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It's been a while. Alternate realities and worldbuilding based on your fetishes/kinks or a situation you like happening on a global level.
I'll start.
15-20 years ago strong girls with large, ripped muscles but with a feminine figure (thick, muscular thighs and a big ass with big shoulders and strong arms) became really popular, and eventually got even more popular while it gradually became the new norm for pretty girls and girls who care about their looks to work out and get big. Now strong and muscular young girls are a very common sight anywhere you go in most cities.
Most of these girls openly look down on guys with a weaker or even average physique, and often bully them verbally.
(feel free to add your own ideas if you want to)
I'll post a few screenshots from previous threads, so this one won't get deleted.
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I’ve always wanted to see how women would fare if they all suddenly started turning into mermaids…
Anyone have any stories to share of everyone in the world becoming fat, inflated, etc? Those are the ones I definitely find the most interesting.
File: 876573461432.png (211 KB, 489x497)
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I've read a few weight gain stories, but don't remember any that happened on a global scale.

Anyways, lately I've had this fantasy about all girls/women on Earth turning into extremely unattractive versions of themselves, most of them would also turn overweight on different levels with an unshapely body and unfeminine proportions.
It all happened within less than a day, and no one can tell how or why. However, everyone turned into an "ideal" ugly version of themselves, all of their features got replaced with ones that are generally considered ugly but they secretly or subconsciously find appealing in some way. So while being shocked initially, after a few days passing most of them realized they like their new looks more (more or less without admitting it) or simply moved on not minding it anymore. The world moved on from this event quickly and with relatively few problems, the only problem remaning is that a huge portion of men stopped being attracted to woman this way, but eventually they adapted too.
Women everywhere find themselves gradually becoming more turned on by intrusive thoughts and potent fantasies of being humiliated, degraded and treated like pets, livestock, meat animals, literal trash, etc.

This is, of course, directly proportional to how sincerely horrified women would’ve been by such fantasies before this change to this psyche, leaving women who were already into being degraded even more turned on by such fantasies and the women who would’ve chastised or pitied those women for harboring such humiliating impulses now struggling with an even more powerful need to be beaten, stripped naked against their will, raped, etc, etc., all while men are left utterly fucking confused as to what’s going on…
File: Yabasawa.png (329 KB, 1072x604)
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There's another version I had in mind, I might try writing a short story or something about this one sometime.
There's an urban legend about a mobile app which lets it's users change their appearances in real life. Most people would dismiss it as some sort of childish rumor, but it'd show up for some people in the app store or appear installed on their phones without them remembering it. The catch is that it only lets you change your looks in a way that makes you extremely ugly while still resembling your original appearance enough to be recognizable. When you're using it everyone would beleive this is the way you always looked like, but you can also choose some people who'd remember your real appearance and know you're using the app. The effects are only temporary, however there's a "Finalize" button hidden in the menus, using it you'd be stuck this way forever and won't be able use the app to turn yourself back anymore.
(When I make up a story about this scenario in my head, most of the time it focuses on a young and pretty girl in her late teens who has a nerdy, unattractive, female childhood friend. They used to be best friends but later gradually became more distant, mainly because the uglier one felt awkward around the pretty one. When she acquires the app, she starts using it to uglify herself making only her best friend remember her real appearance. They hang out a few times this way, then they make a bet which the pretty one loses, so she has to stay in her uglified form for an entire month. During this time she grows closer again with her friend, but also develops some insecurities and overhears a classmate calling her ugly behind her back. After the month passes she sometimes chooses to use the app even when she's not with her childhood friend, then stays in her ugly form for an entire summer break. She'd eventually feel uncomfortable in her real appearance and after some hesitation she'd use the finalize button in front of her friend.)
When 2 people have sex, the personalities stay the same, but they become each other's ideal mate when it comes to the body and how they look. This ideal physical mate also takes into account any physical fetishes a person has, though if a person has contrasting physical fetishes, which fetish is exhibited is based on the person's mood at the time.
This change occurs whenever a person has sex, and there are naturally minute differences that come with every change even if the sex is between the same 2 people, due to a person's specific taste changing overtime. However, as people are exposed to each other's fetishes or are influenced by their own bodily changes, they gain new fetishes that are then expressed in the new form of their ideal mate. Naturally, it all spirals out of control, almost dooming the Earth, before people get a fetish for space sex and humanity is able to travel the stars.
One day a massive alien ship about 60 miles long appears in orbit. The inhabitants of the ship refer to themselves as “humanity’s elder siblings” and demand the entire Earth surrender. Resistance is quickly quashed as the tall, powerful humanoid soldiers in advanced armour and weapons effortlessly defeat humanty’s armies and any resistance goes underground, POWs having been taken to their massive ship alongside political prisoners and their families.

It is then that “humanity’s elder siblings” reveal their appearance, they are tall women standing about 6’2” tall and about twice as strong as a man, with a large cock, pair of balls, as well as vaginas (ie. Futas). These futas immediately settle across the globe installing themselves as rulers and political leaders, and user their positions to take advantage of humanity. Around 20 million futas have settled on Earth and the average adult has 3-5 concubines, mostly women and some men. Meanwhile the captives sent to the mother ship begin returning as obedient, mindbroken servants to their futa betters.

Despite coming from space futas are in fact fully human and able to interbreed with each other as well as either human sex. Their culture is based around the subjugation of the male and female sexes with futas being allowed to claim males or females as their property with no legal ability to stop them. Over time humanity’s collective culture shifts as follows

>Shortly after conquest
Futas are a small minority and most have little contact with them unless they are part of the upper class or attend an elite school. Men and women are stripped of voting rights but otherwise the average person’s life is little different. Highly successful men and women are often simply claimed by futas against their will.
>30 Years after conquest
Futas are rapidly increasing in numbers and are becoming a more common sight. The upper echelons of society are dominated by futas with men and women often being treated like office toys and facing sexual harassment.

>150 Years after conquest
Human culture has entirely shifted, men and women have spread across the galaxy to serve their futa betters and 10% of the population of earth are futanari. Men and women are raised alongside futas and raised their entire lives to think of futas as their betters, stronger, smarter, and naturally fit to rule. Some men and women try to resist even despite lifelong cultural indoctrination but they are just sent off to reeducation camps.
File: Roper_0.jpg (173 KB, 433x600)
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Everyone in the world is born as a normal female. At 18 however, certain girls will grow tentacles. These tentacles corrupt the mind of whomever they belong to, influencing their sexual desires and massively increasing their libido, especially towards their family and friends. Eventually, it's generally possible to deal with the increased libido enough to function in society, though it's impossible for them to be exactly like how they used to before they were swallowed by sexual desire. Most of them live in fear of completely succumbing to their tentacle's instincts once again, dealing with their desires though legal means while never going all out. Others try to overcome the tentacle's compulsions by numbing their minds with drugs or by simply ending it all. A scant few simply give into the tentacles entirely. If they do so long enough, their personal tentacles grow bigger and more and more powerful until whatever human soul the person had is crushed out by the urge to fuck at all costs. At that point, they have simply become a mindless tentacle monster and are slaughted on sight.
Qvestion. If everybody starts out as a "normal" female, how do babies get made? Do the tentacle women take over for the nonexistent males, or can two normal women produce offspring?

I kinda like the idea of the former, so baby-hungry "normal" women are forever seeking out these tentacle women to get pregnant. "Come to the orgasmic side, we have harems!"
A government in an attempt at social cohesion institutes highly strict dress codes across the country depending on age, sex, and job. These include not only clothes or uniforms, but also hair length, style, colour, and even skin tone. All men and women are forced to have brown hair and brown eyes, if they don’t have brown hair they have to dye it, if they don’t have brown eyes they need to wear colored contacts, if your skin tone is too dark you need to bleach your skin, too light and you need a spray tan to the correct colour.

Wealthy individuals are able to ignore the laws through bribery and having different hair, eye, and skin colours serve as status symbols in their own rights.
all of humanity gets turned into anime girls with the new "genders" being girly girls that are shorter and wear more feminine clothing and the gentle women that are noticably taller and usually wear fancy suit
File: 1648032540865.jpg (146 KB, 878x1200)
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146 KB JPG
Suddenly monster transformation traps appear all throughout our world. At first, when people active the trap by walking by or on the hidden runes, they'll be transformed into not just a random monster, but also a random gender as well, for a few minutes or up to a few hours.

A girl could be in a grocery store and suddenly she turns into a cuntboy orc. A man could walk into work, and in an instant become a female fairy. The transformation is painless and only takes about a minute. The person mentally stays the same, and their clothes transformation to match their new temporary bodies. Ruins are in fixed spots, so nobody transforms while traveling, and transformations are of humanoids only, although slime forms and other unique types do occur but still seem to conform mostly to humanoid shapes.

At first the transformations are incredibly random, and seem to catch people two or three times per week. However, as time goes on, the monster traps seem to start targeting transformation to people's likes and personalities. It's as if the first several months the magic was testing people. And as the transformations become more stable, they begin to last longer and longer.

Maybe that girl at the grocery store didn't like being a cuntboy, but after a few random transformations, she's now in the middle of a month long stay as a powerful orc goddess.

Eventually some transformations do become permanent, but that's more of a 1 in 100 scenario. No form seems to have magic as a casting ability, but passive magic to keep people alive and for certain monster traits does now exist in the world.
File: 1655556157236.png (355 KB, 800x1000)
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People are now able to trade physical attributes, but can only trade one kind of attributes once in their lives. For example if a tall and a short person trade heights they are stuck with their new heights forever, but can still trade things like hair colors, body type, boob size etc.
There would be some kind of sign you agree to trade with someone, and some people would trick others to do it, so they can steal attributes from them. There'd also be some instances of people accidentally trading with each other.
File: merm.jpg (235 KB, 1032x774)
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They would transform with water. Their tails and fins would make it hard to maneuver on land. The only way to transform back would be by drying off their bodies.

I'm not sure if they would keep their clothes or they would get scaly bra or just be nude. What I do know is that beaches, pool parties, and other spots with water would be very popular choice.

It would be a major inconvenience for a lot of women to turn into mermaids at the wrong time. It would be interesting though.
> They would transform with water

“Splash” rules, huh?

You’d want to make it so that women could at least still drink water without transforming or otherwise most women would just be mermaids all the time.

Also, you would want to change them so they can get by longer without bathing, but perhaps instead of getting stinkier, women instead find themselves being drawn to water more and more the longer they go without immersing themselves in it, so even the most uptight women who are horrified by the transformation and the idea that they would become half food animal would still find themselves growing desperately more needy to feel themselves submerged in water (unless you really wanted to go nuts with it and make it so that women actually need to submerge themselves and breathe underwater for at least a short while every 24 hours or something or else they start to lose their minds or feel like they’re suffocating on air…)
>scaly bra
underappreciated kink
File: mermaidmelody.png (2.27 MB, 1228x1617)
2.27 MB
2.27 MB PNG
I forgot about that. For drinking water, I guess that is the only exception like H2O the series. They get attracted to the full moon and become more wild during that time. If I remember, the girls would try to avoid the water and moon fearing that may never return.

I don't know if mermaids would be considered part of the food chain. Then again, sharks have attacked humans. Getting called to go into the sea would be another pain to deal with. Maybe they don't need to swim, but they have a desire to be underwater. Also in the show, the girls had to deal with taking baths and avoiding rain so it could be like that.

Sorta, but it's cause midriff.
File: 71713669_p0_-_onlywoman.png (451 KB, 864x1200)
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451 KB PNG

The Venusphage

A strange virus has spread throughout the female population. It's named the Venusphage, and it causes all women who have undergone or are undergoing puberty, despite their previous build, to undergo rapid growth in their breasts, hips, ass, thighs and milk production. The final result is a delicious bouncy body that is immensely impractical. Walking in a straight line becomes nearly impossible, and carrying all that weight around is exhausting. Her milk production puts Holstein cows to shame. A cure has proven to be utterly impossible, as the women are changed on the genetic level... Naturally this change hasn't exactly been good for the social mobility of women. It's like the last 1000 years of women's rights have been flushed down the drain as their new bodies make it all but impossible to be anything but a milk producing baby factory housewife.

The virus appears to be utterly inescapable. It's waterborne, airborne, can be transmitted through skin contact, and can survive in practically any environment (like sewers, ventilation systems, freezing temperatures, etc.) for weeks if not months. Even the strictest self enforced quarantine will fail. Once the Venusphage has been detected in a community, it's only a matter of weeks, if not days, before every last woman is infected. Even moving to the desert, tundra, or mountains won't work and within 3 years of the initial outbreak every woman on earth has been infected. No matter how much they dread it happening to them, there is no escape.

The transformation itself happens in a matter of minutes and is quite explosive. Clothes will rip apart under the stress. Milk will start spilling everywhere. And her moans will echo across the street as she experiences a deep brain melting orgasm.
File: 1655626215393.png (3.05 MB, 1600x2000)
3.05 MB
3.05 MB PNG
On top of immediately visible changes, the virus also alters the reproductive cycle of women. Mainly that there is none anymore. They will be permanently receptive to being impregnated (unless already pregnant). Previously infertile women will suddenly become fertile again. Egg cells will regrow, and at any moment 3 of them are ready to be impregnated, ensuring a minimum litter size of triplets.

The milk production of women affected by the Venusphage is extraordinary. Each breast has a capacity of 10 gallons of milk, and will produce that much in around 24 hours. If not milked regularly, their milk will constantly drip from their nipples, putting an uncomfortable pressure behind them. Naturally this has completely uprooted the milk industry as human breastmilk is now more plentiful than water. A single woman can provide enough milk for an entire village to drink.

Physical motion has become utterly exhausting to women. Walking more than 2 miles on their own will have them panting and sweating like they just ran a marathon.The only way they can walk for any extended period of time is by holding onto a man and using him for support. This turns out to be an amazing bonding experience between husband and wife, making deep connections of support and responsibility between the two. Despite this women affected by the Venusphage seemingly cannot get fat. As a matter of fact, they cannot change their body type at all. No amount of exercise or dieting can change their beautiful Venus bodies. They will remain healthy and beautiful completely passively.
File: unknown.png (1.48 MB, 850x1242)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB PNG
Any and all ideas of gender equality were quickly thrown out of the window, despite the protests of women everywhere. There is simply no denying it. When they can't even stand in line for the ballot box without falling over from exhaustion, when they can't even walk 5 miles without having to cling onto their husbands, how can they even pretend they're equal to men? Holding a job has become next to impossible for them. So the only choice left is becoming a housewife. And with some government enforced marriages even the most defiant feminist would very quickly discover that there is nothing more fulfilling than being a clumsy, gentle, docile wife and mother. Not only is it the only thing they can be without passing out from exhaustion every day, it also brings forth a deep feeling of inner happiness that no previous held belief or conviction can resist.

And as some icing on the cake. The sexual sensitivity of all women has increased. By how much differs from woman to woman, but it is a significant amount for all of them. They're practically guaranteed to orgasm at least 5 times before their husbands during sweet love making. And after all is said and done she makes a perfect pillow for her darling to sleep on.

End for now?
File: unknown.png (1.19 MB, 850x1190)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB PNG
Minor cont. because I got bored

Swimming is basically the only physical activity that's still feasible for women. Their Venus bodies are naturally buoyant and the water helps take off the weight from their love handles and bouncy mounds. It also helps that getting into swimsuits and bikini's is a lot easier than most clothing. The beach and the pool are also great places to take the kids.

Households have naturally divided themselves into a classic 1950s hierarchy. Daddy is the undoubtable patriarch, mommy is docile and caring, little Johnny is a ball of energy that mommy just can't keep up with, and little Jane plays with dolls. Parents take great care in making sure that their daughters don't get too attached to physical activity. Because the very second she hits puberty she can kiss all of that goodbye. She'll immediately undergo her transformation and become a beautiful Venus just like her mother.
I’m just enjoying imagining what the first week of that pandemic looks like with women transforming instantly and the virus being THAT communicable, which would not only probably guarantee that every breeding-aged woman on the planet will eventually be infected, but that most women get transformed within that first week.

Speaking of the inevitability of infection, now that it seems like everybody is doomed to end up catching COVID, I like to imagine what the world would be like now if instead of being a potentially lethal flu, if it just fucked with the female population like this.
After some point in time, long after overpopulation stops being an issue and humanity can freely populate other worlds, women no longer grow feminine secondary sex characteristics naturally. The increased height change from puberty occurs, but women are androgynous until they start baby making, and even then, it's a gradual process. Furthermore, simply conceiving is not enough, the baby has to be born by either caesarian or natural means to reap the benefits (with natural birth generally reaping more benefits). Most women need at least 3 kids to not be easily mistaken as boys, though many women opt for more children to increase their breast and butt size or just because the mild personality changes that come with the hormone shift compels them to breed more. In addition to increasing femininity, making babies has the effect of keeping a woman at a suitable age for bearing children longer. Whether or not this can lead to immortality is inconclusive, though there are secret government tests aiming to prove such.
There is also the amusing side effect of lesbians having to make babies with men or through invitro fertilization to make themselves attractive to other lesbians, though the mental changes that accompany the physical changes means that even if a person was pure lesbian at first, they will be some variety of bisexual once they start being recognizably female. In addition with lesbians, invitro is also popular among single women whose careers demand that they be feminine looking while not wishing to be in a relationship with a significant other. Couples where the man simply prefers a less feminine wife opt to adopt since there are plenty of babies to go around.
There are a variety of theories as to why the change occured such as a divine mission to populate the universe or simply renegade nanomachines, but as human science is on the verge of breaking the dimensional barries into the infinite multiverse, there are no serious attempts to rectify the situation.
What I had in mind is that it all happens semi slowly. Like, the first outbreak happens in europe or something, and it takes like 2 months for every continent to be infected. And then it takes another 6 months for basically every community to be infected. The majority of infections would happen within the first 4 months. And for the people who really isolated themselves it can take way longer, but it reaches everyone eventually. No matter where they are. After 5 years every woman on the world is infected.

I like it this way because I enjoy the idea of women dreading it happening. Becoming completely dependant on men for basically everything for the rest of her life. Every hobby they had (unless it's reading, cooking, or painting or something) becoming completely impossible. Doing everything in their power to protect themselves, but still failing. And in the end somehow being thankful for it. For the simple happiness of being a docile housewife.
File: fb2EIqh.png (350 KB, 750x1000)
350 KB
350 KB PNG

I have a friend who just finally caught COVID after spending the last 2.5 years doing everything possible to keep herself from being infected, so it's hot to imagine her being even more horrified to see how a different virus is specifically transforming women in such a humiliating way, and imagining how she would be reacting right now to quickly, permanently becoming milky breeding livestock against her will despite all her now-wasted efforts to try and stay above the tide
I ain't exactly into the cow transformation stuff. But I do get the point.
Horse riding, ballet dancing, going to college, a career. Her dreams of the future are flushed down the drain as she's transformed into a clumsy milkcow housewife. I'd imagine most women would be immensly distraught at first. But after only a month or so of being married to a dominant man she's already catching herself enjoying her new life. She feel ashamed of it at first. How could she enjoy being this parody of a woman? But holding onto him as they walk, feeling him support her, cooking for him, and the sex! The exhausting, sweaty, leg shaking sex~ Maybe it isn't so bad after all.
> I ain't exactly into the cow transformation stuff

Oh, it doesn’t have to be cow transformation, just some kind humiliating and partially-disabling slow physical and/or mental change,

It could be something as simple as a slow reduction of intelligence combined with a sudden rise of embarrassing instincts and behaviors, shrinking, growing bigger, explosive lactation/be, melting, freezing, inanimate object transformation, time stop, etc, etc.

