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File: 1636166724289.png (1.94 MB, 3195x2160)
1.94 MB
1.94 MB PNG
Last thread finally got fully drained.
Previous: >>10194878
File: 28414464_p06.jpg (98 KB, 676x638)
98 KB
So where does all the cum comes from anyways?
This is a cute Konata love her expression, the art and face expresion looks familiar but i can't remember, care to share the name of the artist?
Didn't want to start a whole thread for this, but is exhentai down for anyone else? Just getting a white screen on both PC and mobile.
That's you anon i can enter just fine, you might want to do the procedure to enter again your cookie might have been deleted or it's bugged.
Futanari balls are magical cum factories, i ain't gonna explain shit.
Is this form Simesian or StaryKrow ?
>Futacon 2022
>Your first time
>Hotel reeks all weekend
>Con floor even muskier
>Streamers everywhere vlogging
>Attendees everywhere taking pictures with cosplayers
>Most of them are cumming
>In line for a panel on how to increase cum production
>You swear your balls are already a little bigger
>Gonna be a good weekend
File: sakusyaaya.png (3.52 MB, 2695x1556)
3.52 MB
3.52 MB PNG
I believe the original was made by JADF as an art trade with StaryKrow
File: by ftnranat.jpg (111 KB, 1000x1018)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
File: by momo no suidou-sui.jpg (2 MB, 1587x2207)
2 MB
Is there an archive of this thread where that one anon posted his results on the mucuna pruriens thing? ... pretty sure it was from here, right?
File: by nicecream.jpg (439 KB, 2778x2942)
439 KB
439 KB JPG
File: by neone.jpg (87 KB, 800x1129)
87 KB
File: by shycorpus.jpg (223 KB, 850x850)
223 KB
223 KB JPG
File: f06r.jpg (957 KB, 2865x4051)
957 KB
957 KB JPG
God ftnranat's girls' cum are so thick. I wonder how it feels to chew on that.

I think you're talking about this: https://desuarchive.org/d/thread/10097706/#q10140555
File: nessa.jpg (417 KB, 707x1000)
417 KB
417 KB JPG
Thanks, that's what I was looking for.

I couldn't find/recall if anyone other than like two people tried this out, so I started my own endeavor a while ago. Now I'm trying to compare results.
Linking last story points from last thread
Any good ones with forced permanent orgasms or permanent uncomfortable erections etc? Maybe involving futanarization or whatever the fuck of a normal girl. I love seeing them panicked and humiliated like that.
-- PoV change: Yuki --
>"Hey Yuki, want some drinks? Cola or water?"
>"Cola, please and thanks."
>you're seated at the kitchen table while Sai bring out the dishes
>you've always had the hots for Anon, but Sai always shot daggers at you whenever you three are near
>now that she's threatened to punish you, you don't really dare go against her, especially after learning that she's the one turning Anon into a futa
>"So, what's my master's cock like?"
>Sai breaks the silence first
>"Well, it's quite tasty, and so big and hard... I had to stroke it with my whole body... ah! I haven't fucked her, really! Just sucked her off once!"
>"Oh, are you still hung up about what I said earlier? Don't worry, I still need to repay the favor for keeping her restrained. You have a crush on Master, don't you?"
>"?!" You knew she knew about your crush, but you're still surprised that she just said it outright
>"Mmm... I have no problem with you joining our family, especially since he's also crushing on you. Though, just remember that I'm here for him first, alright?"
>by this point you're halfway through the dinner
>somehow, you feel it getting hotter
>"Mmm, sorry the fan's broke for the time being. Since we're both girls, why don't we just take off our clothes?"
>you're embarrassed, but it soon gets unbearably hot, forcing you to strip
>meanwhile, Sai's eating her dinner naked like it's no big deal
>"Do you have any pets at home?"
>"Not really... though I'd like to get a dog."
>You feel the heat concentrating on certain spots on your body, though your brain is too overheated to care
>"Hey, I'm a dog person too! What would you do if you got one?"
>"Well, I'd take her on walks, maybe teach her a few tricks..."
>two furry ears rise up from your cranium, and a large fluffy tail sprout from your back
>before you can say anything, your new master shushes you
>"Who's a good girl?... Yes, you are! Now, I'm going to teach you a trick called "stay". When I say "stay", you need to remain where you are and don't move. Ready? Stay!"
>you're frozen in obedience, unable to move even as the hear start concentrating on your crotch
>soon she returns, hanging a collar off her arm and cupping her hands full of your master-girlfriend's cum
>you stick your tongue out, desperate for what's in your master's hands
>"Stay... stay... stay... come!"
>you dash to where she it, while cumming simultaneously
>your pussy floods the floor while you lap up the cum
>the heat intensifies, and you grow a second clit on top of the first one
>it grows bigger rapidly, and soon it takes the form of a dick
>it's on the smaller size, but still hard as a rock
>"Aren't you a clever girl? Here's a prize for you!"
>she puts the collar around your neck
>immediately, you get your human mind back - though you instinctively know that you'll revert back into being a dog the second the collar is removed
>"Come on Yuki, let's check on Master."

What do you do?
>Run away immediately
>Follow Sai to Anon's room
File: fd5.gif (448 KB, 1600x1171)
448 KB
448 KB GIF
someone write a story about this
Here are the links to all of the previous "Futas Cumming Absurd Amounts" Threads. Why? I DON'T KNOW!

13. >>10194878
12. https://desuarchive.org/d/thread/10150935/
11. https://desuarchive.org/d/thread/10097706/
10. https://desuarchive.org/d/thread/10050798/
9. https://desuarchive.org/d/thread/10017479/
8. https://desuarchive.org/d/thread/9957649
7. https://desuarchive.org/d/thread/9907985/
6. https://desuarchive.org/d/thread/9870854/
5. https://desuarchive.org/d/thread/9835163/
4. https://desuarchive.org/d/thread/9786360/
3. https://desuarchive.org/d/thread/9747202/
2. https://desuarchive.org/d/thread/9705195/
1. https://desuarchive.org/d/thread/9633426/

You know, there were threads like these before the first part in this list, but again I DON'T KNOW!
I really want Lewdua to get some of their characters pregnant.
I feel like there's not enough art that shows futa cum splattering everywhere.
I know it's easier just to have it go off-screen, but god damn is it hot to see walls coated in cum and to see it rain down from the ceiling.
Does anyone have all the liesaboutsize logs
there is a futa writer name Doctorp on Archive of Our Own that just clean house and disappeared instantly yesterday. Do anyone know what happen?
Attempt to take control of the situation, you’ve got a dick now - give Sai a taste of it when her back’s turned
No idea but i remember the writer of "My little sister is a futanari" did that too, why? because he unironically found jesus.
Had an idea a while back, it involves futadom kink but is still mostly about the excessive cum.

>Futadom nation is expansionist and seeks out territory to conquer.
>At home they have the infrastructure to handle their constant massive loads but your city doesn't.
>City you live in gets taken and occupied by futa army
>Nowhere to dump their cum properly and they just blow their loads wherever.
>Plumbing gets clogged with jizz
>Streets and buildings get bukkaked everywhere
>Semen isn't water-soluble so rain just makes things worse
>Occupation goes on for months and they fuck the locals for fun and relaxation
Have a MEGA posted in the last thread, lads.

File: 1593084090617.png (1.52 MB, 3672x3474)
1.52 MB
1.52 MB PNG
I'm on board with the idea of another futaanon pov story
>Follow Sai
Something of the dog mentality rubbed off on you, you jump around Sai happy and excited about this new transformation and about your dick and generally about being in heat, and can't stop nagging Sai hat are you gonna do next, are you gonna play with the Master?
File: t001.jpg (193 KB, 900x1200)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
Hey so does anyone have the 2 chapters some anon wrote for this specific hentai a billion threads ago? (image related) I wanted to check it out through the archive but the ghostbin died. The source Manga is called Idiopathic Penis Vegetation Syndrome by Chris Kuribayashi.

