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File: SeigaOnaholePink.jpg (2.59 MB, 1929x2500)
2.59 MB
2.59 MB JPG
The elven kingdom lies in ruins and even devious drows couldn't escape the fate of onahole.
Now onahole transformation seems to be go-to method of villainess punishment. With one beauty tasting justice and cock as we speak.

All forms of sex toy TF are appreciated here, from simple sex sleeves to full-on sex dolls.

Writeanons especially welcome here. Feel free to share your scenarios, your lorebuilding, and your own deep fantasies.
File: 17.jfif.jpg (223 KB, 1280x1807)
223 KB
223 KB JPG
Last thread had alot of discussion about elves and drows. Magical girls were also considered a good target. What other races/societies/groups could integrate sextoy transformation? Any favourites?
File: 1r45et3453453567.jpg (282 KB, 1280x755)
282 KB
282 KB JPG
Speaking of scenarios, are you softcore or hardcore fan? Prefer nice and reversible transformation for some fun with friends? Or perhaps all out bad end with heroine being used as mere cocksleeve for the rest of her miserable existence?
File: 1639137933414.png (284 KB, 698x979)
284 KB
284 KB PNG
Do you prefer named characters in transformation scenarios? Any favourite franchises?
Perhaps you are fan of anonynimy and identity death and love when lvl 99 Kaku Seiga transforms simply into nameless lvl 1 onahole and ending in a bin with countless other pink dolls?
Or perhaps you enjoy just hunting girls completely at random? Picking victims as they go, going with thrill of hunt?
File: 2020_07_21b.jpg (225 KB, 1200x1500)
225 KB
225 KB JPG
What are your favourite aspects of fetish? How did you come across it and why did you decide to stay? Any favourite doujins, stories or just single pictures? Share what you love the most about onaholes and dolls.
File: 91736634_p9.png (1.47 MB, 3200x1800)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB PNG
As always don't be shy and share all the topics and ideas you have. And remember to wash your onaholes after use.
Full out bad end definitely my favorite just a pleasure device to be used over and over
I like the implication of undoing it being possible in some nebulous future.
but I don't want them turning back too soon... I want them to be onaholes until I'm dead, and 10 years after at least.
File: 97237908_p1.jpg (3.2 MB, 2500x1767)
3.2 MB
3.2 MB JPG
Looks like we are 1:1 in bad end vs reversible.
Im gonna tip the scales by saying im bad end enjoyer as well, but im actually interested what ratio really is so keep em coming.

>and 10 years after at least.
Thats oddly specific number. Enjoying neglection play? Or perhaps passing her into good hand with note saying "Reverse transformation at date X"?
File: DoremyOna.png (3.82 MB, 2375x1909)
3.82 MB
3.82 MB PNG
I personally prefer good endings and/or reversible scenarios. Then again that's only with characters I actually like, and I like to see it as more of a """playful""" encounter between them
I like bad end, stripping away one’s autonomy and fully objectifying them is great for me.
I especially enjoy when the subject is turned into a blow-up doll and deflated or a mannequin and taken apart or melted down. The best is if they are melted down and then turned into something else, like condoms.
Sentience should be left ambiguous though. If sentience isn’t stated then I can imagine the narrative either way each time I view the art.
>10 years at least
Fuck you.
It's a Reddit tier manga meme.
Shit I didn't answer. I like good ends. I don't mind it getting really dark on the way there, but I generally prefer it being lighter overall. I don't really vibe with full on, irreversible, used and discarded bad ends.
Jack from ME?
File: 47022788_p1_master1200.jpg (347 KB, 846x1200)
347 KB
347 KB JPG
As much as i like bad end, having it be very kinky bdsm session/prank betwen friends is also nice.
It even allows for nice swap betwen sub/dom where its dom that is transformed and sub partner has chance to get revenge and dominate for once.
On top of that its just a nice step to classic "Oh no, it looks like i accidentaly grew a huge cock, i need Sakuya-san to help me ejaculate 100 times" formula. Its just that this time Sakuya-san was transformed into onahole and its Meiling or Remilia who need to blow those 100 loads inside her to turn her back.

And it seems that poor Doremy saw something she would rather not see. Then again, she should had known that dream versions of people are alot more emotional and unhinged. Still seeing what kind of feelings Sagume has for her may be a bit traumatic.
File: 12491769_p8.jpg (41 KB, 400x400)
41 KB
>Sentience should be left ambiguous though.
Thats one thing that is hot. Making it unable to say if there is still someone in there, and making observer/user unable to tell when their conciousness/soul with fade away really adds another layer to objectification since you can't really tell at what point person fully transforms into object.
And deflation is always hot.
Jack from YOU.
Keeping images on mobile sucks, couldn’t get back to where it was to post the follow up and had to return to the source.
Yeah it’s Jack from ME
File: SakuyaOnaRemade.png (374 KB, 747x1190)
374 KB
374 KB PNG
> Its just that this time Sakuya-san was transformed into onahole and its Meiling or Remilia who need to blow those 100 loads inside her to turn her back
I'll gladly help them.
> "Oh no, it looks like i accidentaly grew a huge cock, i need Sakuya-san to help me ejaculate 100 times" formula.
Oh weird I was just about to share this set. Ive never heard of this formula.
File: SakuyaOnaRemade2.png (410 KB, 747x1190)
410 KB
410 KB PNG
And on that note, yeah that's generally the sort of way I view it. Might just be me but just feels better knowing that the characters- or 2hus in this case- are getting off just as much as I am without worry. It also opens up the possibilities of them doing it again in the future, maybe with the situations being reversed.
Or who knows, maybe they gift themselves as onaholes to another friend. Like, say, Suwako and Kanako becoming a dildo and ona respectively and gifting themselves to Sanae for the night under the excuse of 're-energising her faith in them.' At the end if it, Suwako is impaled into Kanako and are left like that until morning.
File: 95445104_p0.png (998 KB, 890x1356)
998 KB
998 KB PNG
Hardcore. Bad ends for days. Good ends can be satisfying for non-sexual reasons, but I'm not coming to this kink for that.

Yeah, ambiguity is great. Are they still in there? Who cares, it doesn't matter either way. A conscious doll functions the same as a unconscious one, and that function is the only part of them that matters.
>96 more to go
Is that considered a good end? She doesn't want this, and she's gotta take 100 loads which will be humiliating and horrible, but at the end of the day she's gonna be fine, and the person who's fucking her is doing it to save her. That falls under good end to me, but do people only consider it a good end if the girls are happy the whole time?
File: 77182102_p1.jpg (729 KB, 1200x1600)
729 KB
729 KB JPG
Nope because anon forgot to post last part.>>10319971
Don't have TL'd version translated but she got bored halfway and trashed her friendo.

