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Balls, testicles, and nuts filled to the brim with cum once more. Most likely from denial, edging, outrageous production or all of them at once

Gals or guys, pent-up balls are pent-up balls.

Old Thread:
File: 1653671330938.jpg (142 KB, 1000x750)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
So is this our end or will our protagonist become a cumtank?
File: 98401720_p0.png (2.05 MB, 1677x2039)
2.05 MB
2.05 MB PNG
created by the same artist
>Futa restrains from ejaculating for several days/weeks to deliberately let her testicles accumulate & fill up to the brim with hot steamy spunk for the sole purpose of letting her partner use her bloated cum filled nuts as a pillow

>Ball churn & slosh ASMR
File: 1422652297293.png (137 KB, 1024x1020)
137 KB
137 KB PNG
Ball tattoos/womb tattoos on futas and femboys are pretty damn hot, especially if they actually apply some sort of effect.

> Futa tied down and prepared as a tribute to a mountain god.
> Already edged and sensitive beforehand, lots of surface area on her plump nuts.
> Countless hands and magic pens get to enscribing ornate runes and patterns onto her balls and runes, each with a slightly different effect.
> Increased production, increased sensitivity, higher density, converting aching pains into pleasure.
> As her balls begin engorging and bloating with more cum, smaller runes can be put into earlier runes that have been stretched out, intensifying their effects.
> Final tattoo put over her womb, increasing fertility and ensuring she'll only be able to cum from the god's betentacled touch.
> It's a good precaution against the other strange and lewd creatures that live on the path to the god.
File: 1649670016450.jpg (2.68 MB, 2372x3372)
2.68 MB
2.68 MB JPG
File: L7BhiGh.png (856 KB, 1215x1440)
856 KB
856 KB PNG
Lewd magic in general is pretty hot.
File: 1650141269262.png (1.41 MB, 1926x2160)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB PNG
>she challenges you to a cumshot competition
File: Lovesackuppp.jpg (53 KB, 600x1200)
53 KB
File: Lovesackuppp2.jpg (62 KB, 600x1200)
62 KB
File: E0Y2IsqVgAM45RI.jpg (351 KB, 707x1000)
351 KB
351 KB JPG
Artist is Rawgreen
You know what? Little bit of a story too.

>Femboy servant to a well-knoen witch. Some say he was a former black knight who tried killing her, maybe a rival wizard, or just an unlucky traveller.
>What all tales about him do say, however, is her complete and utter sexual dominion over him.
>More specifically, how she keeps his monstrous cock and balls under weeks upon weeks of denial and edging, milking him for his precum.
>Not only is it a powerful reagent, but it's directly infused with mana; the boy's mana pool having gradually concentrated around his gravid prostate and aching balls.
>Non-stoo guinea pig for the witch's perverted experiments with creatures, potions, hexes, or all three at once.
>One hex permanently cursed him with random, sporadic "breeding seasons" even worse than that of a beastkin.
>As a result, he's always stuck in some sort of orgasm-denying device.
>Living clothes that barely cover anything while edging him constantly.
>Magic urethral plugs, leaving him filled with pent-up, thicker-than-normal-cum preseminal fluid.
>Or just the regular chastity, she loves wearing too little and watching him squirm and moan as she flaunts her incredible ass.
>Usually only gets to cum for massive, heavy-duty spells, and he often needs help milking out the obscenely-thick, molassess cum his body can't stop making.
File: 5708.png (3.49 MB, 3101x3508)
3.49 MB
3.49 MB PNG
I can't quite tell what's going on in this pic, is the nihilego blocking the cum and forcing it to flow back into her balls?

Still hot as fuck
> Balls so heavy and bloated that they need outside help to pull up.
>ywn cum so much that your cock gets bulged out
This is true suffering
File: 1649420626303.png (592 KB, 1280x1106)
592 KB
592 KB PNG
File: 1649880901532.jpg (75 KB, 908x1200)
75 KB
>ywn cum so much everything bulges and throbs
File: kinoko-25.jpg (1.03 MB, 2893x4092)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB JPG
kill me now
>Production gets so high that a milking machine is the only option to relieve their aching balls.
>Often has to drink a significant portion back down simply because there'd be too much otherwise.
>Cum has aphrodesiac properties, snd induce a cycle of desperate milking, drinking, and worse production.
File: FMYTOW9VUBIoFk3.jpg (359 KB, 1377x2039)
359 KB
359 KB JPG
File: 1647693859710.jpg (684 KB, 852x1067)
684 KB
684 KB JPG
File: 1653239127971.jpg (124 KB, 956x1200)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
File: 1652575333545.gif (1.6 MB, 566x800)
1.6 MB
1.6 MB GIF
File: 1613140132942.jpg (333 KB, 2048x1603)
333 KB
333 KB JPG
File: FO9-vMvXoAAWzgK.jpg (414 KB, 2500x2000)
414 KB
414 KB JPG
"Aaaa~ aaahn <3 I'm a girl captain but my penis just won't calm down, it's sooo embarrassing~"

Sperm in her balls:
"Oh shit, shiiiit~~ <3 I started thinking about Gojou-kun and my balls went crazy making tons of sperm~ <3 Speaking of which, they're so heavy <3 I'm going be making so many little sperms die in vain, but cumming all this out is DEFINITELY going to feel incredible."

sperm: *wriggle wriggle wriggle*

balls: *churn churn* *gurgle gurgle gurgle*

@HornyTheJester on twitter, also posted on R34.
File: FKiVkVBagAAHbXt.jpg (358 KB, 1677x2039)
358 KB
358 KB JPG
File: 1647673880847.png (302 KB, 2000x1800)
302 KB
302 KB PNG
File: 171_p3_.jpg (334 KB, 1280x1988)
334 KB
334 KB JPG
>One photo each day for seven months
File: 0.jpg (211 KB, 1280x1280)
211 KB
211 KB JPG
File: FRI1wPwaAAAvttZ.jpg (392 KB, 1877x2039)
392 KB
392 KB JPG
File: FRYcnjOaQAE_Gn9.jpg (455 KB, 1477x2039)
455 KB
455 KB JPG
(Ohhh, come ON! I made sure to rub one out right before this duel, but I'm already filled back up with sperm! I've got to finish this up as soon as possible so I can go squirt a load out...)

”I evolve Heartof Rupia into Astral Leaf!"
*Fuuuuu... <3 Fuuu... <3*

Bottom-text: Mimichan's sperm look just like Marin Flower!
File: FGVWLBtVgAQjFhx.jpg (401 KB, 1377x2039)
401 KB
401 KB JPG
"Ugh... my balls are filled to the brim with sperm, they're so heavy that I can't move... but the clean-up is going to be a nightmare if I just squirt a load out right here, and I can't reach my condoms..."
"I used to think the bigger the better, but at this point they're becoming a major hindrance to living my life... maybe it's time to seriously consider seeing a specialist..."
File: FGgKvO7UUAIDhV-.jpg (231 KB, 1483x2048)
231 KB
231 KB JPG
File: FSApsWlXoAY5BoW.jpg (2.04 MB, 4000x3000)
2.04 MB
2.04 MB JPG
There was a guy ho had that... sadly he diedd
Love me some lewd denisl magic
File: 0721f1r.jpg (725 KB, 2865x4051)
725 KB
725 KB JPG
File: 1649421372745.png (3.92 MB, 1181x2100)
3.92 MB
3.92 MB PNG
Goddamn this thread makes me wish i had a penis
go get one, anon
i fucking wish i could.
it's time to get big
File: FTMxjYPXEAQ0J7j.jpeg.jpg (82 KB, 1059x786)
82 KB
>You've been living in pent-up hell for as long as you can remember
>Every second, you can feel your seed curdling in your balls, turning to fermented sludge as your desperately writhing swimmers tie in knots with one another
>Letting out a single load takes nearly half an hour, and when you do it's so thick it won't even drip off the walls you splatter it onto
>The vile, half-rotted mess churns audibly with every movement your body makes, being compressed further and further as your balls simply can't grow fast enough to contain the new production
>Your urethra has to bulge and stretch just to allow the precum to escape in thick gouts as your body prepares to void itself of the rancid, toxic goo in your sack
>This is your personal, yellowed, cumstained hell
>Oh wait, you've only been without an orgasm for 30 minutes?
The lack of any stories concerning super-dense, hard-to-ejaculate cum is criminal
That's mostly everything I roleplay lol. Where a cumshot can punch trough dry-wall and windows, and the ordeal is ultimatly dangerous.
File: FTm9X79WUAE64Wo.jpeg.jpg (41 KB, 651x680)
41 KB
Honestly, the idea of my cum production being that strong, that it literally fights against my own anatomy and forcibly compacts in my balls, that's probably even hotter to me than the thickness of it. Virility kink is underrated as fuck.
>You’ve been bedridden for about a week
>Your stomach has been a growling mess all the while and sweating like you have the flu
>Twenty-seven buckets full of a weird yellow sludge sit in a hexagonal pattern on bedroom floor
>It’s near impossible to scoot around them without bumping the sludge over adding more to the already yellowed sticky floor
>The room reeks of bleach, but the room has little to no clean washcloths and no bleach bottles anywhere
>The blanket sticks to your body
>Which… hoo golly
>Your barrels and pythons and six pack are really fucking impressive for a man who hasn’t left his bed in a while
>You definitely grew from a scrawny, skinny-fat scarecrow to the farmer that stuck that thing into the ground hard and deep
>Despite this, you don’t think you would ever want (or need, honestly) to drink another one of them again
>In fact, you can’t bring yourself to look at the twenty-eighth soon-to-be-full bucket at your feet, because it reminds you of that awful, awful beverage
>Tasted like pennies, chalk, and a hint of vanilla, like, a LaCroix-tier “hint” of vanilla
>And you got an awful headache the moment you got a whiff of it, but a really cute chick said that this is what her dad used
>And you saw that phone pic of the BRICK-FUCKING SHITHOUSE in her hands
>So fucking of course you wanna give it a shot
>And now you’re dealing with a notorious side effect that somehow was hidden from the photo
>The beast that possessed your member, which now leaks out as a sludgy, doughy mess
>How the hell would you turn this in to a sperm bank when they probably couldn’t even recognize it as human biofluid, let alone semen
>For a moment, it seems like it stops
>You slowly
>Slowly move and gently
>Gently put the bucket on the ground
>And exit out into the kitchen
>One wrong move and your downstairs neighbor is drowned
>You reach for a box of granola bars, and eat through them like a vacuum
>You have about thirty minutes
>You take each bucket
>However heavy it ACTUALLY is, it’s naught but a paperweight to you
>And you dump it out into the sink, turning on the garburator for good measure
>It takes a while, but eventually evacuates into the sewers
>Twenty…eight minutes
>Two more payloads down the drain
>You cross your fingers and hope nothing clogs
>About twenty minutes left
>Your stomach, below the bellybutton, starts to tingle like crazy
>Four more buckets
>Eighteen minutes
>A clear drool begins to trail as you gingerly reach for four more buckets
>Nine minutes
>The drool turns occasionally white, to all white, to whitish yellow
>Might as well call it quits here
>You set yourself on the bed and place one of the buckets between your legs
>About eight minutes later, the drool slowly yellows and solidifies into the noxious sludge you’ve been condemned to producing for a while now
>What a pain
File: 1653059435749.jpg (740 KB, 1200x1200)
740 KB
740 KB JPG
it's pretty great not gonna lie
Get a load of this fag.
File: 1649420876871.png (564 KB, 493x1486)
564 KB
564 KB PNG
The classic female-to-male-to-hypervirile-futa pipeline
File: 90961077_p0.jpg (765 KB, 1600x2400)
765 KB
765 KB JPG
Wonder how did that girl's dad manage.
Author here.
I didn’t really have an idea as to how the father returned to normal. Just wrote while horny.
I’d like to think that the girl lied and the father in the photo was just some muscular guy, and he never used the product he was selling.
Feel free to supply your own headcanon though
Aren't enough chastity sets, stories, or anything that has the balls/dick get even larger while locked up.

