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File: ことね普通.png (90 KB, 312x416)
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/d/ Odd Fetishes?
Originally posted on /h/, was told that this board was more appropriate for it.

What are your more odd fetishes? Note, I'm not saying "uncommon," just odd. It doesn't have to even be considered strange by the majority of people, just you as an anon specifically.

Do you know the origin of where you picked it up?

What about it is appealing to you, if you can place the precise appeal?

Are there any notable media you tend towards when looking for content related to it?
For me personally, I think my stranger fetishes are womens' wetting and gas, mainly farts but burps too. On rare occasion, I also enjoy some messing, but it isn't my default.

I can't say the origin of either of these two, but for my fart fetish it had to have been when I was much younger. I remember being rather young, I think early teens, when I started masturbating to girl fart animations you could find on youtube at the time by creators like Kujira Area (I think? Name might be slightly off). Anyway, basically anime-esque fart animations. Not a clue where or when exactly I picked up my wetting fetish.

I think the appeal of the two are quite similar to me. It isn't so much desperation for either of these that is my preference, but rather deliberation. A girl ripping ass or pissing herself deliberately with confidence or seductive intention is extremely hot for me, maybe because it's so anti-ladylike or something?

As for media, wetting videos are rather easy to find on whatever medium, as are fart videos. For fart content though, I still tend towards animated content, but I've also branched into related mediums such as fetish games. Think Brave and Stinker, Eight Marbles 2X, or Pro Wrestling Skunks.

I even have 2 waifus related to fart content I consider to be in a completely different category from a list of other anime and games best girls:

Silk (from Brave and Stinker 2)
Kotone (From Pro Wrestling Skunks, pictured)

Unfortunately I don't know the artists.
File: Head_you_mean_my_onahole.png (3.24 MB, 2535x2080)
3.24 MB
3.24 MB PNG
inanimate TF (usually fucktoys), NBM, flattening, detachable parts, melting, etc

I just really, really like objectification I guess, almost always as a sub
I'm also really into futa topping me, like picrel is incredibly hot and I self insert as the fleshlight
File: 76146524_p0.jpg (807 KB, 1940x1600)
807 KB
807 KB JPG
File: 1662959538462653.jpg (341 KB, 1024x740)
341 KB
341 KB JPG

Amazon/musclegirl/mini-giantess + gfd + /ss/

It's easy enough to find stuff involving one or two of those things, it's rarer to find ones involving all three of my fetish trifecta.
File: 04.png (2.6 MB, 1360x1920)
2.6 MB
2.6 MB PNG
I'm mainly a vanilla fag so the "oddest" fetish I have is balls.

I enjoy hot girls and penises and traps too, but the balls separate the good from the great.
FUTA/traps with condoms on
Empty or not

I come here specifically for that but not usually that much content if any
Latex balloons, popping them in any way, either with or without fear, preferably if they are lighter than air. All things considered, it's not that strange of a fetish since there's a not-small community for it ("looners") but I hardly ever see it on 4chan so I figured I would. Don't confuse this with inflation or "blueberry" threads that are so common on /d/, either. That's not it, and I don't really get those.

I was absolutely terrified of balloons as a child, just the worst kind of abject and irrational fear there could be. Logically I knew the worst that could happen would be a loud noise, but knowing that didn't stop my feeling of terror. If I saw a balloon, I would basically flee the viscinity or attempt to cower in a corner. I remember one time I was being babysat by my aunt when I was about 5 or 6, and my uncle came home with a bunch of balloons. I tried to not be in the area, but he stopped me, asked if I was afraid of them, I said yes, and he tried to get me to confront the fear by popping them as he prevented me from fleeing or being able to cower in a corner. Let me tell you, that was not a good experience and I still remember it after 25 years.

Once I hit puberty, it turned into a fetish. I don't really know why. I think I still prefer images and videos where nobody is afraid, but I do sometimes derive pleasure of someone else having the fear that I had but was able to get over (or to corrupt/pervert).

I still wouldn't wish that experience on anyone. Probably the closest I'll ever be to torture, and not in a good way.
Honestly I don't think the giant tits and tentacle monster stuff isn't odd. It's just that people made enough porn of it that we all got used to it.
Same thing has happened to futa, at least in online spaces
Many, many very specific and off fixations!
- Zippers on clothing being pulled up and how the clothing constrict and tightens up.
- The described scent and application of makeup
- Peoples outfits and clothing being transformed against their will
- People putting on outfits that take the person over
- Body parts being controlled by an article of clothing against the wearers will (gloves that start putting more clothing on you once you put the gloves on, for an example)
- Being made to wear glasses to make you intentionally have a bit worse of an eyesight to make me feel a bit weaker/reliant
- Becoming addicted to putting on lipstick or makeup overall, despite trying to resist it.
- Being called by a different name, and intentionally ignoring the real name, attempting to convert the person into someone else.
- Gaining new behavior traits that your body does against your will

I could go on, but I think people can get the gist with these.

I find this content by wildly delving deep into all sorts of works that might not even cater to me at all, but if I find even one panel in the work that contains stuff like this, I am in heaven.
File: 1635346009369.jpg (49 KB, 581x726)
49 KB
Oh hey, I was also going to mention NBM here too as well.

Specifically I really like heads coming off, in pretty much any sort of magical way that'd happen.
Even more specifically though I have a huge thing for my own head being taken off.

I usually imagine I'd be my head, while my headless body has a mind of its/his own. I like the idea of being set on a shelf as a display piece, or trivialized as a paper weight, so I guess objectification plays into it a bit too.
Anything where my head is easily given up is great. From voluntarily selling or donating my own head to having someone steal it or behead me and take it. I have some pretty strange fantasies that don't even really get sexual, more just bizarre and fun ways to be headless.