> Are they still in there? Who cares, it doesn't matter either way.
Kino. I think thats its this very difference in perspective that makes it so stimulating. They are likely to be used by someone who doesn't know them or doesn't care about them. And then all that matters is how good their pussy feels.
That’s from a different set, in which she’s transformed and used until she breaks. That image you posted is her friends wondering aloud what happened to her, not realizing she’s lying in the burnable trash bin one of them just used, still begging for more dick.

That does mean this won’t be a good end, though. Even if nothing else adverse happens in those 100 uses and she’s cured without a hitch, which I doubt, the person she was is already gone.
File: 023.jpg (510 KB, 1280x1808)
510 KB
510 KB JPG
My bad then. Always saw those pictures together so i assumed they are part of one set.
>Oh weird I was just about to share this set. Ive never heard of this formula.
Thats probably one of oldest cliches in Touhou futa doujins.
>That does mean this won’t be a good end
Huh, then I guess I don't know where I fall on the good/bad end spectrum. I don't mind girls experiencing lots of humiliation and trauma. I just like it if they get recover at some point / there's no snuff or eternal damnation
Pretty much where i draw the line. Snuff/no escape scenario is hardcore, and everything else even pretty rough play is softcore.
Myself im the hardcore enjoyer. Becoming actual object is the goal of inanimate transformation, and their last concious moments are the hottest.
It’s tricky, because what exactly is an ‘end?’ The sets in question seem pretty bad endy, but who knows? Maybe she can recover.
Maybe I'm just gullible but I took the idea she'll get her body back in 100 nuts as fact. I guess it's ambiguous and technically not an "end". I guess I just like the ambiguity and the fact the door is left open for a theoretical ending where she gets her friend back.

I actually am pretty fine with anything if the "end" isn't really shown and there's some ambiguity involved as to what happens next. Things like dialogue that makes it clear it's irreversible, or seeing the onahole lying in a dumpster feel like they remove that ambiguity... So yeah I don't know where I was going with this.
File: 1640501635557.png (335 KB, 1205x735)
335 KB
335 KB PNG
I generally see "end" as one of those
Physical destruction of onahole - either by a heavy use or on purpose
Death of soul/conciousness which leaves onahole no different from manmade sextoy just in fancy shape
Irreversible mindbreak - similar to above but instead of (....) you get "Co....ock....mo...ree...co..ck"
Irrecoverable - either trashed in a place nobody will look for her/pick her up or added to private collection with no chance of being saved.
For some reason I love to see the Sailor Senshi get hit with this. Preferably Usagi herself, as the main heroine her defeat in this way essentially spells instant doom for everyone. As for type of transformation? Sex dolls, with the victim identifiable, to show everyone how hard they lost.
>Maybe I'm just gullible but I took the idea she'll get her body back in 100 nuts as fact.
Ive never read a single onahole tf sequence where the person offering to turn them back actually would.
File: 100175533_p0.png (2.07 MB, 2000x1500)
2.07 MB
2.07 MB PNG
I like the idea of succubi or demon girls falling prey to their own magic/someone else's magic and being transformed into a sextoy. Good girls ending up in hopeless scenarios is hot, but it's even better when an objectively evil girl gets a taste of her own medicine.
Well, look at it this way. That first sequence ends with her broken, in the trash, to sent to the garbage incinerator in her near future. Nobody knows what happened to her except the classmate who transformed her, and he clearly doesn’t give a shit about her anymore. It’s unquestionably a hopeless bad end.
Then in the next sequence she’s intact, out of the trash, and getting fucked by her futafied friend in order to restore her. I doubt that’ll work out, but this is already leagues better than being burned alive. Unquestionably hopeless bad end averted.
An ending is whatever the artist says it is, but what they say can change, and there’s nothing in the rules that you can’t come up with some lighter or darker interpretation for yourself. That’s what ambiguity is all about, and depending on how you look you can find that almost anywhere.
I didn't think the garbage girl was related to the other 3 images
Oh shit they are, my bad
File: 90777706_p0.jpg (3.56 MB, 2400x3200)
3.56 MB
3.56 MB JPG
Without a translation for this image the order of events is confusing. This was made between >>10319986 And >>10319966
File: 91135090_p0.jpg (1.4 MB, 1600x1200)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB JPG
And while my first assumption is B went from onahole > futa, she seems to be an onahole again here in C's bag
File: cgf0v4zx8di71.png (111 KB, 248x272)
111 KB
111 KB PNG
So yeah definitely looks like solid bad end material in the end. Sorry to whoever asked
My point here still stands, regardless of how this particular loose sequence of sets went.
That would be perfect. The classic magical girls defeated utterly, starting with their leader and the one source of 'removing the oncoming barage of curses' being removed from the board.
Oh yeah sorry, trying to get to the bottom of that particular sequence was unrelated to any larger conversation. I just wanted to know.
File: 17979550_p3.png (1.59 MB, 2480x3507)
1.59 MB
1.59 MB PNG
Ami thinks she has a solution, but her last words turn into muffled squeak as her cheeks inflate and she joins her leader on the floor... and eventually in some fanboy's bed.
File: Balloned.jpg (65 KB, 397x479)
65 KB
Ah no problem. There's only a few more sailor doll pics any way sadly.
Who’s the man-hating one again? She’d be a lot of fun.
File: 99187770_p2.png (2.58 MB, 2400x3200)
2.58 MB
2.58 MB PNG
Rei maybe? Also sees the future, so 'Oh no, this is our fate?!' deal could come into play.

(Haruka and Michiru are the couple but the former just flirts with ladies from what I remember)
File: 1617682990191.png (466 KB, 1000x1000)
466 KB
466 KB PNG
Thats good shit
File: 1617683023463.png (1.23 MB, 1748x2268)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB PNG
File: 1617683057098.png (419 KB, 1000x1000)
419 KB
419 KB PNG
File: 1617683091323.png (559 KB, 1134x1322)
559 KB
559 KB PNG
File: 1617683123531.png (432 KB, 736x1000)
432 KB
432 KB PNG
There. That's every one of these posts in the order they were uploaded.
From what I can tell...
>A is transformed, raped, and thrown away.
>B wonders aloud where she went, likely to C. She comments that he was seen talking to Anon beforehand, very unusual. Neither of them realize A is in the trash can they just used.
>B confronts Anon about A. He tells her what he did, which she doesn't buy, to which he transforms and rapes her too.
>When B is in ruins, he sneaks her into C's bag during gym.
>ABC have all bullied Anon in the past, so she quickly and rightly concludes it was him and confronts him about it.
>She's upset that she'll have to throw away her bag now that it's been tainted by Anon's gross jizz, and demands he throw away the onahole himself. She doesn't want to touch it.
>She doesn't recognize it as B, and doesn't believe Anon when he tells her it's her.
>So then he transforms C and rapes her as well.

