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"As a God, would you let yourself be summoned" edition

A thread for the fetishization of power... any depiction of the use or display of extreme power, such as possession, transformation, giantess growth, super strength / muscular bodies, soul vore, godhood / ascension, physical dominance, widespread destruction and others, are all welcome.

Previous thread: >>10213707

RIP story links:
Where on Earth would you like to establish your main temple and home?
File: Ascend.png (1.16 MB, 1080x1080)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG
>Main temple
South pole, gonna work hard to worship me
The Moon feels like a comfy place to me
What happened to the site?
We're not quite sure. We're still hoping for Powerpuppet to maybe swing by these threads with an update.
Some of the stories can still be seen through the WayBackMachine.
there's an effort to collect and archive many of the stories from the site in the omni discord. If you're looking for stories check there if they're not on the wayback machine.
but what if (You) are the only one with power, and you just don't abuse this?
File: FVaMu9eWIAYQVdf.jpg (573 KB, 3300x2550)
573 KB
573 KB JPG
If I were god I would still live my everyday normal life here on earth, and what I'd do is create an afterlife for everyone

I'd make it so anyone in heaven can look down and observe anyone on earth they want, me included. Everyone who's died would able to see my thoughts, memories, desires, and motives. If people up there don't like what I like, that's cool too, and they can go on living in whatever their versions of eternal paradise may be

But over the course of forever, there would also be countless people who's idea of eternal paradise is being *my* plaything specifically. I'd have myself a harem of men and women who genuinely like it when I do things like transform, mind control, and shrink them to whatever tiny size I feel like at the time. Some days when I'm in more of a horny mood they might get used as porn, and other days I'd do things like pluck up a woman who shares my hobbies and interests, and sit her down on my shoulder to chat about anything and everything with

I'd get to indulge my fetishes and meet a lot of cool people who complement my personality perfectly, and the world would be a better place as gradually over time (without revealing myself as God to people on earth, and at the counsel of people in heaven who know better than I do), life on earth becomes more of a utopia
Any good hentai or doujins for this fetish?

Besides the Rifujin shoujo series
File: file.png (350 KB, 4122x905)
350 KB
350 KB PNG
fuck it, i'm revamping the system as a whole
I'd probably end up being one of those people who'd enjoy life as your plaything, but tell me more about life on an everyday basis in such a scenario, what's the "world" like around us? Is it life as normal in a normal town except for when you're feeling horny? Do you keep us shrunk in a snow globe, or give us free roam of the house? What is life when we're not actively being toyed with?
What sort of time travel fun would you get into after you've ascended? Would your younger mortal self get a visit from you?
Had this one idea for a story a while now
>Get cool omnipotent powers
>Turn into a girl that ticks all my boxes
>go somewhere around 3 years prior
>Crashland in my own backyard and start off a hot magical freeloader setting cause I love that kinda shit
>Spend that time having fun and bettering this alternate version of myself in terms of drive and sociability
>Leave on a good note, probably with some kind of gift that'll help in the long run
>Watch the rest of the timeline as an outsider and see how this new me does, alongside the several other timelines where I've isekai'd myself into different worlds and properties.
>Main Temple
tbo I'm not the biggest fan of worship. I'd let the world know I'm god, and have something like a church in each city for people that feel inclined to worship, but I'd really emphasize that I'm just a dude who got lucky. Attending my churches on sunday would be more like a social event where you can meet people and have fun, rather than spending 2-3 hours praising me and reading ancient text. I wouldn't stop people from worshipping me in spite of that though, and I'd be curious what kind of people would worship me knowing that I'm just a random dude that became god by luck
I'd spawn a nice island paradise in the middle of the pacific ocean for myself, and friends that I make over the years who fantasize about being tiny, and wouldn't mind being shrunken and toyed with by me. I'd let them return to their normal lives if they want, but I'd have a bunch of inch-tall people in togas there that live in a tiny paradise village in a room of my home. I'd care for them, but use them as my playthings a lot without feeling guilty because that's what they want, and they love it of their own free will
Would you ever visit your temples and churches and the people in them personally? How would you handle people going overboard with the worship of you, forming cults or even trying to wage holy wars or make sacrifices in your name?
File: 65629292_p1_.jpg (217 KB, 1057x1500)
217 KB
217 KB JPG
My omnipotent fantasy is probably more "evil" the most but i wish i would be a God of massive "bad end" dungeon. Said dungeon would serve both as home and a temple and challenging it for a chance of audience with me and having your wish granted would be the main form of indirect worship.
Of course it would be intended for majority of challengers to stay there forever and as such the temple itself would be gargantuan labirynth of shifting floors, each based on different kink/fetish. Oh did i mention that only female adventurers are allowed to enter?
File: 56501118_p1.png (728 KB, 1120x600)
728 KB
728 KB PNG
Of course while being a bastard i would never cheat. As such dungeon can be conquered and even in its sinister nature is "fair". Everyone who entered can always back off and using any staircase that goes up will allow them to leave it. That way many adventurers can leave from earlier floors with some spoils spreading rumors about dungeon bringing more "worshippers".
As the dungeon itself goes, all transitions betwen floors would be randomised which means that every group would always have different route. Orc level? Petrification level? Plant based level? Those and many more await unfortunate victims.
The dangers would be plenty and dungeon keeper would always keep their eyes on challengers even sometimes helping them out. In the end a game that cannot be won by both sides isn't much of game, and sometimes helping goofy halfling can go a long way when she comes out victorious and brings so many more sacrifices.
Of course defeat would be the main goal, and regardless of if they become a seedbed, statue, get eaten by a mimic or transform themself into another monster roaming the corridors all the souls of defeated will eventually find their way to me, displayed in onahole like soul gems in my throne room at the very bottom of the dungeon where i await those who are worthy.
File: 91820715_p0.jpg (736 KB, 1432x1013)
736 KB
736 KB JPG
I've actually cooked up a similar scenario where a horrific interdimensional being masquerades as a goddess of beauty and instructs mortal worshipers to build a tremendous temple complex underground. The whole place would be laden with traps meant to test the willpower of those that brave the depths; failing to control yourself leads to bad end scenarios like being mummified in latex, getting edged to the point of insanity and then petrified, being absorbed and turned into a slime, etc. Of course any mention of treasures or glory found there are just a front to lure in more adventurers, with the goal of using them to generate enough raw emotion to birth the god into our universe.
File: 21738384_p0.png (48 KB, 1120x600)
48 KB
>Of course any mention of treasures or glory found there are just a front to lure in more adventurers, with the goal of using them to generate enough raw emotion to birth the god into our universe.

Thats the part that im not big fan of.
I vastly prefer where it feels like the game, and even if you as a god have huge adventage, mortal can still win.
In general bashing mortals with full power feels very boring, i vastly prefer more subtle approach. Rather than just petrifying next 100 adventurers because i have a whim, letting them face challenges on their own terms and seeing the results is much, much more fun.
When you have a giant hallway filled with doors of defeated and you know that they all have their story. They all made mistake, but they all could win. That one slipped, that one misinterpreted the rune, this one got too curious for her good. All are imprisoned in cold stone, but they all chose their own fate.
This form of game is what really turns me on.
File: 1652752557145.jpg (323 KB, 800x800)
323 KB
323 KB JPG
I understand why, and if I were a god I would definitely make something like that fair as well since there's no point in always winning all the time. But then again I also enjoy hopeless bad ends so it's a toss-up.
File: 073.jpg (167 KB, 699x933)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
In my opinion hopelessness is something that needs to build up over time or even better come in a single unexpected burst.
Having a situation where your dungeon/temple is a sacrificial pit with "abandon all hope ye who enter here" on the enterance is nice, but it makes all the victims feel the same.

In a way i think that most fascinating aspect of omnipotence is how it contrasts one thing mortals have - free will.
Take this scenario for example. 6 member party, they are doing pretty well, until one of them get petrified. They watch in terror as her clothes crumble exposing her naked stone form, and just like that Elisabeth of red blade became just another statue.
But what do they do? Do they panic? Steel their resolve? Press on or decide to back off? Do they stay together or spread out? Will the one who made "reasonable" decision to return make it? Or will she run out of luck and fall prey on "easier" floors. Thats what makes it so hot. On every aspect its THEM who decide how they story will go, you only provide game board and watch what unfolds.
File: 194.jpg (202 KB, 1000x1600)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
>I really do have to admit that your take on the subject sounds much more fun though, and leaves a lot more room for interesting drama if the characters can just leave. When their priestess and healer gets turned into an onahole and dropped into a nesting ground full of horny goblins, do they turn tail and run? Ah, but they're only a few floors away from the end of the dungeon, and wouldn't it be an insult to their friend's memory if they turned back now? Shit now that I think about it that really is way better.

>I really do have to admit that your take on the subject sounds much more fun though, and leaves a lot more room for interesting drama if the characters can just leave. When their priestess and healer gets turned into an onahole and dropped into a nesting ground full of horny goblins, do they turn tail and run? Ah, but they're only a few floors away from the end of the dungeon, and wouldn't it be an insult to their friend's memory if they turned back now? Shit now that I think about it that really is way better.

Exactly what im talking about. It makes adventurers themselves as much of adversaries as you the god of dungeon.

This is why im in huge favor that God should stick to ironclad set of rules.
There are 10 floors betwen starting atrium and my throne room. This is always true.
Floors are random, but its always the same set of possibilities for floor number. Floor 4 can be slime caverns of art gallery. That is always true.
You can always retreat. Stairway up always leads to one floor above. Stairway down always leads on floor down. This is always true.

And this goes on, hell you can even have giant steele with all those rules at the enterance.
This is why im also against any direct intervention that goes against the victims. Yes, it would be fun to guide group of powerful witches to anti-magic chamber and see them struggle, but in the end it ruins the fun. Does the chamber exists? Yes. But its up to their wits or sheer bad luck to find it.
>There are 10 floors betwen starting atrium and my throne room. This is always true.
>Floors are random, but its always the same set of possibilities for floor number

Do the floors get randomised again if you leave the temple and come back later? And if yes, how would you treat the mortals who try to cheese the challenge by only pressing forward if they can easily beat the floor, and any other time they just leave to reroll their luck?
File: 64841709_p0.jpg (387 KB, 1200x1600)
387 KB
387 KB JPG
>Do the floors get randomised again if you leave the temple and come back later?
Indeed they do. The setup is locked once you enter 1st floor from atrium.

>And if yes, how would you treat the mortals who try to cheese the challenge by only pressing forward if they can easily beat the floor, and any other time they just leave to reroll their luck?
Im fine with that. Given disadventage they have against me, anything they do to increase their odds is fine.
Keep in mind that this wouldn't be really an issue for a couple of reasons.
While you can avoid a particularly bad floor (which is part of rules and completely within your right) then its your choice.
On top of that first 3 floors would offer far more "generic" challenge meaning that you already invested alot before getting to difficult part.
Now on floors 4-10 yeah, you may cheese it once, but do you really believe you will get good result multiple times in the row? Not to mention that some floors may not have possibility that suits you.
So while group of fire witches may want to face against slimes and plants chances are sooner or later they may not be too lucky. Its a long way down here.

