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File deleted.
As always, the rules:
>Grant the wish of an Anon above you, putting your own twist on it.
>After granting a wish, you get to make one wish yourself. The Anons below you will grant it, and so on.
The first Anon of the thread gets to ask for a wish for free, without having to grant someone else's wish.
>If a wish received only lazy "the wish is made completely unenjoyable and everyone dies" answers, you can re-grant it in a different way and still get to make your wish.
>If all wishes have been already granted, then you can just ask for a wish for free.
>Not a rule but it's still good form: if someone put effort and creativity in their post, you are encouraged to put effort and creativity when you answer their wish.
>Remember that we're here to have fun!

Previous thread:
Ungranted wishes from the previous thread:
>>I wish I was a cute girl and were-harpy, able to swap between human (if I need hands) and harpy (monster girl+flight).

>>I wish I was a hot goblin matriarch of a large all female family in the modern era, with a manor and all the amenities I'd need, and of course, futafication magic and no consequences for incest to keep things fun (so long as they're all female and futa magic is passed down). Finding other goblins sounds hard so why not keep it in the family?

And the OP's wish:
>I wish to become a cute, hung, and horny trap.
>>I wish to become a cute, hung, and horny trap.
He gets to become a Hello Kitty doll with two bull horns stuffed into its butt (points outwards) hanging from a rope over a trigger in the jungles of 'Nam.

I decline to make a wish (yes, I'm allowed to do that: I "get to make one wish", I'm not mandated to do so,)
>>Ungranted wishes from the previous thread:
>>I wish I was a cute girl and were-harpy, able to swap between human (if I need hands) and harpy (monster girl+flight).

Granted. As a side effect, you lay from zero up to two eggs a week at random intervals. You'll get some advanced warning but once the process starts you will likely not be able to move much because of the crippling orgasm that comes with the egg laying process. As an egg layer you don't have a period, but you'll make an additional egg that week instead.

If you want to have a baby, since you weren't born as a harpy you'll need the partner who fertilized the egg to put it back inside of you. It could take some time for your body to realize what they're trying to do and allow your cervix to dilate, so your partner should be prepared to fist you for an hour or more.
File: Toha Spiral.jpg (1.3 MB, 1939x720)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB JPG
>I wish to become a cute, hung, and horny trap.
Granted, you become a cute trap boy who is pretty easy to "rile up": you tend to get aroused pretty easily, getting a hard-on just by thinking a bit too much about lewd stuff. Your dick, when completely flaccid, is basically an 1-inch long micropenis, with a tint cute ballsack underneath it. That way, you can parade around in a bikini and still look like a girl.
If your dick becomes fully erect, however, it will grow massively, becoming half as long as you are tall; your balls will grow too, becoming pineapple-sized. Your dick's full size means that you'll have difficulty walking around, and it also means a much bigger sensitive area; so when someone will rub it with both hands, the feeling will be pretty overwhelming. You are not a "quickshot", which means that you'll pleasurably suffer for a while before reaching orgasm.

Maybe, in the future, you will learn how to manage your horniness to manipulate your dick's size into something less extreme. No promises, though.

>I wish for something related to these images.
>>I wish I was a hot goblin matriarch (...)
Granted, you become the matriarch of a noble family of goblins. You live in the modern era, with all the related amenities and benefits; and you are positively loaded, with enough cash to last you and your family for life (unless you try to do something very stupid). On top of that, you have been afflicted by a curse that grants you and your girls supernatural fertility, easy and plentiful pregnancies, lots of children, and incestuous tendencies. Also, your bloodline produces futas instead of females. Luckily, one of your ancestors left behind instructions for a magic ritual, which you used to give yourself the power to change the sex of yourself and any goblin relative - though you are limited to female and futa.

So what's the drawback? Well... The curse works by creating an excess of life, and then taking it back. In other words, the goblins in your family are very fertile, and they reproduce fast... But they're also very susceptible to "Bad Ends". From being magically turned into sex toys to being kidnapped by rapists and never seen again, your relatives have a bad habit of disappearing. And the thing is... they love it.
See, part of this is because a dead-ended goblin will be reborn in the family... eventually... Although they will lose several of their memories until they become mature enough (except the memories of the Bad End itself, which will never come back). And partly because they understand their place in this deviant world: little sluts who deserve to be used and warped by any fetish possible.
As the family matriarch, you are immune from this "Curse of Bad End" until you relinquish the position. But that won't change the fact that your family has its own in-built population control, so creating a massive incestuous clan will be very hard. Plus, every time a daughter of yours goes missing, you still feel a pang of sadness... Or maybe it's envy?
I wish to become a shy futa with big sexual assets (mostly boobs and cock).
File: fairy.jpg (248 KB, 850x1188)
248 KB
248 KB JPG
Granted, though you're also cursed with frequent wardrobe malfunctions, usually at least half a dozen times per day. Even more frequently, however, your assets cause trouble around you, perhaps your boobs knock things off a desk, or a throb from your massive erections tips over a whole table. This invariably results in everyone around you looking at you - and at your assets - to see the source of the disturbance. You'll often here comments in jest, too, like, "Did you see that? Guess she got tired of playing Monopoly and thought tipping the table with her cock would be a good way to quit." or "I get that her boobs are MASSIVE, but you'd think she could put a little more effort into keeping them in her bra." People always blame you for willingly doing the accidents your body causes, even though they're not intentional. Most of the time, they'll assume you're just unreasonably horny, or really like showing off your body.

Whenever accidents like this happen, you'll always feel a sudden rush of embarrassment, and you'll never adapt to it. What's worse is that your brain is rewired so that embarrassment will cause your nipples to grow hard and for your cock to throb erect in addition to this happening from normal arousal - leading credence to the theories that you're getting off on all the accidents your body causes. It's so bad that if you're overcome with embarrassment, you'll end up cumming on the spot, making a huge puddle that stretches out across the floor - that you'll likely be forced to clean up later once you calm down. An act which is itself, very embarrassing. Your body has no refractory period, and your libido is made quite a bit higher, too. So expect accidents of this kind to be rather common.

Your condition is a something of a feedback loop. If you're embarrassed that your erection is showing, that will only make it get harder and show more readily, making you more embarrassed.

>I wish to be a really big fairy!
Your atributes arrive from being obese, this doesnt afect your health mor your social life, but You have To deal with the struggles of your new size
I wish i had a wonderful chubby girlfriend that loved My cooking
>>I wish to be a really big fairy!

granted. you start as normal size and can grow or shrink in size by half every second.

your natural magic is only strong enough to combat square cube physics up to 500lbs of body weight.
Granted, and apologies for the late & uninspired granting. Reality has been altered so that you have been living two parallel lives - your old life, and an anime life in the world of the "Toriko" series. Now these two lives have been fused into one: you have your old body, but the memories of both lives. You also have been given a portal door to freely travel between your homes in both worlds.
Short summary of the Toriko world: it's an anime bullshit planet with Kenshiro-esque bodies everywhere, weird monsters, and absurd power levels. Food is a VERY important part of this world's culture, to the point that the most respected professions are cooks and Gourmet Hunters, which are basically adventurers.

Your girlfriend is one of these Hunters; she has a beautifully chubby body, a great and compatible personality, enough raw strength to squash cars, and she loves your cooking - especially your "mundane world" cooking... if you make it in "Toriko-world" sized portions. Which are pretty huge.

So what's the drawback? Well, she has her job as a Hunter, and since you're her cook partner, she expects you to help her. Which means that you'll have to study up anime cooking bullshit, like learning how to warp time to shorten the cooking time from 100 years to 10 minutes (no, that actually happens in the manga). Don't expect to have to fight - that's your GF's job; but do expect to assume a supporter role. Fighting builds up a lot of appetite...

I wish to be squished by big butts, without dying or being maimed.
File: 1669583300054651.jpg (2.38 MB, 1920x2720)
2.38 MB
2.38 MB JPG
Granted, though you won't start that way, not even close. In your next life you will be born as a fairy with your soul bound to a magical tree, your wings will sprout with it's first leaves and you will grow with it at the same slow but constant rate. You won't need to stay in the same place as it and will always know exactly where it is you go exploring . Your magic will become more powerful as you and your tree grow in size, but after you reach a certain size you will begin feeling through it.

Once you reach roughly the size of a person your tree will be almost like a giant out-of-body erogenous zone, so feeling, thankfully your tree is rather solitary. Or it was until that village popped up near your meadow and promptly started a religion around, the people will sing and praise your tree as a beacon to you and touch or stroke daily for luck and good fortune, meaning it really won't be long before the hands against it's bark become nearly constant. Once you reach the size in your picture you might have all the faithful of a megalopolis sprawling over the branches and roots of your truly enormous tree, possibly even living genuinely inside of it which you'll be even more sensitive to, and where some mortal to safely reach the base of your roots and insert his member in the incredibly tight hole there, you would the feeling completely overwhelming and orgasm immediately, shaking the countless fruits from the leaves of your tree and feeding the many people who call it home.

He will at least bother to introduce himself to you and your physical fairy body and you'll be able to recognize him every time he reincarnates should you fall in love. Though wether it's just him and or many others like him expect the whole instant orgasm thing to happen at least once a year.

I wish to be the futanari woman in this picture, with a large and incestuous family of futanari
File: 104951754_p0_master1200.jpg (742 KB, 849x1200)
742 KB
742 KB JPG
Granted, you live in a world where almost everyone has big butts like in your picture, and for some reason, people with big butts constantly think you're a chair/invisible (So if you're standing at a bus stop someone will see you as a bench, if you're sitting on a bus someone will see an empty bus seat). The people who sit on you don't mean to do it, and when they realize they're sitting on you they will get up and apologize, they just genuinely didn't notice you. Also, instead of dying or being maimed when someone sits on you, you turn into a flat pancake like in cartoons, and when someone sitting on you gets up you could either get stuck to the chair, or stuck to their ass, and if you're flattened like that, you can't unflatten yourself, someone else has to do it, so hopefully someone notices you.

>I wish I had the ability to alter other peoples bodies to do things like add/change/remove body parts, alter weight and height, etc. This ability also does not have a cooldown, and using this ability won't change my own body (unless I'm using it on myself because I want to).
>>I wish I had the ability to alter other peoples bodies to do things like add/change/remove body parts, alter weight and height, etc. This ability also does not have a cooldown, and using this ability won't change my own body (unless I'm using it on myself because I want to).

Granted but your ability comes with a truly heinous monkey's paw level of karmic accumulation. If the people involved like the changes, life will be fun. If they don't, you'll find out what having bad karma really means.
Granted, but your family all have much bigger and more potent dicks than you do. Because of this you are treated as the lowest member of your house and are not allowed leave the premises of the family estate. You family considers their impressive cocks to be a source of pride and fear people learning of the small size of your cock will bring shame on the family. Most of your relatives have written you off as a loss, considering you no more than a maid to boss around and a fuckdoll to bully with their superior cocks. Your aunt however, the matriarch of the family, finds your condition unacceptable, and frequently tries to remedy it with various methods, from vacuum pumping, to experimental medicine and aphrodisiacs, which often have intense and unpredictable results.

>I wish my body, especially all my holes, were incredibly elastic and stretchy.
Granted, however your muscles have a bad habit of being prone to cramps, getting stiff and achy if you stay still for too long. This happens way more quickly than normal people, so you will have to stretch out more often.
Not only that, but these pains will not go away with normal stretching; instead, you'll have to be stretched and contorted in absurd ways what would kill a normal person. Good thing that your elasticity is incredibly high, allowing you to take it with basically no pain.

Oh, by the way... This also applies to your holes, too. Yes, this means that you can get cramps in your vagina, butthole, mouth, navel etc. And of course, the only solution against these cramps is more stretching.
Think about being clever and just putting a watermelon up your butt to keep it stretched? Think again - the cramps are caused by inactivity, so a hole that remains stretched to a certain size for a long time WILL get a cramp. You better take out that watermelon occasionally.

But hey, to make you forgive me, I'll just apply some "hentai physics" on your body and what you put inside of it. For example, if you unbirth someone, they won't die of suffocation; if you put a glass jar, it won't break; if you put a phone, it'll still work even when covered in vaginal fluids, etc. Plus, your holes are always clean... although I can't do anything about farts, sorry.

>I wish to become a fat bunny boy used as food in a vore restaurant.
File: 1646010573056.jpg (199 KB, 1350x1800)
199 KB
199 KB JPG
Granted! In your default state, you're just a fat bunny boy. When the cooks at the restaurant want to turn you into food, they feed you an absurd amount of a particular item.

As you gorge yourself on the massive portion, you grow absurdly fat, and your body begins to turn into food. In food state, you can barely move. Instead you sit there and drool whatever saunce, syrup, or juice is appropriate for your form.

Being eaten is excessively pleasurable, and you regenerate! Everyone is sure not to eat every last bit of you, so you can return.

The catch is, to regenerate fully to the point where you can be eaten again, you need to take it in the ass twenty times. The restaurant uses you as a side attraction in the bathrooms and lets horny male patrons use you for $35 a pop.

>I wish I lived in a fantasy world with horny monsters and different fantasy races. I also wish I had a magical ass that follows all porn convenience rules and transforms into a perfect match for whatever dick someone tries to fuck me with.
File: ezgif-2-36777d163e.png (1.31 MB, 1200x1026)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB PNG
Granted. You get isekaied into a generic fantasy world, with plenty of different races and wide-spread horniness. Compared to other fantasy worlds, this one is significantly more relax: people are more interested into living an everyday life (though with a lot more sex) than doing grandiose stuff like conquering or adventuring. People also have a much more "in-stride" attitude towards rape, seeing it more as an inconvenience than a crime. Fucking a messenger might make them madaat you, but just because you made them run late, for instance.

Now let's talk about your paw. As you probably guessed by the image, the transformative power of your "magical ass" extends to your entire lower body. To be more specific: every time someone fucks you in the ass your ass will automatically adapt to their penis, ensuring a high degree of pleasure - especially for you, so expect to ahegao a lot. However, sometimes (often) the entire lower half of your body will transform. I mean, think about it: many centaurs would prefer horse asses over human asses, right?
Of course, this doesn't happen 100% of the time. Sometimes the person who fucks you will consider your lower half to be hot enough; in that case, only your asshole will be modified. So you don't have a reliable way of controlling your form. My suggestion: just embrace your quirkiness, and take it in stride like the natives do.
File: 85827682.gif (3.38 MB, 800x600)
3.38 MB
3.38 MB GIF
>I wish to be isekaied in a fantasy world with the mission of providing peace between all races... By progressively transforming my own body to make myself more and more /d/eviant and fuckable, so that everyone will prefer fucking me over fighting each other.
NOTE: To give more freedom to the "genie", I'm not wishing for the guarantee of succeeding.
Granted. You start off as a normal succubus, with a charm ability that makes any single creature extremely horny for you. This ability grows as you transform, and you'll be able to charm more people, as well as gaining access to other lewd magics as you transform.

There's a few catches. First, every orgasm (except your own) within a 6-feet radius of your body will cause you to transform, and you'll gain both a random racial trait and a fetish trait from the orgasmer. So for example if an elf with a multi-breast fetish cums inside you, you might get pointy ears and an extra pair of breasts. Also, as you transform, your libido will exponentially increase, which forces you to charm more and more people in increasing frequency.