Also wanted to ask how the thread feels about excessive futa stuff happening via viral outbreak. I think it's a fun concept.
depends on rules in my eyes and how it spreads
"Idiopathic Penis Vegetation Syndrome" sounds like some Slam Death Metal album with a really pingy snare
Anon who originally wrote it here (also the anon that's been putting off finishing the ero trap dungeon.) Can't seem to get anything working via ghostbin so here's a doc file with both chapters, I hope this works.
I had a third chapter almost ready to go but I'm the king of never finishing shit.
Thanks a million! It was a good read, I liked the first chapter the most. The second was great too, the implications were intoxicating.

I like to think that if the hormones on these girls mellowed out (if ever) that it would be like the attached image. After like a straight year of going cock crazy they finally become lucid again but now have to live with it after the fact.
Forgot the image
>you're quite conflicted about the situation
>on one hand, she seems to be fine with you becoming Anon's girlfriend
>on the other, she basically turned you into her pet just now
>to complicate things, your new balls are sending hormones all over your body, making you horny as fuck
>you decide to shoot first and ask questions later
>grabbing Sai by her waist, you start humping her buttcheeks
>her small ass means that you're soon rubbing your dick on the entrance of her pussy
>seemingly calm, she produces a small device from nowhere
>mumbling something, she flicks a switch on the size
>you feel something flowing from the collar into your body, and in a few seconds your limbs become limp - you can still move them, but are unable to exert any force
>flipping you over, Sai stands up, watching you with curiosity
>"Hmm... so it isn't enough for a full transformation. Figures." she muses
>she clicks another button on the device, and the collar gets warm again
>this time, you start cumming uncontrollably, ropes after ropes of thick cum flying out of your small cock
>"Sorry, forgot to let you try out your new dick. Feels good, doesn't it?"
>it does feel good, so much that you don't even have the mental capacity to answer
>you keep cumming, even after you feel your balls being completely drained
>your body feels lighter, almost as if you're cumming your body weight out
>a small glance confirms this: the slight fat on your belly is gone, but with it also your modest breasts
>the cum finally stops, but you keep dry orgasming
>between your small dick and flat chest, anyone would be excused if they mistaked you for a shota
>Sai picks you up, before bridal carrying you to Anon's room
-- Yuki PoV end --
-- Anon's PoV --
>while the girls went for dinner, you were tied on your bed, forced to expand your own balls with cum
>you lost count of how many ropes you should have shot after a few minutes as all the pleasure seems to blend into one hellish orgasm
>after what seems like an eternity, you hear the door open again, though you can't see shit due to being blindfolded

Would you like to see Sai get some comeuppance?
>damn brat need some rape correction...
>one-off punishment is good enough
>continue to let her dominate you

What about Yuki?
>she needs to pay for not helping you against your sister...
>"gentle" sex would be nice
>let Sai decide

(Bonus) What effect did being in bondage and cumming your brains out had on your body/cum?
>open-ended - be as perverted as you like

(For context: start of story is here: >>10229304)
I wish there was more of large cumshots without gigantic dicks and balls, though that tends to be more futa in general than just this
With so much deprivation there is only one think you can think of...

She took it way too far and you make her understand what taking responsibility for her actions means. And it means to drain you dry with her body.

She must definitely have been with Sai in this the whole time, you'll ruin her right after you are done with Sai

>effect of bondage and cumming your brains out
Orgasming and not be able to release - that's it. You broke. Only thing you can think of is drilling and filling the two brats up.
Your body got some muscle from constant spasms and tugging against the bondage rope.
Your dick is bigger, red and rock hard.
You feel like refractory period is not a thing for you anymore.
Your balls quadrupled in size.
The cum is very dense and heavy, like a cream or jelly.
The cum absorbs into receivers body adding some fat and growing the right parts of the body (whatever that means)

And if we are going full nuclear - just make them pop with your seed. (Not-lethal, the "magic respawn" I'm-not-gonna-explain-shit case)
Lets us orgasm for the hell of it, only for it to get into her mouth. Commence cum addiction and instant weight gain through copious amounts of dense spunk.

After you finish fattening Sai up, why not help Yuki regain that lost bodyweight from earlier?

>Bondage and Excessive Cumming effects
Went up a cup size or two.

Ass got significantly fatter.

Excessive struggling forced the production of certain hormones, giving you a more feminine face, thicker lips, and has fattened and lubricated your cunt even more.

At some point you started regaining some semblance of sanity and was able to "go with the flow" of the orgasmic torture, rhythmically contracting and releasing the muscles on your pelvic floor on your own terms, making your junk like a non-lethal weapon-Shooting goo that slams into walls, blimps up people from the inside.

The last several orgasms have changed your sperm from impregnating eggs to "impregnating" anything and promoting "growth"-cumming inside someone isn't just going to make them rapidly gain weight(and muscle), but bigger tits, ass, maybe even dick and balls (be careful not to get high off your own supply though). While temporary, repeated creampies results in permanent effects and can also induce a "second puberty" or a pseudo-pregnancy with excessive milk production where the thickness and richness of the milk is dependent upon how much cum was produced. Your cum can also be applied like a lotion, with similar engorging effects-fatter, over-productive testicles/breasts, thicker lips, bigger, ass, etc.
In recognition of the lack of any actual impregnation going on, your bloated shaft and stuffed junk starts producing pheromones that attract the female sex to a very aggressive degree, a visible musk with a hefty, pungent odor that's almost nearly impossible to hide without wearing thick clothing or something "absorbent", like crushed charcoal. The only thing that lessens the intensity of said pheremones is through actual sex.

And because you were tied up, your muscles didn't exactly "grow outwards" but are instead much more dense. Should you choose to work out after this mess, it won't result in any visible gains(or get rid of the fat entirely), but underneath that layer of pudge, you'll feel far more lighter than usual (you'll need it if you're going to get crushed by 400 lb fatties with a cum addiction).
The Cum Dimension
Expanding on this
>Cum Force
>Those who tap into it are called cumsters
I can't finish this, I'm laughing too goddamn hard at how stupid it was about to get. I don't know why it's so fucking funny.
it's simple, their balls are filled with the same stuff that powers the stargates
Dongstar wrote about this
And needs to write more about it
Agreed. IMHO, it's the kind of topic that someone can't write enough about.>>10259914
File: 1652959745731.jpg (3.38 MB, 4305x4133)
3.38 MB
3.38 MB JPG
Hyperfutas + tentacle pits.
A match made in heaven.
So, can anyone help me find a story I read maybe a year ago. It's about a futa that named her dick "Baby" and it has a mind of its own. In the first chapters she wrecks a bus with her dick and fills it with cum, proceeds to cum inflate and hyper impregnate a bunch of people. Also shoots a load into orbit forming a cum ring at one point. Also she and her dick Baby have a fetish for taking virginity, so it gets interesting when she finds out her new girlfriend, whos been following her all these chapters is a virgin. Ends with her hyper inflating her girlfriend and finding out they are compatible, and her girlfriend can take and absorb all that hyper cum or something.

Sounds familiar to anyone?
Holly and what's left of the city
I see a few people getting lucky asking for lost stories, figured I'd throw my hat in.

