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File: 1694368701040926.jpg (235 KB, 1484x1065)
235 KB
235 KB JPG
Extra points for a chastity bra
File: 1694369247389663.jpg (91 KB, 700x1280)
91 KB
check the catalog first
Nah, the gen gets pretty full of male chastity, a niche thread is welcome lol

I mean, if you want to compare, you don't see much complaint within the BBW threads complaining with their proliferation into *5* nicher subthreads
Was recently cleaning my drives and found an old image for a modded Skyrim play-through with all the devious devices, deviously cursed loot, deviously enslaved, etc. kinda stuff.

Oh boy did it get me hot and bothered again booting that up again

>alternate start in Solstheim, Dunmer refugee
>super tough, defeated several times, locked in chastity, and sold into slavery
>brought to raven rock, master locks me in armbinder, hobble skirt as well
>eventually earn freedom, but not keys, nope off to Windhelm
>find friendly Dunmer in Grey Quarter that has keys to buy
>no cash though...
>offer a bit of servicing to some """kind"" Nord strangers for some gold
>one also unlocks the hobble-skirt for me, noice
>eventually get enough to get off armbinder, unlock chastity
>keep it on though, not an idiot
>finally free enough to go dungeon diving
>first chest, trapped.
>chastity re-locked, soul gem plug added
>fucking next chest trapped too
>back in arm-binder
>look into settings, cursed loot chance is like 90%
>lol, let’s turn that back down
>have some fun kicking draugr, dodging defeat
>eventually struggle out of armbinder, clear dungeon

A fun ride
Any recommended stories where a woman goes on a self imposed chastity vow, possibly with some pain play elements in her gear ?
File: 111439376_p2_master1200.jpg (602 KB, 1091x1024)
602 KB
602 KB JPG
Damn, I always forget that Skyrim can really be any game you want with the right mods, do you have a modlist you use?
Here's what I could muster up -- grabbed the modlist, cleaned and pasted up to rentry.


Of course, I'm sure there are a lot of small changes to ini files hidden somewhere in the directory. Can see about zipping it up (mods, load orders, overrides, etc.) and uploading it somewhere if you want, but the fun of Skyrim isn't the playing, it's the jamming 2000+ mods into a single folder and hitting it with a hammer for 40+ hours until it runs with minimal crashing
looking at that pic, I would even say the whole chastity thing can be expanded further than just chastity belt and bra. why not chastity corsets, leotards or high heels/boots as well? I know, it's somewhat besides the point than just removing the possibility of genital stimulation but to me, it's more of a feeling, lifestyle and even look
Oh yeah, chastity pairs so well with bondage and latex for me. Just high levels of entrapment, lot of locks, all while also being a sort of fashion statement.
File: 110984651_p0_master1200.jpg (386 KB, 960x1200)
386 KB
386 KB JPG
Thanks! I have probably spent more time modding Skyrim then playing Skyrim
Can't remember where exactly I saw it, but there was one drawing of what was essentially a chastity hoop skirt. Something like this, only built out as a piece of fetish gear. Not practical for doing much of anything except standing, but it would certainly keep wandering hands away.
File: 352.jpg (520 KB, 1057x1500)
520 KB
520 KB JPG
I had a similar idea to that before, but instead you'd make it out of a semi-flexible material and add reinforcement so it can't folded up on itself.

Btw the following short isn't translated yet. Plotline is basically the girl (morisada misao) has a genetic or something disease that makes her super horny once stimulated so she has to wear a CB from basically being a baby. Eventually she catches her teacher breaking into the girls bathroom and hes like "This isnt going to stop me!" and picks her lock with her hairclip, doing pervertted stuff, and as he was about to be found out hes like "Sorry!" and relocks the belt on her.

She goes home, family notices something wrong and she shuts herself in her room, and thus the following image:

After that she basically asks the teacher to unlock her belt again and they have sex, the end.
File: HSE 0000-30aW.png (967 KB, 750x1384)
967 KB
967 KB PNG
It's really just a cruel twist on underwear and there's a lot of underwear you can lock people into.
File: 108972686_p0.png (1.3 MB, 1920x1080)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB PNG
there are lots of ways "chastity fashion" could exist. the is the pure and chaste approach with poofy gowns, under which belts, bras, corsets high heels/boots and crinolines could be hidden. and then there is pic related, the slutty approach with the gear not being hidden at all, or at least being flashed to those around the lucky girl. the first would make the wearer act more demure and restrained, with all the clothes restricting her movements, while the latter would simply be there to humiliate her to the public... a slut, that was caught and is now being tamed
Also an based opinion, though I don't think I encounter it as much when I look stuff up
it's a niche fetish, although over time I have come at least across a few good short stories on it which ended up getting me hooked on the whole thing.
Which stories ?
File: IMG_20230913_201224_554.jpg (205 KB, 927x1280)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
Damn, i love the look and idea of chastity belts.

