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Those Who Draw


Raps (yohomeboyraps)

(Needs social media links or gallery)

>I don't think she's gonna fit anon
>new tiktok challenge: Will your tiny bf let you put him in your mouth?
File: 1678126001541288.jpg (276 KB, 2048x1511)
276 KB
276 KB JPG
>n-n-n-no i'm not sm-smuggling tinies!
File: ezgif-5-2f19eaae64.jpg (118 KB, 1200x645)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
Will Sir Snuggles ever get his revenge on the filthy cur that insulted his honor?
File: 1674855719287943.jpg (107 KB, 1200x866)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
>You're my treasure now, I won't let anyone take you away from me
Airport security gonna have a field day
File: E5UjJQ_XMAQoUJF.jpg (168 KB, 1920x1080)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
>You know I can see your, right?
File: 1671047976746507.jpg (925 KB, 645x3644)
925 KB
925 KB JPG
she's just keeping them warm, no smuggling happening whatsoever, trust her
File: 1675342721360943.jpg (1.62 MB, 3200x1800)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB JPG
Confiscation it is,straight to the lovely lady who checks on smuggled tinies
File: FQ1lH5QakAA5I5F.jpg (2.91 MB, 2550x3900)
2.91 MB
2.91 MB JPG
this, remember tinies don't have the same bodyheat as giant girls
File: FQ1lOWPaAAA5DiY.jpg (1.63 MB, 2550x3300)
1.63 MB
1.63 MB JPG
>She put her shoe on the roof again
Can she please stop doing that? The roof access smells like stuffy ballet flats for days after this
File: 1608854729869.jpg (225 KB, 2000x1250)
225 KB
225 KB JPG
This is a FUCKING call out to all you giantesses who are lurking on this thread

Mark my words: You come down tiny town, you'll get put down

My fists of fury are lethal weapons, banned in every state, when I put my hands in my pockets, the feds ask to see my concealed carry permit. I am ready to tumble anytime anyplace, I've got 100 confirmed bruised toes and 100 sore fingers under my belt, and I keep on raking them up every time a giantess steps to

You best believe I'm not paying any cuddle tax, no kiss fees nor turning up for pampering duty EVER. I am a tiny, born free made mean and I ain't ever going back to cleavage prison
This is clearly a giantess friendly roof
File: huvzvf.jpg (66 KB, 600x911)
66 KB
Awww, you sound awfully grumpy, do you want some cuddle wuddles, little qt? Maybe some appy slices? You tiny guys are so CUTE when you#re trying to be all fierce :)
File: zj0xe69ugs771.png (1.99 MB, 1000x1414)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB PNG
This is so cruel..... We could have had a sizekino...
>in cold climates there isn't a tiny in sight for obvious reasons
File: 1607610853711.jpg (352 KB, 1500x2000)
352 KB
352 KB JPG
i am not CUTE
i am TIRED of giant bimbos looking down on me, TIRED of being small, TIRED of being called LITTLE MAN
my tiny rage can never be quelled
even when I am sat by giantess cops for timeout periods, when i am placed in their cleavage prison, entombed beneath some underboob, trapped in their pocket dungeons, i always break free to carry on my revenge
the giantesses will nurse their sore digits, tend to their dainty bruises, and in that moment of excruciatingly minor bout of pain, they will learn to fear the tiny
Have you tried telling them you are in a relationship? It works for me
The obvious reason being
>Startling news stories have emerged of 3 tinies almost freezing to death in the snow
>Their smaller minuscule just aren't as good at staying warm
>A public uproar has emerged of how this could be allowed to happen, with girls calling on big sister government to do something
>The tinies however are vehemently against any sort of law being enacted, instead believing its the tinies fault for going out and only wearing shorts on a 10 degree night.
>Eventually it is decided that girls are allowed to manhandle tinies on snow days and keep them warm for their own protection
>mfw i can't even go skiing, without being scooped up by a Ms goodey two shoes
Dear lord what is happening in here.

It's like everyone is barking their own story hoping someone will follow the lead but nobody does and it's just like screaming into the void.

Very fitting for a fantasy like this I guess.
maybe its a sign that these threads are dying
All size threads are kind of like that haha, I don’t use the gentle thread as much but it makes me happy if others have the same taste as me
You must be new
Introducing another gentle one, Jean, she has been taking care of you and letting you live with her ever since that cicin mage shrunk you



Rest of my bots - https://rentry.org/295se
File: IMG_1039.jpg (196 KB, 1421x633)
196 KB
196 KB JPG
Haze Reverb is currently in a pre-registration phase (Android) via QooApp (service will begin around April 6th):

Was waiting till the 7th cause I thought they would have a pre-registration campaign for Google Play and Apple Store, but it was just an additional Mycard pre-registration campaign (I wouldn't recommend this unless you want to give Hong Kong private information like your phone number).

So much time has past since I reported this game's existence here 2 years ago. Still have my fingers crossed a former member of Giantess Nights will actually deliver a high-quality size-fetish game and not disappoint like Dekamusu and Jurassic Girls. A gs-uploader artist, Kureha, has been working on fan-art for the game [attached], and there's some consideration of creating a Japanese or English language version.
File: d68defb1206f2b5e.png (2.96 MB, 1920x1080)
2.96 MB
2.96 MB PNG
But regardless, this game's official server is hosted in Taiwan, so while the staff are stuck in Hong Kong, they're using Taiwan to avoid CCP censorship.
>AI hand in official art
it's over
File: IMG_8793.jpg (389 KB, 1920x1080)
389 KB
389 KB JPG
>34~40m Drivers versus 1km Original Sin

A lot of these illustrations were made pre-AI boom. But 2 years ago, there was an incident where one of the illustrations was plagiarism of a Kancolle size-fetish docking illustration, so Chinese illustrators aren't too dissimilar to AI.

But apparently, this game is too lewd for Google Play. Guess the added scenes since the beta test where you scrub the giant Loli Drivers [mech girls] was too much.

There’s something to it though
Few months ago in this very thread greentext ideas were continued by other anons quite frequently to the point that if yours wasn’t it just meant it was shit, and seing one continuing for 4-5 posts wasn’t unheard of
Question is: were past greentexts simply better quality?
Looking at the ones itt I personally think so
there was a multiple post discussion about a greentext just last thread
I think the posters are all here, but most of the obvious ideas are becoming played out so people don't discuss them as much
>If the tasteless size thread doesn't engage with your green text it means it was shit
I don't greentext itt but this thread has always been really samey in taste
"Variety is the spice of life" as they say
I think the challenge is the difference between the pace of Edition topics vs short writings with reference to topic changes, because a repeat Edition will likely not be noticed since will happen much later but with so much writing anons are probably worried about being "that guy" who kept on writing about elf abductions every thread.

I mean we get it Jerry, your elf self-declared wife likes hiding you on her body under her clothes while she goes out to the market, but sometimes there's more pressing issues like aliens who don't seem to care for human's fragile nature yet having to be stopped by more gentle ones. While you're worried about your day-to-day life in your peaceful medieval town, some of us are more focused on the greater safety of humanity much further in the future.
I never cared much for any of the greentexts in here, it felt very obvious that most of them were by the same person or maybe a couple people. It's almost like a fetish in itself, one person would post their greentext, get engagement from a couple people, then continue the greentext based on the responses they received. Without any engagement it just starts looking schizophrenic as they fire off story after story hoping to get some sort of attention out of it.
0/10 no mention of boobs
File: 0307_hazereverb_01.jpg (329 KB, 1200x678)
329 KB
329 KB JPG
Official Haze Reverb Livestream (in 30 minutes):
File: Stuck in a Locker SWIMver.png (3.45 MB, 1200x1800)
3.45 MB
3.45 MB PNG
I hope you guys like this, im not the most confident in my writing abilities
Any more picks of warming breath?
File: 1.png (3.06 MB, 2000x2000)
3.06 MB
3.06 MB PNG
Good short story dude,you should be mentioned in the artist section in the beginning of every thread

