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A thread dedicated to Futas showing off their insurmountable penile superiority over men.

No futas getting penetrated it defeats the point.

Even more explicitly exclusive edition!
File: 86308533_p1.jpg (2.6 MB, 3541x2508)
2.6 MB
2.6 MB JPG
What happened to the other thread
File: 1596451804577.jpg (832 KB, 1771x1254)
832 KB
832 KB JPG
The troon got it falsely banned for western again.

This time it was nicecream, so heads up to anyone who wants to post their stuff.
>Banned for western
The fact that /aco/ has no /d/ equivalent makes this such bullshit. It's already hairsplitting retardation that on-topic posts are against da rulez because the artists country of origin isn't in Asia.

And of course the jannie has to delete the entire thread when he could just delete the offending posts.
File: Vicsenpai Edit 1.jpg (2.01 MB, 1958x3112)
2.01 MB
2.01 MB JPG
If futa weren't meant to be penetreated, then they wouldn't have such fuckable cussies.
File: 104584185_p2.png (367 KB, 512x768)
367 KB
367 KB PNG
Is IA art allowed here? i have no intention of posting more pictures but i found this muscle Mao Asakura and i though i might not be so bad i we get art of such forgotten characters.
You know what? Fuck you.
*cums inside your futa*
/aco/ is the /d/ equivalent
fucking retard. Don't talk if you're too stupid to say anything of worth.
It has the range but it doesn't have the focus.

I'd definitely just be for a quality rule here if it were up to vote.
Does anyone have the translation to the new Eigetu work?
File: futa ntr caption.jpg (113 KB, 850x1127)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
AI pixelates shit now...?
What it does is fuck up cocks.
I'd bet Anon pixelated it himself to make it look more normal.
The artist is Japanese he had to pixelate it or he gets baned from pixiv.
plenty of the images used to train hentai models have pixel and bar censors so you can get censored images depending on your prompt and luck
Most likely some jap generated it, and pixiv specifically and japs in general have strict censorship laws.
can you imagine living like that tho? lol
Are you new to the internet or to Japanese porn or you are just naturally retarded?
Ive jerked off to this comic every day for the past week i have a problem i need to stop but shes so perfect oh god oh fuck i love her so much why is she not real i want her to be real fuuuuuuuck
File: 021.jpg (232 KB, 900x1260)
232 KB
232 KB JPG
>retarded mod kneeling to lolcows reporting shit they don't like
Many such cases. Cringe!

File: 022.jpg (240 KB, 900x1260)
240 KB
240 KB JPG
If having fantasies this impossible is based than i wish i was cringe. AAAHHH I NEED IIIIITTTTTT FUCK FUCK FUCK
Hot as fuck
File: 88361219_p0.jpg (925 KB, 1680x1260)
925 KB
925 KB JPG
I guess the tranny janny myth is true.
Hopefully they get their status revoked for this nonsense soon enough.
I'd at least like to believe doing the exact opposite of your job for this long would have that effect.
File: 1649072888561.png (655 KB, 744x1052)
655 KB
655 KB PNG
It's responding to it's own posts again
Literally the first post I made in the thread, schizo.
File: Untitled.png (2.38 MB, 1363x1348)
2.38 MB
2.38 MB PNG
I wish more futa ntr had the cuck sucking and kissing futa balls
I want to fuck her used cum balloons
Sure thing bud
Take your meds.
Wait, was the name of this thread changed because OP didn't like the fact that a handful of the anons that posted in this thread don't fantasize about receiving?
It is, and I knew that posting my positive opinion on Male on Futa would cause you to sperg out like the autist you are.

Sure thing bud
Ahem, just because she's penetrating doesn't mean she's dominant. The inverse is also true. Now debate about it for a literal week.
This >>10513055 is my first post on this thread. I'm not this guy>>10513103

Interesting. It's what OP wants, so he won't bitch at you for it.
>Futa become real
>Absolute goddesses, exactly what you always dreamed of
>The sort of woman you imagined wrecking your girlfriend
>It turns out they only like dudes

What's cuckposters' plan then?
I get with the futa and have a happy life.
Meh, both futa on male and futa ntr is hot. Id be fine either way.
Then cuckqueans shlick to their husbands being reamed out by their husband's futa girlfriend.
Hope she’ll indulge me and fuck some girls while I suck her balls once in a blue moon.
Imagine being such a boring hoebag that your husband would rather be hollowed out by a she-stud, just to get some excitement in his life.
This sounds like society will naturally arrange itself into 3 piece relationships. Futa > Male > Female
Sure, because that reinforces the obvious truth of penetration being the default dominant sex act even when partially subverted by attitude, and actually uses the futa's larger/better than a man's penis which is the point of the thread.

I'm not going to police how smug a trap's grin is as he's getting reamed. He's still surrendering to superior futa cock regardless of how happy he is about it.
Does anyone have any good numbers related to this? I need more!
Perish, like they ought to.
File: 91999377_p0.png (904 KB, 969x2000)
904 KB
904 KB PNG
Fair enough, I didn't notice the Pixiv filename. The only time I share AI generated stuff is when it's ones I made myself.
I don't really get why people share them on permanent image sites. Everyone has access to making them with stable diffusion so they have little value.
I'd scroll past the philosophical rants and anti-ntr whining in these threads while chatting with my new gf. But to indulge you, I'll tack onto your scenario something more fresh than the tired "what if the futa cucks the girl" idea that has been regurgitated here multiple times.

>The women seduce the futas away from the men.
Realistically futa would only like futa (assuming they are the 7 foot tall, 2 foot hung kind).
I mean, why would they waste their time with men or women? If we're assuming they are hyper dominant, dating a man or woman would just be an economic drain. They'd want a partner equal to themselves.

So in the end, everyone's getting cucked.
Most women don't have to imagine, anon.


>The women seduce the futas away from the men.
Unlikely, as that would require effort, and we all know that women don't do anything requiring effort.

>They'd want a partner equal to themselves
Tell me you don't know how sexual psychology works without telling me outright that you don't know how sexual psychology works.
File: 14347285_104432788_p4.jpg (313 KB, 1280x2147)
313 KB
313 KB JPG
I don't even think western art is worse anymore. It used to be like that in the past but western art has gotten really good and I'd even say that the very best stuff is superior to eastern art.
>Realistically men would only like men.
>I mean, why would they waste their time with women? If we're assuming they are dominant, dating a woman would just be an economic drain. They'd want a partner equal to themselves.

Retarded take.
Completely different.
Men and Men can't have children, therefore it doesn't work as a society and is of course discouraged. This does not exist with futa and futa.
Especially since a man is just a "futa minus female parts" and a female is just a "futa minus male parts", it's not like where men and women are 2 wholly different things
Nothing to do with children. Dominants attract submisives and vice versa.
If we assume that futas are super dominant, they wouln't go with other futas.
File: artongrif.png (1.64 MB, 2048x1707)
1.64 MB
1.64 MB PNG
Typically yeah. Anime styling eventually becomes a limit on how good something can look, even when measuring 'good' purely in terms of fetish realization.

Hentai has a higher floor but a lower ceiling, and western art's original exclusion was just due to the art style that was formerly popular being so aesthetically repulsive for porn.
The rule phrasing still reflects this, with the clarification of western porn being "toon" styled art, despite the fact that this is now an eccentric minority instead of the norm.
File: 20230118_082044.jpg (764 KB, 2731x4096)
764 KB
764 KB JPG
I'm so glad this artist started posting again
File: 1655306288822.jpg (333 KB, 1372x1768)
333 KB
333 KB JPG
What's the basis otherwise?
>I want to suck and be cucked, so my fantasy would be the reality.
It suppose that's legitimate since futa are fantasy beings.

I look at in two ways:
Futa are overall more feminine in appearance, so they would likely have overall feminine hormones. Thus their brains are probably more feminine too and they then have more feminine mate selection. Height is something women prefer, and so if the average futa is a foot taller than the average man it would skew towards futa. Then there is the case that women tend to have more bisexuality, so if their brains are more feminine they would be more likely to find every part of a fellow futa appealing.

Obviously they would have to have some unique genetics at play which alter their development to allow both genitals to form, so maybe as a result you could say their brains absorb the androgens like their penis does and thus is more masculine.
In the case where they are more masculine, it's the case that guys with AGP tend to want to be hermaphrodites/shemales rather than just women. AGP correlates also with GAMP (liking futa), so it's possible that the AGP would lead to GAMP (although I think it's just as likely it's the other way around in men).

The only analogue to this situation I can think of is the female spotted hyena which has a penis.
The females don't fuck each other, but that's obviously because they can't reproduce with each other; evolution can only occur if you reproduce, so lesbian hyena are going to be negatively influenced. I'm assuming the futa are a sudden thing and we can ignore evolutionary forces, but the hyena do have an odd behaviour where the females sniff and lick each other's cocks to greet and the submissive one often gets an erection.
In this situation perhaps the futa would just fuck each other socially, but have harems they breed with. This would of course select against futa on male since there's no benefit to the futa getting pregnant.
It’s been an ongoing issue between an autist that really hates futas getting fucked/wholesome futa and pretty much everyone else. Pretty sure most anons don’t even really care that much and are just fucking with him at this point.
>pretty much everyone else

Nah it's really just you and that one other guy who lost an argument.