I don't think the futa one is canon to the rest.
I loooove succubus sex toys. Beings defined by sexual domination turned into THE single lowest thing on the sexual totem pole.
What's better? Succubi that have never heard or seen this sort of transformation, completely confused, or succubi that do know it and just never thought it'd be turned on themselves?
Hell yeah, the fiery bitchy one. Perfect. Wanna keep her still with magic, set her transformation to loooong and slooooow, then make her watch one of her friends gets used and abused as viciously as possible, taunting about her fate the whole while. It'd be so fun to see how long her spunk would last.
>That's you in just a few more minutes, Rei-chan~
>Just a worthless cum receptacle, a toy for satiating male lust, for the rest of your long, plastic life. Just like you were always meant to be.
>Aww, don't cry. You'll end up loving it before you know it!
I generally prefer a mix, in which there’s a distinct possibility of rescue or recovery, but it’s not certain that it’ll actually happen.

That being said, good or bad end, I like them to remain conscious, even if only as an unthinking mass of pleasure.
I know I'm in the minority but I strongly prefer reversible / good end / consensual stuff, like being rented out as a party toy for a set period or transformed daily by a partner for stress relief

I do like some level of disposal / recycling / degradation sometimes though, like being left in a trash can after use, no way to count the hours until the transformation is reversed...
File: 66347929_p0.jpg (198 KB, 1200x1600)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
Evil and powerful is great mix for onahole material.
But its even better if they themselves turned multiple other women into onaholes first. Either succubus who did it for fun, evil mage who liked to defeat her rivals this way, or perhaps fallen noblewoman turned into gangleader who made nice living transforming random women and selling them for profit.
Having karma return and those end up as onaholes themselves, possibly among their own victims is always great.

>What's better? Succubi that have never heard or seen this sort of transformation, completely confused, or succubi that do know it and just never thought it'd be turned on themselves?
Easily the second option. Thats the plot twist they never seen coming.
File: 1-2.jpg (1.91 MB, 1254x1771)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB JPG
Bad ends. Bad end portions are the hottest part of a set or story for sure, good ends feel awkward, like they're supposed to be there so you don't feel guilty during post-nut clarity or something.

Don't care too much, but I like it when an author uses OCs and canon one-and-dones them for bad ends the best.

Had been into tf and adjacent stuff for years and just started to get into onahole tf stuff when Fan no Hitori started uploading those dungeon stories on his alt pixiv account and that hooked me. Was a magical time checking pixiv and seeing a new installment was up. Had lots of free time and didn't know JP back then so I'd inadvertently get extra long fap sessions just from looking up words to understand those stories.

I actually started writing some short stories in that style but with his exorcist setting, almost finished one, but I lose motivation and get super critical of my writing. Hopefully it won't go the way of translating that last dungeon story and one day I'll have something to post for you guys.
File: 2.jpg (1.71 MB, 1254x1771)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB JPG
File: 3.jpg (1.7 MB, 1254x1771)
1.7 MB
1.7 MB JPG
File: 4.jpg (1.82 MB, 1254x1771)
1.82 MB
1.82 MB JPG
Something slightly different from the typical transformation route; healing magic cast repeatedly until limbs fuse into the body and organs fuse into one long tube from top to bottom for a flesh onahole.
File: 95755457_p4.jpg (1.11 MB, 1400x1680)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB JPG
Wash a public use toy like this out? Or just straight into the recycler to be made into condoms?
File: 1647370728494.jpg (299 KB, 1607x1737)
299 KB
299 KB JPG
Putting a water hose into their mouts/pussy and flushing them out is too fun to pass out. Besides customers wont tell the difference anyway and with inflation every bit of money you can save counts.
So yeah, exploit her to the end.
That set's pretty fun. She's an ace pilot held captive by the enemy. She's listed as KIA, and she was captured due to an insider in her own army, so no rescue is ever coming. The enemy soldiers use aphrodisiac nanomachines to turn her body to silicone, apparently at the request of the big wig who betrayed her, to which she loses her cool and begs for mercy. All she gets is mocking jeers.
The last page has her captors saying they'll have fun with their ex-ace until she's useless, with her last line being "I'm scared...I'm going crazy/going to die...help me...Father..." Good epitaph.
File: FINA.png (457 KB, 974x848)
457 KB
457 KB PNG
Momentarily leave everyone paralyzed in horror as Usagi is left sitting like this, before cutting her last scream for help short when her cheeks inflate and with a unceremonious "plop" her transformation finishes and she falls over.
File: Mami.jpg (554 KB, 1280x960)
554 KB
554 KB JPG
There was that one doujin circle that made alot Sailor moon bad end doujins but sadly i don't think they ever did either sex doll or onahole one. Which is sad because they really don't hold back the punches.

And i agree that magical girls are absolutely perfect for that. Pure, kind and full of ideals - absolute opposite of filthy sextoys. Which is why their transformation is so striking. And the fact that world/city is left without its defender because someone needed a fucktoy makes it even better.

Speaking of which magical girls from other franchises are also fine. Mami for instance with her big lewd tits makes for a excellent onahole.
Ah yes, Daraku Jiko Chousa Iinkai iirc.
They had at least one where Mars and Venus end up as lifesized marionettes, and Escalayer is immobilized with wire traps then receives a dollifying creampie.

Good stuff.

File: 100260567_p1.jpg (2.08 MB, 1800x1200)
2.08 MB
2.08 MB JPG
Yup, thats the one. I love that one when they all get absorbed into that slimy collective conciousness. Probably one of my favourite merging/absorbtion doujins.

And a very fresh Mami onahole, guess someone was reading my mind.
Some people may say that huge tits get in the way, but i love when onaholes have massive bouncy tits.
File: Yuyudoll.jpg (136 KB, 752x1098)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
Silly Yuyuko, dolls don't eat food! Let me show you what they're supposed to have.
With those puffs around her it looks like she instantly transformed while eating. Maybe someone spiked her food with transformation drug? Youmu or Yukari?
In any case it looks like she was eating while nude which will save bother of undressing her to whoever will put her to use.
You bringing up money makes me wonder. What happens to the money and possessions of a transformed onahole?

Uurgh, there's gonna be all this half-eaten food in her mouth. Gross.

>Maybe someone spiked her food with transformation drug?
That's pretty good.
File: 94007773_p3.png (935 KB, 900x1200)
935 KB
935 KB PNG
>You bringing up money makes me wonder. What happens to the money and possessions of a transformed onahole?