I do like it. It is a little clunky, but it reads well and I like its content. Good job.
>most of the writers suck and shouldn’t be in the op for some reason
But they are
>oh you posted your story here and want feedback? Let me just call you an autist and not do any of that
Pointing out a story isn’t good is feedback
>why are you posting this pic that I think should be in another thread for arbitrary reasons? Fuck off
You’ve probably whined about this exact thing
>giantess doing X is unrealistic it’s taking me out of my coomer immersion let me cry about it for 20 posts
I’ve never seen anything go on for this long
>Doing Y is too realistic It’s cruel and I can’t coom fuck off cruelfag
It’s a gentle thread, genius
>why are you posting mindless coom? People come here for the plot
It’s about the mix
>shrink and vore fags get the rope
Nobody has ever said that about shrink
>if a male is even slightly bigger than a female at any point in your story it makes me uncomfortable probably because you’re the gay one
Because you are
>if the thread isn’t completely free of people creating stuff then it’s shit
That literally makes no sense

Judging by your rant, seems like you’re one of those writers who got called out, didn’t like the feedback you were given, and generally like to piss and moan whenever the thread isn’t tailored to your liking. Pot calling the kettle black?
11/10, you've baited the autist. Welcome to the writers list.
File: FqdiE6taQAEs6oy.jpg (638 KB, 1676x2246)
638 KB
638 KB JPG
Whiny faggots get their bikes stepped on
>shrink rays invented
>dating app PlentyofTinies becomes a thing
>eagerly make a profile, super excited for hot giantess action
>0 matches
>not even any girls on the app near you
>occasionally get a scam bot trying to get you to sub to some girl's onlyfans
>one day get an alert
>figure it's a text or something but no, it's your profile
>chat with the match for a minute, she's using a cartoon avatar so super sus
>she seems real, and things are getting heated
>agree to meet up and let her shrink you
>too desperate and horny to even bother vetting at this point
>get to the address and...
>hold on, this is next door to your childhood home
>door opens
>it's your old neighbor the sexy divorced milf!?
>her eyes go wide as she realizes it's you
>fingers the shrink gun nervously a moment then giggles
>"well I guess this is the danger of both of us using fake avatars..."
>awkward silence
>"Do you still want to come in? I've got the chocolate fountain you wanted me to dip you in..."
With certain punctuation trends in the greeting, do you find the bot copies them? All those commas and an "its" in place of an "it's" I found influenced a fair few generated messages
My advice, building on what >>10563077 said is that you could probably even reach out to a writer or two if you want to coordinate and have them handle the parts you find difficult, so the idea will be structured by both but implemented by whoever you trust to do so.

And if you haven't just yet, I think including the image to the story would be good for the visuals for those who weren't aware an image was made of the scene
Steam experienced technical difficulties downloading game data, so it's been postponed to Thursday. Did get to see the art for several new characters though, quite a few thicc-thighed kemono girls.
wish that was me, great size difference
bet younger girls upset the hot milfs taking all the guys
hairy for sure
File: 2901216-2.jpg (64 KB, 818x867)
64 KB
Paipan; meaning they're naturally smooth and hairless.
Hairy vag, shaved pits and legs
File: snoot.png (734 KB, 600x848)
734 KB
734 KB PNG
>Powerful jaws and snout faces
So anime girls?
I go back and forth, generally I like a hairy woman but having her shave it bare every now and then for a bit of a change up is amazing.
On behalf of our tribe I volunteer to fight this amazonian woman and her hairy unshaved pits and vagina.
Got a link?
Thanks,i really think amazon content in general is very matching with this thread
We finally did it huh?

We finally found the end of the line.
File: 1674324285267012.jpg (85 KB, 1082x606)
85 KB
i doubt that.
who would have thought purity spiraling epic gentle sir thread culture would drive people away
Let's talk monstergirls anons, favorites and how big?
oni girls, and for me to be like two millimeters in height
I mean it really is just this severely autistic retard >>10563044 who's been single handedly shitting up every thread for the past month and half. Now greentexts are the lastest source of drama apparently.
File: 38.jpg (247 KB, 1280x1811)
247 KB
247 KB JPG
yeah it does influence it, somehow missed that one, thanks for the heads up, fixed
Litteraly all of them,and for me to be 3 inches
How would human women compete with monster girls?
Grow bigger than them
same but any chaff race in an rpg, think goblins or rat monster girls
>chaff races
why is it always so much better when it's something pathetic like a fairy or a bug girl?
File: 1674942063714848.jpg (473 KB, 1200x2113)
473 KB
473 KB JPG
>how big
As big as they can make them
I’m flattered you think I’m the only “problem” in this thread. Since when is voicing an opinion a “problem” anyway?
File: ch18.png (876 KB, 822x1200)
876 KB
876 KB PNG
File: 1674115725579046.jpg (769 KB, 1812x3044)
769 KB
769 KB JPG
>still giving him yous
Do you realise that is all he is baiting for right?
He does this in every thread and its clear he only does it only to stir the pot. That anon contributes nothing of worth to any thread he decides to shitpost in and when you do call him out, he employs general bad-faith arguments and ad hominem to bait you in for yet more (you)'s. It only serves to derail the thread and bring the quality crashing downwards.
Offer him only your ridicule and scorn in passing, but never give engage him directly and above all never give him your (you).
File: 1670715995764095.jpg (113 KB, 1200x888)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
Maybe I'm "lucky" but I've never once seen the implied threat of those quirky tees first-hand. Not even a bit of looming. Are bigs just afraid to wear them in public?

That said, apparently there's a market for stuff like that because I've heard rumors they're making messages on big panties or even hidden tiny messages on the thigh part of long socks.
File: 1674583239277550.jpg (223 KB, 2048x1039)
223 KB
223 KB JPG
I've seen the tiny warning socks
fuck off with that furry shit
I guess its because it just adds to the humiliation . Just imagine something you may typically view as beneath you, suddenly becoming your personal god. Like imagine being kept as a pet to a random frog that was living in your pond.
Have any of you guys told anyone irl of this fetish?
Exactly just ignore and post sexy giantesses
Cowgirl,small enough for boob vore
Yeah, 3 people: a friend who's also into it, a domme friend, and a girl I've dated.

All three went pretty well.
File: 1673993872899715.jpg (2.38 MB, 7167x5053)
2.38 MB
2.38 MB JPG
i just want to pat the giantess bunny and maybe have her pat me.
File: 1644169090363.png (1.83 MB, 1604x2235)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB PNG
I like goblins a lot, I've taken a real liking to this one in particular.
>tfw tiny working in a shop that serves both giants and tinies
>if you had a nickel for every time your manager had to explain to a giantess that you were an employee, not merchandise, you could probably retire
>although your manager did manage to sell plenty of stuffed animals and dolls to some of the giantess customers that were less willing to (literally) let you go
>and you also got a few phone numbers from some customers that offered "extra part-time work"


>how big
also yes

>mountain village is suddenly visited by a giant rock harpy
>rock harpy has observed this village and seen the tiny humans exchanging tiny pieces of yellow rock
>rock harpy proceeds to fly over and drop a literal ton of gold ore in her claws next to the village
>"for husband" she rumbles when asked why
>mayor drags you out and offers you to the harpy in exchange for giving your family some of the gold ore
>"at least I got a dowry payment" as you lay between the giant rock harpy's breasts as she snuggles deeper with you in her mountain nest
>wait until the giant harpies, and by extension the other giant monster girls, found out you can just "buy" a human husband
>tfw you are currently working on retail but you have a Tea Party to attend at 4:00 pm with the girl and her plushies.
>Sudden economic boom.
>But short lived as pursuing the richness all families selled their sons.

>Now there's no more males left and the town will face the destruction of their bloodlines.
>Many will go to other towns or cities using the fortunes they acquired and thus the town will end up as a ghost town, with nothing but rats and crows to make it their domain.
File: 1659239333305603.png (647 KB, 800x827)
647 KB
647 KB PNG

>get giant gf
>visit her house
>her giant milf mom goes "ara ara" at the two of you and slyly tells your giant gf to make sure to keep her bush trimmed
>"one time it took me ten minutes to pull your father out of my jungle when we were done"
>before she says any more your red-as-a-beet giant gf pushes her out of the room
>giant milf just goes "ara ara ufufufu" and says she'll be back with snacks
>such is life
Stop engaging with that trolling dick. Just ignore him like >>10564133 said

>After a year of working out you challenge the 6'8" tall girl

>She giggles and says that's a stupid and old tradition, but wants to see what you have

>About ready to tackle her when you notice something isn't right

>She looks....bigger?