Though sometimes I enjoy the thought of being my headless body, usually with my head in a dormant state.

Trading heads is also fun. Not to wear necessarily but different bodies keeping each others' heads for display/toy/whatever use
Femboys power bottoming futanaris. It. I picked up this fetish from tales of androgyny back when I played it alot. It's a nice change in power dynamics from futa on trap images. I'm hoping in the future majalis allows us to power bottom all the characters in their game and hopefully in the future artists can draw more of that content
This kind of made me think.
I don't know if I can boil it down to one thing, but I can explain it. I have aspergers, was born that way, and when it comes to sex, I have to top and dom, I'm not good at letting stuff be done to me, I have to be doing something to my partner.
Reading people's body language, interpreting their feelings, understanding empathy/sympathy have been challenges. I can get a little paranoid or overly cautious when I'm doing something to my partner, because I never can 100% know how they feel about it, and if they're really enjoying it, which can take away from my pleasure, because I worry for my little sub. My dream/fantasy scenario is having someone who cares for nothing other than my pleasure, is a complete pushover that readily accepts whatever I do, or make them do.

All of my biggest turn-ons, then, are any tangible or visual indicators of submission. Anything that would signal to me that a sub is totally, willingly handing over the power to me. Also anything feminine.
Collars/chokers, overly feminine attire, leashes, body-writing, penis worship, submissive body-language, chastity cages, etc.

Guess I would say I feel like I get more worked up than most people at the idea of someone wearing clothes of my choosing. Sounds kinda weak now that I type it all out haha, I guess bonus points for really pushing into humiliating territory.
File: 1825006914.jpg (207 KB, 900x1200)
207 KB
207 KB JPG
Bedwetting. No idea where I picked it up but fuck is it hot. Especially if it's unprotected. No diapers, just let it flow into the sheets. And for bonus points, they should be happy, or at the very least ok with it. Like yep, wet the bed again, just another morning.
sauce on that img? reverse isn't turning up shit
File: stuff.png (1.73 MB, 1200x800)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB PNG
One aspect of objectification I find particularly hot is when the sub wears a mask depicting a happy face. Completely disregarding their actual emotions, suggesting everything's fine no matter what they're going through.

Also controlling someone's body, making them unable to do anything other than helplessly watch themselves doing things that go against their will.
Did Coraline awaken this in you?
File: doll.png (966 KB, 2061x1100)
966 KB
966 KB PNG
Nope. Mostly encasement, droneification and kigurumi stuff I think. And stories like pic related.
curious if you know what awoken this one in you?
File: 9yoko.jpg (363 KB, 873x877)
363 KB
363 KB JPG
I thinkl we need more hentai of men sniffing at women anus and saying with detailshow they smell.
File: 1657306365513.jpg (444 KB, 1800x1190)
444 KB
444 KB JPG
Headless/detachable in general? I blame cartoons as a kid. I remember things like Arthur, Teen Titans and others having depictions of character's heads coming off and I loved it. I also thought the headless horseman was cool as a kid. Then once I hit puberty I found myself quite hard over a girl being able to take her head off.

As for being headless myself? I actually didn't like it for the longest time, I only liked detachable girls. At some point I stumbled across a story where the reader meets a dullahan girl's head and helps her find her body. Her body has a giant magical sword and promptly beheads the reader, taking their head with her/various other detached shenanigans. I first I thought the story was really weird, but then I kept coming back to it and very quickly really enjoyed the idea.
Probably also why I enjoy losing my head to a dullahan so much.
File: 1534323900054.jpg (440 KB, 1207x1500)
440 KB
440 KB JPG
I have a few ones that are more vanilla froom a /d/ aspect.

Spidergirls, futa, impreg, pregnancy, hyperpeg, size difference, mdom fdom etc.

some more odd like mpreg and preg conversion. Very rare to find wholesome, which is the cruz of the issue, most of it is noncon or mean

rarest of all is consentual or wholesome power/attribute drain or transfer. Its lovely but by far one of my smallest folders. Have been learning to write and draw it just to make it myself lol
File: 1444620775402.jpg (231 KB, 640x640)
231 KB
231 KB JPG
oops removed the last sentnace.