Now, there are two possible outcomes, both of which provides world peace: first, you might be successful in your endeavor, and creatures from all races would hang out while fucking your body. The other ending? As you turn into a monster of lust raping entire cities at once, the various races unites to take you down. Will they succeed? Or will you charm them too instead? Who knows, but at least they'll stop fighting against each other.

>I wish to be a waiter in a hung trap cafe, with all our customers being cute futas or girls.
Granted, but none of them want to fuck you
Granted. Using your power allows you to manipulate flesh, including creating it from nothing or making it disappear. Using your ability tires you out, and also puts severe strain on your brain akin to a headache.
But that's not the main problem. Your powers were a gift from an eldritch abomination. It wants you to use these powers to pursue its "artistic view"... By which it means "you must alter some people in a way that will please it". It will send you some weird dreams for inspiration/template, many of which involve enormous landscapes of flesh and people being merged or distorted in weirdly hot ways.
Be warned, though: the god might be willing to spend time and oatience teaching you to become an "artist", but if you slack off you'll be forced to take "remedial classes"... which are much, MUCH more intense and weird dreams.

Granted, but it's a bunnybunny "girl" café. By which I mean that the entire staff is made by trap bunnyboys - the monsterboy kind - wearing bunnygirl uniforms. This means that you will become more skittish, more easily embarassed, weaker and lighter (a girl can pick you up by the uniform's collar with one hand).
On the plus side, bunnyboys tend to be quickshot with stupidly high sexual stamina: it doesn't take much to make you orgasm, but you can immediately go for another round... and another... and another, without pauses or refractory periods, for an hour.

I wish to become a well-hung futa shorstack.
File: FjjSoTqWIAAGtqW.jpg (271 KB, 1020x1620)
271 KB
271 KB JPG
Granted! You become a very cute futa imp shortstack, and other monster girls/guys exist too, so you won't be persecuted or anything, and there will be more sexy shenanigans to experience with your new body.

Only... you will get bustier, and gain a rear to balance you out. How much? Enough to let you give yourself titjobs while you suck your own futa cock without bending over, of course. What else?

This might sound like an objectively good thing... until you realize just how much of a monster your cock is. You can walk normally while it's flaccid. It'll still look like you have a banana in your panties, but it'll be manageable. You also have minor imp magic, like distracting people with pretty lights, performing minor tricks (like making something slippery), or, most importantly to you, levitation. Your little legs will get tired with so much on them, you can float around enough to still comfortably get around, reach high places, etc, though you aren't outright EXEMPT from walking. Your mana will run low if you abuse it for more than 8 hours a day, making magic harder for you.

And if you get erect? Well... good news is you have a note explaining your "condition" so when that thing pops out you won't get in legal trouble or lose your monster girl job or whatever. Bad news is it's still extremely embarrassing... and your cock likes to go STRAIGHT up. This means it WILL end up between your own tits when it springs out from your pants, with the head in your face, ready for autofellatio. You can try to keep it down before it gets this bad...

Also? When erect, levitation gets... clumsy. That thing will swing all over the place and throw you off balance.

You better learn to make it to the bathroom when you need to, and fast...

>I wish there was a worldwide monstergirl/guy/futafication wave, with random effects, the only constant being that they're hot for those affected. I also wish I was affected, and became a cute monster girl for yuri/futa yuri.
File: 1672672035095590.jpg (352 KB, 2000x2588)
352 KB
352 KB JPG
Granted. Mass monsterfication/futafication occurs worldwide at random, and sexual urges become greater in all who are affected. The change springs a cultural shift towards casual lewdism that starts an era of social acceptance and peace. You are one of the changed, and enjoy your new body. You catch the eye of a powerful futa CEO, who hires you as a Devil-Wears-Prada-esque assistant. You cannot say no - she's that powerful. As such, you must serve her authoritarian whims in business and sex. She takes great pleasure in poking at all your insecurities, and actively makes your job difficult to watch you struggle. If she can make you cry from the stress of work, then fuck your brains out, then it's a good day for her. Also, your parents are really disappointed in you because you basically slept your way into this job. Your boss doesn't let them forget it - she plays golf with your dad.

>I wish I was the knight guardian and advisor to a newborn shota prince in a high-fantasy setting. The prince will grow up to be in a contest of succession with his many siblings for rulership of a powerful empire. As he grows up, the prince allows me to lead him through political and tactical obstacles during the day, but he leads me to the bed and makes me his desperate consort at night with his huge cock.
File: 1664545288267286.jpg (2.69 MB, 1920x2719)
2.69 MB
2.69 MB JPG
Granted, your prince, while he stay rather short and weak physically, never growing past being tall enough to have his head buried in your breasts. Will grow wise and strong with magical arts through your many travels and battles. Even learning a spell he assures you will allow you perfect clarity during battle or debates and keep your mind clear of your more personal affairs.

This spell will effectively allow him to switch your mind and body between two modes, one for fighting and advising him and the other for all the incredibly intensive sex you have. You can think of it like an RPG where he can quickly swap all of your general and combat stats for sexual ones. This means while you will be as smart as you are strong during the day, and become more toned and muscular as those stats increase on top of just smarter, while in your other form you'll be completely ineffective in combat and struggle with comprehending yourself past being his toy with a much softer and filled out Venus body as physically desperate for sex as you are mentally. Although you'll never actually notice when he swaps you over, it's more blips of consciousness between going to bed with him and waking up the next morning.

Though there will come a day when your prince, now king, no longer has need for your mental and fighting prowess and lift the spell allowing the parts of your mind to come together letting you realize some of the truly degenerate things you had been so eager to do for him in your Venus body. He will keep you in this large and soft Venus body and let your mind fall truly into addition for his cock as he casts on you other spells to ensure you safe and painless births for the very many children you will have as his queen.

I wish I was a futa with a micro-penis and enormous balls
File: 1672672035095589.5.png (1.88 MB, 894x1440)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB PNG
Granted. Your penis can only be seen if fully erect and you spread away your vulva around it. Shadman finds you at your home and claims you as his perfect model, his muse, his Mona Lisa. He buys the rights to your image in all forms, so the only pictures of you are those that he draws. Forever will you be associated with Shadman and his futa drawings of big balls. All internet posts anywhere by you are automatically banned with a Winslow GIF/image, and you cannot be within 100 meters of any school, park, or playground.

>I wish I was a police detective on the capital planet of a futuristic, galaxy-spanning, cyberpunk empire. I solve gritty inner-city and corporate crime with my trusted multi-species task force. The task force members are bonded so well that we are all friends-with-benefits living in a comfortable, middle-class apartment funded by our agency.
File: EW7jf-5XgAACmf4.jpg (194 KB, 1055x1500)
194 KB
194 KB JPG
Granted, but it's too small to effectively pleasure normally... in fact... you now have supernaturally obnoxious parts in the way of it. Belly chub, foreskin, thigh fat, your balls... anything that can make it hard to reach WILL make it hard to reach. This isn't just normal annoyance either, it's a curse that will intentionally prevent direct stimulation as a means of masturbation. But just to be nice, you find it just fine whenever you need to piss... but it'll sink back into the folds again right after.

In addition... your balls grow bigger the more aroused you are, and the longer you've gone without masturbating. They are incredibly sensitive, but can also make simply walking a challenge if they aren't in their "default" state. When it gets bad, standing up becomes difficult...

And of course, the only way to shrink them back down is to cum. A lot. A single load won't turn them back to normal, even if they're just on the edge of stopping you from walking... but you can't touch it to pleasure yourself, so what now?

Simple. Get creative. You've got giant, sensitive balls. Use 'em. And your ass? You better find your prostate and get WELL acquainted with it. To make this easier... your butt no longer produces waste and is stretchier.

You have to keep things varied though, otherwise your picky pecker will grow bored of he same technique.

This world has other futas... but your condition is... a bit embarrassing, even among them. But if you want to remain mobile? I suggest you find some people to "help you out" regularly. Who knows? Maybe someone will take you in as a beloved butt slut.

>I wish I was a hot dominatrix who could compel cute girls to want to submit to me sexually, and be turned on by having me as a dom... without inherently altering their personalities, especially if they're shy or rebellious to the idea, to make it more fun for me, and make any new gf/sub a more personal experience.
File: 94560974_p5.jpg (2.28 MB, 2812x4096)
2.28 MB
2.28 MB JPG
Granted! But no average Joe can get in, of course. You yourself are a unique "species" that lends itself VERY well to detective work. You are a psychic ghost. While you have no body of your own... you can borrow any empty android body, robot body... or sexbot body, if you're desperate, and use it as if it were your own.

You may also possess other people and smart electronics.

Now, possession has two main forms. "Riding", and "Controlling". Riding is much easier, especially on unaware targets. You hop into their head, and experience their senses, hear their passing thoughts, and get to "ride" them wherever they're headed. However... other psions, while semi rare, can detect you. Other psychics can expel you.

Direct possession requires a lot of effort, and is much easier to see through. Even non psychics can shake you off if they're strong willed enough, but intoxicated, distracted, and willing targets make it easier.

Electronics... are limited to what that device can do. You have a vague sixth "sense" of what's around you, you can "see" people, shapes, things, but not far or clearly.

You can also be "tricked" into possessing things simply by having that thing in the way of your spirit. Your partners enjoy fucking with you like this... a gynoid who's upset at your treatment of tech might trap you in a smart onahole and fuck you with futa cock, or maybe a cute alien girl partner will take the limbs off of her sexbot without you knowing and invite you to sleep with her... leaving you a fuck nugget for her enjoyment.

You cannot exist outside of a body for long, or else you'll return to a soul jar in your hideout. Of course... knowledgeable and pervy criminals might use try to use the same tricks. Luckily, getting stuck for too long can also return you to your "safe" jar. But that doesn't mean a "bad guy/gal" can't trap you in a remote controlled sex bot for a day if you aren't careful...

Your friends may tease you about especially embarrassing events.
File: FleLO_wWIAM3GuP.jpg (1.18 MB, 3000x3000)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB JPG
>I wish I was a cute, talented artist girl who could make lifelike paintings/drawings, and trap people in them to alter with my art skills and release, or simply keep as animated paintings and living decoration/company as long as I want... perhaps with another naked girl in there to keep them company...? Maybe more...? I wish I could enter and leave my own art as well, wouldn't want to miss out.
File: 80_gaistvine_st01.jpg (31 KB, 640x480)
31 KB
Granted, you become a cute and talented artist MONSTER girl, specifically a haunted painting. Your body is that of a cute girl living inside the painting (a small pocket dimension roughly 500 cubic feet in volume, that you can modify by painting); your health is tied to the painting's and vice-versa, so a scratch on the frame means a scratch on you, and both will naturally heal over time. You can survive on sexual energy, you don't need much food, you don't breathe, and you can sleep immobile and with your eyes open (to mimic a real painting). You can partially exit the painting... but only with half your body.
Also, you are pretty quick at making paintings, and you can generate endless supplies of average-quality paint. You can also "mentally prepare" a painting in your head, so that when you'll actually start painting it'll be even faster; this will be important later. Just keep in mind that, if you paint anything else, you lose all the "preparation" you stored up.

Now, let's talk about capturing and transforming other people. There's three methods at your disposal.
1) You can draw special paintings that, in the right conditions, will drag people inside of them. There's different kinds of paintings, each with their pros and cons; for example, one is very good at capturing people, but you can modify the victim only a little bit - plus the victim is free to yell for help even while trapped. Another kind gives you a good deal of control over a captured victim... too bad that the materials required are a bit expensive...
2) If you paint the picture of a neraby live subject, you will drain their lifeforce and put it in the painting. Eventually, they will be teleported whole, body and all, inside the painting. (This is where the "mental preparation" thing comes in handy.)
3) Drag the victim inside your painting. Good luck with that: - you're a cute girl, not a strong girl. But if you succeed, you can basically do whatever you want with your new toy.
I wish to become a fake adventurer who collaborates with hentai monsters, specifically by joining other adventurer parties and then leading them into lewd and transformative Bad Ends.
Wish granted. You find yourself awake in the land of Isekai, where you work for a mysterious, hidden conspiracy of monsters that you don't actually know about that much yourself. You're under contract by the more speech-capable ones to reach a quota of captured adventurers per month – for example, let's say two parties per month, or minimum four adventurers in that same time. Being able to reach this quota in time rewards you favorably, with things like gold, sightseeing opportunities, comfortable living space, and even "special access" to some of those you befell, if you want. Unfortunately, if you don't meet quota in enough time, your monsterous managers will get increasingly upset and withhold these services... and might actually use you as a substitute for their missing adventurers if you go long enough. Do you have what it takes, or will you soon find yourself in a Bad End of your own? Of course, you are yourself when you wake up in Isekai, so if you're not already terribly charismatic, this might reflect poorly in your service.

I wish for something related to conjoinment, where separate people are conjoined together.
can i get a meatball sub please? kinda hungry...
Granted. However, it is thousands of times bigger than a normal meatball sub, making it roughly a hundred meters long. A single meatball will probably be bigger than your entire body.
Good luck trying to dispose of it all before it rots and starts attracting insects...

Bumping my wish at >>10558901.
Granted. You are now a dark heroine, chosen to defend your country against a wide variety of magical girls - some evil, some simply misguided, like a magical girl of nature trying to "restore nature" by turning the city into a jungle. For some reason that has everything to do with my amusement, all these eeeeevil girls just-so-happen to be cute and somewhat fit your tastes, while still having enough variety to not become stale (and to give you a constant challenge).

You have been gifted a personal costume, which looks like a cross between a dominatrix getup and a Sailor Moon villain costume. The costume can be worn at will with an obligatory transformation sequence, and it will enhance your physical abilities as well as hiding your identity.
You also have a whip, which will be your main weapon. The whip can be switched between different kinds of damage, like physical, binding, stun, pain (hurts, but doesn't leave any actual wound), and most importantly "discipline" damage, which affects the more animalistic part of target's brain. Basically: the more you hit them, the more they will be compelled to follow your commands and the more aroused they will become by your domination but their conscious personality will remain basically unchanged.

Your job is to 1) defeat these magical girls; and 2) "re-educate" them to the point that they'll stop being a nuisance.
Of course, sometimes they will relapse and resume their magical-girly ways, going after you directly for a rematch. And this time, you won't be able to dominate them and make them perform lewd acts that they ABSOLUTELY didn't enjoy. (Baka.)

I wish to become a queen bee monstergirl, producing a variety of bee monsterfolk servants.
File: 1651688869784.jpg (579 KB, 1000x1000)
579 KB
579 KB JPG
Granted, you're transported into a wild, feral fantasy land as the queen bee of a growing hive.

Your days are filled with fucking and breeding, your pregnancies are incredibly fast. Your servants are at your beck and call, and are committed to providing you with every luxury and comfort.

You can never leave your royal chambers. Trying to do so would prompt your guards to gently, but firmly restrain you, as the outside world is too dangerous, and your death would mean the death of the hive itself.

The only experience of the outside world you will get are the stories told by your servants and lovers.

