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Gentle Shrinking CYOA
File: 1655594182890.jpg (580 KB, 3627x3199)
580 KB
580 KB JPG
You're starting a business with a focus on a giantess customer base, what is it and what kind of giantesses frequent your store? Any special rules like no picking up the staff? Elevator pitch boys, go!
File: 1655651892189.jpg (818 KB, 4096x2785)
818 KB
818 KB JPG
>We do the BEST feet washes and massages, guaranteed to get into every crevice

>Just take a look at one of our satisfied customers right behind me
File: 1567914580593.jpg (1.27 MB, 2000x1000)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB JPG
Okay, but which one's the customer?
File: 3cRoPX7Ihg.jpg (203 KB, 1024x1448)
203 KB
203 KB JPG
Hairdresser. Everyone needs one, and can you imagine how precisely a tiny could cut hair?
File: 1637519258574.png (231 KB, 640x480)
231 KB
231 KB PNG

1. This isn't really a store, but I choose dentist work. Tiny person goes in giant ladies mouths for precision cleaning. Aimed at wealthy individuals who will see it as a prestige, power and status kind of thing to have someone else be their personal mouth cleaner even though a normal dentist would be just as good. Could be themed around sharks and those fish that clean their mouths. No swallowing or chewing the staff, but they can tease about it as much as they like. Staff must have a safety line attached at all times.

2. Also not a store. Portable life coach service. They can get their own life coach who will travel with them in their daily lives to offer real time advice and encouragement through a discrete ear piece. Low self esteem? The tiny life coach will give you pep talks. Hard choices? The tiny will help you weigh your options. Whatever the situation, they will be there fore you, literally.
File: 1601869457309.jpg (150 KB, 1280x1937)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
Tiny cafe owner. Help some local tinies to get used to being around gentle giantesses again the giantess gets to fawn over a tiny of choice. If all goes well, the tiny can get adopted. Plus, the giantesses gets to have some coffee and cake on the side, just to help entice them.
Giantess IKEA. Giant, decent quality and easy to assemble furniture isn’t exactly easy to come by.

The TINEE-home options are extremely popular - the big girls love seeing the little cute homes in the staged giantess room galleries.

Also the meatballs are popular.
this is my favorite idea so far
They say if you find the job you love, you'll never work a day in your life!
File: 82586133_p0.jpg (2.78 MB, 2500x1600)
2.78 MB
2.78 MB JPG
How's that work? If I loved my job that much, I'd be all over it.
File: 1651196882703.jpg (176 KB, 1982x1338)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
Welp, that was the idea I was coming with since I was thinking of cat/dog cafes.
File: cuddlecute.jpg (68 KB, 600x600)
68 KB
>Are you afraid of the dark, thunderstorms or do you suffer from general sleep loss?
>fear not, with our new TINY SLEEP COMPANION SERVICE you'll soon sleep like you're in heaven
>our tiny employees are specially trained to help YOU with your sleep problems.
>They offer the soothing presence you so dearly need to get a good nights rest or calm your nerves with their suprisingly smooth noises
>Furthermore, recent studies have shown that prolonged presence and contact with a tiny improves your general psychological well being
>Don't worry our employees fully consent to things like: Clutching to the chest, handheld cuddles, goodnight kisses and even reading stories
>Please take note of the minimum 1 week use time of our service
...the big lady getting her feeth cleaned...I mean my guys are even wearing a uniform with the company logo and everything
File: 198849005-288-k444718.jpg (27 KB, 288x450)
27 KB
File: 1591911839502.jpg (3.75 MB, 3000x3000)
3.75 MB
3.75 MB JPG
Great minds think alike. Nothing would beat having some stressed-out office lad or university student come in a drink and relax with a cup of coffee and a tiny of choice.
File: 1641707721173.jpg (670 KB, 3470x2410)
670 KB
670 KB JPG
Rent-a-giantess-friend, you can call them up whenever you feel down
>Warning, giant girls are known to quickly form attachements to tinies, our employees may seek you out in their freetime
File: 0ac.jpg (103 KB, 1280x742)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
>Portable life coach service
>your next case is pic related, you were hired by her parents
meant to replay to>>10266354
File: FA8qbp8VQAcOEkq.jpg (101 KB, 714x1200)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
>5... 6... 7... come on, you can do better than that! I'm even wearing a bra this time! 8... 9...
File: 1598727290754.png (1.67 MB, 3000x4000)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB PNG
File: 1428859921370.jpg (625 KB, 1700x1100)
625 KB
625 KB JPG
Our party has recently hire this giant warrior qt, quests have never been easier. Only 2 drawbacks though
1. Our costs for food, drink and accomodations have risen drastically
2. She's afraid of thunderstorms so everytime it rains to hard she demands that our healer sleeps with her so she can cuddle him for safety
Tiny novelist who writes trashy but popular romance novels under a giantess pen name.

Ever since the release of that study connecting extreme beauty and mental/physical health benefits to being the object of positive feelings from a tiny (yes the church of the mother goddess types keep screaming “I told you so’s”), the big ladies have been going nuts trying to hook up with the littles.

The majority of tinies are disinterested. The dark ages of being kept in cages as pets or being forced to do dumb tasks for giggles are long past, but decades of mostly peaceful segregation and a natural skittishness around giantesses are a bit hard to get over.

They can’t simply approach (or god forbid try to just nab) tinies freely, because the United Giantess Nations Tiny Protective Agency is actually competent, and keeps the peace strictly. Tiny zones are locked down tight.

They can’t get enough of the books - plenty of giantesses have tried to jump on the bandwagon and write their own, but they’re never a hit. They lack the “realistic perspective” that yours are so popular for. Your fans are certain you’re a complete genius of big woman with a little boyfriend. Debates and articles have been written about you and your work. Verbal wars fought on socials.

Eventually, the rag journalists discover the truth that you’re a shy and withdrawn single guy (albeit a very rich and comfy one). You’re worried it’ll ruin you - instead you’re now somehow the most eligible bachelor on the planet. You’re regularly flooded with correspondence of powerful women seeking your attention.

The Princess of Giantess Arabia has apparently sent you a giant yacht, fully staffed with a harem of giantesses - a “taste of what she can offer you.” You refuse to go near the thing - you know you’ll never leave a free man. Kimmy Jong Unna keeps threatening to nuke your country unless you’re handed over to her. What? And don’t get started about domestic celebs…
File: Dpw_lkgW4AAOS1-.jpg (163 KB, 848x1200)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
Office assisstant...just put one in your cleavage and pet him whenever you feel stressed
File: LOCpK9o98w.png (801 KB, 900x1650)
801 KB
801 KB PNG
>"Hey there, little cutie!"
File: Asuka big girl.jpg (86 KB, 763x1047)
86 KB
File: 1622136151950.png (545 KB, 850x610)
545 KB
545 KB PNG
Always a favourite scenario desu
Aaaaaaaaand now I want to read an Evangelion AU where 2nd Impact made it so like 1/2 the male population shrinks. Shinji still has to pilot unit 01, etc etc. Hijinks with all the ladies in the show. And the Gendo/Ritsuko thing becomes even more hilarious that way.
Would Unit 01 still be the same size as it is in the show, since, you know, it's a woman and all? Because the thought of a shrunken Shinji trying to pilot it is an interesting prospect.
Of course. And one of NERV’s biggest concerns is her going berserk if something bad happens to Shinji.
File: fnfpbgxjphv31.png (496 KB, 640x699)
496 KB
496 KB PNG
>Can't walk 5 metres to the kitchen to get a coffee before I'm cornered by another giantess telling me how cute and cuddly I look
File: FUKQdymagAAMXBu.jpg (1.62 MB, 1800x2880)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB JPG
>it's your first major gig
>you somehow get to be the backup drummer for some japanese idol
>you watch some of her music in prep for the concert
>she's pretty cute in her performances, but this is her first live performance
>finally the idol shows up
>she's gigantic
>the stage had to be specially reinforced to hold her up
>you don't even know why they picked a concert venue this small
>you don't even come up to her knees
>Hell your drum set is barely over her ankles
>you spend the entire concert desperately trying not to look up
>you somehow manage to keep in time, despite her jumping and dancing shaking your kit
>she says "nice job little buddy" and gives you a friendly wink after the concert's over
>you end up performing for her entire tour
File: giantess rei.jpg (1013 KB, 1920x2694)
1013 KB
1013 KB JPG
File: 208681.jpg (463 KB, 1200x900)
463 KB
463 KB JPG
Lounge Actor. Very much like a lounge singer, but since tinies are so smol, you can fit an entire team of tinies to act out various plays and musicals for the amusement of drunk giantesses.
File: Alia_and_Donnel.png (891 KB, 606x951)
891 KB
891 KB PNG
do you guys have some drawing scenarios with those 2 characters ?
I would like to draw more of them
Her saving him from an illegal tiny farm
File: 1642864174615.jpg (169 KB, 925x1470)
169 KB
169 KB JPG
Hey Greenanon, I'm that critic from last thread, and I'm following your latest story, "One Year Lease", with great interest. It looks like the "Cruel to Kind" story you were talking about (and that myself and several other anons had asked for).
Firstly, nice work on the story, it's progressing exceptionally well
Secondly, a B plot with Amber could be pretty cool at some point, just because she seems crueler and smarter than Eve and that seems interesting
Thirdly, a critique, I think sometimes your characters act a bit too cartoony. In the fantasy and superhero plots this worked to your advantage, but I think your characterization of "real" people as heavily driven by sex and willing to play craps with their lives and freedom for shits and giggles is a bit unrealistic for the scenario. I'm not saying this can't be a thing, in fact writing those actions is definitely one of your strong suits, but some more self-reflection on the part of the characters so we as the readers can better understand why they act the way they do would go a long way in assisting in suspension of disbelief.

This is all to encourage you to keep it up and give my own two cents on your writing though. Your prolific pace is easily one of your greatest strengths, I just urge you to give your characters more complex rationale for their actions, and to communicate this to the reader.
Thanks for the thoughts, I guess I'd say like you said I'm used to a goofier style and more fantastic plots. I'll try to show a bit more of the character's internal motivations going forward and tighten them up a bit.
>B plot with Amber
She's got a greater role in the story to play, obviously she's not a good influence on Eve.

Overall though I'm glad you're enjoying it, hopefully when the "12 months" are up you'll be happy with how things turn out.

Since I'm talking about the story a bunch I'll link it for anyone who missed last thread
I really hope Amber ends up shrinking by the end of the story. It’d be both karmic justice and pretty hilarious.

That, or gets fired and blacklisted way down the road since it seems corporate is shrinkee friendly, and fucking around with Charles when he’s legally under his wife care seems like a way to get the law on your back.

>insert shitty plot of another enemies to lovers story where a now homeless and angry at the world Amber ends up getting unwillingly saved by a tiny philanthropist. Years later Eve bumps into her and is shocked that she became a decent person.
File: 1604595718950.jpg (538 KB, 3000x2000)
538 KB
538 KB JPG
just gotta say that I love this story. You are constantly knocking it out of the park and I look forward to every chapter. Also have you thought about ending or continuing We Help Each Other Get By?
Thanks, I have 2 parter ending for We Help Each Other Get By outlined and ready to be written at some point, I probably won't hit it until after I'm done with Lease though.
>tfw the giant neet gf is wagieposting
File: 1601487094783.jpg (433 KB, 650x1096)
433 KB
433 KB JPG
File: 89837306_p0.jpg (2.37 MB, 1760x2400)
2.37 MB
2.37 MB JPG
I can have them shining pristine like clean, handholding mirrors. Take it or leave it.
I'm excited to see where you go next, so far the story's been great.