But yea It seems like im the only one who thinks just giving up or transferring attributes etc can be wholesome or nice. Its all stealing. I´m an odd duck in that way. Also very specific overdesigned multilimb muscle stuff, usually as a result.
I like udders on girls.
>Do you know the origin of where you picked it up?
From anthro cow TFs, where it first started by giving the girl an udder then turning into a cowgirl.
>What about it is appealing to you, if you can place the precise appeal?
Not sure. Maybe it just being a clear sign that she has become a milk giving hucow. Maybe it's just the spice for the usual multibreasts too, which i also like.
Udder also can get in the way of daily life like massive breasts so there is that too.
File: Boerd & Bloated Part2.jpg (605 KB, 2406x1774)
605 KB
605 KB JPG
My gf got me into inflation without me knowing what DeviantArt was back then or that she collected images.
I have a huge fetish for sweat, body odour, and lack of personal hygiene.
In particular, I like to fantasise about girls who never bathe or wash any part of their body for any reason, just letting the stench take over.
The reason is mostly because body odour feels quite intimate, and it's more satisfying to smell than perfume or stuff like that. It also feels more "domestic", makes me think of lesbian families that don't need to leave home, so they can spend all day making love, and since they don't need to interact with anyone else, they don't need to hide their smell.
In a sense, I could say that it's kinda like returning to the womb, creating a happy place where only pleasant things exist, and the biggest proof of that is the proliferance of odour, in contrast to the demands of the outside society.
File: b08.jpg (2.82 MB, 1600x8500)
2.82 MB
2.82 MB JPG
Here's the classic
Girl being cooked.
NO guro, and it doesn't seem to meet the definition of vore.
It's being roasted whole like turning on a spit, pushed inside an oven, Polynesian luau, etc. Lots of sweat and squealing through an apple in the mouth.
File: poster_07.jpg (821 KB, 1065x1601)
821 KB
821 KB JPG
This is how Modulok from Masters of the Universe worked. Detachable heads, arms and legs (several pairs) that could swap around.
I'm a bit like that, I like transformations/body swaps where people are pretty happy with their new form.
>- People putting on outfits that take the person over
semi-related, but living clothes but not the tentacle or symbiote living clothes are so hard to find
For me it's chubby girls, udders, wedgies, spankings, suspenders, lactation...I'm trying to find a through line somewhere but I can't. this stuff isn't bad though.
Honestly I hate being this way, I wish I could like normal things. Everything is stuck in this autistic canyon of association with stuff I saw as a kid. People need to be more responsible when they make movies and cartoons. I jerk off and I look in the mirror and I wonder what everyone else sees.
Impregnations via injection. I have found very little
I know I've seen some people in NBM who are into having multiple "clone" parts they can swap around. Never been my thing in particular, but I can see the fun.
Just being detachable in general is fun for sure though. I can sometimes get into swapping some with others. Though I personally prefer to keep the parts detached, even if they have new owners
I fucking love it when girls mutate but remain humanoid in appearance, especially if they somehow lose their clothing and are only censored by scales or other appendages blocking their bobs and vagene. Think Alexia Ashford's first form, somehow seeing her reform on the platform is incredibly hot.
A girl ejaculating through her feet. No, it's not a girl cumming after having her feet stimulated, I'm saying that her feet actually produces sperm and cums, from her soles and toes.
>Do you know the origin of where you picked it up?
watching a lot of pics of girls with cum on their feet made me think of that
>What about it is appealing to you, if you can place the precise appeal?
I have a feet fetish, and a girl climaxing so much through that zone is just too hot for me.
I have never find any work like that so I just search for pics of girls with cum on their feet and imagine how was the moment they ejaculated.
Women or men getting their pubic hair shaved/waxed/removed against their will. I'm pretty sure it's a straightforward S&M thing, like someone else gets to control how you look in an intimate area without your permission.
I really like lactation, idk where I started but I think it was with hentai, for me its just so sexy seeing girls lactating. And if we go further I would see anal birth, you know, girls giving birth worms or something like that
Luv stories like this for encasement and dronification
This seems nice, would you be willing to post your contentntoa place online?
I like shrinking women but only when they end up in the 3-4ft range. Perhaps it isn’t odd, but it is exceedingly rare content to find for some reason.
You know, I really like NBM stuff but headless things were never my groove. I always like seeing girls still animate and able to move, but with basically useless or incredibly impractical bodies. Headless stuff always just felt like the vanilla of NBM? I don't know how to explain how I never really caught onto it.
Nail polish in unusual colors

Teal, light blue, light green, yellow, anything, I'm just so tired of the old trite red/pink
Smoothing/null/sealing, removing all the "erotic" parts of the body and smoothing them over with skin. Some people also like to combine it with some scenario where sex doesn't even exist or something... I'm personally not massive on that, I enjoy it purely for the uncanniness, I guess. This also extends to faceless/sealed face stuff which I'm even bigger on.

And tangentially related, less "odd" and more "oddly specific", is there a term for where it really seems like the nipples and/or even the areolae should be revealed but they just aren't? see pic related. That is also fantastic
I mean, NBM is a very wide umbrella. I can personally get with most detachments, but not all are for me, so I get some not liking headlessness
File: nun - milileonaorochi.jpg (1.67 MB, 3600x3636)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB JPG
I got a thing for 'erotic altruism', I don't know a better term for it. Essentially women providing sexual relief and/or coital intimacy out of the goodness of their heart, without expecting anything in return. Bonus if the 'altruist' is exceptionally stunning and the guy is ugly, fat, homeless etc. Emphasis is on the altruist wanting to make the guy feel good instead of any humiliation/embarrassment on her behalf for engaging is slutty acts.
extremely large real belly inflation. People like PumpMeUp and others I cant remember off the top of my head where they just utterly huge with air being pumped into them either orally or anally. Im not gay but when im desperate to see new people inflate ill watch guys do it. Air compressor inflation is the perfect pump for me to watch. They get huge, and FAST. It makes my dick so fucking hard. I would assume watching Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory and cartoons that had something to do with expansion gave me this fetish.

If anyone of you has any MASSIVE belly inflation videos or names, PLEASE point me into their direction. I've dug rather deep and have a large collection across many services, but I cannot get enough, just like how I want those bellies to never get enough air and to just keep getting bigger.
I never see this posted as it's own subject, but mine is unconventional erogenous zones. Stuff like catgirls orgasming from having their tail stroked. Even better when the second party doesn't realize what they're touching.
This is so specific I'm having a hard time even finding an image.
oddly wholesome
File: 1659704887967152.jpg (371 KB, 1961x2481)
371 KB
371 KB JPG
I have so many specific ones I've lost count at this point

- Body part swapping, specifically non-matching parts, like girls with lipples or pussymouths really get me going (theres this one story where a girl swaps her pussy for a mouth and then discovers she can still pee through it and it feels as sensitive as her pussy was), but also swapping with inanimate objects (a guy with a dildo instead of a penis, a girl with melons instead of boobs that are still hard but are as sturdy as real boobs), discovered it through writing.com, pixiv, deviantart and fictionbranches
- Partial CTF, so someone has a human body where a penis should be (or it's a penis with a human head on the end) and cum comes blasting out of the mouth, discovered through pixiv and /d/
- Animate inanimate, or more specifically someone has (part of) their body act like an object, like a human shrunken down and used like an onahole or a dildo, or a girl that gives birth to drink cans like a vending machine, discovered through various sources but can only sometimes find it on pixiv
- Human food, where a human is turned into food but still retains a human appearance or skin, discovered through pixiv and a specific watamote doujin where she turns people into food that can still move and talk while being eaten (I think it was like that)
- Weird conjoinment, like queen conjoinment where one of the girls' head acts like the other's genitals and backside, or head-on-hand where the owner of the body can control the head's mouth to get it to grab things, discovered through pixiv but there's very few content on it