>20xx: some government organization is established to investigate genetic manipulation
>mostly for research into curing genetic diseases at first
>the scientists and those who elect to join certain experimental programmes live in a walled-off city scrubbed from maps and all satellite data
>a controversial experiment to create futas is performed
>the futa gene is "viral," i.e., all offspring will also be futa
>eventually these walled-off cities are populated exclusively by futa
>without the gender difference, most taboos go away, as there is nothing "hidden" about the opposite sex
>casual sex, sex with friends, even incest with protection is pretty common
>other genetic manipulation and weird surgical goings-on occurs
>eventually these futa have a culture of their own, a special interest bloc in government, and gain prestige in the outside world
>to be a futa is to be rich, intelligent, and well connected
>they control the banks
>they control the media
>they control you
I always wonder how normal conversations, especially through the internet/online culture, would work during these scenarios. I'm sure the tentacle people would form a subculture of their own. "tentaclecels seethe at chad pleasure principle enjoyers" or smth
File: 1655658273053.jpg (1.12 MB, 1003x1416)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB JPG
Yeah as long as it's partially disabling it's good for me. But anything that fully disables them goes too far. I don't want it to be miserable. I want it to be startling at first, but then she realizes that this is what she always wanted deep down.

What's a little annoying about it for me personally is that I'm pretty /d/eviant but not /d/eviant enough. Stuff like inanimate object transformation doesn't do it for me. And I don't want the breasts to be TOO big.

It's gotta look like it would be physically exhausting / disabling while not being so big that she can't walk at all. It shouldn't just be the breasts but and entire Venus body, and ideally the doesn't make it look like it's easy to walk around with. The pic of May here >>10265725 is just perfect for me.
I often wonder how the internet changes in scenarios like >>10266575 or >>10266168 where women are just almost entirely knocked out of being a part of the internet because they’re either licked in milking stalls all day or are way more focused on other things than the internet from now on, or they’re simply transformed in some way that makes it much more difficult to communicate online (mermaids who don’t have waterproof phones or tablets, animal women with stiff useless hooves that are no good or typing, etc)
> Yeah as long as it's partially disabling it's good for me. But anything that fully disables them goes too far.

This is one of the issues I have with cowgirl transformations, or at least widespread globalized cowgirl transformations if they’re supposed to be grounded or even semi-realistic, because any woman is going to be immediately crippled by growing a 100-pound cow’s udder, and that’s before that weight begins to double as her milk comes in.

Assuming you still want this to be a vaguely realistic scenario, either you’re gonna have to be less extreme about those physical changes, be more accepting of how women will quickly be completely disabled, or be open to the idea that women’s mammary tissue suddenly becomes much lighter and more Nerf-like so they’re not immediately disabled even before their milk comes in.
File: Picnic.jpg (240 KB, 850x863)
240 KB
240 KB JPG
I'm pretty sure my Venus idea is realistic enough (though realism isn't that important to me). They have some massive encumbering titties and their big assess and thick thighs also get in the way of walking but it shouldn't be downright impossible. It should just be exhausting (which is what I like :D ).

Seriously like 50% of the arousal for me comes not even from the Venus bodies but the idea of these women getting tired quickly and needing their husbands if they want to go anywhere.

Imagine taking your darling on a picnic in the park. No need to pack any drinks, she's plenty on her at all times. Casually help her to a relaxing spot under a tree while you carry the lunch. She breathes a heavy sigh of relief when she gets to sit down. Then she dutifully unpacks the yummy lunch she made for the two of you like a good obedient housewife. Eat together, help her milk her own drink, then drink your share directly from the source. And after all is done and you've cuddled together enjoying the beautiful day you walk her back to the car as you experiences a deep gratitude for everything you do for her. When you get back home she has to take a little moment to recover. A moment she isn't getting because you're taking her straight to pound town.

Pic related was the best I could find to fit my idea. if her tiddies were only a tiny bit bigger it'd be perfect.
File: 1650295339033.jpg (701 KB, 956x1302)
701 KB
701 KB JPG
I feel your pain, anything too extreme makes me feel too empathetic. My sweet spot (which is incredibly hard to find) is stuff like my pic, frustrated, but could be convinced to it having upsides, if not ending up slightly positive on the whole thing
Just read this story called "Slut Collars" about a sudden global change that compels women to wear collars that can turn them (and men) into bimbos. It's mostly focused on gender-bending, but it seems otherwise tailor made for this thread so I'm sharing it.

Feminize all beta males
But what constitutes a beta male?
What happens to the Alphas?
The Sigmas?
To what degree are they feminized? Complete gender bender or just fembois?
Sigmas get the most feminised with budding hormone tits and dicklets that can't get hard anymore.
With the Venus idea I'm not sure if there would be less or more women on the internet.
On one hand it's one of the few acivities that they can still do without problem. But on the other hand the internet doesn't seem like a very housewifey place to go. It's scary and full of loud and angry people. So I personally tend to lean towards less of them being on the internet. A good excuse might be that the simple task of housekeeping is as tiring as a full dayjob to them and that it consumes quite a lot of time given that they'd have to take frequent breaks and somehow clean the place with their body getting in the way.
Everyone is enclosed within a permanent, full coverage suit, all identical in appearance. The suits take care of all body needs so there is no reason to ever take them off, not like such a thing is even possible. All aspects of identity from before the suiting disappear, as all are transformed into faceless, genderless, unthinking drones identified only by a number.

Sorry it's not much, my brain is kinda full of fuck.
Collars begin appearing in shelves across the world, department stores, clothing stores, and online in places like Amazon. They are all clean, polished metal coming in a variety of colours black, silver, gold, rose gold, and when locked around a person's neck by someone else all seams vanish the collars themselves cannot be damaged through reasonable means that wouldn't hurt the wearer and are for all intents and purposes impossible to remove. When someone locks a collar onto another person's neck the victim becomes their slave, their body slowly being reshaped to their master's or mistress' desire up to and including full gender transformation and being increasingly forced to obey their master.

Governments attempt to get rid of these, they are removed from shops, listings on line are removed, but they keep reappearing, nobody is quite sure where they come from. Furthermore there is a twist, anyone who has enslaved at least one person cannot be collared, the collar will simply be unable to lock shut. This leads to many people trying to collar someone simply to protect themselves from that very fate while others use the collars to fulfill their own desires, claiming people to become their slaves.
Occasionally, certain people will suddenly transform into a random monstergirl/boy.

The transformation is believed to be triggered by introspecting enough to comprehend something about yourself, but nobody knows more specifics because those who transform instantly forget about it afterwards. However, this means that only a small percentage of people, about 1 to 5%, actually have the potential to transform (since you can't realize it if it's not actually true for you, after all).

It's possible to turn into virtually any type of monstergirl/boy, but it seems to fit the original person's personality somewhat (e.g. someone more boisterous might turn into an oni; someone who's excessively virtuous might become an angel girl). Gender swaps aren't unheard of either.

Although people are generally happy with their new forms, it can lead to difficulties. Sure, being a powerful dragon girl or whatever doesn't seem to have much downsides. But someone who becomes a vampire has picked up a fairly major physical disability in the form of sensitivity to sunlight, a girl living in Central Asia far from any major bodies of water might end up as a mermaid, and a vacationer in the tropics will be very uncomfortable after transforming into a yuki-onna.
Many parents or teachers, a generation or two in, are concerned about the morality of teaching young women to be assertive or aggressive, or particularly strong headed, as they're likely going to loose much of the capacity to do so, competitively, or at all, once they reach physical maturity.
>Many of the big brands, eager to appeal to public moral outrage over the relative female depowerment, and as such make a case on being rightly feminist, place special emphasis on womens sports, representation in the workplace, film and media.
However even with just the right cuts into scenes, it's obvious that even the trained actresses are physically struggling to keep up with their male counterparts and the whole thing seems off. Female sports enforce a strict age range ruleset and greater degree of weight classes, ostensibly to make competition easier on younger girls and smaller girls, but in observed reality, because a younger team will jog circles around an older team, while a younger competitor in more single person sports, while lighter, is far stronger, swifter, and oftentimes mentally sharper then a more mature opponent.
Many private schools or educational services, discretely, teach girls to adopt more docile hobbies and behaviors, to make later puberty and progression into adult life as matured women, easier. Even going so far as to prepare them for the eventuality of showing much of their skin, or figure, to prepare for the inevitable.
One day, everyone's body becomes formless ooze. Those strong-willed enough can maintain a solid form of their own choosing, but the weak ones are easily manipulated, both mind and body wise, as they can be sculpted to the desires of the strong-willed. How much of themselves they can retain during the sculpting process is dependant on the whims of the sculpter, ranging from a completely intact personality to an absolute mindwipe or a new personality that doesn't resemble the original at all. If a strong willed mass of ooze wishes to grow, they can absorb weaker minded ooze, though that also means that the stronger willed personality is forced to consume the soul and personality of the weaker minded ooze. The stronger willed ooze will largely maintain its original personality, though aspects of the weaker personality will affect the stronger personality to some degree, with the stronger personality possibly changing to something completely different when enough of other minds are absorbed.
File: 1655742595011.jpg (2.77 MB, 2953x4169)
2.77 MB
2.77 MB JPG
>Continuing my idea with your own good additions
Oh you sly devil you

Young men are thought the value of responsibility at a young age. After all, every man will have to quite literally support their helpless Venus. Help mommy carry the groceries! She can't do it on her own. She can't even walk on her own! Because of this men have become more capable than ever before. Strength training isn't just seen as a healthy exercise anymore but as a moral imperative. If a fire breaks out you're going to have to be able to escort your wife and daughter to safety quickly and you can't do that with noodles for arms.
In school young men and women are also trained on how to comfortable walk together with partners of various heights in multiple scenarios like walking up and down stairs or walking long distances without places to rest. One of the most effective ways of escorting a woman is reach your arm down her cleavage and wrapping it underneath the breast that's closest to you while she holds onto your arm. While this might be embarrassing for her it's one of the best methods for helping the man steer the Venus around.

Parents try to pair of their female children with boys in the neighborhood as young as possible. They need to make sure that when the time comes their daughter will have a man to take care of them.

Architecture and engineering have to significantly adapt to the changes in female bodies. Doorways must be widened. Small rooms, like bathroom stalls, must be enlarged. Stairs are used as little as possible and elevators must become much larger and capable of functioning during most disasters. On top of that there are to be more benches for women to rest on.
Honestly if I found myself in that world and was one of the strong willed I would just stay a formless ooze and have fun exploring all the sensations of being slime. Maybe if I had a love interest I would keep them in slime form too and mash our bodies together without consuming them, if that's possible.
Anyone got any good "the whole world turns into futanari" ones?
File: 1650881812428.jpg (105 KB, 900x900)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
The year is 2028. A new president of the USA has just been elected and a new secret program has been introduced to turn all women into fat lazy slobs. It starts with subliminal messages in popular media. At this point most young women start gaining weight, 40% are obese. Then chemicals that increase hunger and heavily slows down metabolisms of women are added into the water and food. Most women are now morbidly obese and require around the clock care that consists of feeding and cleaning up their mess. At this point the New World Order comes out and starts directly encouraging women being slobs. If you aren't a 600 pound blob that does nothing all day other than eating and messing you're looked down upon.
File: 1621105975509.jpg (203 KB, 1565x2000)
203 KB
203 KB JPG
In the modern world, it appears that weaponized viruses are escaping more and more due to poor and unclean countries gaining access to the science.

The Hypo-Aromatase Regenerative Retrovirus (HARR-1) was the combination of several medical studies involving sex chromosomes, hair regrowth, and mass manipulation of the human lipid system. The resulting work was to originally create a virus that would end male pattern baldness in both men and women by down regulating DHT production and to convert excess testosterone to avoid Testosterone Dominance Syndrome.

Unfortunately for the world, mainly men, a group of African warlords took over a lab in Kenya in the Fall of 2022. They wanted to create a virus that would genetically target fighters from rival tribes and wipe them out. However, what they found was a virus that was abandoned by its researchers due to its ability to turn even the most manly of men into very feminine and beautiful shemales.

Seeing the opportunity to humiliate and demasculinize their enemies instead, they foolishly released the unfinished virus. Transformations were painless and lasted an average 9 weeks.

The year is now 2025 and there are few natural men left. Most of the world is now women and shemales. Weirdly enough, due to processes built into the original virus, shemales are actually more fertile than modern men, thus ending the decreased global sperm count crisis. As for women, those exposed to the virus seemed to have their sexual preference changed, with many getting wet just thinking about a beautiful woman with a big dick between her legs. For all, baldness does become a thing of the past with everyone gaining thick lush manes of hair.

Society does go through some chaos and social disorder, but eventually settles into a new matriarchy.
I can’t jerk to this. I’m more sad than anything.
Current generation of women suddenly started getting scrambled across the history and replaced by past generations of women they have exchanged with.
Fathers and Husbands tried as much to look for their misplaced daughters and wives in history books and in photographs. Resulting to varying emotions from anger, relief, and depression.

Most of the women displaced in the past were equally confused but soon adapted to the change. They wrote letters to their families in the future, detailing everything that had happened.

While the women displaced in the present made very good trad wives
What part makes you sad?
a virus spreads throughout the world that makes women hopelessly masochistic and constantly horny, with no cure. To help normalize this new reality and make these women feel accepted it becomes normal to greet women by slapping them across the face or the tits
Jenny Nicholson just got COVUD again, so now I know what I’ll be masturbating about tonight.

Sounds like >>10261557, which I also wouldn’t mind seeing. Imagine all the non-naturally masochistic women struggling with the growing, harder-to-ignore desire to be humiliated, especially in public, or at least online, or a combination of both so the maximum number of make eyes can drink in her degradation.
Womens reproductive system started getting warped and replaced by nonhuman mammal and avian reproductive system, meaning that their male counterparts wouldn't be able to breed with them. Though so little of women retained their human sex organs, it only made up so little of the populace that it became number one priority to preserve human life.

In the otherhand, women with nonhuman sex organs mostly went and chose abstinence. While the rest, went and embraced their nonhuman ways...
File: 1637372848135.jpg (177 KB, 956x1200)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
I've posted this before but
I would like for women to have their breasts expand and shrink depending in how horny they are and lactate if they orgasm
basically women get boners but from their breasts

Another one I thought about is a mini giantess one
>all of the sudden girls who reach puberty start to grow to unnaturally large (2 times or even 3 times bigger than a normal girl) and they start to develop more quickly than boys, some of these growths are gradual but they have been cases of it being more sudden by the day leaving lots of girls in rather embarrassing situations
>during this new growth puberty they also start to gradually develop a more domineering personality towards males while some of them grow out of it but they are rare
>but in other cases, their dom nature becomes more motherly towards males, they still want to be in control when engaged with a male but in a more soft and lovey dovey way
>don't remember any that happened on a global scale

I seem to recall this niche story called WALL-E, perhaps you might have heard of it.

While I will admit it is not global, it does affect all of humanity.
File: 1.jpg (516 KB, 707x1000)
516 KB
516 KB JPG
In the near future humanity will fully map its own genome and will become entirely capable of genetic modification. Due to this and a small group of idealistic scientists wanting to fix the world, the superhuman strain shall be released amidst the human populace. Better humans, immune to diseases, stronger, tougher, more sexually attractive, more intelligent, with shorter and safer pregnancies, higher fertility rates... will quickly take over the human population, with the original humans slowly, but surely being driven to extinction.
Not too long after, in the 21XX, humanity shall be facing a new crisis. The population of superhumans will have reached a point where earth itself shall be threatened, despite the lower consumption and higher intelligence of the new humans, with their population hitting around 35 billion.
To counteract this threat, a small number of humans, now cynical intellectuals, not wanting to destroy the planet they inhabit and still not wanting to kill off billions of humans will do a machine assisted coup, in which 99.99% percent of the people shall be enslaved by the remaining 0.01% of the populace and will be placed in slave like conditions meant to keep their desire for revolt as inexistent as possible.
To achieve this, the populace shall be kept in these massive pens, flooded with aphrodisiac gases while locked in chastity, kept too horny to do anything, all the while being told they will be unlocked and allowed to fuck if they obey the commands. The commands will probably be the most exhausting, repetitive and humiliating things possible, like dildo sucking/riding, fisting, hard exercises, deepthroat training, all the while they are as underfed as safely possible, meant to keep them lean, tired and hungry, while extremely horny.
In addition to this, about a quarter of them of them, on rotation shall be placed into bitchsuits and another quarter into full body latex suits, both of these being meant to even further exhaust them and tire them.

A thing up to the digression of the 0.01% is the personal servants, taken out of the system to serve them in whichever way they demand. The slaves are usually more then happy to take the offer, as it is universally more pleasant then what they were experiencing inside of the system.

Some rare individuals shall be taken out of the whole system on the digression of the 0.01%, but usually at the cost of having to put someone into the system, usually a consenting individual or a child of the parent.

On the topic of children, the AI's keep a strict track of the populace and is currently attempting to decrease it (and will be doing so for the forseeable future, as the reproductive rates are far, far above the replacement ones), which means that upon reaching 18 years of age, the huge majoirty of the now adults are thrown into the system, to join their less fortunate compatriots in the aphrodisiac and chastity filled pens.
File: headcarry.jpg (49 KB, 581x726)
49 KB
Everyone now has detachable heads. People can detach their heads as they see fit, sometimes bodies taking on minds of their own, independent from their former master.
It is common for people to walk around carrying their heads, without one entirely or even head swapped. Stores open that buy and sell heads, allowing anyone to trade in their head. Though not everyone goes to buy a new one to wear, many people collect heads.

Some people even trade their heads for goods or other services. Plenty of establishments pop up catering to all sorts of uses for detachable heads.
Ah, yeah, my mind blocked it out because it wasn't a fetish story/art, but I remember going to the cinema to watch it with my dad when I was like 12-14.
> Jenny Nicholson just got COVUD again, so now I know what I’ll be masturbating about tonight.