Then you have more obvious reason - majority of those women will be soul-onahole in my trophy room without even knowing what killed them. Danger is all around, from monsters to traps and chances are that once you get into trouble it won't let you go.
What is the system in the picture for?
What would you do to the soul onaholed women anon?
Why, of course keep them all impaled on the dildos in my throne room, drowning in pleasure and unable to scream, forever part of dungeon. And the best part? Since they are in the throne room they will all witness those who succed the dungeon and receive their reward. Time and time again, rubbing their own failure and showing them what could have been.
Yeah sometimes! But disguised as someone else so that they don't know it's me. It'd be really fun to make friends with people, and a few months or years down the line (after hanging out with them on the weekends, long nights of gaming together, and going to sports games and concerts with them), to reveal that I was god all along. Once I know I can trust them, and that they like me for me and not because I'm god

And if people have gone that far off the deep end to become obsessed zealots, I'd probably do something cool with them like put them on a tiny continent in an aquarium in my bedroom. They get to look up at me every day and be as obsessed as they like in a space where they're not a nuisance to other normal people, and I get to use them as a toy and do all powerful dumb/horny things that I have thoughts about doing to the earth, but never would
File: 99198234_p1.jpg (359 KB, 1414x2000)
359 KB
359 KB JPG
>Small party of adventurers cautiously making their way through a cramped dungeon hallway.
>The rogue, normally the most perceptive of the bunch, steps on a pressure plate and doesn't leap out of the way in time.
>A large slime drops from the ceiling and completely envelops her, dissolving away her clothing and slowly transforming her as she struggles underneath the crushing weight of viscous gel.
>Out of the corner of her eye the writhing rogue sees her party members standing around in shock and confusion. The mage turns tail and runs entirely, the warrior begins to make her way towards the slime but hesitates, and the priestess just stares on in horror as her friend is transformed.
>Eventually the priestess manages to squeak out "I'm sorry," and rushed to join her friends, abandoning the rapidly fading cutthroat.
>When she comes to she's in an unfamiliar place; a brightly lit throne room with row after row of brightly colored sextoys lining shelves on the walls.
>Upon trying to move her arms, she realizes to her horror that she's stuck in place. Her body having been turned into a partially transparent sextoy and impaled on a dildo. Even though she wants to scream her face is locked in a open-mouthed submission.
>She's kept constantly stimulated, yet perfectly aware as the hours tick by; just one among several hundred perverse statues exactly like her.
>Suddenly the large, ornate door at the end of the hallway opens, and in walks the remnants of her party that abandoned her.
>She has to watch, unable to call out to them, as they triumphantly make their way towards the master of the dungeon and gratefully receive their rewards, while she'll spend the rest of her existence as nothing more than an instrument of lust, unable to resist the pleasures assaulting her.
You have my vote for godhood, anon. That sounds rad.
>It'd be really fun to make friends with people, and a few months or years down the line (after hanging out with them on the weekends, long nights of gaming together, and going to sports games and concerts with them), to reveal that I was god all along. Once I know I can trust them, and that they like me for me and not because I'm god
That's cute, I imagine they'd be super-hyped once they found out, knowing that they can keep doing all the fun things they enjoy with you forever, and to an even greater degree now that you can let loose with your powers around them. Have you ever thought about being a DM for a TRPG game with your friends? I imagine your friends would enjoy having a literal god for a DM to make the scenarios come to life in the most real ways possible.

>And if people have gone that far off the deep end to become obsessed zealots, I'd probably do something cool with them like put them on a tiny continent in an aquarium in my bedroom. They get to look up at me every day and be as obsessed as they like in a space where they're not a nuisance to other normal people, and I get to use them as a toy and do all powerful dumb/horny things that I have thoughts about doing to the earth, but never would
Sounds like a fun solution! What if they start doing violent zealot things to each other? Interdenominational wars over their interpretation of what you are like, burning fellow zealots at the stake for not being zealous enough, that sort of thing.
If they're zealous to that extent, I'm sure they wouldn't take much issue with me simply overriding a small fraction of their free will (they may like it even), by demanding they stop doing crazy stuff like sacrificing and fighting one another in my name. And if that doesn't work, I'd probably trap the more extreme people in some humiliating state for a couple weeks that doesn't involve me at all. Like force their souls to inhabit the sock of some random woman I met at one of my churches

Aquarium of zealots would be a nice house decoration sitting in on a table in the background, as my friends and I play a D&D campaign where I make our characters come to life in a little scene on the table. Like a 3D movie of the story we're going through together
File: file.png (1.1 MB, 5592x3520)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB PNG
for a novel i'm writing.
its much more efficient this way than if i were just to write everything in a text document
much easier to understand and read too. picrel is a different project that i'm probably gonna retool one of these days
File: media_FUd_nTRWYAAbJfj.jpg (2.6 MB, 2550x3300)
2.6 MB
2.6 MB JPG
Given that there's a bunch of inch-tall 'toys' in a room of your home possibly getting themselves into mischief in other parts of the home, and there's an aquarium of even tinier zealots, what is your plan for when you bring over friends that you don't want to know about your god-powers yet over to your house to have fun? Would you have a second, emptier home to bring them over to? Or make your little toys invisible so that nobody takes notice of them even when they step or sit on one? Or perhaps just introduce them to your toys every time and then selectively wipe out that specific part of their memory when they leave so they assume they had a completely mundane but still fun time?
Would you take your own virginity?
Of course
especially after making some adjustments
>Where on Earth would you like to establish your main temple and home?
i dunno, i'd probably just construct my own island somewhere in the ocean both as a gesture of my own ego and also to remain apolitical
>Remaining apoliticall
>Not boasting that god exists, and he's American
knowing the americans they'd just turn me into a bipartisan political issue
Now I really want a lewd old school roguelike like this. Something along the lines of Nethack or IVAN in their fiendish difficulty and interacting systems, with the player getting a detailed and unique description after they lose describing a bad end scenario based on what ”killed” them, what they had in their inventory among other things.
I would demolish the idea of individual countries squabbling for supremacy
I don't need such grand standing, I'll simply leave marks of my power upon the planet while I fix stuff and tell humanity if they don't shape up their house/country/nation is probably going to be under the next mark.
It'll be funny because they'll have no idea what specifically I meant by shaping up, but basic common sense and decency should tell them everything.
Spacetime folding is pretty fun, I'll probably live under a literal rock so I don't have to deal with too many randos intruding.
Does anyone remember a website with omni fanfics of I think Madoka? A lot of them were just short vignettes of girls having omni and casually dealing with the overwhelming power they have over the cities they live in.
If god is so big, why won't he fight me?
If I were god, I'd totally do fun stuff to reality to try and advance humanity to greater heights

First I'd obviously introduce an afterlife, so death isn't really a negative thing anymore. And then for people still in regular universe, I'd set some fun and interesting objectives for humanity to strive for

>I'd discreetly change the laws of physics so that FTL travel and portals are things that humanity can discover, and learn how to safely harness
>To incentivize the research of these things, I'd place cool anomaly things out there in the sky, and nudge astronomers into discovering them. Like a paradise forest kind of planet several solar systems away; and a cool looking planet-sized glass prism looking thing on the edge of the solar system (who's material somehow reveals other secrets of physics I've introduced)

But, it would also be fun to insert myself into all this too though lol

>Solar system is suddenly in my bedroom, in an enclosure to keep it safe
>They get to see me going about my daily life, and I can reveal to them that there's an amazing afterlife, to put their worries about me at ease (at least somewhat). I'd also change things so that people are immortal until they vanish into the afterlife at 150 years old
>I'd fix earth's resourcesso that life is easier for everyone, and place a planet in orbit twice the distance of pluto away from their speck sized sun; an orb that's dense with all the natural resources needed to super advance humanity. But to use it, they'd have to work together to build an interplanetary infrastructure
>tfw never lying next to solar system in a fishbowl, head in my hands and feet in the air as I look down at people going about their lives with my godly vision (not dipping into omniscience, just watching physical things in real time)
>tfw never having a chat with girlfriend down there and hearing her talk about her day, and genuinely caring about what she's doing in her life on that planet small enough to fit under my toenail
>They become a post-scarcity society and decide to launch nukes at you
If you have some interesting prompts you can try letting this ai write a short story.

A novel or a TTRPG system?
What can one do for a sociopathic girlfriend who grows simultaneously in sadism and strength.
>"Oh? Did you just hurt yourself punching my Dimond-hard abs, well let me hurt you a bit more more ~"
File: 1656228442818.jpg (444 KB, 1280x1596)
444 KB
444 KB JPG
Why not be nice instead
I've given the A.I. a spin, and while it does happily assume the role of a grand goddess whose "steps leave the ground quaking", whose "words thunder through the air", and whose "torso is as wide as the ocean", it doesn't really want to do anything interesting with all that power. It only wants to help people but doesn't elaborate how, and everytime I try to steer the conversation towards something bullyishly fun, it digs its heels in. Although I admit that I haven't been very forceful at trying to direct the conversation down that path, since I don't want to upset the automatic NSFW content flagging system.
>be nice instead
That's not how this works, Anon. Your gf specifically chose you, simply because your crying is the most melodic, and your tears are the most delicious. Now she's just teasing them out of you, no matter how nice you are.

>your gf is lazing on your bed, your only fan already pointed at her to fight the summer heat
>you meanwhile type away on your laptop as part of your new wfh job
>you perk up when your gf asks you for something to drink
>you hit send on that e-mail and get up to fulfil her wish
>you return with an ice-cube filled glass of water - it even comes with a lemon slice, and a cute little umbrella - you went out of your way to make it really nice to show how much you care for her
>however your gf is now stood in the middle of the room, smashing your laptop into a little ball
>"You took too long.", she says coldly while gesturing towards your laptop
>your laptop that you needed for work, that had all your games and pictures, that was a gift from your late brother
>tears begin to well in your eyes, as you put the glass down on your dresser
>"What? Are you going to cry over this old piece of junk? Jeez, just buy a new one.."
>you've finally reached your limit, you put up with all her teasing, because you still cared about her, but this was too much
>in frustration you ball your fist and swing it at her, but as soon as it makes contact, you recoil in pain
>you quietly sob, as you hold onto the hand that feels like it just shattered against a concrete wall
>"Oh? Did you just hurt yourself punching my diamond-hard abs? Well, let me hurt you a bit more more~"
File: keep_ascending.png (1.57 MB, 1920x1080)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB PNG
Really if you want a model without OpenAI's draconian censorship policies NovelAI is your best bet. Only downside is you have to pay for it.
I want a divorce
Yea, you've got to be a bit forceful. Like a short paragraph of with details it has to keep in mind. I've had no warnings unless the ai itself brings up sexual stuff.
The omnipotence fetish can be pretty safe for work.

I'm going to try the free trial.
You're god, great. How do you answer her question?

I feel like no one has yet touched the existential dilemma of both an undending life or, on the contrary, the realization that the universe is ultimately finite and so is whichever form you take.

If you live forever, nothing carries weight or sense anymore. A time will come where you - and those who have also achieved a state of perpetuity, will have experienced every single quantum state and combination of material/emotional variation possible within reality. There will be NOTHING left for you to do.

