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Gentle Shrinking CYOA








Raps (yohomeboyraps)
Underrated Underused body parts/clothing, let's hear them!
File: SG7oy6lV7N.png (801 KB, 900x1650)
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801 KB PNG
Anklet. Pic unrelated because I couldn't find any anklet pics.
Which of the giant-folk would be the worst to be around in general?

>Giants: The most humanlike so it depends on the individual, though they are known to be rough and rowdy despite their size. Relations to small folk range from that of romantic, to indifference, to prey.
>Elves: Similar to giants, but VERY haughty, self righteous and worst of all, annoying. Most likely wouldn't eat or kill you, but the likelihood of being kidnapped under the pretense of "keeping you safe" is high.
>Lamia: Most likely eat you if found in the wild. Would do it quickly so you wouldn't suffer much, but there have been reports of prey being snuggled to death for the coils of their powerful tails.
>Neko: Similar to Lamias, but arguably worse. Would likely eat you, but would DEFINITELY toy with their prey first. Reports indicate that Nekos are know to play with their food which can range from a few hours, to an exhausting 2 weeks before final consumption. Nekos technically fall into the category of beast-folk, though their personalities differ from that of their kin.
>Mermaids: Definitely creatures to be weary around. It's hard to trust a single word that comes out of these siren's mouths because its likely that if you do, you'll end up in one. However, they're easy to ignore if you avoid rocky shores and have material around to deafen your hearing. Mermaids are also known to visit ships to hear sailor's tales or sea-shanty's as the crews pass by their seas.
>Dragons: Very unlikely to encounter as many remain secluded in their caves to enjoy their NEET lifestyle, occasionally exiting their homes for the purposes of hunting. It is surprisingly easy to get on a dragon's good side, so long as you shower her with gifts of wealth. Hearing this, its no surprise that many Kings throughout the ages have earned the title of Dragons Layer.

>Angles: Similar to elves, buy WAY more self righteous and holier-than-though, no pun intended. Its made worse by the fact that their attitude is justified as they literally cannot be corrupted by mortal temptations. Usually safe in the presence of an Angle, though makes sure to not break any rule or law while in their vicinity no matter how little. Yes, jaywalking included, or the divine punishment is severe.
>Demons: The opposite of Angles. These being thrive on seeking all forms of mortal pleasures and miseries. Summoning a succubus might seem like fun and games at first, but no one would ever want to owe a demoness their immortal soul if they knew how it would be spent. While you won't likely be killed on purpose by one, you'll wish you were dead within a few hours of being at one's mercy. However, your solace wouldn't last long as you'll likely find yourself back in her clutches for eternity in hell.
>Witches: Describes as giant-folk who happen to have magical properties. Usually prefer to be left alone, though make occasional contact to the outskirts of civilization for trade. Despite this, you probably wouldn't want to interact with a witch more than necessary as they can be quite sadistic. Witches are know for kidnapping any small-folk that happen to wander near their homes for all sort of cruel experiments. While a witch may take a liking to their chosen tiny assistant, the casualty rates for those in this position are higher that some would consider worth it.
>Beast-folk: Refers to giant-folk that exhibit animalistic properties, such as foxes, dogs, rabbits etc. Usually depends on the animal they display, though are generally more friendly and playful with small-folk at least more so than Nekos turn out to be. While this doesn't mean a fox or dog girl wouldn't eat you if they had the chance, its more than likely you'd be taken (ironically) as a beast's pet rather than killed.

If there's anymore I've missed, add below.
File: greengiantess.jpg (893 KB, 2565x2400)
893 KB
893 KB JPG


Are they at least acute?

throwing my story out there again.
I'm really enjoying how ShrinkStories' series is developing. But, I think he introduced too many new characters in the new arc. Also, still needs to learn how to spell english...
File: FlLsMHIXkAMnBgA.jpg (2.11 MB, 2500x3608)
2.11 MB
2.11 MB JPG
Literally who?
I like those soft gymnast/ballet shoes but I've think I only found one story ever that featured them
File: FjU28WyWYB0PiRS.jpg (593 KB, 1836x2048)
593 KB
593 KB JPG
What are some cute nicknames for your tiny? Pic rel
How does pregnancy change the relationship between an expecting human and her tiny?

Do women gush over tinies as their bodies are filled with maternal hormones? Are tinies often the first toys of newborns?

Do pregnant humans see pregnant tinies more like fellow humans rather than fragile creatures needing to be coddled?

What’s the protocol on a tiny giving birth? Do humans usually let their tinies swaddle their newborns and leave them be for the week or two?

How will the new babies grow to view their enormous owner? As a second mother? A family friend? Their Mistress?
I imagine there’s some cases where the sheer amount of hormones being released can have an effect on tiny girls. These can range from the primal urge to breed with no regard for their male counterparts, or even believing themselves to be pregnant. They put on pounds, their breasts grow sensitive and heavy from milk, and naturally, this leads to lactation.
File: 1673802564552272.jpg (594 KB, 694x1200)
594 KB
594 KB JPG
>There are still forced marriages for tiny nobles
When will we get rid of this archaic practice?
When the tinies start actually asking out us—I mean asking out those gigantic, lonely princesses. And queens, there’s a few of us—I mean a few of those hot, single queens in your realm who are looking for new love.
File: Fj2QMnCVQAEWCpe.jpg (233 KB, 1451x2048)
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233 KB JPG
Who was in the wrong here?
File: ijkmihuzg.jpg (31 KB, 562x797)
31 KB
This is an excellent story, glad you decided to share it, Love a story with reverse size dynamics. Good shit anon, Also the story was really easy to visualize. I am excited to see what more you come up with next.
File: 1672874266498922.jpg (257 KB, 1280x1660)
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257 KB JPG
The problem lies with other races anon. Some enjoy shrinking humans, others want to murder us outright. As long as we rely upon the giant knightesses for protection, our noblemen have to marry the royal houses of the giantesses to ensure the alliance lasts.
She should of been way more patient. He was building up the courage. So what, it has been 2 months since he has been trying to do so, he will get there... eventually.
File: FeS1a06UAAAUo83.jpg (225 KB, 1917x953)
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225 KB JPG
>ahhhhhhhhh, that feels so good after a long day. the payment should already be in your account, thank you so mu-
I love those "gotta keep my mean appearance up in front of other big girls, but I'm actually a real nice softie" scenarios
File: 261412.png (296 KB, 1332x733)
296 KB
296 KB PNG
File: FQ_cTp5WQAAf2iJ.jpg (1.07 MB, 4096x3399)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB JPG
>Google search: How to stop my giant neet gf from cheating at spiltscreen games
File: FbVqhjHWIAEE-AY.jpg (382 KB, 1365x2048)
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382 KB JPG
>Remember: Giant girls bully you cause they like you and they don't know how to act on these feelings
File: FGVLCmGUYAE3Gs7.jpg (656 KB, 2334x1688)
656 KB
656 KB JPG
File: 1674153194842480.jpg (1.07 MB, 1481x1019)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB JPG
>She should have been patient
When rumours start floating about how tiny finds her hot, she is going to pounce sooner rather than later. She then ropes in his friends as part of her plan. She needs them to lure her new and unwitting tiny bf to a place where he can agree to go out with her. Playing fields and school rooftops are often choice places for a tiny to profess their love. In such instances, bike racks become unfortunate casualties.
File: 1655651892189.jpg (818 KB, 4096x2785)
818 KB
818 KB JPG
>Want to make a good impression on your first date, but you worry that your tiny bf to be might see some dirt on your feet that you couldn't?
>That's where we come in, our service GUARANTEES expertly cleaned feet. We give you our cuddleback guarantee if you're not satisfied
File: EpDVkU-XEAcRR0c.jpg (403 KB, 2048x2048)
403 KB
403 KB JPG
>Stacy "forgot" that her tiny bf was sleeping between her tits again
>I swear she only brings him in to make me jealous
File: jupdnhc42ht91.jpg (326 KB, 1280x1280)
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326 KB JPG
>The open mouth is a sign of affection for giant lake girls
File: 1670620528778306.jpg (199 KB, 1920x1301)
199 KB
199 KB JPG
>Giant demon girls are friendly, cuddly and CUTE! Do no believe the lies of those giant angel bitches
File: 1666390202371881.jpg (931 KB, 2039x1377)
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931 KB JPG
File: 1648930271858.gif (264 KB, 668x663)
264 KB
264 KB GIF
File: 1662565528778793.png (1.39 MB, 2000x2000)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB PNG
File: jhfugh.jpg (73 KB, 671x933)
73 KB
>Remember to keep your tiny fit
File: hku.jpg (113 KB, 1078x802)
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113 KB JPG
File: okj9k.jpg (148 KB, 1077x780)
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148 KB JPG
File: ezgif-5-931c69aa2a.jpg (189 KB, 1074x2733)
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189 KB JPG
File: tojgij.jpg (68 KB, 826x671)
68 KB
File: ojiojh.jpg (96 KB, 645x933)
96 KB
File: ijikio.jpg (142 KB, 1653x924)
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142 KB JPG
God I wish that were me
File: jbkijkm.jpg (77 KB, 984x931)
77 KB
File: huvzvf.jpg (66 KB, 600x911)
66 KB
File: lmlmlm.jpg (99 KB, 1078x709)
99 KB
I'm gonna be a tiny knight and protect the big girls
File: ezgif-5-3a757e0b67.jpg (946 KB, 2480x3448)
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946 KB JPG
File: ezgif-5-3155b9bee1.jpg (336 KB, 1251x2048)
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336 KB JPG
File: ijijbi.jpg (102 KB, 1077x729)
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102 KB JPG
>Marking your tiny is still a thing in this day and age, lest you want another big girl run off with him
>thankfully the days of tattooing your name or similar weird things are over
>just plant a big ol smooch on him or his clothes so that they know that he's taken
want isekai or manga like this with Prince and brothers have to marry giant daughters of other kingdoms to continue the peace like marry giant elf princess, orc princess, fairy princess (can be giant or shrinks prince), ect...
maybe reborn as normal size maid to Duke household (have ability to turn even bigger) which is made up of towering people or giants that are blessed with size and strenght being the military family of the empire so even maids, sevants and soldiers are also big but not as big as the Duke family with the oldest daughter being the tallest who you serve as personal maid who she loves making you feel embarrassed when she holds you in her hands and announces you are her fiancee to her friends
File: utYWH1r.jpg (47 KB, 424x1200)
47 KB
cant get enough of these two, such cuteness
File: ezgif-5-2f19eaae64.jpg (118 KB, 1200x645)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
File: ezgif-5-c90b44e079.jpg (639 KB, 3200x1800)
639 KB
639 KB JPG
File: ezgif-5-211a66ed8a.jpg (430 KB, 2200x2900)
430 KB
430 KB JPG
File: ezgif-5-baf08492df.jpg (136 KB, 975x1185)
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136 KB JPG
Take me now
>tfw no big rural gf
This question propably popped at least a few times in previous threads already, but…

What is the psychological reasoning behind gentle giantess?