I actually don't mind the goofy parts all that much, but I do think there's a noticeable improvement in your characters in your characters compared to your previous works.
He working as her pocket mechanic
Or training session with toothpicks!
File: Gundam_Matilda.png (1.14 MB, 2480x3508)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB PNG
Alia sitting up in bed with Donnel in between her tits. It's like when the Gundam was first operated, sitting up on a flatbed.
File: planet lick.webm (2.78 MB, 640x360)
2.78 MB
2.78 MB WEBM
Unless she has omnipotent powers somehow preventing her from doing so, she just obliterated billions with those licks.

That said, the idea of omnipotent/godlike giantess using her power just to protect tinies from harm so she can be affectionate is pretty cute.

>can warp and bend reality to her will
>just makes it so that she can lick, kiss, and snuggle cute little things safely at her size
>too ditzy to consider any more reasonable alternatives
File: Eph8_xWU8AEadKD.jpg (705 KB, 1200x1800)
705 KB
705 KB JPG

>roaming alien giantess has a hobby of observing planets from a distance
>life in space is actually pretty rare, you see, so finding a planet with life, much less intelligent life, was hard
>she'll just park in orbit around the system's star and look at all the tiny beings live their lives like a tv show because she knows she's too big to go down and play with them
>she can barely stomach remembering what happened the last time she tried
>she's never encountered any spacefaring races, so it was a shock to wake up and suddenly find a tiny spaceship in orbit right beside her
>looks like the locals came to say hello for her
File: 1593698369165.webm (1.93 MB, 640x360)
1.93 MB
1.93 MB WEBM
It would be so great to read a story about a gentle, careful "invading" alien. Not just the usual sniffing up whole cities in her nose.

There were no survivors

>"You don't understand! the planet was going to be destroyed by a giant meteor! It was the only way to get the earthlings to safety before it hit!"
>"Because you couldn't stop the meteor before it hit the planet?"
>"...You couldn't stop the meteor before it hit the planet?"

>Some time later, the well-meaning but clumsy giantess found a suitable planet for humanity to call home
>although the delivery method was less than dignified, as the giantess was forced to drool the former citizens of earth onto the surface of their new home
>still, humanity had managed to escape certain destruction thanks to their "savior," and began to rebuild under the watchful eye of their new caretaker- guardian, who was blissfully unaware of the small band of remnants who decided that her mouth was their new home
>but that's a story for later
How do giantesses treat blinded tinies? Is constant body contact advised?
can't tinies echo-locate already? how else do they find their way around dark and secluded parts of our homes.
who broke the news then you liar!?
I did it. I broke it into so many pieces, you didn't even see it happen. That's how hard the news broke.

Reminding me that I was really tempted to do a somewhat self-masturbatory commission of my cute dragon-girl WoL "solving" Endwalker by growing to giga sized, planting soft kisses all over Etheirys to absorb the aether of every living thing into herself, then finding a suitable planet to essentially expel everything onto. Also with a shower of kisses.
File: fullbod.png (830 KB, 957x686)
830 KB
830 KB PNG
Hurry and make the tasty sweet cream already!
this is a secret service of the tiny cafe mentioned up thread
premium tiny creamer with the diamond experience package. extracted by you or a member of the staff if you so choose
>wow our boss at the Tiny cafe is so nice, she gives us free pineapple juice and zinc supplements every morning when we get to work!
>she says I'm almost ready to work the VIP rooms!
File: FQcAtnDagAUZzLZ.jpg (377 KB, 3000x2000)
377 KB
377 KB JPG
There were no life on this dead rock. Tera giantess bring life to planets by spreading their "microbiome" on it.
What happened the last time she tried?
From what I understand of the subject, a woman the size of a planet would have her own gravitational field, so simply being near a planet would destroy all life on it. You'd have to bring magic into the equation in order to make this situation work.
That's adorable. I wish there was an omnipotent girl who liked to do stuff like that.
File: FLRHHf-VgBYUAyn.jpg (1.01 MB, 1500x897)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB JPG
File: 1654299416081.jpg (338 KB, 1158x1638)
338 KB
338 KB JPG
File: 1655947183743.jpg (191 KB, 1988x1680)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
How do you keep tinies entertained?
File: 1614828979865.png (701 KB, 815x457)
701 KB
701 KB PNG
Just give them some kind of environment with neat things to engage. And a cool fucking soundtrack blaring in the background. Make climbing a tea saucer sound like scaling Mount Everest.
File: 1654021367340.jpg (183 KB, 1280x1811)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
Custom dungeons
Comfy movie nights filled with lots of hand play
Just give me a custom tiny games console or PC please
File: tinyhome.jpg (780 KB, 1001x1413)
780 KB
780 KB JPG
Imagine the reverse situation. The giantess is blind, but her tiny helps her during the day
why does she need a rifle?
mini airsoft
Looks like a comfy setup. I wouldnt mind being her pet
That would be so comfy and complete with a loving giantess ;-;
I want to be the tiny girl's even tinier pet.
File: 1543345145047.jpg (721 KB, 2508x3541)
721 KB
721 KB JPG
god this is such a big fucking thing i want to see somewhere but i never found it. it may sound weird but i really liked blind girls for this exact reason
>blind girl either by birth or some accident
>gifted a tiny for company and/or help
>girl is REALLY touchy with lots of handplay and stuff
greenanon if you ever draw something like this im gonna melt
File: 1651612884260.jpg (301 KB, 1440x1024)
301 KB
301 KB JPG
It's not Greenanon but there's this: https://pastebin.com/cJuC6WEU
I love and hate this manga. Too much gore for me, I wished they just lived together
I have so many ideas (but not much talent) and english is not my mother language so I rather didnt even start write. Maybe I will try some greentext in the future
File: 1400104740661.jpg (267 KB, 608x887)
267 KB
267 KB JPG
this is really cute, thank you anon
I got one of those tiny remotes for my TV so they can watch stuff from my Netflix and Crunchyroll. I'm kinda jealous since even my small TV is like a cinema for them .
what manga is it?
File: ezgif-2-9de600a45c.jpg (110 KB, 640x455)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
>greenanon if you ever draw something like this im gonna melt
I can't draw :(

in all seriousness I can't make any promises because I'm in the middle of a long story and I've got a ton of stuff I want to write, but I'll toss it on my pile.
File: 1618729703340.jpg (1.54 MB, 1600x2300)
1.54 MB
1.54 MB JPG
sorry i meant write, also good luck on tha new story
You wrote right write, though.
File: 20220623_201741.jpg (259 KB, 1680x1750)
259 KB
259 KB JPG
File: 20220623_203217.jpg (496 KB, 3840x2160)
496 KB
496 KB JPG
Tfw theyre big and youre their pet and theyre siblings
And she's the sherif and I'm down here and they're up there
But what I wanna know is where's the cavewoman
i think im too tired to understand what you mean at this point
>Cute and smart, but eccentric and klutzy NEET girl
>extremely sexually repressed. masturbates a lot
>she can't quite seem to not trip over her words and feet around guys she likes
>she's too nervous about being a virgin in her 20s
>eventually gets desperate
>she sees tinies for sale, one of which is you
>how'd you get here? idk, man, tiny life is hard
>decides that since you're male, so it'd count as sex to fuck you
>you're taken home only to immediately be used as a sex toy for the first week or so
>she catches you watching anime from your cage
>she slowly starts seeing you as a person (a tiny one)
>you begin to build a repertoire in-between masturbation sessions
>become fast friends with the NEET, she decides to get a boyfriend, a real one
>you start coaching her on how to get guys
>how to please them and prepare her on how they might please her
>she cleans up spectacularly and finally picks up a cute and wealthy guy who's in some kind of profession
>they're taking off their clothes, about to fuck
>she nervously looks over at you cheering her on from your cage with a proud thumbs up
>you see tears forming in her eyes
>she stops him from going further and kicks him out
>she takes off her low-cut blouse, high heels, and pants that are a size too small and changes into her usual hipster t-shirt and panties
>she comes over and picks you up, giving you a giant kiss directly on the face before placing you between her tits
>she sits down and loads up an some anime on Netflix
>she slowly reaches her hand down and begins flicking her bean
>you notice and help out by giving her nipple a kiss
>the shadow of her free hand washes over you before grabbing you and sending you down south
>have a night of passionate lovemaking with her
>wake up in the morning laying on the pillow next to your new giant NEET gf
File: 1601319947624.jpg (573 KB, 1167x4096)
573 KB
573 KB JPG
File: 1641889584368.png (438 KB, 1578x1269)
438 KB
438 KB PNG
more but make her smellier
Hot premise, anon.
File: 1619014865911.jpg (339 KB, 1254x765)
339 KB
339 KB JPG
Lilly Satou from Katawa Shoujo would be perfect for such scenario
>Tiny wins contest for a luxury vacation at a hotel testing out new offerings for tinies.
>Every tiny room is connected to the room of a giantess guest with the intent to foster connections.
>All sorts of security features to keep tinies from being kidnapped by larger guests.
>After about half the week getting to know the giantess in the room connected to his and having fun together she comes clean to him.
>The whole thing is a set up, the tinies are there as a feature booked by giantess guests.
>They are there to let the giantesses show the tiny some fake luxury before stomping, eating, or otherwise getting rid of them whenever it seems most fun to do so.
>The 'contest' offer's fine print included the 'winning' tinies agreeing to being disposed of for the giantess's enjoyment hidden under a mountain of legalese.
>Wouldn't hold up in court but it just needs to cover the hotel's ass for something that will have already happened in the event they get caught.
>The security features are there to prevent escapes rather than kidnappings.
>Any leftover tinies are claimed by the hotel staff as a sort of bonus.
>She apologizes for doing something like this, saying she really has come to like him.
>She understands if he never wants to see her again but he'll need help to escape this.
File: 214461[1].jpg (195 KB, 612x813)
195 KB
195 KB JPG
Lilly feeling you with her soft feet
>enhanced blind person sense of touch make it so she can get off just by feeling your dick on her finger

Lilly fucking sits on you
Koikatsu extraction addons are much more powerful now, I might do something with her again.
>Cockroach simulator is on sale
I'm gonna do things what I will later regret
scenarios where one big girl has a change of heart and protects you from other ones are always good
>never heard of this game
>the male human character option is cartoonishly weird and ugly looking
>female is well rendered and is in heels with a skirt
yeah I don't want to accuse people of being one of us without cause but... the evidence is there lol
I just bought it with the fly simulator 2in1 pack. Back in the days I imported gun gun pixies from japan to play on my vita, so I guess I will have some fun
File: 1589604241715.png (2 MB, 2560x1690)
2 MB
Shizune time
why not just emulate mr mosquito?
this indie "game" looks more autistic
File: 1622223147756.jpg (750 KB, 2362x2362)
750 KB
750 KB JPG
Because, but also yes.
nintendo better fucking put the cut minish content in botw2
File: EPiuE0sU4AE414o.jfif.jpg (140 KB, 800x688)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
>seeing-eye tiny
>trained years for this job
>never trained for how affectionate your new owner would be
>girl is absolutely in love with how tiny you are
>spends minutes at a time feeling you all over every chance she get
>loves running her thumb over your tiny limbs
>loves holding you against her lips or cheeks so she gets to "see" all of you at once
>loves to lie down and let you climb all over her body
If only the great fairies in that game weren't fuck ugly. I remember a lot of confused boners as a wee lad going through the Cave of Ordeals in TP
File: 1656101096836.jpg (232 KB, 1280x1811)
232 KB
232 KB JPG
File: giantask.jpg (58 KB, 736x1050)
58 KB
>Hi there, can I ask you something?
I don’t know how to do this but would it be possible to add a new topic to the discord server (for giantess word) to just talk about story ideas.