Really depends on setting scenario, but given that most transformations probably are against their will i can see it being like this:
>Modern setting: Pretty much missing persons case so it goes to family as it would go with any other case
>Fantasy setting: Looted from the pile of clothes/gear that onahole was in
>Hitoris ponytails: Probably killed in action case so their belonging go to family
>Onaholification as punishment/execution: Goes to the public funds like belonging of all other criminals
>Consensual: Probably nothing/just frozen funds for duration of transformation

So in general its just missing person case for a most part since i assume that TF is good way to get rid of the body, and alot of women transformed for commercial use were either kidnapped or bought in human trafficking
What would a slow-acting onahole TF be like? Shrinking, changing color, losing limbs over several hours kind of thing.
You know it raises an important question - How do you actually transform them into sextoys?
I do like hitori mana eating worms but they have very niche use.
Most sequences start with finger snapp and poof.
I generally like idea of drugs/poison preferably slow working one.
I'm not sure really, but I know that the 2huwriter anon has been using the drug variation for most of his stories so far. They're not that slow, though.
File: 080.jpg (1.49 MB, 1353x1920)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB JPG
Pretty baller. Would need much more of a scenario and setting around it too work, though. What are they going to do for those several hours? Where will they go?
My favorite part of drawn-out transformations is tricking them with the time aspect. It takes four hours for their transformation to finish, but practically speaking they'll already be done for well before that deadline. Once the limbs start to lose strength and melt away she really won't be able to do anything but lay there and wait.

It's usually magic. I too like drugs/poison, though. It's more visceral.
This guy gets it. You get this wonderful karmic switchero, the villainess all "This can't happen to ME, I'm the one who does this to others!!"
She knows exactly how this transformation works. What it does to the victim, how it effects their mind, the existence they'll have in store for them, the impossibility of reversing it...she told this to some of her victims as they turned for her own sadistic satisfaction, but none of them ever had as detailed an understanding of it as her. None of them realized just how completely screwed they are as she does now. It's perfect.
I want to see a succubus onahole silently beg their user to stop fucking them. Please stop, it feels too good, she can't take this, please, just no more sex!! The irony would be delicious.

>That being said, good or bad end, I like them to remain conscious, even if only as an unthinking mass of pleasure.
Yeah, you get it too, conscious onaholes are the way to go. Still have them conscious for possible recovery for good ends, or they can remain forever trapped in their private onahole hell and/or melt away into pleasurable oblivion for bad. Everybody wins.
File: Large_1.jpg (351 KB, 1280x1790)
351 KB
351 KB JPG
Man after my own heart. Yeah karma being a bitch is wonderful here.
But there is something else that really comes to play - the degradation. Its safe to say that any villainess, be it succubuss, fallen noblewoman leading gang of kidnappers selling onaholes or wicked sage - they all have one thing in common.

They feel superior to others.
All those women transformed? They were worse. Lesser beings. Nowhere near to villainess magnificence. She is better. Or she was better until karma decided its time for payback.
File: Large_2.jpg (408 KB, 1280x1790)
408 KB
408 KB JPG
File: Large_3.jpg (280 KB, 1280x1790)
280 KB
280 KB JPG
Not so powerful now is she? Any clever words miss villainess? Perhaps a comeback?
File: Large_4.jpg (320 KB, 1280x1790)
320 KB
320 KB JPG
I absolutely adore that sequence and especially the very last picture. Random nobody adventurer and mighty succubus matriarch. Now nothing but two nameless onaholes on the dungeon floor.
Nothing of her power remaining. And the only difference betwen her and other girl is that she has horns. Thats what she is - just a fancy looking cocksleeve. Some people like them like that. But functionally identical.
God i love reduction and degradation so much.
>God i love reduction and degradation so much.
Same, take this sequence for example
After being wrung dry they turn her into a cheap little product, even adding her ID for some reason
File: 14.jpg (718 KB, 1200x1669)
718 KB
718 KB JPG
Lmao walked away and didn't even realize I forgot my image
File: 1552791042746.jpg (268 KB, 950x950)
268 KB
268 KB JPG
>Maybe someone spiked her food with transformation drug?
Someone several threads back wrote this as a story.

Youmu >>10135510
Yuyuko >>10139157
My favorite part is how overwhelmed by pleasure she is. Her being physically or magically overpowered? Sure, I could see that, and really so could see. Hell’s a big place; at the very least she’s weaker than the Demon King she serves. But losing to pleasure? That’s impossible.
She’s a succubus. She’s the very incarnation of carnal lust and sexual pleasure, THE authority on sex. Trying to overwhelm a succubus with sex is like attacking the ocean with spit; it simply cannot be done. The ONLY being that could feasibly defeat a succubus with sex would be a bigger, stronger, sexier succubus, which in her case might not even exist. She IS sex.

Then some worm noms her and her brain explodes. Then some goblin sticks his dick in her remains and it explodes again.
File: 1641437462563.jpg (668 KB, 1000x1000)
668 KB
668 KB JPG
>My favorite part is how overwhelmed by pleasure she is.
Thats the best part of it. A great equalizer. She doesn't change into "Demon onahole" or "succubus onahole". Not even "Legendary onahole". Nope its just "Onahole".
Name change: Silis the seducer - Onahole
Class change: Succubus Matriarch - Onahole.
Girl next to her?
Name change: Heldis the Stout - Onahole
Class change: Barbarian - Onahole
She WAS sex. Now she is just sextoy.

Whoever they were has no meaning. Powerful wizard has no power to cast spells because she is just onahole. Enlightened sage won't focus her inner power because she is just onahole.
And priestess won't invoke power of gods because she is just onahole.

All they have remaining are memories of their past existence rapidly fading away as pleasure beyond belief melts their minds.
Its precisely this form of degradation that makes powerful and unique women such good target.

I really like this one. The implication that she was so drained of any mana/spiritual power that when her time inside worm finally came she couldn't even hold her humanoid form and became nothing but featureless sleeve. Given that state what little remains of her mind will probably vanish after 1st cumshot so at least she will get her wish soon.
>Given that state what little remains of her mind will probably vanish after 1st cumshot so at least she will get her wish soon.
Given the series and the fact that she actually wants to die? Lol no, not likely.
It'd be super fucking hot, especially in an industrial transformation setting
>the adventures of a sentient sextoy on an assembly line
File: 88430656_p2.jpg (173 KB, 1528x1080)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
>A great equalizer.
>Whoever they were has no meaning.