Really, half the fun of imagining any of these scenarios sonehow happening in real life would be imagining how all the women online would react, *especially* those like Nicholson who make their entire living from streaming/making videos in such a way that it would financially cripple them to just run and hide from the internet.
File: IMG_20220217_133523.jpg (421 KB, 724x1024)
421 KB
421 KB JPG
>Women enjoy having their nipples sucked on like a man enjoys a blowjob
>Women have much larger breasts that will swell when they are aroused, same with their nipples, doubling in size if not more
>Lactation is something that occurs whenever women are horny, with milk spraying from nipples during orgasm
>Women are now larger than men, so that they are the perfect height for their nipples to be in line with men's mouths while standing
>The roles of sex drive are reversed, with women now chasing men and being rather forceful at times and men are less common than women with a 5:1 ratio

The now in relation smaller men find themselves constantly harassed by big tiddy women who "accidentally" press their breasts up to them at every opportunity.
A day doesn't go by in which a man won't find himself with a face full of huge tits from a coworker, colleague, fellow student, or total stranger. Multiple women will sometimes corner a man in a ring of swelling breasts to try coerce him into what would be gangbang in this world. Clothes worn by women will have elastic chests that allow room for the massive engorgement of their breasts. The idea of being embarrassed for having engorged breasts in public like a man having an erection is also not present. Women gladly flaunt their huge assets even as nipples the size of a man's thumb and twice as thick try to break free of their shirts.

I'm gonna write a short after work for this.
File: 1645839948461.jpg (231 KB, 800x600)
231 KB
231 KB JPG
Women do not know that men exist.

Gents, no matter what you do, women will never know you're there. You can stand in front of one and do jumping jacks, and she'll act like she can't see or hear you - because she can't. She won't even feel the vibrations in the floor. You can touch her skin, and she'll feel nothing. Dump a bucket of water on her, and she'll think she's dry. Pull the blanket off her at night, and she won't notice the cold.

Women have their own culture and society that arose without any men involved at all. They live in an unpredictable world, so they highly value the ability to roll with whatever life throws their way. Why can't she see the TV on the other side of the room, even though there's nothing in the way? Why is it sometimes hard to talk, or to walk, or to use her hands? Why did she get pregnant when she did? It's better to not worry about these questions. Life is just weird like that.
Finally. A masterpiece.
>I'm gonna write a short after work for this.
File: 96291474_p0.jpg (179 KB, 940x724)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
I had some stuff come up. I'm absolutely gonna write more, but I'm going to be hamstrung with things all this weekend.

You look around the girls locker room, wondering how you ended up in this situation. The entire volleyball team was in the process of disrobing as you stood with you back against some lockers. The smell of sweat and perfume was overwhelming and did a bit to ease you nerves. The lecherous smiles of the dozen girls sought to keep those nerves tense. You felt like a sheep corned and about to devoured by a pack of wolves. The captain, a bombshell of a girl with frizzy red hair falling past her shoulders broke ranks and walked up to you. Her uniform was fully discarded as she wore only panties and a very elastic sports bra, though still having her sneakers on added to her state of near nudity. She looms over you and presses her head sized breasts right up to your face. They pulse with very heartbeat and swell just a bit each time. Twice the size of her head and still getting bigger they strain the elastic fabric constricting them and her nipples try to bore holes right on through. The Captain cups the undersides of her huge tits and gives them a few bounces. A bit of milk darkens her bra as she audibly licks her lips above you.
“You know what to do with these right?”
Your mouth goes dry as you barely nod your head. The other girls follow their captain's lead and walk over, completely blocking you in.
“I can't believe you found a boy willing to do this, Kim.” A blond girl giggles as she looks past the mane of red frizz. A few other girls agree while smiling wickedly.
“Who said anything about willing?” Kim pulls her bra up and over her mammoth breasts which surge forward now that they are free of their confinement. Huge pink nipples jut erect straight out, the size of two fingers together. The smell of her seat now hits you full force. Vision from left to right filled with the swollen tits of the team, down was a forest of thick thighs and tones calves, above was a star field of predatory eyes. The redhead pushes up one huge nipple to your mouth, trying to force it past your lips. Sweet milk gets smeared across your mouth in the process.
“C'mon don't be shy.” Kim grabs a fist full of your hair. “You have a dozen girls to suck off. Twenty-four in a row, so you better get to it.”
You resign yourself to this fate and suck the huge nipple inside you mouth. It spays milk out and fills you mouth in mere seconds. Swallowing it down you grab the huge breast before you and get to work, twirling you tongue about the teat and biting on it ever so slightly. Kim hisses in approval while her hands pinch the nipple you've left unattended and the other dives beneath her panties.
“Such a good boy, letting the whole volleyball team run a train on you. The rest of the team plays with themselves as they wait their turn. Leaving you to work on the upper before you and wonder how you will keep this a secret from your girlfriend.
>how you will keep this a secret from your girlfriend.
Elevated it from a solid 8/10 to a 9l10.
File: 1650257214546.png (1.81 MB, 1433x2023)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB PNG
All women can have their assets' sizes altered by their significant other against their will. The only catch is that is can only be toggled between "flat" and "huge".
They are either famine victims or absurd hour glass venus statutes without the belly. They can hardly move around when "on" and are stuck like that until their boyfriend/husband turns them back
A mad scientist named Dr. Mann has developed a virus that exclusively and nearly universally infects women. The virus makes women more submissive and unwilling to wear pants, as well as greatly increasing fertility and maternal instincts. In practice when his virus is released women will be driven to become doting housewives and stay at home moms who exclusively dress conservatively in dresses and skirts. A tiny fraction of women (0.01% so about 350,000 worldwide) aren’t infected and forced to live in a world where every other woman they know finds their actions bizarre and will try to pressure or force them to adapt to the new conservative and submissive lifestyle.
I imagine this where women become this malleable mass that could return back to shape whenever. You'd have women being degraded to mere objects for their ability to compress. Forcefully folded and pushed right in a cocksleeve but have their vag stick out.
File: 1648143280809.jpg (1.64 MB, 2435x4096)
1.64 MB
1.64 MB JPG
All women turned invisible.

No one knew how, why, when it happened, but one by one all these women started turning transparent. They still maintain existence, interact with objects around them, touched and felt, wear clothes, but they can't be seen.

Under a month passed people realized that taking photographs of women would render their bodies visible, still a mystery why.

But women would wound up using this odd quirk to their advantage. Theft involving nude women, a great shift of fashion sense where masks, gloves, sleeved clothes are norm, kinks with ghost play.
I like the idea that it pretty much becomes impossible to murder or even permanently damage a woman because they’re all somehow now made of indestructible, nearly infinitely-malleable flesh, to the point that an average-sized woman could fit inside a lunchbox if you tried hard enough, and she could live for years in such a state without any food, water or even air.

Abd at least births become a whole lot easier!

This would be fun to see, especially women realizing that they’ve finally begun to slowly turn transparent like so many other women - a woman like this would’ve been careful to avoid being photographed or any teleconferencing, unlike so many other women who instantly made themselves permanently invisible before anyone had figured out what these random new rules were, but at least all this extra time the woman gas had had allowed her to cobble together everything she needs if she wants to be seen again as a semi-‘normal’ woman - hair dye, wigs, plenty of flesh-colored foundation, sunglasses, even contact lenses (some of which approximate her natural eye color), though she still doesn’t know how her next gynecology appointment is going to work….maybe she should schedule an emergency appointment before the invisibility that started on the upper half of her body finally spreads to her lower half….
Here's one I just thought of.

Some generic "futanari future" scenario plays out; in the year 2030 or whatever, futanari are brought into existence, etc. They quickly gain a reputation of being "alternative" and forward-thinking. They make some crazy impacts in music, fashion, culture, etc. Most of them recognize that their existence itself breaks with pretty much every tradition out there, so other taboos get re-examined as well.

One futa innovator posts on the internet about a new project she's working on, with the help of some plastic surgeries: she's put a PC inside of her.

>(from YouTube) "Right now, we're at the prototype stage; so, on the x-ray here is the main logic board, in my abdomen - and there's some quick disconnects right here, right above my colon. So as it stands now, if I wanna use myself as a computer, there's an HDMI and a USB cord coming out of my asshole (trying to contain laughter). I'm just... (showing crotch on camera) rerouting it up through the zipper in my jeans. It'd probably be easier if I was a woman, honestly, because my balls kinda get in the way, but anyway..."

Only about ten people get this procedure done at first. I mean, you'd have to be rich and pretty insane. Eventually, the technology gets better though, and brain-computer interfaces mean that people can - at least with text information - get info sent to them in thought form. No need for cables.

This sounds like hell in today's society, with an endless stream of content on social media, but by this time capitalism is on its way out anyway, and there's no need to constantly show people meaningless "content" for the purpose of monetization. The internet is relatively passé, anyway, as radio signals can only transmit data at low speeds compared to data encoded on DNA in sperm cells. Testes become transmitters, and wombs become recievers.

(to be cont)
By the year 2130 or so, the world's population is around 94% futa. Screens are much less common than in today's world - instead of looking at shitty meme videos, your average 20-something is sitting in the lotus position on the floor, meditating while reading some great work of literature with their eyes closed; literature that had been came into them by a friend, professor, or - as incest becomes increasingly common - relative.

I can't imagine how this wouldn't be the best reality ever.
File: japanese trains.jpg (152 KB, 803x1200)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
This would make breastfeeding infants very awkward.

"I need to escape, Em," Jess lamented. "I like Nao as a person. I like her as a friend, as a teacher... I like talking to her. I like her body. She has nice tits, a nice pussy, a nice dick... but if I have to spend any more time thinking about complex algorithms or runtime, I'm gonna kill myself." Jess and Emma were in their usual nude, but Jess' mood called for anything but intimacy. She needed some personal space to think things through.

Em relayed the usual platitudes. "I mean, that's why there's an orgasm at the end, right? You spend days working, meditating on the assignment, thinking it all through... by the time you two actually bang, so much more has built up to that one moment. And then..."

Jess finished Emma's sentence: "...and then I ride *her* dick, and I gotta read what she came inside me, and it starts all over again. I get it."

"I don't know. I enjoy it. I think the whole thing is fun."

They kept walking for a few minutes, enjoying the idyllic garden their university campus offered, when Emma asked Jess a question: "...you ever read fiction?"

"Nope. Waste of time," Jess quipped back. Emma blushed and her cock twitched upward. "In high school, we had this teacher... thick thighs, brown skin, her sweat smelled great. She sat on my face a few times." Jess started slowly stroking her own dick along with the story.

Emma continued: "anyways, she taught classical Chinese literature. I think I have 2 terabytes' worth of material I've kept from her. She realized that the whole academic process was supposed to be therapeutic: amicable dialogue in class, gentle and caring sex, and good stories to meditate on." Em started stroking her dick as well.
"She taught us the four classic novels. I was using a completely different half of my brain than I am now, with all this computer science stuff. She encouraged us to write journals on what we'd learned, commentaries on the classics. All using the ancient grammar. She'd caress me while I thrust and came in her; I'm not sure if that's because she liked my work specifically. But then, every monday she'd write these responses. Rough doggystyle and eloquent prose... weird gentle dominance thing going on."

Jess got lost in the story and quickly veered out of the way of a folding sign she was about to walk into. Emma continued. "Anyway, I think you'd like the Water Margin, and the commentaries I wrote on it back then. I still have them in me. You don't need to, y'know, logic so much."

"Yeah... might as well." Jess grabbed Emma and embraced her. As they kissed, Emma closed her eyes and sent commands to release the file to her testes as sperm. A few seconds later, and leaking precum signified that she was ready.

They fucked on a sidewalk bench. Somehow, the sex was both passionate and transactional. Emma came cleanly inside Jess, anyhow. Friends may give each other paizuri, facial, suck each other off - the mess is fun, but no information is exchanged.

Another good thing about this sex-based data transmission thing is that orgasms are synchronized - Jess' female orgasm lasts for a while as her cervix takes in the writings, commentaries, and art of authors' past.

The next morning, during her several hours of meditation, she's less strained. She's not gritting through studious, abstract thought. She's smiling. She's not thinking about sex - she's thinking about the stories she's reading, thanks to her friend.
File: 1656895656812.png (183 KB, 1080x1214)
183 KB
183 KB PNG
A favorite of mine from an older thread
A device is created that emits a hyperwave signal at a specific frequency that it can rearrange atoms and molecules into new forms.
That is, some nutjob made a big speaker that turns chicks into sex toys, the rest of their bodies being converted into goopy silicone leftovers.
The original device is quite bulky, with two modes, wide-area and directed. Directed mode will concentrate the signal forward, and make it stronger. Women exposed to the signal succumb in seconds, collapsing into their clothes, leaving behind a silicone-like remnant of their pussies, lower half, or a limbless torso.
The other option, wide-area, does what it says on the tin. The wide-area signal covers a larger area at a weaker power, with the effect on women taking up to a minute or more. The effect that women experience is actually quite pleasurable, like an infinite number of vribrators being applied to every cell in their body. An irresistible feeling of disorienting orgasm washes over them, easing their minds as they convert from human to simple object. Sometimes, "lucky" women can escape the effect before the transformation completes. They stumble away on half gooped limbs, trembling and confused as their endlessly cumming pussies continue to squirt out dollops of excess material. Even mild exposure to the effect is crippling for survivors.
Finally, some evil genius figures out a way to get the frequency to "infect" normal mobile phones, which can then start emitting the signal independently, further spreading the effect to other phones. The plague spreads across the world, as any women with an infected phone nearby gasps in sudden pleasure. Women at their jobs, in their homes, at school, out and about, can't help but writhe in pleasure and orgasm as their limbs melt away and their bodies are converted into silicone. Goopy moans fill city streets as one after the other, women collapse into a pile of goo and clothes, which are then uncovered later by bystanders, friends and family to reveal an onahole pussy, a lower half, or a disembodied torso.
How many of these women would be collected and stored, hoping for a way to reverse the process, and how many would just disappear to be used by someone, the only public remnant being their goo soaked clothes?
File: 1498947083071.jpg (1.39 MB, 1653x1707)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB JPG
I just thought about a bunch of women on a crowded street or in a store/office/etc hit by a signal emitted by a single phone and who gurgle for help as they immediately begin to melt (literally and figuratively) to their knees.

How long are we imagining this process taking (assuming it isn't interrupted), and how much of the female population are you imagining ending up being toyed?
Depending on the power of the signal, seconds to minutes. Full blast from the original device is seconds, Wide area is a minute or two, and mobile phone signal would be two to five minutes.
I wouldn't put the entire world under; not everyone owns a phone and both sources are pretty easy to stop. But what if the technology got out? What if it leaked onto the dark web? Women wouldn't be safe anywhere, even if there was a method to restore them
>The group of nerdy/weeb girls
>They pride themselves on never going out because it's saved them from falling victim
>Get everyone over for anime night
>The boys deliberately bring the signal on their phones
>All the girls moan and turn into gooey messes
>The boys divide their spoils
Absolutely based.
File: Smegmashop_052a.jpg (247 KB, 1280x1552)
247 KB
247 KB JPG
One day, a scientist working on ways to advance male-to-female gender transition makes a miraculous breakthrough: by triggering a previously-unknown receptor in a man's testes, his body will rapidly feminize. For some curious reason, all the "excess" masculinity shed by the body gets directed to the genitals. The end result? In a matter of minutes, the average 6' 200lb man becomes a thick, busty, feminine shemale, indistinguishable from a real woman save for the 18" cock and orange-sized balls

News of this procedure and attracts the interest of an unintended audience, namely men with small dicks. They're willing to undergo the transformation and all it entails, all for the sake of extra inches. Enough men pursue this "male enhancement" that it eventually becomes a worldwide trend. Unexpectedly, women end up preferring sex with shemales(though they refer to themselves as "enhanced males") so that even men without any previous insecurities end up undergoing the process to compete

While enhancement feminizes the body, it leaves the subject's personality completely intact. Weirdly enough, before-and-after surveys and personality evaluations find that enhanced males behave even *more* masculine afterwards. Some experts credit this to the psychological effect of knowing you're packing. Clothing companies have to roll out drab, gray bras since most shemales refuse to wear anything pink or with laces. It also becomes a common sight for a girls to be confidently approached in bars by shemales with bigger tits than her own (sometimes even in front of her boyfriend). Despite over 70% of adult men becoming shemales, society ends up remaining the same in most ways. Sure, almost everyone in the weight room and at construction sites have tits now and the average penis size is in the double digits, but life goes on
Hmm, would this be an audible tone? If so, any idea what it would sound like?

I guess the easiest option would be that it's a simple, unwavering high-pitched tone, though the idea that it sounds different the farther it travels and weaker it gets could be fun, that way women will realize that they're pretty much instantly fucking doomed if the tone is loud/clear enough.

Also, it's funny that any untransformed woman wouldn't actually know exactly what the tone sounds like, if hearing it simply transmitted via any recording could be enough to do any woman in - as word of the tone first begins to spread online, a huge swath of the female population could be instantly lost as they click a Youtube video, Insta or TikTok link containing the tone (to say nothing about whether or not the video even depicts what happens to a woman when exposed to the tone), resulting in millions of still computer chairs now soaked in still-warm girl goo as a completely still (though also perhaps still strangely warm) silicone versions of those millions of womens tits, asses/pussies or limbless torsos lay unmoving and silent atop those chairs or tumbled clumsily to the floor.
I'm currently building a setting for a series of erotic fetish stories and want some feedback/brain-picking from /d/generates (sadly, /tg/'s WB threads are no longer allowed to have fun).

50-60 years ago, a medical research firm called Wallstone-Metzsinger started research on a cure for developmental disorders like dwarfism and muscular dystrophy and found a miracle drug- The Treatment (it has lots of different names its gone by for marketing purposes, but most people don't bother using those in a casual setting). The drug is a medical panacea that "resets" and rewrites human cells, and its "side-effects" also made it a killer app for the plastic surgery industry.
The "basic package" for getting Treated is a 5-injection regimen over 15 weeks that "resets" your cells and gives them new instructions. After Treatment:
-You're taller. For unknown reasons, this effects women more. Treated men are usually 6-8 feet tall, while women go from low 7's to high 10's.
-You're healthier. Muscle and bone density increases and organ efficiency goes up, so you don't have any of the problems of actual gigantism. Most congenital or developmental issues get fixed. Cancer cells get nuked.
-You're more muscular. This can be adjusted to preference and ranges from "a bit of ab definition" to "Conan/Amazon-tier shredded".
-You're sexier. For Treated women, "small breasts" now means "my breasts are smaller than my head", with big ones falling into "you can see them from behind her" territory. Likewise, thick thighs and fat asses are the norm, with full-on dump-trucks being common. The health boosts mean that unlike natural gigantomastia or steatopygia, these body parts retain their shapeliness and don't become hard or painful. Among men, dick size ranges from "large, but still proportional" to "third leg/horsecock", with bollocks and loads matching.
Including shitpost edit I made b/c text with images get noticed more.
-You're hornier. Shifts in brain chemistry, hormone production, and neurology means that (after an adjustment period) Treated people have all the fun of being a randy teen with few of the downsides. Sex drives and sexual forwardness, openness, and stamina all sharply increase. Treated women who AREN'T bisexual are rare. Treated men have shorter refractory periods. However, there's also a kind of psychic adjustment that's made that prevents Treated people from turning into mindless fuck-machines. Basically, it shifts your personality into a more confident and sexual version of yourself instead of just turning you into a brainless slut/manwhore.
-You're more animalistic. When Treated people are aroused (above their background level of controlled horny, at least) they release mating pheromones- a small amount in their body sweat and saliva, but larger amounts on their genitals and in their sexual fluids. These pheromones have a spicy/floral scent and taste and a mild aphrodisiac effect, intensifying arousal, stamina, and pleasure on prolonged inhalation, skin contact, or ingestion, especially in unTreated people (Treated people are basically immune because they're exposed to their own pheromones, and instead use the scent to tell if someone else who's Treated is DTF.) Treated women have a fertility cycle closer to many other mammals, only being fertile for a couple weeks each year. During this time, they constantly release stronger pheromones that signal their fertility that effect both unTreated and Treated men. Their sex drives are the same as a normal human, however, with the upside being consequence-free creampies for most of the year.
File: Treated girls at the gym.png (2.93 MB, 2048x2048)
2.93 MB
2.93 MB PNG
-You're in your prime- and stay there. The alterations to human cells caused by being Treated make them resistant to the ravages of age, with someone who got Treated in college looking like they're in their late 30's/early 40's at 70. More radically, if someone who's currently in their 70's gets Treated (and has good medical care to make sure they live through the initial stress), they'll biologically end up in their late-teens early-20's physically on top of the other effects. This does have diminishing returns, but the technology hasn't been around long enough to hit those limits, and with repeated "booster shots" the human lifespan can theoretically be pushed out over the 2-century mark- with almost all of that time being spent young, beautiful, and horny.