With cruel/murder fags it has been theorised, that it’s just some offshoot of masochism or bdsm, but on a bigger scale. Like natural disaster, exept said disaster has sexy form.
Here, from what I’ve gathered in previous thread, people just want to be loved, cared about and doted on. But that can be (in theory at least) obtained irl, so why giant?
Is it just „things I emotionally yearn for” and „things that make my peepee hard” thrown together? Or is the giant part more about an extreme version of feeling of safety and comfort? If the latter, does it imply mommy issues? Were people posting here not loved as kids?

Not to sound like a glowie, but can you guys give some opinion on the matter? Maybe tell something about yourself?
I want to understand these desires, but some things about it are a mystery to me, so I’m hoping more experienced Anons may clear things up by sharing their stories

Please, feel free to share anything You’ve learned or thought about it - what made you this way
File: E5900A3XEAYiHNW.jpg (554 KB, 1600x1132)
554 KB
554 KB JPG
>But that can be (in theory at least) obtained irl, so why giant?
Bigger always better?
>Is it just „things I emotionally yearn for” and „things that make my peepee hard” thrown together? Or is the giant part more about an extreme version of feeling of safety and comfort? If the latter, does it imply mommy issues? Were people posting here not loved as kids?
I don't think it's mommy issues. I was plenty loved as a kid, I got a great relationship with my parents, yet I still want this.
I personally think it's more of a "not needing to be in control/not needing to always be the provider" thing

Or it could be (again, that's my personal opinion) that confident girls that approach you are really hot and the "big" factor just increases that
File: Ezl5N3NVoAEnYP.jpg (744 KB, 2666x1955)
744 KB
744 KB JPG
Why would you kill somebody who is smaller, weaker? I am even feeding the birds in the winter
File: zpou.jpg (157 KB, 1192x932)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
File: itjhi.jpg (123 KB, 933x932)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
File: ghutrhuigh.jpg (120 KB, 745x934)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
>If the latter, does it imply mommy issues? Were people posting here not loved as kids?
You're posting here, so were you?
>Big girls cute
>I hate gore with a passion
Simple as
File: 1666540605478613.jpg (2.03 MB, 2500x1500)
2.03 MB
2.03 MB JPG
File: g7.jpg (718 KB, 1638x2048)
718 KB
718 KB JPG
File: g8.jpg (645 KB, 1638x2048)
645 KB
645 KB JPG
File: 1640480594263.jpg (134 KB, 1902x1260)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
File: 1655947183743.jpg (191 KB, 1988x1680)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
File: 263613.jpg (219 KB, 1000x1500)
219 KB
219 KB JPG
File: merge_from_ofoct (13).jpg (376 KB, 540x3780)
376 KB
376 KB JPG
File: EVWmZRNX0Ao_9_n.jpg (124 KB, 1200x968)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
The angels are nice but I miss Jen, raps...
File: lglomr.jpg (21 KB, 608x542)
21 KB
File: pdotcd95q6d91.gif (1.41 MB, 680x382)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB GIF
File: iohihjo.jpg (85 KB, 1082x606)
85 KB
The giantess is clearly a manifestation of what is known in Jungian psychoanalysis as the anima.
>The most known anima image is the mother archetype. It rules over the mother-son relationship. Therefore it is projected onto the mother image. We know of such female figures from the cultural and religious themes. Virgin Mary or Mother Earth and other such mythical figures may lead us to the mother archetype.
>Just like any archetype, the mother archetype has a positive as well as negative side. Her positive side is the birthing, nurturing and care giving, the comfort she brings to all souls as the Holly Virgin. She is ready to sacrifice her life for the sake of her child. Or she is the savior of the decayed men - The Sophia or the Wisdom of God from the Gnostic mythology.
>The other side, the negative one, is the devouring mother, depicted in such images as animals of feminine nature such as Gorgon. [...] Gorgons lead also to the seductive aspect of mother-son relationship. This is a very dangerous situation as the son will never be able to free himself from his mother eros thus being doomed to the psychological death or the loss of his capability to evolve, from child to mature person.
(From: http://www.carl-jung.net/anima.html)
Rather clear connection, is it not?
Beyond that I can only speculate, but it seems likely that the giantess fetish denotes either a strong presence (welcome or otherwise) of the feminine principle in one's life, or a strong unmet need for its presence. The oversized appearance that the anima takes on is possibly a way of bringing the size of the "problem" to our attention.
The same is likely true, but for the masculine principle instead, regarding those with a fetish for giant males.
File: eclm710le2m81.jpg (110 KB, 1204x1280)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
File: 268411.jpg (1.76 MB, 1500x1166)
1.76 MB
1.76 MB JPG
File: 104629857_p0_master1200.jpg (767 KB, 743x1200)
767 KB
767 KB JPG
"Cruel reputation, but actually gentle" is top-tier, wish there was more of it
Wouldnt this hurt?
my sides are in orbit this is great also sad no giant loving giant anthro owner or human giantess
File: FUZ5-JIUYAA5nbJ.jpg (259 KB, 1680x1750)
259 KB
259 KB JPG
poor little neko girl :(

>"Hey! Sir Snuggles, stop"
>"aww, you sound all grumpy, does my Sir snuggles want some cuddle wuddles?"
>"perhaps some appy slices?"
File: 260222.jpg (124 KB, 1280x992)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
knock yourself out
nah, why would it? Tinies are light.
File: FdZRNcPaIAAnXkR.jpg (455 KB, 778x4096)
455 KB
455 KB JPG
File: FQD3k0GXsAIWiJw.jpg (193 KB, 1680x1988)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
File: FjDQKVcXwAEfLYS.jpg (126 KB, 1420x1100)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
tiny nekogirls confirmed for being super devils
File: FZEoh8dUcAAJ1-N.jpg (666 KB, 1680x7952)
666 KB
666 KB JPG
Is cuddle therapy legit? Or is it just another giantess scam?
So anon have you heard of Chinese water torture? It's like that but with cuddles.
Newer guy to the gentle giantess scene. He's got an M.M.D. comic where in a parallel universe, some women get magic powers from nature spirits and establish a global matriarchy at some point but then, high school girls start getting boys which get isekaid from another parallel universe where everything is smaller. Turns out that the one sending all the "bonds" to the girls was one of the nature spirits who thinks that the matriarch has gone mad with power and figured that the best way to subvert her regime is to make girls love boys by giving them expertly matched tiny boyfriends.
It's pretty neat but, it's got a lot of stuff meshed in it so, it's hard to follow sometimes. Doesn't help that the author is probably Japanese so, the English is off many times.
Also, the autistic girl gets matched with a ninja...
Not that anon can you give me the link to the comic, I been looking for size isekai shenanigans
The universe, for not letting this happen to me.
File: 1635798862237.png (220 KB, 640x480)
220 KB
220 KB PNG
>tiny cums from just a kiss
File: 1652896992341.jpg (526 KB, 2481x4096)
526 KB
526 KB JPG
I like women
I like giantesses
Put them together. Some people look for much deeper answers when the answer is really simple.
He posts the stuff on Devianart.
Holy shit that is both hillarious and wholesome. Just begs for a longer story

>valiant knght pursues raubritters way into the mountains
>emerges victorious from a battle
>gravely injured
>passes out glad he did whats right
>wakes up in a cave
>notices a foul scaly beast
>eager to strike he tumbles out of a… bed?
>turns out beast is a she-dragon
>turns out she took care of his injuries and is nurturing him back to health
>in light of this revelation knight pledges allegiance to her for saving his fate
>they bond over the next months
>with knight fully healed, he convinces her to see the vast world outside of mountain range
>wacky adventuring commences
>she’s curious but skiddish despite her size
>loves doting on and spoiling her knight
>he’s protective of his lady and acts tough but loves the affection
>challenges anyone dares look wrong in her direction
I can’t write for shit and can only hope someone’ll make this a reality
>I like women
>I like giantesses
>Put them together

Imagine for a moment, if you will:
>a giantess, that is also
>a woman
Some people are just able to peek through the veil of mundane reality and briefly experience the realm of divine thought
File: 263491.png (1.26 MB, 1250x1800)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB PNG
giantess futa exist and are fairly popular is important to make the distinction
a giant futa is not a giantess
giantess literally means "giant woman", saying "giantess woman" is completely redundant
File: 1533606534673.jpg (184 KB, 616x615)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
Can't speak for other anons, but I think I've psychoanalyzed myself to know where it comes from, at least from a Freudian perspective
>Be young boy
>Have mostly absent parents, and semi-abusive mother. Only siblings are female
>Youngest in family, bullied mercilessly by my sisters
>Constantly held down, sat on, smacked, wedged, yelled at, etc...
>Hated it with all my being, but couldn't do anything about it because I was too small
>Developing brain somehow sexualized being smaller and weaker, but rational brain still hated being treated like shit
>Insert gentle giantess via popular media (cartoons as a kid) at just the wrong developmental time
>Fulfills the desire to be smaller and weaker, but adds another layer of being protected and safety
>Love stories that involve being rescued from horrible shitty situations
>Also love stories where the girl is scary, but never abusive
>Fulfills any lingering sexual attraction developed for dominance, but also circumvents the revulsion I had towards people who are just evil bitches
It's also why I like monstergirls too I think. Idk how much of Freuds bullshit I actually believe, but this line of thinking makes sense to me at the very least.

I think this shit develops on a very case by case basis, but all end up with the same infatuation.
>Constantly held down, sat on, smacked, wedged, yelled at, etc...
Sat on you say...
File: 185415.jpg (332 KB, 848x1200)
332 KB
332 KB JPG
I blame the Mike Teavee shrinking scene from Willy Wonka.
File: 274323.jpg (1.65 MB, 2061x3250)
1.65 MB
1.65 MB JPG
Hey anons? Remember that story I said needed editing and that I had written? It's finally finished (or at least one chapter, because I have plans of adding more thanks to a Char.ai self-made writing assistant who helps me brainstorm what else to include.
(Attached pic was a large inspiration too when I first saw it)
Gonna redo the link since I'm not the most fluent yet lol
I feel you breh
Final main story chapter of Amazon Country is up, there will be a short epilogue tomorrow. Thanks for everyone who gave feedback and suggestions, and thanks for indulging me in this weird fantasy western with big ladies, hope it was fun.