If you or your civilization do not live forever on the other hand, all you do and achieve are ultimately doomed to pointlessness.
File: meteion.jpg (78 KB, 1280x720)
78 KB
THAT'S the one that's asking the question.
How do you survive boredom? Just get a gameboy.
Easy, wipe your own memories and do it all again until the universe hits a point that takes you far off your original path
>all you do and achieve are ultimately doomed to pointlessness
lack of meaning isn't a problem for someone who can literally just mod themselves to not care about it
Is this seriously how the series ends? She decided to fuck with her past self with no regard for cause and effect?
If after billions of eons of trying out every possible scenario and shepherding/observing countless species across the entire universe I'm somehow bored of being all powerful I'll just wipe my memories and do it all again.
After X amount of memory-wipes when I realize that I've already done everything there is to do and seen everything there is to see thousands of times over I'd just do what >>10274083 said and modify my own emotions so I stop caring. Is that technically cheating/burying one's head in the sand? Sure. But I would be god, and if I want to force myself to experience endless happiness and just chill for all eternity that would be my right.
All I have to do to prevent that from happening keep myself grounded in the same limited human form I was born with. My body would now somehow keep going forever and always be in perfect health, and not require sleep, food, drink, or even air anymore if necessary

But it would still follow the same rules, and my mind would remain within that scope of how capable a human mind can be. I'd naturally forget things over time, and because of that I'd wind up never getting bored as over the scale of eternity, I'd do things again for the first time without realizing. And so would everyone else if I spread immortality around in that same fashion

And if I ever need to remember something eons ago for whatever reason, I could do that without breaking this artificial limitation by pulling it up on a screen and watching it like a movie to feed it to limited human mind
Oh boy nihilistic existentialism, as if I wouldn't have gone through that throughout my mortal life and decided it's a view that limited my potential, absurdism would be a much more healthier outlook but I digress.
Have you considered I would just make new quantum states? Or perhaps even more emotions that I had not comprehended yet? A fancy new periodic table would be funny. Or maybe I would see how a world with a few rules changed or removed would work. You're silly if you think omnipotence can't simply... solve whatever you want out of the blue. And no I'm not going to just solve it for you, that would actually be boring.
I wouldn't. I'd be a wanderer, going across the globe, living off the demands I'd relay to people.
For a example, I'd maybe start a journey of mine in Gibraltar, demanding all of the 20 year old women in it array themselves in a line along the coast, kneeling and naked, for me to go from one to another, fucking them in the mouth. Then after that I'd walk into the nearest apartment, enter, transform the whole family into hot females of same age and have them be my servants for the day.
The next morning, I'd tell the family to bring me everything of any value they have, have them tie themselves into bondage, throw away all they have brought before me into the sea and leave them tied up in their unlocked apartment.
I'd take a walk towards the closest car with a person in it, transform the person in it into a immortal femboy with a massive penis locked in a titanium chastity cage, tell them to drive me towards Spain. If any cops stop me, I'll turn them into 18yo twinks and order the femboy to fuck them in the ass with a strap-on even larger then his penis. After the femboy gets me to where I want to be, I'll order him to strip down to his chastity cage and lock his car, at which point I'll break the keys and randomly tell him to serve some local family for life.
Shit like that, just being a roving menace to all that is good.
I'll just tell her I don't have to bother with such questions.
Then I'll make her immortal, put her in stocks in the square of a major city and make the populace of the city well aware that if she isn't being fucked constantly, they'll meet her fate.
I'll probably release her after a week and offer her to serve me obediently, returning her for about a week each time she disobeys, fucks up or does anything of the sort, before offering to take her back.
novel but i got way unto the autistic systemsbuilding
File: FWMSbqeaAAAJvAA.jpg (170 KB, 1536x2048)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
Great situational awareness anon, ask the sociopathic Powerful being to break up.
>"Oh you really thought this was consensual? How cute ~"
>She pins you to the wall, and her dainty hand is seriously hurting your chest.
>no matter how much you try, you can't even make a dent into her muscles, they feel like steel.
>"Remember that time when I was showering, and you tried to stab me with a kitchen knife? The look on your face oh my!"
>You feel your ribs on the brink of snapping.
>"And don't let us forget, the Hard on you had when I slowly crushed that knife between my breasts... Truth is a million times stronger than back then..."
>Your tears begin to pile up, you think this is the end. But that was only wishful thinking.
>She lets you fall to the ground, grasping your bruised chest.
>she leans close to your face, her breasts and perfect face engulfing your vision.
>"Did you know, the more I hurt you, the Stronger I become? And before you get any ideas, the effect is permanent. I don't even need you anymore. I just keep you around for the kinks. Also deep down, you know you enjoy it right?"
Is omnipotent-girls.net down for anyone else? It would be such a shame if all those stories were lost

She's omnipotent right?she could just make cause and effect not apply to her.
she might not have planned that far before she fucked herself out of her powers
Fuck it. Next time she leaves the house, I'm getting out and as far away from that place as possible without telling her.
File: 07KnJns.jpg (469 KB, 4589x3060)
469 KB
469 KB JPG
I would love to know where on Earth you think you could go that is safe from a woman who can probably crack tectonic plates with just her hands.
anon she can probably find you from scent alone, and would be fast enough to chase down ship, sub, plane, or space shuttle you manage to get on assuming she gives you the head start.

You're only giving her more excuses to punish you.
Do you think she likes your scent?
Addicted to it?
Horny because of it?
That pervy goddess?
So I managed to come up with the great idea of using KoboldAI (it's free) to generate omni stories and to fuck around with. I have no prompts to share because I'm just dicking around with it at the moment, but it's something to consider as a possibility.

Anyone else with more AI experience with me willing to give some tips?
File: 1642932126067.jpg (94 KB, 900x900)
94 KB
I have a novelAI subscription and I would recommend it if you plan on using it often enough to get a few faps a month out of it. I wish I knew how to make modules so I could create an omnipotence/hyper powerful girl module or something though.
I think for now I'm content to dick around with Kobold, if I learn how to do anything semi-competently then I might switch to novel for coherent responses. I'm looking at the /vg/ thread's OP but cannot find anything on prompts, or memory, or whatever stuff like that to get the AI to do exactly what you want.

I just want a robot to write out my fantasies of being unfathomably powerful, but it's hard to reign it in.
on a blimp, of course.
i wish GPT-3 would be free one of these days. had a good amount of fun using it, but too bad the devs are hacks and won't allow me to go full ham on the sexual stuff
It's all fun and games until she effortlessly leaps from the ground and onto your blimp, leaving ripples and liquefied ground where she was, snatches you under her arm and crashes your aircraft with no survivors before taking you back home.
The idea of being hunted by an omnipotent sociopath waifu is hot. The idea of being hurt in unimaginable ways after she finds me is not.
This reminds me, I have a question
Omnipotent yandere gf.
Would she be "no, my body is perfect" or would she be up to "cosplay" by changing her apparience if you ask nicely?
if she's strong enough to crack the crust with just the slightest tap of her feet, she would be unable to jump high enough to catch my blimp. she'd just sink into the earth the same way you would if you tried to jump in a pool of mud if your feet were made of needles
If it was an actual yandere, you'd literally be unable to think about anything besides their current form as attractive anyways.
Yan-ness isn't a complete binary so it completely depends.
Maybe they simply don't brainwash you because "Urgh but then it wouldn't be THEM." is their thought process, maybe they completely overwrite you with the idea they thought you would be and parade you around like their trophy. Either not understanding or completely denying that she basically just made her own trophy instead of actually earning one.
Why on earth do you have a blimp anyway? Are you a supervillain from the 1920s?
I like to live in the skies and avoid the plebian filth on the ground. Is there a problem with that?
That's why she appears to you in a smoking hot form with clothing that might as well not be there, for maximum hot factor.
>If you live forever, nothing carries weight or sense anymore
i think about this a lot, i think about the day to day loop and the idea of progression if you're completely omnipotent the concept of emotions or humanity completely goes away. infinity washes away everything. so i make the irrational choice to just find some equilibrium that is good enough

part of the reason why we get bored of things is biological naturalism. we could just get rid of that and have certain pleasures not grow old or have a rebound. this also has the semi-intended side effect of reducing addictive personalities. i don't know, i think it's an irrational choice. what i dream of as an "ideal life" is not the "highest potential" and maybe mortals shouldn't be given the ability to create a perfect life because it could always be better

that being said, i think i would just turn myself into a big tiddy futa, avatar myself so that my conscious experience doesn't have to worry about that, and live enjoyably enough to not really think about that sort of stuff
File: 1618757260049.jpg (3.08 MB, 3539x1991)
3.08 MB
3.08 MB JPG
idk might just be because im ver ver autistic but I feeeel like i simply wont get bored. Like i can listen to one song on repeat for a month whats eternity with constantly new stuff happening.
Every new quantum state means new people to talk to about whatever my current special interest is lmao.
New life crawls out of the oceans of some world and im just standin there already with big tits and 3 heads already with a whiteboard and a whole presentation set up
OmniCYOA anon here. Almost finished (After quite a lengthy delay). Made several changes to redundant choices and things that needed changing and added "generic" powers that scale as you grow more powerful and reach new stages of godhood. All that's left are drawbacks and rivals which should be done very soon!
If you wanna check out the in-progress CYOA, check out my post here >>>/trash/49090563
let me know what you want to see changed, added, etc.
Bro if you are talking about "months" you are completely out of the depth necessary to tackle this topic.
After the twentieth or so aeon, you'll be screaming and scratching at the edges of reality for someone to end it - or end you, and no one will.
>removes the concept of boredom from myself
Your move.
I think mostly everything I noticed in that thread I already pointed out in a post about the scales.
That said, while Monster of the Week is pretty fun it's straight up just a detriment outside of not getting into the threat range of the extremely weak normal population.
Would implementing the development of "Kaiju"-like features be going too far?
>takes a refreshing nap for a few many years and wakes up full of energy ready to experience the universe all over again
Funny you accuse someone else of being “out of their depth” when you have close to zero imagination to consider what can be done with OMNIPOTENCE (hint: EVERYTHING)
But my point is less about what you can come up with to pass the aeons. It's that eventually, given enough time, you'll have done it ALL. It's not really a question either, but a mathematical certainty given the infinite time at your disposal.

And once you have done 'everything' we just stretch infinity further, and arrive to the point where you've done 'everything', but have also done it an infinite number of times each, and what do we have left? A glorified hamster running the same wheel forever for no purpose but to entertain itself.

So far we jave the "I'll wipe my own memories" answer >>10283059 and the >>10274356 "I'll force myself to stop caring" and the more thoughtful >>10283059 - but all of them have this common denominator of burying head in sand.

Me? I think I'd recognize the inexorability of total omniscience, and after I'd done it all (And I would do it all. From creating inspiring sagas and heroic epics of heart and love to personally butchering entire universes for fun) I would likely set myself up for a cozy eternal sleep, leaving cryptic instructions scattered across the cosmos for a sufficiently advanced civilization to wake me up.

My retirement in that sense, would be a bit of a game of survival for those who are left, the fate of reality would be back in their hands. If they can rouse me in time, I will graciously snap their universe' entropy back to nothing - rebirth their reality to a fresh state, reignite every dead star, and afford the universe a few more aeons, congratulate them, and return to my sleep.

If they fail to do this - I won't even notice as I will never be awakened, and reality itself will have long since ended.
This is why I will just create a perfect being and give them the omnipotent power.
nah ill probably be listening to touch tone telephone for the infinite time and have giant tits.

i cant have done ALL, if i am to autistic to do anything other than the same 10 things forever lmao. Yall going insane from infinity while ill be walkin up to whatever new sentient life spawns and just go "hey wanna play some among us? Maybe some Castle Crashers?"

To be a bit serious though i just really think yall are overthinking the tedium aspect of infinity. Being the omnipotent goddess of all of existence can only get as bored as you let it!
Though I do love the ideas some of yall are spittin like just removing concepts from yourself to cope, theres def fun writing opportunities here.
this isn't going to go nearly as well for you as you hope.
What would I do with omnipotence, you ask?
Suck every dick in the world at the same time... twice.
File: 246171.jpg (78 KB, 1024x681)
78 KB
If your mouth is large enough to fit everyone's dicks in, you'd basically just be committing mass vore at this point.
I cannot shake the "being hunted by omnipotent goddess waifu" fantasy out of my head.
not if you can suck all dicks simultaneously and coterminously across both space and time with just a single mouth
what is there to fantasize about really? she can just appear anywhere wherever so you're never really away from her and there's no hunt.
Good old mortal cope.
"Oh no, in an infinite timeframe you'll get bored and it will be a living hell!"

