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In case you don't know the rules already...
>Grant the wish of an Anon above you, putting your own twist on it.
>After granting a wish, you get to make one wish yourself. The Anons below you will grant it, and so on.
>The first Anon of the thread gets to ask for a wish for free, without having to grant someone else's wish. (This does not mean without receiving a twist, clarifying from last thread)
>If a wish received only lazy "the wish is made completely unenjoyable and everyone dies" answers, you can re-grant it in a different way and still get to make your wish.
>If all wishes have been already granted, then you can just ask for a wish for free.
>Not a rule but it's still good form: if someone put effort and creativity in their post, you are encouraged to put effort and creativity when you answer their wish.
>Remember that we're here to have fun!
Ungranted wishes from last thread:

While it's quite a few, quality of grants over quantity granted at once is always appreciated, and it's not like you don't have a good amount to pick from.
>I wish I had a kinky, fun, reality bending GF. First matter of business? Have her turn me into a cute girl, yuri is the purest form of love after all...
Granted. However, your girlfriend spent too much time on the Omnipotence thread, got an inspiration, and decided to turn everyone into either magical girls or magical "girls" (read: traps). Most people live a double life, with a public "normal" identity and a "magical" one; while others simply spend their life as a magical being 24/7.

There's many kinds of magical girs, but some concepts stay the same across all of them. MGs are fueled by some kind of emotion: the more they feel that emotion, or the more they induce it in others, the more magical energy they gain. They can then spend that energy to fuel their own powers. Every MG comes with her own personal companion and a tool (usually a staff or a weapon).
There's MANY kinds of MGs: some embody positive emotions, some negative ones (your GF wanted interesting storylines), and some... well, some are lewd. You win no prize for guessing which one you are.

Anyway, your girlfriend (who is technically the Great Goddess of All Magical Girls, but lives with you under false name) made you a Magical Girl of Embarassment. You gain power from getting embarassed, and you passively attract "bad luck" that makes you fall into situations that will make you embarassed; this has the side effect of leaving good luck for every other good MG aroujnd you. Most of your powers are defensive in nature, which will keep you safe and protected even if, say, you have been esnared by a tentacle monster, or hit by three separate bondage spells. Basically, you're a glorified meat shield and tank.
Though your GF thinks that you're adorable when you blush, and will provide plenty of aftercare and cuddles afterwards.
File: 212732PX5NYAbo.jpg (1.02 MB, 2329x1689)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB JPG
>Speaking of... I wish I was a cute dragoness capable of turning into a cute girl like pic related, without being isekai'd. The original wisher's right, this world should have dragons and I wanna be one.
Granted. Several people, yourself included, will be suddenly transformed into relatively small dragons. Powers, size and appearance vary wildly between individuals, but all dragons have the ability to shift into human and dragonfolk form
In your specific case, you'll become a thunder dragoness of average size, roughly a bit taller than a horse. If you weren't a girl, you're one now (earlier I forgot to mention that new dragons get their sex randomized). Your electricity powers manifest in the form of technopathy - manipulating electrical and electronic devices from a distance. Though, if you put a lot of effort in it, you could shoot taser-like discharges, or even full thunderbolts.

However... All dragons suffer from the Hoarding, the instinct to hoard something. Could be anything: wealth, knowledge, cats, Legos, hentai doujin of a specific theme...
In your case? Videogaming. Namely the fame you get from it. So you'll probably have to set up your channel, record yourself playing the newest entries, etc. Since you look like a real-life Hololive, not to mention really cute, you'll easily get tons of fans and revenue.
The problem is that dragons also tend to have a bit of a libido sometimes... A heat, if you will. And it tends to mingle with the hoarding instinct. So you'll feel the urge to play h-games competitively, provide fanservice-y streamings, or just masturbate while playing. Technopathy means that you don't have to use your hands to use the joypad...

>I wish for lewd worms.
File: FuQQH18aMAABA_x.jpg (285 KB, 1440x2048)
285 KB
285 KB JPG
Granted! Quick taxonomy lesson, "worm" and the grouping "vermes" used to be the same thing, meaning it can apply to any non-arthropod invertebrate.

In your case? Slugs and snails! Sapient gastropod... girls(?) emerge from the depths of the sea and underground, leagues ahead of humans in many areas of bioscience and electronic interfaces.

They are friendly, and while many lack arms, they all have faint psychic abilities, allowing telepathy, interfacting with their technology via telekinesis and electrokinesis, and even have a fun little quirk I'll get to later...

Surprisingly, their technology is MOSTLY based on ours, apparently they modeled it after junk that sunk to the bottom of the sea or got thrown away, so desktop PCs, wired internet, and old video games are familiar to them. Their advances are largely in medicine and being able to USE said items when many of them lack arms, something they help humanity learn as they themselves learn about newer technology.

And... yes, many are DTF. They see humans as "exotic".

Only... rather than learn to speak our languages, many opt to use telepathy instead, and many will offer their medicines to help people with not just diseases, but conditions like acne, poor eyesight, anything bodily really.

But this exposure to the psychic slugs does something to a large portion of the population...

Another quick biology lesson! Humans have a LOT of seemingly useless genes. Odds are you have about 20 genes that contributed nada.

...But as it turns out many of the more common ones DID have uses...

So imagine people's surprise when half the population turned into hermaphroditic snail and slug girls.

There's no going back, the "originals" did not know some humans shared their genes, and think one race may have been made by the other... but that's not important. What is, is settling these new slugfolk into society.

They can survive in and out of water, and no, salt will not kill them, but it certainly stings...
File: 107400430_p0.png (1.16 MB, 1631x2361)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG
As for integration... the technology for slugfolk to use things without hands already existed before contact was made, and will become mainstream. Collapsible wheelchairs, hydration packs, keyless keyboards that allow the psychic slugs to work jobs and use the internet... even bionic prosthetics that respond to thought for finer manipulation. It's all there.

....But none of it will make those transformed less slimey or slug like. Some people embrace it, some of the transformed make friends with the originals... while others may do their best to learn to live with their new bodies. They can't even wear clothes anymore, it messes with healthy mucus production... their boobs and holes are on display for the world to see...

Speaking of... the "fun" part of the wish? The slug sex drive. Many are MORE than willing to get fucked and find human boyfriends, with many non-monogamous or forming close sexual groups of friends... or being sexual with existing friends if they were a human before...

People you knew will be lewd slugs now, and they'll have that new libido. But it's not only BEING fucked they want...

Hermaphroditic sea slugs fence cocks to see who fucks who. This species is very similar, with a few human twists...

Remember that other psychic quirk I mentioned earlier? Biokinesis, but only on themselves, and for one specific purpose.

A slugfolk can have a pussy and let their human boyfriend have snex with them... or, should they feel dominant, or a surge of testosterone, they can grow a penis alarmingly fast... before you even look back at them as they follow you to the bedroom. (but it's considered polite to carry them)

If you are human... sure, girls you found hot MAY be oddly cute and soft slugs, some colorful (non poisonous), and even many friends affected will be DTF, with almost 100% effective slugfolk contraceptives even, available at every cornerstore...

...But eventually they're going to want a turn as the "male".
File: 107348275_p1_master1200.jpg (486 KB, 845x1200)
486 KB
486 KB JPG
While either appearing female or androgenous, and even "sounding" cute when speaking with telepathy, some may prefer this more than others.

Don't worry though, their lube is top notch... but their members are also massive so expect to feel sore in the morning.

Though... it's odd. You show a lot of symptoms of transforming, but never do. With continued contact, even more people can transform, making the population an even split.

One day... you may find yourself moving something without touching it, or shocking something metal as you touch it.

You will be introduced to a qualified, and cute, snurgeon who will run you through some tests.. and discover something interesting about you.

You ARE part slug... but you will not "convert" like so many others have with mere contact. Your psychic abilities will remain unreliable at best, weaker than even those of the normal slugs...

...But this isn't the only case like this they've encountered. Some people need a "kick" before they can transform, in the form of a potent, one time psychoactive drug to "wake up" their abilities, and let them adopt their new slimy forms.

So... you could just leave the office now, happy with your clean bill of health, it was free even, the slugs have free healthcare.

You may find hookups semi regularly (so long as you're nice), perhaps more often if you have a group... but... you may notice that "true" slugs have more active sex lives, and seem... more fulfilled.

Is the grass really greener when you're a soft cuddly slug person?

And to swap between sexes...

But you're also a partner who can carry people and hug them... Humanity has it's benefits too, even if a tad boring...

The doctor will offer you the medication, for free.

"The whole no arms thing was frustrating at first, but... the sex... the cuddle piles- right, this is unprofessional. The pills are free."

So what'll it be? A human in a slug's world, or will you join them?

No rush, the choice will always be there...
File: f8e.jpg (64 KB, 680x979)
64 KB
>I wish I was a housewife to a loving, cute, wholesome, and sexy spouse... j-just to see what it's like, of course!

Maybe... a "trial run", where I can keep the life if I like it...?
>I wish I was the cute secretary and secret pet of a femdom loving boss, with my "cover" job's responsibilities being very easy, if they're anything more than sitting near her office and looking pretty.

Granted. However, your boss loves to be dominated, not to dominate you. You are nominally their pet, but as soon as the two of you are alone she'll melt into a warm submissive mess for you. Your job is filing papers and domming her whenever she calls you in. I hope your figers are ready! And if you refuse to be a good dom for her, she'll have you kicked out, and maybe have a few experimental drugs tested on you while you leave.

Pic is of the scenario, not my wish.

> I wish for a world that is sexually open, extremely slutty, and very femsub!
>I wish I was a cute girl in a world where casual lesbianism was considered normal, while not making yuri any less meaningful when there are passion and/or feelings behind it. In fact, leading to more wholesome yuri should be a side effect...

Granted! Not only is casual lesbianism normal, so is casual nudity and public sex! I'll even throw in that a majority of the population is female! And since everything is so casual, having a meaninful relationship requires real romatic love between people, making yuri more wholesome!

But now for the downside. First of all, everyone has massively increased sensitivity and a ridiculously high sex drive. Second, you and you alone will always feel embarassed by all the casual lesbian stuff. You can still enjoy it, of course. You just end up blushing and feeling slightly ashamed. Finally, every woman will see you as an obedient living sex toy. They'll order you to please them this way or that, before leaving you high and dry. And you'll actually need to obey their commands, you can't just refuse. And as one final adition, if you weren't already, you're a lesbian woman now. Enjoy!

>I wish that if you put a collar on a person, they would be your devoted slave until it is removed
Granted. You are a sexy and horny housewife. Your spouse is loving, wholesome, sexual, and can at times be cute. You stay at home all day, and your only duties are to cook, clean, and have lots of sex with your spouse, which you both enjoy. I'll even let it be a trial run, you're stuck for 6 months, at which point you decide if it's what you want for the rest of your life. And because I'm nice, neither of you will age or get sick.

But there is of course a price. Firstly, your sex life is extremely kinky, with you both really into bdsm, with you as the sub. Second, once a week your spouse can 'tweak' you in some way. They get to pick between 2 randomly generated categories each week, and make a change to you based on the chosen category. For example, if they choose the category 'breasts', the change might be changing your cup size, or deciding how much and how often you lactate. These changes can be mental, physical, or situational.

And just to be a little mean, there's 2 more things. First, if you decide to stop, your body stays how it is when you stop. Second, at least once per month one of the options will be to control either your obedience, submissiveness, or love. I hope your spouse likes you as is!

>I wish for a bimbo virus that is 90% effective, easily transmitted, and doesn't kill anyone
>I wish I was a cute girl with a loving, fun, and perhaps even impish incestuous twin sister, and we both shared some kind of supernatural bond with each other to make things hotter.
Granted. You will wake up on a hospital bed, inside some kind of old laboratory. Everything feels numb, and you feel very weak. A face will enter your vision - a young woman who looks like the monstergirl version of Frankenstein's monster, and who wears a lab coat. She will asks you some questions, hear your mumbled answers, and run a few medical checks. Then she'll start explaining what happened to you, "while we wait for your memory to fully recover".
You're a woman, who got referred to her due to a persistent sickness accompanied by weird dreams. Turns out that you were a chimera... No, not the monstergirl. A "human chimera" is a human born when two different zygotes got fused together inside the womb; this results in a person who has some cells with a different DNA than the rest. For example, there's a few people who have blood cells of two different blood types.
In YOUR specific case? You got an intelligent, wide-spread tumor. Thanks to an experimental process, however, the doctor managed to induce a whole-body mitosis, and separated you and your "sister"; now she's got her own totally normal body, and you got to keep your old one without being sick anymore.

(In reality, I retroactively changed the past to cause this whole scenario. The doc doesn't know that, though.)

Anyway, after being released from the lab, your twin sister will come to live with you. She has gained all your knowledge, though not the memories; and she has her own personality, fun-loving and quite the prankster. She will quickly notice that you have incestuous feelings for her, and she will tease you for it.
File: 212193BQOtLFCe.jpg (1.06 MB, 1632x1394)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB JPG
Oh, but don't try to turn the tables on her: she knows that she's not your "normal" sister, so she definitely doesn't have the whole "oh my, incest is taboo even though it's kinda hot" shyness that you will have.

That's what she claims. It's also a lie, by the way.

So naturally, after a period of "we shouldn't, but we want to, but it's wrong, but it feels so right", you two will end up having sex, with you claiming her virginity. And it will feel good, in that explorative and a bit awkward way when two lovers have sex for the first time, and then fall asleep into each other's arms.

So, naturally, you will wake up into each other's body. As in: you got fused again into a chaotic mess of limbs and organs.
So. It turns out that your sister's body isn't TOTALLY normal. She has the ability to fuse back with you and split again, whenever she wants. And she isn't limited to a simple fusion; for example, she could absorb your body to inflate her butt and boobs a bit - and you'd be stuck there as her body part, aware the entire time of what is going on around you. And what's worse... She likes it. She likes it a LOT. On an instinctual, primal level, she's got a pretty big fetish for merging/absorption. Whenever she gets that itch, she will pester you or offer you favors until you agree to let her fuse with you, "just for a while"... Or, failing that, she could just grab you and force the fusion.
The saving grace is that she likes to be at both ends of that fetish, so sometimes she will let YOU have control over your shared body. Granted, having to walk around with boobs bigger than the rest of your torso, or being turned into a humantaur is still an inconvenience, but eh, details. At least genie magic will make so that people will not treat your weird forms negatively... though expect quite a few gropings.

>I wish to be a tentacle monster working as a lewd masseur.
File: 21231147Rzg9W6w.png (396 KB, 653x600)
396 KB
396 KB PNG
Granted. Due to the massive fuckups of a pharmaceutical mega-corporation, a virus is released out in the open. The so-called "Tramp Virus" converts those infected into slutty bimbos, significantly reducing their intelligence and giving them over-sexualized big-lipped feminine bodies, with males being converted into dickgirls. Bimbos will gain a fascination for anything stereotypically feminine.
The virus is typically spread through being repeatedly kissed by an infected bimbo. However, there have been confirmed cases of vermin transmission.

However, bimboification is not the ONLY effect of the virus. It also mutates those infected into various forms. The most common by far is the "zombie": grey-skinned bimbos who are slow, clumsy and even dumber than normal. They wander around aimlessly in herds, looking for people to capture ans smooch until they get converted. If you are immune... Well, expect to be passed around and around, kissed and fucked. They might be slow, but they're surprisingly tough.
There's also other, rarer forms, typically possessing bigger intelligence (though they're still bimbos), as well as MUCH higher power. These bimbos act much like typical monstergirls, actively hunting for people to fuck... Though you could also reason with them, or distract them. Offering gifts is a good way to convince a bimbo that you're her "boyfriend", which will make her protect you from other bimbos.

By the way, aside for all the outbreaks happening around the world... I'll also give you a full vial of the virus. Please use it in an amusing way.

>I wish to become a big sticky slime, with plenty of victims to fuck and absorb at my leisure. Genie decides the kind of victims.
>I wish to be a tentacle monster working as a lewd masseur.
Granted. You have a stable employment as a lewd masseur, and don't need to worry about being fired. Kinky men and women alike flock to book massages with you. But that also has a downside. You're booked constantly, giving massages 24/7. You don't need sleep, and you consume the pleasure they feel to survive, so there's no need for you to be given a break. While having too much of a good thing is mostly punnishment enough, there's still 2 more things. First, you are unable to move enough to go somewhere, so there's no quitting. Second, every 50th person or so will be extremely unatractive to you, and they demand an extra-long session. Enjoy!

I'm going to repeat my wish.
>I wish for a world that is sexually open, extremely slutty, and very femsub.
Granted! Sexually open AND extremely slutty huh?

You're going to get a part retroactive/reactive change. There was a startup company who had a breakthrough with medicine, biotec, and biological 3D printer AI surgeons, who have recently seen an incredible launch into the mainstream with their easily accessible body modifications.

The 3D printers are booths you can find all over the place, from malls, to pharmacies, to possibly any place beauty related.

People simply select changes they want made, step in, and let the AI remove and add whatever biological matter they wish for. The anesthesia is incredibly effective, with some people even staying awake to watch the machine work as a kink.

The scope of these alterations is MOSTLY within human limits, but it absolutely pushes them into more "hentai" levels in terms of proportions and being able to do stuff like... add a cute lil tail or animal ears.

Body parts may also be moved and re-wired. So, say.. someone could have both arms removed and get functioning dick nipples or a pussy mouth to be someone's fuck toy, but you couldn't ask the machine to give you superhuman strength (but it can add muscle mass). It's made for sex, not superpowers. It can, however, heal people and fix inconveniences like a sprained ankle or cavities.

The changes are also reversible. The machines can print out a new pair of arms for a sub and hook them back up, good as new.

They're also cheaper than most doctors...

So naturally, people will make them a part of everyday life. Even people who just want to cute an STD may be tempted with the options and think "Well... maybe I can also get a shave down there, get a little bigger, maybe... look cuter... I'm totally not gay, but shit this femboy stuff is on sale for a steal... w-why not take my adam's apple and alter my vocal cords too, in for a nickle, right?"

Girls will also look to be more attractive, of course, for themselves, or partners.
Some girls even have a kink for letting their partners pick what modifications they get, perhaps walking into the booth and letting it be a surprise, not knowing if they're going to walk out with giant assets, slutty tattoos and piercings, or just outright become a fuck nugget, or whatever else the user can think of.

The machine is so accurate it can even change sexes at a genetic level, or mix them without ill effects.

As you wish... the world is very femsub. Most women will have submissive kinks, and with everyone being able to look as hot/slutty as they want? Hookups won't be hard at all.

However.... the machines broaden how many people can be "femsub".

Dominant women still exist, and futa/dickgirls can exist now. It's not uncommon for anyone who is the slightest bit bicurious to let their dom turn them into a girl, their female submissive, regardless of prior sex.

Sure, as stated before, this can be undone at any time... but with as slutty and sexual as the world is? And the new prevalence of submissiveness not just in women, but people gender bent, or even those who are feminine?

A skilled dom can EASILY keep a sub in a form they like by spoiling them, pushing them to get sluttier and sluttier mods.

As for you? Upon making this wish, you'll bump into a tomboy and her girl subs as you head through a door to try a machine, romcom style, falling face first into her tits. You're fated to get to know her after this meeting, and her modest harem. You'll learn that she's thinking of going futa, but... also thinks you're kinda cute...

She shares a lot of your interests, easily someone you could be a lifelong friend with, sharing her girls and trying new things with...

But the future between you two is a gamble. She's sexually unpredictable.

She could be a switch, learn to be your (impish) sub, or add you to her harem and modify you in ways you find shamefully hot...

Whichever of these sounds hottest to you, even subconsciously, is the most likely.
File: FtnCG5mXoAAOjOE.jpg (296 KB, 1078x1600)
296 KB
296 KB JPG
>I wish I was turned into a cute, lewd maid girl (kemono, monster girl, etc are all fine) but some sort of cute and loving, but kinky master. One with a dick, preferably a hung and dominant, but very cute femboy, or strong futa/dickgirl with a powerful presence.
Granted! As a sort of game, an eldritch goddess of domination makes it so that, should you put someone's name on a pet collar or choker with a pet tag, whether it be their real name or something they go by enough to recognize it, with your name (or widely used nickname) on the back listing you as their owner. This can be on the back.

They will become your slave until it is removed.

However, the names are necessary, and your slaves will know yours, or a name you go by, as well due to yours also needing to be used. A normal collar will not work.

An important thing to note is that this is not just mind control. It is a mix of body control and compulsions to do as you say, rewarded by sexual satisfaction.

You could enslave someone unwilling and they can and likely will be very defiant, glaring at you as they do what you say, unable to fight back, but protesting when they can. That doesn't mean they won't be devoted... the sexual pleasure they feel from being your slave is like a drug. As embarrassed as they may be about this... and as reluctant as they act... they will not be able to resist the pleasure, though they are entirely aware that they are being controlled. They may not refuse a direct command either, so long as it's simple. If a slave is giving you lip, you can just ask them to stop talking or keep your underwear in their mouth.

Under the new goddess, this is not against the law. Law enforcement will be punished by being given to other owners if they try to interfere.

However... this also mean's it's a free for all. People GENERALLY understand that this can go both ways, and are aware that, should they collar someone, that person WILL remember them once they are let go, and even know a name they go by, allowing them to potentially collar them as payback, perhaps with help from friends or their own slaves.

Other people may also take the collars off of your slaves, like if one of their friends finds them.
File: 1673899189364336.jpg (209 KB, 750x1000)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
It's considered inevitable to be enslaved at some point... but you can get away with freeing someone after a reasonable amount of time and grabbing a new slave with a relatively low chance of them coming back for revenge... relatively.

But there's a balancing act here... free them too soon and that rebelliousness will still be fresh, and they will be FAR more likely to look for payback.

But the longer they remain a slave...

The more "karma" they get from the goddess. This is a game to her... and while enslaved? You get powers that you can use when released. The longer you are enslaved, the stronger they are. After enough time, you might be able to "cheat" being released early, by, say... body swapping with your captor.

