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Theme related questions:
>How do women help to uphold the patriarchy?
>What are some sexual rituals done at alters or at home?
>Are there any Lewd holidays and what are these celebrations like?
>Is it Monogamy or polygamy and just how many women does a man have for himself?

World Building questions:
>How should patriarchy be enforced? By laws? By force? By social pressure? Or something else?
>How should women see themselves when they look in the mirror? Describe the ideal self-image of a woman under patriarchy.

For men:
>What do you do with a clumsy slave who really does her best, but just always messes something up?
>What are the cruelest things you want to do to the weaker sex? How would you punish a troublesome female? What challenges would you set for an obedient ancilla?
>What are the kindest things you want to do to your pets? How would you express affection to a loyal bitch at your heels?
>How should a Father treat his daughters, wives and other women in his personal life?

For women:
>You've been sold to a new master but he's only using you as a maid, What do you do to get his attention?
>How do you see yourself serving the patriarchy? Would you be a chaste wife or a slutty paramour? Or maybe just slave or scullery maid?
>What is the most extreme act of female subjugation you can think of? Will you challenge yourself to offer it willingly, or do you want a man to inflict it on you?
>Would you want to be born into it or have a man train you into his ideal slut?

World building:
>What's the ideal state of gender norms(Pushed back to old ways or Neo-patriarchy)?
>Describe how women feel about their situation. Do they have any conflicted feelings which the patriarchy might play with?
>Are the people in your world biologically different from IRL humans? If so, how?
>What is the highest aspiration for a woman in your world? What sort of life can the best women live?

Last thread:
Classic building questions:

>Are women allowed to work outside the home or are they kept at home?
>What sort of work is considered menial and feminine enough to be appropriate for women?
>What are the dress codes for women at work, at home, etc?
>should sexual favors be explicitly written into women's job descriptions, or is it just an unspoken understanding?

Crime and Punishment:
>How are women view legally (like pets, slaves, children etc)?
>Do men bare any legal culpability for the behavior of their women?
>Does the legal system use corporal punishment on women?
>What are women's prisons like?

Links to Archives with past threads:

This thread is for fetishizing traditional patriarchy where it's biological men being Doms and biological Women as Subs
Trans/Femboy posting belongs in that thread: >>10227929
Women for leather and meat consumption is over there: >>10126416
Remember ladies, the moment a man impregnates you is the moment you become his property. From that moment on your life is his, no matter who he might be...
>Are there any Lewd holidays and what are these celebrations like?
Bitch's day, or collar day, is an annual summer celebration where all women, regardless of their training and position must play the role of slutty pets in public for their masters. Her collar is cinched tighter, her clothes and makeup are stripped away, and she is forbidden from speaking until the festivities conclude. Not allowing her to bathe herself or brush her own hair is also encouraged. It's all meant to celebrate the institution of the collar, and remind women that they would be nothing but helpless, starving animals slave to their instincts if not for their master's protection.

Even the most lavished and cherished of high-class wives must get down on the floor and obey, though pregnant women are exempt for health reasons. Husbands take their wives or choose a woman from their harem to represent them at a public gathering, usually outdoors in a festival setting. No modesty or jealousy, you bring your woman to have her be seen, her body and behavior compared to the others. New masters who have never brought a pet to the festival before are traditionally expected to fuck their new pet in full view of the public, though like attendance it's not mandatory. Most will accept the excuse of it interfering with her other training.

The day concludes with a respected male figure who leads the event awarding the most impressive couples a silver dog tag to place on her collar. Even if she goes back to being a fully clothed woman of dignity and grace the next day, she still must wear a reminder that it could be taken away any time and she would make a fine pet too.

Pet-play and is a fairly normal training tool in the day to day, but experts at the event offer free workshops and lectures on turning it into a full-time lifestyle. Some good girls aren't suited to be proper wives and are just happier at the end of a leash, not a thought in their pretty little heads while they piss in the dirt.
Here's a good prompt subject that I think has a lot more room to explore: media culture. Let's start with television: access to channels further along are gated based on the cable box.

Channel A: Programming for women, starring only women. Peak hours are midday. Women's daytime television is heavy on practical programs to occupy women with skill-building and self-care, with no onscreen men. Naked apron cooking, workout programs with haigure thrusts in crotchless leotards, daytime panel talk shows with guided masturbation breaks between idle gossip, religious broadcasts that encourage singing or chanting along with nuns... and so on. Since women don't control finance, "ad breaks" are instead filled by interstitial videos halfway between guided hypnosis and "TV for dogs" B-roll of happy women. (Doubles as breezy softcore/ambient eye candy for men.)

Channel B: Programming mostly for women, men and women both appear. Peak hours midday and afternoon. These are dominated by a handful of soap operas as well, full of flat characters, tawdry drama and gratuitous uncensored sex scenes guaranteed to reduce women to a damp mess. The equivalent of Lifetime movies would be much the same, but less about bombastic love affairs and more about "wholesome" love stories that reinforce the patriarchy. Rest of air time is padded with sitcoms. (Men avoid this channel like the plague.)

Channel C: Unisex programming, heavy on elaborate competition shows. Peak hours evening and night. Gimmick cooking contests, televised sports, wacky obstacle courses, singing/dancing/talent shows, reality TV. Lots of these would be merged in sexed-up variety shows, mixing Japanese "panel reactions" show and Sabado Gigante but more extreme.

Channel D: Unisex programming, heavy on scripted drama. Lots of procedural shows and serials set in courtrooms, hospitals and police precincts. ("Real patrol" cop shows live here, too.) Pensive, decisive men and fawning, pliant women. Popular couch-cuddling fare.


Channel E: Children's programming, mostly educational but with some pure-entertainment cartoons in the evening. Real-life presenters are always voluptuous naked women to normalize/soothe younger viewers and keep older kids at attention. One of the few networks that bothers airing content from free nations.

Channel F: Women-safe news broadcasts, 24-hour coverage. The first half of every hour is straight news, the second half is used for things like panel discussions, op-ed programs, call-in shows and the like. Anchors are universally female and clothes in grey lace lingerie.

Channel G: C-Span equivalent; live feeds of government proceedings. If there are no press junkets or active sessions in the legislature, airtime is filled with longform PSAs produced by the state on any number of subjects, from glorifying service in the ICA to the importance of adoption.

Channel H: Home shopping. Daytime product offerings skew towards home appliances, and phone lines are not open. Instead, women are just encouraged to ask their master about it later. Later in the day, phone lines open and products on offer move into matching outfit sets, sex toys, and the occasional mass-cloned woman lot.

All televisions have access to all eight of these, but can be chipped to "AB Only" or "A Only" access if they're located somewhere frequented only by women. Additional premium channels exist and can be activated a la carte or used as a rental front, such as Channel X's explicit porn offerings. Of course, a special license and chip installation are require to access the men's band, the base channels of which are given below.

Channel 1: Men's non-fiction. Women almost never appear on this network. Thorough news broadcasts, serious panel discussions.

Channel 2: Men's fiction, local. Tragedies, horror, complex dramas and most serials reside here.

Channel 3: Men's fiction, foreign. Select imported content from overseas. Prestige television vetted by government censors.
>What's your favorite show? What channel is it on?
>What's your favorite premium channel? What's on it?
>What's your favorite talent show? Who are you rooting for?
>What's the best room to keep your men's-band television in?

>What's the music industry like for male performers?
>What's like life for a women in a patriarchal idol group?
>Who are some celebrity women, and what they famous for?
>Are they clone templates, and if so how popular are they?
(Be mindful that for channels C and on, the letter should have a word that starts with it to describe the basic idea of the channel's content. This helps women remember which channel is which: Competition, Drama, Education, Facts, Government, Home Shopping, XXX, etc.)

>Do channels A and B have any unofficial nicknames?
A common practice done for marriages is the ritualized impregnation of the bride.
Often this is done on the altar in the churches of the star father after the vows have been taken.
Though more often than not this signals the beginning for the afterparty
This being a breeding orgy where all women present are fucked by their masters

>clones... premium price point compared to your average bastard daughter or a girl born in a nun cloister.
One of the most important duties of a nun is to help breed the next generation of slaves.
Hence at all public celebrations or lewd Holidays there's usually a few confessional looking booths set up.
For Nuns to "serve" the public

>happier at the end of a leash, not a thought in their pretty little heads
Well you could say that, but "pet" type slaves still have some ideas in their heads.
Mainly their thinking about when master will fuck them again, they have dick on the mind 24/7
And you wouldn't believe how high their sex drives are, even the most well trained ones can barely keep their hands to themselves
>What's your favorite show? What channel is it on?
Whatever the most patriarchied moe/harem anime is where it's respectively ecchi or hentai with detailed plots. Essentially detailing how sex-filled the lives of girls in the patriarchy would be.

>What's your favorite talent show
The cooking ones where a perfectionist chef or bossy mommy teaches incompetent housewives how to cook.

>What's the music industry like for male performers?
Very art-oriented, with very little mass-produced pop. A lot of super-technical music. Mass entertainment music is usually produced by female idols who are also usually sex symbols.

>What's like life for a women in a patriarchal idol group?
They're forced to adhere to the common pure and chaste appearance of most girl idol groups or in niche cases, something more sexy and/or exotic. But on the side, they're prostituted out to rich executives by their agents and companies.
Wombs can be replaced with machines. Men can continue civilization without women. Always show your master how grateful you are for taking care of you.
>Wombs can be replaced with machines.
>Men can continue civilization without women
No thanks, I'd rather do things the more fun way instead.
Genetic modification, artificial breeds of slave women, perfect wives and even wild captives.
Why would I ever want to give up on owning and loving women?
File: Plumbeo-565450-Mating.jpg (380 KB, 773x1000)
380 KB
380 KB JPG
And like that I am full luddite, ooga chugga ugh lug must bonk wife
More like i could replace them with better and cuter clones
But as long as they behave i will love to keep them around.
That's heretical, sex is sacred. Replacing women with machines would be just as bad as women trying to be independent of men.
Clones won't really get the same appeal, their emotions would always seem less genuine
>Master sitting on the sofa with his girl kneeling before him
>Girl massaging her Master's feet and pressing them against her exposed breasts
>Tells her Master she's scared about the Western Decker-dents she heard the smart male newsreader on tv mention
>Master smiles at her reassuringly and pats his lap for her to climb on
>She perks up knowing what's about to happen and lies face down across his lap, face down in the cushions, lower back arched ever so slightly to prop her butt up, and arms folded behind her back so Master can cuff them
>Master starts giving her headpats, caressing her face, and stroking her butt as she basks in the feeling of helplessness
>If he could see her face he might even suspect she said that on purpose
>Master rolls her over so she's looking adoringly into his eyes and begins with the bellyrubs
>She's squirming in pure ecstasy
>Her Master is thinking how she's worth every bit of the dowry he paid for her, and how he has to keep her safely within the patriarchy's bordered
My point is that it can be done, that women can be obsoleted anytime. However, just because you could, doesn't mean you should.
>sex is sacred. Replacing women with machines...
Kind of relating an idea from the previous thread about belly worship.
But perhaps there's an aspect of "her body is a fertility temple" with how sex is part of rituals.
So there's yet another reason for men to be overprotective to women, even if some wild women aren't Enlighted.

>Clones won't really get the same appeal, their emotions would always seem less genuine
That would only really be an issue with newly bought clones.
The longer they've been away from the cloning centers the more of a unique personality they develop

>it can be done, that women can be obsoleted anytime.
If anything the technology allowing for artificial wombs or accelerated grown, would be used to aid in women's enslavement.
You could really speed up the creation of new breeds or massively grow the female population if needed.
File: 02bottomhalf.jpg (252 KB, 1280x902)
252 KB
252 KB JPG
The genetics side has been theorized a bit, but I don't think we've really hit on a consensus answer. It will probably be easier to engineer sperm cells with a target's DNA payload than egg cells, so "double mother" births seem fairly on the table as a way to specifically guarantee female offspring. Chromosomal triggers that only allow for male births in certain women of a given caste has also been suggested, since bastard daughters are desirable for the ratios but bastard sons aren't. Artificial wombs are a new one, but they probably are the best way to handle the big industrial-size clone lots.

The ethics and preferences for this kind of stuff would be good for a round-table debate on Channel 1 in the style of Question Time or 80s Crossfire. Some will think it strays too far from "the natural order" the patriarchy asserts that it upholds, while others will insist it brings society closer to its intended end state. Pliant, hyper-obedient clones are good for keeping demands for gynoid pleasure-bots low and birth rates high. With the hordes of Stepford Dolls, generic and trademarked, propping up the corporate service industry... is the cat already out of the bag?

Maybe they walk a few natural girls onstage (with earplugs in! maybe blindfolds, too) alongside some identical clones. They can poke, prod and jostle them with telescoping metal pointers while they make their cases. Coming back from commercial, you notice a few of them seem to have been, well, "tended to" during the break as half of the panelists finish redoing their flies.
File: ss2F_18.jpg (276 KB, 1280x1707)
276 KB
276 KB JPG
Don't ever make your slaves think they have value. Slaveowning 101.
File: 1617317324557.jpg (536 KB, 800x1171)
536 KB
536 KB JPG
I think the real appeal of clones comes in when we can make them faster than natural birthing and raising. Think along of Replicants from Blade Runner. When we can create women faster, and more efficiently than normal, then the flood gates open to slave creation. This then naturally leads into the fantasy races and the archetypes that people have listed in the previous few thread. Though this kind of thinking kind of just ends up side tracking the threads a bit with the gene modification and the almost OC tier "look at my (not) Japanese mommy gf" like posts.

I think where this could get more interesting though is the divide between classes this would make. Poor men would be satisfied with their harem of waifu clones, while rich men would be getting all natural women (though, the market would be filled with lies). Natural births become a privilege and not a right that's hung over women's heads. "I won't give you a child, I'll just order a clone instead" or "I'll genetically modify myself a heir and make you birth it"

Personally, I think the Patriarchy is best when is focuses on the men caring for women, and women caring for men in their own ways. The masculine men earn and protect for the women, and feminine women birth and raise children, and keep the house clean. Introducing clones into it is like messing with a very good recipe, it can end up good in some cases but is more likely to ruin everything. If women are secondary birthers to cloning centers, then a major part of their identity is in question, which is in a way what's lead to modern feminism. Men ought to protect women from instability and inferiority by denying such technology. Though, maybe this is my inner autistic level conservative talking.
Why not both? There could be different nations/factions that follow different ideologies on the subject of artificial women. One mass produces clone slaves so that every man can have his own harem. While the other believes in subjugating women the traditional way. With one pregnant and barefoot housewife in each man's kitchen.

The Cloners think the Traditionalist are backwards puritanical Luddites. While the Traditionalists think the Cloners are perverse hedonists with no respect the natural order of things. Both are convinced that the other doesn't know how to handle women properly.
File: harunori_oogami8.jpg (219 KB, 1280x1192)
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219 KB JPG
>guarantee female offspring... bastard daughters are desirable for the ratios
Women who could only have daughters make up the majority of the female population while there's a smaller caste of women responsible for having sons.
This means that the female birth rate is already high enough that Artificial wombs would be an expensive and very niche option.
No labs, genetics machinery or any other special preparation for making slaves the old fashioned way.
Just a afternoon of love making and your good

>Pliant, hyper-obedient clones
>keeping demands for gynoid pleasure-bots low
These two options could be very useful tools in subverting non-patriarchal nations.
Flooding the sexual market place and getting men used to the idea of owning women, having them being very dependent on men.
Just slowly change their ideas about slavery and you've got a new alliance

>Natural births become a privilege and not a right that's hung over women's heads
>protect women from instability and inferiority by denying such technology
This is a cultural thing, some patriarchies prefer the use of cloning technology while others use traditional methods
Only core idea is that regardless if a woman was naturally born, genetically sculpted or cloned.
They're still women worthy of love and protection, isn't that the entire reason we put collars on them in the first place?
If autism was bad for this thread, there would be a lot less words. And I agree (if I'm getting you right) that the "breeds" and "clones" are two very different things.

The "breeds" are the product of genetic tweaking and some selective breeding, but they're ultimately still regular women. They're monitored and tracked and certified the way a kennel club oversees dogs. Some labels are highly designed, other labels are open to any woman that fits a certain physical or psychological profile.

The "clones" are mass-grown at a scale where maybe artificial wombs and rapid aging are necessary. Even if they might be pricey in some cases, they represent something artificial, something lesser, something innate about their humanity missing. They're effectively organic stand-ins for androids, anyway; it can walk and talk and looks like the real thing, but you'd never mistake it. Maybe as a rule they should be infertile?

A woman can be a breed, a clone, neither, or both. Stepford Dolls, though a recognized "breed" label, are also subject to lots of cloning. You have extemely few "true" women who fit that bill, and they're exorbitantly-priced and heavily controlled as genetic source material. That's why the City selects for them so ruthlessly. On the other hand, you have the cloned Dolls who staff all the airlines and hotels and what have you. Those are the ones being bought and sold in bulk lots, or rented out four to six at a clip.
The overprotection of some women and valuing of female sexuality is a big part of patriarchy for me
For men:
You purchase a woman who's perfectly submissive, young, warm, and pretty. The only problem i she's very leaky and can't hold her orgasms until you give her permission.
At first she begged for another chance, and your forgiveness, however now she just apologises for being unable to obey and pleads for some other way of serving you.
Her failure has clearly damaged her self-esteem/self worth and you have no reason to suspect she's not genuine. What do?

For women:
What's the ideal way for you to join your new household?
>Bought at auction
>Bought at a line-up/catalogue order from somebody who is influential enough to buy pre-auction
>Married off to another man by your father/guardian for a dowry
>Being collared and kept by a trainer at a corrective facility who fell for you during your time there
>Falling in love with somebody outside the patriarchy and agreeing to immigrate there so you can serve him
If either of the fast 3 what price would you hope to get, and would it make you react differently to sisters in your harem that had a higher or lower price tag?

Last paragraph is spot on

Would you use that for disciplinary or decorative purposes? What affront would she have to commit for you to lock her in?
Would she get any attention or gropes whilst there, or would you simply ignore her until she's served her time?
>You purchase a woman who's perfectly submissive, young, warm, and pretty. The only problem i she's very leaky and can't hold her orgasms until you give her permission.

If it's biological, there's no helping it. Assign her a rank in my household befitting her skills, accounting for her lack of self-control. A lack of self-control over her sexual self would mean she probably wouldn't be a concubine unless she's really exotic, but there are no requirements for sexual skills for maids, and more important things to consider for consorts and wives. It'd definitely hurt her potential value in my harem, but if she makes up for it in other ways it's all good.

>Would you use that for disciplinary or decorative purposes? What affront would she have to commit for you to lock her in?
Both. I'd only lock up girls that deserve it, but when they do they'd be displayed. The affront would probably be a lack of restraint or self-control, hence she must be restrained physically to teach her a lesson. Maybe she couldn't contain her lust when I wasn't in the mood. Maybe she stole food from the kitchen. If not that, then it's a punishment inflicted on a girl who doesn't like being locked up. Negative conditioning works best if people don't like what happens after all.

>Would she get any attention or gropes whilst there, or would you simply ignore her until she's served her time?
Obviously it would depend how I felt at the time and whether I desired her, but generally what the girl finds more uncomfortable or embarrassing since it's a punishment. It's important to both tailor your punishments and keep them fair.
Probably not the right person to ask, since I'd just find this kind of helplessness charming. I mean, if it's happening while she's servicing me, it's not as if I'm going to just stop. You'd have to be crazy to pass up taking a woman up and over her limit like that. Depending on how long she could keep chaining orgasms, I'd make it a little show for myself at different hours of the day.

Of course there's always the option of perpetual stimulation until she builds a tolerance, or teaching/drilling her some new and more elaborate way of getting off. Maybe she becomes my primary anal servant, or we develop a fixation on light hair-pulling. Lots of ways to "fix" this so-called "problem" and most of them are fun for everybody.
>What do?
Controlled orgasms are a male fantasy. If I'm so damned good she's popping them off like fireworks and can't restrain herself, the Hell I'm seeing this as a problem. Make her see it this way, too, restore her self-esteem as a slave, and keep screwing her senseless.
> "It all started when my husband won that damn bonus. A shady foreign holding company bought out his work, and rewarded its 'hard workers'. Quickly followed by laying off 'dependants'. Of course, every working woman was a 'dependant', and the men got the 'bonus'! A free trip to a sketchy resort in the neo-patriarchy! I was fuming when I heard, and let his manager know just what I thought! But the trip...changed him. He returned bolder. He used to be a push-over, which I hated. But now...it's too far the other way. He's not the same man I married. In some ways, it's more fun. But in others...it's scary. I wish I could have the old him back."

> "I told myself this would be temporary, that he would mellow. I couldn't have been more wrong. The more time passed, the more domineering he's become. But it isn't just his behavior. It's his body as well. I remember it vividly. He said I should focus more on the house. I talked back. And he stared me down. In that moment, I swore he was 5" taller then I remember. Somehow, he's filled out, and up. I felt so powerless. I could only squeak my compliance. And when he shifted his focus...it was like I was in a steaming hot shower. Yet, is it wrong I liked the attention?"

> "I don't understand what's happening. We've back to being newlyweds. The table, the bench, the couch, and the bed, every night. He's a machine. It's so much more intense. He's also a blatant misogynist. Shamelessly. It's good the women were fired, because 'they should at home and pregnant'. I can't muster an objection. Not when every protest leads to getting railed to exhaustion. I know it's wrong but...I prefer the new him. Our new relationship. It's so...fulfilling. The passion, affection and love he's showing me is real. So very, very, real. If the price for that is...problematic beliefs...then I'll compromise. I want this to go on forever."
File: 1566091656568.jpg (156 KB, 873x1200)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
> "Now I'm scared. I've been talking the wives of hubby's coworkers. All had a similar story. But that's not all. There's groups popping up all over the nation. They're pushing the same amendment. They call it 'female liberation from responsbility'. But it's a refendum to repeal women's rights. My friends's husbands have ordered them to vote Yes. I asked if they'd really vote away their own freedoms. All three blushed sheepishly, and look down. Like trained dogs. I knew then: They will. I walked away with both goosebumps, and a wet sex. They're turned on by it all. Dirty little sluts..."

> "Everything's moving so fast. A simple Yes, or No. Do you want to make your own choices, or do you want to be lead around on a leash...chained up...whipped...look, I'll admit it, the kink has taken over. The vote is supposed to protecting something valuable. But in that booth, none of that mattered. My pencile circled above No, but gravity pulled it towards Yes. The closer it got, the more I was turned on. The instant it touched inside the Yes box, it was the first chaser of a binge. I wore down an entire pencil filling in that box, orgasms piling up. I hope most women aren't freaks like me, because right now, I need to finish off the erotic power of enslaving every other woman to my kink."

> "I can't believe it passed. A majority. All age groups. All demos. Both genders. A tidal wave. I also can't believe I spent the entire election night masturbating as the results came in. I was glued to that screen, every point increase a new climax. We're all property. Of men. Total submission, a nation of women. It's not a kink. It's real. So real. And so fucking hot, holy shit. Then it hit me: I want this. I wanted the patriarchy. I want to be dominated. And I don't care what happens to get there. If entire world falling to the patriarchy keeps this feeling going on, then that's what I want. I want the patriarchy to take everything. Take it all. Take me, forever."
> "So much has changed. I used to do part time jobs to keep the home running. Now, I listen to shows from the patriarchy, while taking care of Master. There's so much material out there. Direct religious sermons. Lovely dramas and soaps. And plenty of training material. Sometimes I like to zone out, half asleep, with 'psych-conditioning' tapes playing in my ear. Floating in and out of consciousness. Correct thoughts beamed straight into my subconscious. Turning me into a Good Girl, ready for Master to return home."

> "It was after training Master's fifth maid that I got your letter. My old peer from college. Asking me what's happening in this country. Pretty little words dripping with the evil of the society she lives in. I don't care about this journal anymore. It fills me with shame. So full of the preening entitlement of the 'free' woman. No gratitude for Master or for the natural order. It makes me hate myself. So rather then bother with pretense, Clara, I'll send you this journal. See for yourself what happened. And I'll say this once: Nothing would bring me greater joy then for the same 'catastrophe' (as you call it) to happen to you. Nothing would bring YOU greater joy, then to be 'politically raped' like you fear, you dumb bitch. You don't know what you want, because you're a woman. You're supposed to submit. And soon, you will. As you suspect, It's already started in your country. I should know, Master is in the department responsible. It's already too late, btw. You have no idea what they can do. You'll soon be property just like I am. And trust me when I say this: You'll be begging for it, just like I did."
> "So repeat after me, Clara: Now and forever, Submission is pleasure, All hail the patriarchy!"
>restore her self-esteem as a slave, and keep screwing her senseless
Exactly, there's nothing more cute than a woman that cums easily.
Just going a few rounds and she's already unable to walk.
Listening to her moaning with pleasure never gets old either

Loving this writing anon, got anymore?
folks, maybe it's just my bummer, but patriarchy is the rule of the patriarch (the oldest man in a house), I wonder if it wouldn't be more appropriate to call this system androcracy or machocracy, in which all the men who would be the male government.
File: 76001750_p0.jpg (452 KB, 2894x4093)
452 KB
452 KB JPG
The number of people who refer to it like that - colloquially or even academically - approaches zero. The name stays.
Some prompts to help Writer Anon:
>How are the more outlandish aspects of neo-patriarchy worked into this new society?
>(Polygamy, star father cult, genetic technology etc.)

>How are women adjusting to their new role in life(breeders, whores, etc.)?

>what lewd activities are now allowed in public places?

Also this post has some good ideas about TV/entertainment in the patriarchy >>10228727

>patriarchy is the rule of the patriarch (the oldest man in a house)
This anon >>10232069 sums it up pretty well, the definition of patriarchy in common use is just a system where all power is held by men.
With systematic, Cultural and physical methods are used to "oppress" women.
Just so happens that these threads take on a more "daddy-dom"/paternalistic approach to sexism.
Instead of seeing women as sub-human
Younger men have to earn their place in the world. You don't step out into the world with a hundred woman harem. You gotta work for that shit.
> Welcome back to Love's Great Adventure, let me just cinch up this smoking jacket and... there we are! Before we get to the final round, let's get reacquainted with our big winners today and how they got to park their regal rears in their Finalist Thrones.