To name a few. I'm always hopelessly looking for content on these, but they are super niche and only a few artists do any of them in the way I like very rarely.
File: Magara side by side (1).jpg (996 KB, 3840x2683)
996 KB
996 KB JPG
My odd fetish is one I haven't seen anywhere else.
Context, I love high heels, I love Transformation
I love add body transformations.
File: Malena to heel Golem.jpg (391 KB, 1780x1226)
391 KB
391 KB JPG
and another

Reverse fannypacking seems extremely rare

Although there's an argument to be made that reverse fannypacking is just anal/vaginal vore
I have a few that could fit this.
Forcing women to participate in humiliating physical games/challenges. Usually involving ridiculous outfits and WAM.
I know for certain this came from watching Nickelodeon GaS as a kid. I'd get excited at the thought of making girls do silly things for my entertainment. As I got older that evolved into more sexualized scenarios. Stuff like a rock climbing wall where the handholds are ejaculateing dildos or having them navigate through an obstacle course in a human sized hamster ball that's filled shin deep with cum so it gets churned up as the ball rolls.
Have not found much that really scratches that itch. Wish I could find some stories with this general premise. I'd make my own but I suck at writing.
>What are your more odd fetishes?
Chloroform, or more generally female characters rendered unconscious via drugs or brute force. It's tagged as female:chloroform$ on sadpanda.

>Do you know the origin of where you picked it up?
It's very common in main stream media; TV shows, movies, and even literature is full of knock out scenes. From age 5 to 12, I didn't really have access to "regular" porn, but I still needed some sort of fap fuel, so the mind just tried to latch onto whatever is available.

>What about it is appealing to you, if you can place the precise appeal?
A strong character being rendered totally powerless and completely defenseless is very appealing to me. The bad guys can now do whatever they want to her, and there's no way for her to resist.
My weirdest one is burps and a bit of farting too, and really big noses/nose expansion and nose vore, and a specific scenario that I enjoy is when a burp starts coming out of ears/nose and even from the bellybutton
Over the weekend my partner got stumbling drunk before passing out in bed. In the middle of the night I woke up to her jumping out of bed and rushing to the bathroom. I heard what sounded like a SuperSoaker aimed at a toilet bowl for the next minute. Right as I felt the wetness on her side of the bed she called out for me to get out of bed because she pissed herself while having a dream. The darkness of our room had to hide how hard my boner was through my shorts while changing the sheets.
Based partial ctf liker, love the contrast of a cute girl as a personified cock. There was a thread on it that hit bump limit on here a few months ago… good times.
I like Hyperscat. I guess that automatically counts since even /d/ of all boards won't allow scat.

I prefer it with furry gals but human women hyperscat is fine by me too.
I love this. and especially related / combined with mine :

Overwhelming pheromones. I feel like "pheromones" is sort of a normal thing but it's usually just used for like musk or describing a hairy ass woman. I'm talking like, you are immediately aroused / brain fogged / cum just from being nearby somebody and it gets progressively worse as they get closer / sexually contact . I can basically only find this in weird breast loli fanfiction (which i am not particularly into on its own), wish it existed more places. I would be fine with dude aura also

>do you know the origin
no idea.
>the appeal
I guess I like the feeling of being helpless during sex and it's a natural extension of that, but i guess i am also sensitive with smell/touch/etc otherwise? also into drug use especially in sexual scenarios so that plays a part
>notable media
it is real hard to find anything. lots of remnants specifically from mlp (chrysalis) and pokemon (salazzle) but i don't engage with either of those franchises
Do you know any better tag than “animate inanimate?” I’m a big fan of that stuff
Maybe not overy specific or strange or anything like that, and moreso an idea of something I haven't seen and not so much a thing I like

Cum inflation mixed with weight gain/stuffing
You know the vibe, massive, round belly, lots of huffing and puffing, belly rubs, buttons flying off jeans and shirts, bellys grown enough to look years pregnant, noisy belly slushing and groaning... only full of cum!

Its more about the aftermath I guess, like the thought of rubbing or playing with a cumstuffed gut, it making all kinds of overfull digestion sounds and just sloshing around, I can imagine an aftercare type scene where a futa is just rubbing her cumdumps belly like this, maybe they're a bit gassy from this too. Side note I kinda find burping from cum drinking a bit hot too. Also weight gain I really want the most from this, I find cum drinking, putting cum in food, cum diet, ect, all very hot, and so with weight gain I just... yeah.

Also random sidenote, does breastfeeding inflation have much content, I think about inflation/stuffing/gaining from it sometimes, or more specifically my partner getting it from my breasts, but yeah.

But just playing with the results or consequences of cum inflation in that way seem fun. hope anyone here liked me rambling with my cock out about this kind of stuff.

On the flipside of this I also have this fantasy of a small futa who realizes a lot of her fat ends up going right to her cock, and wants it to grow bigger and basically just grows a lot to get the cock she desires, not caring what it does to the rest of her

All of this stuff I have only ever really thought about or come up with, so maybe it exists, and if it does, please send it to me I will love you forever. I don't like to write much, so I have never attempted to bring this to life, but I do sometimes erp, but have also still had limited luck getting partners into this stuff when I do
danbooru/gelbooru has the tag 'uncommon_stimulation'. Pretty sure sadpanda has one too, though I don't recall what it was called.
Not certain what the pixiv tags are, but one relevant one is; 鍵穴姦
OP here,

I haven't added anything myself since the initial post and I'm mostly just lurking, reading through all the responses every so often after letting the thread cook a while.