I think you're missing my point a little.
What she was before is VERY important, because what she was before was the literal personification of sex. Sexual domination, to be precise; sex happens the way she wants and when she wants it. And now she's a sex toy. She went from the very top of the sexual hierarchy the very bottom.
And that's so much better than other cases of this kink. You're talking about wizards and sages and priestess? Powerful and unique women? That ain't shit. Heldis wasn't a barbarian, Heldis was a human that decided to become a barbarian. When they're crying like a baby as they turn into a sex toy, it's not that they've been turned into a pathetic child, it's that they've been turned back into one.
That's not the case with succubi. From the moment they are brought into being, they are sex. It is literally their entire life. Everything they are is defined in that statement. If a succubi starts crying like a baby or loses her place in the sexual hierarchy, that is far more significant than a human of any job or class doing so, because this is something they've never, EVER done. It's defiling their entire being.
Overwhelming a succubus with pleasure and making her beg for the sex to stop is nothing like doing so with any other being. There's absolutely no comparison.
How would an assembly line work? For onaholes, for sex dolls, for something else? What are the steps?
File: 28.jpg (462 KB, 1280x1808)
462 KB
462 KB JPG
Well, one Granblue doujin covered the process.
Detailed here:
1) Reduce to torso
2) Apply transformation fluid/magic vibes
3) Quality control fucking
4) Packaging
5) Shipping
File: 94256886_p0.jpg (1.14 MB, 1800x1200)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB JPG
Give it more of a mechanical angle and we might have something there.
I like that they can clearly see further down the line. No need to hide it, not like they could do anything about it anyway.
i love the class and level change thing because it suggests an entire rpg game worth of things to come. obviously she would gain exp by being fucked, but what sort of abilities would be in store for her? i figure both getting and giving more pleasure from/to whatever's fucking her,. but what else? pheremones and self-lubrication? how can we make this *really* interesting?
>there's an entire onahole healslut build
>heal and buff your party by being fucked
File: FROPLxqXIAAyI29.jpg (202 KB, 1573x2048)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
For Onaholes I think there's a couple things that could be really kinky. First, that the skills/powers that they used to possess get 'remembered' in a vastly reduced state and given to their user (but only once they reach high enough level and have 'Sextoy Affection')

'Affection' means treating them well as a sextoy (using them often, cleaning, sometimes saying outload how good they are as a sex toy) that sort of thing.

If their level climbs fast enough (faster than they're used) their HP/'wear' will restore quickly and their condition/quality will even seem to improve over time.

At very high levels they might summon a 'sex toy fairy' version of themselves. Who they were 'in miniature' but only a fake copy that orbits about their real body and makes sure it's protected and not lost from their loyal master.

(If they notice the 'fairy' they'll very pointedly tell them that they're just super good sex toy and nothing else, since they hate thinking about that awful time when they were a 'real' woman)
File: 43930706_p0.jpg (1.89 MB, 3742x5153)
1.89 MB
1.89 MB JPG
>I think you're missing my point a little.
>What she was before is VERY important, because what she was before was the literal personification of sex.

Oh no i totally get you and agree. I just described it more from outsider/game mechanics standpoint.
That transformation is so great in case of succubus precisely because it leaves no exception to them. Mechanically they go through the same process.

Whats the real cherry on top is what you said:
>If a succubi starts crying like a baby or loses her place in the sexual hierarchy, that is far more significant than a human of any job or class doing so, because this is something they've never, EVER done. It's defiling their entire being.
They keep their personality and memories. Which is why its so much more degrading for them. On top of that losing any sexual resistance they naturally had as succubus makes their experience far more extreme.
So from her POV, and from POV of omnipotent audience its far, far more degrading and completely different scenario. But from POV of worm she is just another juicy meal. And from POV of in-universe user she is just another sextoy.
Its this very contrast that makes this scenario so hot. She was so, so different in life and in transformation process and yet as a final she is just another onahole.
File: 42541742_p0.jpg (196 KB, 1200x1500)
196 KB
196 KB JPG
I generally like when they shrink and lose limbs first ending as miniature fleshy version of themselves.
Then rubberification starts as soon as they have dick inserted into them, spreading from pussy onto the rest of the body, but stopping near the neck.
Then once guy using them cums rest of their resistance breaks and color change takes over their head finishing the transformation.

That way you have alot of control over TF since you can choose when you gonna finish inside her and fully transform her. May be minutes, hours or even days. You may even have her beg to finish this.
File: 42541742_p1.jpg (192 KB, 1200x1500)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
>At very high levels they might summon a 'sex toy fairy' version of themselves. Who they were 'in miniature' but only a fake copy that orbits about their real body and makes sure it's protected and not lost from their loyal master.

I actually love this idea, but rather than copy i would like them to be actual woman who ascended past the onahole.
Of course she would still be connected to onahole and more than likely feel everything that onahole feels.
It would be hilarious to see once powerful woman reduced to tiny nude pixie, fingering and groping herself on your shoulder as you fuck onahole that was once her body.
>(Nnn...aaah! Aaaah!! Gh, nooOOoOOoohhAAA!!)
>(Why? How!? How is this happening to meerggghh!!)
>(I...I've...tasted pleasure from the best and worst the world has to offer! Gnn, aaah, haaaa, aaaaagggh!! Humans! Demons! Golems! Tentacles! Orc...ccrrcgh...ccnnn...c-cum...cumming...again!! NnnAAAAAAAH!!"
>(But this? This!? They're goblins! GOBLINS!)
>(They're stupid, stinking, glorified human children with slightly bigger dicks! They don't know the first thing about pleasuring a woman; they barely know how to pleasure themselves!! I've had them before, and they're nothing! Nothing compared to all I've fucked, nothing compared to me, nothnnnnn!! Nnnaah, aaaah, oooh, oooooooh...!)
>(So...so why...haaa...why...why? Why!? Why does it feel so good!? WHY CAN'T I STOP CUMMING!?)
>(Aaa...nnnrgh, n-no, no, NHOOOOOOH!!!)
File: FYqLJXtaIAAocEX.jpg (600 KB, 848x1200)
600 KB
600 KB JPG
This picture is so fucking hot. The way she is so full of despair and emotion. That desperate gesture with her reaching out with her last functional limb.
All of that while being surrounded by cum stained dolls of her friends and party members. Knowing full well that she will join them soon.
Last survivor pov is always so hot in those stories.
I like seeing onahole/sex toy TF's of badass characters like Samus. Makes it hotter to see how far they've fallen.
File: 40790679_p1.jpg (151 KB, 500x850)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
Samus is great. Its fun to think that she could make a small mistake...and end up as a cocksleeve in some space pirate collection. Possibly the most expensive onahole in galaxy.
You get it. Saving entire planets on countless missions, and all it takes is one tiny trip-up and she's transformed into a sex object.
File: 44158701_p0.jpg (119 KB, 600x600)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
I think that a big part of bad end appeal. When we think about characters like Samus we consider it natural for them to always win. Always avoid danger. They are badass. They are above that. They aren't like all those guys who leave the logs in bases as things go to shit.