Would make being locked up exponentially worse as the sub's balls start rubbing against their clothing.
Ugh, why go on? : |
This is real human tragedy
I know this is rampage/leedash, but I can't find it on his pixiv, does anyone know where it's posted?
You may not like it, but this is what peak male performance looks like.
I'm a huge fan of this, too. Expanding balls growing larger and heavier with gallons of condensed spunk is hot, but it's even better when paired with a scarcely-contained cock that's going to snap cum-blocking rings or cages given enough teasing and time, boys gaining an inch or two from sheer arousal, each buck of their hips and near-painful throb adding just a little more length and girth.

I just want a cute femboy with hips nearly three times as wide as his shoulders, a hallway-dominating, couch-crushing ass, hyperproductive cataloupe-sized spunk tanks, and a perverse love for denial that ensures his bloated balls are never blue enough.
I see your love for pent-up, hung femboys is not contained by the mere boundaries of threads.

>Human-paladin-turned-incubus-cleric by a demonic curse.
>Managed to keep his standing (and humanity) by "purifying" himself and "sealing away the source of corruption".
>Has a magically-enhanced cage that leeches off his natural demonic energies to keep his dick from growing underneath the constant denial.
>It definitely doesn't stop his balls from bloating and swelling, though.
>His natural, unrelenting production has only gotten worse after all the infusions of holy magic
>His testicles have become sources of both demonic and radiant energies, and the constant conflict between the two throw his entire body into hormonal pandemonium.
>Curse-plumpened hips frame his head-sized testicles, constantly churning, gurgling, aching, and pulsing with new additions of semen that won't be released for a while.
>Repeatedly tries to overpower the demonic energies within him with radiant mana infusions, but the healing nature simply increases semen production to an insane degree.
>Doesn't help that direct infusion requires laying his hands on his oversized balls, often leaving him desperately rubbing and squeezing them for hours in their extra-sensitive state.

(art by doppel/bonnypir)
>The holy order he belongs to isn't even a stuck-up, abstinence-crazy one, either. Sexually repressed clergy is a surefire way to lose to sex demons in the first place.
>Unfortunately, it leads to other members of the faith asking in genuine, caring concern about when his next milking is. Because no matter how well he fills out the womens' wear, regardless of how much the cloth drapes over the swell of his hips, it's impossible to truly hide the obscene bulge his bloated, never-empty balls leave.
>He has to quickly answer before the memory of mind-searing pleasure grips him, a memory of gallons of cum almost ruining his ejaculatory tubing as ropes of thickened semen rush out of his wholly-inadequate ten inches.
>And even in such an environment, he's too embarassed to ask his "milking partner" for help in getting another orgasm, despite how desperately he throbs as he stuffs himself into the cage.

>Recently, he's taken to stuffing awfully large, rune-engraved "control pylons" into his ass.
> It's to "temporarily suppress his demonic energies", and the worst thing is that it works incredibly well.
>He wishes it was just his perverted desire to fill his needy ass, but he might have to go to ceremonies with a literal holy rod stuffed in his rear
>And it'd almost be like one of his infusions, with energy seeping into his massive, apple-sized prostate as the textured surface of the rod grinds and crushes against it.

(art by dmxwoops)
You talking about one of the juicer fags with silicone in his sack?
File: 1653605008621.jpg (802 KB, 1100x1300)
802 KB
802 KB JPG
>Nuts so full that random jostling or daydreaming forces a couple heavy ropes of batter to push out.
>Or, if they're physically blocked from doin so, cause a miniature dry orgasm.
Imagine him emitting a growling noise and someone quipping that he should get something to eat only to explain meekly “That’s not my stomach. It’s… my…”
File: 1608034621688.jpg (514 KB, 1322x1695)
514 KB
514 KB JPG
This guy is carrying around 4 liters of saline which looks really fun https://files.catbox.moe/9ue039.mp4 I'd love to get that big and cum as much as physically possible, like 40-50ml (triple my pb) if it's even possible to cram that much cum in, it must feel amazing
talk about thigh bruising
what's the sauce on this one
Does anyone have videos of sperm wiggling their tails on a grey background?
Artist is Ancientpotato iirc. Syntheticpotato on r34.
need more stories about cum so thick to push out that it starts to go bad inside the balls
>Stroesegroesze roared and yelled in pain
>His arms pinned to the wall as he pelvic thrusts into the air
>“Traitors! Traitors!”
>He shouts at the two short tieflings
>One hugged her dick as she played gin rummy with the other across from her who was sucking his dick and brushing his long hair aside to decide whether to call gin early or pick the 5H from the discard pile
>Blut and Bock looked at their father’s mighty dick
>As long as a pew and as wide as a Bible on its long side, covered in veins, reeking of rotten eggs and burnt wood
>His balls were the size of witches’ cauldrons, filled with similarly gross liquids, occasionally bouncing up trying to submerge the basement room
>Apart from the small area under their force field for their Gin Rummy game
>They know they inherited the nature of their father’s loins as they heard an all too familiar grumble from their stomachs
>“It’s been a while. Where’s Father Stanislav with the holy water?”
>A spectacled, wiry bishop removed his mitre and set his crozier next to a desk before picking up a cloth band and soaking it in holy water
>Stanley then wrapped the band around Stroesegroesze’s turgid manhood, which now sizzled
>He would flex and flex, but nothing would emerge, instead (based on Blut and Bock’s knowledge on demonic anatomy) getting jettisoned back to sender
>A painful sounding squish and gurgle preceded the demon’s testicles inflating
>It happened three more times before the pain forced him into unconsciousness
>Blut and Bock leapt up and cheered
>“Finally piece and quiet!” Blut praised as her erection subsided
>Bock popped the tip out of his mouth and simply stated, “Agreed.”
>Stanley picked up a mirror hanging next to a Pantocrator and checked his hair
>Stanley’s horns had grown roughly to hair depth
>Concerning, but not impossible to hide in the garb he already wore during mass
>“I thought I told you two to wear the bishop’s vestments!”
>Blut whined as per usual “But I have the required anatomy!”
>“And the excluding anatomy!” Stanley countered
>Blut sighed and followed up with Stanley to the bathroom
>After the trio left, Stroesegroesze chuckled, dazed but still cogent
>“My children, so sure that they could abandon my gift to them”
>“So certain they can hide from their powerful lineage”
>“Laughable, they shall see soon enough”
>After taking her shower, Blut knelt and prayed, as she always did post cleanse, and donned the cloth band she always tied around her offending anatomy before sleeping in the nude
>Bock, on the other hand, did Hail Mary after Hail Mary after Hail Mary as Stanley looked on
>Bock often faced people who assumed he was crossdressing based on the length of his crinkled, matted hair, but in truth he was a male
>Obviously frustrated by the number of people making this assumption, he felt compelled to wear a nun’s habit if only to shut them up, but Stanley insisted upon the sinful nature of the act and punished him with twenty-two Hail Marys
>After completing all twenty-two, Stanley would give Bock a hug and a kiss on the forehead before letting him drift off to sleep, with Stanley himself following suit
>Stroesegroesze could see them in his mind’s eye, hear their breaths in his mind’s ears
>His liquid bounty, unexposed, warped his anatomy
>His naturally grey-black skin grew red and hot
>More and more veins popped out
>The occasional bounce now seemed to be a seismic rattle, never settling
>A deep breath and focus
>He tried to remember the spell to transfer it to another body
>His now unbearable bounty
>But the pain scattered his mind
>He simply said word after word
>If it approached the correct sequence, a purple aura would shine in his vision
>If he got a word wrong, it would vanish like it never happened
>It’s not like demons much need sleep; evil never rests
>It took him hours, and several accidental spells, like getting struck by lightning, or a brand new liturgical song crafted to play in his mind for all eternity, giving him a permanent headache, but he finally did it
>There was a stillness down South
>And then it slowly shrank
>The balls slowly shrank to still offensive but clearly more manageable form
>And in their bed all three shot up in their beds
>And then the twins woke up in pain
>“You feel it too!”
>And Bock shouted, “Look!”
>And sure enough Blut and Bock’s gonads slowly plumped up
>Stanley stretched and yawned only to feel himself bumping into anatomy he wasn’t supposed to until later
>This prompted him to get dressed and storm to the basement
>“What have you done to us?”
>“Excuse me?”
>“You have toyed with the physique of my twin siblings, and I demand to know what you did and reverse it, underdevil!”
>“Come now, Stanislav…”
>“A disgusting perversion on a perfectly apt name!”
>“But YOU gave it to me, a disgusting perversion in yourself!”
>“Regardless, in my efforts to unburden myself of my prolific, enviable, prodigious surplus of seed, I have…”
>*Ka-Tow* from a storm cloud somehow within the basement
>“Aaaaaaaaaaaugh! I have DAMNED myself to lightning! All night long and likely all day long! Regardless of the weather or even if I’m indoors! I could never remember the name of the spell in this—”
>“AAAAAAaaaaaugh! Condition! But it is to my advantage, as it is my revenge!”
>“God have mercy on you, creature! The beast that regrettably sired me!”
>“Your mother didn’t sound like she regretted it! Even in pregnancy she loved knowing she was carrying my spawn! She was rocked with pleasure, even during your birth!”
>Stanley stomped out of the dungeon
>Blut and Bock waited and groaned in anguish
>“Father Stanis—”
>“Right! Sorry…”
>“Was it father’s work?”
>“Yes, Bock.”
>“He’s still mad at us?”
>“Yes, Blut.”
>“So what did he do?”
>*ker-tur* aaaaaaa
>“Condemn himself to lightning strikes. And apparently transfer his seed into our bodies.”
>“Eww…” they both said.
>“Yes, I know. But we simply need to file a letter to the archbishop, and he will help us.”
>“Remove it, right?”
>“Well, of course.”
>“So be it. I’m starting to feel its effects.” Blut resigned, scraping the sweat off her body with her fingers as her masculine and feminine anatomy run haywire
>Her normally inverted nipples outstanding and wide
>Her penis wagging like an eager dog
>Her maidenhood dripping like a leaky faucet
>Bock and Stanley felt their anatomy eager to mimic her bouncing phallus, and soon enough they clasped their dicks, eager to get them to stop
>Blut, Bock, and Stanley all began to get watery eyes as they rushed to correspondence room
File: 1539732071693.jpg (241 KB, 850x1133)
241 KB
241 KB JPG
Does anyone have audio files of what churning balls or excessive cumming would sound like?
>audio files of what churning balls ... would sound like?
Probably not, because that makes no sense
it's /d/ brother.
As for audio files, eigeika/aigeka and maybe some other sources I can't remember.
Because this is BB, imagine cursing your enemies with fat, productive balls. A simple brush of hands against their testicles would make them have a series of dry orgasms as they are also cursed with not being able to cum
>A futa's orgasm encourages her testicles to produce more, though less than the orgasm itself.
>Ruined orgasms both release less and make her produce even more.