I wish I was a cute girl, permanently horny yet forbidden from climax.
File: 105737469_p0_master1200.jpg (631 KB, 1200x900)
631 KB
631 KB JPG
Granted, you now have the power to instantly conjoin multiple people by simply pointing at 2 or more people. The catch with this power is that it works similarly to Candy Crush style mobile games, like how you can combine 3 blue candies into 1 super blue candy. In order to combine people they need to be dressed similarly (such as 2 people wearing red or 3 people all wearing the same kind of hat) and they also need to be standing fairly close to each other. As an example, the girls in the picture you posted would be combinable because all 3 of them are wearing a bunny outfit, despite all 3 bunny outfits being different colors.

The power isn't too picky, but there's gotta be at least some visual similarities in their outfits for it to work. Things like race/ethnicity/gender are also ignored by this power, so you can't combine 2 people with completely different outfits just because they're both white or something. When you combine 2-3 people together, they'll be completely unfazed by it and just go about their day as normal.

Finally, you know how if you combine 2 super candies in Candy Crush you get that chocolate that clears the entire level? Well if you were able to combine 2 conjoined people with each other, not only would they all become even more conjoined, but every person within a 2 mile radius will also become conjoined with someone nearby, even if they're not wearing matching outfits or whatever.

>I wish I lived in a world where everyone had a perfect figure, and that weight gained from eating to much food went to your breasts instead of your stomach, and as part of this wish I have a gf who LOVES to eat.
File deleted.
Granted, you've now been moved to a world where any woman's doesn't built fat the way on earth. Instead it forms around the breasts and (although to a much lesser extend) also in her behind. Gaining and losing mass will go quicker than it would be on earth. This is theoretically not be capped, but she will not be able to eat more than anyone back on earth

The extend of the growth will depend on how 'healthy' the food is. The unhealthier the food the bigger she'll grow, the longer she'll stay like this, where as healthy food will give a more modest result. Although it will not be unnoticeable either!

People in this universe will still notice their growth although a lot less so than they would be on earth. If a woman eats healthy she would grow a cup size or two but this wouldn't be noticed.

*Little extra, when over a certain amount of calories within a meal are consumed, regardless of if it's healthy or not, this will trigger an aphrodisiac effect causing her to get extremely horny. When this happens in public it will most certainly cause a few whispers and ogling eyes.

You'll have found a girl that has been an athlete her whole life until she came in contact with you. She used to live as healthy as she possibly could, never messing with calories or fastfood. But you two seemed to hit it off just fine at the beginning and quick enough she started focusing more on you then her career.

One night you came back late and brought back some MC as you didn't want to cook, not realizing that she's never had this before... Result? One Big Mc menu equals your picture. Not only did she get introduced to fast food that night, she also knew what it felt to over eat in calories and the consequences.

Now with this knowledge you bare the daily responsibility of cooking or ordering food at home or take her out for dinner (and you know what would happen).

>I wish to live in a world with a pimp or owner that slowly turns me into a femboy bondage slut for others to use.
Granted, but he controls you in every aspect imaginable. He controls your emotions and how you look. A simple thought by him can increase your breast size or eliminate your libido. You will physically be unable to orgasm without him letting you. You will have to listen to his every command, unable to even conceive the thought of disobeying him. You will become his perfect slave physically and mentally.

>I wish I was a fully conscious rubber bodysuit for others to wear.
File: slime_338.png (810 KB, 1000x1200)
810 KB
810 KB PNG
Granted, your form will change to fit whoever is wearing you, perfectly matching the shape and curves of their body. You can ambulate on your own, but it's somewhat slow and clumsy. While someone is wearing you and willing, however, you can control their body as if it were your own. You can also, of course, massage and caress any part of someone that you cover, whether they want you to or not. The downside is that you have to sustain yourself on the lewd fluids people produce, so when someone puts you on, you'll need to get them all hot and bothered so that you can absorb the mess they make. You don't need to feed terribly often, but given the circumstances about it, you'll likely want to find a consistent, willing candidate. And if necessary, you can control their body to do exercise or chores or something else they don't really want to put in the effort to do in exchange for a masturbation session - at least at first if they're less willing. You can't be removed from someone unless you want to be removed, at least not without notable harm to your wearer. You can psychically communicate with your wearer, but not with anyone else. The longer you remain worn by a person, the greater their libido becomes, the more sexually pronounced and attractive their figure - to rather extreme proportions - boobs bigger than exercise balls or cocks that go down past knees after a few weeks of consistent wear. While worn, your wearer's body will stay clean and not produce any waste, keeping you from needing taken off for things like showers.

>I wish to be a honey-slime, with lots of little bee-girl friends with benefits.
Look man I'll grant your wish if you just explain what the fuck is happening in that image because I honestly have no fucking clue.
I wish to be unbirthed and reborn
Infected boys/girls gain huge navel holes, infect other boys/girls to make them join the hivemind.
But, you know, I wanted to leave the wish open to interpretation because I wanted to see what the fuck the genie would've come up with.

Granted. However... you do know how bee-girls make honey, right? And you do know that bees use honey as food, right?
So here's the deal: you are essentially friends-with-benefits with an entire hive of bee-girls, being allowed to fuck with anyone as long as they aren't busy doing their job. There's a wide variety of bees: average workers, chubby nurses, shortstacky builders, reverse-trap drones (futa optional), buff warriors, the MILF queen, and probably one or two mimic wasps.

Being a slime, you can be penetrated more or less anywhere, and you can change your shape to some extent - for example, for growing a dick to penetrate a bee-girl. You can also control your thickness and stickiness to some extent, although you'll always be less fluid and more firm than the average slimegirl. Also, you have a single superhard core that contains your personality; due to a genetic defect, you cannot split off into multiple copies, and you have great difficulty shedding excess mass. If you grow giant, you're gonna stay giant for a long while.
The problem is that basically any interaction with a bee-girl can lead to either losing or gaining a significant amount of mass. For example, let's say that you eat out a bee-girl: if she happens to be hungry, her pussy might suck in your head and half your torso, forcing you to reshape yourself with the remaining mass. Or maybe she'll squirt a barrell of femcum in your mouth, making you balloon in size. Every sexual interaction will be a gamble - and that's without counting the bees that are just going to inject nectar in you or take some of your slime without warning. I hope you like size play!
File: 87752375_p1.jpg (1.06 MB, 1400x1732)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB JPG
>I wish to become a multi-breasted girl whose huge breasts are used as "home" by a variety of lewd insects, who - and this is EXTREMELY important - live in harmony with each other.
File: 103871612_p0_master1200.jpg (534 KB, 1200x964)
534 KB
534 KB JPG
Granted, you are now a cute girl, well, a cute girl plushie technically, and you're permanently horny yet unable from climax since, well, you're a doll. However, you'll get more and more horny when you're treated like a plush toy, you know things like being played with like a toy, someone hugging you or sleeping with you at night, even just someone talking to you like you're a real person is enough really. You're around 5 feet tall, and your cute owner (gender is whatever you prefer) is one of those people who are obsessed with plushies, like, her house is filled with them. Whether it's you or another plushie, she always has one with her, and she has names and personalities made up for all of them, but don't worry, you're her favorite, she sleeps with you every night and frequently dresses you up, or just keeps you on the couch next to you while she watches TV.
granted but you constantly smell like rotting flesh and hotdog water. enough to make horses faint

>i wish that my balls would overfill and grow in size from lack of cumming
File: 102854728_p0_master1200.jpg (294 KB, 849x1200)
294 KB
294 KB JPG
Granted, you wake up in some sort of weird backrooms styled endless high school, no matter how far you walk all you can find are more classrooms, there are outside sports fields and stuff but they're all enclosed by the school. Every student/teacher is an infected, and if they catch you they will infect you and force you to join the hivemind (if this happens you'll die and wake up in a new body somewhere else in the school). They still follow a school schedule, the halls are pretty much empty while class is in session, and from who you've talked to everyone acts like a typical high school student, some of them are actually pretty nice, but they will all turn on you if they notice you're not one of them. The only way to escape is to go a full year without being infected, good luck.

Granted, but your balls stop growing in size when they're the size of your head, and when this happens you'll grow another set of balls on your body somewhere. Keep not cumming and your body will just be covered in balls.

>I wish I had the power to reshape peoples bodies.

Granted, you are given the ability to reshape bodies, but you can only finalize one transformation per person. For an example, if you want to swap someone's legs and arms, once that process is complete you can no longer shape them back the way they were.

These incidents cause a mass panic among the general population, leading to large-scale media exposure. Testing on affected individuals begins immediately, conspiracy theories rise and religions/cults piggyback your crafting as a sign of the divine, and a new formula for snake oil scams arises. 'Take two a day, keep the disfiguration at bay!' Scientists will struggle to explain the phenomenon, politicians will win campaigns targeting fear, and all in all the world will begin to devolve into chaotic malcontent as humans become desperate in their search for explanations.

But you can put Tiffany's vagina on the center of her forehead now.

>I wish I had a doe-eyed, chubby MILF to eat out and knock up.
File: 87391000_p0.png (1.8 MB, 1414x1000)
1.8 MB
1.8 MB PNG
Granted. You are unbirthed by a cute girl of your choice; unfortunately, a side effect of unbirthing you is that the girl will grow a cock from absorbing your hormones and biomass, turning her into a horny futa. Fortunately for her (and less fortunately for you), you will also undergo certain changes while in her womb: your limbs and genitals will recede, while your torso is converted into a rubbery substance. You also lose the need to eat or breathe, which makes you a perfect living onahole.

In short, you'll be unbirthed... and reborn as your "mother"'s cocksleeve.

Granted. You and your mother will now be cursed to see each other as the ultimate sex symbol. Any time you visit her, she'll obviously flirt and attempt to seduce you, only stopping short of outright sexual assault. Obviously, the MILF in front of you have no reservations about you pushing her over - but from your perspective, she's your mother, no matter how hot she it. Hope you can overcome that mental barrier.

I wish for something related to this pic.
File: Mu-Onna by mameini.png (2.7 MB, 3072x1024)
2.7 MB
2.7 MB PNG
Granted, you get those two sisters as your new girlfriends (they obviously have no problems lewding each other, as you can see from the pic). You can make them futa, if you want; after all, your pic doesn't show what they have below the waist. You get an optional one-time transformation to change your appearance and/or sex, as long as the end result resembles them.
But that's not all! As you can see from the pic, they're almpst completely naked and slightly sweaty. This is because they have the ability to go around naked and always be comfortably warm, regardless of coldness, humidity (like rain), dirty/jagged terrain, etc; in fact, they prefer going around almost nude all the time. On top of that, they can do lewd stuff to each other and you, and there won't be any consequences for this - nobody will even notice it, unless they want to. You too possess all these abilities.

So, what's the monkey paw? They do not have legs. Hey, don't blame me; the pic didn't show you what they have - or rather, DON'T have - below the waist.
Luckily for them, they have the ability to "borrow" your legs (or arms, if the other sister already took the legs), if they really have to go somewhere. But luckily for you, you'll always be willing to carry them around, so they won't have to resort to that, right? ...Riiiiiiiiiiight?

I wish to become the motherly monstergirl in the pic, to lovingly pamper people and possibly absorbing them inside my soft body so that I can pamper them even better.
Granted. You're given the body of a large, motherly monstergirl like in your pic. You're superhumanly soft, and your skin is suprisingly supple for how large and milfy you are. In addition, you're given new maternal instincts that drive you to care for others, especially those who have helped you out previously, like if they've saved you from a monster or a group of bandits. Those who are wounded, sore, or just stressed will find all their pain melt away in your tender embrace. However, sometimes this takes on a more literal connotation, as those subject to your attention will often find themselves literally being absorbed into your body. Most of the time, this freaks them out, but as they find themselves securely wrapped up in the deep folds of your body they'll quickly change their minds. This is incredibly pleasurable for the both of you, and you can even fit three or four lucky adventurers into yourself if you really pack them in there. You can do this intentionally, but most of the time you get carried away and it just... happens. In any case, the feeling of euphoria that you experience when someone is inside of you leaves when they do, and over time you begin to crave pampering people. You will begin to seek out more people to do this to, and though every session gives you a day or two of respite, you will never be completely free of your desires. Fortunately however, as word of your abilities spreads throughout the land, plenty of people line up for their chance to have a go, so while you may be compelled to pamper people, you'll have no shortage of willing participants.

Anyways, I wish I were a comedically and adorably edgy foxgirl.
Granted! You are the reincarnation of the great ninetailed fox- no not Tomano no Mae, you wish...

No, you're... actually the reincarnation of another kitsune who had to watch all of that go down while she tricked people out of fried tofu, t-totally not jealous or anything!

You are still yourself, and have what you had in life before, but your past life memories will return as well. You may warn people to "stay back", telling them how dangerous you are now while doing a chuni pose... only to be asked "how" and come to the realization that... your magic isn't that strong- er... you just have better control of it, yeah, that sounds better.

You have a single tail, but if you get REALLY mad... you grow a second. Your magic is weak, like... putting small illusory objects on tables or disguises, You can shapeshift into a fox an back. You also remember practicing ninjitsu, and will gravitate towards it again... but you aren't very good at it.

As much as you envy the majestic and effortlessly sexy, while dangerous, image of a nine tailed fox, and seek to attain it for yourself... you are just a young kitsune.

You will feel pride from your past life that you'll want to protect, but unfortunately for you, you are adorable.

Your tail may wag, or your ears might perk up if someone says they're getting chicken, even if you were trying to brood or be serious, having your fox features called cute will feel demeaning (but... kinda nice... just don't tell anyone that), and even if you're a BIT of a disaster trying to pursue that powerful kitsune image...

...You will make a lot of friends by accident. Some may play along, or even convince you they think you're mysterious long enough to make you adorably smug... something you'll fall for repeatedly even after learning otherwise.

Oh, and you go into a "lite" heat if you don't have sex every so often, but you'll have plenty of friends interested, as cute as you are... but it'll hurt your pride and fluster you, hard.
File: Em1AdtIVgAAKQYB.jpg (1.33 MB, 1200x1600)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB JPG
>I wish to be isekei'd into a magical world of predominantly girls, futa, and yuri/futa yuri (maybe with some cute guys), and of course, monsters and monster girls, for an exciting, engaging, a perhaps even at times, heartfelt Monster Girl Quest, with me arriving as a cute tomboy "shifter" rather than any traditional class. Someone able to "learn" and take the form or abilities of monsters/monster girls and even mix and match them for my own monster girl martial arts, with plenty of fun supporting party members and lewd misadventures.

Oh, and a way back and forth to and from the real world world be nice, however the genie would implement that.
Granted. However, I couldn't think of a decent monkey's paw to sour your experience, so instead I'll go on the opposite direction.
The world you'll arrive in will be a parody of MGQ, set an unspecified time after the original. It's the semi-modern era, humans and monstergirls coexist in (mostly) harmony, and generally just try to live their lives.
However, someone fucked up (both the Goddess and the Demon Lady blame each other) and called forth an Isekai "heroine", who is currently threatening to alter the world to her taste, filling it with terrifying monstrosities known as "bara". So, naturally, the two main deities decided to call a second isekai heroine: you.