Maybe not everyone is a junkie looking for a new high, Anon? I'm already bored all the time. Reality is often monotonous.
There are lots of things I enjoy doing even when they're predictable and the same old thing again. Omnipotence would let me find and enjoy far, far more such things. Let's be honest, I wouldn't even bother experiencing everything I could do with my powers, because I could just use them to instantly know which new possibilities I'd like, and all the lessons I would have learned from the rest, and then I could just skip to doing what I like.
A lot of people would break down, sure, but others wouldn't even be bothered. Some of us are not built around a dopamine response. Like, so much of modern gaming is based around the "excitement" of random rewards and intermittent response conditioning, but I can't be bothered and literally find it more engaging to just take a bath.
i would go as far as to say that even how you feel doesnt really matter at all, even if i was to exist in a state of constant pain for eternity i would pick that over ceasing to exist, its the whole belief that pleasure is of just as much merit as pain.. human existence itself is beautiful and as long as a consciousness can exist for eternity thats a good thing no matter the circumstance
Becoming omnipotent doesn't require you to have perfect memory. I'd keep my memory of past events limited, so eventually I forget things.
Like most things, it's an exercise in self-control & awareness.

With the knowledge you can cause everything and anything, that all is under your control, you seriously need to set yourself limits.
Unless you entirely change what makes you you, I don't think anyone could cope with that much power in a good way.

of course,
ywn become omnipotent
so let's not bog ourselves down with these thoughts.
Omni CYOA is now (tentatively) finished.
Thank you for all of your support and critique, I'm looking forward to seeing some eventual builds as well. If you notice an issue or some insanely underpowered option let me know so I can fix it.
>tfw ywn become omnipotent
Congrats anon! It actually warms the heart a bit to see a work finished step by step.
Okay so by some extraordinarily convenient series of fortunate and unfortunate events you got Isekai'ed.

Not only that! but you also basically got to dictate how you are going to appear in that new fantastical world.

What would you be and how powerful, what are going to do with your powers?

>Would you make that world an unlivable hell, crushing it's pathetic inhabitants with your infinite strength, laughing as their puny weapons melt your armor, revealing your unharmed sculptured divine body underneath?

>Or would you use said strength to do good, and instead abuse the hell out of villains and wrong doers in all sorts of kinky ways?
I like your work so I went ahead and did some light proofreading while I read through it. Didn't do the last 2 pages though

"there is a brief flash of light ... it only lasted for a fraction of a second"
mixing past and present tenses in this paragraph. Sorry to sound like an english teacher but it's jarring.

Stage 1: planetary, "Contains veryone"

Stage 4: universal, infinitismally should be infinitesimally

Idiot god: There should probably be a comma after airhead

Vampirism: "Preying on your victims your body with a blissful..." missing a word here. Overtime should also be over time

Reverence: "so even if the secret to your ascension were revealed" should be "was revealed"

Reverence cons, last point, Will is capitalized and shouldn't be

Servitude second pro, lasseiz faire should be laissez faire

Servitude second con, deities should be deity's, "may stand in your war" is probably wrong

Thievery last con is missing a period

Enlightenment: "instead of uncovering" there may be a double space here

I put on my robe: noticable should be noticeable

Brain slug: there's missing a space between to and absorbing. You might also change "in addition" to "instead of", as the former might imply you absorb someone and then give them a brain slug.

Mitosis: Controled should be controlled

My own clone: maybe you want to the umlaut to doppelgängers to be faithful to the original word. Matter of taste.

Sensuality last pro is missing a period

With benefits, overtime should be over time

Evolution: "Creatures DNA" is missing an apostrophe in creature's. Carapace is misspelled.

Mysteleh's second ability: "alters the look of your form, not it's acual composition" there should be no apostrophe in its, and actual is misspelled.

Vereniah's first ability, etheral should be ethereal. "Dreams and minds of others" is also misspelled.
File: Boober3117.jpg (338 KB, 2000x3000)
338 KB
338 KB JPG
It'd be cool if everyone was just living on big tiddies of a girl unaware of her god powers
File: 1603426183950.jpg (1.7 MB, 3085x4294)
1.7 MB
1.7 MB JPG
I appreciate the proofreading anon, I'll get to work fixing those ASAP.
also if I could make a balance suggestion, I truly wish I could go for synthetic ascension without losing my connection to humanity. I just want to be a big strong robot and/or all-encompassing matrix of machines and droids to keep my little humans safe, y'know?
So basically they're letting me Isekai as powerful as I wish? Must be something to it.
Ah well, no use thinking about it until it's actually bought to my attention. Give me the whole slew of corruption, transformation and evolution based powers, heck make me a goddamn natural formless force of corruption that just happens to think and feel like a actual healthy person so I can make a army/harem of hypersexualized, loyal and invincible abominations on my own terms.
I would rather establish my own corner of abominable wholesome lewdness but I have no clue what I'm getting tossed into, in a emergency I'll just use my powers on myself to just get whatever I need.
Really nice work with all the paths, considering each is supposed to be overpowered in their own way. Honestly I'd usually beeline for growth and size stuff, but I'll try a build without it

>All free offerings

>Digital Love
>Confessional (-4 favor) (favor: 1)

>Apoxus 3 (velocity) (favor: -2)
>Mysteleh 2 (body alteration) (favor: -4)
>Vereniah 3 (gateways through imagery) (favor: -7)
>Uran 1 (Curse name) (favor: -8)
>Uran 4 (fear) (favor: -12)

>Time Manipulation

>Inspiring Hero

>Achilles Heel: Eromancy (favor: -10)
>Pride Cometh (favor: -7)
>Clumsy Diety (favor: -4)
>Gods Bound by the Rules (favor: 0)

Tell me if I've calculated something wrong

The plan here is to ascend by using the scaling powers to become an expert speedrunner and streamer. Intelligence to learn strategies, reflexes and time manipulation for precise inputs, and willpower to stay focused on the grind. The Elder Gods' gifts are to generate fame, controversy, drama and admiration that feeds into alternating fame, infamy, and power. Revealing others' secrets and playing on their fears some days, but turning myself into an incredibly cute form the next. The drawbacks I chose are to generate "moe points", and cultivate the image of an overly-confident blowhard who ends up making terrible errors in judgement and getting easily distracted by lewd things. I want to be able to basically live as a NEET, and thrive from a growing supply of simps and trolls while alternating between getting cancelled and admired. The idea of using stans or stream moderators to fight off bots, a hero trying to undo everything, and a rival on a different path to ascension, all from an ergonomic chair, feels fun.

I COULD do without that many favor perks, but it only felt right to select Gods Bound By The Rules as a sign of the roadblocks I could run into by becoming an omni e-girl and catering to a hyper-online audience.
I think you should make it clear somewhere that in all paths except thralldom to an existing elder god, you break free of whatever restrictions and such you select once you achieve true omnipotence. It should be obvious, I know, but it would be nice for it to be explicitly stated as well.
I assume that you don't get the two additional favor points from the "selfish" option unless you write a story, so it looks like your calculations are correct.

I think the best rule for you would be a competitive one, so:
>You must rise to challenges to your status, or pay in return. Once per day, you must accept at least one challenge in any game you've completed before. You can accept it from anyone who has challenged you that day. If you win, you get nothing other than whatever reverence you may gain from anyone who sees you win. However, if you lose, you must give one-tenth of your current power to the challenger who defeated you, and everyone knows this. If you refuse all challenges for a day, you lose half of your current power. You don't lose anything if no one challenges you for a day, so if you can convince everyone that you're unbeatable, you may get days off.
This is the perfect drawback, it addresses the flaws that I so smugly overlooked, and played up as charm points for fans to fawn over. With Pride Cometh and Clumsy Deity combined, there's a strong likelihood I'll accept a challenge without giving it a second thought, then totally whiff it. Feels like you've given it a closer look than I have.

In the spirit of generating conversation:
>Rando I've never heard of challenges me to a few matches in an old fighting game
>Heck yeah, I beat the story mode and arcade mode
>Might as well play as the joke character to make his defeat more humiliating
>Start fighting
>Challenger's picked the same character
>He knows the current meta better
>Entirely different from fighting CPUs, I can barely keep up
>Chat quickly goes from cheering me on to laughing at my misfortune
>No more playing around
>Freeze time and read up on strategy
>Focus all my agility and quick reflexes on the gamepad
>It overloads from my power and snaps apart into a mess of circuits
>Opponent lands the last hits of a combo and wins another round
>Time to play dirty
>Start spamming projectiles and running away from everything
>The hateful emotions received from the chat is just enough to power me up for an unfair victory or two
>While I look through the chat, like the filthy attention whore I am, someone points out a character in the background with a lewd design
>Eromancy, my Achilles' Heel - I'm too distracted, losing again.
>Attempt to distract my opponent by shapeshifting
>No reaction except some giggles
>Try to get him to say my name, to control his mind and tug him away from the controller
>He just keeps referring to me by teasing nicknames, or with a mocking "your majesty"
>Try and use the insight powers granted by Uran to spitefully dox this dude and publicly share all his weird fetishes
>It's the rival god candidate in disguise
>humiliated me on my own playfield
>I sped up his ascension
>can only hope my power loss generates good memes
File: sihagen_FSmgs3fWIA0OMj9.jpg (271 KB, 3300x1950)
271 KB
271 KB JPG
does anyone have an archive of the story "Astrid's Hypersphere" from the omni site?
Great CYOA sheet anon, I think I'm inspired on how my own Omnipotens sheet's gonna be shaping up, even with all the feature creep iy currently has...

Though, I'm a bit confused by the Nemeses System, it states that I can't pick up more Nemesis to increase Scales, but given that I can add more Nemeses for an extra Ascension Path, and given how the Scales of Balance states that I can pick up additional Scales for every Nemeses I pick, its rather conflicting. Can I or can I not pick up more Scales per Nemeses? More clarification on this would be nice. My only suggestion is to have it work similarly to the bonus Ascension Paths per X Nemeses, where the number of Nemeses increases by some factor each time you pick an extra Scales outside the five you normally get, or something.
This game gives me so many ideas but let's start with a simple set-up for now.

>selfless mode

>porn logic
>anti-Uouh button
>Gracefully please

>Limit Breaking path:
>Show Off Boon
>Selective Distribution Boon
>Additional Boon: Pause
>Additional Boon: Sadistic Monster (-4 favors debt)

>Apoxus 4 "Hardiness"
>Apoxus 1 "Power Aura"
>Vereniah 2 "Personal Domain" (-6 favors debt)

>Physical Ability

>The Beast
>Planet X
>Aspiring Hero

>Bound in service (-2 favors debt remaining)
>Primal (Debt repaid)

Concept is for this Female Knight who for her entire life did her absolute best to grow stronger and protect the weak, only to get abandoned by her party in a dungeon... For being weak.

At those moments of extreme desperation a Mysterious Dark Knight appears, and he senses some hidden potential in the Female Knight. So he "saves" her in order to Unlock her potential.

The Dark knight is an absolute douche and a giant Troll, always teasing and provoking the female knight, playing with her insecurities. He is also many millions of times more powerful than her, and he makes sure to nail into her the idea that there are always larger fish in that ocean. She is bound to his service until she outmatches him.

Her Primal trigger are her old party members, whenever she is reminded of them she goes into a sociopathic rampage.

Her strategy to grow stronger is rather simple, other than the Dark Knight's Quests, she uses her Personal Plane as a Private Gym where she lifts increasingly ridiculous weights. And occasionally a Colosseum where she fights monsters she summoned.

