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Theme related Questions:
>What kind of augmentations (genetic/cybernetic) are used on women?
>And how does it play into their duties as slaves?
>How does the patriarchy view & treat women?
>If it's a spacefaring setting what does the many patriarchal cultures look like?

Last thread: >>10710921

Classic questions:

World Building questions:
>How should patriarchy be enforced? By laws? By force? By social pressure? Or something else?
>How should women see themselves when they look in the mirror? Describe the ideal self-image of a woman under patriarchy.

For men:
>What do you do with a clumsy slave who really does her best, but just always messes something up?
>What are the cruelest things you want to do to the weaker sex? How would you punish a troublesome female? What challenges would you set for an obedient ancilla?
>What are the kindest things you want to do to your pets? How would you express affection to a loyal bitch at your heels?
>How should a Father treat his daughters, wives and other women in his personal life?

For women:
>You've been sold to a new master but he's only using you as a maid, What do you do to get his attention?
>How do you see yourself serving the patriarchy? Would you be a chaste wife or a slutty paramour? Or maybe just slave or scullery maid?
>What is the most extreme act of female subjugation you can think of? Will you challenge yourself to offer it willingly, or do you want a man to inflict it on you?
>Would you want to be born into it or have a man train you into his ideal slut?


This thread is a new start on the patriarchy theme, links can be found in OPs of past threads in the archives.

This thread is for fetishizing a patriarchy where it's biological men being Doms and biological Women as Subs
Trap/Feminization/Trans and AI Art content belongs in it's own thread
>done properly, this can give her a happy life, she will truly believe she was always a slave maid
>blessing to not be able to think as much after a life where her augmented brain ran wild
Really like this for the terrifying implications it has for women.
The failures that kept getting their minds reset can still serve the purpose of preproduction, while others who are phased out before that instead become normal maids.
And going further any women who actively rebel are given a form of execution by having their personalities overwritten.
Yet their new self will continue as a loyal slave, Paternalists see it as giving them a 2nd chance, more sadistic masters view it as getting the most out of them.
Regardless there's no way out for women...

>large(female) population... slave women handle pretty much all labor
Labor slaves are given special cybernetics to increase physical fitness, endurance and etc.
With added brain implants to disable high order thinking at their master's discretion.
And like other slaves sexual services is still in their list of duties.

>more paternalist bend still use these women to mass produce slaves...
Wonder how far certain cultures would take this even to the extent of >>10753992.
Some places might see ratios of 800 women to a single man, with harem sizes possibly going up to the thousands.
And at the very least harems become the norm with the very concept of monogamy being seen as a primitive concept.

>take their household with them to essentially transplant their life to a new planet
Could also use "buying plots" type system where settlers aren't just buy a ticket on the mission.
But also X part of the planet, so an absurdly rich master could have a small sized country as his personal estate with the slaves to match.
Meaning that Eden worlds are often the centers of slave trade for the entire sector.
With many famous bloodlines have their breeding operations based there.
File: 111312544_p1_master1200.jpg (612 KB, 1077x1200)
612 KB
612 KB JPG
>Regardless there's no way out for women
No matter what, the men in charge will get some use out of her, even if its just her womb.
For some it's actually a happier life, failed pilots go from a life of pain and struggle to a happy mindless life as a maid or house slave, for others its as you said, a form of execution, removing everything that made her "her" and replacing it with a doll to be used as her masters wish

>Labor slaves are given special cybernetics
Depending on the region, these cybernetics range from simply enhancing her physical capabilities to make her physically demanding job easier, to mind control augments that cause them physical pain when they disobey, even if its for reasons beyond their control, like collapsing from exhaustion after being ordered to keep working
Regardless labor slaves always go through heavy augmentation to further drive home the difference between castes

>harems become the norm
The societies that took over after the AI war all had harems built into their culture in some way, even the lower end still expected a man to have a wife alongside a group of slaves, while others eschewed the idea of traditional marriage altogether, with the only difference being a masters personal rankings for his slaves
These traditions only expanded once the galaxy fell fully under their control, and I could imagine some having massive harems due to artificially increased breeding