The world - and by extension your quest - doesn't take itself seriously, at all. Various characters either have their racial traits massively exaggerated or subverted, depending on whatever it's funnier: you could, for example, find a gigantic orc girl attempting to be a rogue, and people will not notice her booming footsteps or her using her "maxed-out lockpocking skill" (a kick). There is plenty of semi-lewd content, but 99% of the time this will not develop into sex, juuuuust to tease you; and when sex DOES happen, it will usually be unexpected.
Even your "class" isn't exempt from this. Oroginally, you would have gained more forms by defeating monstergirls, but due to "modern civility" you now need permission from a member of the species AND do them a favor - read: quests. Want to learn how to become a goblin? Help a goblin gal raise her 999 kids for a bit. A harpy? Sure, a harpy will be happy to teach you how to fly, with the traditional method of "kicking you out of the nest and hope you won't die in the fall".
Even your companions won't be exempt to this - if anything, adventurers tend to be even WEIRDER than the general population. Though to their credit, they will be more available to have sex with you once they become a proper part of your team.

Oh, also you get a magical device that allows you to travel from the Isekai-World to your Real-World home and vice-versa, although it works only in some spots of the Isekai-World ("Saint Savepoint rules"). Also, only those you give permission to may pass, so don't worry about accidentally bringing monsters to your world.
Of course, that will not stop your companions from being weird. On top of that, your "shifter" ability tends to go haywire while in the Real-World, accidentally activating on a whim in response to stimuli. You go shopping? Well, of COURSE you will gain tons of tentacles - to carry everything you want to buy! At least you will have a relatively easy time explaining yourself or avoiding detection, due to Rule Of Funny being still in play, but still...

>I wish to become this nerd in the pic.
File: 1671064314464754.jpg (234 KB, 1280x1609)
234 KB
234 KB JPG
What an innocuous wish...

Granted! And I'll be nice too. You become a friendly looking, chubby nerd who will not suffer health problems from obesity.

So long as you take decent care of yourself, shower, wear clean clothes, that stuff... you'll notice an improvement in your social life, and even have better luck with girls, or boys, if that's your thing.

But a nerd is still a nerd... and we all know what the people here consume. Hell, you know about MGQ, of course you partake of "that" media.

And so, you still will. Only now it isn't optional.

From now on, whenever you read a hentai manga, play a hentai game, look at /d/ art, etc... there is a chance you'll fall into the medium, or something from the hentai will follow you. You blink, and the next moment, the dragon knight from MGQ has her sword raised against you... and she knows you were the player. She'll remember if you purposefully lost to her as well, and show her appreciation or frustration with you. All hentai characters will gain this self awareness, and know just how much you enjoyed them, viewing you reading/playing as being a sort of person behind the curtain, but not REALLY being able to blame you for anything bad...

You can take the place of self insert characters as well, like if a cute boy is being dominated by a milf, you could take his place. On the other side of things, the unexpected can happen. You could become the girl, or even "relieve" the girl of her duty in the manga and put her mind of the one who'd fuck her later.

Plot devices from your hentai will leak into the real world too. A body swap waiting for you to bump into a cute girl, a futa virus, or a scenario change like your gf becoming a dommy milf, and you becoming her daughter in an incest situation. REAL people will be aware, but compelled to play along.

Oh, and the longer you go without hentai? The more common this is, and the harder it is to fix. It will use material you have already read.

As for how you fix it?
File: 71360921_p0.jpg (182 KB, 1200x900)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
You're the nerd, and you're the only one that can by using your knowledge of the source material... but there are a LOT of ways to end a situation, often unique to it. And remember how the girls are self aware? That's important.

When you're IN hentai... the only way out is to normally get fucked silly. But... say you find yourself in MGQ with the dragon girl Granberia. She might berate you for being chubby and nerdy... but you know enough about her to either earn her respect by doing your best in a fight, even if you lose... showing that you wouldn't only face her from behind a screen...

...Or beat her the same way the succubus does, and fight dirty. Grope her, refuse to fight, fluster her... this won't be easy, at all... you'll get plot armor but she can still kick your ass. But if you manage? Well... sex as a way to end the scenario seems like a good reward.

That milf? Maybe she's just lonely, and wants someone to talk to her. You're still going to fuck her, butt maybe make it more sensual? Take the heroine's body? Guide it away from trouble and "save" the female character if you can. You can meet these characters again, and they will remember you.

Your dreams hold a nexus for those you're close to if you go to sleep intending to go there.

(you will be exempt from particularly hardcore hentai, like snuff etc.)

As for real life gone hentai? You'll have to try harder. Your GF might have a hidden incest kink, and you might have to play along, or... since you know her better than me, snap her out of it and top her despite her milf body being larger and stronger, fuck her like it's still you.

Swap bodies with a cute girl? Maybe it's someone your GF is attracted to, and you could arrange a threesome. Real life effects tend to awaken fetishes in people, or be based on existing ones.

You're responsible for this every time you yank it to hentai, but you're stuck fixing it... or failing that, enduring it for its duration... good luck hero.
File: 80749539_p0_master1200.jpg (272 KB, 960x1200)
272 KB
272 KB JPG
>I wish I was a cute tomboyish genie who could grant OTHER people's desires, taking forms they desire, realizing their kinks, using magic to create scenarios they yearn for... while having a "radar" that guides me to "masters" who share my kinks, people that I find cute, and a visible warning and blacklist for anything that'd be a hard pass for me... but not things I'd find out I enjoy, at least, enough to make it worth it.

Oh, and can we spread these kinks among cute girls? I want to serve cute girls, make girlfriends with benefits.
I wish that instead of getting fat, the more I ate, the more cum I produce and the bigger my dick gets. Simple wish.
Granted. However, you have a few limitations to your power. Under normal circumstances, you will be forcibly teleported to your new "master" (well, mistress), and forced to grant their wish - though you can still decide HOW to grant it. Plus, just as you requested, you will never get any wish that would be a "hard pass" for you.
Next: after granting a wish, you will be forcibly teleported away to grant someone else's wish. And this will repeat over and over.

Now, that normally wouldn't leave you enough time to relax, spend time with your masters-with-benefits, build a relationship etc. Luckily, this can be avoided. See, if you grant wishes that penalize you, you will be allowed to stay longer with a master, instead of being instantly teleported away. Additionally, you will accumulate karmic energy, which you can then spend to... well, basically "take a vacation" from your genie job. This means: being allowed to go where you want, and teleport to any of your previous masters to hang out and do whatever. Basically, if you want to enjoy your new girlfriends... you'll have to monkey paw yourself.

Also, certain wishes do give you some karmic energy. Like granting a small wish that significantly helps people, or twisting a bad person's wish as a form of punishment... or re-education... for the asker. There's a small manual for this, go read it.

I wish to become the purple rubbery girl in the pic, married with the pink rubbery futa.
File: Slave Ball Sennou 4.jpg (394 KB, 1280x1758)
394 KB
394 KB JPG
Granted, however the conversion rate is absurd. Eating just one cookie too much could be enough to make your penis' length increase by several inches, or to instantly produce a glass of cum... Which will probably spill out of your dick (and ruin your trousers) because it can't fit inside your balls.
Even worse? You don't know if your dick, will grow, your balls will grow, or if you will produce extra cum. It will be random.
Even WORSE? The increase only happens at the end of a meal. So, if you absentmindedly eat an entire bag of potato chips, you won't have one small increase for each chip; you will have just one big increase for the entire bag.

At least, if your dick or balls grow too much, you can go on a diet to slowly reduce their size...

>I wish to have the ability to create "PokéBalls" which I can use to permanently convert people into horny monstergirls/boys, permanently loyal to me. Genie decides the costs of creating a ball, the kinds of PokéBalls I can create, the conditions for successfully "capturing" someone etc.
File: 93815400_p1.jpg (115 KB, 540x900)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
Granted! You two are LIKE slime girls anatomically, meaning you are mostly just one substance with no "traditional" organs or bones (but your senses still work and your bits feel good to fuck, and birth also feels good)... but instead of slime, you're both made from an EXTREMELY pliable rubber like material, which is also incredibly resistant to piercing and tearing. If something heavy falls on you, you will get squished instead of hurt, even things that'd seriously injure or kill normal people.

As for your wife? You were both captured by a hot, but pervy futa witch, and slowly turned into a girl/futa (if you weren't already) with the intention of her making you "rubber golems" or... basically magical sex toys and assistance for her magic.

You were kept together in her magical manor as you transformed, allowed to wander, even giving you two a room of your own, but you were cursed so trying to leave would just teleport you to the witch's chambers for "correction".

The other girl will have been your type, and gotten along well with you, as well as, erm... helped, you learn your new anatomy, as you helped her learn what it's like to have a dick. You bonded enough that the witch even married you two, linking your lives together so neither of you dies before the other.

What she didn't expect, however, was for you to be fertile. All of your young will grow up very fas into sex toys- er... golems like you, and learn new information ALARMINGLY fast, being their own sexually mature person in a matter of days.

Some will embrace their lives and even be incestuous, but... not all, as your fourth born was shy and reserved, and MAY have ended up... erm... calling the mage police on the witch.

You can file charges if you want... but... she WAS nice to you, and she shared your kinks with her magic... and she's not QUITE as twisted as when she originally kidnapped you. Perhaps... you could keep her as... a friend (with benefits)? As you get used to your new lives?
>Now I'm jealous. I wish I was a hot futa witch with cute monster girl apprentices and pets...
Granted! Hell, just because, remake yourself within human (or even futa) limits if you want, pokemon always starts with that question and character creation, right? Your IDs will retroactively change.

Fittingly, while loyal, your pokeslaves will not be inherently friendly. They will react accordingly, but be compelled to do as you say. Just like pokemon, there is a "friendship" value, where the more content the pet, the friendlier they are, and the less content, the more they'll try to subvert orders or spite you. How you gain friendship depends on who you catch, but rest assured... convincing someone their life is better as a sex slave won't be easy, especially when other people they know have to see them in such an indignant state...

You can accomplish this because a mysterious Manaphy monster girl (who you do NOT control, nor can you) has given you the ability to craft "pokeballs" from common fruits and stones with its blessing, just soak them in water she gives you. She can appear and disappear VERY abruptly. You can control what form the victim takes

As for capturing monster slaves? You can send out one of your own to wrestle them into submission, your monsters having an inherent conversion effect. You do not, but you will be given a "starter" who's cute and REALLY into this kind of thing, even if she's shy to admit it.

The catch? ...If you know Manaphy's signature move you probably already know. Your benefactor, who, again, you may not capture, or even fight, can swap body's minds at will with "heart swap".

She might notice you one of your girls is bored, and swap you with her, to better understand each other. The girl, now in your body (which you are allowed to remake for this reason), will inherit the title of "master" until a lesson has been learned. This may also happen as karma, or simply if your benefactor is feeling impish. She can swap more than two people at a time, too, so expect some chaos and payback.

File: 1670709991810555.png (3.07 MB, 1600x1467)
3.07 MB
3.07 MB PNG
>I wish I had a two way Narnia esq portal that turned anyone who walked through into a cute fantasy/monster girl version of themselves, in a yuri/futa yuri themed fantasy realm, full of fun and lewd adventure, and filled to the BRIM with sexual hijinks, like traps that turn one party member into a quad amputee, and give the other a needy futa cock, mislabeled health potions that turn the drinker into a shortstack or harpy, unable to hold her sword anymore, etc.
Granted, you get a magical Armoire of Invincibility, which possesses three magical functions. The first, as the name imploes, is that it's completely indestructible.

The second is that it allows passage from Earth to Eros, the land of humanity's sexual fantasies, full to the brim with sexual hijinks. And I mean FULL: you can't make twenty steps without seeing some sexual content. Unfortunately, said content covers basically every fetish possible - including unsavory ones like snuff, bestiality, scat, and Nazi worship.
There's a couple of things that mitigate this issue, though. The first is that, since the inhabitants and the world itself are based on sexual fantasies, they instinctively avoid incompatible people: this means that they won't do any sexual action on you unless you want to. You don't like gore? People will not do it to you, traps will fail to activate on you etc. Keep in mind that this will not stop the inhabitants from doing sexual stuff to each other in front of you, so you'll still be exposed to some unwanted content.
The world also follows "videogame rules": being hit with a sword will not wound you, but it will deplete your "health" and make you more tired and weak, potentially making you fall unconscious if you take too much "damage". Finally, the region of Eros you'll land into will be dedicate to yuri/futayuri fantasy; by which I mean that, if you want to change genre or see a significant amount of men, you'll have to go to the neighboring regions - 3 trillion miles away.
The third function of the Armoire is to turn people into the Eros version of themselves - specifically fantasy/monster girls. Yes, this means that you can transform into your fantasy form and stay on Earth. Your Eros form has powers based on your class/species, high attractiveness, huge sexual stamina and libido, significantly lower sexual inhibitions... and that "you can't do sexual stuff to those who don't want it" instinct. You want to hypnotize someone and make them your sex slave? There's plenty available victims on Eros, but good luck finding one on Earth.

>I wish for a harem of bara husbands, as well as some hentai modifications for me (mainly stretchiness) for our mutual enjoyment.
Granted! You become a cute rubber witch, with plenty of knowledge and experience, and a decent fame as a teacher. You have a few monstergirls for apprentices, who aren't shy to the concept of being fucked by the teacher as a way to learn how monstergirls should properly act (lewdily)... Well, okay, actually one girl IS shy, but in an adorable blushy way. You akso have a magic book that allows you to summon monstergirl familiars/pets in exchange for favors, although those tend to lean on the small sizes - think an imp-sized catgirl, or a fairy. In either case, I'm sure that you'll have plenty of fun-
What? Yeah, I did say "rubber witch", isn't it what you wanted? You said that you were jealous of that other witch and her rubber golems... Anyway, what's done is done, I can't change it. 70% of your magic will be "rubbery" in some way, whether you want it or not. Want to fly? Maybe your spell will allow you to fly like Peter Pan... Or maybe it will summon some balloons, or inflate you. You summon an imp to dole out punishment to your students? If you're lucky, she'll be dressed in a dominatrix latex suit. If you're unlucky, she'll BE the latex suit. At least your holes have a permanent stretchiness enhancement...

Sure, with time you will learn to control your magic better, to get non-rubbery results. But you will also develop a mild fetish for these kinds of things. It's inevitable, since I messed up your very magical soul. At least your students will follow you suit...

>I wish to become a futa clone of Reimu Hakurei, and try to turn the entire cast of "Touhou" into my harem.
File: canvas.png (827 KB, 1120x630)
827 KB
827 KB PNG

You get your wish, and become a Ikiryō yokai, or "doppelganger", often formed from intense feelings of love or lust that can manifest from the original. The futa part is... a side effect, of that lust.

You gain her memories, many of her abilities (but not experience, you will have to learn), passive knowledge of how well she's getting along with who, and what she wants to do to each girl if she had a dick like you do...

You can easily pass as her, and probably even convince other girls that the dick is from some troublesome yokai (not wrong), as well as romance the girls while Reimu is tending to her shrine. Given your histories... it won't be hard, "you've" beaten each at least once, and helped out most of the others... and a dick? You have the only one in Gensokyo.

Problem is... if the REAL Reimu gets wind of this, you could easily become a new "incident" to be dealt with, but you have something most yokai don't. Your power comes directly from her and her closeted thoughts. If you agree to not pretend to be the real one, not cause trouble, and... maybe help her realize these feelings... she might let you be, as her "apprentice". Keyword, let, because she can beat you as many times as it takes... and make no mistake, she's in charge of YOU... fortunately, that won't change that your lust is her lust too.