Like could we have a dedicated space to just talk about ideas and see who is working on what ideas?
I wonder how would I react in asituation like this
more like scared to death
File: 258243.jpg (325 KB, 1467x1920)
325 KB
325 KB JPG
Having a bath together must be so much fin
File: 1615698861976.jpg (86 KB, 665x921)
86 KB
>Alright, ask away.
>Why are you so gosh darn tiny and cute?
I can't swim ;-;
Then hold onto the duck
File: 95539169_p0.jpg (450 KB, 1920x1569)
450 KB
450 KB JPG
can we stop pretending that big ladies are scary and mean
File: 1654955010129.jpg (644 KB, 1893x2878)
644 KB
644 KB JPG
>giant girls don't want to be intimidating and scary, but their size just naturally scares tiny people

How can we solve this?
File: ffhubpv1pn791.jpg (198 KB, 2048x1433)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
Remember to protect Micro tinies!
The solution is advocacy
>Remember it's only a small minority of giant girls that eat and squish tiny people. They give the rest of us a bad name
File: 1654909630119.jpg (728 KB, 2397x3675)
728 KB
728 KB JPG
>>Remember it's only a small minority of giant girls that eat and squish tiny people. They give the rest of us a bad name

How is a tiny supposed to know if a giant girl is nice or mean?
I guess you'd have to go there and ask them, not sure if any of the shot-callers are hanging out here.
if she's in a tiny metro area without police or other giants freaking out she's probably fine. That said, trust your gut, if she keeps making puns about "making you a home cooked meal" or asking how long you can hold your breath, you should probably try to flag down a giant police lady for help.
File: 1654663251228.jpg (634 KB, 2534x4096)
634 KB
634 KB JPG
But they are scary, even the gentle, caring ones
File: 1572060859936.png (965 KB, 1843x1590)
965 KB
965 KB PNG
File: 269295.jpg (3.99 MB, 2356x3000)
3.99 MB
3.99 MB JPG
They can introduce themselves by saying something like "Hello, I won't kill you." that should calm people down.
I can see this totally working
>rent basement apartment from sexy milf lady
>she dotes on you a little, brings cookies and stuff
>occasionally flirts a little
>doesn't realize that makes you diamonds
>after all a young stud like you would never even look twice at her right?
>she's wrong, she's soooo wrong
>also she's secretly a witch
>modern one though, stores her potions in gallon jugs in her fridge
>come up to give her rent money
>kinda thirsty, she always said to help yourself
>she's all panicky about you drinking the lemonade from her fridge
>whatever, thank her and leave
>witch-milf is panicking, she took the other half of that potion
>every time anon cums thinking about witch-milf a little of his size will go to her
>she assures herself it's fine, no way her young hunk of a tenant would ever cum thinking about her
>not even sure why she made that potion haha!
>nothing planned that evening so you end up jerking off a few times
>you always think of the same person
>next morning witch-milf is like eight feet tall and you don't even come up to her knees
>"a-anon you came thinking about? and so many times... oh dear."
>confesses to everything about the potion, promises to fix it, just try to relax
>and whatever you do DON'T cum while thinking about her again!
>man she looks good with her clothes all stretched and hiked up like that...
>you could probably just stroke a little while she's not looking...
>milf-witch totally noticed
>this whole thing has been a huge boost to her ego
>you're pretty sure she's shaking her hips while making that antidote
>oh god she just winked at you
>might be losing some more of that height soon
File: 96896020_p0.png (2.86 MB, 2034x1920)
2.86 MB
2.86 MB PNG
There isnt enough "consentual" hight/attribute stealing/donation in the world. Thanks anon.
File: FVGlBtpVsAA93Dc.jpg (520 KB, 3008x4096)
520 KB
520 KB JPG
Oriko is so goddamn cute
My "I don't kill tinies" T-shirt has people asking a lot of questions already answered by my shirt.
Whoa whoa, let's not go that far. What is important is that my cuddly giant waifu doesn't kill _me_. I don't give a fuck about you'll and I'm not some kind of sizeist bigot that is against the diversity of giantess cuisine and culture.
Meat is murder, man! Go to the PETT website to see how they make your "cuisine and culture"!
File: 6qlvm8jheqh61.png (215 KB, 640x467)
215 KB
215 KB PNG
I think the food delivery girl likes me...should I ask her out?
File: 1588182307659.jpg (2.56 MB, 1736x2456)
2.56 MB
2.56 MB JPG
Is it really such a good idea to walk up to big girls with hungry eyes?
File: 1618445825962.jpg (293 KB, 1600x1132)
293 KB
293 KB JPG
>global war set mankind back to the stone age
>magnificent cities reduced to hollowed-out structures and withered enveloped by fauna
>other areas are deadlands, fetid marshlands of black poisoned earth punctuated by radioactive craters
>some areas have started to heal and have become rich in nature
>world is still fraught with danger however
>cannibalistic tribes, deranged mutants and aggressive wildlife
>small remnants of humanity are reduced to squalid tribes
>one day anon goes out to hunt for his tribe
>heads the ruins of a nearby city
>after tracking some deer and finding them nestled in a building, a rumble sends the pack into flight
>anon freezes as the rumbling causes the ruins to quake, finding it growing stronger
>tucks himself into a shadowy corner to hide
>once the tremors become unbearable in their intensity it abruptly stops
>a small crack in the ceiling allows a crimson eye to peer through, its glow is so strong that it illuminates the room in scarlet red
>then fingers pierce through the concrete, tearing away the walls in a single motion
>cleaves away more and more of the ceiling, the creature's strength pushing the building to its limits as parts of the floor start to crumble
>realising hiding is no longer an option, anon sprints for it
>vaulting and leaping over the wreckage, he gets to a gap and jumps down the lower levels
>building is falling apart around him as anon dashes out into the street
>grass has grown through the tarmac streets and rusted husks of cars litter the roads
>a giant hand grabs hold of the side of the building
>a towering black-haired woman garbed in a short-cut dress emerges from around the corner
>bears a military-style beret plus strange metallic components attached to her head
>dwarfs the ruined buildings around her
>her heels easily flattening the debris and remains
>anon ducks behind a car to hide away

File: 1588760193446.jpg (232 KB, 1024x1448)
232 KB
232 KB JPG
>anon peers around the side
>the giant is looking into the ruined building and then carves out more of the structure
>laying prone, anon crawls across the street, hiding beneath the vehicles
>the tall grass helps to cover his movements
>but that red glow sweeps across
>anon remains deathly still as he hears the footsteps pick up again
>booming sound of her steps mixes in with metal being crunched
>anons heart is beating at full pelt to the point where it may burst from his chest
>car he is hiding beneath gets lifted up in the air and tossed away, revealing the giant staring right at him
>anon is rooted to the spot in terror
>reaches downs and plucks him up from the ground
>writhes between her finger and thumb as anon sails through the air
>when her grip loosens, he drops straight into her palm
>again, he scurries to the edge
>reaches the precipice and realises the monumental fall to the ground
>even jumping to the rooftops of the tallest buildings would involve a deathly plunge
>when he looks behind to face the giant
>at first her scowl sends a cold shiver of absolute terror up his spine
>but the giant's grimace transforms into a soft smile
>with a blink, her eyes change from a deep red to a clear sky blue
>a giant digit comes overhead
>anon backs away from it, thinking it's going to crush him
>instead, the giant is using the tip of her finger to gently pat his head
>silently endures the pats, utterly bewildered
>then gets deposited onto her bare shoulder
>anon goes to say something but as she begins walking, he almost gets thrown from her shoulder
>grabs onto a lock of her hair for dear life as the wind picks up thanks to how much ground she covers in her stride
>but at the same time, watching the world go past is mesmerising
>all the ruins and dilapidated dwellings are insignificant next to her
>some of the weaker ones fold in on themselves just by the tremors caused by her steps
>giant makes her way out of the city and into the wilderness
File: 1627803458734.jpg (1.15 MB, 2232x3157)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB JPG
>a trek out of the city and through seemingly endless overgrown fields leads towards some form of base
>rows of broken-down tanks, trucks and aircraft litter the area
>a couple of smaller cracked and shattered buildings precipitate a huge hanger
>dominates the surrounding in its enormity, somehow it's even bigger than the giant
>grabbing onto the worn and rusted steel doors of the hanger, she pulls a slight slit apart and throws it open
>on either side are massive wide empty bays, separated out by a wall between each
>all of them are surrounded by level upon level of gantries and platforms
>shes walks down the middle towards one bay in particular
>all the support structures have been pushed apart
>she sits herself down in the bay
>tries to do it gently but the full weight comes crashing down, rumbling the hanger as gantries and platforms tumble over
>spots of weak sunlight sneak through small holes in the roof
>and the glow of her eyes helps to brighten the area
>now free from the peril, anon loosens his grip on the giant's hair
>again, he thinks about escape
>since this giant creature must have brought him back to devour him or something
>but instead she takes him from her shoulder and onto her lap
>her soft thighs become a warm inviting cushion that melts away his worry
>but he is still lost at this whole state of affairs
>anon, overwhelmed by his confusion, blurts out what the giant wants with him
>turns out the giantess is something called an android
>anon nods his head but has zero clue what the hell that means
>shes ordered to protect humanity at all costs
>says she powered down one day for maintenance and then woke up
>only she found all the other androids are now gone and the nearby city in ruins
>and anon is the first proper human she has encountered in this strange new world since waking up
>so to fulfil her mission she brought him back to her base to ensure she can protect him
I absolutely NEED a full story of this
File: 1618446441426.jpg (167 KB, 1200x900)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
>anon stammers out he isnt the only person
>there's a whole tribe of people
>but now the giant is lost, not really understanding what anon means by tribe
>anon tells the giant how his people migrate and move across the land
>says they can't be in one place too long because either the mutants or cannibals will come
>telling her that makes her even more lost
>she asks what happened to cause the world to become like this
>anon can't offer any concrete answers
>recalls their tribe's oral history about how man tried to rival the sun's magnificence
>they tried to create suns of their own to replace the one above
>for their hubris the sun punished them, burning the land and turning those men into shadows
>and how for a thousand days, the sun did not rise
>black clouds sat above and ash rained from the sky
>the land became sick and the world froze
>most did not survive such trials, but those who did eventually saw the sunrise again and could bask in its warmth
>but as a reminder of man's folly, the sun cursed parts of the world
>any who wander there suffer a slow death, how their hair will fall out and then skin blacken and rot
>and as eternal punishment, any descendants of those men must live as crazed warped creatures, more animal than man
>giant partly pieces it together, thinking there must have been some war and some form of nuclear winter afterwards
>boggles her mind she closed her eyes one day, and then several hundred years have passed
>surveying the empty bays makes her wonder what happened to the others
>were they awakened for this war or are they too exploring the aftermath of it
>yet what is clear now is her mission
>if the tales about mutants and cannibals were true then its still her duty to protect humanity
>even if it means guarding a small tribe
>she urges anon to take her to them
>but with night soon approaching, anon becomes fearful
>warns her that travelling at night is a dangerous task
>agrees to take her to the tribe at the break of dawn
File: 1656240827409.jpg (115 KB, 700x972)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
>anon says he will find a place to sleep somewhere
>but giant insists on keeping him close
>plucks him up from his lap and places him instead on top of her breast
>anon wants to protest at the odd behaviour but knows it would be futile
>tell her to wake him when they change watch shifts
>she replies saying her reactor should keep her powered indefinitely so she doesn't need to sleep
>again he has no clue what she is saying so anon thanks her for taking the first watch
>swigs a dram from his waterskin and lays out on her breast
>her breathing creates a gentle rise and fall
>lulls anon to sleep
>night descends and only the glow of her eyes stops darkness from engulfing them
>she hears echos of howls and baying
>screams mixed with the roar of bulls or wails joined with the yowling of wolves
>all manner of animalistic cries contorted with the moans of the damned
>yet some seem eerily close
>stays still, not wishing to disturb anons slumber
>but she hears the slow heavy steps of something lumbering close
>a faint snarl of some being using the darkness as its cloak
>its silhouette then leers around the corner
>her eyes turned red and fixate on her target
>finds this horrifying aberration of man and beast
>its bald face stretched out one half is a drooling young man stuck in an endless cry of terror
>the other half is like the skull of a dog trying and failing to pierce through the skin
>leaving it a bulging lump on its head
>the abomination carried itself like a gorilla
>two thick arms of bulging muscle keeping its frail body aloft
>the creature's hind legs are small and weak
>its feet seemed to split, one half a hoove the other a plethora of human toes
>a single stare from the android sent it whimpering away in fear, using its mighty arms to carry itself as fast as it could
>but even she was afraid, unable to process that such a being existed
>the night became quieter after that encounter
>birdsong fills the air and dawn's light trickles into the hanger
tfw uber eats up charged me for the giantess delivery without warning
Fucking hate this app
>tfw no giant liberty prime gf to protect you in the wasteland
File: 1446118697289.webm (1.15 MB, 640x360)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB WEBM
not enough giant girls in skin thight bodysuits
File: E7tGWoSVkAg4_ui.jpg (174 KB, 868x1228)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
>new vtuber duo debuting
>have a gimmick where they're supposedly a mixed-size couple
>make big bucks appealing to sizefags by keeping the act up perfectly when collabing
>streams feature constant teasing over how big/small they each are mixed with the occasional lovey gesture
>little do their viewers know they really are a mixed-size couple irl and this is just how they always are with each other
File: 1637100981124.jpg (736 KB, 860x1214)
736 KB
736 KB JPG
Amazing story, loved the read. Pls update if u decide to continue
File: 1642977463680.png (1.54 MB, 764x1554)
1.54 MB
1.54 MB PNG
I can only imagine what being the champion of a giant warrior goddess would be like.