>"buying plots" type system
In the days before Texas was independent, the Spanish(and then Mexican) governments leased land out to settlers called empresarios who were required to resettle multiple families and essentially turn the area profitable.
A similar thing could work with far flung colonies here, ambitious men are given land to take their households, slaves and all, and settle a new world, with less rich settlers signing on under these pseudo-governors.
The need only send taxes or resources(like slaves) back home
File: 111370250_p0_master1200.jpg (596 KB, 893x1200)
596 KB
596 KB JPG
Building off the mech-slave setting from last thread, I have an idea for a game, but I also have no talent so I'll just idea dump it here instead of the game general
Game play is half VN and half simultaneous turn based strategy(similar to games like Frozen Synapse if you have ever heard of it) essentially you give orders to your pilots and then everyone moves at the same time, your own units, allies and enemies. Unless explicitly told to hold fire your pilots will engage anything they see within range but only with their primary weapons, things like missiles get directly aimed so you can do speculative fire.
The VN parts of the game deal with interacting with and training your pilots, its up to you if your a cruel slave driver who pushes them to fight on through fear, or if you try and make connections with them and grow devotion

Plot wise you are the sole survivor of a colony that gets massacred by unregistered mechs, with many seemingly being AI controlled, which of course would be massively illegal, but because of that most people don't believe you
Get hired to a tiny mining company that has scrounged up enough to buy 3 cast off pilots because they have been getting pushed out by larger corps and national enterprises
Your starting pilots are(and I'm bad at names so I wont even try):
>Stoic kuudere girl
Highly trained, seemingly quite stable, only concern is why she was sold at all, and for so cheap no less
Turns out she had a complete breakdown on a mission and opened fire on allies and enemies alike, massive death toll, had her marked for execution, but her handler pulled some strings to get her mind wiped and sold her off both to pocket some cash and because he had sympathy for her.

-Obligatory Asuka Langley expy
Comes from a region that is more or less ancient Sparta, but flipped so that the women are the ones expected to be fearless warriors.
File: 111611583_p0_master1200.jpg (605 KB, 1200x1200)
605 KB
605 KB JPG
Her background makes her quite arrogant having been raised to try and be "better" than those around her, although since she has been a slave her life she isn't rebellious against you outright, more that she wont respect you if she feels you aren't tough enough and her culture allowed higher ranking slaves to be open with their displeasure within reason, even to their male superiors so she wont hesitate to call you out if she feels misused, or that the other pilots are being given more opportunities
She was sold off because she is a hothead and overly aggressive, during missions she needs to be reined in and will frequently pursue kills instead of focusing on the mission
Up to you if you play into her sense of self importance, or crush it, but either way her motivation can be tricky if she thinks she isn't being allowed to prove herself

>Absolute paranoid basket case
Born into a rather paternalist colony, her homeworld was conquered by a more degredationist group and her master was killed.
She was old enough to remember her old life, but young enough to grow up within this new society where she was now treated as less than trash with even other slaves fighting with her for meager rewards.
The mandatory checkups found her to be a potential pilot candidate, and so she was sent to a military academy where things were even worse for her, as a teen she killed another slave over scraps of bread because the other girl was trying to kill her
She passed the academy, survived augmentation, and became a pilot, but REALLY doesn't want to be one, having grown to hate violence
Different slaves are affected in different ways by the augments, and she ended up extremely fearful, when her brain predicts outcomes, it focuses on the worst possible endings, likely because she has experienced such horrors.
Eventually she was deemed hopeless, and was sold off to make something back from her
Again, up to you if you keep her scared or work to build her confidence
File: 111415328_p0_master1200.jpg (521 KB, 1200x1129)
521 KB
521 KB JPG
I'm thinking a "slave trainer: style of game play loop would be core of the out of mission stuff, assign training to your pilots, spend one on one time with them when you want, deal with conflicts between them, dish out punishments and rewards as you see fit
Different pilots respond to different methods of motivation, the arrogant starting pilot for example has dealt with physical punishments and strenuous work her whole life, so she won't be so easily broken by that, but mental stuff like insulting her in front of the others really gets under her skin
Conversely, the fearful one expects punishment for her mistakes, and when she feels you have been light on her she starts to imagine the worst, like "Has he given up on me?"
Same goes for rewards, spoiling a slave can make her complacent, or in the case of those with less self esteem, feel guilty.
Sex(or even just orgasms) work as a common reward, but other options might have more of an effect. A nice sit down dinner with her, or giving her something to stimulate her mind and help occupy her rapidly changing thoughts.
Of course you can always be a tyrant, and just rule though pain and fear, but this will leave you with pilots that are going through the motions without any real motivation, similarly pampered slaves might rise to the occasion, or might come to expect you to go easy on them, and hesitate in dangerous situations
Goal is to help your company succeed. while building your personal reputation and fortune enough to either continue as a high value handler, or retire to a new world taking your favored pilots(and other slaves you have gained) with you
I made out with a girl for the first time in my life on the night of friday to saturday. And i accidentally became a dom (i think). We kissed, I played with her boobs and fingered her a little (not to orgasm). She played a bit with my penis. I didn't come either because her movements actually hurt me a little.
anyway: before leaving the next morning I told her not to touch herself until Thursday. She looked really surprised and turned on. I am going to see her on thursday. How should i proceed?
What do ypu guys think of a company that buys planets, drops down packages to produce clones of women who are instinctively instructed to clone themselves by placing their clone embryos into their wombs, waits for a while, then sells the whole world to someone?
The clone women would be selected from a wide gene stock to increase diversity and they could receive packets of knowledge to accelerate their civilisation to the customer's preference.