Speaking of which if you keep getting people temp banned with the intention of trying to swat at me you are going to make even less friends.
You've gone from annoying parasite to thread antagonist.
Nta but I've visited some 'futa is always bigger threads' and no one really had a problem with me posting male on futa. I followed the one rule of the thread and that's it. OP just changed the name of the thread to suit his tastes.
That was my first post in this thread. But now I can agree with the others that you’re definitely a schizo. Seek help.
>This would of course select against futa on male since there's no benefit to the futa getting pregnant.
The issue with that, is your previous stuff is predicated on female style selection, or at least your take on it. Imo I think they'd be unrecognizable to us, if they were a part of our society since the beginning. Even if they're just chicks with something extra anatomically, they'd probably carve out their own gender role, pronouns, etc. No idea what that'd look like in practice.
What if the trap is smug and she is flustered? I guess it's not futadom now, is it? Or what if she powerbottoms a trap. Sounds like futadom to me.
File: Enari Tanned Onsen.png (2.55 MB, 1891x2517)
2.55 MB
2.55 MB PNG
>futa artist you like stops doing futa stuff or disappears
What's his name, /d/?
For me it's Enari.
You are by far the biggest problem in these threads, schizo-kun.
You are not on anyone else's side here but your own retarded one.
Also please don't post the edited versions of their art. The original penis size was perfect.
The evolutionary speculation is different to the social ones.
The social ones are predicated on if a new gender of human came into being, but only the first refers to the female style while the second is about male with AGP/GAMPs.

Which is more or less the same thing as futa carving out their own gender roles.
In a situation where they are being born (not just appearing as fully grown humans) they would likely gravitate to their own kind as they would be made to feel different from the other two genders. So they could fall into the male AGP/GAMP psychology where they identify as androgynous and want to fuck androgynous people like themselves. Assuming AGP among males is born out of a desire to know the feminine body, the futa would be able to do so (IDK if that makes them more or less likely to also want both).
There would also be less reason for stigma of 'homosexuality' amongst them because they are capable of both sexual roles, and this would further separate them from the rest of society in terms of religious groups. Not to mention the fetishization of them would make them probably dislike men more so than women.

But when it comes to living in our society, it's fair to say they would still be more feminine because men are also becoming more feminine (dropping T levels).
And if it's the case futa gravitate towards one another, there'd be further bonding over their menstrual cycles. They wouldn't be able to bond as well with women, because the hormones released during the cycle would also make them super horny / boost sperm production (which sperm takes a couple months to grow, so it may line up with their feminine fertility spike which is on a monthly cycle). This would be the case as to why futa want to impregnate each other also.
File: 1551861705398.jpg (1.14 MB, 1616x2200)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB JPG
Sure thing bud
>Wants to post off-topic so bad he gets thread deleted
>Reports random on-topic images in the hope he slaps OP
>Imageless spam posts while pretending to be multiple people

>"You're crazy NOT ME! I'm more popular, I promise!"

You really need a new strategy here. I'd suggest being right, but you have a terrible track record.

The whole reason the word "powerbottom" needs to exist is because of the intrinsic submissiveness of bottoming.
We've already done this one out before. You can try again if you'd like though.
Have confidence in your own opinions, Anon.

I get this is a debate thread, but the current topic is speculating on a futa's mate preference / pair bonding.
>No futas getting penetrated it defeats the point
kek, insecure faggot
Hi again, that doesn't make sense.
File: 1655236422493.jpg (296 KB, 850x949)
296 KB
296 KB JPG
Do you even know what the word "insecure" even means?
Retard, if anyone got the thread deleted it was you.
We went from a normal thread, which got deleted unlike all the other normal threads, and then suddenly we have your faggot shit in the OP. I wonder how that happened
File: 1642298830454.png (796 KB, 813x821)
796 KB
796 KB PNG
Whhat would a true sraight man do if he see this?
File: yelan2_2.png (1.83 MB, 1800x2800)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB PNG
What is better, futa on trap or futa on male?
Lock them up and stroke their cocks with fleshlights while they squirm and squeal against ballgags and blinders
I want to turn long-dicked women into subby sobby messes and then kiss them while they’re overwhelmed and horny so they shoot long thick ropes all over the room, crying out orgasms through their abused genitals. I want to hurt them and I want them to love me for it.
try to fit both of them in your mouth at the same time, duh. Only a faggot would disagree.
End up very very full of more bunnies
Take both cocks in the ass and mouth, then return the favor on them. I feel like unless a futa had a bad experience being on the bottom, she wouldn’t mind letting her bottom boy fuck her.
>Not to mention the fetishization of them would make them probably dislike men more so than women.

That hinges on whether attraction to futa has been normalized or not. I’ve heard a very hot take that attraction to girlcock isn’t actually a fetish. Not my take, but I can see it making more sense in a world where they’d be commonplace.
I think this is one of the few muchin images that never been translated
I think this version is hotter unironically, imminent rape or sex with size difference is peak.
Why are these threads always filled with autistic pseudoanthropologist faggots.
File: 1666130195708506.jpg (1.21 MB, 2046x1447)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB JPG
Nah, I don't think so.
It was definitely the person giving false western reports because they were butthurt about not being able to post offtopic.
they're literally all the same shit so it doesn't matter
What a shitty edit for an artist that already draws futa
File: zelda_04 - Copy.jpg (240 KB, 1280x1810)
240 KB
240 KB JPG
File: 1654295446501.jpg (198 KB, 850x1023)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
By the end he'd end up literally pregnant in his newly developed boy womb in his ass where his prostate used to be.
>female hyenas have a penis
No not really.
They basically just prolapse their vaginal canal, a male fucks it and the jizz is drawn to the uterus.
Calling it a cock is a pretty heavy miscategorization.
>comparing natural born herms to disgraceful labotized destroyed trannies
Stop. Being. Evil.
Because it's on 4chan
Is it that different from people fantasising over an image? They say what they would do in this fantasy situation where a person wouldn't be sexually repulsed by them, I say what futa would do in the fantasy situation where they exist.
Just different scopes of fantasy.

>girlcock isn’t actually a fetish
Why would someone think it's not a fetish when the thing itself is born through fetish / body modification? That person must have such a strong fetish for 'girlcock', or no contact with anyone who doesn't share their fetish, that it's become their default.

Even when it's normalised it would probably still have stigma when it's a fetish. Like a guy only liking a woman for her huge tits.
It could also go the other way. In the situation where futa are extra horny due to elevated hormones and double the sensation for stimulation and orgasm, they may deter women via their constant desire for sex and seeing their partners as only sex objects. In which case the fetishization would be a plus as they like having their cock worshiped.
>No not really.
Yes really. Although it's properly called a 'psuedopenis'.
They use their psuedopenis to mount the males. So psychologically, the female hyena acts as if it has a penis. Anatomical drawings show the vagina as a separate structure within their body, they also piss from it as it connects to the urethra in a similar fashion to a males bladder and testes (except testes is replaced with uterus in this hyena).
(unless the shit form my google searching was all wrong/fake).

I'm not comparing anything because hermaphrodite humans don't exist.
I'm making speculations on human behaviour based on other humans. The only comparison I haven't made is with gay males (which also have a unique brain structure compared to both women and AGP/straight males). Since this doesn't seem to be hormonally determined, I don't think you could say futa would be 'gay brained' and thus exhibit the gay tendency for lots of sex.

Also don't be retarded.
>Stop. Being. Evil.
If this violates a core moral tenant of yours, you need to stop looking at porn.
Although it's blasphemous to mention the hyena here.
Because even though the female's pseudopenis is larger than the male's penis, she lets the male top her.

Now it's a gray area. It's more akin getting fucked in the cussy than in a pussy; however, the female does retract the penis (I guess in a similar way to animals with a sheathed penis) when she is being mated with. Making it like a dickgirl getting fucked in the pussy.
(and perhaps that's what you >>10515293 are referring to with the prolapsing of the vaginal canal, that it can move in and out like it's Bible Black or something)
File: 1668753529880153.jpg (610 KB, 2456x3473)
610 KB
610 KB JPG
>It's blasphemous to mention the hyena here. Because even though...

Yeah because they can't reproduce otherwise.

You can mention anything you want here, but if you think this particular fact is actually meaningful to any of the arguments present you're insane. The mechanics of all mammalian sex demand man sperm in woman womb, and if any species was high on the list of soon to be oviposited, the hyena would be chief among them.

This is a nothing statement made on layered false pretenses. You might as well have written down 2+2=5 on a piece of paper and then personally exclaimed "THIS IS WHAT MATHEMATICIANS CAN'T HANDLE!!!" Schizo bullshit at it's finest. Next you'll mention anglerfish and say "DIS IS MOAR REAL!"