It has been very interesting reading what everyone has to say so far.

This is by far my most popular post on 4chan to date, as a small side note. Pretty cool that I guess.
I think this may be giving me a new fetish, but I can't think of a series that would have a lot of it other than Steven Universe which I don't like
I love traps and transgirls so much I married one she was a trap first but trooned out, which I was fine with. They surpass biowomen in everything in my eyes but I don't know why. Maybe it is the cuteness factor. I find it cute if they have a small dick or a massive slong. Whatever it is I'm not into just men.

I love this too. It i a cute way to catch pre-cum and see how much gets filled. I need to restock on condoms.
人体改造 and 物品化 tags on pixiv sometimes have this, but apart from that this fetish doesn’t really have a lot of tags, and this is the closest name I’ve ever see.
File: 207157996.png (806 KB, 800x600)
806 KB
806 KB PNG
I really like erotic humiliation mixed with humor, especially if it involves femdom and feminization. Unfortunately, most people who are into erotic humilliation go a little too far with their ideas for my taste.
love it, sauce on that?

my deepest fetish and the one i need to finish is masculine/androgynous lesbians being raped until they 'turn straight', especially if they are impregnated and feminized. and birth in public.

it's a niche fetish but i've had it for a long time and I can't shake it. i'm cool with multiple lesbian couples irl. this is just my wank thing.

the fetish is frustrating though. most of the people into it are closet bi lesbian who get spooked by assholes, and assholes. there used to be a discord for rping this but the dumbass in charge of it lost his mind and started demanding phone numbers and shit. don't know how to satiate my niche fetish now. I just read bang_you sailor uranus doujins and jerk off now. I write erotica and i'm fairly successful at it but there's nowhere i can post this stuff because it's 'homophobic'. ...it is. but dykes like it too.
The "post-vore body type"
Round, not exactly fatty looking belly
Also the tits/ass/things expansion and general weight gain aspects of vore, not even into vore itself just weight gain really.
also the whole rest of the body looking normal and not thicker/fatter (besides aformentioned things/ass/tits, like thin arms, normal looking face, ect. Forgot to mention that writing this
being forced to lactate and having people drink my milk against my will

having to give a speech or presentation or be in public while an invisible person touches me

those suits with the wiggly shit inside it that you cant take off

one ive thought of for years but never seen somewhere is this whole scenario
>you are at some sort or coronation / joining a group of people that are elite, they decide on things for the commoners and stuff. to keep them from getting full of themselves and making shitty laws while they debate eachother or vote on shit they are on a stage sitting down, strapped into a chair. there are about 20 people and 1 of those 20 chairs has stuff in it that will start fucking in some sort of way the girl sitting in it, and she has to hide it to keep voting for stuff and she has to pretend it isnt there

being married off to some noble, on your wedding day the dress they give you seems normal and fine. during the ceremony and the reception you realise the dress starts fucking you and you cant take it off.


being abducted by aliens (green ones)

having to birth alien babies and having them drink my milk against my will
Femdom involving chubby traps/femboys.
This type of content is almost nonexistent.
Girls turning putting makeup and clothes on guys while they are passed out. Could be drunk, drugged, or just sleeping

Can anyone help me out?
Jeezus, women have some fucked up fetishes. Remember shit like this whenever some hoe puts their ex on blast for liking farts lmao
File: 166874021342032123.jpg (355 KB, 1637x1158)
355 KB
355 KB JPG
My most 'out there' is anal prints. I remember seeing a JAV where some security system could ID women by their anus and that meld of casual nudity mixed with public embarrassment fired something off. Just a neat concept for an anus fetishist. Also, women wanting people french kiss their butthole. To this day, I can't find those JAV clips after PornHub wiped all non-OC content. I remember them using ass cache for their titles but I havent been able to find their code. This random pixiv artist is all I have to sate this specific itch.
>Peoples outfits and clothing being transformed against their will
Wait till you find out about kill la kill
watched it ages ago, all that wasted potential. It was a good show, but barely any kink content to be taken off it for me, personally. It had like ONE scene of forced uniforming that had any charm, but that's about it.
fair, i only know a little about it. I was thoroughly impressed by Kakegurui and how far into all of the fetishistic aspects they went into it but even that was still pretty fucking tame. Most of the interesting stuff is left to implications and what not.
Yeah, and sometimes interests can be so niche they might be a passing little moment for others, but for me I'd want it to last an eternity. Something as simple as dress-up sequences for an example. Usually it's a few cuts on putting some clothes on, or just a magical transformation, when I'd gladly take minutes just ogling at that stuff
Hm, one of my strangest would probably be Amputee Transformation. I'm not in to amputees necessarily, but I'm into most any kind of Transformation, so it just kinda fit in.

Pic related. Enjoy a greentext I wrote for the /b/ros a couple years ago.
Have you tried look at the artist descriptions for relevant images? Maybe one of them used that JAV as inspiration and it has the name there.
File: E5CvavoVkA0rgUu.jpg (300 KB, 637x2048)
300 KB
300 KB JPG
Personality excretion and reshaping
File: 1661170521900359.jpg (261 KB, 1262x1693)
261 KB
261 KB JPG
Scary/sexy monster girls that aren't just <insert fantasy species here> or some variation of demon.
This is what you masturbate to?
>having to give a speech or presentation or be in public while an invisible person touches me
I don't suppose a discreet vibrator is enough?
>being abducted by aliens (green ones)
Uh, why green specifically?
I love tons of weird shit and I only know some of why.

