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You cannot reply anymore.

Include a curse/blessing with your post, or it won't work.

Also each curse needs to have some benefit(s), or it also won't work.

If you want any specific curse/blessings, the Monkey's Paw is happy to grant them for you: >>10330821
File: 92587_0.png (701 KB, 800x911)
701 KB
701 KB PNG
>You get genderbent to become a milkcow. Outside of milking hours, you get a nice range for you to graze and play vidya in, and you won't ever have to worry about taxes and responsibilities again.
File: 79489824_p4.jpg (1.44 MB, 2397x2042)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB JPG
>The more you cum, the bigger your cock gets. You'll have to abstain for three whole days before it starts to shrink again.
Say hello to your new best friend. It will:
> keep your body clean
> cool/heat you as needed
> allow normal clothes over it
> be invisible to everyone else
> blindfold you very rarely
> reveal your other parts whenever it wants
> feel like an incredibly sensitive second skin whether it wants

The suit is never, ever coming off and as you can see, it has quite an appetite. It doesn’t care where you are when it gets hungry and it’s pumping magical hormones into you that make you cum harder and longer the more embarrassed humiliated you are. They might do more things later on.

Nice tits, by the way, and have fun—whether you want to or not.
File: 1621491470881.jpg (324 KB, 667x1000)
324 KB
324 KB JPG
The more clothes you wear, the hornier you get. Too bad you live in a convent and are irresistibly compelled to stay. Better stir up trouble with the nuns quick, before you go crazy.
Oh no, you've been hypnotized into being a busty ara ara who has to allow anyone she finds attractive to use her anywhere and any way they please!
Oh boy, all of your pleasure is magnified a hundredfold and if you don't find someone attractive you retain your normal free will and can kick 'em in the balls if they try anything with you!
Whenever you feel surprised, your tits squirt milk, which feels great but always makes a huge mess. Naturally, you’re expected to clean it up.

You don’t lactate the rest of the time: this stuff just comes out of nowhere.
File: 1632909470077.jpg (401 KB, 1754x1240)
401 KB
401 KB JPG
Every time you drink something there's a 1% chance for the liquid to transform into the Juice that makes you Cum hard
alright, but every time cumjuice anon hits that 15% at least half of that load gets transferred into your pussy. there's also a very small chance of getting pregnant from this without the necessary precautions
File: 1625689326052.jpg (1.2 MB, 2156x2571)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB JPG
3 legs, but 2 vaganias
File: 1631511258766.jpg (339 KB, 1499x2120)
339 KB
339 KB JPG
You have a rare condition that causes you to experience major muscle cramps unsless you use this machine for 2 continuous hours per day
File: 1617839746178.png (763 KB, 1400x1050)
763 KB
763 KB PNG
What if you have scoliosis, and the machine causes you to experience major muscle cramps and back pain, regardless?
Also, you lose your arms and legs, but you get cared for and carried around by someone you find deeply attractive and desirable.
File: 1610093255494.jpg (910 KB, 1254x1771)
910 KB
910 KB JPG
And what if you suck my whole dick and balls retard
Does the elf look like it has scoliosis?

You become the guy under the skirt. You are unable to cum, unless in the last 24h you gave someone the best head they ever had
File: 1662846470231430.jpg (100 KB, 850x1068)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
Nobody in the world can give head quite as you
But you are addicted to it and can't refuse giving oral to anyone who requests, be either male or female.
What's the chirality of the toes on the middle foot though?
judging by the shoe, the middle foot is bilaterally symmetrical

literally a character in www.f3.to/omega
File: 1663513513140637.png (250 KB, 829x836)
250 KB
250 KB PNG
That posture certainly doesn't look comfortable. also, where's the benefit? OP said there had to be a benefit. For example:
Your body takes on the form of your personality.
Your body takes on the form of -your- personality. Lol, jk.
File: 1658118797429547.jpg (1.06 MB, 4096x3277)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB JPG
You will try to seduce every delivery person who shows up to your home.
Wait, where's the curse?
Does the whole container of liquid turn into the juice? Does it expire?
File: 1661449664488074.jpg (449 KB, 2344x4034)
449 KB
449 KB JPG
>Become genderbent in to a busty bunnygirl/viera/mirko look-alike.You are able to use spells and magecraft, super-intelligent, and can work any job you can, even be a ceo of a major corporation. You cannot be hated, even if you end up committing a heinous crime, and are let off easily, without punishment or just a slap on the wrist. People forget your mistakes, and focus on the good you have done, or just your looks.
>A fertility tattoo is permanently engraved over your womb. You cannot hide it from anyone. Nearly the entire friends you have know of it, or have seen a glimpse of it. No matter what you do to hide it, it glows pink when fertile, and dims when not. Because of your bunny girl genes, you breed very easily, and get pregnant even from someone just cumming on your vagina. The fertility womb tattoo enhances the risk of being impregnated ten fold, and it also drives you crazy horny. Sex also comes with you wanting to rip off the condom so you do become pregnant, because you beg them to every time you have sex
>Find virgin
>Give lame head that gets incrementally better every day
>You are a beautiful, young heiress with a great body, a manor, and a fortune to her name

>You have many friends with benefits, and your most trusted maid is a close friend who is always willing to have casual sex with you, often looking up to you as a mistress, not that she minds...