>Me saying what a futa would like is the same as people saying what they would do in X fictional situation

Nope, futa are a fictional creatures with a canon almost as established as dragons breathing fire. You personally declaring something contrary to this canon as fact is as stupid as trying to say Unicorns are ferrets with wings. Anyone saying otherwise is a subape who doesn't understand language, fiction, or both.

>Futas might be like MTF trannies

All fiction points to them being women first and demi-lesbians due to penis having second. In certain fictions they may be like trannies, but more commonly FTM not MTF.

In fact, outside of physical shape, I cannot think of a single category of real human being that the futa is more distinct from than the human MTF troon. They are genetically female always-passing (if it makes sense to call it that) women given only the private sexual urges/genitals of a man, which they handle begrudgingly despite limited social scrutiny.
Either none, or only a personal identity crisis exists. They just have a cock and want poon and aww shucks.
Identity be damned, my 16 inch womb doomer demands slizz.

It's damn near antipolar MTF if I ever saw it.
I'm more of a dom-ape, I like futa-sub

The scenario is what if they were real, not what if we lived in the world with futa; the fictional representation isn't relevant. Although I could see that futa looking at the futa porn are influenced by it (most futa content is porn), but that's like saying guys would act dominant because of; it's more likely that if porn is their driving cultural force they'll become cucks/incels (a hung incel futa is a hot concept, reminds me of the autism futa I came up with in another thread and an Anon drew).
If we relate it to dragons, this is more like speculating on their mechanics. For they couldn't fly, but perhaps they can use fires/volcanoes to get an updraft to glide longer

>All fiction points to them being women first
Yes that's true (and fictional), although many also act like gay men. Especially the dominant futa.
In reality, you can't say they are genetically female since there would have to be something in their genes that makes them grow testicles. It's not as simple as giving females the SRY protein as that causes the gonads to become testes. Futa need a second pair of gonads which would require unique DNA, or perhaps an 'FRX' protein (futa-determine region X) which binds to the X chromosome(s) of the woman could make her gonads devide into two pairs.

this would be futa suddenly being born. Maybe a virus is delivering this FRX protein to the fetus of an infected mother.
It's not an unrealistic scenario as viruses have done this kind of thing to DNA in the past, but hinges on the human DNA template allowing that to happen. I.E. such a protein may not be compatible with the current human architecture, so you'd have to modify humans at a deeper level

Then you get to the level of this topic which is their behaviour. If they are structurally human they would need human levels of hormones to function. Which is why I consider the range of human behavuiors when considering the futa's behaviour
if that happened id try to become a futa thirstrap
[spoiler]like i am already, t. not a cuckposter[/spoiler]
It’s arguably splitting hairs, but gay men liking cock isn’t what people normally consider a fetish for instance, even if reproduction doesn’t come into play. The reason girlcock is considered a fetish is more to do with the fact that women normally don’t have cocks, or it’s tied to fetishizing transwomen as a whole. Neither would come into play with futa around as a normal fact of life. Those are the genitals they have, so it might just be expected for you to like them.
File: 1651011822533.jpg (2.6 MB, 2856x2142)
2.6 MB
2.6 MB JPG
>the fictional representation isn't relevant

It's the only thing that's relevant.
When speaking of how X fantastical thing would be IRL, you are either deferring to how they have been presented or pulling random shit out of your ass and saying it will be that way instead.

It's either stamped from canon and not a discussion.
Or its extrapolated from how you idiosyncratically contrive them and it's a fake discussion.

Once the leash of "what they are actually like" is off you can use any number of explanations to concoct any theoretical behavior.

I can say their balls produces estrogen and they are all straight as an arrow subs. I can say they are just typically all bisexual due to them having some aspect of male and female sexuality. I can say due to them being women, combined with penis size henpecking through childhood, obviously they are all just dommy-mommying dudes.

You can pretend for a second that any one thing is more likely given a certain assumption, but the assumptions themselves determine everything about the sci-fi and are just up in the air.

There is no actual answer to which combination of mutations/chimerism/transplant-surgery is the end all be all what makes a "real" futa and pretending otherwise is just blowing hot air out your ass.

It's like discussing how deadly a "real dragon" would be. Because it would be exactly as deadly as whatever you concoct when making it real.
File: FlagETcWYAAcpmR.jfif.jpg (781 KB, 900x1600)
781 KB
781 KB JPG
File: FlagGDmXkAEuufX.jfif.jpg (488 KB, 900x1113)
488 KB
488 KB JPG
For some reason charts really do it for me.
>It's the only thing that's relevant
You may have a point, but you're at the wrong level. Let me reiterate:
I'm talking about futa being real, not a going into fictional world where futa are exist, and not the fictional character 'Futa' (capitalised to refer to proper-noun) coming into reality
Real things cannot break reality. For futa to be a variant in gender they must be human

A human acts most like humans, but we share behaviours with primates. Primates share behaviours with mammals, and mammals with animals.
This is due to the structures in/of our brains and the chemicals (hormones) our bodies use. Which is why the discussion of what sort of hormone makeup a futa would need to have for their appearance is relevant to how their brain would develop.
You could argue unique hormones / receptors; when you give guys trenbolone it makes them more masculine but also more attracted to 'girlcock' (likely because it isn't absorbed the same way)
I'll buy it if you justify it through a greater understanding of how the organic machine (animal body) functions

I am learning a lot about your autism and resulting delusion.
You are ingrained in this cultural construction of Futa as a type of character, not as a genetic trait of a character. You treat futasub as if it's non-canon to a Futa mythos, making it nearly impossible for me not to liken your belief to religion
It's very interesting to see how this conflict manifests:
>…you can use any number of explanations to concoct any theoretical behavior
A break in canon, breaks reality. My whole point is to ground this in reality, and the least amount of change needed to get the futa body

As I specify them being born they would grow up and be socialised in our world, but even if they are the magical manifestation of the Futa in reality there is still speculation on how they mesh.
No real person could take their cocks. How would this evolve the Futa's behaviour now that they are real and subject to change?
I agree.
If I implied being gay was a fetish I didn't meant to
I would call dudes liking girlcock a fetish because they have their desires evolve over time. Similar to how people can develop feet fetishes - sexual arousal is linked to feet through joint exposure (although not necessarily all people have feet fetishes caused by this)

Where people can become gay without exposure to the penis, i.e. through trauma such as molestation.
Maybe this is the same thing, or it's like a 'negative-fetish'. Akin to guys getting a futa fetish from having something like what's described as an oedipal complex / dominant mother.

Animals are very complex, human's most of all because of our ability to reason and form culture.
There likely isn't 1 route to any particular behaviour, but I am interested in understand it more. The problem is people are too prejudice: either they would use such knowledge to eradicate people, or they fear that people would do so because they would like to do so themselves (many LGBT people fall into the latter).

The internet has disfigured the original meaning of "sexual fetish"

In te original literature, it means things you'd pursue against all other possible actions
Didn't it used to mean something like an idol, something you worshipped?
In a way it still does, people's porn addiction is like their worship and it's become the most common fetish. By this definition there are also straight guys who treat women/sex as a fetish.
I guess this is where the words 'paraphilia' or 'kink' are better used.
Although I'm still going to use 'fetish' for the fanatics worshipping their sexual desires.

I'm a futa enjoyer.
The OP is a futa fetishist, having religious fanaticism over his philia.
File: FjgfmoIXoAAJkRm[1].jpg (686 KB, 4096x2528)
686 KB
686 KB JPG
Futas have no place in society, and so they would have to find one themselves. It's hard to place what would happen to them because we can observe with existing humans how vastly different an upbringing can change everything. It's possible they would feel ostracized and begin to hate themselves, but not a certainty. It's the futas that continually have no place, no identity to forge, being left as an anomaly at first.

Futas would be far more flexible into whatever identity, trying very hard to be more feminine, masculine, or possibly finding someway to just be themselves. I've seen short girls simultaneously try to be very feminine while obsessively lifting and building up muscle. I have been personally told by edgy delinquent scene girls that they wish they had a dick so they can see what it's like and fuck with it. Being born futas, they would likely be horny enough to use their cocks on men or women, whoever happens to be around and would let them.

Why futas would prefer one type of mate or another is as enigmatic as why any humans want to fuck anything. Men could end up fucking anything, all types of women of all ages and sizes, while women are a bit more narrow. Futas have no place, they are entirely dynamic and decided by their environment, so they can be pretty much anything. Submissive and self-loathing, hoe bags making millions on Only Fans by just jacking off on camera, pansexual nymphomaniacs, apathetic and just settling down with a male they happen to click with.
File: 3.jpg (285 KB, 1280x1707)
285 KB
285 KB JPG
Anyone got this pic of muchins artwork but in full res?
File: 24.jpg (277 KB, 860x1214)
277 KB
277 KB JPG
Someone posted this a few days ago about a futa turning their BF into a futa (but is still bigger), Anyone want to doublecheck the TL?
>You're so wet it's like you've been a woman for a hundred years.
>With your body like that, you must be a complete disgrace to public morals lol.
>It's also hilarious how your dick is bigger than when you were a man, lol.
File: 1671081239300402.jpg (879 KB, 2456x1736)
879 KB
879 KB JPG
>I'm talking about futa being real
As am I, and I'm saying there are two lines of thought, defer to fictional canon or make shit up.