Of course researchers realized that the Treatment isn't just a miracle cosmetic or cureall- it was the gateway to postnatal gene editing, by tricking cells into "resetting" into wildly different forms. Variations of the Treatment began to develop that had additional effects to the above- these "biomods" include changing skin, eye, and hair color to any shade in the rainbow at the low end, with the high end ones (which sometimes require periods of suspension in nutrient vats to help the body withstand them) causing things like supernumerary limbs/organs/orifices or digitigrade legs. Many variants grant animalistic features by activating dormant genomes from humanity's animal ancestors or splicing bits in.

In the "present", the Treatment has become one of the most commonly-used pharmaceuticals in the first world. The company that invented it is a titanic biomedical conglomerate that licenses the Treatment out for various purposes. People get the Treatment for medical reasons, lifestyle/aesthetic/fetish reasons, and even for job-related reasons (nightclubs hire scary-looking muscular Treated preferentially), and Treated people make up a sizable minority of the population.
Despite this, life isn't easy for the Treated- many people stigmatize Treatment as science run amok and see it as dangerous and/or shameful. In addition, their increased metabolic needs, along with the need for specialized lodging, clothes, furniture, etc. to handle their increased strength and size as well as their hypersexual bodies mean that they often fall into wage-slavery schemes if their family wasn't already rich, working off the payments for subsidized Treatment for decades. "Aug-gangs" whose members all deliberately biomod themselves a specific way as a final form of gang tats roam the streets. Black-market Treatments made in trailer labs circulate on the streets, their cheap price offset by the risk of dangerous, disfiguring and/or life-threatening side-effects.
Beauty standards have shifted, too- now that anyone can go to being a 15/10 in a few months, beauty is now more about how you stand out instead of how you measure up. Some people even elevate "real beauty", elevating human imperfections that Treatment removes as the ideal.

Here's where you come in, fellow /d/generates. I'm but one man, and my own imagination and tastes, while broad, are still limited. So I'd love suggestions for:
-particular biomods, licit or illicit.
-Aug-gangs, including their biological "mark".
-Weird businesses/subcultures that might spring up in this biopunk future.
-Other thoughts/feedback
Ah, what the hell, people have detachable body parts in general. Not just heads, but you'd see people split at the waist or literally paying an arm and a leg.

However heads are still the most commonly detached, sold, swapped part. It becomes so common that people are quick to trade their parts for seemingly trivial things and it's almost rare to see someone entirely original.

When detaching parts, the person can focus on whether or not they are in control of it. Detached parts can remain in direct control of the owner, be completely dormant or have a mind of their own. Given the last one there are plenty of people who befriend their own headless bodies or such, though some don't get along.
Thieves are also common, sneaking up and snagging parts to sell back to stores or just for their own collection. There may even be establishments that prohibit certain parts from being attached, such as a club for only headless bodies.
Can someone make a globalized scenario involving all six of the forbidden fetishes?
I believe that's called "Corruption of Champions".
File: 716.jpg (119 KB, 850x637)
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One of my favourite kinks is casual nudity, but in order to make it fetish-y in-universe, it'd need a couple of caveats. Namely, it shouldn't be commonplace enough to negate its erotic connotations, and it should go hand in hand with exhibitionism, that is, the nude subject actually gets off on being seen naked, it shouldn't be simple nudism.

Maybe, some kind of benevolent hippie sex cult develops at some point in the near past or near future, and in the following decades it makes inroads to such an extent it's not uncommon to see barely dressed or fully naked people casually strolling down the street with a smug grin on their faces.

In those places where they're a majority, the members of this movement give even fewer fucks, masturbating and/or having sex in public for their own and the onlookers' satisfaction.
>six forbidden fetishes that when alone have the power to ban any anon
>wants to bring them together
Are you planning to snap vanilla out of existence?

Also yes, using infinty guantlet-chan involves fisting.
why does world buildig make me horny so m
I really wouldn’t want to transform the world;s women in any one particular way, I just like the idea that the world’s female population somehow becomes aware that they *can* be transformed at the drop of a hat - preferably by a single individual - and that power may not even be secure with that individual, but can be stolen and used/abused by other people, none of whom can be guaranteed to have the best interests of 4 billion women in mind.

The better question is what kinds of transformations should women be threatened with? Part of the fun of this scenario is not only somehow proof of this capability to transform so many women against their will somehow getting out, but also a number of transformation ideas that are leaked that send women into a tizzy researching in order to better understand this horrifying threat and how they can suddenly find their own bodies and/or minds being altered against their wills.
>A fellow understander that fetishes are best when you have the normal to contrast them with
You put a lot of thought into this. The particular word used though has a lot of potential.
The inversion of cyberpunk. Outside of the typical sex related body modifications which could go full bore into mostergirl territory, more utilitarian mods could become more commonplace in the form of generic versions of the treatments whose patents have expired. Laborers getting the CVS version of the treatment in a pill to temporarily, and eventually permanently boost strength and endurance to inhuman levels. Special forces reciving what could be a precusor to space marine style augmentations. Circuses now have performers juggling with 4 arms and tightrope walkers that can glide about on flying squirrel like membranes.

Medical patents and redulations are also not heavily enforced in quite a few countries, which could lead to a robust medical tourism industry. That would combine with doctors in rich countries straying from more debauched mods, but fat greenbacks can go so much further in poor countries. You may not be able to get a particular mod in the USA, but Thailand would have no qualms about your desire to be a futa with a horsecock and udders.

I'm thinking of ways that would help people live in certain areas or survive conditions that would then create new cultures and lifestyles. An aug for hunters to give them a taputum lucidum turns into a subculture that doesn't need lights 99% of the time. Augs that boost cold resistance allows a county to pop up on the Trinty Penninsula of Antartica, which becomes a haven some of the most outlandish reasearch in body modifications, far from prying eyes.
One tropical region has a very particular mod be very popular. Making people more monkey like with hands for feet and much longer arms, stair become a thing of the past and harvesting fruit from trees becomes child's play. People of an Island country reciving a subsidized version that could effectively turn them into near mermaids.
A commune of hippies or a splinter sect of bhuddists using a variant to give them chlorophyll in their skin to become one with nature and require almost no food.

You have to learn from the tattoo indutry a bit as well. Some changes not thought trough and people will want to revert them. An augmentation reversal industry will sping up very quickly to fix up bad ideas. An evolution of this could be temporary augs or ones made to be easily reversed. Go on vacation for a month as a overencumbered venus statue and come back nice and petite.
The possibilities are endless, even without going into the potential of mafias and crime syndicates using augs. Huculean henchmen, using mods to change fingerprints and DNA to evade the police, kidnapping and brainwashing people. Making people secrete drugs in order to hide production, punishing people with humiliating mods, and forcing people to become guinea pigs to pay off debts.

All mods would have to be tested, so there would be people who would get modded and unmodded for money like the people who do weight loss drug commercials but more extreme. Prisoners could also be modded as punishment or so they can't escape. A death sentence may become a life as a Cronenberg monster. Scientists and the powerful may self mod to chase greater intelligence. Entire sports leagues of superhuman athletes.

Good lord you can open pandora's box and can fuck it until it prolapses with this idea.
Thanks for these ideas!
Some of these ideas (like the neuromodding or temporary/easy-reversion biomods) aren't quite in the realm of what's possible in the "present"- this isn't fully in the realm of pseudo-sleeving and full-blown posthumanism yet. They're definitely seen by bleeding-edge researchers as the holy grails of bioaugmentation research (they can technically intelligence-boost people, but it turns out that g is really really hard so the modifications end up producing idiot-savants or psychotics who are more intelligent on paper but can't use that intelligence in a useful way, so nootropics are still the top level for intelligence boosting.)

Other ideas, like the photosynthetic Buddhists, testing biomods on volunteers or prisoners, night hunters, amphibian mods, etc. are exactly the sort of thing I was looking for, so another thanks for that!

Yeah, I also tend to favour plausible or semi-plausible historical and societal worldbuilding over fantasy or science fiction handwaving, like, for example, a nudist society would arise much more easily in a climate not unlike that of the Canaries (not too cold, not too hot, basically spring all year round) than anywhere else, really.

You can do cool stuff with the founder effect and population bottlenecks, too: taking it to an extreme, you could have a population in which the window of sexual dimorphism is very much skewed towards a more feminine appearance, resulting in males resembling lithe femboys, and females resembling fertility goddesses.
Eh, for me personally I'm fine with fantasy or sci-fi (I'm this anon >>10281417 ) but personally prefer having more tightly-focused worldbuilding that has very consistent, internal rules. Like, with the Treatment, the one "gimme" is the idea that you can alter people's biology through a medical treatment, letting people reshape their own bodies to a radical degree. Everything else is a consequence of that.
File: unknown.png (508 KB, 750x897)
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508 KB PNG
Seeing the ladies being only visible on photographs and somewhat in video cameras but still be invisible by human eye.

The sex play with the ladies playing the ghost while the partner playing paranormal expert
In a wicked and twisted turn of events, nearly 100% trades off skin and bodily insides with sex dolls.

Though they maintain overall bodily control, intelligence, movement, realistic feminine shape, their weight and skin composition is different and it also appears they do not have the necessary organs to be called an organic being. They've became ultra realistic sex dolls.

While sex dolls remain as same as they could ever be except they now doned human skin, muscle mass, bones, heart, reproductive organs and etch.

Former women maintained their intellect and now mostly go upon their normal life with the occasional harassment. Rape and "murder" went up tenfold and nothing much was done to help this cases as it wouldn't be long until they would be defined as mere objects.
As time went on, it became more and more popular for women to start identifying as men and become trans. While most would never go through to surgeries or even start taking HRT, they would still insist on being called men and would wear binders and compression clothes to hide their figure.

And so within a few years, the woman population was no more. Everyone on earth was a man or a trans man. It was nothing hidden usually, trans men didn’t want to surprise you. But of course with this, another trend started to merge.

With how common and powerful binders became sonde their usage was more normalized, trans men with petite figures were nothing special in Men’s eyes. But trans men who hid beautiful curves were pure objects of desire. So over a few generations, petite trans men died out.

Now we are in the present. Everyone is a man and happy with it. But most men are attracted to and end up marry trans men. While trans men look almost indistinguishable from other men, once those binders and compression clothes come off, a true Venus figure is left for the men to enjoy. Perfect giant tits and soaked fertile cunts to pound out. This also lead to a rise of much more relaxed and casual sex. It wasn’t uncommon for two men to meet and to head into an alley a bit later to have a binder ripped off and had his tits fucked roughly.

No girls allowed.
Good link, anon.
Darn, I wrote a long-ish globalized fetish about women deciding to evolve into gynoids to serve their men but mistyped the captcha like a dummy
All women somehow suddenly become editable via a new (and horrifyingly god-like) smartphone app.
In the future you can just press back before it returns you to the page. Also never write on-site you fool.
File: 99442379_p7.jpg (625 KB, 1280x1781)
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625 KB JPG
I love this one. Especially if the apps start out limited but get new features over time. Just as everyone gets tired of playing with women's breast and arousal sliders, an update adds a pet setting and men spend the next few weeks walking women around on leashes.
Eventually every law involving women is rewritten to be based on the app's permission settings: marriage and fatherhood are changes of registered ownership, and "free" women can be transformed by anyone at will.
The steady escalation and normalizing of degradation is brilliant.

That sounds interesting. The second draft is always better anyway!
Species changing (monster girls), adding or removing body parts (extra breasts or udders, making her quad amputee) would be quite fun. Maybe owning one or more who are only editable by you would be great too.
Or something like this too.
Out of nowhere and all at once, anything any woman says to any man goes. it doesn't matter the degree of separation - as soon as it's read or listened to, if it's an order, men end up obeying it.

The world has a short duration of chaos as men start following instructions and women start abusing their power, but within weeks things are put in place globally to stop it. For the most part, men are kept away from the world - or they should be.

After all, if they are told to, they obey.
how far can it go, as in can a woman order a man to physically change and it will still happen or no
Well, here goes a second attempt!

In the year 20XX advances in cybernetics and genetic modification have made transhumanism increasingly possible. However, this first generation of augment
only works very well on women without rejection issues. Almost every country begins offering women a small implant that allows them to better control their fertility.
Augmentation soon becomes trendy, due to its cheapness. The first generation consists mostly of hidden modifications, such as gene therapy that turns muscles into
artificially stronger versions, or small computers that interface with the neural system to help with calculation and data recollection. Women in a happy committed relationship
are likeliest to get these first few augments.

Over the next few years it becomes rare to see adult women without at least some subtle enhancement. Outright physical modification becomes prevalent in time, as the stigma against it
dissipates. One might see a young woman running, the skin of her legs and arms replaced with a semi-transparent neo-skin material that allows one to see the hint of blue artificial muscles underneath.
Entering a jeweller's shop, the female workers might display one cybernetic eye that allows them to examine precious stones. Cognitive implants (or CognImp) are extremely popular, as
many grow to enjoy seeing their minds extended with powerful computers that are best able to coordinate their various enhancement for peak efficiency. By this point the average married
woman has the cognitive abilities of a genius, and the strength and agility of an olympic athlete. Radical body modification away from the human form remains a taboo, performed by fringe weirdos.

Despite all this, the place of women in society remains mostly the same. Extensively enhanced women seek enhancements to perform better at their job, and to be better partners for their men.
It is common to see women in public discussing of the latest components to come out, and how best to calibrate their bodies. Culture has taken these new developments in stride; gynoids are
increasingly common on tv. It is common for restaurants to offer female customers dietary supplements such as assimilable carbon nanofibres or bone strenghtening ceramic free of charge.
Female interest websites and magazines never go without a section on enhancements and bio-augmentation. Most women magazine's begin to have pages written out in a hash of symbol, allowing an enhanced women to access the data without prying male eyes.

Unbeknownst to all, the enhancements and especially the CognImp have had side effect on the mind of their users. Little by little women have begun thinking of their organs as just another
set of tools, not too different from their implants. Women with CognImp generally see their inner monologue become more rational and cartesian, increasingly robotic in tone. Most men take
this change to their wife or girlfriend well, though a few request that their partner continue behaving as before. These sorts of requests are universally accepted, for women increasingly
see their role as one of subservience to their parnter.
Submissive personalities have become the standard for every enhanced women; once dominant women in relationship with submissive men see acting dominant as a duty they take pleasure in, similar to any other request or order from a man. Cosmopolitan and other magazines run stories on increasingly mainstream fetishes among women such as their partner making free use of them. Other women report sexual excitement at the thought of being machines. When talking among themselves women increasingly refer to their male partner as their master. Single women everywhere bemoan the difficulty of finding a good man to whom they can calibrate themselves for.

Men around the world are bemused by these changes, though generally appreciative. Those who try to argue to their woman that she does not need further improvement are often swayed by the superior computerized
mind of their partner. Most men only raise token objections, seeing their wives or girlfriends increasingly submissive and dutiful personalities. After all, with women now generally needing only a few hours of
sleep, houses have never been kept cleaner and kitches full of cooked food than this.

This societal shift hits boiling point as a new generation of augments arrive on the market, combining state of the art artificial biological tissues and robotics. Where once women might have balked
at cutting off an arm to replace it outright, there is now a widespread mood that legacy component are no more special than any other. The desire to preserve a human apparence is no longer held as
sacro-sanct. Women now pick enhancements as they see fit... so long as their masters are satisfied. One woman might have massive artificial breasts and butt made of a semi-rigid gel. Another might
opt for a fully chrome body with an impossible hourglass figure. After all, why let an obsolete digestive system get in the way of obtaining the body one desires?
Statistics gathered on women's health show that by that point, more than 80% of each woman's nervous system have been altered. Entirely computerized brains running emotion engines become increasingly popular, allowing emotional compatibility
with men while preserving the perfect mind of the machine for inner thoughts. More exotic chassis such as torsos with more arms or centaur bodies reach the market. Some women begin running two or three chassis
at once. Personality modules, temporary or permanent, have become increasingly popular as women seek to change their software to that of a bimbo, a maid, a secretary or any other archetype popular with men.
Often women spend part of sexual activity in the third person, observing their bodies through hidden cameras as they are being used by their owner just as he would use any other machine.

One might have expected greater resistance from males to these final developments. It was one thing to have a bombshell submissive wife, ever ready for sex. It was quite a different thing to live permanently with
a robot with a chrome body. This new development, however, came naturally to everyone. Women all around the world had foreseen the issue, and simply begun hypnotizing male to accept the new order. A man would wake
up from sleeping thinking nothing of his wife of 20 years now being his possession. A cherished possession, much as one would treasure a high end computer or a sports car, but a possession all the same. This state
of affair suited women, who had long since given up on pretending they were anything but object. Having a master would have been profane, as it implied an unequal relationship of power between equals;
machines such as themselves needed an owner.

The most /d/ option is "Yes, everything", but I'm not into that, so I'd say no changes.