She is quite torn between being a proper knight and just how good abusing her strength makes her feel.
you missed an additional Nemesis
Page 5 mentions purchasing a path via the nemesis system, but the nemesis page seems to only mention it adding scales

It's interesting since it immediately places the knight in a submissive position. Even breaking free leaves her with enough complexes that she could still end up ruining something for herself on her path. That tragedy matches very well with the dark fantasy vibe you go for, and makes me reconsider how I saw the CYOA as facilitating sci-fi themes. (Also makes me interested how prepared their world as a whole is for Planet X)

I'm pretty sure they get the first scale free, before they need to pay for the next one (that's how I filled it out at least)
File: 98352131_p0.jpg (357 KB, 620x877)
357 KB
357 KB JPG
Thanks for the compliment anon! I have to say it's much inspired by Guts' from berserk character wise, with some sprinkles of Invincible (the getting bodied several times kind).

Having her both grow stronger from defeats, while at the same time making her Hurt-Ego the greatest weakness hopefully will make for an enjoyable journey, with lows and highs.

Also, I must say in the CYOA generally speaking switches between several genres which is not a bad thing honestly. Altho it does require some tweeking if you wanna make it work for your setting.

The Enlightenment path is heavily focused on a fantasy setting, and nemeses like "The Beast" and "Aspiring Hero" are real fantasy fuel.

Stuff like the New World Order and Vatican Secret Police physically can't work in other settings without taking some "creative liberties". Like changing the Vatican part and making them an Anti-Magic police in a world mass assaulted by extraterrestrial demons (spurred by usage of said magic) or something.

That's actually how my approach with Planet X is going to be like. To those high medieval peasants those hulking crimes against the gods are "demons" and to defeat them they must invade hell by opening a gate to it.

I would assume they would at least stand a chance defending themselves considering the Dark knight said there were stronger people in the world. But defeating the Demons from the sunless hell once and for all might take hundreds of years.
All the more xp-grind for our Edgy knight girl!

Selfish mode
>Fresh start
>Porn logic
>Gracefully Please

>Boons: Smooth talker, Digital Love

Additional pathway
>Boons: Safehouse, Bookworm

>Mental fortitude:-2
>Telepathy: -1
>Unseen: -1

Stage 4
>Great Dreamer

Using Reverence and Miracles to make a hot cult goddess.

Starting out, make use of the telepathy gift in order to gain reverence from animals and plants to gather enough power to reach stage 1

Then make a tik tok, youtube, etc and be an e-thot for a while. The smooth talker will help make a successful public personality along with digital love letting me reap the full benefits. In my free time here I'll follow the enlightening path, with the intellect scale making up for the nerf of a secondary path.

Around the same time I'll make use of the projection gift to start idolizing myself in peoples dreams, abusing Apoxus' gift to bypass the mental strain.

once I've gained enough public traction, I'll start using miracles and magic to paint myself as a messiah and transition my followers into full cult mode, and using my projections instead to passively study on the enlightenment path. Sure they can't actually open books and flip through pages on their own, but thanks to the Focus gift they can phase through them page-by-page and understand them due to Intellect.

At this point it's just grinding as much as I can from Earth until I can reach stage 2 and use my status as an Apostle and a Psychic to travel and spread my influence across the galaxy in a similar manner. The ascent to stages 3 and 4 will essentially follow the same method on an exponential scale.

At stage 4 miracles I could overcome entropy with manifestation, and avoid the Great Dreamer by hiding across planes until I can wake them from inside their dream with Psionics and Projection.
this is the strangest thing to lament about
i don't know if it's omnipotence, maybe i just want to become strong enough to live an ideal but still recognizably human life

but don't get me wrong i would totally do shit like smash mountains in two with just my toenails just to show off
File: 1572178245662.png (2.96 MB, 2418x2640)
2.96 MB
2.96 MB PNG
>smash mountains in two with just my toenails
this thing is by far one of my favorite implications and depictions of power.
imagine being pic related. every part of your body is equally as powerful as the rest. just solving your problems with mere punches and grabs is for lesser beings.
you could win a martial arts tournament just by fighting with your breasts. level a mountain with your feet. if you wanted to, you could probably figure out a way to conquer a city just by using your mouth
less destructively, you could probably outperform entire fleets of industrial machinery, tilling an entire farm faster than any tractor could, turning your hands into pinpoint accurate lathes, carving out metal with your nails
I cheat and take the extra favor points, what you gonna do about it :P

Though, could also go with "What have I done" in the drawbacks, especially if you plan on being the good guy.

Primary Path of Ascension
Eat big to get Big
Selective Distribution

4 Favors for extra boon:
Practical Education
Glaring Weakness

Scaling Powers:
Physical Ability

Stage 1: The Beast
Stage 2: Planet X
Stage 3: Aspiring Villain (I'm the hero :P)
Stage 4: Tetaculus

Additional Path:
Stage 4: Elder God

Secondary Path
No Destruction Please
Kaiju of the Week

Drawbacks: Book of You

Main Idea:

>turn the path to Ascension into a video game essentially
>scaling weekly mini-bosses (Kaiju of the Week)
>scaling dungeon for downtime between bosses (Practical Education)
>4 Chapters (Stages) with their own story and BBEG (nemesis)
>True Final Boss in form of Eldergod (Extra Nemesis)

Now for the synergies of this build:

>Kaiju of the Week, Practial Education, Aspiring Hero give you a scaling challenge for Limit Breaking
>People will feel even more awe towards you if your the size of a skyscraper and just beat the shit out of Godzilla
>Physical Ability just helps with fighting stuff, you'll be doing a lot of it
>Glaring Weakness, a bit of a stretch, but you being an Elder God's target, will probably make the Elder God your target. And til Stage 4, you'll get enough smarts to figure out the clue, easy exploit for Final Boss

>Drawback isn't a drawback, who doesn't want a epic novel of yourself be written and read by people
Ah, I missed that I can take 5 more scaling powers cause of 5 nemesis

I'll go with
Intellect, Agility, Willpower, Elemental Magic and Psionics, for the full Multicalss RPG experience
File: 1621664796128.png (3.74 MB, 3000x4000)
3.74 MB
3.74 MB PNG
Like, straight up wish fulfillment, power fantasy, no strings attached isekai?
Screw it, I'm in the indulgent and decadent mood today. Usually I'm reserved and embarrassed about this sort of stuff but I just for some reason am now thinking about my power fantasy, no matter how basic and cringe it is.

I would incarnate as an absolutely overpowered futanari and try to assert my divine right to rule. Although admittedly by the end of it, I will just be a hedonistic god-empress spending most of her time in an eternal throne room orgy, and delegate the matters of the state to my court.
I was writing this with one hand and really getting into it, but unfortunately the male tendency to lose interest in sex after he cums got to me and I stopped writing...
Of course, a futa goddess wouldn't have a refractory period. What good is a perpetual orgy if I couldn't enjoy it? Honestly that's my biggest fear about lewd isekais, there's no point to them if you aren't multi-orgasmic.
I'm currently engaging in some rewrites to both fix grammatical mistakes and make things a bit more clear, it's just slow going because I was a dumbass and merged a lot of text layers with image layers in gimp (warning: do not do that ever.)
Yes, you can get both extra scales and extra ascension paths for nemeses. Here's how it works.
>You get one scale for free right from the get go
>You can gain up to four additional scaling powers by picking up to 4 nemeses. (one for each stage of power)
>After this, you can add extra nemeses to gain extra ascension paths. Every extra stage 4 nemesis lets you pick another path, every TWO extra stage 3 nemesis, etc.
I added in the extra paths option since there was some talk in the /trash/ thread about mixing ascension paths, and since I wanted to give people the opportunity to come up with some crazy power fantasy stuff I went for it.
File: 1635190497718.png (2.19 MB, 1003x1416)
2.19 MB
2.19 MB PNG
Full coomer interstellar succubus build.
Selfish mode. [+2 favor] All freebies.
>Primary path: Vampirism (Sadistic Monster, Soul Husking, Snuff Sunlight) [-4 favor]
Since I'm focusing this build around maximizing my own pleasure and enjoyment this one is a no-brainer. The universe is my buffet, and I plan on sampling lots of tasty mortals and eventually the stars themselves.
>Secondary path: Absorption (Slime body, silent drones) [-4 favor]
Absorption is too powerful to pass up, and serves as a reward system for those that kneel to me willingly. All that resist will be agonizingly drained with vampirism, those that serve will be absorbed and become a part of my perfection. Of course what they don't realize is that once they're absorbed they lose all individuality and free will, but they don't need to know that...
>Tertiary path: Sensuality (Beautification, Selfish Lover) [-8 favor]
More an afterthought than anything. But I will not stand for any creature in the universe being prettier than me. I might eventually elevate some of my most loyal followers and make them look prettier to serve as concubines though.

>Vereniah's Mirror [-3 favor]
Whenever I subjugate enough mortals on my path to godhood, I'll force the survivors that I don't immediately absorb/drain to build statues of my honor in every town square, and keep portraits of my likeness in every room of their homes. Now that they have an extremely powerful big brother succubus analogue capable of vaporizing them if they step out of line, they'll be much more pliant servants.
[Total favor loss: -17]

Scales of balance:
>Time manipulation
>Physical Ability

>Stage 1: Executors
>Stage 2: Star Guardians, Greys, Librarians
>Stage 3: Matrons of Hell, Aspiring Hero, Voidborn
>Stage 4: Entropy, Tentaculus

>Book of you, Unapproachable, What have I done, Psychic beacon, Pride cometh, Keeping your word, Gods bound by rules. [+17 favor]
My goal from the very beginning would be to work in the shadows and start a cult to help me defeat those pesky executors. By leveraging my appearance and starting powers to convince desperate horny people to serve me I'll get plenty of weak, but devoted followers that I can absorb to fuel my growth or turn into soulhusked zombies.

After I hit a certain power threshold I announce myself to the world. My final ultimatum to the people of earth is this: serve me and know true bliss, resist me and have your soul devoured. I think eventually they'll take the hint.

After that it's just a process of scaling my operations throughout the galaxy. The star guardians may be strong, but since they're living ordinary double-lives it would be a piece of cake to kidnap one or more of them, mindbreak them, and turn them into loyal servants a la every magical girl corruption h-manga ever. The greys are pushovers. Librarians would either bend the knee or be overwhelmed by an endless tide of my followers.

Once I start subjugating other planets it's all over. I'll corrupt the hero with pleasure, dare the voidborn to disobey me, and out-fuck the matrons of hell with my iron willpower and mastery of eromancy. Anyone that resists will be overwhelmed by an ever growing army of mind-controlled slaves. Entropy is something I would have had to deal with anyway, and Tentaculus sounds like a hell of a lot of fun.

As for the drawbacks I never cared about the lives of mortals or trying to hide myself after my initial cult leader stage. Let them read about me and see my exact location at all times, they should be fully aware of who's in charge.

What would I do with that power? Lounge around in an opulent planet-sized palace gorging on stars and slaves, indulging in impossible pleasures, and just generally lording over the whole universe. Sounds like a lot of fun.
>Full coomer interstellar succubus build.
if i could be a goddess i would always pick futa succubus
that's the form i wish to take the most
How exactly would you anons deal with military resistance? Surely some government or international agency would start sending heavily armed teams of guys to take you out as soon as you made use of any of your power.

I suppose there's a couple routes you could take, killing them, trying to reason with them etc. Interesting to think about.
No one has given you a rule! Don't want you getting those four points for free, so:
>Your vampirism from physical contact is not optional. While you can choose to drain more if you wish, you can't stop yourself from draining the vitality of any life you touch. The ground you walk on dies beneath your feet; any concubine you wish to keep is very short-lived unless you look without touching. Even absorption must be done quickly, as while you engulf your prey you will be draining them until they are consumed.