>Watch is awe as she quickly grows in size till you are barely ankle size to her

>She explains that Oni women can freely alter their size at will unlike the oni men

>It's why Oni men are huge and muscular as they try to keep up with their mates, but it's useless honestly

>Spend the next hour as she watches you try and escape her cleavage as she cheers you on
First part

>Be a normal farming guy who just so happens to have a oni childhood friend

>You've had a crush on her for a while and heard that Oni women take on mates that can overpower them
>move into the nice mixed size and species town that was recently built
>insanely expensive for everyone but human males
>as you unload your stuff into the new tiny appartment you are greeted by an arachne giantess who is your new neighbour
why are you even here, depressed-greentext-anon?
How hard is it to not give him attention?
>Because a moment of kindness shines brightest agaisnt a backdrop of despair.
Anybody working on anything?
I actually don’t think depressed-greentext-anon and shitstirrer-anon are the same person, though I could very well be wrong.

I do wish they’d both leave, though. Or that depressed-anon would make his greentexts actually relevant.
File: 1671815498535674.jpg (379 KB, 1200x1936)
379 KB
379 KB JPG
Depends on what you mean by working. I've been trying to cook up a story involving a human hunter becoming accidental buds with a gentle oni for a while now. Nothing is sticking beyond the first two chapters I've started on.
File: 1677547602387740.jpg (551 KB, 1920x1484)
551 KB
551 KB JPG
Still working on an expanded version of the yandere story I wrote. After this is done I'm definitely going back to writing shorter stuff for a while, kek.
File: tease.jpg (382 KB, 1365x2048)
382 KB
382 KB JPG
File: DrPfI4tU8AI8rFr.jpg (728 KB, 4095x2606)
728 KB
728 KB JPG
Usually it goes
>Depressed-anon makes depressed prompt
>Anons take it as a challenge to make the depressing prompt not depressing
That's how we got joker lady anyway
it will be on steam too?
Incredible start. Much better than anything I could write.
Yes. It's not really gentle though.
A tiny trying to cheer up a depressed giantess would be cute as fuck though
>hollwedz came back to try to shill her patreon
el mao
Did that anon who was waiting like 8 months for his commission get it yet?
Next chapter of Back to Normal is up
My next long story is probably going to be that one greentext from last thread about the designated shrinking week, basically The Running Man but with shrink rays.
Ive had an idea for a story bouncing around in my head for a while but im shit at writing, incase any writefags wanna pick it up Its the premise of >>8854947 but with a few different details
>delinquent girl is close childhood friends with quiet shy kid
>Shy kid is relentlessly bullied and abused by junkie parents
>she protects him from beatings/keeps him away from his abusive parents as much as possible
>he returns the favor by cooking, running errands, etc.
>they seperate after graduation, she goes to a college on the other side of the country, vows to come back if he needs her
>Few months pass and they lose contact, shes not worried initially because hes trying to support his junkie parents
>Shrinking plague hits
>few years pass, she graduates ands comes back to town
>Hes gone
>After months of searching she finds him in a shelter
>He was sold to a torture ring by his junkie parents
>Tinies might be able to regenerate but their minds are still fragile
>Her heart breaks at the sight of her best friends horrifically scarred body and
>The years of torture mentally broke him, he didnt recognize her at first
>She adopts him and vows to never leave him again
>she tries to help him process the trauma and horror of all he went through
>as he starts to come back around to his old self he starts to try and help relieve her of the guilt and rage she feels for leaving him behind and for what those monsters did to him
>both of them try to help each other heal
>time passes and he starts to return to his old self
>her heart sank seeing his scarred trembling form smile once again
>their relationship grows from there
>he starts to open up more and more, while acting as a sort of emotional anchor for her
>she starts to mellow out and simply focus on the both of them
>Fast forward a few years, lewd hijinks ensue
>he works up the courage to pop the question
>it was kinda funny seeing him carry the ring
>she nearly cried when he asked
>they get married. happy ending
File: 1667779285361200.jpg (290 KB, 1499x2048)
290 KB
290 KB JPG
>tiny is broken mentally from years upon years of cruelfag abuse
>rescued from the brink by childhood friend girl
>very long, very rocky road to recovery
>eventual happy ending
Ngl that kind of shit is fantastic yet I never see it done. Probably has to do with the fact it's a bit of a heavy, longwinded premise for what is essentially fetish smut.
Still though, I think a light novel about something like that would be the ultimate gentlefag story. The delinquent girl is just icing on the top.
>Heavy longwinded premise for what's essentially fetish smut
Fimfiction writers a grinning
love the idea of abused tinies being adopted by giantesses and slowly learning to trust big people again
File: 1677953700749809.jpg (127 KB, 1413x1990)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
The opposite is better, a depressed and ostracized giantess being met by a brave tiny that doesn't see her as a monster or a freak
File: Izumi 7.jpg (162 KB, 1440x1473)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
Izumi Takanashi would be a nice fit for this, and with the way she's frail and get muscle aches tiny massages would be great for her.
File: 1668821460815447.jpg (488 KB, 2926x3319)
488 KB
488 KB JPG
>Depressed ostracized giantess meets abused broken tiny
File: 1677869548406525.jpg (616 KB, 1600x900)
616 KB
616 KB JPG
File: 1677869581892336.jpg (2.15 MB, 3508x1973)
2.15 MB
2.15 MB JPG
thred ded
File: 105475683_p0.jpg (841 KB, 1985x2807)
841 KB
841 KB JPG

just a dry spell.
File: 1609335263105.png (312 KB, 597x705)
312 KB
312 KB PNG
I have a backlog of stories from my own setting to work on so I can upload 3-5 things at once because I feel compelled to make up for uploading nothing for a year despite telling myself I would.
File: 105105791_p0_master1200.jpg (512 KB, 851x1200)
512 KB
512 KB JPG
I don't know how to draw and I'm not a good writer, but I've got an itch to make something, so I downloaded Daz yesterday.

Will probably give up before I make anything worth posting somewhere, but who knows
I have two stories sitting around 6k words each that I need to buckle down and finish before I start working on this
So, it’s not a strictly gentle story, but I feel like this deserves mention:


I’ve been on a villainess-isekai binge lately, and this story made me realize nobody’s done a size version yet. Should be neat.
>bigs utterly destroy their own kingdom simping for a fake tiny that is an infiltrator from an enemy empire
Like pottery.
Green text I made up based on this comment, English might be off due to second language
>Be tiny, living in an orphanage for tinies as my parents died shortly after I was born. Me and my fellow tinies are only about 1-3 millimeters tall. I'm about 11 years of age and live in one of the many underground tiny cities
>Have never seen a normal sized person before, but one day the orphanage teacher visits and explains to us that they are absolutely colossal and that giantesses are often kind to tinies.With him telling us that his wife is what we would describe as a giantess who he speaks to with his tiny speaker mask, and that he lives in a mixed size city.The teacher further explains how as giantesses eventually develop through puberty, they also instinctively feel a strong compulsion to want to care for and bond with tinies.
>After hearing this I decide to sneak out of the orphanage and explore the giant city above. However being too young to to use the designated tiny tubes to the surface I decide to use one of the abandoned earth tunnels, which were used mainly for smuggling back in the day
>Once I crawl out, I am inundated with sun rays with my eyes taking a few moments to adjust. I see impossibly gigantic figures walking above me, simply minding their own businesses.I see kids playing and picnics being had. It appears I am in a park with me on the footpath.
>I try to get these titans to notice me, however I am too small and don't have the necessary equipment to be seen or heard.
>Eventually I see a ginger girl, about my age looking on the ground intensely, with my hearing a booming ''where are all the bugs at?''. Me being naive starts waving furiously towards her trying to get her attention, she sees me and her eyes light up.
>"Squish time'', I then see her foot raise and proceeds to stomp me multiple times, despite the pressure and pain my body appears to be invincible and not get crushed. ''Why won't this weird looking bug squish like the rest''
Part 1
>''This one won't splat, I think I might keep it'' she says, despite my protests that I am a person like her, my voice is too small to be audible by her
>Eventually she takes me to her home and places me in a jar. She tortures me thinking I am just a human looking bug, the torture ranges from burning,crushing and shaking my jar, just so she can see me 'wriggle around' for her amusement.
>This proceeds for over two years, in which I learn her name is Rachel from the odd conversation she has with her mom. During which my mind proceeds to become more scarred .I begin to develop deep resentment towards the orphanage teacher, for making me believe a giantesses could be anything but a cruel and sadistic monsters.
> One morning on my 13th birthday I vaguely hear Rachel say '' I can't wait to learn about what tinies are today at school''. Though not really paying attention I just look out the window of her room and fantasize about eventually being free and not tortured for someone else's sick amusement.
>Then on the same day, Rachel and her Mom arrive home from school. I hear a commotion from outside of her room, with the sound of furious yelling of the mother and cries from the daughter. The door bursts open with a furious face of the mother looking directly at my jar, with Rachel pointing meekly towards the jar with tears flowing down her eyes.
>The moms hand shake trying to open the jar I am in, to such an extent that I am flung out and towards to open window seal.I then run to jump out of the window before the mother can grab me.
>The last thing I as I am in free fall is ''Wait, please don't go...''
Part 2
>After escaping I make an effort to not make the same mistake twice and stay out of sight of non tinies
>Eventually make it to one of the tiny tubes and get noticed by the tiny civilian of their daily commute and make it into one of the tiny cities and get transferred to my original one
>Three years after my escape I'm 16 years old now and despite being a shell of my former self I do my best to try to fit back into society
>Reject countless offers to be adopted, now having a total phobia giantesses.
>The main caretaker of the orphanage notices this and asks why, to which I explain my fear of the opposite sex and why I was missing for two years. After a heartfelt talk, he tells me there is something I should see. I get in his hover car and he tells me to put on a blind fold
>2 hours has past with in complete darkness. Eventually he puts a tiny speech mask on me and pushes out of the car, to which I do and suddenly drop onto a flagrant and warm surface. He tells me ''sorry about this, but you will thank me later''.
>I connect the dots and start hyperventilating, knowing what kind of surface I'm likely on
>The blindfold falls off and I look to see the giant mom from years back.Fear takes over and I piss myself and hysterically start sobbing.I start repeating ''please don't hurt me, I'm not a bug''. She looks down to me with a solemn and regretful look, ''it's ok little one, me and my daughter are deeply remorseful for what happened. Please don't be afraid'' she said in a tranquil voice. Her lips then came coursing towards me, and instead of getting eaten like I expected, instead both her tennis court sized lips kissed me.
>I began to calm down and felt oddly safe in her warm embrace .She then explained that ever since that day, her daughter was overcome by guilt and became extremely withdrawn barely talking to anyone. Her daughter Rachel had conversely become afraid to go near tinies, let alone touch them
>The mom then asked if I wanted to see her?
>giantess is cruel or careless towards tinies because she doesn't understand what they are
>filled with horror and remorse when she finally learns
I love this trope
I love this one. Giantess bunny girl who could kill you with easily, but she is shy and submissive
Remember to always be kind and give your local giantess a chance! The fate of the world could hang in the ballance.
Another great chapter. I like Quinn's sister a lot, but I assume we won't see much more of her with there only being two chapters left?
File: 1548472112544.jpg (216 KB, 781x1000)
216 KB
216 KB JPG
was a great start cant wait for more
theres like 5 actual Web Novels i know with fairy MC and 1 giga giantess (all in my backlog)
this is cute, wish that was me with the big fit orc mommy
Yeah sorry but this particular story is almost over, though I might return to the setting. Quinn's sister seems popular going by the reviews I've gotten, maybe a one shot about her is in order, like a comedic piece where she keeps trying to save "abused" tinies that are actually perfeclty happy with things.
File: jbfgjfbgju.jpg (63 KB, 589x430)
63 KB
File: niuhuhiu.jpg (81 KB, 706x436)
81 KB
New Chieri out
Pool was a bait and switch but we still get this
So if I’m a small and not very smart guy is there any hope for me?
File: 1662082056769990.jpg (91 KB, 1080x952)
91 KB
If you're a proper writefag, think about turning this into a full story. Shit's diamonds
Your English is definitely good enough
How is uru able to create such meme-inducing works? Is it because he is himself a meme with the mental health gay legend ?
he has old school gonzo cartoonist energy like R Crumb
BigBig and Frakass (western vore artists) give me the same vibe sometimes
>mfw hentaichan contains the friendliest and most rational users