> First up, we have Marcus, flanked by his wives Gina and Lauren as they continue to radiate steam heat and fog up our camera lenses, my my! They challenged and defeated our dreaded Amazon Trio in the Greco-Roman mud pit, and they come away with a brand new his-and-hers deluxe home gym, with everything from a couples rowing machine to a four-seater massage sofa! I'm invited over once they deliver it, right? Ha!

> After a thrilling and sensual performance by AKBUSA, Nicole picked Ethan out of the audience for her Celebrity Vibrator Karaoke Challenge. Ethan's got three sure-to-be-lovely kids on the way, so he had to be here solo today, and boy did he twiddle those knobs with a vengeance! She couldn't make it to the end of the national anthem in one piece while he worked the remote, he takes home one of Nicole's limited edition clones! Too bad the real Nicole isn't going to be the one getting Ethan's throat training. Awooo!

> Alright, alright. Now, as always, they square off in the Harem Haggle Showdown! For those living under a rock in a free state, twenty of my lovely bunnies will sashay out to the floor. While they dance and gyrate for us... mainly for me, Marcus and Ethan will take turns drafting them to their "harem" to get closest to the target dollar amount without going over. But remember, there's more than victory at stake! After every turn, once we unveil the price tag, they can use their bankrolled cash winnings to buy the girl they've drafted! Will they play for victory... or for love?

> Who's going home with the all-expenses-paid week at the Grand Caribbean Tomboy Plaza & Casino? Who's going home with a new master? Who's still letting me ramble on?! Hit the music and bring, out, those, bunnies!
The variety shows are always rigged and mostly for female entertainment. The serious competition happens on the shows that specialize on things because they attract the enthusiasts that care.

Anyone watch Fear Factor? I thought challenging bachelorettes to bdsm things outside their comfort range was great.
No, androcracy implies complete male authority, exclusive of hierarchy or seniority. Radical and domineering like revolution.
Anon, >>10232078
is right. Patriarchy is the more apt description for these threads as the focus here is less on women's slavery and more on the treatment of them. Androcracy I think is more akin to slavery threads.
>in an older thread there was an idea I liked where women should greet each other by placing their bare tummies together and holding place for a couple moments and sometimes even minutes. this demonstrates intense trust and love as bellies are an incredibly vulnerable part of the body. Furthermore this method of greeting is used with pregnant women as well and is a great way for girls to get introduced to what pregnancy feels and looks like.
this is top tier stuff right here
File: 193.jpg (585 KB, 1063x1500)
585 KB
585 KB JPG
In reading list news, the most recent Nikusoukyuu is fully translated at last.

It might have been me that said that, or something similar.
>To meet their need for physical touch and connection, women are typically taught to hug belly to belly, bust to bust, often semi, or fully bare.
>Not only are these the more vulnerable, sensitive and intimate planes of a woman, fostering increased bonding and affection, but this positioning allows both women an unhindered physical sensitivity to the others femininity, and focused viewing of their counterparts' eyes, mouth, face and chest.
>The notable erotic aspect of such greetings only goes further to amplify the intimate emotional connection by shared experience of arousal and awareness of their eroticism. Chaste kissing is not an uncommon method of practice to cool heads in such exchanges, typically initiated by the dominant peer, though further acts of public stimulation are not always viewed favourably, depending on culture.
Too true. A boy may be raised by his father's women, and it's true that his first desires are generally tended to by his father's women, but no actual sex.

When he reaches that stage of maturity, that's when he's ready to have a Visitation to a girls' school, and find his first women to call his own. Even as they all live under the father's roof, and the women may help around the house, the terms of ownership are never in question.

(If a boy develops a fixation on a specific woman from his father's women, it's common for him to receive a similar woman as a congratulatory gift, if not the object of his desires outright.)
>What's the ideal way for you to join your new household?
Sell myself for X years

>If either of the fast 3 what price would you hope to get
Dunno, but probably a lot. I like the idea of "im doing it for the money" at first, but then turning into "Fuck, my body is being trained to like it!", "fuck, i really starting to cum only after his command", "shit, why am i wet and shaky if i know he'll be home soon? I fucking hate it! So annoying!" And etc

>would it make you react differently to sisters in your harem that had a higher or lower price tag?
Dont know about that
>great way for girls to get introduced to what pregnancy feels and looks like.
I always loved the idea that Patriarchal society doesn't even try to hide their intentions towards women.
They're unapologetically chauvinistic and love to show off how well cared for their women are.

>need for physical touch and connection
On a similar note there's been the idea that women in Patriarchy are just assumed to be Bi-sexual by default.
With just how erotic daily life is for them, a little fun between sisters and wives is nothing abnormal

>boy develops a fixation on a specific woman from his father's women
What about the other way around, like older "sisters" are lusting after master's sons.
Hoping that they catch his eye and become his wife/first concubine, how socially acceptable is that?

Would you ever find that slow change in mentality a little scary?
Like realizing that you're starting to love being his toy and it's less about the money...

>higher or lower price tag?
>Don't know about that
Personally I'm of the opinion that this kind of information is up to your master to disclose.
No reason to give you and your sisters a reason to argue
> Patriarchate Edict On Artificial Wombs
> Rationes Legalis:
> "The dominion of men over women is the prime cause of the success of the Patriarchy. The strength of this superior system derives directly from it's adherence to Cosmic Virtues [Patriarchate Bible 1:12:34]. Male shepherding of women is restricted only by the duty of Paternalism [2:17:1]. The field of biotechnology is a talent of the Patriarchy, directly related to its economic miracle (compared to the Heathen Territories). Such technology has been deemed Conforming with Patriarchate teachings [14th Edict (2212)]."
> "However, this cannot extend to Artificial Wombs. Artificial Womb MUST be declared Heretical, because:"
> "1. SEVERENCE OF MATRILINEAL LINE: All life on earth derives from the Star Father and Earth Mother. All Men and Women are in Kinship to the Progential Spirits. Children of Artificial Wombs, as products of Machinery, are Not Of The Kinfolk, and have no Soul. They are Homunculus, and therefore heretical."
> "2. CRUELTY TO WOMEN: The primary joy of womanhood is the birth of new life. Machine birth denies women this joy, and is a Cruelty Of Absence: (Patriarchate Bible, 14:11:1: "Deny not your subjects the fruit of your loins, fill thy cup till it run & overflow"]. Every artificial birth denies a woman her Joy of Submission."
> "3. SUPERFLUITY: Exceptions to heresy can be made on grounds of circumstance. Polling suggests only 60% of fertile women are pregnant at any time (PPolling, 2203). Ergo there is an excess of unfertilized wombs."
> "Artificial Wombs must be declared Heresy Without Exception. I ask men to extend their dominion over women through strength and affection, not threats and cruelty. All resistance to the patriarchy must be destroyed, but all women must be loved by the patriarchy."
> --- Maria Santos (III), Rank IIb Breeder, 19 Births (17 daughters, 2 sons), Reverend Mother of the Order Of The Fecund Earth Mother, Slave of the Patriarchy.
>only 60% of fertile women are pregnant at any time (Polling, 2203). Ergo there is an excess of unfertilized wombs
>Maria Santos (III), Rank IIb Breeder, 19 Births (17 daughters, 2 sons)
This could also be one of the reasons behind things like the public use bureau, nuns(holy whores), sex resorts and etc.
Unbalanced male-female ratio means that these are necessary cause there's just not enough men to go around.
Not every woman will be a wife or even a concubine, so these avenues of sexual servitude for women helps them get laid(and impregnated)
Lust among a father's women for the young master is welcome as long as it remains within the establish boundaries. If they want to jump his bones, they need to become his woman, and it's extremely rare a boy to even be permitted any women before a Visitation, which is a near-sacred rite of passage.

Not unheard of or impossible... just very unlikely. Most of the time, they just have to hope either the father or the son pick up on their stewing lustful mania and work out a deal man-to-man. It's good practice for arranging sale or trade later in life, anyway.

A boy needs that rush of power, tasting real sex for the first time amid a sea of quivering bodies all equally on the verge of mania and all at his command, to fully realize his paternal and masterly instincts later in life.

So, I have a recommendation - The Implant, by Justwords.

It's a 2-part vignette series about a world where an orgasm controlling surgical modification and tied to device called The Implant is created.

Originally billed as a sex toy/aid where couples use it to spice up sex by putting an orgasm control/torture toy in their lover's hands, things escalate to society falling into a patriarchy as The Implant stops becoming a voluntary tool of pleasure and transform into a tool of control of women.


>as long as it remains within the establish boundaries
What if he's past his Visitation, would it be allowed for him to fuck the housemaids?
He's allowed to have his way with lower ranked women but certainly not any of his father's wives

>permitted any women before a Visitation
>pick up on their stewing lustful mania
I'm wondering how often it happens where the young master is caught lusting after a maid or vice versa.
And that's the even that prompts his father to send him to a slave school for a visitation.
Or a girl gets bought from a school thinking she'll be his number 1, only to realize he's got a older MILF type woman at home
After his Visitation, he's recognized as a man by society at large and his father at home. They may still live under the same roof, but each woman is the property of her respective master. If the father is gracious, he can let his maid lie with the son as a friendly gesture, and many men would honestly do so given that it's their son in question... but it IS the father's choice to make. He might demand the son make an honest offer and obtain her proper if there's jealousy afoot.

Mind you, before and after Visitation, any bubbling lust still has plenty of outlets! As long as it's not penetration, it's still very much on the table. For the months or years between puberty and Visitation it's 100% expected. The boy has to have SOME experience both giving and receiving pleasure before diving head-first into a school full of virgin girls who'll grind their groin on anything with a suitable corner. (And it goes without saying that if the son wasn't getting regular handjobs and paizuri while watching his dad's women scampering all over the place, poor kid would probably lose his mind.)
File: patriarchy magic.jpg (3.67 MB, 4920x2000)
3.67 MB
3.67 MB JPG
kind of a departure from the usual patriarchy settings here but ever since I saw this artist I've been kind of obsessed with the idea of a setting where some women have powerful magical abilities, but instead of using these abilities to be the dominant sex, these women are subjugated and controlled in every aspect of their lives, treated like weapons rather than soldiers
>IS the father's choice to make. He might demand the son make an honest offer
How "normal" is this practice of young men having older women in their harems?
Not from inheritance, maybe she was one of his father's maids, or a nun that he really liked.

>many men would honestly do so given that it's their son in question
Also what would happen in situations where a woman gets knocked up.
Would his father give him the "now you have to buy" her treatment ?

>these women are subjugated and controlled in every aspect of their lives
Always nice to have a new setting/ideas, the OP has some nice prompts too.
Feel free to expand the setting!
Depends on how wide an age gap you mean. For an older sister style age gap, it's extremely common for the reasons you suggest: attachment to (and/or knocking up of) a father's woman. There's obvious benefits, too. Sure it's important to get women closer in age to serve as the seed of the harem, but a more seasoned woman is extremely welcome to further develop girls fresh out of school. Even if the son doesn't obtain any of his father's women, they're still vital to training once Visitation girls land in a home. Someone has to teach them the ropes... often literal ones.

As far as MILF/mother types? A bit on the rarer side, but really just a different expression of that same "experienced hand" dynamic. Nobody would even blink twice at a newly-minted young master with three youthful girls and one fully-grown capital-W Woman that's tended to him since his first urges.

(As far as knocking up another man's woman, in general it's considered a big faux pas but nothing unforgivable. There would certainly be pressure to both take possession of her and to compensate the current owner with another woman. As with most things, there's usually more leeway granted when it's a family matter.)

(Anyway: I don't think I've ever actually written an exact hour-by-hour run-down of a typical Visitation yet, either. Mentioned things that happen, sure, but never a real exploration of the subject. I should fix that.)
>older sister style age gap, it's extremely common
>Someone has to teach them the ropes... often literal ones
So there'd be a lot of "sister"-brother bonding over lewd activities?

>Learning proper rape techniques from Onee-san, while she's couching him on breaking in his first slave...
>discovering the ins and outs of female psychology
>In depth and personal sex-ed "lessons"

>fully-grown capital-W Woman that's tended to him since his first urges
Would there be specialist markets specifically aimed at selling these types of women?
A nursemaid academies so men have Oedipus complex substitutes at the ready

>knocking up another man's woman, in general it's considered a big faux pas but nothing unforgivable
So this kind of thing only applies to Personal use slaves?
If your buddies put a bastard daughter in your house's sex pets it's fine.
Same with a brothel owner being OK with his girls getting keepsakes from customers

>exact hour-by-hour run-down of a typical Visitation yet
Oh that certainly would be interesting.
File: 0012.jpg (2.71 MB, 2114x3047)
2.71 MB
2.71 MB JPG

While a boy may be treated to his Visitation as a surprise, the school and its students are given ample time to prepare and anticipate. The drop-off is typically done on a Friday, and the day's schedule is modified to effectively be a half-day of normal studies first. Basic academics, non-contact phys ed; anything that would serve to let the boy demonstrate superiority against the low standards and abilities of the girls around him. The boy gets a chance to scope out the girls and develop affinities. The girls get to see their first live in-person taste of male dominance. Everyone is absolutely horny out of their minds.

For this one day, staff are tasked with keeping all the students away from one another. Students are allowed lunch, but the boy is removed or set apart. Many hold lunch in the auditorium and the boy eats alone on the stage, or set up an impromptu elevated table for him in the cafeteria. At the teachers' discretion, the boy may be taken into temporary seclusion to give him a bit of repose. They're also authorized to provide hand jobs during these breaks if they feel the boy is both under extreme duress AND it won't affect his stamina later in the day.

After that, the rest of the school day is sex lessons, slowly ramping up in intensity. Fifth period, anatomy, presentation and masturbation. Sixth period, getting one another off by hand. Seventh, oral. Eighth, "body exploration" (boobs, pits, feet; whatever the boy goes for) and toys galore. From eighth period on, girls are free to begin feeling one another up again to help relieve sexual tension... the boy is obviously already occupied.

Finally, last period, the main event. The boy has had all day to think on it. If he can't make up his mind or he's a big softie or whatever, a bingo ball cage is always kept on-hand... but he needs to decide who he's sticking it in first. (The girl chose often has a bit of a target on her back from that point on as the one to beat.) And it's off to the races.
File: 0039.jpg (622 KB, 1333x2000)
622 KB
622 KB JPG

Once the school day proper is over, it's time for the festivities to really kick into gear. There's a great gathering in the auditorium for various presentations by the girls, while the boy is temporarily in "protective custody" of the teachers, who at this point are still not permitted anything more than to provide hand jobs. Non-athletic clubs are given all possible leeway to make their short sales pitch while they still have an inkling of ego left as their id rages and the damp scents of lust start to dominate.

Outdoor athletic displays are next. Various scrimmage games are held for all the sports teams and for high achievers in solo/doubles sports a la tennis. (Some schools may also work in time at the pool as well.) Last in the physical display, though, is always the gym.

The girls get one last wash-up before all trotting out in matching outfits of the school's design. Some go for an even more debased version of the school's usual outfit, some go for bodysuits with big cut-outs, some go for lingerie. (Many decide based on the boy's preferences if arrangements are made ahead of time.)

The boy stands beside the principal and faces the crowd as they demonstrate their obedience training. They stand at attention. They repeat instructed declarations of love and servitude. They pose, march in place, dance, and haigure-thrust. They fondle themselves, they spread holes, they masturbate. Whatever the command, they abide as one.

The principal issues the first commands, but slowly the boy is given control. Whether repeating the principal's suggestions or coming up with his own, he grows louder and the principal's quieter. Both the boy and girls, though, know what the finale is expected to be. Eventually the boy begins walking while he issues commands, the mass of girls parting to let him within, the ranks and files breaking down into a circling crowd...

"My every word is law," he shouts.

"Your every word is law," they shout back.

"Your hearts belong to me," he screams.

"Our hearts belong to you," they moan back as one, the words coming at him from all sides.

"Your bodies belong to me." He's getting even louder.

"Our bodies belong to you." Their breathing gets ever more ragged, the sights and smells becoming irresistible.

And at last, he bellows the final ceremonial command:


The crowd collapses in a rush, and all bets are finally off from that point until Monday morning. It's at this point the boy is now properly "embedded" in the student body until the end of his stay.

The staff recede to facilitate the rolling orgiastic frenzy. They do their best, without interfering or partaking, to urge them all to move their orgy to the dorms at some point for bathing and rest in between all the grinding, grabbing, writhing and pounding. Meals have been prepared in advance to be offered at any time. Teachers may intercede if things get too wild (the boy gets overwhelmed, demands begin to skew unreasonable) but they will avoid doing so at all costs.

Over the weekend the students typically devise their own sexual outlets. Pillow fights, dare games, impromptu dress-up games, dance parties, movie nights, cuddle puddles; whatever either the boy dreams up or the girls entice the boy into decreeing. As the boy works his way through the student body and the sexual tension goes from uncontrolled mania to a manageable background hum, Saturday and Sunday give way to Monday morning.

Normal school expectations resume for the girls, but the boy remains a fixture. The boy is now allowed to have any sex he chooses with the teachers and staff. In classes, all sexual antics are OK so long as the lesson at large is not derailed. He continues to serve as the star aide during sex lessons. He visits clubs and teams that caught his eye Friday. This is time to more slowly savor the school's offerings.
Women gets their powers via submission.

While the boy is a god for the weekend with society suspended, it's important he spends time with them as a mortal man as well. Longer is better, but every boy gets at least three or four weekdays like this. He eats with the girls during their normal meal times. He sees how they fare with homemaking courses and dorm chores. While sex is still ever-present and readily available, this is a refractory period to begin considering the other things that will factor into his final decision.

On the final day of the stay, also typically a Friday, normal classes are suspended again. All the girls have the day off from class, and are free to spend the day at their leisure... but more than a long weekend, what they want more than anything is to be called to the principal's office. Girls come and go all day as the PA beckons them, some multiple times. The boy sets the schedule, with the help of the staff, to conduct any final interviews or test compatibilities one last time. Some are to narrow down top contenders to a final selection, some are to test group dynamics between a potential set of girls, some are just to have one last taste of a girl that won't make the cut.

Once the boy has made up his mind, a final ceremony is held in the auditorium. This time there are no clothes or uniforms or outfits for any of the students except shoes and socks. The boy is allowed to make a speech, and is encouraged to fire off one last load onto the crowd beneath him as a parting gift before his choices.

The principal, similarly as nude as reasonable, walks onstage briefly to hand him however many collars he will need, and then departs. One by one, the boy calls the names of his chosen few, and they line up beside him. One by one, he collars them and kisses them deeply in a tight embrace. He goes down the line again, attaching their leashes, and they all share a tandem kiss. To applause mixed with schlicks and tears, he leads them as to his waiting ride, and they depart.

Whew, alright, with that out of the way:

Yep and yep. A lot of women are reared and/or bred and/or market to suit those exact surrogate sister and surrogate mother roles. That said, everyday household dynamics end up giving you lots of girls who fall into these roles anyway. Since many boys are home-schooled, they need some preliminary sexual education of their own, no? (Lots of "surrogate oyakodon goes down as well, believe you me.)

And yes, "knocking up another man's woman" is only a faux pas when the woman is expected to return to being exclusive to her owner. If the girl's purpose is to be loaned out then it doesn't matter, whether that be on a private estate or in an office or massive resort complex. On the other hand, a maid losing weeks of work or (Heaven forbid) a wife having a child "out of wedlock" need to be addressed properly.
There was one where women have magical powers, men don't, but if they collar themselves to a man then he controls their magic but it greatly increases in power

>Dunno, but probably a lot. I like the idea of "im doing it for the money" at first, but then turning into "Fuck, my body is being trained to like it!", "fuck, i really starting to cum only after his command", "shit, why am i wet and shaky if i know he'll be home soon? I fucking hate it! So annoying!" And etc
I can see that, stuck in a dead-end job that doesn't appreciate you, and the pod-flat you're renting is unlivable for a few months whilst they're carrying out work. So you have to move out for a while anyway when you see an advert for that, it disgusts you at first but the salary is too good to pass on, and the idea of serving haunts your sexual fantasies.

As Master walks past he slaps and squeezes your butt before giving letting you eat a treat laced with aphrodisiacs out of his hand. Although offended you can't deny to yourself how much you enjoyed it, and even try to entice him to doing it more. e.g. finding convenient excuses to pick something up near him so your maid dress rides up your back and flaunts your lilac panties at him.
Of course in the initial contract he needs your consent to penetrate, and you need his permission to get off so you spend the time locked in chastity, but all the training and conditioning has edged you too far. One day when he gets back instead of waiting for him in dogeza you're lying on your back facing the front door, holding your ankles up as high as you can. That's the final step in the road to submission
>more debased version of the school's usual outfit
Would there be fully nude slave school "uniforms"(Sailor Fuku but it's the collar only)?
Or sling shot bikinis as the everyday wear, the whole lewd uniforms could be a big part of school advertising

>serve as the star aide during sex lessons
On the same note, it's quite common for young men to leave quite a few bastards in the teachers and slaves.
There could be in-depth human biology lessons, so home-ed involves learning motherhood skills and etc.
Women with a "mommy" aura about them could be sent to Oedipus academies to be trained as surrogate mothers

>suit those exact surrogate sister and surrogate mother roles
>surrogate oyakodon
Some places might even sell these mommy slaves already pregnant.
Let her raise her daughter as your son's "sister" and let him have them both once he becomes a man.
No real Blood related incest, but breaking this Taboo is just another form erotic bait for outside men.

>only a faux pas when the woman is expected to return to being exclusive to her owner
Mizuryu kei's perfect for illustrating this idea perfect sluts for sleeping around and entertaining guests.
And having them breed you new slaves is always a bonus too!

>a wife having a child "out of wedlock" need to be addressed properly
That depends, does your society see women as having 0 agency/self control?
Cause if that's the case then it's entirely the Accidental father's fault.

"Divorce" court might be more about paying back the husband with new women or marring daughters to him
So how would things proceed?
File: showgirlskirt.jpg (243 KB, 886x724)
243 KB
243 KB JPG
This image will do just fine as a fairly standard example of everyday school uniforms.They generally pull from both sailor fuku and exaggerated versions of Catholic high school attire in equal measure. Depends on the country, region and particular school.

Bottoms are either microskirts or showgirl skirts (seen here) and there's more room for variations and expression of "school spirit" with the rest. Some nipple cut-outs, some whole-breast cut-outs, some stop abruptly below the breast, some are nothing more than a shirt collar and a bowtie. Uniforms also vary in strictness on socks versus hosiery, sleeve length and the presence or absence of gloves. Dress codes in general may even demand a limited or single hairstyle, though this is usually saved for formal events.

This baseline is meant to acclimate women to always being on display, either for a boy during a Visitation or older men graciously serving as guest sex aide/relief for the day. Opportunities for skinship and ease of access are priorities.
>How do women help to uphold the patriarchy?
I very much enjoy the idea of women enslaving other women for the pleasure of men, its my favorite thing to talk about and sex arcade is a great setting for it
Forgot my pic
>acclimate women to always being on display
>Opportunities for skinship and ease of access are priorities
This kind of attitude would extend to every day life too, as in all women know that in the patriarchy they're meant to be eye candy.
especially for service jobs like Flight attendants, restaurant server, etc. all have lewd outfits.
Nuns, Resort slaves and whores all dress for easy use, and men love nothing more then to show off their wives like trophies.

>idea of women enslaving other women for the pleasure of men
Mothers teaching their daughters, Slave school staff, Holy nuns preaching about the patriarchal faith.
Most women in the patriarchy are actively upholding the status quo.

>sex arcade is a great setting for it
That kind of place is mainly for new captives, as rape and "breaking" them in is important.
You don't need restraints for local girls when they're all too happy to fuck
File: Pyrrha-LOW-TEARS.jpg (806 KB, 736x1256)
806 KB
806 KB JPG
>You don't need restraints for local girls when they're all too happy to fuck
I imagine that would be part of the training too. In between rounds they would stay there restrained as the local girls clean and attend to the men
>stay there restrained as the local girls clean and attend to the men
It would be a learn by watching type lesson too.
They'd see how well obedient girls are treated compared to them.
Playful sexual harassment, endearing but sexist nick names for the girls and even casual sex.
With Local slaves are enjoying all the male attention.

Most shocking is how the local women see nothing wrong with new captives being raped, and will offer them no assistance in escaping.
Instead they'll get the nearest man to enlighten arcade girls about the pleasure of submission.
There's a certain Smugness with local girls knowing how easy life can be when your a pampered slave...
>>Wombs can be replaced with machines.
>>Why would I ever want to give up on owning and loving women?

Anon, you don't understand. Artificial wombs aren't invented by men to replace women, they're invented by dumbass women thinking they'll free themselves from the patriarchy.

Couple years down the road women will eventually realize they fucked up and gave men exactly what they wanted all along, free sex without worrying about knocking a bitch up. It'll be too late at that point since any attempt by the women to regain control via their pussy will be met with Sex bots equiped with artificial wombs forcing women to do the only thing they can at that point to try and regain standing within society, Cook, clean, and raise children.

A golden era of humanity will dawn as women willingly submit to men to save themselves from being tossed aside.
File: 3562253.jpg (123 KB, 800x733)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
I would prefer either being purchased at an auction, bought at a catalogue, or collared and kept. The reason is because in each of these options, someone chose ME specifically.

I would hope I get a low price tag just because I want to be my Master's only slave. Other slaves in the harem will make me extremely jealous, but I'll squash down those feelings privately because I want my Master to be happy. I would try not to care about other slaves' price tags, but I would probably secretly be happy to know my Master paid more for me than someone else.
>free sex without worrying about knocking a bitch up
But that's the fun part, putting another slave girl in her belly also helps to support the patriarchy too.
Pregnancy introduces tons of hormones which help to domesticate women
Besides pregnant women are even more vulnerable/physically reliant on men and society

>forcing women to do the only thing they can at that point to try and regain standing
>women willingly submit to men to save themselves from being tossed aside
If your referring to disempowering women by taking away their ability to compete in the sexual and reproductive market.
Genetic modifications are already being done to increase female birth rates.
There's also the cultural encouragement for men to make bastard daughters.