And then they make that first and final mistake.
Definitely. It's hot to see how far they've fallen, too. Can't get more humiliating than shrinking into something that's only made to be fucked.
The whole isolation aspect of Metroid games works well for this kink. Samus alone on an ancient alien planet, just her against the world, and then she fucks up and gets transformed.
And that’s it. There’s nonody around for literal lightyears. No friendly life, at least. Nobody’s ever going to find her, nobody’s ever save her. Picture Samus’s ship as a rusted-out, moss-covered ruin on the last page of this hypothetical doujin. She’s just gone.
Admittedly this works better with tentacles or sex machines, but I think it still fits sex toy TF well enough. It’s not all that different to the adventurers and parties vanishing into hentai dungeons this thread’s so fond of, just taken up to 11.
Oh, and another thing. Samus may be intergalacticly famous, but that’s as this power-armored badass. Few know about the pretty blonde inside the suit. “Metroid is a girl” isn’t just a meta joke.
What this means is that if was turned into a doll or onahole, which would obviously be based on her actual body and not the power suit, nobody would recognize her as Samus Aran. Even if they could tell it’s a transformed human, they’d have no idea who it was. Somone was talking about identity death earlier? Well here you go, the perfect canidate.
File: 32443242.jpg (146 KB, 855x1200)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
>The whole isolation aspect of Metroid games works well for this kink.
This reminds me of that old hitori doujin where girls end up cubified.
An ancient complex from long gone race. And machinery that long outlived their creators and yet still mindlessly performs its duties.
Its a hot scenario where after being dormant for thousands of years it reactivates itself after detecting female intruder and does what it was made for - transform her into fuckable battery and put her in the system. And for a first time in a long long time a new onahole is impaled on a draining rod.
Thats such an amazing detail. Having a situation where they find her transformed among many other onaholes and just dismiss her as another naneless crew member of long lost ship.
"Such a tragic fate...well boys unless any of you want to keep one as souvenir, dispose of them in next trash dump."
And another thing; power-ups.
I don’t think I need to tell anyone that Metroid games are about finding more moves for Samus. I don’t think I need to elaborate on how that can fit into porn either. Stories where Samus gets fucked over by some lewd power-up are a dime a dozen.
What I want to add to this factor, though, is how it happens. Usually this stuff plays out with Samus getting a new suit and being immediately fucked over by it. But I think it’d be much sexier if she pulls that trigger herself. Samus gets a new ability, description’s taking longer than usual to generate so she tries it herself, and boop, she’s doomed. Maybe it looks like a new beam, so she takes it to some alien monster thing, equips, points, shoots, and she’s suddenly turned into a sex toy right in front of it. Also the alien is made of tentacle-dicks or something.
That’s exactly the one I was thinking of. A perfect fit. Could adapt that straight into Metroid.

>the next trash dump
Silly anon, they’re in space. They’d just send them out the airlock into the void. That’s nature’s trash dump.
Oh hey, I just read something for this.
Barely touched the second part. Didn't like where it was going.
File: FZiSiDRUcAEvq1z.jpg (500 KB, 695x1200)
500 KB
500 KB JPG
File: 98543111_p1_master1200.jpg (492 KB, 869x900)
492 KB
492 KB JPG
2hu storytime. This time starring Byakuren.