The 'make shit up path' branches wildly depending on which shit you make up. Actually read my post if you are going to bother responding as if you have new things to say.

>Humans have human behaviors and conventions and genetics...

Yes, which is why there is a limited but still manifold variety of ways you could create your new realized fictional homonculus and therefore no concrete answer on their straight to homo ratio.

>deference to social artifacts is religion
Ah shit I guess I'm a religious zealot for recognizing that laws exist and that there are state borders too.
OHH geez I'm part of the Dragons breath fire as a social-artifact faith, what a kooky zany guy I am!

>It's really the realest and not totally arbitrary if I try to use the least amount of change to get the body

It still totally is because any number of metrics of "change" exist and you are still pulling them out of your ass.

Is a mutation the least change? It requires the least actual shuffling of mass.
Is a future-surgery the least change? We can already lab grow organs and FTM troons will be signing up to get cocks within the next 60 years.
Is an exaggerated case of natural hermaphrodism/chimerism the least change? There might be a """""""futa"""""""" out there already!

The reason I'm not splitting hairs here is because I already know how many goddamn hairs there are to split.
There is no true least changity option such that your personal realization of a 'futa' is more real than any other.
Which is why everything spoken here assuming the opposite is a waste of breath.
The bigger size is better, larger always wins
can you faggots just shut the fuck up
nobody cares
They can't, it's the only way to satiate their desire to be women (which they will never be)

It's bizarre that you think observing human behaviours is making things up.
All fictional behaviour were based on what an author desired for the story, not necessarily what they thought was most realistic (although a good story is realistic). Writing it down doesn't make it special.
Just because a lot of people like the authors interpretation doesn't make it true. I mean, we all like futa which aren't real. Just look at politics, socialism is a good example - a story of human nature was applied to reality and even though many people believed it didn't make that the reality.

You're not a religious zealot for 'recognizing that laws exist', but for adhering to fiction as if it's true. That a majority belief means your 'God' is real.
It's fine for you to believe in your 'God' - futa is bigger = futadom - I already said I'm not arguing your opinions.
Maybe it's impossible for autists to observe behaviour through reality, that certainly is their issue due to it being a disorder that manifests severe social problems.
>It's bizarre that you think observing human behaviours is making things up.

That's because it's not what I'm doing.
I'm saying picking which standard to apply as the "realiest" when making sci-fi backgrounds for a fictional entity and then using that now arbitrary background to extrapolate behaviors and bicker about them is a waste of time.

>Fiction isn't based on Science-physics-logic-math!

Yes, it's more directly based on a myriad of other factors, which then create an actual social artifact that is actually held in the actual world.
But what motivating forces have lead to dragons becoming dragony is irrelevant when in a discussion about making dragons real.
Which must, in order to be sensible as a question, assume dragons have some qualities. Which ones? The dragon ones. Otherwise what you made won't be 'a dragon' and the question of how to build 'a dragon' makes no sense.
You having a personal headcanon for Dragons as horned ferrets or sweet tacos doesn't change the implicature of the question.
If it did there could be no meaningful discussion between persons about it.

>Just because a lot of people like the authors interpretation doesn't make it true

It's not because people like Sherlock Holmes that he's a detective, it's on account of that being the story. You're mixing two different versions of the word truth here. But as Sherlock Holmes is a detective, any theoretical 'real' Sherlock Holmes needs to be one or it's lacking an essential quality.

>This is like religion!
Imagine being so much of a fedora tipper that you desperately attempt to conflate all arguments with religion or opinion simply because you remember being more comfortable dismissing them that way.
I was 14 once too, and in addition to not being this retarded I didn't assume otherwise.

>You have autism
Again, not an insult here, and if you don't understand how fiction participates in the world, I'm going to have to go with pot-kettle.
Suck a tail pipe a die. Idfc.
Tired of you shit heels dragging herms/futas down with CONSTANT co.parisions to trannies.
Go the fuck back to r*ddit or d*scord a d stay gone.
They are no where near the same.
Or emotionally.
Quit destroying every God damned fetish site a d zone with your poisoned faggotry.
File: fae.png (419 KB, 600x437)
419 KB
419 KB PNG
I don’t like bbc stuff, but it feels right to take delicious brown girlcock
Did the author of "In the Shadow of the Giant" die in the war or something? I just came back and saw that shit hasn't been updated since October 2021.
stop arguing and post big dick bitches
These are always best when there's dialogue in them, so the futa can assert her dominance and mock the pitiful competition. Bonus points for sph
File: Okuu.png (917 KB, 797x1200)
917 KB
917 KB PNG
>2 people fighting
Is literally one sperg samefagging against himself just ignore him.
File: 01_041.jpg (1.19 MB, 1157x1637)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB JPG
I love the 2 aspies (1 samefag) throwing wall of texts at each other thread! Keep going! We totally care and you aren't pathetic at all!
File: 1671754236747074.jpg (2.27 MB, 2592x1910)
2.27 MB
2.27 MB JPG
What are you two (one?) even talking about though? You guys did this two threads ago too and even then, no one knew what you were even arguing about. So what is it this time?
File: 96389000_p50508_.jpg (170 KB, 1280x2133)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
>I'm calling myself a retard to diffuse a losing argument


>You're autistic x2
There's no version of this which isn't a failed attempt at an insult. This in addition to the fact it doesn't change the argument.
No aspect of someones idiosyncrasies individually change what social conventions are actually present in the world.
It could change their perception of them, but that's never been your argument, only that recognizing social artifacts period is wrong. Not that the ones I'm mentioning aren't present.
This with no explanation given, or even a response to the analogies that show that this position is retarded.

>You think establishing futa canon...
Except I'm establishing nothing. Pointing to the mouth and saying it's for eating isn't laying down dictum, it's recognizing a present standing fact.

>Say it's speculation, it is, but don't then say they would adhere to the stories about them
They are speculation, but the second loaded gun on the table is that the theoretical realized futas have another metric of 'realness'. Which would be, surprise surprise adherence to the concept.
So any T.R. futa that isn't sufficiently futa-like could just be deemed non-futa.
In the same way just any genetically engineered lizard that flies isn't yet 'a dragon' until it has all the right characteristics. Which ones? The dragon ones.

>bandwagon fallacy
Saying that Sherlock Holmes is a detective isn't the bandwagon fallacy. The bandwagon fallacy has exceptions, noteworthy among them are things that literally depend on mass instantiation.
Facts like, "Who is the most popular?", "Who was elected?", "What gesture is a greeting here?" all depend in whole or in part on 'popularity' in a certain sense.

>Just ur opinion man round 3
Again, big dicks being preferable, and dicks being considered the dom baton aren't things I invented.

I get being frustrated at having an unpopular fetish, but the solution isn't being a parasite to a slightly less unpopular one.
File: 1660107866263799.png (623 KB, 638x900)
623 KB
623 KB PNG

>Is it same guy?

Sadly, incessantly repeating

>"your argument feels like religion to me, which is dumb and arbitrary"
>"that's just like ur opinion man, but my opinion is right!"

is beyond my idea of what a realistic retard looks like.
fuck off already
This somehow managed to be the most delusional take
He's not capable of holding different opinions, even if those opinions are in other people; those people are just wrong to him
would think he was an AI if he wasn't so consistent in his behaviour

He's arguing on the basis of a majority belief in a sort of canon
If that isn't the essence of a religion I don't know what is. Not a religion entirely, but proto-religion; a religion would form out of that behaviour (and did in the LGBT)

>There's no version of this which isn't a failed attempt at an insult
It may offend you, but I mean it literally. It's like pointing out someone can't dunk because they're a dwarf
Recall I came into the last thread for the express purpose of engaging with someone who is autistic to better understand autistic people in regards to transgenderism. What it has shown me that it may be impossible to reason beyond social convention with an 'LGBT acolyte' just as it is impossible to go beyond the social with you, the futadom worshiper

It may be that text / online communication doesn't fully stimulate the brains of people. Empathy is muted without being face to face, so perhaps the only way to get the message across is to make it a video essay.
I also recommend improving brain health (to everyone, but ASDs especially); omega-3, l-carnitine, an exercise may reduce the symptoms of autism. Likely it's because improving the overall function of the brain, thus the areas that are weaker function better also

>They are speculation
End of sentence

>The bandwagon fallacy…
I'm referring to the argument you keep brining it back to.
That because futa is bigger typically results in futadom that these threads must be futadom.
But enough of that topic

>I get being frustrated at having an unpopular fetish
It gives me things to write about. It's boring to write things that already exist
But lets not forget who changed the original threads
Fuck off m8. I don't know who you're assuming I am, but I haven't posted here in over a year. I just wanted to know if the author was alright since they used to post here and have been MIA.
New Muchin is out
He became a half-assed artist instead. https://twitter.com/SecundusPublius
Oh so he's just probably not gonna finish the story then? That's shitty, but at least he's not dead. Thanks m8.
I understand the Japanese law requieres censoring of the artist goes to Jail but this is too much, did he get pissed off at someone so he is adding extra censoring as punishment?
>You're autistic x2
>There's no version of this which isn't a failed attempt at an insult.
NTA, but it feels more like stating a fact the longer this sort of thing goes on. Read the room.
Okay, first thing. I need a gf as your filename describes. Second,
>Recall I came into the last thread for the express purpose of engaging with someone who is autistic to better understand autistic people in regards to transgenderism.
Surely there's a better place for your thesis paper than the alternative hentai board on a mongolian basket weaving forum.
>Surely there's a better place
To his credit, he's the best autist I've come across. It's hard to believe he is a real person, or even a single person and not a discord cabal of futa-worshipers.