Anyone have a link for the story of the huge futa that convinces a trap to go with her to a glory hole in some bar in a tower hotel only to find out the trap is even bigger. Futa goes from dominatrix to submissive


that's the original link but its dead now.
That's it! Thanks!
I have it, what's a good paste site now? They keep opening and closing new ones.
Not sure. You could post it as a note/doc on Mega?
Needs an account and I'm not keen on making one. Anyway, I found a site so here you go:

>Sai walks in, and dumps Yuki's wirthing body next to you
>her torso lies on yours, and you feel the unnatural flatness of her breasts
>"let's see... I don't want you to just cum it all out later... hmph!" *click*
>the writhing stops, replaced by heavy breathing
>"alright, now... it's finally time for master to take me as his..."
>her pussy start grinding against your bloated cock
>with the blindfold on, you can't see shit, but you can feel her lowering herself on your rod
>light streams of blood flow down as Sai's virginity was taken by you
>and just when your whole head enters her pussy, you feel the tip hitting her cervix
>she raises her body again, focusing the stimulation on your head
>your first orgasm from earlier hasn't ended yet, but with all the stimulation you're pushed over the edge a second time
>your balls push out twice the cum with twice the force, but the vibrators lodged in your urethra wouldn't budge
>your struggle in pleasure and frustration again
>maybe the knots wend undone during dinner, or maybe you gained serious muscles while you're writhing
>either way, your limbs are freed
>you take off your blindfolds, and see Sai still bouncing on your cock
>too horny to think straight, you hold and lift her up by her waist
>one by one, you take out the vibrators and throw them away - you're not sure where, ust away from your body
>until there's only one left
>you shoot a look at your sister, and in an instant a multitude of emotions flashes across her face
>she settles on submission, and start yanking on the last vibe
>you feel your cum rushing out, filling the urethra as the vibrator retreats
>finally, it's completely pulled out
>a rope of cum flies out before you can plug it in Sai
>it's so thick that it's not really a fluid, appearing like some sort of fudge instead
>lining up your shaft with her pussy, you insert it slowly, taking care not to hurt her
>just kidding, you ram the whole thing in in one go, shooting right pass the cervix
>your dick is so huge that the folds of her vagina got stretched out, but seeing the smug look on her face get turned into that of a bitch in heat feels even better
>under her defeated face, the bulge juts out from the stomach
>her womb wraps tightly around your cock, showing you an outline of the cockhead in front of her chest
>you start cumming again, the creamy cum filling up her womb, making her bloat up like a pregnant woman
>she scoops up the cum on your torso, slurping it up with her tongue
>the intense taste combined with the throbbing cock must've overloaded her
>you feel her pussy clamping down as she cums her brain out
>with hoe big your cock is, she's basically unable to move
>so you grab her with your hands and start jerking, like she's an oversized fleshlight
>with every stroke her belly bloats up a little more
>until you finally feel your orgasm end
>her belly's the size of a huge watermelon, the veins visible under her pale skin
>you try to slip her off, but loses balance, and she falls to the ground instead
>her cum-filled belly absorbs most of the impact, and with how thick it is nearly none of it is spilled
>you take a gander at your body
>your breasts has grown even bigger, shooting past most of the girls in class
>your body has gotten a bit more muscular from all the writhing earlier, though there's still a healthy layer of fat covering and smoothing it
>your cock's grown: the head reaches your chin now, and it's gotten all red and venous, almost like some sort of monster
>your balls have changed the most: each of them covers one of your thighs, and weighs as much as a dictionary
>despite dumping all the cum in your sister earlier, you don't feel any emptiness in your balls, each of them yearning for release
>but before you turn your focus to Yuki, a small device catches your focus
The switch:
>"Full" (current)

>labeled "Cum!"

Do you mess with the device before proceeding to fuck Yuki?

Bonus: are there any extra effect of your cum oon Sai, apart from making her addicted and growing her out?
As much as I'd like to be nice to Yuki, we're just getting started emptying our nuts.
Sorry, but Onahole it is, we'll go back to Normal later.

Oh, and Sai is unusually sweaty. Doesn't seem to be normal sweat either, salty/oily, almost like a constant flow of grease that lubricates everything. Gonna be hard finding clothes for that.
>The switch
Looking at the switch being set to "Full" you get an idea. If it does what you think it does... you dock Yuki's dick in yours and press the cum button, once you can't take what's coming anymore, you dump all of that in yuki's womb.

Addiction is one thing, but it seems that super thick spung drives her ovaries into overdrive, not only makes her want more jizz in her regardless if she can take it, but she's also cumming eggs like she wants to repopulate the Earth.
I want to swim through that with my eyes wide open and then just sit under the cum coming in like a waterfall
>tfw no Josselyn continuation
That series moved away from the "bullied and embarrassed futa keeps accidentally blowing her increasingly massive loads in class" theme too quickly for me. Dongstar's a great writer but he pivots to the "AND THEN SHE CAME AN ATLANTIC OCEAN'S WORTH OF JIZZ FROM HER GREAT WALL OF CHINA SIZED COCK" part too quickly.
what a terrible day to have eyes
File: FS-nGN-VUAAXPqA.jpg (1.93 MB, 3471x1736)
1.93 MB
1.93 MB JPG
File: 1655693913643.gif (1.18 MB, 880x1080)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB GIF
hyper futas overpowering machines is so hot
File: FTnhuB4XsAEYDtI.jpg (491 KB, 4096x2665)
491 KB
491 KB JPG
its always shit like this...fucking gross.
I don't like it super gross myself. Smegma, rotten cum, unwashed dicks, and the like don't do it for me at all.

That said, I do appreciate the scenario where there's a cute girl with a monstrous-looking cock. Where she keeps it clean, but at the end of the day it's still huge and uncontrollable, embarrassing her and putting out more cum than she knows what to do with.

Whatever happened to Dongstar? He was putting out stuff pretty regularly, and then just stopped.
>i'm so horny i could fuck a bus
iirc he's on a break, school or something like that
File: 66215791_p2_master1200.jpg (453 KB, 974x1200)
453 KB
453 KB JPG
for the love of god PLEASE nut up and continue this
the idea is too strong
Does anyone have more of this comic by Yoshida inuhito? Pic is from the first part that I found a couple months back but saw someone in an earlier thread post stuff that I haven't seen yet
where are the balls?
on your mom's face LMAO
Yeah I've seen this portion of it, but someone in another thread had images of after the part when she uses the vibrators


is the most recent we have so far. The artist is still working on more, slowly, you can follow his sparse updates on his twitter. https://twitter.com/futakakuhito
File: 1420998159341.jpg (160 KB, 1280x1074)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
Where's all the good stories now that pastebins died and ao3 is spammed with low quality shit?
works on my machine
File: 1605086943664.jpg (966 KB, 1228x868)
966 KB
966 KB JPG
A classic
File deleted.
I have never cared about futa balls till this very moment. thanks for the new fetish anon
Chris Kuribayashi... yugh, I hope this isn't like his usual work.
those balls are what gets you? really? he draws the worst balls man.
I mean, that kinda makes sense. I usually hate what ppl call "good balls". Really it's the clench more than anything
>she's subtly telling you don't to take a bus, she IS the bus.
notice how she's pulling the frame with her bare hands.
But whose genetics does the Cum Dimension contain?
>your local government will never adopt futa-based public transport
The cum mutates to match your own genetics when you channel it from the Cum Dimension
>mfw you thought your friend was joking when she asked you to "experience the Cum Dimension" by smothering your face in her balls
>humor her
>that bitch wasn't lying, that Dimension really does Cum
>now you've got massive, round nuts that you can't actually empty because your dick isn't large enough
>friend snidely offers a balljob
>accept it
>lose your mind as you smother your friend underneath your gigantic sack, as she rapidly slaps and gropes it trying to get air.
>tfw no gacha game/management sim where you have to manage your units ejaculations.
>Upgrading characters makes them stronger in battle, but also ups their libido
>Fast characters have to cum more and more often, tanky characters' dicks grow larger and larger, and strong characters' cum volume goes through the roof
>The absolute strongest glass cannon characters can barely make it through one battle before they have to be dragged back to base to fill an entire swimming pool
>Have to keep upgrading your base's facilities to keep up with your growing stable of characters
>If you don't manage your base properly it'll turn into a stinking cumdump and morale will plummet
>Keep things running smoothly and some of the girls might invite you to come along to their evening relief session
this gallery seems to have more recent content, and it's two more pages that leads to a "The End" note.


it's over, pack it up.
there's an story about a futa with a tiny dick, but can cum a very huge amount of semen or with powerful cumshots that could be used like a destructive weapon?
What the fuck are you asking?
I think he wants a story about a futa with the dick equivalent of the noisy cricket from Men In Black.
Shit, so Barry beat off super fast to save us all?