Though as a side note I could see artificial wombs as a means to Start patriarchies in other nations.
But after getting of the ground and enslaving enough women natural birth can take over
Flooding the sexual market is all you really need to do

>someone chose ME specifically.
>happy to know my Master paid more for me than someone else
What about being master's slave wife then, Some men do prefer "monogamy"
One wife but many slave women underneath her, you'd be the Alpha bitch.
Yet still get treated like a daddy's girl
The arcade already has its own lore
The girls are kept there for 10 years no matter what
File: 1652006309891.jpg (281 KB, 1280x894)
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281 KB JPG
I've said it before, but in my opinion the thing that sets this thread apart from the other slavery thread (and the reason it exists) is that it prizes the fact that the women submit happily, and any "convincing" of captured free women is done with at least a little tact, versus just powering through the protests and tears. If you've got gender ratios where harems are the norms, it would never be upheld peacefully without the women willing to submit. The sex arcade has its lore and this thread has its own, which is still growing.

Questions about "artificial wombs" can be taken one of two ways, and mean two very different things. If you just mean a facsimile that you'd fit onto a fembot/sex droid, that's maybe a threat, but not really. There's plenty of real women around constantly in heat and dripping wet, and more bastard daughters sired means more power for the patriarchal society. It's frowned on, but like masturbation it's really just for being wasteful. Leave that behavior for the pitied men of self-proclaimed "free" nations.

"Artificial wombs" as means of incubating babies and getting lots of exactly identical slaves represents another matter. Industry will want some way to crank out their clones in a hurry, and as important as pregnancy and birth is to the patriarchy... the church may or may not choose to look the other way.

Clones are, in general, cultivated to be not much more than biological automatons anyway. They exist to fill the same niche that a gynoid machine would, just with the benefit of still being organic and capable of bearing a child. Instead of building up a machine to mimic a person, it's much easier to restrict a person to respond like a machine, no?

(Been meaning to write a "rebuttal" to that church missive from earlier, too... gimme a sec.)

> From the Desk of Cardinal Solomon, Zone III
> My dearest brood mother Maria, I hope this letter finds you in high spirits and everlasting strength. Your command over the True Word is, as ever, a point of great pride, and your drafted edict has given me pause.
>You would do well, however, to read the 14th Edict once more in full. While the brief might suggest broad approval, the ruling's body text decreed that such technologies require the Church's blessing to operate, which I assure you will remain forever rare. Such facilities being deemed "for the Betterment and Triumph of the Patriarchate over Heathens" requires deep ties to both the secular state and our holy church.
>I now turn to your scriptural objections... which, on reflection, are rooted more in fear and jealousy than proper reason. You fear these wombs may one day supplant natural birth. Still, It is a concern you share with many sisters, and some men, and it is not wholly unfounded... but if my more pragmatic assurances do not calm you, perhaps this will.
>Consider the machine wombs not as wombs to birth new life, but miraculous tools to enhance extant life. Clones do not "live" in their own right, but as extensions of their original mother or mothers. Surely nobody would ever confuse a mere clone for a natural woman.
>As more life given to an existing woman, it still originates from the Father and Mother, so the lineage is unbroken. Each clone is itself not new life, but represents another womb from which the true woman can give birth, extending her capacity to be fruitful; this is as far from cruelty as can be. As to your last point, we both know not all women have the piety or luxury of permanent pregnancy; 60% is well within calculated tolerances.
>I vow to give you my seed once more upon my next visit to your convent. If you are still beset by doubt by then, let that be your final answer. Soon will you know me again, my little holy harlot.
>Praise unto the Father.
File: 76996378_p0_.jpg (206 KB, 1234x2000)
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206 KB JPG
Going over different kinds of schools in my setting

Institutions for training talented young women from an early age to hone their various artistic or scholarly talents to their fullest potential, as apprentices to masters of their craft. Talents are the rare women who's skills outstrip their value as a wife or mother, and are treated as such. However, teaching them the basics of feminine beauty is still important as that talent is still a facet of their beauty. It is just another aspect of the Patriarchy's benevolence that the jewels that are women are set in a way they can shine the most beautifully.

>All-female Boarding Schools
The schools of choice for daughters of aristocratic or well-to-do free families. Constructed to give their daughters an education while preserving their virginity and purity and to educate them on higher feminine virtues. Maternity, chastity, elegance, a supportive intelligence, and enough worldly knowledge and skill to not be dull. The philosophy of womanhood rather than the practical action of it. Women from these schools are usually destinied to be high-ranking wives and consorts, the most desirable of women. Yuri relationships are common in those schools, and often romanticized as a thing of youth. Practice for men is the commonly given excuse.

>Co-ed Public Schools
Schools meant to give daughters from low-ranking families a minimum of education. Classes resemble the watered-down curriculums of private all-female schools, with more practical subjects like home economics and sex ed mixed in. As this education is provided with taxpayer money, girls are required to do well and those that aren't are assigned to public use roles to satisfy boys who are rather unjustly subjected to being around women in the flower of their youth with no real way to approach or court them politely or without much awkwardness. The worst-performing girls are enslaved and sold by the schools to raise money for such expensive education.
>I would prefer either being purchased at an auction, bought at a catalogue, or collared and kept. The reason is because in each of these options, someone chose ME specifically.
To be fair I think all women would be specifically wanted or chosen by their Master. Only exception is when he dies and any women he owns are inherited by his male next of kin.
>I would hope I get a low price tag just because I want to be my Master's only slave. Other slaves in the harem will make me extremely jealous, but I'll squash down those feelings privately because I want my Master to be happy. I would try not to care about other slaves' price tags, but I would probably secretly be happy to know my Master paid more for me than someone else.
That's a normal reaction. Most girls in a harem would feel stings of jealousy and the only real counter is to be Master's favourite. Just have to make sure that
>The collar he gives you is prettier than his other girls
>You're the one that he chooses to bed at night
>You get the honour of slobbering over his dick each morning to wake him up
>when feeding his wives and concubines he starts with you first
>When greeting Master he thrusts his shoes at you for you to kiss, and remove
>Though as a side note I could see artificial wombs as a means to Start patriarchies in other nations.
Maybe it's a bit morbid but artificial wombs are the patriarchy's counter to abortion. Female embryos from non-patriarchal nations that would have been aborted are stored in them and delivered to a foster Master to raise.
It increases the woman:male ratio
Rescues a girl that would have ironically been killed by feminism and allows her to live a happy submissive life under her Master's protection

>Women inventing anything
They needed men to invent tampons for them, I doubt they're coming up with artificial wombs. Having to resort to submission to compete is spot on though
>arcade already has its own lore
Wasn't trying to retcon the lore of the Sex arcade series or anything.
The concept of a sex arcade fits well with the patriarchy idea.
New captives who are too difficult to handle are sent there to mellow out.
Going in a hate filled woman, coming out cum brained and ready for further training
It's not a torture sentence, it's just long enough to domesticate them

>some way to crank out their clones in a hurry
>They exist to fill the same niche that a gynoid machine would
If that's the case then Hopefully cloning and Artificial wombs would be a very small minority of the female population.
You've got so many options for men to father bastard daughters that this alone helps keep up the high female population.

>easier to restrict a person to respond like a machine
Perhaps this is one of the ways to subvert non-patriarchal nations?
Selling them on the idea that clones are like robotic personal assistants.
When in reality they whisper into their owner's ears and create a 5th column

>Female embryos... stored in them and delivered to a foster Master to raise
That’s so machiavellian, it's perfect.
Setting up women's "health clinics" with advanced technology to detect and remove the embryos quickly and efficiently.
Feminists and free-nations see it as benign if not helpful for their women
Only for them to realize too late that they now face a de-population crisis

>doubt they're coming up with artificial wombs
Though you have to admit that it would be perfect irony.
Feminist scientists helping to develop artificial wombs to free women from the "burden" of pregnancy
Only for their invention to be used to aid in enslave women
I think it loses something if it was also done for wanted embryos. With just unwanted then you get girls who thanks to their patriarchy's benevolence were not only gifted their life, and get to grow up happy and submissive as women should. Converts are often the biggest zealots so I wonder if it would also apply to them or if it happened too soon in their lives
>loses something if it was also done for wanted embryos. With just unwanted
Well it's not like the slave girl that was born from an artificial womb would know her origins.
Said health clinics would be marketed as the newest and easiest way for women in free-nations to get rid of a unwanted pregnancy
Regular check ups or walk in appointments either way if you don't want it/are convinced not to
have it.
"we can remove it in an a few hours and that's one less thing you'll need to worry about"

>patriarchy's benevolence were not only gifted their life, and get to grow up happy and submissive as women should
>happened too soon in their lives
These girls would know from the start that they're different from others.
Born/raised in a medical facility, knowing that the women who love her aren't her real mother as they tell her that from the beginning.
No one tries to hide the fact she was rescued from termination when her real mother didn't want her.
It's easy to see these rescues would be unwavering zealots
File: nyuu.jpg (2.44 MB, 4200x2574)
2.44 MB
2.44 MB JPG
See, I've seen the process of raising girls under the patriarchy extremely differently. Unlike with "expected" children between a master and a wife, you'd want to DISCOURAGE mother-daughter attachment, and separate them quick. Keep records of course and make them readily available, but organize society so they rarely matter. I mean, how could a broodmother nun possibly be tasked with raising all the girls she pumps out? Wouldn't that distract from her primary function? What good would it do?

Girls that haven't reached puberty yet are kept out of sight and out of mind, raised by their own army of surrogate mother figures, caretakers, and early-age teachers. (This is one of the best places to utilize women past their prime years, too.) The curve of their life would be growing in preparation for a man, serving a man in their prime, then raising a new generation in their golden years. As girls grow older and older towards puberty and service, the women they answer to get younger until you're in MILF/hot teacher territory.

Everything you want them to be as adults has to be seeded early. Camaraderie and skinship are encouraged from preschool, as well as pride and love at the naked form instead of a free nation's shame. Life as a young girl should be dutiful but simple and happy, bordering on Edenic. Classes and living arrangements are shuffled around regularly to acclimate them to living situations that can change at a moment's notice. Boys and men should be akin to mythological figures, never even laid eyes on before a Visitation. All-girl boarding complexes would be the norm, not a luxury.

As for rescues, just show them their own birth records. Instead of names and collar data, just a sad blank page with a stamp that says "FREE WOMAN / UNWANTED" in red ink. You could do the same for kids born in free nations and either orphaned or left to the perils of foster care. Like you say: show them "free nations" only offer the freedom to suffer, then bring them into paradise.
I think a woman's most important religious ceremony should be her daily morning dogeza. Where she kneels naked before her man, her head touching the ground, and she thanks him for owning and leading her. A devout woman may even request to have his foot/boot push her head to the ground, or drink his spit/lick it from a dog bowl.
Oh absolutely. Morning Inspection is a staple of home life. One or two rows, clothes to the right. After dogeza, a second pass with the girls standing upright and at ease, legs apart just enough. A little kissing and grabbing/poking up and down the line. Getting all your women lined up and presenting is one of the best sights a master can see.
File: 1648930076944.jpg (224 KB, 1300x826)
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224 KB JPG
Bondage should be normalized and made part of every girl's daily life. Good girls wouldn't leave their house without a gag and arms restraints, led on by their Master. Whenever a girl wasn't working, she would have some sort of a restraint, maybe even a bitchsuit. And when she was working, those restraints would be changed for ropes under her clothes, a chastity belt with anal and vaginal vibrators. And of course, a sturdy, tight shock collar.
>Bring home a freshly captured tribal woman from a remote village
>She doesn't seem to mind much that she was taken from her home, and is mostly obedient
>She quickly accepts her role as your property, is very loving and always enthusiastic about sex of any kind
>However she is adamant about maintaining her old religion instead of adapting to the patriarchy's
>She loudly chants, shouts and smacks her belly until it turns red every time you fuck, apparently a rite for fertility
>One of her prayers for healthy children involves eating raw meat, which she refuses to believe is dangerous
>The toxic mushrooms and flowers she needs to 'enter the spirit world' aren't local to your region, and you worry she might look for substitutes
>She gets difficult about bathing during her period, believing it will scare away the spirits that grant babies
>Once in a while you catch her anxiously tugging at her collar, as it covers up an important tattoo
>Multiple times she gets into fights with other girls for not making offerings to her mother goddess
>Even after all the difficulty she seems genuine about being a good girl and having lots of kids, working harder than any of your other girls for your love and approval

Her culture seems to agree very well with the patriarchy, but it's disruptive and potentially harmful. Would you allow her to keep her old faith or force her to learn the church's way of doing things?
>broodmother nun possibly be tasked with raising all the girls she pumps out
This system sounds like it could also work for other women who "serve" the public.
This way women in their prime can focus entirely on sex/breeding.
From sex resorts too nunneries, they either have a nursery that's in house.
Or they have deals with the Local monetary.

The main goal is to instill the idea of abandonment by their blood-related mother.
While at the same time showing them how loving their master or surrogate mommy is towards them.
Total devotion is the result. IRL cults use social alienation from outsiders + ingroup community to create loyal members.

Kind of related to >>10237660
Would slave schools also use a similar system?
Any bastard daughters are raised by older women and young women focus on finding a master.

"Master knows best", especially if her behavior could be potentially harmful to herself/the pregnancy.
Then all efforts should be made to convert her. Remember it's a man's duty to do what's best for his slave women.
Even if they don't understand why. women, after all cant be trusted to lead their own lives.
File: 500063.jpg (67 KB, 615x758)
67 KB
Well that's easy
>Convince her to eroticize the mid-coitus litany and impress upon the locals the true extent of your virility. Bring her around to other parts she can smack - namely breasts and thighs - to avoid harming the baby, perhaps offering to take up the role of drummer yourself to. It might be fun
>Provide her with beef prepped rare for her rituals, erring on the safe side with enough blood to keep her sated
>Substitute her narcotics with potent aphrodisiacs you may or may not need to tap into the black market to find
>The spiritual holisticism of perfumes and fragrant soap ought to be kosher enough. If it's good enough for caked-up nobles, it's good enough for the missus
>Allow her opportunities to allow her marking to breathe without violating any social faux pas. Failing that, purchase a smaller collar.
>Show her all the different ways in which her neighbors, friends and associates observe the fertile powers that be, more similar than dissimilar. Failing that, set up a token tribute and hope that's the end of that
Of course seeing to her needs effectively will demand priority dickings to occupy her mind until such a time she has become relaxed enough to take your ways in stride.
File: injutsushi.jpg (253 KB, 1200x900)
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253 KB JPG
Cults also filter potential members to look for loners and the susceptible, too! There's a lot to learn from them in terms of social engineering. The Church of the Star Father would absolutely be labelled a cult in its earliest years... but a cult with enough members is just a religion.

The school system I described would be for the bastard daughters and slaves; as far as I'm concerned the two categories are one and the same. Girls from the highest heights of luxury and care, born to an honest wife and master that chose to raise a daughter, are predominantly homeschooled. The other women, a vast majority, would be dropped into the boarding system as soon as they were out of the hospital/convent. Some facilities are state-operated but many more are run by the Church.

Before they're chosen, the walled garden of their school/dorms/convent would be all they've ever known. It should be a decent life, but the promise of the world beyond and the men in it should tantalize them for a dozen years. The appearance of their first boy is like a demigod descending to Earth. Every man that visits the school after that is a strange, foreign prince who could sweep them away.
File: 93083080_p0.jpg (1.28 MB, 1145x1684)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB JPG
>Show her all the different ways in which her neighbors, friends and associates observe the fertile powers that be
Getting the other women involved in some of the 'safe' versions of her faith could be fun too. I wouldn't mind if some of the more proper, classy girls embraced their wild side with a little help from their new sister. It would give them a chance to bond and exchange their different interpretations of submission, as well as show off your domestication skills.

>tribal wife gets comfortable in cute clothes and improves her english, becoming a little more ladylike in public
>her sisters make her feel welcome to join sunday mass and teach her girly things like doing her nails
>ex-nun wife gets some lewd piercings and tattoos, helps maintain the new wild shrine along with the family altar
>she incorporates beads and flowers into her style and embraces her sister-wife's earthy look, seeing it as another form of faith
>the two of them form a very deep bond and like to 'pray' for conception by pressing their wombs together after sex with master, or sharing the mating shout
>wild psychedelic orgies with the whole harem become a regular activity during tribal holidays
>a cult with enough members is just a religion
Especially for one that encourages it's members to breed like bunnies.
It'd be easy to subvert non-patriarchal nations by demographics alone...

>Some facilities are state-operated but many more are run by the Church
Is the whole "separation of church and state" basically a facade at this point?
Laws are made based on holy texts, society's morals adhere to the faith and most of the population worships the Star Father
There could be "secular" patriarchies but even there The Church of the Star Father holds sway

>promise of the world beyond and the men in
>first boy is like a demigod descending to Earth
What about teaching them to find happiness in their service to men in general?
They'd love to be part of a young man's harem but not every girl gets that change.
Yet they can still fine pleasure and fulfillment in the public use bureau or living as a nun
Pretty much; some nations put on a more secular front than others, but even when scripture isn't directly upstream of law, they work hand in hand to keep society thrumming.

If you use their secluded early years to make men into something mythical, you build up their import and mystique. That's how you get them to worship the ground men walk on, and make it a dream to serve men however they can.
File: 1.jpg (152 KB, 900x1035)
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152 KB JPG
Slaves aren't sent to the same schools as free women. They're usually trained within the household, but outside of that there are three kinds of institutions for slaves. They're not universally used, but they do exist.

>Conditioning Centers
Where dissenting women and captured foreign women are sent. They're basically sophisticated mindbreaking and re-education centers to tailor a woman's personality to your specific desires, but they only teach basic domestic skills. There are less intense versions that some women volunteer for to recondition themselves for a more healthy mindset. For example, foreign women volunteering to enter the patriarchy.

>Career Schools
Essentially schools for specific skills such as cooking, maidwork, sex work, etc. They're usually run assuming that the women that enter are already conditioned, although light reinforcement training is sometimes offered.

>Chattel Farms
Not really a place for education per se, but women do get sent there to learn their place. Chattel have their humanity stripped away with heavy-handed conditioning, and women who don't get completely conditioned would wish they did as living conditions in the pens are pretty miserable if you're not a blissed-out, sex-addicted shell. Masters will send disobedient women there as a final punishment, or if they need a lot of raw material in the form of women. Most captured foreign women, women who just can't be conditioned, or the dregs of the public school system might also end up here.

It should be noted that conservatories also produce slaves as masters can send talented slaves there.

Bastard children usually inherit the rank of their mothers although fathers can promote them if they want. However, you can't demote your own child to a lower rank. But if you demote their mother, you also demote them too. This is assuming they're from a mother of high enough rank to even be raised by their biological mother instead of communally in the household or public nursery.
File: 86432313_p0.jpg (1.14 MB, 2032x1683)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB JPG
Women thought artificial wombs would allow them to create a society independent of men, but then they realized the hard way they had too many social scientists and overpromoted officewomen and not enough mechanics who knew how to maintain machines as complex as artificial wombs. Whoops.
>even when scripture isn't directly upstream of law, they work hand in hand to keep society thrumming
Related point but scripture/state religion would also effect the behavior of men.
And the social expectations put on then, men are expected to fill that benevolent master role.
Straying into sadism wouldn't be accepted...

>worship the ground men walk on, and make it a dream to serve men however they can.
So erotic but in a twisted sort of way.
Women being religiously indoctrinated yet also trained with sexual pleasure as a core reward.
So most slave women coming out of the schooling system are complete succubuses
They don't just passively wait for men to come to them they seek out fuck buddies.
A nun propositions men on the street, concubines know when master wants sex without verbal commands

>foreign women... dregs of the public school system might also end up here
So most of the women at these farms are foreign born?
I find it hard to believe that a native women could end up here.

Would the Bastard daughters born here be put though the system as orphans?
Relation to their mother isn't tracked so they don't have the shame of knowing she's Chattel.
I feel like there's a key thing that the versions we're describing aren't lining up on: why are there "free women" in a patriarchy? Every woman, at every point in her life from the moment she's born in a patriarchal nation, has a designated male owner.

At birth, it could be their father, or their mother's owner, or the head doctor/deacon at the hospital/church of your birth... but it's only high-born daughter that get to be "daddy's girl" until their marriage. As a schoolgirl or teacher, it is the headmaster of your smaller church-operated boarding complex, or the Minister of Education if run by the state. Police girls and government agents at ICA, FOO or PUB answer to their bureau chiefs. Private sector girls like resort wenches or airline hostesses or chain restaurant waitresses are property, and assets, of the CEO.

For forward-facing service work like public use whore or resort slut, or for existence in captivity like an of-age school girl, the men you see and serve are "acting masters" by the will of your true master; you abide their needs because your owning master had willed it so. Knowing and serving with the man who holds your title is a mark of great stature and a lifetime goal. Finding a home or being of such great value that a man personally oversees your life is the ultimate aim of a woman's life. Private maid, high-ranking spy or policewoman, personal secretary to the CEO; all these are just below "wife" in stature.

While mass-owned women may only rarely see their owner, he has all the same rights and reverence. The Minister of Education has free domain over any girls' complex with post-Visitation students and teachers, and can have his way with the tens or hundreds of thousands of them freely. A company president spies some blowjob girl from Accounting he wants for himself and she's promoted at once. The president of a resort could close the place down for a weekend and book the place out to only a few guests, or have it all to himself.
Different women approach sexual forwardness differently. You definitely have plenty of Kei-style coomers that will approach men and grind their pussy on anything smooth enough. Others are happy and confident, greeting you with spread pussy lips and presenting themselves to you with the same polite smile as if offering a glass of lemonade. Some are bashful, but secretly the horniest of all, waiting for someone to grant them permission to drop composure devolve into a writhing, wet mess. With so many women around, there's room for variation in approach.

As for sadism, it depends on the outlet. There are resorts that specialize in BDSM, and specially trained and certified women who can accommodate those desires. While the urges themselves are shunned by the Church, they are not a sin or a reflection on the man or woman unless acted on inappropriately. Finding a safe and proper release for these desires is considered a spiritual triumph over the influence of Lucifer.

I'm reminded of this ongoing series of nsfw fics that's basically "What if the gods were actually a shamelessly subby woman who built everything to appeal to their various weird fetishes?"

Mostly we got hints of some magical girl society and ero-RPG thing, the entire background for it is that women are either bisexual submissives or switches, so I can probably see an enthusiastically consenting patriarchy in that sort of setting.
>why are there "free women" in a patriarchy?
Perhaps >>10238405 was using that term to describe high-born daughters.
The girls that get the "daddy's girl" treatment and who get married off as wives
As opposed to the rest of the female population slaves who fill all the roles from restaurant waitress to resort whore

>government agents at ICA, FOO or PUB
Gonna try to name these ones
>ICA: Imperial Collar Agency
>PUB: Public Use Bureau
>FOO: Foreign Operations Office

>Different women approach sexual forwardness differently
On top of that within the patriarchy there's basically no laws public indecency(specifically the sexual type)
Aside from the areas for tourists, your allowed to fuck in public though it's easy to find a more private area like behind a bush or in the restrooms
Mating is just seen as a Normal activity for both men and women

>resorts that specialize in BDSM
>safe and proper release for these desires
Funny idea but what if these BDSM/hardcore rape brothels are the type of stuff you find within the Seedy red-light districts in the patriarchy.
This is the kind of thing they want to keep out of mind, it's all legal but you wouldn't want your slave on a errand to see what your doing in there
So unlike your wholesome neighborhood brothel or nunnery, they have blackout windows and other things like that.
Three for three. You'll ace the naturalization exam.
>(Men avoid this channel with heaps of softcore porn like the plague.)
Why exactly?
File: furukawa_itsuse.jpg (1.49 MB, 3057x2056)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB JPG
It's just condensed brain rot, tailored specifically to women's emotional and libidinal weak points. It's like Harlequin novels on steroids. Men avoid it because it's just trash TV; it's not like it has hypnotic triggers or IQ-lowering power or anything. (Probably not anyway...)

If a man wants to revel in women being women, watch Channel A. If you want brain rot that's at least amusing, Channel C. If you want a serviceable plot in between the graphic sex scenes, you'd watching something on Channel D.
Most of the women on these farms are descended from other chattel, and exist for the sake of producing more female raw material.
Bastard daughters are usually raised on the estates they're born in. If found off the street, they're typically raised in orphanages run by religious organizations.

The fact that men fundamentally want to own women is a truth the patriarchy is built around. But there is a difference between women who are your property and women that are subservient to you as members of your family. A Wife belongs to her Husband, but equally a Husband belongs to their Wife. They're equals with separate and spiritually important roles with the wife bearing the submissive and nurturing role and the husband bearing the dominant and providing role. A husband is like the walls of the house, and a wife is like the hearth. Without walls, the wind would blow out the hearth. And even though stone walls could bear the cold without the hearth, is a hearthless house worth living in? And like how children are subordinate to their parents, but their parents bear the brunt of responsibility for caring for them, likewise it is for husband and wife. Not so with slaves and chattel, who are property. Slaves bear both the dignity and responsibility of women, but chattel don't.
Well of course. The man has a duty of care to any and every woman he owns, and to society at large. But not every woman can be a wife or be a privately owned maid or slave.

"Conditioning" of foreign women is done as a part of the ICA's re-homing services, and "career"/finishing schools exist as two- or four-year "colleges" after 18 years of general education and conditioning. The core curriculum covers all the bases possible to make sure that one a girl is of age, she is obedient, dutiful, physically flexible, sexually liberated, bicurious, and ready for sex at any time.

The "chattel farm" you describe sounds more like the Public Use Bureau's home office than anything. That or it's something from the partriarchy's expansionist era, before they become the dominant mode of society.
File: 53828290_p1_master1200.jpg (395 KB, 849x1200)
395 KB
395 KB JPG
>naturalization exam
Aside from the other normal stuff that naturalization requires(learning language, x years living here and etc.)
The patriarchy would include a requirement for men to be able to domesticate a woman before his required residence time is up
Essentially this means he'll need to get involved with helping women to "immigrate" (trafficking)
IRL crime syndicates get new members to break the law so they can't back out, ensuring their loyalty

>Bastard daughters are usually raised on the estates they're born in
The basic rule is that the daughter belongs to the owner of her mother
And a man can claim his bastards for a fee but this is exceptionally rare
Though how many master who own large estates would have deals with the orphanage system(>>10237660)?