In fact, he may not even be a 'he'. It could be that the reason I've had such a hard time getting to understand him is because this is a hyper-autistic woman rather than a moderately-autistic man. I've looked at autistic females on tumblr and it's a completely different culture to the male ones and thus there is a barrier to comprehension.
I have mentioned a few times (months ago) that it's odd how dominant he is in his belief that he should be dominated by a futa. But maybe that's because futa is the only thing he sees as above him as a man. Again I'll liken it to God; woman is subservient to man, and man subservient to God (religion is mostly relevant to those raised religious, it shapes their psychology which you can see in many 'atheists')

>I need a gf as your filename describes
It's fun to write about autistic futa, I did it in another thread

I imagine the hung autistic futa would hate the feeling of a blowjob because it's impossible to avoid teeth and that sensation triggers her autism
So boy ass is their preferred hole because its deeper than pussy, and all the futadom porn makes them think this is as normal as futa on female. Since their oversized cocks reliably stimulate prostate orgasms they have no reason to think otherwise, they don't understand the boy's moans of of pain and they are face blind to his expressions.

School faculty are well aware of the rampant futa on male fucking, yet they don't mind it
Somehow it has managed to sedate the overactive male students, which in turn makes the female ones more calm. The futa also seem to be better socially adapted, although hyperdominant
File: 1671758045747820.jpg (1.3 MB, 1770x1254)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB JPG
>Autism attempt 3, Recall I came into the last thread looking for autism...
Cool story. Regardless, your headcanon tale about the classification of your own social retardation is irrelevant here.

>they are speculation, End of sentence
If they are speculation in the sense given, then you are agreeing that they aren't something you are capable of having a meaningful debate about. Which is the point of the argument.
There is no notion of the realest futa with regards to the 'easiest to make' standard you proposed.
Therefore all XYZ almost futas made with this elastic standard are arbitrary in the pejorative sense. It's all hot air and this is, as I said, a stupid conversation.
No one's ovary-ball female-penis futa is more real than the true mutant futa is more real than the chimera futa is more real than the future-surgery futa.
And any and all extrapolated ideas about their homo ratio based on hormones or social perception are a waste of breath.

>That because futa is bigger typically results in futadom that...
Yes, just like police officer threads typically don't want undercover, futa is bigger fans typically don't want futasub. But with the added problem of futadom and futasub being opposite fetishes.
This thread having its own built in antithesis due to a technicality in the naming convention is pretty unfortunate.
Luckily just specifying "Don't shit in the pool" should fix the problem.
Unluckily, the thread is harangued by a schizo transexual who thinks posting futasub here will let him pretend he has love in his future and an autistic fedora tipping undergrad who doesn't know how arguing works.

Fortunately both of you subhumans aren't just actual trolls, you genuinely believe you are justified in posting offtopic and willing to argue about it endlessly.
Which means this thread both serves as free entertainment humiliating wriggling subhumans, and the OP spot will be fought over so desperately this thread is now as immortal as /d/ games general.
File: 1636087037237.jpg (1.26 MB, 1158x1467)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB JPG
>the reason I've had such a hard time getting to understand him...

Is because you have not given actual evidence of your claims.
You have yet to show disanalogy between futas and other social artifacts you wouldn't be willing to dismiss.

You attempted once by saying 'laws help reinforce themselves and society and stuff' but had no answer to me rebutting this both on the grounds that one that is not universally true of laws, and two that we are only working at the level of recognition of existence not 'utility'.
This is in addition to having nothing to say of any of the other analogies given.

This would go way quicker if you actually knew how to defend your points.
I get back into perfect shape then wear the most attractive, form fitting outfits I can at clubs and bars so I can whore myself out to them like I'm an American college girl at her first real party.
Being almost unable to see the thread through all of these walls of text is genuinely funny to me, keep fighting I wanna see this shitshow hit 300
>…aren't something you are capable of having a meaningful debate about
This is where the differing motives matter
You debate because you want to assert what you believe to be true, I debate because I want to shape my understanding by the reasons and knowledge of other people. We are not the same
If you have nothing to speculate based on your understanding of the human/animal biology, neurology, or psychology then we aren't engaging in the same topic and the lack of the debate being meaningful is a mutually held opinion.
There isn't anything else to discuss about what is the mainstream futa fetish, it is what it is. Why that is or what that justifies could be argued, but we've had enough of that

>…police officer threads…
Case and point, you can get my response from the past:
It may not be exactly how I would formulate it now since I was in the depths of losing my mind at the start of 2022, but close enough

>not given actual evidence of your claims
I've said my reasoning enough: there is no evidence to give beyond it's what I like, just as yours it what you like. I don't come to the alternative board for what's mainstream
I initially came for it was labelled 'Writefag edition'
Although I haven't been able to finish any stories, I still think in terms of writing them. As someone who uses reality to write stories it took me time to flip my perspective into realising that stories are writing you - that because more people hold a belief it's more 'real' than the minority held opinions

>'laws help reinforce themselves…' but had no answer to me rebutting this…
Your response was:
That topic was an aside, and your response wasn't accurate to my words or actions so there was nothing further to be said

>This would go way quicker if…
…you thought it was important to understand individuals
File: humorous filename.jpg (639 KB, 692x1052)
639 KB
639 KB JPG
Protip is I use the omnichan app on my phone since it lets you just browse by images

Maybe someone else can recommend a web extension that does the same thing.
File: mf2301_01.jpg (1.53 MB, 1800x2400)
1.53 MB
1.53 MB JPG
File: mf2301_02.jpg (1.7 MB, 1800x2400)
1.7 MB
1.7 MB JPG
File: mf2204_01.jpg (180 KB, 1280x1707)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
does anyone have the translation or just know whats going on in this set? (1/4)
File: mf2204_02.jpg (175 KB, 1280x1707)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
Munchin gives his futa lolis nice ass and legs.
File: mf2204_03.jpg (191 KB, 1280x1707)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
File: mf2204_04.jpg (183 KB, 1280x1707)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
Um… Just now… I was on Line but…
(Line is a popular Japanese messaging app)

>Dash to the public place in from of the station
>5 minutes or less

<Huh, what wait
<I can't do it in 5, at least give me 10

>Every minute you delay is an extra shot inside
>Since it looks like you fell asleep I'm leaving
>I made you my fuck slave, when master wants to bust you come that second
>Next time you're late I'll fuck you to death
(New messages from here)
>I'm getting horny
>I'll give you a quick fuck next break, bring me that ass
>Don't take your classes seriously, check Line
>I'm gonna kill you

(New messages from here)
>Puke to death

"gag" (or some sound effect of disgust)
im totally confused but thank you very much, god bless
I may have formatted it a little weird
The meaning is in the context:

In the first image she's sheepishly mentioning she was on Line (the message app)

Then he checks his messages.
She was messaging him at 23:17 (11:17pm) saying to meet her in front of the station so she can fuck him
She then messages again after midnight, 0:42 (12:42 am) saying he must have fallen asleep and she's going to rape him to death if he does that again
At 9:58 she messages him in class and says she wants to fuck, and she is getting angry because he is focusing on class and not checking his phone

In the third image you can see it is currently 10:14, and she tells him she is going to make him chock to death on his puke (i.e. her cum)

Hope that clears it up
oh hell yea, based. thanks bro
Thanks anon.
They last uploaded art in late november. A little early to say they've stopped, isn't it
Honestly the rules are fine as written, the problem is the people, who fall into 2 camps.

The niggers who report everything that doesn't look anime enough, and the double niggers who source every image they see and report it if the artist doesn't speak japanese.
To this day i still wonder what the fuck is a "perfect godkiller dick", i want to see it.
Iirc he had some Twitter WIPS for the maids and their dicks on a measurement meme chart. If he ever finishes it then you'll find out.
>Twitter WIPS
I just checked his twitter but i found nothing. Hope it gets completed, i love charts.
Don't mind the displaced kiwifarms cunt.
File: toosmall.jpg (1024 KB, 2000x2154)
1024 KB
1024 KB JPG
>In my imagination you debate because bad stinky evil reasons, whereas I debate for noble pure good ones ...
Your presumptions about this are irrelevant. Actual instances of bad faith affect the argument, and can be pointed to.

>I'm the undergrad who incorrectly accused you of every fallacy at once before, also read what I said before though it's probably wrong because I was in a psychotic break

If I remember correctly you just tried to say it was disanalogous, but sure.