>warrior becomes bonded to a warrior god of giants
>warrior god is also a giantess, and has a habit of using her newfangled bond with the warrior to manifest her physical form.
>because it is done through him, he technically gets stronger with every battle, kill and glorious deed no matter which of the two performs the act.
>warrior is along for the ride. Thinks that is rad
>also makes her stronger through their divine bond, manifesting by a slow growth.
>creates a sort of feedback loop where they both get stronger, and she accumulates enough power to stay manifested for a whole day.
>practically orders her herald to form a party. When he brings on a cast of other puny-looking qt girls, she decides to send a little magic boons to help them grow big and strong just like her

no idea how to expand on this, but I might use the concept for something else
source ?
How does Klan klan fit all that hair inside her helmet?
Hair isn't a solid mass, anon. It can be packed in.
Macross. I don't remember which one.
File: FWH56vJUEAEJwZG.jpg (138 KB, 1200x620)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
Macross Frontier
such a wasted potential. The whole animu should have been about a zentraedi-human relationship
File: 1603175748878.png (388 KB, 568x670)
388 KB
388 KB PNG
>anon stirs from his slumber
>has a hearty yawn and asks if anything happened on watch
>lies and says no
>anon raises an eyebrow
>sheepishly confesses to the wails of the mutants
>shrugs his shoulders, half expecting mutants to be prowling about
>but since its dawn, they'll slink away and hide in whatever ruins they call home
>now he'll direct her toward the tribe as best he can
>means another journey back to the city to reorientate
>guesses they will have more than enough time to get back before sunset
>fishes out some dried rations from his pouches
>offers up his waterskin and some slithers of cured meat to the giant
>she refuses, stating she doesn't need to eat or drink
>anon has a quick breakfast under the vigilant gaze of the giant
>takes a bite then offers a bit to her just to make sure
>rather than offend, she leans her head forward to take a bite
>the widening maw before him freezes him to the spot in fear
>her warm breathes blast him as he becomes worried she is going to eat him
>delicate and precise, she plucks the food between her lips and eats
>calming himself down, anon asks her to go a bit slower
>details how fast she was walking the night before had made him hold onto her hair
>she blushes in embarrassment and apologises
>picks herself up from the ground to get ready
>anons loses his balance as his sure footing suddenly shifts
>tumbles onto her breast face first and begins to slide
>tries his best to grip onto her boob and but gain any friction
>her cleavage is like a yawning chasm
>and anon gets wedged between her breasts
>once shes finally standing upright, she realises anon is now flailing about
>hes desperately pushes against her boobs to free himself, his hands pressing into her
>lets out an awkward laugh and scoops him out, planting him instead onto her shoulder
>anon is red-faced and half-dazed
>he never realised how warm it could be nestled away in there
>when winter comes round he knows exactly where to stow himself
File: 1594933453970.jpg (95 KB, 801x982)
95 KB
>the duo finally set off together
>giant takes a measured pace
>both out of respect to anon sitting on her shoulder, but also in case any mutants are still lingering about
>weary she might accidentally tread on one hiding about the base
>hopes her footfalls will encourage them to stay away from her at the very least
>free from worrying about plummeting to his death, anon rests atop her bare shoulder and surveys the land
>all the more enchanting seeing the world from this perspective
>everything looks so insignificant from up here
>those multi-level structures look like miserable grey stumps
>overgrown trees that have pierced through and enveloped certain buildings with its branches barely register no more than twigs
>her strides make it seem like the sprawling base was more like some street back in the city
>it would have taken him some time to creep through everything, crossing the courtyards or clambering up the hanger to sneak in
>makes him infinitely more relieved that this "android" woman is helping him
>anon leans forward
>beyond her plump thigh he sees her heels stepping down onto a squadron of tanks
>flattens them, a grey cloud puffs around her sole, the concrete cracking from her idle strength
>the tremor of her step unsettles the other rotting and rusted vehicles around making them bounce in a rhythm set by her walk
>climbs up her shoulder to look behind
>heelprints dug into the floor and a trail of debris that is falling off her shoe
>slides back down her shoulder
>out of the corner of her eye, she catches anon looking concerned
>gives him a big warm reassuring smile
>anon flashes a half-hearted smile, trying his best to hide his worry
>promising to take her to the tribe might have been a mistake
>everyone might get scared seeing her marching toward them
>then again if she is true to her word it would certainly help protect them
>might mean they no longer have to be on the run all the time
>still, anon is confident the tribe wont turn her away
File: 1618437704283.jpg (103 KB, 900x1137)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
>getting back to the city is rather easy considering they can quite literally retrace the giants steps
>anon watches all the wildlife scatter at the giant's approach
>flocks of birds disperse like a puff of smoke
>deer and small game bolt through the grass
>by the time they enter the outskirts of the city, anon scans over the crumbling buildings
>colour drains from his face as the giant continues her idle march down one street
>white markings punctuate the walls of certain structures
>anon unslings his bow and knocks an arrow
>tries to tell her that they need to flee this very instant
>just as she's about to ask the reason why
>a shrill yelp resounds through the dead city
>suddenly, a hail of arrows strikes her legs
>giant stops in her tracks and wonders what that tickling sensation was around her ankles
>as she stops, another cry bellows forth
>a throng of men, their skin a pale alabaster white, covered in aged bone armour emerge
>as if somehow the hollow ruins hid an army within its bowls
>some wield crude clubs others shoddy bows and nets
>each of them lends a voice to a choir of crazed yells and hollering, ready and eager for the hunt
>at first the giant thinks this is anons tribe
>but when she looks over and he drawing back arrows and loosing them at the gathering horde around her feet she realises something is wrong
>the people at her feet are hacking away at her heel, to little avail
>their weapons shatter against her shoe, and their arrows ricochet off her toes as though her skin was made of the thickest armour
>weary of the possible danger, she tucks anon away to her cleavage to ensure he doesn't fall
>his protests get quickly muffled, his roars deadened when hes snug between her boobs
>giant plucks one from the pack and brings close to her eye for an inspection
>where anon had fought and wriggled
>this creature stabbed at her digits with its only free hand
>once its bone dagger shattered, its resorted to bearing its sharp fangs and biting her
File: 1592864475856.jpg (78 KB, 550x779)
78 KB
>the giant's eyes turn red and the creature whimpers like a dog in response
>it stops trying to attack her and instead resorts to escaping her clutches
>even if it means plummeting hundreds of feet to its death
>she can see it's humanoid, but that white dust layers conceal the diseased skin
>parts of its wiery thin body are covered with swellings sores
>its eyes are a sickly yellow, its gums black and its sharp teeth near enough rotting
>the armour is a mixture of both human and animal bones connected together by bits of rags
>anon's bellows somehow reach her ear
>he is screaming for her to kill it and every cannibal around her
>takes a look at the mewling being between her fingers and takes pity
>squats back down and allows him to rejoin the group
>when she places the cannibal down, they all seem to back away
>her crimson eyes scan across the mob, its scarlet glow causing them to scatter and flee
>as quickly as the ambush had burst into life, it all died down until all she could hear was the wind passing through the devastated city streets
>surveys her surroundings
>a single lone figure, a great well-built man stands alone
>his antler helmet obscures his face but the rest of his brawn is plain to see
>he holds a long piece of rebar with a hunk of concrete as big as a man's chest at the end
>where the rest fled when being drowned in the crimson glow of the giant's glare, he stands resolute
>slings the rebar so that his weapons sits across his shoulder blade
>departs from the exposed opening into the darkness of the lower levels
>she looks around, and nothing
>the ruins of the old world fall still once more
>her eyes return to their sky blue colour
>she scoops out anon from her cleavage and informs him that it's all been resolved
>but anon is beyond furious she did not murder them
>if the cannibals were this close, then his whole tribe is in danger
>tells her that this group would merely be a scouting party
>the rest of them won't be too far behind

>She has an unwashed, hairy pussy that would bring Napoleon Bonaparte to tears
>Shen she does shave, the excess oils and skin cause a build up of smegma that you sometimes have to wash off in your little pool/bathtub
>When she puts you between her tits, you end up covered in boob sweat
>Her armpits, when exposed to the open air, could clear out a boys locker room in seconds
>She thinks farting on you is the funniest shit ever
>Her asshole smells like...ass