There can be several uses for something like that.
>You could portray yourself as a god or divine ruler and be obeyed.
>You could round them up, pick who you like for whatever you want to do then either enjoy the view of the rest suffering an extinction event or allow your family/friends to pick some for themselves.
>You could leave them alone, occasionally subtly influence their society, then watch as they go to war, opress each other and slaughter each other. Perhaps even control an influencial figure's brain to make decisions. Basically either watch them only or play a game of Civ.
>You could use the world as a factory and its women as workers or even material, like raw materials or things like brains for mechs, running algorithms or generating randomness to feed into different computers for various purposes.
Give her the biggest orgasm as possible, then tell her not to touch herself again, rinse and repeat?
If you want something for yourself maybe allow her to orgasm while you're fucking her?
Is this like a bot or something? What are you doing, Anon?
Perhaps he just wants to ask again? In case noone pays attention to the post there and he didn't receive a satisfactory suggestion
no one really answered me in the last thread because it was almost at the limit, so i reposted the same thing here.
thats the plan i guess.
I dont want to sleep with her. How can I initiate her to give me a blowjob? Do you have any other kinky ideas for when i see her again? what should i do if she confesses that she did touch herself?
She might not be a sub and might have simply thought that you have a surprise for her/wants to have stronger orgasms the next time you two meet.
About the blowjob, ask her what she's willing to do in general and what her limits are I guess? It also depends on how close you are.
If she did touch herself, then it actually doesn't even matter much. That was you guys' first time with each other. No need to jump straight into something kinky right away. So backtrack a bit and do something simpler to warm her up to the idea of doing more with you I guess?
thats actually very sound advice. i think i getting ahead of myself here. all the years of masturbating, consuming literotica and porn got to me i guess.
yeah it was our first time making out and we havent even talked about limits/wants.
File: 101585262_p0_master1200.jpg (370 KB, 1138x1200)
370 KB
370 KB JPG
>galaxy fell fully under their control... massive harems due to artificially increased breeding
Really like this perverted version of normalcy.
Once the patriarchy is in complete control women just see sexual slavery as a natural part of life.
And then make efforts to preserve the lewd status quo, even if that means going with sexual degeneracy was once taboo in the past.
With things the way they are perhaps some patriarchal societies become less focused on public use whores and more on harem building?

>heavy augmentation to further drive home the difference between castes
Certainly that's the case but everyone, even women know that cybernetics can still easily be swapped out and new ones added.
All at the will of their master, so there's a motivation for slaves from less sex related castes to move into the easy life of being a sex doll/breeder.
Just another way to drive women away from rebellions and to make rebels even more hated by other women.
As a ticket to an easier life was always open.