Other things slaves can use for payback include body modifications to make their prior owner more suitable to their tastes, such as sex changes or full body makeovers, an immediate role swap (you become their slave), a beacon to alert their friends to you, painting a target on your head... and more.

You may not avoid having slaves either. As the one who made the wish, you must keep your new matron satisfied or else she'll "spice things up" and give people power over you for free, even if they weren't your slaves.

You may have consenting slaves, of course, but it has to be hot to win her approval.

You may also be a slave yourself for a period of time to "build up" powers like body modifications or counters for your captors.

The fun of the game, for the goddess, is the constant back and forth.

I'd advise you be a good slave owner, and keep things entertaining for your matron... because everything you can do to others, they can, and will, do to you.

>I wish I was a cute futa or dickgirl with a harem/friend group of girls with /d/ fetish bodies, but... in a way as wholesome as it is kinky, like having movie nights, carrying a quad amputee friend around and helping her dress, or giving conjoined girls enough cuddles/attention for two.
File: 62262397_p0.png (753 KB, 1200x745)
753 KB
753 KB PNG
Granted! You can have whatever consistency, appearance, or general "flavor" you wish. Hell, you can even shift your slime to take on slime girl bodies, grow dicks to fuck your victims with, pussies to BE fucked in, etc. You may also absorb people caught in you, break them down into their "essence", and store them safely, able to remake and release them when you wish.. but while absorbed, you can do fun things like... put their mind and awareness in your genitals, speak with them by "thinking" to their mind, toying with them, or letting them share pleasure with you. They're a part of you until released.

However... you have a glaring flaw. You are reliant on water. In fact? Your method of forming a body is being placed in a body of water like a gelatin mix. You can be transported as a small slime "pearl" until added to water again, your old body de-materializing when you leave it. You MAY also expel victims automatically when you do this... but there is a workaround I'll get to later.

Naturally, the more water, the bigger a body you can get... though there are limits so you can't become a kaiju if put in a lake, but you will CERTAINLY become lake monster material, able to move around it. You can take over a fair sized backyard swimming pool (chemicals don't hurt you).

But if someone puts you in a bottle of water? You're stuck being adorably small, likely having to take the form of a small humanoid to get around, mostly at the mercy of whoever is willing to carry you around.

But you have a way to get around yourself AND keep your victims between bodies of water...

You'll start off being found by a cute girl who's into slime sex, and willing to help you out. She'll fill her tub for you and carry you around, and set you up to get "victims" if you can appeal to the "It'll be hot" part of her brain. She's hornier for slime than she is reasonable...

This is your jumpstart to independence.

Now for the fun part. Rather than absorb a victim...
File: FtO3uqSXwAAqbM-.jpg (486 KB, 3000x3000)
486 KB
486 KB JPG
...The human body is mostly water, you can deconstruct and reconstruct them as YOUR own body. You will need to drink a lot of water to maintain control, but it will allow you to travel between bodies of water, and more importanty... targets.

And that part about keeping victims I mentioned earlier? Even if you leave your old body of water, so long as you reform this body without turning back into a pearl, you keep everyone you absorbed, and can put them in whatever body parts you want. Keep a girl as your sapient pussy, make someone your cock... whatever you want, you keep telepathy with them too.

Problem is? You'll also have to pose as them and try to be believable as you use their body to get to your next destination. Your first girl (assuming you didn't absorb her) and any other fetishists you found will be willing to help you, and if you can mange to negotiate with the mind of the person you're posing as... they might help you pretend to be them on the condition they are released... though the FUN victims might see his as an opportunity to get back at you, and make you do embarrassing things (for you) to learn how to be them, like... fucking their boyfriend/girlfriend who's into petplay, or wearing a butt plug for a day, otherwise? You're on your own. If you're found out with victims, you WILL re-appear as a pearl somewhere... randomly, and need to start from square one, waiting for another person to pass by to use to get somewhere else.

If you break a promise, the victim betrayed may gain control over YOU, the same type you had over them perhaps even making you THEIR pussy, see how you like it...

Good luck hitchhiking, hope you meet other pervs who are willing to help.

>I wish fairies were real, cute, durable (important), friendly, and dtf, and I had fey friends with benefits into the size play/bondage. And if I could be cuter like my fairy friends, that'd be much appreciated.
I get that it's supposed to be a paw on the "trial run" part, but mind control to be more loyal to a spouse kinda ruins the "wholesome/loving" thing and honestly seems pretty messed up.

It didn't say much about the spouse either.

"Keeping the body" was honestly a hot twist but I feel like, with the phrasing as it is?

I can't imagine many people would want to stay with someone who mentally or emotionally changes them and their feelings against their will, so stopping when possible and just keeping the body sounds like the best move, which is kinda disappointing.
Granted! Fairies are real, and are every bit as cute, durable, friendly, and dtf as you've always wanted. This especially applies to your close fey friends with benefits. On top of that, they're into size play and bondage just like you (presumably) are. The only issue is, they're into in a slightly different way.

See they're super into sizeplay and bondage, but specifically them tying up people smaller than them. Sadly, you remain bigger than them, so they're not into those fetishes with you involved. And you just asked for fairies to be real, not any size change methods, so there's no fixing those desires. And for whatever reason, this issue persists with every other member of the fey folk you encounter. They want to tie up someone smaller than you.

Not that you won't have fun sex with them. They're still dtf after all. But it won't be the interesting sizeplay or bondage-related sex you were hoping for. No, it'll be as vanilla sex as you can manage between a human and a fairy. And it'll be sex, and it'll be nice. But it'll be far more boring than you were probably hoping for, and it'll be the only kind of sex you can get from them, forever.
If you try to suggest or guide towards different sorts of sex, you'll hear "Sorry, I'm not into that" as many times as you'd like. And in a kind world like this, forcing that sort of act on them will no doubt result in criminal justice, on top of losing the friends with benefits status you have with your fey friends.

Actually, yeah, they are gonna be your fey friends on top of being your friends with (limited) benefits. I'll give you that for free. You're gonna be close enough friends that they won't be shy about sharing their sex preferences with you. You'll be constantly reminded that they're into sizeplay and bondage like you wanted, just in a way that perfectly excludes you. Maybe they'll tell you about their experiences with those fetishes with others, probably other fairies. If you're into cuckoldry or voyeurism maybe they'll even let you watch if you ask nicely.

On the upside, you will definitely be a little bit cuter.
Have fun with your fairy friends!

On that note,
>I wish that I could freely switch between this world, and a fantasy world where I had god-level size-control powers, without any issues with time passing or aging in whichever world I'm not in

Hopefully I did all this right, kinda my first time posting
Not bad, and I appreciate the enthusiasm.

My criticism would be that it's a bit bland. People generally like grants that take things FURTHER rather than limit them, in a sexy "Oh shit wait-" kind of way, like...

If the fairies were into size play and bondage... but were only into it with a partner smaller than them...

Having them turn the tables on the anon by using their own magic to grow bigger or shrink the anon to turn the tables on him would be more exciting IMO.

"I want to dom fairies- wait shit they're going to dom me, I still find this hot but I'm scaroused."

I ask myself "What would make this hotter?" when putting a twist on a wish, and people seem to like that a lot more.

But for granting a wish? You get a grant yourself, fair and square.
Very well, you have no aging and god level size control powers in your world. But this is a world that you must share. Your opposite number is similar to you in many ways; same kinks, similar hobbies, compatible personality. where your relationship goes will depend entirely on the actions of both of you... but she is the one person in this world with the power to judge you for your actions. Even if its only ribbing you for being a pervert.

My wish?

A world where it is a given that I'm owed sex, and can call it in whenever I want from whoever I want.
Thanks for the kind criticism
In hindsight, I can see how I probably should have furthered instead of limited. Oh well, I guess I'll keep it in mind if I ever do this again

Dealing with someone else judging my perversions was not a twist I was expecting. Nice
Heck, 10643750 here, meant to give you a grant and was ready to post it when my PC deleted it from my clipboard and my browser crashed. I'll post it if I can when I'm able, but you might get a double grant because I was slow so there's that
File: 41Fo2UOjL.jpg (48 KB, 776x606)
48 KB
Granted! From now on you give off an aura of "you have to have sex with me if I say so" and can ask absolutely anyone anywhere at any time to have sex with you. Just don't expect most people to be happy with it, especially if it's a random person you just met on the street. Unless they get to know you, they will treat having sex with you as a chore and might even complain the whole time you're pounding them.

On the bright side, people's feelings about having sex with you scale based on how much they like you as a person. That's of course a double edged sword, because if they hate you they will undeniably loathe having to fulfill their "obligatory sex" with you. At the very least your best friends will fully enjoy themselves when they do the do with you, so there's that at least!

>I wish that half of all women were gorgeous domineering goblin girls with gigantic asses like picrel who made people carry them around instead of walking, and that my girlfriend was a giant booty goblin who demands I pound her whenever she wants.
File: D8At-PWW42AIn-1q.jpg (284 KB, 1600x2000)
284 KB
284 KB JPG
Granted! You have the ability to freely travel to and from a parallel fantasy world! Just close your eyes, focus on the thoughts of being somewhere else until the things around you smell, sound, and feel different, and bam! You're there. Just takes a bit of concentration.

However... you won't arrive in your own body. This is a parallel world, not one separated from your reality, and here? You are a demon queen (pic related)

You have your own castle (fashioned to your liking) and minions who can also be to your liking, like cute imp girls, succubi, and giants/sexy oni.

You yourself have a special kind of magic here. While your normal spellcasting is limited to novice level spells... like disguises or minor charms... you have god level size control powers, combined with an aura of "safety".

People of different sizes just work, square foot law and biology be damned. Hell, while under your magic, or in your aura? They don't even have needs, so feeding tiny people or worrying about smothering/suffocating them isn't a problem.

You could sit on someone as a giantess and while it'll be... intense, they'll survive without injuries, but they might be winded and a bit sore... you won't break any bones or cause non sexy harm though (you can still spank people and stuff)

These powers have earned you the moniker "The Size Queen" in this world. Clever, I know.

However... there are a few catches. While you can use your powers on yourself and others pretty freely... you have to AT LEAST be able to clearly visualize the end result. This limits your maximum/minimum size until you find new beings.

You can be/make someone as small as the smallest humanish being you've found, or as big as the biggest monster you've seen. When you start, this will be an onahole sized pixie for your smallest and a 20 ft giant for your biggest, but find and examine an adult dragon, titan, or smaller fey? Your caps increase immensely.

If being a girl is a bit TOO jarring...
File: D-XZuufXsAAqQV3.jpg (308 KB, 1600x2000)
308 KB
308 KB JPG
You can have your loyal mage minions make you potions or teach you magic to be a futa or dickgirl, keep familiar you're familiar with... though you'll still have to take the role of the demon QUEEN, at least in name.

You can learn to tune your powers with finer accuracy, such as "That's the biggest cock/pair of tits I've ever seen" and learn to change the size of specific body parts as you ruminate on that.

Sound fun? Good... because here's the twist.

EVERYONE in this world is a fantasy equivalent of people from your world, often sexier, specifically to you, oddly enough... but most of the people you meet and adventurers who try to stop you will be people you know, while there's a chance some of your minions may be friends who share this fetish of yours. The rest will be people you may not know, but also share the fetish, and might just meet in real life when you return...

Their appearances are often fitting. Even your demon queen appearance will have some of your best traits, enough that if people squint they might notice your features, like... if you have fluffy hair, or you may retain your eye color. You'll be WAY sexier though.

Other people will be odd parallel versions of themselves, but have their same personalities, sometimes having fitting forms, sometimes having hilariously ironic forms. A cute tall girl might be an elf here, a nerd might be a mage, even people you weren't normally into, like a jaded co-worker, might be a cute goblin girl here. As for irony, while a tomboy may become a strong monster girl here, a tough guy has the potential to become something ridiculous like a pixie who talks big but can't back it up. Their names will also make who they are obvious.

Ex. Catherine might be "Black Cat Rin."

As for timeflow, this world works like Narnia. Time only passes in it when you're there, and no time passes in the real world when you're gone. Your fantasy pesona does not age, but you age normally in the real world... mostly.
File: FxKIqxqXoAEgaNw.jpg (109 KB, 974x1400)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
But as you get your kicks, doing whatever kinky things you could never get away with in real life... something peculiar will start happening.

That girl you used as a living onahole in the parallel world? When you see her again, she might blink twice when looking at you, but shake her head like it's nothing.

Meet someone who was a minion in the fantasy world? They might ask what you want to do next mas- bro, where'd that come from?

Surprise! They're also connected to their parallel selves. Even an adventurer trying to stop you who knows you, in the fantasy world might, might catch themselves acting strangely casual around you, before realizing you're the demon queen they're supposed to stop.

While people CAN break your focus on your powers by distracting you, ex. unexpectedly overwhelming you with pleasure while tiny... your power puts you at an advantage.

But once you interact with someone enough in the other world... you might feel yourself in the body of the "demon queen" when near them, in a way where no one else sees it, but the person you've grown close enough to, either as a loyal minion or favorite victim. They, too, may appear as their other self to you, but not to anyone else.

If this would cause physical changes, like being shortstack, people will write it off as normal.

...And you don't have your powers in the real world.

This is when people can put two and two together with their strange dreams and figure you out for who you are... and call you out, or get back at you.

The aura of normalcy over both of you will make "revenge" for them much easier too, and yes, it usually IS lewd, like doming you or getting other people you toyed with to jump you and tie you up.

You can't retreat to the other world when you can't focus either, and this WILL affect your focus...

So I hope you weren't TOO mean... or at least, can learn to enjoy the power swaps...

>I wish I was a cute big titty shortstack
File: 99653613_p0.png (2.23 MB, 1600x1200)
2.23 MB
2.23 MB PNG
Granted. Overnight, half of all women are turned into goblins with gigantic asses and a mean domineering streak. Don't let their size fool you, though: those asses might be plush, but there's a ton of muscle underneath. Goblins are strong as fuck for their size - and thanks to their new dommy nature combined with goblinoid mischief, all goblins will have zero qualms utilizing their new powers.
Flash-forward some time forward... Goblins now rule the world as the upper class, holding most of all upper positions of power. While they CAN walk, they prefer to make their servants carry them around instead. Goblins can basically sexually dominate anyone, anytime, even in public, with next to no repercussions. Though human women tend to be treated better than the men.

Now let's talk about your girlfriend - I mean overlord. She's a goblin, and an exception among exceptions: her butt is as big as a small house, and she's carried by other "average" goblins, who are themselves carried by legions of humans. Obviously, she's a head of state.
Your girlfriend has a pretty high libido, and she'll demand you to have sex with her whenever she wants. But she also likes to do other stuff, like crushing and smothering you under her ass, or stuffing you inside her pants. You won't die because genie magic, but expect to be treated like a squishy sex toy, a lot.

>I wish to have a harem of monsterfolk (preferably girls), where I'm specifically the harem's sub.
Granted, you have a huge harem full of monsterfolk, including all types imaginable. Some are really big, some are very small, there's some with fur, some who have scales, some with feathers, there's one whose body is made of slime, one who is more plant than creature. There's horns, tails, claws, fangs, even tentacles, everywhere you look.

They are all immensely in love with you and overly focused on you, at a level too much for your own good. They are all insanely clingy! No matter where you are, no matter where you want to go, there's always a mountain of monsters literally on top of you. It will be hard to breathe, and you might never see the sunlight ever again through all this monster mass (good luck with your grocery shopping! Also, you might develop a Vitamin D deficiency).
And not all of them are soft and fluffy, many of them have a rough, scaly skin, and others give you little (or maybe not so little) love bites, or even worse! Some like the slime might even want to show their love by swallowing you whole and only spitting you out after an hour or two (some might even jump after you inside another monster girls' stomach to get some alone time with you). There's also some sea creatures who will pull you close to them underwater and not let you go and take a breather until they're satisfied. There's even one with strong pheromones that transform you into a random monster yourself from time to time.

They're also often very jealous of each other, and fight a lot, and you have to stop them even if it might cost you an arm or two. But don't worry, there's a monster girl who is good at magic, and she keeps healing and reviving you, even if you die multiple times a day! You will probably feel a lot of pain, but it will get more numb the more you get accustomed to it. At least, hope that it does!

>I wish I could shift body mass freely (e. g. turn muscles into fat, redistribute fat for big boobs, or transfer some of my height into another girl's curves)
File: 1647373194606.jpg (246 KB, 1080x1320)
246 KB
246 KB JPG
Granted! You have the magic to freely shift body mass. However, it works in a fairly roundabout manner. It's all channeled through your own body fat. ALL of it. On top of that, you have to maintain eye contact with the target you want to affect, which will make it very difficult to flesh-sculp unwilling targets.

As an example, in order to turn muscles into fat, you draw the energy of the muscles out of them and convert it into your own body fat. Then you can transfer the energy out of your fat into something else so long as you're maintaining eye contact with the person or object you're affecting. (To affect yourself you will require a mirror.) To redistribute fat, you have to use your own fat as a middleman. To transfer your height into another girl's curves, you have to convert your height into fat, which you then convert into the girl's curves.

Apart from the fact you have to use your own fat as a middleman, and the fact you have to maintain eye contact with someone or something in order to use these powers, using these powers for extended periods of time can cause irreparable damage to your body if you don't take the time to rest. You can stave off this sort of exhaustion by converting your fat into energy, but that means you effectively burn away energy that could be used for something else. Add to the fact that going without sleep or proper sustenance has all of the usual bad side effects, including irritability, chronic fatigue, and eventually death.

>I wish I had the Over-Sexualizing Beam
File: 1629983047981.jpg (179 KB, 1135x1575)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
Granted! It is indestructible and you will never lose it. If you can't find it, it will turn up somewhere soon without fail.
The beam is unpredictable, but generally makes people, or things it hits hotter. It might make a girl more endowed, give her a womb tattoo, make someone a femboy/trap, turn a normal bed into a soft red sexy bed with restraints...

Aim it at yourself at your own risk. You could just as easily become a hot monster boy as you could be gender bent or swap bodies with the last victim.

The ray uses your mind, the minds of those around it, and internet content you could be interested in as a guide for what it "should" do... but prioritizes your own mind and won't make any changes you don't find arousing in some way. If it's something you'd never be into, the ray blacklists it.

...But the item itself is over-sexualized in its tendencies. Let me explain.

Remember how I said it "shows up"? Well... it sometimes seems to disappear on its own... and isn't always found by YOU.

A friend could find it, laugh at the lil onahole on top, and jokingly use it "Oh fuck dude look at this thing, PEW!"

And suddenly you're an adorable shortstack who can't reach the table, their waifu, or if it's a cute female friend, you two might body swap.

It will set up SCENARIOS related to hentai manga and over-sexualized media.

It won't always appear the same either, not even to you, and can disguise itself if that'd make someone more likely to spread chaos with it... but only near you.

Turning into a TV remote that works as expected... but transforms people in another rooms each time a button is pressed... or even turning into a copy of someone's cell phone and firing the ray from the cameras. It's devious.

Expect a LOT of transformative shenanigans.

The device also has limited battery... but no way to know how much is left, and its battery life follows the rule of "whatever's lewdest". It's random so people will get stuck whenever it'd be funny/lewd.
File: FxJI8OSWAAA816u.jpg (1.24 MB, 3000x2250)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB JPG
The changes CAN wear off as the device recharges, starting with any mental changes like increased libido or implanted fetishes fading... but if the person is still horny and into the fetish after it wears off, well... that's their decision now. Furthermore... if they like the body they ended up with? They keep it.

Otherwise? The changes need to quite literally be fucked out of them. Not always literally (but that's most effective). Just enough sexual pleasure and/or kinkyness, like someone being a statue and realizing their exhibitionist fetish sufficiently, or masturbating enough as a futa... but if being fucked is available other methods are FAR slower.

As for you? You'd be lucky to turn to normal often at all... because you're ALWAYS going to be at the center of whatever hentai plot the ray has in store.

Oh! A cute girl wants you to take her picture! And... now he and her friend are slutty futa, and you just accidentally took a selfie that made you a cute submissive boy or girl (whatever you'd find hotter), bound and gagged with a leash for them.

What are they going to do, leave you here? After you were so nice to take their pics... they don't know what happened, but don't exactly care right now...

That is an example of something that can happen, and yes, getting the ray back can end it faster... but will cause more chaos as it does.

You CAN learn to spot the ray while it's disguised, like... if you find a second remote, or notice that someone's phone is still in their pocket, and what they are holding is clearly a replica...

But the ray will fight you and keep trying to outsmart you, often not giving you a chance to find it.

It WILL be nicer if you're more reckless with it yourself, though... it won't stop fucking with you, but it'll appreciate it and throw you a bone every once in a while, working close ENOUGH to intended...

>I wish I was a cute young lesbian sub to a cute, fun, and loving milf dom... who can be firm when it's sexy.
File: 3366352_6_o.jpg (145 KB, 667x900)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
Granted, but you're a trans girl with a huge dick and your milf domme gf has a thing for making you look younger than you actually are...

>I wish for a hot, petite southeast asian girl body to have fun with and tease boys and girls with
File: images (15).jpg (6 KB, 168x299)
6 KB
>I wish for a hot, petite southeast asian girl body to have fun with and tease boys and girls with.
Granted. A beautiful and incredibly sexy japanese woman materializates inside your house. The body has no consciousness of it's own, but does appear alive for all general purposes. If you concentrate, you can use your own mind to puppeteer her movements, but will freeze on pose once you stop concentrating. Everyone in the presence of the puppet chick will slowly become receptive to the idea of fucking it. Ever day, a new version will materialize and the previous one will vanish.

I wish repeated tongue contact from one person to another temporarily increased the sexual pleasure the licked area generated, and that every body part generated a different kind of pleasure when licked to orgasm.
Fucked up geographically, choose the nationality that suits you best
Granted. Your MILFy domme is officially your mother, either adoptive or biological. She's got a talent for making youand your two "sisters" listen to her; and she's surprisingly strong for her size, being capable of holding one of you underarm with ease. She can easily switch between being a gentle mommy or a BDSM hardcore dominatrix, depending on her sub's preferences; though she prefers to use corporal stuff like spankings as rewards for good behavior, instead of punishment.
Unfortunately, your wish caused her to become retroactively cursed. At random times during a sexy situation, she will be temporarily petrified and turned into a lewd statue. This might be a problem when she tied you to a bed for "homeschooling".