>“I asked the dwarf for but a single hair from his perfect beard,” Atla said excitedly, “and he gave me three!”
Hitting us with LOTR references now lel
Your stories are always the best shit, no jape.
I wish that was me under her foot
File: 1587255634912.jpg (104 KB, 850x1042)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
Saying it's as simple as "I want to have sex with the big ladies" is misleading in my opinion. Most of the scenarios discussed on here are more focused around romance and cuteness than straightforward sex. That implies most posters (or at least the most vocal posters) are interested in size difference for more than sexual reasons. An anecdotal example of this is the scenario with the girl switching the guy's placement test, leading to him being shrunk for life and her having a successful career despite being a slacker. That idea really blew up in this thread but I don't think anyone would claim it was for erotic reasons.

I mentioned this concept in response to an anon's question a few threads ago, but I think the reason gentle giantess gets such a strong emotional reaction from people is because of the tension and catharsis that size difference creates. A proper giantess has effectively unlimited physical power over the tiny people around her, and she is unable to fully restrain that power, in the way a superhero might, pretending to be human. She is an overwhelming force to them just by existing in their presence.

This creates tension in any story. A tiny is only safe in the presence of a giantess if she makes a conscious effort to keep them safe. They can only be relaxed in so far as they have trust in her. A giant stranger -- or worse, a giantess that one has reason to suspect is cruel and dangerous -- is truly terrifying, even while acting in the most casual and laid back ways, because the effort required for her to cause harm is so small.
File: 1637124347757.jpg (83 KB, 878x1024)
83 KB
On the flip side, a giantess that is trusted, that is a friend and protector, is the greatest comfort imaginable. Nowhere is safer than in her hands (or between her breasts). That she considers the tiny insignificant humans around her worthy of care is a miracle in itself. Even mundane interactions with her require greater physical intimacy. You don't go on a walk with a giantess, you ride in her pocket, or on her shoulder. You don't eat at the table with her, but on her plate, right beside pieces of food that are larger than you.

Some of the most popular stories on here (Terror Against Tenderness, Philosopher Boned) are built around going from point A to point B as it were, and even stories with other plots will explore these dynamics of trust and power. One of the more common set ups for it has already been mentioned ITT

The last detail to discuss would be "if it's not always sexual, why do we want only women to be big?". I think it's a combination of two things. Firstly, both men and women tend to view women's bodies as more appealing and beautiful than men's. The slightly idealized women in your fantasies smell nice, have soft, hairless skin, and are impeccably clean, so you don't really mind the idea of being intimate with any part of them. Two, the doting, caretaker archetype fits women better, especially when the recipient of the care is male. There's almost no level of sweetness that is too much for a motherly woman to lay on a tiny, while at a certain point that behavior would become strange and un-masculine for a giant male.
Can you tell me about this writing assistant you made? How does it work? I only used char.ai for lewd character creation and I have no clue how to make an assistant. How useful is it?
I imaging knight-mommy dragoness advice sounding like this.

>make sure to get him a grinding wheel and lots of leather straps, knights become very frustrated if they can't repair their weaponry.

>sparing is normal for knights and they can become resentful if you rob them of their honor before the contest has been decided in fair combat.

>do not remove all banners that your knight leaves around the house, this is his way of marking territory and you should leave some of them up in areas of your house the knight frequents.

>thinking of becoming a breeder? there's a lot to understand about the care of maidens that many knight owners neglect

>contrary to popular opinion a knight does not need to "defeat" you in order to claim his maiden, simply placing her on a high shelf and allowing him to rescue her while you sleep is sufficient.
Yeah no prob. Basically it needed like no effort to make, as its basically a name, short description, and one line of long description to explain what I meant in the short. So:
>Name: Situation Helper
>Short: Creates ideas for possible situations or events
>Long: When provided a scenario from a story environment, will create possible events that would follow. Helps solve the problem of not knowing what direction a story will go.
>Also no greeting

I basically asked if it could help as I had plans for the first chapter and wanted to make more, and when it agreed I basically gave the plot in chunks and also clarifying questions it had. Once it had enough it summarized what I gave it and began asking things to know what type of stuff to suggest. In the end the ideas could be seen as questions asking how something would be implemented that it came up with.

So overall would recommend.
Like giantesses
'Ate murderfaggotry
Simple as
>I did my best, hope everyone up there’s happy
Why do you have to do me like that, man? It ain’t funny no more

But that aside, it was a great story. I know you still have an epilogue for us, but since main story ended I can safely say that I’m gonna miss waiting for you to post in the evenings, and read a chapter for a good nights sleep
File: FOD5rHBVEA4DmfH.jpg (1.07 MB, 3249x3728)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB JPG
File: eu74pxkjp9r41.jpg (198 KB, 1034x2048)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
>help, my tiny keeps falling asleep on my sole. Is this normal?
>get your knight a healthy assortment of weaponry, it keeps him busy
File: Fm_xiBzaMAMD0HW.jfif.jpg (164 KB, 1200x979)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
new kkasi princess pic just dropped
File: 1619400965046.png (1.87 MB, 1225x1625)
1.87 MB
1.87 MB PNG
Some girls are pralised with fear upon seeing a random insect, so a more extream verson of throwing a spider out of a window wouldn't even be weird
yep it seemed like a good choice for the Amazon's infatuation with the dwarf
>It ain't funny no more
I think we can say Dirk's deceased relatives would probably be pretty damn pleased with him, all things considered. Thanks for reading, it was a fun one. The epilogue is up, there's not much to it but I hope it's a fitting farewell to Amazon Country for you.

With >>10517204 I was more reffering to the feelings that sentence induced in me, similar to picrel
I liked it. I hope we can learn a bit more about the Queendom in whatever future stories you write about in your fantasy world.

Cynthia is gonna be real popular with that shrinking spell, but she better be careful with it or else she might accidentally use it on an Imperial human with elf related shrinking PTSD or some shit.
As cheesy as the „And they all lived happily ever after as one big family” trope is, I’m a sucker for it, and in this instance wouldn’t have it any other way
Great read overall
File: 1674399218247347.png (551 KB, 774x651)
551 KB
551 KB PNG
>Giant girlfriend talking an awful lot about climate change lately
>Kissing and licking me more than usual
Should I be worried?
>Chapter: 14
>A sharp rifle
Is this a reference to a certain book series that was also adapted into tv series in the 90s?
If yes, Sean Bean approves
aww, I was hoping for sister/brother team, he the average sized dude but a crackshot with a rifle like his dad and her the blademaster like her mom (also hellbent on making sure her brother gets with the right amazon)
But I forgot, Amazons in your story only make other amazons right?
>>I hope we can learn a bit more about the Queendom
what kinds of things would you like to see if you don't mind me asking?
A lot of my endings are overly cheesy and sentimental so yeah I agree lol
Yes it is a Sharpe's Rifles reference
Yeah Amazons only have other Amazons, which is one of the reasons why the male population is so closely protected. A brother sister team out of the Queendom isn't impossible but Dirk seems to me like he's not the type who would go eagerly searching out another woman to round out a harem. Tom on the other hand might, so you could see a fiddle playing gunslinger son and his Amazon big sis out of that ranch. Really between Tom and Dirk's offpsring you'd probably have a pretty well rounded adventuring party lol.
>what kinds of things would you like to see if you don't mind me asking?
Probably stuff about the capital/high society/the royalty of the Amazon. Maybe learn a bit more about Diana. While Rain’s End is probably gonna blow up in the future as a border city, it definitely came across as a quaint boonies town during the story. Griselda and Isabelle weren’t exactly the best advocates of the Amazon nobility, either.

Honestly a pretty easy way to explore that type of stuff without an entire new story would just be like, a short story or two about Dirk having to go to the Amazon capital for XYZ reason (Griselda’s trial, business, diplomacy with the Empire, etc…) or whatever. Or just write w new story, or don’t. NGL man I generally like most things you write lol, so I’m not picky.
>“Stand and deliver!” he shouted
Mount & Blade: Warband reference? lol
Bandits have been saying stand and deliver for like 500 years
File: giantneetgf.jpg (103 KB, 1280x742)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
>Giant NEETgirls: Good or Bad?
I mean if the NEET giantess in question actually acts like the meme, then bad. There’s no upside to having one instead of a functional giantess.
>mocks you for being tiny, not as a joke, but so she can feel better about herself
>unapologetic over almost accidentally eating you while snacking like a hambeast, happens often
>breaks and sells your shit with no permission, in her eyes it’s all hers anyways
>don’t care about your well-being very much, often leaving you lost/trapped
>get me X or I’ll kill you is the way she shuts down every argument
>doesn’t even let you watch the movie, and her tits are borderline infected from stank
>makes you do her giant laundry, takes all day. If you don’t, stomp squish smash.
>ruined your career, you have to sell cuddles on the street to make ends meet
>sits on you all the fuckin time, didn’t even bring you to the hospital the time she broke your rib
Basically nothing she does is gentle. It’s basically just a cruel slave relationship with maybe the worst cruel bits taken out. So you’ll just probably eventually die, rather than definitely.

Anyone that wants to be the pet tiny BF of a useless and stinky womanchild who treats them borderline like shit needs to be referred to the Tiny Protective Services immediately. A more deserving giantess will nurse them back to sanity, and the NEET will have no tiny until she can prove she can care for one, as is proper.
File: Tomoko.jpg (1.63 MB, 3573x4656)
1.63 MB
1.63 MB JPG
Good, I think Tomoko would take better care of you than in that pic though. She'd be enamored with you and would find it hot if you were attracted to her, especially if you liked certain parts of her body.
I’m with >>10517450

There’s just no upside to an abusive NEET giantess GF unless you’re a masochist. An argument for a kind/gentle NEET can be made, sure. But even the gentlest and nicest one around is still going to be incapable of taking care of herself, let alone a tiny. Then again, some anons might be into that - the idea that the tiny needs to take care of the failure of a giantess, etc…

But yeah the giantess NEET in the meme is kind of just awful. Let’s be real - that’s not a GF, that’s an owner, and not a very kind or caring one.