I know generally I like androgyny, gender play, and role reversal. Tomboys and traps are my jam. Boys that look and act like girls, girls that look and act like boys, girls occupying male spaces, boys occupying female spaces, and so on.
I don't have a specific origin for this, it's just always been the way I liked things. Futa is a natural extension of that, but thi is like straight shota, some monstergirls, and other stuff feel like they socket in there for me.

I'm also a huge olfactophile, and I suspect that's entirely because of porn and isolation.
Smell is the one thing I can't get through porn, so I'm obsessed with it.
I also really really like cozy, comfy imagery. My favorite outfit is just generic, full body pajamas, and my favorite setting is bed.
Technically, inflation could count, but the internet has softened that, I guess.

I don't know if I'd really call it a "fetish", but I've always had a bit of a fixation on the concept of flat-chested characters looking less flat based on their clothing.
Like, some kind of Sanrio or Animal Crossing character looking like normal, but if they wear skimpy lingerie, they have little tiddies.
I guess I could lump in the old Bugs Bunny gag of him crossdressing and becoming a 10/10 woman with boobs and thighs, but my aversion to dudes is so strong that I can't really feel anything from it.
Maybe another better example might be really any cartoons in the 90s, but the best example might be Tiny Toons, specifically, where the Toons would constantly change breast sizes, not just because of the different animation studios, but because they'd dress up in some kind of lewd dress for a gag, or whatever.
>>10452413 (me)
>egg birth denial, though this ties into my inflation fetish 100%
>fart denial, again, inflation fetish. Don't like farts themselves though
>customizable waifus, either human or robotic, customized through surgery, replacement limbs, implants, chemicals, injections, etc., but NOT from an abuse/BDSM perspective, the end result should still look pretty "normal" and it should be consensual
>long-term, consensual unbirthing; I'm talking like someone using their womb as like a hotel of sorts, someone can sleep in there and have privacy for a month or two, maybe paying the hostess

Lewd fixations that I probably wouldn't consider fetishes... maybe:
>furry characters that are designed with their species in mind, things like dog furries being partially colorblind, non-mammalian furries having flat chests, egg-laying furries having to lay unfertilized eggs every now and then, etc.
>renaissance faire barmaid dresses; the cleavage gets me
>pushup bras in general
>horny characters eventually gaining control of their extreme lust, becoming much more tame, but still being able to solo an orgy when they want
>"mommy dom" characters that don't overdo it, they actually take it seriously instead of "ara ara looks like your dick is too big for your pants, mommy will help you take care of it~ <3", and they can actually cook and clean, too, not just give you titjobs while wearing a sweater
>tasteful, casual nudity; women that go nude, but don't really call that much attention to it, no jumping around groping her gigantihooba boobs, no fingering in public
>assets staying relatively unchanged during transformation/inflation/whatever, like a small-boobed redhead turning into a small-boobed, red-furred werewolf, or a woman with breast implants getting her body spherically inflated, but her breasts stay about the same size because the inflation isn't affecting her implants
My newest weird fetish is sex with human sized insects, coupled with impregnation or egg depositing, and ending with laying eggs or birthing maggots

Got the fetish from here, kind of a progression from furry stuff, to beast, and then to this
File: 90871654_p2.jpg (1.95 MB, 2894x4093)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB JPG
Odd just because it's oddly specific.

I have a STRONG fetish for disembodied living legs and/or feet.
Because of one very high quality sawing in half illusion and being so lucky to be called on stage to prove "realness" of assistant bare feet, I developed this specific interconnection of NBM and foot fetishes.

Like, yeah, I like detachable body parts and sure love beautiful bare feet, BUT WHEN BOTH ARE COMBINED, it's, like, the absolute best option.
Girls sucked into impossible spaces isn't as rare as it used to be. Still odd. Vacuum cleaners or bottles, books and anything else.
what's your opinon on snorting up girls in the nose?
If you haven't already check out maternal-reads and coffeeslice, both have done good preggo and lac stuff, maternal-reads has done a few pics on being abducted by aliens and being impregnated by them.

One of my things is really specific, it's like animal tails, like a bunny or a cats tail, but it forcibly comes out of the anus, and not where the tail actually goes. It overlaps with like full moon and werewolf kind of stuff.
Ah I see. You’re the genie guy
File: bottle suction.jpg (104 KB, 700x487)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
Not into vore but I could see the appeal.
Genies aren't the main thing. Know a few who are more into genies and lamp suction.
File: 92874281_p0.png (1.03 MB, 1003x1417)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG
Consensual sex in the missionary position. That's considered an odd fetish in 2022, right?
thanks, its difficult to find websites with purely things to read, ive nearly gone though everything in mcstories. com, and utopiastories i think was taken down
to specify the space kind and not the gross brown person kind
File: 573910_p0.jpg (113 KB, 700x769)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
guys or girls (preferably girls) being turned into male expendable/cannon fodder soldiers, especially of the sci-fi variant. Less explicitly horny-looking the better. I want to see the woman with huge honkers turn into a perfectly normal generic faceless soldier on his way to kill some giant enemy ants or something.

would be really cute if he explores his new male body while off-duty with his bro who looks exactly like him and used to be a cute girl too (or the boyfriend)

or just gay porn but the men casually used to be girls.