Not exactly a small dick but her cumshots break the sound barrier
Poverty of a futa getting a boyfriend/husband to fuck her pussy so she can be a mother? I like the idea that Futas are all quantity but Males would be Quality by orders of magnitude. Girls are just happy cumsluts for both
Ah, I just saw this the other day. Funny. Hot as fuck, though
I mean. Damn autocorrect
Sounds like heaven
there is a korean making a game like that:
File: 1.jpg (364 KB, 707x1000)
364 KB
364 KB JPG
futa cum is stored in a .zip file
Please don't die, jizzthread!
Does anyone have or know which thread had that long list to links to just edited audios of Futas cumming?
It was about 10 links i think, pretty much just audios with girl moaning and a bunch of wet sounds.
Here's three of them.
File: Mai 4n.jpg (3.87 MB, 3000x3000)
3.87 MB
3.87 MB JPG
Dredged it from the archives and removed the redundant links. Enjoy.











Seeing that this has been such a successful recurring thread makes me very happy!
Soundcloud link is dead.
File: 79489824_p7.jpg (1.68 MB, 2826x2486)
1.68 MB
1.68 MB JPG
Thick buttery tengu cum...
File: aya2.png (2.65 MB, 2480x3508)
2.65 MB
2.65 MB PNG
Extra creamy.
Double the dicks, double the fun!
File: 1653239127971.jpg (124 KB, 956x1200)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
I know you probably have better shit to do than write stories for 4chan coomers, but I just wanted to say how much I loved the first two chapters of ero trap dungeon and I really hope you're able to finish chapter 3 soon.
File: 74383879_p1.png (3.82 MB, 1414x2000)
3.82 MB
3.82 MB PNG
What use does futa cum have?
So many uses!
>Fertility enhancer
>Workout supplement
>Nutrition shake base
>Animal feed
>Crop fertilizer
>Fire extinguisher
>Building material
It would be a lucrative product if it wasn't always in such high supply
File: AnQr7OSDL.png (2.3 MB, 2300x1800)
2.3 MB
2.3 MB PNG
Fuck it, why not.
Since I'm almost actually finished with some other projects I had working I decided to put my nose to the grindstone and pump out some more ero trap dungeon stuff. While I was at it I went through older chapters and tweaked/edited some weirdness, and uploaded the whole thing to AO3 for good measure.

I hope you like sounding, slime girls, living cock insertions, and sheltered big titty healers. Two traps left after this and I plan on finishing strong and at a reasonable pace from now on. I'm not gonna leave this one half-finished!
God, any more and my dick might petrify from how hard it's getting.
As an aside, you might want to tag it with orgasm delay/denial. It's an important part of the smut.
File: 1554.jpg (559 KB, 1000x1056)
559 KB
559 KB JPG
I imagine it being packed with hormones and aphrodisiacs meaning it's useful for futa to enhance their cumshots even more. The bigger and thicker the load the more prized it is for its enhancement properties, so there's a competitive market for futa producing as much cum as possible
File: FOUdP0jXoAIttxE.jpg (1.51 MB, 3880x4096)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB JPG
Awesome! That was fast! I really like the addition of Rosaline, the way their bodies complement each other reminds me a lot of this pic which is one of my favorites. I know it's focused mainly on the traps but I hope there are some sections coming up where they're just interacting while exploring the dungeon. It's so hot imagining them just trying to focus on survival and exploration while their new hormones are pumping through their bodies and constantly assaulting their minds with the urge to breed with each other. Arela already got a taste of some confusing new feelings when she saw Rosaline get nude in the bath, from now on I imagine it's going to be very hard for her to not get an erection while watching Rosaline's big fat tits jiggle around with each step. She'll have to walk around with her huge throbbing horsecock constantly erect and in her way, bouncing and swaying and constantly drooling pre-cum while her nuts churn piteously. Meanwhile I imagine Rosaline would act horrified by it but secretly she can't take her eyes off it and her mouth is constantly filling up with drool. Maybe their sexual frustrations put them on edge and they're constantly bickering, like if Arela hears something and turns too fast, flicking a thick globby strand of slimy pre-cum all over Rosaline. Or maybe Arela feels like Rosaline bends over to investigate sigils on the ground way more than is necessary. Maybe Rosaline gets nervous and starts to become clingy, but her soft body is too much for Arela to handle. Just some smaller humiliations and sexual frustration in between the big mind-break stuff. Anyway, I can't wait to see what happens to them next!
File: 548642e8qQ2.jpg (246 KB, 1886x1706)
246 KB
246 KB JPG
File: EZLKTU0UcAAXBNi (1).jpg (516 KB, 750x1000)
516 KB
516 KB JPG
Any good new stories on AO3 lately? In say, the last 6 months? It's hard to find decent stories about excessive cum because for some godforsaken reason they lump anything to do with cum in one tag. On top of that there's so many mediocre writers thats its a slog to filter it all.
Use [search > works] at the top of the page, and put "excessive cum" (with quotes) in [Any field:]. Add any other tags and filters you like and search. I usually add the futanari tag and exclude crossovers.
>feeling bored

For each individual futa the cum has diffrent set of properties and is suitable for different purpose.

Some futas have cum that is thick and sticky and can be made into adhesive.
Some have viscous almost oily cum used as lubricant.
Some futas even produce highly flammable cum, which can cause some issues.

The lucky ones have cum with several benefical properties and is in high demand.
The unlucky ones can end with combination of smelly, unwashable infertile spunk.

There are thousands of effects but some more extreme or notable types include:
- bioluminiscent cum
- magnetic cum producing strong magnetic field
- cum causing immediate ovulation. repeatedly.
- transparent (almost invisible) cum
- cum producing more cum (this ability is not inherited)
- lighter than air cum (be careful about polluting aviation space with cum blobs)
- sentient cum (only known case is Mr. Spunkers)
- teleporting cum (hard to contain)
- faster than light cum (only hypothetical)
- "lazy" cum (fills up in balls, but refuses to be ejaculated, needs to be extracted by force)
- cum that can carry oxygen and can replace blood cells.
- cum that can withstand temperatures up to 12k degrees Celsius.
- cum with high amount of DMT (makes you see strange beings)
- "condom eating" cum (also eats latex)

Due to futas' cum having several properties at once, the end result or possible use might be difficult to estimate.
>get in bed with futa gf
>get a bit touchy feely with her
>she's kinda a quickshot but we've talked about it
>she's about to cum
>mfw i hear the mario kart item box noise
>mfw the room is suddenly coated in spunk that both tastes like root beer float and levitates.

>cute futa girl perpetually pent-up with nasty, hypervirile lazy cum
Interesting choice of words anon, considering what might be happening pretty soon...

Cute image! Don't worry, there's going to be plenty more opportunity for the two of them to interact and get to know one another in less stressful environments.