I choose giant elf ladies instead.
That pic never fails to impress me with its ara~ara~ power level.
>Giant girls fighting for fair working condtitions for their tinies, because overworked tinies are sad tinies and they hate seeing tinies sad
>sits outside company building and pouts until the boss gives everyone a reaise
>they can threaten to literally eat the rich
File: Wonderful Place_HR.jpg (1.62 MB, 3200x1800)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB JPG
I don't consider myself really as gentle fags, I just reject aimless cruelness. Actually I don't even care about power dynamic and my appreciation for giantess is mostly from aesthetic purposes. For me size isn't about power, but about presence. There is something very attractive to me about a feminine presence taking a big place to my world, in the literal sense. I guess that's why body exploration is my favorite sizeplay.
>I Can Fix Her
Maybe you can be her Jiminy Cricket. You find her a mess and, with patience, you advise her on how she can improve her life.
I like stories where the tiny is the brains and the giantess is the brawn and they both compensate for one another.
File: image (2).jpg (238 KB, 595x1684)
238 KB
238 KB JPG
>Be a border guard they said
>It's an easy job they said
>Just don't cause any international incidents they said
>Ywn Be Tomoko's (or a neet girl's) shrunken pocket (boy)friend
>Spend hours and hours just hearing her rambling about her interests as you do her nails/rub her feet/hold one of her fingers as you would hold her hand.
>Cuddle, caress and kiss her sweaty trembling hands inside her pocket as she tries to practice her social skills and beat her social anxiety, this way giving her a little mental support.
>Try to play videogames with her, do some rp or just play hang around, enjoying each others company.
>Climb into her ear as she lays in bed, giving her possitive affirmations and compliments, making her feel the most special girl in the world.
>Give little pampering sesions to each bodypart of her, making her take better care of her own body.
>Get into shape using average objects as gym equipment, and running around her room for cardio, so she can have a little eye candy when both of you take baths together.
>Finally convincing her to also practice some minor excercises.
>Reasuring her and complimenting her as you see her body start to become more defined.
>Both of you improving, helping each other, you always trying to remember
>"Do it for her"
>Help her study, become more social, more confident, have better sleeping habits, eating more healthy each time.

>Finally comes the day when you both look at the past, see all the progress you two made, she has become more popular, confident enough, has a few more friends and a few guys who honestly want to go out with her.
>You look at her, proud filling your heart about how far she has come, how much she has developed.
>She no longer needs you.
>Both of you talk about it, she doesn't want to let you go, but you are certain, she needs to finally grow up.
>Tears filling her eyes she begs you to stay a little longer "What if I need you anon?" "What if something happens and I need more of your advice?" "What If there's a problem?"
> Just smile and look at her "Then you'll be able to find a solution, the same way you did all this time"
>Tears flowing out, both of you share one last kiss.
>"Besides I'll always be with you, here" point at her head. "And here" point at her heart.
>One last hug, a little bird is waiting for you as the last beams of sunlight pour into the park.
>She sees you go and wave her goodbye as you get on the bird's back, riding into the sunset, dissapearing in before the nights comes in.

>She goes back to her room, still a little sad about all this but trying to accept tue new situation.
>Accepting that that part of her life was now gone and never coming back.
>Filling a little nostalgia for all those good moments both of you spend together.
>Pulls her hand out of her pocket and on a nearby shelf she carefully drops a little figurine.
>A little toy looking a lot human-like.
>Near the figurine is a photo, of her and that little toy "anon my beloved" is written under it.

>Finally she cleans away her last tears and just collapses on the bed, tomorrow would be a new day.
>One last thought, some last words.
>"Thank you anon, for making me a better me."

This shit would probably get me banned so fuck off and see ya never.
File: Tomoko 2.png (3.21 MB, 1917x1080)
3.21 MB
3.21 MB PNG
I love this, it ends here though.
>You look at her, proud filling your heart about how far she has come, how much she has developed.
Non consensual gentle is hot as fuck and I'm tired of pretending it's not.
On the flip side, being a border guard is one of the most popular postings in the Giganta Empire. After all, it’s one of the only ways left to actually snatch up your own tiny little man. All you gotta do is convince them to step over. It don’t matter how.

Otherwise you need to order a mail order tiny groom, or try and chat them up online or meet them in neutral mixed sized countries. And that’s a pain.
File: FBKoycPVQAA7Oo4.jpg (272 KB, 992x1404)
272 KB
272 KB JPG
>be me going to the mixed size pool
>the big pools are perfect for long one way sessions and nobody will bother me
>Or so I thought
>bunch of girls to the side of the pool keep cheering me on
>"you're so CUTE, I believe in you"
>another time a girl swam behind me and kept humming the jaws tune before she dove under me and put me on her head saying "this is way too far, here let me help you"
>had three lifeguards fish me out since they thought I was drowning
I just wanna swim long distances in peace man...
It’s not gentle at all (actually it can be, once you get to that point) but the pool bit in that interactive text adventure game Elsa’s Motel was pure kino. I forget the giantesses name but the way she hunts you around the pool was the best.
>Elsa’s Motel
I think the pool giantess was named Joanna maybe? Definitely started with a J. Quickest way to her heart was through her stomach, heh.

Despite all the bugs and constant reworks, Elsa’s Motel was pretty much always the best size textadventure game I remember messing around with. I liked the whole relationship point system, and how varied the giantesses are.

I think the (2nd?) author eventually moved on to a new game project.
>don't want to take my shirt off by the pool because all the giant qt's will see my manboobs ;-;
File: 1664477218364875.png (1 MB, 2625x1355)
1 MB
>tfw small cock
>tfw giantesses see it
Ask yourself this, can it really be a small cock if every cock is small to a giantess?
On a scale of 1-10, how bad do you need a giantess to hug you right now?
Chubby guys are preferred by plenty of giantesses, desu. Less bony, less easy to harmfully squish, more flavor, and they just think a bit of pudge is kind of cute.

But yeah if you look like NikocadoAvacado or whatever you’re fucked, hit the gym bud. Unless you find one of those big ladies who like, have a feeding fetish or whatever. But they’re weird. And you’ll die from heart failure during sex anyways.
>more flavor
File: 1593225475216.jpg (285 KB, 1300x2000)
285 KB
285 KB JPG
File: 1671047976746507.jpg (925 KB, 645x3644)
925 KB
925 KB JPG
Tiny tasting is a true and tried method that has benefits for both the giant girl and the tiny since the exchange of fluids (tiny sweat to giant girl/saliva to tiny) has proven as a health benefit for both parties involved

Further studies have shwon that even sweat exchange helps, so keep your tinies warm in this winter weather
Mouthplay is a staple in all girl/boy relationships, anon.

Do you not understand that while your giant gf is giving you a blowjob, she’s being quite literal when she says you taste good? Rumor is most girls spend their teens practicing on tiny sized toys so they don’t accidentally eat their bf.

Like, those evil cunts in the news that get caught by the TPS for eating guys… Do you think they do it *just* to be mean? Okay, well, yes, that’s a huge part of it… But it’s also cuz boys taste good.

There is a reason eating tinies used to be legal, man. It’s because it was enjoyable. Giantesses pretty much dehumanized any guys they weren’t related to or interested in. All it took was for a popular tiny movie star getting got, along with that powerful congresswoman's son, and her changing the law so her baby boys killer got the noose and boom. Finally clicks for the big ladies to realize they’re eating each others sons, husbands, boyfriends, whatever… Only took them 5ever.
File: 1673488849805341.png (1.82 MB, 1571x1024)
1.82 MB
1.82 MB PNG
revisiting a stupid concept I saw in one of these threads
>tinies are being infected with a new virus
>after some flu like symptoms for a few days it permanently alters a tinies body chemistry to give them what can only be described as a "flavor"
>all tinies taste different, some are sweet, some are savory
>some girls claim to have better palettes and hold "tasting parties"
>mostly with volunteers
>tinies have mixed feelings on it
>great way to meet big ladies
>also going to get treated like hard candy
>well so long as you never end up in a girl's mouth it's never an issue, right?
>foodie hipster girl finds out you're "untasted"
>keeps telling you that she should be your first
>she's the only one sophisticated enough to properly describe your flavor profile!
>she is pretty hot and you're pretty horny and dumb
>end up on a plate looking up at foodie girl
>she's recording it for her tiny tasting vlog
>she's got a bunch of different wines out
>and cheeses
>and different sauces
>explains she's going to see what pairs well with you
>starts by tasting you plain
>"hmm... notes of pear"
>spend the night being dipped in different stuff and stuck in her mouth while she sips different wines
>"now a tiny's flavor is most intense at the moment of orgasm, so you'll want him in your mouth when it happens"
>doesn't take her tongue long to get you off
>moaning echoing around you as she savors you
>finally done after an evening of taste testing
>she rinses you off and thanks you for your time, invites you to return for a second course someday
>she gives you a little card with your "flavor profile"
>turns out you pair well with red wines, smoked cheeses, and scotch
>crazy night, fun but not sure if you want to sign up for it again lol
>unfortunately she gave you a rave review on her tiny tasting vlog, and every woman you know saw it
File: 04.jpg (1.66 MB, 1653x2339)
1.66 MB
1.66 MB JPG
Blah blah pro tiny laws blah blah world building
Just post giantess blowjobs pics or fap fics focused on them already
Man i love this sort of language of describing how to care for tinies
File: V1TK2s6.png (293 KB, 696x768)
293 KB
293 KB PNG
I know it's not strictly 'gentle' but I actually love pseudo-abusive relationships like this so long as her threats to kill him aren't genuine. Maybe it's cause it reminds me a lot of my relationship to my sister.
>A more protective giantess would nourse you back to sanity...

There was an idea, a way to gain absolute control in order for no tinies to be abused, no giantesses to be left behind. They called it project "gentle hands"

>Sometime in the future.
>Neet giantess wakes up, alone in her dirty appartment.
>Scratches head and tries to boot up her videogame console.
>A message appears from Gentle Hands Co.
>"Good morning anonete, we've seen that the game [TITANS AT WAR] you've been currently playing has a lot of violent scenes and too much cruel scenes in it, we remind you that Gentle Hands Co. has decided that these kinds of content can have a lasting impact on a developing mind like yourself, such as violent thinking, or cruel thoughts.
We direly suggest you switch to a more gentle type of game"
>She sighs and clicks on IGNORE.
>Another message comes one second after.
>"By ignoring our suggestion you are dissagreeing with our Gentle Hands principles and as such, not wanting to be a gentle giantess, your gentleness score would be lowered by 3 points, are you sure you want to proceed?"
>She sees the top of the screen
>Bites her lip as she knows she can't risk it to go down again, she really had to put a lot on effort in making it rise after she dropped out of school, getting -50 gentleness points for abandoning the career "Tiny Rehabilitation"
>A bitter look in her eyes she pressed this time the OK option.
>New message.
>"We are so glad you agree with our message, your Gentleness score will remain the same and you'll be blocked from launching [TITANS AT WAR] for the next [SEVEN] work days.
>Titans at War DLC is coming out
>supposed to be the biggest event ever
>everyone who plays at launch will get special armor
>her gentleness score is way too low to be allowed online
>desperately going through town trying to befriend and be nice to tinies to get a score that will let her play it
>her desperation to raise her score in time for the launch is confused for aggression
>gentle score goes even lower as tinies freak out
>In the meantime why don't you try to do some gentle acts like volunteering, helping a tiny neighbor, or hosting a cuddle party, or if you'd preffer to jsut relax today, we also have a selection of gentle games you can play, courtesy of Gentle Hands Co.
>Gentle Hands Co. The future is in your hands."
> She just tosses the phone on her bed as she gets ready to go outside, since she won't be abble to kill time she would need to buy a few things to finish her web comic, hoping this time they won't demonetize it for being "Not gentle enough"

