hale. I play a weird character, I think it was this buff as fuck penguin. (Editing: Chaddiger)
>it is a hard fought round, but both my pride and my wallet know that I can’t afford to take shots, and I win.
>all of them take a shot of I think vodka
>Next round, pick scout
>Use the force of nature, crit cola, and that one triple jump bat
>boss is TFC soldier
>Played by one of the girls
>run around, drink cola, shoot guy
>do this cycle until win
>one of two remaining mercs
>other one was another gril
>a few more rounds pass, I’m putting all my autism into not losing to avoid breaking my already low budget
>most of the girls are all 4-5 shots in
>only femanon is really affected, the other 4 are only lightly buzzed it seems
>chalk it up to high alcohol resistance
>game continues
>I lose a couple of times
>use tap water to fool them
>it works
>everyone else is almost completely smashed
>say goodnight and go to bed
>all of them say goodbye back
>Next morning comes
>no hangover lmao
>check into work
>Femanon comes in and gets a fuckload of snacks
>realize that she ate way more than I thought last night
>think a bit about it, wonder if she got these habits by herself or from that friend group.
>Femanon comes by with so many snacks
>”Hey, last night was fun.”, I say
>”Yeah, it was. I plowed my way through all my stuff though, so I have to restock. Wanna play again some time?”
>think for a moment
>”Awesome! I play with that group a lot, so come back there tonight, okay?”
>I scan her things and she pays for them
>over the course of a few weeks I get more familiar with femanon and her friends
>over these few weeks femanon managed to gain even more weight. While originally she was a skeleton, now she looks relatively pudgy
>I now remember that I forgot to mention something
>femanon is rather tall.
>this means that what was once 6’1” 140 is now about 6’1” 200.
>occasionally some of the other girls post in the Group chat
>All of them are either overweight or obese
>over or time together I learn that most of them are from southern states, like Alabama or Mississippi, with one being from Ohio.
>Also, my lifting has begun to bear fruit, as I look stronger than before, my muscles have definition.
>Femanon and I begin to text more often
>we meet in places that aren’t online
>I save up some money and take her out to eat
>kinda strange how I never asked what she did for a living
>choose a Chinese place
>At the dinner, ask her what she does
>”Oh, I’m a programmer working for a local firm here. It’s a stay at home job.”
>mfw femanon gets a stay at home job with nearly quadruple my pay

>The waitress takes our orders
>”I’ll just take the beef with rice please.”
>Femanon makes a large order with beef, noodles, and some other stuff I forgot about
>we get our food, it’s delicious
>Femanon destroys her portion ravenously, and she’s obviously still hungry.
>I get full before I finish half of my food
>femanon takes it with delight
>it all goes down so quickly
>somehow she still has room for more.
>we leave and I pay, bill is pretty high but I prepared for that
>we go to a cold stone shop and go in
>I’m too full so femanon orders
>”Can I get a gotta have it size of peanut butter chocolate... with... Snickers, gummy bears, and Reese’s please?”
>How the fuck are you going to eat all that
>the guy across the counter makes it, and gives it to her
>we go back to my car
>she eats the whole thing, slowing down at the middle and barely finishing the last of it
>she’s STUFFED
>her belly is distended and red
>She’s obviously in pain
>autism takes hold
>reach out a hand, lay it on her stomach
>”Need some help?”
>She jumps a bit, but stifles a burp and nods
>I begin rubbing to soothe the fullness, the softness of her tummy (it’s not really a belly yet) unable to mask her stuffed stomach
>We stay like that for a bit, with me rubbing her aching stomach, and her gently drifting into a food coma
>She falls asleep in my car, and I can’t really do anything to wake her up since it’s a food coma
>take her to my house, set her on my bed.
>Sleep on the hardwood floor since that’s the first thing that came to mind
>wake up really early, probably because of the floors
>femanon still sleeping
>wake her up
>Explain to her that she passed out last night and that I took her home and had her sleep here
>I think she started blushing when I mentioned that she passed out because of her food coma, but I probably just imagined it
>”Then where did you sleep?”
>I do not speak, I only point to the floor
>”It was comfy.”
>a femanon tries to flirt with CheckoutAnon by constantly buying things as an excuse to talk to him
>the junk food department has way more than the healthy sections, so it'll take even longer. plus she can indulge a little...
>but it starts making her progressively fatter and fatter
muh dick anon. if its real you are the luckiest man out there, i'm a solid 7 or maybe even 9/10 i hope i can manage this. i wasn't even sure about getting a cashier job but this is convincing me to.
just make sure you don't lie anymore anon, even if its a white lie like what you ate before you game started.
its bad for your soul.
>A few hours later, I’m at the gas station doing my shift
>femanon comes in
>I get a good look at her physique
>realize that she’s not really a type
>She’s kind of an apple-pear hybrid?
>she’s got weight distribution everywhere
>gains all over is probably a better term
>yes I understand it’s been this long but her weight didn’t exaggerate the features at the start
>She buys a fair amount more than her normal load
>she walks up to the register
>”so was last night a... date?”
>”I guess so. We went out to dinner, and I paid. Sounds like a first date to me.”
>”Does that mean you’re my boyfriend now?”
>”I.. guess it does, yeah.”
>She starts blushing heavily
>I do to
>”So you’re my first boyfriend then...”
>”You’re my first girlfriend too.”
>We kind of stare at each other for a minute
>”Yeah, I know...”
>”wanna... come over to my place later?”
>”Yes.”, I blurt out immediately
>”Good! When can you come?”
>”When my shift is over. So about 3:00 PM since I have to lift.”
>”Sounds good, see you later.”
>Time flies, I get a lift in, and then I come over to her house.
>I brought my computer in case she wanted to do some gaming
>knock on the door, see note
>says to come in, it’s unlocked
>open door, set laptop by a shelf
>the rent house is nice and spacious, way better than my apartment
>look around, can’t see her
>hear footsteps
>turn to my left, see femanon barrel into me from the kitchen
>takes me by surprise, knocks me to the ground
>fall kinda hurts, isn’t too bad
>she’s surprisingly soft
>”TexAnon! Hi!”
>I sit up with some difficulty with femanon on me.
>”Yeah... hi... Ah that hurts.”
>She giggles a bit
>”Did I go too hard?”
>Autism kicks in
>”No. you should hit me harder next time”
>”Oh, okay!”
>”So why’d you bring me here anyway? Nice house by the way.”