There's no specific place I picked it up from, I just like female to male transformations and it combined with my other interests

There is no content of it, not a single piece of media. I just make up scenarios in my head and the results are things that probably only appeal to me and no one else
Headpats, and cute girls and boys getting off to them.
Those are both sexy and fun. Monster Musume begins with a lamia orgasming from getting the tip of her tail rubbed.
>Long unpainted fingernails that extend past the tip
>Denki Anma (Female footjob)
>Mother x Loli Daughter
Magically-assisted incestplay?
File: 3.jpg (399 KB, 1080x835)
399 KB
399 KB JPG
Honestly, on paper I think it should be more common than it is, but futa's eating their own cum out of other's futas holes.
I have to go around commissioning it myself, like this picture here, technically they're dickgirls, but honestly the picture leaves it open for interpretation.
File: 1649433244284.jpg (170 KB, 850x662)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
I really like broken androids..
Exposed parts is good, taken apart for servicing is better, downright damaged is the best.
I guess the appeal is guro-adjacent but it's better than guro. Mechanical parts are more pleasant to look at than bloody guts. And the robots have less alarmed expressions because they don't feel pain or because the situation is mostly under control. I like the emotional distance from their physical situation it's objectifying in a novel way.
It's also the best part of android fetish because you get to see more of the robot parts instead of just doll joints and skin seams.
There's a decent amount of art for this particular fetish, lots of it by the same artist (which is good so I'm not complaining) but it's exclusively gynoids. I've never seen a single picture of that happening to a boy robot and I wish there was.
Huh, I have several pictures of battle-damaged female androids waiting to get fixed.
I know an artist who draws futuristic battlefields, and one scene he keeps going back to is, envisioning future triage, with androids instead of wounded humans. I'll post one when I get back from work with a link to his kofi.
Another weird fixation I've got is breast envy, but from a species perspective, like a cat girl upset that humans have bigger boobs than catfolk, or bird women mad that people get them confused for men.
File: 90670387_p1.jpg (644 KB, 1100x793)
644 KB
644 KB JPG
Penises pushing into/resting on-top of/slapping against flesh, especially squishy/compressible flesh like cheeks (both face and ass), breasts, midriff, etc.

The reason I find it strange isn't because there is anything inherently weird about it, but rather how specific it is, like cockslapping is part of it that defiantly has a name associated, but aside from describing it verbatim, the other parts of it are just kinda not easily indescribable due to being very specific.

Not sure where I picked up the non-cockslapping portions, might have just been a natural progression of the cockslapping kink, but the cockslapping thing definitely came from that one Minus 8 Rhythm Heaven R34 Flash

Typically I find the stuff in hentai, but because of how specific it is, I usually find it by accident while looking for other stuff.
Mitosis, for sure! I find it so interesting. I mean, how would you react if you suddenly started splitting in two, shredding your clothes, and end up with two fully functioning copies? Are either of you the original person, or neither? What if you're married? Which one of you is married now? So many questions.
cant believe this is a fetish but there are more threads about turning women into gummy candies and eating them than there are about clits.

clits are my fetish.
File: 1643484155515.jpg (770 KB, 1500x1150)
770 KB
770 KB JPG
Tell us more. Big clits? Tiny clits? Weird clits?
>ctrl+f "clit"
>0 results
File: key2tummy.jpg (51 KB, 1280x720)
51 KB
my thing is monstergirl valuable/important object vore! if she brings it back up that's hot too but when she lets it pass all the way thru it hits my spot!!
File: 1546393694084.jpg (99 KB, 375x750)
99 KB
i really wish there was more of this shit\
but sadly even just vanilla "twin fetish" barely gets enough OC to keep a thread alive
I like feet hands. I don't know how this came about because I dont have normal foot fetish. Tbh I find foot fetish to be kind of gross. But for some reason when their hands are replaced with feet it is super hot to me. Something about them losing the ability to manipulate things with hands as effectively while still having something familiar replacing them.
Clones thread is up right now, we need to stick together for something so niche.
large insects, i dont really like small bugs but oviposition especially

egg laying, oviposition, especially if its noncon on the oviposition, being forced to birth something that you had no say in, in another type of form

birth, not childbirth usually goes with the insect part, giving birth to the insects child is important. doesnt matter if its male or female

transformation (i cant really pin down what type being honest),

big bottoms/subs with tiny tops/doms but not in the shota/big busty woman way

and tentacles. especially when the girl cant do anything to stop it but gives in eventually to the pleasure and just turns into a fucking fleshlight for it

i couldnt tell you where any of this came from, but i remember watching pokemon tf videos on youtube and feeling weird and hard and not understanding why
specifically with the insect part, nipple birth. theres a trope where insects will get inside of the milk duct or something and breed. making the womans breasts larger (bigger the better) then after awhile, emerging
File: 1651864570180.jpg (649 KB, 1280x1893)
649 KB
649 KB JPG
I thought it would be more common, but it isn't.
A guy eating his own cum off the girl he's had sex with.
I don't care if they're sharing it through a kiss, if the guy's going down on the girl after a creampie, if he's eating it off her tits or feet...
The problem is that that kind of content is 80% girls sharing cum, 19.9% cuck stuff, and 0.1% what I'm looking for.

If you guys have codes to share, I'd be more than grateful.
I'm really into inhuman (animate or not, but not TG) to human (female) TF. It seems quite quite vanilla, but is actually quite rare on the /d/ sphere (proof : no tag for it). The only community that tends to consistently prefer to go from the inhuman form to the female form are the slimegirl fans.
And that's how I became a slimegirl fetishist "by proxy", although the idea of fucking a gooey gelatinous body does nothing to me.
Good fetish, the human condition would improve if sex charity was a widespread thing.
Macy's Thanksgiving parades must be hell on earth for you. Also surprised to learn this is a real and popular fetish, i only vaguely knew about it from Bobs Burgers.
Im down for this. Im into giant girls, but only via the male shrinking so i like the idea of a dude getting smaller, with most women not thinking him more then a child, that his dick is tiny as fuck now as well and he is basicaly a joke. Then you have some woman, maybe a nurse or neighbor who maybe feels some strange feelings for them, but mostly feels bad for them and so they let them fuck out their pent up anger over an ever bigger world or give them a blowjob to take their mind off their shrinking and maybe make them feel like a "man" again and being submissive to him even if they are far larger. Maybe it falls more in line of a "pity fuck" in that way, mixed with mild arousal on the ladies side.
yeah the only one ive seen in at least a few years, feels bad
>What are your more odd fetishes?
One person transforming into another person's dick. I suppose that's my oddest one. In my mind, both parties have a lack of control over the situation.