>Forcing a futa through ruined orgasm after ruined orgasm
>Each ejaculation gets heavier and heavier, but only because she's getting more and more pent-up.
>By the end of it, her balls are triple their normal size, and she desperately needs a proper orgasm.
>Her dick, however, is way too sore to function at this point, and it might take a whole day or two for it to be ready.
File: 1651805541348.jpg (387 KB, 1280x1813)
387 KB
387 KB JPG
Is there a non-x-ray version?
>>10271933 yes
Appreciated translator-kun.
File: 42_20.jpg (629 KB, 2480x3508)
629 KB
629 KB JPG
this is kinda close
File: p_1021.jpg (451 KB, 1000x1104)
451 KB
451 KB JPG
I feel like this is the perfect starting size, still mobile but big enough to be a productive cumcow who needs lots of attention
File: FV7nqiQaIAEHIui2.png (872 KB, 1408x2131)
872 KB
872 KB PNG
>tfw you'll never be a cute, petite girl with giant out of proportion testicles that ache all the time from being far too productive
Balls that are completely oversized compared the dick they're paired with is my jam. Most boorus don't specify that at all, but I managed to get a whole r34 tag for it. >2k images strong on that.

Regardless, fat nuts are fun.

>Futa with huge balls, medium dick -> big libido, hard to satisfy.
>Loses composure at the drop of her hat, always asking for help "milking" herself.
>With the size of her balls relative to her dick, you could probably treat them like udders. Particularly aching, full udders.

>One, mind-bending orgasm that lasts for minutes or multiple "normal" orgasms that suck at being satisfying individually, but work great at causing messes with each one.

>Completely hopeless against even the lightest of massages.
>Babbling and moaning out in gratitude as you slowly caress her overactive sperm factories.
>Could probably orgasm if you handled them a bit rougher than that.

>Entire reproductive tract clogged and packed full of sperm after a couple days of denial.
>Tight clothes and short skirts are completely inadequate at hiding those swelling balls.
>Testicles periodically draw up in a faux orgasm, failing to push her backed-up load anywhere, but causing her to involuntarily moan.
What did you call that tag there?
File: E5c3aFKVgAAcpdJ.jpg (144 KB, 992x1403)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
Giant balls with a (preferably relatively small) flaccid cock is really hot. Makes me imagine a weird sort of erectile dysfunction which relates to what the anon above was writing about.
Maybe her balls are so backed up and clogged that her dick has essentially just "given up". She has near (if not totally) permanent blue balls. Her penis doesn't even bother getting erect any more because there's no way she's cumming. Even if she somehow climaxes, her balls repeatedly clench up, she thrusts into the air, and her useless dick just flops around heavily. Maybe a tiny trickle of precum leaks out, while she feels a significant mass added to the backlog in her balls.
Simply oversized_balls
>Futa with ultrareligious upbringing, basically rendered incapable of cumming anything after being pent-up for so long.
>Distanced herself from that upbringing, but obviously some of it lingers.
>Huge, heavy, sweaty, and pemanently musky reminders swing underneath.

>As a connoiseur of balls, and as a good partner would: you worship the fuck out of them.
>Any chance you get, even if you're pounding her holes, those big nuts are getting some service.

>One day, during a particularly enthused massage session on her balls, she loses all composure, barely able to keep her head out as she moans.
>Her perpetually-soft dick is suddenly rock hard, twitching in its (relatively) dimunitive glory.
>With a gradual pull up, her testicles manage to shoot a single, inch-high arc of reproductive *slag* before dribbling the rest out of her dick.
>There is a new goal for your worship sessions: working the rest of that dangerously-virile slop out of her.
>Of course, her balls are going to stay that size—to nobody's chagrin.
File: 1649001005560.jpg (137 KB, 960x1280)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
So I'm into things like spontaneous orgasm and ejaculation, and I was wondering, is there anyway to make it so you're constantly on edge, feeling like you have to fight against your body to not cum?
Or can you achieve anything close to it?

seems like this (and a lot of other images here) is gone, anyone saved a copy
And lo, it is back.

Not well versed in such things, but how much have you tried edging? Basic as hell, but don't know what you've tried.
I've done edging and also tried different hypnosis videos and audio, the hypno stuff is pretty good if you take the time to look for good ones, but they're really rare, and only last until the audio ends. And as far as edging goes, I have done a lot of edging, but if I do it for too long I just get blue balls, at first it's a pleasant feeling but it quickly goes to actually being irritating, so at that point I just usually let myself cum.
File: Ld1HBpp.png (892 KB, 1400x2217)
892 KB
892 KB PNG
Swollen epididymis is a rare but welcomed detail
I always love imagining that when a overproductive futanari gets pent-up enough, the epididymis become so thoroughly full that the area ends up rock hard swollen and full to bursting. Desperate and even scary, when your tubing is so filled and clogged to it's very limits.
File: FWeYIhDaAAAYnUZ.jpg (425 KB, 855x1196)
425 KB
425 KB JPG
God, yes please.

This very recent image from C_Usui seems incredibly relevant to the specific ideas in this thread. DeepL translates his post on twitter as:

>This is an unpublished doodle of a heroic party's big-ball healer girl that I made during the short and big-ball boom that took place in my mind a while ago. I'm a lover of lidded women who, for religious reasons, can ejaculate just by having their balls rubbed.
I rarely see it but it's great, imagine how hard they must feel.
A futa cum-drink dispenser. Full set at https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/98943371 / r34. Beware that the artist does gore, though.
File: 1650126417061.jpg (118 KB, 918x1080)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
File: pokedock.jpg (648 KB, 995x1417)
648 KB
648 KB JPG
>ywn give your futa a daily filling to accelerate her growth
I just found this and I had to share
Bet stuff like this is the source for some of those audios
Thanks, I appreciate that sort of stuff.
This is one I thought sounded pretty good. It's pretty silly, but I'm also on the look out for niche audio that could sound like thick cum being ejaculated, or churning inside balls and that sort of stuff.
>ywn be accidentally filled with her extra-thick cum during one session
>ywn need to desperately pump your dick in a futile attempt to cum it out faster because it's simply too thick for you to actually cum it out
>ywn feel your balls slowly shift and change to produce cum of the same thickness and to properly ejaculate it out
>ywn pay back your futa by cumming your huge backed-up load into her nuts
File: FW0vh1ZVsAEalUU.jpg (1.25 MB, 2400x1786)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB JPG
I love this set, but I don't really get what's going on in this set if anyone wants to try and help. Tried machine translating, but didn't give me anything I didn't already understand.
File: FW0viNxUcAAx9iY.jpg (1.52 MB, 2400x1786)
1.52 MB
1.52 MB JPG
File: FW0vipLUEAAu0cc.jpg (3.18 MB, 2400x1786)
3.18 MB
3.18 MB JPG
This is the one I particularly don't get.

File: FW0vjBgVQAAmbeP.jpg (2.23 MB, 2400x1786)
2.23 MB
2.23 MB JPG
Love the massive disproportionately large balls, made even better by the smaller cock.

Alright, for others this is from the artist @2_Coleslaw / Mirin Chikuwa. There are two other variants for these characters, and they've done a bunch of status effect things before. Specifically for Arknights, and it actually matters here.

First it's a penis-swap from right-to-left.
Second her balls expand/begin producing yellow orbs (Originite Prime) that serve as the premium currency in AK
Third is that, but more.

Her balls are full of gacha gold that her dick has no hope of properly releasing quickly.
>Her balls are full of gacha gold that her dick has no hope of properly releasing quickly.
My boner gone like a gacha addicts money.
Quite the laugh anon.
Kinda hot regardless, I mean,
>Suddenly feel your balls bloat and swell with new seed.
>It's happening too quickly for you to relieve yourself before the urge to cum starts becoming paralyzing.
>Pressure gets high enough that all the thickened semen simply starts forcing itself through your dick regardless.
>Stuck in a perpetual miniature orgasn until you can pump yourself empty.

Also had an idea for something similar to doujins with body-modd. The whole "if you do or don't do X, your body will become normal" ordeal.
>Futa having her nuts pumped full with demoness sperm. Up to the point that the size of her balls barely eclipse that of her dick.
>If she can cum all of it out by the end of the week, her balls will remain at their normal size and production.
>If she can't, whatever size she's at will become the new normal, alongside a proportional boost to productivity.
>Suddenly thrust into the busiest week of her life, with no time to drain her balls until Sunday night.
>Desperately pumping out load-after-load as the curse mark on her balls starts glowing and tingling.
>Demoness's cum is way thicker suddenly, slowing her efforts as she watches the clock tick forward to 12.
>Fails to empty in time, and she erupts in a huge orgasm as her balls suddenly feel less taut, yet more sensitive.

>Month passes and the futa is... dealing with her new size.
>Despite the size increase, her production is just too much to handle. It only takes a day before she's bloated and pent-up, uncontrollably leaking precum into whatever her erection is tenting up.
>Demoness shows up again, offering a new deal: let her guzzle down all that cum for more power, no other strings attached.
>Of course, there were supposed to be strings attached, but the demoness grows addicted to the futa's cum.
File: EMFnCAhML.png (324 KB, 559x765)
324 KB
324 KB PNG
these are great
Oh god that pic is good
File: 7.jpg (200 KB, 1280x1811)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
>is there anyway to make it so you're constantly on edge, feeling like you have to fight against your body to not cum?
Or can you achieve anything close to it?
Definitely, I've hit this state quite a few times. It's incredible but hard to reach. I don't think you can stay in it indefinitely though, longest I've been able to stay like that is a couple days of fluctuating intensity before finally not being able to hold back any longer and cumming against my will. Sometimes I've hit the state, made it through the night, and it's gone away for a while before coming back (could be a few hours, days, or even a week) but I don't count that. I wish it wasn't so damn elusive because it's got to be one of the most intoxicating feelings in the world, and when you eventually do lose to your body's need to cum it always feels fantastic.

File: 2 (1).jpg (135 KB, 1280x1463)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
So, there's basically two ways I've hit that state, and they're opposite approaches. The most foolproof way I've found is the simplest, which is just to not jerk off, have sex, or even look at anything erotic for an extended period of time. Both not cumming AND not looking at stimuli are important in my experience. You have to go total monk mode. I noticed that not looking at porn or even anything vaguely erotic is important, since looking at sexual stimuli seems to give the brain mini-releases. It's best to just go completely cold-turkey and do something else with your life, and eventually it'll sneak up on you. You get more time and energy to be productive for a while, and bam you suddenly go ultra-coomer mode and get to enjoy an intense forced-ejaculation. The downside is it requires a LOT of patience, since it can take anywhere from a week to a few months to trigger. I'm not sure what the difference is and there are tons of variables to tinker with like hormones, diet, stress levels, etc. etc. As an example, a few weeks ago I was traveling for around 5 days and the entire time I was too busy to even think about porn or anything, and didn't have the time or opportunity to jerk off. When I got back I could tell I was feeling a bit pent-up but nothing that intense. However, the next day when I was working I started to day-dream about sex and next thing I know I've got a rock-hard, throbbing, leaking boner. Luckily I work from home because despite trying my absolute hardest to hold back after a while I eventually blew my load against my will. I literally didn't do anything special besides "detox" my mind from sex and not cum for a little under a week.

The other way is to inundate yourself with sexual stimuli. This means just looking at whatever you want, for as long as you want while edging. Just ride the edge and try to get as horny as you can. Now this is the hard part: you have to stop because this is a multi-day process. You're probably not going to have time to hit it in one day. If you cum you pretty much get reset, and this includes ruined orgasms which is part of the reason edging is problematic since it's easy to accidentally go over the edge. Also, like you noticed extended edging can produce some serious discomfort / pain in the testicles and abdomen. You can just fight through it and it goes away, letting you continue edging the next day but I seriously don't recommend that since it seems pretty dangerous. It's not worth risking prostate issues later on down the line. Still, this is definitely the faster method, although it takes way more of your actual time since it can take literal hours of edging over multiple sessions over multiple days. You also need the willpower to cut off your edging session and just go to bed without release. I've been able to hit that state in as little as two days of intermittent edging

All the typical advice applies too. Drink lots of water, eat a lot, especially fat and meat, take your vitamins (look up the relevant ones but don't go crazy), lift weights, get sun, get a lot of sleep, etc.