>”Thanks! And you’re here so we can hang out together. What do you want to do?”
>Think for a bit
>remember that she likes anime
>”Does... anime sound good?”
>”Totally! What do you want to watch?”
>”Uh... anime?”
>”There’s more than one kind of anime TexAnon.”
>”What? I thought that was the name of the show.”
>”No, anime is a genre. You want to watch one of my favorites?”
>”...Sure. You probably have good taste.”
>she puts on dragon ball Z from a dvd collection
>huh this looks pretty cool
>first episode, Goku is pretty cool
>He’s so muscled too
>I should lift so I can look like him
>we watch the show for a while, until it’s time for dinner
>I volunteer to cook, but femanon insists that she does it
>wait around on the couch while she cooks
>It smells really good
>it’s ready
>big hearty steak with potatoes and broccoli
>truly a feast
>notice that femanon is eating more than me, except for broccoli
>don’t mention it, probably nothing.
>The meal is really good, she knows how to cook
>She’s still hungry somehow
>gets some brownies from the pantry
>”Let’s go back to the couch Anon. Some pretty good episodes are coming up.”
>she starts eating the brownies. I get offered one.
>I decline, all the sugar must belong to your stomach
>she slowly begins to eat the chocolate confections, I’m half watching the show and half watching her.
>only 2 are left, and she groans a bit
>Easy to tell she still wants those brownies
>”TexAnon... can you feed me those brownies please?”
>did you say what I think you said?
>lord you have blessed me and I shall not forget
>I pick up one of the sugar filled brownies and hold it near her face.
>her mouth gently opens
>I slide in the brownie and she starts chewing
>She elicits a moan
>She swallows and then opens her mouth again
>The next brownie goes in
>more chewing, more pleasure
>my hand finds its way to her belly, gently massaging it
>steak with potatoes and broccoli
Based, that's a love meal

Not to turn this thread into everyone blogging, but my gf's been living with me for a year and I'm making that for dinner tonight, and of course shes getting the bigger steak