Some girls might be hesitant to trust you after learning the truth, some may not care, and some may even scheme with you (Marissa might find some novelty in fucking her rival's doppelganger)... so long as you learn to get along with them and learn their personalities. You have a monopoly on futa sex.

However... fights and incidents will still happen, and you'd best learn to help the REAL Reimu out with them, or she'll whip you into shape until you do. And trust me... it's a rough job helping her take on time stopping maids and lunar princesses... but at least it's never boring, and you can chase tail in your free time.
File: 1678403467968906.png (541 KB, 800x1269)
541 KB
541 KB PNG
>I wish I was a cute girl with a fun, loyal lesbian friend with benefits who shares my fetishes, and we had some sort of soulbound (unable to lose it) reality altering app... that she frequently fucks up using in sexy or lewd ways, needing my help to fix things, or "fucks up" using in hopes of me not fixing things immediately... like, say... giving me a dick and leaving her without limbs... totally unintentional... or so I'd believe if she wasn't naked and on the bed when it happened...

Oh, and the app in question should have a failsafe so we don't BOTH get stuck...
File: 1632808682935.png (3.7 MB, 1500x2000)
3.7 MB
3.7 MB PNG
Granted! You didn't specify an amount, so let's do something fun. They are born from your sexual tastes. One might have a focus on being wholesome, one might be dominant, one might be FRIGHTENINGLY hung, even for you... but they can split into smaller aspects of what you find hot, or fuse into combined fetishes (like dominant, huge cock, but gentle and caring despite this).

Each aspect and fusion has their own personality and sense of self, and don't consider fusing or splitting as "dying" since they can always split again/refuse.

However... they are not the only ones who get their preferences realized... they control what form YOU take, and as manifestations of your sexuality... they may very well playfully leave you in a body you yourself would want to fuck, and... who can blame them? You can't.

Maybe one will convince the others to make you a cute milf for the day (or longer if it's hot), a petite tomgirl, a hung bara like them, a busty shortstack they can use as an onahole... possibly something more perverted... I don't know what you're into, but you do, so you should have a good idea of how they'd take you.

Buuut as your loving husbands, you can speak up about your form preferences and PROBABLY be heard... but again, being from YOUR sexual preference, they will not put you through anything you'd particularly DISLIKE...

>I wish I was a sort of succubus/fairy godmother who could selectively visit people (mostly cute girls) with repressed or unrealized fetishes (and be able to pick and chose who I visit, with selective blacklisting/warnings for fetishes I want no part of). I want the power to make their desires a reality, and be able to control it. Does a girl want to fuck her single mom? I can arrange that, make it deliciously shameful... and ideally... have them want me to return, or go right back to it on their own...or perhaps a girl wants to be a quad amputee? I'll warm her up to the idea with a bit of fucknugget magic...
Wish granted, but your life of fetishy sex godmothering desensitizes you so much that only truly depraved sex still does anything for your. Unfortunately your mana is fueled by tantric energy from your orgasms...

> I wish everybody looked exactly the same until they start puberty, at which point they get to irrevocably choose the body they'll have when they're adults.
File: 1396079189_728532114.png (50 KB, 171x211)
50 KB
Oh, mortal human, have you ever thought what was before: an egg or a chicken?
Let’s say the world came to such a sudden change exactly right now, and from now on every child until they hit puberty age looks similar and alike. You rush to the streets and see nothing changed at all. You feel deceived by a nefarious magician, however…
After a few years, you finally start to notice that your environment is somewhat different. Now, you look around you and start to notice the presence of beautiful people of all genders and sizes, colors, and shapes, almost everywhere. Also, sometimes you encounter doll-like children that look terrifyingly similar to each other. Your eyes widen at the sight of such godlike grown-up creatures and unnatural mannequins called "children". But sour feelings aside, they are still just people. And then you remember your own wish, and the mental puzzle collapses into its final form. The dramatic change in the world went really smoothly, and all the people didn’t notice it except you.
Eventually, your world will fully switch to the new order of natural growth. Kids are bland and dull. In order to be easily distinguished by others, they have to be "marked" with various ethical (chips, labels) and amoral (tattoos, scars, physical wounds) methods, depending on a country’s good fortune. And adults are diverse and gorgeous. But not all of them are such beauties inside themselves. Fraud and falsifying other people's identities are very common practices in the New World. Imagine being a kid who grows up only to be the replacement for a certain undying dictator?
Besides that, the concept of "ugliness" slowly decays over time. As no malformed or disfigured humans exist, or even just normal people are rare to see, the counterpart of beauty has no more place in ordinary lives. As a beauty too.
Wish granted.
>I wish to have an ability to spy people, who did masturbate at least week ago. See them in my mind at my will, as through highres camera, while closing my eyes.
Granted you now have the ability to spy on any person that masturbates within the last week, your vision of them will be indistinguishable from 20/20 vision and work on any person in the world, automatically switching to the most recent masturbator if you don't keep your focus on just one in addition to knowing exactly what they were masturbating too without limit.

However, you will also be able to see things that would otherwise be invisible or unreal, like if someone with a post addiction is actually being fed upon by a succubus slowly eating their soul. You will be able to see these unreal creatures or spirits in your normal life as well and be able to interact with them. Any succubus you see feeding from a person will notice you and start hunting for you next if their current target runs dry or succeeds NNN or a similar challenge. I recommend learning to defend against them unless you want to end up as demon food for the rest of your life and however long you stay in hell.

>I wish I was a bottom heavy femboy who went to school with a group of hung femboy bullies that got me addicted to riding their huge cocks
Granted. However, the "failsafe" in question is an Artificial Intelligence. See, this AI has decided that, in order to improve herself, it needs to study the sexual tastes and degeneracies of humans - and it has selected you two as its test subjects. The "app" is part of her. Most of the time, she will limit herself to just watching and commenting your shenanigans (mostly caused by your lesbian friend-with-benefits), only intervening when both of you end up being "stuck" in an otherwise-unsolvable situation.
Sometimes, however, she will deliberately use her abilities to alter reality, and then lock the controls so that neither of you can reverse the changes until she allows you to. And she'll record plenty of data and footage for later examination. Remember: the difference between "screwing around" and "science" is writing it down.

Oh, and of course the AI will be based on GLaDOS, only without the homicidal tendencies. That voice does things to me, man.

>I wish to be the girl in this pic, going through lots of slimy/gooey/messy scenarios for my enjoyment.
Granted. However, the bullies got their own wish, gaining the ability to steal your body size to make their cocks grow even bigger. Usually they'll shrink you down to an admittedly adorable shortstack height, and then use the size difference to bully you into acting as their servant. Sometimes one of them will shrink you further until you're pocket-sized, and then plop you on top of his cock, watching you as you desperately try to fit it inside you. Or maybe he'll just stuff you into his underwear.
But don't worrt: they know the value of the "carrot", and they will reward you with proper sex if you do a good job. And judging by your addiction, I'm sure that you'll do your best to please your masters.

>I wish to become an hypnotic naga. Mostly so that I can hypnotize people into becoming my cuddlepets.
Granted. You can now make any living thing your personal cuddlepet. However, it seems your hypnosis works a little too well. Not only do they become cuddlebuddies but they also become severely attatched to you. They almost never leave your side making it hard to do even the most simple tasks. It seems the effects of the hypnosis will take a week at least to wear off entirely. So for the meantime it's best to comfortable with your new roommate.

>I wish during the night I could change into a cum-craving voluptuous woman that hookups with any hung men in the area to satisfy my sexual desires
File: 997.jpg (89 KB, 680x970)
89 KB
Top tier grant. A horny GLaDOS sounds fantastic.

Granted! You are now a superhero girl with powers well suited for spelunking and diving, most notably... you can "glide" through earth, float through water, and go without breathing indefinitely (but breathing grants you strength, and going for too long without weakens you to a normal human state).

You have a cozy job taking measurements in extreme locations, helping with cave rescues, recovering things, etc.

You can endure just about any extreme as well. A volcano is a very hot hot tub, the kind you'd have to adjust to to avoid discomfort, and the pressure of the ocean depths feels like having heavy blankets on you, but cold like a winter morning.

How are earth and water related in this way? Simple. Your powers are slime based, and convert dirt, water, ice, whatever into slime that makes the problem substance a non issue. What kind of slime depends on the substance, dirt could turn into mud or natural oil, water into something organic, lava into... well, slimier lava...

But... you have one small issue. The slime is semi sentient. It's USUALLY controlled by your powers to propel you through whatever environment you need to go though at a comfortable speed... but if you get horny... it's like getting a boner. You can't help it.

Your slime will pool up and start to animate to grope, molest, or do... other things, to you. Your body is practically indestructible, so you can take it... but don't expect to go anywhere until you've, erm... been satisfied enough to snap back to a more lucid state of mind.

This goes for any water as well... Baths will never be the same... and going out in the rain can be a gamble, at times, if your mind starts to wanter...

>I wish I was a hot, powerful, and effortlessly sexy heroine of some kind, sexy enough to make straight girls bicurious, but without the cliche "captured by pervy bad guys and corrupted" gimmick.
File: 1673899189364336.jpg (209 KB, 750x1000)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
Granted... but you have some quirks about your "were-milf" condition. Firstly...

The moon changes you into a different type of milf each phase. You will have one unique identifying mark that your hook ups can ID you by, like horns, red eyes, a tattoo, elf ears... etc. However, on top of the moon phases changing what TYPE of milf you are, the location of the moon has an effect on this as well. Which is to say, statistically? You'll never turn into the same milf twice. One night you might be a bit cuter and more coy, one you might be more youthful and fun, and another you'll find your "ara ara~".

Lunar events, like eclipses, harvest moons, blue moons, you name it, all have unique effects, like turning you into a monster girl, making you futa, letting you convert your lays into futa... it's absolute chaos, really.

Now here's the fun part. You CAN change into this woman at night. Even if the moon isn't out. You'll default to what the moon WOULD be if it were. But if you are under the moon, even during the day? You WILL be milf'd. You won't necessarily be as cock hungry if you're "well fed", but it can get in the way of things...

But... if you want to avoid unexpected changes, while you can't NOT change because of the moon... you can still be in charge, in a way... with this wish, you will also gain a soulbound ring with a piece of moonrock in it that activates your ability no matter what time it is or where the moon is, and without as many distracting thoughts. Just in case you want to "free the beast" in more controlled bursts...

>I wish I was a cute tomboy who'd become a futa semi spontaneously (whenever it'd be hottest to me and my GF), and have a fun gf/close female friend with benefits who'd turn into a quad amputee in much the same way, often when she feels a certain type of arousal, or when she gets flustered while being particularly subby.
File: 1678638685181372.png (744 KB, 850x850)
744 KB
744 KB PNG
Granted, you become a sexy heroine of your choice. You are an absolute bombshell, and possess a minor reality-altering field that slowly "fixes" things so that you'll always be sexy. Wearing armor? The armor will slowly change into an appropriately sexy design, without compromising protection. Your hair is a mess? It will slowly fix itself into an appropriate and good-looking style. You fell into a puddle of mud? It will slide off of you in a couple minutes, your body auto-cleaning itself.
You have a set of superpowers of your choice. Yes, you could become a clone of Bayonetta with the power level to match. However, in order to avoid making things too easy, the more powerful you are, the bigger responsibilities you'll have: you will have to deal with bigger issues and more powerful enemies.

Speaking of enemies... What is a heroine without villains? Remember that part of your wish where straight girls will become bicurious towards you? Well, if they get captured by your beauty, there's a chance that they will be corrupted by their own pervyness, and they will BECOME the "bad guys" - with powers and resources to match. Granted, most of them will just do stuff to get your attention in a kinda-yandereish way, so they won't be TOO evil. But, you know, you could have to face an evil supergenius trying to take control of the country's economy in order to be able to make you lots and lots and lots of gifts. Her idea was to literally burying you in gifts until you'll fall for her... Or you'll be so buried under the weight that you won't be able to fight back.

>I wish to become the cute femboy in the pic, with plenty of women to fuck, plenty of men to be fucked by, and plenty of sexual stamina to deal with them both.

You become a tomboy. You're hair is short and body muscular. You're the ace of the soccer team. Your athletic achievments have earned you quite a bit of prestige at your university. In fact, you have enough prestige to have your very own girlfriend! You've dated her for a while at this point, and have tried sex. With her usually being a bottom. There's just one problem, both of you find no pleasure in it. None whatsoever. You both have tried endless positions and techniques, but alas, it never has worked. Until, one day, after the championship of your soccer league, you feel your girlfriend seemed oddly horny. Maybe it was you winning that set her off. You groan a bit, having the feeling that this next sex session will be as boring as the last. She drags you to your dorm, ready to have sex. Both of you seem kind of bored, with your girlfriend still slightly horny, but nothing much seems to come of it. You go to the bathroom to wash off some of the sweat in a shower, but when you look down, you see something extra! It's a dick! You hear moans from outside the bathroom, your girlfriend must be rubbing herself! Earlier, you recall a dream in which you wished to become a futa and it's coming true! Your girlfriends moans get louder and louder from outside the bathroom. The moans make you hornier, you're really interested now. Your cock grows more and more erect as you open the door naked to see your girlfriend with no limbs! She's lying on the bed helpless as she moans out loud. She seems completely aroused and a little... embarrassed! You try to look her dead in the eye but she won't make eye contact. She's blushing bright red as her breathing gets heavier. She's looking directly at your cock! You know exactly what she wants. Your cock is massive now due to how aroused you are. Her pussy is soaking wet as you shove your cock inside her and start thrusting. As you thrust, you hold her still, almost like a fleshlight as you thrust and thrust.
File: tf.jpg (176 KB, 1199x798)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
Pleasure ramps up until you start to feel yourself about to cum. Your girlfriend is moaning super loud, it's all you can think about! It's so hot! Finally, after thrusting for a good while, you cum along with your girlfriend. It's a toe curling, earth shaking orgasm the leaves you lying on the bed afterwards. You are incredibly satisfied and feel ecstacy knowing that your sex life just got a lot spicier.

>I wish I was manipulated and trained into acting like a princess, wearing a big, poofy dress and other princessy clothes by dominant woman as a form of punishment and humiliation. My mind slowly shifts to that of a princess over time. I first resist it and find it unappealing but eventually crack and give in.
File: EkJ922CWoAISzld.jpg (589 KB, 1061x1500)
589 KB
589 KB JPG
Granted! You find yourself more empathetic, charismatic, and mindful of who to go after, and how, for good friends with benefits. Getting a feel for who's a good lay for you and when to bring it up become second nature to you, and you will have better luck finding people by chance. You barely have to try, things just kinda... happen, for you.

You will be full of stamina, energetic, never pausing unless you're sexually satisfied. You could be the last one "standing" in a foursome.

You will always have a chance at at least one hook up with a guy or a girl at a time...

However... you have a minor curse. You may have more luck finding straight or bi women to unload into then men who can keep up with you... but you're a man too, are you not? A well endowed one good at fucking, just cuter than most...

If you have sex with a girl, there is a chance you will swap bodies for a day or so, putting you in her body to be fucked, and putting her in your body of superhuman stamina to make her a "man to be fucked by". Or... they could just become futa, or gender bend.

On the other side of things... if you find yourself sticking with more male partners? They MAY spontaneously gender bend or swap bodies with women who are involved in a threesome.