More status effect stuff on the horizon, but damn it's hard to narrow down the options when there are so many to choose from. Endless precum leakage, extra thick sperm, permanent erections, lactation, etc.
>scientists study futa ejaculation and discover the cum dimension
>harness the cum dimension for FTL communication and travel
>access to the cum dimension requires futa ejaculation
>interstellar civilization built upon the backbone of futa cum
basically the warp but still

Always loved this one. Everything about it is just perfect. I'd really like to see Tango do more like it someday.
I'm all for status effects as long as you bring in some more focus on the balls. You've gotta add in a balljob scene somewhere.
>Balls sloshing, churning, and contracting
>literal Olympic pools worth of semen
>Still room to grow.
What a fucking primo picture.

Agreed. Imagine my disappointment when pics like this aren't the norm for them.
File: FK3hgQ5XsAk5eCR.jpg (802 KB, 2988x2976)
802 KB
802 KB JPG
File: FNoXdTWWYAA8DUU.jpg (318 KB, 1684x2048)
318 KB
318 KB JPG
File: FMEhZi3XoAA3ASE.jpg (221 KB, 1260x1125)
221 KB
221 KB JPG
File: FUbR2zdagAAJK-7.jpg (615 KB, 2277x2039)
615 KB
615 KB JPG
File: skeb56f1.png (885 KB, 3508x1942)
885 KB
885 KB PNG
File: skeb56f2.png (2.26 MB, 3508x1942)
2.26 MB
2.26 MB PNG
Has anyone even tried making any new types of "sounds" since these or have I just been under a rock?
no, it doesnt seem all too common nowadays, in fact, Im not sure anyone has even tried.
File: ACwso0xLu.jpg (512 KB, 1200x1179)
512 KB
512 KB JPG
Power slamming makes some.
I've actually tried splicing already existing audio to make something different for my own purposes. Never shared them though.
File: FU7QOhyXsAUbQfc.jpg (464 KB, 1448x2048)
464 KB
464 KB JPG
Seconding PowerSlamming. As far as I know, no one else is making this sorta content right now.
Just be aware he leans super hard into the futadom side of things, which may be a turn off.
I don't even care, holy shit this is actually good.
Ultimate futa picture. Hope we get a sequel where she's full mast
Same anon, went back and looked through twitter/FA.
This is advanced futadom, goddamn.
So like... would you entertain the thought of sharing them, no matter how awful they may be?
File: 121421girls1FSMALL.png (2.38 MB, 1407x1127)
2.38 MB
2.38 MB PNG
Ok fine, what's the worst that can happen ...

"continuous cum light"

"continuous cum heavy"

"continuous cum violent"

"continuous cum light v2"
AAAAANND they aren't awful! A very solid set of audio pieces. Nice use of what appears to be ball churning in "continuous cum light v2"
Good shit anon good shit, if you wanna make more I say go for it
I like sparrow despite his absurd style
File: E1QoT8oWEAArbUx (1).jfif.jpg (1.01 MB, 3922x3296)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB JPG
I tried making an audio, and had some good groundwork laid out, but I couldn't get the sound of jerking off/sucking off to sound natural, so I eventually gave up.

I know you're all fiends for content anyways, so have the unfinished project
The idea was:
>Hearing muffled sloshing of cum through the futa's jeans
>She undoes her pants and frees her massive testicles, begins to leak thick dollops of precum that impact the ground
>She begins stroking herself off
>Someone (Other person? Herself?) starts to suck her off

Here's the unfinished cumshot as well
Dude, even unfinished this is fucking fantastic.
>fucking random has better prompted sound design than most shit in the entertainment industry other than video games because they have to think about stuff being heard repeatedly

Huh. Well, I'm glad it's not awful.

I do plan to make a v2 of the heavy and violent audio, so I guess I have more motivation now. Thanks
This actually got me thinking-
If this kind of audio is rare, why don't we start a collaborative effort to get anons to help out making it, like a cumnoise general or something?
File: 1628969057397.jpg (863 KB, 2000x2068)
863 KB
863 KB JPG
Doing god's work lad.
I really enjoyed the violent one. Really gave off the feeling of a lot of rushing fairly viscous liquid. Probably the best audio I've heard for this fetish, so looking forward to any more you do.
I could see it working if it were a Hentai Foley general rather than being limited to just cum noise
You know the very first thing that would happen would be people bitching about the presence of implied futa in their audio thread. I give it three days before it's divided into "Hentai Foley (No Futa)" and "Hentai Foley (Futa Only)"
File: 1640291439309.jpg (1.57 MB, 3370x4000)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB JPG
That was weirdly the sweetest futa-dom image I've ever seen...
File: bkknftnrhn_022.png (1.4 MB, 3000x2145)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB PNG
File: bkknftnrhn_023.png (1.6 MB, 3000x2145)
1.6 MB
1.6 MB PNG
God help those poor store employees.
File: bkknftnrhn_025.png (1.05 MB, 3000x2145)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
They knew the dangers when they signed up
File: bkknftnrhn_024.png (1.3 MB, 3000x2145)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB PNG
Really wish there was translations for this.
File: unknown-151.png (329 KB, 1265x990)
329 KB
329 KB PNG

Got this a long time ago from one of these threads and havent seen it since so ill re-share it
I can really only read the titles. Give me another 10 years and I might be able to translate the rest.
i love dubious zipped and unmarked uploads that turn out to be disappointing shit, anon!
You're right to be suspicious, but it's 900 txt files of relevant content

man, i want to like this artist so much
but unfortunatelly i read the loco bandito comics and all i can think about when watching stuff like this is them getting aids
File: bark.png (274 KB, 607x800)
274 KB
274 KB PNG
Hey. Power here. I was waiting to see if I would appear on one of these threads. Huge thanks for sharing my audio work. I have a new one coming in very soon.

That piece you posted was a fun one. The artist had drawn her in a hooters outfit at the start. Imagine right?

Anyway Im mega glad to see my name being spread. Hopefully Ill be able to get through these comms soon and start making some more stuff.
Drop a follow if you wish too


File: 20220724_191412.jpg (185 KB, 1000x1362)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
Her dick has yet to reach its full potential.
Hey anon quick question, got the sauce for these ones? They look like げろ/ gero_1992's work but I haven't seen them on his Twitter/Pixiv. Saucenao also doesn't help.
File: bkknftnrhn_001.png (436 KB, 1251x1750)
436 KB
436 KB PNG
They're from this, he's selling it on his booth, haven't seen it uploaded anywhere
Oh okay thanks. Was wondering why I haven't seen these. Shame the full thing hasn't been uploaded anywhere. Thanks for sharing them
I'm new to this but went ahead and uploaded the whole thing, it's been a couple years since it was put up for sale so hopefully this artist gets more attention and money this way
Awesome, thanks
I didn't even know you had a twitter. I've only sene you on F-list.
Can we get a mega? Sadpanda doesn't allow you to download original resolution without credits.


Made something out of these for shits and giggles
There's nothing but fucking quality in this thread.
That or the starvation for content is real.
Wow ... I didn't expect anyone would actually try to mix something up using my audio. I feel honored.

Intending to put this in 1 post it expanded to be 3
(Futadom, Passive / ‘Not Gay’ Male, Bondage, Mind Break / Corruption, Black Mail)

>You're trying to do NNN
>Futa roomate (or sister) finds out and mocks you
>Taunts you about it
>Keeps telling you how good her busts are
>Starts masturbating and watching porn loudly in her room
>You continue to ignore her
>She starts playing 'pranks', busting all over your things
>Escalates to her drenching your cupboard, and its contents, with cum
>You're now trapped at home for the rest of the month as you have nothing clean to wear
>Sit around your place naked, she uses it as an excuse to do the same
>She's lounging in the living room, cock slung over the couch
>So this is the monster that's been 'reeking' havoc (oh the stench)
>So backed up you can't help get a little turned on, after all she still has a decent figure and sizable breasts
>Noticing this she also is a 'little' turned on, meaning her cock now rests between her breasts
>Starts to stroke herself, it's almost compulsion from how much she's been doing it
>With you watching in awe, she cums, quicker than she expected
>So much, jerking it multiple times a day and she still cums so much.
>Living rooms a mess and now you're hard, but still determined not to give up on NNN
>As a result of you acting stoic she knows she can get away with it
>Keeps jerking off in front of you, your place is a mess and you are too as she 'accidentally' gets it on you
>She says it's better than porn, the way you try and ignore her yet she can see your cock getting hard
>Still a week left
>You start feeling ‘naked’ without her cum on you. You are naked, but it’s pleasently warm to have her loads running down your body
>You take a shower each time, still not giving up on NNN, but she’ll have another load ready shortly after
>The day finally comes, December 1st, but for some reason you don't (cum)
>>10307272 con.