Fuck man, I'm not really into smelly shit. I just like couch potato girls that do nothing but eat, fuck, and watch TV all day. I hope this at least helps you.
>I just like couch potato girls that do nothing but eat, fuck, and watch TV all day.
I like to be in the back of the panties of such a girl
Damn fine work, anon. Could we get a few more details as to what she looks like?
File: 1596717153452.png (32 KB, 693x755)
32 KB
Glad you're enjoying my random bout of inspiration anon. I'm running dangerously low on gentle boat girls and androids to convey a general impression of what she looks like. I confess right now that I'm not the best at description, which is half the reason why I stuck with greentexting this idea I had but ill detail out what I kind of pictured in my mind.
>200ftish tall athletically built fair complexion woman
>basically big enough that a full-grown man would look like a grain of rice to her by comparison
>has a thick mane of opulent ombre hair that transforms from a midnight black to subtle wisps of white at the end
>flows to the top of her shoulders
>on either side of her heart-shaped face, nestled in her hair, are small platforms akin to the deck of a battleship
>eyes are a shade of clear summer sky like blue
>just above her eyebrows are little silver-like studs
>clothing wise she wears a snug fit, open-top and short-cut dress
>dress itself is an off-white, decorative service ribbons are strewn across her chest
>stockings cover from her legs down to her feet
>but struggle to fully encompass her thighs, leaving a portion of it bare
>wears ruby-red open-toe heels with straps
Just imagine Haruna from Kancolle and you more or less got a similar picture, since it's where I drew most of my inspiration from.
Thank you anon, amazing.
File: E1scJA4XEAAp4XW.jpg (408 KB, 1609x2048)
408 KB
408 KB JPG
Love how this general is far more creative than "big girl squish tiny men destroy city"
the quality of a giantess thread is usually proportional to the amount of greentexts imo
File: 1595458042903.jpg (1.19 MB, 1803x2001)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB JPG
If you are reductive, then sure, but it would be like saying this thread is just "big girl kiss tiny man." Everything is built on tropes. It's the way you frame said trope it which makes it creative.
I'd say the other threads get pretty creative in their own ways gentle just kind of requires a little establishment to be enjoyable imo so you get more story and greentext
File: 1656429396529.png (1.54 MB, 1600x6015)
1.54 MB
1.54 MB PNG
I think this is the right thread, apologies if not. I finally got round to reading Mother out of Space by thepfeffernusse and would like to let him know it's excellent, can't wait for the rest.
I remember when this first spun off in 2020 and the initial threads were no-good (literal collages being up for days). But now it seems to have created it's own identity with greentexts/stories. Unironically surpassed growth thread for traffic/content
I’d say we probably have the most writers as well
And I'd prefer the front.
I like variety, sometimes the pussy, sometimes the asshole, sometimes the cleavage, sometimes the mouth (my waifu wouldn't swallow me)
fucking CUTE
my waifu would, but she'd immediately swallow a long piece of string or something to pull me out before I digest.
who is the artist on this one?

also i really liked the green, anon.
>Rifle is fine
File: 1424926486162.jpg (165 KB, 883x1094)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
Anyone read anything good lately? Old or new, doesn't matter, post about it

https://www.giantessworld.net/viewuser.php?uid=130931 - new writer, they've only written a few chapters of stuff, all of it is fun
https://www.deviantart.com/sgrildrig/art/Winter-Wonderland-645390037 - Skier trespasses to try a new mountain, gets captured by a giantess hidden there, they fuck. It's good. I didn't know Grildrig has written stuff that's not rampage/violent other than 'Who Says No to the Earthquake' (also worth a read).
https://www.deviantart.com/twinchy/gallery/73593041/among-them - Slave girl escapes and is reluctantly taken in by a 25ft tall nymph who hates humans, as they all do. They eventually develop a friendship and the nymph resolves to heal her many wounds, physical and emotional. Nothing sexual, not entirely gentle (there's violence/death in the beginning, but it's between humans) and hasn't been updated in a couple years, so probably not for everyone, but I liked it.
And everything from the writers in these threads, haven't been disappointed yet
Chapter 4 of Big Bully is finally here!


Here we arrive at the long awaited first sex scene!

This story is taking longer than expected to write. I’m working on adding content and overall making it a more cohesive story.
I can actually answer this one since I follow the crazy GFL giantess commissioner religiously. Here you go.
Just wanted to say that "One Year Lease" is complete, I hope it fulfilled expectations for the cruel-to-gentle story

also I'm going to write that seeing eye tiny for a blind girl story that one anon keeps asking for but it's going to be a couple days. Also going to catch up on this>>10275909 because I like it a lot
I absolutely loved One Year Lease
>Just wanted to say that "One Year Lease" is complete,

loved it, it actually gripped me at the end
great stuff as always, one of your best stories
liking this too. their relationship has progressed really fast, but it does let the story get to the sex faster. not everything needs to be a slow burn
I’d originally made the story even faster, but after getting some feedback I decided to develop their relationship more before getting to the good part.
File: FWPIk1taAAEMjBD.jpg (2.02 MB, 3508x2480)
2.02 MB
2.02 MB JPG
Got a question for shrinking fans: Do you prefer permanent or temporary shrink like where therer are only a couple of girls that could shrink you and when you're away from them you slowly regain your height?
Its a bit weird when your mom is watching.
Temporary is better, the idea of being stuck tiny forever is horrifying and can kill the fantasy if you think about the implications. Temporary but long term can be a good story conflict though, as the characters try to figure out how to fix a problem they're having fun with.
good shit
very cute, keep going anon
I like both honestly. If I had a choice I would pick temporary though. It's not as if I hate being normal size and being forever stuck tiny would probably suck. Losing all your freedom and that, living a normal life and not having to depend on anyone.
In regards to who can shrink me I am split between whether it should be some secret spell meaning anyone can shrink me (even me) or whether it should be as you say, some girls that can either consciously or unconsciously shrink me by being near them. Both are scenarios that I like.
I've always liked the idea of shrinking myself and spending an afternoon shrunk and just exploring or whatever so being able to shrink and unshrink myself at will would probably be my final choice. This fetish is more of an extension of my fantasy of being tiny so I would be content just shrinking by myself
>Get shrunken by accident
>No worries though, shrinking is temporary, lasting only three days before you return to normal size
>There is a caveat, though
>If you happen to be inside of a person when you're three days are up, you don't unshrink
>Your time simply resets, and you try again three days later
>Things could get messy, otherwise
>But it's no big deal
>How and why would you ever even be inside of a person anyway?
>That's what you thought at the time, at least
>Almost a year and a half later, you're still tiny
>Somehow your girlfriend is still able to come up with "accidents" to happen every three days, like clockwork, even after all this time
>You still love her, even if you've been stuck at about an inch tall for the last eighteen months because of her
Story idea.
You move in with your witch girlfriend, her mother, and sisters; at first everyone but her treats you like crap and often bullies you in various ways using magic because you're a pathetic mortal. Their favorite methods involving shrinking you to play with and then leaving you helpless until your girlfriend could grow you back. Over time they start to warm up to you and consider you as a member of the family; strangely their increased opinion of you appears to make them bully you more, albeit far less cruelly than before.
File: 1633925256300.jpg (660 KB, 765x842)
660 KB
660 KB JPG
>they continue further into the dead city
>anon is silent, brooding away on her shoulder
>giant is also quiet, examining and retracing her heel prints that were mashed into the roads
>they reach the building where they had their first encounter
>anon stands up straight, his eyes widening in fear
>more of the structures have the marks
>city is infested with the cannibals
>tells her that they cant go back to the tribe
>if there are this many here, an entire warbands worth of cannibals easily could tail them
>they would end up bringing the cannibals right to their next meal
>she tries to comfort him, saying she can protect them
>anons fury boils over, shouting back how if she isn't willing to kill them, she cant protect anyone
>she comments how they were scared of her once they realised they couldn't harm her
>so her very presence will keep them away
>her response makes anon even madder
>he fails to understand how she cant grasp what the cannibals are
>how cruel and sadistic they are, how his tribe has suffered at their hands
>no matter how they far the tribe migrates, the cannibals always follow
>fighting them was moot because their numbers seemed infinite
>if she could stamp or crush them like all the debris she has trodden on, his tribe would be protected
>and if she cant, then she is as useful as the wreckage
>his words bring her close to tears
>realising he's overstepped himself, he apologises to her
>says he is worried and afraid, only thinking of what is best for his people in this dire situation
>both stay silent with one another, all they can hear is the winds howl through the vacant metropolis and lifeless streets
>anon sighs and says that they should make it back to the tribe no matter what
>says the elder will know the best course of action
>his response makes her light up, beaming a nice bright smile
>from here, anon gives her directions, but casts vigilant glances at his surroundings, weary they are going to be followed
>winding streets lead down to the more barren outskirts
>portions of crumbled elevated highways stand above the outlines of where thriving suburbs used to be
>as she marches along, the tarmac tapers out more until it merges with the greenery of the outlying fields
>anon provides clear directions towards where the encampment is
>they get to a hill, and then he tells her to try and be as lightfooted as possible
>no doubt the booming steps will send everyone scrambling
>her attempts at subtlety don't really work out
>cresting the hill allows her to see a dozen huts, yurts and teepees formed from aged animal skins
>small campfires with bits of meat hung over being smoked
>crafting benches lined with primitive tools
>hides are being cured outside wigwams
>makeshift poles allow for horses to be tied up
>assortment of livestock grazing in a patch of grassland next to the village
>tribes people of all ages wearing fur attire mixed with scraps of cured leather
>all of them were going about their daily business, some were coming back from a successful hunt, others returning from their forage
>instead, they are all watching in horror at this giant looming above them, stunned into silence
>anon tells her to put him on the floor so he can talk to them
>she looks nervous, uncomfortable with so many staring in dread at her
>but when she deposits anon back onto the floor, the crowd's demeanour cracks
>they near enough break out in cheer and praising the spirits for his safe return
>uses that moment to say it was his new friend that has seen him back safely
>introduces her, then realises he never caught her name
>she gives an awkward wave and a smile
>introduces herself as AB-18 but everyone would call her Abi
>anon starts regaling a heroic tale about Abi staving off mutants and cannibals alike
>and now she asks if she could join the tribe as protector
>folk share apprehensive looks at one another, not quite to make sure of the giant android towering over them
>a figure emerges from the central tent
>a tall wisened old man, yet still bears a brawny physique
>covered in tattoos and scars, a wolf pelt draped across his chest like a sash
>grey hair more or less covers his entire face, bears a well-crafted wooden staff
>crowd parts before him as he makes his way to anon
>anon gulps as the tribe leader comes forward to meet them
>everyone is still as the old man casts a cold look over Abi and then to anon
>his voice is dry and grisly
>thankful that anon has made way his way back to them
>but is concerned about the giant before them
>voices his concern about the curses of the old world
>believes her to be an ill omen
>like those who tried to replicate the sun, their forefathers must have made giants in their image
>to bring in anything of those days would invite ruination upon them
>crowd murmurs in agreement, concerned about the android overshadowing them
>Abi gets ready to leave, believing the tribe does not wish for her to be there
>anon looks back as she's about to depart
>eyes up the crowd, biting his tongue in frustration
>then blurts out he wouldn't be standing here if it wasn't for her
>and how anything from those dark days is gone
>the cities, the people, everything that caused the sun to leave, its all reduced to rubble
>anything that still lives from those days must have survived for a reason
>they must have been guided here to meet with her, so she could join with the tribe to protect them
>it is not a curse, but a blessing, for something to live through it all and then wish to help the tribe
>to turn her away would damn everyone
>she has already dealt a blow to the cannibals that plague them
>now that more on their way, it would spell the end for everyone
>tribe leader mood becomes dour once anon talks about more cannibals
>and tribe becomes split after anons speech
>Abi is both shocked and stunned that anon came to her defence so vigorously

In real life I would want it to be temporary because I have lots I want to do in life that require being full size. The greatest option would be that I could shrink and unshrink myself at will, as said before. But having a girl I trust being able to have control over my height is so hot.