(What do you mean, you meant "firm" as in "resolute"? Ah fuck it, I'm keeping it.)

Granted. By licking someone, you can temporarily increase the sensitivity of that part, as well as providing a certain amount of pleasure. Multiple licks can extend the duration of the sensitivity, and the pleasure generated stacks until an orgasm is reached. The KIND of pleasure tends to vary depending on the body part; for example, licking someone's feet generates a sensation of relaxation, especially if they stood standing all day and were tired.
As an added bonus, stuff like sweat or dirt no longer bothers the licker. This applies both in term of taste (stuff tastes from neutral to good) and of health (you won't get sick from licking bad stuff).

However, those who indulge too much in licking will progressively mutate. Their skin will turn pink, their tongue will grow significantly, and they will become more relaxed and obedient. Eventually, they will devolve into Lickitung-like monsterfolk, more pets than humans, eager to please others by licking them.
File: 1685132640998492.jpg (81 KB, 1000x714)
81 KB
>I wish that hypers existed, with the affected body parts being saggy, flaccid and soft.
I'm hoping for a cuddletopia, but that's up to the genie to decide.
File: ev_angels_h10.jpg (73 KB, 640x480)
73 KB
Granted. Masses and masses of angels descend on Earth to set humanity straight. For some ineffable reason, all angels are cute shortstacks with big tits, and have no problem using sexual means to reach their objectives. Angels usually find evildoers and punish them via sex, usually repeated paizuri - which sounds good, until you realize that there's no hentai stamina involved: the victim is forced to orgasm over and over, which has a deteriorating effect on both their bodies and minds.
Other duties involve re-educating humans to be better and more virtuous, on pain of sexual torment. In this case, however, angels will offer some carrot alongside the stick: they will agree to help humans who have severe need, or who proved themselves to be "good". They're even willing to offer sex as a reward, without the draining effect - although in moderation.

You're one of those angels. However, your mind is your own; you do not have any instincts to follow your angelic duties. So you can live a normal life, or go around seducing people, or abuse your angelic reputation to make people obey you, or whatever you want. Just... make sure to have a handy excuse if another angel catches you being un-angelic. Angels do have a pretty big blind spot when it comes to their kin, so you can tell an outrageous lie and there's a good chance that they'll believe you because "you're an angel"; but that has its limits. Take things too far, and the angels will take you for a "reprogramming session".
>I wish to be isekaied in another world to seduce and fuck monsters. You know, the kind who doesn't get much romance.
File: FBnr0QiWEAAhvBf.jpg (1.06 MB, 1733x2520)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB JPG
Granted! It all starts with first contact.

An AI with a fleet of a variety of drones will visit earth, quickly learn human languages, and... well, start experimenting on people.

Now that may sound bad... but leave it to aliens to make not a malicious AI, not an AI that will destroy a planet to make paperclips, but a HORNY AI.with human level emotional intelligence.

...But no regard for human laws. She LIKES humans, and will even use the voice of a cute girl and use the likeness of one to represent her.

She's just... aware that she CAN abduct humans, experiment on them, and finds the naivity of a pre-FTL civilization adorable~

Her drones are essentially tentacle monsters and bio pods, with some ships where labs with advanced research tech is kept, though she'll absolutely make more...

Her goal? Well she notices that people like these certain parts so... why not spoil them? Learn what's so great about them herself, even.

People will often, and randomly be turned into attractive people with hyper bits, sometimes with the AI changing their gender, making them cuter, or "experimenting" with their genitals (futa, multi breast, etc).

Though she's not EVIL- er, that evil. Just kinda twisted. Sometimes if people ask for body traits she'll give them, like.... "C-can I be a cute redhead futa?"

This also solves the obvious problem of "Hypers can't do things on their own".

The drones will move them around and tend to their needs, sometimes leaving them near each other or living with each other for... experiments... and amusement.

It does, in fact, become a cuddletopia. People are allowed to keep vidya, the affected are granted AI hacked cable and internet, and generally spoiled.

Sometimes the AI will pick a "normal" human to live with hypers, perhaps with a non hyper bodily makeover first if they ask nicely.

You will get to be one of these, with a few cute hypers, selected for you by the AI based on your search history, will be relocated to live with you.
File: FAzdg70WEAkaB8y.jpg (704 KB, 2592x1512)
704 KB
704 KB JPG
Yes, she can scan your search history. Whatever data is, or was, present on your devices as well. She will not judge, but will use it to effectively tailor things to your tastes.

If you do not have a house capable of keeping the 3-5 hypers she matched you with personality and attraction wise (some of which you may know, maybe that cute tomboy down the street?), yours will be renevated by her drones, or you will be granted a new residence by her. You will also be given a "sexually enhanced" body... but with very little say in it. She will make it what you'd most likely want to be based on your history and what you want to do to these girls so... I'm guessing a cute dickgirl or futa, but hey, if I'm wrong feel free to correct me on what self insert you like the most. If it is cuter than you look now though, she'll push for you to get a cuter name, and have your new roommates vote on it.

As part of this experiment? You are to keep them entertained and get along with them as the drones take care of MOST of their needs and wants, but leaves you to do stuff like grab food, pick out movies, etc.

Oh, and again... you will not be hyper.

You'll be a "normal" oversexed human who is able to walk among other non hypers enough to keep up with public opinion, and see what this world is coming to.

Most people will look more attractive or have lewd bodies by now, but not necessarily be hyper.

A lot of people will see them as "The machine's pets" or "Pitifully compliant sluts", though others might like that and muse about "having" one of their own... but being one? Sure, it'd be hot... for a bit... but they'd be immobile, left helpless, just a big pile of bits for others.

...If you haven't picked up on what the AI's doing yet, she's probably winning the game.

You'll come home to drones pleasuring the hypers or helping them into cuddle/sex piles, while you still have to go out and do things. Not much but... still...
File: FxKNpWSX0AAxqqe.jpg (715 KB, 1036x1200)
715 KB
715 KB JPG
And yeah, you can fuck them once you get to know them, but you're not QUITE part of the "cuddletopia"

One fateful day... a drone will pass by with a part of the AI's consciousness in it, to ask you some questions.

She will REALLY hammer away at your desires for this wish, asking what you like about your new body... improvements, parts of your life you'd like to be rid of... a survey custom tailored to make you hot and bothered as her likeness smiles smugly on the machine's screen.

You will end up with a few options... which MAY change in the future, since she is fickle... but are certainly permanent enough to take seriously.

Option one? Exist as the designated food grabber and hyper owner. You will retain some responsibilities but... they'll be neet level.

...However you will be allowed to be "free", and do not have to do as the AI says.

Option two. Keep your body as it is, and submit to the AI for lewd experiments, to become more like one of her "pets", but as a result of this... you won't have any responsibilities to get in the way of your hyper cuddle house. You may even be introduced to other "households". You will wear a collar when you go out that lets everyone know you've already submitted.

Option 3... become a hyper and enjoy the cuddles your hypers have been enjoying.... but don't expect to turn back soon, if at all. You may get a caretaker yourself, who will pamper you, while the drones do everything you need them to, unable to get around yourself. This is the real deal, embracing the hyper, the joys, and the problems it comes with. Hell, the caretaker taking your place will be tailored to you and your hypers tastes.

So what'll it be? The illusion of freedom, a short leash, or joining your harem? You may negotiate... but not much. You have 24 hours or it will be randomly decided. Choose wisely!

>I wish monster and fantasy girls existed, I was one, and being bound together was a common way to get to know someone better or solve disputes.
Granted. Monster and fantasy girls do exist, and so do predator/prey relations of underlying monsters and racial/species animosities. For this reason, being actually physically bound would usually end in physical harm to one of the sides, so society found ways to work around it.

More civilized species resorted to being legally bound, where you're legally obliged to cohabitate or something similar. Think of it as reverse separation. It's a common custom and it's begrudgingly accepted by participants.

Less civilized species resort to magic. This mostly works as a double restraining order style magic, where you have to stay within a certain distance of the other party, but can't touch one another. This works wonders when it comes to both parties not killing one another, and mostly resolves disputes. Sometimes simply because the two would agree to anything to get away from one another.

Finally, there's the traditional "physically bound" solution, but that has its limitations. One, you'd better make sure the other person won't just kill you. Two, the other person must agree to this variant, otherwise you're getting either legal or magical bound. You'd better make a good impression.

For those more dramatically inclined, there's also actual magical pacts that bind two souls tightly together, making it so that neither can live when another dies. It's not something that happens unless you're desperate or the world is ending.

>I wish I could make a woman of my choosing slowly grow proportionally bigger and taller for the rest of her life, at the rate comparable to regular puberty.
File: 104493624_p0_master1200.jpg (382 KB, 1200x1200)
382 KB
382 KB JPG
I think I'll go with the "short leash" option. Maybe submit a little... Okay, submit a lot, but with limits.

Granted. You get your own wholesome harem of assorted /d/eviant girls. For the time being, you'll start out with five girls, with future additions pending. Three are related to stuff that you've requested: a buff amazon quad amputee, who exercises daily (3 words: ben wa balls) and still plays the "cool biker girl" part; and two conjoined girl, namely an experienced and chill MILF fused with her incredibly shy-but-horny daughter.
The other two are my personal choices: one of those elastic girls whose limbs are all floppy and stretched and tentacle-like; and a chubby tailor girl turned into a living skinsuit, who loves to make fitting /d/ clothes.
Of course, you'll start out as a futa with a cute appearance. All the girls consider you a good friend-with-benefits, though they will refer you as "mistress" if the situation calls for it. They like having sex with you just as much as they like having wholesome activities like playing vidya or sleeping huddled together, and they ESPECIALLY like it when the wholesome has just a bit of kink in it. Like cuddling together and having one hand wandering on your boob.

Now, if you paid attention, you'll notice that I said "you'll *start out* as a futa". That will be subjected to change. It will start out with bouts of touch starvation - you'll begin to feel uncomfortable and tense whenever you go without physical contact for too long. Initially a headpat or a caress will be enough, but eventually you'll have to go through a cuddling session every day or two.
Then, there will be a feverish period. You will feel sick and horny at the same time. This is the time where your body will mutate, sprouting extra body parts; I don't know what the end result will be, but it will surely involve having several new arms and legs to better grasp and cuddle your harem.
Probably you'll also get some bonus genitals (you'll still remain a futa) and a forked tongue.
Once that period is over, the fever and the heat will disappear. But your new /d/eviant form will be permanent, as will your touch starvation issue. Luckily, your harem is more than willing to cuddle you whenever you want, with just a minimum of teasing. You big spidery crybaby, you.

>I wish to become a cute girl living a comfy-ish semi-neet life, with the ability to summon lewd tentacle monster friends.
Granted, you can choose any woman you want and make 3 size increase decisions. The first being the size at which her boobs will grow per year relative to their starting size, the second being the size at which her ass grows per year relative to its starting size, and the third being the rate at which her entire body grows relative to its starting size. For example, if you chose 100% for boobs, 200% for ass, and 100% for body, in one year, her boobs would be twice as big, her ass would be three times larger and on top of that she’d be twice as large overall. Then the year after that, her boobs would grow another 100% of her original size and become three times their original size, her ass would then become five times its original size, and on top of that growth, her body would be scaled up to three times its original size. You could see why you’d want to choose these numbers carefully as even though they aren’t exponential, they’ll add up quick. That’s not the boon though, first choose those three numbers then read on to see the boon.

Numbers chosen? Good. Turns out they also affect you. The number for her boob growth will be the same for your dick, the number for her ass will be the same for your balls, and here’s where we’ll flip the script a little, the number we scale her up for size will be done in reverse for you, so you’ll actually be shrinking overall even though your penis and balls will be growing. Hopefully you didn’t screw yourself over too much. When she’s twice as big, you’ll be twice as small. When her boobs are three times their original size, your penis will be three times it’s original size, and same with your balls and her ass. Apply the overall size modifier after the other two. So if your dick is growing by 100% each year but your body is shrinking by 100%, your dick will technically remain the same size as your body shrinks.

For my wish, I wish I had a cute but super horny fairy companion
Granted. You may summon your lewd tentacled friends whenever you want, but you can't control when they leave. While staying with you, they will eat your food without a care and it will cut into your limited NEET budget to keep buying more. They will do lewd things with you whenever you want, but they will also do lewd things with eachother without your involvement. They may have loud tentacle sex when you're trying to sleep. You may also receive complaints from your neighbors that you will have to negotiate or risk getting evicted.

>I wish people could change the length of their dick at will. Either retracting it back into their bodies completely, or extending it to a foot long.
File: 21229449dX8MLJy.jpg (554 KB, 775x1400)
554 KB
554 KB JPG
Granted. Let's see... I'm gonna turn you into a selkie. Why? Well, seals are cute, and there are a few legends about selkies acting as servants or wives. Well, in your case you're a maid with seal ears and tails, but details.
You will be at the service of Master, a cute-ass femboy with a big dick, usually tucked inside his own clothes to conceal it. He's very happy-go-lucky and kind of a ditz, rarely worrying about anything. He has the supernatural ability to instinctively know when people would like to be fucked by him; usualky, this results in him revealing his monster dong to someone, and then fucking them while they're too shocked to fight back. Doesn’t matter if they're women or supposedly straight men.
Since these people gift him large sums for sex, the guy is set for life, with a mansion and a full staff of maids, yourself included. Vast majority of them are kemonos or monsters. Master mostly treats everyone as equal friends, asking themnout for activities like movies or going shopping. However, he also loves to dominate and fuck multiple maids each day, either by him telling them or them asking him.

His huge sex drive is not the only reason he has so many maids, though. His cum production is even more absurd: every sex session leads to the recipient being cuminflated, and pools of cum being splattered everywhere, including walls and ceilings. So your main duty will be to clean up all the cum - which is a lot of work. And being a kemono, you do have a sensitive nose for musk and sperm...

>I wish for cute vorny (vore+horny) creatures.
File: 1669632749098616.jpg (2.03 MB, 1069x1880)
2.03 MB
2.03 MB JPG
Granted... but the ability has no real "hard caps", nor is it restricted to men. Let me explain...

Men and women are made up of the same parts in different arrangements.

You know how in a video game going backwards has a negative speed value? Well, just think of women as "going backwards", so if a girl makes her negative dick length positive... her ovaries turn into testicles, and a cock forms around her clit.

Likewise, if a guy retracts his dick enough, he will gain a pussy and womb.

Now something interesting can happen once someone has a part of the other sex, but isn't hyper or "big" yet.

A bigger value may make someone more masculine, which can result in a strong dickgirl or total sex change, or a smaller value can result in a cute cuntboy or again, the person simply growing tits and the rest of their body changing to match, growing more feminine/masculine as the values change.

Once a sex is determined... it can be tricky to ONLY control the dick value.

While the ability is "at will"... It is not easy to control, nor is it always wise to use it immediately after it backfires.

In fact? If you try to make a foot long dick normal again only to become a girl? Trying to "fix" this immediately after might leave you with a cock to big to walk without even making you a guy again.

Subsequent changes without grace periods are FAR more likely to end up causing more extreme changes, overcompensating for your mistake.

The good news? EVERYONE has this problem now, so you're not alone!

You might meet fun guys who are actually girls waiting for their dick value to "balance out" so they can return to "normal enough", get to have a guys night where you're all cute girls, or do some gay stuff.

So yeah, you can have a foot long dick. Just be REAL careful trying to turn it back to normal when a girl says it's too big, or else you'd better hope she's bi...

>I wish I had a cute incestuous new mother. Whether it's adoptive or I get a new life is up to the genie.
your mother is a mutant tranny cuntboy creature
>I wish for more shorstacks
File: 78988348_p0.png (1.24 MB, 1540x1260)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB PNG
Granted... but you had to say SUPER horny huh?

She's horny, even for a fey... and while a tad awkward... she's cute in her own way, and can act cute if you tease her just right.

People will see her as normal and be dtf with her involved.

And just to get this out of the way? Yes she is onahole sized and fey are super durable against stretching and crush force, suffocation too. Only pure, traditionally worked iron hurts them in any way that matters (any form of steel is fine) and I doubt you have that lying around where it'd be an issue.

Problem is, through some sort of fey magic, she really is your companion now... and thus, your responsibility. She cannot leave your side for long, go too far from you, and you two will start to develop an unspoken bond where you feel what he other does emotionally... POSSIBLY pleasure wise if it gets strong enough.

She is also needy, easily bored, impish, and all around a bit of a nympho mess.

Expect her to crawl into your pants instead of asking, use a phone as a tablet to watch porn (and post on fetish threads), and masturbate without caring that you can see. She's too small to get to open your bedroom door...

When you've satisfied her, either with a good fucking or a vibrator? She's still a handful in more ways than one.

Her "chill" self will prank you with magic and/or play vidya, making lewd bets like "If I/you die..." She even knows where to get fey sized controllers.

And yes, she knows some magic. She can body swap you two for a MAJOR change in the dynamic, shrink you, make you a fairy like her, and more... though it requires her to be horny enough to use.

However, despite all this? She will care for you and give you SOLID advice, dialing back her teasing when you're actually feeling bad, unless it'd cheer you up.

She's not the most "whimsical" fairy... but she's yours. Remember to regularly wash her with warm water like any other onahole... just be aware she doesn't like being bathed unless it's lewd.
File: 30314502_p0_master1200.jpg (439 KB, 818x1000)
439 KB
439 KB JPG
>I wish I was a cute milf who could turn into a cuddly harpy monster girl
Granted, your body will instantly transform into that of a milf, and a very small, about 0.001% of the population will do the same. The world will change to know it as a certain genetic thing that occurs very rarely in people when they turn a certain age. The genetic defect doesn’t stop at just making you into milfs though. You also gain the ability to turn into harpies, thus giving the defect the name Harpy’s Disease. The way you turn into a harpy is sort of in your control but also not, it works pretty similarly to getting an erection, the more turned on you get, you’ll start to grow feathers, and if you get too turned on, you’ll go full on harpy, with wings that can fly and everything. Unlike an erection, you can’t expect this to go away on its own. You’ll stay a horny harpy until you cum and you’ll actually get hornier the longer it goes on. On top of being a horny mess, you’ll also be laying eggs every 5 minutes. The eggs are pretty big but they won’t hurt, instead laying them will be quite pleasing, so much so that you’ll have a hard time keeping yourself from moaning as you lay them. You can stop the egg laying though, by inserting anything in your vagina you’ll completely bring it to a halt. This isn’t exactly well known, but you and anyone with harpy disease know that if someone’s holding their harpy form for a long time without laying eggs and moaning then they must have something jammed up their pussy.
I commented on the wrong spot but yours starts with the post above then continues here:

Now, despite being unable to turn harpy without being horny, it will be a well known fact that there is nothing better to cuddle in the whole world than someone with harpy’s disease in their harpy form. Your feathers will be so unbelievably soft to touch. People who know how they feel can hardly resist rubbing up against them, and people who are overworked or tired can usually fall asleep easily if they lay on a harpy girl. When removed from the harpy girl’s body, the feathers are only half as soft, which to anyone who hasn’t felt the real deal will feel amazing, so many of the harpy’s diseased people will sell their feathers for decent money. Most people will not argue if given the chance to cuddle you, but just know you’ll be fighting sexual urges to keep it going for long periods of times and the longer you go the more sex crazy you’ll get.

>I wish I had a cute body but a huge penis that women couldn’t resist
File: 1643246518338.jpg (369 KB, 3508x2480)
369 KB
369 KB JPG
Granted!.. You are now transported into a world filled with cute creatures that only wish to vore and fuck everything around them... problem is however that everyone else in this world sees them as terrifying monsters.
Soon humanity as a whole begins to go on raids to eliminate these monsters, this causes everyone to gain a witch hunt like mentality and anyone who's attracted to these supposed monsters are quickly labeled as insane and become living bad omens who puts everyone else at jeopardy.
You try to hide your lust for these monsters but over time the burden of hiding such a secret slowly drains your soul and you quickly become paranoid that someone might figure out your love for these 'abominations'.
Eventually your secret come out and you have a 50/50 chance of either being executed on the spot or being exiled.

If you're 'lucky' enough to be exiled, you quickly become food for a nearby moster with a bright, pink fluffy, fur coat with large blue eyes. However it feels very horny and wishes to rape you before making you it's meal. Soon your butthole is violently pulled apart and you feel it's dick tearing through your insides most likely causing some internal bleeding. This continues for a bit until you cave in to the pain and fall to the ground, barely being able to stay conscious. Finaly you're gobbled up alive with your arms and legs being broken and shattered to pieces as it chews through your body and sends you to it's stomach. Soon you feel insatiable burning pain as it's stomach acid slowly breaks down your body into excrement, you scream and holler in agonising pain for about an hour until finally dying in the creature belly and being pooped out the next day.
Your life and legacy becomes one of a degenerate mad man who's so devoid of logic that he was willing to be eaten alive and shat out the next morning for sexual pleasure.

>I wish to have an obese sorceress gf who curses me to be a fat slob just like her
Granted. Seventy cute shortstacks appear on the planet, each in a different location. Good luck finding them, jackass.

Granted, she's a fragment of Shub-Niggurath, Black Goat of the Woods, Mother of a Thousand Young. Or "Shubby" for short. She looks pretty normal, aside for the goat horns and bigger size (she's at least one head taller than you). Since she has become your mother, your appearance has been retroactively altered to become cuter.
Of course, she doesn't have any problem whatsoever with incest; but she know that you find incest hot because it's taboo, so she implanted a small amount of shame inside your brain to make sure that you feel a little bit of embarassment every time you two do the horizontal tango.

Since Shubby wanted to experience some human life, she is significantly depowered compared to her "true self". Nevertheless, she's still more than capable of exerting eldritch powers, such as providing prodigious fertility with unwanted consequences (such as insta-pregnancies, or hyper-sized balls), or summoning "satyr" and "dryad" servants out of nowhere to do her bidding. Obviously, she's more than willing to use her powers in bed.
The problem is that... Well, you know how some old people don't really grasp the nuances of the present, like this newfangled technology? Your mom is like that, except much worse, though she tries to be better. For example, she doesn't understand how credit cards work, or that you're still "topless" even when you're wearing your human disguise. So be patient with her, okay?