It's been really great seeing her potbelly expand in her comfy pants over the past year, good luck to you all with getting fat gfs and getting your gf fatter. You're gonna make it
I would take burpfags and even brapfags over healthplay faggots
Agreed, healthplay dudes need professional help or some shit
>my hand massages her aching tummy
>it gurgles back at me
>Femanon stifles a burp
>I get curious
>Bring head close to her stomach
>grrr.... ooog....
>I like these sounds
>they are good sounds
>keep rubbing her belly
>she moans in relief, her meal digests enough so that she’s no longer in pain
>”U-urp... thanks TexAnon.”
>The both of us huddle up together on the couch and watch dragon ball Z
>really cozy
>A month and a few weeks pass of us just repeating that routine of watching anime at her place
>she’s gained about 40 pounds over 50 days
>she also started eating even more
>She has a small potbelly going
>her thighs rub together when she walks
>Her hips and butt overflow on 1 seat but are dwarfed by 2 seats.
>her boobs have grown a few cup sizes, they’re getting nice and big
>She’s been growing at a rapid pace
>She’s also taken an interest in shakes and the like
>decide to help along her gains
>try an experiment
>every day for a week I make her a high calorie high fat shake and give it to her
>she’s none the wiser
>completely loaded with calories, all going down to soften her belly.
>she’s drinking these things down completely while eating 3 meals a day with her daily snacks at the gas station
>she continues to amaze me by sucking these things down
>It’s almost like she’s trying to get fat
>Continue the experiment to see how quickly she gains
>It’s amazing
>She’s almost gaining at a pound a day
>another month passes
>thighs now definitely rub together
>hips and ass threaten the second seat
>Boobs ascend the cup sizes once more
>her potbelly grows outwards, filling up her pants
>I should be surprised
>now it’s par for the course
>I now have a gf that will constantly balloon
>we start to have sex once we both feel comfortable
>she gets out of breath easily when we go at it, so fucking hot
>Meanwhile I’ve been gaining muscle and fitness
>the ultimate contrast between fat and muscle
>nut at the thought
>she’s gained about 40 pounds over 50 days
holy shit Texanon, you lucky feller.
i take that means she's actually into gaining? or is she just going along with it because she feels empowered by how big she's become? either way just make sure she doesn't get heart disease and you'll be on smooth water.
>she’s none the wiser
oh, never mind.
>it’s almost like she’s trying to get fat
File: 1642479680135.png (2.17 MB, 1800x3400)
2.17 MB
2.17 MB PNG
*almost isn't a definitive, anon.
like how Lotus cars *almost won the Formula 1 Championship in 2012.
>One day, femanon asks me something
>”Hey TexAnon...”
>”I uh... was wondering, when are you going to move in?”
>I’ve never really thought about that before.
>”Uh, whenever’s fine. I don’t have much to move though.”
>Her eyes light up
>”Really? That’ll be awesome!”
>”Yeah, yeah it will.”
>Over the course of a few days, I move out of the apartment and tell the landlord it’ll be my final month.
>Move in with femanon
>We sleep in the same bed
>I’m always cuddled up to her at night
>she’s so soft and warm
>She’s closer to the gas station than I am too
>It’s a really nice place
>I introduce her to 4chan since the memes are pretty funny
>she’s turned off by it at first, but she starts laughing at some of the posts
>makes sense
>look at her computer one day when she’s not there
>see a file
>debate if I should open it or not
>decide not to, if she wants me to know something she’ll tell me
>curiosity gets the better of me
>look at computer file
>it’s a bunch of numbers
>CW: 385
>GW: 450
>what do these numbers mean?
>what is CW and GW?
>I figure I’ll ask later
>day passes, it’s dinner time
>Femanon makes a large portion for herself. I get a good helping but nowhere near the size of hers
>”So... femanon?”
>”Yes honey?”
>”I was looking online and found this weird thing on there. Something about a CW and a GW. What are those supposed to be.”
>Her expression changes for a moment, and then goes back to normal
>”W-well I’d assume it has something to do with weight. CW being current weight, GW being goal weight.”
>”That makes sense. Wonder who would need those?”
>”Oh, no one in particular.”
>”Anything fun happen today then?”, I ask.
>”Oh! I did actually. I found this place called crystal cafe. It’s like woman 4chan!”
>there’s a what now
>”there’s a what now?”
>”a woman 4chan. How is that surprising?”
>”Well 4chan is basically NEET land. I’m just surprised there’s a woman version.”
>we finish up dinner and I get to hand feed her a big amount of ice cream
>A bit later, decide to check out this mystical place
>kinda small
>not much there
>decide to browse some of the boards
>happen across a fat thread
>decide to pop in, see what’s there
>nothing unusual here
>this is apparently a real place, thanks femanon
I’m done for now. The end is she gets way bigger, but I’m out of writing juice
Looking for slow, magic wg stories if anyone has any suggestions.
Also author’s note: This story is fictional
The simple timeline at the bottom implying this process takes 2 full years makes this image SO much better to me. In a sea of sequences that imply a timeframe between 2 months and 10 seconds, this is nice.
I mean, maybe, but theres enough details that even if it isnt true it has details to make it feel real, and if it's the ladder then bravo checkoutanon, you're secretly a skilled writer

God I love fat chicks and chicks getting fatter
Post pic of her or fake and gay
>Author’s note: This story is fictional
>check out crystal cafe to see how architecture has progressed
>most of the thread is with legit anorexics, only one or two femanons don't mind chub and it's at the low end
>not a Brosnan in sight

You had me for a second, I was going to ask if you actually knew Nyanners.on the dl.
File: kTbMpy4voJeIOflFObPTbiMX.jpg (1.1 MB, 1286x1800)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB JPG
File: 1634292925208.png (1.92 MB, 1600x1200)
1.92 MB
1.92 MB PNG
File: 1642770049841.png (257 KB, 1280x720)
257 KB
257 KB PNG
then commission images to go with the texts.
File: pinksequence.png (3.75 MB, 4438x1503)
3.75 MB
3.75 MB PNG
made a pink wg sequence from ohasi
I miss pre-tan Pink.
3 more stages to come
>Writeanon is made of money
Posting this question here too since I’m curious

Former model gains weight extremely quickly via accident or feeder, starts plus size modeling
One story I've always wanted to see was a fitness model who has a fat fetish, and meets somebody who's into it too. I think the idea of somebody who's famous for being really hot and and an expert in fitness publicly blowing up would be really hot. Fitness circles, especially online in places like Instagram, are incredibly competitive so somebody at the top getting extremely fat would cause huge fallout.

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