I wrote a story that you might like. It's inspired by Greenanon, and its about a rare gene and the only way for you to shrink and unshrink is if you think about it at the same time as someone with the opposite gene.

>taps his staff on the ground to hush the debate
>he makes his decision in that silence
>agrees to allow the giant to join them for a period
>upon the condition that anon must induct her into their ways
>after a few days auguries will be cast to see if she can stay
>of more importance however is preparing the tribe to move
>if the cannibals are close, then they need to assemble all the provisions and wagons
>anything they can take that will help them through the long march ahead of them
>tribe agrees unanimously and anon sighs in relief
>Abi holds in her excitement
>almost ready to explode and yell out her thank yous
>anon thanks the elder and says they will both join the evening and night watch
>tribal leader mutters beneath his breath and departs
>crowd begins to leave and go back to their business
>but the more curious members of the tribe come up to Abi instead
>they marvel in wonder at the giant before them
>Abi squats down to get a better view of them, listening to their banter
>some are tapping the sole of her heel, amazed at just how big her shoe is compared to them
>one tribesman is more sceptical however
>unsheathes his hunting knife and proclaims her shoe is not as mighty as it looks
>an encore of laughs erupts when he shatters his blade on her heel
>another group are arguing amongst themselves about what questions to ask her
>they cant seem to settle on how best to ask her what the old world was like
>then theres a group of adolescents trying to climb and scale her shoe, though all attempts lead to them slipping off
>Abi giggles at all the ruckus around her
>quickly checks behind herself, then sits down
>her weight causes the village to sway and unbalances everyone from the sudden quake
>then asks them if they would be okay with her picking them up
>some nervous agreements lead to a select brave few being whisked through the air and landing on her plump thighs
>Abi hides her squeal of delight with all the tribes folk wandering about her lap
File: 99121108_p0.jpg (659 KB, 720x1280)
659 KB
659 KB JPG
Going to the veternarian for hug-related injuries
>Get shrunk and kidnapped by shady group taking tinies for commercial sale
>Few days later end up in a bowl with other tinies
>A few girls around the table grabbing and eating tinies at random
>You recognize a teary eyed friend of yours among the customers
>Eventually she grabs you, moving you into her mouth
>For a moment she pauses and you see her eyes widen as she notices it's you
>Then your trip to her maw continues
>Her mouth is hot and humid as you're tossed around it by her tongue
>After what feels like minutes but was probably shorter she swallows
>But you weren't sent down her throat
>Her tongue pushes you in between her lip and gums
>After a while she leaves, in her car she spits you into her hand
>She doesn't know what to say, looks embarrassed and nervous
>After checking to make sure that you really weren't a volunteer she apologized for almost eating you
>Tries to push past any discussion of what any of that was as fast as possible
>Promises to get you grown back as soon as she can
>Her expression when she says that implies she has other ideas in the meantime
>Starts scolding you about not taking proper safety measures
>Somehow you are now the one apologizing for worrying her when you disappeared
>Despite her being in a hard vore party with way more tinies without safe vore enhancements than there ever could be volunteers for it
>Now she's suggesting some safety enhancements may be more important than growing you back
>Growing you back can be done in a few weeks after you've recovered from shrinking survival boosters
>You argue you don't need the boosters if you're back to normal
>She counters you just got shrinknapped and would've been sold as a pet instead of put on the menu of a restaurant offering hard vore if you had them
>For that matter she could also get you chipped, to ward off kidnappers and let you be found if taken again
>Naturally this will add more recovery time before growing back
>Of course she'll take very good care of you until then
File: 1656672029373.png (54 KB, 1214x1369)
54 KB
>just wanted to get water from the village well
>forgot it's Oni mating season
>got kidnapped...again
File: 1656648975517.jpg (665 KB, 1144x1600)
665 KB
665 KB JPG
>giant qt paladin has big crush on tiny warrior
>is too shy to tell him
File: 1656648852448.jpg (739 KB, 849x1200)
739 KB
739 KB JPG
>deputy to a giant sheriff who only manages to fight crime with accidental falls and other inept slapstick
Giantess Jane might destroy the town every other week, but the promise of good in the nearby hills meant it was rebuilt just as fast.
>Be orphaned shota
>Hear a bunch of commotion
>Wealthier bullies managed to catch a young fairy around your age
>She’s crying and pleading for freedom, offering them gold and whatever her scared mind could think of
>Immediately run towards the kid holding the jar
>Body slam his much larger body, causing him to trip and drop the jar
>Jar breaks and the fairy flees, instantly flying above their reach
>Kids try to throw rocks at her before realizing she’s long gone
>Eyes all turn towards me
>Get the hardest pummeling Ive ever felt
>Get up 30 minutes after they leave to wander towards the orphanage
>Scylla orphanage worker immediately drops her things and pulls me in to inspect
>Tell her what happened
>She can’t praise me for getting beat, but she can’t shun me for saving the life of a girl
>Immediately showers me, stitches my eyebrow, and sends me to rest in my cot
>Wake up the next evening to her suction cups on my cheek
>Gently picks me up, carrying me against her chest
>Tells me there’s a visitor waiting outside for me
>See nine foot tall fairy Queen mirthfully smiling down at me
>See the fairy I saved on her shoulder with a bandaged wing
>Turns out I saved a fairy Princess that wandered too far off
>Fairy queen wants to adopt me

>Fast forward a week
>Fairy girl’s mom is now my mom
>Fairy girl is now my sis
>Fairy mom shrank me down right below sister’s height
>Fair mom has us both sleeping in her bosom at night
>Returns me to normal size whenever I go to hang out with my human friends
>Regularly dotes on me, sometimes returning me to full size to cuddle me
>Though mainly just cuddles me as a couple inches tall
>Home is within a giant partially subterranean tree, filled with bioluminescent fungi
>Fairies occupy the entire tree, from roots to the trunk to the thick branches
>Get to sleep in a room right next to mom, sharing a room with sis
>Sis often shrinks me herself
>Fairy mom good mom
hot greentext. having a maneating giantess gf who cares about me specifically is big kink of mine
File: 1439559434902.jpg (540 KB, 1695x1364)
540 KB
540 KB JPG
Please more like this, or expand on this.
Yeah me too. Any story where tinies or humans are food occasionally / regularly but theres one predator who makes an exception and looks out for their special little one is size kino. The generic shrinking virus world / Felarya are great for this setup
File: 209726887-256-k377228.jpg (18 KB, 256x400)
18 KB
>Gentle, friendly and easygoing giantess gf who wouldn't hesitate to obliterate an entire army if they ever hurt you

best shit
>You discover you're a shrinkee
>You periodically shrink down to few inches tall
>It takes years of practice to control when it happens
>Hope you last long enough to afford some enhancements to protect you when small
>The first person shrinkees sleep with after first shrinking can control their size freely and easily however
>Your closest friend and crush loves to fuck with tinies
>You've even seen her crush and eat a few of them
>She didn't check if they had any protection for that
>Given a red stain she has never washed off her shoe at least one didn't
>Definitely can't let her find out or get control of your size
>Decide to just avoid sex until you can figure out controlling your own shrinking before letting someone else near the controls
>Several year dry spell is better than getting crushed
>Best try to find someone who doesn't see tinies as toys when you do though
>Bad to let someone like that shrink you even if you could turn yourself back
>Unknown to you she heard about your shrinking fast and was eager to control your size
>Started flirting and wanting you to drink with her more
>She took notes on when you were avoiding her to see how frequently you shrank and when it happened
>Eventually she got her hands on you, a night drinking she talked you into when close to shrinking had you crash at her place
>You wake to the sight of her huge face grinning down at you
>Terrified you hope your friendship keeps her from doing what you'd seen her do to other tinies
>Her mouth opens and moves toward you
>Instead of eating you though she starts licking and sucking
>Like giving your entire body a blowjob
>Then you're moved down and into her
>She's gentle, you come out unharmed
>Grows you back about half way and holds you
>Complains you didn't trust her while cuddling
>Start to feel safe she won't hurt you
>She starts listing enhancements she wants to get you for her to play with you safely
>It's a long list
>Start to get a bit scared again
>You and your giant paladin partner have agreed to help a local village deal with a band of thieves
>They're not subtle, you easily find their camp
>They immediately throw down their weapons and flee upon seeing the giantess
>Same as every enemy you've encountered since teaming up with her
>She steps over them with a single stride, blocking their escape
>A few can't slow down in time and collide with her foot
>She dramatically falls backwards onto the ground
>"kyaa, I'm in danger! Save me anon!"
>The thieves glance confusedly at you, then back at the paladin, then back at you
>"Please, just play along" you mutter quietly, hoping she doesn't hear
>"Surrender now, thieves, or face my wrath!" you yell with a wavering voice
>"We, uh, we give up! We're no match for her- you! I mean you!"
>They all raise their hands in surrender
>The paladin leaps to her feet
>The ground trembles so hard everyone falls over
>"You've saved me again anon! You're so brave!"
>She snatches you off the ground and hugs you tightly to her bosom, blushing furiously
>Just another day normal day with your enormous partner
File: 1656610851440.png (1.05 MB, 1134x1577)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
shamelessly stole this one from the giant monster girl thread

>have pixie wife
>you know about her shrinking magic
>one of the first things she did was to shrink you to her size for the night
>one day it occurs to you that she's only ever shrunk you to exactly her size
>you ask her if she could do other sizes
>"I don't know, I guess I never thought about it. If I really tried I could maybe make you half my size"
>spending a night as her teddy bear sounds like fun
>ask her to zap you with everything she's got and see what happens
>she holds her hands out towards you, closes her eyes and starts taking deep breaths
>the familiar vertigo hits you as the world around you starts getting bigger
>your eyes reach level with her face
>then her breasts
>then her hips
>you start panicking when you shrink below her knees
>how much power does she really have?
>when she opens her eyes, you don't even reach her ankles
>"Oh my god, I'm so sorry! I never knew I could do that!"
>she carefully picks you up off the floor
>you tell her not to worry, it was your idea and it should wear off in a few hours anyway
>"W-well normally it would but I never used that much power before. It might take a whole week"
>your stomach drops a little when you hear that
>you say that she'd better keep you in her pocket until it wears off
>immediately after you say that, you remember that her little leotard doesn't have pockets
>she always had you to carry things for her
>"let me try something"
>she holds her top open and lowers you in
>the skintight fabric holds you firmly against her chest
>she laughs nervously
>"well at least you won't be going anywhere like that"
>you turn a little to kiss her skin, and tell her you'll be fine
>honestly you could get used to this
File: 1656438466430.png (881 KB, 1280x1280)
881 KB
881 KB PNG
>Don't you fucking touch him or I swear I will crush you slowly...
delusional giantess forcing people to play along is hard to pull off in an endearing way, but i like it when i see it.
>oh my gosh did those mean girls hurt you my precious little creampuff? Oh you're shaking! It's okay, shhhshhshh, it's fine now...
File: 1612711346835.jpg (885 KB, 1596x2735)
885 KB
885 KB JPG

what about rough, tough, intimidating giantess gf who turns into a big cuddly marshmallow when (and only when) she's alone with you?
other side of the medallion therefore equally best shit
To the anon who wanted the story about the seeing-eye tiny for a blind giantess here it is, hope it was what you were looking for.