>not every woman can be a wife or be a privately owned maid or slave
Wives are the extreme minority of the female population, with privately owned maid/slaves being 2nd.
There's simply not enough men to go around after all
File: 3_1_501099-003.png (1.21 MB, 610x868)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB PNG
How it works in my setting is that freeborn mothers/daughter relationships are heavily encouraged since familial bonds are the foundation of the manoral-estate system and society in general. But children from less high-ranking women are raised in common to weave together familial bonds across an estate to make the harem more cohesive.
If by "freeborn" you mean to a wife, then yes. Both the father (master) and mother (wife) should be active and constant presences in a proper master-born daughter's life. Most would be homeschooled (as would most sons) but there would be a few private academies I suppose. No Visitations, though, and a slightly different curriculum. Even so, the wife and the daughter are still legally deemed property of their husband/father; they are still women, after all.

As far as other girls, the overwhelming majority are put into the boarding complex system. If you're not going to actually raise the girl as your lineage, how much good is she to your estate? Once she's of age, it's not like you're going to have her breed with any of your sons, and CERTAINLY not yourself. It's not like they're worth holding onto as a long-term investment, either; female flesh is a very common coin.

In very rural and/or poor areas, you might see estates trade off bastard daughters individually to keep inbreeding down, but it's easiest to just drop them into the school system and let the maids and/or cum dumps get back to focusing on you. Once they're past their prime, they'll be able to play mommy and granny to their hearts' content.
I think the estates and treatment of women based on blooding line in>>10240484
And the whole slave school system form >>10240539 could easily exist along side eachother.

>how much good is she to your estate?
It's a question of class/wealth reasoning for men.
Masters with the money to afford massive estates are the ones raising their low-born daughters "at home".
Reason being that these girls are sold as high class concubines
Or are used as part of marriage gifts when master-born daughters or sons get married.

While for your average man he might just have his wife and a few slaves.
He's certainly not going to bother raising daughters he fathers with his maid so it's the slave school system for them.
Either way with how sex/breeding has been normalized men would be leaving quite a few bastard daughters behind.
And it's doubtful even a rich master would bother tracking them all down
I dunno, there's two main reasons I just can't see it. One is that women are so plentiful, especially for a wealthy master, that the benefits of raising a "high class concubine" from your unwanted daughters are slim, and I'm not sure what you get that differentiates them to be a cut above. Maybe if a man had enough wealth to operate his own private complex, he could rear them that way? Maybe there are more exclusive and/or expensive academies even within the "generic girl" system? Those daughters' "value" won't be realized for almost 20 years, mind you.

But more than that, those girls are still the daughters of the father that sired them. Turning the idea of "family" into an exclusive privilege and sign of luxury, is critical! You can't underestimate the power of those bonds to destabilize a system that passes women around so freely. The fact that daughters are getting dropped off ASAP, shuffled into a vast system of secluded indoctrination schools, and their birth records expected to gather dust is no accident. Even if you treat their birth as some kind of investment, you want them out of sight and out of mind until they're ready to serve.

I'm not saying there's no way to get women with elite, above-and-beyond concubine training, but that's what the public school system strives to create anyway. Like I said, maybe there's some pricing and exclusivity within schools for bastard daughters. Maybe dropping off bastard daughters is tied to the number and quality of women you're legally allowed to own?
File: 92442914_p1_master1200.jpg (737 KB, 1200x900)
737 KB
737 KB JPG
>operate his own private complex, he could rear them that way?
>exclusive and/or expensive academies
Men who are wealthy enough could create slave bloodlines and have them raised privately
Or send them to exclusive academies, reason for both of these options is that your creating rarity/branding for these slaves.
Sure they'll get high class etiquette classes but the main appeal is the comparative rarity of these girls

>out of sight and out of mind until they're ready to serve
It would be socially acceptable for rich men to remain distant from his slave daughters.
Even in a private facility the girls there would rarely see their father, usually only when he brings buyers for viewing
So the whole notion of passing around women freely is still encouraged, they're still your slaves after all

>bastard daughters is tied to the number and quality of women you're legally allowed to own?
The legal limit could be around 50-80 women then, but realistically most men don't bother having more than a dozen.
So the majority are put into the system and most bastards are likely unclaimed.
And due to this relatively small number of women your allowed to own rich masters keep fewer daughters
So once again your creating rarity, as now there aren't that many slaves coming from exclusive slave schools
File: 75.jpg (348 KB, 1280x1774)
348 KB
348 KB JPG
I still personally disagree with the idea of wives and daughters being property. In my scenario, they'd be the spiritual equals of men, but that means that they have different societal expectations. The responsibilities of womanhood are different than those of men etc etc. Slaves are your inferiors. The idea of property implies you can do whatever you want with it, which is the role chattel occupy.
Tell me more about arcade lore
Creating a "slave bloodline" being raised in private... is your bloodline that's getting enslaved. Outside of the sons and daughters that a man wants to have an active role in raising, you don't want the bloodline to matter. If "freedom" for women is the root of evil according both the church and the state, why would it be something to strive for as an elite luxury in marriage?

The system hinges on the fact that even as women gain more luxuries and choices, final say and responsibility is the burden of their man and master. Don't get me wrong, you want women to strive to be wives and mothers, and for service to be their best shot at it, but you have to be diligent about the conditioning or else the whole scheme breaks down. Even "separate but equal" rhetoric puts the system at risk.

Legal limits on private harems might be feasible, but you'd have to carve out an exception for large institutions or make sure that the chain of command within them is exceedingly clear. Take New Pan Am: if either the president or the company itself doesn't own all the air hostesses, who does? Are they property of their pilots, and the pilots answer to corporate? Do the pilots become responsible for the hostesses' food and shelter when on the ground? Seems harder to manage.
>responsibilities of womanhood are different
>Slaves are your inferiors
But women are inferior, that is why it's a man's responsibility to control them.
They can't be trusted to run their own lives much less vote on how society should be run.
It's this inferiority/vulnerability that's part of the reason why men treat women with benevolence.

>why would it be something to strive for as an elite luxury in marriage?
In my setting slavery is the norm, and there's merely differing ranks for women.
Ultimately they are still owned by men, so even if she's a daughter between husband and wife she's still a slave
Women who are raised to be wives have simply been trained differently and marriage is in reality still selling her off
Under no circumstances can women be given real freedom, they must always be under the protect and control of a man

>exception for large institutions
Well that is the reason why companies, Churches and schools can own and sell so many women.
There's a licensing system with the ICA that's specific for institutions.
They're subject to regular inspections to ensure they're properly caring for their women
Higher standards are placed on them and etc.

>pilots answer to corporate?
Employees are expected to treat any slaves entrusted to them with proper care
These women are only ever temporality your responsibility and funds are set aside to care for them

>hostesses' food and shelter when on the ground?
In this example Airlines would have facilities to house their slaves at larger airports.
Like how they have maintenance centers for planes, if that's not possible pilots can use local hotels most of which have deals made with airlines
Exactly. Exactly! That's why a resort customer is the "acting master" of a slut owned by her resort. or the cubicle jockey is the "acting master" of a blowjob girl that's owned by the company. He isn't her owner per se, but he has control over her and limited responsibility while in command of her.

Of course, when the woman is owned by an unlimited harem concern, the paperwork specifies the appropriate high-ranking man involved (a police chief, a spymaster, an archbishop, an education minister, a CEO, a resort president) as their master. That man has all the associated privileges whenever he chooses to invoke them, but the women can be allocated and used as needed. So long as their well-being is seen to, it's all on the level.
File: 47eb1bc.jpg (158 KB, 848x1200)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
Bloodline only matters for sons in the culture of my setting. For daughters, it's about degree of relation to bloodline that's important, not who they're descended to, but who fulfills the relationship of their father, husband, or mother.

While some people think that letting woman have rights strains the harmony of society, the real reason society is strained from female empowerment is that it diverges from the natural position of women, not the fact that women are in power. In the natural state of humanity, women ARE equal to men, and their responsibilities differ. In fact, saying that the one who leads is superior is a rule that dictates male-male interactions. Applying the same standards to male-female interactions is a mistake. The question of industrialized society is how can humans fulfill the roles they naturally fill when the world has changed from the environment humans naturally live in? The big problem of the late 20th century and early 21st century on the part of women wasn't that women were free, it was that they tried to emulate male roles. And the other big problem permeating throughout most of history is that men are territorial and naturally want to accumulate women. Patriarchy should fulfill those needs, not establish a reactionary faux-traditionalist hierarchy which arbitrarily places men above women, a system as arbitrary and unnatural as placing women as equal and identical to men.

Or at least that's what the official line of the patriarchy is in setting. Reasoning might differ from culture to culture to be more like what you suggest in some.

And of course, hierarchies in harems are important in maintaining harmony. I have a pretty autistically detailed thing about hierarchies that I'm not sure I've posted in this thread yet.
If women's are truly "separate but equal" in your society, which is already a kind of world historical joke, how are harems justified? If they are free and possess all the rights and respect of a man, what happens to women who defy the expectations of their role?

Women can still have some agency over their lives, and their input is of course welcome in decisions, but if final power doesn't rest in the hands of men, how does a patriarchal society sustain itself without reverting back to "free state" chaos? Patriarchy needs to be able to exert itself symbolic level with collar pageantry and shows of deference, and it also needs to be legally enshrined.

This whole thing is in some ways splitting hairs, sure, but there's a reason the idiom says that the velvet glove is worn by an iron fist.
File: 85621137_p3.jpg (222 KB, 1273x900)
222 KB
222 KB JPG
>isn't her owner per se, but he has control over her and limited responsibility
The main restrictions on his power that's most noticeable is that he's limited in where he can physically take her.
For example her GPS collar geo locks her to certain company locations.
Second is that even though breeding is 100% allowed and encouraged a temp master has no claim to any bastards
They belong to her registered owner and will likely go into the slave school system

>arbitrarily places men above women...
It's not arbitrary though, studies in the patriarchy show women are less intelligent, not as strong, more emotional etc.
An ideal patriarchy just acknowledges this and adjusts women's rights accordingly.
It's not devaluing women for this, they're supposed to be protected and loved by men.
So they can live their happiest life as breeders, mothers and fem-coomers

>their responsibilities differ
That's one thing our societies can both agree on.
But the implications of this is that women don't need legal equality to men.
What use would they have for it if they spend all day living in a golden cage
File: 83293471_p0.png (2.41 MB, 1920x1080)
2.41 MB
2.41 MB PNG
Harems are justified because men are naturally acquisitional and territorial regarding women and want to collect them. The male reproduction strategy is one that prioritizes spreading seed far while the female reproduction strategy is one where relationships to mates are cultivated so that they can be guaranteed the security needed to rear their young. Harems are the institutionalization of that.

You're mistaking the male expression of authority for a measure of position in society. Men's authority is hard and strict, in the form of commands and edicts. Woman's is soft and influential, in the form of suggestions and hints. Men tell women what to do, but a man will do much more to please a woman than vice versa. A woman properly satisfied will devote her entire life and time and body to a man, but a good man would die for love. And besides, while men direct and order the world, the hand that rocks the cradle rocks the world isn't that so?

Saying women are lesser than men because they are less intelligent, not as strong, etc, is measuring women by traits that would be desirable in men. Judging a fish by it's ability to climb a tree. By the standards of women, most men are lacking. Not as beautiful, not as submissive, not as in tune with their inner emotional state, wholly unable to bear children. The world should be designed so that men and woman can play to their strengths, but that is not the establishing of one sex as spiritually greater than the other.

>Women having legal equality to men
Lmao. No. Of course laws shouldn't treat women the same as men because they are different. But identical treatment is a very narrow definition of equality. The equality I speak of is recognizing the male and female as complimentary, both essential, and thus neither should be judged as more or less important than the other.

But this conversation is getting me worked up. Shall we retire to a parlour so I may show you some newly acquired public use maids?
File: 1644496954743-2.png (896 KB, 758x900)
896 KB
896 KB PNG
>men and woman can play to their strengths
>recognizing the male and female as complimentary
Finally there's something we can agree on, men in their proper role as the leaders and providers.
While women belong in the home as mothers or working to pleasure men

>newly acquired public use maids?
Are they a new or exotic Breed, or are they women who've just "Immigrated"?
Personally I prefer native born women but that might be different for you

How open are you to maids swapping for a few nights?
You have permission to impregnate my maids too(and I encourage it)...
File: 1601429114635.jpg (1.4 MB, 1280x945)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB JPG
They're exotic breed mutts, I can't identify them. Although I could talk about exotic breeds for quite some time, I'm new to the market as I preferred baseline women for the longest time.

it depends. Tell me about your maids. I'm liable to lend maids to friends without asking for any compensation.
File: 1644440566017-3.png (796 KB, 710x900)
796 KB
796 KB PNG
>Tell me about your maids. I'm liable to lend maids
Mine aren't any specialty breeds or anything, they're just bastards I bought from the local church run slave school.
They're quite energetic and always willing, yet when I first got them they where too shy about their sexual needs.
But now that they've been trained they're the perfect whores just like their nun mothers.
They don't play coy about sex, they'll ask you for sex like they'd ask for a glass of water.
So think of "Mizuryu kei" personality type girls.

Also as a house rule contraceptives are a no no for my slaves.
They have already given me a few litters of slaves, so my church tithes are covered.
I assume that you're alright with breeding them, but can I expect the same courtesy?
There are many denominations of the faith and some conditions vary from church to church, but the typical life of a blessed sister is as follows:

>a girl is selected to join the nunnery from the communal schools if she shows a gentle, humble soul and a healthy constitution as she comes of age
>she is fed a diet rich in fat and protein, in generous portions to give her a bountiful and soft but sturdy childbearing physique
>she does not partake of alcohol or stimulants, instead drinking a mixture of cream, honey and sweet, juicy fruit as an indulgent treat
>cutting her hair is forbidden, with many growing theirs to their knees and grooming their body hair to grow thick and soft
>every day she bathes and prays along with her virgin sisters, massaging their breasts to promote their growth and encourage lactation
>together with her sisters she studies scripture, maintains the church grounds, sings hymns and watches over the girls not yet of age, behaving as though they were her daughters
>the holy matrons who teach them the womanly arts often need help maintaining their pregnant bodies and pumping breastmilk, so she assists with anything they need and heeds their advice
>on holy days she may masturbate or play with the other sisters as practice, though her hymen must remain intact until marriage
>a blessed sister who completes her training may be given to a man in her church's community to be his wife, at the priest's recommendation
>young, devout unmarried men who will sire many children are favored, but others may be chosen if they show good morals and make generous contributions
>otherwise she is 'wed' to the star-father, and becomes a holy matron for an ordained priest and his congregation to impregnate for the rest of her fertile life
>holy matrons breed, teach younger sisters and share their milk with mothers in need until they become midwives in their crone years

It can take a lot of time and dedication, but getting a wife from the church is always worth it.
File: 1570505514538.jpg (323 KB, 1242x1725)
323 KB
323 KB JPG
I don't mind it with the maids. Just don't touch the consorts and wives and you're welcome in my household.

But on that topic, I wonder if assumptions about the nature of women differ from country to country, as well as the role they're expected to play in society.
>don't touch the consorts and wives
Well of course those women are the ones you're expecting to give you male heirs.
Or daughters you intend to raise as wives for arranged marriages.
But well maids, they're for helping around the house and keeping the female population up.
It's common practice for maids to sleep around as to obfuscate who's the father of her daughters.

>role they're expected to play in society
The role of women our society envisions is perfectly shown in >>10243345
A woman's highest calling is to be a mother/breeder living a pampered life that allows them to focus entirely on that.
Sexual and domestic servitude come as a natural second behind that primary goal
Every woman from consorts to the resort slaves will help with the "go forth and multiply" ideal

>holy matron for an ordained priest and his congregation to impregnate for the rest of her fertile life
With how few men there are compared to women it'd be difficult to find an unmarried man in the first place.
So would most virgin sisters become Holy matrons then(multiple of them living at the same church/coven)?
Anymore of these?
File: 56528867_p5.png (353 KB, 800x1000)
353 KB
353 KB PNG
I only made the one, it's a pain getting something like that to fit within 4chan filesize limits and I had no idea if there was an appetite for it or not.
well incase you haven't noticed this thread seems to love impregnation/breeding.
Really anything that puts women back into their "natural" role
File: 1631630094330.png (1.83 MB, 1777x1155)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB PNG
True enough, if inspiration strikes I might pop out more, impreg themed or not.
File: 1585969733029.jpg (27 KB, 600x449)
27 KB
That being said, in my patriarchy's culture, you need the permission of the grandparents to terminate the pregnancy of your wife or consort since it's their grandchild too.
For me, the breeding and pregnancy stuff is admittedly just something I've come to accept as part of the setting, but it's not the appeal to me. I mean it doesn't put me off (mostly) but that's not where I get the charge from.

It's a man surrounded by supple warm bodies, dressed and styled to his liking and fully at his disposal. A girl riding the cock, two draped over his chest, another four for tending to each limb, a pair of big tits behind him as a pillow, and another four masturbating just for an added show. If they're in matching outfits, cosplay or just the same lingerie, all the better.

And the dozen girls all do it because they know that even if they're on leg or pillow duty right this second, Master will rotate them next time, and see to them all individually in between. They know that as long as Master is happy, everything inside the walls of this little world will be a paradise. All they need to do is sparingly cook, and sparingly clean... and the rest of their life is brain-obliterating bliss. These bigger orgies are the least they can do as thanks; it's only fair that Master get some time with every sense and every nerve ending exploding with pleasure.

The collar, to them, is a more real and unbreakable promise of love than any ring. Every clink of the leash, every firm tug a reminder.
>just something I've come to accept as part of the setting, but it's not the appeal to me
You could see it as just a means to an end in a way.
How else would men have harems as the norm or have dozens of public sluts to fuck on a normal day.
They have to come from somewhere...

>more real and unbreakable promise of love than any ring
Best aspect of the patriarchy is just letting women "turn their brains off".
Let go of all the worries about having to actually run your own life.
Master guides you on his leash, and all you need to do is enjoy the cummies along the way
Yeah that's pretty much how I see it; it's a setting that's amenable to a lot of different things, and it's true that you absolutely have to keep those populations numbers going up, up, up.

How else do you get to have things like fashion shows that buy clones of the girl in addition to their barely-there outfits, or naked Collar Day parades down Main Street that break down into public outdoor orgies at the end of the route?

Even if I'm a bit agnostic to the Church and don't attend outside of big holidays, I would never sell short what its faith done for society, much less the services and bounties it provides. I thank the Star Father every night for the joy that fills my home, as do all my girls when they kneel in prayer before bed.
>sell short what its faith done for society, much less the services and bounties it provides
Best aspect of it is the brainwashing it does on women, specifically the ones born and bred in the patriarchy.
They have no concept of freedom and their lewd lives as slaves just normal for them.
It's the life they know and they'd even hate/fear any efforts by outsiders to free them.
Their entire world view being intensely erotic and not being able to think of it any other way...

>break down into public outdoor orgies at the end of the route?
Well that's just to be expected isn't it.
Just another part of life like your friend's maids offering you sex at the door.
Or a public use slave ensuring your balls are drained

>absolutely have to keep those populations numbers going up, up, up
And of course tying it all back around, the constant sex is used to keep the supply of slave women plentiful!
I hear you. That's another thing I find I'm maybe in the minority about: some people are really into the hunt and the chase and conversion, but I'm really just into it for the end result. It's good that there are men who take in unruly foreign women, and nations adopt the patriarchal model there of course needs to be restructuring.

But for me there's nothing better than a woman who's never known anything but the joy and peace of submission. Even the most zealous of reformed free-women still has a hard time fully shaking certain notions they grew up with. Little snags in response time, brief flashes of embarrassment. Hesitations caused by the scars of a former life. Sure, these traces of being awkward or bashful can be extremely charming... but it's just not the same.

Native citizens, born and raised for the collar, truly live to serve and for the pleasure it brings. They display their assets with pride and confidence. They relish every command, every caress, every squeeze, every thrust. The uncaring degradation and trouble that a "free society" brings upon its puritanical women are just a distant boogeyman. No bodily shame. No denial of natural urges. No fear or spite towards men... and no ill-mannered, disgruntled or broken men to fear!

Their love, their lust and their obedience are unconditional and unhindered, as natural and automatic as breathing. Their bliss is bliss itself to behold, and to provide.
>woman who's never known anything but the joy and peace of submission
Funny thing is how this is the reason why so many "liberation" attempts fail
Like a feminist agent at lesbian sex resort uncollars slaves expecting them all to run for it.
Only to be captured by her rescuees and ending up in a breaking facility

>traces of being awkward or bashful...
Well that does has its own appeal, society as a whole aims to eliminate the real feelings behind it
In most women this disappears with time but they have the ability to act it better than any native women
So ironically foreign women excel over native women in "rape" porn or working at BDSM brothels

>No bodily shame. No denial of natural urges
Best part about that is how women's libido is very responsive to master's training.
Casual groping, finger sex, quickies anywhere/anytime and etc.
Sex is so common that women in the patriarchy are coomers be default.
It just varies how open they are about their needs
Old Skool Bump
File: 1585363328311.jpg (984 KB, 3840x2160)
984 KB
984 KB JPG
But at the same time, there's the times where women have things done to them that isn't in their best interest, with agency over not only what they do but who they are being in the hands of their masters. With the reshaping of not only libido, but personality, it gives a feel that the value of a woman is in her womanhood, and thus the seat of her being is in that womanhood, not her personhood, which is really a big contrast to present day values.

But at the same time, having that much control over a girl is hot af, especially when they give it up willingly. There's a school of thought in psychology which theorizes that given the evidence, personality is only perceived and doesn't actually exist as something in your brain and it wouldn't be much of a stretch to see relativistic, empirical science like that being used to explain to women how their misgivings about what the patriarchy does to them isn't grounded in reality.

Imagine explaining to a freshly caught woman from outside the patriarchy that it's impossible to accuse the patriarchy of reshaping her personality since scientifically speaking, she doesn't have a real one to begin with. Present her with good, hard, irrefutable data supporting this, all the better if it's gathered from before the formation of the patriarchy. If she can't accept it, that's only more evidence for the irrationality of women and why they're better off under male guidance.

Promise to reward her if she can think of coherent arguments against it, and of course, punish her when she protests against the slow rewriting of her personality without refuting it.
File: daiaru4.jpg (472 KB, 850x478)
472 KB
472 KB JPG
A girl should be aware of her strengths and what suits her best, thanks to her schooling and additional training, and that should be given thought as to her wardrobe and assigned roles, but ultimately she is whatever master says she is and does whatever her master tells her to do.

Psychological remapping is a particularly extreme form of this basic truth, but there are certainly applications for it. What comes to mind right away is the means that New Stepford uses to self-select, filter, and gradually alter women towards the proper archetype.


But maybe that's more a demonstration that a "personality" is, while nice, not technically *necessary* for a woman's purpose in life.
>reshaping of not only libido, but personality, it gives a feel that the value of a woman is in her womanhood
Kind of relates to how there's specialist slave schools after women get basic training.
Ones that can change women into specific archetypes or prep them to fulfill certain roles in a household.
And even for women raised by their fathers, they're sculpted at every step too.

>"personality" is, while nice, not technically *necessary* for a woman's purpose in life
Women are to be the target of men's sexual lust, their love, to be their toys in bed and for breeding.
So it's only natural that every aspect of their lives are controlled by men, not just the external things like daily routine or living conditions
But even her thoughts in her head are his domain there's no privacy and nothing is out of master's control
File: 2.jpg (466 KB, 1200x900)
466 KB
466 KB JPG
>girls are required to do well and those that aren't are assigned to public use roles to satisfy boys who are rather unjustly subjected to being around women in the flower of their youth with no real way to approach or court them politely or without much awkwardness. The worst-performing girls are enslaved and sold by the schools to raise money for such expensive education.
What would the school do if the parents protested their daughters being subjected to such things? Or would they do that at all? Would mothers be allowed to take places of their daughters or work for school in some manner to avoid the daughter being sold off or placed in a public use role?
Because I can definitely see a mother pleading not to have her daughter get enslaved. Promising to work, to clean, to take her place, to do anything asked of her.
Oh and another thing, would the rate of girls being pushed into public use roles/enslavement be a matter of achieving a passing rate or just the worst 2% of students every month being enslaved?
Not >>10237252, but I have some ideas:

>protested their daughters being subjected to such things?
If it was a private school for the raising of daughters into wives.
Then it's likely the parents could have a say in the treatment of their daughters
These girls aren't destoned to be run of the mill slaves
And they could Always take their daughters out and homeschool them like upper class families do

>Or would they do that at all?
in cases of bastards or when girls are sold to the slave school.
Then fathers don't really care about the treatment of these girls, not that it's cruelty or anything
Just that they don't belong to him and thus it's not his concern.

>avoid the daughter being sold off or placed in a public use role?
Having a true born daughter(master x his wife) enslaved for public use would certainly be a black mark.
So most of the time a mother can help redeem her daughter by working at the school as a teacher, record keeping, etc.
Sexual redemption is only done by the father's maids, like letting the head master use them for a few weeks

>rate of girls being pushed into public use roles
It'd assume it's somewhere between 10-20% have chances of becoming public use sluts.
There's Visitations(young men looking for women), normal sails to older men, specialist schools looking for girls and ect.
Unless she opt-ed into public use roles then it's mainly for girls that don't get sold off.
I mean with the male-female ratio being what it is there's just not enough men sometimes...
>Thank you for joining us today. We here at the ICA would like to take this time to address the frankly ridiculous rumors about "mind control chips" and "puppet women" that various free-state journalists and politicians have alleged, far from the jurisdiction of our nation's libel laws.

>We readily acknowledge that some private companies have submitted "invisible collar" prototypes to our offices. These have been heavily scrutinized and subjected to independent government testing, as is standard for any collar model submitted for ICA certification. While the companies have quite reasonably demurred from identifying themselves, they have very graciously allowed to discuss some generalized details.

>Most of the designs that are near the final stages for market approval are based on a subcutaneous RFID chip, paired with a full-body array of compact electrodes. The electrodes are embedded in the fabric of a custom-made undergarment or uniform, and can administer shock for discipline or pleasure at the operation of a phone application. Initial "real-world conditions" feedback has been very positive from participating masters and their women. Competing models for these will likely be made available by winter holidays next year.

>The ICA has never seen, much less tested, anything like the salacious fearmongering coming from foreign interests. These wild rumors of things like brain implants, neurochemical manipulation, emotion control, quasi-hypnotic command, body synchronization, and "push-button sluts" (as one colorful MP said) are all absurd. These lurid perversions serve only to make science-fiction horror out of the immense strides in technology, neurology and psychology our society has made possible.