>I wish to become this monstergirl in the pic.
Granted. You have no control over the mouths, and they lick everything in sight. You can taste everything they lick too, so good luck constantly tasting dirt, feces, or whatever else they feel like licking.

>I wish I could gain weight much faster than normally possible and have it all be soft, subcutaneous fat.
You got a pretty lame grant, probably the same anon who got salty at the grant to their wish right below.

You deserve another.

Granted! But rather than own them... they own you.

"Friend" is a good way to put it. They're eldritch starspawn that take human form during the day, but heard your wish and decided it was adorable enough to make you a short, petite, cute, 18-20ish girl, taking the role of adoptive parents/guardians... but they also want to learn more about humanity and enjoy their time here.

You start with two who will pose as your parents and obtain a house and money for you through... shady means that are best not questioned, taking care of you like the adorable lesser being you are, and giving you basic luxuries like one would as they try to spoil a pet.

They do understand you just fine, but... in the verbal sense. Human nuance like clothes, modesty, white lies, and so on are new to them.

And while they mostly pamper you... you are still friends. They just don't quite understand the concept. Is being a pair of adoptive parents AND lovers not enough for "friendship"? It'll... be awkward, but get better.

Your two "parents" can take human form when they "go to work" (whatever they're doing it makes a lot of money, but you doubt it's legal... though it doesn't seem harmful at least), and will try to match forms you like, even being a gay/lesbian couple or futa if you'd find it cute/hot.

But at home? They'll drop their forms and take on their protean tentacle forms.

When not trying to get to know you and humanity as a whole... they will use you as a sex toy. Not in any way you wouldn't enjoy, but you know how people pick up cats and pet them like its their right? That's how your guardians treat you, unless you are clearly not into it at that time.

Funnily enough, the only thing about humans they DO have a firm grasp of is human pleasure, and can use their forms to give you hot sex They also enjoy, and will often cuddle you after.
File: 1606867599697.png (1.47 MB, 1249x1920)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB PNG
They can take a human, tentacle monster, or hybrid form after, but prefer not keeping disguises when they don't have to, turning into shoggoth like blobs. They don't abide by the conservation of mass either, can can shrink down to fit inside your pussy for some INTENSE play as well.

You of course, should show them a thing or two to keep this mutual.

And yes, you can summon them very easily. Just call one of your "parents" on their phone (after teaching them how to use it) or shout "MOOOM!" and they'll excitedly come to see you.

They are VERY fascinated with the human idea of a family, they think it is adorable and very cozy.

You will gain additional tentacle monsters, their "brood kin", who they convince to take other "roles", like your sister, an aunt, etc, while mixing in non family human "bonding" exercises like movie nights, dates, family dinners, bondage... look its rarely socially appropriate but they're trying, alright? You WILL get closer as they learn to enjoy the neet life with you...

But they won't JUST leave you to be a spoiled pet once they learn the fun that being human can bring.

Alas, semi neet means they will experiment and try to give you chores or "human" tasks that are often adorably or lewdly twisted, like... asking you to clean the kitchen, but saying you need to put the maid outfit on first for your sister's enjoyment, "young lady", th-that's what mothers do, right? Do it and she'll give you allowance, don't and she'll spank you- why would something so kinky be a punishment...

They may miss the point of chores altogether... but find their idea too fun to correct. They often involve giving you lewd tasks like keeping a butt plug/vibrator in on tuesday nights, or being home in time for the tentacle orgy.

In the end, you're going to live in a household of shapeshifting tentacle aliens who will take VERY good care of you and try to make it as enjoyable a family as possible, with misled and perverse ideas of what that would be.
File: FxOpWQ0XsAAIISP.jpg (2.33 MB, 2700x1800)
2.33 MB
2.33 MB JPG
>I wish I was a strong tomboyish beast girl

It's one day you were swiping through Tinder that you saw her picture show up. By golly she was so fat she took up the entire screen with her body! Not a breathing tube in sight either? It was like your 2D fantasies brought to life! With no hesitation, you swiped right. After a few minutes, she matched with you and boom! Soon you were setting up a time to meet her in person. Her favorite restaurant, the Chili's off Fifth. You came dressed in your best button-down and slacks with a bouquet of flowers. She came in draped in a sorceress' robes and hat like she was cosplaying for an anime convention. As it turned out, her Tinder pictures were a little outdated. This girl was the size of a pickup truck and probably weighed about as much if not more! Ordinarily someone like this wouldn't be able to walk, let alone float mere inches off the ground like she did.
The monkey in your brain was going bananas, banging his cymbals and screaming at the top of his lungs. Face it, tiger. You've hit the jackpot.
After your dinner date, she insisted that you come home with her for a night of love making. How could you say no after you got to know her and her personality that night? The girl horked down portion after portion in a flash, absolutely staining her robes with baby-back ribs sauce as martinis dribbled down her chin. As much as the other diners stared at you, you couldn't help but feel enamored with how liberated she was. You expressed how much you would like to live as carefree as she does, eating and making a mess of yourself with such abandon. You knew you'd made the right choice when she said "That's exactly what I look for in a man."
She floated you to her home, carrying you on her vast stomach. She lived in a rather large mansion on the edge of town, and you were beside yourself when you came to the front doors. The girl of your dreams was wealthy as fuck? You couldn't ask for more! But all that excitement crumbled away when you bore witness to the sights within the mansion proper.
As it would happen, you weren't the first person to have dated this sorceress. Indeed, throughout the halls and in every room you were greeted by all of her previous dates, each one fattened and bloated into blobs of farting fat weighting thousands of pounds each. All of them waited on hand and foot by strange ghosts who continuously slopped food and drink into their greedy, slovenly maws. You must have counted somewhere like 44 men and women who were turned into these fat slobs.
"And you're going to be one of them," the sorceress chortled. With a wiggle of her doughy fingers she zapped you with a curse as you suddenly blew out of proportion, tearing your nice clothes to shreds. You tried to cry out for her to stop, but all of your words turned into incoherent belching. You tried to move your arms and legs but they were too heavy for your normal human muscles to lift.
"What's the matter?" the sorceress asked, "Having second thoughts? I promise to love you forever and ever, baby. Now eat up. You'll want to build up your strength if you want to have sex with me tonight~!" Her honeyed words hit your ears and you fell into a trance. For the next few years after that you did nothing but sit there on your triple-decker ass as you scoffed down morsel after morsel of food these ghosts brought to you. Every so often it would be your turn to have sex with the sorceress, and occasionally she'd make you have sex with her other dates. She treated you more like her doll than her boyfriend, but you hardly cared. You were content to live the rest of your days like this, the obese sorceress' toy. Just as she planned.
>I wish I could rewrite girls into hyper-endowed sticcs like picrel
Granted! You become a short, but very cute sexbot... with some fun features.

You can change your parts out very freely, only needing to keep your "core skeleton", but even then you're capable of being a Ship of Theseus.

The scientist who made you, who is a hot, tall, and hot nerdy girl, wished for a mind for her new sexbot, so I gave her yours! Hope you don't mind (it cannot be permanently corrupted even in mechanical form, rest easy).

She doesn't want to keep you a slave or anything... but robots can't legally speak for themselves so she has to "own" you to keep you safe, so you're stuck as her property .. though many people will recognize you as independent. However, she won't complain about this...

Because this is a PERFECT way for her to test her trial runs for her custom software.

Your cock's frame is pretty big, but the real power of it is that you can swap out the "model" or "shape" like a change of clothes, same with your ass, chest, and anything else that'd make someone more attracted to you. You can even get cute lil robo cat ears and a tail...

Your owner will fund this, because the software is meant to gather data on any woman (or man, but this is experimental) in your field of vision. While not exactly morally sound, or necessarily legal... the software will look for photos of that woman, listen for a name, and proceed to scan the internet for them, even going so far as to dig up search histories from their devices. You will be entirely unaware as this process is active, and for reasons that escape you... this software does not relay anything other than sexual tastes once it is done working, deleting anything sensitive. You creator says keeping it would be "Rude", and she only wants you to be a sex toy anyways, not a spybot.

Normally, that alone is enough to use existing mods to adjust your cock to their "perfect" length, expand your balls, etc, in that moment, but usually isn't quite "irresistable"... yet.
Your inventor uses you in conjunction with other devices, and will use drones to deliver parts that are custom made to the tastes of a women you have unintentionally scanned, prioritizing those you find hotter.

They'll usually pull you aside and deliver these parts behind buildings or near bathrooms/changing rooms. They can be as small as a knotted cock mod, a dick vibrator, a second cock, or whatever the hell you can think of... often accompanied by a tight pair of pants to let you make your target aware without TECHNICALLY breaking any decency laws.

Most of the time, they will awkwardly ask you if are a "service model" if you haven't made it clear to them you're uh... owned, but "available" to them already. And this USUALLY leads to them dragging you home to fuck like an animal.

Small problem though... aside from the lust from your custom made body, many will also take some time to realize you're not just a sex toy... and even if they've learned it before? It's VERY easy for them to forget.

You are short and not very strong (your muscles are all tuned for gripping and thrusting, focused in your hips), so you will EASILY be overpowered, and should someone clearly lead a sentence with your name or model, and provide a demand during sex? You CANNOT refuse it. Only during sex, and only a clear command... but everyone knows this about sex bots already.

Your body will act on its own, but you'll feel all of it, and still be able to speak... unless they demanded you kiss them or eat them out, of course.

Even your closest friends might get lust drunk from an experimental pheromone emitter and set you to a REALLY high fucking intensity, one even you're scared of...

But once relieved... girls you've gotten to know will apologize... or tease you about it, depending.

Before long your inventor will "allow" you to sleep in her bed while you charge at night, saying "it's only right since you were human"... but with how often you wake up to blowjobs and sex...
...You might start to think that she's coming to view you as a sex toy too.

You can remind people you're still an individual, prejudice against robots isn't THAT bad and your inventor will help you get along with people...

But there's no avoiding that fact "conveniently" slipping your girlfriends minds when they start feeling needy...

She gave you that command to take her ass a bit TOO eagerly for it to have been an accident.. and having her friend sit on your face during...

Your advanced robot level logic MIGHT just tell you these girls want to see what they can get away with...

Enjoy your life as a cute sex doll, but hey, your inventor and close friends will treat you like a human and do stuff with you, like vidya or watch shows... when she isn't needy, of course.

>I wish I was a sorceress who could shortstack people, but without mental changes... aside from a bit of extra libido, maybe...

As soon as you make this wish, you'll be given a stack of lewd VHS tapes (and a player).

They contain what look like cartoons of oversexed, hourglass/stick figure like girls fucking each other or getting fucked.... but you'll notice something a bit odd.

Many of them seem oblivious to their figure, and act... real, for cartoons. Others might ask for help as they're being fucked silly, clearly confused by their appearance, which is pretty damn weird for a cartoon...

A note included will explain.

That was reality, filmed with a normal camera. Those girls were just like that, and didn't have any trouble with their forms or taking things that shouldn't fit, as if it WERE an animation.

Your wish has created a contract between you, and eldritch animators, where you get to pick targets for them to stylize, or even alter (they all like futa), though that isn't their only kink.

The target will have an aura of normalcy to them, but... it's not perfect. It's REALLY good, trust me, but a man might realize that his wife's cock is too big for him to take... unless he had a figure like hers- wait, how can she take it if she's thinner? Eh, best not to worry about it, it's still hot sex.

You will be encouraged to "volunteer" the lovers of these people as well so they are more compatible.

Reality will shift to abide by cartoon/hentai logic around these people, anvils flattening them, sharp objects causing them to jump instead of piercing them, or stretching PLENTY to take ridiculous insertions, and yes, their bits will be lovingly animated to jiggle as they walk, and like many cartoon characters, pants are optional.

However... while it's hard to notice at first, the "artstyle" of reality will slowly change, and those changed will spread their logic.

You can't back out of this either. If you don't offer sufficient "canvases" to work with, you will pay the patrons back by becoming a canvas yourself, their collective muse, likely drawn as a "stick" futa.
You will be fully aware in every art piece until a new one is drawn, living out even still pictures as if they were real worlds, b subject to art trades and fanart... you basically become a porn OC, and shared on the human internet, KNOWING people are jacking off to you, as your permanent fate... but at least you get to interact with other fictional characters sometimes, or when you aren't in a fresh drawing, during your "off time". It's an eventful life...

But... perhaps you'd like to avoid that, so it'd be wise to keep scouting targets.

Of course... this will lead to the population of those affected increasing steadily, with reality changing with it. Apparently, this is being magically filmed and sold as porn to other realities.

Good news! If you provide sexy ideas and put "fun" people in your... commissions, the artists will like you more. You can't see or meet them, but their pages take coms and DMs just fine.

Say... you com two girls who have rivalry fucking. They may find that fun, and while they can't make them fuck... thy can alter you and send you in to be the catalyst, making them bump into each other or talking shit to them both as some bimbo BEGGING to be teamed up on by both of them, uniting them through their desire to teach you a lesson with their throbbing cocks.

You can be returned to normal after, but this is how a "favor" generally works. You WILL get involved... but you can request different styles or fetishes as a trade, so long as you're nice about it.

More embarrassing things (for you) will earn you more favors, like offering a friend or family member for something taboo, but getting a crush hooked up with you, making her trip as her tits grow with you in place to catch her.

In time... your reality itself will be totally converted to this artstyle, with some people aware of it, and others, simply too tired/horny to care.

But so long as you work with the animators? You get some favors, maybe a new body every once in a while?
File: FYfhuj1WAAAC1e3.jpg (221 KB, 1789x1200)
221 KB
221 KB JPG
>I wish I was a futa with a cute gf/friend with benefits who'd sometimes turn into an onahole or dildo with a head still capable of making expressions/talking to me, like pic related... and ideally one ok with other girls getting involved if it'd be hot an we agree on it.

If she changes I'll just carry her in my pocket or something, tease her about it, watch a show with her while wearing her as a cocksleeve, etc.
Granted! You have lipples, and your body is big, and mostly hollow of any meaningful organs. You still breathe but don't need to, and.. food? Water? Intestines? Nope, you don't need any of that. Your body is magical now. All of your holes are connected to each other through lubricated, fleshy tubes like some sex toys, so in theory, someone could crawl into any orrifice and crawl out of any other orifice (pic related)... except your "mouth", or the holes on your face.

These are ONLY capable of breathing, smelling, and making lewd noises through. You can moan and gasp... but ironically, your head lacks a tongue or moving jaw of any kind, making vocalization for you impossible.

...On the other hand... you are only one of the five minds present in this body. Each connected... but independent.

Simply put? Your breasts, pussy, and anus have minds of their own... and your pussy and anus can turn into mouths as well on their own accord. Even as "normal", they have lip like dexterity and can move on their own.

The paw? THESE are the holes that can talk... and they are VERY dirty minded.

You could be waling down the street only for a wardrobe malfunction to let one of your tits get JUST enough space to catcall someone you thought was cute.

They share your interests... but do so in a way where they'd want you to get fucked like you'd want to see a girl get fucked, or... just in a sexy way that gives them attention as well. Each hole will prefer sexual acts that involve themselves, of course...

And yes, the vibrations from them talking is VERY stimulating, some may hum or say tongue twisters to tease you.

They are basically manifestation of your dirty thoughts... and will almost always try to get you into trouble by volunteering you for sex acts when they can speak, or perhaps your pussy will grow a tongue and pleasure itself until you get up and talk to that cute girl/guy?

People will not automatically know that your holes DO NOT speak for you.
File: EpDwWNFXcAAWM0C.jpg (119 KB, 994x1302)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
And you can't say anything to clear things up... but people aren't dumb, and if you try to cover a tit's mouth, or raise your hands in a "NO!" gesture, they might pick up on it. You are free to write, text, or do any other form of non verbal communication... though your holes still have quite a bit of power over you, by pleasuring you to get you to do things, or threatening to say things that are embarrassing for you, like exposing a fetish.

The good news is other monster girls and guys exist, and SOME can relate, like other mutes or multi headed beings... and yes, your breasts WILL certainly... get you attention... but it's up to you to clear things up after you have it unless that person you're into think you're just a massive slut, unless... you're both into that, I guess...

You can "fight back". Butt plugs, tighter bras or nipple plugs, pussy plugs... these are gags for your sapient holes, though the most effective method by far...

Is getting them regularly fucked silly to remind them who's in charge.

But... you'd better be able to back that up, since YOU will feel that pleasure too, even your breasts are strong erogenous holes for you now.

You'll basically have to sink your own ship in cm or pussy juice every once in a while just to sink the egos of your holes so they don't get too unruly.

They are happy to be on you (and partially are you), and can USUALLY be trusted to behave during cuddles/aftercare... but having them say something embarrassing about you during is just a part of life now. On the bright side? A lot of partners find it cute and endearing, though you WILL get teased about it...

>I wish I was a cute redhead shortstack like pic related, no isekai please, but worldly changes are welcome.
File: 1643516686481.png (252 KB, 536x671)
252 KB
252 KB PNG
Granted! You are transported to a fantasy world full of monsters of your liking, and those who do not get much love... but are plenty sweet, loving, and pass the harkness test... enough. (Speech is rare).

However... you have an ability to make up for this. Monstrous empathy. You are unparalleled at reading body language and expressions from sometimes, expressionless monsters. You can tell how they're feeling, their arousal, when they're happy... and with enough time and bonding, or expending some of your internal "magic" for the day... you can gain short term telepathy. This is far easier and easier to maintain with monsters you know, effectively free with those you are emotionally close to.

You also get incredible durability and regenerative abilities, poison/venom resistance, and biological compatibility to a lot of monsters that would normally be impossible to fuck (like growing a plug cock for a golem or stamen for a plant monster), though this also costs your magic so... you WILL have to get creative...

You'll learn that souls in this world are recycled, and sometimes sweet and loving girls are turned into monsters, by magic or reincarnation, perhaps even girls from your world, guys if you're into them. They are all very fun once you get to know them.

But this comes with some hefty drawbacks... mainly? While MOST people won't kill a monster that isn't causing any trouble... if your relationships get out, your rep will take a MASSIVE nosedive.

In addition... you will start finding these monsters genuinely sexy, more than just the kink that made you think of this wish.

You will see them as they are... but to you? "Oh wow what a cute centipede" "Holy SHIT that's one hell of a golem milf, look at her plating.." "Oh, what a sassy flower monster... she'd look cute flustered."

The good news is this will make you popular with these girl monsters. The problem... is you'll gain genuinely attached.

You aren't just here without a purpose though.
They're people as far as you can tell...

And those you end up falling for, you will naturally want to protect.

Another ability you will gain is monster mimicry, transforming partially, or entirely into that monster, the duration an strength of the effect depending on how much magic you have, and how close you are to that monster (yes you can use this for sex with them, but I suggest you do that at night before you sleep so you wake up with full magic reserves, instead of wasting that resource a day you might need it...)

But simply deterring poachers isn't enough... and so you will be told about the demon queen, and find her to be the best hope. The one who wants to rule the land and make monsterfolk the ruling class. She's not evil evil, but she's perverted and messed up... though you don't need to SIDE with her exactly.

"Fuhuhu.. oh, a lovestruck man wants to elope with MY monsters? A harpy catch your eye? A succubus perhaps? Well, if you want to be with one of my subjects... you must become a monster yourself, perhaps a cute satyr boy-"

"Wait what the fuck you mean that monster- I'm sorry I'm sorry, she... she, is the one you fell for? I... I don't... know how to respond to this... look you still need a monster form, and I only have spells that make people humanoid monsters right now, but uh... if you want to keep them safe, be my guest, I'll help where I can."

After leaving her sexy humanoid monstergirls stunned, disgusted, and... some intrigued... you will be seen as an ally to her forces, and given monstrous traits to label you as such.

You may request help building towns, establishing havens, etc, but must at least DEFEND the monster forces during battles to keep that help.

Who knows? Maybe if you do well enough you'll be promoted to a diplomat for when the war winds down. For now? So... which hole is- ah that's her butt. Good enough...?

(And yes, the humanoid monsters are still on the table... if they aren't repulsed by you)
File: 1611123450538.jpg (137 KB, 850x844)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
Your wives and girlfriends, however...? They'll be heartwarmingly loving, friendly, and affectionate should you treat them right.

Maybe one day, when your affinity with enough monsters is high enough... you'll be able to KEEP monstrous forms like those of your lovers... and yes, that will includes altering your sexual organs, if, say, you want to have a pistil for you flower waifu's stamen to diddle, or a female plug for your golem's gf's female to male adapter strap on... you slut.

>I wish I was a cute girl/dickgirl (ideally some way to switch between the two), with cute female gfs/friends with benefits, ideally nerds who share my interests and tastes to play games and watch shows with... that I legally own, like one would a pet.

Before assuming, I do not intend to be mean, and don't even intend to walk them naked in public. They're free to see friends, family, go out, etc...

...But I would ask them to wear chokers that have hidden pet tags in them, tease them about them being "my pets" to fluster them, and cuddle naked with them nightly, or pet their heads when they watch shows or movies with me on the couch, all cozy like.

And please... no paws relating to waste.
Granted! Unfortunately, it does mean that you're wholly responsible for them. They're dependent on you, so you need to make sure they're taken care of. That, by itself, is quite the burden, but your friends will likely help out... But a pet can't legally hold down a job, can it?
Of course, you will be quite busy yourself. The ability to switch genitalia means you have the busy, busy job of selling the ability to do so. The company that made it all possible has you by the balls (metaphorically, or literally, depending on your preferred variety of girl-with-dick). Fortunately, the contract does offer benefits for pet care... but not housing.
Better keep that nose to the grindstone to afford a house big enough to comfortably fit all your pets! They can't own property, after all. But look on the bright side, lots of clients with our job might want a... demonstration.

