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Someone makes the mistake of letting you write an episode of black mirror
You take the opportunity to make it about your fetish in the most unhinged way possible
Bonus points if it looks like some criticism of society or whatever
99.9% of women are now sterile because of micro plastics
the government forces the few fertile women to be surrogate mothers with dozens of child at the same time
you follow a woman who refuses to have her pregnancy be a bed-ridden experience and tries to keep on her normal life
File: FTi-bINVsAEpgaS.jpg (341 KB, 1680x2520)
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Two companies compete to get the best contacts, one company tries to make their businesswomen as busty as possible to attracts business partners
the other company tries to outbid, with bustier and sluttier businesswomen
in a matter of months, it escalates to ridiculous proportions and the lesson is that competition is bad or something
Humanity establishes communication with humanoid alien lifeforms, after the first contact, it's revealed they are actually giant clumsy bimbos
As scientists around the world try to exchange technology advancements, the aliens are way too dumb to answer anything helpful
She finds earth to be a very fun place to hang out and calls her boss, earth desperately negotiates to acquire alien technology in exchange of turning the earth into a resort for giant alien
Every week, new giantess arrive and almost trashes earth, which ends up being inconsequential as technology advances
Two drunk giantesses could wreck a whole city and the government would dismiss it as an inconsequential accident

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