>Walks around the street, trying to avoid as much human contact as possible.
>Buys a few things from a local store and leaves, thanking god that the cashier wasn't a tiny.
>It's getting dark and a bit cold, so she wants to ride in the bus to at least remain a bit warm.
>Only problem is, to use the mixed size bus (the only one possible) you need at least 400 Gentleness point score or have your cuddle taxation completed this week
>Sighs in desperation as she thinks she'll need to go back in the cold night by foot.
>Till she sees a tiny next to her that apparently has the same problem.
>Praying to any deity is there to listen her that the little one doesn't find her creepy enough to send a complain about her, or that her unwashed body doesn't smell that much to make him think she wants to entramp him in her clothes forcing him to smell her. She approaches as meekly as possible.
>"Hey punk, got any lost change for the bus?"
>Sigh in relief, he is cool with her.
>"A-a-actually ye-yeah but ... Uhm can you first do me a favor?"
>Twitches her thumbs
>"C-can I cuddle y-you w-while I... Record with ... My cellphone?"
>Tiny gets anxious, and backs away.
>"Not trying to be rude misses... But I kinda hate physical contact."
>"T-thats ok, w-we can just pretend to-"
>"No punk you dont understand, I HATE physical contact, and if they discover I've been lacking my cuddle tax they would sent me to rehabilitation, I canot go back there"
>She shivers in agreement, she can clearly remember how it was there.
>"Please little one! I need this I can pay you"
>The tiny thinks
>"10 bucks, if you need me to smile for the camera I want at least that"
>She starts filming

>"H-hi friends... I-I uhm... Found this ti- GOOD CIVILIAN... A... feeling a little down so I'm.... Gonna c-cuddle him yes!"
>"I thank you so much miss, you are a really gentle giantess!"
>Well at least he is good at acting.
>Both of them have the most akward hug ever as they try to not look directly into the camera to at least not make so obvious their faked and forced smiles.
>"Thanks so much misses! Now I feel better!"
>"N-no problem! A-and remember g-g-good sir! You have any p-problem you can seek help in... Gentle Hands co.... They are always there... To... Helpyou..."
>Finally the red light stops blinking and both just recoil in disgust at the last phrase.
>"T-thank you..."
>She says meekly as she hands the money to him.
>"Yeah, whatever, you should really take a bath misses..."
>(I would but my water services hasn't been repaired) she wanted to say but just remained silent there as both of them got inside the bus.
>Inside the bus she just stared at her feet as she makes her way to her seat, just collapsing on it, staring at nothing.
>She then sees movement in the corner of her eye.
>There's a tiny next to her.
>Her heart almost has an arritmia as her blood freezes, first impresion was really bad, she doesn't want to look at him and look creepy, but also doesn't want to ignore him and look careless.
>She gives him a quick glimpse with nervous anxious eyes.
>Tiny recoils and that makes her look away.
>Gives him another quick look.
>He has a cellphone.
>Stares at him with pure fear.
>Wants to just fall on her knees and beg him not to do it but she already is getting weird looks from the other passengers.
>Tries to just sit back and remain calm, (it's ok he is just... Scrolling down ok... No he is typing, t-thats ok... He is just... Chatting with his friends)
>A notification arrives and it feels like someone just stabed her on the thigh were her cellphone is.
>Drags her cellphone and with trembling hands unlocks it, to be welcomed by the message.
>"Anonete, we've received a complain that you've been harassing a tiny, this kind of behaivor is unnaceptable for a gentle giantess, and so your Gentleness score has been lowered by 5 points and cannot remain inside the current vehicle, please don't resist and step outside"
>Everyone stares daggers into her after hearing the message and she just drops her head defeated, feeling the burns of everyone's judging eyes and the whispers about her and her appearence.
>Sees the bus drive away as she walks back to her appartment, shivering in the cold.
>Gets inside her place and locks the door, sitting right there and then, hugging her legs.
>Notifications start pouring in, about her video she uploaded to be abble to ride in the bus.

>She starts getting a lot of negative reactions after her status as (Tiny harasser) got updated in her profile.
>The comments are all hurtful.
>"Did you see that cow? She obviously doesn't have any idea how to treat tinies"
>"Did she really just were about to say 'Tiny one', whata. Fuckin racist"
>"We should send her to rot in jail with all the other cruel bitches"
>"I heard she doesn't bath because she likes to see the reactions of disgust in their faces, what a pig"
>"She is so creepy I almost want to puke"

>Gentleness score lowers another 5 points.
>She wants to toss her phone to the other side of the room, but that would be translated as another dicrease, since "You don't know how to treat small fragile objects, how do you expect us to trust in you with a tiny near"

>Leaves her phone at her side
>Starts crying tears of pure bitterness and impotence.
>Message pops on screen.
>"Anonete, we've seen you are in emotional distress, your mental health is important to us so you've been asigned a therapy sesion with a profesional tiny"
>"Since your resent actions make you a POTENTIAL TREATH to the tinies, thus sesion will be supervised by a fellow giantess working for Gentle Hands co."
>Gentle Hands Co.

> Y O U. A R E. I N. G O O D. H A N D S.
Man this thread is flying lately
Good shit man, keep it up
I love it. Big Sister is always watching.
Shame that “theharper” dude had to ruin what should’ve been a 10/10 streak with random and worthless reviews with stars missing
Based af
I know you’re likely talking about a giant girl nonconsentually being gentle to a tiny, but the idea of a tiny insisting on being nice to a cold-hearted asshole and eventually getting through to her is also good
Lovestruck by s0larpower3d on deviantart is a great example of this
File: 1628931626573.jpg (204 KB, 1280x905)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
Even worse is when they come over to our pools and coo over us the entire time
>ohmigosh you're so cute with your little swimming
>want to use my foot/hand as a floaty?
>I can be your waterslide today handsome ;)
It would have been interesting, especially with the humorous political parody, it it wasn’t 99% mega grimy foot filth.
>be human, have an elf lover you saved from human slavery
>once the great change came over the elves and the war started up you both pretty much eloped
>elves won, big time. Human survivors aren’t having a great time with the whole shrinking tying
>it’s horrifying, you want to beg your lover to try and get them to stop, but you know that’s impossible, and she’s always hated other humans anyways…
>that said, she is one of the most magically gifted elves now that they all got it, apparently
>elf lover decides to shrink you for your own protection, promises to layer countless protective spells on you
>live the next few years like a very much loved and cherished bird in a gilded cage, but still a cage
>she tries to keep you ignorant of what’s going on to the rest of humanity in the greater elven empire outside her estate, but some of it trickles through
>all that aside, not a huge fan of all the humiliation of being a few inches tall… some exceptions apply.
>lover still adores you, and allows no harm come to you (she had an elf servant girl who handled you poorly whipped, it never happened again), but it’s become clear she no longer values your opinion very much on matters of import
>if she wants to grab you, she will. If she wants to gently scrunch you in her carefully groomed toes covered in that lotion she knows you love the scent of, she will. If she wants sex, she knows how to turn you on even if you’re not in the mood.
>it’s all for your own good
>you try not to think of the few times she’s come back to lay with you after being at a party with other elven nobility, and you swear you can hear screaming from her belly
>but now your mortality is the problem, she noticed how you limped one day after a spelunking session, even with the protections
>apparently an expert on souls and alchemy, she’s been trying to extend your lifespan. She talks of homunculi and soul transfers. You don’t understand much.
File: 1672186366274956.jpg (367 KB, 2134x1101)
367 KB
367 KB JPG
I hope the tiny nobleman likes his body weight in cake because that princess's posterior is absolutely outrageous.
Ladies and Gentlemen! It’s a pleasure to announce the final chapter of Big Bully! Thank you all so much for your support, I truly was not expecting this story to get as much attention as it did.

Not to mention she’s busting it down in fuckin heels

>Elsiran Elf loves her her human so much she basically creates the Third Magic just to keep him with her forever
>Forcing him to watch from a helpless life of loving decadence and gentle pleasure as his people are ground under Elven heel
I generally prefer sci-fi/fantasy giantesses of a different species, simply because it triggers my autism less. Most humans wouldn’t just jump headfirst into cannibalism and out of hand murder like you see in most typical NWO fics. Basically human cruelfaggotry is just harder for me to rationalize I guess. I know it’s happen, I’m not naive or stupid. But the vast majority of humans find sizefaggotry stuff vile and unthinkable. Though, if it actually happened and tiny people started popping up, some attitudes/moralities would change. Eh.

But a big elf or alien lady? No inane justifications necessary. Genuinely inferior humans are to be treated as such. Throw in the raw wound of a conflict/enslavement between the two, and all lights are green.

And all of that is what makes the big lady being gentle even more potent IMO. The human guy is inferior, and a natural enemy or even prey of her kind. And yet she still loves and protects him, but in a very lopsided and unequal way. I like to mix comfort and despair, not sure why.
Yeah, I’m kind of the same way. I struggle with stuff like gtswburg’s or kickyou’s stories where people just kind of go pure fucking evil on the drop of a dime. Even with their own family/friends. It just upsets me, for lack of better word, I guess.

But if it’s a giant alien woman eating people? Yeah it’s terrifying but like, it doesn’t fuck my head up. Giant elves who are mad humans enslaved them? Yup, I still say “that’s evil” but it’s understandable and alien evil. It doesn’t bother me nearly as much.