After a year of learning to enjoy this life... you and your closest maid will try on a mysterious matching pair of panties.

You two fused so one of you is always the other's pussy, only capable of moving vaginal muscles, growing wet, etc, with their only recognizable feature being the tuft of hair above the host's crotch. You two may speak to each other telepathically like this.

You two must spend equal time as each other's pussies. You can swap whenever you wish, but if you wait too long without swapping, like a week, you will swap anyways without the luxury of being able to control when you swap back. Not swapping enough can also trigger this.

The person who is a pussy will be able to feel, and have a vague sixth sense of what's around them, being able to overhear conversations, taste and smell sweat, and even "see", more accurately the closer you are to something and the less is covering you, despite not having organs for these things.

Your maid is still loyal to you (and submissive), so as her pussy, you can tell her what to do to make your time more bearable. You could ask her to spread eagle without panties and put your shows on, masturbate, text one of your friends...

...But she's still only human and her lust CAN take over should you push her too much. You will also find your luck with forced switches worse if you abuse her.

Good luck figuring things out you two cunts.
File: ZVIK2RcWvS.jpg (186 KB, 768x1200)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
blessing/curse depending on if you like it :
Youno longet produce waste and have a permanant gape that self lubricates.
Any stretching is semi permanent (It's a fair bit stretchy but if you try and size up it will permanantly size up). It's also infinitely stretchable and will never tear, this extend you your entire digestive track all the way through to your mouth as long as you stretch it starting from behind. It starts at 3cm diameter. And yes you will leak your own lubricating fluids all day.

Sorry if this is lame i kinda made a power i would really want
Are you one anon waiting in the wings for every time a curse thread pops up or is this just a popular image and story?
It's just a good PTF pic (no face, good context, reduced to a pussy with the same hair color as the victim), I'd seen a similar curse before and had the pic saved, but thought enough time had passed that using the pic for something similar would be fresh again.

Not the original anon who posted this pic before, didn't know it was that popular, but if I had to guess why it is, I'd say the pic tells a story by itself that's most easily interpreted as "mistress gets turned into maid's pussy and maid is horny", which is hot for people into PTF, and hard to deviate much from.

But yeah I'll post more OC after getting called out like that lol.
File: Together.jpg (275 KB, 1200x2000)
275 KB
275 KB JPG
You find the love of your life, perfect for you in every way, and imperfect in enough ways to make life with her an adventure, a little conflict and trouble in paradise is needed to live a full life and grow as a person, after all.

Only... she's a lesbian. Intentionally or not, you wish on a shooting star to be together with her, with a lack of full understanding of what that means. You subconsciously wish for her to be bi, or maybe for you to be a girl? No, what if she couldn't leave your side for some reason? What if you two were just joined at the hip? Maybe if you were rich you could figure something out?

Unbeknownst to you, all of these stray thoughts culminate into a very messy set of blessings and curses.

For starters? You're her ideal girl, which, luckily for you, is a female form you'd be happy with, though not as happy with as her...

Secondly, she is bi now, but not that it matters...

...Lastly, your last thoughts bestowed upon you two a curse to ensure you WOULD be together, and "joined at the hip".

You two can live independantly of each other... but you both have a "battery" on using your limbs. You two will turn into quad amputees expectantly, and learn that when you two kiss in this state, you fuse into picrelated. Spending time in this state, like, say, a night, will give you both enough energy to use your limbs the next day, longer if you're less active.

You are also filthy rich, meaning you have servants who can take care of you both like this and have accommodations for your condition. It all works out pretty well.

Though... how did your perfect crush know how to fuse with you? Why did she kiss you so soon?

...One night, as you lay together, she'll tell you she wished on a shooting star for this. She made similar wishes herself. Once the cat is out of the bag, you will both be hit by the embarrassment that you're both to blame for this

But.. is it so bad? Your waifu is cool swinging, especially when you two are in the same body
*turn into quad amputees unexpectantly, before you learn how to fuse and "recharge"

And "swinging" in the same body mostly just implies being fucked as a single fucknugget however you two would like, but she's your ideal girl, so threesomes and such would be ok when you aren't fused.
Fair enough. It’s a pretty specific image and does definitely tell a story. It’s no problem, didn’t mean to call you out. Was just curious since it seems like a pretty popular one.
Your curse is quite the benefit to most people... but to others they'll see you as useless and dumb. Why is that you may ask? Well it is because with your new body you have a very certain set of skills... ones that will help you out on a career that isn't too glamourous but if you do well you could make a lot of money. Other than those skills you would seem like a total bimbo! You can't cook well (You can make simple foods but nothing impressive), You are awful clumsy now unless you are doing your job, Math is mostly just a subject you can't do beyond a 6th grade level, and basically... just stuff like that.