By 2XXX humanity consists of men and gynoids. Marriage is now well spread, and represents a life long contract between a man and his gynoid. It is traditional for a gynoid to complete her roboticization on the day
of her wedding. Pervasive hypnosis and a suitably altered school system teach that men must take care of their machines throughout their life, just as their machine takes care of them in turn. It is common for
gynoids entering adulthood to have brief relationships with various men to gauge compatibility and find what they desire in an owner. The rare gynoid born with a glitch in her legacy mind to prefer other gynoids to the company of men generally leave society
to join self-governing colonies of gynoids where even more radical body modification is the norm.
Oh man, imagine the initial horror when this app suddenly starts popping up on every guy’s phone (it either never appears on any woman’s phone or simply doesn’t recognize any woman’s touch if they try to use it) and women everywhere find their intelligence, race, age, libido, weight and sexual characteristics sliding all over the place without warning, only to find out that after the initial furor has died down and women finally begin to acclimate to a new life where their basic existence can be re-written at will, that guys are given new options to fuck with them (now with the option to literally rob women of their fundamental humanity!) with the suggestion that further updates could be coming on a semi-regular basis for years to come, and guys everywhere begging whatever mysterious force is behind the app for specific new features…

That said, how should guys be able to find women to transform them? Can they just type in the names of an unlimited number of women, browse the selection of 4 billion women in the app, and then start going crazy on those women without any kind of restraints or cooldowns?
I think this is actually happening in real life, albeit slower than we might want.
My idea is you can't disobey someone you're sexually attracted to.
Because of gender dimorphism this pretty much turns into a matriarchy. But with a few young supermodels at the very top.
Actually a pretty interesting idea not just at the fetish level but also at a conceptual level. What properties would this imperceptibility have and how would that affect the world? Playing with them could be rather interesting.

>Can women conceptualize the idea of human men?
Women can see that other animals have two sexes. So can they draw the logical conclusion that humans should have two sexes as well? Will this cause some of them to theorize that human men actually do exist somehow? What idea will they form of human men? Immaterial phantoms? Gods? Will they make the correct guess that human men are physical? Or are human women literally incapable of even conceptualizing the very idea of human men?

>To what extent can women notice men
I know your post said that they can't do it at all. But playing around with the idea could be fun. Perhaps they can realize something happened on them in hindsight but never in the moment. Or maybe they can realize something is happening if they really focus on it. If this is the case, and women also realize that human men actually exist in some form, would it be possible for a woman to fall in love with a man? Take comfort in the idea that there is another half of her out there somewhere who looks out for her and gives her children. Would men perhaps create their own culture where they each have their own "wife" and they all look to help her and care for her?

>Is imperceptibility a value of human men or of human women?
Are human men wholly imperceptible to every sentient lifeform/machine/whatever (except other human men) or is it only women who can't perceive them? Would a woman realize her dog is reacting to something? Are men perceptible through some kind of highly advanced technology?

There are a lot of possibilities here. I could even see a strangely cute romance story happening in a world like this.
All clothing worn by attractive women undergoes a curious change. A sudden drastic lack of structural integrity and a tendency to malfunction at the worst moments. Pants falling down, skirts flying up, bikinis snapping off, all sorts of embarrassing accidents become much more common. Pants falling down or at least having your underwear showing is basically constant, and pretty much any attractive girl is guaranteed to end up fully naked in public at least once a day, usually in front of whoever she'd least want to see her nude. For some reason, they can't hide at home, nor can they adjust eventually. It's always just as embarrassing as the first day. Even the panties are altered, almost all of them gaining childish yet oddly fitting patterns and names written across the waistband. Seemingly, the more mature a girl looks/acts, the more likely she gets the goofy prints, oddly.

In addition, a new holiday is made on April 1st. This is seemingly insticvely known to all people and they all observe it as easily as the law of gravity is obeyed. It is Men's Day. A day of rest and relaxation...For men. For women, they are required to spend the whole day naked. Again, they cannot stay home, but must go about their day, which will be difficult, because they are required to obey any commands given by a man on this day. Getting drinks, kissing their best friend in the streets, confessing their most humiliating secrets, the day is usually an endless cavalcade of insults to their dignity. Until it's over and they can finally put on clothes again (as flimsy and short-lasted as clothes are now)...Until next year.
I like the idea that women never get used to it a lot!
I might like a variant of this where attractive women's clothing always changes to be indecent, like a loose sweater turning tight, or every skirt turning into miniskirt upon being worn
Eh, not really my thing, but i'm glad you liked the idea.
Since I like some unconventionally-attractive women (tomboy dykes and the like), I would at least broaden this to encompass more than your typically-hot women (the idea that many lesbians and politically-motivated women wouldn’t be able to avoid this clothing entropy would be great), and the idea of an international Men’s Day where every woman is forced to go out and about makes every year would be amazing, especially if men everywhere have their phone cameras ready…
I should say "any woman a person could conceivably find attractive". And, of course. Not like social media has rules against that anymore, obviously. Basically every woman's wall is a catalog of embarrassing nude moments. By the way, I will note, in regards to Lesbians, while men are pretty uniformy pro-Men's Day, and women firmly against, Lesbians seem to be...Split. Odd.
Now I’m picturing filming for future movies and TV shows taking place on April 1st needing to be cancelled as actresses feel compelled to show up in front of the cameras nude on the first Men’s Day, (with all the female crew members also reporting to set nude) doing their best to keep that filming day going against their will, even as all the men around them are confused as fuck.
Considering cameras seem to be a good trigger for ENF, wardrobe malfunctions on set happen so often they basically just roll with it these days.
>Considering cameras seem to be a good trigger for ENF

Oh shit, that’s a good idea - a camera trained on a woman exponentially increases the amount of ENF entropy that she’s subject to, pretty much guaranteeing that some part of her will be publicly nude the longer she’s filmed or the more eyes that can see her - female Youtubers and livestreamers would have to be programmed by this entropy to keep appearing on-camera, or else my sane, self-respecting woman would simply never volunteer to ever be in front of a camera again, even if her current livelihood depends upon it.
Oh, yeah, for sure. You can picture what Youtube looks like in this world....
File: DoeXyS1jL.jpg (167 KB, 1366x768)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
I know this isn't as exciting as most of the scenarios here, but I think it would be great if slowly, every female in the world breasts started to grow, first the first week or so every women just assume their bra is getting a little tight and it doesn't really make news, but after a month or so humanity realized what happening and start freaking out. Scientists try to find what causing this phenomenon while women are scared over their ever increasing bust line, especially trans men who find their breasts have grown back if they have a mastectomy (it later discovered this apply to any surgical altercation). A couple months later and most women breasts stop growing, with the average adult woman having each breast weighs as much as her head (so around 11 pounds or 5kg. There a couple of reactions to this change. In the west there outrage from feminists, especially trans men, and a conspiracy that the patriarchy is behind it somehow, religious countries take it as some sort of sign they have sin some how and conservativism take hold, especially in MENA, and the ccp claims it a biological weapon from the west to destroy Chinese values. Anyway most women comes to terms with theirs new breasts and learn to cope with the challenges they bring, while men couldn't stop staring at first, the novelty wears off and big breasts are relegated to the same position as a nice pair of legs, the biggest effect is the industry reaction to this, clothing company began accounting for it new customers and the runway is forever changed, with style being design with tits in mind. Bra shop transformed to almost always have a inhouse seamstress, restaurant buy lower chair that are eventually Christen "women chairs". Games adapt too despite sj* push back, and many manga characters see theirs bust increased(of course there still a few dfc hold outs)
Jenny Nicholson, Lindsay Ellis and Maggie May Fish disappear from the internet overnight.

Though that makes me wish for a globalized scenario that retroactively allows any man who wants to, to be able to see what any given woman would’ve looked like in the nude in any video or picture taken in the past.

Now Jenny Nicholson will appear to be wearing nothing but a Sunday hat the next time you watch her video about Easter pageants (if you’d be into that kind of thing), meanwhile the Avengers movies become a parade of porn as every woman in those movies that you find attractive will now always be fighting Thanos in the buff, to say nothing of your own private photos of friends you’ve wanted to bang….though the one drawback is that you’ll see them nude as they would’ve looked like at the moment those images were created, so if you hate pubic hair but find out that one of your stars doesn’t like to shave, then you’re gonna have to find another celeb to start jerking it to.
As someone with a friend who had natural H cups but had them removed, I would be entirely up for this, especially if this means that every other woman is now dealing with unruly natural cannonballs hanging from their chests by Christmas.

Nothing else, though? No lactation or anything?

Which would be fine…as someone as much into the sociological ramifications and the reactions of such a wide variety of women to unwanted, unstoppable transformations to their bodies, every woman “just” ending up with tits as big as their heads would be more than fine for me.

Imagine the run on new bras and tops as 3 billion women find that literally half their wardrobe no longer fits, and even the bras and tops passed down from naturally larger-chested women to smaller end up quickly being useless to those smaller chested women…
Now that's hot. I do the live the idea if exploring entertainment in an EUF/ENF world. Jenny's clothes falling off mid take and she has to just keep going.
Im not apposed to some non pregnant women suddenly having to deal with spontaneous lactation, and lactation in general increasing in volume, but yeah I just like the social aspect, especially the idea of the generation who came to age in this world do a 180 on the feminists animosity to large breasts and claim that they are now a symbol of the new era and men who like "small" breasts are traditionalists struck on the old ways or worse, p*dophiles, some of the more radical ones calling for the "correction" of previous works of art. Af far as you normal woman, her massive breasts are just another inconvenience of being a woman like periods.

>Imagine the run on new bras
Bra stores would probably enjoy the increased in business til they realize they don't have anything that fit any one.
>I do the live the idea if exploring entertainment in an EUF/ENF world. Jenny's clothes falling off mid take and she has to just keep going.

Especially if women are compelled to keep doing whatever they would normally do regardless of the existence of this new ENF entropy, so that livestreamers keep scheduling future streams, probably furiously ashamed as they get dressed that morning knowing that whatever they put on is somehow going to fall apart/get ripped off/vanish/during that day's livestream but they're unable to steer themselves off that course of humiliation, even as the men (an other women) around them who have their best interests at heart do their best to try and keep that livestreamer from going live, but she powers through anyway like a runaway train without her mind in control of her body.

And that extends to girls like Jenny, who have every opportunity to not upload the 2-hour video that she's just edited together about her stay at the new Disney cruise ship, filled with footage of her clothing falling off in front of families during her week-stay at sea in which she felt compelled to make sure the best shots of her trembling, nude body made it into the video that she then filmed herself Donald Ducking it in a cute sailor suit top that somehow manages to keep falling apart/slipping off during her bedroom talkover segments, but the force behind the ENF entropy compels her to upload it all anyway for the public to see and save for posterity...
>Update] [Auto]
Indeed. Three seconds into an MLP video and her pants fall down revealing...Well, at least she's matching!
Sounds like Muchin's usual works.
I do wonder how film is affected...Hm...
Nah, I want it only for hot women.
I'd assume that ENF entropy would increase with the likelihood of how many people are likely to wind up watching whatever it is being filmed, with any woman in a Marvel movie pretty much guaranteed to be in a nude shambles no matter what, and even any attempt to edit out the nudity or replace those exposed asses, cunts and tits will cause the special effects computers to permanently melt down, meaning that the MCU writers just end up having to incorporate the ENF entropy itself into that universe or else none of those movies are ever going to be made again.

Future period films have a much harder time explaining why every female cast member is literally popping out of their clothing in every shot, however.
Oh, that is very fun. Period films...Eh, ya know, it's like everyone speaking in modern-ish english.
File: puazi - yellowroom.jpg (101 KB, 800x604)
101 KB
101 KB JPG

The Puazi (Incase's OC species) invade Earth, but succumb to the irresistible biology of humans. Humanity overthrow their extraterrestial conquerors, now possessing FTL technology and a race of nymphomanic, horny alien girls and fembois to cohabit.

So impressed by the role-reversal a galactic community of exotic alien overlords invite, coerse, trick and downright kidnap humans to act as biological agents (interspecies honeypots) for their nefarious ends
People are born male or female, but when a person touches a different person of an opposite gender and similar age they "compatible" with, they fuse to become a futanari with split personality. The end product is an combination of traits of both person's ideal self. Compatibility requirements are somewhat vague and seem to be personality based though they are lax enough that anyone who tries hard enough will find someone compatible with them. The dominant personality tends to be the person with the higher sex drive, though the less dominant personality is aware of everything the dominant personality experiences and can generally intervene, unless the gap in willpower is extreme. The less dominant personality tends to become more like the dominant personality as time goes on though there are cases where the dominant personality is influenced significantly by the more submissive personality. Those who fuse later in life become a futanari in peak breeding age. In rare situations, fraternal twins may fuse in the womb and become born as futanari. Interestingly they still have split personalities despite fusing before having formed individual personalities, though the differences between the two personalities is more subtle than usual. Most opt to try to merge once they have completed their education and are ready to accept adulthood though some end up merging while they are younger by accident or otherwise for reasons outside of their control. Marriage still exists but it's generally done between futanari due to one of the spouses possibly merging, and all of the legal issues that can come with that. By necessity, most marriages are polyamourous. Futanari can opt to self fertilize to give birth without a spouse. It's rare, but it's done in cases where the personalities have fallen in love with each other. There are black market medications that can force a fusion between any 2 people with opposite sexes. This has an extreme risk of driving both personalities insane.
Women are turned into different degrees of piggirl, with the amount of change being random for each woman, but with even the least-transformed women ending up with pig parts and behaviors that can’t easily be hidden.
Strength/Height for women becomes proportional to intellect. Idiots become tiny wimps, while smart girls become linebacker big.
An highly contagious pair of airborne virus and sexually-transmitted microscopic parasite, designed to increase the dwindling birth rates in 1st world countries, break out of a secret laboratory, showing no initial symptoms for weeks while it slowly modifies the body's hormones.
The virus, designed to multiply itself from the cells and mutate them at the foreskin/clitoral hood and inner labia, instead of bursting the cell open afterwards, it just transverses the cell wall instead, multiplying the host's cells and itself, and leading to the slow but exponential growth of these skin tissues. As a byproduct, the amount of smegma increases and so does the libido, which gives an ideal place for the parasite to breed.
The parasite is designed to remain dormant inside the host's genitals after infection, until the caked smegma created by the virus allows the parasite to slowly make out to the humid cheesy fסlds of skin,to lay its eggs and spread further.
The by-now mutated foreskin/hood, grown enough to completely cover the penis/clit even when hard as diamonds, gets signaled by the eggs to start releasing an organic glue to shut the foreskin up to the cock's head midway/completely shut the clit. By this point the parasite's hatch and start slowly releasing test/est and stimulating the genitals.
If liberal amounts of pre-cum/love juices enters contact with another's glued area, the glue dissolve into a gooey, smeggy mess, which means raw, unprotected sex will both alleviate the itch and control one's sexual frustrations, at the expense of infecting the partner with the parasite; as a workaround to just cure someone's phimosis, a high amount of sumata sex can temporarily alleviate each other's symptoms, as long as both are wet enough, but the contact zone still becomes prone to transmitting the STD. Some even start dping public sex, using and discarding nylon pantyhoses as if they became new condoms, only for perverts to go and get infected from jerking off with them after
>Those who fuse later in life become a futanari in peak breeding age.
>There are black market medications that can force a fusion between any 2 people with opposite sexes. This has an extreme risk of driving both personalities insane.
This is just making me imagine that two futanari use some of the latter drugs to fuse together, driving them insane to create a cult of immortality, with futanari gaining more and more personalities as they fight to remain alive and delving deeper and deeper into insanity as more and more conflicting personalities are collected together.
This is unironically a great idea.

Hell you can even just get the sexual part out and you'd end up with an interesting world where shit is just unpredictable but humanity continues on to survive. I'd make a great book!
For any particular purpose?
Thanos' snap affects clothes and destroys all the clothes of one half of the population (the female half?)
I’m always surprised the Thanos snap isn’t a macguffin used in more globalized fetish scenarios, especially with so many hot female celebs on that battlefield.
Same, DESU. Lots of potential there. Him and Wanda ("No More Clothes")
An alternate version of the end of Infinity War where the clothing on every woman in the movie gets dusted, along with any other clothing they try to replace that dusted clothing with.

Or in keeping with >>10291216, a version where every female in the MCU finds her tits suddenly swelling until they burst of of their tops, spewing hot fresh milk and falling to all fours, their screams turning into helpless moos…
Loving that first one.
Seriously, a Thanos snap of nudity sounds...Amazing...
I like the idea that not only does every woman on Earth now end up perma-nude, but every female in the *galaxy* (which is great in a galaxy where most alien women just seem to be hot human women with different-colored skin)
Social convention is that you only ever urinate in someone's mouth or over them. It is still seen as dirty and weird but people can't help themselves. In schools and workplaces, it is usual for a student or a staff member to be designated that day to be the urinal. In public people hold in their pee until they are bursting and then often just piss on the first girl they see, apologising, but knowing there is no other choice. You'll see people running over to a girl on a bench and pissing on her face because they can't keep it in.

It is convention to ejaculate in the mouth of whoever you pissed in as a sign of respect and an apology, and this normally makes it all ok.

Because it's so stressful having random strangers piss in their mouths, girls are very happy when someone asks first, and will generally lick their ass and balls clean just as a sign of mutual respect.

It is possible to get a job as a public urinal, for concerts and large shops etc.
Yukari's power in Touhou allows her to manipulate "boundaries" (for exemple making it so that day and night are one and the same), which might be fun for a globalised fetish scenario

One idea is to erase the boundary between women's formal clothes and fetish costume. From one day to the next, the things a woman wears for a job or a formal event and in the privacy of her bedroom are considered one and the same. Businesswomen might be seen entering prestigious law firms wearing a well tailored bunny uniform, only to surprise their romantic partner at home the next day with a cute office skirt, shirt and vest combo bought from a sex shop.

Since both concepts are the same, I can imagine most women being very shy at starting professional careers since the idea of wearing bedroom clothes in public does not appeal to them. The wives of prestigious public figure are forced
to sit through media appearance in high class lingerie, bdsm gear, sexy nurse uniforms and the like. Women in religious occupations such as nuns generally live cloistered lives, as they see the clothes that show their devotio as indecent to present to the public.

Youthful feminist rebels are known to wear ties in public, in defiance of laws on public obscenity outside the work place.
Here's one I came up with a while back but never did anything with cause I suck at writing.

Arousal and stimulation causes growth or transformation in women. And the stronger the arousal or stimulation the more aggressive the change. However upon orgasm the change is reverted. However if you don't climax the change becomes more and more permanent over time. Until it can't be reverted if you don't have an orgasm within 24 hours.

So, some fun ideas with it was that women could grow larger asses or tits, or gain weight as they become aroused, simple and small but it let's the person they are talking to know they are aroused and if they want to change back they need to orgasm soon. And while having sex the growth or change is more drastic but varied based on the woman.

This makes it dangerous for women to have 1 night stands as they may need to rely on their partners performance to revert back, but this also leads to a rise of people who are known as Deniers who purposefully keep the woman from orgasming to keep them in their new shape, causing women to be trapped as fat blobs, or massive titted barely able to stand thin waisted bimbos.