>As to additional technologies the companies have yet to submit to us formally, we cannot in good conscience comment or hypothesize on their private research and development. Thank you for coming. Please direct all inquiries to our appropriate sub-office.
>ridiculous rumors about "mind control chips" and "puppet women"
It's a cope that free nations use to explain how captured women always end up trained and domesticated.
None of them want to face the idea that women want to be dominated, controlled and loved.
They don't want to have to deal with responsibilities men have, it's more fun to be a daddy's girl

>RFID chip, paired with a full-body array of compact electrodes
Just another tool to aid in training women.
They all have that hidden side to them, it's just a matter of helping them find their true self.
Just that women in the patriarchy can living happily in their naturally lewd state
without having to hide it/being ashamed of it

>strides in technology, neurology and psychology
Having a complete cure to depression and other mental illnesses
All aimed at ensuring a happy and complaint female population
"mindless" women living lives of sexual bliss...
File: 1607083747035.jpg (318 KB, 1540x2160)
318 KB
318 KB JPG
I bet some people like assessing girls carefully and shaping them into the archetype most suited for them while others like the internal conflict it must bring in girls to have their psyche reshaped radically from what it was before. Turning a soft-spoken, bookish girl into a tanned athlete who loves sports or vice versa. Still, others treat the original girls as raw material to be sent into the system and only see value in what comes out the other side.
File: 1586135975459.jpg (899 KB, 1400x2000)
899 KB
899 KB JPG
I should of replied to this too.

See >>10249925

Mind control chips? How preposterous. We do everything through good, ol' fashioned conditioning. It's more natural that way and the product is higher-quality.
>shaping them into the archetype most suited for them
>see value in what comes out the other side
According to patriarchal culture women's personalities/habits like anything else are entirely under the control of her master.
If you find her unsuited for what you want of her or if her behavior is harmful then your encouraged to change her
Women after all don't know what's best for themselves and a good girl knows to completely trust her daddy(master)

>others like the internal conflict it must bring in girls
This is mainly in captives that can't accept that they had an inner sub/lewd slut side to them.
Living in a free nation that raised them to hate their femininity and to pretend to be men
So once that side to them is released they have a tinge of fear

>good, ol' fashioned conditioning. It's more natural that way and the product is higher-quality.
Depends on what type of women your working with then, if it's your average bastard girls raised at slave schools or high born daughters then conditioning is used.
For clones or the truly un-savable rebellious types then more high-tech solutions are always an option
it's always a case of "at master's discretion"
Jesus I can’t remember the last time my dick got this hard.
I’m normally into femdom but this is awakening something in me.
File: 2.jpg (605 KB, 1108x1584)
605 KB
605 KB JPG
There's no such thing as unsaveable. You need to try locking them in a fuck machine or sensory deprivation suit for a while until their sense of self is obliterated. Then build what you want from there. Their past self will be a distant memory that seems like it belongs to a different person, but it will still be organic.
File: 95791222_p10.png (1.83 MB, 1600x1200)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB PNG
It's taking the reigns of your god-given sex and, with all of its noble and terrifying strength, creating something no longer brutish, but beautiful. It taps into the desire for measured control at the heart of so many fantasies, elevating who you are and the place you take in the world for making good on it. You have become the best man you can be by harnessing your own nature in tandem with your woman's. That is why she calls you master.

Feels good, doesn't it?
For basically all natural women this would never matter, but you do have to account for those one-in-a-million cases where a full rebuild ends up breaking the poor thing and a new sense of self can't take root. You need an absolute last resort.

Thankfully, there's plenty of grey areas around clone rights and corporate and/or private laboratories that can sneak a woman or two onto the appropriate operating table. On an unrelated note, New Stepford City seems to have an unusual number of cellphone towers...

>%%in meters; returns list of IDs w/ selection boxes

>%%stored as $$ for quickvoice




>"puppet women"
Speaking of, anyone else pick up Astro King recently. I just hits the right spot with the female classmates.
>locking them in a fuck machine or sensory deprivation suit
That level of mind fuckery sounds perfect, perhaps it's even the suggested treatment for some really difficult cases.
Not full scale brainwashing/programing like in >>10250655
But just enough to make women compliant enough to sculpt their personality.
Most rich masters with estates would have BDSM dungeons with this equipment included and slave schools have their own punishment rooms...

>grey areas around clone rights and corporate and/or private laboratories
It could simply be an accepted part of society to the point that it has a polite name to it.
"Homes for troubled women" or something like that, not the kind of thing a man takes lightly.
But if a full rebuild is needed there's a legal way of doing it.
Of course, of course. Normal intensive training like in your image would always be attempted first and foremost. Anything that happens around or in "The Pink City" is tacitly understood to be on the extreme side. The full extent of what goes on under the central dome is only known to a select few, thanks to both the self-selecting nature of the city's organization, as well as other more overt security systems.

Men there can be a little more domineering than average, but the way women are authorized to discipline other women is something else. I mean look at that restraint rack in the middle frame of your image. Once you're past the first ring of the suburbs, there's a rack like that in every home with a battery pack and lockable wheels at the base. Any woman that accrues just a few infractions, the kind of stuff that most masters would maybe just dock your weekly allowance for? Strapped in, every setting to max, wheeled down the street, offered up door-to-door, then taken back to their residence for a mandatory-attendance "Tupperware Party" with all the neighbors. If she messes up even once as the party's hostess, it's back around the block the next day, over and over, until she gets it right or she gives out completely.

They're just as fervent about ruthless sadism to women out of line as they are about servitude to their master, smiling like game show models gesturing towards a brand new car. It's... it's something else, let me tell you.
File: 1595312188442.jpg (1.48 MB, 3500x2410)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB JPG
>What would the school do if the parents protested their daughters being subjected to such things?
A big portion of girls in public schools come from orphanages and single mothers, and the lowest-performing students are disproportionately from those kinds of families. Also, parents will often only try to get their first few daughters married as finding good husbands who haven't already found someone else is hard. But sometimes, single mothers already ruined for marriage will give school administrators special favors for their daughter to be marked more leniently. She's not destined for a super-important job anyways, and any domestic insufficiencies can be corrected at training centers at a future master's discretion so there's no need to sweat over academic integrity.

>Would the rate of girls being pushed into public use roles/enslavement be a matter of achieving a passing rate or just the worst 2% of students every month being enslaved?
It's not enslavement, the girls are free women with responsibilities. Do you call assigning girls to clean the chalkboard enslavement? And of course it's a flat 2% rate or so. Classrooms need a certain ratio of available girls to guys to maintain stability. You need at least one girl per ten guys and that's pushing it. Determine it by marks and that ratio would fluctuate.

Private schools don't have public use girls because they are all-girl schools. Girls pay their tuition in public schools by risking becoming public use if they don't do well.

I should also add that it isn't also marks that might get a girl assigned to public use. Being on a losing sports team or bad behaviour could do that too.
>happens around or in "The Pink City" is tacitly understood to be on the extreme side
>fervent about ruthless sadism to women out of line
So I'd assume this is a case of agreeing on the ends just not the means to achieve it?
Men all acknowledge that women are happier as sex pets, breeders, mothers and etc.
Just that with in the Pink City they're more willing to think outside the box

>way women are authorized to discipline other women is something else
In mainstream society almost all power lies solely in master's hands
But in the pink city just what's allowed in fem on fem dom/punishment?

>wheeled down the street, offered up door-to-door
>over and over, until she gets it right or she gives out completely
Is this how "pet" slave girls are produced here?
Women that have been exposed to such extreme pleasure they become addicted to their bestial needs...

>A big portion of girls in public schools come from orphanages and single mothers
So is it basically destined for these women to end up in brothels or as public use sluts?
A girl with a father would already have an arranged marriage line up

>give school administrators special favors
Would this include favors of the sexual nature(even some Oyakodon play)?
Don't forget to check at your local ICA branch for training workshops, professional consultants and other resources to help you refine your skills as a master. Whether you're new to your role as a man of the patriarchy, need help taming an ornery foreign bitch or just want to show your favorite girl some extra love there are many like-minded men of good repute ready to share their expertise.

Publicly funded programs such as Dr. Gao's Advanced Pet Play and Sister Miriam's Sacred Art of Womb Massage course hold lectures and hands-on classes every week, with free coffee, toys and scientifically accredited literature to take home after. No matter how exciting new strides in technology can be, there are always healthy, natural methods being researched to help bring men and their women closer together.

You also shouldn't miss your chance to visit the rehoming center and get to know some of the bachelorettes in need of husbands. Studies have shown that women adopted from public housing can be up to 20% more erotically satisfying than those bought at auction for twice the price. Remember that if you currently have no women to your name, you pay no registration or collaring fees.

Whether you're adopting, volunteering or just learning to stroke her head just right, the mother of your children will thank you for getting involved at your local ICA facility.
File: gu_loco.jpg (309 KB, 850x1201)
309 KB
309 KB JPG
"Thinking outside the box" is putting it very mildly, but yes. They see their methods as removing the final burdens of a woman's cursed freedom, and technology as necessary to help women ascend to their final intended state. They also know that a lot of their ways are pushing the line, even within the patriarchy. That's why they keep most of of the brain tampering stuff heavily under wraps, in hopes that the day comes they can push the agenda their way. Having a big chunk of the clone market cornered gives them their leeway.

As far as women disciplining women, you see it plenty, but only if the master has granted the woman authority to act as his hands. That's sort of the case in New Stepford City, too, but the authorization is baked into the terms of residence. It's the scope of involving dozens of surrounding households. It's the almost savage degree of severity. It's the way that most of the Dolls taking part in these disciplinary rituals never seem to skip a beat while dishing out these extreme punishments. And it's that the girls being stimulated and humiliated, bound to racks or strung up in free-hanging shibari, are being reconditioned to display the same behavior and join in on the permanent inquisition. Only the most manic devotion to conformity can convert an woman from outside the City into proper Doll material.

Imagine: a bound woman, naked except for body marker scrawl and double-plugged with vibrators, with a wide loop around her neck being tightened nearly to asphyxiation. This is happening to her because she got her third infraction this week... for poor posture. Her "dominatrix" yanking the belt is a platinum blonde in a frilly pink transparent teddy. As she tugs, she smiles and asks her master across the room what sides he wants with his roast for dinner later, seemingly deaf to the other woman's gagged squeals. Two near-identical blondes snuggle with his reclining body in an armchair, while a fourth Doll bounces on his cock.
>technology as necessary to help women ascend to their final intended state
>convert an woman from outside the City into proper Doll material
Is there any difference in the methods used for wild captives vs women born into the patriarchy?
Your average woman has some training but a captive is entirely wild

>scope of involving dozens of surrounding households. It's the almost savage degree of severity
>Imagine: a bound woman, naked except for body marker...
Normalized sexual "abuse" seems like a perfect fit considering sex is already normal for the rest of the patriarchy.
A neighborhood cook out that has some women chained up as public rape bait.
Women might even be serving drinks to men while they're raping naughty slaves
And to everyone there (women included) none of them sees anything wrong with it
This is just how it is in New Stepford City...
It's all taken to extremes. The treatment is the same, but a Doll is to a normal patriarchal woman as the average patriarchal woman is to some uppity free-stater. The city is essentially one enormous cult compound jam-packed with women that are so hardcore fundamentalist (in their own specific way) that even their men can barely keep up. The only reason the women are capable of being so brutal is that they're convinced that they are helping the woman in question overcome the last obstructions to perfection.

Obviously this kind of behavior doesn't fly almost anywhere else, patriarchy or no, so Doll behavior outside the City is much more inwardly focused. They look instead to their personal ability to reach "perfection" and match seamlessly with their sisters. The City's private agendas are furthered any time a big company orders a clone lot, or they sign up people to a trial stay in the outermost suburb zones. As people get drawn from the suburbs to the city center, men are to be convinced that the City and its Dolls are the pinnacle of the female form, and women are to be gradually ensnared and ravaged into conformity.

Again, this is all why most citizens of patriarchies live anywhere else, and even men with a taste for Dolls rarely go much further than a "suburb vacation" or preferring a Doll-staffed airline/restaurant chain. They're nice eye candy and great at obedience, but dismal at actual emotions and affection Little to do with love and everything to do with power. Even between a master and wife/slave, the overwhelming majority prefer something messier and more real. Can't blame them one bit.
File: 1.jpg (715 KB, 850x1202)
715 KB
715 KB JPG
I always felt patriarchy works the best in settings with a extreme gender imbalance. Like dozens of women born for every man.
There are less men, making them way more valuable, meaning most men would be able to have a few women at least, while the most successful ones would be able to have hundreds.
Even better if the fertility rates for women would be higher, meaning that the population would be sustainable with only a few women having sexual relations and the vast majority of women being unable to get laid, despite their best efforts.
File: gym.jpg (399 KB, 850x884)
399 KB
399 KB JPG
And another thing I've always found very interesting is a society filled with obscure, confusing, unfair and extreme laws, rules and punishments
Like a girl accidentally going to gym and forgetting to tie her hair in a ponytail (regardless of how long the hair is) and ending up like in the picture.
Or a girl going to throw trash, missing the trashcan and ending up being tied to the park bench naked.
Or a girl jaywalking and ending up not being allowed to wear clothes for the next week.
Or the female university professor ending up tied in a gloryhole when mistaking the name of a student.
Shit like that, but religiously enforced.
>convinced that the City and its Dolls are the pinnacle of the female form
>nice eye candy and great at obedience, but dismal at actual emotions and affection
Well I think it's good that patriarchal society does allow these more radical elements of paternalism to exist.
It's separated from mainstream society but so long as they agree on the idea of men as masters and caretakers of women
Then they're given the freedom to operate, just the hardcore BDSM/"rape" brothels.
These needs exist in men and it's best to have a safe outlet for it

>extreme gender imbalance. Like dozens of women born for every man
The best way to achieve this would be a creation of 2 types of women
A slut type where it's 99%-100% female births, they need medicine/drugs to have sons
And a wife caste where they have it close to 60%-75% of pregnancies resulting in daughters

>vast majority of women being unable to get laid
Sounds a bit too cruel but if it really is an extreme gender imbalance then it might happen.
All the more reason to have a sex culture that makes it a moral imperative men sleep around as much as possible!
Your helping women get laid and making bastard daughters is keeping society running

>burocraticly and religiously enforced rape culture.
Can't help but think Women are the biggest supporters of it.
Sex for them being hard to come by they all dream of being "accidentally" made into a church slut for a few weeks
Until someone realizes the mistake in paperwork
>The best way to achieve this would be a creation of 2 types of women
I don't think that'd be necessary, or that good, since earth can only support so many people, so only the wife caste would ever get laid (noone would want a daughter) so this would reduce itself to a way less female society.
I think just having a >95% chance of the children being born female will ensure at least such a rate of females in the society.

>Your helping women get laid and making bastard daughters is keeping society running
Exactly. If most women only see a few men in their entire lives, it would make them way, way more interested in getting fucked by said men. Preferably the women would promote getting impregnated to such a point that they would willingly accept getting fucked in any situation, no matter how humiliating, degrading or perhaps dangerous. I'm talking "blindly saying yes when a man asks you to enter your home and tie you up and gag you if he promises to fuck you afterwards" or "asking for your life savings, property and you to serve him until he discards you in exchange for him fucking you".
And I could see a punishment for women being a chastity belt and being assigned to serve a man, because you just know a bunch of men would ask for a female servant. So the criminals are very close to a man and still unable to sleep with him.

>Sex for them being hard to come by they all dream of being "accidentally" made into a slut for a few weeks
Until a girl, spending a week getting fucked in a gloryhole, thinking its a man fucking her, realizes not a single man went to that gloryhole and she ended up getting gaped by women with dildoes.
Thinking about it, I could absolutely see getting fucked by a strapon being a very humiliating thing for a woman. That and women being very cruel by fucking helpless women with large strapons, tearing away their clothes and ruining them, stealing their money, destroying, stealing or hiding documents and keys, stuff like that.
>women would promote getting impregnated to such a point that they would willingly accept getting fucked in any situation
It's the case where women are the main supporters of patriarchy.
This sexist pump and dump culture being one that's push by women as a necessity due to extreme gender imbalance
basically unless she has a ring on her finger or a collar on her neck that marks her as owned.
She's open to sex with any man, however rare they may be

>humiliating, degrading or perhaps dangerous
Not into the whole abuse of women part but love the breeding aspect of it.
No reason for men to abuse the women who are going to raise his bastards.
It's just culturally accepted that men have to sleep around no misogyny needed

>punishment for women being a chastity belt and being assigned to serve a man
>strapon being a very humiliating thing for a woman
Humiliating only when she's getting cuckqueened with a man around
It's a sad fact of life that women need to make due with toys and not real dicks
So being Bi-sexual is the norm for women
>basically unless she has a ring on her finger or a collar on her neck that marks her as owned.
I'm not sure marrige would be that much of a thing, since men would have to travel around a lot to avoid inbreeding with their bastard daughters. If anything I could see men taking a few favoured consorts and travelling around the world and fucking local women in exchange for money, lodging and food.

>Not into the whole abuse of women
I don't think abuse would be that large of a part, but I do think the men would be able to put ridiculous demands in exchange for very little. For a example, lets say I wanted to travel from one country to another. I'd be able to talk a woman into driving me in exchange for me pumping her. Then I'd be able to walk to some random villa and get the woman inside to let me sleep over at her place and have her clean everything for a week in exchange for pumping a quick one into her at the end of my stay.

>So being Bi-sexual is the norm for women
I'm not so sure. The women clearly hold heterosexuality in such a high regard and I think they'd want to save themselves for the man. Or maybe just anal would be the humiliating aspect.
>men would have to travel around a lot to avoid inbreeding with their bastard daughters
>favoured consorts and travelling around the world and fucking local women
Sounds like the premise of a lewd JRPG or hentai isekai, "breeding quest" or something.
There could be other odd social practices like a coming of age event for men that means they're sent out from home.
With only a few fuck buddies and expected to fathers as many bastards as possible.
And in the rare case a male is born him and his mother might join his father's retinue

>have her clean everything for a week in exchange for pumping a quick one into her
Perhaps some men like you would be more nomadic, with life being more about one night stands only.
Another life style might e to stay a few months and turn her home into a mecca of sex.
Making sure to breed the local women before moving on

>hold heterosexuality in such a high regard and I think they'd want to save themselves for the man
it Might just be a cultural thing some places women value the first(and likely only man that fucks them).
Others women aim to practice on each other with strapons/toys so they're be the best whores for the men that come around
I'd prefer experienced women more, it's not like I need to worry if she's pregnant with my bastards or another man's
Men are so rare after all
This feels like trying to reinvent the wheel here... if men are so valued and rare, why are they the ones that have to forgo a fixed location? And what's all this about women owning property and teaching men in colleges?

The bastard-daughter boarding system takes care of the whole thing. The child's born, the paperwork gets filed, the father is credit for her value, and then she's shipped off, shuffled around, and kept away from men until she's ready to start putting out.

There are plenty of women born to two genetic mothers, and "Y control" pills to help ensure no unintended masters. There are zero obligations for either the father or the mother to raise any girl unless both parties wish to. Better to just drop the tot off into the care of the state or the church, and get compensated with partial down payment towards a new adult servant.

Every woman is legally "owned" but some owners are more distant than others. Best case for most girls is private ownership, but sometimes a girl is just better suited for a larger organization. Maybe she's an office comfort girl with a few men she pleases regularly, a "meter maid" that serves a station chief, a sex resort worker that wins over customers, or a true fem-coomer that was always going to sign on with the Public Use Bureau.

Nudity and sex are just a part of everyday life. The jealousy behind cuckoldry in either direction makes no sense with the women-to-men ratio skewed the way it is. Cock duty is handled through scheduled rotation in most harems, and via orgies in general. Skinship between women is encouraged from infancy, and bisexuality is seen as a natural response to sexual urges when a man isn't available.

A man's capacity for ownership depends on his ability to see to his women sexually on a semi-regular basis, either personally or by proxy, with supervised masturbation counting for partial credit. A branch president might own 400 women on paper, but 90% of them primarily serve his male employees.
File: 72718725_p3_master1200.jpg (1017 KB, 1200x858)
1017 KB
1017 KB JPG
>trying to reinvent the wheel here
Figured that >>10251324 anon was working on an entirely different setting.
But if your aiming to integrate the whole idea of nomadic men into your setting with the slave schools and PUB.
The perhaps some men join a holy order that's part of the star father's church?
They forgo the sedentary lifestyle of massive church harems and instead roam the lands as traveling holy men.
While also leaving bastard daughters where ever they go, like the take the whole "go forth and multiply" par very seriously

>legally "owned" but some owners are more distant than others
>girls is private ownership, but sometimes a girl is just better suited for a larger organization
It's a case that sexual morals dictate that women should be willing to share men.
Private ownership is rare due to how imbalanced the gender ratios so this is the only way for women to get laid
So unless your told other wise by her owner it's assume that any woman you see is open for your use.

>jealousy behind cuckoldry in either direction makes no sense
Exactly there's no reason for men to care if he's the one fathering all his slave daughters.
Considering the fact that sleeping around with many women is encouraged.
And with the "Y control" pills unintended masters are an non-issue!
I mean even if it's pretty different it should still be integrated into the same setting, if possible. Maybe it's a nation early into its patriarchal evolution, or a free nation that's trying to split the difference and fend off "complete" conversion?

It's just that I think it would need some reason that women accept their wildly different treatment without significant protest. In the "default" (?) patriarchy, being a slave is pitched as being a blessing because it simplifies life's burdens and expectations while promising pleasure. You pair that with a society whose every aspect is designed to breed, raise and indoctrinate women to accept and desire their status.

For a woman to be considered equal enough to maintain their footing in society, but at the same time be subject to sexual domination and severe erotic discipline needs at little reasoning behind it. If a school is going to potentially turn its worst performing girls into meat toilets in a setting that still has relatively traditional nuclear families, how does that work? If bastard daughters are raised by their birth mothers, then the mother-daughter emotional bond is still intact, right? How involved is the father? How did society reach this point without objections from the cum dump's parents?

Don't get me wrong, I think you can totally make an alternate setting like that work! You just have to find the right tools to strip women of their autonomy.

A capitalist "pseudo-free" state would involve much less social engineering and love, and lots more material coercion and fear. Women giving up their bodies as collateral to bank executives and loan sharks. Brothels staffed by female convicts on work release from debtors' prisons. Gig economy escorts you can order on your phone. That sort of thing.
What is the punishment for pissing on the floor?
Ah, this is one of my favorite commercials! Tenga idols are just the best, don't you think? Each girl is selling a laser-scanned perfected molding of their pussy, right down to the millimeter, even the temperature, smell, and taste! The premium models that also model the cervix and womb are great, and trying to break through is a hot additional challenge. Rin-chan is one of the few who feels as good as she looks, and I always make sure to use her pussy while she's singing on TV.
Could be double cleaning duty for a week.
Could be a vigorous douche and enema combo.
Could be a harsh spanking with a paddle.
Could be getting forced to use a litterbox for a month.
Could be nothing at all as another girl cleans up after.
Could be having to lap it up with your tongue.
Could be any of these at random on a roulette wheel.
All comes down to the master's rules.

They're talented, I'll give you that, and a bunch of my maids always play "Kama Kama Sutra!!~" on a loop while they dust... but I never got quite that far into idols. Aren't those pocket pussies really just meant to be a souvenir paperweight unless you're some poor free-state sap? I guess they're good to have around if your girls are all being disciplined and you've got to keep them in denial. If I were you I'd have saved up for a meet-and-fuck or one of their limited edition clones they'll inevitably release.
>Free nation that's trying to split the difference and fend off "complete" conversion
>A capitalist "pseudo-free" state
Totally could work with these ideas, it's not a new setting/world just a Free nation under the influence of the patriarchy.
Got a rough outline:

>Nation's facing a major male depopulation depopulation threat
>Living next door to a Eden filled with slave women ready to drain your balls/have your bastards
>it's hard for men to be inverted in your free nation if they're always temped
>most affected are free women who realize their BF/husband can easily dump them for a harem of slaves
>thus a Contract system is started where women can use their bodies as the product
>on the outside it's women's empowerment to fight off the patriarchy, in reality star father cultists in government helped pen it
>starts with vanilla stuff like Paid GF/maid work but with men from the patriarchy setting rent a girl services locals can't compete
>Contracts become more and more "depraved" with free women signing away more of their rights in hopes of securing a man.
>Slowly overtime as women are born into "contract" slavery the influences of the patriarchy grows stronger
>eventually you have outright enslavement and men voting their nation to join the patriarchy as another province

>punishment for pissing on the floor?
What about homes in the patriarchy having specialized "filth" rooms.
Easy clean water repellant furniture, floor drains, built in shower system and etc.
Perfect room for any dirty animal sex your into and with an easy clean up afterwards!
File: whoops.webm (513 KB, 712x400)
513 KB
The way this girl was super casually sexualized and got kicked around and exposed to men all the time was pretty hot. It's like something you'd expect in a cartoon for young boys within the patriarchy.
>look at this silly girl trying to exist in a mens world, even though the universe provides constant reminders of what she is!
perfect amount of pudge
... for the patriarchy
I could see it, definitely as an extension or an anteroom to bathrooms. Interior design in the patriarchy would have its telltale signs.

Lots of multi-tiered couches and loungers and conversation pits dotted around the house. Tables with glass-window centers, to help with ogling a seated girl or maintain eye contact during seated sex. Comfy chairs with holes in the back for a girl straddling you to lock her arms and legs into. Prefab "human furniture" frames for straight-back chairs and coat racks. Women's rooms with barracks-style bunks. men's rooms with proper king-size mattresses. and special rooms with canopy beds big enough for everyone to lie in.