>land to take their households, slaves and all, and settle a new world
Outcome of this could be that there's many of these slave worlds each dedicated to producing a signature slave.
So the markets in the core worlds are blessed with having women to meet every fetish imaginable.
While at the same time slave "mega corps" focus on mass produced slaves.

Interesting stuff anon, really liking how this setting is getting fleshed out!
Might have some more ideas/concepts a bit later.
File: mind control bikini.jpg (384 KB, 800x1067)
384 KB
384 KB JPG
From previous thread
I hadn't actually given any thought how consciousness for women in bimbo-mode would work... But what you're saying sort of works.
>Here's a refinement(?) of what you are suggesting:
>Conscious and can speak but can't control body, bimbo-mode concludes with amnesia
This is the testing form of bimbo-mode consciousness. Depending on how well a woman acts while her bimbo-self controls her body determines whether she gets demoted or promoted.
>Fully in control and will remember everything after being deactivated, but helplessly horny and submissive while active
This is the promoted version of bimbo-mode consciousness. Only women that have good social scores and exhibit lustful behavior while normal can earn this.
>Alternate Personality completely takes over while active, plausible memories fill in time while activated
The sad, common, demoted version of bimbo-mode consciousness. The woman will remember having a boring conversation or bureaucratic paperwork instead of fucking her subordinates. The alternate personality starts off as a generic hedonistic slut but slowly begins to desire more experiences outside of sex. This can result in bleed through as the alt-personality tries to inject itself into it's host normal life.
If I understand it correctly, the slavery thread is more commonly about individual enslavement and master-slave relationships, while the patriarchy thread is more focused on slaveowning societies in general. Although both can be used for the purpose of the other.

So I'm thinking of a joint topic between the two threads: Entertainment and Culture edition

The slavery side with entertainment:
> Masters
> What do masters often do for entertainment?
> How elaborate/complex are the masters' entertainment activities? A simple fuck or a small event with family members?
> Any public events/places like race tracks, gloryholes, public shows or arenas?
> Slaves
> What do you do for entertainment?
> What does your master actually allow?
> Are your fellow slaves allowed to socialise/play with each other?
> Any games/tools like dildos available?
> Are you given any gifts to reward you? From a simple teddy bear to a vacation at master's side?

The patriarchy side with culture:
> Any religions in your world? What are their doctrines? Their practices?
> What public holidays/events are there? Any staple activities during them?
> What type of entertainment is considered acceptable/high class for men?
> What types of art are taught and developed among slaves? Dancing, singing, playing instruments, strip performance, sexual servicing, arena performance, cooking, painting?
> What about men? Perhaps things like horse-riding, hunting, chess, playing instruments, torture?
> What limitations are there on men? Are they there due to laws/religious doctrines? Or simply because they're considered wasteful/unrefined/not adhering to the spirit of patriarchy?
> What happens to women with significant cultural/religious values/contributions?
> Are their works recognised or are they credited under the owner/institution's name?
> Are women considered men's tools, lessers, sheep in need of guidance or slaves? Or is it simply tradition for women to obey men, no additional flavors?
This thread in particular has just reset so it could be used for the next reset.
Tbh the topic of sci-fi being the setting shouldn't have extended into 2 consecutive threads anyways and I really want a change of pace.
But a benefit of this topic is that sci-fi setting is still possible.
File: 111639682_p0_master1200.jpg (754 KB, 1200x906)
754 KB
754 KB JPG
>some patriarchal societies become less focused on public use whores
I imagine there would be a sliding scale, some regions would lean heavily into public use, either because the men there have smaller harems focused on the relationships between a master and a handful of slaves, maybe even a true wife, or because women are considered so disposable that ownership is less personal with most slaves being used to staff brothels or public use stalls
The other extreme would be massive harems, with the idea being that a man is expected to personally own a large amount of women, and these women are to be his primarily, only the lowest rungs of his harem are set aside for use by more common men.