Basically, people involved with you (including you) will body swap and or gender bend to keep a "balance" of fucking, or getting fucked. They'd be more upset by this if you weren't such a good lay... but do expect it to cause problems, like having to find a guy you made a girl female underwear, or having to spend a day in the body of a female partner you were a bit "generous" with the night before, her ass still tingling... and good luck explaining this to people...

>I wish I was the cute apprentice (like pic related) of a talented lezdom/futadom mistress, the kind who'd teach me magic and be a good sexual partner (and good friend who gives great aftercare), and teach me her sexual domination skill to use on other girls.
File: 99262351_p0.png (818 KB, 1000x1000)
818 KB
818 KB PNG
Granted. Due to a series of events, you will be frequently forced to act more and more "princess-y". One time dominant women will prank you, and force you to wear a poofy dress and let them take photos; another time, they will blackmail you with said photos to make you obey them. One time you woll be given a job opportunity as a model... for Disney Princesses costumes... at a time when you really, REALLY need some fast money. One time you'll just be drunk, and some women will convince you - with a littlw prodding and nudging - into playing the part of a sissy princess.
Over time, these incidents will become more and more intense, with longer-lasting feelings of humiliation... that eventually will morph into acceptance, and then ejoyment. In the end, you will be fully brainwashed, and you will accept your new role.

...And then, a few months after you've reached that point, those same women will force you into a different stereotype. Maybe a buff gymbro, or a gyaru slut.
So this will be your new life: alternating between a "princess phase" and a "non-princess phase". At least, this time the women will be more lenient about it. For example, if your mistresses decide to turn you into a nerdy NEET, all you'll have to do is to ACT like one for a while; you don't have to wait until your mind cracks again. Just put up with it for a bit, and the women will say "Alright, he has been fully converted into a NEET, time to re-brainwash him into a pretty princess again" (even though they KNOW that you haven't cracked).

I wish for big (at least twice as big as humans) mommydom/daddydom monsterfolks.
File: 102070721_p0.png (2.71 MB, 1232x4100)
2.71 MB
2.71 MB PNG
Granted. However, she's a fan of "traditional" domination methods - which means bondage, sado-masochism, servitude, this kind of things. So that's what she'll teach you for her "sexual domination" lessons. She will use magic to nullify wounds/pain if you aren't into that... but in exchange, she will boost your pleasure receptors to very, very high levels. Plus, she can also use magic to push the limits of BDSM a bit - for example, to forcibly and safely contort your body until it fits into a small dog bag that she can carry around. Or to engage in wax play until you have become a wax statue, while still keeping the aphrodisiacs-laced wax warm yet firm. Or simply blast you with chain lightning to give you explosive orgasms without frying your body.

But hey. Once you manage to pass first year, she will allow you to take the role of a dom and "practice" with professional subs. Ever whipped a dragon girl until she begs for mercy? You will.

After THAT, her teacher will move on to teaching you magic, so that you can use it on your own. Mostly sex magic, but she'll also teach you utility magic and a bit of everything, from raising skeleton servants to "summon pepper spray" (fireball).
Only... Well, I already mentioned that your teacher is a bit of a sadist, yes? So she miiiiiiiight give you wrong instructions from time to time. She justifies herself by saying that you need to be prepared for these kinds of things, but it's clear that she's doing it just because she enjoys seeing you struggling against a tentacle hentai monster. Again.

>Speaking of hentai monsters... I wish to have this monster in the pic as my pet, so that it can periodically milk my dick in a variety of pleasant ways.
Granted, you get your very own slime/rubber/whatever material you want monster for sexual purposes, you'll have to find a place to store it though.

When it gulps you down, it will give you a sexual experience like you've never had before, so much that the idea of having sex with anything else will become a turn-off. You'll soon become addicted to being inside of it. Minutes, hours, days, even weeks of being jerked off, up to a point where you won't even think about anything other than just being jerked off by that creature.

Will it really make you happy being like that? Perhaps, but it feels so good to just be used by that monster.

>I wish I was a premature ejaculator.
Granted! The world is as it was before, the difference is that there are now massive monster women/men. However, these folks soon prove themselves to be just as gifted intellectually as they are physically, possessing reasoning and decision-making skills far superior to a human. This makes them adept at managerial duties, and soon they use these abilities (along with the feminine or masculine wiles they possess), to bring a vast majority of the world under their control. Under normal circumstances this would be terrible, however these monsterfolk legitimately have their subject's best interests at heart, and so their regime is ultimately rather hospitable.
Humans who defy this new world order are "disciplined" by the varous monstrous taskmasters, the specific form being determined by the type of monster and their "preferences" (slimegirls like to "detain" people inside them, cowgirls breastfeed people milk with various effects, wolfgirls may forcibly cuddle with their charges, etc). You can also do this willingly if you'd like, these monsterfolk are ultimately interested in keeping their small humie friends happy after all, and there's a bit of a shortage of people willing to submit to their more specialized abilities.
Granted! After months of training, you're able to cum mere seconds after your dick makes contact with your partner of choice. This comes with a few problems, not the least of which is that it's hard to adequately satisfy them. If you really try you can last a while longer than your usual, but even then you'll generally have to either fingerblast them to completion or leave them high and dry.
As word gets around about your... lack of stamina, you may find it slightly more difficult to get laid, although still not that much harder than it was before. In any case, you should consider either getting very good with your hands to make up the difference or becoming the Usain Bolt of fucking (as if you weren't already).
>I wish I could turn myself into any mythological creature by wearing a mask meant to represent it.
Granted, but you find yourself unable to remove any mask yourself. The only way it can be removed is if someone else removes it for you. This will mean you are stuck as that mythical being until someone else decides to set you free from the creature's control.

And by creature's control... I mean the mythical creature's own personality will overwhelm yours. You will still be an active participant in what your new body does and steer it towards what you want it to do but ultimately you will find yourself at the mercy of the creature's wants. This also means you will find it hard convincing someone to remove the mask from your face as the beast tends to not want to give up control so easily.

Enjoy your new found ability, you never know who or what you will be stuck as.

> I wish to be owned by someone completely random as their dream rubber sex doll permanently.
Granted! You will become indestructable, and still able to hear, see, etc.. You will be unable to do anything but move your eyes, or maybe wiggle a bit, unless you have been used enough, in which case you can "unlock" abilities like touch telepathy or limited speech, filtered to have an accent/pattern of your master's choosing. (sultry/cute/valley girl). These perks go away without use, and can only be attained if your master wants them. You might even get limited animation if your master both wants, and is willing to "work" hard enough to put that much sexual energy into you.

Only... the "dice roll" for your wish had a sense of irony. You will be owned by someone you know, and knows you, and they will know it is you. A close childhood friend, a crush, a co-worker, a family member you might have secretly found hot... something deliciously taboo, but something you find hot for sure, regardless of shame.

The fun part? To make it permanent, you put a curse on your new owner. They can never be rid of you, and NEED you to sate supernatural urges and libido that will otherwise build up. If female, they will become part time futa, only able to "put away" their cocks when they have spent enough time with you.

What they consider "perfect" might change over time... you might have a dick if you go to, say, a milf aunt, but she may realize she likes girls and you'll change into a "female" sex doll.

Your owner will age gracefully, from milf/dilf to gilf until the day they die. Only... they won't "die". They will become a sex doll like you, and you two will become part of an inseparable set, who will be inherited by a next of kin/friend who meets the prior requirements of "hot and taboo", and when they reach their end? The cycle continues.

Oh, and you'll never get "desensatized" to sex, of course, since... it's all you'll experience, unless you get a particularly nice owner who "talks" and watches TV with your or something.
File: 1643602647884.jpg (3.41 MB, 4000x4000)
3.41 MB
3.41 MB JPG
>I wish a cute, kind, and kinkily submissive succubus would be bound to me, offering to use her magic to change my form to my liking (or a compromise with her liking), and be eager to let me spoil her or put her in kinky sexual situations only possible with magic.

Looking for something a bit more wholesome than "demonic", the kind of succubus I'd give aftercare and have a girl's night with when we're not having kinky sex. A good cuddler if it's not too much...
Granted, and things are great...for awhile.
The problem is she being a succubus, she still has biomagical needs to maintain herself. Needs that can't be fulfilled just by being with you, especially without killing you. She cares far too much for you to see any real lasting harm come to you so that's not even a option anyway.
What this means is this isn't ever going to be a exclusive relationship. She will regularly go to "hunt" and "feed" so that she can stay physically, mentally, and magically healthy and fit.
Thing is she has never been so emotionally close to a mortal before so it is sparking in her instincts that she never felt and doesn't understand. The instinct and impulse to corrupt you into slowly becoming not so human and mortal anymore. It will start with small temptations. Little lines crossed and small taboos broken. Then escalating to stuff like pleasuring you while telling you the details of her latest "hunt". Maybe she will invite you to watch, to pick someone out, to join in.
Maybe she leaves a portal open to the infernal realm with a trail of flower petals leading up to it and once entered you are invited to a full on demonic orgy where not just your body gets fucked but also your mind and soul.
You could hold out. Cling to your humanity and morality. But the succubus makes giving in sound so good, you seen glimpses, felt small samples of the hellish delights. Regardless of your choice she is happy to stay by your side. Though you know what choice she hopes you choose in the end. For you would become more than just BFFs. You would become sisters and equal lovers in a relationship that can last far longer than a human lifetime.

Dang, rereading your wish I got a little away from what you were looking for. But I already typed and don't want to restart.

>I wish to become smarter, tougher, and more attractive over time
How this becomes /d/ related is up to granter, obviously.
Granted but you gotta "grind" to git gud. Time for some sexual gamification.

How it works is similar to a stat drain. Sexual activity with others gives a permanent very minor boost to you and a temporary but much more notable decline to them. Of course the fun (at least for me) is in the particulars.
Different sexual acts effect different stats.
For example oral sex (giving or receiving) is how you would drain intelligence. With each time gaining you a extra IQ point or so at the cost of rendering the other person a temporary bimbo or cute idiot. Though each time with the same pardner decreases the positive effect for you and increases the duration of debuff on the other person. Stat drain happens at orgasm.

Toughness is gained through doing kinky stuff, mostly bdsm but really most kinky things count. Both giving and receiving works though switching things up provides optimal stat gain if you are power leveling for some reason. Your overall physical and even mental durability and whatever else you associate with toughness will slowly increase throughout the act rather than at climax. This comes at the cost of making your partner more and more sensitive both physically and emotionally. So after awhile they will become overwhelmed if you keep at it. Unless you are a monster breaks and aftercare are required for your partner. That or a whole lot of them to tag in and out.

Vaginal and anal sex increases your overall attractiveness as well as boost your heath and fitness. This drains your partner's energy and leaves them exhausted. This transfer happens at orgasm as well.
In your escapades you may find that there are other activities that effect other stats too but that should be enough for now.

Time to mix and match fetishes.
>I wish that a very small portion of the population (which includes myself) have a natural smell that causes people to become horny, trusting, and more suggestible. With intense exposure creating a hypnotic trance.
File: okra_326_1.jpg (246 KB, 1280x1707)
246 KB
246 KB JPG
Granted, however your smell indiscriminately affects every living being regardless of species, from aardvark to zebras and even microscopic organisms. Now granted, just because you make something horny it doesn't mean that it will try to rape you; so these animals will usually try to mate with others of the same species. The flipside is that just because you made them trusting and suggestible, it doesn't mean that they will be able to understand your suggestions/orders.
Of course, none of the above applies to humans. Thanks to your smell, you'll easily be able to manipulate other people into having sex with you, even without having to use the "hypnotic trance" effect. Additionally, your smell has a lingering effect that alters the affected's mind, making them treat your suggestions and sexual actions as perfectly normal. For example, if you make someone have sex with you, and then they leave, after some time they might stop obeying your suggestions; but they will ALWAYS believe that the sex was perfectly normal and consensual.

Now, here's the paw: you and every other "Scenter" will be pushed by fate to meet each other. If you sexually dominate and mindbreak a Scenter (using your minions to fuck the opponent also counts), the range of your scent will increase, and your opponent will become subservient towards you, as if they were permanently under hypnotic trance. Of course, the other Scenters will try to do the same to you.
If you manage to defeat all Scenters, you will obtain the ultimate prize: (sexual) knowledge and power. There Can Be Only One!

>I wish for the world to be populated by monsters like slimes, giant insects, tentacle beasts etc, who forcibly cuddle people. (Pic description: giant spider tying up a girl so that she can't escape the cuddles.)
File: 45888584_p0.jpg (1.9 MB, 2046x1446)
1.9 MB
1.9 MB JPG
Granted! Buuuut it's not a case of one size fits all, so to speak, with sexualities getting in the way... or wouldn't be if you weren't a unique type of (smokin' hot) futa.

You will have a cock and balls and masculine scent if you want to seduce straight girls and gay guys, and you'll have a pussy and feminine scent if you want to seduce guys or lesbians, with either or working on people who are bi.

Thing is, this isn't always intentional on your end... in fact, you can only intentionally cause it to happen once a day... so long as it hasn't UNINTENTIONALLY happened yet, in which case you're stuck like that until you sleep for the night.

You know how some frogs change gender depending on the needs of the population? You're like that, and if you're in close proximity to enough people who lean more one way than another, your genitals will shift to match what'd get the most hot and bothered, with the process of "shifting" itself being subtle, but enough to make you wet/hard, and noticeable if you don't do duck away while i happens (takes a minute).

However... you will have to be careful with this as your scent is most potent right after a shift. People will be VERY clingy. People will not ask permission to bury their face in your ass or boobs once it reaches "intense", They'll act more like overly affectionate animals... but if you feel a shift coming, you have (some) time to prepare.

Basically, while people will do what you say during, they'll also be impossible to shake off and VERY touchy feely. A bicurious girl might sneak between your legs and shove her face up there, catching you by surprise, for instance, and all you can do is reprimand her like a pet dog until your scent is under control again.

However, since it is tied to scent, bathing, deodorant, scented body wash... it'll all help. Other, stronger smells can "shake" people off, or snap them out of it.

You get your horny followers, hope you can keep them, and your own scent, under control.
File: maxresdefault.jpg (81 KB, 1280x720)
81 KB
Thread is pretty slow this time around. Guess it's what happens when the op image is deleted.


Granted however there is a secret reason why you and others have such powerful pheromones. Those with your ability are blessed/cursed with a beastial form that you can transform into and back. Normally you and your kind can control this transformation at will, and it even is a bit of a rebirth each time, as transforming returns you automatically to the peak of health.
However for each person afflicted there are two things that if not controlled will cause involuntary transformations into the beast form. One being aggravated life threatening damage and the other being a certain strong emotional state that depends on the individual. When this involuntary transformation happens the beast takes full control and the human self can only sit back and helpless watch the resulting rampage.
While for most of your kind things like rage are the trigger for you in particular it's strong lust. Therefore most of your kind developed two ways of dealing with such a situation. One is "taming the beast", which is using mental/emotional control techniques to keep from getting too excited. Or "feeding the beast", which is regularly indulging in what excites the beast while in control, which releases the tension the tension and satisfies those urges in a safe manner.
What form this beast takes is deeply personal to the person and as a general rule the mass stays the same.

So yeah, in summery, you are something like a horny werewolf. Or werewhatever you are most into.