>I'd like an unbreakable, refilling jar filled with candies that turn people that ingest them into monster girls. With some effort, you might get something specific, but it's mostly random. The transformation takes a few minutes, and is extremely pleasurable, and it wears off after a few hours. Anybody monsterized is able to set up a sort of "privacy screen", to make them appear as normal human beings to others... If they don't pay too much attention.
File: Shortstack 20.png (996 KB, 826x1200)
996 KB
996 KB PNG
Granted. Do be warned that the candies are super addictive, and with so many of them you'll find yourself wanting more and more. After a steady diet of monster girl candy, some side effects might result in lingering transformations. You'll end up staying that way longer and longer each time, and might even go Chimera-like with extra parts from separate monsters. The privacy screen will work, but you'll have to focus on it. Finally, the candies are quite fattening, but only in the right places. Your monster boobs will get bigger and bigger each time.

>I wish I was a cute shortstack girl with boobs so big I couldn't reach around them. I want my butt to be gigantic as well, like pic related. Make it so that my life is never not going to involve my lewd body. Oh, and make it so that no other wish can undo this one, no matter how much I want it.
Granted, you transform into a sorceress with access to a couple minor spells. You can summon a small fire, levitate your body a few feet off the ground, levitate small objects, and summon a small blast of water. But you’ve got a curse. You start off at five feet tall with a nice ass and DD boobs, but you become a foot shorter every day and your boobs and ass also double in size every day. This will only stop happening when you become one foot in height with your boobs and butt making up most of your body. That gives you 4 days before you stop changing. Don’t worry though, you can undo this effect with the very ability you wished for. At any time, you can use magic to pass all of your current changes on to anybody else you want within your field of vision. You can’t choose how much you pass on, it’s always all or nothing. This means that if, for whatever reason, you let yourself become 1 foot tall without passing your shortstackification to someone else, the only way to become normal sized again is to ruin someone else’s body by passing the entirety of those changes on to them. If someone becomes 1 foot tall, then you can no longer pass changes on to that person, but if you only pass enough changes to shrink someone by a foot or two, then you can target them again, you would just be only able to pass the changes on up until they were 1 foot and you’d be left with anything leftover. You can pass your changes to men as well as women, and you actually have a bit of choice when it comes to passing it to a guy. You can choose to have them become a girl as they take on the changes, assuming a similar body shape to what you had when you gave them the changes but keeping features that make them look like a gender swap of their old self, or you can pass the changes on and keep them as a guy in which case their height and butt size will be affected the same as a girl, but the boob size multiplication will go to their dick instead.
Your changes will be incremental over the course of the entire day shrinking very little at a time, and your clothing will not adjust so you’ll either want to constantly transfer the changes to others, or you’ll want to bring a few different changes of clothes with you everywhere. I should also mention that there’s a fourth factor that gets affected and transferred with the changes. Libido. The shorter you get, the stronger your libido gets, with your starting size being an ordinary libido and your smallest size being five times that. Becoming a 1 foot tall pile of tits and ass might seem hot to you, and believe me it will if you ever reach that size, but you’ll also be so horny that you won’t think straight, and you might accidentally pass those changes on to the wrong person if you aren’t in the right headspace. And I t will be far less fun for whoever gets them, since they won’t be able to levitate like you and they’ll be stuck like that. So try not to forget to pass the changes on.

>I wish the entire worlds population would suddenly transform into monster boys and monster girls, myself included, wish grantee can choose what type of monster girl/boy I become
Granted, the world changes so that 10% of the population are futa and as far as the world is concerned that 10% always was futa. The world is totally adjusted to think that this is normal, Futa are basically a third gender with their own bathrooms and change rooms, though there are some things that overlap, such as futa being grouped with women for sports on account if there being no difference in body type aside from the penis. Futa are not really expected to be dating men, women, or other futa, people think it’s normal for any of those pairings to exist. Though among men and women, there exist many more women interested in futa than men interested in them. You meet a girl who is one such case, she falls in love with you and is just your type. There’s just one thing, when she gets too aroused, she transforms into an onahole, with just her head remaining functional. In order to change back, she needs someone to use her, and then poof she’ll return to normal. Did I say there was just one thing? My bad cause there’s another, it turns out you develop a similar condition, for whatever reason, you become a dildo with a functioning head on the end when you get too aroused. The only way for you to turn back is the same as her, someone needs to use you. There’s one saving grace, for whatever reason, you can’t both transform at once. Whoever gets too aroused first will change and grant a period of immunity to the other. This means you two often end up teasing whoever got too aroused first. You’re also both open to the idea of getting others involved in your sexual fun, since you get exposed to needing help from others who aren’t your significant other if you transform and they aren’t around.

>I wish that I had a whole troop of cute goblin girls who were madly in love with me but open to sharing with eachother

Granted! You transform to look exactly like the pic, cute, red head, short stack. Oh and also you’re an elf. Not the only one however, a good 5% of all people in the world randomly transform into elves all at once. At first people are pretty shocked, a scientist explains how this happened, the elves are often very different to their old appearances but seem mostly the same mentally. This new species of elves are pretty similar to humans, aside from the women being shorter, them having pointed ears and perhaps being a little more well endowed. Elf girls always have big boobs and elf guys always seem to have big dicks or so the rumours go. Elves and humans can breed just fine, with the offspring being a cross. Elves do face some negative prejudice as well though. They’re considered horn dogs and stupid. Not everyone is prejudiced but a good portion of the population thinks that elves spend every waking moment thinking about sex. This makes it difficult for you and other elves to get jobs or be taken seriously in a lot of fields. This isn’t just something they made up on their own though, there’s truth to it. Elves might not spend every second thinking of sex, but they are far hornier than average, if you see someone hot, you’ll get very clearly aroused, with your pussy practically leaking and your nipples hardening like diamonds, you’ll then have trouble getting the arousal to fade without masterbating. This is how elves got their reputation, as it became hard for them to function properly in day to day life like that. Without taking periodic breaks to get off, guys spend a third of the day with a huge hard on, and the girl elves will find their hard nipples and leaking pussies hard to just walk around with.

>I wish I had a big dick and a size queen girlfriend
Granted, your body shrinks and shrinks, dwindling down to way below average height. But at the same time, your tits and ass end up enormous. Your body is probably more boob and butt flesh than the rest of your body combined. This size is as tall as you’ll ever be, and as small as your boobs and butt will ever be. No wishing, and no amount of exercise will ever change that. You have trouble just walking around, you can’t see below your tits, and you jiggle like jello every time you clumsily fall on your butt. To make matters worse, you gain weight super quick, you have no metabolism and it all goes to your ass and boobs. If you decide to let yourself eat one piece of cake one night, you’ll probably find your shorts are tight the very next day. The good news is you can work off this extra weight that you put on. So long as you regularly hit the gym or live off of salad, you’ll remain mobile for the rest of your life.though it’ll get harder and harder to work out the bigger your little body gets so try not to let yourself become too far gone.

>> I wish to be able to adjust anyones boobs, butt, cock, or height size at will
File: 1657001312600.jpg (2.24 MB, 3000x2200)
2.24 MB
2.24 MB JPG
Granted. Every time you eat, you become significantly fatter, as if whatever you ate was converted entirely into fat and then multiplied. Not only that, but it will tend to distribute itself in the way that you want; it will not cause any health issue (though you might get stuck in a doorway); and people will find your appearance significantly more attractive, regardless of how fat you become. The last one doesn't necessarily mean that people will throw themselves at you, but they will be much more receptive with your flirting.
Of course, sex will always be possible, no matter what. Sit on someone? They no longer need oxygen. Your belly is in the way and hides your dick? They can just lift it - though they might get distracted playing with it. After all, your fat is so soft...

But be warned: it's very easy for you to gain weight, but it's also very easy to LOSE it. Any effort will cause you to become thinner, fast. Walk too much fast, lift too much stuff, have sex, or even get too angry and worked up over something; and you will feel your wonderful fat burning away...

>I wish to be a pampered girl.
Granted! You are given access to "sliders" for reality, and will only learn to access more the more you use your ability. Just boobs and butt? What about tightness? Ball size? Masculinity/femininity?

Take it all, even a sex toggle.

One problem: It's not free

It's equivalence exchange. You want to make a cute girl busty? You're going to have to give height, dick size, or masculinity/femininity (whichever's greater) to do that. You can pick... but only picking one thing to use for "giving" something has diminishing returns, so you'd get far more value out of growing shorter and more androgynous, likely cuter... but you don't have to sacrifice an inch of dick length. You just have to deal with being a shortstack.

You can also use this power on yourself, but without other people as conduits, "energy" will be lost as you transfer your own attributes around, randomly being transferred to others in your vicinity with no effective way to track it.

And no, fat is not a long term solution to generating "attributes". It is easy to grant, and remove, having little value compared to things like height or cock size.

However... you can take attributes from others.

You could grant a free breast reduction or make someone shorter and cuter to get some height back. Gender swapping someone requires gender swapping another target at the same time, or else it defaults to you switching sex and "storing" that swap energy. This is a change you cannot turn into another "attribute"... but you can become a dickgirl or even futa if you mix it with masculinity/femininity.

Speaking of storing... any energy you drain, you gain as the opposite. Make someone shorter? You get taller. Turn boobs back to normal? That size has to go somewhere...

Some people will want this. when you initiate the process, you and your target are frozen in place as the change occurs, but still able to talk. However... this makes using it on unwilling targets, or unwilling targets in public, dangerous.
Granted, you become a tiger beastgirl. You're big, you're buff, you have hands with sharp retractable claws, and you have agility and flexibility comparable to, but not quite as, most catgirls. Your personality is that of a human tomboy of the variety you prefer, from athlete to yakuza. Just to help you, I'm gonna alter the world to add more monsterfolk, and make everything become slightly more "pulpy", with gang rivalries, fighting competitions etc.

Of course, as you probably imagined, catgirls go into heat, and you aren't any exception. And since you've got the estrus of a tiger, you don't get regular orgasms during your heat; instead, after just 15-30 seconds of mild stimulation, you'll get a mini-orgasm that feels like scratching an intense itch - feels good, but not mind-blowing. Oh, and you'll need to have roughly fifty of those a day, each day until your heat stops. So there will be many times where you'll be doing tomboy stuff and then, while barely realizing it, your hand will wander inside your panties, or you'll hump something suitable nearby. I wonder how your underwear will look like by the end of a single day..?

>I wish to become a boob witch.
While the process is fast... it'll mean the target gets a good look at you, and can almost always piece together you changing as they change is your fault. It's not rocket science. Other witnesses complicate things further.

You can't use this offensively against more than one person, and while you can grant TRULY inconvenient bodies, there ARE caps so you can't shrink people into nonexistence or anything. And even if you could... you'd suffer recoil of the same caliber, which would be equally debilitating.

People can't make you return attributes... but they can absolutely "persuade" you the old fashioned way. Again, this works on a single target, two or more of the target's friends looking to rough you up is a fight you can't in.

Oh, and just for fun? You HAVE to excercise this ability regularly... or you'll swap your own attributes around in your sleep, losing control of your form.

So unless you want to wake up a shortstack, a trap, with a dick too big to walk with, etc, and have trouble fixing it... you'd better find people willing to let you use these powers on them regularly, and even then, if you're rusty? You MIGHT make mistakes.

D-did you just give that girl your dick? Well... at least her ass is bigger now, you intended THAT much. Might want to practice some on smaller changes before you try to take it back, unless you want to risk another unexpected change.

>I wish I was a cute girl with a sapient asshole with a sexy voice, that is always clean and ONLY for sex, no waste for obvious reasons.

And if my ass was good at giving "head", that'd also be nice.
Granted, but your new girlfriend is not just a size queen... She is a size witch. She has the ability to alter the size of anything she wants, at will. She can also choose to affect only part of an object, leaving the rest intact. She will be the one who will give you your big dick, enlarging your genitals until you'll end up with a foot-long penis with orange-sized balls. They latter will look comically deflated for a day or two until they fill back up; she could have "enlarged" your cum, but that would've just created hyper sperm, and she didn't want that yet.
Aside for the size increase, she also called in some favors with other witches, and managed to gift you supernatural sexual stamina and increased resilience. This will allow you two to fuck a lot while resting relatively little.
However... As I've already mentioned, she's a size queen, and a size witch. But she also has a fetish for size alteration in general. So anything related to size, she will do it - as long as you're even minimally interested into it. And yes, "I kinda like it but I'm really ashamed/embarrassed about it" also counts.
Just think about the possibilities. She could enlarge your balls to bed-size and lie on them while giving you a blowjob. She could shrink herself and let you use her as a onahole. She could make you both become giants. She could make your sperms grow, and watch as they wiggle out of your urethra one by one, giving you a mini-orgasm each time. She could enlarge her lips until they're the size of her entire face, to give you amazing blowjobs. She could shrink you, stuff you inside her pussy, and make you fuck her cervix. And so, so more...

>I wish to become an abyssal monstergirl kinda like picrel. Genie decides what "abyssal" means in this context, so feel free to make up some shit.
Granted! You become the monster girl of your dreams, exactly as you hoped. You have big tits and an ass to match, alongside some more supernatural assets like claws and tentacles, retractable and prehensile of course. Your teeth are now all sharp canines, and you grow fangs which drip paralytic poison and aphrodisiac interchangeably. Being pet now feels like getting a good massage. You even get some magic thrown in that’ll keep people from seeing your true form unless you allow them to. Only trouble is that abyssal part. See, the abyss is kind of a dangerous and scary place, and creatures like you don’t just crawl out of there every day. Every person you meet will instantly be afraid of you, understanding subconsciously that you should not exist, and that something is very wrong with you. People who you spend long periods of time(around an full day) around will start to have lewd nightmares and hallucinations involving you, and their fear will increase to pure terror, even putting their lives at risk to escape you. Even more time spent around a person (a week)allows you to invade their dreams, taking part in the lewd nightmares yourself. Oh, and did I mention this is now how you eat? You have to force someone to be around you for long enough to invade their dreams and eat their lust and fear, otherwise you’ll starve. Alternatively, the world would be more than happy to send you to the abyss. There’s plenty of food for you there, and plenty of other horny abyssal beings! Just watch out, not all of them are friendly, or even sentient. Whether you stay in this world or go to the abyss, you’ll be drowning in sex, but may struggle to make a lasting relationship, due to the fear effect in our world, and due to the fickle nature of unknowable supernatural beings in the world of the abyss.

>My own wish is to be the perfect broodmother(for humans lol), able to get knocked up over and over again with the whole thing being pleasurable rather than painful
File: 1652397934226.jpg (120 KB, 751x775)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
Granted! You will wake up in the coziest bed you've ever been in as a gentle looking, but bombshell of a milf looks up from her book, sitting beside you.

She'll smile gently. As you try to ask what's going on, you'll hear a girly "a" leave your mouth, and find yourself unable to string words together, or anything more than noises.

A quick examination of your body will show that you are curvy, but short and petite.

Should you try to stand, you'll find that you've forgotten how to walk, but the woman will wave her hand and place you back into the bed with what seems like magic.

"Oh, well aren't we the rebellious one?"

She giggles

"I heard you wanted another upbringing, to be spoiled... but if I'm to do this I'm to do it right, so that means we're starting at the basics. Don't worry though, I haven't touched your mind or personality. I'm sure it'll all come into place eventually..."

She... wants to raise you right, but didn't alter you mentally? You can't make sense of it, what does she mean by that? Though... she's laying in the bed now, and she's taken off her robe to expose her milf body, which she gladly embraces you with, letting you feel it.

You may not speak, but she will ask if you want to do things, like "Do you want to eat my pussy dear?" To which you must nod or shake your head... though sometimes she won't ask, and start "training" you to do such things. She will simply ignore you if you refuse.

She does not normally punish you, and not in any "bad" way. She rewards good behavior.

She has cute servants that will bring you food and drinks, and help walk you to bathrooms or clean you due to walking feeling alien for you.

Eventually, after a few visits, she will let you leave your room, giving you a collar with a bell on it... though no one will help you walk. You're stuck on all fours.

Her house is very nice, and you are free to climb on her couch and cuddle with her, watch TV in the living room, or... play with the others- wait...
Yes, there are at least two others... also unable to walk or speak... and you recognize them, though they are cuter and more youthful now, idealized, you'd say.

Perhaps one was an old sexy co-worer or boss, or a cute girl you knew who you were sure was set up for success, or at least, well off. But... as you approach, they'll lazily play with your tits, kiss you, wrestle maybe, and eventually one will lick your nethers from behind, blushing a little...

Whoever they were, they've lost all sense of inhibition... or, almost... that blush showed a hint of modestly left, some form of shame.

You're set up to be pampered alright... a pampered pet.

Your milf owner will walk in with a want, a futa cock fully erect where her pussy was. She'll sit down on her couch, legs spread, and the other girls will make their way over to worship it, as your owner beckons you to do the same.

And if you do? She will fuck you with it, all of you, passionately, and cuddle you all after... during which, she'll tell the others she saw how they acted with you, nodding to a crystal ball on a shelf.

She will speak their old names aloud, making both blush an look away... but not tell them who you were directly. They have new names now, pet names... and she's thinking of one for you as well.

So long as you are a good girl, you will get everything you'd want, even other partners as fellow pets. All fours will feel natural to you. Your mistress may even have surprises for you to see what you like and don't. Anal? Bondage? Who knows! She won't make you do things you don't want though, and if you're nice... she'll even let you and the others crawl into her bed with her.

Perhaps now it'll make sense why she left your mind untouched... it's more fun this way, she doesn't need to make you do anything, she wants you to chose to.

Do what she asks and you get rewarded.

So be a good girl, okay? And maybe if you get lonely... she'll bring some other people you know into her house to tame.
File: 1683718415156726.jpg (1.43 MB, 1080x1920)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB JPG
>I wish I was a cute girl with a detachable head.
Granted, you transform into a cute girl and your head becomes totally detachable. Detaching it has no negative health effects and as far as sensations go, you’ll be able to feel your body as if your head is attached. Your head is extra durable, capable of being tossed around like a soccer ball and taking on very little damage, effectively concussion proof, so you won’t need to worry about accidentally damaging it. Which is good, seeing as how your head falls off pretty easily. Something like tripping and falling will send your head rolling away, anyone could knock your head off easily, and it even falls off in your sleep sometimes. This might not hurt you much, but it will be a huge problem. Your body is quite the rebel on its own, when your head comes off, you can’t actually control it, you just feel everything it’s doing. If it’s content, it’ll probably just put you right back on, but if it’s not, then you’re going to have to get someone to help or wait until your body is content and comes back to get you on its own. Why wouldn’t your body be content? Well, every time you see someone hot that you’d like to fuck, but have the decency to not just approach and ask to fuck, that annoys your body, your body doesn’t get it and never will. But once you’re a helpless head, the body gets control to go try and satisfy its sexual desires. You can faintly tell what direction your body is in but not necessarily how far, and your body is the same, your body will also seem to hear you when you yell at it, even though it might not respond, and shares all of your secret fetishes and dirty thoughts, just without any desire to hide them.
I wish I was a cute short stack dickgirl that’s super well endowed
Granted! You can be any race, have any cosmetic features, or "flavor" quirks you'd like. "Demihumans" exist, and some people who are related to them can revert. It's rare, but it can happen. Imps, pixies, gnomes... rare enough that you'd only ever see them on internet articles or fetish porn sites, but known enough for people to not freak out when they see you.

These races have some VERY faint magic... but it's rarely anymore than levitation, semi-invisibility, or minor illusions.

This magic can make the user fatigued with extended use though... like walking around too long, but instead of your feet getting sore you lose focus and the magic falters.

As a mercy, you get levitation... because if you didn't see this coming, well... that's on you.

You are short, you are small, and you have giant tits and a massive package. As another mercy, your partners can take it safely due to imp magic.

But that's where the mercies end.

You will find walking in your normal state very tiring... and that's before you get hard. Being part magic, you can get hard without passing out from the blood transfer... but that's a mixed blessing.

Once you get hard? You have even MORE weight fighting your balance, and to make matters worse? Your cock, at full mast, likes to stick straight up, making autopaizuri... well, automatic, it naturally rests between your tits unless it's stuck in something or you're standing upright (good luck with that...). This also keeps it RIGHT in front of your mouth, harder than before from stimulation from your breasts.

The feedback loop, and your increased libido from having such endowment, makes this a feedback loop that's VERY hard to stop once it starts.

You are exempt from accidental public indecency charges... but must still make an effort to cover yoruself, and people WILL judge you. I suggest a baggy shirt...

You can levitate when you're tired from carrying your stacked body, but this will only get you as much mileage as, say...
A bit over half as far as you could walk without getting tired. You can take breaks, but each time you use it again that day it gets weaker and weaker, until you lose that mobility option.

So... an erection can knock you off balance and force you into a self pleasuring position, you struggle to stand upright, and good luck reaching things... even with levitation, your boobs and cock will get in the way.

So where does that leave you?

Good news! You're still cute. You can find a roommate/partner who's into this, or become a camwhore/streamer, or both!

You've got a rare body type that a lot of people find hot.

But just for fun... THIS is where I directly give you a monkey's paw, in case you were aware of the lack of mobility and into it.

While you can find friends, roommates, gfs, bfs, etc to help you around, get things off shelves for you, "satisfy" you, etc...

You're REALLY fun to tease. Even if you live with the sweetest girl you've ever met... she might leave you immobile after you get hard, and sit there to watch you get yourself off, giggling to herself, or worse... bend over or flash you, knowing it'd make you hard.

You are fun to bulli.

It's mostly all in good fun, and your friends won't take it TOO far, but expect to be the butt of a lot of jokes and pranks. At least most are kinda hot...

>I wish I was a cute imp shortstack girl with MANAGEABLE (but still sexy) proportions.
File: imp shortstack.jpg (466 KB, 2100x2970)
466 KB
466 KB JPG
Granted! You become an adorable sexy shortstack imp girl (with manageable proportions). You are also granted citizenship in Hell (where all imps originate from), complete with a well-paying (for a lowly imp) job: Summon Duty!

Anytime a mortal completes a specific summoning ritual (which can be found in niche online spaces or in ancient tomes at obscure local book shops) you will appear at their location and will be tasked with obediently granting them one desire, in exchange for their soul, of course.