>Murasa finally left the room. With tired expression, she massaged her temples. After almost hour long lecture she really needed a break.
>"Got chewed by big sis again?" she heard a snarky remark and immediately knew who it was - Nue.
>"Yup, big sis found our booze stash. Again. So much good booze lost...and why are you smirking anyway? You get lectured at least twice a week" Murasa responded with annoyed voice.
>"Ohoho i do indeed. Which is why i think its time we make Byakuren relax a bit. She needs to stop being so stiff and loosen a bit if you catch my drift" - youkai girl didnt stop grinning as she said that.
>Murasa raised her brow "And how exactly do you intend to...loosen her?"
>"Well captain, i think we gonna agree that nothing helps women relax as good as solid dicking" Nue grin almost reached from ear to ear as she said that.
>Murasa almost burst out laughing as she heard it. As if. There is no man who could subdue Byakuren. And its not like she would ever be interested in seeking parter either.
>"I see doubt in your eyes dear Murasa, but have faith because i have perfect plan" and as she said that Nue reached into her pocket pulling couple of small round objects. Seeds of Undefined. Murasa had a vague idea of what can they do, but Nue never stopped surprising her.
>"We just gonna mix them...and couple other things...into sis meal....and we are set." Nue said with overblown confidence.
File: SexToyhu2.png (349 KB, 813x924)
349 KB
349 KB PNG
>Murasa didn't know how she feels about spiking Byakurens meal. Than again, losing so much good booze made her resentful enough to help Nue carry out her plan. As she brought head priest her meal she observed in anticipation of whatever was going to happen.
>"Is something wrong Murasa" Byakuren asked while eating her rice. "I hope you aren't angry about earlier. Im doing it for your own good" she said with calm and focused face while continuing her meal.
>"Oh that...erm not at all....im just wondering if you....like it? The rice i mean" Murasa tried to act natural with pathetic results. Luckily for her Byakuren was too pure-hearted to expect anything odd happening. Especially not what happened next.
>Byakuren's eyes widened in surprise as she let a single cough before falling on her back. Murasa observed as master of the temple almost intantly became immobile...and changed. When she moved closer to inspect what the hell just happened. Before her lied....inflatable doll.
>Dolls simple drawn eyes were wide open, and so was its round mouth, which looked more like opening for something to be inserted. Murasa touched dolls slighty wrinkled skin to feel its odd texture - somewhere betwen cloth and plastic. She stood in shock as she heard the voice.
>"Got her! And it seems she turned out perfectly" said Nue as she entered the room.
>"What the hell is this?" Murasa asked while already knowing the answer
>"Why of course a sex doll! Now big sis has no other option but just enjoy some good dicking" said Nue while grinning and inspecting the doll "Now help me strip her out, i added a bit of sleep drug as well so she shouldnt see us, but she will become aware soon so we gotta hurry"
>Without responding Murasa began to remove Byakurens clothing, revealing more and more of her transformed body. After exposing her chest she noticed just how huge her tits were now, inflated out of proportions, with her dark pink nipples standing erect. Her belly button turned into inflation valve. But the biggest changes happened in her privates area with both her pussy and anus turning into similar openings to her mouth, their saturated color instantly drawing attention, and making it clear what is the purpose of the doll.
>Now fully nude byakuren lied in position parodying the hug, her bent arms and legs leaning outwards almost as if she wants to be embraced.
>"Ok, now grab her and follow me, i know a good spot for finding someone to use her" Nue opened a window and looked around as if to not get caught by temples other residents >"Clear, now lets go"
>After a couple minutes duo reached the spot, a less traveled path on the outskirts of the village. "That the spot" said Nue "Hunters and fishermen travel here from a time to time, so not too much crowd, and mostly men" she said while looking around "We should get a nice target in no time, so just leave her in sight and wait for some horny guy in dire need to stick his dick into something"
>Murasa really wasn't sold on this plan. Things were getting out of hand, and she certainly did not expect this plan to be. Then again, she couldnt help but anticipate whats about to happen, part of her wanting to see strict big sis receiving a firm good dicking that she really had coming. Then suddenly she heard Nue..
>"Ok i hear someone is finally coming! Now prepare for a spectacle, because i hope its some hung guy...oh shit...oh no...nonono not them!" Nue started panicking while looking at someone still out of Murasa sight and then
>"Crown prince i hath enountered object most foul"
>That obnoxious voice. That stupid manner of speech. Oh fuck. Murasa leaned only to confirm her worries - next to the doll stood Crown Prince Miko - Byakurens sworn rival, and his loyal lapdog Futo
>"Oh my, this is quite a find" Miko said clearly amused "Is this how Byakurens followers are amusing. I had my likeness put on many things, but never on something like this" she chuckled to herself. "How about we take it home and....take a closer look"
>With that they picked the doll up and left. "Fucking great Nue, i knew something like that will happen" Murasa yelled while panicking "What now?"
>"Erm...im gonna figure something out" Nue usually smug and confident attitude vanished as she also started panicking "For now lets follow them and stay in hiding, we gonna get her out...somehow"
>When Byakuren finally came to her senses she was in completely unfamiliar place. She tried to move only to find out that she is completely immobilised. She tried to call out for help only to realise that no voice left her lips. Then she heard door opening and heard two voices.
>"Its good that we have fine supply of those elixirs for times like that. So Futo, are you doing the honors?" she immediately recognised that voice as one belonging to Miko.
>"Tis be my pleasure" second voice belonged to Futo, one of Mikos followers that Byakuren had a bit of history with. Mostly sending her flying after yet another arson attempt on the temple. This time however she had no easy way to deal with her. Moments later Futo stood above her...sporting a manhood betwen her legs.
>"Tis doll bear likeness of Crown Prince sworn enemy. I shall show no mercy as i would not to real one"
>"What...what is that" Byakuren was even more confused by the whole situation. However confusion quickly gave place for a new sensation when that cock unceremoniously pierced her rubbery pussy.
>For Byakuren who never experienced sexual act this feeling was overwhelming. Her enemy started pounding her without any hesitation, and she could do nothing but take it. After initial shock passed Byakuren decided to do only thing she could - clear her mind and focus her will. This had to be test...or a bad dream.
>All she needs to do is to endure. And bit by bit she pushed the strange sensation away from herself. The pounding started feeling distant and through discipline she made all emotions vanish. "I will endure" said Byakuren while chanting sutras in her mind. And when she almost reached inner peace a completely new sensation broke her concentration.
>"Im cumming" Futo yelled with crossed eyes. Unlike Byakuren she wasn't the one to last long.
>*Spluurt* a hot sensation filled Byakuren stomach pulling her from state of meditation. Was she just....inside? A feeling of shame and disgust came as soon as she realised what happened. To lose her virginity like that...to be violated just like that...no she needs to focus.
>Once again she steeled her will and pushed her emotions away. Still in her current state she coulld not close her eyes and was forced to look straight before unable to even awert her gaze. And as panting and blushing Futo left, Crown prince herself emerged before her.
>"Truly a curious item" she said while staring dolls right in her eyes. "The craftsmanship is both impressive and pathetic. And yet, there is something about this doll that eludes me" as she said that Miko removed rest of her clothing revealing her huge erect cock.
>As penis neared Byakurens face she could smell its strong aroma. Smell that was awakening something inside her. Something she felt she needs supress at all cost. And as she started to focus once more and world around her started vanishing, Miko continued her banter.
>"Such a pretty face. Pity you waste it with boring lectures and sermons. So how about we put it to better use for once." And as she said that she shoved her cock inside Byakurens wide open mouth.
>For Byakuren who never even imagined act of oral sex this was enough to once again break her concetration. "Gate gate paraga..ooohh.aah". As Miko cock penetrated deeper and deeper into dolls throat, a new and unexpected sensation once again hit Byakuren. On a reflex she tried to close her mouth, to push the dick out of it...instead she only tightened around it.
>"I must say this is a fine sex doll" Miko said while she continued to fuck the doll. Unlike Futos mad trashing, she was far more skilled in sexual arts. Which made things so much worse for Byakuren. It was much easier to barricade her mind against Futos assault than it was against more sophisticated lovemaking. Worst of all some small part of her....realised that its not a bad feeling. And even as she tried to shield herself and resist this pleasure this tiny part of her was waiting for...
>*Spluurt* Miko moaned as she ejaculated in Byakurens mouth filling it with thick semen. And Byakuren moaned too as sudden burst of pleasure filled her once again. And to her horror, she realised that she is enjoying it more and more. No....no it won't end like this. She won't be subdued like that. She gathered all her will and recalled all her training. All her experiences and everything she learned. Once again she achieved harmony. She was far above simple carnal desires and she will endure Her mind in a fortress that cannot be conquered.
>Sadly for Byakuren she didn't know that worst was yet to come.
>As Miko left the doll in the middle room and took a seat to rest up, the door slammed open and someone entered with a bang. Byakuren was left positioned facing the door and she saw someone she never met before. A tall figure wearing unusual clothing, a large brimmed hat, covering their eyes. And most striking - a large pair of jet black wings on their back.
>"Howdy boss. I was nearby and decided to let myself in....oh what is that?"
>"Oh Saki, you came just in a right time...we are having a bit of fun with this little treasure we found." Miko then quickly explained how they found the doll...and how they used it.
>"So thats this Byakuren chick you were telling me all about? Dunno what to think seeing that she has sexdolls modeled after her. Seems kinda pathetic" Saki said while inspecting the doll. "But...it would be a shame to let the opportunity pass, so im gonna help myself to it" She said while flashing a big grin "Its always nice to see your enemies humiliated, even if its just a shitty doll"
>Byakuren prepared herself for to be assaulted again. But now that she already tasted the pleasure nothing would surprise her. She was like tranquil waterfall, like a mountain enduring a storm. Nothing can break her will. Or so she though.
>What emerged before wasn't a normal penis, but a massive horsecock. Its size far bigger than ones she tasted before. Its shape completely different. And in a second it will be inside her.
>Her rubbery pussy squeaked and stretched as it could barely contain this massive cock. Saki leaned over on the doll and grabbed her inflated tits as she was pounding her pussy. It was nothing like unskilled humping done by Futo or almost caressing mouth fucking done by Miko. It was rabid assault, completely disregarding the dolls durability, and intense one-time fuck that would leave her ruined. As their faces neared each other, Byakuren stared into Saki eyes and saw nothing but primal animal-like lust.
>But inanimate and emotionless form of doll did not show what Byakuren felt inside. Her mental barriers were falling one by one. Getting fucked like that was simply to much, even for her disciplined mind honed by hundreds years of training.
>"Ooooh..ah gate...gate..para aaaahhooh what was after..aaaah"
>The intense pleasure was ovewhelming her making her unable to concetrate on anything other than cock inside her
>"Aaah..gyaahh this cock....feels so amazing..aah. gyaaateeooohhh"
>Almost as if hearing her pleas Saki started pounding even faster. Her teeth clenched, her eyes closed she was very close now.
>"Yeeees...ohhhh give it to me....i want to...gyaaah orgasm...give me...ohh your cum!" At this point all of her restraint was gone and Byakuren wanted only one thing - to achieve Nirvana of orgasm.
>"This doll....feels really good" Saki said barely holding one "Im going to cuuum!"
>"Yesss..ahaha...cum as much...ooohh...lets orgasm together!" If she wasn't inanimate object Byakuren would be shaking in anticipation.
>And then hot explosion shook her body as Saki blew her massive load inside her.
>"CUMMING!!!" Byakuren wanted to scream as Saki poured more and more her semen into her. Byakuren was going crazy until her mind finally went blank.
>All that was left on the floor was slowly deflating doll, oozing absurd amount of thick cum from all her holes.
>Did she achieve Nirvana? Or that blessed state of not-thinking she envied that youkai girl? The truth is that she was simply fucked silly.
>All those events were silently witnessed by Murasa and Nue who were hiding disguised and peeking through the window. Murasa was panicking, pulling her hair out and muttering "This isn't happening" all over. Nue at least tried to keep cool and was looking for any way out this situation.
>"This is all your fault Nue! You and your idiotic plans! I knew this shit had to end like this!" Murasa almost screamed into her ear.
>"Wait, im gonna get her out! Im gonna figure something in a moment ok? Wait...can you smell that?"
>"Smell what? Taoist semen? I sadly can and...wait is it...ozone?"
>As she said that, Murasa noticed her hair standing up. She heard a low humming noise as the air around her filled with electricity...and murderous intent.
>And she wasn't the only one to notice that. Miko and her followers who moments ago had satisfied expressions on their faces now went pale. She could almost feel sorry for them seeing the utter terror in their eyes. And then she heard the voice. Cold. Emotionless. Call from the grave.
>"Are you enjoying yourself? Looks like three of you are having fun"
>"Oh fucketh!" Futo spat out a single curse as dark floating figure bathed in a lighting entered the room. It stared at miserable doll before shifting the gaze at others.
>"Tojiko tis not what thou.." her explanation was cut short by a bolt of lightning that sent her into a wall.
>The Tojiko stared at Saki. In her animal instinct she could only one thing. She lied on her back presenting her belly to enemy. Her once impressive cock was now tiny and flaccid as her eyes filled with tears. Tojiko looked at her, pointed her finger..
>And another ball of lightning hit Futo. "Why me?"
>Then Tojiko faced Miko. Her cold eyes staring daggers into her. In a desperate attempt Miko tried to compose herself. She recalled all the confidence she had left, smiled and said
>"Tojiko i just want you to know, that you are the only woman that has place in my heart..."
>Murasa and Nue couldn't hear rest of that because they were deafened by a roar of thunder.
>"Im glad that ghost decided to throw Byakuren away" said Nue while cleaning Byakurens body.
>"Yeah, we got lucky with that....seems that big sis isn't nowhere as strict as she could be" Murasa was looking into corridor to check if nobody was coming
>"Erm...you think she will remember anything?"
>"Honestly i hope not, now lets go and get some more water and change of clothes."
>And just as Nue and Murasa were about to leave the room they both felt an iron grip on their shoulders. They both turned their heads around only to see Byakuren - standing behind them.
>Her hair was messy. Her eyes wild. Cum was still dripping from her pussy and her legs were shaking. And yet they knew they could never free themselves from her grasp.
>"Looks.....like you...girls....need a very...long sermon"
>BGM: Emotional Skyscraper ~ Cosmic Mind
File: 69817036_p0.png (141 KB, 302x526)
141 KB
141 KB PNG
And that would be it. Ended up being much longer than i anticipated, probably because i left it half written and came back to it after a bit of break.
File: KoishiOnaKoko.png (701 KB, 1236x1370)
701 KB
701 KB PNG
That was hot as fuck, anon, very much worth the wait. I love how Byakuren starts deflating due to the sheer amount of fucking she got, before being thrown out later.
File: KoishiOnaKokoro.png (769 KB, 1236x1370)
769 KB
769 KB PNG
Byakuren's mental barriers degrading as time went on was a really nice point, really adding to the fact that she was just a still doll by the end of it. Again, hot as fuck, and Byakuren herself makes a fine doll in shape alone.
>Did she achieve Nirvana? Or that blessed state of not-thinking she envied that youkai girl? The truth is that she was simply fucked silly.
This line makes me wonder on what would happen to Koishi, would she regain her mind? Would her third eye finally re-open, like in pic related? Or, as with the Buddhist, she was just fucked silly.
>Prefer nice and reversible transformation
>bad end with heroine being used as mere cocksleeve for the rest of her miserable existence
Why not both?
All it takes nobody pumping them full of semen for a month. If only the Big Penis Goblin knew or cared
>Sex doll
>Mob face
File: SexToyhu3.png (408 KB, 1100x1150)
408 KB
408 KB PNG
Glad that you liked it. Got a bit of creative block so i decided to finally finish this one to unclog myself.