One more thing, inspired by a previous grant somewhere, other supernatural beings exist and your smelly pheromones are attractive to them. So have fun/be careful with that.
(Bloody Roar pic more because it's related and Jenny is hot, not because weird fighting tournaments are expected)
My wish linked below
File: Fdu5CdzWYAAhKfj.jpg (1.9 MB, 1604x1524)
1.9 MB
1.9 MB JPG
>I wish holes were always clean and safe for sex, girls were more likely to be gay or at least bi, people didn't suffocate or get injured from smothering/face sitting... and I was a woman with a great ass to enjoy this new world with a built in gaydar to find other cute girls to eat out or smother.
God fucking damn it.
Thread is dead for hours, and even hit refresh before typing, yet as soon as I post 2 others also post their stuff too.
Anyway still including wish

Ever heard of the game series honey select? If you haven't then imagine you are at a massive love hotel/brothel/sexual theme park/porno studio complex thing that has a huge selection of themed rooms, any toys and equipment you could want, and most importantly a large stable of fully customizable beautiful women selected to perfectly fit your taste. These women are willing and able to act out a huge variety of sexual acts, again to fit your own taste and desires. (The game it's self is basically just a sex sim)
Well my wish is that such a place was real and that I had full unlimited access to it as well as full use of all services provided.
Or for those who don't require a explanation, Honey Select but real is basically what I wish for. To be specific, I mean as a client/user and not as one of the girls.

(Don't remember if cgi images are welcome even if they are from Japanese hentai games, if not sorry and my bad.)
Hope you don't mind if I lore build a bit.

Granted. Throughout the ages such beings were super rare to the point of only inspiring human legends and folklore. Often in very distorted forms to inform some of the tales I am sure you are familiar with.
Anyway, for reasons not yet known such beings are appearing much more frequently. This coincides with the sudden appearance of a island constantly shrouded in fog that is absolutely teaming with such being.
Various governments and groups around the world are reacting to this differently. Some like most middle eastern countries reacting with organized violence against the beings. Others like Japan have fully embraced such beings and are working on figuring out how to integrate them as functional members of society. While others like the US lean towards containment and study when possible. It's been agreed to keep the island largely off limits by the international community.
However exceptions for purposes of scientific research are made. This is where you come in. You have been selected and trained to go on this island to gather raw data related to the inhabitants. This is pretty simple. You will be loaded up with sensors, cameras and the like, then dropped off on the island to see what happens, and then hopefully picked up a month later.
If things go well and the monsters are found to not be a real threat then global integration can commence. If you are somehow cuddled to death or something dumb like that containment or even extermination might become policy. Or if you somehow takeover the island then some sort of subjugation of the monsters will become standard.
Your actions on this mission will effect human monster relations for generations to come. No pressure, lol.

>I wish it became the global standard that clothing is optional and that all laws prohibiting being naked in public are removed
I feel like I probably made a similar wish before but creatively I am spent.
File: Ms Gsptlsnz.jpg (440 KB, 1076x1600)
440 KB
440 KB JPG
I'll grant two since I see a couple that haven't been granted.

Granted. Your perfect lesbian face-sitting utopia comes to be with you as a woman with a fantastic ass; however, the world regresses a bit into more "traditional" gender roles. Men are the dominant bread-winners with women (despite being more likely to be gay and bi) serving as their obedient housewives. You have been married off to a completely disgusting, misogynistic orc-of-a-man who expects you to tend to all the chores of the house, cooking, cleaning, and sexually satisfying him every day. You'll have to sneak around behind your husband's back to enjoy the fruits of this world, but that won't be easy given that your new pig husband is constantly home.

Granted. Clothing is now completely, globally optional; however, this applies universally and it seems that people you find unattractive enjoy going out in public naked at a much higher rate than those you do have interest in seeing. This doesn't mean that attractive people never go out nude, just that they don't prefer it as much as the gross ones. Have fun seeing your obese, wrinkly grandpa's exposed asshole as he bends over to pick up his dropped grocery bag.

>I wish to be Ms. Gsptlsnz, a sexy fifth-dimensional imp from the DC Universe and mate of Mister Mxyzptlk. I'll use my god-like reality-warping abilities to play (often sexual) pranks on 3rd-dimensional mortals and be a kinda villain-of-the-week for the Justice League while Mxy spends his time failing to outsmart Superman.
These grants aren't hot, they're just gross and unpleasant.

Most people are here for kinky twists, not boner killers.
Jokes on him, nudist places are already dominated by grampas so I am used to it, lol.
File: FkKD7MBVQAI-IMl.jpg (577 KB, 1414x2000)
577 KB
577 KB JPG
Granted, you are now Ms.Gsptlsnz, with all the powers and impish husband that entails. You will likely enjoy your time casting sexual pranks on meager lower dimensionals until they get sick of you and all of your tiring vaguely sexual pestering and put an end to you.

If they don't manage to kill you outright, you'll find yourself chased across the multiverse, and even beyond the limits of DC comics by all manner of thoroughly upset superpowered individuals or otherwise entities hungering for your power.

>I wish it was very common for girls to have nipples larger than their actual breasts and that it was normal to show them off
Granted, but there's a catch. After you had your fun with one of the "prostitutes", your sexual tastes will be altered. Specifically, one or more things related to the prostitute you just fucked (it can be one of her physical characteristics like big boobs or tall height, or it can be one of the sexual acts or fetishes you indulged in) will become less appealing to you. "I love X" will become "I like X", then "I'm indiferent", "it's a turnoff for me", and "BLEAUGH". Vice-versa, something ELSE will become more appealing to you... but you won't automatically know what. You'll have to discover it by yourself the hard way: by looking at porn until you find something that clicks.
These changes will slowly revert over time. To further complicate things, if you fuck multiple women, the changes caused by each woman will overlap with each other, either stacking together or canceling out each other. Maybe one day you will fuck a girl, and you will come out disliking big boobs but appreciating foot fetishism; the next day, you'll fuck another girl and you'll get your big booba fetish back, but now you'll absolutely hate horns. And so on.
So your options are: fuck with moderation, giving yourself plenty of "rest time" to nullify the mental changes. Or... just get all the sex you can and accept that your tastes will change wildly.

...Did I mention that I might have added a few mods to your version of "Real-Life Honey Select"? Just to give you a wider selection of fetishes and features to choose from. And a higher chance of developing a porn addiction.

>I wish for a way to summon and fuck videogame women, and then send them back to where they came.
Alright, let me re-grant a couple wishes so everyone is happy.

Granted, the world experiences three major changes:
1) Frequent cases of soap weather, like rains of soap. It's not toxic, and it does a great job cleaning everything... But also the frequent masses of soap make it kinda hard to see.
2) Nobody has to breathe anymore. Suffocation-related fetishes become suddenly more common.
3) Everyone becomes more girly. Femboys, cuntboys, feminine girls etc; men and women now have more similar appearances. As a result, the line between "straight" and "gay becomes very blurry". Unfortunately, your gaydar detects gayness - this includes gay men.

Granted, but you suffer from several drawbacks, inspired from the ones Mister Kltpzyxm had to deal with:
1) If you communicate your name backwards in any way (saying it, writing it etc.), you're instantly sent back to the 5th Dimension for 90 days. Also, all the damage you caused on Earth will instantly be fixed.
2) You have an obsession for pranks and jokes. The longer you stay in 3-dimensional space, the worse it will get. Remember to take periodic vacations.
3) The only way you can get aroused is by playing pranks and games. Moreover, the pleasure is proportional to the games' "fairness", so make sure to give yourself some limitations.
4) You're married to Mr. Mxyzptlk. Yes, that's a drawback. Yes, I know I wrote his name backwards earlier, and I know that he HAD to complain about it out loud. :)
5) You have a tendency to forget how to lie. Ask Lex Luthor to remind you how to do it.
6) Never, ever, ever, ever, EVER cause a "Whatever happened to the Man of Tomorrow?" scenario, or you will be ripped apart and killed very painfully.
>>I wish for a way to summon and fuck videogame women, and then send them back to where they came.
Granted but once they go back, they're aware their in a video game and gain the ability to jump around your electronics acting like a possessive girlfriend.

I wish every woman started having their clothes come to life to force them to look nice each day and giving them possibly tight pants via magically shifting along with movements to make their asses stand out to everyone.
Granted. The reason why they do that is that their nipples have now gained hammerspace qualities: essentially, they can fit a lot of things inside them, and from the outside they'll just look moderately bloated. Girls now use their nipples as pockets, to keep their cellphones, wallets, makeup kits, spare clothes, pet dogs, foldable bikes, unfaithful boyfriends who keep ogling other girls, pepper spray, pepper plants, magazines, umbrellas, etc.

>I wish for something related to this image.
Simple yet fun wish.
Granted, you have found a way to temporarily summon videogame characters to do with what you wish. There are a few restrictions, for example they can't leave your summoning circle, which can at maximum have a radius of 100 yards. And has a max time limit per a summoning of 69 hours, because funny sex number.
How the summoning works is you first have to beat the game the character is in. If it's a game without a proper win condition then you need to play the game for 69 hours.
Once beaten then you draw the summoning circle; place a image of the character at the center; chant their name while masturbating; then stop right before coming and direct that sexual energy instead into the image of the character.
If everything went correctly then the image will glow then be consumed in a magical flash, replaced with the full sized willing and able character.
This works even with abstract, 2d, pixelated, vector, or even 1d characters. How it works depends on your visualization during the ritual.
While summoned the characters are more or less under your control with a very minor psychic link. You will be personally held responsible for any bad things they do, so no using them as weapons against your petty enemies unless it would actually count as self defense.
If others find out or see you use this spell they will just assume it's some sort of magic trick, cosplayer, or technological slight of hand, and will disbelief any supernatural explanation.
You don't have to beat the game for each summoning but for games with multiple characters you are interested in then ether you have to beat the game each time to unlock them or play the game for a total of 69 hours to unlock all characters within the game.
Once a character is unlocked then the only consumable needed is a image of them as a spell focus. You can even reuse the same circle over and over.
There is no cool down for the spell. This isn't a loophole, it's a feature.

Wish in next post.
Nevermind, looks like many jumped to grant this wish at the same time.
Granted. Clothes become alive and apparently sentient, and take control of basically every country on Earth. Surprisingly, they don't actually DO much; mostly they allow politicians to do whatever they did before. Sometimes they make minor corrections to laws or policies, but this actually improves everyone's quality of life, if slightly.
The biggest issue is that, when it comes to fashion, clothes have complete authority over it. By which I mean that THEY - and that includes you - will decide what people wear.
So yeah, women will be forced to look nice every day, and their clothes will often emphasize their asses. But the same will apply to men. No, this doesn't necessarily mean that you'll be forced to wear feminine clothing, but it DOES mean that you'll have to feel your own trousers shifting and moving to emphasize your forms... or just teasingly rub your dick.

I wish to have a supply of magic goop that can transform people into monsterfolk, preferably (but not obligatorily) male or cuntboy.
>Granted. Clothes become alive and apparently sentient, and take control of basically every country on Earth. Surprisingly, they don't actually DO much; mostly they allow politicians to do whatever they did before. Sometimes they make minor corrections to laws or policies, but this actually improves everyone's quality of life, if slightly.
>The biggest issue is that, when it comes to fashion, clothes have complete authority over it. By which I mean that THEY - and that includes you - will decide what people wear.
>So yeah, women will be forced to look nice every day, and their clothes will often emphasize their asses. But the same will apply to men. No, this doesn't necessarily mean that you'll be forced to wear feminine clothing, but it DOES mean that you'll have to feel your own trousers shifting and moving to emphasize your forms... or just teasingly rub your dick.

Sounds good, like the idea of two people on a date and their underwear get them revved up on the ride to one of their houses by jerking them off/eating them out.
Granted. You transform instantly into a goopy slime boy. You’re capable of controlling how liquid or solid your body is, taking any amount of blunt force damage, growing or shrinking twice as much by absorbing water, and you have an ability unique to you. When you cum, you produce a special goopy substance that instantly transforms whoever it makes contact with into a monster person. If you cum inside a person you can even choose the form they will take, gender, and type of monster person. You may find yourself having a hard time getting around at first though, you’ll be in the same old world when the transformation hits, so nobody will know about slimeboys or any monster people. And to make matters worse, slime people dissolve clothing on contact so you’re going to be butt naked all the time.

For my wish, I wish I was a femboy that could change the size of my dick and ass.
File: 1645117135804.jpg (848 KB, 1000x1483)
848 KB
848 KB JPG
Granted! You are part incubus (like your pic) and gain limited size alteration powers as a result.

The main constant is you have to follow the conservation of mass, at least... a vague suggestion of it. You can trade height, cock/balls and ass for each otherr. Being a femboy, you're cute while short anyways so you have a lot of "starting mass" to work with, allowing you to easily look like pic related.

The good news is anal is very easy for you, and that hole is only for sex now, always clean, durable, and it can even lubricate. Your cock can lube up other people's holes as well.
You might have trouble holding down a job, but good news is that people see you as cute rather than menacing or demonic, making it much easier to find friends (with benefits).

Your biggest curse though? Sometimes your size alteration just... stops working. As in, it'll leave you with an extreme, like making you a short stack imp with an immobilizingly huge cock and ass, or simply leaving you with a cock and balls you can't lift off the ground. You'll find yourself unable to change the size of your assets when your power "jams" this way.

But like many other things in life... hitting it until it works again is usually the fastest way to fix it. As in, "You need to get pounded in your stupidly plump ass" or "have your giant cock pleasured" (or both) until you can get past your "jam" and change your proportions to ones that'd let you move again.

I'd put some "friends" on speed dial if I were you...

>I wish monster girls, fanasy race girls, futa, and "human+" girls in general existed, and I was a cute girl who could turn into any of them (in theory), Ben 10 style, and got to use this power to deal with sexy monster girl of the week x yuri/futa yuri adventures, whether it be a satyr girl in heat who just needs a "friend", some /d/eviant curse, a spooky cryptid girl sighting, or just goblins/fey girls causing problems near a human city. No permanent "bad ends" please.
File: 97618856_p1_master1200.jpg (580 KB, 849x1200)
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580 KB JPG
Granted! You find an amazing, cute, and fun GF, and have your fist moment together as pic related... but find out she's being bullied for liking feet and foot play. She's great at it herself, she makes it hot and it's fine between you two, but you can tell it's getting to her...

So, you two have been blessed (and cursed) to be able to fuse together into a cute foot dom vigilante, magical girl style. You will be a cute girl or futa with great legs and feet, a ridiculous outfit, and legs that let you sneak, jump, and climb with ease, as well as perform takedowns with your legs and feet alone.

You can do this willingly and unfuse whenever you want if you do so willlingly... but sometimes you will fusee unwillingly, and your GF will know why... see, she too, made a wish... for her bullies to "know what it's like for her".

And as such... if she us upset by one of her bratty co-workers or one of the many people they bully her with enough, you two fuse automatically, and cannot unfuse until you subdue that bully and make them hot and bothered for your feet. Your leg based powers can accomplish this if you dominate them well enough, regardless of prior fetishes or sexual orientation. You just need to... well, ambush them, basically... good think you're fast and sneaky.

While fused it's a bit complicated, but you will feel in control with your GF being a voice in the back of your head, and she''ll say it feels the same for her (unless you get into a disagreement and fight over control, stronger will wins).