>As a ticket to an easier life was always open
To lean more into the cyberpunk nature of this thread, masters could have augments marketed to them as ways to spice up their "boring" slaves, changing in labor augments for more bedroom relevant ones.
Regions that have some women with autonomy would likely try and sell cybernetics as a way to improve her lot in life, playing on her need to find a man to support her because the laws are still heavily stacked against them.
Having different augments be associated with different lines of work would be a good way to limit mobility for women, a labor slave is a labor slave for life, unless her master chooses to make her something else

>producing a signature slave.
I've always been a fan of the idea that different regions are kept intentionally isolated to provide very unique slaves. Particularly within a sci-fi setting having whole worlds that fill different market gaps that a larger corporation cant because it wouldn't be profitable enough
Many of the masters who end up on these newly colonized fringe worlds take this path, and the later joiners, like successful handlers or others who have paid for their spot, either choose to fit into this culture or further isolate themselves and create their own bloodlines.
The other difference is that usually the patriarchy thread is less extreme. It might not even technically be slavery in some cases, just really strict gender roles.
That can actually be a question for the patriarchy culture. I believe I had something similar
> Are women considered men's tools, lessers, sheep in need of guidance or slaves? Or is it simply tradition for women to obey men, no additional flavors?
This one. Otherwise
> Are women considered, legally, implicitly or publicly, as slaves? Or do they take up our society's normal gender roles just with a lot more obedience to men?
This could be a separate question
File: 103252863_p0_master1200.jpg (1.39 MB, 849x1200)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB JPG
For a setting agnostic holiday, I've always liked the ancient Roman Saturnalia, and it's role reversal aspect
Essentially for one night slaves dined with their masters, or even had the master serve them food, of course since its just one day a slave knows they can't go overboard, but I think a holiday of this style would develop in a patriarchal setting that has most if not every woman enslaved, deriving enjoyment from the absurdity of women being in charge.
In other threads we have had the idea that the day a woman is sold becomes her new birthday, celebrated the same way, with the idea being that before her owner, she wasn't truly living

Religion wise I think they would focus mostly on instilling obedience in women. Perhaps a more paternalist nation says that slaves who serve well will be granted eternal happiness in the afterlife, living a pampered life, while still serving their master when he finally crosses over, and in harsher regions, where love and devotion are less important then fear and self loathing, they would say only men go to heaven, but a slave who fills her role can reincarnate as a man next life
Of course that doesn't do anything for the men themselves, and they likely worship a god that represents all the power aspects of the patriarchy, conquest, domination, and in some regions, care and protection.

All these ideas are mostly for settings with near total female enslavement, but similar things could work in a less overt setting, where women are oppressed more through societal norms. In these types of worlds having religion reinforce her place as submissive to a man, either through an actually patriarchal god, or because the church wants society to be that way, would go a long way to cut down on resistance.
Holidays here could encourage women to act more slutty, maybe having working women be required to dress in revealing clothes, which while degrading, is just seen as the way its always been, and a tradition that must be upheld.
File: 108298422_p0_master1200.jpg (692 KB, 852x1200)
692 KB
692 KB JPG
This is a really interesting idea, essentially selling a god king experience if you want it, or the equivalent of an ant farm if you instead want to keep it hands off.
It would be fun to subtly influence society from afar, eventually revealing myself when the time is right and taking my place as living deity
I imagine these services would be very expensive, but once a man buys in they can easily turn a profit by using their isolated colonies to produce unique slaves, and since they are devoted entirely to you, they wont question being sold off, as that is simply what the master requires of them.
>would be a sliding scale, some regions would lean heavily into public use
Could be a core worlds/newly colonized world divide.
More men living in the core while being supplied with slaves from the rim means the harems there are smaller and it's more public use focused.
In the rim & on Eden worlds they're geared towards being producers of slaves, so it's a single stud with his massive harem of slaves.

>unless her master chooses to make her something else
That aspect of it should be focused on by the culture, pleasing master means he'll likely swap out your implants and elevate your position in his harem.
So there's ways a aspect of life that's pushing(forcing) women to be desperate to please.

>fit into this culture or further isolate themselves and create their own bloodlines.
Could be a pretty interesting divide in life style, planets in the rim having their own cultures and slave bloodlines.
Closer to the core it becomes more metropolitan with them importing slaves from the rim.
There's a greater variety of slaves yet some of that unique outer rim quirkiness is lost.