You can also experiment with triggers. For instance, choose a pic / video you really like that really gets you going. Jerk off ONLY to that. The less overtly adult / erotic the pic the better, and you can work your way up to jerking off to just a pic of a fully-clothed woman. You can also just jerk off normally and use the picture as a "finisher", i.e. whenever you get close and are ready to cum bring it up and as soon as you look at it try to cum as fast as you can. The point is to associate the pic with cumming.
File: FON_midXoAM4f10.jpg (225 KB, 1434x1263)
225 KB
225 KB JPG
The ero-trap dungeon anon at >>10285846 has returned with yet another section on AO3: https://archiveofourown.org/works/40151940/chapters/100561359
>And as far as edging goes, I have done a lot of edging, but if I do it for too long I just get blue balls, at first it's a pleasant feeling but it quickly goes to actually being irritating, so at that point I just usually let myself cum.
>Also, like you noticed extended edging can produce some serious discomfort / pain in the testicles and abdomen. You can just fight through it and it goes away, letting you continue edging the next day but I seriously don't recommend that since it seems pretty dangerous. It's not worth risking prostate issues later on down the line.
Personally I've come to enjoy that feeling because I associate it with really big cumshots, being painfully stuffed with cum makes me feel huge like I'm pushing at the physical limit.

The constant near-orgasm state you both describe sounds really hot but I'm not sure I've experienced it. When you cum involuntarily like that is it more intense?
File: FDhc41LaUAADjW0.jpg (430 KB, 863x1000)
430 KB
430 KB JPG
>When you cum involuntarily like that is it more intense?
Can't speak for everyone but for me it's WAY more intense, they're by far the most intense orgasms I've ever had. Like, I've actually fainted from them before, the really good ones feel exactly like pic related. But that's only when they're truly involuntary and I've done literally everything I can to hold back. It can still be pretty intense if you accidentally ruin it by going over the edge but it's not at all the same. Like there's a big difference between being really edged and pent-up and finally going over the edge and giving yourself release, and being so backed-up and desperate that your body hits the override switch and floods you with hormones and endorphins or whatever the fuck and forces you to cum whether you like it or not.
This is both very interesting and incredibly helpful, so thank you for the extensive explanations!
I've definitely heard of the "monk method" before, but haven't yet tried it, I'll probably will though, since I'm probably not going to go the blue balls edging route anymore. Also what you said at the end, the "trigger picture " is very interesting, I've never heard about such a thing before, with a picture being a trigger, could you achieve a point where, let's say you are doing the monk method, and you're months deep at this point, you accidentally look at the trigger picture, and you just cum your brain out?
>let's say you are doing the monk method, and you're months deep at this point, you accidentally look at the trigger picture, and you just cum your brain out?
Maybe, never experienced that personally so I can't say for sure. I definitely think it's possible though, the trigger method is used a lot by pre-jacs to train themselves to cum hands-free to visual stimuli only, like to a picture of a woman in yoga pants. Even with zero trigger training and just no-porn / no-fap I've gotten to a point where accidentally seeing women's clothing ads would give me huge throbbing erections I couldn't keep down. So I think if you combined it with generally being pent-up you could definitely blow a huge load to just accidentally seeing a certain picture. I don't think it'd take months either, I think if you got your body used to cumming once or twice a day to a trigger picture and then went cold turkey no-fap / no-porn after about a week you could probably cum hands free to the trigger pic.
source pls
Masso Nullbuilt has a decent amount of oversized ball content.
C'mon, anon, all it took was a SauceNAO search.
File: 1649812852180.jpg (72 KB, 961x1151)
72 KB
Fuck. Never been into scat so diapers never did anything for me but this might change it a little if it's cum related.
Weird how you say orginite prime but the icon shows originum slugs, because depending on that that's a whole new fetish, imagine Orginite slugs wriggling inside or Rosa's balls but not being able to be released, do you think Vanilla will keep one as a pet?
I've always wanted to see how an extremely productive, but extremely low endurance futa would react to being physically incapable of ejaculating even as orgasm after orgasm rocked through her.

>Extreme quickshot, blowing massive loads on from huffing someone else's perfume and fantasizing too hard.
>Walking in a bad pair of undergarments/pants leads to a sticky mess soon afterward.
>Spots a new brand of cum-denying cock rings while shopping.
>Gets it, puts it on, and almost immediately puts herself in for a whole week's worth of denial by accident.
>Her cock, used to back-to-back orgasms, is now completely sealed for any kind of reproductive release.
>Every dry orgasm pumps her nuts even fuller with seed they usually unload every hour or two.
>Her nuts are already completely swollen in a day, and she has no choice but to grow and swell for the next six days.
File: 1653076528061.png (1.21 MB, 1363x1800)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB PNG
>One week later
>While her cock has fared relatively unchanged, her balls have grown easily to the size of grapefruits
>And every second was unbearable
>She couldn't wait for the ring's effects to wear off and for her to cum
>She counted down the seconds, unable to think of anything else other than cumming, than the opportunity to cum
>Finally, she hears a *click* as the cockring unlocks itself, falling to the floor
>She instantly felt harder than she had ever been in her life and had no choice but to begin ferociously stroking her cock
>In only ten seconds, her balls clench upward and the futa arcs her back as she is rocked by pleasure
>...or, she would be, but she quickly realizes something's not right
>Despite her muscles pushing incredibly hard, not a drop of cum is released
>It almost felt like her viscous cum couldn't even leave her balls
>She desperately keeps stroking, only to reach another dry orgasm
>She spent the entire rest of her day rubbing her penis and kneading her balls, trying so hard to release even a milliliter of semen from her sack
>Everyone's noticed the week-plus "dry" spell alongside her frantic desperation after said week had passed.
>Her premature orgasms have only gotten quicker and easier to trigger with the prolonged denial.
>Her balls are constantly pulling up, trying to unload the dense, sticky mass stuck inside.
>Ultra-gooey precum jets out of her cock anytime she orgasms, lathering her huge balls in the stuff and coaxing out even larger failed ejaculations.
>Virtually impossible to focus if she doesn't let her balls hang off of whatever she's sitting on, because her still-swelling balls are perfect pillows to rut and fuck her own sensitive cock on.
>Days pass, and her nuts keep growing, expanding, bloating with more cum.
>The idea that she'll never ejaculate again terrifies and massively arouses her, fueling hours worth of useless pumping and jerking that simply gets her balls producing even more semen.
>The pressure and sheer production finally forces the tar-thick sludge plug out of her tubing.
>The sensation of such viscous slop flowing through her dick makes her orgasm.
>And orgasm
>And orgasm.
>Slowly her balls pump out the semisolid gunk out of her cock, her urethra widening from the impossible density alone.
>Can't do anything but moan and brace herself through hours of her cum being slowly emptied.
>By the end of it her balls have only shrunken partially, with the mass of her testicles having grown permanently from the ordeal.
>She's sinced learned how to make the ring stay on for shorter lengths, but one perverted part of her still lusts for the feeling of being so backed up.
>She still wonders how good it would feel after even longer.
File: FDqo-s6aIAAVvZc.jpg (298 KB, 829x1000)
298 KB
298 KB JPG
Jesus Christ, that's amazing. That whole story is the exact scenario I would absolutely love to see explored more often or in more depth. Huge props to you.
File: FDqo-s6akAAt023.jpg (383 KB, 829x1000)
383 KB
383 KB JPG
File: DDEL9pIUMAAYjX7.jpg (120 KB, 1000x775)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
Oops, wrong order
File: DDEMyPfVoAAWjc3.jpg (118 KB, 1000x775)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
File: lg6654gshtb91.jpg (395 KB, 1505x1440)
395 KB
395 KB JPG
File: 61930492_p0.png (2.73 MB, 1980x2452)
2.73 MB
2.73 MB PNG
File: 61930492_p6.png (3.49 MB, 1980x3758)
3.49 MB
3.49 MB PNG
File: 61930492_p7.png (3.93 MB, 1980x3758)
3.93 MB
3.93 MB PNG
File: FXZZHwjKWABNS1.jpg (1.92 MB, 4000x8002)
1.92 MB
1.92 MB JPG
File: 1657775340131.jpg (1.09 MB, 3200x3500)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB JPG
Cum backfiring
Hypervirility problems
>Your sperm have such an incredible degree of motility and such a high activity level that they die within 1-2 hours if they haven't made contact with anything they can impregnate
>Admittedly, that doesn't mean a lot, since a single spurt of your cum is so virile and nutritious that it can cause a year's worth of bumper crops for an entire farm
>There's just one problem
>Your tadpoles live fast and die fast
>Every single hour, your body produces enough seed to fill your balls to capacity...regardless of how much they already contained
>Every hour, a brainbending throb goes through you as another few gallons of near-toxic sludge turn to a yellowed mess in your sack, trillions of sperm dying and concealing into ballslop thicker than wet cement
>Since your body is constantly working to maintain the count of fresh swimmers, your sack is constantly forced to grow, since no amount of normal stimulus could ever pull those strings of goo out of your nuts
>It'd take suction on a champion level to drain you, but when that cork popped, no doubt it'd flood whatever building you were in
File: 001.png (3.23 MB, 1122x1707)
3.23 MB
3.23 MB PNG
This is basically my first time writing an erotic story. Sorry if the writing isn't adequate, or I indulge my own fantasies too much. Spoilers: It essentially has a "bad end" conclusion
>Society where chastity and strong wills are great virtues
>Virility and fertility are worshiped concepts
>Futas are the standard sex, and could normally ejaculate more cum in an hour than a real life man could in months, if not years
>Every year a great festival dedicated to virility is held
>It is a great point of pride to come to this festival with the most virile semen possible
>The longer one has abstained from ejaculating, the better
>Most futas are able to abstain for a good month or so, and with their dedication boast cumshots reaching into the liters, with thick off-white semen
>Leading up to the ceremony, the popular girls show off their swollen, blue balled testicles like breasts- supporting them with ball-bras, and revealing clothing showing plenty of ball cleavage
>The ones who really take it as a point of pride load up on virility drugs and semen enhancers
>Within months they're sporting balls that weigh them down like iron weights, inflated to the size of melons, or large pumpkins if they're "lucky"
>Plugged up so they don't lose any precious congealing semen to the pressure alone, they orgasm from any stimulation, constantly adding sperm to the already absurdly dense backlog fermenting in their balls
>But they do have to release some at a point
>Unplugged, they don't ejaculate immediately
>They have to spend an hour rapidly contracting their cock, massaging out cake batter thick semen
>It's so thick it coils up on itself before eventually settling into a gelatin like gooey pile
>But there's still two months to the festival?
>That was just the precum
>They were getting rid of the thin, watered down stuff so they could show off the actual virile, densest cum possible
>Eventually, even the precum stops
>There's no point in the plug any more, the semen is so dense there's no way it's coming out unless you had some helpers painfully massage it out
>These dedicated girls are in a state of constant orgasm for a month. Their cocks constantly twitching, balls contracting, attempting uselessly to pull up, to unload this noxious, fermented, solidifying, physical manifestation of desire and agony trapped in their balls
>When the day of the festival finally does arrive, these dozen or so girls have to be aided just to stagger along to the ceremony, due to the incredible weight and painful sensitivity of their backlogged nuts
>Given libido and sensitivity enhancers, they'll be as horny as humanly possible
>Given sexual aides fitting their preferences exact as possible, and warm massages, coaxing out that horrible solidified lust
>They all end up ejaculating the most virile, densest, pheromone soaked semen that even a priestess of virility would never have imagined, or hoped, or prayed possible
>Cartloads of cum from each girl, stained with a yellowed tint, making its age apparent, so congealed it's not really even a semi-solid any more, it's just solid, with just enough malleability to have been excreted from their testicles and out their urethra
>A whiff of it from another room produces orgasm in any female or futa without exception
>A single drop of this, even in a chlorine saturated pool, would be sure to get every female pregnant, and likely with twins, triplets or more
>And all dozen of them produced cubic meters of the stuff, and had plenty more of slightly lower virility still backlogged
>Except the one who didn't ejaculate
>The short, small dicked quickshot of the community who normally fails abstaining the day she attempts it, classically dumping a gallon or two on the floor through her panties once when she saw a bit too much cleavage from her crush
>She'd never hear the end of that misfortune, so truly dedicated herself to making a spectacle at the festival this time
>She loaded up on semen thickening agents and plugged up from the start
>She was stuck in perpetual orgasm a week into this "competition" between the more popular girls, with absolutely no relief the entire time
>And still none
>Despite the warm testicle baths, the crushing massages, the libido enhancers and attempts to turn her sexual fantasies into reality just to coax out her load, it wasn't happening
>Her semen was absolutely solid
>It was not moving an inch, no matter what they did
>This girl, who was normally dumping gallons of the stuff from fantasizing too hard was now stuck, still rocked with orgasms after orgasm from the slightest touch or indecent thought, but unable to unload a single drop
>If paying close attention, the sheer volume of sperm added to the backlog made her testicles swell even from one minute to another it was so rapid
>Lewdly shaking and bucking her hips in a mad frenzy, wishing for any ability to relieve herself, and with tears running down her face, she was proudly proclaimed the highest achieving girl in the community, a near perfect symbol of willpower and virility incarnate. A living representation of chastity, unwilling (though more so simply unable) to spill her seed despite facing the highest temptations
>She was likely to spend the foreseeable future here, with a room dedicated just to her and her testicles of incomparable virility, size, and weight
>Their sensitivity and agony inducing ability was also unmatched though
>Though some girls wondered if perpetual orgasm denial torture and madness inducing lust was really worth the pride gained
>Small-dick futa who's insecure about her virility despite nobody really caring.
>Decides to do something about it.
>Puts herself through what is essentially blueball hell.
>Months of edging and denial, supplements for production, and even more things to get her balls churning out the most virile semen possible.
>Her dick grows a little bit, but it's utterly, comically dwarfed by the bloated nuts constantly swinging below. Each melon-sized testicle clenches and throbs, endlessly sending her signals to just fucking cum already.
>After an entire half-year of denial and production, she finally decided that it's been "enough" (though, it was probably the fact that her mind was being constantly pounded with thd overwhelming urge to blow her load).
>Invites her best friend—the only
other person who actually knows about this—to show off.
>At least it was supposed to be some sort of exhibition of her new, hard-earned virility, but when her friend gets there, they see something else.
>The futa, propped against the wall as she slams her hand up and down her unimpressive cock, screaming in satisfied pleasure as the forgotten feeling of an orgasm rocks through her.
>The moaning, however, quickly turns panicked and desperate as barely any cum leaks out of her dick.
>Each massive clench of her balls only sends a slightly bigger pulse of cum flowing from the girl's stretched urethra.
>It doesn't stop at all, even as she stops pumping her dick.
>Instead, the sensation of her cock slowly widening around the sludgy genetic pudding sends her into a second helpless orgasm.
>Any ejaculatory discipline she built up during her six-month dry spell completely disappears.
>As she's forced into her second hands-free orgasm, some part of her mind knows that whatever gunk she dribbles out now is already being replaced in her nuts.
>At least, that's if her friend doesn't come and help out.
File: 1605205410067.png (138 KB, 596x924)
138 KB
138 KB PNG
Any fat trap balls?
The intersection between disproportionately huge balls and cute boys is unfortunately a small one.
File: Kusoniku2.png (771 KB, 1200x849)
771 KB
771 KB PNG
File: Kusoniku4.png (675 KB, 1200x1441)
675 KB
675 KB PNG
File: Kusoniku5.png (950 KB, 1200x1441)
950 KB
950 KB PNG
File: out.webm (517 KB, 764x540)
517 KB
I love this thread
File: 1658347895337.jpg (205 KB, 1290x1200)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
How about both?
I like the idea of dead sperm, much like other dead material organic material, being used as fertilizer, so there's an entire career field based around spending a whole year edging yourself, building up the sludgiest, most vile loads of compressed, congealed ballslop you can produce, only to have the thousands of gallons of it milked put of you by a cavalcade of loving farmgirls at the start of every planting season. Especially if they promise to sneak a bite of it for themselves when they go out of till.
>dead sperm
Hear me out-
>Testicles constantly recycle dead/malformed sperm, turn it into the "base" fluid for semen that gives it the nutritious and/or fattening qualities AND makes it a bit thicker.
>Dead sperm consumed by living sperm, forcing them to "fatten up". Fattened sperm bloated with nutrients leads to semen that's got a squishy and grainy(not like sand, the opposite) feel/texture.
>Dead sperm naturally breaks down in the testicles into base-components that's absorbed by the other sperm, adds a secondary component to the "base" fluid that combines both qualities from earlier.
>The more dead sperm broken down, the thicker the semen becomes until it's congealed/solid.
>Fermentation inside the testicles forces minor amounts of gas to be dissolved within the fluid, giving it an almost alcoholic quality. Copious amounts of semen consumption leads to inebriation, followed with other chemical reactions that could range from aphrodisiac, hormonal changes (i.e. "munchies" followed by rapid weight gain, muscle gain, or something like a "second puberty"), dissolved gas being released from semen from contact with stomach acid, or side effects like constant sweating, a slight drug high, etc.
>Secondary effects can be transferred through urethral docking and/or different types of food being consumed to produce unique spunk.
File: FVeVvtCaQAA644y.jpg (514 KB, 636x1196)
514 KB
514 KB JPG
>tfw no microdicked super productive quickshot futa gf to put on a no cum regimen to help her last longer that leads to balls the literally turn a slight blue color, with incredibly dense semen that slowly shoots out in huge uninterrupted semi-solid ropes longer than this run-on sentence, and a permanent increase in ball size and production, with absolutely no difference in her premature ejaculation issue, except that her balls are now sensitive enough she cums out even bigger loads if they're squeezed or jostled around a bit too roughly
File: FVeVvtCaQAA644yEDIT.jpg (116 KB, 636x1196)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
This is basically as low quality content as it gets, so I won't post others, but thought I might as well share a very simple edit concept I like to do sometimes, for that literal blue-balled idea.
It's surprising how much a blue tinge improves the image.