i feel like a mormon here compared to everywhere else.
Is thepfeffernusse lurking around here? He's got a new story, that says it's to be a five parter, but I read the first two chapters and it was still setting up the scenario by the near half-way mark (without any of the growth stuff in sight yet). So I'm not sure if the four chapters that have been released are the first four of those five parts and it's just going to build to a climax very suddenly once it eventually kicks off, or if they're just chapters in the first part and the story's going to be a long one.
File: 1640480594263.jpg (134 KB, 1902x1260)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
Which is the correct way to carry your tiny?
File: 1648930271858.gif (264 KB, 668x663)
264 KB
264 KB GIF
on scale of 1-10 how much do you need to be hugged by a gentle giant girl right now?
File: 2-o.jpg (469 KB, 1080x1501)
469 KB
469 KB JPG
>go to a mixed size school they said
>you will like it they said
>the giant girls will swoon over you they said
fuck you lot, the only thing that has happened is that I get teased daily by the athletic ace of the school
File: 4456475.jpg (80 KB, 650x918)
80 KB
Working on a giant Effie story an Anon suggested, trying to get a half a page out at least a day. Was hoping to get it done sooner, but hopefully I can keep at it. Anything for more FE girl size stories.
Oh, that was me. Looking forward to it!
File: 1667859421569688.jpg (131 KB, 888x1242)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
fuck it, some sunday greens
>you enrol in a mixed-sized school
>odd getting used to all the giantess classmates
>majority get on well with the tinies
>but a minute portion enjoy using their height to tease the tinies all the time
>the worst is Alex, an athletic tomboy who is the tallest of all the giantesses in the school
>as you leave class one day, you happen to be passing by a group of giantesses
>remember the rules, you never look up at giantess if they are wearing a skirt
>everyone hurries that much faster once they notice it's Alex and her friends in the courtyard
>"Geez, I swear these tinies get smaller every year!" Alex booms
>she picks you up from a crowd randomly and displays you to her friends, dangling you high off the ground by your shirt collar, much to the giant's enjoyment
>"Just look at them! Maybe we are just getting taller!"
>her friends giggle and tease you as you wiggle about
>"Hey stop squirming! You that desperate to f-"
>the fabric tears and Alex loses grasp of you
>you hurtle downwards, arms and legs flailing about, the air whistling against you
>luckily for you, Alex always kept her top buttons unpopped
>so you plummet straight onto her breasts, cushioning your fall
>as you then roll straight into her cleavage and end up being wedged between her breasts
>a trickle of light comes from above, all around you are her breasts, enveloping you with tender warmth
>meanwhile Alex's face goes so bright red it looks she has been instantly sunburnt
>her friends howl with laughter, throwing their heads back, tears in their eyes
>they almost choke to death as Alex fumbles about with her boobs in her attempt to dig you out
>you get thrown about, smushed by her boobs, pushed against her supple skin
>the booming laughter of the giantess combined with the roar of Alex's pounding heart
>Alex scoops you out, her face a mixture of rage and embarrassment, yet a slither of a smile
>she mumbles something and then places you back on the floor
File: 1668302724430568.jpg (361 KB, 976x1378)
361 KB
361 KB JPG
>ever since then, Alex has doubled down on your teasing
>you leave class, you'll find her sneakers blocking the way
>as you try to walk around her shoes, she'll shift and bar your path, making you late to every class
>you try to leave school, she'll steal your bike and dangle it above you, forcing you to jump for it
>now it's a game of trying to get around school without Alex noticing you
>you sneak out the back of the classroom and go around the playfields
>you think you are about to escape until Alex comes around class block, scowling all the while
>"There you are!" Alex chimes, an evil grin leering
>your heart plummets, a hole in your gut forms as the giant tomboy emerges fully around the corner
>rather than face her, you make a run for it
>but you can feel her footfalls, hear her sneakers stamping down into the wet mud
>Alex is taking a leisurely stroll whilst you are huffing and heaving, sprinting as fast as you can
>"Come on Anon! You can run faster tha-"
>Alex suddenly yelps as she slips on the slick mud, stumbles, fights for balance and then falls onto her backside
>crashing down, her impact sends you flying into the air and back down
>rubbing your head and pulling yourself up, you turn back around to look at Alex
>you gawp, your cheeks alight
>with her legs spread wide, you are greeted with a view of Alex's tiger-striped panties on full display
>Alex comes to and then her eyes goes wide
>>she pushes the hem of her skirt down
>both of you exchange glances as if expecting one another to do something, anything
>Alex starts sputtering like a faulty car engine, tripping over unformed words
>"You- I-"
>in a sudden burst, Alex gets onto her feet and sprints away
>now before you are two great big craters outlining where Alex's ass crashed into the floor
>when you leave school that day, all the giantesses are laughing at Alex for having mud caked all along her skirt
>she catches sight of you, and just for a moment, you almost think she was grinning at you
eh, a 4, it can wait until tomorrow at least
>Despite my past history with Rachel I decide to see her and overcome my fear,so I nod towards the mother and she brings me into Rachel's room
>As I come into the I see Rachel sleeping on her bed, she has grown since I last saw her, I notice bags under her eyes and a melancholy look on her. Rachel's mother then places me on Rachel's bedside counter and whispers to me ''I'll let you take this at your own pace'', then leaves me alone with her.
>Despite my reservations I build up some courage and speak into my voice device ''Rachel wake up, do you remember me?''. I then see a gargantuan figure emerge from the mountain range of sheets, her face than looms closer towards me.This scene seems eerily to when I first met her at the park that day and my lizard brain is telling me to run.
> However, her eyes begins to widen as she sees me and she jumps back ''p p please just st stay away, I don't want to hurt you!''. It becomes surreal seeing my childhood monster, now reduced to this, I can't help but feel pity for her.
>''It's ok I just want to talk'' I walk closer towards her but end up falling, instead I land on her hand and see and arm stretched out to save me. She then starts balling ''how can you be so n nice to me, i treated you horribly. I swear I didn't know you were a person''. Her face becomes a mess and I need to dodge her pool sized tears, I then say '' I forgive you".
>She blushes, and we begin to talk about our lives and she calms down and becomes less skittish. As it gets late I tell her ''I should probably get going''. Rachel then grabs me and tells me ''Its d dangerous at this time,p please stay here the night, i'll k keep you safe'' she sheepishly stammered.
>She then held me against her chest and went to sleep. It was at this moment I decided, who I would ask for adoption when morning comes
wholesome ending
10. I am a bit touch-starved.
Story is good anon pls continue it
I already gave up years ago.
Whatever my last number is I guess. But I could use a bit of loving.
Yes because my house is fucking freezing!
Every year or so I have another go at finding an old image I lost. It's been so long now that I'm not even sure if it was ever real. It was a giantess with blue, starry hair lying supine under the night sky on a hill with a tree at the foot. There is an old man under the tree, and a small child playing on/around the giantess. It's been about a decade, so there was a chance it was horse related, but I've never found it on the boorus. Any oldfags around with collections from about 2008-2014? It would be really nice to have this image back.
File: 1678554138985104.jpg (604 KB, 1536x2048)
604 KB
604 KB JPG
>meet your daughter
File: 1649096349572.jpg (427 KB, 800x1076)
427 KB
427 KB JPG
>rumour spreads around like wildfire about Alex fancying you after dropping you in her cleavage, letting you have a peak beneath her skirt, stalking you around school
>then it went from her flirting to suddenly both of you guys were secretly dating
>now both tinies and giantesses believe it
>your friends start to separate out from you since they are scared of Alex
>Alex's reputation amongst her friends as being the meanest giantess in the school has evaporated
>she gets teased by her old friends for being a tiny lover
>both of you try to downplay it, saying it was all just an accident and whatnot
>no one buys it
>you've ended up ostracised, as has Alex
>leaving class for lunch, you head out into the courtyard
>gaggles of giantesses out on the field, tinies littering all about all over the place
>ready to spend another lunch hour alone, you then feel the ground rumble
>you hear the sound of concrete being crunched beneath immense weight
>"Oi, short stuff."
>it feels like ice has been poured down your shirt
>you turn and see Alex's massive sneakers mere inches away
>just as you are about to crane your neck to look at her
>"Don't you dare." Alex snarls
>right then you remember the rule
>so instead, you look down at your feet
>judging from the rumbling, Alex is shifting her weight to squat down
>you expect her to get enact some revenge, to tease and insult you to set things straight
>instead she is tutting, each of her huffs blasting you
>"So... you wanna..."
>when you look up, Alex is squatting down
>she is coiling a strand of messy black hair around her finger
>her cheeks are red
>and she is looking everywhere except directly at you
>yet her squatting down unfortunately means you have to break the rule
>at least she is wearing spats
>when Alex notices you out of the corner of her eye, her glare fixes you to the spot
>you think you are about to be turned into paste beneath her shoe
>"... You wanna grab lunch together?"
>you blink, then nod involuntarily
File: FYxTlS_aIAAt661.jpg (2.98 MB, 2892x4096)
2.98 MB
2.98 MB JPG
>next thing you know, Alex lifts you through the air
>the world becomes a blur for a moment until it settles once more
>now you are in a strange vantage point
>then you realise you are now in Alex's shirt pocket, head poking out over the seam
>vertigo hits you as you stare downwards, the sheer height of Alex becoming far more apparent
>all your fellow tiny classmates are like slow scurrying dots littering the grey concrete or green fields
>even the school blocks that housed all the classes for tinies were like toy houses compared to her
>then it occurs to you just where she has placed you
>now its your turn for your cheeks to burst out red
>to say Alex was one of the more fortunate girls when it came to bust sizes would be a gross understatement
>and now you are resting on top of it, basking in the gentle warmth of her body heat
>you even notice that the thin fabric of her shirt allows you to see just a hint her black bra
>you look up at her, so utterly flustered every muscle locks up
>she got a coy knowing half-grin plastered on her face
>"What's the matter Anon? You aren't scared of heights now are you?"
>then she starts moving
>"Better hold on!"
>you are tossed about in her pocket, grasping on the seam for dear life
>its awe-inspiring to see how much ground Alex covers with her strides
>how tinies scatter wherever her sneaker threatens to land
>though you can tell she is being slow and steady, giving them all enough time to get out of her way
>yet you are more focused on trying to keep some measure of balance
>dealing with the jiggling was an unexpected problem
>covering the breadth of the field in no time at all, Alex then sets herself down
>sending the few tinies out this far scattering
>turns out seeing her butt come crashing down was enough incentive to make them all high-tail it away
>landing with a resounding thud, Alex settles herself in, wiggling deeper
>she plucks you out of her pocket and sets you down on her shoulder
>"Enjoy the ride Anon?"
File: 261098.jpg (951 KB, 2190x2810)
951 KB
951 KB JPG
How you guys feel about a giantess being a person of art? A painter, a musician/bard, a sculptor, etc?
This show aired like 10 years ago and I still can't get over how all the sisters are portrayed as towering giants and yet not a single one of them is even 6 feet. Japanese people must be so short.
training my character cars for tavern AI / pygmalion
Any stories where pranking a tiny goes too far and she has to earn his trust back?
That seems fun. The giantess serenades you instead of the other way around.
I'm only 5'5
File: Marceline.jpg (282 KB, 1280x853)
282 KB
282 KB JPG
Cute Marceline
I'm with you in the same boat social reject-kun. Only giantess falling for misfit stories can sustain me now.
>be man living in world where women are around 4 times as tall as men
>get highly competitive job at an expensive cuddle therapy joint
>stressed out women pay by the half hour to hold a man like a teddy bear and vent their problems
>all you have to do is be agreeable and assure them that they're doing good and everything's going to be okay
>you get dozens of offers to go on dates with women ranging from wealthy to filthy rich through your job

living the dream, baby
Had a horrible day. Need the most mind numbingly gentle fics or pics please.
>Be me.
>Joking and saying bs with some friends.
>Girl of the group, smaller and younger than everyone else, constantly tease her about that.
>Today I'm having a really bad couch, the ones where you feel like a dog who hasn't had anything to drink in weaks.