>Your balls are aching, so full from constant exposure to futa cum
>You need her cum
>She's acting completely nonchalant, no longer naked and no longer jerking off
>She's even less lewd than she was prior to NNN
>This goes on for days, you also pretending like there isn’t an issue
>You notice her balls are swelling each day
>You start to feel like she's mocking you, showing you how easy it is to not cum
>Yet her balls are massive, she left on multiple occasions to by new clothes that would fit them
>You had to throw out your own clothes, unable to wash out the stains, and are still waiting on a delivery for new ones
>A week goes by and you break down,
>falling to your knees you frantically stroke your soft cock in front of her
>She is now the one ignoring the pervert-exhibitionist, even as you bury your face in her nuts she does nothing
>She not even erect; however, you are
>You feel so close like you could finally cum
>Before that happens she gets off the couch and leaves, without so much as a word
>"Please" slips out of you, sitting on the floor with your balls blue and still stroking yourself
>This gets her attention and she asks you to repeat yourself
>She invites you to clarify
>You beg her to cum, it doesn't even have to be on you, she just needs to do it where you see it
>She mocks you, just as she had on November 1st
>She gets you to the ground and begins rubbing your cock in her foot
>Calls you pathetic as she realises you really can't cum
>Pulls out her phone and records you
>Makes you beg for her again, spell out in explicit detail what you want her to do, then has you agree to do anything she says otherwise she'll show people the video
>Finally undoes her pants
>You see her cock is tied up tight, the end plugged
>She was faking it! Her cock was just as desperate to cum.
>She unplugs her cock and precum gushes out, splashing you.
>It's almost enough to make you cum right there, but she doesn't let you touch yourself
>>10307279 con.

>Her purple, bound cock returns to its tan-red hue as she unwraps it, taking no time to become erect
>She drops to her knees, balls slapping the floor with how big they now are
>With the same cord she bound her cock she now binds you, your hands to your feet
>Now as her enormous cock looms over you and there's no longer a camera rolling she speaks what she meant by the video: "You're now my bitch"
>Using your body like a sex toy, cock pressed between your thighs and arms, she has her way with you
>You're on the brink of cumming, the jostling pushing of her thrusts bringing you right to the edge
>However, she cums first
>She pressed the engorged head just at the top of your taint
>The eruption of cum shoots through your thighs
>The stench, the heat, the feeling of your cock being 'stroked' with her sticky jizz: You cum, harder than you ever have.
>Your orgasm doesn't stop so long as hers doesn't, you don't even mind that the biggest cumshot of your life is lost in the layers upon layers of incredibly thick mess
>Between how much you're drenched in and how musky the air has become you can hardly breathe
>As you gasp you invariably taste some, salty and bitter
>It's so thick you couldn't swallow it if you wanted to, as if you'd ever want to...
>Blinded, unable to wipe cum from your face, you hear her remark how good that was.
>Her demeanor changed quite a bit post cum, but that just makes her as she usually is
>She says she'll be in the shower, that she really could use one with how much spunk she go on herself.
>Unable to the bindings are really digging into you. You hadn’t noticed how tight she tied you until now, you couldn’t untie yourself even if you tried.
>You’re stuck there fermenting under a pungent mountain of a load.
>All you can do is hope she lets you out when she returns.

(Oh, and the clothes you ordered were intercepted, she now dresses you like a slut)
God bless you anon.
First. Youa re doing God's work Anon.

Second, would it be possible to split the autdio for "internal" (deeper gurgling) and "extrenal" (lighter splattering) sounds? While the combo sounds amazing, it would be nice to be able to mix the amoung of gurgle sound that represnsets fluid "inside" seprately from amount of splatter or fluid going "outside".

Also amazing what you could do it even now, amazing job Anon!
It's time to wake up. Draining is starting.
Some extremely good content in these threads. I'll be sure to use and experiment with them. If you any social media. I'd love to work with you

Just wanna say the cum belches on your last soundgasm audio is not something I realized I needed and is something that's used often.

With that, I also realize we don't have a lot audio of guts getting pumped full of cum either, usually just the giver doing all the talking.
File: FVTumYiXwAcwsaG.jpg (588 KB, 2150x3035)
588 KB
588 KB JPG
You can rely on me to provide. I have used some of the clips from the annon above to finish off my latest request. They will be a main stay in my future audios for sure.
File: 1617842214403.jpg (749 KB, 1200x840)
749 KB
749 KB JPG
The way twitter cropped this, I didn't see the cutie slumped over your shoulder, very cute.
>The promise of more content
When can we expect to see it uploaded onto your Soundgasm profile?
File: DV9kiW6VMAAF5Qk.jpg (73 KB, 1000x857)
73 KB
As much as I'm not a fan of the character gimmick, I wont put down the quality of your work. Thanks!
It wass
File: averageteterundoujin.jpg (373 KB, 732x2178)
373 KB
373 KB JPG
Hey, look what I found in my folder
oh man, I always thought of the original version of this comic when reading Teterun's stuff
>ejaculation theme song
Yo, so about the social media ...
Coincidentally, I made a twitter recently, so I guess there's that.
You're not gonna find much there though. At the moment at least, I don't intend to build any presence.

In terms of you wanting to work with me, forgive my hesitance, but for all intents and purposes, I really am just some random off of 4chan. Those audio I posted are, at the moment, the first and only time I've attempted mixing together such sounds. So in a sense, I'm rather inexperienced ... take that how you will.
Should include everything. The amount of sounds artist use for their videos are such an after thought to them. They can make the best animation ever but the shit is dulled when you hear the same wet theigh slap sound over and over again with nothing else including the female va thats trying way too hard.