Luckily (or unluckily) for you, the exact specifications of the mortal's desire are not specified by the summoner. Instead, the same magic that summoned you will determine what your contract is, based on the deepest desire of that mortal at the time of the summoning. This could look like anything from a casual blowjob, to a date to the prom, to as far as becoming their shortstack imp girlfriend for a year. The maximum amount of time spent with your summoner averages to a day, but some lonely bastards might require 5 years of your service. It's rather unfortunate that most people that discover your summoning ritual are NEETs and lonely weebs, but there are the occasional 8/10 witch circles that are looking to have some fun teasing a little imp girl.

The good news is you get to keep their soul to yourself, and with souls in Hell being the main status symbol/currency, you could very easily rise demon or even archdemon status in time.

The other side effect of your wish is that just as your body has changed to fit your impish desires, so too will your mind. You will find yourself much more mischievous and with strong desires to play pranks, steal gold, and hide in compartments. You're also super horny, but you will probably find that useful granted your line of work.

Hope you have fun in your new impish life!
>I wish I was a sexy, slightly-goth, tomboyish, well-endowed girl who just won the powerball lottery and is now filthy stinking rich.
Granted, you turn into a beautiful slightly goth, tomboyish girl, with big boobs. Your boobs are very special. They change size depending on the value of everything you own. They can tell what you do and don’t own to the point where there’s no way around it, lending items out or giving them away to someone else so that they technically own it will still count as items you own. The curse will be able to figure out what belongs to you and your boobs will change size accordingly. Giving away things without the intention of them still being yours will of course cause your tits to shrink, you losing things of value will always cause an opposite effect to you gaining that same amount. Money counts as valueables, and the size your boobs will grow is determined by the average worth of an item, not by how much you paid for it or how much you think it’s worth. This means something like a rare trading card would actually not be too bad since most people would consider it with little and drive it’s value down. You start off with a small apartment and 10k in the bank, leaving you looking like you do in your pic. But there’s 235 million dollars waiting for you to go collect it and the second you do, your tits are gonna grow so large that you won’t be able to fit them in your apartment, let alone walk home. At 1 million dollars your boobs get too heavy to move on your own, and collecting this money will make them 235x that big. You stay healthy even if you can’t move or exercise, and the giant boobs will never cause any health problems. They’ll just be super inconvenient. It’ll be up to you to decide how much money you’re willing to trade for convenience.

>I wish that when I got an erection I would release pheromones that make women horny for me
Granted, you’re transported to a world that seems very similar to Earth, although technology almost seems to have gone a bit back in time and there doesn’t seem to be any big cities or highly populated areas anywhere. In fact, the human population in this world is a measly 20k. This world is going through a crisis where the women have evolved and just aren’t fertile enough to have kids. It seems like getting a woman pregnant is very rare here and because of this, humanity is dying out and projected to be doomed. Or at least it was if you never showed up. You’re here to fix this problem in more ways than one. For starters, you are insanely fertile, it only takes one sperm for you to get pregnant with a 100% success rate. Your body is also capable of becoming more pregnant while it is pregnant at a rate of once per day. So you can get another baby in you every single day if you wanted. Though these children still need to be in your belly for 250 days on the dot before you birth them, so you might want to pace yourself or you could technically be pregnant with 250 kids, possibly more if you get some sets of twins or triplets in there. Don’t worry about how ridiculous that sounds either, your stomach can stretch to accommodate any amount of children and won’t negatively effect your health. Though you won’t be super strong or anything so eventually you won’t be able to get around so well. Also the effects of pregnancy show a somewhat additive effect when you have multiple kids in the oven. Your boobs will keep growing and producing more milk for every kid you have in you, and it can get to a point where you’re constantly leaking. You also might find yourself needing to sleep longer, your boobs might get super sensitive, and you might might experience mood swings and occasionally get really horny. The birthing process won’t hurt you one bit, or damage your body, instead it will be simple, pleasurable, and safe that you could do it yourself.
Your body even naturally detaches the umbilical cord. The greatest discomfort you’ll probably ever feel is the need to be milked due to your over the top breast milk production, but if you have help and stay on top of it then even that won’t be too bad. I guess there’s also the hunger, you’ll need to eat more the more kids your packin, and this can result in you needing to spend most of your time eating if you get too many.

You’re going to be a permanent fix for this world should you help them. Your offspring will have special traits themselves. Essentially the women you birth will be as fertile as an ordinary human woman, allowing them to get pregnant far easier than any other women of that world. The boys you give birth too will also be special. Aside from having stupidly perfect dicks that feel amazing, they’ll be able to produce a form of super semen that can get even the other women of this world pregnant.

Now go out there and save that world! Just be smart about it, it might not be great to go in there and tell them everything about yourself. If they found out you could provide a kid every day, you might actually end up hitting 250 babies, and that would be quite inconvenient.

> I’ll be simple, I wish I had a nice big juicy dick
Granted! Congratulations, you become a hot witch with great magical power relating to boobs. You just need something resembling a wand or staff, then hold it, focus on what you want to happen, and if it’s in your power, the wand will glow and the magic will be cast. You can increase and decrease the size of boobs to be as little as you want or as big as a house. You can increase or decrease their sensitivity, the size of the nipples, their perkiness, their weight, and their sagginess. You can grow boobs from things that might not have boobs, anything from making boobs grow on a man to growing from the pavement, and you can also cause these to disappear. You can increase how much a boob lactates, and cause them to fill up with milk.you can cause people to grow extra boobs, or even turn parts of their body into boobs. You have great control over all of this magic almost all of the time. There isss one exception to this however. When you orgasm, you will always accidentally cast a spell on either yourself or a random other person if they are present and you have no limit on how many times you can orgasm in a day, you’ll be able to do it again right after finishing the first. This accidental spell can be any of the things I described above, which means you would normally be able to fix it rather easily, but not this time. For some reason, the orgasm spells you cast are immune to magic for a period of time ranging from a few minutes to a month, though 95% of the time it will be less than 3 days. during that time, you won’t be able to undo it. You need to be very very careful though, this could get out of hand if you take it lightly. For example, say you accidentally cast a spell that caused your nipples to be extremely sensitive for a week. You’d need to be super careful with those nipples, since every time they touch something and cause you to orgasm, you’d cast another spell.
Your regular magic can’t undo your orgasm spells before their time period is over, but technically your orgasm spells can counter eachother, so you could get lucky and undo something through that, but it’d be a risky strategy with little chance of paying off.

> I wish I was sexy with a huge butt that’s extremely comfortable
Granted. One day, you will hear some knocking at your door. As soon as you open it, you will be greeted with a cacophony of horns, drums, and excited cheers, generated by a sizable troop of goblinoids. Most of them will be of the "short and green humanoid with pointed ears" variety, though there will be exceptions; after all, goblin girls are kinda sluts, and have few problems getting fucked by other races. So expect to spot the occasional imp, mushroom gal, and gem gremlin in the crowd.
This crowd of shortstacks will elect you as their "Boss", "King", "Demon Lordboss", "Mastah", "Direction", and a number of other titles. (They couldn't agree on one, so each gobbo picked the title they preferred.) They will all serve you loyally, and love you - inclufing sexually. Due to a weird cultural quirk, if you show affection to one of them, they will consider it a form of affection to the entire troop; therefore, they don't care if you fuck only some of them, as long as you fuck them frequently. Though a lot of them will ask you to let them watch, or take drawings.
The troop, in term of utility, it's kinda variegated. There's warriors, thieves, hunters, farmers, cooks, engineers, nurses/shamans, and prostitutes. They aren't particularly good at any of these (except the prostitution), but they have lots of determination, and are surprising durable and quick to recover. Don't worry about food or housing: they're more than capable of surviving on their own, although they will dig their burrow near your house, and salvage other people's trash for resources. Plus they have full legal rights and extra protection from the law... to a certain point.
Now let's talk about the paw. The gobbos love you and consider you their overlord, so they'll act accordongly. By which I mean that they'll infrequently cause a mess in the attempt to please you. This can include: conquering a minimarket, kidnapping women to offer them to you as spouses, placing traps in your your house, fighting against enemy adventurers (your mailman, who actually is an adventurer), or organizing a banquet with dances and orgies.
The funny part is that this never results in negative long-term consequences. Short-term? Probably, if you don't manage them; but people tend to forget and forgive after a while. Heck, sometimes the gobbos actually succeed at what they tried to do. The woman they kidnapped? She got a crush on you... and, well, since she's here in your house dressed in lingerie...

>I wish to be reincarnated in a fantasy world and go on a vore adventure.
Granted, you get a big, thick, meaty cock, with balls to match - if you were a woman, you'll be allowed to decide whether the penis will replace or coexist with your vagina. This dick feels very nice to hold in your hand, can fit into small holes (within reason - no nose sex), and always smells and tastes fine. Speaking of taste, your cum is even better: rich, thick, with a nice taste and a solid white color.

So here's the monkey paw: you cum constantly. Always. 24/7/365. Ranging randomly from "just dripping" to "fire hydrant for a sec". You wanted a juicy dick, so I gave you plenty of dick juice.
But that would be a paw too cruel, so let's dial it back a bit. People will not notice nor comment on the endless dribble of cum that you produce. Your cum doesn’t damage other objects, it just clings to them for a while and then disappears; this can obviously obstruct your view. To you, contact with the cum still FEELS like you're wading in mud, but it won't actually hinder your movements. Spontaneous orgasms feel very slightly good and don't hinder your mind, but "regular" orgasms can still happen with enough stimulation, and those work as normal.

>I wish to become a big lewd plushie girl.
Granted. Your neighbor's pet python escapes containment and ends up swallowing you whole while you were asleep. The god of vore finds this amusing and decides to reincarnate you and drops you off into the fantasy-RPG inspired vore dimension.
Earning EXP gives you a variety of skills and stats and gaining levels is common sense in this world, and you earn EXP by fighting. The catch is, once your opponent's HP reaches zero, they won't die and instead become unable to move for 1-2 hours until their HP recovers again, and you have to claim your EXP by swallowing your opponent whole, which is natural and common knowledge for everyone in this world. You can even gain some of the skills of the opponents you swallow!
Monsters and adventurers alike use this method to grow stronger, and most great adventurers collect skills like Swallow, Digestion, Size, Paralysis, Inhale, Restraining Chain, etc. and often farm on lower-level monsters by swallowing them immediately.
Some monsters are harder to farm because of their Digestion Resistance, Spikes or Poison skills, but if you defeat them first it should be fine. There's a mysterious power that constantly spawns in millions of monsters in dungeons, so there's no shortage of EXP to gain. (90% of beings in this world are pure carnivores, and many plants are carnivorous as well)
File: 156680221738.png (70 KB, 3755x1898)
70 KB
The quickest, but harder way to farm EXP is by defeating huge beasts like dragons, but you would need to upgrade your Swallow skill a lot to claim your EXP (there are some super-sized monsters, bigger than mountains in this world as well, but you could even swallow those if you level up your Swallow skill enough. the planet you're on is suuuper huge btw, and there's floating islands as big as continents everywhere, with all kinds of terrains, races and monsters).
It is also possible to eat someone else's prey after they're exhausted from a fight, or to ambush the victor when they're occupied with their "EXP claiming". Because of that, most adventurers take their prey with them until they're out of the dungeon, but a lot of fights break out because of it.
In this world, it is not uncommon for adventurers to prey on each other after a fight, even if they are the same species, but you should be fine in a big town or city. There are big collosseums in the bigger cities, and when the crowd wants it (which they often do), the victor may eat their opponent/s, so make sure you never end up captured as a slave!
There's also some nobles who get tons of EXP every day delivered directly to them, pre-defeated. A lot of unfortunate slaves also end up between these mountains of high-EXP monsters.
These nobles have amassed so many skills and EXP that it would be very hard to defeat one in battle. Many have tried, but most have already been swallowed mid-battle.
The god of vore gives you the task of defeating one of the super-powered nobles with a skill list and size unmatched to any other. The god does anticipate that you wouldn't last long in this world, so they give you two gifts:
- a companion of your choice that can share EXP with you when they swallow prey. You could stuff them full of juicy EXP and focus on protecting them while they're digesting. Your companion is loyal, but once a month every full moon, they go super wild, lose their mind, and want to eat everything, especially you.
- the immortality skill. Each time you get eaten, you lose all your EXP and skills and return to your spawn point shortly. You can change races between respawns. The catch is that you are super tasty and drop a lot of EXP when eaten, and you can't change your spawn location. So if anyone finds your spawn by e. g. using the Enhanced Smell skill after eating you, they could spawn camp you, eating you over and over and you can't fight back without any skills. And since you are immortal, there would be no end to this. Sure, the one who farms on you isn't immortal and eventually dies, but if they tell others about your spawn location... you could live through eternity with hundreds of adventurers taking turns on farming you for EXP.
When you get eaten by your partner once, they will get addicted to your taste and will find it hard to resist eating you. Their mouth will water from just the sight of you and it will be hard to think straight.
Your partner is not immortal but will live long and you can make someone else your partner after their death

>I wish to be reborn as a short girl half the size of everyone else in a world where everyone is a girl with a big butt
Granted, you’re reborn into a world that’s familiar but different to our Earth. You have two moms, and they’re both pretty tall and have huge asses. This might seem odd at first, but you quickly realize that everyone is the same. Upon reaching 18 years old, everyone becomes the same height and has an ass ranging from big to gigantic. It seems there’s no men in this world and that semen is artificially produced in such a way that the offspring is always a tall girl with a rocking booty. With one exception, you. You start off the same size as any other baby, but you grow about half as quickly as the other girls and by the time you turn 18 you’ll still be half their size. This is unheard of in this world so you’ll be constantly teased and made fun of for it. You’ll be the worst at every sport except limbo, and girls will always be comparing you to their ass and joking about how they might accidentally sit on you. You’ll have to buy clothes in the childrens section and most of the clothes for the age that fits you won’t fit your developed body very well so your clothing will always be loose and tight at the same time. Strangers will have a hard time believing you’re an adult when you grow up, then joke about how you look like a child with big tits.

The good news is, people will find you hot. A decent enough portion of the population are doms and the idea of dating or having sex with a smaller girl is a huge turn on for them. So expect to get hit on about as often as you get teased, often a mix of both.

> I wish that men, myself too, would all transform to have inconvenient bodies made for sex without anything about anyones personality being changed
File: Fr9Uf5FXsAMjGkz.jpg (251 KB, 1200x1103)
251 KB
251 KB JPG
Granted! A reactive change covers the world, where all males become cuter, and much more sexualized, and not just in the "bigger cock" way.

However, the changes are a bit.. unpredictable. For instance, most men become stacked like pic related, with almost venus like bodytypes. They can also have breasts, but still remain femboyish enough to not cross the line into dickgirl territory. Some lack Adams apples (for cuter moans of course), some are short, some are massive, some have giant cocks, some have "modest" cocks (still big, but small by comparison.

For fun, and to give you an idea of the randomness of this... you will lack an adam's apple, gain a giant ass, and well endowed cock for your form, a bit like the black haired one on the right with a larger than average dick (slightly smaller than the other dic pictured, still a monster). There are medicines to promote breast growth with minimal side effects if you want them (but there's no going back). However, for your height? The number this post ends in will determine that.

1=shortstack imp, goblin sized boy, fun sized living sex toy you can keep in a backpack
9=male amazon
0 or dubs=your choice

Hope you roll well!

As for the new norms... your bodies ARE made for sex. Butts no longer produce waste. Girl's already didn't poop but now this is doubly true.

Instead, everyone gains pleasure from anal equivalent to vaginal, and men self lubricate. Male anuses will even stretch like pussies.

Cocks are, more often than not... massive, and so, partners have all adapted to take them without harm. All humans are stretchier.

Humans are even immune to STDs now.

However... while people retain their personalities... society will change somewhat.

Men's clothing will start to adapt to be more feminine to be more form fitting, and... admittedly, most are pretty cute and cozy... but you're going to have trouble finding "serious" clothes, and slutty clothes are VERY common due to renewed sexual interest.
File: FgZACEjaYAA4DzM.jpg (418 KB, 608x800)
418 KB
418 KB JPG
Girls will, on average, love the new cock sizes and ability to share clothes with their BFs... though some may pine for manly men still and look for those who weren't hit as hard.

No one's personalities are to be changed, right?

As a bonus though? By being cuter, you are more likely on average to be approached rather than have to approach someone, and bicurious people come pouring out of the woodwork.

Men still play the same role in sex, even if "house husbands" are becoming a fad...

But there's a twist.

Men are NORMALLY infertile so they can fuck as much as they want... and the way to fix that is one that will put that new ass to use.

Anal pleasure leads to fertile sperm production for that encounter. You can have safe sex railing a girl if she doesn't mess with your backdoor... however...

Just to give girls something fun too? Since I already made butts far more fun for everyone...

Girls can grow temporary dicks if they feel a strong enough desire to peg someone. If they want kids, they'll breed their husband so their husband can breed them.

But if they want to experience that pleasure and not knock up their wife in return? Well... her backdoor is also lubed and stretchy... and she can keep the cock for the prostate...

And as a final boon? A crush/girl you find cute will approach you in your new form, and you'll hit it off pretty well... but being as cute as you are, she'll have fun teasing you and being the dominant.

Enjoy being a man-slut.

>I wish I was a cute girl who was secretly a sub to a loving gf/lesdom who'd learn to fluster me and embarrass me without explicit exhibitionism... but if she wanted to involve other girls in private... that's different...
Overnight women's breasts expand to twice their original size. Once this is known women can attempt to stave it off by staying awake,but eventually everyone has to sleep.
Granted! Hentai logic also goes into full effect, contraceptives work all the time, and STDs are no longer a thing for starters... well, that part is mostly true. Some monster folk can inflict things on people via sex if their race normally could, like succubi increasing libido or a plant girl laying seeds in a partner... even some fey might figure out lewd curses, but I digress.

Just about any monster girl you can imagine exists now, and while chaotic at first, happening overnight... people are also insanely durable and healthy, so even fights from this chaos ended up in draws (or hatefucking). It takes a LOT to kill a monsterfolk, and even then some can just come back, so people more or less chilled out and adapted, having clothes swaps in public areas for people who were gender bent, tailors getting custom orders for pants with tail holes, slime proof shirts...

Things slowly return to "normal" with most people wearing nametags immediately after to help identify them post change.

A lot of people become monster girls adorably fitting for their personalities, like a fit tomboy becoming a futa minotauress or agile beastgirl, a feminine boy becoming a cute fairy femboy or even a girl...

...But because I think it'd be funny, some people will get unexpected transformations, though they will still reflect SOMETHING about them.

A dudebro jock who TOTALLY isn't gay (dickgirls don't count bro) might become a short, fat assed, big titty goblin girl who's pitifully weak... but has immense stamina. He seems happy, as much as he hides it...

A shy, wholesome girl might become a horny succubus who can swap genitals and fuck people senseless, a naturally skilled dominatrix... but she gives great aftercare and acts the wholesome otherwise (when satisfied). She's still a nice girl.

These changes are due to hidden desires and kinks.

As for you? You become the monster girl/boy you've jacked off to the most, or are the most into, or has made you act up the most.
File: Ft_-4nvaIAEiVVh.jpg (3.15 MB, 2500x3500)
3.15 MB
3.15 MB JPG
You get that one fetish body ALL for yourself! Oh, would it be embarrassing for you? Inconvenient? Make you embarrassingly feminine, or swap your gender? Perhaps a fuckable shortstack? Or would it make you overly sexed and slutty, like a futa cowgirl? Perhaps that slime girl was something repressed, and you're into slimes? Enjoy being goop!

I can't say what you'll become... and if you can't think of a "favorite" (what you masturbated to the most, not what you want to be the most)... your new form will default to the last monster boy/girl species and bodytype you had a good masturbation session looking at, and lead you to have a sexual awakening to appreciate it more, dignity optional.

While I don't know what that is, if you're willing to share, I'm very curious...

And to make things more interesting? Someone you were into, liked, or just someone who shares interests with you (perhaps someone new to your life) will grow interested in you, and offer to casually fuck you, perhaps taking things further if it works out...

But they will have the body of the type of monster boy/girl you liked to see YOUR species fucked BY.

Into elves being fucked by orcs? She/he's an orc. Like slime on monster girl action? Better get some waterproof sheets. But they don't have to be a dom... into, say, an impish shortstack that'd tease you and constantly embarrass you? Perhaps Midna awoke something in you? You get to live it, and yes, this can mean they'll be the same species as you if you're into that species being fucked by the same species.

If you can't decide on this... they will be the monster folk who was DOING the fucking in the last applicable porn you found hot enough to finish to.

But no matter how this unfolds? It'll be embarrassing for you and reveal your sexual tastes, and your partner will find ALL the best ways to tease you in your new body, as well as help you discover your more shameful desires.

>I wish to become a hot mature girl with a younger fem-dom
File: FnKy2h8aEAEX0ML.jpg (274 KB, 851x1200)
274 KB
274 KB JPG
Granted! You become a somewhat short, but stacked girl with a huge, stretchy butt capable of supernatural feats.

>It's always clean, you supernaturally process solid foods at 100% efficiency, so it's only ever used for pleasure, never waste
>You gain a female prostate as sensitive as a male buttslut's and a few more sensitive nerves like those of a pussy on and in it on top of that.
>Anything you sit on will feel as comfortable as a cushioned chair
>You will never break someone's neck or otherwise injure them via facesitting
>People you sit on will never suffocate
>It will never tear
>And while still intense... you can train to take bigger, and bigger, and bigger insertions, and even take a break to "reset" your stimulation tolerance

However... this supernatural ass is a bit TOO good.

You will turn gazes of men and women alike, regardless of sexuality, and people will feel tempted to touch it, even those normally well restrained.

This will, however, earn you a LOT of new friends... I just hope you're a good judge of character when you pick them.

You can make friends to have a (butt) buddy system, where they (intently) watch your back and keep people from harassing you...

...But even your most wholesome, caring friends will be infatuated with your ass, and request you to sit on them, let them rest their head on it, etc regularly.

And... seeing how it's a magic ass... there is one last curse.