>bleed through as the alt-personality tries to inject itself into it's host normal life
that may very well be the designed purpose of it.
The split personalities slowly merging so that even the women who weren't sluts from the start will eventually become good whores.
A sort of "all roads lead to slavery" kind of deal.

>sheep in need of guidance
Really like the idea of a patriarchy that took the "protection of women" to a twisted extremes.
Which is why they're enslaved and have everything so tightly controlled.
Eugenics, cybernetic + biological augmentation, etc. are all in the effort to produce the perfect slave.
It's kind & caring to the women that conforms but isn't above mind wiping rebels(effectively killing them).
And replacing her old self with a stock personality.
File: 111665455_p0_master1200.jpg (575 KB, 1200x731)
575 KB
575 KB JPG
>Could be a core worlds/newly colonized world divide
Yeah making it supply and demand focus works quite well, the regions that produce slaves have larger harems because they have the supply, perhaps slaves born to traditional pregnancies go for more then those born to mass pregnancies and artificial wombs, which leads to large personal breeding harems for any stud male.
Owning a slave is a lot easier if you live right next to the breeding farms then it is when they have to be shipped across the galaxy

>swap out your implants and elevate your position in his harem
I think worlds with this mindset would invest into very module augments, so that they can easily be changed out, things like replaceable limbs that could be either hardened metallic arms for working, or synthetic but realistic flesh for more personal jobs
A darker way of doing this would be to have mind augments, which can be turned up to their most controlling for labor slaves and resistant slaves, and lessened for trusted and higher ranking members of a harem, but with the knowledge that at any time a master can take total control

>Could be a pretty interesting divide in life style
This also works towards the supply/demand thing, it's easy to get slaves on the fringe, going straight for the source, but of course these regions intentionally produce only one style of slave, so that their product remains unique.
Living further away makes it a bit harder to get slaves, but now you can draw in women from anywhere, leading to societies that have more diverse cultural traditions, but also less of a distinct identity
Could be a reason for some to move inward, and others to try their hand at the fringe, the former wanting a larger market, and the latter wanting a chance at making their own bloodlines famous, or like >>10756821 where whole planets are made to be a bespoke little empire
File: 66126624_p0_master1200.jpg (346 KB, 1200x1002)
346 KB
346 KB JPG
>A literal Japanese wage-slave salary-woman rented out to whoever wants her.
That is kind of adorable.

>Not important enough to be someone's concubine.
>Not smart enough to be a tutor slave for wealthy people.
>Not pretty enough to be a pet or a sex slave.
>Not strong enough for manual labor.
>But also not ugly or dumb enough to become cattle or be discarded entirely.
Such an average, tiny, insignificant woman. Just another cog in the machine. Not even sad about her status, just resigned to her role in life.

I'd actually love to buy her and toy with her on a more permanent and personal level since I have little use for a desk jockey.
>slaves born to traditional pregnancies go for more
Would explain why mega corps that create slaves in the core only sell mass produced slaves from artificial means.
They can't compete with free ranged, naturally born slave women from the colony worlds.
It's due to the cold personality/behavior of a mass produced slave who spent most of her existence being grown in a machine.
Not quite human and that also shows through with pilots who have had their personality reset one too many times.

>hardened metallic arms for working, or synthetic but realistic flesh for more personal jobs
>A darker way of doing this would be to have mind augments
A lower ranked labor slave could have her very perception of reality warped by said mind augments.
Failing or displeasing master has her world turned into a dreary depressing one.
While following master's orders gives them feelings of euphoria.

>intentionally produce only one style of slave, so that their product remains unique.
Might even be the case that some practice forms of incest just as the royal families of earth did.
Keeping the bloodline pure and keeping consistency in each batch of slaves sold off world.
With bio Augs being so common the downs sides in inbreeding are easily mitigated.