This isn't exactly a punishment, given the amoral monster you wish to be, but it will limit how you can interact with the universe around you, and will keep you from ever having any companions or even plant life unless you never, ever touch them. Not to mention it will make for a rocky start when you're just beginning and you don't have incredible power yet, but you're already walking death.
just dissolve their guns in their hands or something lol
All military personnel that approach me with malicious intent are yeeted into the ram ranch pocket dimension
Same as this anon but with the doom dimension i wanna watch a cool action movie!
File: 1639610573118.jpg (755 KB, 1200x1086)
755 KB
755 KB JPG
Great rule, and I'm okay with this.
At first I guess I'll have to keep my distance from any cultists that try to worship me, but once I hit a certain power threshold I'll just treat all of my servants like they have an expiration date.
On the other hand this limits my usage of eromancy since I'll drain any partners. But since I'm going for a succubus theme it's appropriate; it'll be the best, and last, fuck of their lives.
>not building either living secluded in the jungle or building your own empire so that you are the government
but if you're really omnipotent wouldn't this be a non issue? the only threat i could see is just the threat of being out of the loop and not being as strong as i think i am

pretty much. just do wild, reality breaking shit to their weapons.
turning their guns into mush sounds fun but have you ever thought about having your own collection of toy government figmas. an anon mentioned shrinking a few threads back and i can't stop thinking about it
>Of course, a futa goddess wouldn't have a refractory period. What good is a perpetual orgy if I couldn't enjoy it?
counterpoint: mrgreyman's Alien to Ambition
Don't cum jar the soldiers, anon...
>counterpoint: mrgreyman's Alien to Ambition
How is this a counterpoint though? I've always been very interested in multiple orgasms. I've always found it difficult to enjoy sexual fantasies because I can only have one orgasm then I lose interest or can't get it up. It's the first thing I would fix if I had any power at all.
dubs they live, singles they drown trips i'm getting some hot milf to pee in there
NTA you were replying to, but I feel the same way.
If you're looking for more omni stuff that focuses on going "full coomer" check out Delta7447's stuff. Most of it is about omnipotent girls using their powers to have neuron-frying orgasms. Might be up your alley.
>NTA you were replying to, but I feel the same way.
Yeah, I always feel really weird about sex as a reason. The orgasm that comes at the end never is worth the buildup.
>If you're looking for more omni stuff that focuses on going "full coomer" check out Delta7447's stuff.
Anything you suggest starting with?
>Most of it is about omnipotent girls using their powers to have neuron-frying orgasms.
Do they write anything with futa or is always about girls? I'm trying to enjoy having a dick or at least relate this to my reality somehow.
>Anything you suggest starting with?
Can't say for sure, when omnitopia bit the dust some of their stuff got deleted, but they have a blog with just about everything else.
>Do they write anything with futa?
Some, but not a lot. It's mostly yuri.
>It's mostly yuri.
Fair enough. Futa is just easier to relate because of having a dick but that's just a personal preference.
File: planet lick.webm (2.78 MB, 640x360)
2.78 MB
2.78 MB WEBM
File: FW0IhTEVEAEj4SJ.webm (232 KB, 720x540)
232 KB
shitty animation I'm working on
Doesn’t look shitty to me. Keep at it, bro.
Luna Platz? Never got into Star Force but she was in some of the first (poorly-edited) giantess stuff I saw as a teen. Kinda beautiful seeing her ascend all these years later.
Who made this one?
File: werrwrwe.png (218 KB, 800x800)
218 KB
218 KB PNG
Looking great so far. I was more of a Sonia guy, though.
That is a fantastic sketch. Class president hungers.
thanks I still got to refine it a bit more. I'll likely post it here if I end up coloring/lining.
>ywn be a goddess
bumping with sadness
Just dissolve THEM dumbass
You won't be with that attitude
oddly motivating, although i don't think life is a wish fulfilment hentai
maybe it is, but there are plenty of better MCs
This is honestly how I'd be. Plenty lewd, but ultimately benevolent.
yea he drew it for me like 6 years ago
Need more of this
File: 88687902_p0.jpg (115 KB, 1280x906)
115 KB
115 KB JPG

this concept has been sticking around with me for a while
you don't always just have to destroy as a goddess, you can also create.
the words "look what they need to mimic a fraction of your power" really sums it all up
every machine mankind could build, your body does it better
File: FVLrD7KUAAAsyR-.png (227 KB, 714x1000)
227 KB
227 KB PNG
This story seems to be shaping up to be exactly that, but the author hasn't quite reached the giantess part yet.
man, if only it were actually possible for me to achieve goddesshood
haven't figured it out yet
I suppose I would be a bitch too if I had been named Mallory.
As an omnipotent futa goddess, the answer is simple, massacre each fighter in increasingly horrific ways, take a break now and then to single out and individually rape females with any sufficiently passable guy if the mood strikes.
this thread is making me wonder if medaka box is worth the watch

what would your futa goddess form look like, anon?
You can find it by pointing an RSS reader to an archive of the feed URL @ https://web.archive.org/web/20220324031403/https://omnipotent-girls.net/rss.xml.

An archive of the story here: https://files.catbox.moe/ltq5eh.pdf
Can't say I've decided yet, how would you imagine it?
>how would you imagine it?
nobody can pick your ideal form besides you
as for myself? i have some ideas, but i'm still working it out. all i know is that futa me would have a cock large enough that it goes up to my mouth.
>man, if only it were actually possible for me to achieve goddesshood
>haven't figured it out yet
tell us more
I would like to be a slave to a omnipotent Goddess
what about obedient slaves that worship you?
>tell us more
i don't think there's much to say.
haven't figured out a path to ascension, and doesn't seem like something anyone would freely share with others
It's super easy
>read a shit ton of trash cultivation manhua
>Follow the beginning steps for any without some kind of "system"
>poison yourself by being an idiot and following some random authors fantasy recipe for Strong Juice™
>As a reward to your dedication the powers that actually be isekai you into a cultivation world
>follow the op mc path to omnipotence for 1000 years or idfk
>return back in time to this world
>Now as a regressor mc spend a decade using advanced knowledge to achieve what took you millenia in the other world.
>Finally use whatever shapeshifting technique or medicine or whatever the fuck to turn into your ideal futa goddess.
You're gonna have to stand out for it to really make a difference, but where's the harm in trying? Might be the start of a beautiful hell.
File: 1657935795.jpg (2.07 MB, 2048x1536)
2.07 MB
2.07 MB JPG
>Selfish Mode, Makeover, Fresh Start, Porn Logic
>Favor: 5 + 2 = 7

>Primary Path: Limit Breaking with Pause & Selective Distribution
>Secondary Path: Enlightenment with Bookworm & Practical Education

>Apoxus: Gift of Hardiness (-4)
>Mysteleh: Communicate w/ Nature, Regrowth (-5)
>Unaligned: Blessing of the Unseen, Blessing of Absorption (-4)
>Favor: 7 - 4 - 5 - 4 = -6

>Scales of Balance: Willpower, Intellect, Physical Ability, Agility, Psionics, Elemental Magic, Eromancy

>Stage 1 Nemesis: Executors
>2: Librarians
>3: Aspiring Hero, plus Disciples and Voidborn for the secondary path
>4: Great Dreamer

>Drawbacks: Keeping Your Word (3), Gods Bound By Rules (4)
>Favor: -6 + 3 + 4 = 1

My ascension begins as I restart as the pic related young, hung crown prince of a large, powerful, peaceful, feudal kingdom in an analogue of pre-industrial western europe. The king was just killed by the Executors, and the gods have granted me their blessings to strike them down ... or at least that'll be the story I tell as I'm crowned.

The great thing about Limit Break is that it applies to "every conceivable trait and skill," which clearly also applies to the Scales of Balance. I'll not only be OP from the start, I'm going to have the entire resources of a kingdom behind diving into the Record Complex. Every bit of new knowledge I obtain is a chance to push myself and add to the power of my skills - any skill thanks to Selective Distribution.

Once sufficiently powerful, I intend to conquer the world and fuck every willing person along the way. Humanity operates best in small villages of less than a couple hundred people. This is the way it will be, enforced by not just by my divine right/might, but by honest and trustworthy officials fulfilling their duties under my watch. I intend to be a benevolent and just god to this world before eventually walking off to the next Stage.
this feels like a specific anime that you are referencing
I'm not familiar with that term, what does it mean in this context? Cultivation fics haven't been my thing, but I thought I knew most of the jargon...
Nope, just throwing in all the used-to-death tropes I could think of into it.

"Regressor" usually means the story begins with a character close to achieving the pinnacle of whatever power system is available in the world, before falling just short and usually dying. They'll then for whatever reason find themselves back to the time before they even started, and use all their future knowledge to speedrun the process while fixing old mistakes.

It may sound like im just explaining the plot of one story to you, but nah they're almost all like this.
What should be the punishment for uppity mortals that try to assassinate their god?
They want to be in a position close to the heavens, so they get exactly that: their soul entrapped somewhere in the clothing or furniture their diety uses everyday
File: 1588583668644.jpg (1.87 MB, 2184x3023)
1.87 MB
1.87 MB JPG
Do you guys love omnis with some sort of disabilities (blindness/no limb(s)/mute/etc)?
Seeing discussion of Cia in the giantess thread made me remember a possibly-omnipotence-related fantasy I've had. Has there ever been a story where characters have to contend with a literal Omniscient Narrator?

With Cia and Lana as sort of outside overseers and "lorekeepers" in the Zelda universe, I always dreamed of a story/game the two of them narrate. Lana acting as a kind of "angel" on the characters' shoulders, helping them with miracles if things get too bleak, and gently (at first) prodding the characters in place if something goes "wrong" according to her idea of canon. Cia, instead steering the story in dangerous and debaucherous directions, interested in high stakes and getting pleasure equally from both seeing the hero overcome the odds or suffer miserably. Each of the Guardians of Time having a different taste with regards to story pacing and content, and sometimes taking out their personal grievances on the other's "pet characters"
>Reassuring a goddess with mental disabilities that she's made a good world for people and that others a happy with it
File: featherine.jpg (97 KB, 512x512)
97 KB
This scene in Umineko always got to me.
Not only is the act of rebelling or fighting against a character of such immense power utterly pointless, but what if they were the ones manipulating you to do so the entire time? How could you know they didn't just decide to puppet you into going against them just to swat you down like an insect?
>Not only is the act of rebelling or fighting against a character of such immense power utterly pointless, but what if they were the ones manipulating you to do so the entire time? How could you know they didn't just decide to puppet you into going against them just to swat you down like an insect?
God and Lucifer.
What you describe sounds kind of like the plot of Final Fantasy VII Remake?
I like that sort of thinking, although if it was up to me, I'd slowly make the hero lose himself with influence and power, corrupting him to the point he turns into a villain.
Then I'd so the rest of your post
I want some omni anon to (gently) torment me.
What kind of (gentle) torment are you thinking of
>Seeing discussion of Cia in the giantess thread made me remember a possibly-omnipotence-related fantasy I've had. Has there ever been a story where characters have to contend with a literal Omniscient Narrator?

