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Previous thread doesn't exist anymore, but here it is >>10438987

>tfw never living in a sim universe at the hands of someone fun
File: 2981216.jpg (227 KB, 1024x1229)
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227 KB JPG
Would you all stick to grand scale or would you toy with people on a personal level? I like the latter but the power scale involved is more being a witch and toying with people then omnipotence.
Fun casual uses of unlimited power like in pic related are awesome
I would want to be grand that my true scale couldn’t normally be perceived. However, making copies of myself to travel the worlds surrounding me that cause mischief and send their experiences back to me would be how I fight any tedium.
4chin keeps eating my images today..
File: 1645675920526.jpg (200 KB, 850x1568)
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200 KB JPG
Small scale. Even though I'm a sizefag being astronomically sized seems too boring considering how much of the universe is just empty nothing. I'd rather rub shoulders with people on a level they can at least understand and save the vulgar displays of power for special occasions.
How would you handle violent resistance/assassination attempts to your rule as a god?
i'd definitely do stuff like use planets as onaholes for my divine cock or make galaxies form out of my cum, but beyond the occasional spectacle like that i think i'd use most of my powers doing stuff on Earth (or a parallel copy, anyways)
So I can fuck the world for seventy-two hours
I'd help them.
I would find a way spread a rumor, maybe through some ancient text, buried tablet, low level servant etc. About some weakness I have. I'd have the rebels wage some kind of campaign against me, it would be a long and brutal war but in the end they will succeed in reaching me. Just as the final blow is about to be struck they will all freeze, confused as to what is happening. That's when I reveal my deception. Also that me and the main hero have swapped appearances. His main helpers will be frozen and become decorations in "my" new palace while he will become my new throne, forced to look on as the newly liberated world slowly morphs back into the old one
I want to do this but they get absorbed into my balls.
File: flqi8k2q2ft91.jpg (51 KB, 640x640)
51 KB
I think the first thing I'd do with my omnipotence would be a nice, long nap.
You know the kind of tired that sleep can't fix? I'd fix that with enough sleep.
I'd pick a mountain somewhere and set up a comfy cocoon in the heart of it. Then I'd just wrap myself in blankets and snooze for a few millenia.
As I sleep, my subconscious will start sending out divine energies, gradually reforming the landscape around me, beginning with the mountain. The rock would start chipping away to columns, domes, balustrades, spires, balconies, halls, shrines, obelisks and more, turning the entire mountain into one gigantic temple cut from monolothic pieces of granite. Everything is intricately carved and detailed, down to microscopic scale.
People across the world would be inexplicably attracted to this colossal temple, and journey far to meditate in the alcoves or hear the sermons by preachers who have no idea where their words are coming from. The most devoted would journey further and further into the endless halls of the mountain, where light no longer penetrates. As they reach further inside, however, a slight golden glow starts lighting up the chambers, intensifying the closer they get to the center.
In the very heart is a massive circular chamber around a sarcophagus holding my comfy cocoon. The ones who reach this would take a place on the floor and sleep, for a chance to share their dreams with a portion of my own sleeping mind.

When I awaken after the eons have passed, I'd be greeted to an entire planet of jubilant worshippers who have taken to fashioning the rest of the world into one massive temple complex, with the mountain, my abode, sitting as the crown jewel in it all.
Comfy and based.
Is there a girl here who would play with the entire universe?
File: v1vjrogmor3a1.jpg (191 KB, 1450x2048)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
I'd do stuff mostly at a grand scale. I've mentioned it before in previous omnipotence threads, but I'd make these changes to the universe:

>Everyone is young and immortal, and has the ability to effortlessly fly around at speeds up to 30-50MPH based on skill. Everyone also has upgraded mind that can handle an eternal life's worth of memories without going insane
>The earth still exists as we know it, but now stretches into an endless plane like minecraft; somehow with a day night cycle without there being a star
>Space with normal planets and such still exists in the heavens, and can be explored by people who are brave enough (if someone gets stranded in space, they get auto teleported back to endless plane earth)
>Karma now exists, so if people are dicks to others, they have just as bad of things happen to them until they cut it out. Good things happen to people who are good to others too
>An afterlife endless plane has always existed with the same rules as earth endless plane, and people can go there to visit deceased friends and family by building a gateway (also kinda like minecraft nether portals)
>Adjust physics and create a field of some sort, so that an instant communication universal-wide internet could be easily built