Even the fixtures and layouts would have subtle giveaways. Big kitchens with lots of glass sides and floating counters to not obstruct a master's view. Tastefully incorporated shackle points and chain leads worked into the molding. Portholes in every wall, of just the right sizes, at just the right heights. Elevated bathtubs that start at the size of a jacuzzi, facing out onto two long rows of communal locker-room shower heads. Floor plans that maximize the number of rooms with no windows...
File: 81413363_p3.jpg (1.49 MB, 1491x1066)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB JPG
>Interior design in the patriarchy would have its telltale signs.
Well given how culture, religion, social norms and other such things are always being fleshed out.
All of that would have an effect on decor and the like

>Prefab "human furniture" frames
This kind of thing wouldn't be for daily use though, it's more like fine china.
Used on occasions and mostly when guests are over
Common feature is that they're built to allow men to fuck the women wile they're inside
Like your pic as hips are set at standing height perfect for fucking

>multi-tiered couches and loungers and conversation pits...
A very apparent difference is the fact that most furniture and room design is built for sex.
As it's the main pastime, lounging couches set up in around a central fuck pit.
What you described covers it nicely.

>super casually sexualized... exposed to men all the time
This kind of Cartoon propaganda would also be good for girls.
You're the damsel in distress, the focus of men's lust, your to take HIS orders, etc.
File: 1644800241825.jpg (567 KB, 4093x2894)
567 KB
567 KB JPG
If you're speaking about the daughters of orphanages and single mothers, not necessarily. It's up to how virtuous she is as a female isn't it? You can't blame a system for your own lack of success.

>A girl with a father would already have an arranged marriage line up
Not necessarily, but public high school is considered a good place for girls to meet their future husbands. It could even be considered the primary function of high schools for girls, not their education.

If the daughter is above 18 then that's a real possibility.
File: 93346750_p3_master1200.jpg (721 KB, 1200x858)
721 KB
721 KB JPG
>how virtuous she is as a female isn't it?
Virtues for women would be along the lines of obedience, lust and lewdity.
The patriarchy acknowledges that women's sexuality is commonly suppressed in free nations
So instead we encourage women to be more open about it here, the collar is "freeing" in many ways...

>place for girls to meet their future husbands. It could even be considered the primary function
So it's basically just another place for women to advertise themselves.
Ideal outcome is finding a husband, but becoming a concubine or other such role is good too!

>ICA branch for training workshops
Perfect post for world building!
Agencies offering more community services/hosting events.
Perhaps you could expand on similar things that the PUB(Public Use Bureau) or FOO(Foreign Operations Office) does?
Different anon, but do you mean their general purpose, public-facing programs, or both?

The ICA (Imperial Collar Authority, ) is the go-to resource for anything related to collars or their data. They have all the genetic, GPS and health data that collars record and store on women. Birth and genealogy records are housed there; even if they're only checked to prevent incest (or certify oyakodon) it's vital that every woman has her file. They also handle cases where women need to be retrained and rehomed; foreign captures, grieving slaves, that sort of thing. They also run many public benefit programs and classes, as has been described.

The PUB (Public Use Bureau) is a public make-work program; many women legally owned and provided for by this government branch are those who had no other life/career trajectories. Many more, though, are so terminally orgasm-addled that they see their best life being used as a meat toilet and fucking ad infinitum. They work in groups of no less than three; some are assigned to fixed locations, others patrol a route looking for men in need. It takes all types, from the timid nympho to the cheerful up-for-anything tomboy to the Mizuryu Kei crotch-grinding cum monkey.

The FOO (Foreign Operations Office) is the patriarchies' CIA equivalent. Their influence is worked primarily in free states, they prop up soft-power cultural exports and work intel to win over high-level allies and defectors. Any public-speaking pro-patriarchy woman is invariably acting under FOO orders. Women that are agents are often given special dispensation to "go native" to accomplish their goals: incognito in shame-based attire, they sow the seeds of lust and envy in the men and women they interact with. Once their objective (or target) is obtained, they disappear back over the border to claim their head pats and let loose the lust they had to bottle while undercover.
File: 1583495325149.jpg (549 KB, 730x1000)
549 KB
549 KB JPG
Chastity to strangers and sexuality towards her master is a virtue too. But too much self-control dampens the sensuality of women so obviously their men should take responsibility for maintaining a woman's virtue instead of putting it all on her.

It's not just another place for women to advertise themselves. It's a place for adolescent males and females to interact and get to know how to interact with the opposite sex. Courtship is much more meaningful than mere advertising.
File: 96096806_p1_master1200.jpg (863 KB, 858x1200)
863 KB
863 KB JPG
>their general purpose, public-facing programs
The general Purpose of these organizations are covered quite well in your post.
So I was hoping to explore the more public-facing side of things.
The ICA >>10250777 Hosting pet play workshops or Womb Massage courses seems a perfect fit for that organization.

So perhaps the PUB would offer nympho training classes, so men can learn to turn slaves they own into perfect whores.
While FOO might have Hunting(human trafficking) courses for men looking to catch free women themselves
It's not the organization's full time thing, just something they do as good publicity events.

>Chastity to strangers and sexuality towards her master is a virtue too
>men should take responsibility for maintaining a woman's virtue
That depends on where she ends up after slave school and what her owner intends on doing with her.
If you're the household cum dump or a slut in the PUB then that's exactly the opposite of what you'd want.
File: zmnm8j3z4rq81.jpg (119 KB, 1125x1551)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
Public courses available at the ICA

>general sex classes by brothel madams
>pet play as a lifestyle
>womb massage
>advanced petting
>positive reinforcement for dummies
>safe BDSM and aftercare
>make your own aphrodisiacs
>healthy sex during pregnancy
>introduction to outercourse
>healing battered women
>dirty dancing
>targeted nutrition and exercise
>cosplay and roleplay groups
>harem bonding activities
>numerous one-off courses and lectures by guest speakers

It could also function as a sort of community center for fetish or hobby groups, with incentives like being able to borrow a woman from the state care facility if for whatever reason you don't bring one of your own. Unmarried new masters can have a government girl join them for classes and maybe end up bringing their 'study partner' home with them after.
File: 73564006_p4.jpg (1.36 MB, 1066x1491)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB JPG
>function as a sort of community center for fetish or hobby groups
On that topic I could totally see a kind of gear head type hobby group forming around slave training.
Instead of obsessively tuning cars, they focus on physically training their women to match body type fetishes.
Plump fuck bunnies, toned tomboys and etc. So targeted nutrition + exercise and aftercare courses would be poplar with them.
Other hobby groups might be swingers, where men exchange slaves for a few days to a week.
The idea of a /d/ community center is a tragically under explored topic!
File: skyhouse6.png (1022 KB, 1280x720)
1022 KB
1022 KB PNG
I really like framing the local ICA facilities as a local community center/rec center in addition to their services as a shelter and collar-DMV. Anyone living anywhere but manors and super-estates should have positive relations with their neighborhood.

A lot of the course offerings you gave are the core of what girls learn in school and college, but there's always room for self-improvement. A girl won't be able to get certified in BDSM, but she can learn the basic knots to tie. If an idol group debuts a really sexy new routine, wives can practice at the ICA's dance studio until it's ready for hubby. Practicing care and behavior around "troubled women" is like being sure you know CPR.

Lecture rooms, gym, pool, showers, lockers, test kitchens, dressing rooms with sewing stations. Quartering and cafeteria upstairs for demastered women on the top floor. Lots of rooms all over with emergency bedding in case of sudden surge in master-less women.. or for facilitating quickies... or for both...
>they focus on physically training their women to match body type fetishes
That was the exact idea. The courses could teach you how to plump up your girls without ruining their skin, or how to get abs to form as quickly as possible without hurting them. With the right meal plan, exercise and compression clothing you could easily sculpt her exactly the way you want her. All in the name of her health and happiness as she serves you, of course.

Swingers might be less popular but good for if you want to try out a new fetish or test drive a pricey designer breed without paying courtesan prices. Maybe you borrow a friend's chubby milkmaid for a few days to settle an argument about fat chicks, and in exchange he gets to try out your exotic clone you've been getting bored of. It's practical for if you want to trade or sell a girl you're not using to do it at the ICA, where you can register the transfer of owners right away.

A smaller town's branch might not have all of those facilities, but I would assume that a few empty multipurpose rooms and folding furniture are always available for booking. If they have enough outdoor space they could even host collar day festivals, exhibitionist events and free-for-all orgies organized along with the PUB. If you want something premium you'll have to pay a resort or brothel, but the average person without as much pocket money can have a lot of fun at their local ICA center if they pay a small membership fee, like a YMCA or local library.
>local community center/rec center in addition to their services as a shelter and collar
The main public facing locations of the ICA are their shelters and community centers.
Shelters are typically smaller, a bit like IRL college housing, beds + basic amenities.
They function only to house women and get them into a forever home.
Community centers are often larger sprawling buildings with all the facilities you've mentioned.
They also have large barracks for housing women as they wait for a master to adopt them.

>A lot of the course offerings
It's also important to note that these courses are designed to set masters up with the ICA's slaves.
Helping these women build relationships with men who will hopefully adopt them later

>Swingers might be less popular but good for if you want to try out a new fetish
A large part of it is masters showing of the rare breeds or exotic women from free nations
Some of the trainer types use this as an opportunity to show of their skills as masters
Besides sleeping around is already a social norm for men
So the Swingers community is for guys that are really into the whole pass her around/sloppy seconds type stuff

>smaller town's branch
Yeah they focus more on the ICA's main goal of rehousing women.
But it's not uncommon for larger cities to have ICA centers that rival some sex resorts
Just as a sort of city vs city competition kind of thing, you want to have the best ICA center.
File: 1643339625086.jpg (591 KB, 1920x1200)
591 KB
591 KB JPG
I'm personally very into the idea of highlighting the experience of sex with a slave or harem member. There are many different ways sex can be enjoyed, but while grabbing and fucking a girl is very fun, it's ultimately like junk food in my opinion. Not because it's unhealthy, but because it's cheap and easy pleasure. To enjoy a slave, a meal if you will, there should always be some leadup, some kind of flirting. Those are the equivalent of meals.

For the real gourmet meals, there are several requirements to fully draw out the unique flavor of a woman. First, you should limit the number of women involved that night, preferably one to two and definitely less than three. Too many flavors complicate things and you can't focus on one.

Secondly, you should engage in some kind of activity with the girl or girls plural. The activity should focus on some unique trait of the girls involved. Sporty tomboys should be challenged to a friendly match of some kind of sports. Maids should clean your office. Housewives should do a housewife routine. It should not start off overtly lewd at first. A suggestive outfit with no privates showing is ideal. As things go on, more and more clothing should be lost until sex begins. This simulates the feeling of courtship. It's for this reason I dislike complete personality rewrites since you lose the unique personality of a girl, losing a dimension of their full flavor. Maybe you are adding flavor to something inedible, but you might be losing some sort of rare delicacy as well. The best conditioning is the kind that preserves the original personality or at least gives them room to develop a new one after identity obliteration.

Lastly, this kind of sexual encounter should be paired with food. And the food should match the girls. A delicate girl should have something delicate. An elegant girl should have something elegant. A robust girl something robust. This satisfies the three desires of men. Conquest, food, and sex.
>A subculture starts taking root in certain wealthier patriarch communities
>An inexpensive procedure is made available to pinch a woman's ears into pointed tips, permanently giving them elf ears
>Safely changing eye, hair and skin color into unnatural tones can also be done for about the same price as common cosmetic surgery, like breast implants
>Some men opt to make their women into elves, succubi or other flavors and have them roleplay with the help of costumes and props
>Other eccentrics make it a part of their servant's uniforms, insisting that the girls in their service play the part even as they work
>Dedicated roleplay brothels emerge where you can lay with a drow or vampire woman, with authentic costumes and some specialists opting to learn fantasy languages
>There are even some courtesans who are raised as 'elves' or 'aliens' and really believe they come from another world or culture

Would you keep such a woman in your home, or maybe just try one out? Would you allow it if one of your girls told you she wanted to become 'another species' for you?
File: 0.png (1.03 MB, 1305x1176)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG
>A lot of the course offerings you gave are the core of what girls learn in school and college

Regular schools only give a base understanding of most topics, to keep them flexible and malleable to whatever their husbands or employers try to teach them. She would graduate knowing how to give you a blowjob, for instance, but her technique might be very basic and by-the-book. A community class with other married women where they all learn to suck their husband's cocks and deepthroat from a pro would be a valuable resource. It also creates competition, pressuring them to outperform other women in a public setting.

>a lowly breeding farm mutt and a well-bred noblewoman are seated on their husband's laps next to each other
>the snooty noble looks confident when it's time to show her skills, shooting the mutt a look as she starts blowing her wealthy husband
>the mutt doesn't react, instead taking her own husband to the hilt and licking his balls while she's at it
>the noble tries to do the same, but ends up gagging and retching like a virgin
>the mutt looks smug while she swallows and moans, not letting a drop go to waste
>the fancy lady is flushed and sweating, cum bubbling from her nose and running down her chin while her husband finishes
>her wealthy husband teases her, offering to have her gag reflex removed, or maybe sell her to a man with a smaller cock
>the middle class husband pats his girl on the head and tells her he doesn't mind if she gets a little noisier and messier
>they both train and improve until the anal course begins, where the noble lady outperforms everyone
>mutt has to stretch and train herself to keep up, wearing a buttplug between classes
>they end up bonding a little, and start a friendly competition to see who gets knocked up with a son first
>keep such a woman in your home, or maybe just try one out?
Personally if it's just a slave with aesthetic mods I'm fine with the full package of ears, skin, hair mods
The whole Elf/Drow concubine concept is just perfect.
But for the ones that actually believe that they're elves, they're better at fetish brothels only.

>she wanted to become 'another species' for you?
I'd be overjoyed that she'd volunteer herself to under go such procedures just to please me.
But I'll tell her, she's perfect they way she is, it's the thought that counts.
If I had wanted to change her body I'd have done it already.

A true connoisseur treating sex with his slaves like it's a fine art!
Taking your time to explore every aspect of her sexuality.
Though simple animal sex is good, creating sexual rituals like this is certainly a nice change of pace
File: cNbtbdw.jpg (538 KB, 696x960)
538 KB
538 KB JPG
I think that if some of the stories here are a little light on foreplay, it might be in part because every minute of everyday is pretty much permanent foreplay. Suggestive outfits with nipple and pussy windows are standard dress everywhere climate permits, and a big flashing-friendly peacoat solves the problem everywhere else.

Outside of a master's private study, there is always a background hum of sexual tension and anticipation. Many girls have a little Pavlovian mini-orgasm just hearing the jingle of an unlatched belt buckle. (Teaching girls how to discover and prepare their own personal "complementary dish" definitely sounds like a fantastic ICA course, though.)


If the girl was bold enough to request it of me, I'd let her see what it was like... but she'd need to know that those operations might effectively be something of a farewell gift. Honestly... I think it would be distracting to have around the home. Even if they look the part, they're essentially just a well-costumed chuuni. You get home from work and you're greeted by three normal wives and a drow?

It's one of those things you really have to be all-or-nothing on. Exactly the perfect thing for a theme resort, though. I'd have to try out getting swarmed by green shortstacks at least once, even if it was just to say I did.
If Emily the common whore decided she wanted to become Zi'el the Drow enchantress and live the rest of her life in RP I'd allow it, but I'd be strict about her staying in character. If she was willing to commit to learning the language and wearing the costumes for long periods first I'd consider that proof that she's serious about it. It'd be reversible though, and in the worst case scenario I'm sure a brothel would pay a decent price for one that's already had the work done.

>have to be all-or-nothing
I could see some people going with just the ears as a fashion choice, in the same vein as piercings or tattoos. I brought up the elf ears because I've seen that IRL, and dumber trends like bagelheads have happened.

You might be on to something with the goblin girl resort though. Maybe a woman isn't blessed with the prettiest face or straightest teeth, and giving her green skin costs less than correcting it. Putting her to work in a specialty themed roleplay whorehouse would prevent a perfectly good butterface from going to waste in an auction lot, and maybe even boost her confidence.
This presents us with a wonderful new tool, to see how far a woman is willing to go to serve. Personally I'd give a girl a choice, either allow me to make her body into "art" or continue being a regular human, lowly slave. Make an hierarchy of girls, where all the girls at the top of been transformed on the outside into something of my design, by their choice and submission.
Mind you, not all of them are extreme, some might only have an ear, or maybe even a nose job, but it's giving up even the basic control of how they look that is important, as it's both a show of trust and submission. Especially when you flaunt the ones who've had complete transformations done, to show that you're willing to do that to them, it'd take a lot of trust and submission to allow it.
Just make sure to treat those who submit right by fucking them as rough as possible! They deserve it for giving up even their bodies.
Don't get me wrong, I like animal sex too. But I think that it's more suited for slaves you don't know personally. But for consorts and concubines and other favorites trained in lovemaking, it seems like a waste to me. Don't get me wrong, indulging in gratuitous usage of luxuries is a pleasure in and of itself. But I think the above method is the best for drawing out the full personal appeal of a slave.

But that's just a gourmet delicacy. There are other ways to enjoy women as well. Animalistic sex as you mentioned. Banquets of orgies involving entire harems. Rape. All have ways to maximize their pleasure.

I actually disagree with suggestive outfits for anything except concubines, consorts, and pleasure slaves. It clothing loses it's original function, it loses it's original appeal.
>live the rest of her life in RP I'd allow it
I could see the appeal for Hardcore RP from time to time but making it a 24/7 thing would kill the novelty of it
Just a few "conquering general and his elf rape slave" scenarios would be good to spice things up at orgies or on weekends
But you don't want to overdo it and ruin the exotic nature of it

>same vein as piercings or tattoos
Well there could be practical uses for that sort of thing, barcode slave tattoos.
Clit piercings with vibrator functions or GPS tags hidden as piercings

>I like animal sex too. But I think that it's more suited for slaves you don't know personally
Whole idea behind it's use with public use slaves, nuns and other whores is having the rest of the world washed away in that moment.
During that fuck the only thing that maters is male domination and breeding a submissive female, nothing beyond that
Snuggling and cuddle-fucking are for creating that emotional connection with slaves you own

>disagree with suggestive outfits for anything except concubines, consorts, and pleasure slaves
What about Nudism then(weather and situation allowing it)?
Just keep women in their birthday suits, not like they need the protection of clothing when that just gets in the way of their main duty
Sure lewd outfits do help to accentuate beauty but appreciating her natural form just never gets old
What's the most low-key or subtle patriarchy scenarios you enjoy?

"It's the terms of her employment" rather than slavery, chastity for "health reasons" rather than (overtly) male dominance, obedience conditioning is "therapy for troubled girls."

Lots of the ideas already posted could become low-key patriarchy with just a few twists.
>Body modding >>10253303 is voluntary but partners, workplaces, churches, even schools/colleges pressure women into it.
>Collars only for women in the penal system or similar cases.
>Bureaucratic oppression on a milder scale than >>10251172 but with the same unfairness
>The Implant >>10235813 before orgasm control is fully normalized
In fact most of patriarchy settings before they escalate fully.
File: FUZ5rVzaUAAz6y-.jpg (3.34 MB, 2480x3508)
3.34 MB
3.34 MB JPG
As far as lower-key stuff that does it for me, coordinating or matching attire totally does. All in the same uniform, or the same lingerie in different colors; something that communicates that the women are united in their desire to arouse, please and serve.

If you're interest more in "early patriarchy" stuff, you could consider life on a remote compound when the Church of the Star-Father is just a cult with no tax exempt status, or in control of only a small region, like a patriarchal version of Mormons in Utah. (That might genuinely be a good place for it to get a more urbanized foothold in the United States.)

The borders may be smaller, but the population numbers are swiftly on the rise. Women might wear chokers outside, and only properly costume and collar themselves in the privacy of their home. Slaves might be "roommates" on the books and they "pay their rent in cash" ($1 and total servitude) for their shelter.

How else might the founding fathers, mothers and whores hide in plain sight?
Domestication, without a doubt. Watching a bratty slut get knocked up and slowly turn into a model wife and mother, through indirect reinforcement and social pressure is my favorite form of conditioning.

Pregnancy weight makes her want to show less skin, so she swaps the tightening hot pants out for a comfy maternity dress. One day she washes the flashy chemical color out of her hair after overhearing older women make fun of it. Being meek and cute gets her more attention and praise than being trashy ever did. All her unhealthy vices had to go away once the test came back positive, but she doesn't miss any of them. All of it was carefully set up to bring her to the right conclusion on her own.

Her friends and family might say she's just growing up or it's inevitable for a married woman, but the patriarchy was there the entire time to make sure she knew how good she could have it. All she had to do was be a good wife and make her husband happy. He could take care of everything else, and would only love her more if she were a good mama too. She can't believe she passed up such a great deal all those years. Maybe she should push her single friends to try a little harder so they can join in...
File: Lewd6.jpg (373 KB, 1400x984)
373 KB
373 KB JPG
I think that clothing should reflect the hierarchy among women. The more modest the clothing, the more high-ranking a woman. Wives get normal outfits, consorts get suggestive outfits that are cut just low enough to be sexy. Concubines get see-through outfits and fancy jewelry. Slaves wear nothing.

Technically, Maids in my world break that system since they're lower-ranked than concubines but dressed in maid uniforms, but my justification is that I like maid uniforms. Also, maid clothing is practical for their work while the work of concubines is sex so even very revealing outfits are practical as long as the clothing displays their status.

But yeah, I dislike purposefully lewd clothing since it lacks subtlety and loses contact with the communicated original purpose of the clothing. It's like adding more salt or butter to a dish. Sure, it might taste better in that it triggers my primal instincts for certain nutrients, but if a slave cooks me dinner and it's just a loaf of bread slathered in butter and salt, I wouldn't be impressed.
File: 88805487_p1_master1200.jpg (851 KB, 1200x858)
851 KB
851 KB JPG
>clothing should reflect the hierarchy among women
I suppose that would be the deal if I'm having guests over/while being in public, don't want them ogling my wives
But having them lust after my concubines or letting them fuck my slaves is just fine
If I'm home alone with my women I prefer a system of collars and jewelry/piercings to tell the hierarchy
Wives get lace collars with marriage rings, concubines have gaudy collars and piercings.
Slaves just have simple metal collars and maids have the same save for a apron for practical reasons

>life on a remote compound... founding fathers, mothers and whores hide in plain sight?
You could also sell a stay there as Therapy for women or having corruption in the justice system.
where free women are arrested due to bureaucratic "mistakes" and are then forced into women's "rehabilitation" programs.
Really it's just brainwashing turning them into whores, breeders and wives.

>creates competition, pressuring them to outperform other women in a public setting
This is the perfect way to refocus women's jealousy, instead of having them wanting power.
You have them distracted with petty games about being them best sex toy for her hubby
An idea for wedding rings in the patriarchy.

Only men wear a ring. A man's wedding ring is made of standard precious materials like gold and silver, or could also be something more durable like meteorite. Along the surface of the ring are a number of empty divots and tiny notches. Whenever he grants one of his women the position of "wife" they receive a small tag on their collar of the same precious material, with a gemstone set in the middle. He gets a matching gemstone set into one of the notches on his ring. Some men may opt for a hand tattoo or even wear multiple rings, but a single notched ring is the standard.

Since the collar would be the first place you look, a woman's marital status is declared there. Just at a glance in a group setting you can see who belongs to who and which women are off-limits for casually touching. A woman without a tag shouldn't always be assumed available, but it functions as a mark of exclusivity and status on those that wear them. It permanently fastens onto the same loop that a leash would and can't be removed or placed on another collar without a specialized tool.

Specialty tags with different functions also exist, such as a scannable auction tag to show that she is currently up for sale or a PUB tag to show she is available for public use. Visible tags make everything you need to know about a woman clear from the moment you lay eyes on her.
The thing you have to be careful about when designing hierarchies within the women is what things you're emphasizing by putting them towards the top. If a lowly slave wears next to nothing and a cherished wife wears "normal" outfits, aren't you implicitly saying that the more modest clothes are a privilege?

Using the collars as the system like >>10254849 and >>10254921 let you keep the power structure without creating any mixed messages. Ogling on its own shouldn't be a taboo; but a point of pride. Let your adoring wives show off just why you made them yours; as long as the guests respect that they're off-limits for touching, what does it matter?

The other men have plenty of women back at their home, too, so you've got to really go for broke with your wives' attire when trying to flex on guests. The girls your guests can't have should be the MOST erotic women in your house while entertaining. Let your visitors get so hot and bothered by your favorites that they're compelled to grab one of your walking, talking fleshlights and give you a free bastard to redeem in nine months.
File: 84815379_p1_master1200.jpg (657 KB, 858x1200)
657 KB
657 KB JPG
>woman without a tag shouldn't always be assumed available
Perhaps there could be a RFID chip implanted in the collar itself?
It's just a normal thing to ask a woman without a tag if you can check her collar.
So a quick check and you'll know if her master set her as a whore for today

>PUB tag to show she is available for public use
Just as an idea that tag could be something like a penetrating the hole of a
It's simple but extremely suggestive as to what the bitch in front of you is to be used for

>saying that the more modest clothes are a privilege?
That's sort of the reason why I dislike the concept of using modest clothes to denote rank
My slaves should be the best whores in the neighborhood, that's a flex to show off how ell trained they are
Wives should be showing off like trophies, same reason IRL people buy Ferraris because they're attention grabbing

>guests respect that they're off-limits for touching, what does it matter?
>compelled to grab one of your walking, talking fleshlights...
That's the idea behind every household having a cadre of sluts ready at all times.
Or public areas have women from the PUB patrolling the place, sexual relief is the primary duty of these women.
So a whore is always within arm's reach!
File: 80157582_p3.jpg (1.36 MB, 1066x1491)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB JPG
>a penetrating the hole of a
Looks like the symbols didn't get posted in text
I mean the Mars(male) symbol fucking the Venus(female) symbol
My idea was that the collar itself should be low tech and highly practical, something you can get information from at a glance without any extra steps or points of failure. An ID number is physically engraved on it that you can enter on your phone and check against a database, but otherwise it's just a piece of metal with a bit of padding for comfort. The tag just adds an extra identifier that you don't have to search up. If there's anything jingling at the front, you'd best keep your hands off until you take a closer look. If there's no tag at all, nobody can reasonably get upset if you give her a smack on the ass as you pass by, but it's polite to check her number before going any further.

I thought a public use girl might have a little bell so men can hear her coming, and have it jingle while she's getting fucked. A nun or other sacred woman wed to the star father would have a holy symbol on her collar so you know not to partake without a priest's approval. A prostitute would have her brothel's logo on her tag so you can tell who's there as a professional or if a man just sent his wife to watch them work for a day. Just a last line of defense against misunderstandings.
You know, thinking about the idea of entertaining guests with your women... I could see there still being very jealous types of men who covet even their lowliest meat toilet as being exclusive to them. I think having women on offer should absolutely be part of expected hospitality, though... so what do you do?