>Do you know the origin of where you picked it up?
I think it began as a fear of mine. When I was just a wee little kid, my parents let me watch any horror movie at all. People losing control of their bodies, having themselves turned into something else, had a big impact on me i guess. In particular, a scene in the movie The Evil Dead: Army of Darkness. Ash has an evil version of himself grow out of his own body, starting with an eye on his shoulder. I had nightmares about that for a long time. I don't know how it changed into a fetish...

>What about it is appealing to you, if you can place the precise appeal?
Just the inability to control what your body is feeling or doing.
File: 1660726824022.jpg (449 KB, 700x995)
449 KB
449 KB JPG
so uh? are you still around anon?
File deleted.
Futuristic military style armor. I'm chucking it under odd because it lights up a part of my brain that registers it as gratifying but I'm not particularly getting off in the traditional sense when I'm enjoying it. Though as of late there's a book series that has a high emphasis on it that its starting to hit the light switch a lot harder.

As far as why do I like it? I really don't know. Visually pleasing maybe. Might have picked it up since I do appreciate mecha designs. It seems to be right on the line of appreciation and arousal for me. Admittedly I made a joke to a friend about if he showed up in a helmate that hits the criteria and his army gear I'd blow him on the spot.
>Probably also why I enjoy losing my head to a dullahan so much.
Whats your fantasy with this?
Injection with a needle is indeed pretty rare.
I myself prefer the "tamer" form where a tube is inserted into the uterus and semen is injected via the tube.
There's something about the stealth nature of it that's very appealing to me. She gets successfully impregnated with her hymen intact, and has no idea what's going on and is completely powerless at stopping it.
File: 1516487228290.png (2.23 MB, 3500x2500)
2.23 MB
2.23 MB PNG
Hyperpregnancy, but being pregnant with fully grown women, maybe even amazons, who are pregnant and/or have massive dicks humping against and jizzing inside.
I dream of being a mommy witch. Just seducing a single dad and fucking with his kids in ways they know is me having magic but they can't do anything about.

>Son won't study for tests because party
>Steal his body, transfer his mind into diligent school girl body who can't help but study.
>Go to party
>Enable a debug mode of sorts to control everyone
>Everyone is now quiet and I just play vidya with the cute girls.
>Tell them all to arrange social media shots to pretend they all had a rager including shit with son and leave thinking it was great and he was the life of the party but otherwise stay quiet.
>He goes to school and everyone there praises him for that cool thing he did that no one will specify.

>Have to get going somewhere with daughter
>She won't get ready
>Possess her while leaving her aware inside
>Get her ready quickly with magic
>IE make up kit applies itself while I get her dressed
>Grow her ass out to make her baggy pants a tight fit
>Same with her tits and her shirt.
>Don't let her back in control until we're outside.
>Door closes and locks itself quickly to dig in the point.
>The clothes won't come off until I decide we go back home. (I'm not completely horrible so let's say we disable her need to use the bathroom)
File: 2.jpg (1 MB, 1246x2138)
1 MB
this. absolutely this, melting's my main kink, but inanimate and nbm/detachment next, otherwise I'm fairly vanilla bi, I don't like guro, or feet, or violence, or hyper or furry. which makes finding *anything* a pain
That pic is hot as fuck.
Petrification. Don't know why it's hot but it is.
The thought of a girl I like being pregnant when I'm finally able to ask her to be my girlfriend. I love the feeling of despair and defeat, knowing another guy already shot his load into her.

There are some conditions. He had to have been her first, and she had to have been impregnated less than 4 months or so before we could start dating, meaning I just lost the race against him.

Or she could just know how to suck my cock hard, despite not knowing how to do anything sexual just weeks or months before, again thanks to her ex.
File: 1667764327216926.jpg (1.07 MB, 1400x2000)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB JPG
The whole "losing my head to a dullahan" is an oddly specific NBM scenario I really enjoy.

>Walking alone in the woods at night or such
>Stumble upon busty dullahan woman wearing hardly anything
>She has no head at all, neck stump covered in skin like pic related
>She also has a giant ass sword
>Without much hesitation, she rushes up and swings her sword through my neck, beheading me
>Now just a head I land on the forest floor
>Depending on my mood, my headless body is either stumbling around looking for me, or falls over lifeless
>I can't feel anything below my neck (aside from the bottom of my new stump)
>My body and I have the same skin-covered stump as the dullahan
>The dullahan picks me up carrying me deeper into the woods
>She takes me to her cabin, setting me on a shelf
>The dullahan keeps my head around for whatever: chatting, sex toy, display piece
>My headless body left behind has a mind of his own
>Returns home where people are surprised to see "me" without a head
>My headless body assumes my life as my head is assumed lost and get used to my body instead

Weird, but really into it. I've got a handful of oddly specific headless scenarios like this and kinda cycle through favorites.
Lately I feel like my TSF/TG fetish has merged with my forced feminization fetish and become a femboy TF fetish. Not a femboy or trap fetish in itself, nor the more common female-to-femboy TF fetish, but specifically normal guys getting magically transformed into feminine men with flat chests and penes.

It's pretty hard to find any content for this fetish. Pic related is from a recent fieryjinx comic that immediately and unsurprisingly becomes TG after this panel. Up to this point it had been scratching my itch.

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