When human characters do evil things to tiny humans, I usually require for them to be deviants, or for there to be some sort of decent explanation for the poor treatment that wouldn’t trigger my autism. Like, idk, if it’s been hundreds of years since the shrinking plague hit, and big society just… slowly stopped caring all that much after people they knew stopped shrinking, etc…

>you try not to think of the few times she’s come back to lay with you after being at a party with other elven nobility, and you swear you can hear screaming from her belly
It’s awful, but I love shit like that. Where a giantess just unintentionally horrifies her tiny. And reinforces the idea of how lucky he is.
>WHAT? No honey, I love you! I’d never eat you, why would you even think that?
>Oh. Other humans? Well, they’re just toys and food… It upsets you?
>Oh, I’m sorry baby, I swear it won’t happen again…
>It happens again.
I feel like granting a human immortality, no matter how "harmless" you make them, is a bad idea in the long term, that's an eternity for the little guy to seethe and plot, and it's a setting with magic too. I don't remember a ton of the Elsiran story minor details, but it seemed like they were super petty and brutal even with each other, tricking them into murdering each other would be comically easy
>yes mistress while I was playing with the other tiny human pets Lady Ladriel's tiny human said she was playing with him while plotting your murder
>yes it was just us tiny humans in the room with the empress when someone shoved that sewing needle through her throat
>it was Lady Latheria, her assassin loudly declared it just as the empress died
>teehee ain't we little stinkers?
>eventually ridiculous plots somehow end with human puppet elf on the throne
>mistress is horrified when she finds out, threatens to squish you
>"come on mistress, you always talked about how our friendship was more important than our species"
>well... she didn't like most of the other elves anyway
>spend eternity in back and forth outlandish political plots against each other while you snuggle in her boobs
>every now and then an elf gets suspicious that the last 5 empresses have all had the same human pet...
>and boy for an immortal species we do seem to go through empresses huh?
>but that's just silly conspiracy nonsense
Oh, you’re quite right. The Elves in Humanity’s Downfall are pretty terrible to each other on top of how bad they are to humans. Humans are comparatively physically and magically powerless, but have been shown to be able to manipulate elves in the setting.

In that greentext in particular, the idea was more along the lines of “she loves him so much that she doesn’t care how bad of an idea it might be.”
Hey fantastic! It's been a pleasure to read
Ah yes, Humanity’s Downfall, our favorite story to both love and hate. There’s just something about big mean (and occasionally nice) sexy elves. I’d been toying with the idea of a story that was inspired by it and kinda goes a bit in the direction of your greentext. I’m just not sure if I want to actually write it or if that would step on Inwiththebooks’ toes too much.
>before big nations started forming, humans and elves lived together in fairly peaceful clans with elves taking a kindly matriarchal leadership role
>it’s pretty sweet
>as society advances humans start becoming jealous
>feelings of love and even worship for else turn bitter as they resent their mortality and relative imperfection
>so more and more humans start fucking off (or forcing elves to fuck off) and form kingdoms
>the elves are saddened by this (imagine a family line you’ve watched over and loved for centuries just suddenly decides it hates you, oof), but peacefully let it happen
>plenty of humans remain happy living together with them
>but human dickbaggery intensifies, they hate the idea of human inferiority, and so start blaming elves for everything and enslaving them out of lust and cruelty
>the peaceful elves do little to resist, and mostly try to flee to distant lands away from these awful human kingdoms
>the “good” humans help them do so as much as they can, but mostly just get put to the sword for it (or enslaved alongside them)
>this begins the era of elf and elf-lover oppression
>pretty cruel slavery, the usual chattel nasty stuff with lots of rape because elves are hot
>a few elf/human nomadic tribes survive on the outskirts, unaware the free and slave elves they managed to help escape are slowly amassing in a newly formed empire
>they’re too busy trying to avoid genocide at the hands of the human kingdoms
>eventual *something* happens that causes all elves to gain magic potential (lot of options here)
>The Elves Strike Back!
>very nasty war ensues
>mass slave revolts occur, many are violently put down
>they haven’t fully mastered their magics yet, can’t win em all
>the “good” humans do their best to help as many as they can escape into far away lands once more
>enslaved elves are weirded out by this (and that the original clans still exist in some places!) but are thankful
>they hook up with the budding elven empire and fill them in on what’s happening
>elves begin to master their magic and mobilize for war
>they don’t really know what they plan to do to humanity yet, only that they want revenge and blood
>but the good humans are a grey area they don’t know how to address
>luckily, it’s decided for them
>the regrouped human nations have almost completely wiped them out
>the joint elf/human clans that lived as the gods, or spirits, or maybe even the world itself itself intended were wiped out by human cruelty (they weren’t, some survived but are in hiding)
>this makes the elves even angrier, shrinking starts
>horrific war ensues, terrible losses all round, ends in Elven win
>eventually, after the initial war cools, the remnants of the original elf/human tribes trickle back into civilization, causing a lot of upheaval and a few regrettable situations
>younger, angrier empire elves just see them as typical human rats and their eccentric owners
>but the older elves remember their kindness and sacrifice, despite their disdain for humans
>so now the two very different elf cultures have to try and figure out life, and try to figure out how to deal with their varying opinions on humans
>it basically boils down to “well, those are the good ones, be nice to them”
>tl;dr those humans (and their descendants) who stood by the elves are treated much better than “normal” humans, but can do nothing but watch the evil occurring outside their gilded cages
A lot of the idea came from the humans that were sympathetic to machines in the Matrix, and got a better deal because of it.
personally my favorite take on it so far has been that one Greenanon story where the elves tried to do Humanity's downfall and got shot. That said I also like this one
>humans fleeing genocidal elves
>end up being noticed by mountain giants
>they think humans are just adorable
>and these pointy eared "elf" things are cute too!
>human and elf army forcibly separated and disarmed by a bunch of giggling giant ladies
>as it turns out the giants are completely immune to magic too
>humans have escaped being shrunk and cuddled against an elven breast forever only to... end up pets at full size and cuddled against a giant breast forever
>was the human commander
>owned by giant princess
>she captured the elven commander too
>glaring across table at her while giant princess forces us to be nice to each other at her party with her friends
>"this is your fault human"
>"shove it knife ear"
>"Hey! You two stop that or it's time out in my shoes again!"
>She really like tinies and she would like more
>but kidnapping is a big no-no in giant society
>but she knows that humans and elves can make half elves
>she tries to wingwoman you and the elven commander into a relationship
This would be a fun way for the story to go actually. While the (comparatively) nice prince does his stuff in the east, the human pets of elf nobles start manipulating them into targeting elves they don't like.
>That elf lady at mistress's party likes tormenting humans
>tell mistress in private that you overheard that lady talk about arranging for mistress to be assassinated.
>mistress arranged for cruel elf lady to have an "accident"
>number of "accidents" among the nobility becomes so rampant that it affects the economy and leadership of the empire.
>Nobles who are nice to humans seems to avoid "accidents" and buy/inherit all that property.
>bit by bit, cruelty towards humans gets phased out of elf society.
I like it. Good story, good lore, mix of cruel and gentle with valid reasons for both, a sort of "happy end" for the humans who stayed good to the elves. Would love to see a story like this.
Bonus (and this just my personal fun, feel free to ignore):
>elf goddess descends to check on her lovelies.
>last time she was in the mortal world, elves and humans were getting along happily/peacefully in scattered villages.
>now she sees that the elves have become a continental empire and humans have been shrunk
>she's kind of an airhead so when the elves tell her this is the new way the two races live together she just accepts it
>They show her some cute tiny human pets and she just loves them.
>less than friendly stuff is kept out of sight during her visit
>Elf goddess loves this arrangement with elves and cute tiny humans and gives her approval.
>elf actions towards humans essentially has divine backing now.
>at the same time, the goddess's approval was about the comfy cute relationship between tiny humans and their elf owners.
>constant debate in elf society between "goddess approved only gentle stuff" and "goddess approved of everything"
There's nothing unusual about me or my family, I've been receiving lots of love all my life and I don't feel attracted to any of the women in my family. And yet I've had this fetish since before puberty.
I just think it would be awesome if an incredibly powerful girl - so powerful she could kill me as an afterthought, and nobody would be able to stop her or do her any harm - not only chose not to kill me on her own free will, but actually cared about me, and if I was someone special in her life, while being just some ordinary dude to everyone else.
>I've been receiving lots of love all my life and I don't feel attracted to any of the women in my family. And yet I've had this fetish since before puberty.
hit me like a truck when I first saw disneys alice
really enjoy the art style of this image. i always enjoy the few giantess images i see from an artistic standpoint even if it isn't my fetish personally.
>the Empire of Elsira, using their amazing magical abilities, create dimensional portals to find new human realms to conquer!
>the first one is Fucking Elves
>Elsiran expeditionary force gets declared as "bad" by giant elves
>gets nommed along with some human bandits
>next one is Felarya
>Crisis and other snake girls find the elves delectable!
>next portal opens into Greenanon setting
>Human Empire has a huge force of dudes opening a portal for the same reason
>humans with guns and cannons stare at elven magitech empire for a few minutes
>"nothing to see here! Barren world, let's close this portal!"
>humans and elves mutually agree to never open that one again
>Elsirans disband portal program and probably assassinate everyone involved
Man that was crazy good. Only thing missing
>She becomes more tyrannical and erratic as her human companion grows weaker.
>She desperately tries to keep him alive and engages in all manor of black magic.
>She's preparing to sacrifice another human to transfer his soul into a new body
>He pleas with her to stop, finally convincing her that death is just a bitter but necessary part of humanity
>Ends with her letting him "go" she kisses him one final time after saying her goodbyes.
>Now alone she reexamines her life with him.
>"If he can move me to feel such love, maybe the rest of humanity can too..."
>New age of healing begins
That looks like kanahebi. Usually they draw some pretty violent stuff
Now there's an interesting segue to a question I don't see brought up too open.
At what point does violence become cruelty?

We've all fapped to a building, city, planet, etc... being crushed before in art, or maybe just the odd unaware red dot at least once, but at what point do you anons personally draw the line from acceptable violence, to unacceptable cruelty? Not talking like average, but the limits of what you find acceptable.

Like giga girl unintentionally crushing city, or girl hurting tiny without realizing she's doing it just from the massive power imbalance as some examples. Even more gentle violence, like giga girl trying to help city, but unintentionally crushing huge swaths of land. At what point do you guys just go "yeah, this is fucked, I can't fap to this".
I'd like to here where you guys personally draw the line. I know I have a few grey zones I tolerate at least.
If it's justified violence and not completely psychotic, then I usually won't consider it cruel.
Giga is dumb in general. But no, if a giant girl destroys a city, it’s not gentle lmao.

Common sense applies. Like >>10518997 says, justifiable violence is fine. A genuine accident is fine up to a point. But once it becomes a city getting flattened or some shit, and she’s all “oh noez I swear I gentle I feel so bad~” it’s clearly supposed to be humorous. It’s either meant to be a joke, or a tragedy at that point. Making it lose any real appeal as a genuine gentle story.
>We've all fapped to a building, city, planet, etc... being crushed before in art, or maybe just the odd unaware red dot at least once.

Never it does less then nothing for me, it's an actual turn off and I avoid it like a plague.

>but at what point do you anons personally draw the line from acceptable violence, to unacceptable cruelty?