Would love to try buying a belt one day
File deleted.
perhaps you should

i would pay real money if i could find that old storysite again, but i lost the archivelink
it was basically no more thana collection some extreme bodymod, chastityplay and BDSM themed fixs
Dunno if it was in the gen or in one of the previous threads here, but got recommended Abstinence of Jenna and finally got around to reading it

Quite liked it!
God that is so hot. I want to reward her so badly with touches and teases. I want to tell her that her denial and suffering gives me so much joy and that she deserves lots of edges and stimulation for being so good. But I'll tell her that I can't give her those rewards, cuz I like her more when shes denied
not the ones i meant but on topic none the less

god, just imagine snuggling with her each night, having her hump your leg and feeling the fluids leaking from her only to deny her what she so desperately craves while you either drift off to a relaxing sleep, or just take her rear entrance
or perhaps, you could tell her you have a special suprise planned for your next anniversary only for to turn out to be a new cheastityensemble, this time being a chastity leotard/corset combo she will have to wear until the next time you want things to change for her.
i dont doubt she would shed tears of joy after that announcement!
>chastity as a global fetish, as a more common thing with another global setting or as a taboo as it is right now
which one is hotter?
voting for the second one
a regular global fetish takes away its uniqueness and the way it is right now is too rare
I'd allow her to be touched, but not edged. I know that there will be a point where she'll learn to love and crave edges, and I want to deny her that.
She'd tell me she needs to be edged and I would just stick a finger in her or touch her to 50% of an edge before stopping and locking her back up.
For our anniversary surprise or other events, I'd give her her edges. Except it'll be a slow burn edge, with as little pleasure as possible. Maybe I'll blow on her pussy and give her clit a very light tap every couple of seconds, until she reaches the edge after an hour or so.
The key is to get her there with no hard touches so that she gets no relief from edging.
File: 111797276_p1_master1200.jpg (349 KB, 588x1200)
349 KB
349 KB JPG
Teased and denial buuuuuump
It is a bit of an ironic fetish in that way, isn't it.
anything ever exist on the theme of "someone locked up your gf in a belt you don't have the key to"? maybe my top chastity kink
File: 111714483_p0_master1200.jpg (772 KB, 849x1200)
772 KB
772 KB JPG
File: 0034_67412528_p01.jpg (152 KB, 1280x1719)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
allow me to specify, a jealous/spiteful/simply evil woman locking up my GF
bonuspoints for forced stimulation/edging in inopportune moments
File: anal_only_chas-1621.jpg (44 KB, 620x800)
44 KB
Edge and tease until her pussy is dripping wet and she is crying and literally begging to be fucked. And then make her wish come true and fuck her... but in ass only. So her poor denied pussy remains untouched and locked in chastity.
>Go to sadpanda
>Search for female:chastity
>Find a bunch of male chastity content
>Not men in chastity alongside women in chastity
>Not genderbender
>Not futa
>But biological men (male) with their dicks in a cage tagged as female
Why do trannies ruin everything?
On an unrelated note, that one Mayafag apparently commissioned another pic.
I'm a gentle owner, so I'd let her have her reward. I'd give her one slow thrust as a reward, and to lube my cock with her juices. I'd tell her I'll give her two thrusts if she licks her juices off, and ofc she'd do it. Then I'd do it again, and rinse repeat until I either cum inside her or in her mouth.
If I cum in her mouth, then lucky for her. She gets to edge freely as long as she holds it in her mouth, but is back in denial as soon as she swallows it.
If I cum in her pussy, then she gets put in chastity and isn't allowed to edge for a week. (teasing is allowed and encouraged).

God, the shit you have to come up with to tease a girl that actually likes to be edged and denied...
I mean there's always smut trash out there. Are you after the 'done forcefully' aspect or is falling for it as a self-bondage trap good too?
chastity belt and anal is perfect - can still serve and please her man but gets no pleasure herself
only denial and frustration and bowels full of cum

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