Seeing Eye Tiny

also really kind of like the idea behind this one >>10272653
like I was thinking a longer story where the witch accidentally curses the guy so he shrinks whenever he cums thinking about her, and a lot of the story is her trying to cover her tracks while she desperately looks for a fix, lots of
>w-what n-no anon you were always 5 3 haha
>I meant 4 11, oops
>I uh... sure if you're scared you can hang out here for a little while
>he spends more time with her, gets more of a crush, keeps cumming while thinking about her
>vicious cycle
Love it!
After fixing it and growing him back, they start the curse over again. Repeatedly.
yeah that would probably be how it ended, it would be a slow shrink story obviously. I'm thinking of a few side characters,
>super bratty and lazy demon familiar for the witch
>technically has to obey witch but always does stuff to fuck up her plans because it's funny and she wants to corrupt everyone
>super naive and serious witch hunter girl from a secret orderwho comes to help MC with the curse
>this is her first mission
>looking for the witch that cursed MC but is super oblivious to the fact that it's the cougar upstairs despite obvious signs
Wizard gets shrunk by his apprentice fucking up a spell, the nature of the fuck up means it's prohibitively difficult for the condition to be fixed by anyone but the apprentice but she's not skilled or strong enough yet. The wizard could probably brute force his way past that if he really set himself to the task for a while but the girl is taking her studies a lot more seriously and being a lot more respectful after screwing up that bad so he isn't in too much of a hurry. It's kind of nice to be taken care of instead of constantly cleaning up after her mistakes. Both of them find the situation really arousing but neither wants to admit that, the wizard out of propriety and his apprentice out of guilt. The wizard's bound magical servants are taking bets on when they'll fuck, the demoness in particular is trying to start pools on what various degenerate fetishes they'll engage in and in what order; playing fair is for suckers so She'll of course trying to introduce their preferred activities herself. Definitely just to win tho, not any other reason. One has to wonder why an overly serious stuck up wizard's familiars are all closet perverts, though that may be the answer on its own.
File: 1616088446594.jpg (454 KB, 1600x1738)
454 KB
454 KB JPG
>One has to wonder why an overly serious stuck up wizard's familiars are all closet perverts
Familiar is as familiar does?
Did you ever hear my suggestion for a story about a female superhero, one who thinks tinies belong in safe padded rooms and protected at all cost, finding out that her 9 foot tall partner is a tiny who has the ability to grow tall?
The idea of a wizard summoning a familiar well beyond their own power and getting toyed with by the overly affectionate "servant" they can't control is a really nice idea. Especially if some other mages mock them for not controlling their familiar and having said familiar crush/eat them for disrespecting her "master".
one of the absolute best tropes
Probably an asinine idea but what about a Xianxia story where the protagonist gets shrunk and becomes the plaything of some sect's heiress, despite trying to get back to normal the heiress took a bit too much of a liking to him for that so his efforts keep getting blocked off.
>Being tiny doesn't seem to prevent you from cultivating, and it lets the young mistress carry you around with her. Just deal with it, her interest in you is nothing short of good fortune so be grateful! Maybe if you caught up to her in cultivation you could have some say on this matter!
Saturday Morning Spitballing: Tiny paladin with a normal-sized apprentice who places him upon a pedestal (perhaps both figuratively and literraly) and seeks to learn everything she can from him. Not because of any particular martial or mystical prowess on his part, Lord no - she can channel enough holy power to decimate an army in a single strike if she's so inclined, and hasn't lost a sparring session against anyone since she was a child. Instead, she simply wants to follow in his little footsteps in regards to his immaculate character and judgment.
Witches have a spell for keeping shrunken lovers alive and well despite doing the same things to them that they do to more disposable tinies, those without that spell are seen as snacks or toys by pretty much every witch who doesn't like them enough to be working on it. Your witch girlfriend recently finished learning that spell and you're still getting used to the rest of your girlfriend's family being nice to you, just recently they were treating you as an object and threatening to eat or crush you on a whim. They now want you to be a proper part of the family; the disparity is jarring and you're very conflicted about this, they see it as normal and are entirely unapologetic about their prior behavior as in their eyes you simply weren't a person before but now you are so obviously their treatment of you changed.
Any decent established books with gentle giantess? I don't have this fetish, but for some reason, I really love reading this thread now and then.
I cant remember any. However if you are into the reverse situation try this book, and the author other books too
guys? My giant coworker asked me how long I could hold my breath... what should I tell her?
Slightly undersell the truth, whatever she has planned you don't want to be pushed to your limits, especially if she does it multiple times.
report it to HR
>>10279346 is on the right track, but don't forget that you won't be able to hold your breath for nearly as long during intense physical activity! Undersell enough to be ready for a worst-case scenario.

Or you could try talking to HR? They might just try and find out for themselves, though. You know how HR is
File: 98810511_p0.jpg (1.1 MB, 1500x1023)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB JPG
You can hold it for hours, it doesn't weigh a thing.
File: 1654297066631.jpg (1011 KB, 1500x1023)
1011 KB
1011 KB JPG
>A powerful wizard travels to the land of giants
>He seeks revenge for all the destruction and turmoil they've visited upon mankind
>He's about to smite a foolish giantess who thinks to crush the seemingly helpless tiny
>Suddenly another one scoops him up and scolds the other girl for being cruel
>She takes the wizard home with her and insists on taking care of him
>Says he's cute and belongs safe with her rather than out in the cold cruel world
>He argues against this, he's a powerful wizard privy to the most dark and ancient secrets
>The world itself trembles before the great power he has achieved
>He is immortal, all powerful, and beyond the petty concerns of mere mortals
>And he most definitely isn't cute in his wide brimmed pointy hat as she claims
>She insists that needing to employ untold cosmic power to avoid an incoming shoe is a bad sign
>He should just stay with her where it's safe, warm, and cozy
>Also when he say immortal does he mean he just doesn't age
>Or perhaps might he be able to survive. . . doing . . . stuff?
>His flesh has been reforged in the greatest of magics, he can survive anything!
>Wait what does she mean by "stuff"
>Her smile appears to be getting more predatory
>Better to prepare the large scale war magic
>She starts to pet him instead, it feels heavenly and his mind goes blank
>He ends up living with her, and often finding himself shoved into . . . places
>Tries to complain but it feels good, grumbles giants don't listen unless there's fireballs involved
>Occasionally he flips out over the fact that he's living like her pet until she placates him
>She tries to impress on him the joys of life outside of magic
>Just relaxing and enjoying life as she carries him along and keeps him comfy
>And also keeping him from getting into fights with giants using those massive fireballs
>Feels like he might be overcompensating,
>He's more than satisfying inside her even with the size difference
File: ERBz2AUVUAABgG1.jpg (198 KB, 1062x2000)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
Curse the insidious faggot that kept on commenting on their bike being crushed whenever someone posted pic related. Your incessant posts managed to wedge itself in my mind and forced me out of a long-standing writing rut to tackle the idea of some tiny student losing his bike and then getting help from a giant classmate. Shame she's a tsun bully but redemption arcs are always a thing.


The first two chapters are done. More to follow once I figure out how the hell to write coherent worldbuilding and character arcs.
File: 1654111633073.jpg (1.28 MB, 1686x1500)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB JPG
>I meme'd someone into a writing a story
huh, I don't know how I feel about that...but the story is aces so far
>be fledgling wizard
>can't afford school, have to learn via internet
>can already levitate things, make sparks, freeze things
>decide to try out summoning
>basically just a magical contract, you offer to channel your arcane force into a magical being in exchange for them doing things for you
>draw out sigil in a forest clearing and perform ritual to call out whoever may be listening in alternate planes
>maybe you'll meet an imp, or a pebble elemental!
>sigil starts to glow, something's answered your call
>glowing purple portal manifests in the ground, starts to stretch out beyond the sigil's bounds
>have to step back so you don't fall in
>absolutely massive head of fiery red hair adorned with onyx horns starts to emerge
>literally fiery, you see embers coming off of it
>head continues to rise until you see only a pair of glowing orange eyes embedded in umber skin staring right at you
>a booming, feminine voice calls out "MAGUS. FOR WHAT PURPOSE HAVE YOU SUMMONED ME?"
>this is an ifrit
>a gigantic fucking fire demon
>you can't handle a gigantic fucking fire demon
>there's no internet guide for this shit
>after a stunned silence you tell her exactly that
>her eyes stop glowing and she looks at you confused
>explain you're a novice and wouldn't have enough arcane power to help her cast a small flame, much less any of the super cool fire magic she's known for
>still a little scared since she's already taller than you, even with just the tip of her head poking out of the ground
>she watches you as you explain, brow furrowed
>pulls her top half out of the portal a bit more, revealing her plump hourglass figure
>her breasts settle on the ground in front of you, each over three times your height
>ifrit thinks for a moment, then offers you a contract despite your warnings
>the terms are: you don't give her any arcane force, and she doesn't perform any magic for you
>what's the fucking point then
>turns out the Plane of Endless Flames and Torment is not the most pleasant place to live
>but she can stay in the material plane as long as she has a contract
>she'll basically just be your roommate
>your gigantic, big titty fire demon roommate
>she sees you mulling it over and tries sweetening the deal by saying she'll help you learn magic, among other things
>other things?
>what other things
>she gives you a sultry look and squeezes her tits together
>bites her lip seductively, eyeing your tiny form

>be mediocre wizard
>have an ifrit familiar, everyone's impressed by her, they think you're a prodigy
>always asked to demonstrate your wizarding skill
>show off all your go-tos
>frostwalker, iceflesh, temperature drop
>bitches be mirin
>every once in a while some smartass has to ask why you specialize in ice magic when you have a fire demon as your familiar
>when that happens, she leans down and gently strokes your hair with a finger
>"Let's just say that's what they needed the most~"
Is there more?
Random world building ideas, there are three general attitudes that individual giantesses take toward tinies
>Apathetic ones who don't really go out of their way to be cruel to them but also don't care if they get hurt, a girl like this wouldn't go chasing down a tiny to crush for no reason but also wouldn't bother stepping around one unlucky enough to be where her foot is going. Intentional cruelty toward tinies is improper in their eyes but it's the tinies problem if they get crushed, there are accommodations for tinies to get by so if they don't use them it's their own fault. This type often turns into one of the other two with frequent contact with tinies.
>Cruel ones who enjoy capturing, torturing, and killing tinies. Girls like this are the main reason why tinies try to stick to areas too small for giantesses to fit, if seen by such a girl she'll probably try to crush or capture them as a disposable plaything. Giantesses generally don't get in trouble for hurting or killing tinies unless the tiny has a giantess of the third type happens to be around or fond to the tiny in question. Technically it's illegal to intentionally kill or abuse them but in practice tinies only really have rights if a giantess is willing to stand up for them. This type occasionally turns into the third if one of their toys survives long enough for them to start to get attached, though more often than not such kindness would be exclusive to that one tiny.
>Kind ones are the main reason why tinies have any rights in law, they fight with cruel ones over the issue but the apathetic ones usually side with the kind ones when it comes up since the other side is creeps them out. They enjoy doting on, protection, and care for tinies to an almost obsessive extent. It might seem obvious that tinies would prefer this type the most but they are also highly patronizing and controlling, a tiny would be far safer as a de facto pet than living on their own or with other tinies is their common view.
File: 1656800709916.png (739 KB, 1762x1710)
739 KB
739 KB PNG
Now I'm starting to wish that somebody step on my bike
File: FFKd-rSWQAYC9IJ.jpg (240 KB, 1448x2048)
240 KB
240 KB JPG
Noice. Theres the trope of the tiny character that talks a big game to compensate for weakness but it's really fun when they actually are powerful, just not in any way that is useful to whatever story they are in.
Is it still gentle if the relationship is partners in crime type?