Pure futa wear chastity until marriage. Her balls may not be too heavy to walk, but each steps she takes tugs on her sensitive little dick enough to make her bust. She finds the perfect guy who'll hold her fat balls while she walk. If he can't do that he's not fit for marriage.
"Your balls look heavy, Ma'am, may I hold them?"
>A huge fountain of pure, thick cum sprays out the cage when she realizes she's found The One
>Futa helpless on the street
>She's fiddling with a broken ball bra
>Her balls dangle freely, the weight pulls the skin tight making her leak
>In defeat she throws the ruined underpants away
>She tries to lift her balls and stop the pressure. She hardly is able with her womanly arms
"Need a hand?" you ask
>Her eyes sparkle at the sound of your aid
"Yes. My-"
>Before can finish, you get behind her and lift the weightu nuts
"Aah-haa," she moans
"Y-yes. Thanks. Could you take me to my apartment, itys not far"
"Anything for a damsel in distress"
>You follow her, crotch to ass as you mimic her steps
>Her cheeks are slide up and down with her swaying hips, stroking your stiffening cock between them
>It's starting to feel really far as people stare at you getting an accidental assjob
>It's no use. You cum, dick pressed tight to your pants it streaks out onto her ass and back
>Still you hold her balls aloft
>You make it to her place, the whole apartment has a funk in the air
>"Sorry my butt wasted your cum," she says, "I have to make amends."
>She unlocks her cum soaked cage
>Her penis is tiny. Erect, it's hardly seen amongst her sack
>You sit. Her balls a plopped on your lap, sticky with spilt cum
>In 3 short strokes she groans and shoots a single rope across you
"Even?" She said
"I mean, you just ruined my shirt."
"Huh. Oh no, I didn't think-."
"You know, we could solve lot of problems if you just emptied those things."
"No, I ca-aah~"
>You stroke her little dick, fitting it snug in one hand
>Cum seeps and splurts between your fingers
>She's losing it, almost fainting as you milk her
>Her balls are churning and gurgling beneath the shower of cum, slowly shrinking
>Her cum is getting thicker, too thick to flow. You stop a moment to assess
In a daze she says: "You just- married me."
"What? Are you okay?"
"It's the futa marriage rite, to touch it bare, d-darling."
File: E086EHCVgAEMSpM.jpg (752 KB, 2500x3917)
752 KB
752 KB JPG
>futa devoted to purity
>from age 18 or so, forbids herself from cumming until she finds her true love and marries them
>successfully shields herself from most stimuli that might arouse her
>still, just the constant background production has her balls at an enormous size, filled with incredibly dense, fermented semen
>through her training, has resisted temptation to the point that she doesn't even get erections
>she meets you, and of course you want to get married
>clumsily works her way up the aisle, with two bridesmaids needed to support each testicle just to make the short journey
>your vows are recited, and you kiss
>the instant your lips touch, this simple and minor sexual stimulation, and the incredible romance of it causes her to instantly let out a loud moan as she cums hands free
>the thickest, nastiest ballsludge just keeps erupting from this pure girl dressed in a fancy white laced wedding gown as she ahegaos, moans like an animal, and wildly bucks her hips into the air, with her only now hardening cock flopping around
>in a nearly unbroken rope of congealed, chunky semen, in coils it piles upon itself
>this continues for 12 minutes, and many more for her and her still twitching balls and gaped urethra to settle down
>seemingly unaware of how absurd this was, she continues the ceremony, in awe of how much pleasure you've already given her, and promises herself to further penile chastity for at least the same amount of time
>(un)luckily for her, only later is it found some of your wedding gifts include enchanted rings of semen production and thickness, virility amplifier pills which increase sperm density by many times, and a ball bra which allows for greater testicle size while compounding stored cum into a denser congealed form
>it would be rude not to use them, right?
>she pouts, as her balls gurgle in anticipation, and her cock erects quickly
Those are some strong bridesmaids.

I want to play more to the magical cock-ring idea:
The wedding ring is a magical cock ring, intended to break past her mental conditioning (but it works too well).
After she receives the kiss her loins twitch ever so slightly, a momentary lapse on her part. The slight movment is amplified by 18 years and her love for you. Her cock shoots from foreskin. It's much too big for her foreskin, made more so by the ring. Deep red and sausage thick veins, since she had never so much as touched it, it's also one of the filthiest cocks you've ever seen (and smelled)
She faints, you stoop to catch her. It's such a romantic gesture that she climaxes dousing much of the audience.
They say it's good luck, akin to catching the bouquet, yet her side of the family had brought umbrellas...
where is this from? saucenao seems to be clueless
@C_Usui_r18 on twitter, iirc.
that's correct, tysm.
it's a pity it appears to be a single image, I'd legit pay for CG set of that
Idea based off of https://desuarchive.org/d/thread/10175816/#q10200558

>Modification: ring doesn't increase sensitivity, but forces the user to let go if an orgasm is inevitable.
>As they get more pent up, they can't jerk off for long without the ring forcing them to sit through minutes worth of the world's worst ruined orgasm.
>Futa gets the ring as a "reward" for completing the dungeon.
>Though, really, she had no choice in the matter when it had teleported onto the base of her cock.
>It's already been a couple of days, and her usual nightly sessions have become northing but torture as she attemps to relieve the mounting pressure in her nuts.
>She's not even sure if any of her "orgasms" are actually helping. If anything, her egg-sized balls only feel heavier and fuller.
>The closest town artificer is weeks away.