>average, tiny, insignificant woman. Just another cog in the machine.
Mass produced slaves would fill that kind of role perfectly.
With how the male-female ratios are skewed so the outcome is that menial roles are filled by these women.
This also makes it more affordable to rent/buy them for personal use.
File: 79679130_p0_master1200.jpg (560 KB, 1070x1088)
560 KB
560 KB JPG
picrel is another example from the same artist, I really like the idea of a setting where women still need to pay bills and support themselves, and are therefor technically not slaves by the legal definition.
Instead they just work thankless jobs while trying to stay afloat or find a man to support them.
If slavery does exist in the setting that makes things even harder for these "free" women, who have to compete with literal sex slaves for male attention all while working themselves half to death, could set the stage for her boss or a coworker to ease her into a true slave life, by showing her kindness that she never experiences elsewhere, kind of screwing with her head as to if freedom is even worth it in the long run
File: 109775998_p0_master1200.jpg (501 KB, 900x1200)
501 KB
501 KB JPG
>free ranged, naturally born slave women from the colony worlds
I imagine that for some roles, like mindless labor or even public use, that mass produced slaves work just fine, and thats where the slave production mega corps make their money, perhaps alongside being the ones who create the augmentations and other tech needed for space travel, resource mining and the like.
It's the more personal jobs where an emotionless slave who has gone from artificial womb(or mass pregnancy from an augmented womb) to a cold, clinical childhood that left them under socialized can be a turn off. It's these niche's that are filled by the colony slaves that have had actual lives, albeit slave lives, and therefor have an actual personality to speak of.
Could be a sign of excessive wealth to have free range slaves filling household roles.

>very perception of reality warped by said mind augments
This is super good, it's not just pain from disobeying, her whole world becomes bleak and unhappy. Her brain no longer feels joy having had it blocked off by the augments.
Until she shapes up her life is dreary and depressing, maybe even have faces other then her masters blurred out, or block her senses like smell or taste so she feels completely isolated.
On the flip side, good slaves have their endorphins cranked up, so that the simple act of serving brings them immense joy, as well as enhancing the sights and sounds she experiences.

>Might even be the case that some practice forms of incest just as the royal families of earth did.
Particularly in the most isolated colonies I think this would be the norm, using genetic modification to remove the risks of inbreeding the old medieval style eugenics programs actually work out this time.
This keeps traits that the colony wants to market guaranteed for each generation, but leads to completely insulated societies, even later additions to the colony find themselves unable to fit in to families that have only been amongst themselves.
>niche's that are filled by the colony slaves that have had actual lives
Would be pretty funny if some core worlds still kept the legal status of free women around but as a sort of cruel public humiliation like in >>10759099
Even though they're very much human in their personality, they still get treated worse then a mindless labor slave.
And all while seeing how home grown and imported slaves are pampered.
Making these women regret having taken the opportunity of freedom.

>On the flip side, good slaves have their endorphins cranked up
Life for a slave is so highly monitored that it would be easy to gamify their training.
All her actions would have a quick reward/punishment to the point that obedience becomes second nature.
As a side note, taking a ideas from black mirror and using it for lewd purposes is perfect match for the thread.

>Particularly in the most isolated colonies I think this would be the norm
>families that have only been amongst themselves.
There would be a big focus around immediate family incest; Daughters-Wives, sister-wives Etc.
With efforts made to keep cousins in the fold too, so for any off-worlder they not only need to have the cash for a ticket.
But also prove that they're a male relative born from a woman that was sold to the core worlds
Or they'd need to pass a series of trials before being allowed to buy a plot planet side.
File: 29417882_p0_master1200.jpg (519 KB, 933x1000)
519 KB
519 KB JPG
>Making these women regret having taken the opportunity of freedom.
I think this could work, particularly for places that were more hesitant about total female enslavement. The laws are still oppressive and society is stacked against her, but if she wants to be free she is allowed to be so long as she can afford to support herself. Working off a setting with almost total slavery, these women get out of being owned, and still have control over their lives and bodies, but in exchange give up the security that a master brings, especially if the region has laws about the treatment of slaves.
Personally I think >>10759099 works best if slavery is seen as something that only happens to "bad" people. Debtors and criminals(with laws that make a lot of things criminal for women) become slaves, and so these rent-a-workers only real way out is to find a husband, since becoming a slave won't guarantee a happy life.
They get sent to pay off ever growing debts at workhouses in a cycle that is almost inescapable.
Or like >>10758800 where this is for slaves that don't fill an obvious role, and maybe have some few skills she can try and sell herself with.