>"Femanon help me, I'm dying *cough* and I'm also shrinking! how are you so tall?!"

>She was walking on top of the sidewalk as I was down on the side of the street because I stopped to buy some popcorn.
>She just ignores me with a light chuckle at my drama queen impression.

>"If you don't help me I will come back as a little ghost and pull your feet out of the bed at night, don't you fucking taste me."
>(Pull your feet at night is a comon saying here, kinda like what they say the monster under the bed does to you)
>She says "What if you instead rub them for me? I bet your tiny hands would feel really good."

>Others laugh.
>Me I'm just trying not to blush as I say "Ha...haha ...yeah..."
>At least none of them really cared and moved to the next bs subject, but I was silent for the next 10 minutes.
Fuck this reality
File: L1gLIRmpoI.jpg (1.21 MB, 2250x3155)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB JPG
File: 1612497538183.png (950 KB, 1560x1744)
950 KB
950 KB PNG
>place where sidewalks are significantly higher than street level
>place where they apparently sell popcorn in the street
>place where "pull your feet at night" is considered a common saying
I am so curious about this place that it is distracting me from the main point of your story.
Day redeemed thank you gentle poster
File: 1662652439765893.jpg (350 KB, 1785x800)
350 KB
350 KB JPG
daily kisses is good for your health.

I just wish it didn't leave kiss marks all over my clothes.
File: FrDzFi0aYAEKOVu.jpg (1.02 MB, 2600x3420)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB JPG
>p-please get out of the way! I don't want to step on anything!
File: 1677888400426532.jpg (1 MB, 3281x3084)
1 MB
>ywn chill and destress with your giantess manager after work
Man, I think I've ruined myself. I think I've gotten to the point where still images just don't do anything for me anymore- only vids do, and even then, only with sound.
File: FrR02MtaYAEVQ1P.jpg (1.53 MB, 3508x2200)
1.53 MB
1.53 MB JPG
>haha *hic* whoops sorry mr soldier man, maybe I can be your shelter tonight? *buuuuurp*
Good stuff, reminds me of that greentext/story with the bike.
Have a zetan
>Nam with giantess.
>Oh ain't me, It ain't me, I'm not the fortunate tiny sir.

Also what the fuck is that supposed to be? A poorly deployed hammock? Bad placed sheet? Something of Zetan culture that my hunga bunga monke brain is too dumb to understand?
It's her being too big for a puny earth hammock and a puny human being too small for her
So the next scene is bot of them falling to the ground as that thing gives up, cool.
Next chapter of Back to Normal is up! F/f goodness in this one.
forgot link again
File: FrSm_EnaEAAEPN9.jpg (147 KB, 1200x900)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
I was gonna say something but decided not to
Good story btw
File: 1678668306646883.jpg (334 KB, 2970x2100)
334 KB
334 KB JPG
You beat me to posting this. Post more goblin girls (giant, gentle).
Hands down my favorite giant gob pic
Has anyone else just don't enjoy this content anymore and just come heres to get their "fix" to not feel the withdrawal of stop consuming it?

Like a quick almost non existente fuzzy feeling of watching a giant girl with a lil guy in her hands looking at him like the most precious thing in the world, wondering how would that feel like.

Only to go back to work trying to keep a highly productive adult profile.

Anyone else or just me?
I take breaks from here periodically maybe try that?
File: 1678031393938574.jpg (1.06 MB, 2480x3508)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB JPG
How would you feel about being one member of a giantesses reverse harem? She easily makes enough giantess bux to take care of you all and getting her off is a bit much for one tiny guy anyway so maybe it just makes sense?
Iris and Kelly are cute together, and I enjoyed this chapter, but I feel it could have been... steamier, maybe? Especially the vore part, for how long their relationship has been building up to that, the actual event seemed rushed. I would've liked to get into Iris's head more in that moment, as it's not only the first time she's acted out her fantasy of eating someone, but a huge display of trust from Kelly. And for all the mentions of her plump curves, she has yet to put them to much use. Not having her develop some confidence in her appearance by using her body to play with Kelly seems like a missed opportunity.
File: 265146.png (1.18 MB, 1000x1650)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB PNG
I do the exact same thing, but I still genuinely enjoy the content.

It's absolutely a hyper-fixation for me, but I handle those better than most people.

either way >>10571698 is right.
Gotta touch grass every now and then, or you won't appreciate when that grass is towering above you.
God I want to burry my face in her ass...
>when goblin gal gets back to normal she's cautious about the next stealth potion she gets
>gets a human friend she fancies to help her out by testing it for her
>turns out this one changes your size too, only this one makes you smaller instead
>she comments that's not the kind of stealthy she wanted, that invisibility or silence would have been better
>after sighing, she deposits the (now shrunken out of his clothes) human into her top
>says she'll have to get a new potion now, which hopefully works this time, and that she'll take him out of her top when the effect wears off
>whenever that happens
Oh yeah? I wood berry my dink in her stink if you get what I'm saying.
Does anyone here know that now story about a guy that shrinks and her mom who hates tinies has to learn to accept them?

It's not really gentle but it was posted here once I think. The guys sister also becomes more sadistic. I know it's not shrinkism
*Nwo story
I'll try to get some body exploration in for the final chapter for you. Sorry if it seems off, I often feel like the actual smut scenes are my weakest point, I'm trying to get better with them and I think they're definitely better than when I started but they're still not the best. Anyways thanks for the feedback.
The Beaumonts by carnage is the only thing I can think of that’s been talked about here before that fits that bill. Spoilers, I guess:

A pair of siblings shrink (they are kinda dumb and constantly try to earn Darwin awards), the mom is a heavily stereotypical and racist boomer who also hates tinies (but gave up murdering them for fun back before it became illegal), the pro-tiny-rights older sister goes evil stupidly fast (it takes a single glass of wine), and the dad runs a company that caters towards tinies and dislikes how his wife views them but is distant (and also ends up shrinking).

Spoiler: the mom doesn’t learn to accept them, at all. It’s extremely far from gentle. Some bits are hot if you’re into that, but the story mostly comes off as stupid.

The story also suffers from the author constantly flip-flopping on its direction, and everything being extremely contrived in terms of letting the boomer bitch get away with stuff. Lots of “she can’t keep getting away it!” moments that are unintentionally funny because of how dumb they are. It’s one of those stories that I love to hate to read.
Oh. That story. Yeah. Carnage can write cruel scenarios and content quite well, but has had 0 luck in writing a story with actual characters. He can write caricatures, not people, and can’t quite do believable character development. You really shouldn’t try to change up the plot almost chapter-by-chapter because borderline-illiterate horny retards in the reviews beg you to. Like 75% of the comments are like “god I wish big mean lady was my mom and would let me worship her smelly feet forever you should make her do XYZ.” And carnage caves pretty much every time, even when better written reviews and other authors try to give him well thought out critiques about the plot. Dude needs to stick to shorter smut pieces and stop causing himself mental breakdowns trying to write long stories without any structure.