>A week+ passes and her balls feel like they're constantly taut, with no more space to spare for another load of thickened spunk, but she's felt like that for three days straight, now.
>The only thing her balls do now outside of forcing out huge, messy, and useless loads is swell. They've seemingly accelerated in their growth, quickly surpassing oranges and becoming impossible to cradle in one hand.
>Her sensitivity has gotten to the point that a couple minutes of accidental lust-driven pumps leaves her desperately whining and groaning as her cock dribbles and spurts out her failed orgasm over the span of a minute.
>She's only halfway to the artificer at this point.
>More time passes by, and it's only gotten worse.
>A single pump is the only thing the ring lets her do to her cock before she's forced to endure over an hour of twitching and throbbing completely handsfree.
>The only difference between the time before and after that hour is the constant, weak dribbling of sticky yellowish cum that makes up her ejaculation.
>Her now cantaloupe-sized balls constantly produce the stuff, even if most of it never even escapes her reproductive tubing.
>Each prolonged release has her balls churning out more and more cum, and the sensitive skin of her scrotum ensures that it's impossible to endure even a day without her spunk slowly forcing itself out of her urethra.
This, but I hold her hand for the whole 12 minutes while caressing her head
>Breaking news interrupts the channel you're watching
>There's been a terrible school shooting at the prestigious futa academy
>One-third of the students and many of the staff are in hospital, and those are the lucky ones
>The public is asked to be on the lookout for a man dressed in all black, or possibly one who smells strongly of cum
>Reports are that he used a chemical gas which caused exposed students to lose their minds and masturbate uncontrollablly
>Their vows of chastity were ruined in an instant
>Many students who weren't directly exposed suffered 'mental trauma' at the sight of their classmates ejaculating in front of them, strucking them with the urge to do the same
>Images show the school from a distance, the visible sea of spunk making it too pungent for anyone to get closer without succumbing
>Those students that resisted masturbation have been severely blue balled, rushed off to hospital in hopes to bring them back to stable conditions
>One such case is shown, an elegantly dressed youn lady bound yo a stretcher she she humps the air swinging her purple, veiny sack
>It's not yet known just how many of them may have been impregnated, but so far every female member of staff has been found bloated and dazed

>Such shocking news, you can't help by weep a little
Don't do this bros he had to get one of his nuts removed.
>Honestly, the idea of my cum production being that strong, that it literally fights against my own anatomy and forcibly compacts in my balls, that's probably even hotter to me than the thickness of it. Virility kink is underrated as fuck.
Good fucking lord imagine
>qt responsible futa who doesn’t wanna get anyone pregnant accidentally
>prone to cumming at the slightest arousal, as futas often are
>locks herself in chastity after one close call too many
>eventually her balls can’t get any fuller and she starts reabsorbing her own ultra-virile cum
>starts transforming her body in little ways
>the thick haze of constant horniness keeps her from noticing
>goes from a short, regular looking girl who happens to have a dick to a 8+ foot tall oni with thighs that could press coal into diamond
>massive bitchbreaker cock that snaps the chastity device without even getting hard
>cute receptionist girl says she looks nice going into work that morning
>bends her over and fucks her on the spot
>does some cartoonish shit like knocking her up indefinitely
>>goes from a short, regular looking girl who happens to have a dick to a 8+ foot tall oni with thighs that could press coal into diamond
>>cute receptionist girl says she looks nice going into work that morning
That's one brave receptionist.

Reminds me of the retrograde thing I wrote.
I want to add:
>Because of futa's infectious cum futa are encouraged to masturbate constantly
>As a result futa weren't allowed in women workspaces
>It's been that way for so long people forget the reason, and do away with that archaic practice

>Futa almost has an incident as the first futa in 80% female company
Goes into chastity as you state...
>Walks into work on Monday, a week after her chastity attempt
>Towering monster of masculinity and femininity, cock 'hidden' under her shirt/jacket
>Receptionist is stunned, having no idea who or what it is
>The futa greets her. The ID card reveals its her coworker, the futa diversity hire
>Not wanting to risk a micro-aggession by staring she chokes out: "you look nice"
>Futa glares at her, a fire in her eye
>Woman smiles back reflexively her heart pounding
>A thick milky paste starts bubbling from the futa's clothes, the stench and colour is of cum that's had the semen soaked up by clothes
>She gasps and the sight of an open hole sets the futa off
>Cock tears free as it swells
>Girl squeals as she's pick up and stripped naked in a single action
>Futa cock overflowing with cum is pressed to her vagina
>Writhing and tingling, it's not like cum the woman's known
>It's invading her membranous insides as it seeps inside
>Futa grips her tight and thrusts inside
>Girl whining as she's nearly torn apart
>The futa cum infecting her body is also stitching it back together, making her a perfect fuck toy
>She's overwhelmed when the futa busts, swelling her body with the corrupting cells
>Fear, pain, and chemical pleasure of the futas' unique virility cause the woman to faint
File: 7 Wren Mirror optimized.gif (2.09 MB, 734x1020)
2.09 MB
2.09 MB GIF
>Magical mirror of reversal
>A girl's bestfriend, it flips any emotion one is having to let one boost their self-esteem
(Other effects unknown)
>Inexplicably girl wakes with a horse cock
>Disgusted she starts getting hard
>Realising she is stranding in front of her magical mirror she thinks she better move
>Although looking at herself and seeing the thing slide out of forces her to be more turned on
>She's too light headed and needs to sit back on her bed
>With the cock raising towards her she can smell it.
>Where she would gag the mirror causes her cock to throb, thick veins pulsing along it
>There is little she can do to contain her disgust, with each action it does she is more repulsed and thus more turned on.
>It flares, becoming grotesquely thick and heavy
>She may pass out, but not before she is hit with a climax
>It's pulsing, the balls twitching
>Nothing comes out, instead she starts to ache, which quickly is making her more aroused.
>The balls are swelling
>She cumming yet the mirror is reversing it
>Her pleasure is growing rapidly as the pain and disgust build, not to mention thr physical need of her balls filling with cum.
>They've reavh the floor, her cock so hard as it continues to throb
>Then... She passes out
>Having fallen flat on the bed, cock practically crushing her
>Slowly thr blood flows out, and her consciousness returns
>Only she is still stuck in the predicament with the mirror so long as she can feel her balls between her legs...
sauce for this?
File: vl0mlbua8oe61.jpg (122 KB, 866x1080)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
File: 87059093_p0.jpg (970 KB, 866x1080)
970 KB
970 KB JPG
File: 87086110_p0.jpg (1.06 MB, 866x1080)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB JPG
>Hypervirile and productive futa who's simultaneously partially impotent at all times.
>Balls constantly producing new sperm, epididymis packed full with an extra-dense, wriggling mass.
>A prostate permanently engorged and sensitive, never not primed to pump out the thicker-and-stickier-than-glue spunk contained in every inch of her reproductive tubing.

>Meanwhile, her cock doesn't even eclipse the size of her huge balls.
>At "full" mast it's still noticably soft and pliable, and nowhere near large enough to empty her reserves in even three orgasms.
>Takes significantly longer to cum if she isn't fondling her balls or punishing her prostate.
File: 1633289459710.jpg (73 KB, 905x1166)
73 KB
File: 1633289490181.jpg (75 KB, 905x1166)
75 KB
File: 1633289521457.jpg (81 KB, 905x1166)
81 KB
File: 1633289552743.jpg (87 KB, 905x1166)
87 KB
File: 1633289588056.jpg (95 KB, 905x1166)
95 KB
Honestly, not enough epididymis content (probably because there's no cruder word like 'balls' or 'nuts')
If I recall, the artist jadf draws it.

Just imagine the duo-nuts. >Epididymis as big as testicles, both swollen beyond belief.
>Both are so pronounced you can run your thumb along the crease.
>The balls are gently pulsing in your palm. They churn constantly to force more sperm into the epididymis
>They are rock solid, full of so much sperm that if you wanted to empty them it would take hours of massage and forced orgasm
>All this from just a few weeks, but given the scrotum isn't spandex-tight, they could stand couple more.
I imagine the party cleric is woken by the moans.
>Stares down at her party member, seeing he used the enchanted item to get off.
>Stuck in a rut he begs her, not for freedom, for her to help him get off.
>She's pissed. "Suuure, I'll help."
>Prepares rejuvenation spell, and blasts his balls with a second dose of magical virility.
>He gets off alright. Thick ropes spill out of him so rapidly it sounds like a horse's gallop as they drum against the wooden floor.
>He's cumming harder by the second but moving further from being sexually satisfied.
>Once he's 'suffered' enough mind numbing orgasms the cleric dispells the magical item
>Informs him it will be atleast a month before his balls will be small enough set out again, and since they don't have enough money for the inn she's going out to see if she can find some 'fairys' who may be willing to pay for some time with him.
>Really she hopes to find a monster girl in heat, that'd be about the only thing able to drain him dry.
Not enough content playing around with forced, sudden cum production + denial either.

>Extremely high intensity production curse that doesn't last very long.
>Suddenly have balls swelling and aching before you get the chance to orgasm, production reaching so high that cum starts to leak out uncontrollably.

>Expired bottle of "juice that makes you cum" that only induces the production needed for the intense, minutes-long orgasm.
>All that produced cum has to be shot out, or else the drink's effects will persist.
>Too bad your cum is now too thick to shoot out comfortably, leaving you stuck heaving out super gluey ropes for the next couple of weeks.

>Captured by your goody-two-shoes arch-nemesis.
>Her punishment is instead an obscene collection of various cock-rings that all apply an effect.
>Locked in a haze as the rings wreak havoc on your entire reproductive system.
>Constantly approaching and leaving the edge, increased production, increased musk, higher precum viscosity, immense prostate growth, reduced ejaculatory strength, etc.
>Barely capable of questioning where the hell she got all these rings as she starts rummaging around for more lewd toys.
I like the expired 'juice that makes you cum hard'. I swear I've read or maybe written something like it before.