Well, some parties are strictly bring-your-own-bitch, but those terms are set out ahead of time so guests can prepare accordingly when attending. But those are proper parties; what do you if you're a hoarder-type master but unexpected company drops by?

Easy: call the PUB dispatcher. Explain the situation, number of men to be attended to, and any conditions to be met or avoided. Dispatcher checks where their girls are, routes the best and/or nearest girls over, and arranges for other girls to cover the stations or routes. Of course, they welcome calls at any time for any reason, even if just to find out where a certain girl might be at any time; it's a dream come true if they can play matchmaker and get one of their working girls into a home.
(dang it, forgot the image)
File: 80481304_p1.jpg (1.28 MB, 1066x1491)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB JPG
>low tech and highly practical
>without any extra steps or points of failure
With just how many women there are having this system is perfect
Master's phone isn't blowing up 24/7 with guys asking to fuck his slaves.
So instead of leaving a slut with just the collar alone you add a phallic symbol/tag to mark she's open for public use.
The whores from the PUB (see >>10252996) have the bells
There's an easy way to tell apart a professional whore from a slave on her happy hour

>who's there as a professional or if a man just sent his wife to watch them work for a day
Well wives already have a special "married" tag for their collars >>10254921
Isn't an issue unless a man's into cuckold/wife swap play then things might get more complicated...

>call the PUB dispatcher
Well there are methods of dealing with this too.
Some Brothels do out calls so you could rent specific girls out for an afternoon or a few days.
Like you could be hosting a Themed party and have elf sluts as the main entertainment >>10253303
without having to go through the trouble of modding and training your own women.
It's an interesting niche to consider. If you have a specific desire for a type of woman, but not strong enough that you have one to own or don't feel they'd be right for your home, you have a number of options. Thinking about modded elves would be a great case example for this.

If you want a big, all-encompassing fantasy fuck adventure with women who have been raised with specific diction and poise, you'd spend time at a theme resort. If you want something less intense but still with some set decoration and characterization involved, there's likely a local establishment you could visit that serves as a restaurant/brothel, maybe with some kind of fantasy RPG inn theme. But maybe you're feeling like a lazy night in and really just want some knife-ears sent straight to you, so the same "inn" sends some girls out to you for the night.

PUB dispatch is a three-digit public service number, and would basically be for instances where you find yourself unprepared and just need some extra bodies at short notice. Speed/proximity is the most important. More tailored businesses have scheduling, wait lists, brochures, and considerable delivery times for at-home service.
File: 77186668_p4.jpg (1.53 MB, 1066x1491)
1.53 MB
1.53 MB JPG
>specific desire for a type of woman, but not strong enough that you have one to own
Exactly, brothels and sex resorts often have the exotic (and more expensive) breeds that where discussed in past thread.
And each breed does have behaviors or physical traits that require special care.
So it's also a question of avoiding that trouble then just rent a slut

>just want some knife-ears sent straight to you
I'm picturing a kind of "skank call" delivery service like IRL food delivery.
But in the patriarchy they offer a similar delivery service except it's for whores.
Your not getting the whole sex resort/brothel experience but it's cheaper and more convenient

>need some extra bodies at short notice. Speed/proximity is the most important
It's also the case that they'll have less specialized slaves like the PUB isn't going to have a BDSM pain slave on call.
Or they have VERY few exotic breeds on hand, they offer just your vanilla cum sluts.
>Get off the train home from work, and spot the sweetest piece of ass you've ever seen at the station
>As you go in for a closer look you notice she's wearing a 'for sale' tag on her collar
>You ask her to stop and grab a nice handful of her tits while you scan the tag with your phone
>It automatically opens up the ICA app and displays her government file, along with a price listing and her master's contacts
>Her official bio states which school she graduated from, her grades, work history and links to her mother and sisters' files
>Every scrap of data about her health from sizes to fertility rates to fitness scores is all there and up-to-date
>You call up her master and he tells you about her hobbies, kinks, personality, etc
>Everything checks out and you arrange a time to transfer ownership
>On the weekend you meet at the local ICA office, where as the payment clears her old collar is exchanged for yours and her file is updated
>You take her home and right away she hits it off with your first wife, they go to take a bath while a maid makes dinner
>By the time food is ready the new girl is on your lap, sparkling clean and much more relaxed
>The maid tidies up after the meal and you take the wife and new girl upstairs to bed
>The older wife holds down the new girl and works her up, whispering in her ear and getting her excited
>She's gracious enough to let the new girl get railed first, and masturbates in the background while you fuck her senseless
>During a break they chat, and wife gives the new girl pointers on what to do next time before climbing on for her turn
>Wife gently rides you to sleep while the younger woman passes out snuggled up close
>You wake up to the new girl sucking your balls, the older woman patting her head and coaching her through it
>Wife asks if she can keep her, laughing as you finish on the new girl's face and the maid brings in something to drink
>The maid then informs you that she's ovulating, with a blush

Become a citizen today!
File: 76803113_p1.jpg (1.34 MB, 1066x1491)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB JPG
>take her home and right away she hits it off with your first wife
Kind of wondering how "normal" is it to take your women slave shopping with you?
It's like a date with your wives getting them a new maid or sex pet.
Visiting slave auctions or shelters to pick out a cutie, you want them to get along so you have your other women there too.
Maybe even taking a prospective slave into the "fitting" room and trying her out with your wives...

>let the new girl get railed first
>new girl sucking your balls, the older woman patting her head and coaching her through it
Cute, really love the whole idea of your older wives or slaves teaching young women how to please you.
Every man has his own kinks and it's the harem mommy's job to teach every new slut how daddy likes it.

>maid then informs you that she's ovulating, with a blush
That all depends on how good she's been, for slaves and maids having master's babies is a privilege/reward
And seeing as how she's trying her best to help the new girl adjust, she can expect a breeding session soon...
The more modest clothes are a privilege. Nakedness isn't only sexiness. It's also a state of vulnerability and an expression of power. The fact that wives are dressed in outfits they choose while other ranks are dressed for their jobs implies that their value is inherent while the value of other ranks is in the role they can play.

Also, the most beautiful women derive their beauty from both body and spirit, but having their bodily beauty on casual display can overpower appreciating their spiritual beauty, their adherence to patriarchial values and feminine virtues. Other women, who don't have that spiritual beauty, have to make do with their physical beauty. They are like children, naked and unaware of how to express the beauty truly virtuous women can.
But that's exactly my point. Now, I certainly don't think women should be naked outside of very specific contexts that invoke that extreme vulnerability. Bathing, begging, spiritual bonding, and so on. But at a certain point "modesty" becomes "shame" and runs counter to the core tenets of the patriarchy. The clothing can vary however you see fit, be it to accentuate their assets or silhouette or poise or what have you, by all means! But the expectations of dress should start at revealing or risque and only get more lustful from there.

A pleasure slave might be in nothing but long gloves, stockings and heels, while the wife captivates in a breath-taking couture evening gown, on this we agree. But they should both have their tits and pussies bare, or at the very least visible through fabric that's easily moved aside or torn away. Again, there are cases where covering up can't be avoided, like cold climates or cases where penetration is off-limits, but in general there should only ever be a maximum of one opaque layer covering a woman's erogenous zones.

It's men that bear the burden of expectation and self-control in society, and so it is men whose dress habits are mostly the same as in free states. A woman's greatest asset is her body, and her greatest pleasure is the erotic. Anything that deigns to obstruct these truths is an unnatural imposition of male expectations.
How does a girl cope with being enslaved?
What an incredibly strange question. Cope? They love it this way; many of the wives and slaves are more devout to the church and loyal to the state than the men!

They're born and raised from birth to see the structure of the patriarchy as a far better deal in life than the so-called "freedom" to suffer without a provider and protector. "Free" women are overworked, underfucked, and view men as rivals and predators. They are sold uncertainty, scarcity, and exploitation as "freedom" to serve a society that demands they pull double duty.

It's far better to entrust these things to men, and live a life of pleasure in exchange for trivial chores and showing proper gratitude to their providers. It's been drilled into their heads all their lives, and they see no evidence to the contrary. They learn that their bodies and the pleasure they feel are to be encouraged and celebrated. They discover their talents and self-actualize to serve their master and their nation. They cum like freight trains, day in, day out.

If women weren't on board with the program, if they were "coping" as you put it, it'd never work. Their collars are a promise of lifelong happiness. They love the ties that bind them.
>"Free" women are overworked, underfucked, and view men as rivals and predators.
>They are sold uncertainty, scarcity, and exploitation as "freedom"
Native girls are just born into it and have no desire for freedom or responsibilities it comes with.
So I think >>10256324 anon is asking about how you take a bratty Free woman and turn her into a obedient and happy slave.
Sure the FOO(Foreign Operations Office) has newly captured women but now what's the next steps?
File: tifa.png (868 KB, 850x1339)
868 KB
868 KB PNG
But consider, tits and pussies bared are tits and pussies that cannot be exposed. A sense of shame is still valuable in free women since they are still expected to keep themselves chaste for all except their husband and perhaps his closest friends. Female consent is still important for free and important women close to your heart such as wives. Males assert power over females in the form of commands and rationality while women assert power over males in the form of seduction and emotion. The equal, separate, and complimentary roles of free men and free women are necessary for the harmony of a family, and reducing a wife to a subordinate whom you can fuck at will does as much damage to that complimentary relationship as holding her as identical in role and expectation as the husband. A marriage where a wife's body is completely controlled by the husband loses an important barometer for the health and happiness in the relationship since a truly harmonious one would have the wife consensually submitting to sex whenever the husband requires and the husband pleasuring the wife whenever she requires. This isn't some near-child slave girl. It's a mature woman and your life partner. Men lead society because women are deficient in matters of statecraft, but there are some areas that men are naturally deficient in too such as emotion and sensitivity. You need a woman equal to you in spiritual power to be your emotional and sensitive side, not a pet you decide how to dress. Part of the bond that makes you two complimentary sides is the power of the respective sexes over the other and part of that bond on her part is the ability for her to let you unclothe her, and the ability for her to unclothe herself for you without your bidding. But for that, she needs to be clothed.

I also don't believe a woman's greatest pleasure is the erotic. A slave's perhaps, but they're slaves because they're lower women. A free woman's greatest pleasure should be motherhood.
How does a man cope with having a massive harem?
I mean you can give women leeway to choose their own clothes, and you probably should for wives, but even so I feel like you're not describing the patriarchy at a certain point. If you make the gulf between a wife's autonomy and a slave's autonomy that pronounced, then you raise the question of why certain women warrant restriction and some don't. If a woman is recognized as a complete person, their absence from statecraft becomes more pronounced. The best of women still only equal some fraction of a man in spirit, or else having multiple wives and any number of additional slaves becomes absurd. I keep saying it because it keeps rearing its head: "modesty" at the highest castes of women creates shame and negativity for the animal lust of the lower castes, and the whole of society groans under the tower's poor balance.

The relationship between a man and his wife should be communicative, and dynamic, and symbiotic... but not complimentary. Women require men as guides, as protectors, and as providers. Whatever a woman might excel at, it is to be understood that they require a man to actualize that potential. Men are perfectly capable of being attuned to their emotions, and far better at deriving insight from them while not being led and overpowered by them. Women don't serve to replace some missing capacity, only to incite men to achieve, be it as muse or trophy.

Clothing can be revealing and expository while still allowing for the erotic charge of disrobing and revealing. Sheer and see-through giving way to the supple skin beneath. Pasties and tassels being peeled tenderly off. An elaborate costume giving way to the tender, naked frame. (I think we both agree that every woman should have SOME clothes, SOME sort of uniform or lingerie. Full nudity is still a state of vulnerability, and thus of trust.) If the breasts and the pussy become common coin, other body parts might pick up tension. The exposed belly, the de-gloved hand, a pair of bare knees.
>you want them to get along so you have your other women there too.
If she's very loyal and you're sure valuing her opinion won't go to her head, sure. However it's a show of your skill as a master if you can train two catty women to get along despite each other. It's nice if they like each other right away, but they're simple minded enough that any petty girl problems they have probably won't last anyway. If master wants them to play nice during threesomes, they're just going to have to learn to play nice. Adapting themselves to fit in with a new harem and respecting their seniors is one of the basic skills girls are taught in school. If anything a new purchase should be eager to take notes from any woman who worked her way up to wife status. That said, a little competition and jealousy can be healthy for a 'made woman' who's gotten complacent at the top of the pack.

>older wives or slaves teaching young women
It's the same appeal as oyakodon. One of the usual expectations for a woman to be wife material is being kind and welcoming to new harem members, and not letting jealousy interfere with her husband's pleasure. There are a few things hotter than an older, very experienced woman holding down and prepping a virgin for her first raw fuck. It could be playful and motherly, gently guiding the new girl, or maybe the older woman is very strict and dominant, expecting only the best. Either way it's probably very nostalgic and kinky for her to watch a young lady lose her maidenhood, and to see her face as she falls in love with cock just like she did. She can expect a reward if she trains the new girl into a good little slut, so why not give it her best?
You're sitting in a home attended to by a loving, stay at home wife whose sole goal in life is to bear you as many children as possible, beautiful concubines, and at least a dozen loyal slaves waiting on you hand and foot. Patriarchy or society of equal natural roles? Let's not quibble over details.

Whether a woman warrants restriction or not is completely in her own power, as those who understand the true spirit of femininity are rewarded with a higher rank. Those who cannot live in a way where their natural instincts for pleasure and motherhood can be satisfied. It is natural for Men to want to give nice things to Women and Women to compete for the love of their Man.

Saying that women should be in statecraft because they are complete persons is like saying men should be mothers because they are people. Their natural roles differ. Also personhood in my patriarchy's culture is highly tied to instrumentalization. For some men, that is statecraft, but the blessing of women is that the way they are most useful is innate to their being instead of something that must be worked for like in Men. That is, the ability to bring joy, beauty, and pleasure into the lives of Men and the ability to bear children.

The question of why one Man can have multiple wives but why one woman can't have multiple husbands is a simple one. The Patriarchy fulfills humanity's primal needs in as best a way as can be done in an industrialized society. Men are territorial in regards to women and desire to spread their seed far while women seek the security of a home where they can raise their children and thus congregate at the Men most able to provide those things. Men seek the most women possible. Women seek the best Men possible.

One of a woman's greatest capacities is indeed to incite men to achieve. If not for women, for what purpose would men strive? Wealth? Power? Glory? Such things fade within a lifetime. A child is the greatest legacy one can leave.
File: 92133607_p0.jpg (980 KB, 1080x1512)
980 KB
980 KB JPG
Conventionally, and historically, fashion and clothing has been centered around personal protection.
Keeping the wearer warm, protecting from minor cuts or abrasions, and then in more modern times, in keeping themselves presentable, dignified, powerful, in society.
As such, clothing is made to help the wearer feel powerful, secure, protected and supported.
Garmets are cut to shapes that suggest a more powerful build, or are made with more layers of heavier fabric, if revealing.

In women's clothing, at least the vast majority, and entirely in the case of what can be bought by a woman on her own, is designed much to the opposite effect.
Clothes are designed to make the wearer feel vulnerable. At risk, weak, unsafe and at the mercy of the whims of public predation.
Womens clothes are tight over the form, and made of single, thin layers that often turn transparent at the slightest moisture. Bras and panties, once crafted to maximum security and support, are designed and purpose made to fail. Bras are fitted with clasps and straps that will unclasp almost explosively at the slightest wrong motion, and will not stop, or even amplify the motion of the chest. String panties, or bikinis are fitted with low friction, low compression ties, making accidental knot slipping a common occurrence.
Jeans or shorts are designed to struggle to come any further then halfway up or cover half the buttocks, even when cleaving tightly to the thighs and crotch. Similarly, many skirts are designed so as to flash the lower curve of the wearers backside, if not cleave tightly to it, and many are designed with the capacity for a knot slip failure, or to prevent the wearer from taking too large a stride.

All in all, womens fashion is designed to make the wearer aware of their helplessness, their vulnerability, their inescapable reality in which they have no semblance of control or influence over, and to remind her finally, of her place being that of a piece of meat, pleasant eye candy.
>very nostalgic and kinky for her to watch a young lady lose her maidenhood
There's also the benefit of younger women being better suited to hardcore rape or BDSM play, have her trained specially for that
more vanilla masters might have the new girl take over while his wives or breeders are pregnant.

>same appeal as oyakodon
Often brothels or slave markets make mother-daughter deals.
Though just buying a younger woman for your wives to mommy is good too
There's nothing quite like watching a mother guiding her daughter though her first time.
Showing her what womanhood really means...

>womens fashion is designed to make the wearer aware of their helplessness, their vulnerability...
Yet at the very same time it's that vulnerability that makes them so enticing.
Hence slave markets always dree up their girls on first showing.
And every woman knows that being a helpless princes make's and man's daddy side come out
File: Lewd7.png (2.18 MB, 1200x1920)
2.18 MB
2.18 MB PNG
Wait that's basically just modern day female fashion.

But I doubt women can understand such context. For the vast majority of them, women's fashion would be the way it is because it is the way it is. It might even be turned from a question of why are female clothes so delicate to why are male clothes so tough? Obviously because they have to work and provide for us.

Clothes could be used to construct an overall situation where women doo feel vulnerable and helpless, but women could also be convinced that that's because they are inherently vulnerable and helpless, not because that's what clothes do. The scraps of fabric she wears really does protect her from that vulnerability, when in truth, it accentuates it.

What's more, clothing made this way makes it possible for clothing to be made cheaply, justifying endless distraction and the delight of shopping. Mindless, pleasurable consumerism. is among many of the cheap and trifling delights society provides to keep women happily domesticated while men focus on business. And if a particularly smart woman asks why why woman's clothes are so prone to failure and cheaply made, she can always be pointed to the vast demand the world's massive female population generates as an example of how senselessly nonproductive women can be even given such a tiny corner to dominate, and then be pointed to the comparatively limited, high-quality clothing market for men as an example of how men are so much more practical.

Slave markets in my world usually sell slaves naked because you'd be accused of selling a product with some features hidden otherwise. Full display is important for evaluating quality.
File: 78763067_p3.jpg (1.63 MB, 1066x1491)
1.63 MB
1.63 MB JPG
>Men are territorial in regards to women and desire to spread their seed far
And that need is met by marriage and sexual norms about free use women
Wives are yours exclusively but other slave women are freely passed around
So men have their legitimate offspring and likely a few dozen bastard daughters...

>sell slaves naked because you'd be accused of selling a product with some features hidden otherwise
Well no reason you can't also sell outfits, cosplays and fetish wear alongside them too.
They're naked while on display but you can also have them try on clothes too.

>Full display is important for evaluating quality.
Inspecting slaves should be very invasive too.
She's tagged as a virgin. It's your right as a customer to see inside of her vagina to check her hymen.
If the slut's billed as a good sex toy the fitting rooms double as a nice place to fuck
Women have 0 privacy, why hide anything from the men who'll be caring for you
Women and shopping ties back to the question of who's in charge of purse strings, and how much control is exerted. How do your exert control, and in what way? Impulse buying is problem enough before you train all women to embrace simple-minded atavism. I've mentioned that wives will likely get individual allowances before as allocated by master to use while running errands for utilitarian purchases like groceries. For the groceries themselves, master should have his women well-trained enough to handle cash. But planned errands and proper free-form shopping are two different matters entirely.

So how about this: when women "shop" for larger-ticket items or things past their allowance, they're really creating a wish list. For example, a woman enters a lingerie shop and sees something with so much lace frill and so many bows that she just has to have it. She's encouraged to go into the fitting room and try it on, and the shop girl happily takes a series of tempting photos of the shopper showing it off. The shopper's "purchase" is placed is wrapped and held in escrow by the store. The shopper returns home, flutters her eyelashes and shows off the pictures from the store... a few minutes later, her master's payment clears and the outfit can either be delivered or picked up next-day.

Women out and about should, of course, have some sort of cellphone, but that opens other questions. What are the restrictions and features placed on a woman's phone? Locking down the device to prevent harmful or seditious use cases is simple enough, but what are the details? Furthermore, either on these women's phone or other devices, what kind of limited "Internet access" do women have? What apps and sites and services does the FemNet provide, and what does it staunchly omit?
There are five discrete grades of woman within the relatively rigid caste system. In order of precedence:

Ladies. These women are considered near the ideal of femininity in both mind and body. Outside the usual hormonal and genetic corrections, expect her to be virtually unmodified. Orgasm inhibitors are, within this caste, very rare. These women are expected to have the ability to control themselves. Considered the smallest grade by population, with only the dehumanised being smaller by itemised count. Though as they are usually not considered women anymore, they are rarely considered against their betters.

Bimbos. These women almost became ladies, though through some defect were rejected from selection. Deemed to have failed personalities, their bodies are extensively modified so they can represent at least one kind of ideal. Body modifications, substantive genetic and hormal conditioning as well as outright pharmaceutical augmetics, are practically guaranteed at this grade. Orgasm inhibitors, though not required, are increasingly seen as socially necessary. As it is the personality in which these women lack, most assume their outbursts of selfishness need to be curtailed.

Slut. The largest grade by far. Most women fall here. In this grade standards and expectations are rather unpredictable, as it is so broad. Simply put, nobody cares enough about most of these women to subject them to much by way of rigorous standards on anything. Expect wildly varying conditions, from the perspective of mods and augments, to inhibitors, behaviour and more. It is very unusual for machine-born women to go above this grade - though they do tend to be well optimised at least.

[To be continued.]


Little(or, Incompetent). These women, through intellectual, behavioural, or physiological inadequacies, are deemed to be inept at the roles intended for their sex. Unlike a criminal, who's rights are selectively and often temporarily revoked, these women are instead deemed to need help establishing a proper adult identity. Expect these women to be unsuually petite, as the failure to develop the body expected of a modern gene-tailored woman is one of the signs of endemic failure. Though intensive libido correction is seen as a crucial part of their therapy, body modification is essentially unheard of within this caste. These women are legally considered incapable of controllign themselves. Orgasm inhibition, and an extensive scheme of control therein, is legally required.

Dolls(aka, dehumanised). Utter failures, criminals who have commited crimes deemed to be funcitonally unforgivable. Rather than being assigned a lifesentence for their sins, instead their rights are simply revoked. They simply are not a person anymore. At this grade, almost anything is both legally permitted and even socially encouraged. Permanent restrictions, extensive and disruptive body modifications. it is all simply considered a part of their richly deserved punishment. Though there is no specific legal requirement for it, orgasm inhibitors remain common at this level. Official institutions for the management of such individuals require them, and - like most female prisons - have an explicit policy of never disengaging them. With many facilities proudly boasting the days since their last accidental female orgasm on site. With many even requiring their female staff to be inhibited so that their on-site record can never be questioned. Not even on a technicality. The longest publically available record currently stands at twenty two thousand, five hundred and sixty seven days since a female achieved orgasm on their site.
...alright, I'm just gonna say it: I have no idea where you're going with this one.

You're modifying them, but how exactly, and to what end? What are the aims of this program? What is achieving? What is the ideal behavior of a woman in general, or in each of these castes? How is their grading decided, and who monitors and upholds it? How does this relate to any of the other societal models? And, really now: orgasm... inhibition?!

I feel like this is, more than a lot of curve balls you get in here, not really "in the spirit" of things, at least from what I'm getting. I'm not even saying "no" out of hand, just that I don't see what you're building towards. I mean in past threads we've talked about how to work aphrodisiacs and ecstasy into woman-oriented desserts, and brain implants are a dirty state secret used by the equivalent of fundamentalists.

I'm going to insist you to show your work.
A good way to control women's shopping is just to require an ID card from a guy, and a consent form that lets her prove that a man has let her buy what she desires.
Otherwise, it's her, spending her mans money, so outside of basic fundamentals like food and water, and surprise gifts like sexy clothing, she needs to provide proof that it's okay.
VERY hot pic. I'd settle for a patriarchy where the girl is simply required to dress like this. OK, and made to shower that way too.
How does a patriarchy deal with badass warrior women or Amazons?
How would these develop under a patriarchy? Somebody did his job wrong in that case. But there are, luckily, many ways to counter this. It's not like they can hide well among the people, so identification is a non-issue. All you need to do then is to cause a degenerative effec. Physically, restrict their ability to exercise, and give them a died that is very detrimental to physical strength ... either fattening them up or via malnutrition, that will deal with the muscles. And for the mindset, one, let them watch themselves degenerate from strength and power to weak wretch. Two, pharmaceutical treatment. Cloud their minds, make them docile, if you have to you can even mildly poison them. It all depends on what you want after therapy. And there's more invasive alternatives even, but that's a matter for our darker sister thread.
>How does a man cope with having a massive harem?
If you mean taking care of your women sexually.
Most men just have a few wives and concubines who get regular and loving sex with master.
Maids only get it as a reward and slaves are usually for entertaining guests or serving the public.
As for running the household that usually a falls to a man's wives who manage his maids and slaves for him.
Some men might authorize them to hand out punishment's others do it themselves.

>give them a diet that is very detrimental to physical strength ... either fattening them up
This option should be the go to, it's not too detrimental to their health and softening their bodies up makes them fit for purpose.
All their physical training and now domestication just made them better sex toys/breeders

>pharmaceutical treatment. Cloud their minds, make them docile
No need for poisoning, just combine their drug regimen with gaslighting and emotionally "abusing" them.
They're already open to suggestions from the drugs and making them question reality plays into that.
Having slaves try on clothes and be tried out is all well and good for the expensive ones, but sometimes you have 500 slaves to sell in an afternoon, they're all relatively cheap, and the auction's gotta move quick so you have to do a way with such niceties. Especially if they're being bought in bulk.