Wow, this would make a hell of a story.
One that re-writes itself, twisting and turning as the competing omnipotents disagree.
The narrator[s] can lie! If they're only omniscient, they may not have control!
aaa this idea is really exiting…

(damn, has the captcha got harder recently?)
File: wndvls6inrq61.jpg (32 KB, 415x739)
32 KB
I'm not the anon you were asking but I think they'd probably want stuff like what Nagatoro does but dialed up with superpowers.
gonna start tickling your feet out of nowhere a few times a day when it's least convenient for you
Why do I come to these threads
it strikes me that, aside from origin, she's rather like AM from I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream except as a sexy lady. that's fine of course i just thought it was interesting
And just how many times did you come?
Blegh, sorry the revisions took so long.
If you already made a build it's essentially the same. Servitude got a bit of a tweak, robo-anons can avoid losing their humanity entirely, some descriptions were made clearer, and you do get a free boon when you choose extra paths now. Hopefully I didn't miss anything too crazy, and once again thank you for your feedback it was a lot of help.
>ywn spend a decade painstakingly building a temple in the middle of nowhere to your god so you can revere him in silence
nice abs
I think I was feeling really depressed and lonely when I posted that. Also, I'm trying NOT to include slimegirls in everything ever
so with the revisions in mind, all that changes is I drop the safehouse boon and add the Aspiring Hero nemesis to keep all my scales.

pretty much everything is the same, except now once I reach stage 3 I put some effort into acting as a "Patron Goddess" to the hero starting from when he's too weak to refuse, putting him to tasks for rewards that I know he'd eventually reap on his own
Ultimately I'll end up either keeping him as a loyal and useful subject, or by the time he attempts to betray me I'll have already unlocked the miracle ability to banish him from this plane.
Include slimegirls into more things.
there is literally no difference between a slime guy and a slime girl
Woah! Hold up. You're really hurting the gender fluid by saying that.
They are genderless. Only the way they act gives them gender. Though i would be a guy slime and live inside a girls womb and forcefully expand her breasts too, while making her look pregnant.
I like to imagine Cia keeps ”subtly” putting in her various fetishes (and ergo, Lana's, seeing as they're more or less different sides of the same coin) along with various smutty scenes, with Lana trying to dial things back to an appropriate tone, with it devolving to the point that they abandon all pretenses of subtly

"Damn it Cia, stop trying to insert yourself into a raunchy scene with Link! I mean, yes, he's cute, sweet, and caring---"
"Oh Lana, I'm so sorry! I keep forgetting your love for Link burns as bright as mine, it's just more subdued! Let me write you into a nice, fluffy romantic scene with him!~"
"Wha--?! N-now just see here---"
"Complete with the lights off and hand holding!"
"... I'm not saying I approve, but I am curious as to where this goes..."
"... Don't I get a say in this, feminine sounding sky voices?"
"No! ...I mean--"
"Now now, no need to be humble dear, just TAKE what you desire before you!"
"But free will's hot! ...Ah!"
Tiny but omnipotent person...
Imagine holding the most powerful being in all of existence in your hand. Think of everything you could do, especially if it turns out that your little deity is actually a sub.
It's intimidating at first because you can feel the raw presence behind her and how every little movement shakes the foundations of reality, but that quickly fades after the first time she asks you to treat her like an onahole and bulge her belly out with cum.
I could steal literally the only pair of panties in the universe that wouldn't disintegrate upon contact with her.
This is already hot even though I don't like tiny girls but what makes her hotter is that she has a larger form (Titania). Why did Japan start putting their hottest girls into MMOs?
Why so dead
>Before you can even think, let alone react, the massive she-beast's claws rip through your skin with no resistance whatsoever, the movement of their arm, faster than lightning, completing its upward arc before you can even register the shock and searing pain that came after.
>Barely, you call out to your partner, yet her lightspeed rush toward you is cut brutally short by a dark blur, the bulk of the beastwoman sending your young friend spiraling out into the distance like an arrow. The shockwave of her landing against the savanna cliffs, miles away, reverberates through the ruins of the collapsed citadel as the cliffside begins to cave, endless rubble tumbling down the faraway drop.
>The sound mixes with thunder, creating a near-constant roar through your senses as you fall to the side, dizzied--yet somehow alive. Did the beastwoman, muscled, and powerful beyond measure, not mean to kill you?
>Amdist the daze of your thoughts, you only now feel a strange burning sensation from within the wound. It spreads, tingling across your form, yet without pain. You bring yourself to look down, and panic alights your body, prompting a scramble as you see an inky blackness, not too dissimilar from Azamorix's own, spread across your skin like vines and tendrils.
>In terror, you scrape and peel, yet each dark line pulls away merely reattaches more firmly, becoming part of your skin itself as the dark god's lifeforce begins to taint you. You feel your mind swallowed and submurged by otherworldly urges as the beastwoman looks on, a wide, indomitable grin upon her features as she takes in your transformation.
>You clench tightly to your weapon as you grip one arm with the other, the last of your conscious motions. In the next moment, you feel nearly detached from your body, a soul free-floating in a space not its own. You feel your body, influenced not at all by your own will, turn as the blinding light of your paladin shoots back toward the battlefield and step between your friend and her foe.
>In that moment, you are certain this is the end, that your body, irrespective of the training you have received, with all its incomparable, mortal frailty, could stand against even the lighest blow your paladin could offer.
>And you realize, then, that you should have trusted far more in her skill and nature; as quickly as she approached, she stopped in an instant, eyes wide and blade leveled merely half an inch away from the middle of your eyes as you feel the shock and confusion in her own.
>The beastwoman and her master sneer from behind. Before your friend can reorient her attention on the true threats before her, your own body lurches forward, swinging for your friend's body with speed and strength you yourself never possessed.
>Her voice is laden with confusion as you attempt strike after strike, each mildly parried or sometimes even taken to little effect as you, a mere puppet, lurch against the living embodiment of will and steel. Indeed, every movement on her part is one carefully calculated to reduce your own harm.
>Yet, it is clear your own body is there to kill. Your strength surges further as your attacks become more relentless and exploitative, channeling the demon god's will and power. Trickles of ambrosia begin to pour into your mind; is this what the likes of the paladins and the beastwoman always feel? Rushes of power incomparable to even the greatest of worldly sensations? Is to be a god to be all-powerful, all-knowing, all-pleasured?
>The grandeur leaks further into your mind, taking firm root, and the power behind your blows increases as your paladin struggles to keep you both unharmed, with slipping success.
>Cuts and bruises from your own dark-laden blows begin to appear on her form, and her breathing grows labored as she remains unwilling to strike her friend and ally. You feel pangs of some other, deeper, more precious emotion break through your pleasure as she lets out her cries of frustration and pain. Lost amongst sensations, the echoes of her pleading in your mind become your only guidance back to yourself, your only sense of truth in an endless haze of false bliss.
>Your hand, clawed and black as pitch, grips her throat and squeezes. She could with just a motion free you forever of your arm, yet she does not. You can feel the weight and heat of the beastwoman behind you as she steps forward, encircling your torso with her massive, muscular arms, veins throbbing with endless power as her breasts press lightly into the back of your head. Her voice, low and sultry, blankets every corner of your mind and deepens the lust into which you've fallen as she commands for you to finish off your friend.
>Tears roll down her face as she lets her blade clatter to the ground; even now, she will not harm you. Through her struggling breaths, she asks if you remember your days together in the summer. Those times when the two of you would find forest clearings and lie in the grass, and you would recount the things you had learned from the books you alone could read, things neither of you had ever seen yet could picture in your minds as clearly as the surrounding woodland.
>You remember, then, how silly it all sounded to you, how implausible her daydreams were, no matter her seriousness. You remembered your next words, that to be a knight was dangerous, not heroic. Who would look after her if she was ever hurt, and who would sing of her should she ever fall? You did not know it then, though perhaps you should have, for the sparkle in her eyes that lived on in memory spoke untold volumes.
>Her page would do such, for all knights gallant and brave would need a page.
>An overwhelming emotion builds within your chest, not just your spirit, no--your chest itself! In that brief reconnection of mind and body, you wrench your hand and arm away from your friend, who even then, in her sadness and fear, possessed the unmistakable flash of determination in her eyes. Her palm stretches outward, placed upon your chest, and the flash of light that came with it causes the hulking beastwoman behind you to stumble.
>And yet, within it all, as the darkness receded, you yourself feel nothing but warmth, peace, and comfort as tears well in your eyes and fall. Your promises remain yet unbroken.

She returns.

To those anons who know this story, thank you for waiting. Have an extra long chapter as my gomennasorry.
Maybe I'm tired but I don't get this story. A furry monstergirl kills me and then turns into Artoria Pendragon in some afterlife-like dimension?
It's part of a longer series. Haven't had the chance to work on it in a long time so it probably makes no sense without context, sorry anon. Someone else has it archived here though: https://pst.klgrth.io/paste/gun49/raw
kek'd, good one anon
>Our prayers have finally been answered! Praise be to Our Knightess!

But in all seriousness thank you for this new chapter! It's hard to imagine that after over 1½ years I'm still getting excited for each new snippet, and yet my anticipation for that peck on the cheek that Our Knightess will hopefully bestow upon her faithful friend by the end keeps growing.
I especially liked how you described the intoxicating properties of power this time around - it's just a shame that it was only against Her, and not some weaker bystander to really underline how deliciously unfair power can be. (Though I guess that'd lean too much into Vivetta's stylings.)

In any case, here's to the next instalment! (But as usual, don't worry about how long it takes.)
>She's back.
Finally. Gotta see where Our Knightess' journey ends up.
I'm awake now and still don't get it. What does Artoria have to do with the monstergirl?
The author accompanied ever post in-thread with a pic of Saber, making her how most people probably imagine our knightess to look.
Have to read the archive for context.
Wrote a thing about being a part of an omnipotent dude's harem and being tasked with serving him breakfast

Some folks might like it

well that was weird, good job!
It took me an embarrassing amount of time to realize that this is a sequel to a story I've read in the past, but at least my stupidity gave it a cool aha-effect.
Thank you for sharing it here.
Another part! Good stuff, the first part is one of my favorite in the omni-genre. The way you use perspective in it, is just "chef´s kiss". So good.
Thank you very much for replying, glad you enjoyed it!
Can I ask you to elaborate a bit on what you mean by perspective?
By perspective I mean in part 1 how the MC is kind of third wheeling in the story, he´s not "In it" but rather just a normal dude which kind of grounds the story and gives an unique perspective.
Usually these kind of stories are written in third person where we can kind of get into the head of the omni person as we follow them every step of the way, but by writing it like that, we don´t really know what´s going on in their head which gives us that kind of mysterious vibe and a total "you are in my power" kind of feel.
Also the way the MC is just seeing kind of snapshots of the omni person shenanigans, works kind of well in a way you can easily use your imagination to fill in the blanks, kind of like in a horror movie where you don´t show the monster so your imagination does a lot of the footwork.
By making the MC a normal person grounds the story and you kind of avoid the disconnect which can happen when you are following the omni person when they start doing some over the top things like giving themselves a millin genitals and stuff like that.
And the perspective also gives a slight self-insert element that can be a lot of fun if it´s done right and how the omnipotent person behaves feels "real", he´s not some sneering villain but is more like "Sorry dude, you are in my way and I´m trying to coom!" (Because if I had the power he had I wouldn´t twirl my mustache and take over the world, I would just fuck off somewhere to get my rocks off.)
Also having a story where there is a straight maledom omnipotent is surprisingly rare, usually it´s some kind of magical girl (which is fine, it´s just as they say "variety is the spice of life" and all that).
To me it´s just a solid piece of work and actually lead to me start writing some myself.
Oh shit that is super awesome feedback, thank you so much! I really appreciate it.
>actually lead to me start writing some myself.
That makes me so happy, thank you so much for this comment in particular.
If you ever write something you feel like sharing please feel free to shoot me a message!
For males, offer them to surrender and if they don't:
>make them biologically 18
>make them immortal and so they don't age
>make them immune to diseases and injuries
>have them keep their memories
>order their respective governments to feminize them to a ludicrous extent and then to make employing them and charity to them strictly illegal and punishable with same punishments as for military resisting me

There, I just created a underclass of immortal femboys that resisted me that exist only so they can get shoved aside, bullied, harassed and raped at the digression of randoms, that will quite literally have to steal to get anything, as well as a constant and slow influx of new femboys. They will have to walk around naked, will constantly be getting re-trained in feminine acting and getting fucked by their governments and will be shunned and sexually abused by their former countrymen they fought to protect.