One of the sotries based around this I tried to work on was drunk sex behind a bar but as they fuck she begins to gain weight but as she grows he gets more and more disgusted and finds himself unable to maintain his erection and bails leaving her begging to be helped orgasm pinned to the ground by her weight until a group of men show up to see how much bigger she can get by continuing to deny her.
Interesting premise; women medically unable to orgasm would be screwed
I misread that last bit as her becoming less drunk the bigger she got (more body mass means lower alcohol concentration). That could be an interesting route
Cool concept anon
This has a lot of potential.
Family = Spouse
Pee = Cum
Makeout = Angry/Aggressive reactions
Pet play = Excitement
Prostitute = Celebrity
Orgasm = Yawn
>women can see the buildings men have built but think they're all uninhabited
>if you leave your front door unlocked, eventually a woman will wander in and start living there
>as far as women know, food just magically appears in refrigerators and pantries
>by putting different food and other gifts out, or by locking doors and flicking light switches at the right times, you can train your woman to do chores by making her think the house is mad or pleased with her
>pro woman trainers can make them cook extra portions of food for you to eat

10/10 comedy setting.
I want more.
Been working on a setting where male chastity is enforced. Fantasy setting Greek style, but whole world.
In the time before civilization gods waged war on each other. A faction of goddesses enslaved their men by putting them in chastity, which also stole power from them. But they weren't strong enough, so they retreated onto essentially Atlantis.
Gods are physical as well. You can go and talk to them. Hell, you can try and kill them. But despite this the sun deity can burn lands, the earth destroy cities and level mountains, the sea sink whole continents. They come down and make demigods quite often. Think Greek gods from the Iliad. Powerful, but mortals can still wound them or even kill them. The chastity faction thought their women the ways, which grants them magic.
Now the issue comes with the split. If they ever go to war again and one side pushes too far, there is no reason to hold back and just nuke the place. And if one side has these powerful gods (water, earth, storms, sun, plague, and death being the ones) they could just take over. I don't want that. So that's my question. What's a good reason that they don't just nuke each other?
I got a few suggestions elsewhere, but I don't like any. One I especially hate is the "gods need worship". That makes them tulpas, not gods. Hate that trope.
Women are subject to Pokemon rules. Using cheap plastic balls available for spare change at any convenience store, women can be captured and enslaved by anyone with a good enough aim and/or the element of surprise. Once captured, a woman will feel an overwhelming urge to obey whoever owns their ball, and this urge becomes increasingly difficult to resist the more aroused she is. There are also more expensive novelty balls that can instantly cause some change in a captured woman, like a Love Ball that brainwashes her into doting newlywed bride, or a Master Ball that causes her to become a masochist submissive. Captured women can be freely traded or gifted, but it is considered in bad taste to sell them and somewhat wasteful to "release" them. A captive woman is marked with a special choker and pubic tattoo combination that disables any new balls from "taking" her, meaning she cannot be stolen from her owner.

For men, this is all considered in good fun, and new industries spring up to support the new status quo. For example, there are showcases that are a mixture between a beauty pagent and a dog show, where owners show off their captured women and how they've been trained. There are also services that will store captured women digitally, so owners don't have to carry all the physical devices on their person. For their part, women are torn between trying to live independent lives despite the constant danger or getting themselves captured by someone they can trust to be a good owner. And while women can be owners themselves, as they too can be captured at any time it is not a safe arrangement long-term.
I haven’t played much Pokémon, but can Pokémon be copied?

I know they can be digitized for storage (as you mentioned), but the fact that there’s roughly only one woman for every man on Earth would make it extremely difficult for guys to build up any kind of a real collection unless they were hyper-aggressive about collecting as many unsuspecting women within, like, the first 24 hours of this happening, or are just some rich Elon Musk fuck buying up captured women without putting in the leg work to capture them himself.
The idea came to me from reading a short story where Yukari accidentally merges the concepts of mother and master/mistress : https://archiveofourown.org/works/35165647

Sadly the story didn't get much into how incredibly fucked up the world would be by the change but it was an interesting idea.

One of many corollary to this would probably be to turn every dominant man and woman in a dom/sub relationship into a MILF
Women everywhere find themselves compelled by a growing instinct for subservience and servitude to address any human male around them as “Sir” and follow any commands made of them by those men and boys.

Now, not every woman is going to automatically obey this reprogramming of their minds, but most women *do* recognize this as an unnatural adjustment to their minds that they’re having an ever hard time controlling, even in the most embarrassing and humiliating of circumstances, which is compounded a week later when every breeding-aged woman on the planet finds her clothing swapped for a custom-tailored Playboy bunny outfit that exacerbated this programming even more, making it all but impossible to ignore or refuse…
File: 1645389546273.jpg (988 KB, 3600x3000)
988 KB
988 KB JPG
In order to encourage men to populate the space colonies. Various governments offer the colonists cloned slave girls to serve the men.

Some of the clones are of celebrities, others are of models, some are even grown to resemble fictional characters or races like elves or orcs.You can even have false memories implanted. Many governments have lot's of incentives to keep your slaves pregnant.

Natural born feminist women on bitch about it, but no one pays attention to them anymore.
Nationalized fetishistic transformations
>the "Changes" began in the late 18th century, with the emergence of the first nation states
>by the mid-1800s, the very idea of multi-ethnic empires rests on rather shoddy foundations, as various nationalities develop distinct "characteristics" that makes them immediately distinguishable without uttering a single word
>because of this, nationalist movements based on historic or linguistic commonalities peter out, while at the same time, ruling dynasties around the world loose the love and respect of "their" people, as their foreigness becomes apparent for anyone with a working eye
>the old elite tries to cling onto power, but amid the scientific confusion surrounding the Changes, and the pre-existing shift away from feudalism and merchantilism, and the growing chartist, republican, nationalist and early socialist movements, aristocratic rule and the reign of kings and emperors gives way to meritocratic, technocratic, stratocratic, or outright oligarchic nationstates
>there are "commonalities" among various ethnicities (such as Slavic people gaining the attributes of bears, Germanic people that of eagles and other birds of prey, Celtic people growing to resemble fae and other mythical, folkloric beings, etc.), but even among them, one's nationality can be quite easy to distinguish
>nations that have historically intermingled with many ethnicities have a variety of "family traits" among individuals to go with a common, collective "national trait" (i.e. Americans may have Anglo "leo-capricorn" traits, Irish "leprechaun" traits, Spanish bovine traits, French "poultry" traits, or even German eagle traits, to go with their national "stout strength" trait, while Hungarians can distinguish their own mixed family lineages all the way back to the Asian steppe tribes their ancestors have mingled with, on top their national centaurid elk trait - in itself a "genetic reference" to their past as steppe-dwelling nomads)
>travelling people, like Gypsies, gain the traits of whatever country they settle in, permanently tying them to that nation
>by the turn of the 20th century, humanity's transformations have more or less finalized, and borders have solidified
>while multi-ethnic empires are a thing of the past, pan-nationalist movements are in vogue - rest assured, wars aren't a thing of the past
>but with so much focus placed on establishing new governments, rebuilding old architecture and setting up the logistics and infrastructure of a "Changed" humanity, there's little time for conflict - the surreality of the whole situation makes people less attached to their lands, and drawn more to their own kind, so border conflicts are often resolved with population exchanges and resettlements
>after all, what use there is for a house that cracks and crumbles from your footsteps, a land you can can longer till, or a church that can no longer house all the faithful?

While genetics and ethnicity determines who gets what traits, the traits themselves are based on culture, tradition, myth-history, and national characteristics, both self-described and externally applied, with national animals and personification playing a huge role, informing the most visually striking traits, while "lesser", more fetishistic traits can be more tied to regions or even locations. If you're well-versed in traits, you could easily tell where someone came from, down to the city they live in.
Interesting. Has religion changed over time? Since humans are increasingly divergent, the Christian or Muslim idea of an universal brotherhood of man might be waning. Would countries in the new world like America still develop their melting pot civic nationalism?

Are there fetishist who prefer races other than their own? Are some kinks popular in one country and taboo in another?
Shared religions are often the only things that help different regions together - the Orthodox church plays an essential role in keeping what was once the western half of the Russian Empire together. But aside from such overarching cohesive efforts, the world is pretty much descending into tribalistic nationalism, although not a militant one just yet.
As for America, well, nobody can claim superiority if everyone's a bit beastly. However, rather than falling apart, the new nation has embraced the varied nature of it's people, and is accepting more and more immigrants and refugees - though, that might be because the now thunderbird-, or wendigoified natives have been seriously repelling any attempts of a "manifest destiny", utilizing their newfound powers and home field advantage.

Thus, while the Old World is growing more and more separated, America is truly seen as the land of the free, where different people's can freely mingle - with the caveat of a mandatory military service, of course.
Come the 20th century, the United States would've integrated the remaining native tribes completely, while it's taboo-free views on ethnic mixing (as well as it's free markets) is a huge draw for many desperate (or horny) people.
Then, over the next century, the intermingling taboo would progressively disappear across the rest of the world, with only a few, isolated countries remaining staunchly chauvinistic, albeit at a far less militant way than in decades past.
Secondary or tertiary kinks are often the biggest draw for foreigners. In the case of Hungary (a country renowned for being offered to the Virgin Mary, who's icon probably replaced a pagan mother or fertility goddess as they adopted Christianity) , there's a huge attraction towards the now MILF-ified women of Russia, while Poles (now resembling angels due to their association with the winged hussars, as well as their staunch Catholicism) find themselves even more drawn to the now centaurid (and thus, rideable) Hungarians, who were already their historic allies.

Americans are a quite attractive to people who prefer more heavy-set partners, while Fish-lion English may find it easier to build a good rapport with those also associated with the sea, or with an attraction to felines (such as the Egyptians).
File: bbbb.jpg (39 KB, 474x773)
39 KB
>The modern feminists of the day get absolutely worked up over this, practically holding rallies over it to group-promote the proper behavior they want to see. Which is obescience from men, which turns into a firm and proper dominating role over women to allow for greater peace of mind.
>But never anything she doesn't immediately want and never for the mans own interest or sake, and to obey her unfailingly whenever she says. Regardless of the fact this does not scratch the itch fully.
>In effect, this only makes men more aware of the extent of these effects.
>Meanwhile, people going the Insta Thot route, try to go the other way, playing up their cute, subservient and submissive natures to try and control men around them through looks and manipulating their person.
>Only to discover that, while submissiveness and service come easy, it's incredibly hard for them to actually use this in a way to manipulate men, and where even the smallest of deeds makes the girl feel horrible.
>The older generations, again wonder what the hell is going on with the younger generations, but some suppose fewer are acting out.
>And many men quite enjoy the fact that approaching a woman is no longer like fiddling with an explosive, making hitting on them so much easier.
Very nice, I love bunny girl outfits.
The fact that women are aware that they are now more submissive but can't help it is also very nice
>address any human male around them as “Sir”
This alone is always a "muh dick" moment for me.
Girls call me Sir or Mister in a subservient tone is 10/10. Bonus points of "*name* Sir." So like: "Anon, sir." Or: "Mister Anon sir."
Women lose some ability to regulate their body temperature on their own after puberty and until menopause.

The most efficient way their bodies can maintain normal body temperature is skin to skin contact. A casual stroll on a lovely spring day would require holding hands or wearing a sundress without underwear. Too many layers overheats too easily. Fluids help transfer heat easier, resulting in a woman who is dangerously too hot or cold approaching the nearest man to make out, give a blow job, or have sex. In a cold bar, expect women to press themselves against you, frequently offering handjobs to warm themselves up.

As the skin to skin contact become vital to women, their skin retains youthfulness much longer, and aging is less noticeable.
> The fact that women are aware that they are now more submissive but can't help it is also very nice

Oh yeah, that would be half the point - even the most hardcore dykes and feminists struggling with what they obviously recognize as an outside influence on their minds altering their most fundamental thoughts and desires from the inside out, being generally powerless to stop it, especially as they begin to lose the ability to discern their own thoughts and desires from the ones being foisted upon them by this new programming.

This is exacerbated by their clothing being regularly swapped for bunnygirl pieces, to the point that these some staunch lesbians and feminists begin to forget to even try and remove these pieces and eventually find their ability to mentally fight back against these mental changes being corrupted even faster by the forced wearing of these humiliating outfits, which become less of a bother to them with every passing day…

> Girls call me Sir or Mister in a subservient tone is 10/10. Bonus points of "*name* Sir." So like: "Anon, sir." Or: "Mister Anon sir."

This applies to *any* males a woman might meet, even male pets - like the wearing of bunnygirl outfits as mentioned above, women will be completely aware of how unnatural this new instinct is and will do everything in their power to stop it, but inevitably every woman finds herself compulsively referring to any men they happen across as “Sir” until it eventually becomes something they’re no longer even fully aware of happening, at which point it even begins to affect how they interact with men (and boys, or any male-presenting person) online…
OK, I simplified this a bit, since it was getting ridiculously lore-heavy.
>rather a gradual change over the last two-and-a-half centuries, each modern nation and distinctive ethnicity gets their own "nationalized" fetish
>for Americans, it's "stout strength" - every woman becomes a BBW or SSBBW, but without any health or significant mobility issues, while every man becomes a strong fat "bear"
>Russian men literally become anthro bears, while women become perfect MILFs, with a desire to bear (pun not intended) many children
>Germans become various were-creatures (mostly canines)
>Poles grow angelic wings, and virgin pregnancies become common among their women
>every Englishman turn into perfect butlers with impeccable bodies and mannerisms, while their women become pseudo-princesses and ladies-in-waiting, with their frilly dresses hiding huge wide hips, huge asses and thick thighs
>the French either become low-cut striped shirt-wearing, chainsmoking artist wannabes, or French maids
>Spanish men turn into minotaurs
>Brazilian women all become parade dancers
>Romania becomes Vampire-country
Et cetera...
I might write up something about this universe at some point; simple premise but quite appealing!

I might see a woman leaving the house a few month after the event, only to realize she forgot her bunny ears and going back for them. After all, how can a woman be fully clothed without them?

I wonder how society and the law system would change. Perhaps married woman would have some sign indicating that they are someone's property? Men who lived before the world changed would in time die out, leaving younger generations with no idea that women once had freewill
File: NLFQvb74xoc.jpg (320 KB, 1200x1600)
320 KB
320 KB JPG
Inflation becomes a competitive sport. That's it. That's the idea.
For some reason I’m imagining Maya Hawke’s dyke character from Stranger Things suddenly finding her clothing swapped for a skintight custom-tailored bunnygirl outfit - she may be able to finally race home and swap those humiliating heels, ears, bodice, bow tie, pantyhose and slinky pink bodice for her regular street clothes, but the fact that she accidentally calls Steve “Steve, Sir” with her husky dyke voice when she finally finds him and tries to ask for help is something she *can’t* hide….
File: FX9WisYagAEe88o.png (66 KB, 242x344)
66 KB
The nastiest tentacle aliens imaginable (think Edge of Tomorrow) suddenly show up on Earth to rape every breeding aged human female on the planet while completely ignoring the male half of our species.
Good old contagious orgasm. Classic.
Assuming the female population is all turned into piggirls, what configuration of piggirl do they become?

I actually kinda like what that victim in the pic becomes in the next to last panel….still with a human torso and presumably her entire front end filled with as many duplicates of her original tits as can fit between her original pair and her poor, pink pig cunt, but now she’s stuck being permanently quadrapedual with full pig trotters from the elbows and heels down.

Maybe the last panel is what happens if a woman allows herself to be used and bred like a real sow - she loses that human figure and even some facial definition to become a 300-lbs sow with a dozen+ human tits and a semi-human face weeping from beneath her human hair (which never grows longer and remains the only easy way to tell women apart at a distance other than skin color and sheer size)…
File: 1658748562837359.png (350 KB, 928x630)
350 KB
350 KB PNG
Suddenly, and without reason, all men over the age of 30 go through a second puberty.

By the time it's done (takes about 1 year to complete) they'll become a beautiful futa and gain between 4 to 12 inches of additional height.

As for the future, all men who reach around the age of 30 (give or take a few years) will also undergo this 2nd puberty.

Similarly, women also undergo a 2nd puberty at the same age, but it only consists of their clits growing into fully functional penises.

Because of the 2nd puberty, people remain youthful looking well into their 60s, and average lifespans in the 1st world are pushed up to 110 years old.

Many people no longer marry and have kids prior to their 2nd puberty.
File: 99542338_p1.jpg (2.18 MB, 4251x6614)
2.18 MB
2.18 MB JPG
At some point in the future, humans experience puberty all at once in a single 24 hour period. While there is no major pain involved, there is violent itching. Any anti-itch medicines and artificial sedation methods are ineffective and substantial amounts of scratching can extend the process for up to a week, so during this period, many parents opt to forcibly bind their children as they suffer through the agonizing itching. Even when bound, people find ways to try to scratch themselves, though because they aren't full on scratching, the process is only extended to up to 3 days at most. The rich have access to a medicine that can guarantee a sexier body as the end result but with the side effect of even more unbearable itching, so they go even further to bind their own children during the excruciating process, even resorting to full on strait jackets and full body bondage. While many people end up fine, the experience can be enough to warp the minds of the victims especially in the case of those who took the medicine. How they cope with the trauma often varies. Some experience phantom itching and scratch impulsively long afterwards, some become as cruel and sadistic as whomever cursed humanity with the itching problem, some even resort to self-inflicted pain to try to overwrite their memory of the experience, and some develop an outright itching fetish and become addicted to methods to recreate the itching. Ironically enough, all other possible skin diseases have been wiped out, allergies no longer trigger itching, and even skin cancer has become impossible to develop, but that is faint comfort to the people that have to deal with their problem.
Whole pigs would be funny but only if every woman completely retains her human mind inside her new, completely anonymous sow body, just to heighten the horror of their humanity and identity.

If you want to go soft on women, have whichever ones survive a year as a sow turn back into humans exactly a year later.
Just the world of boku no hero but in a risqué version, where everyone have superpowers
basically the only difference is that the powers in puberty and the use of the powers ends up increasing sexual desire, as if the quirks demand to be used for sex. (we see in the series that quirks can influence personality and someone)
>>Brazilian women all become parade dancers
I really tremble with fear to imagine what Brazilians would become.
>but can Pokémon be copied?
sometimes a bug in the game allows for such things, but it's not intentional
pretty sure there was a time when one guy's character got turned into a girl when he was trying to dupe a 'mon
the idea of second puberty works with everything. i remember a manga, with this premisse.