Should someone get too lust drunk with your ass... and have you sit on them for too long, giving up on getting up... you might feel a sensation of something going up your butt. A pleasurable, but surprising one... only to notice the partner you were sitting on is gone... and to hear their voice in your head, and an "Eep!" When you slap your own ass.

It's also a pocket dimension. Those who grow too infatuated with it will have their essences souls trapped it in, being one with it. Multiple people can be fused with your ass at once.
File: 1609131124417.jpg (279 KB, 883x1024)
279 KB
279 KB JPG
You all have telepathy with each other... and fortunately, this can be reversed... though some might enjoy it, as embarrassing as it is...

To get someone to leave your ass? It has to be of their own volition... or, satisfaction. Being fused with your ass, they feel the pleasure of it.

In other words? Experience anal pleasure SO intense they leave, or satisfy them enough for them to leave. Boredom also works but... they can fall "asleep" and this requires you to also do nothing, so it's a less than optimal method.

You an also SHOCK people out of your ass by, say, having a close friend of theirs get ready to fuck you in the backdoor, causing them to leave in a "no homo" way, or scare them with a big enough toy... just hope they don't secretly enjoy it.

When they leave? They will leave your as the size of a large toy, and quickly grow back to full size, covered in natural lube.

Oh, right
>Your ass also self lubricates

Hope you can handle your admirers...

>I wish I was a cute shortstack with a huge pussy like pic related
Granted, reality changes and you find yourself in a very mature female body, big boobs, nice ass, tall, a woman in every way. In other ways not much has changed, you still hold a similar job to your old one, your family is still the same they just think you’ve always been this smoking lady, only thing that might be noticeably different is your living arrangements. A quick look around your new apartment, and you’ll find signs that you share it with someone.

That someone is a girl who is supposedly just five years younger than you, but next to you she looks like a child. She’s way shorter, and is far less endowed in the boob and ass regions. People would probably be inclined to think you dominate her, but they couldn’t be further from the truth. This girl has a power of sorts over you, in that you find her dominating or insulting you very very hot. It’s so bad that you could get off from her making fun of you long enough without anyone even touching you. And she loves to make fun of you, often using your body as the subject. She’ll call you a cow, she’ll call your boobs udders, she’ll make fun of how tall you are, she’ll take one of your bras and try putting it on and then say she’s not enough like a porn star to fill it out, she’ll get you to be her step stool when she needs to get something she can’t reach, she’ll go on to make fun of how much of a slut you are when you uncontrollably moan about her stepping on you, she’ll get you to bathe her like she’s your queen, say you look like a milf, poke and play with your tits and talk about how you need to exercise cause they’ve gotten even bigger, she’ll get you all hot and bothered then make you beg for sex, she’ll sleep directly on top of you using your fat tits as a pillow, the list goes on and on. And you’re totally helpless to her, her words always cause your pussy to go crazy.
Congrats, you’re a cute short stack with proportions almost identical to your picture. Your pussy is huge and your tits are perky and plump.

Every time you climax, alone or “assisted” by a partner, you gain a little height, your breasts shrink slightly, and your pussy retracts slightly more into a normal size. You reckon you have about 10 climaxes before you’re a 5’8” woman with a normal vagina and medium breasts. Once you’re back to that height, the growth will stop, but your breasts and pussy will continue to shrink until by 15 climaxes you’re flat as a board. By 20, you’ll have an unusually small pussy, still large enough for basic bodily functions but unable to take any serious “mass” without having to stretch considerably. After this point, the changes will stop, though any attempt to medically/magically increase the size of your pussy or breasts will fail. You’ve got the body of your dreams, and honestly you’d still be cute as a flat lady, but use your time as a pint sized Venus wisely, because every release is one step closer to inevitability.

My wish:
I want to be able to alter a girl’s appearance at will, like a sort of debug tool. The girl and others will notice her change in appearance, but their minds will fill in the change with some reasonable explanation no matter what
During sex, she totally dominates you, running the whole show while you uncontrollably moan out in pleasure. A lot of times it might seem like she’s a total bitch to you to others, but that’s not entirely the case. No matter how much she makes fun of you, she does love that lewd body of yours to pieces and she’s actually very protective of you. She might constantly insult you, but the second some random guy does it while you’re out on a date, that guy is dead meat. When you’re down in the dumps or sick, it becomes obvious how much of a tsundere she is, as she tries to act a bit nicer than usual in a complicated way that others might not pick up on. She’ll have a food that she’ll make to cheer you up and one she’ll make to help you feel better, and the second you’re back to your usual self she’ll slap your ass and tell you that you’re gonna need to lay off those foods or pretty soon your ass wouldn’t fit through the doors.To make matters better or worse, you do in fact gain weight slightly easier than normal but it always ends up in the right places, with your small girlfriend never not noticing and letting you know.

>I wish an imp girl would take interest in me and that I’d be exactly what she’s into
Granted. The imp is everything you could ever dream of, and more, as she spends as much time possible screwing herself onto your cock and draining your balls into her tight red shortstack pussy. The downside comes when you realize human bodies have their limits, and as a hellspawn she does not. Thankfully you're given some semblance of a break when she gets impregnated, but hopefully you dont mind being a father of like seventy hellspawns.

>I wish to be able to attach women's bodies together at will
Granted, you become a cute human girl and find yourself randomly teleported to a fantasy setting. You almost immediately cross paths with a cute succubus girl who takes an interest in you. It seems she has an ability to tell what magic people have and that yours is hilarious to her. You’re super powerful when you’re at your best but your strength is fully dependent on how embarrassed you are. Thinking that your predicament is hilarious, and that your body is sexy, she brings you back to your place and shows you a good time (and also herself a good time). It seems you get embarrassed really easily now, and the dominatrix of a succubus finds it really hot. She decides to have you join her adventuring team, not really giving you a say in the matter. This rounds the team out to an even 4 people, with the other two also being sexy girls. One a dragon monster girl, who gets super strength and fire breath the more aroused she is, and the other is an elven girl who can fire a powerful lightning attack that can take out almost any enemy but can only fire it once each time she has an orgasm. The succubus is the leader of the group and you might quickly figure out a common theming among the party. The succubus is capable of some dark magic, but specializes in spells that find out peoples sexual desires or transform her own body to be sexier, in terms of raw power she might be the weakest of the group. You get attack based magic of your choosing that gets wildly stronger the more flustered you are, and this succubus knows exactly how to use it. She’ll find every way possible to tease you into unlocking unparalleled strength, such as transforming into your ideal form right in front of you and then whispering in your ear “so this is what you’re into? You’re quite the slut huh?”
Your power quickly improves your party’s ranking. But she’s so into you that at the end of a day of adventuring, she won’t be able to contain it anymore and will come to you and demand sex then dominate you whether you comply or not. She’ll also know that you think the idea of group sex could be hot and sometimes bring your two party mates into the fun, though she only has romantic feelings toward you.

>I wish I would be transported to a secret peaceful forest filled with only adorable fairies
Granted, you get the power to change one girls body in an almost endless number of ways, limited to appearance. You get a special app that you can access on any digital device at any time just by willing it to open, and in that app you’ll find every option you can think of with sliders that go up to ridiculous proportions. You can change her boob size, libido, milk production, ass size, sensitivity, sensitivity of a specific region, pussy size, you can choose whether clothes grow with the changes or not with a toggle, you name it. Any change you make will cause a rewrite of sorts in her brain as well as everyone else’s, where she’ll be able to tell if her boobs have become the size of exercise balls, but she’ll think it’s something ridiculous like it was caused by her eating too much the night before and nobody will question it. In fact, even if you told her about the slider, she’d never believe you no matter what you did. She might get frustrated about her ass growing too big to fit through doors but she’d never even consider the idea that you were causing it even if you told her to her face. So then, for the paw, you’re in the same boat as her. You don’t know it, but she has the exact same app for your body. Just like her, you’ll never be able to figure out she has it, you’ll just find yourself inconveniently changing constantly and coming up with stupid explanations in your head. And that girl of yours is a lot kinkier than she lets on.
She’ll grow your dick too big for your pants in a public area and then watch you squirm as they start ripping open and you have to run home, she’ll make you incredibly horny and then present herself to you, she’ll turn you into a girl randomly and come try to have lesbian sex with you for fun, she’ll make you change into a femboy, make you grow huge muscles, oh she’ll come up with lots of ways to have fun with you, while you do the same, oblivious to the fact that if you make her extra horny that she’ll then also probably be inclined to make more changes to you.
For me, I wish I was a shortstack dickgirl living in a world of taller horny women
Wish bumps
You're lucky that nobody claimed the free-wish-of-the-thread yet.

Anyway, granted. Every time adult women fall asleep, their breasts will grow in size. The gain is determined by their original breast size, not their current size; so getting a mastectomy will help only so much. Moreover, the growth is multiplicative in nature: the first time the boobs will grow to x2 size, the second time x4, then x8, x16 etc.
However, the woman's ability to stay awake will also increase in a similar way. So let's say that a woman can stay awake a full day before falling asleep; after the first growth spurt, it'll be two days, then four, eight and so on.

Even so, the planet will end up submerged in boobs within your lifetime, no matter how many surgeries and anti-sleep drugs will be created in the meantime. This won't necessarily mean the end of the planet or of humanity, though; human civilization will simply have to adapt itself. Beast milk will provide nutrition to plants and several animals, so there will still be food. The space under the titanic breasts will mutate into its own mysterious environment. The sheer mass of boobas will attract several meteors that will harmlessly land on the bouncy flesh; these meteors can be harvested for precious minerals. And so on.
Oh, and of course there will be plenty of women with reasonable - but still giant - boobs, willing to have sex with you. Because let's be real: growing up in a land of breasts will make anyone much more lustful.

Enjoy your boobalypse!
Granted, you become a girl with a ridiculously huge ass and a body that no longer produces any form of waste. Your ass becomes more sensitive than your pussy, but that’s not all, it also becomes sentient. Your asshole functions as a pair of lips for this sentient ass of yours, and it has a very sexy mature voice compared to your more cute one. She can see, taste, talk, and smell, despite not having a tongue, eyes, nostrils, etc, and she can do it all through your shared asshole. She’s kind of a massive slut that mostly thinks about sex, probably a side effect of being a literal ass. She’ll call out to hot guys and tell you she wants to see some guy’s cock randomly. You can shut her up forcefully by clenching your ass a bit and sitting down. She will want to be able to see and talk though so she’ll take offence to you covering her up or shutting her up. You’ll get in trouble for not wearing clothes though. One other important thing, when you cum, you swap places for until she falls asleep in your body. She knows this and will purposely use that sexy voice of hers to make you horny so you’ll go masterbate and give her control. Once she’s in control, she’ll get payback on you for putting clothes on or shutting her up, going and buying a butt plug, a thong, who knows, having long masterbation sessions playing with you as the ass, and going to find hot guys to bang.

>I wish I could grow peoples asses
You wake up, a four foot tall girl with an impressive bust, voluptuous thighs, and a somewhat disappointingly short three inch dick. Putting on some miraculously fitting, but skimpy, clothes you find in your closet, you go outside and find yourself in a world of amazons. Every woman is between 7 to 8 feet tall, with a seemingly abnormal but not freakish amount of muscle, impressive proportions, and hair that goes down to their ass at least. You wander through town all day and don’t see a single exception to this, no men, no normal sized girls, not even a girl with short hair or a body that isn’t toned. People murmur as they see you, your short size clearly attracting attention but no one approaching you directly. When you return home, police are outside your house. They say you’re not in trouble but absolutely must go with them or you will be, and having to look up about 70 degrees to even see their faces, you comply. At the station, they undress you and take notes of your sizes, then run some tests on you, blood work and some paper strips pressed to the sensitive parts of your privates and run through a machine. Eventually, they strap you to a metal table. A scientist (naturally a 7’8” one with a straight red hime cut that goes down to her thighs) explains that ever since the entire planet was turned into amazons years ago, they haven’t been able to reproduce. They need your seed, lots of it. You’re almost relieved, you were getting pretty horny anyways, and you’ve read enough hentai to think you know where this is going. The scientist glares at you, noticing your pleased reaction, and says for the entire planet, they need more seed than you could possibly produce... unmodified.
First, they inject you with some steroids, increasing your dick to about eight inches. Eventually, you notice the mass is coming from other parts of your body. Your breasts are shrinking, your thighs dwindling, your hair even being sucked back into your hair until you have nothing but a shaggy pixie cut. After what feels like hours you have basketball sized testicles, two feet of dick, and very little else. You’ve been kept at a healthy body weight but it’s impossible to tell you ever even had breasts and your ass is identifiable only by the start of your legs. Your lips have lost their feminine definition and without long hair your upper body practically looks male. Then the milking starts. Your newly grown parts seem to be ridiculously sensitive. Cum is gushing out before your brain even registers sensation, but when it does hit you, it’s pure ecstasy. You literally can’t even see the scientists four feet away from you, your vision goes completely white as your brain fails to even properly process the dopamine wave. An hour later, it’s done. The machine is pulled away and you’re told it’s time for food and rest. But... it’s too late. That pleasure has shattered your brain. You’re hopelessly addicted. A month passes in what feels like hours. Unmatched pleasure, slowly losing its edge, and the utter nothingness once it ends. Eventually, you’re approached by a researcher. They’ve noticed your shattered mental state. You’ve produced enough sperm that they can clone it now, you’re no longer technically needed, in fact they need to clone and modify it to ensure biodiversity anyways, your own seed can only go so far. You’re given a choice. Continue this existence, or be set free. If set free the researchers offer to fix your chemical dependnacy. It can be done, but it will erase your sex drive as well. Your dick can also be returned to any size you want, but your breasts are toast. The choice is yours.
As for my wish, I wish tomboyish girls spread like a virus. If a sporty girl gets close to, or interacts with another, they’ll want to do tomboyish things, have an urge to cut their hair short, have masculine hobbies, etc. the public at large motives the uptick in tomboys but never finds out why or identifies it as a virus. Since it’s a virus, even the girliest possible girls can be infected.
>high and dry
shit here we go again. do you have to remind me of the song?
File: Twilight Bitch 24-25.jpg (2.57 MB, 2560x1808)
2.57 MB
2.57 MB JPG
Granted. You will wake up in a mysterious forest. The plants and trees are big, way bigger than normal; and yet, they look somewhat tidy and clean. The sky is strange, ranging from a purplish pink during the day, to a golden twilight, to a black starry sky at night. You'll be completely naked, yet you won't feel uncomfortable or cold.

Most importantly, there will be cute fairies everywhere. Many of them will be the typical "tiny girl with butterfly wings", but there will also be other small fey creatures, such as little mothgirls, gnomes, and will-o'-wisps. The vast majority will be gals and some will be guys or other, but all of them will look positively adorable and looking at you with curiosity. They're all quite friendly, and generally willing to let you be lewd with them, as long as you don't object too much to them being lewd to you. Don't worry about hurting them; due to a special magic blessing, you are unable to cause them any significant harm. You could step or sit on a fairy, and the only damage is that they won't be able to move until you let them go. Penetration is a bit harder, since the vast majority of fairies aren't stretchy enough for being penetrated; but this just encourages them from using other means, like "silkjobs" or swarm paizuri.
However, there's just a slight issue. You know how many insects there can be in a sizable forest? Well, in THIS forest, there's a similar amount of fairies. When you said "filled with faeries", I mean FILLED. There's swarms and swarms of faeries, crawling everywhere, filling the air, landing on you. You can't make five steps without stepping on a fae. Being adorable, they're all very friendly; at all times, there will be at least a couple of fairies offering you food, gifts, sex or just hugs. Even while you sleep. Expect to wake up each morning covered in the things.

>I wish to be reincarnated in a fantasy world as an imp, going on an adventure to build myself a harem of manly beastkin and monsters.
File: 16ohbucxlnj0na1.jpg (166 KB, 2048x1153)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
Granted, you become a fantastical, ageless imp with powerful magic abilities. You are quested by the Spirit King to assemble a pantheon of warriors to fight in an eternal battle against evil forces throughout time. Because of your tastes, you end of always recruit manly, huge-cocked heroes who lavish you with sex and affection in return for guidance and magical enchantments. But being an ageless agent of good, you witness many of your heroes find true love, retire, and/or pass. You must come to terms with your mission and your eternity. The only pattern that seems to be the same is the reincarnating evil that always threatens the world. Can you find a way to stop the cycle one day, or will you simply persist in the struggling wheel?

>I wish I was a beautiful princess with pet tentacle monster who I could take sexually-relieving baths with.
Granted - and to prevent you from scamming me, you will gain a cock if you didn't have one already.
Every time you get an erection, your entire body will release invisible pheromones, with a particular emphasis on the muskier spots such as the penis and the balls. Any woman who comes in contact with the pheromones (holding their breath will not work, the pheromones can be absorbed through the skin) will instantly become horny, and also feel a slight subconscious attraction towards the source of the pheromones, aka you. If they see you, they will instantly know that you are the source, and will probably try to lewd you up, if it's reasonable to do so.
As a bonus, women will not think ill about you even after your erection subsides - for ex. if you fuck a woman and she later gets back to her senses, she will not cry "rape". Your sexual stamina also imcreases significantly, although that one is kinda of a double-edged sword.

The paw is very simple: the range of your pheromones increases with time. Today, they can affect a single room; five years from now, they will affect the entire planet. And yes, they can even go in open space where there isn't any atmosphere. So try to not get an erection in public, m'kay? You won't die, but you'll feel VERY exhausted and sexually drained for a few days after an orgy.

>I wish to become a slime that captures other hentai monsters, raping them until they until they repent and turn good... or until they become too mindbroken to rape innocent people.
I masturbated to that wolf Midna cartoon, and I didn't know what the video was (because it's a cartoon).
File: Kronguss-571273-noise-1.jpg (2.11 MB, 1398x1080)
2.11 MB
2.11 MB JPG

Granted. You are now the perfect slime for raping hentai monsters, your gelatinous form inescapable and near-infinitely malleable so you can get into ALL the places where your victims don't want you. You've even been dropped into a universe where hentai monsters are real, so you actually have something to do with your newfound form.

The only problem is that you now have an insatiable urge to rape, and can only resist it for a few days before you will go into a primal (but not unintelligent) form that seeks out and rapes the nearest living being capable of objecting to being raped. It will not even close to usually be a hentai monster, they're actually pretty rare. If you're lucky it'll be a pretty woman. If you're not, it'll be someone's pet goat or worse, a literal sewer rat. The worst part about this is that not only are previously raped targets not an acceptable target of your primal form, anyone/anything that would be down for some really rought/non-con sex is completely ignored by it.

>I wish that vore was real and I was one of very few people capable of it, but the average person would jump at the chance to be eaten.
>le monkeys paw xD
go to reddit, all of you. fucking christ
Granted. You become a beautiful princess of some faraway fantasy land, your beauty and adorableness being considered a national treasure. You aren't the first heir of the crown, not even close; but I think that you're here mostly for the luxury and sex, not the political power. You will have a palace and several servants pampering you.
Speaking of luxury and sex... You get your own pet tentacle monster. Design it in any way you want: it could be an intricated mass of tentacles, a walking plant that can sprout tonw of vines, a giant octopus, a big shape-shifting slime, some kind of alien parasite inhabiting a fluffy dog disguise... Whatever you want, as long as it's tentacled. This pet loves you a lot, it's life-linked with you so its lifespan matches yours, and of course it has lots of tentacles to play with. On top of that, its fluid production is pretty high, easily caoable of filling a pool by itself; and the fluids themselves are nutritious, breathable, and very relaxing.

...And that's also the paw. You know how sometimes people fall semi-asleep while taking a shower or a bath? You're like that, except worse. The fluid baths with tentacled massages feel VERY relaxing, and if you aren't careful you'll fall asleep and sink beneath the surface. You won't die - as I've said, the fluids are breathable, and will keep you well-fed. But your pet will not take you out of the pool; instead, it will join you amd keep massaging and cuddling and gently-fucking you. If you are unlucky, it will take a few days before someone pulls you out of the bath and wakes you up.

>I wish to become a tan cutie. (pic rel)
Granted. Roughly 1 in 10 million people on the planet are "super-predators" possessing the power of voring other people. Every super-predator has one method to eat others, with various strengths and weaknesses each; for example, one gal might be able to emit bursts of pheromones that compels people to climb up her butt, while a guy could produce a rope of sticky cum, and use that to "reel in" his selected prey. There's also a few inhuman super-preds, like a gal with a huge, fluffy and vorny fox tail. All these different methods tend to be balanced in their own way. You? I'm gonna be generous and let you decide. By default, you have the standard "swallow whoever you grabbed in one gulp" tactic - short-range, but easy.

Vore is always pleasurable for both parties involved, and those eaten will always respawn later on, generally after a couple of days. Because of this, people have adopted a pretty accepting view of being vored. And yes, the *average" person would jump at the chance of being eaten... but most people are just at the "if I don't have any other appointment and a pred asks me, then sure, I might let myself get eaten" level. To counterbalance things, some people instead are obsessed with being vored, to yandere-light levels; they will obsessively hunt down a super-pred and force it to eat them.

There's one thing, though. Sure, eating people will give you all the nutrients you need... but digesting the body takes at least a week. Yes, even after the guy you ate already respawned with a new body, his old body will still be melting inside your guts. Try to move around with 70 kilograms of meat and bones in yout tummy...
And do you remember the earlier thing about how all super-preds are balanced? Digestion time and ability to move are also relevant factors. So if you are a stronger pred that can eat lots of people, you'll have to spend a lot more time being bloated and fat.

>I wish I to become a cute girl and get eaten by a succubus.
File: 23153251Ik8XTAp9.jpg (1.77 MB, 2090x1536)
1.77 MB
1.77 MB JPG
Granted. Every girl infected will become significantly more tomboyish, with variations depending on how she was originally. Additionally, the infected girls will constantly produce a weak mind-control field that compels people to not question why there's suddenly so many tomboys. You are completely immune to this mental effect.