The cutesy femboy roomate is rummaging through the fridge.
>"What's this thing?" He asks
>You answer: "I think that futa must have bought it."
>"Think she'll mind if I have it, its out of date."
>"What do they say, 'better to ask firgiveness than permission'.
>Femboy chugs the drink.
>"Whoa, that was pretty... sweet..."
>You can hear him gurgling from here, only the sound isn't coming from his stomach
>His pants have grown tight around his swelling balls
>He's groaning. "H-help."
>"Help, how am I meant to help?" You watch as he falls to his knees, his balls so big they touch the floor from that height. "Didn't you read what that was before drinking?"
>"It said... ugh" he's forced onto his back as his balls kept growing. They've torn out of his pants now, big red and veiny beachballs. "It said it makes you cum hard."
>"I guess when it expired it only kept the 'hard' part."
>"That's no fu- uck"
>His balls are so big you can only see his feet sticking out around them.
>"You good?" you ask redundantly
>"I need to... I need to cum, but it hurts too much. They are still getting... tighter."
>He's frantically jerking, but his cum so too thick to move. Sludge barely manages to seep out, expired cum from his expired cum drink.
>The smell, it hits you like a brick from here. You figure you could use some fresh air and leave without a word. The futa will probably hear him, if not smell him, and she can deal with it; it was her drink after all.
>You slam the door shut behind you.
>Futa shows up hours later, goes to the store to get more of the "fresh" drink.
>You come back on a whim, and barely before you can open the door, the frame bows outward as a thick, off-white liquid rapidly squirts from the sides, before the door is forced off of it's hinges by a mass of semi-liquid semen.
>The smell is so intense you gag, cough, and struggle to make your way away from the scene as your balls start swelling and tightening the front of your pants.
>Still retching, you prick expels what feels like syrup from your over-engorged cum tanks finally slowing down in their growth as a result of you crawling towards fresh air.
>Spend the next week at a motel "destressing" while the apartment is cleaned out by city services.
>Not all is too bad-you bust nuts that would put a boar to shame but the tradeoff is that everyone can see your overgrown nutsack in any kind of pants you wear and the first initial ropes are hell to get out before the real show starts.
I'd envisioned a scene where upon the discovery the futa first tries a manual approach.
>Plants her oversized futa ass atop his balls
>Her immense weight squeezes out congealed ropes of yellowed cum that slop acros his body
>You're a nice guy, thinking ahead
>You return with a fresh bottle and witness the greusom stench
>See the futa bouncing atop his balls and coating him so much he be looking like Captain Keyes in Halo CE post Flood absorption

I'd like to think of the cum production curse as a kind if combat magic.
>Tasked with taking down a dangerous witch
>Don't really have details of what she does so have a variety of spell protections
>She cackles as she hits you with an incantation
>Must have been immune, feel nothing at first
>Suddenly feel a chill as blood rushes to your crotch
>The pain is sharp, your balls swell rapidly to the point they tear throug your light armor
>As the magical attack brings you to your knees it stops, balls still achingly full
>There's so much cum you can feel it squeezing through your prostate
>You're about to cum but the witch uses telekensis
>A spectral hand clenches your prostate. The pleasure is mind-numbing, your cock rockets to a throbbing erection
>She clenches it so tight that nothing flows through, you're in orgasm but your balls remaining stuffed.
File: oversizedd.jpg (235 KB, 1248x1335)
235 KB
235 KB JPG
>Summer job at an expensive spa retreat
>Told you'll be helping prepare the lotions and oils for treatment
>First day on the job, get sent for orientation, sat down in a waiting room and given an iced drink
>It's a hot day, and you're thankful for it. A neon-pink slushie looks out of place in a high class spa like this, but it tastes amazing going down
>Like, really amazing
>You didn't know you could get aroused from a drink
>Before long you're sucking the straw like it's life-giving, diving tongue-first into the cup for the dregs, and a hard-on that's straining your jeans
>it's like a direct route from your mouth to your cock
>You finish up and are craving more, but a different sort of pressure down there makes you take notice
>It's not just your cock pushing on the zipper, your whole crotch is bulging, forcing your legs wider
>No one else is in the room, you fumble to get your belt off and free your dick
>The air-conditioned breeze hits your bare skin and highlights just how hot your balls are
>They're swelling up in time to your heartbeat, making you dizzy
>Your shaft's spitting pre, drooling down onto your tight nuts
>You can't even think enough to touch it, your brain's soaking in hormones while your crotch soaks in ever-thicker slime
>The door rattles, but you're too far gone to hear it open
>The receptionist looks in on you and smiles
>"Don't hold back, hun, you'll need to get all that out before they'll hook you up for the real stuff."
>You try to question what's happening but you can feel the pinch as your sack starts trying to force the cum out of you
>"Didn't you read the job ad? You'll be helping make our creams and lotions. It's all organic here!"
>You grunt in pain and pleasure as the dam breaks and your fat nuts squeeze up against you, pouring rope after rope out onto the floor
>They haven't stopped growing
>A gloved hand grabs your cock and gently pulls you up by it, your sack bounces against your knees, slippery and heated with your own spunk
>"Let's get you into your stall - you're on the clock, you know. Oh, this will help."
>The gloved assistant passes you another large cup of neon-pink ice as you cream over her fist
>Minimum wage was never this good
Brilliant fucking idea.
Commercial uses of cum and normalization of it is so hot, no idea why.
It's like getting called into the office and told you're getting a put on a training program to boost department productivity, but your junk just starts spewing cum everywhere and you're literally serving it as a replacement for coffee or something.
90% sure I remember that image set being that her dickhole was used as an onahole and her nuts were pumped full of cum. They didn't grow that big on their own.
File: BNf0YdHY.png (3.11 MB, 5611x4496)
3.11 MB
3.11 MB PNG
Normally I only particularly like futa with this stuff, but that concept is so good I still really like that set
Yeah, it's a JADF urethral set, but it was the best tattoo image I had on hand.

Besides, who said it had to be your own production?
another thought is that HAS to leave some kind of perm effect.
>8 hours a day, min wage to bust a nut
>finally get out of the job
>oversized balls that produce an unusual nut that softens the skin and is tasty to boot.
Honestly, now that I think about it, it's not so much the commercialization but the gloved hands + some kind of office/nurse theme is what got me going.
is this a set with more pics?
>Serving it as a replacement for coffee
This makes me think of those tiktoks where women go on about their work days and always mention the snacks they have.

>A new product is to be served in the cafeteria
>For some reason this involves you, as you're sent down to help
>Given some pills. Figure this must be the new product, a bit weird that they're offering supplements.
>Scratch that, balls have started to swell
>You're freaking out. The lunch lady is unphased.
>She says she forgot to mention that you ahould have taken your pants off first.
>Gets you out of them, exposing the two hefty nuts
>You're drooling white already. Then she begins to milk you
>She's gentle, using only thumb and finger running up your shaft.
>Insists the product tastes better when it's naturally released
>It's so thick. You're cumming an endless stream of stiky goo
>Filling a sizable barrel in what felt no time at all.
>How long passed? It was all a blur, but when it was done the workday had ended.

>You have the next day off. Balls too tender and still a little swollen (pants are an agony to wear).
>Looking through social media
>Girl's at your work mention the new product in the cafeteria
>See vids of them drinking small bottles (about a mouthful) of white stuff, singing its praises:
>"So thick and creamy, I can't believe it's not dairy"
>"It's oddly invigorating, I can get enough of the smell"
>"The taste is so familiar, I can't quite place it."
>Who would have thought your cum would have been such a hit.
File: tHZuFxGQ.png (3.59 MB, 5611x4496)
3.59 MB
3.59 MB PNG
There's a couple other very minor variations, just X-rays of the plug that I didn't bother to download.
File: 6WvqI1A.png (2 MB, 2160x2160)
2 MB
>When you don't play for a while and the villagers are mad at you (and very backed up)
Everyone knows Ankha is a paper tiger
File: unknown (4).png (712 KB, 700x1000)
712 KB
712 KB PNG
You know who made these? I tried reverse image searching em but no results came up for me, the character appears to be jadf-tan I believe but I'm pretty sure that isn't jadf's art style
>Cum so thick and balls so heavy that preventing them from pulling up renders ejaculation impossible.
>A simple, lightweight plastic band clamped above the balls stopping almost all release, even as the balls start packing on more weight.


>A dick that practically needs two hands to jerk off.
>But the balls are too heavy, and need help pulling up to push out their seed.
File: 1659392478696.png (403 KB, 1611x1758)
403 KB
403 KB PNG
The first one as I like the struggle of resisting ejaculation. I imagine futa balls being really tightly packed to the top (to the point where project far forwards) so there would be hardly any space for a band or clamp as it's just solid cum.
>futa balls being really tightly packed to the top
Which brings me to an idea I've had:
>A futa's balls being truly, completely full to the brim before they start expanding at all.
>Any sort of gentle pressure on her balls forces out a shot of cum.
>An ejaculation widens her body's tubing to the point she can't stop post-orgasm leaking, gasping and moaning as each little shift of her balls spurts out a bit more cum.
So the balls are like a crocodile jaw, very little force needed to hold shut.
If we roll with it you could imagine chastity by injection, a sedative that paralyses the muscles. Balls constantly sagging, constantly filling.

I like to imagine something with this image:
>>10315904 (also Thanuki may be the artist)
>Once a year they visit the hotspring
>It's the annual cum festival
>Bathe their balls (and bodies) in the hot waters
>Spring has unique minerals that loosen up their muscles (meaning it can't be easily replicated)
>The smell of their steamy cocks gets them all worked up
>Jerking off and finally able to cum
>A thick layer coating the top of the water

Not all can make it to the spring though.
>Stuck at home with your futa partner
>She was too sick to go
>Cum flu… from having too much cum…
>A vial of spring water helps her get her balls agitated
>Unfortunately her spunk would clog the pipes, so you can't do this in the bath
>She has to use both hand to stroke her cock, there's so much foreskin she can't get a grip of it
>She tells you when she's cumming
>This is what we train for
>You bear hug her nuts and hoist them up so as she clenches cum is squeezed out
>You can feel it sliding through her, stretching her urethra
>Thick as porridge, her cum splatters the plastic tarp
>She begs you to stop as she's being over stimulated
>One orgasm down, about 50 more to go
(It'll be easier when her insides are loosen up and the cum isn't as thick, in about a dozen orgasm)
File: unknown (6).png (1.56 MB, 1448x2048)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB PNG
I don't think I've seen a lot of precum stuff despite how many denial-based greentexts have been in these threads.
Precum isn't in the balls.
Or do you mean seen stuff mentioning precum in any degree?
I suppose, I just find "precum leaking/spurts relative to how much the character is backed-up, or how much they're being stimulated" hot.

Accidentally brushing against their dick, or applying to much pressure to their balls and shooting a huge glob of precum into their clothes.

Someone edging and constantly wringing out miniature gouts of pre every pump because their production is increasing for some reason.

Or plugging an extremely leaky dick up and watching as the new excess of precum starts bloating them up alongside their cum.
I guess you could say it's why the spunk is so thick.
>The weight of her balls constently tugging on her
>Precum constantly flows
>Sometimes just a drip and sometimes like a faucet, but always flowing
>If she sits down the pressure on the glands sends a fresh spurt through her length
>She's a slick mess, so lubed up she could fuck anything
>Even the tightest, dryest ass she fuck raw
>The thought
>She's now hard
>It's too much, she has to get off
>The sounds it make, slippery between her fingers, is too lewd
>She's spent so much fluid already that when she cums theres hardly any left
>She can feel it, a wad of spunk crawling from her balls
>It's so slow despite how fast she strokes
>At a snail's pace she can feel it brushing past her vagina (quirks of futa anatomy)
>In the midst of orgasm it reaches her prostate
>Her own cum feels like its penetrating her, fucking her prostate from the back
>Move over cock orgasm, it's prostate orgasm time
>Mind destroyed by the sensation of an even harder orgasm
>The harder she cums, the faster it moves
>The faster it moves, the harder she cums
>Clag spews from her cock, hot and smelly
>With no end in sight she really might have a heart attack
>What a place to die: mid-order at the Subway counter, thinking of the cute cashier's behind

(I wanted to add the the cum pusing past her vagina gives her a vaginal orgasm before the prostate one, but that felt a little too silly)
>oh? 'groteque' futa cocks make you dry?
>No worry, can't you see all the 'lube' spilling out of it?
>Now I'm about to bust so hold still, it'll be impossible to clean up if I don't get it inside