>This line makes me wonder on what would happen to Koishi, would she regain her mind? Would her third eye finally re-open, like in pic related? Or, as with the Buddhist, she was just fucked silly.
I guess it really depends on how we interpret her closing her 3rd eye. Some artist treat it physically as either her gouging it or damaging it. In that case probably not.
If we treat that more symbolic as her closing her 3rd eye is just physical manifestation of her trauma than who knows? Maybe after some solid fucking she would be good as new, and learn to deal with having mind reading powers like her sister.

>Sex doll
>Mob face
>Perfect choice of material
Now thats a perfection.
File: MysticSquareOnas.png (1.35 MB, 1977x1482)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB PNG
I lost that image, thanks for posting it.
>Maybe after some solid fucking she would be good as new, and learn to deal with having mind reading powers like her sister.
If I recall, she did regret closing her eye, and perhaps after sensing what happened to Byakuren here she 'thinks' of a new plan to finally get it unsealed.
>Grabbing the pills she saw Murasa use for Byakuren, she takes them herself whilst standing in a small box
>turning into an ona or doll, she waits patiently for the next part of her plan to take proceed
>a few hours later, her mask-wearing friend walks into her room, and after a stressed out day Kokoro needs some relaxation
>she notices a box on her desk, and within it a green item, a note, and some pills
>On the note it says 'take the pills then use me to your heart's content!'
>The object in question looks suspiciously familiar to that one green-haired girl who stole her mask, did she make this toy?
>Who knows, but it would feel nice to get some payback
>Koishi, meanwhile, mentally shivers in anticipation of her plan's next steps
Forgot to say, wouldn't this technically be like the opposite of a mind break since she would be re-gaining her mind?
Them being able to see finished product while still on conveyor belt themselves is amazing. It shows how uncaring entire process is. And i agree on mechanical angle this makes it even better.
Even their quality control fucking is performed by automated dildos.
My favorite part of this is that you have no way of knowing if she actually did this. That could be anyone's lips.
Transform girl, tell her that the more she's used the more permenant it gets, then leave her in her boyfriend's place with a note saying "I turned myself into an onahole for you, it'll wear off in a few days, have fun <3. Good, clean fun.
File: 05 (1).jpg (253 KB, 1280x2019)
253 KB
253 KB JPG
Anyone know any brands or places online to get an onahole like these?

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