But I agree, I can’t think of any other non-gentle incest story that’s really ever been talked about in these threads.
Are you going to start ranting about Humanity’s Downfall again? I can tell it’s you. Please help spawn more memes and trends for the thread. Everyone bullying elves has been the best.
I agree with what they’ve suggested. The only other story that barely fits the bill I could think of that’s been mentioned in here before is Mini-Mason by Jessajess, but that one’s mom is nice and has honestly stayed pretty gentle despite some physical teasing from the sister here and there.
>Humanities downfall
Not that anon, but is there a large overarching story that sets up the plot up? Or do you just piece it together from the various other stories. For some reason I remember that series having a main story with 80 plus chapters but and fuckton of lore but I could be mistaken.
Is there anything more to say about Humanity's Downfall at this point? We've had greentexts and stories from the elves pov, the human pov, parody stories galore, unless Inwiththebooks wants to return to it I feel like we've exhausted it for meme potential.
I haven't read them all but the impression I got was that the meat of the story was in Subjugation and then continued in Rulership and the rest was mostly just one shots of elves shrinking and torturing humans.
Oh ok nevermind there's some other fantasy story that has a ridiculous amount of content floating around on giantess world. I have no idea if any of it's good, but I thought it was downfall since its been discussed here so many times. Honestly I feel like that series is over hyped anyway.
File: 1644228517160.png (1.5 MB, 1650x1665)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB PNG
Puffy nipples
Ok who's the artist I've seen this gob posted everywhere
>be secret agent
>always assigned to foil villainous plots of nerdy mad scientist girl
>always a weirdly erotic tint to your adventures
>like when she was using a shrink ray to steal monuments and you got hit
>then she said she'd kill you by booby suffocation
>or when she used a growth ray to become skyscraper sized and trapped you in the back of her underwear
>or the particularly weird adventure where she somehow transferred your consciousness into her panties and then went jogging
>whatever, always foil her
>unknown to you HQ always sends you because she has a crush on you and won't actually try to "win" if she's against you
>or at least always leaves you some comically easy way to escape once she's had her fun
>one day portals open all over the world
>it's elves, and they like to shrink people and they're assholes
>technology isn't as useful against them as it should be because reasons
>they're pushing mankind back and conquering the world
>desperate times
>the world needs a madwoman with insane capabilities and tech to lead this battle
>you know just the one, but she's got some... demands
>most of them involve getting to shrink and keep you
>"anon it's time to sacrifice for your country"
>Tech doesn't work.
>I know, let's contact that woman who uses tech.
Yeah but hers is cartoony mad science tech
>Sorry if it seems off, I often feel like the actual smut scenes are my weakest point, I'm trying to get better with them and I think they're definitely better than when I started but they're still not the best.
Your style is very efficient and direct, which makes your stories easy to read and works great for moving the plot along, setting up room for character development and fun callbacks and so on. But when it's time to jump from "mildly titillating" to "fapping is not optional" I think it helps to get a little purple.

With size stuff especially there's so many details to describe to make a scene more vivid. From the tiny perspective imperceptible things like faint smells, air currents, textures of skin and hair, vibrations and noises from the ground or the body of a giantess, all become noticeable or even overpowering. From the giantess perspective it tends to be more psychological, but a girl being painfully aware of her size and how each little movement she makes effects her tiny partner is a good thing to touch on, whether that kind of exposure brings her confidence or makes her more shy and reserved.

One thing you may want to experiment with is writing from 3rd person limited perspective, and trying to stay very close to the perspective character's thoughts with your narration. Adding in italisized internal monologues can also help to express a character's thoughts and reactions in a more intense way than describing only their outward behavior, or simply stating the emotion (scared, excited, pleased, etc)
File: gobbystomp.jpg (106 KB, 1200x1000)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
>the gobbo girls are getting more aggressive in their pursuit of tiny bfs
She's gonna hurt him
File: FrVm6TZakAA8Aek.jpg (853 KB, 1928x1502)
853 KB
853 KB JPG
Billmann for that gobbo, but I think Raps actually did a big gobbo of their own just recently
He's wearing armor he'll be fine
Need goblin stories
There was one or two posted her a long while back
This thread is pretty sad once you realize it's anons posting bad greentexts as desperate requests to greenanon and raps
Go away
File: microne 35.jpg (296 KB, 1280x1811)
296 KB
296 KB JPG
It could be worse, you could be a loser who has nothing going for them in life, so they enter other's spaces where they're actually enjoying themselves in a sad attempt to disparage them and distract themselves from their own empty existence.
Anyone know off hand of any stories about giantess guides for keeping humans? Those are usually fun to read
You’re forgetting the wannabes who think they’re green and raps
Are you really enjoying yourself, though? It can't be very satisfying when you type out a big greentext and don't even get a reply.
File: 1536390837236.jpg (94 KB, 850x535)
94 KB
I don't greentext, but I'm not so pathetic as to try to rag on them for doing so. Doing nothing in life and proudly proclaiming you've never failed as a result is a failure in and of itself.

Man I wish there was more content of Ameri and Iruma
File: 1675904773319186.jpg (149 KB, 1100x1418)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
You assume that the point of writing a greentext is to get replies. Greentexts are a good way to get an idea out of your head and onto paper, so to speak, without having to go through all the work and stress of writing a full story.
>fuck giant harpy
>get giant herpes
>The mind of someone who only feels validated through other people's approval

If you weren't insanely narcissistic you'd understand that people create things more for a number of reasons that aren't just (you) farming... practicing writing or drawing, fleshing out ideas, or putting concepts out there that they'll revisit later

Your posts usually get a lot of responses and everyone in the thread thinks you're cancer, so replies aren't even a metric of quality
File: 1676567646494089.jpg (812 KB, 2894x4093)
812 KB
812 KB JPG
I share the same view. I use greentexts as a way to try and keep myself from getting too rusty with writing. I no longer have as much free time to sit down and write/edit chunky prose, so using greens is a nice way to get an idea out of my system.

That said, we are discussing that anon who always baits everyone. Funny that he reuses the same bait over and over and never posts a picture whatsoever, even when he visits the other threads. It does make him stand out like a sore thumb at the very least. Additionally, he seems to love namedropping both Raps and Greenanon, so maybe he is a particularly schizo and defensive fanboy?
God I wish that were me
File: 103486986_p0.jpg (687 KB, 1200x1847)
687 KB
687 KB JPG
Chapter 20 in English is up
Fellas, is it gentle when a giantess crushes your Tiny bully’s House?
as long as nobody is inside it
Only if no one is in the house and if she then rebuilds the house. Also depends on if the tiny family has insurance against giantesses
I should’ve added that part.

Also, said Giantess has a crush on you.
But then they're homeless, so alternative idea: Your house is crushed (with nobody inside it) so the tiny government rules the giantess has to shelter you, and as she has no home of her own, that means on her person.
>has to shelter you
some of us enjoy #canlife friend
I don't come here often
what story?
its a comic about a giant girl and her simp friend. they dont fuck
Not to mention we already know it ends with Chieri returning to shorter than Mc height
>Not to mention we already know it ends with Chieri returning to shorter than Mc height
I never liked those comics
He's a good boy
>Mc height
>a new menu option at McDonald's
File: 1662232538326040.jpg (1.93 MB, 1500x1322)
1.93 MB
1.93 MB JPG
>raps does another cruel angel pic
I'm starting to get the feeling those angels of his aren't as gentle as we initially thought
Yeah. They were supposed to be desperate to have people to come to heaven, but someone shows up at the pearly gates and gets run off because they have a smidgen of impurity? At that point the Angels deserve their loneliness and misery. They kind of do nothing but fuck up.

I feel like if you make it that far, that’s probably where you’re meant to be going and the Angel’s are the ones in the wrong. That or you’re like, a demon trying to sneak in or something. I guess the tiny was left out of the picture/it was POV on purpose to make it ambiguous.
>giantess angels turn away "sinners" from the pearly gates because they didn't do things like return late library books or buy WINRAR
>they're instead left to wander purgatory in order to cleanse their sins
>turns out there's also a giantess angel in charge of purgatory, but the job is considered "the basement office" because obviously the angels up high will get to take care and play with the virtuous and the pure souls that will obviously make their way through the pearly gates and enjoy their bright and verdant heaven and not have to deal with the riff-raff that didn't make it, stuck under the gray skies and ugly scurb of the plains of purgatory .
>after you were cast away from the gates of heaven (you got stepped on which also drove you through the clouds like one of those old cartoons where the dude got hammered into the ground), you woke up in the palm of another angel
>her hair was unkempt, her robes were more of a shade of pale gray than the brilliant white of the angel that rejected you, and her golden halo was a little dim and lopsided
>she regarded you with a sigh and summoned up your life report
>"So what did they kick you out for... ah, you were watching a streamer watch a movie which apparently counts as stealing it, which is bad for some reason. Okay, here."