Also If you like making and construct these sounds it's literally a career path.
“So what do you do for a living, anon?”
“I...I do sound effects.”
“Can you show me some of your work?”
I wish there were more 'splats' in the audio.
It's sounds too continual and uniform for realistic cum throes. Maybe I'm being too nit-picky, but I think it could feel 'thicker'. I imagine futa cum to sound more like a length of rope pounding along the floor as the arcs make contact. (Maybe I gotta mix up some water and cornstarch to see for myself the sound)
>(Maybe I gotta mix up some water and cornstarch to see for myself the sound)
I've been thinking about doing that too, getting a hose and everything, etc.
File: FWhB-rlXwAAaf8Z.jpg (112 KB, 750x1000)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
Just imagine the potential sounds:
The sound of it hitting a wall, hard, then the sound becoming splashes over time
The splurt of it moving through the cock into someone, drips and squirts as it overflows, then the spilling of it to the floor after pulling out
Filling a condom, having it pop and splatter, a woman moaning about how she didn't want it to be messy
Splurts and gags, buttons popping off as a woman's infalted, a squelching as it shoots from her ass
And this right here is part two of the proposed perfect cum audio: creativity.
Need innovative creativity to match innovative sound design!
god I wish this was translated
Well my ideas are as bottomless as a futa's balls, if anyone needs some.
Hey, don't die yet.
>Part 1
Are there any more parts made yet?
Just saw it earlier on R34, and I think it's about a week old? It might be out, but you's have to check the artist (Omitome) for it.
File: sc06_03.jpg (274 KB, 1280x1811)
274 KB
274 KB JPG
My idea was that they do store fuckloads of cum in their balls, but at the same time when they reach orgasm their testicles goes into uncontrollable hyper production mode and starts rapidly churning cum and immediately pumps them to be ejaculated for the entire duration of the orgasm, resulting in their loads being much more bigger than they can apparently store
At the same time theyre futas so their cocks are just suited to producing and storing inhuman amounts of cum
File: 907493-2.output.png (3.99 MB, 2957x2480)
3.99 MB
3.99 MB PNG
Another commission delivery, this artist works fast.
File: 907493-1.output.png (3.64 MB, 2957x2480)
3.64 MB
3.64 MB PNG
Posted them in the wrong order. Love the condom burst most of all.
File: 5 1568690042123.jpg (890 KB, 3500x3000)
890 KB
890 KB JPG
This, but slight correction.
They go into uncontrollable hyper production mode before they reach orgasm - as soon as they get turned on enough. Repeatedly denying an aroused futa orgasm quickly causes dangerous amounts of backup, as the hyper production itself is based on what's already stored.
>Using the Cum Dimension, Futanari are able to save thousands a year by blasting themselves across the city instead of driving in cars that probably couldnt handle their meat anyways
Futa cum is actually a separate organism that grows in the balls.
In its growth state it produces through mitosis. This sperm production is exponential for the futa.
Then, in cum state, the cells swell to become full sized sperm (or a little bigger than). This causes an eruption as now her balls aren't big enough to hold her cum. The volume increases 10x.
Being separate organisms their goal is to infect others with futaism, turing their balls into cum factories.

It's about an hour for the sperm to double in quantity. So if a futa forgets to jerk off right before sleeping she may find herslf in trouble as now her balls are 3x times than she was expecting.
Plus side is, futa 'milk' is very neutrient dense; world hunger is a thing of the past, all produced locally in urban centre.
Could you please check your DMs? I would like to work with you on a project if possible, no worries if not.
File: 1658901691360488.jpg (1.31 MB, 4093x2894)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB JPG
Please don't die just yet.
File: its-raining.jpg (36 KB, 400x485)
36 KB
File: 2gaym0uc1b741.jpg (79 KB, 640x836)
79 KB
Sorta cringe, but whenever I indulge in this fetish I just wonder how long these sessions are. I can't imagine cumming for an hour straight with a dumb ahegao face. Makes me wonder how it must feel.

Do futa pass out after they cum? They clearly don't have refractory periods since they just keep fucking cumming, but do they just pass out from the exhaustion after it's all done?
Asking questions about a fetish isn't cringe. Demanding answers is cringe.

I love the idea of futas being affected as severely by hours long climaxes as a regular human would, but with their freakish bodies able to physically bounce back from such abuse. Their synapses rewire to handle spiked dopamine levels. Their balls refill as well from a hose shoved down their cock as from a water bottle. Their muscles get toned and tense from just constant orgasmic flexing. All but the most depraved would be embarrassed to admit it, but they slowly become a well oiled machine for cumming, addicted to losing hours of the day to their overactive libidos.
File: 5BlOdt7ju.jpg (3.78 MB, 2508x3541)
3.78 MB
3.78 MB JPG
Not cringe at all anon! Hour to multi-hour ejaculations are hot, and I love imagining what the girl's experience would be like shooting that much jizz over such a long period of time.

I'd imagine to them it's akin to the relief you feel when you hold in your urine for a long, long time and finally let it out. Couple that with the apex of an ordinary male orgasm scaled up in intensity depending on the volume of jizz they produce, and occurring either as one steady stream or in rapid-fire bursts. They would probably be mentally and physically exhausted afterwards; we have to remember that while cumming for a few seconds feels really good, and cumming for a few minutes would be even better, after a certain period of time the body would become fatigued from having "too much of a good thing" so to speak. Their muscles would ache from involuntary twitching, and if their nuts/balls are large and heavy enough they may feel lightheaded from all the constant bloodflow and sudden lack of fullness.

For a hyperfuta it must be a double edged sword; they get to blow some really, really intense loads for a long fucking time but the leadup and denial they feel going through their day to day lives must be awful. Imagine carrying around two watermelon+ sized nuts all day, brimming and boiling with cum that will escape if you lose focus for even a few seconds, or if a cute girl around you does something erotic enough. For the average hyper even just holding down a steady job is probably fraught with danger.
As someone who messed around a little too much with a supplement stack while edging for NNN last year I can tell ya that >>10320157 has it right that the first time I finally came it wasn't even pleasurable, it was just an incredible relief from the blue-balled pain. It wasn't until the second or third ejaculation where I actually started feeling pleasure from it, and by the time I was completely spent I was just sore - especially in my poor overworked prostate.

In terms of hentai logic anything goes, but I'd imagine it's similar to that when you have hyperfutas cumming buckets just loitering around - they can feel real good if they're in the mood but otherwise it'd just be a pleasant feeling of release
I've thought about this kind of stuff. A hyper futa would be a being evolved solely for sexual pleasure. I don't know what beings are so lucky or deserving of such a fate, but maybe next life.
>Their muscles get toned and tense from just constant orgasmic flexing.
I imagine a futa's orgasmic contractions are a feedback loop. As her pelvic floor contracts, it hits the prostate, entering an endless feedback loop of her body stimulating itself. Her pelvic and abdominal muscles will keep massaging her prostate and gspot, if there's anything in her vagina, her vaginal walls will take part in the fun as well. Even if she wanted to stop fucking, the involuntary bucking of her hips and arching of her back as the pleasure runs through her body will keep her thrusting back and forth.

God I wish that were me.

>Hour to multi-hour ejaculations are hot, and I love imagining what the girl's experience would be like shooting that much jizz over such a long period of time.
I remember there was some doujin where some futa was streaming and her chat was timing her ejaculations. That stuck with me for some reason. I always time my own cooms now, to imagine what a coom 100 times longer would be like.

I like to imagine it's a perfect combination of a male and a female orgasm. The intensity and power of a male orgasm, with the duration and wholeness of a female one. A futa, without a refractory period will keep cumming, without whatever causes men to feel the way they do after ejaculation.

> especially in my poor overworked prostate.
Au contraire, a futa's prostate would practically massage itself as she cums.

>the first time I finally came it wasn't even pleasurable,
In reality, as a man, I understand how you feel, that's why I put so much emphasis on other details. The hardest part about this fetish for me, is that ejaculation is ironically the thing that prevents multiple orgasms for men in real life most of the time.
>after a certain period of time the body would become fatigued from having "too much of a good thing" so to speak. Their muscles would ache from involuntary twitching,
I think I read once about a lady who started orgasming and physically couldn't stop for several hours, and it was just painful by the end. There's also something called persistent genital arousal disorder; if memory serves, constant pain is a universal symptom.

Humans aren't built to orgasm for hours. Unless the pain is part of the fetish, hyperfutas just need magic hentai logic.
I think I wrote a fuller greentext for this a long time ago, but one of my favourite scenarios is

>futa has important event coming up
>will be ruined if she cums during it
>begs someone to milk her completely dry beforehand
>entire process lasts at least 12 hours
Wonder if this dude got banned or just got tired?
The whole premise was really promising, would've made for a good (expensive) comic.
Yo, got an idea.
Look up KurotamaArt on twitter, they've got amazing sound effects for their expansion shorts that would fit with what we're looking for.
>hyperfutas just need magic hentai logic.
I don't think anyone is saying otherwise.