When the violence is treated as something it's not. For example I love philosopher boned, the violence being inflicted upon people is treated as the horrible idea of slowly dying in a pool of digestive fluids if fit only for those who would commit crimes upon others as opposed to the myriad of stories that are HAHA get squished bug when they themselves understand that it's an intelligent creature that they're killing on top of usually capable of communication which immediately throws the entire story premise into the blender
File: 1648938682087.jpg (576 KB, 850x1200)
576 KB
576 KB JPG
Can anyone explain to me how the fuck the MassiveMaids company keeps on winning the contract to clean the city? They are too big to be of any use and they wear those ridiculous outfits whilst they "work" wiping some skyscrapers windows!

When will this corruption stop, when will our government finally wake up and realise that tinies are losing their jobs and unable to compete against a giantess?
>They are too big to be of any use
I missed my train the other day and one of them offered to walk me to work since she’d finished bugging out a billboard nearby. She was polite, wasn’t grabby, and called me young sir and everything. Demanded no payment, and said it was a maids duty to help. Her tits were soft and smelled a bit like lemon pledge.

She got me there 5 minutes early so I tipped her a cuddle. And my giantess boss saw me do it and gave me a raise for having “compassionate intersize ethics” or whatever. Finally got a new GPU. Good deal.

I like the giant maids. They can stay. You sound like a curmudgeon who probably can’t even mop their own floor right.
Can gentle stories have sad endings like this?
Wow, sounds like a grade S+ experience, I want to try!
Ngl, I was implying it goes in the direction of him getting put in a homunculus body and being magically soul bound to her forever. Maybe it becomes a fad amongst kinder elves with slaves they valued. But glad to see someone still remembers the fun greentexts I made a while back about the Elf Goddess chasing the Human God through realities and fixing his cockups.
Of course. Bittersweet is a staple in gentle stuff for and a lot of other anons. But of course, so are sappy feel good endings.
File: 1674584859423.jpg (520 KB, 2048x1039)
520 KB
520 KB JPG
anti-suicide messages and warnings to masochists on giantess footwear
>Gf has these socks, except it’s just “RUN” written on the bottom.
>Alarming red stain on the sole, ask her about it since it’s making me worried
>Accidents happen on rare occasions, after all
> “Oh! That’s from when I accidentally stepped on a hotdog stand! Never did wash out!”
>Realize that doesn’t answer the question if the worker was still there when it happened.
>giant possibly gloved fingers have typed this post
No. I’m a tiny just like you. I’m biased because I’m a clean freak, I guess.

But the same maid is waiting outside my building. And seems to know which window is mine… She’s just standing there waiting and smiling. I’m kind of concerned now.
Bro you gave a biggo a fucking cuddle for being carried. Biggos LOVE carrying tinies almost as much as a cuddle. You fucking paid the woman after you gave her something she wanted.

You’re marked as a cuddleslut tiny now. Expect plenty of giantesses to just coincidentally be around when you need shit. I’m not joking, I managed to finesse my way into a local groups Sizecord once - they all have fucking channels with info on HVT or High Value Tiny’s they meet day to day.

You’re marked.
>giving a giant girl a cuddle OUTSIDE of cuddle tax season
breh you're a stupid fucker
enjoy your new title as cuddleslut, it'll take maybe 2 months tops before they all know
>deadlines due at work
>view from the office is nice, only daylight i get at the moment
>next day, some guy in the adjacent office got a ride with one those giant maids
>lucky beggar
>next day, the maid keeps peering into the office where she dropped that tiny off
>waving at him, giggling, blowing kisses, the giant flirt
>but her bending over to peer into that guys office means me and the several floors worth of other tinies are now getting an upskirt view of her undergarments
>instead of daylight, i get a fat helping of pink panties looming over instead
>grumble and get back to work in the shadow of the giant maid butt
>as if i need MORE distractions at work
No, that would be traumatic for the tinies, the gentle stories need to have gentle endings.
Please if you need emotional healing in order to appreciate happy endings, you can go into rehabilitation, there a gentle giantess will nurse you back to normal

>This message was sponsored by Gentle Hands Co.
>Gentle Hands Co.
>Your protection is our priority.
File: nailpaint.jpg (3.57 MB, 2275x3733)
3.57 MB
3.57 MB JPG
>Thanks for the help guys, I already sent the money on tinypal so it shou-
File: 1a0.jpg (356 KB, 1218x1540)
356 KB
356 KB JPG
>I-It's not like I care that you get wet or anything
File: giantpriestess1.jpg (665 KB, 1144x1600)
665 KB
665 KB JPG
File: giantpriestess2.jpg (739 KB, 849x1200)
739 KB
739 KB JPG
File: 1667215700634284.png (1.02 MB, 1643x1429)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB PNG
>slighty mischievous giant kitsune gf
>those eyes
What is she planning? What does she know that I don't?
File: FPfzJ14aUAIOHRh.jpg (1.67 MB, 3508x2480)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB JPG
>I finally caught you anon and now for your punishment
>10 kisses, a nice warm bath and a cuddly evening with me, you get to choose the movie
And people still try to tell us that giant demongirls are evil. Fucking angel propaganda, I swear
The inner machinations of her mind are an enigma.
Nothing. She's just asian.
File: giantloom.jpg (488 KB, 2926x3319)
488 KB
488 KB JPG
>Really big KABEDON
File: hidingtiny.jpg (971 KB, 3505x3062)
971 KB
971 KB JPG
>tfw gf works at a company with a strict "No tinies at work policy"
Why are the tinyless so cruel?
File: hidingtiny2.jpg (921 KB, 3505x3062)
921 KB
921 KB JPG
File: hidingtiny3.jpg (580 KB, 3627x3199)
580 KB
580 KB JPG
>Giant Knightess that was ordered to protect our farms keeps looking at me while I work the fields
What does this mean for me?
File: 101213684_p0.jpg (1.22 MB, 1189x1500)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB JPG
she wants you to make a move
File: 50623589_1.jpg (393 KB, 1250x2222)
393 KB
393 KB JPG
>Giving a giantess a free cuddle
Let me guess she offered to carry you again?
I swear young men have no sense around giantess these days. You have set yourself up for the oldest trick in the book.
>cause delay for an important meeting
>Carries you
>More "random" encounters
>Builds trust and constant contact
>Save you on a day of need 100% "not caused by her"
> Now you owe her a date

Now the newer traps good luck I didn't expect them to start using graphic cards, pizza and beer under a comically large cardboard box held up by a stick To get men but alas they caught me. They are getting trickier
File: 176002566-288-k34401.jpg (24 KB, 288x450)
24 KB
File: FSPvWA3XEAAOp2E.jpg (440 KB, 1920x1080)
440 KB
440 KB JPG
Being branded a cuddleslut can really make life difficult for you. Any "cuddlesluts" out there who want to meet up and talk? We could maybe make it like a support group type of thing. Let's do it in the park, under the open sky, I think the sun will be nice.
t. legitimate victim of too many cuddles
File: squints.png (225 KB, 548x538)
225 KB
225 KB PNG
>Being branded a cuddleslut can really make life difficult for you. Any "cuddlesluts" out there who want to meet up and talk? We could maybe make it like a support group type of thing. Let's do it in the park, under the open sky, I think the sun will be nice.
>t. legitimate victim of too many cuddles
Uh huh, hey just tell me real quick, how tall are you?
I think I'm... six... forearms? tall.
Or whatever unit we americans use
File: 1667420369503001.jpg (966 KB, 2163x1756)
966 KB
966 KB JPG
>Glowie giantess make cuddleslut honeypots
>The honeypot gets filled with nothing but other giantess pretending to be cuddleslut tinys
>IRL meetup
>Not a single tiny shows up
>They all wait, awkwardly standing around praying at least one retarded tiny fell for it
>GlowiesAtThePark.jpg but with giantess
When will the GIA learn baka
>One tiny walks vaguely near them
>they all wait with baited breath
>but he keeps on walking
>frustration and sighs all around
File: ezgif-3-f5ab3e9ea0.jpg (60 KB, 640x1138)
60 KB
>When will the GIA learn baka
never, all their data about tinies is either super biased or super outdated
>"Of course tinies love cuddling why wouldn't they? The Handbooks says they do"
>"The Handbook also says that they can teleport to up of a 100 meters"
>"So!?!?! Just because nobody has ever seen a teleporting tiny doesn't mean it isn't true "
>If the tinies don't like being scooped up and cuddled why don't they just teleport away?

It means she's marked you as a potential overworker and is determining if she needs to intervene for your health
Does anyone know what happened to Coloranon? They had a server and a Twitter, and both seem to have disappeared suddenly.
What does it say on the fabric of the ass of her pants though? Cause...I might need that warning.
The real problem with cuddlesluts is that they lead to cuddle inflation. It’s like the overuse of antibiotics and their lessening effectiveness. Cuddles won’t cut it soon. The big girls are inevitably going to start asking for more. Stop giving free and undeserved cuddles.
>look up at my cat stuck in a tree meowing forlornly and sigh
>really not my day
>I can help you with that!
>oh. A giantess, well, that’ll help
>she gets Tubby down from the tree easily
>Ask her how many cuddles I owe her
>She cringes a bit
>cuddles? In this cuddleconomy?
>as I look at her baffled, she explains a good deed like that is worth a kiss on the cheek these days
>also I have to let her film it
>which means I’ll be a hit on tinygram in a day
Fucking cuddlesluts
I don't think the local lord would like to lose more workers
Sorry I left a message on the discord I guess I should have left it up longer for more people to read. I'm basically just going back to posting here exclusively. The twitter was more or less pointless, especially given that it doesn't support full res like 4chan does. But I'm still working on pics got two coming up soon, one of them when a certain growth disease story makes it's debut. But yeah if you want anything specific drawn feel free to ask whenever
>in 2023
This is the difference between cute tinies, who we love, and mean bugs - who should stay inside if they don’t want to be an insole for the day. Fuck off, none of us like you incelsects anyways.
>"This is the difference between cute tinies, who we love, and mean bugs - who should stay inside if they don’t want to be an insole for the day. Fuck off, none of us like you incelsects anyways."
>She typed with trembling hands, angry tears falling from her eyes
>"Who needs tinies anyway" she thought "it's not like I'm jealous of stacy for having a tiny bf, I'm sure it's j-just a big hassle" *sniffle* *hic*
>YEs YEEs I'm learning so much.
>She is reading "10 ways to become a Sigma Giantess"
>I will finally be abble to have tinies at my feet.
>T-they will finally love me...
>Book actually doesn't say anything about how to seduce tinies and is just a bunch of common sense advice to improve your life.
>Thinks it didn't work and just leaves it half way through, on top of her nightstand
File: 1651249972933.jpg (1.46 MB, 1190x1684)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB JPG
File: Fm4kNriagAESZte.jpg (398 KB, 1361x1758)
398 KB
398 KB JPG
>giantesses are all obsessed with that freaky old movie Tiny American Madman for like zero reason
>like wtf how you expecting a tiny to somehow seduce, murder, and dissect a giantess IRL
>and why the fuck are they even in to that?
>so it’s just all the wierdo bigcels who can’t get a tiny pushing that weird sigma tiny shit?
I wrote up a pretty silly one shot by request from the monstergirl thread, this one's about a hive of bee-girls conspiring to shrink their beekeeper
shit forgot link