I think free women should be allowed some money to spend of simple, frivolous pleasures like shopping, hairdressing, and cute cafes. Keeps them distracted and pacified and maybe allows them to surprise their husband with a nice outfit. Of course, real financial decisions would be handled by Men.
File: 87038741_p1.jpg (1.41 MB, 1066x1491)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB JPG
>Having slaves try on clothes and be tried out is all well and good for the expensive ones
>auction's gotta move quick
If it's a Boutique store where traffic is expected to be smaller then perhaps you can manage it.
Auctions it depends of how many slaves they have in stock and if they're special breeds.
But a normal auction women get up on stage nude.
And as for bulk orders you'll have to arrange that with a slave school or breeding operation instead of going though a middle man

>women should be allowed some money to spend of simple, frivolous pleasures like shopping
My idea with this is kind of related to >>10258625
But Women could be given Allowances on cute prepaid cards and that was the ONLY way for them to buy anything.
Purchases are easily tracked by masters and due to this being the only method for women to legally pay for things.
It's easy to restrict what they can and can't buy, for example local transit is a easy tap of the card but intercity + international travel can only be paid for by men.
Calling it an Allowances also as to the daddy-dom and infantilization of women too
>bring home a new girl, fresh from a proper ladies' academy
>she's an honors student who scored well in all fields, young and beautiful as they come
>right away she wants to jump your bones, she's so horny and enthusiastic it's hard to shake her off once she gets going
>rather than being shy initially, she gets very loving and clingy right away
>after a while the other women tell you she's been creeping them out, obsessing over you as her 'soulmate' and masturbating whenever you aren't near
>she doesn't talk about anything besides your body and having dozens of babies, and they find her sudden romantic attachment uncomfortable
>already she seems to think of herself as your wife, and doesn't chat or join activities with the other girls
>when another woman mentioned having had a baby before, she glared at her for the rest of the day and wouldn't stop
>she hysterically worships the ground you walk on, and pushes herself to extreme lengths to outshine everyone else
>any time she hears you're nearby she gets a wild look in her eyes and shoves past everyone to get to you first
>she hasn't gotten threatening or violent and mostly behaves herself, but there's something clearly wrong with her

How do you handle a yandere, or a woman who's just gone cock crazy? Is there such a thing as having her trained too well?
Amazon-type women would be a very specific niche, but if a man wants his women that way, then it's only proper that his need be suited. I mean she obviously can't be a full-on Amazon in terms of misandry, but you could further bulk up a few tomboys and encourage some of their surly behaviors. If it didn't already exist, it wouldn't be too much trouble to nail down parameters and descriptors and take that profile to Worldwide Association of Ladies' Kennels. Every WALK-recognized breed had to start somewhere!

Men already have a pretty iron-clad physiological advantage over women, so a wife or slave being physically fit and/or excelling at sport, even combat, is no trouble whatsoever since there will always be a man that can best her. A woman's greatest pride is her body; so long as her muscles don't inhibit her ability to raise a child and please a man, it's to be lauded!

With all that said, though, tomboy types will always remain an exotic outlier. Normal standards for women's fitness of course place stress on stamina, flexibility, coordination, and an appealing silhouette that matches their likely role. Physical fitness tests in girls' schools usually include, at the very least extensive (and invasive) body measurements, bra-less jumping jacks, prolonged standing splits, haigure thrusts, coordination in gymnastic/dance/pole-dance routines, and (seen here >>10237196
) sexual endurance squats.
File: 1651509183530.png (2.41 MB, 1000x1661)
2.41 MB
2.41 MB PNG
Dear Obsession in Omaha,

Most men would envy the problem you're facing; it's easier to temper and discipline excitable women than it is to rouse dull ones. There's a reason Yokohama Yanderes often take Overall Best in Show at WALK pageants. Still, it's understandable to get overwhelmed on short notice and with no road map.

Part one is simple: ride her hard and often, put her away wet and twitching, and get a bun in that oven as soon as possible! A little bit of doting in a new wife's "honeymoon phase" is alright, and your other women should be trained enough to understand that they have roles to play in your current project.

Once her womb has been thoroughly dyed in your colors and the long haul of love begins, it's time to start working on that selfishness. In some cases, the mania subsides all on its own once the biological clock stops wreaking havoc in her head. For those that don't, it's up to you and the rest of the household to bring her back down to Earth.

Once she's pregnant, try knocking up another girl or two so she has a cohort to share the glow of maternity with. As she needs more care, her bonds with the other women should grow organically. Organizing bonding activities like movie nights, makeover parties, fashion shows and ritual orgies is a must; you can get started on those right away. If she excels at organizing events like these, and from her training it sounds like she could, let her take as much credit for the festivities as her adorable, childish ego needs.

These are all general suggestions, but this column has always been about very general guidance. Asking experienced breeders and owners of women with similar personality quirks (Yokohama Yandere, Gifu Yangire, Mizuryu Monkey, etc.) is your best bet for long-term care advice, or more granular instructions for things like drug dosages or Sybian schedules. Reach out to other nearby masters at your ICA center, or contact some breeders directly.

Good luck, tiger!

- Mr. Master
File: 56776546777.jpg (381 KB, 1600x766)
381 KB
381 KB JPG
Tying into TV >>10228727

I could easily see this being a government sponsored program on men's TV. You write in with a problem and get a professional, healthy solution from a relevant specialist. It's all fully reenacted so even if you don't have the same problem, you can enjoy seeing your favorite actresses play the part of a nymphomaniac yandere or whatever other girl ends up being the subject of that episode. Like most television it's pornographic, but also very educational.

>a young man has a crush on a nun at his church and doesn't know how to ask his priest about marrying her
>a lucky viewer gets to play the young man and lay with the gorgeous actress playing the nun for the special
>a caller received a young lady as a gift and doesn't want her, but also doesn't want her to feel abandoned
>the show buys her and uses her to demonstrate the responsible way to rehome women using the state's official resale system
>an older gentleman loves his aging wife dearly and doesn't want to replace her, but wants more sons
>fertility treatments are discussed, followed by a serious talk about the dangers of monogamy and why having a younger backup wife is important

Each program carries a strong message about men's responsibility to sire many children and treat their women well, as well as ads for natural aphrodisiacs, ICA courses, PUB call girl services, etc.

It's profitable television that also gives a positive message and reinforces the values of the state.
Quite the contrary to common belief or conception, the concept of a warrior woman or 'amazon' woman is actually quite common in the patriarchy.

The thing is, a warrior woman, or a strong woman is popular as they're an innately tragic character, with a degree or two of complexity.
Maybe they're tragic, because their life has been so cruel and unsupported, that they've had to deny their womanhood, their femininity, and behave like a man to survive, and it's a chance for the protagonist to do their manly duty and give her that chance to finally become a girl again.
Maybe she's an evil figure, a spoilt and pampered woman, using whatever power she'd happened upon for her own self-pleasing ends, only to meet the protagonist and discover she genuinely likes, admires, and wishes to aid him the more and more the two cross paths, going from a minor villain to a casual comedic encounter, to an eventually redeemed conquest and traveling companion.
Perhaps even her taking up arms is some extended version of womanly duties, though these cases are rarely true woman warriors, often merely looking the part. Or similarly, her position as unafraid to advance up, to put herself out there, confront, and bear the burdens often associated with male duties, is but another hallmark of a truly great woman character.
Regardless, it's a surprisingly common character trope, as is the inevitable redemption and feminization of said characters a common trope.
>Evil Blacksword Knight Woman becomes caring homely milf type who's desperately in love with their once rival, but can't bring herself to say it so she can keep appearances.
>mania subsides all on its own once the biological clock stops wreaking havoc
>knocking up another girl or two so she has a cohort to share the glow of maternity with
You could also redirect any remaining obsessiveness towards a more healthy outlet.
During her entire pregnancy your telling her about how's she's got a little part of master growing inside her
Jealousy fades away as she starts seeing your other slaves as extensions of you, especially when they're pregnant with master's kids

>doesn't talk about anything besides your body and having dozens of babies
Once she's learned to view the other women not as rivals but master's loyal breeding slaves.
You could easily make a Perfect Mommy out of her, always doting on her kids and the ones you've fathered with other women.
She gets very protective of her harem sisters and she becomes focused on getting them bred as well

>profitable television that also gives a positive message and reinforces the values of the state
Loving this idea of a "How to" type show, or a DIY training series.
Some are these viewer involved type deals, others are like the IRL house flipping shows
Giving viewers an idea of what they'd need for hobby projects IE capturing and breaking free women.
File: E3DmFgkWUAEu9wH.png (2.45 MB, 930x1240)
2.45 MB
2.45 MB PNG
In my patriarchy there are Amazon reserves which are pieces of wilderness too wild and expensive to develop that no one wants. Amazon breeds of women are released into those areas to form societies (without men). Every now and then, the societies are raided to capture the tribal warrior women, and any children are released back onto the reserves. Amazons are seen like the big, manly dogs some people keep to look tough.

Yeah but that kills the appeal of having Amazons in the first place. My suggested approach is not to make them like other women, but to keep them as Amazons and make them loyal to you. Treat them with respect and love, awe them with the ease you can provide for them compared to their wild homes. Most importantly, tie them with bonds to other women who love you so they can rub off on the amazon. And saddle them with children, pregnancy is the easiest way to domesticate a woman. Don't treat amazons with cruelty because unlike other women, they will be inspired to resist.
The card system, combined with escrow services that hold big-ticket items until Master clears the purchase, sounds just about perfect. Easier to handle Allowances this way, too, since you can automate them and have finer control over where errand money can be spent. Everything reports back to Master, too, of course; women and finance always meet a bad end without proper guidance.

Still, there's plenty of things for women to spend their stipends on besides gossip magazines at the supermarket. Big malls, either indoor or strip, remain an economic cornerstone. Women often do hair and makeup for one another hair at home, but there are salons galore and lots of shops for lingerie, costumes, outfits and costume jewelry/collar charms. Shampoo, perfume, skin cream, and lube are always good money-makers because they run out. Options for dining out while shopping are a must, whether a meal or just a little aphrodisiac-spiked baked treat.

(I don't know why, but I keep coming back to "sex enhancement cupcakes" as right in the butter zone of being of cutesy, petite, frivolous, decadent, and easy to turn into something just a little sinister.)
File: blushing rell.jpg (408 KB, 800x1162)
408 KB
408 KB JPG
You can topple an amazon, you can bring her to bear child through manly strength or guile, you can wear away at the years of tone merely by making her heavy with child. It's hardly a Herculean feat; after all, she is just a woman, and for them it is simply the natural course of life. Even if it is one she stubbornly resists.

The Amazonians? That is an identity, and for it to buckle in truth is not through victory, conquest or defeat. Such will only harden their resolve and validate opposition to the world of man for those who flee to fight another day. What you must break is the pride which stands athwart of man's civilization, the resentment which denies them all the pleasures of rightful submission. Be not as the violent gale, but as the overbearing sun that brings them to shed their armor and bare the woman underneath for all the world to see.
Make them surrender.

Their pride.

Their womb.

Their hopeless rebellion.
File: 81193593_p4.jpg (1.47 MB, 1066x1491)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB JPG
>Easier to handle Allowances this way, too, since you can automate them and have finer control over where errand money can be spent
It's the loving, provider aspect of having daddy(master) control your finance via allowances + escrow services.
But it plays into the more insidious side of the patriarchy too: GPS collars/bracelets, restricted travel, etc.
Makes it easy to turn a slave woman's life into a hugbox yet also ensuring men have complete control over their women.

>there's plenty of things for women to spend their stipends on
>sex enhancement cupcakes
There's also the fact that everything women see as enjoyable little frivolities also helps them in the sexual/servitude role.
Shampoo, skin cream and beauty products for sex appeal, food that keeps them in heat.
Just another way that life in the Patriarchy subtlety influences women.

>there are Amazon reserves which are pieces of wilderness
Had a similar concept with how "free" nations are allowed to exist, but in reality they are client states.
Their male elites are only keeping the pretense of freedom so the patriarchy has a healthy supply of exotic captives.
The existence and general misery of life in free states is definitely part of the patriarchy's wider design, but they're aren't complete puppet states. As the patriarchies came to dominate, resistance generally came in one of two modes.

The smart ones tried to mitigate the influence and allure of the patriarchy. Sexual mores and economic impulses have shifted in accordance with the temptations of the patriarchy; prostitution is legal, taxable, and as widespread as a "side hustle" as OnlyFans and stripping were when women held more power and sex was still treated like a commodity. Trade relations are strong, and most projections have these nations becoming full patriarchies in the next three to five generations.

In contrast, the more backwards "free" nations spiraled in the other direction. Life is a dismal rat race, and animosity between sexes is rampant. The competition for overpriced housing and limited gainful employment is only amplified as both men and women fight over dwindling opportunities. Entire nations of man-hating feminists and woman-hating incels; a churning, vitriolic parody of life. Men from these hellholes have even been known to be rejected from immigrating. These are the countries where "hunting parties" tend to snag a harpy or two.

(Counter to what you might believe, women in patriarchies have far better access to abortion and birth control, even as society has been engineered to promote motherhood at every opportunity. It's the more backwards "free" nations that have thrown up legal and material obstacles, both from religious pressure but from their crooked elite who demand enough manpower to compete with patriarchies. It never occurs to them in their calculations that they don't stand a chance. The carrot will always work better than the stick, and women were not meant to be controlled, but domesticated.)
>general misery of life in free states is definitely part of the patriarchy's wider design
The patriarchy's need to interfere and propagandize in the free states is minimal. Free women fleeing from domestic abuse, debt, poverty, criminal charges or simply feeling unfulfilled all know very well that all they have to do is walk into the nearest patriarch embassy to be given a new life, protected by strict laws and rigid cultural expectations. Their abusers will be blacklisted from crossing the border on principle, and their creditors can't collect from someone who can no longer legally possess a bank account. Just sign on the dotted line, click on a collar and you can start fresh. It's an enticing deal to any woman who feels disappointed by free society and all of its fine print.

The most handsome, charming and morally upstanding men of the patriarchy, such as priests or policemen are regularly sent to the free nations to share the truth about life inside. Sometimes bribes and blackmail are necessary in the more paranoid states, but you'll be hard pressed to find a university or workplace that hasn't lost some of its women after a handsome diplomat made a speech and handed out some pamphlets. Many of these men even start healthy relationships with free women while they travel, demonstrating how noble and compassionate the men of the patriarchy are raised to be.

Any woman of marrying age is guaranteed to be granted full, collared citizenship within 24 hours of applying, no questions asked. Men are placed under much more scrutiny, but having a loving girlfriend or happy wife apply with you can serve as proof of your morals and skills as a master, speeding things along.
File: 85526825_p3.jpg (1.44 MB, 1066x1491)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB JPG
>shifted in accordance with the temptations of the patriarchy; prostitution is legal, taxable, and as widespread
>these nations becoming full patriarchies in the next three to five generations.
Even better if these nations pitch this as an ultimate good for women.
Allowing them to sell their bodies as commodities is the perfect stepping stone to total enslavement.
Contracts get more and more extreme till they're slaves in all but name
Then a patriarchal take over is ensured

>women in patriarchies have far better access to abortion and birth control
It's more along the lines of men having the technology and power to completely control women's bodies.
There's artificial wombs, surrogate programs, Y control Pills and etc.
A free nation's primitive concept of abortion/birth control doesn't really apply to patriarchies with the technology they have.

>feeling unfulfilled all know very well that all they have to do is walk into the nearest patriarch embassy
>Just sign on the dotted line, click on a collar...
The draw for women is being able to live out the darkest fantasies or ones that are impossible in your current life.
BDSM masters who know just how to mix pain n pleasure yet are the best daddies with aftercare.
Some hate the expectations of chastity/self control, so the offer of being a public use slave is always there.
There's always the more vanilla lifestyle of just being a man's slave wife
Anything you could ever want is waiting for you just with a small price to pay, that being the very freedom that immiserates you
The arrogance of the patriarchy thread is it's greatest charm, i love coming here to read these posts.

Because, realistically, the idea of men dominating women is hilarious. Am army of pantsuited professionals, doctors, lawyers, executives, officers, and business owners stands in your way. You'd have to engineer social destruction on par with afghanistan to instill a patriarchy.

You think women want to spend their whole lives birthing babies and serving men? In your dreams! No woman would want to birth a daughter into that world to be denied an education and forced into servitude.

Men will never gong to be capable of being the superior gender. They might be stronger and smarter individually, but ladies work harder, collaborate better and keep their eyes on the prize. Testosterone and adrenaline might be useful for hunting and killing but in the modern wolrd of technology and bureaucracy, estrogen reigns supreme.

We've won our freedom, not with strength and weapons, but with words and political organizing, and you boys will never, EVER get that power back.

Instead, it is women who will get to have it all. We can have a career and also have kids, we can choose who we sleep with, how we dress, and how our kids are raised.

Men had a good run, but monotheistic patriarchy is on life support. Take a good look at saudi arabia. That's pretty much the only surviving patriarchy with any power, and if they didn't happen to be sitting on top of oil, they'd still be living in tents.
I can only assume this is some roundabout way of saying you want to be taken down a peg and humiliated, but it ain't happening, sister. You're going to be sad and unfucked, and you're not going to like it, but you're also not going to be brave enough to just go hook up with some asshole for rough sex because you're afraid he'll go too far and give you a black eye or something.
File: k.jpg (2.56 MB, 2000x2000)
2.56 MB
2.56 MB JPG
File: Lewd8.jpg (352 KB, 850x1189)
352 KB
352 KB JPG
Fuck bros,. defiant women are so hot. This is why we gotta keep some non-patriarchy countries around. Preferably some relatively developed ones so they can continue educating women in the social sciences and gender studies.
this society buoyed by temporary luxury based on unsustainable extraction practices is doomed to fall. Your daughters' daughters, if any come into this world after your loveless career of being used and discarded by the corporate powers you have been tricked into thinking will grant you a fulfilling life comes to a close, will live in a world where they are watched over and protected by the men you have been fooled into thinking are your enemy.

The best thing that can happen to you would be to come into the possession of a man who would constrain your suicidal and self-harming tendencies and give you children whether you want them or not.
Alright femanon, we know you just want people angry at you so you can fantasize about them proving you wrong and being put in your place, like a brat who talks back but just wants to get punished

It ain’t working, try a bit harder without being so blatant about it, hun
File: 94089505_p0.jpg (2.31 MB, 3000x3102)
2.31 MB
2.31 MB JPG
I remember having very similar thoughts reading through the old matriarchy threads, back when they were still posted. Funny how that works.
Such a lovely cry for help. Don't worry little miss, that cute little butt of yours is getting sent back to the kitchen, and soon.

Real, real soon.
>women want to spend their whole lives birthing babies and serving men?
Well let's be honest hun what has all that freedom given you in the end?
Oh that right, working 9-8, 5(or more like 6) days a week with "optional" over time and all in service to a soulless mega corporation.
And you'll always be just another expendable cog in the machine.

While the alternative is serving a man who'll actually care for you.
You'll never have to deal with any of the unpleasantries of life if it's HIS duty to ensure your taken care off.
Either way you'll be serving a master, only choice is between which one you want.

We don't need a fantasy matriarchy thread when we have all the power in real life. I personally suspect men are genetically programmed to obey us with pheremones and deeply ingrained fixed behavioral patterns.


not gonna happen. Any man who wants to wife me is going to do the housework and take care of the kids because i am not stopping my career, nor am i going to be bossed around.

If there is a patriarchal takeover of the United states, i will flee to new Zealand or scadinavia. I would do anything to have freedom.

If you did black bag me and take me a to a breaking facility to rape me and impregnante me i would just throw myself down a well, or illicitly obtain chemicals, or murder suicide myself and the fetus in some other way. And most freeborn women are like that, you're not going to "mindbreak" it out of us.
Ooohhh, not a partner is he? Well that's alright, once you've taken his name, moved in with him and let him call you pet names, I'm sure he'll pick up on all those other responsibilities.
Long is the reach of uncle Sam - or rather papa Sam as the case may be
>And most freeborn women are like that
Oh there's always someone who thinks they'll be ready to resist, to make their move and join the great tide against the tyrant, that the day will finally come with the shackles undo themselves and greets them with the sunrise.

Sweet girl, you will go with the flow, and in the end you will learn to love your chains, be they the wedding ring, or the collar.
You know I know this is just bait for the thread to have this weird form of RP, where all us guys are supposed to reply with our patriarchal larp thoughts, but there's a part of me that says that these thought processes are retarded enough to be a real woman. So if its legit not trolling, then you need to grow the fuck up cupcake. The world aint so easy. "Wahh I dont want to take care of kids" "Wahh I dont want to do housework". Fine then don't, see what happens. If you don't want kids then get your fucking tubes tied tomorrow, or donate your eggs. Because if you're not taking care of it youre neglecting a child for your own selfishness. Just be sure you'll never regret it. Find some pushover of a man that'll simp for you into marriage. See if a man so desperate to please will satisfy you, I hope he will for your sake. Spend your life building up your bank accounts to just retire at 65 with your simp licking your boots, after you're done getting fucked by souless corps.
That kind of demanding is fucked up, here in the patriarchy thread we dont even fantasize about treating women that poorly. All we want is for them to be happy, and suck some dick while doing it. We might buy and sell them but fuck it that means they're valuable to us, and Men don't treat their property like shit. We take care of it, clean it when it's dirty, fix it when it's broken. We fuck girls when they need to be fucked. We'll knock em up when they need it. Give them the rest they need when pregnant, and let them actually raise their children, which is funnily enough an improvement compared to today in my book. If anything we're the real feminists, cause we actually care about the outcomes for women. Want them to be happy. Sometimes it takes a bit of convincing that it's best for them, but a little dicking never hurt a lady. Down right saintly compared to the entitled ass world you want for both sides.
I mean if trying to start a /pol/ fight in /d/ is your idea of a good time, shouldn't you be bothering the slavery thread instead of us? (Not that you should be kinkshaming anybody, of course.)
How many of the posters here fantasize about being the masters/patriarchs and how many being the slave/subs?
about the same as the man woman divide on 4chan. Apparently there's a bigger percentage of women on /d/, but I don't imagine parity at all. Much more dudes still.
File: 5zbGfKPjt6AqgsNIrXAT0KaF.png (1.46 MB, 1284x1632)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB PNG
It's okay to play along with obvious rp, we don't need to treat it like an invitation to get on the soapbox.
Alright, troll/RP sidebar over!

So, while we've covered a lot, there's something we haven't really considered much: computers, phones, and the Internet itself.

Access to the complete Internet is gated much the same way television access is: content that is "Inappropriate For Ladies" is gated on a device-by-device basis. Men's internet would look more or less the same as it does now, albeit with sites and ads for many of the goods, services and institutions already laid out. It can be accessed by any standard device, but primarily by laptop or desktop.

Women's access is accomplished primarily with less robust devices: cellphones, tablets, etc. The offerings of the FemNet are protected from "contamination" by essentially being a totally separate digital ecosystem. Everything has a slightly different set of certifications on a whitelist basis, such that anything not registered with the FemNet is utterly inaccessible.

Video content is largely confined to clips or full episodes of women's television, but at least it's on-demand. There a handful of verified mobile games, all extremely simple to operate like match-three and visual novels, and heavily reinforced with pro-patriarchy themes and/or gentle suggestion embedded into the audiovisual component.

There is "social media" to speak of, but crucially there is nowhere on the FemNet that allows for typing and posting of any sort. All interaction is done through anonymized stock reactions; thumbs-ups, hearts, approved emojis, etc. Taking/sharing photos and video is allowed, but images are scanned and blocked for text. Everything is blocked from posting until it has been approved by male moderators.

It's well-established that the Internet is a breeding ground for dissension, animosity, and breeding belligerent fringe ideologies. Men have only barely proved capable of handling its psychologically deleterious effects; many men dislike even the FemNet's tightly confined limits, relenting only out of convenience.

The FemNet's main use is to supply women with audiovisual content that might be either too short or too long to warrant time slots on broadcast. Lots of "affirmational" content, "deep relaxation" loaded with guided instruction and somatic triggers. Thankfully, headset technology has advanced to the point where these experiences can be all-engrossing. Women are generally encouraged to incorporate self-pleasure and recite along while enjoying "advice" or "sermons" of this sort, and often sync their devices. It's common to see a room full of women in either headsets or blindfolds-and-earphones, dreamily fondling themselves and moaning the words in unison.
(oops, image)
I am not sure why but the idea of putting down a matriarchy civilization (Think amazons) and convert their warriors and queen into nothing more than baby makers sounds extremely appealing
I can think of a few reasons
>Thematic: male versus female, the best of both clashing to prove the supremacy of one.
>Collaborative: *men* triumph, not just some lucky skunk walking his way into a harem.
>Drama: you can make things as exciting as you like with all manner of passion and intrigue.
>Fun: Dick against pussy, easy to boil everything down to this and skimp on all the unsavory elements that tend go along with mass conflict.
And of course it's not just besting a rival, but conquering all opposition to your way of life. Patriarchy across the whole of the earth.
Anyone have good ideas for OP prompts or thread themes?
Might as well use these last posts to come up with them
something inspired by >>10263542 ?
Virtual reality, censorship and mind control could be a theme?
yes yes, or forced orgasm, or sex toys, or edging
In the fantasy you can still be the slave though
I'm gonna be real with you just in case this isn't a larp
I have friends who've said that kind of thing, that they want to wear the pants and have a househusband
But those same women never wanted to be with men who would be fine with that
It might be my personal tastes talking, but I think it might pay off to be more proactive this time and take advantage of the unique opportunity soon to be upon us. A few proposals
>Patriarchy: Wins Edition
>Patriarchy: End of Feminism Edition
>Patriarchy: Return of Tradition Edition
All in anticipation of the big day.
File: 1651379455309.gif (2.7 MB, 640x360)
2.7 MB
2.7 MB GIF
Gf quit her job today and agreed to accept me handling everything financially while she makes cooking and getting fucked her full time job. Looking forward to going some way towards living out some of the stuff posted here. Feels pretty great so far ngl
File: 77109543_p0.png (2.26 MB, 1680x2400)
2.26 MB
2.26 MB PNG
I mean it when I say 'good luck' anon, we're all rootin for ya
>Patriarchy: End of Feminism Edition
that one sounds nice
File: 78320129.gif (398 KB, 1280x720)
398 KB
398 KB GIF
Normally someone would start a new thread right away once the current hits the bump limit, but let's try and hold off this time to see if we can't scrounge up some appropriate pics for the OP

I'm fond of this one myself
File: 86143982_p1.jpg (1.66 MB, 2750x3889)
1.66 MB
1.66 MB JPG
File: FPnHSc6WUAImCV6.jpg (1.07 MB, 1508x1200)
1.07 MB
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File: FP2WovIXMAcdcxI.jpg (1.01 MB, 1508x1200)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB JPG
File: kaji.jpg (385 KB, 663x900)
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File: bsd1.jpg (2.25 MB, 3000x4300)
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