But if you apply it to your job, or your job needs it then you can be the most skilled in the building! But what job do I keep referring to? Well you're a secretary now. Your resume will reflect that too! Almost as if you've only ever been a secretary! Isn't that neat?
actually perfect curse tysm
>"swinging" in the same body mostly just implies being fucked as a single fucknugget
could never share my precious girlfriend with anyone else but damn using toys in our shared body sounds super hot
Daw thanks, and I dunno if she'd fuck other people, she's YOUR gf, but you'll need a maid or something to use those toys on you, which you'll have with your fortune... and... probably a maid to clean you two up after. People taking care of you WILL see you two naked...

But perhaps hiring a bashful maid to watch would be fun? Or you could put a toy in your cooter ahead of time, maybe wear a vibrating butt plug, surprise your gf when she merges...
File: 1562883065083.png (904 KB, 3070x2170)
904 KB
904 KB PNG
Congrats! You're a cute girl now with a lot of natural charisma, though if you were shy before you still will be, it'll just come off as more cute than awkward. You have a dignant air around you that makes strangers view you as out of their league, even if you're interested in them, which can make flirting difficult, even if the feeling is mutual...

Luckily, you have a fantastic power to break the ice! If you think about someone long enough, and you will with all of your new hormones and emotions, you will appear on their doorstep in a heart shaped box like pic related, sometimes gagged, sometimes with a toy inside of you, though even if you aren't gagged you should probably stay quiet until they open you... wouldn't want their neighbors finding you like this...

Inside the box are plenty of toys and a letter sharing your inner feelings towards them, whether you think they're cute and want to get to know them better, or if you think they're hot and want them to do things to you, or do things to them. Once they untie you, you will not be able to put clothes on until their time with you is up, effectively making you unable to leave (without embarrassing yourself)

Also? This power is 100% subconscious! And don't worry about shy people, if you truly want to lay with them, the paper will magically inform them of your consent, no matter how embarrassed you, or they, are.

And if you stay with the same person for longer periods of time? You simply wake up dressed or wrapped up beside them in some cute fashion every morning. You could simply be wrapped in a magic bow and dressed in a bunny outfit, or covered in magic, latex like wrapping paper for them to "unwrap", sometimes with new toys beside you. You get special costumes for the holidays too! You could be dressed up like a slutty witch and bound in fake spiderwebs for Halloween, have the bunny situation for Easter, and the gift wrapping for Christmas.

You're the gift that just keeps giving!
>no worries, comfy lifestyle, hours likely better than my current work
>no need to shower like forever, will have a friend
>be the best at something

I came here to fap, not to get depressed. Why are the curses better than real life?
File: 1640237499905.jpg (791 KB, 1300x1300)
791 KB
791 KB JPG
You become pic related, your lower, massive breasts being especially sensitive and difficult to cover up with clothes. At least you don't have issues with the heat or cold anymore, and the orgasms are mind blowing
File: 90369114_p1_master1200.jpg (374 KB, 756x1200)
374 KB
374 KB JPG
Congrats! You're now a cute girl with freshly awakening psychic abilities! They might not be strong now... but with time and practice, your potential is near limitless, though I _should_ stress that this will take genuine time and effort.

As for your curse... well, it's a bit obvious isn't it? Your physical form is sealed in a magical vase, or "ladypot". It is indestructible via normal means, but it will always sustain you. You will never dehydrate, starve, etc, you will heal from any injuries rapidly, and you don't produce waste. You are also basically immortal.

Of course... this also means you've lost your independence if you want company. You can pick someone you know to look after you and keep you company, or take a default caretaker girl that comes free with this body. She's cutt and kind, and will do stuff like put your shows on and talk to you... but this is also a huge fetish for her and she'll tease and toy with you constantly.

...As for your powers? You'll start simple. Party trick stuff. Creating light, moving small objects, maybe even changing your appearance and the style of pot you're in (but never not being a lady pot).

With more practice? You might learn to read surface thoughts and implant suggestions in people, or learn something like pyrokineses but... given your lack of mobility that is a very ill advised use of time. You might also learn to share senses with other people, learning to use their senses instead of your own.

After a while you'll learn stronger, but harder to use abilities. You will eventually learn to swap bodies with people for periods of time and implant stronger suggestions, or more reliably control people.

If you get good enough you could live your life through proxies, though you must be aware of where your target is.

However... arousal/teasing will hinder your progress and focus. And if people learn of your meddling.. you're rather defenseless... perhaps some people might be willing to intentionally help you gain power?

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