Yep that's what happened. You claimed it was a strawman too for some reason.
But at any rate your claim of disanalogy depended on the police uniform flatly being the only thing compelling/granted about the police thread.
Much in the same way you'd be claiming that futa is bigger is just/only about a culture neutral size difference between penises and in no way attaches to any of its implications.

This of course begs the question of what FiB fetishist are interested in, which my analogy theoretically would do too if you didn't already cede that futadom is what people are primarily interested in seeing here.
And again, "technically" posting on topic is never the goal, especially when the technicality is the opposite fetish.

>You didn't answer the laws thing
Oh? Either it got deleted or maybe I skipped it since it was tangential and folded into another post.
Regardless, to re/iterate laws being system vs ideal vs people serving doesn't affect whether or not they are actually present.

And going back to your statement
>"All culture boils down to is personality and socialization"
Culture also derives from genetics, natural laws, and location. But how much you personally respect X facet of reality that a convention derives from doesn't affect it being or not being the case.

>There is no more to say
You could answer my questions

>You don't want to understand me
That's what the questions are for
>i wish more futa ntr
Could have stopped there. NTR = gay and nasty. Futa NTR = perfect, 5% of futa art.
Where the hell can it be easily found? Tags on r34 always end up giving male bull garbage.
Where's the rest of this? Not paying, sorry.
Most Futa NTR is erotica, but if you can't handle reading then Pixiv is best for single pics and small sets imo.
The whole thing is on Ex afaik.
File: JPEG.jpg (2.61 MB, 3696x3044)
2.61 MB
2.61 MB JPG
There are times to assert truth and times to find it.
Knowing (being closer to) the truth doesn't mean you have to assert it, there are minor falsehoods that can be ignored especially when it comes to fiction

>If I remember correctly…
No need to remember, it's in the archive I linked
I only accused you of the fallacies that I could make a case for, it being 'every fallacy' reflects worse on you. This is where the difference in perspective is most relevant. What you say is all logical fallacy depending on the level of logic, when it's about culture there is a lot more that can be said than if the argument is about biology.
Which is why we disagree, your point of view has always being a cultural and mind the personal (as it pertains to Futa Is Always Bigger) and on biology/neurology/psychology (as it pertains to speculative behaviour of a futa).

>Either it got deleted or…
Archive usually keeps deleted posts. You can see your response and why I ignored it

>But how much you personally respect…
I don't know what you're saying by this.
Culture only exists in groups of people. Those things affect the person which in turn shapes the group/culture. However, a person can shape the culture, which makes it harder to determine reality in reverse (and cultures shape each other)
You could think of this like someone asserting 'Futa is Always Bigger' means futadom.

>…could answer my questions
I only answer what I find relevant, I no longer find FiAB so

>…what the questions are for
The lack of understanding is in regards to your 'quotes' often being skewed, which I assume is deliberately done to then argue against a slightly worse point of view (one could call this a 'strawman'). Then there are the case of assumed quotes 'laws are arbitrary'. Something you brought up yourself to argue agasint, which is certaintly a strawman
I know you're talking about art specifically, but isn't Futa NTR pretty popular when it comes to Futanari? Maybe it's because I frequent this thread, but it feels like there's a good amount of Futa NTR stories and art out there. I swear a new story gets posted every other week.
But don't get your hopes up, the man has a bad reputation of starting things and not finishing them.
Holy shit, if you are not gonna post chicks with dicks at least go outside monky ass nigga
Even without porn, I’m sure the lust of a teenage girl combined with the teen male desire to get their cock wet would prompt many to want to stick their cocks inside guys regardless of complications. How do you think they would feel about frottage?
What do you think that image is?
It's the 2 oni women (futa) railing the slime femboy.
(tensei shitara slime datta ken)

There is a lead up image, but it's premium content that was flagged was off of rule34. You'll see them eventually.
Artist is BlackWhiplash. He draws the best kind of boy - boys with stupidly big asses

>How do you think they would feel about frottage?
They would probably hate it if the guy had pubic hair/stubble or if he was clothed, the texture against their sensitive rod. They wear skirts with no panties for similar reasons, making their oversized dicks often visible and completely exposed when they get turned on.
Less speculation and more worldbuilding: I imagine they could get offended if the smaller dick frotted the top of theirs, a literal interpretation of 'bigger dick tops'

But I assume their overall interest wouldn't change on being futa or autistic.
Unless it's the case they stim by touching their cock, and the subconscious lewdness of stimming on another persons cock makes them think there is something special about this. Like it's 'cock energy' being transferred into them and giving them power (a throbbing hard erection)
Every pervert on the internet is male until I'm proven otherwise, because there's a subset of male internet pervert who pretends not to be.

The content aligns with the typical BL fanatic (female), but the style/proportions seems more like the typical bisexual femboy enjoyer (male). The focus on the male ass is more aligned with the kind of person who would want to fuck them, but women can be weird so maybe "she's" getting off on having guys get off on her drawings of fat assed dudes.
I'd have to look at a list of artists sex, gender, and sexuality to make any sort of accurate guess (or look at their social media beyond the images I suppose)
Pretty good, anyone have any more?
File: 1629429197699.jpg (726 KB, 1170x1197)
726 KB
726 KB JPG
>No need to...
Read one sentence ahead apparently

>Saying every fallacy looks bad
It's called hyperbole and it's warranted given the quantity of nonsense you slung during, apparently, your psychotic break.
So in addition to the fact that this isn't true, looking bad and speaking falsely are not the same.

>I only accused you of fallacies I could make a case for
Considering your track record that's embarrassing.

>What you say is all fallacy depending on the type of logic
Yes and what you're saying is fallacy based on the actual standard appropriate here.
Which is why I'm explaining what makes one standard fit the scenario and the other fail to.

The answers to the question "Who is the most popular?" or "What does a handwave mean here?" don't suddenly 'not parse' simply because the bandwagon fallacy exists.
The simple answer to why these sorts of questions escape the bandwagon problem comes from just answering the question of why the bandwagon fallacy is one in the first place.
Think about the rule instead of just aping it. Why is it a fallacy?

>I don't know why you are saying this...
Because I could tell you were about to say this:
>Your view is cultural, mind(mine?) is biological

To which I thought to preempt by saying culture is as much downstream from natural law as genetics.
This in addition to the fact that again, you respecting one perceived source of something over another doesn't make the thing go away.
You wouldn't drive on the right in Britain simply because that's a 'convention that might have been otherwise'.
It isn't, and the answer to you wishing it weren't so isn't to crash into people.

>I answer relevant questions
The questions were quite relevant. If you instead mean you lack interest then by all means stop talking.
File: 1631820574092.jpg (630 KB, 2480x3508)
630 KB
630 KB JPG
>Archive keeps deleted posts, you said something diminishing so I didn't respond.
1 No they don't
2 I just explained it anyways
3 You continue to misunderstand something about the way I'm responding

From the likes of you saying

>You misquote me...this is like a strawman

Although I definitely truncate your sentences in a way that's funny to me, part of the reason I do this is to show you how I've interpreted what you've said.

Both because you knowing explicitly what I'm drawing out of the statement by rephrasing it lets you understand what I'm saying and why, and because you make loads of strange grammatical and spelling errors in addition to leaps in both logic and subject matter.

I'm summarizing to show you what I've gotten out of the sentence, not (only) to bother you.
The thing is, if I say something genuinely off kilter from your position, you need only say "I'm not trying to say that, I'm saying something more like this..." and correct me. Then we're back on track.
If you were genuinely as understanding as you go on about you would recognize this part of speech immediately.
Someone saying "So you're saying this?" can be received a yes or no question. One that when clarified gets both people on the same page.

>"laws are arbitrary" thing is definitely a strawman.

This is why the example was originally preceded by a 'you wouldn't' or a 'nobody would', to show that the position was absurd and unholdable, not that you held it.
I don't think that you or anyone else believes that. I gave the analogy because you seemed to hold the position:

>"Conventions are subjective not objective, therefore I have no impetus to regard them, uphold them, or consider them to participate in the world in a meaningful way that warrants deference or respect."

To which the example of laws as a convention, quickly shows that position to be absurd.

So if that previous greentext isn't your position, then I've made a mistake. Simply correct me and we'll be back on track.
The messages from 0:42 aren't complaining that he fell asleep, she sent that message to him because she fucked him until he passed out in the public toilet that she called him to. She's saying that she'll fuck him to death if he's late again, not if he falls asleep again.

ぶっ殺す is just 殺す but more aggressive, has nothing to do with throw up, so she's just saying that she's gonna fucking kill him (presumably by fucking him).