>Futa become real
>The futa lifestyle is built around 8 hours of sleep and 6 hours of orgasm on a normal day
>Somehow still just as productive as a regular man or woman
File: 99944702_p0.jpg (319 KB, 792x1056)
319 KB
319 KB JPG
Still here. Just got a bit tired, since the interest seems to be diminishing? Also there being one vote for each of the option fucks me up since I'm an indecisive fuck. (Also I feel like it's stepping a bit too much in the OC donut steel territory, but the main problem is still the equal votes.)

Damn, if not for the mosaic censorship I'd like to commission them. How much do they charge?
>Somehow still just as productive as a regular man or woman
Because futa cum can be used for all sorts of bioproducts such as protein shakes, glue, polymers and even a kind of concrete.
>How much do they charge
A little over 100 bucks, so steep compared to what you could find elsewhere. I just really like their style.
I like to imagine that futa's brain has self-reset functionality so that every orgasm feels almost like a first time, in other words, the will never get used to it or bored of it.
This same thing allows them to recover their sanity after act that would otherwise be a brain-frying extasy.

Also like the idea that pleasure actually slowly builds up and is strongest by the end of the cumming session. Same for cum output.

As for futa limits
I guess instad of libido it would be tied to their physical stamina. They can go as long as their endurance lasts and until they get exhausted. They get a bit of rest or energy drink or whatever and can go again.
The libido would affect the output and tintensity of the orgasm, but high libido on untrained futa can exhaust them faster (futa version of "quickshot").

I also like to think that strong emotional connection can override the exhaustion, so the keep spasming and cumming when unconscious.
Truly the plastics of a new generation

Like I said before, I try to imagine that it is some combination of a female and male orgasm that really goes through the body. I've given it a lot of thought. Because honestly, the actual cumming for me is the least fun part of sex. It just feels kinda uncomfortable for me. It's the contractions and stuff that come before.

>Also like the idea that pleasure actually slowly builds up and is strongest by the end of the cumming session. Same for cum output.
You will hear the same from bottoms, it takes a long time to get worked up. I imagine a futa is similar
Or it's a trick of statistics
>Futa are just as productive as anyone else in the workplace
>Everyone else is being so distracted by the contact excessive cum their work suffers
So i guess me shooting over 6 times a day without problem is just weird then
Yes actually. Most I've ever gone is 5 and I was in real pain by the end, both from abuse and friction.
Lmao now i'm not sure if i should be worried or concerned.

I won't get some cancer from this right?
Worried or proud***

Me and my dumbass sleepyness
Pretty sure that’s not him but sure is similar.
File: FutaMaslow.png (356 KB, 1037x721)
356 KB
356 KB PNG
> I'd imagine to them it's akin to the relief you feel when you hold in your urine for a long, long time and finally let it out.
my sides have ejaculated into the walls, holy shit.
This is the funniest thing I've seen all week and it's only Monday.
>but with their freakish bodies able to physically bounce back from such abuse
Recently I've been trying to find physical justifications for futa /d/ porn logic. The idea of having a body built for sexual pleasure is extremely hot to me. The "muscle toning purely from sexual contractions" idea is new to me, but plays very well into it.
Ejaculation isn't a constant stream. I imagine as their dick is forced into spasms so long as they keep stroking it keeps jerking.

Similar experience with some stuff I take. A single ejaculation, but it lasted 2-3 times longer than normal as I kept stroking. I have no idea how long it would have drawn out as I let it (there was nothing left and the convulsions were far less and less frequent / pleasurable).
So I base my reasoning on that. idk how women's orgasms work but they seem to be able to prolong them, so you could say a futa has infinitely prolongable orgasms due to her unique anatomy; if she keeps stroking she keeps spurting, and even if she stops there's about a minute long period where touching it will make her orgasm again.
Maybe, if she cums hard enough, her prostate is 'fucked' by her thick load as it passed through, forcing her to keep cumming along with her dick-root stroking her vagina internally (I wrote a greentext in a thread with that). So it would take effort just to stop cumming, and the longer she lets it go on the weaker her focus is making it last until her muscles can't even contract any more. (in turn making them stronger for next time)

Endless sperm is unrealistic. You could say their sperm isn't actually sperm, such as if you say futa are made through a futa virus and this thick fluid is used to transform people.
More realistic is that the first few shots contain sperm. She has hyper semen production that can flow so long as she's hydrated and healthy (since it takes plasma from the blood), but still she could orgasm without it (dry)

It would be hot to have a futa hooked up to a milking machine, hydrated intravenously, and forced to cum for hours.
Alternatively futa desperately chugging water and she's furiously masturbating just so it won't stop

Maybe it's 'detox'. They act like it's draining all their bad blood out, but really they just love forcing one another, and having forced upon them, hour long orgasms
File: B33VVkS_d.jpg (110 KB, 640x907)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
this is more or less why i like the practical applications series (the first episodes more): every story has some "reasonable" scientific reason why stuff is happening, and its based off a quantum particle inside the prostate that takes the original cum and multiplies it infinitely, so it's not actually draining the host, but creating (multiplying) materia off nothing?

at least it seems more reasonable than magic or potions, and that's what gets me.

actually idk if those stories are still online, i still have this pastebin: abPGYvCg
There are portals to cum dimension inside futa genitals.
File: fire_final_page16.jpg (243 KB, 1280x2022)
243 KB
243 KB JPG
Im glad you like the stories. I'm planning on writing more when my work season ends. Always taking suggestions.
Where are your stories nowadays?
Damn, if this were the CV thread I'd have a thing or two to write about that.
Well go on, don't leave us hanging.
On a computer at home. I'm out working in the field. I won't be home for another 8 weeks. I will find a place to post em again when I get home.>>10327002
I can't remember.
I've written a dozen greentexts since then.
Something about teleportation via traveling into the cum dimension through one futa's cock and out another's.

>Accidentally cock vored by futa
>Plunged into an endless ocean of cum
>Every direction: cum
>Thick, salty, cloudy
>Swimming, looking for the surface
>There is no surface, there isn't even an up: only cum
>Going to drown
>Something tugs, slide through a hole
>Tight, but the force propells
>Crash into a random woman, cummed from a futa's cock
>Stretching out the futa makes her erupt even more, flooding the room with an epic volume
>They are both confused as to where this cum goblin came from
>Also confused, what language are they speaking?
>"Help! I Got Sucked Into a Girl's Cock and Sent Into Another World?! The Only Way Back is From Where I Came?!"

>5D Multiverse Chess with Cum Dimension Travelling
>Wearing full scuba gear
>"Please, ma'am. It's of the utmost importance you let me crawl inside you cock. I must return to my homeland"
>Incoherent foreign dialect
>"I think that's a maybe"
File: 007_s006.jpg (208 KB, 1280x1707)
208 KB
208 KB JPG
>You will never live in a world where the size of a girl's dick determines their intelligence.
I too enjoyed Supernari, a shame Dongstar abandoned it.
Certain organs of hypers are quantum matter generators. These include: testes, prostates, mammary glands, and even bladders in some cases.
story idea
>A futa gets a job operating the wave pool at a large waterpark
I'd like if the contents of her balls determined the intelligence.
So long as she abstains she gets smarter, but also hornier
There's a balance between smart and horny where if she waits too long she'll use her hyper-intelligence only to get off.

Then it also allows for forcible brain drain by jerking them off. Making dumb, bimbo futa who are easily manipulated.

Is that it? She just works there and nothing happens?
>Is that it? She just works there and nothing happens?
Yeah, what did you think she was going to fill it with cum? Of course, that would get her fired. No, she has to stay there overseeing the wave pool all day long in the sweltering hot control booth that can barely fit her package, let alone her very attractive coworker. Watching over the women in bikinis, breasts bouncing as they go up and down with the waves. Knowing that at any point she's less than a minute from unwillingly doubling the volume of the pool and losing her job, again.

Would sure be a shame if she showed up to work late and extra pent up one day because some other hyperproductive futa clogged the only nearby cum storage facility

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