Suddenly after a pandemic world After the pandemic, a new disease spreads, WHO is confused and the world is once again in chaos. It turns out that this new disease of unknown origin affects all infected turning them into monstergirls.
>all women lactate daily, like any other body function
>starting at puberty
>going all through their lives until menopause
>boobs and nipples also grown slightly every year a woman milks
>to accommodate this
>ladies restrooms have milking stations
>womens fashion is designed for quick and easy access to the tits.
>milk collected publicly is disposed of due to lack of QC
>but a majority of women sign up to donate milk that gets used in dairy to make a little $$$ on the side
>girls to show interest in a boy she likes will give him a bottle of her own warm milk.
>by ago 50 women on average will have J to L cup boobs with 1" wide and long nipples.

that's all I got.
> Be me, female border agent of a modern country in a marginally Earth-like world in what is technically 165,110AD
> Humanity has slowly spread to thousands of worlds but there's very little contact between them, news takes hundreds of years to get around and nobody's listening half the time
> Our stellar neighborhood has technically been at war with an ancient colony corporation for more than ten thousand years because apparently they were sold the rights to these worlds by some distant Emperor we've never heard of
> We don't see or hear from their flotilla for hundreds of years at a time--they are in some dark orbit waiting for our present civilisation to fall
> That is until healthy young girls start disappearing and returning days later with no memory of their time away
> We discover that these girls are pregnant, a few hundred now in each of the major cities of our world
> A worldwide summit to decide what to do descends into squabbling thanks to religious tensions and inept politicians. Several countries put forward their own plan to forcibly terminate all the mystery pregnancies. Genetic testing (and in some cases, dissection) reveals the fetuses to be human but it's too great a risk to let them be born
> Bizarrely all the girls want nothing more than to carry these babies to term and take care of them, not a single one wants an abortion, and they'll do anything to get to safety
> Other countries become safe harbors for these girls who flee the pro-abortion nations en masse, despite our efforts to contain them
> The births happen months ahead of schedule
> The babies are all boys
> They all look very similar, with skin lighter than any we've ever seen and strange yellow hair
> They are endlessly hungry, draining their mothers dry of milk and requiring supplements of protein and fat to their diet
> The mothers are all giddily happy and won't be separated from their boys
> The boys have teeth in a matter of weeks, start on solid food and grow quickly from there
> They are walking at three months old, three feet tall at one year, five feet tall and muscular at two, then puberty kicks in and they rocket up to nearly seven feet tall
> Our tallest men were 5'6" before, our women top out at 5'2"
> They are hung as well, all of them, with girth and length like we've never seen here
> They are clearly driven to eat and fuck, and are particularly dangerous and deviously co-operative in groups
> Many of them end up ganging up on and impregnating their own mothers in the special refugee blocks
> The girls fight them off but as soon as that cum hits their skin or fills their holes something changes and they just want to raise more babies
> One country flips on its pro-life stance and decides to just machine-gun all these New Men but many escape into the countryside, helped by their mothers and a bunch of bleeding heart types who set up an underground railroad to shuffle them about
> Girls disappear from smaller towns and villages and are never heard from again, most likely becoming mothers
> A few years later there's reports of these lumbering rape gangs in some countries numbering ten or twenty at a time
> Some of the older, smarter New Men become natural leaders within their groups, planning and directing attacks on towns
> Our men are swarmed and killed, girls of all ages are shared among the attackers
> Soon they are expectant mothers, working while pregnant to keep food supply chains functioning
> I'm glad I live in a sensible country with strong borders and won't ever have to submit to...that
> Our female president is fiercely anti-immigration and would never allow it
> It's an ongoing guerrilla war in the East as their indigenous militaries try to contain the situation, but there's no counter for their physical prowess and bravery of these New Men in battle
> A major city falls in three days. News reports show the streets running red with the blood of butchered men, women being carried out of houses and held down
> The debate now becomes about bombing the fallen towns and cities of the East, even using some of our experimental 'atom' weapons that have been built according to a forbidden ancient design
> It's close but our male-dominated congress votes to use the big bombs, damn the consequences
> The first flights leave carrying the atom weapons but the planes never return
> They've been sabotaged by some of the female workers
> Testing shows the women were somehow exposed to the hypnotic effects of New Man cum and we don't know how
> They've never been mothers
> Now we're all suspect
> The President is forced to resign, female congresswomen follow
> Women like me are removed from important jobs, anything even adjacent to the war effort or border security
> All that for a few bad apples
> The first major border incursion happens in the coastal sector I used to patrol
> I warned them that half the guys on my team shouldn't have been in the job
> I lose two teenage cousins and an aunt to the New Men; my uncle becomes protein for the horde
> That's just two towns over
> With all my experience I help organise a watch
> We have guns, oil bombs, barbed wire
> As long as they don't surround us we can hold out
> The sound of our jets from the west bombing the coast is reassuring
> When my watch is over I find I have a video message from my younger sister
> She's naked, bruised, shaking with excitement
> Two of the white brutes are in her room
> She tells me how good it feels to be filled by them like she's never been filled before
> She tells me to lay back and let it happen
> One of them pulls her away from the camera by her hips and lets out a deep laugh
> I see his huge member flash by the camera, glistening with my sister's fluids
> The other one takes her by the head and I hear her choking then laughing
> I can't watch the rest
> But I hear her describing me, my town, our defences, all while being pummelled
> Her last words on the message are "yes, please, my ass"
> I sleep with my rifle and wake to the sound of a single scream below my apartment
> There's a single New Man down there fucking a teenage street girl in a stairwell
> Her legs are limp at first but then they surround him, pinning him to her
> I take careful aim and blow the lid of his big square skull right off
> The girl holds him to her even then, moving her hips to take all that she can of the dead monster
> I cycle the bolt and aim at her but I can't bring myself to do it
> The radio is dead, the TV is just static
> The watch has fallen overnight. I decide to run
> I bundle my gun and go-bag into my car and peel out of my car park, past the weeping girl and still-erect corpse
> Pillars of smoke down the street
> There are others trying to escape the coming rape, a mother with two little babies slaps the windows of my car
> I make her show me the babies first and she understands--brown skin, dark hair, all good
> I take a back road I know that'll take us north for a while before we cut west--it's a gamble but the main road west will be a death trap
> I forgot how close it runs to the coast, up along some cliffs
> The woman cries when she sees the sea
> It's full of little fishing boats and private yachts landing wherever they can
> There's a car ferry too, and a destroyer escort further out
> We drive north and west until the distillate tank has almost run dry
> The pumps here are all dry
> The radio station comes on again with cheery music
> It's a female newsreader explaining that none of us fleeing west could possibly understand how good it feels to be taken and filled by a real man
> We should all stop fighting and become the mothers that nature intended, let our old husbands and sons fend for themselves
> There will be favourable positions for women who give themselves up first
> Women who fight will have lower status and guilt once they inevitably see the light
> I see the woman in my back seat thinking about it, so I turn off the receiver
> The car runs dry in the countryside and we have no option but to walk
> At least we can get off the road and into some cover
> The woman keeps asking where we're going, how much longer she needs to walk
> We've only been walking an hour at this point
> Her babies won't stop crying
> Finally she demands that we stop and rest on the edge of a wheat field so she can feed them
> I'd leave her but I can't leave those babies
> She takes her tits out and starts talking about what the newscaster said, how she doesn't have a husband anyway
> I ask if her babies are boys or girls
> Left tit's a boy, right tit's a girl
> I ask if she knows what happens to little boys when the New Men come
> She's silent
> I ask if she knows what happens to little girls
> She starts walking while feeding them
> We're quiet for a long time, just walking parallel to the road
> We come upon a scene
> A six-wheeled bus by the roadside, heavy laden with suitcases
> It's rocking back and forth
> We creep through the adjacent field until we see the driver, shot dead in his seat
> We hear muffled cries
> A pair of pregnant women with submachine-guns stand by the door
> I'm surprised to see their tits are huge, torpedo-like, barely contained in their eastern military fatigues
> One of them leans in and shouts "good boy! You show 'er the way!"
> We creep on until we pass a mound of men, dead and stripped
> Two New Men are taking one of the bodies apart with long knives, the quiet efficiency of hunters gutting a deer
> The gut spills out intact in its pale sack
> The woman has been clutching her twins tightly to her breasts so they wouldn't cry
> As we start to put some distance between ourselves and the horror of the bus she whispers that they've stopped sucking on her
> I ask what she means
> She repeats herself
> Night in the fields
> There's no time to bury the babies but I make a pebble cairn for them by the side of a stream while their mother watches
> Part of me wonders if this was for the best
> The smart little freshwater octopods might eventually get to them but I don't see the harm
> Better them than the New Men
> We walk on and the woman talks about sleep
> I tell her we're not sleeping until we reach the front, wherever that is
> They'll have set up a defensive line but I don't know where--I assume along the mountain range that runs up our country like a spine
> I'm also worried about quite how the fuck we approach the line as a pair of women, how we get close enough to explain ourselves
> Suddenly there's a light in the south
> I recall the instructions and tell her to get down in the dip between two hillocks
> The clouds above us are white, then red, then they shatter and disappear and reveal the stars
> A wind howls over us, carrying a ten storms worth of thunder all at once
> When the wind finally changes direction I dare to peek south through the grass
> A dome of fire cools and flattens in the sky above my home town
> The woman has the audacity to ask how many other women just died
> I remind her that they're the enemy and they want to enslave us
> She grumbles something about how they look like "some kind of community at least"
> I tell her I'm done and she can do as she wishes
> Weeping, she asks which way would take her to the coast
> I tell her she's out of her mind
> She asks if I could spare some cooking oil from my bag
> I ask why
> She says she heard it makes the first time with big ones easier
> I give her the bottle and watch her stumble off in the direction of the road
> I hear her start to sing a nursery rhyme, the volume picking up
> 'First to come was old Zim-Zum, frozen in his chair...'
> I feel the weight of my rifle hanging from my shoulder and consider the option
> I turn and start jogging west instead
> I come across a farmhouse just as my bladder threatens to void itself with or without my involvement
> It's empty, any vehicles gone
> They won't mind if I break in
> It's been turned over, cupboards open, drawers tipped out on to tables
> Evidence of a hasty retreat
> I try their TV but the power grid's out
> I find a little battery radio while rooting through their cellar but it just howls and whistles
> I help myself to a tin of white meat rings in a red gravy, cold
> I pace back and forth in their kitchen while eating, I'm afraid my calves will seize up if I sit down
> To my horror I hear movement upstairs, heavy furniture shifting
> I crouch in the kitchen with my body behind a counter and my rifle aimed at the doorway
> I'll only get one shot
> Daddy?
> It's a girl's voice from the top of the stairs
> I creep out of the kitchen with my gun aimed upwards and the girl screams
> Tall and willowy, dressed in pyjamas
> She locks herself in her room
> I explain that I'm not one of them, I'm passing through and thought the house was empty
> She tells me she has a gun on the door and I have to get the fuck out
> I agree with the plan but ask where her father is
> He's left to get distillate for the drive west
> How long ago?
> It was light out...before the thunder, before the power went out
> I tell her she needs to leave, that the New Men aren't far off
> Her daddy will be back, she insists
> I'm halfway through explaining the situation on the coast when I hear the rumble of a heavy engine and the crunch of big tires in the gravel drive
> That's him! she says, and she opens her door
> She has a light jacket and a backpack on, her hair tucked into a boy's cap
> She's smeared dark makeup on the lower half of her face so that it might look like a beard from a sufficient distance
> No gun
> She pushes past me down the stairs and runs to her front door, flinging it open
> Da--
> I see her slump. It's a bus full of people, she says
> Where's the truck?
> The girl screams and drops to the floor
> Small arms fire rakes across the doorway where she had stood
> Cease fire! A woman's voice, an eastern accent
> I hear the low laughter and voice of a New Man
> It a girl, he says, but girl have beard!
> The girl begins to scramble backwards in my direction
> I silently back away from her through the kitchen, checking that my rifle has a round in the chamber
> Shapes in the doorway, silhouettes in the lights of the bus
> It's a crowd of women, bruised and half stripped and deliriously happy
> The ringleaders keep to the back, laughing
> The girl tries to get to her feet but they have her under the arms
> Bigger shapes push through the crowd, wide and thickly-muscled white torsos towering above the women
> The girl cries for help and stretches an arm in my direction
> Check the back, says one of the ringleaders
> I make a break for the back door and I'm out into the air
> I hear pairs of light feet behind me as I cross the gravel towards the tree-line
> I turn and take a shot; it finds a stocky older woman in the hip and she falls screaming
> A woman's voice shouts "back to this one!" and the women fall back, dragging their comrade
> Bullets splash into the foliage around me as I dive into the trees
> I want to pop one of the bitches with guns but they have the advantage of cover and I can't risk stopping to take my shot
> I hear the group shout "strip her, strip her!" while one of the New Men cheers
> I circle around the tree line hoping to find a clean shot before it's too late
> the pregnant women stand guard at the front and back doors
> A glimpse of the girl's leg kicking with her underwear around her ankle tells me it's all for nothing
> There's a terrible scream
> The kicking slows as her toes curl, then the movement of her foot becomes sinuous, luxuriating
> I decide to take a shot after all, taking out the front right tire of the bus
There are two powers that everyone has one of, but one gender gets the first and the other gender gets the second. You must choose which gender gets what.

First power: Control of other people's bodies

Second power: Control of what other people sense (touch, taste, sight, smell, e.t.c)
A long time ago, women became obsessed with men who were "growers" in terms of erections. The more extreme a growth, the more desirable a man became to a woman. Top males were those who usually had tiny penises soft, but monster cocks when hard. After this phenomenon caught on worldwide thanks to trade, we arrive in the modern world...

All men now have fully retractable genitals. When a guy isn't hard, everything pulls inside of him, and in most cases forms a pseudo pussy. Additionally, when a man isn't hard, his body will take on a more androgynous appearance, with some even having chest swelling to produce temporary small breasts and/or hips that widen during retraction (features that has become increasingly common due to further changes in women's tastes). Also, outside of facial hair, men's hair (head and body) now has the same profile as a woman's.

However, when a man becomes hard, he becomes the paragon of manliness; all androgynous and feminine features disappear. Average global erection length is now 10", with some men reaching an impressive 18". World record holder is contested currently, but there are a few who claim a length over 24". In addition to this, erectile disfunction no longer exists (unless you have a heart condition), and penises have gained a limited ability to be prehensile. Semen volume has also tripled, with balls swelling to twice their size during erections. Finally, erections normally last 1 hour with no refractory period, but some have managed erections past 4 hours.

One last difference between hard and soft is a man's voice. When soft and retracted, a man's voice is light and feminine, with many being indistinguishable from a woman. When a man gets hard, his voice drops into a heavy masculine bass. Because of this, many women take up teasing guys with deepening voices as it's usually the first clear indication that a man is becoming aroused before the bodily changes kick in and the penis begins to fully unretract.
File: E1sb-fCXsAMtKRx.jpg (168 KB, 1778x1742)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
Not sure what’s happening here.
>In the year 2030 a mad man had finally done the impossible and create a reality warping device
>anything can happen with this device, no law of physics would get in the way, no constraint of biology would make a difference, and no past history or current government would be able to stop this mad scientist
>but he cared little for all of that since he just made the device so that women would always be sitting on some sort of balloon
>it does not matter if there wasn't a balloon there to begin with or where the woman is, when she starts sitting down there will be a balloon there
>only difference between the balloons is if the woman sit down with the intent to use the bathroom the object will become a toliet shaped balloon while sitting down
>another strange quirck is the moment the woman is no longer sitting the object will return to its former state as if nothing happened to it
>so far nobody has been able to get any comment from this scientist on why he went through such measures and introduced such a dangerous device for a mundane fetish
A few plants started appearing in dense forest around the world. No one knew how they came to be or how they spread out this far. They have a unique form, where it's stem and fruit taking a humanoid female form.

Not a month after, someone decided to stick a dick in it, only then it got worse. These plants started getting "pregnant" and out came a fully developed adult woman, they are nearly indistinguishable from a human woman. These plant women are often sexually active and always in need of partner as it appears that they feed on semen. They also seem to have an intelligencs equal to the father that gave them life.

Now there's a spike in gardening as a hobby especially with the single men.
An odd quirk during intercourse only got discovered.

It appears if the man hits a certain spot in their partner's innards, their consciousness transfers to the woman and they could control their body. The woman would remain unconscious during that time also experiencing a prolonged euphoria during that same time. Meanwhile, the male's body grows limp but still relatively alive.

They are still able to control her body just until they remove themselves off them appendage and everything would reset.

So there's now a cause of concern regarding being hardcore in the intercourse as the rhythm would cut off midsex as he accidentally struck that spot. Although, there were weird kinky sex games with multiple partners.
the fetish is just so bizzare that you can't help but write shit for it even if you hate it
Women wake up tomorrow with animal ears and tails, with new instincts and behaviors related to that animal species programmed into their brains that they have to struggle to control or else they’ll be even more humiliated…
Do these plant women reproduce themselves? Or can only their mother plant bear more children?
Don't die before we know
The woman plant could reproduce an offspring but often a plant seed or a woman plant baby. Results often vary and most cases, these babies don't live long.

Most of the heavy lifting seemed to be the mother plant.
In a stranger set of circumstances, women aren't able to bear the offspring of their male counterparts. No one knew why or how and panic soon ensued as everyone feared the worse out of this scenario.

Near a month later, some horny whore went and decided to get railed by a dolphin then lo and behold she got pregnant. People started getting more confused upon the delivery, it was a baby dolphin and a female human.

More cases came out with similar results but different animals. One such case was more of a rape as the owner's cat got a whiff of their scent and practically screwed them over in their sleep. While the other is more actually got to do with illegal porno. They were being deep penetrated by a horse.

Soon people caught on to the trend, seeing that women aren't able to conceive a human offspring but are able to conceive to a random animal.

The hunt continues for a woman who could be able to conceive a human male..
Each woman is altered so she can only be bred with a single new random animal species, right? Women can’t just be bred with any animal aside from a man?
Everyone has their physique, iq and emotional stability reduced to that of children, and wild animals everywhere become sexually aggressive and start forcing themselves upon humans, interbreeding and creating furries. Humanity slowly becomes more animalistic, the runts are ripped apart and eaten by their friends and shit and piss are used by the animals to humiliate dominated humans. Eventually, the world is an animalistic orgy of sex, scat and violence, this state persists for some 600 years until a passing alien ship finds earth and glasses it in disgust.

Well, you asked for it.
Me, I’d make it so that any woman can get knocked up by anything BUT a human male.
Overall, it's a woman's choice whether or not continue humanity's legacy of man and woman or embrace their animal side and get knocked up by an animal.

Eventually there would be so little males living and so many women born off animal sperm.. And so much of these women brag about their litter of puppies, ending up as literal dog breeders. It'd be real funny if some pasty white bitch decides to be a bitch to a pitbull and be a literal pitmommy.
Could be one way or another:
>Vast number of women differ in what they can breed so they may only be able to birth a single animal specie

>Most can birth any animal but man, very few can also include man
A young lady had angered an enigmatic god and it plans to drag an entire planet she lives upon to bring forth revenge.

She was pulled off the planet and had flown up to the atmosphere, given enough protection to make her live during her ascent then the planet was put to an ethereal halt, time had stopped.

She grew in size nearly dwarfing the planet, her skin now growing coarse and moss like until it matched the planet's roughness. All of everything that lived in the planet is then transferred to her and then it's very fundamental that makes it a planet.

She was then forced to replace planet in its spot, now a living planet.
The humiliation of every woman on the planet finding out that she could become a human beehive or at least partially-gestate a blue whale calf if she wanted to would be amazing, though the variant where every woman becomes capable of *only* being bred with a single, random animal species would be fun to see if just to see if scientists in 2022 can figure out a what to determine what any given woman can now be bred with, and what that test would even be like.
I like animal pregnancy scenarios because they have a lot more variety than the average stuff that gets posted here. One of my favorite starting points is "You have to birth an animal in order to unlock the ability to have normal human children."