The last panel's ぺろ is just the onomatopoeic sound of like licking your lips or sticking your tongue out, she's not gagging.
I love that pic, shame the artist never draws anything anymore.
File: PAGE_004.jpg (3.68 MB, 1736x2460)
3.68 MB
3.68 MB JPG
SeitoEhada is becoming one of my favorites.
>Ywn have the privilege of becoming a feminized maso shota getting 'treatment' at an exclusive futa salon.
why live
Where the fuck is the eng translation
File: p1 - Abubu.jpg (1022 KB, 900x2400)
1022 KB
1022 KB JPG
>No they don't
It likely depends on when it's removed, i.e. if it's after the site had time to archive it
I have seen many deleted posts preserved on DesuArchive. Illegal shit probably still gets removed

>Because it's funny it isn't a strawman, but also I'm retarded and think that's what you said
Just use the quotes to indicate what you're addressing. As a debate tactic, it means I have to spend extra effort finding what you're addressing
>…show you what I've gotten out of the sentence…
Which is the problem. Your inability to interpret what I mean in the way I mean it has me doubt your ability to discern reality, or even read the definition of a fallacy to know that you are making it; everything you interpret is skewed in your favour
It's why I ignore many of the things you say - I'm not defending something I don't believe

>This is why the example was originally preceded
Then we'll call it 'False Equivalence'

>greentext isn't your position
You should regard them and decide whether to subvert them
I'm sure we've all pirated things. In this thread there are 3 images breaching artists premium agreement

>Read one sentence ahead…
I ignored most of that section because I wasn't getting back into it
Why write it as a narrative? "hmm I believe this. Ah, yes I was correct"

>It's called hyperbole…
I'm aware, I was accepting it for the sake of my own

>…what you're saying is fallacy based on…
Yes, when the topic is culture. This is why I no longer engage with the cultural argument of FiAB. It is true more people want mommy gf with biggy milky and penis to dom them
>Why is it a fallacy?
Bandwagoning is relevant to the thread, even if those cultural arguments are true it doesn't justify adhering to them in an alternative thread; naming it 'futadom…' does

>Because I could tell you were…
Except that's not entirely what I said
I would/do break road laws within what's reasonable

>The questions…
Ask them again and what's relevant
File: p2.jpg (277 KB, 900x1200)
277 KB
277 KB JPG
Not in reality, but VR can only get better
Just wait until something like Neuralink integration

My Japanese has suffered with an overreliance on DeepL (I only use it to translate hentai)
It's normally close, but due to the nature of it being disjointed text it was all over the place
File: 46961488_p0.jpg (112 KB, 535x643)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
>Removal depends...
Archives typically archive the thread when its finished. Again, doesn't matter.

>You think because it's funny it's not a strawman when you rephrase things
No, I think because your position is preserved it isn't a strawman. If I said something that didn't contain the crux your thoughts, the appropriate response would be simply "I'm actually saying this".

Right here is an excellent instance of you interpreting something wrong, and then me correcting it. The system works.

>You being unable to interpret me is your fault despite the glaring problems with my communication skills, also me stubbornly ignoring pointed questions you ask is fine while you explaining how fallacies work isn't.

Again you really need to clean up the way you speak before you can make that first claim in good faith, you commonly miss important words such as 'I' or 'you' when speaking about what you believe our respective positions to be.
The best way I can be certain is by summarizing them and then seeing if you find meaningful qualms with the summary. It's either that or just asking for 5 clarifications each time you post and junking up the thread further.

Also I know you aren't used to this, but fallacies have rules, I am indeed explaining them correctly, and if you refuse to engage with this aspect of the problem in your thought you can't move forward.

>Its false equivalence then
Ok, so you believe there to be a meaningful distinction between laws and certain other conventions. That's a good start, there are a good many things that laws have going for them that certain other conventions don't.
But keep in mind the weight of the analogy is on the category of these things as conventions. So saying something along the lines of "dragons breathing fire isn't enforced" wouldn't be enough to make this claim.
File: Eu8rM9IUcAADbNj.jpg (586 KB, 1262x1500)
586 KB
586 KB JPG
>You should decide for yourself whether or not to ignore/attack laws

That's an interesting position, on what grounds would you subvert a law if you knew for certain you were antagonizing other people?

>I Ignored something I brought up
Then don't respond to that part

>I know what hyperbole is, that's why I said something that was a lie instead of a purposefully obvious exaggeration in response
I don't think you know what it is then.

>Yes people do in fact overwhelmingly prefer futadom in futa is bigger threads
Great, stop antagonizing their tastes on an unfortunate technicality

>Your arguments are right, but this is an alternative board! You naming it futadom closes my posting off-topic loophole though
/d/ being alternative doesn't mean it has looser posting rules, if anything the tastes of people with more obscure fetishes are more specific and exclusive.
I'm glad to see the new system works for you.

>You have predicted me! I meant something slightly different though.
That's cool, what exactly?

>Ask your questions again
I reread the archives, you can scroll up.
Sidenote, how is your post so BEEG? Is that a pass feature?
File: 21105713_p2.jpg (463 KB, 1100x1100)
463 KB
463 KB JPG
>…the appropriate response…
It's often a waste of time, bad faith is indicated mocking
>The system works
Now imagine doing so for most statements; It's a battle of attrition, not ideas and I'm concerned with the latter

>'problems with my communication'
Communication is two way, you're the only person I've had this problem with
>…miss important words…
I'm saying it, you shouldn't need 'I' to know it's what I believe
If you hold your position you shouldn't need 'you'

>…problem in your thought you can't move forward
Agreed. Perhaps self-reflect

>…so you believe there to be a meaningful distinction between…
Laws are like a game with rules, some-one/thing external enforces behaviour
Culture is like spontaneous play, behaviours are corrected by the players

When I think about it some more, the 'false equivalence' is again an error on my part. Not that I am wrong, but that your behaviour is more aligned with law than culture. You just use culture as justification (like a dogmatic ideology or religion, something between law and culture)

>…what grounds would you…
Copyright laws and overreaching hate-speech laws

>I don't think you know…
I do, but yes; it's more accurate to say I responded to one rhetorical device with another

>stop antagonizing
You too. This arose from you saying people were wrong
>…alternative doesn't mean…
True. All boards it would be the same, but cultural bandwagoning seem even more out of place here

>>You have predicted me
If it were prediction you wouldn't need to argue. Your arguments on this topic of FiAB is the same which is why I don't
>what exactly?
Acknowledging two arguments:
-Futa Is Always Bigger
-Speculative behaviour of a futa

>…scroll up
Explaining the relevance was the crux

Formatting and grammar, I only have 2k characters
Ellipses instead of 3 periods, neglecting periods ending a line, and leaving out pronouns
I keep it to 1 post limit this discussion
I am looking as well, please someone enlighten us
any luck?
File: 1632963235621.jpg (406 KB, 994x1443)
406 KB
406 KB JPG
>U mock tho
Mocking only works if the crux can't be denied. If I have room to mock without correction, such as when I summarized one of your statements by saying
"I'm arguing for good reasons, ur arguing for bad ones." then there is no issue.
That was an accurate summary of your claim, combined with an explicit dismissal of it in the next line.

>That's a battle of attrition not ideas
You can't have a battle of ideas without clarity, and if we don't know what the other is getting out of these statements we'll keep talking past each other.

Case and point these have been the best and most progressive back and forths we've had yet.

>Your the only person I have had this issue with
Most people don't know how arguing works.

>You shouldn't need grammar to get me
I certainly do when lack of pronouns isn't the only problem I encounter, and aspects of your idealized own position overlap with my own.
For instance, culture is downstream from genetics is downstream from natural law. When you start talking about a biological mindset I can't tell if you are beginning to understand that fact or jerking yourself off on 2 false pretenses at once.

>Self reflect! I don't need to change
Already have, fallacies still have rules. Threads still operate under social and linguistic conventions.

>Laws are externally reinforced, Culture is spontaneous and internal
Therein lies the crux of this argument then. As one, certain aspects of natural law externally affect both legal law and culture. We might need to argue specifically this point.
And two I need clarification if one of the external enforcements you view as important for legal law is just actual law enforcement. Both because culture is enforced similarly and because at least beforehand 'fear of punishment' was not the justification you used for breaking with conventions.
I'm going to assume otherwise on those grounds but correct me if I'm wrong.
File: 1632963289900.jpg (395 KB, 991x1443)
395 KB
395 KB JPG
>Copyright and hate speech laws
Those are the laws you are most willing to breach, but I'm more interested in your principle of why, not just examples.

>I do know, but I just did something entirely different and lied
Don't do that, it's counterproductive instead of merely playful.

>You saying people are wrong is a sort of antagonism
Yes but they are wrong, making it justified.
At a certain point someone used to post futa bigger than futa here, again on account of a technicality in the naming convention.
When I argued that man into stopping, which he actually agreed to do and then did, do you consider this to be a bad thing?

>Yes /d/ doesn't mean looser rules, and it makes sense it'd be even more strict, but it would also make sense to have even more niche stuff here
I get the sentiment, but men being humiliated by fantasy hermaphrodites with superior male genitals is pretty niche already.
A focus specifically and only on them having superior genitalia that is then totally ignored in favor of using the inferior set is compoundingly specialized.
Something for /d2/ I'd imagine.

>If you can predict you don't need to argue

>Explain to me why I should answer your questions before I answer them
That cannot be the standard of any discussion for the sake of fairness and time, luckily we've found more pertinent lines of questioning in these last two posts then we had before.