All this thought of it stuck in the balls, but imagine the same congealed spunk like a cork in the woman's womb. A week later and she's still cum stuffed, niether bulge nor odor can be masked.
Oh my, where did you get that from without the watermark? I love this OC and her massive dick and balls!
File: s86rurofyuw51.jpg (180 KB, 850x772)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
>Hyper-productive futa whose body literally forces an orgasm after a certain amount of abstinence.
>Physically block her from ejaculating one time.
>Watch as her body (and mind) go haywire.
>Random, huge orgasms that force her to her knees in pleasure as her nuts fail to relieve themselves of their unnaturally backed-up load.
>Ejaculatory muscles and tubing completely ruined for weeks afterwards, with her constantly dribbling out cum and precum.
>Nun who undergoes constant "chastity" for the sake of purity
>This in spite of her overwhelming semen production and constantly aching balls
>Her resistance breaks down little by little, sneaking occasional strokes while remaining defiant in the face of temptation
>Soon, as her testicles become more bloated, she learns to expertly edge herself to make her chastity more bearable
>Over time, her mind, slowly broken by pleasure, warps her concept of purity from chastity to edging
>The nun convinced herself that she would remain holy as long as she didn't cum
>She now spends most of her waking hours isolated, continuously edging and massaging her balls to churn up all that hot, sticky semen and make room for them to bloat up even more
>It's fine, though, as long as she doesn't cum

>Years pass
>The nun's edging worship has escalated
>A string of vibrating beads is constantly stuffed down her cockhole, preventing any and all attempts for a full orgasm while giving her constant stimulation
>Few minutes pass where she isn't pleasuring herself, either via vibrators, cocksleeves, or her own hand
>Her already quite heavy balls have expanded to near the size of watermelons, dwarfing her otherwise sizable, foot-long cock
>And each and every blocked orgasm bloats them ever so slightly more
>The other nuns commend her devotion, even if they don't completely understand the state of her pleasure-fractured mind
>They routinely visit her, massaging or even worshipping her balls for their holiness to be imparted onto them
>The nun, of course, can barely register this worship; all she knows at this point is that it feels very good
>And as long as she doesn't cum, that's okay
File: 1649803348751.jpg (170 KB, 1800x1320)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
I had come up with an idea sort of the opposite of this.
Nun So Tainted:
>The most pious and incorruptible women are made nuns
>However, most nuns look demonic and warped in spite of how pure of soul they are
>In actuallity the nuns are taking corruption from people and absorbing it
>Futa curses, hyper-virlity/fertility, animalistic traits, and full-blown demonic essence
>It's a constant stream of temptation, but they manage to pull through (most at least)
>Even as they service the demonic cocks, draining them of corruption, and withstanding her bodies desire does she remain pure of intent
>So long as her intent is pure her soul is pure
>Demoness tries attacking the church, but is immediately knocked on her ass by the sheer waves of sexual energy.
>Stumbles in a haze to the nun and immediately stuffs her head between the crook of the nun's nuts and her cock.
>Catches a small trickle of ultrathick precum, and immediately experiences a dry orgasm as she "sees the light" and her balls start expanding too.
>Church gains a new member.
>Demoness's skin starts turning from the dark, sanguine red to a more "pure" milky orange.
>Balls begin ballooning in size to match the nun.
>"Helps" by enscribing magic seals on the nun's balls using the sexual energy just floating around.

>One day manages to snap the nun out of her masturbatory haze.
>By frotting their own, massive denied cock and balls together.
>Somehow manages to convince her that so long as the cum never leaves their internals it's all good.
>Demoness "donates" her massive load down into the nun's packed nuts via docking shenanigans.
>Nun's balls are probably unironically holy at this point, glowing and pulsing with the power of a purified demoness.

>Cue the rise of a new sect of demon-fighters, all with glowing, hyperproductive nuts that started with a "donation" from the nun.
I'd like to think the initation ritual has a line of nuns all transferring from one to the next. Their nuts gett fuller each time until it reaches the divine nun and she makes holy spunk for them.
File: FZdWeUeWAAAsDqW.jpg (290 KB, 1413x1517)
290 KB
290 KB JPG
as someone who ended up with a testicle the size of a beer can due to fluid retention, this shit actually sucks IRL.
Everything sucks IRL
fluid retention caused your balls to get bigger - as in water retention throught your whole body or just your balls? If so how?
any info u can post on this-?
and sucks how - pain or can't fit into clothes as easily?

not saying I wanna replicate this but getting bigger via more semen production or something from fluid retention could be neat.
Not that guy, but I looked up a thing or two.

It could be the result of testicular torsion, the balls twist and cut of blood flow out while still allowing some in. (could be lymph idk).
Whenever you do something like this, pumping or cockring, the fluid builds up in a sack around the actual testis. So your 'balls' aren't getting bigger, their casing is just inflating, i.e. no extra sperm is being produced.

Pain is then caused by your balls being crushed by the inflated casing, like someone's always got a tight grip on them. You can feel this if you've ever blue balled yourself, blood goes to the area during masturbation and if you go too long too much blood makes it ache.
If you prolonged this it would probably lead to less sperm production, since your squeezing them constantly. (not mention the blood could rot, don't look at pics of that)

Best thing you can do for more semen sperm is certain minerals (zinc is the common one), people claim pygeum boots precum/pleasure, and similarly claim sunflower lecithin to increasing semen volume.
Basically it's nutrients you need to make cum, if you're deficient you'll have less, adding a lot more and you get a bit more cum. Through in being well hydrated (getting all your electrolytes) and taking an essential amino acid supplement and you'll be cumming long and messy in a couple months.
File: 1420167229461.png (600 KB, 950x930)
600 KB
600 KB PNG
File: ByP50UZ.jpg (176 KB, 1080x1050)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
>No way such a piddly strip of tape would block orgasm.
>Regardless, it does exactly that.
>Dick twitching and throbbing more desperately as vibrators on her oversized prostate buzz away.
>Watch in aroused horror as her balls visibly swell as the torrent of cum they try to pump out is halted at the plug.
>Can't do anything but helplessly swing her dick.
File: 5eXhQei.png (442 KB, 1056x1280)
442 KB
442 KB PNG
>every morning is the same for futa
>every morning the heat and weight of her erection against her flat chest wakes her up
>every morning gravity tugs her shameful nuts deep into her sack as soon as she stands up, triggering a very slow ejaculation
>every morning her bitch breaker cock starts bouncing uncontrollably, her pre-cum just barely tinged white
>every morning her dense testicles churn and swing with last nights massive load of ultra virile super spunk
>every morning she gazes at her freakish penis, trying to think of a way to effectively masturbate herself with her tiny hands
>every morning she gives up, knowing that her monster cock will shoot her seed eventually even without her help
>every morning she decides to focus on massaging her balls and keeping her balance while her genitals pulse.
>every morning she lumbers over to her bathroom and tries to angle her steel hard erection toward her bath or toilet
>every morning she gives up, sitting in her shower instead with no choice but to aim her cum cannon straight up
>every morning she whimpers and grunts and writhes as her orgasm slowly builds
>every morning her mind goes blank when she finally, finally erupts
>every morning she wakes up for a second time covered in the thickest, most viscous cum imaginable
>every morning her ejaculation is so mercilessly strong it knocks her out cold
>every morning she curses her still fully hard dick and mentally prepares herself for round two
>every morning is the same for futa
File: 1490232244541.png (666 KB, 707x1000)
666 KB
666 KB PNG
File: 1486874551034.png (639 KB, 707x1000)
639 KB
639 KB PNG
File: 1486874585410.png (768 KB, 707x1000)
768 KB
768 KB PNG
File: 1652465273116.jpg (243 KB, 1920x2715)
243 KB
243 KB JPG
File: JiURBfo_d.jpg (183 KB, 760x1045)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
>Cow-boy (or futa) cum farm three tiers depending on the weight of their balls.
>Breeder, stud, and cum dump.
>The dumps, the lightest balls and the lowest tier are used for the pleasure of the other two tiers while simultaneously being denied any release.
>Constantly fed with production-enhancing and ball-expanding supplements to let them "graduate" to stud tier.
>For the smallest ones that decide to stay, the experience of constant denial, swelling, and ravenous sex can last for months as their balls pack on more and more weight.
>Though, the supplements don't really affect the dick much—some growth is inevitable, but many end up with balls slightly oversized compared to their dick.
>Which becomes an additonal "issue" if one is small enough, yet also persistent enough to rise past a mere cum dump.
>Huge, heavy balls as big as a head trying to force a single drop of their load through a modest six-inch length.
>It can get to the point where a cow-boy can be totally incapable of reaching half-empty with his hands alone, leaving him reliant on the help of others, or through milking machines.
>For those boys in particular, mind-melting prostate milkings are usually the best due to the extreme size and sensitivity gained from the supplement regimen.
>Those milkings might also totally ruin their dicks by forcibly widening immense urethra-widening loads through them, but they don't seem to mind.
Euch, multiple grammar issues on this one. Sorry about that.
I interpreted it differently (even though it looks like she's fully taped / bound)

>"Shit, my plug's loose"
>A flexible rod reached down her shaft into the prostate, a prostate-plug
>It prevented cum from escaping while also stimulating her to produce more
>She could orgasm as much as she wanted and not spill a drop
>Only now it stuck an inch out, the seal on her tip having come loose
>Her cock throbbed, what an unfamiliar rush
>Release. How terrible
>Her hand just managed to grab it, a second later and it would have shot out
>The flow had been stopped, but there was still a problem
>She was cumming
>Hot, compacted load in filled her urethra, pushing on the plug with every spasm
>"Oh god… I can hardly push it back in"
>The struggle brought her to a squat, balls patting the floor as the jerked
>With all her strength the plug inched deeper
>However, the two opposing forces made it go somewhere else: her bladder
>"Fuck~fuck~fuck~" It felt so good, the pressure finally releasing from her balls
>Need to 'piss' grew as she desperately thrust as hard as she could
>It was in. While she bucked in orgasm, nothing left her balls
>Helplessly her balls dances, red and swollen as they should be

>Now she could relieve the swollen bladder, a channel ran through the plug letting her piss
>The stream flowed, it was so much thicker than pee
>White shot from the tip for the first time, it was like she was cumming
>Empty, her bladder relieved
>She taped the rod in place, an extra amount this time
>"I hope no one notices my balls are a little smaller…"
>They would, a futa's balls were her worth and even any loss would affect her status
Your yandere GF won't stop edging until you have massive balls

>"Huh? Why are you begging?"
>"I-i-it's been hours… I can't take it"
>"Hours? It's been a couple days actually…"
>"Days!?" you're shocked
>In this cellar, chained up by your GF, you've lost all sense of time
>All that you know is how much your balls ache
>"But look, they are already twice as big~"
>As she holds them they sear with pain
>Bloated and veiny, are they even your balls?
>"Gah~" she's stroking you while fingering your urethra, a move that seemed very effective at making you…
>"Cumming again~ Those drugs are really doing something; I can see them getting bigger"
>"Stop… please"
>"Don't I recall you saying you would do anything to please me? Well nothing would please me more than being the GF to the person with the biggest balls in school~"
>"Whose… whose balls are bigger than this?"
>They were tennis ball sized, at least
>Hmm… no one I can think of, but I don't want it to ever be in question"

>A faint noise came from upstairs
>"ooh, that will be my delivery. I got some new toys that will really drive you wild"
>'Really drive you wild' considering the news you just heard that might just be the end of you
>She came back with two vibrators, the kind that plugged into the wall
>"Wow, they are so strong my hands are going numb~"
>The buzzing was the last thing you remember of your time in the cellar
>She told you it was a week before she finally let you cum and back into society

>"See wasn't that worth it?"
>Your balls are massive; emptied the day before, yet they retain their size
>"Why are they still so big?" Not to mention tender
>"That's cause all that stress (and drugs) kicked your production up a notch"
>It's very distracting to be always hard and leaking
>But you have to admit seeing how happy she is really pleases you
>"mmm~" she mused, looking at your balls "Just imagine how big they'll be able to get next time"
>"N-next time?"
File: s6WdIo6uu.jpg (372 KB, 1119x1920)
372 KB
372 KB JPG
File: comp.webm (659 KB, 540x671)
659 KB
More cum

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