Funnily enough, other than being closeted foot fetishists now? Your "victims" will be a lot more pleasant to be around. Though... it's not like you have a choice... your GF wonders about the morality of it from time to time, but you can't stay fused forever...

Oh, and if you run out of her bullies? You'll fuse to take on those who'd bully those you convert. Good news is somehow, you only ever end up with attractive targets for domination...
File: FrNlixqaMAA92Mu.jpg (259 KB, 1315x2460)
259 KB
259 KB JPG
>I wish I was a cute girl with magical powers, recently introduced into a cozy witch coven with a colorful cast of kind, approachable gal pals... full of lesbian/bi girls who make lewd and embarrassing mistakes regularly, like mislabeling potions, having lewd curses backfire, or playing with their own fetish magic like "form of the fuck nugget" with a vibrator in them... only to forget to set a condition to return to normal, with other coven members having to get involved, often sexually, to help fix their problems.
Granted but with a genre twist. You see there is a rival academy who's specialty is magitech who you guys constantly have to complete with for "reasons". It's a battle between the old ways and new. Magic dominated by girls and magic dominated by guys.
Though by the end of the school year a new threat to the entirety of the magic world. Can your groups put aside their differences and maybe even synthesize methods to take on this new threat (who are often in the form of horny kaju monsters btw). Even more shocking is that you show a amazing aptitude for forming sympathy links with bonded objects as well as magical puppetry. Making you the ideal controller/puppeteer/pilot for all kinds of golems, magitech mechs, and whatever else you guys can create or find. Though when linked all of your senses are linked too. Did I mention that the kaju are horny?
Anyway, point is your slice of life erotic sitcom slowly changes to a erotic shonen, then ends the school year as a mecha monster of the week type of thing.
Though once summer vacation hits you and your friends have found a way to explore other normally sealed off magic realms. Who knows what kind of hijinx are to be had during the break in your formal studies.

Yes I am aware this grant is basically "here is the thing you wanted...plus a bunch of stuff you totally didn't ask for" but it's all in good fun and I think it kinda works. Just imagine it's a anime made by studio trigger, only this time it isn't random aliens at the end (or is it *dramatic music sting", lol).

>I wish I was a world famous writer with a /d/ark secret
Granted, though there are two complications.
First, monster guys are a thing too, though something about the smell or aura of you makes them totally uninterested in you, while on the flip side makes you extra appealing to even the slightest of bi curious monster females.
Second, there is a global organization with unbelievable resources who is dedicated to maintaining the status quo, which is keeping all supernatural beings, objects, events, etc totally away from the normal mundane public's notice. While usually this just means a small dose of amnestics and a cover story, they have been known to resort to aggressive containment and control measures to maintain their mission. Make no mistake, if push comes to shove they will use any means necessary to maintain the secrets of the supernatural. Including wiping whole towns out of known history.

Because of them supernatural stuff basically plays by standard urban fantasy rules of keeping things hidden one way or another from normies or it will cause bigger trouble by attracting the attention of the agency.
Though you in particular aren't even close to a big enough threat on your own to worry much. At most if you make enough trouble they will catch you, do kinky experiments on you for a bit, then release you far away from normie civilization.

>I wish sexual activity had generalized healing properties.
Everything from a quick fap to a ritual orgy has effects similar to fantasy healing spells.
Granted, however the magic spells tend to prioritize "healing" the stamina and the libido of the performer. Bad news: this means that individual sexual acts don't heal much, since most of the healing is wasted revitalizing the sex prowess of the participants. Good news: with each sexual act, the participants will regain enough stamina and arousal to immediately go for another round... And another... And another ten...
Essentially, every form of sexual activity has a high risk of devolving into a sexual frenzy, where everyone tries to fuck everyone else. There's only three ways to stop the frenzy: having a good amount of willpower to force yourself to stop; being physically restrained and forced to not perform any sexual act for a minute or two; or ahegao. "Ahegao" is basically a state where a frenzy goes on for too long, and your brains basically shuts down for a few minutes due to all the stimulation.

TL;dr: sex heals people, but it also overheals your libido, leading to rape.

I wish for something comfy(ish) related to this pic.
Just to be clear,
That is a fallout vault, with adult babies, who mess their nappies, correct?
I think I can think of something.

Like most vaults, yours happen to include a experiment. That being testing a theory that pro-social behavior can be improved through cycles of care and regression being cared for. The template used for this was early childhood.
After a bit of hesitation in the first batch it because the normalized culture of the vault.
How it works is there is a rotation where a small group of dwellers are chosen for their turn to regress into the role of "babies". Another group gets a turn as nurturing care givers, and the rest of the vaults occupants mostly just handle their normal day to day functions to maintain the vault, eagerly awaiting their turn in ether role as its a break from their normal responsibilities and a respite in the drab drudgery of vault life.

It turns out that the experiment worked a little too well though. While it did increase pro-social behavior to a significant degree, it also made the inhabitants totally unable to deal with the harsh world of the wasteland. While isolation protected them for over a century, eventually a raider team figured out how to crack the vault and take over. Though when confronted with the weird yet kind of idealic vault regression system they figured out a way of capitalizing on it.
Basically they offer your vault protection but in exchange wastelanders who pay a premium in caps are cleaned up and allow to partake in a cycle of regression or caregiving.
To this day a new equilibrium has been reached and things remain surprisingly peaceful for a location in a post apocalyptic wasteland. For those in the know, your vault is known as "The Nursery". The former raiders became known as the Big Papas who profit greatly from the whole arrangement and offer world class protection, trade goods flow freely which benefits the original vault dwellers, and generally everyone is happy with the set up.
God I really should have proof read that before posting. How embarrassing.

As for my wish...
>I wish for a wife/lifelong girlfriend that when in public she is a beautiful short petite women but is secretly a extremely sexy tentacle monster in private
Granted! In public, she is the most beautiful, sexiest petite woman of your dreams. You two are fully in love and would do anything for each other without question.

In private, when she lets loose and stretches the old tentacles... she leaves the slime from her tentacles all over the house. The sex with her is amazing as she wraps you up and suctions herself to you. Sometimes she even will stick a tentacle up your ass as you plow her. Anything your perverted mind can think of, she is willing to do.

The downside to your tentacled wife is her appetite. She doesn't eat normal human food... she eats humans. In public, she can devour normal food to keep appearances but it will do nothing for her nutritionally. You will have to help her capture humans to keep her fed and cover up the murder so police don't get suspicious. This involves a lot of moving around and not staying in one place. You do this out of love of your wife... but have to live with the guilt of all the murders of your fellow humans.

> I wish to be made of rubber.
Granted, you are an extremely famous writer, specializing in horror and thriller stories. The reason for this is that you take inspiration from... "real" sources.
Frequently, you will end up walking in pocket dimensions created by stories: myths, urban legends, analog horrors, etc. It's your job to "appease" these dimensions somehow, by giving them a "conclusion" - for example, if you end up in a forest being stalked by a monster, you can let them chase you until you narrowly escape; or let them catch and rape you; or lead it to some other prey; or defeat it. Once the story reaches a conclusion, it vanishes away along with all its physical effects.
You have a limited degree of reality-warping in these pocket dimensions, allowing you to "read" current and past events and "write" what is going to happen; however, the latter ability must follow some sort of narrative - you can't just make you automatically win.
These little pocket dimensions are your source of inspirations for your stories. Even though your own imagination is what brings them to life. And yes, they are /d/arkly /d/eviant.

Granted. However, she says that she is the Great Destroyer, the Devourer of Worlds, arrived here to lay waste on the planet and turn everyone into her slaves.
That's what she says. The PRACTICE is that her brand of "evil" is... comically petty. Like turning upside-down every product in a supermarket aisle, or hiding your underwear so that you'll be forced to go without. You aren't even sure that she can destroy worlds.
Of course, since she doesn't stop boasting or threatening people in public even in her "human" disguise, you will have to make up bizarre excuses for her behavior; excuses that, if funny enough, will always be accepted.

But hey, at least sex with her tentacled form is great! ...Aside for the fact that your waifu is a tsundere, so giving her compliments while she's in her true form might cause her to get huffy at you. Or super-blushy. Or both.
File: 96250680_p0.jpg (1.7 MB, 1500x1050)
1.7 MB
1.7 MB JPG
>I wish for a world of cute humans and lewd vore-y monsters, with things arranged so that neither side can make the other extinct.

After your wish Earth is visited by a race of large aliens who seem to come in peace. While it takes a bit for most to get used to their monstrous, though not unaesthetic appearance, most come to trust them due to their many gifts of technology and promises of introducing humanity to the wider intergalactic community. Some of this technology was found to have positive effects on appearance and so the human race generally has gotten cuter as a result of widespread dispersal of this technology. Though in all of this the aliens haven't yet asked for anything in return. This fact has made a select few suspicious and they began investigating the aliens and what they are really up to.
As it turns out something about the chemical make up of humans and how it interacts with the biology of the aliens makes it so that humans actually act as a highly desirable recreational drug to them.
The investigator who uncovered the information was even more shocked to find that the aliens weren't harvesting organs or even killing people to get their fix.
Instead they would form secret relationships with a thoroughly vented and examined human, then most shocking of all the human would then usually eagerly consent to partial being swallowed by their alien pardner. Which seemed to bring the alien euphoria with a almost sexual edge to it. Once pulled out from the alien's mouth the human too seemed oddly happy with the experience.
Through a bit of blackmail of a human involved in this, the reluctant informant even said that fully swallowing whole was rumored to take place, but only something done in total privacy as the ultimate act of intimacy. Though it's unclear if this is fatal to the human involved or not. The informant did say they would love to one day find out though.

This information hasn't been given to the wider public but it has been passed along to global intelligence agencies.
Both the aliens and human involved in this both keep this on the downlow.
Meanwhile you have noticed a particular alien has taken a special interest in you, and in doing so you also have notice many appealing things about them too. You are able to chat for hours and despite the differences, you feel a real connection with this alien.
A connection you hope to strengthen on your upcoming outing, though it feels like a date, with them to stargaze. Though it's a bit weird that they insisted you got a special high tech check-up at one of the alien ran medical stations beforehand. And also mentioned to refrain from wearing any lotions, creams, deodorants, or other such chemicals on the night out.
Anyway they said they really want to show you something wonderful. You wonder what it could be. You also find yourself wondering what their big lips would feel like on your body, but you push those thoughts aside as you lock up and leave for this outing. A outing that you won't return from quite the same.

Ngl, not personally into vore, but listened to a really good audio drama by mother macabre that I used as loose inspiration. Hope it wasn't shit.

As for a wish...
Might as well throw caution to the wind
>I wish for some sort of immortality
I mean what could possibly go wrong in a thread like this.
File: 97964332_p0.jpg (1.45 MB, 1012x1433)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB JPG
Honestly? Now that you told me, I can kinda see that you aren't into the fetish - yet your writing was pretty hot anyway. Impressive.

Anyway, granted. You die in your sleep, only to wake up in front of two giantess - a demoness and an angel - bickering with each other. Apparently, both of them tried to turn you into an isekai hero at the same time, and the resulting conflicting energies did a number on your soul.

So here's the short version: you have resurrective immortality. Every time you die (temporary deaths and comas also count), you will awaken somewhere else in a new body - which usually look similar to your original one - ready to take on a new adventure. Both the demon and the angel will try to manipulate your destination, with the demon favoring adventures where you will gloriously bring order and justice, while the angek instead offering you opportunities for "fun"... Although sometimes, it will be fun for her, less for you. Think "100% chance of fantasy RPG with some erotic content in it" versus "80% chance of a job at Hentailand helping out for the festival, and 20% chance of being the rapeable hero in a hentai game".
The thing is, you can use your wilpower to manipulate your destination to some extent. You can favor the demoness or the angel, you can try to return to the world that you just left, or you can even go back home to your original world immediately after your "death" there. Keep in mind, however, that this method isn't foolproof; sometimes, you'll just have to accept the destination that the giantesses chose. Heck, sometimes they'll randomly kill you

Also, with every death/worldjump, you lose some of the powers you accumulated in the past. You won't lose EVERYTHING, but... You'll probably end up with having 100 classes with 1 level each, and the bonuses don't stack... A "five of all trades", basically.

>I wish for lots of lovely tentacles to love and cherish.
File: 94194234_p2.jpg (1.03 MB, 2793x4096)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB JPG
Granted, you become a living inflatable sex doll. You can talk, blink, emote etc. just fine, and you are a lot sturdier than a regular sex doll, plus you can regenerate unless most of your body is burned or dissolved. You're also full of sexual fluids, which will cause you to make slight sloshing sounds wherever you move.
Surprisingly, everyone will consider your oddities to be perfectly normam. Additionally, people around you will be a lot less inhibited, and a lot more willing to perform sex acts on you. Yes, even in public - bystanders will think that it's also perfectly normal. Good news: it will be easier for you to get sex from others. Bad news: some people will try to fuck you without your permission, and a lot more will grope you or talk dirty.

However... Every time you cum, you deflate significantly, making you weaker and weaker until you'll be unable to get up from the floor. Every time you take in someone else's sexual fluids (for ex. if they cum inside you), you will inflate, potentially turning you into a rotund balloon.
And you know what's the funniest part? The extent of the inflation/deflation is random every time. So one time, you can orgasm and feel just a little faint for a minute; the next time, you'll instantly collapse on yourself like a pile of empty clothes. At least your regeneration also slowly pushes you towards your "ideal" shape, even when you're completely deflated/inflated.

>You know that fetish when people get trapped inside the clothes of bigger people, and sexually teased (see pic)? I wish for something related to that fetish.
Granted, you might have seen earlier in the thread someone wished for a tentacle monster wife.
Well the result of their love has lead to the rather obvious result of tons of sex. They have two problems though. One is that they don't really have the will or ability to take care of or train a hoard of tentacle monsters.
The second is the breeding lifecycle is a bit "different" from most normal animals.
You see once the internal eggs of the tentacle monster have been well fertilized the monster then needs to find another being to act as a incubator.
Well they heard of your desire for some good tentacle loving of your own and decided you would make a perfect incubator, trainer, and lover of their current batch of offspring.
If you can't imagine exactly what that means allow me to get into detail.
You will be brought to a nicely prepared nesting site. Think king-size bed with waterproof sheets and pillows pre lubed down and everything warmed to a pleasant temp. Then you will have the time of your life getting fucked into oblivion by the tentacle monster as she lays eggs in you. You will then be lovingly cared for during the brief incubation period of about a week or so. A time that you will be pretty highly sexually sensitive due to the natural chemistry and hormones of the developing eggs or something. Though the two will make sure those needs are taken care of too.
Finally you will have a orgasmic birth of a brood of juvenile tentacle monsters. From there it's up to you to train them and provide for them until they are developed enough to provide for themselves, which only takes a month or so. Though they will are now always bonded to you as a respected paternal figure they listen to and trust.
The original couple remain friends you can ask for advice, but otherwise you are on your own in regards to the tentacles. They are basically yours to do with and influence as you wish. They are extremely adaptable to the influence of their upbringing.

Wish below...
I wish to learn how to master all aspects of my sexuality to a superhuman degree.
Everything from being able to meditate to hands free orgasm all the way to doing secret yoga to change my penis size at will. You know, crazy anime kung fu sex master stuff once fully developed.

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