And then on a self-serving level, I'd going about my now endless life and be subtle about being god. As the population reaches uncountable levels, I'd make it so that if someone would say yes to an offer to live in a world subject to my degeneracy, they get made that offer and teleported to a petri dish sized world in a snowglobe that sits on my desk (somehow still endless inside). There I can indulge all my size fetish, inanimate TF, and mind control fantasies without being a menace to everyone. And of course, people in my horny world can leave at any time

I'd also use my power to find lovers, and enjoy centuries to millennia long marriages to different men and women. Other people could enjoy relationships like that too!
File: 104782312_p1.png (1.05 MB, 1632x1248)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
Hey! You broke the moon, stupid!
File: 1666180305409699.jpg (282 KB, 1600x1200)
282 KB
282 KB JPG
I am exclusively here for women with super strength. Futa with super strength is also acceptable.
I like utilizing superstrength via dicks.
I think I'd coddle humanity too much with omnipotence. Disease, pain, death, all kinds of negative experiences would be done away with. Anything that would cause injury gets softened, dulled, and otherwise rendered harmless. People would still have guns and knives and such, but try to shoot someone and a bunch of butterflies come out the barrel, or stab someone and the knife becomes rubber. Punch someone and your fist squishes like a sponge. Resources become endless, but I haven't decided if people will still need to work for them or not. I'd like to change human nature as little as possible, but will do so if it's the best solution to a given problem. I'd also spread the belief in a pantheon of deities, which would all just be me but people can choose whichever aspect of me they are most comfortable with.

Also, I'd experiement with making other animals as intelligent as people and allowing communication between different species.
>become omnipotent
>want to create a personal harem of "fictional" waifus/husbandos
>I visit my targets in the subconscious realm and try to seduce them there
>if I fail, they won't remember anything
>if I succeed, I literally take their lust and love towards me
>and reshape it into a separate being, fully enamoured with me
>(the original won't notice anything anyway)

>bring back new spouse to my pocket dimension
>enlarge my realm by adding some extra territory for them
>now they got their own mini-domain that they can shape however they want
>I create a clone/avatar of myself and reshape it to fit my new spouse's tastes

>repeat this whole process a lot of times
>50% of my realm is spouses and 50% clones of myself
>due to being all embodiements of someone's love towards me, all my spouse get along well with each other
>obviously each has their own favourite clone of myself
>but they don't disdain borrowing someone else's clones

>was supposed to be a realm of lewdness of depravity
>instead we all mostly chill with each other, cuddle, or play games
>I can't bring myself to change it
>apparently my subconscious desires are more omnipotent than me
>go figure
That's really comfy, anon. Aside from being trapped in your creation of course.
I also wish I have omnipotent, so I can live in my wildest dream and ambition.
Tell us more.
Also, I bet that you would take a videogamer-like mentality, like making self-imposed challenges. Resetting the same timeline over and over and over because you want to beat your "any% mortality-to-omnipotence speedrun" record.
You know, that's actually a great idea. Might add it on my "Things I would do if I have omnipotent".
One of my wildest dream is living like a healthy normal human being, without any body dysmorphia, autism or any mental illness bullshit. A nice and good family, that I can proudly say I'm glad being born there, a family that I always be at ease to confide all my worries, my fear and secrets to them, and they will gladly help me navigate them and have my back all the time
My ambition is be an eternal traveller, travel around the multiverse, become whatever I want to be, probably amass a personal harem along the way
Or becom a Saturday Morning Cartoon Villain and follow Evil Overlord list in tvtropes just for fun.
File: 1654455548185.jpg (149 KB, 850x356)
149 KB
149 KB JPG

Wholesome. I don't think I could keep it quite that tame, but those could at least be good blueprints for one of the fractures of my multiverse.

I'd probably insulate it against failure, but having a universe where I and many others compete to become God or Goddess in a series of strange challenges could be fun. Could even force different versions of it to be PG rated, X rated, etc.
Just how many kids did this awaken something in?
>Be god
>Destroy the old world
>Create man in your own image.
>Making man is actually kinda hard, this is gonna take a few tries.
>Alright after centuries of trial and error I've finally made the perfect subjects to inhabit the new world.
>They discover evidence of the old world, of me destroying the world, and of the countless generations of mankind discarded and deemed failures.
>They will call me a monster, and they will be right.
>Let them play the hero, and feign my death.
>Watch them take over, see how hard it is without me holding the seams together.
>When it's on the brink of collapse and they become exactly like me, I will return and greet them with open arms.
>We god
>Destroy the old world

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