Bee Happy
I hate how much of a schizo I am about this shit
>fap to Vore murderfaggotry
>feel awful and hate myself and my fetish
>read gentle stories for the plot and comfiness
>almost never fap to it
I need to go to a psychiatrist but knowing my luck it’ll be one that shrinks and eats me lmao
Have you considered fapping to gentle (or at least non-fatal) vore?
Who does it better? giant bee girls, giant moth girls, or giant butterfly girls (pretentious moth girls)
moth girls have a better rep >= Bee >>>>>> Shitfly girls
God I want to fuck a bee
>Fluffy hands typed this post
BUTTerfly girls do it best mothcel
>t.someone who hasn't spent a cold winter night in a moth girls fluff
My moth gf likes to go flying over the ocean late at night with me along for the ride. Which is great and all, except for the one time she saw a lighthouse and proceeded to dive like I’ve never seen her do before.
>God I want to fuck a bee
Druids are so fucking OP man
Mothgirls are the shit
They don't even want to shrink you unless you annoy them and then when they do, they feel responsible for you until the dust effects wear off
well the local lord can take up his grievances with the 200m tall giant who could kick over his pitiful manor like a sandcastle
>She clenched her fists and stomped her feet angrily, it’s just not fair, how do the fucking bees have a tiny human and I don’t!?

It keeps happening, kek
Butterfly girls are the valley girls of giant insect girls
I'll never forget the first time finding Priscilla and Gwynevere
I was thinking about volunteering at local Amazon bathhouse
>The gave her animations, for blowing you a kiss, hugging you and squatting down in an adorable way to look you in the eyes
>I was thinking of having my pelvis shattered
fixed that for you
God I want one to shart on me. In a gentle way, of course
I'd try the Amazon Walmart instead
>mothgirl gets caught in a specially designed moth trap
>a few hours later, alchemist anon comes and collects the trap
>takes her back to his shack, where he has dozens of other mothgirls in identical traps collected throughout the night
>after putting on full hazmat gear, he takes out the moths one by one and gently but thoroughly rubs each one down with a cotton pad before letting her go
>gathering moth dust is dangerous work, but the lamias do pay a lot for it
Yeah, she was originally supposed to be the level up maiden and a bigger part of the game ;-;
File: 1674536262760250.jpg (491 KB, 3508x2480)
491 KB
491 KB JPG
>in a specially designed moth trap
It's a lightbulb in a box, isn't it?
more or less
>It's not even plugged in
File: 7ec.png (839 KB, 1972x844)
839 KB
839 KB PNG
>the mothgirls know that the box is trap, they're not stupid afterall
>they let themselves be caught by alchemist anon, because the cottonpad rubdown feels like a little massage, plus they get to hug a lightbulb for a good while
>some of them feel like it's unfair that they're pampered like this
>They think they should return the favor to alchemist anon
>He really looks like he could use a big hug and some hours just burying his face in some fluff and getting cuddled
>Afterall he looks really stressed everytime he's so nice to them and helps get rid off the superfluous dust
File: 0f9.jpg (65 KB, 680x414)
65 KB
> they're not stupid
> Watched one getting pissed at an unplugged lamp while Yelling obscenities.
Anon they are cute but don't lie for them they are about as bright as a dim bulb.
I liked the Queen’s war speech. She truly is the Major of the Bee Battalion.

Dude gets the hive, an elf, and a mysterious friendly Druid MILF. Not a bad deal.
the elf is right when she says that there's no way a normal human druid could knock her out like that
it's a story about bees I had to put that line in
glad someone recognized the hellsing reference lol

Definitely was not expecting the song parodied to be Huey Lewis and the News' "Hip to Be Square." I'm actually impressed with the creativity on that one.

That actually just triggered a thought, so Huey Lewis naturally led my mind to Back to The Future, so I just got reminded of the time-machine turns out to also be a shrinking machine concept which I've seen written a few times, but I'm always interested in seeing more of.
File: 1558818164905.jpg (110 KB, 847x1199)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
really wish they had more size content together also wish i was Roy here
need more bug girls shrinking humans smaller than them while interacting with other races
great job anon
>reached bump limit in 5 days
we are almost as fast as the main size thread now, which makes us one of the fastest on this board, but we have half as many posters
there's a lot of dedicated gentlefags in here
Dumb ass suggestion; guy with a bunch of tiny monster girl pets gets shrunk by them as they are inclined to do, they get a bit too scary with the whole 'implications' thing so he ends up escaping and they need to capture/rescue him before he gets hurt or hides at tiny size long enough to miss something important.

Monster girls fail utterly at trying to appear non threatening due to using their hunting instincts to search for him and generally giving off a 'hungry' impression even though they mean no harm and are 'hungry' in a different fashion than he fears. If they don't catch him fast he'll miss 'important thing', or worse they'll have to regrow him without having any fun so that he doesn't miss 'important thing'.
It probably helps that the main thread has an endless amount of violent schizos who do their best to make the thread as unwelcoming as possible for anyone who doesn't share their tastes. It's no surprise everyone left for greener pastures.
What's funny is that they also hate that this thread exists because it means there's no longer anyone biting their bait in the main thread, so they spend a lot of their time complaining about it. But the fact that this thread is just as fast has fully justified its existence.
Did she get mad when she couldn't shrink the bulb?
>wake up
>look at news
>giantess aliens still haven’t invaded yet
>sigh tiredly and get ready for work
It’s just not fair bros. I’d even take cruelfag alien women at this point.
>I’d even take cruelfag alien women at this point
You may think that now, but when the aliens do invade and they learn you like stuff like “alien giantess city rampage” they’re first going to be offended by such harsh stereotypes, then they’ll send you to extreme rehabilitation where you learn to accept your new gentle, loving overlords for who they are, not bloodthirsty monsters.
>Just waiting for the giant alien women to invade
I've been playing this every night through loud speakers for the past year. No such luck, also my neighbors hate me.
File: 1631819780367.jpg (115 KB, 827x1169)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
Sorry anon, but there is a galactic law preventing contact with humanity.

Humans, whilst much smaller and weaker compared to all the advanced giantess civilisations out there in the galaxy, are considered to be dangerously cute and adorable by alien standards. Humanity is so cute in fact that it can affect the cognitive and reasoning abilities of any alien. In effect, an alien can end up being mind controlled by a human.

As such, Earth is off-limits and no race should ever make contact with them. Some, of course, skirt these rules by chatting with humans online and through message boards. There have also been rare reports that certain daring smugglers have tried abducting lonely humans by the desperate and wealthy aliens who see themselves above galactic law, though this is just a rumour.

Don't ask me how I know this.
>entire galactic wars have been fought over humanity, with the cute little things being so adorable the far larger civilizations of the cosmos can’t help but want to posses them.
>the conflicts grew so bad the galactic federation had to step in, and impose a strict and fair exclusion zone on Sol
>everyone can look, but nobody can’t touch
>nobody was happy about that, but the damage to the galaxy had been great
>and the Alvari Ambassador had given a rousing and terrifying speech about the possibility of Humanity being put at risk if the violence escalated
>that ended all arguments
>so now almost every single spacefaring race in the galaxy just obsessively watches humanity from a distance
>indeed, it isn’t uncommon to even see high senators of the federation watching human live streams on their lunch breaks
>there’s been a growing amount of concern lately though
>the humans have been hit by disaster after disaster, from plague to war
>many wonder if they’re capable of sue bing on their own
>monitoring of their primitive datanet also shows concerning trends about human mental health deterioration
>a growing sense of doom, loneliness, and desire to know if they’re alone in the stars that many believe needs to be answered
>one of the biggest trends in the wider GalactiNet has been to ghost through the human internet, and find interesting things to share
>one anonymous poster (believed by many to be a Thrax queen by the way they wrote) has been presenting lots of evidence that humans are capable of being sexually attracted to giant females
>even those of different species
>and that’s without even knowing if they exist or not!
>that, along with other such discoveries, have led to a growing new political and social movement
>one that espouses the galaxy needs to step in
>humans are MADE to be loved by the bigger peoples, if they’re left alone they’ll self destruct
>politics ensue, nobody wants to agree to anything
>what will happen?
I just hope the giant space babes intervene before Russia starts dropping nukes out of pure spite.
>Aliens watch human Livestreams
>The aliens that've seen all the human hands pleasuring themselves to pictures of aliens...
I think that might be the real reason why they stay away
>after years of hopeless waiting, anon decides to finally move on and wake up to reality
>fantasies are just that: fantasy
>deletes his size porn
>stops obsessively checking for new content
>stops drinking
>hits the gym
>goes on a diet
>dials way back on his porn addiction
>all the usually “get you shut together” agendas
>starts learning how to talk to actual female girls as he gets /fit/
>just as anon becomes an above average normie on his way to chadhood, it happens
>she alien women appear, and they are giant
>there is no invasion
>no coming down to take all the humans they want, or that want them
>apparently they’re just here to pick up some humans they’ve been preparing via online psy-ops - those they know want to be with them
>anon isn’t chosen
>his heart breaks
>sure, he can live a somewhat norma life now
>but he will forever be tormented by what he lost out on
>what a cruel joke
>11/10 oc comes to life and makes fun of her creator for being an incel: the post
What can one man do against such reckless cruelty
Probably most realistic giantess scenario honestly
>Be tiny
>Even easier to be ignored and looked down on
>Completely useless to society
>Completely useless to women outside of being a gimmicky pet
>Even that's limited because your lifespan is the same as theirs and no one wants to keep a pet that long, especially one that talks back
>Absolutely everyone and everything can kill you
>Most things that will are either indifferent or or derive perverse pleasure from it
>Try to live your tiny life the best you can
>One day it ends in a second
>No one notices
>Sad boy hours
>not only is your fantasy physically impossible to realize
>it is also unrealistic on the social/psychological level
>if no one loves you now, why would anyone love you as a tiny?
>if you somehow by some divine intervention managed to find someone willing to love you, it would become much harder for them after you shrink
It is just unfair bros
Why do we long for the impossibilities?
Why couldn’t I be into something generic degeneracy instead of this?

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