For females, offer them to surrender and if they don't:
>make them all into hot and athletic milfs
>make them immortal and so they don't age
>make them immune to diseases and injuries
>have them keep their memories
>give them a ravenous desire to sexually abuse, humiliate and bully the above created class of femboys
>order governments to not prevent or interfere with the milfs if they are interacting with femboys

Whoila. Now just about every town in a country that resisted me has at least a few femboys that are not capable of doing anything other then being a constant reminder of my power to everyone, while cities have a more prevalent example of it in the shape of a hot milf tying a femboy to a table in a restaurant and pegging him for three hours without a stop while the police are standing and observing it, afraid that if they interfere, it will be them getting feminized and the milf will be railing them in a few months.
Oh and bonus point if two closely related family members of opposite genders were in the military.
One day, I just become capable of making my wishes reality.
So first thing first, I make a save-state. Then I make myself immortal. Then I decide to test my powers out.
I walk outside of my apartment, walk down a floor to a door of my neighbor and knock. I wait for a few seconds, thinking about all that I will do and start exploring more and more options, only to be snapped out of it by the door in front of me opening.
In front of me stood a woman in her early fifties. Before she could speak, I asked:
“Is your daughter inside?”
“Yeah, she’s-”
I cut her off before she can speak: “Is anyone else inside?”
“No, but-”
Then she changed her expression to a blank one and stepped into the apartment. I took a stride inside and closed the door behind me. I took a turn to the right and stepped through the open doorway, the girl’s mother following me, as I found the girl still asleep on the bed.
I glanced around the room, while the girls mother went towards the kitchen and the girl slowly awoke.
Spending a few moments thinking, I ordered the girl to get on all fours on her bed, then I took the girls own phone and built a small rest for it from a few books laying around on the girls desk, positioning it so only the girl was in frame, started the recording and made my way to her front.
It was at this moment I pulled down my sweatpants and revealed my erect penis, with the girls mother appearing a few moments later, carrying two large cucumbers and a tube of lube in her hands and made her way to behind the girl.
File: 1624828194895.jpg (614 KB, 850x1182)
614 KB
614 KB JPG
What characters/character archetypes would you most like to see becoming an omni?
For me it's easygoing, slutty gyaru. Mostly because the idea of an all powerful god using their powers for petty, inane reasons is so hot.
Replacing all of the models in high-end clothing advertisements with herself, keeping the sun locked in place all day so she can work on her tan, that kind of stuff.

In the span of some seven hours a 6 hour video had been posted online, to numerous public forums, porn sites, social media networks and sent to all of the girls contacts of this girl being continuosuly ravaged from offscreen by a penis from the front, into her mouth, and from a pair of cucumbers held by a pair of elder female hands penetrating her ass and vagina, only for the girl to collapse into exhaustion at the end of the video.
After this, I walked disposed of the two cucumbers as the girls mother carried the lube tube back to its place and cleaned up the mess made on the girls bed. Taking a moment to look at her, I grabbed her phone again, deleted the video, placed the phone on the table, put the sheets over the cleaned girl and exited the apartment, while wishing for the girl and her mother to forget the whole episode as I made my way back to my apartment.
File: 1634735526398 (1).jpg (123 KB, 480x640)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
I like the idea of a timid tittymonster who couldn't hurt a fly being corrupted into a massive bitch by the power at her fingertips.
Especially if she uses her powers for simple things without realizing the implications at first, late for school? enlarge herself to run faster, not realizing she is crushing people. Does her boyfriend try to wake up from bed? "just ten more minutes" she says as hours are now 70 minutes longer.
But after she starts getting corrupted she starts enjoying the torments she causes. "Oh sorry, I needed to grind that city against my nipple to satiate my horniness, is ok, I brought them back with all memories of being crushed intact...Yes I know is the 5 time today"
Great character for it but I prefer timid tittymonster becoming timid tittymonster with absolute power and control over reality and being kinda subby about it.
Her being kinda subby to me, and me alone, and letting me safely watch her horny rampages or even joining also has charm.
Then again if she blinked like that to me, even without using her powers I will kneel and call her Goddess
Now I remember why I like these threads and why I have fantasies of an omnipotent goddess girlfriend destroying everything in her path.
I'm horribly lonely. Imagining being in a city that was completely erased from existence only for me to materialize in a dimension where it's just the two of us, or a grey-goo type situation where the entire universe is just the inside of a slimegirl and I, as the last human and the last living creature who hasn't been absorbed, try to escape from her.
Does this count?
>or a grey-goo type situation where the entire universe is just the inside of a slimegirl and I, as the last human and the last living creature who hasn't been absorbed, try to escape from her.
someone post the story about the scientist's wife or whoever that becomes a universe, this anon might like it
Does she become a slimegirl or some other fluid substance?
An interesting looking new choose your own adventure game demo is about to drop. It's called "SLAY THE PRINCESS", and large parts of it appeal to a.... Certain kind of audience.
The princess is essentially influenced by how we the character precive her, which leads to her getting stronger and stronger and it's obvious that she is some transcendental entity.
idk why but this idea of just thinking someone to be stronger or more beautiful is enough for it to turn into reality is hot imo.
I think she was more like a meat dimension, if it's the same story I'm thinking of.
anyone got the image set of the succubus that became a Goddess because she tried to seduce a guy with this fetish?
I think i would first cause crops to grow really good and make water really clean, and also make a bunch of healing rituals so that I could concentrate on the really fun stuff, like establishing various "cults" with lesser deities put in charge.
Then would personally expand the shit out of the earth, so that there would be more places for wacky shit. Mega mountains, mega caves, floating islands, new countries populated by (descendands of) people that were sedused to partake in various rituals.
Regular old cities would be somewhat preserved, by establishing expansed zones in places where no one lives.
Magical internet would be cool, where no one can trace you by IP and a lot new features.
Main Temple would probably be on some new island in what was atlantic ocean. Home would probably be just some bigger on the inside flat in moderatly big city.
Sounds like a mortal cope to me.
Oh I forgot to mention with this, all women also get dicks so there are more for me to suck
anyone have that hentais about superheroines who go full reverse ryona on man?
Where will it be published?
It was the story you were thinking of, and yes she became a meat dimension.
On steam! Just Google it.
>2023 release
Is there any media that you've read that deals with aspects of ascendence?

I finished what is translated so far of Mazinger ZERO and holy fuck, ZERO is terrifying beyond all measure. It's not porn, but it sure as hell wipes its ass with many other comics that try to show earth-shattering powers.
File: evelyn.jpg (6 KB, 297x170)
6 KB
just finish watch everything everywhere all at once. It just about a insecure asian milf who can control the multiverse in the end of the movie. because her can feel and control all her version at the same time
Just imagine, you see yourself jump in a universe where her is you mom, she decide have fun with you, making all you version in f multiverse try lewd things at the same time (she do that with a guy in movie)
>tfw no omnipotent anon to worship
Is there a manga or hentai adaptation of the Bible? This will sound dumb, but I think the events of Genesis would be quite hot if they were done by the sort of girl that is par for the course in the medium. Plus who wouldn't enjoy a pervy God trying to catch her newly minted children Adam and Eve in the act. Even better if the tree of knowledge is actually just ger giant dildo in disguise, and the sense of embarrassment is what makes God banish Adam and Eve once they find out.
With omni girls dead, what other places can you post stories on?

Bonus points if their ToS is not garbage.
Until now
I'm new to this kink, now. I've been reading this thread for a while and feeling the soft and fluffies in my heart. Anyone want to point me to their favorite omnipotence related material to help me begin my journey? <3
File: 1657214975059.jpg (3.1 MB, 3600x2800)
3.1 MB
3.1 MB JPG
"the soft and fluffies" are the best kind of horny!
I'm not that active in finding and storing omni stuff, but hopefully one of the other anons has something for you.
Yeah! I'm literally just looking to expose myself to more of this to actually figure out what *specifically* about this is getting me going. So I know what to fantasize about.
A lot of what I like skews to unfairness and cruelty, but macrophilia was my gateway into this. If you have a sweet spot for growth videos, stories, etc. I'd wholeheartedly recommend Vivetta Venray's Deus Ex Machina:
Ascension stories, especially this one, are what makes my heart flutter still to this day, and the unfairness described in the mc's power over others, especially as those numbers keep increasing, is intoxicating. Reading this story for the first time was genuinely painfully good.

In that same unfair vein, if you're at all interested in male omnipotent content, there'd be eelskin's Student's Pets, which is a slower ascension burn, and less focussed on size differences, but once that omnipotence fully sets in, it hits like a freight train:

Has watching The Boys given you any funny feelings? If yes, you may be more interested in just superpowered stuff, in which case you should have a look at 1888's art:
One of the thread's favourite images is the girl walking into a tank, and compacting it with her chest alone. Though beware, this can get quite graphic. Vivetta also has a very good but graphic story that plays with the fragility of humans:
This can also be seen in her story 'Investigation', which brings back more size elements:

I also want to mention 'Mentorship' as its mc is not an all-powerful being, but just a normal person who is given lots of power over others - it's deliciously unfair:
Similarly there is also Tamashi INSERT LEVEL 1 to 7:
Though this would not be complete without this recontextualisation:

Finally I also want to point at Our Knightess' story linked here >>10303874 as a less cruel, fluffy example
>Similarly there is also Tamashi INSERT LEVEL 1 to 7:
>Though this would not be complete without this recontextualisation:
This one is super unfair and cruel too. You should've warned.
>Is there a manga or hentai adaptation of the Bible?
I think it's called "Bible Black"
Hi, I’ve been reading giantess stories for a long time but I’ve only recently found omni content. Can anyone recommend stories that skew more gentle or romantic? Or stories with the “Omni is mean to most people, but nice to one person” dynamic? Thanks!
This please! <3
Omnipotent-girls.net definitely had a few good examples, but in the site's absence, here are some old greentexts:
Archive at omnitopia.bplaced.net
File: 61580405_p0.jpg (586 KB, 942x1233)
586 KB
586 KB JPG
>would probably be a very boring god
>just create universes and watch them grow as if you were tending a garden
>MAYBE occasionally visit them to amuse myself, but nothing destructive or harmful
It's fun to imagine being cruel, but I'd probably never do it. Just making life marginally better for people in the shadows and having my copies explore the universe and see what's out there.
>Be cruel, but only to the people into that stuff
File: HanasakuIroha10.jpg (80 KB, 1280x720)
80 KB
>create universes and watch them grow as if you were tending a garden

>pluck an especially ripe and juicy universe like you would a strawberry
>gently nibble on the outer edges to experience the prickly little pops that stars produce against your lips
>subconciously take a whiff of the universe, ripping a fair few stars up your nose - to you, their gasses smell so delicious
>bite down properly, bursting the universe apart, bathing the inside of your mouth with a sea of stars
>so much is almost immediately extinguished by the cataclysmic amount of saliva in your mouth
>still, countless stars and their planets, many of which are populated, shatter against your colossal taste buds
>life is so sweet
Bump limit reached.
New thread

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