What about gts defending a nation during warfare is that gentle?

Do the stomped trees have souls?
> Is it still gentle if the relationship is partners in crime type?
It depends on the crimes

>What about gts defending a nation during warfare is that gentle?
I’d say it depends on how much she enjoys the combat. Also, are the presumably tiny soldiers she’s fighting drafted and fighting for their country, or are they seeking to destroy and wipe out the other country

> Do the stomped trees have souls?
Absolutely lol
>Powerful wizard is in a slice of life scenario, he left his spell book at his tower very far away and all he has prepared is a shit ton of magical artillery. Has to rely on giantess waifu for everything but blowing shit up, something rarely needed.
I fucking loved this. I actually got hyped up for some parts of it
If it wasnt for the fetish smut, you could sell this to Hallmark
>anon wizard forgot spell book at home on his day trip to giant city
>tavern keepers daughter agrees to carry him around on his errands
>girl gets easily distracted
>hijinks ensue
>anon falls into her ice cream
>giant squirrell harrases him
>keeps falling into her blouse when she spins around
>she thinks its funny he cant use his normal magic tricks to get around
>anon insists he only has his emergency spells primed
>finally gets the girl to the marketplace
>she manages the exchange of his money for the reagents he needed
>a big giant male sees wizard use his bag of holding
>tells the girl to give him all her money and the wizard to empty the bag
>hes covered in tattoos and has two big friends with him
>they're a pretty nasty gang
>everyone in the marketplace goes quiet
>none of other giants who live in the city want to make them mad
>anon refuses and tells them to leave before they get hurt
>big giant laughs and his friends join in
>anon looks at tavern girl
>she sighs and says "okay go ahead"
>a massive tornado of fire encircles the three gang members
>everyone in the market stares as the giant storm stretches up into the sky
>nothing else is getting damaged in the market but it's as loud as it looks
>as the tornado rises to heaven the wind slowly subsides
>three ashen pillars in the center of the vortex collapse onto themselves
>tavern girl shakes her head
>anon starts telling the story of the last time he used that spell
>she listens intently about him saving some tiny kingdom shes never heard of
>every other giant in the market stares at anon in horror as they leave
Fucking perfect.
It's not even about "souls", but a tree is undeniably a living thing, if I'm reading a purportedly gentle fic and the writer goes out of his way to describe trees being crushed then I'm mentally putting him down as a potential serial killer. Now if you write a story where she gently caresses a forest of giant sequoias without damaging them that would be a pretty novel concept that nobody has really attempted because nobody thinks about the fact that trees deserve love too.
For me it's quite simple. I don't want to think about people dying in the middle of a fapfic. That's it. No other fetish seems to struggle with this. Like if you had some normie fetish like "pizza delivery guy and MILF", you could go a thousand fics without someone the writer deciding "in this fic, the MILF also happens to be a serial killer". And nobody feels the need to split hairs and defend it, "Look, it's reasonable to have the female lead murder some people. Do you ever complain about trees being cut down in porn??" -- uh, I can't even think of a fic that has trees being cut down, so that's not an issue. Do you think futafags have to deal with authors who insist on starting the story with, "Her huge schlong was visible from a distance of 20 paces even under clothes, and it jiggled tantalizingly as she gunned down hostile soldiers as she participated in a justifiable defensive war for the sole purpose of defending her family and ideals"? Does every third weight gain thread have to have a civil war because half of feeder fetishists want the girl to get so morbidly obese she dies? Does the conjoinment thread deal with people incessantly defending, "Hey, sometimes you want to be fused with a murderer girl, it's totally normal!"

It seems like giantess is part of a small group of fetishes where people feel the need to rationalize the totally unnecessary insertion of murder into the plot -- at least vore and snuff are more honest that they're jerking off to death.
>It seems like giantess is part of a small group of fetishes where people feel the need to rationalize the totally unnecessary insertion of murder into the plot

try being 100 meters tall and trying to navigate a city without stepping on something or destroying bikes. Obviously way to solve this is to go with shrink instead of growth, which is why most of the gentle stories I see on GW mainly do gentle (or if growth go with segregated societies worldbuilding).
File: moon goddess.png (1.13 MB, 900x1200)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB PNG
Oh my freaking god I would get so into miniatures.
Imagine being able to sculpt an entire fantasy world for people using arts and crafts.
>live in a world were people's size fluctuates on their mood
>you get smaller when you feel embarrassed, flustered or scared.
>naturally petite bully is always calling you a creep and pervert because she likes you at midget size
>eventually finds out you're into giantesses and that gives her enough fuel to shrink you down to dolls size
>turns out for the sexually submissive, arousal is a 'small" emotion too
>you never return to your original size again
>you're her pet now
Imagine getting really REALLY into it
>"Honey, I understand you really like your tinies and that cute little world you have created but do you really need a 300 dollar pump"
>"You don't get it mom, they need to have flowing water otherwise they can't irrigate the crops outside of the adventurers guild, it's called worldbuilding"
thanks, I'll admit I kind of had the hallmark type romance story in my mind, albeit with a ton of fetish elements lol. It was definitely different than the other stuff I've done so far but I think it worked pretty well.
I did a partners in crime size changing villains story, but the villain in question is a goofy silver age type who goes out of her way not to kill anyone
This sounds like a good one-shot idea, I'll keep it in mind for the next time I'm between stories. I'm currently working on that witch accidentally curses guy story.
>Tiny wizard wants to use magic to be independent and live on his own two feet (or rather his spells)
>Giantess gf keeps trying to find reasons to keep the him dependent on her
>She likes taking care of him and it's no fun if he does everything with magic
>Carrying him is way nicer than having him cast a flying spell
>Tries to fill up his regular spell load out with emergency stuff he'll rarely need
>One day she realizes she needs to move the furniture around
>It's real heavy to keep it from potentially sliding over a pair of tiny legs
>Wizard smirks saying he could help if only he had telekinesis prepped instead of fireball
>When would he ever need fireball in everyday life anyway?
>He's at home most of the time and even if someone broke in that would burn the house down.
>And he could fill those other slots with useful things that would let him get things done
>Honestly he really only needs one combat spell for self defense anyway
>Hell it could even be one that's useful for other things too
>Like telekinesis, that's a really good one. Useful for so many things when 3 inches tall
>Please give back the spell book with his utility spells.
>She huffs at that and expertly counters the argument by sitting on him
>Can't help but admit it would be helpful though.
Will this OC make a good giant?
If someone here knows about HellOnEarth stuff
tough girl with a heart of gold? Yeah, I think so
Okay, started my new story based on this greentext >>10272653
First chapter is mostly just setup, but I think it's going to be fun.

The Landlady is a Real Witch!
>Lady that keeps on hitting on a nerd, but to no avail
Definitely a great giantess
File: 1568689323112.jpg (157 KB, 512x838)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
Make sure to be safe this holiday weekend. Reckless use of fireworks can hit innocent giant girls in the face or other areas. Celebrate responsibly!
File: FSE7PuQaAAAG-ey.jpg (2.19 MB, 2550x3900)
2.19 MB
2.19 MB JPG
Big girls really need to learn how to not scare tinies..
>Girl desperately wants a cute tiny pet to play with
>She's been too shy to just go out and grab a shrinking victim
>There's one she's seen by her garden but doesn't have the heart to snatch him
>Feels awful to reduce someone to an object just for her pleasure
>Notices the tiny rights movements have started to pick up steam
>It won't be too long before they regain their rights as people
>Happy for them to be set free but sad she won't be able to have one
>Some thoughts spring to mind when she thinks about it though
>If she caught a tiny now she could still have one to play with for a while
>It's not really stealing his freedom if restoring is rights is around the corner
>She'd just be taking care of him until things get better for tinies
>It's a hard world for lone tinies living off trash and hiding out from potential kidnappers
>Honestly being her pet for a while is just a good way get by until his rights come back
>He can't really be too upset about that right? at least not for too long
>If they get along well he can go from pet to boyfriend once he's a person again
>If she can train him to like certain things by then he may be willing to be both
>Everyone says tinies are really weak to affection when treated nicely
>Yeah if she has a willing pet none of her worries would be a problem
>Time to dress up sexy and lure in that tiny she saw in to her yard
>Knows he's been looking at her while she's been gardening
>Soon he'll be stuffed in all sorts of fun places while she works on it
>She's got a few months at least before tinies are considered people again
>Plenty of time to train this one to want to stay with her afterwards
>Still a bit mean perhaps but she'll take extra good care of him
>She'll just have to make it up to him for taking advantage after he's properly hers
She could just ask him out?
That would be a simple obvious answer, but why do that when she can instead come up with an excuse to satisfy her fetish for keeping a tiny as her pet without feeling bad about it?
>be giantess
>like tiny
>ask tiny out
>the end
Great greentext
The hell does she want, a Casablanca mockup?
That would scare him
File: 1656966740035.png (584 KB, 773x1000)
584 KB
584 KB PNG
How do you know? Maybe he likes big girls...I heard that there dozens of us that do
*them I meant them
File: 1605478589233.png (470 KB, 617x876)
470 KB
470 KB PNG
Wage cucking has exhausted me anon so I haven't been able to write. I'll conclude it when I don't feel like I'm a walking corpse after my shifts.
.... Smite fastball
Buckets anon. Buckets
File: aki2288 - Study Abroad 1.jpg (294 KB, 1280x1804)
294 KB
294 KB JPG
File: aki2288 - Study Abroad 4.jpg (335 KB, 1280x1804)
335 KB
335 KB JPG
oh no
>>1028275i just saw the guys work and it mainly just vore stuffand squishing tinies, which ain't my cup of tea
who is he?
>She huffs at that and expertly counters the argument by sitting on him

Giantesses really are unbeatable in any sort of debate

>"...cannot kick the can down the road on this issue any longer. We must act now, not for ourselves, but for every generation that will come after us. Thank you."
>polite applause from the studio audience
>"Thank you Mr. Jones. Ms. Smith, you have 15 minutes. The floor is yours."
>she confidently struts to the podium on which her opponent is standing
>she grabs him by his arms and brings his dangling body down towards her waist
>her other hand tugs her pencil skirt and panties away from her body
>he's unceremoniously dropped in
>faint protests are silenced as her underwear snaps shut
>she looks straight at the camera and gives her trademark winning smile and a single confident nod
>thunderous standing ovation
>some people have been moved to tears
>"Well, it's obvious who the winner is today. Congratulations Ms. Smith on another dominant performance!"
>that brings the record to 214-0
>"Tune in next week to see if the tines can get a point on the board. Good night everyone!"
you can literally just google it, anon
basically, his style's cute but he mostly draws cruel scenarios. He can draw super cute shit too sometimes but even that often degenerates into cruel shit.
File: aki2288 - Giant Mom.jpg (443 KB, 1280x1808)
443 KB
443 KB JPG
forgot pic
New thread

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