>she landed next to small village on a brown-grass plain and set you down next to a small hut, squatting down and placing you next to your new eternal home with her fingers
>the village was also filled with others cast out for pretty dumb reasons
>"I'm supposed to give you this whole lecture about how this place is your second chance to reflect upon your sins and to purify your soul of your earthly trespasses in order to ascend to the kingdom of the high... but yeah, you're stuck here unless they change their standards. Which is gonna be never, so... sorry about that."
>she poofs a set of clothes and basic needs into her hand and gives them to you, and then she gently pets your head with her fingertip.
>"Don't worry about it. Those oh-so-holy snobs would probably have you singing hymns all day or polishing their halos or something."
>and then in another poof, she's now clutching a banquet table covered in-
>"But you, little guy, made it in time for taco night."
>you're okay with this

>meanwhile heaven continues to wait for the pure souls to pass through the pearly gates
>only the pure and devoted would be allowed in the lush garden paradise of their Eden
>... okay, sure, nobody's come yet, but they will!
>surely there is at least one human soul that can satisfy their requirements for a perfect person!
>they just have to wait....
I would choose comfy casual life with the overworked but friendly lower Angel every time. IIRC Raps even said on Twitter that it’s the angels own fault nobody makes it to Heaven, they let the holy scriptures/teachings get lost when their one and only paladin/hero got shanked or something. I can imagine them watching purgatory on pizza Fridays and just inhaling ludicrous amounts of copium as their lesser sister just has wholesome fun and plays with her countless perfectly normal humans.
File: FnvlD4raEAAhi1k.jpg (1.02 MB, 1328x1190)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB JPG
I wonder how it would really feel to stand next to giant girls sneaker
quite intimidating, though it wouldn't stop me to get really hard, especially if i can sniff a bit of the inside if close enough of the ankle
File: jbkijkm.jpg (77 KB, 984x931)
77 KB
>Went swimming
>giant mermaid imprinted on me
>saying something along the lines of like how I'm her destined soulmate or something
>Neptunia foresaw our meeting
>keeps asking questions about my home, like if I have a 60 ft swimming pool

Be honest bros, how fucked am I?
File: 1658505832969179.jpg (236 KB, 1280x1811)
236 KB
236 KB JPG
>alot of bullshit articles floating around the net of how you can get tinies to like you with sweaty feet
>full of pseudo scientific bullshit about stronger pheromones etc
>the giant femcel crowd eats that shit up
>they can get tinies AND don't have to shower as often
>well sign them the fuck up
>all articles are actually written by one tiny with an extra strong fetish

>in the old times giantesses thought tinies loved the smell of giant girls and smelling them would turn them into lust-addled zombies
>it turns out that when a tiny loves a giant girl they also like her scent, which is not the same as "giantess pheromones hypnotize tinies into loving you"
>in order for the pheromones to work the tiny has to have some level of positive feelings towards the giant girl
>it also turns out that it works the same in reverse- giant girls that have positive feelings for a tiny tend to find their scent pleasurable
>which might be bad news for you when the giant bully realized that she loved it whenever she caught a whiff of you, and then you realized that you in turn like it when you caught her scent on the wind
File: alice.jpg (713 KB, 1200x1600)
713 KB
713 KB JPG
File: 1679152906289898.jpg (330 KB, 822x1204)
330 KB
330 KB JPG
Chapter 21 out
Mostly blue balling but we do get this amazing shot
File: giantojousama.jpg (92 KB, 682x966)
92 KB
I feel like this is applicable
>New studies show that having a tiny on your body drastically improves your stamina and the overall result of your training
File: 1655651892189.jpg (818 KB, 4096x2785)
818 KB
818 KB JPG
File: 225230.jpg (731 KB, 1184x1476)
731 KB
731 KB JPG
>New studies show that having a tiny on your body drastically improves your stamina and the overall result of your training

Can't look like a wuss in front of the tinies. Gotta show you can give the best snuggles and what better way to do that than to show that you can lift whole buildings?
File: 1654021367340.jpg (183 KB, 1280x1811)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
>Cardboard dungeons are an excellent teambuidling excercise
>The final boss of the dungeon is just her wearing a sockpuppet with googly eyes glued on
>you are defeated but you're also safely swaddled in her hands
File: 1656966740035.png (584 KB, 773x1000)
584 KB
584 KB PNG
>took a wrong turn and ended up at the wrong pool
Anon, just for science purposes, how good are you at breathing underwater?
However this goes, you probably at least have some level of swimming trainer though, but I wonder why she asked for a 60 ft pool and not something on the larger olympic scales
File: FPfzJ14aUAIOHRh.jpg (1.67 MB, 3508x2480)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB JPG
>asking a tiny how long he can hold his breath
Jesus you biggos are horny
Could be worst you could have accidentally injured yourself and been rescued by a dragon girl who finds you cute and now you are her pet
File: 1676674662111946.jpg (1.15 MB, 3000x2000)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB JPG
>you are her pet
treasure...the word you are looking for is treasure
File: Roro.jpg (98 KB, 626x881)
98 KB
series is Rolo-chan is an overprotective giantess
File: m.jpg (269 KB, 1320x936)
269 KB
269 KB JPG
Tell that to her mom anon
I legitametly cant find any chapters online
File: 1670619861598500.jpg (2.32 MB, 4632x5362)
2.32 MB
2.32 MB JPG
You guys know that you can trust giant girls right? We -I mean they're not going to hurt you. They just want some consensual cuddles.

There is seriously no need to hide from us -I mean them
I'll have you know that I'm a tiny concerned about his fellow tiny, and who also knows that one way or another aquatic-based big beings get a lot of swimming out of their husbands
quick questio just for funn: are your hands bigger than a rowboat and are your fingers webbed?
File: FLRHIDiVgAUKkzE.jpg (673 KB, 1200x1009)
673 KB
673 KB JPG
File: 1.jpg (156 KB, 1239x880)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
Well shit, it's a new series that came out in late Feb, I just found it today. Since the thread is at bump limit I will just dump the chapter.
File: 2.jpg (267 KB, 1239x879)
267 KB
267 KB JPG
File: 3.jpg (230 KB, 1240x879)
230 KB
230 KB JPG
File: 4.jpg (262 KB, 1239x879)
262 KB
262 KB JPG
File: 5.jpg (277 KB, 1242x879)
277 KB
277 KB JPG
File: 6.jpg (294 KB, 1243x882)
294 KB
294 KB JPG
File: 7.jpg (243 KB, 1243x881)
243 KB
243 KB JPG
File: 8.jpg (281 KB, 1239x880)
281 KB
281 KB JPG
File: 9.jpg (259 KB, 1241x879)
259 KB
259 KB JPG
File: 10.jpg (262 KB, 1240x882)
262 KB
262 KB JPG
File: 11.jpg (283 KB, 1241x882)
283 KB
283 KB JPG
File: 12.jpg (252 KB, 1239x877)
252 KB
252 KB JPG
File: 13.jpg (274 KB, 1242x882)
274 KB
274 KB JPG
File: 14.jpg (267 KB, 1242x883)
267 KB
267 KB JPG
File: 15.jpg (244 KB, 1242x879)
244 KB
244 KB JPG
File: 16.jpg (147 KB, 611x880)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
the end
This is cute and wholesome as fuck
>are your fingers webbed
Nope, if you believe my comment on aquatic-based beings meant I was one then you'd be sadly mistaken, as soggy fingers can't operate a technology the same way without causing issues with the electricity inside. Such are the limitations of what exists
File: squint2.png (189 KB, 600x700)
189 KB
189 KB PNG
>didn't deny hands being as big as a rowboat
another one ?
source? been looking for that doujin
Anons, is it fair to request that "size vampire" bat girl giantess pic? I can't find it in what I can access of the archives
File: 1662499550785.png (3.68 MB, 2026x2866)
3.68 MB
3.68 MB PNG
File: 1662483601901.gif (218 KB, 510x510)
218 KB
218 KB GIF
File: 1662338425357.png (3.98 MB, 1881x2661)
3.98 MB
3.98 MB PNG
All great art pieces, though I was more using the vampire in quotes because that's what her character has been misinterpreted in these threads as lol
So yeah, giant bat-human with a tiny generic human rubbing him into her panties. Hope being more descriptive would help
This one?
Yeah, perfect thanks
For reference that's a German vtuber who posts on 4chan
What? The artist or the girl?
Vtuber avatar I mean
Very nice, anon. lulz for the WinRAR

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