>My lines are just small and I'm using real ellipses, also I'm pretending my lack of pronouns and grammar is on purpose now. It helps limit the discussion too.
That just makes there be less FiB images per screen, and more total posts due to lack of clarity. Please speak as clearly as possible to prevent confusion.
Real ellipses is a good trick tho.
Spike TV would have an all-futa football channel
Translate the whole thing now you damn bratty 2k/6k slave
File: edited.png (1.22 MB, 1816x2318)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB PNG
This is hot as fuck.
>That was an accurate summary…
Neglecting the part where I corrected the misinterpretation (at the top, sans quote)

>…these have been the best…
Again the disparity. I get little out of this because it's only you trying to justify why you shouldn't address a topic

>Most people don't know how arguing works
Debate 101:
Respond to your opponent's statement with 4chan greentext mock
Then assert you are correct

Your arguments befit a teen with enough wit to talk their parent in circles. The parent lacks interest in the topic, realising there is nothing important gained or lost by either outcome so gives up
If you're genuinely debating ideas, no one loses; both parties gain understanding of a share (sometimes true) reality. The only reality I'm learning is your mindset, which only makes me less interested

>…I can't tell if you are beginning…
3rd option: we don't fully disagree
It's slightly different framework. You say culture comes from genetics, natural law, and location. I say there is also the people that exists between those two layers, that individuals and ethnic/cultural groups also shape the culture they are exposed to
What confused me was the last phrase about personally respect, since it looks like you're projecting. I acknowledge culture existing within/between people, but that doesn't mean I must abide

>Already have…
"And after rigorous self-assessment, I found myself not-guilty"

>We might need to argue specifically this point…
No we don't, this isn't even slightly related to the thread

People within a culture also follow the behaviour, whereas the laws is to create a different, more rigid behaviour in those who obey
Law enforcement is one example obviously enforces law
A different example is teachers enforcing 'law' on students, whereas senior students enforce culture on their juniors as all students abide the culture. The culture is typically different to the law, but you get teachers pets who try to enforce law on their peers
Since this sometimes is the futa ntr thread, does anyone know of this one futa ntr story?

It was kind of slowgoing and involved amazons. From what I remember, couples get stranded and amazons capture them. All the amazons are futa and take the wives for themselves and harshly enslave the men. The MC is separated from his wife at the start. He’s enslaved to a bratty amazon girl and her retainers. Where I last left off, one of the retainers was teasing the mc and coaxing him into identifying his wife who was about to be auctioned off. He didn’t want to identify her as his wife, because of the catch 22. I think that was the latest chapter when I left off. Hopefully it continued.
It was a CYOA called Bad Tidings. Last updated 5 years ago. Author seems to be inactive. He has another futa ntr story on the site that is complete.

I really like cock rings, but not the stupid denial ones. I think they just make a big cock look even more imposing. My autism, though, makes me irritated that a ring wouldn't allow for the cock to grow significantly when it gets hard, unless the ring were magic or some shit. IDK. Anyone else have this issue?
Was that Merlins plan all along?
>size difference is peak.
You're not wrong.
I can absolutely see her being a heavy hung futa. Works with her character design and temperament.
She should be dwarfed by Eris, then. It would be a neat way to explain why she's the husband and not the wife, too. I'd imagine futa Eris would leave quite the mark on the Sword Sanctum, as well.
I'd rather Eris be smaller, in part because the "tee hee loli/shota is actually the biggest" meme has been so done to death. Ghislaine looks imposing, even without a cock, giving her the biggest package in the series works for me.

Still, not adverse to futa Eris.
I was thinking about grown-up Eris, desu-bh. The idea of her starting way smaller than Ghislaine and gradually outgrowing her during their time in the Sword Sanctum is just very hot to me, and it parallels the way Eris became a de-facto Sword Emperor/God, potentially, during her time there.
Put that way, I can see how that might work. Yeah, if that was done right I could work with that if adult!Eris grew more physically imposing as she aged and matured as well. She'd need to be more muscular and taller, not willowy and short the way she is now, but I wouldn't want meme hyper muscles. She wouldn't even necessarily need to be as thick and muscular as Ghislain, just a good deal moreso that we see otherwise.
In the books, after she separates from Rudeus for a few years, she becomes an incredibly strong (absurdly so) retard (she forgets how to read and write) who is also the horniest creature in the world (elf grandma is more "slutty" but Eris beats her in pure horny pretty firmly), so you don't really have to physically change her at all bar the addition of the meatsword.
All fair points. So, yeah, I can buy into Eris being bigger. Aesthetically, pale muscular redhead with a giant cock and heavy balls absolutely works. So there's that going for the whole situation.
She also rapes a dumb catgirl maid in the novels.
Wait, really? Fucking how, Ghislain is a beast. No pun intended.
She gets two side character beast-girls to act as her living scissor-mates because she's so horny Rudeus is not enough.
Oh, the catgirl maid. Not Ghislain. I was wondering how Eris would pull that off. Yeah, the maids are pretty weak and timid. Hilarious how out of control Eris's appetite is, though. I doubt the show, if it ever gets that far, will show that.
>it's not on the boorus
Fucking hell.
Read the books, man. I'm generally a REAL LITERATURE guy but I've been binging that shit and it's great. The setting is cringe as is usual for modern jap fantasy (every time I hear the words "adventurer's guild" I die a little inside), but the character work is outstanding. I liked Eris from the manga because I'm a sucker for punch-first-ask-never girls but the book elevated her into one of my favorite female characters of the last few years easy.
There's 20 volumes out of 22 translated (and 26 total) bundled on nyaa.
Sounds like we share a lot of tastes. I'll have to give the series a read. Thanks, anon.
>…interested in your principle of why
There is no genuine harm done in my eyes
I pirate things I wouldn't buy (prior to cheap alternatives), and speech doesn't remove autonomy from those who act on it
If you want to apply this to the thread: Busting a nut isn't sacred, you aren't genuinely hurt by people having a different interpretation of the fetish. It'd be like getting offended because YouLaughYouLose has stuff I don't find finny, it doesn't hurt me

>…it's counterproductive…
I'll take that into account, Pot

>Yes but they are wrong…
No, they weren't
You argued from the point of view of majority culture, them for their personal wants. The thread title often lacked the subtitle specifying anything
Both were true

Stipulation: if your primary interest is gaining an understanding and not 'winning'

>That cannot be the standard of any discussion…
It is if you want me to respond to the thing I already deemed not relevant or a waste of time

>…FiB images per screen…
That's a good point, but I think it's already ruined. If people want to jerk off they should just be going to the source of the media
>Real ellipses is a good trick…
Except it only works if you're quoting directly; otherwise, it would be confusing

You demonstrate this IS a debate thread in your wants. You're interest is piqued by good topics rather than the thread topic. It makes your claim that: 'Threads still operate under social and linguistic conventions' false; there is a hidden motive at play
I must have made this comparison before, but this behaviour is much like the SJW who has specific terms that give them an excuse to attack people's morals, or the dumber version of this (exhibited in people around the same age) is the 'kick the can game' where drunks put a can in the road and if a passerby kicks it over they beat the shit out of him
I wonder if there is a name for this phenomenon
My first script: https://litter.catbox.moe/hzko0e.mp3
This is some schizo school shooter kind of shit man
Seriously, get away from it for a while and get some perspective for a bit. No porn, no 4chan for at least 2 weeks, you're not doing well.
It's not particularly hot, but by the same token you're pearl clutching.
Cock kissing is cute!
It's more funny, especially the TTS which sounds like someone who'd narrate a middle-aged woman's romance novel

It could use a little refining to flow better

>There is only one thing left for you to do: fall to your knees a worship me
'Only' and 'one' is redundant
'for you to do' is a little wordy
'fall' makes it seem passive
"You don't have a choice, get on your knees and worship me"
or something more involved
"Lastly you'll drop to your knees. (pause, 'why is that?') 'Why?' To worship me, of course."

>It's a little thing really, unlike what you'll be worshipping
I think this sounds better if you flip the adjective
"It's really not a big deal, unlike what you'll be worshipping"
You could add a sound effect of fabric/clothes being moved aside revealing her cock

>Look at it, take it in
If you had a sound effect to imply her cock being shown, you could then have her simply comment on the reaction
"Stunning I know"

As she describes it you could add more sound effects to make it sound as though she is holding it: slapping against her hand like a club, or a sound like long rubbing motions back and forth to give a sense of something long

>Breathe deep and bathe in its scent
Some questions may also help, as it probably gets the listener to start imagining it more
"How's it smell? Eye watering I know"
or maybe having her breathe in prior
"…so needy (she inhales and lets out a sigh) Go on, stop holding your breath. The stench isn't that bad"

>by this time tomorrow you'll be broken…
I'd have her say:
"From now on you'll be mine, so there's no need to worry about anything else - pain, pleasure, disgust, or desire - it doesn't matter. Even your mind will be gone by tomorrow"

These are just suggestions of how you could change it. You'd want to mix around the words and structure to what you think is best.
Obviously it's a bit more work, but I think the main thing to improve a script like this is it make it feel like things are happening
How about a big bag of nobody cares, shut the fuck up
Frotting with a hung futa while she tries to convince me to take her scary cock in the ass.

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