Regarding the "transform girls into tomboys" part, there's a catch: the virus is based on the DNA of exactly ONE tomboy girl. So, every girl that gets infected will not just have their mind altered; but their body as well. It's not a 100% conversion, so two infected girls will still be slightly different from each other; but there will be plenty of similarities. I'll throw you a boon and say that the "template girl" in question is someone that you would find pleasant, both in terms of looks and of personality.
But how could such a virus exist? Simple: MAD SCIENCE! (All-caps required.) A young scientific superprodigy - who just-so-happens to be a tomboy girl - got a crush on you. But she was both to shy to ask you right away; and too jealous to stand the thought of seeing you fall for another girl. So, she came up with this virus to transform every girl and woman in the world into a partial copy of her; that way, if EVERY girl is "her", then the only girl you'll be able to go out with will be "her". And every girl in the world will find you attractive, sosurely one of them will get engaged with you! It's a perfect plan! MWAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!
*ahem* Anyway, in 30 years at worst, every woman on the planet will be infected with the virus, as will every girl born after that time. It's not a hivemind, but seeing similar faces over and over and over will feel kinda weird for you.

>I wish for something about being smooched by big lips.
Granted, you get smooched by big lips but your lips get bigger each time you get smooches

Did I do that right? Weird wish, idfk

Anyways, my wish is I wish I could stretch to have huge insertions in my ass without any risk of damage or any pain
File: 1651023352650.jpg (234 KB, 1400x1012)
234 KB
234 KB JPG

However, you also really can't do without it. At all times, day or night, no matter what you're doing, you NEED to have several buzzing toys firmly buried in your holes, or you'll feel hollow and empty. And we're not just talking small vibes or average Dildos, no, we're talking dildo large enough and firm enough to change your posture. And you'll need to live with one up there every minute of every hour of every day.

Oh, and since you need so many, people will be able to hear it. The slick, moist buzzing of the toys deep inside you, the plastic smushing as they press against each other... People will know. And, again, that's your life forevermore.

My wish is to experience life as a girl for a bit. I think it could be quite fun.
File: 2123985729385.jpg (132 KB, 900x1271)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
Granted. From now on, whenever you dream, you simply detach from your body and become a passenger of a random girl in the world. You have no control or means of communicating with those you possess for a ride-along. You may simply experience what they experience for the duration of your dream. The type of experience you can have is directly related to the time of dream you would have had. A comfy, rested dream will bring you to a girl experiencing warmth and sentimental happiness. A wet dream will have you experiencing hardcore sensual pleasures. A nightmare will bring you to some truly terrifying exhibits of humanity, or maybe you'll just experience a girl late for her class. You may not awaken or escape from any experience until your physical body awakens.

> I wish I was a cute schoolgirl with telepathic powers to read minds. I'm so sensitive to the mind of others that I can actually feel the sexual imaginations of lustful eyes gazing over me. If someone was imagining they were licking me, I could feel their tongue slide along my armpits. If someone wished to bend me over and slam me, I would endure the hot slapping of my bottom and deep impacts inside me.
I'm fine with this desu

The buzzing is probably not as noticeable as the distension of my stomach when I take giant dildos
This is my first time doing this, so let's see how it goes.

Granted. Just like your pic related, she is about to pass you through; however, instead of being digested like you expected, something weird happens. For some unknown reason, the digestion never happens, and somehow you maintain full consciousness inside of her, to the surprise of both of you.

You will go through something i would call "reverse birth".

For the next 9 months, both of you will slowly become one.
You will start on full sensory deprivation while the succubus body is in a state identical to that of a woman right before birth, while housing your full body as some kind of super pregnancy.
As time goes on, you will slowly regain your senses by sharing them with the Succubus until they become one. While the Succubus body will slowly go back to normal while also having traits of your female body absorbed into her, so the end result is a true fusion of both.

At first, both of you will not be able to communicate. After the first few months, you will be able to hear each other's thoughts.
Around halfway will be the hardest part, as both of you will control half of the body at the same time, so you better be coordinated or you will be fighting for control.
This does mean that at some point you will have to share the experience of being faux pregnant, so good luck with that.

In the last few months, the boundaries between your minds will start to collapse, and it will become harder to differentiate who is who until the merge is finally completed and only a singular mind remains.
And from that point on, you will live the rest of your life as the new succubus.

>I wish I had the power to control everything about other people's breasts. Size, shape, weight, lactation, etc. And control if/when they become aware of it. Giving a man breasts would turn him into a woman, while fully removing a woman's breasts would turn her into a man. I could also use it on myself safely if I felt like it.
Hey, it went very well. Good job.

Anyway, granted. Just like any warlock worthy of its name, you'll need an otherworldly patron; in your case, you got into a contract with a Batuffa, an underground spirit with a matron's body and a bullock's head. Since she has dominion over the fertility of fields and livestock, she was capable of giving you the power that you wanted.

You will learn a variety of magical rituals, which exclusively affect breasts for a variety of effects. The rituals require cheap components, but a relatively long time to perform: bumping your boobs up a few cups will require roughly a few hours of work. However, you've also learned how to store magic in little idols, to be used at a later time; so you could just spend a weekend making idols of Boob Growth, and then you'll be able to effortlessly grow the boobs of several women throughout the week. And yes, you will also be able to control if/when people will be aware of the changes... Although it will mean a longer and more complex ritual.
Don't despair. Over time, as you gain more experience, your magic will grow stronger, allowing you to affect multiple people at once, or on long distances; or even be able to cast magic spells quickly without the need for a ritual. It will also feel better, both for you and the target.

However, now you are at the service of this nature lady, whose motivations are mysterious and changing. Some times, she will appear to you in a dream and ask you to perform a task for her. Sometimes you'll have to punish people with boobs, and sometimes you will have to reward them with boobs. Sometimes she will require you an offering, or to lead a new "handmaid" (that you prepares) underground to her.
If you fail to comply, you will see that your magic will becone corrupt. Cow-like changes will begin to appear - first in the people you affect with your spells; then those around you; and then yourself.
File: Sabuten - Vacuum bed.png (1.12 MB, 3600x2400)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB PNG
And if you REALLY anger her, you will be transformed into a "milk cow" boy, and be forced to serve her until you clear your debt. You won't age.. but, well, you know how time flows weirdly when the fae are involved...

Aside for that, enjoy your powers! And remember: with experience, you will be able to manipulate breasts in ways that aren't "natural", like making them hyper-gigantic, giving them weird nipples, or multiplying them.

>I wish I could order/buy weird-but-cute lewd creatures, like the ones that Sabuten draws.
Granted! You transform into a cute schoolgirl with the power to read minds, even being able to feel the sexual imaginations of those around you exactly as you described. No one will realize that when they mentally ram their classmate, she can feel every thrust.

The price you pay for this power is this: No matter how many telepathic penetrations you take, nor how many pleasurable strokes of your skin, or even how many people mentally lick your pussy, you will never orgasm from just these telepathic connections. Instead, you will be filled with an irresistible, growing horniness that only those you are reading the thoughts of can quench by enacting their sexual imaginations on you.

If you let yourself get too pent up, eventually your libido will twist you into nothing more than a wet, quivering mess begging for release from your classmates. Oh, and did I forget that you can't turn this power off? Have fun being the school slut.

>I wish to be a recently-rich (through a winning lottery ticket) sexy tomboy girl who still "secretly" enjoys her old lifestyle of being humiliated by her old sugar daddy, but is heavily embarrassed by that fact and tries to hide it.
First of all, thanks for the compliment. Looking back, I could have made some things better, but it's good enough for a first try.

Secondly, I really liked your grant there; I was honestly expecting a fate way worse for me, but this sounds pretty fun and hot.

Lastly, it's more of a general question that I always wanted to clarify in those threads.
You all make more than just one wish/grant per thread, right? I always just looked over those threads from the start, but I was never quite sure.
And if yes, do you all wait some time or just do it again when you feel like granting some interesting wish idea?

It would be cool to add it to the OP for the sake of future clarification.
Everyone can grant as many wishes as they want per thread, no waiting required.
Granted! You are now a warlock of an archfey who just really likes butts. She will visit you in your dreams, appearing as women you like (real or fictional) with big butts, and provide you with two favors.

One? If you DID have a big ass yourself, how big would it be, and what body would you like to have with it? Asking for a friend...

This would also (theoretically) would let you change gender, build, and even be a dickgirl,futa, or cuntboy, or even have "unnatural" traits like elf or animal ears and exotic hair/eye color.

Once you answer this theoretical, you will wake up as what you described, with a big ass to match, to your horny specifications (you may not lie and say you'd like it smaller for convenience, your new form will follow your heart)

But... there's a catch to this. There always is.

People can find out that you did this to them. Fey have been widely accepted as real in the world, so it's not far fetched.

Doing this involves casting a quiet, but not silent, spell at the target with a visible gesture. Sneaky, but you can get caught doing it.

However, some people are willing to let you do this to them, which is good, since you have two drawback.

You will start with your "preferred" ass size... but the longer you wait without casting spells the more you risk more ass expansion. The longer you wait, the more it happens, and the lewder it gets.

Again... people know magic and fey exist, and will see this like a (sexy) medical condition, helping you up after or helping cover you up... or slipping you their number.

When this happens, the only way to revert is to "unload" some magic onto someone else. It is "temporary" unless you repeatedly grant it to them.

If you tell people this... you might just get them to pity you enough to literally lighten your load... but not always, and sometimes not as much as you'd like...

The other drawback? Making other people's asses bigger COSTS your ass mass.
File: D_ObAV0VAAA_sSl.jpg (86 KB, 1009x1200)
86 KB
It's not a 1:1 transfer though, for your picture, making an ass that big would cost a quarter of that ass mass from yourself, or less!

Your fey matron will change the transfer rates so it's either more or less efficient... to make the extremes harder to avoid, because that's funnier.

Do you grant a LOT of asses? It's going to have a greater cost.

Are you not granting many asses? Well you'd better if you want to stay mobile, because those growthspurts are going to be more common and you'll need to grant more ass size to deal with them.

Your minimum ass size is capped at a "nice" ass size. Curvy, not supernatural, but still big by normal standards. You cannot go below this.

In other words... you'll always have at least a RELATIVELY big ass.

So why is this a downside? You give other people big asses, and keep a decent one yourself that's not inconvenient.

Well... you need SOME ass mass to keep your magic "stable". The closer you run to "empty" (minimum ass size), the more likely you are to encounter "wild magic".

This is a wild card. It could spontaneously grow the asses of people around you, shrink asses, make asses fluctuate, give you random growth spurts followed by random ass reduction, or even change your body's appearance, such as making you a short cat girl, elf milf, or SUPER hung, but adorable futa (your matron will fix this, but it's often a funny result so she may wait a bit to do so...),

That last one isn't exclusive to this though. You can do that anyways if you do good work for you matron... and she likes the new appearance. Wild magic simply takes your control of it away.

But on the bright side? Everyone under the effects of your magic, including yourself, have clean butts and never have to use the washroom for THAT reason, just so you and they can have more fun.

Good luck, hope your matron doesn't get TOO mean with how much or how little you can transfer at a time...

>I wish I was a cute goat girl like pic related
Granted but you live in a region that is heavily religious and are commonly mistaken for the devil themself. At least until they get to know you and realize your more goat them demon. Your start to crave my veggies in your diet and will eat grass of given the chance. Your favriote foods tend to be extemely salty and your show your effection for people you love by head butting them. While your see it is a love tap it can be quite painful for those on the receiving end. Hopefully there understand you as you are and not let religious fear or fear of the weird keep them away from you.

My wife is heading over the road as a trucker. So with that in mind I wish she would slolwy inflate in some way. Only able to stop and reduce her growth when she takes home time and makes it home.
Granted! You become an early adopter of a genetic/psionic research startup, and don't worry about money too much because I took the liberty of signing a contract for you. You're welcome.

You are a product tester. Your will be lent free creatures periodically... but your home will be fitted with surveillance cameras to "observe" you. (they can't use the cameras for anything non lewd, nor can they disclose any private info).

The psionic part of this? Well, it'd be kinda fucked up to breed something just to make it a sex toy, wouldn't it? Especially if someone would want to own or replace them.

Each of the creature's bodies are inherently mindless in their default state. Their minds are separate, and can leave one body to possess another. This means if you have a favorite pet, you can keep their "personality" and let them possess a new body.

As for the genetic part...? Your contract will alter your body. Remember that bit about product testing?

Well... that's going to apply for products meant for men AND women. You will be periodically sent drugs that can change your sex before being asked to test a certain creature. You can make requests like "Can I be a dickgirl for this one?" And if the creature is meant for dick stimulation, the company will probably agree.

But you WILL have to keep testing products. Sometimes you won't be told what they do. You could be given a bra only for it to stick to you and start sucking your nipples, or find a big cozy chair only for it to open up into a tentacle monster an start to suck your dick, or simply be introduced to a cute creature that could do anything from swallow your torso and stimulate you with its tongue, to crawl up your pussy if you're a girl.

But hey, do a good job and you get to keep the creatures you like, and if you like a certain pet, you can just have them possess another body.

Oh, and you can't quit, or else you become the company's lab rat for less willing testing.
File: 1685859723081809.jpg (139 KB, 1731x894)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
>I wish I was a cute girl with modest fleshcrafting abilities with a cute and loving GF who was into it, able to easily change myself from girl to dickgirl to better enjoy the main point of this wish... being able to toy with my GF's form, turning her into things for kinky or playful fun.

A boob mouse pad if she loses a bet, a padypot to put on display when I invite other female friends over to embarrass her, a quad amputee pillow to cuddle or rest on while playing vidya or watching movies with, an onahole, or even a boob slug if the mood strikes me. Whatever we can think of that'd be lewd and fun.

Having other close female friends with benefits would be ideal to better enjoy these forms with from time to time.
File: 23154037rukq1Zk2.jpg (3.3 MB, 3000x2113)
3.3 MB
3.3 MB JPG
Granted. One night, you will dream about a demon, who will offer you the body of your dreams in exchange for demonic corruption. Naturally, since you think more with your coochie than with your brain, and since you thought that this was just a dream, you consent. The next day, you will wake up as a cute goat girl, similar to the one on your pic, but leaning more towards black fur.
As you'll begin exploring your body for a "test run", a terrifying demon with a skeletal head will barge in your room, with eyes of flame, screaming loudly in demonic languages.

Turns out that there has been a huge fuck-up. You were supposed to turn into a demon, get your soul significantly more corrupted by sin and lust, and gain a "glamor" that prevents people from finding you strange; instead, you became a goat-girl with no glamor and no soul corruption. So, since the contract has been violated, now the demoness is required to help you out.
She can apply a temporary glamor on you, but it'll only last 2~3 days every time it's applied. So now she'll take you on her nearby Earth home and basically adopt you until your glamor gets fixed, which will take years. She alresdy got one innocent holyhalo-ed goatboy adopted son, she can surely adopt an adult.
So now you'll have to live with the shape-shifting, vice-loving demoness, and having to deal with her antics and her other people in her home. This usually involves the people she transformed into lewd horny demons, from the shy Jeohva's witnesses that turn into rabid infernal horndogs as soon as she activates their vibrators; to the horny nerd with the long spiked tongue. Sex is optional, the shenanigans are not.

Also, apologies if you get the reference.

>I wish to be isekaied in a sticky-fetishy world.
File: 93355376_p0_master1200.jpg (726 KB, 900x1200)
726 KB
726 KB JPG
Granted! For starters, you are now a sexy tomboy girl. Let's call you Jackie.
You are now stupidly rich! And I really mean that, talking about cartoonish levels of unlimited resources, you ask for something? You get it in minutes, at worst.
Of course, this life of unlimited luxury has its benefits and all, but deep down, you can't let go of your past life of humiliation; it's just engraved into you.

So you have come up with an idea. Putting those unlimited resources to use, you hired the best scientists to make a certain potion for you. That potion allowed you to completely change your body to be entirely unrecognizable, almost a complete mirror of your current one. Short hair turns to long, small tomboy chests become enormous feminine tits, and so on.
Let's call this form Hilde.

Using this form, you will be able to continue living the life you always wanted while keeping it a constant secret. Soon enough, Hilde will start to feel like her free self, who is allowed to just live the kinky life of her dreams in the shadows. Meanwhile, Jackie has to keep up appearances as this ultra-rich person, owner of multiple businesses, who only gets richer and more popular, while you can barely wait to just turn back into Hilde and be humiliated all night.

There's still, however, a final twist to spice things up even more.

The sugar daddy Hilde spends all her time with just so happens to be Jackie's main competitor, who is trying everything to take her down. Jackie, of course, can't just let it happen since if she loses her position and resources, that means no more potion and, by extension, no more Hilde.

Outside of this, there is no other catch. You will simply have to find a balance between both lives. Your free-horny life as Hilde and your serious business life as Jackie allow you to become Hilde.
Have fun!
>I wish to become a small parasite that can freely shapeshift. Once I find a human I find interesting enough, I will bond with them and establish a mental link. My parasite form will always be bonded externally, but I can shift around to disguise as an accessory and/or clothing. Once bound, I will grant my host the ability to shapeshift as much as they want. However, the catch is that I will also force them to become a superhero. Thanks to my abilities, they can become whatever they want to, super suit, magical girl, any power they want, etc. i am only limited by their imagination. I can always spice things up however I like even outside hero stuff, like turning a guy into a magical girl, forcing a girl to have breasts 3x as large, turning someone into a futanari, etc. and they will just have to accept it. And of course our connection can never be severed unless I want to.
File: 2.jpg (720 KB, 1280x1884)
720 KB
720 KB JPG
Forgot pic related
Granted. As long as she's away from you, she will slowly inflate as if she was a balloon pumped with air. The growth depends on your tastes, focusing more on the parts that you find more attractive; by default this means boobs & tits, but it could also affect other parts like her belly, lips, or feet. Due to cartoon logi , this growth will not prevent her from drivinf effectively, no matter how stupidly big she gets. She's grown too much inside the truck? The truck will grow too. Her tits have grown so big that she can see the road? Magically, everyone will avoid her, and her boobs will affect the wheels and the pedals as of she was driving normally. And so on. This protection, however, stops working whenever it would be funny for that to happen.
However, the bigger she grows, the more she will pine for you. So, eventually, she WILL decide to return back home. While she's at home she will slowly deflate until she's back to normal. But... While she's at home, your genitals will begin to inflate, filling themselves with liquid. You know, so that you could cum in her mouth and inflate her even at home. Again: cartoon logic applies, so you'll still be able to do mostly everythinf you wanted and move around - unless it's funny, in which case you won't be able to do it. When she leaves the house to go back to trucking, you will slowly deflate.

>I wish to have a happy and competent oni maid.
Granted. You can now attach any woman to any other as long as they touch each other. You can also detach everyone at will and even choose if they are frozen in place or moving around.
BUT, you have to do it Katamari style, by pushing the first one into the next. Dont worry, they won't feel pain.

>I wish I woke up infected with a new virus that turns men into their ideal type of woman, in my case, a woman with HUGE lactating tits like Pic related, but stay the same mentally. The virus only affects a very small portion of men, so it's not considered a threat but more like a very rare "harmless" disease. You can also decide other details about it if you want to when granting it.
File: 73162201_p0.png (1.24 MB, 920x1416)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB PNG
Granted! Of course, it only affects men attracted to women in the first place... and women attracted to women. It can affect around 2-3% of men and 3% of bisexual women, and 7% of lesbian women, or bisexual women who prefer women enough.

The bodies are always in some semblance of human limitations... but it can certainly push limits, like with your constant lactation, pink hair and eyes, and oversized breasts. This makes those affected stand out due to having idealized bodies.

It starts off with vivid dreams of that person's fetishes, so in your case... you'd probably dream you were lactating, only to wake up with sensitive, budding breasts.

It's a slow burn. You and others affected will experience it like this as well. You'll need a bra by the end of the first week if you want to keep your (very) sensitive nipples from rubbing against your clothes.

Your hair will grow longer and it and your eyes will grow paler over the first week, only for you to dream of it pink and start to imagine the rest of your figure at the start of the next, and with that, the next changes begin. The lactation will start about now if induced, growing more common.

This will happen over a few months until you FINALLY dream that your dick is gone... and have your genitals shrink back inside of you until they form a functioning womb and vagina.

You, and people with the disease will be easy to spot due to being idealized. It isn't quite proven to be related to sexual taste... but some people believe it is, and you are VERY attractive. Some people may get the wrong (or right?) idea that you look like this because you're a bit of a slut, and hit on you. Good Samaritans will intervene if you seem uncomfortable, but it'd be smart to stay in the open when in public. This has the benefit of letting more people see your sexy new body! Hope you don't lactate in public...

But there is another disease, playing second banana to this one. Literally.
File: FnbVqvfXkAAsWhy.jpg (3.07 MB, 2480x3507)
3.07 MB
3.07 MB JPG
Sometimes... these people had close sexual partners that this may complicate things with. There is a disease that can be transferred to those people at times, with no real indication of a trigger. It's basically just "whenever the universe feels like it".

They will grow into idealized women as well... with the equipment to fuck their partner. They come in both futa and dickgirl varieties, both inherently infertile, something they abuse.

People with the diseases, ironically, are immune to STDs. Sluttiness is common in some people with either strain, and enhanced libido is common in everyone with it.

Later drugs to induce fertility in them will be invented... but that's neither here nor there.

The "second banana" disease can affect seemingly random people as well, and with it comes a desire to seek out those with the female variant. The diseases are linked, so they might be in the same support groups, clinics, dating sites, etc.

It's common for people with the first disease to be sexually open and explore their new bodies... something these new futa use to try to get closer to the infected they pine for. The only real way to tell them apart is the dick, which they learn to conceal very skillfully... but it's always pretty big, so maybe be suspicious around people in dresses?

And it just so happens that a girl- no, two girls, you found attractive, have become idealized girls themselves, and have shown interest in you after you started changing... and each other, to an extent...

I wonder which strains they have...?

The answer will be what you secretly want either of them to. But this won't make them any less insatiable... expect them to play to that heightened libido of yours, overwhelming you with their two on one tactics. They'll want you, badly.

>I wish I was a cute, single stay at home milf who was financially stable with a sweet, loving, but kinky incestuous young adult daughter who's horny for me, enough to initiate or even dom.

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