>Women who choose the smallest, quickest thing to get it over and done with
>Picking animals with the belief that your human children will inherit the traits of those animals
>Birthing litters of puppies because they're easier to train as guide dogs
>Birthing a large mammal because your milkers will grow to feed them
>Artificial insemination vs doing to raw
>A friend of mine just went through a mountain of money and a dozen of tries at artificial insemination before she finally got knocked up
>Read “One of my favorite starting points is "You have to birth an animal in order to unlock the ability to have normal human children."
>whyboner.gif at the thought of this friend forced to seriously debate whether or not to engage in an animal pregnancy before she even started the artificial insemination attempts to have her human baby
Would be nice if these are either subtle abilities or something that's amazing but quite a novelty.

If there's still a small populace that's still able to birth a human male then there's a bit of basis for a human breeding community where women often look into trends and discoveries.

>Cat fathers often offer cuter offsprings and make good hunters and heightened senses.

>Rabbit fathers offers offsprings who make good partners in the future.

>Otter fathers offers good swimmers.
Would be hot if the humans decides to put research laboratories on their genitals or in their head. The loud echoing moans going off as these scientists jam a rod down their giant clam or their mental workings are being meddled with electric shocks esp in the area that handles pleasure.
I’d also imagine that women would worry that they’ve already been partially turned into whatever animal species it is that they’re capable of being bred with, even if the doctors tell them that’s not how it works, or worry about the potential for an animal pregnancy to permanently transform them even more….
File: 1653971248987.jpg (87 KB, 708x1000)
87 KB
>humankind suddenly gets shonen battle anime powers and monsters are roaming the countryside akin to those system apocalypse stories
>humans now have no upper limit on how strong they can get as long as they put the time into training. the upper tiers can punch mountains into rubble and be barely winded
>the first generation of those who train with their new powers find themselves slowly becoming sexier and more to their ideal beauty types
>later generations are more varied, multi-colored hair becomes normal as well as typical anime body types. from cow titted bimbos to the tiny lolis and even some monster girls for good measure
now on to the actual sexy stuff
>women start to outnumber men at least 3-to1 with harems quickly becoming the norm >warriors become increasingly horny and lustful as they grow stronger often requiring multiple sex sessions and partners to become satisfied. hentai biology is also a thing with massive multiple cumshots and giant dicks fitting snuggly in even the tiniest of lolis, for example. harems are often manged by mind-breaking the women into cum hungry baby breeders
>power is outright an aphrodisiac, the more powerful you are, the more of the opposite sex you attract and the more submissive they become
>due to the threat of monsters powerful men are encouraged to take and impregnate as many women as possible to spread their genes
>pic is a newbie warrior being pampered by the first members of his harem
It has to be something subtle that can be dismissed as superstition, otherwise the whole tone changes entirely

>Schools will only admit children whose older siblings are certain animals.
>Companies will only hire workers whose older siblings are certain animals
>Know you're condemning your children to a life of poverty and discrimination because you couldn't afford to birth an elephant
I like this, but happening suddenly so that people are caught off guard. Men are still attracted to women normally but animals become increasingly rapey and possessive of human women, with wild animals going far from their usual environment in search of women to mate and add to their pack. Rarely animals incapable of living outside their areas would gain resistances to attempt to go to places humans go, like an anglerfish reaching shallow waters. For non mammal animals theres a chance the breeding will force a woman to lay eggs or gestate like a female of the species she was mated with would.
File: 2ShAZx4.jpg (376 KB, 1050x788)
376 KB
376 KB JPG
Oh yeah, I was imaging that women are altered to only be breedable with animals in an instant, but without any fanfare or anyone even realizing such a change has been made (especially on such a large scale) until people begin to realize that human conception has literally stopped overnight and/or the first reports of women getting knocked up by animals they fuck start rolling in.

And funny, I was going to suggest that people figuring out that human pregnancies have suddenly stopped happening would obviously happen LONG before enough women end up accidentally breeding themselves with animals for that to coincide with the discovery that human conception has mysteriously stopped, but with animals everywhere now trying to rape women left and right (the footage from circuses and zoos the day the change is made would be incredible), to say nothing of the poor women unfortunate to go hiking or swimming in the wild before the public at large begins to figure out what has happened to both women *and* animals...
That would be something to see. The sheer chaos in zoos and farms with the amount of dry humping and sudden grabs. Once innocent looks now completely overtaken by breeding instincts, no more grooming a horse stud, dogs and cat grouping up on certain houses with fertile women, shower attempts being a nightmare with birds around. The real problem would be the unchecked rise of animals with human abilities, fruit of matings with women and the other side of the coin, being more capable of taking women to their packs.
Would see some women inevitably accept their fate as animal fuck bags.

Inevitably making the owner-pet relationship into more sex partners. There'd be a community more into being selective of their partners.
I’m torn between women reacting exactly as they naturally would in realize if they suddenly found out that they had this fundamentally-violating change to their bodies done to them by an unknown mysterious force AND the news that animal are uprising to plant their seed in as many human females as possible…..or altering the deal a bit more by having women’s menstrual cycles swapped with the estrus cycle of a lower animal, making it even easier for animals to hunt down women and perhaps robbing women if their sentience and free will for 2-3 days out of every month, making it even more likely that any given woman is doomed to eventually end up knocked up with writhing animal spawn
These changes shouldn't happen with the generation 0, but starting with the generation of women that came from animal seed, it's fair game.
Why not have women switch up between savages and rational minded by will. Animals just do as they please, picking out their women while reaction of women varies from locking themselves during breeding seasons to outright letting it happen and accept that they're getting railed by some random parrot or raccoon.

The dynamic would go where animals do as they instinctually do whild Women aid them, help bathe, feed, while being a loving wife to them.
Their "sentience" and "free-will" could go as sanity and inclination to savagery. If they chose to submit to the animal dick then they could lose their humanity and inevitably become animal like which becomes easier now that intercourse has its influences.

The case is worse of later generations.
Nah, see, I like the existential dread of humanity being wiped out due to one tiny change in women’s biology - unless scientists can figure out something, there *aren’t* going to be any more generations of people because all women are good for now is being bred with animals, and produce nothing but all animal offspring of either gender, the males of which quickly mature and will try to impregnate their own mothers if they can be hunted down (or if their mothers slip into heat and allow it to happen).

Within a year, there isn’t a breeding-aged woman alive on the planet who hasn’t become a bestial broodmare and the planet is now overrun with animals just just want to keep the cycle going…
An event went and occurred where women's skin suddenly become plastic-like. They're elastic, stretches to a point, and feels like plastic from what some few men call sex dolls. When it comes to pain, they don't feel much just until the skin is either pulled too far or twisted to much, the threshold varies on each women.

Very much soon these women find themselves too light to a point someone could just blow hard enough to send them a few meters off.
Another set of odd anomalies occurred when the sex dolls people spoke off started gaining a bit of weight. No one batted an eye just yet.

Offsprings soon followed the trend of plastic skin, especially on women. Fertility continues on normally but there seemed to be an issue as they were growing more stiff by the coming months.

By the next month, they're semi-inanimate. Women's skin now resembling that of a sex toy and are now stuck in rather suggestive positions. This effect doesn't quite seem to be present in anyone 20 below.

Sex dolls, in the other hand, had quite the changes.. They grew more realistic by the coming weeks, progress in biomechanics oddly boosted. Progressing to a point they were human like, back to when women were they were.

Women had completely gone stiff but still remained semi-organic while Sex dolls went and fulfilled their roles.
So women really just become living blow up doll versions of themselves that are even lighter and less substantial than a real blow up doll, but somehow tough/elastic enough with their new weighs-just-a-few-ounces bodies to keep from popping when abused so much?
Good news bro
They are nearly indistructable.

What's inside isn't quite concrete but it appears by injecting a syringe and suction machine, they could be deflated.

Applies with they're filled with water, Helium, Sulfur Hexaflouride, anything as it seems that they're immune nearly everything except a few obvious ones.

Being deflated isn't death though, they somehow still be able to breath even that compressed but still quite needed some area to breath. So there's a need to poke a hole in the pringles can if you plan to turn your gf into an onahole.
Love the idea of a librarian in Nebraska slowly turning into an inanimate sex doll version of herself, all while a sex doll still in its packaging and just sitting on a stockroom shelf in Bangladesh slowly erupts from its packaging and becomes a slightly horrifying replacement in the world for that librarian, to the point that she’s begging and pleading for help to get back “home” to Nebraska, all while the original librarian finds herself having finally, permanently gone immobile while driving to work and crashes into a cornfield.
Turns out one of gadget's fanboys was a mad scientist and boy was he mad about the movie shipping her with that fly. So mad that he developed a reality altering machine to exact revenge on that movie's creators. The plan was to displace the directors into the movie itself and force them to fuck zipper and produce offsprings while every other cinema screen played it out without interruption, but in a fit of arthritis and a cold he accidentaly fucks up the configs irreversibly.
What happens instead is that the one sent into the cartoon is a random movie actress, very confused. Everyone watches her get raped and impregnated by a cartoon fly on screen, followed by a quick timelapse scene of her belly inflating while she acts confused, scared and in pain in real time. She ends up birthing abominations, half-human half cartoon grubs, lots, lots of them. After all of the grubs comes out zipper pins her down once more.
An even bigger problem surfaces when ripples from the reality machine continues sending more actresses into random movies and forcing a creature to breed with them with the entire population watching the deed, with no idea on how to stop this.
Something generic:

In an unexpected change of events, Human genetalia got switched around. Women now had an external sex organ and men and internal organ.

Everything remained relatively intact as though women naturally had dicks even as deep as hormones.

First few months starts with a bit of panic in the masses as the gender roles were shifted so drastically. Women's confidence started getting boosted as the very fact that they got into the whole gist of owning a meat rod while men were in their panicked and depressed state. Most of them were quite upset but the very few rather got into the change quite quick..
In the following months, women got comfortable around the idea of being sexually dominant but the very notion of being railed stuck around so a good bunch turned to lesbianism as all they knew their whole life was get attracted to the sex that they now own.

Same thing went about with men, but they showed more sense of brotherhood..
More scenarios:
>Any intelligence learned is stored in the mammaries for the women, balls for the men.

>Women older than 18 can trade ages with each other but both would have to consent.

>Random growth would occur to a very percentage of humans. Most of the the times they would be on odd places: such as lips on the nipples, dick above their existing genital, vagina under their soles.

>Technological progress allows for compressing to smaller sizes but due to how far it progressed, nearly all of humanity shrunk as far as 1 inches. Houses were now treated as microcities.
>Many everyday inanimate objects started turning into eerily human-like objects, they also happen to move but limited to their design

>Conjoined Twins are as common as regular twins but only seemed to centered on the female sex.

>USB ports appears on the side of everyone's head and downloading someone's thoughts is as quick as plugging the computer

>Medical science progressed to a point someone could be unborn by planting an artificial placenta and umbilical cord inside the host and attaching the other end to the patient. This apparently removes irregularities in the body.
Pretty late response but why don't you treat it as a cold war like scenario? Both sides hate eachother, but won't directly engage in a way that threatens the gods or their most important territories, since that means mutual obliteration. Even if the gods could manage to survive it would mean that the civilizations they created and societies they molded over the last centuries if not millenia will be annihilated. They might not need or even care about their mortal subjects, but they don't want to see their hard work ruined and their own lives put at risk, so nobody among the gods really wants to go as far going to all out war.

You can still have proxy wars, border skirmishes, political intrigue and espionage on both sides, but nobody goes as far as to provoke a high level divine intervention.
this is the real world though
A world where female emotional control is inhibited in an odd way. Specifically, emotions of fear, surprise, anxiety, worry, ETC result in the girl who feels them mentally regressing temporarily. If you so much as pop a balloon around a girl in this world, she'll immediately wet herself, and if you, say, take your date to a horror movie, she'll come out toddling in a thick diaper, lisping around her thumb about how "it wasn't that scwary", begging you to help her cross the street, and wanting to cuddle something soft. Don't worry, she'll be back to normal in a few hours...Unless something else scares her, in which case, well, it might be a while. Some more-scaredy-cat girls basically wear pull-ups, if not full diapers, all the time.
Human beings can no longer orgasm without a minimal touch-telepathy connection to a gender-compatible partner. This makes it impossible to manage horniness and arousal by masturbation. Additionally, the decay rate of arousal due to time or distraction is much slower. Due to a series of crimes and accidents caused by excessive horniness, horny people are now considered a major societal problem.

All people have a government implant that continually monitors your level of horny. When it exceeds a certain amount, you are required to promptly report to Horny Jail. Horny Jail facilities, found every few blocks in all cities, consist of an automated building with several transparent cells. Each cell has a sally port entrance, allowing a second person to enter with out freeing the first. If you're lucky, you will find one or more compatible occupants. If not you will enter an empty cell and wait for a partner. Some people manage to calm themselves with time, are are released. With no distractions, most masturbate themselves into a frenzy. Potential partners will be allowed to enter your cell if they are gender and orientation compatible. The two of you will be required to fuck until both of your implants judge you satiated. This can take several hours if the first arrival had a long wait.

Each Horny Jail cell has facilities for sanitation and nutrition, so you can survive there indefinitely
>Day 1
Animals are attacking people for seemingly no reason. Internet gets swamped with "funny" animal videos.
>Day 5
Reports of getting attacked continues. Degenerates have a field trip.
>Day 7
Mass reports of failed pregnancy attempts amidst the confusion.
>Day 18
Wild animals reported dangerously near large settlements. Celebrities being recorded getting attacked by animals pops up everywhere. Underground circles bets on which animal is going to score which celeb.
>Day 30
The truth can't be hidden anymore. Reports of pregnancy after attacks explodes. Army is issued to control animal population. Abortion rates skyrockets.
>Day 60
One celebrity gets filmed getting succesfully raped by a large animal. Huge scandal.
>Day 80
Terrorist groups using animals to assault Key female figures. Animal sperm handling strictly prohibited.
>Day 90
A black market dealing with animal trafficking and human trafficking gets shut down.
>Day 120
Animal produce industry shows signs of critical problems.
Female only ecoterrorists and ecofriendly cells trying to take advantage of the problem massively backfires. Lots reported missing.
>Day 170
Women birthing animals on the rise. Still no human pregnancy on sight.
>Day 260
Large animals rampant in the streets. Women issued to live in sterile fortified bunkers when available. World economy in shambles.
Some species are going to realise that going on a rampage is a good way to get killed and try a different approach

>Birds overwintering in Africa spend most of their time pecking around in mines
>When they migrate back north, they present gemstones to human women as nuptial gifts
>Greedy targets easily bribed
>Increased supply collapses market
>Thots left with nothing to show for it but a womb full of eggs
Going forward people between approximately the ages 18 and 23 would undergo a sort of second puberty: they would develop into fully functional hermaphrodites. The majority of people will have this hermaphrodation occur at the later end of the range, 20 to 22, with only about 5% having it occur before 19.

For males this would take the form of developing breasts, loss of chest hair above the bottom of the rib cage, a slight widening of the pelvis and obviously the growth of a second reproductive system, a female one. This process generally takes six months, though breast development may continue sporadically well into one’s 20s.

For females, the main physical changes would be mainly limited to simply developing their male reproductive system, with few or no other visible changes. Development of the male reproductive system generally takes only three to four months for females.

To be clear, everyone has a complete set of both between their legs, including clits.

These however are only the most common outcomes, and the tail of possibilities is long. For instance, it is entirely possible for example for a male to end up with an entirely feminine appearance by the end of this second major sexual development period. Or the opposite for some one born female, or anything in between. A person’s desires can have an influence on this, so for example a closeted trans woman is more likely to end up with a feminine appearance than a man. These outliers may take a year or more to fully change into their new appearance. Though the majority of people do follow the rules above. It's also possible that a guy might end up with boobs bigger than the female members of his family because part of him likes that idea.

The last thing that changes is sexual preferences, those attracted to men gain an interest in breasts on men. Everyone gains new urges and reflexes related to their new parts, and mostly gains an interest in the parts they were formally uninterested in. These are again generalizations, other outcomes are possible, rarely some may find their orientation changing, some may become bi, others may go from straight to gay, or the opposite, such cases would be rare.

Everyone ends up with a dual libido, that is, it is possible to be aroused with only one’s male parts, or only one’s female parts. In fact for most people at some point their body will “lock in” to one or the other, releasing a pheromone signal that will cause their partner to “lock in” to the opposite. Once someone locks into female “mode”, their male parts would pull almost entirely into their body to get them out of the way, much the same way they sometimes do in the extreme cold. Some people might find that one side of their libido has different ideas of what's fun. For example a guy might find that his new female half is quite submissive, where originally, or in male mode he's not into that at all.

Everyone in the world will be altered as if this had always been the case, so those over 22 would all rapidly change into the hermaphroditic version of themselves, and those between 18 and 23 would land at some level of development of their new characteristics.

The actual change happens to everyone everywhere at once, they get a warning in their head about half a hour before it happens with the explanation of what's coming, pretty much all the info above, basically to prevent accidents while driving or something like that.

To be clear, the "As if this had always been the case" change only applies to people's bodies, their clothes don't change, everyone remembers the world as it was, there's no re-ordering of society.

Well there might be social changes, but that'd be up to people to figure out on their own.
The works contained herein are of an artistic nature, any likeness to any person living or deceased is pure coincidence
File: FU4B1GtWIAAfea8.jpg (90 KB, 1080x1446)
90 KB
Okay, this is the closest thread I can talk about this cuz I didn't want to make one for this subject because I dunno if it's weird or not here.

Does anyone have a fetish for seeing cute good girls have normal sex with someone? Like not super kinky but they obviously enjoy it a lot but aren't really sluts or skanks?
I have a strong fetish for shy girls who start off shy and reluctant, get pressured into sex, get a taste of pleasure, and find out that they enjoy it immensely. Debauchery and promiscuity are optional additions, but I don't really like the appearance and mental changes that come with bimbofication, or taking it really far like Emergence does. I prefer it to be more of a change in opinion after getting the good dick.
Yeah, I have a thing for all flavors of that, what I posted above is like level 1 on the spectrum of this kinda thing. I like it all but lately I have a thing for level 1 stuff.
Time to browse the vanilla tag, friend. Good luck and good hunting.
Literally a utopia
It's decently written but it's also blatant race fetishism and I don't know how to feel about it.
>All people have a government implant that continually monitors your level of horny.
>Sir you have been over your proscribed level of horny, here is your fine
So weird i've come to the point where vanilla is kinky for me. I'm developing a fetish for purity and romance.
>prolapse into their partners wombs
well I will give it credit for having the most unique take on lesbo impregnation I have seen
>Jew mods selectively deleting posts for "western art" and not because the race change made everyone white

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