>gamify their training
Even the simplest level using remote controlled vibrators and shock collars means that there is instant feedback for anything a slave does. This is common in training centers, but works just as well to train a slave for an individual masters taste.
>ideas from black mirror
Cyberpunk slavery has a lot to work with, even not /d/ settings usually have cyborg sex dolls whose minds are shut off or written over during their shift, corporations that strain ethics with their augmentations.
All of that works well for a slave setting, any woman who isn't being kept relatively natural for taste reasons could be in for a pretty bleak life, having her mind and personality being molded to her masters wants

>pass a series of trials
Either that or multiple isolated nations, each their own families with different standards
The ultimate victory of human thinking against the supernatural is taming monstergirls and other supernatural creatures through technology. Imagine systems to induce solar radiation on a vampire girl and sticking it on a collar, so she has to do as told or be scorched.
Or silver shackles with GPS and health monitoring on werewolves.
Maybe also taking organs from monstergirls and implanting them on human women to get hybrids that do as commanded. World of Darkness has such a cool setting in the Hunter: the Vigil and one group known as the Cheiron Group who are dedicated to capturing monsters and making profit off them.
File: 110839660_p2_master1200.jpg (749 KB, 858x1200)
749 KB
749 KB JPG
Anytime I read monstergirl stuff I imagine a version where humans take control. Keep the normal danger around, with the monsters themselves still powerful and able to easily overpower a human in normal circumstances, but use technology to flip the script.
Using a monstergirls physical and magical powers for human gain, having whole corporations that capture and train monsters.
Most normal people consider this still too dangerous, but there are many who want such an exotic slave, or have use for their special powers.
This picture is from a series called "Otherworldly Slave Market" by https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/71323560
and this one is an Oni-girl who they mention needs to frequently be wounded to prevent her breaking out, but I imagine after proper training she would be a perfect bodyguard or a tireless physical laborer
File: duo walk.jpg (135 KB, 1024x768)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
>So I've had this idea in the back of my head that's based on these threads which I never got around to writing:
A game where players control women that have been modified to fulfill specific fetishes in a transhumanist patriarchal society. Players have to manage 4 stats for their women as they collectively struggle through a crisis. During character creation a player will choose the fetish archetype for their woman as well as other characteristics which determine her starting stats. These fluctuate over the course of the crisis as players make decisions and events happen. Ideally the players should try to keep their stats in the middle, otherwise their woman will begin to suffer cascading failures... unless other players help out.

>The four stats are:
Bimbo that doesn't know what's going on vs. Secretary who can anticipate her masters needs by analyzing external factors
Depressed Slave who's too busy crying to work vs. Stoic Housewife who feels pride and joy in her role as her husbands helper
a known Feminist who is kept out of most respectable establishments vs. a popular slut who is invited to the parties of powerful men
an un-coordinated easily distracted weakling vs. a healthy graceful goddess
A tomboy and a hucow would have high Nutrition stats but the tomboy would have a lower Reputation
What kind of crisis would the players be dealing with, and since you said other players could help I assume you're thinking of a multiplayer style game.
I honestly prefer patriarchal settings that allow women legal freedom and independence more interesting than straight slavery ones.
A society that lets women ostensibly be independent, but exposes her to so much casual misogeny, objectification, sexual harassment and contractual waiving of her own rights, that "giving up" by selling her rights and self to a man actually becomes favourable, if not requiring competition, allows for more patriarchy than straight 'women are slaves' settings.
For one, it means the woman is making the willing choice to be obedient, rather than being forced, which leads to resistance.
File: konoshige_8.jpg (170 KB, 868x1228)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
>works just as well to train a slave for an individual masters taste
Smart vibes and Shock collars would be the standard tools for masters that own mostly natural women.
As these types of slaves are seen like passion projects, it's much quicker to just have a brain implant installed and program them.
Women know this, so even the painful shocks of the collar are revered as a gift from master.
They see it as master caring enough about them to not simply do things the easy way.

>cyborg sex dolls whose minds are shut off or written over during their shift
That would be the norm for every vat grown slave, not like they had much of a sense of self from the start anyways.
It's only the ones who have life out side of standard protocol that have a chance at developing a real personality.
So there's usually a large after market for these unique slaves, still not anywhere near the price of a slave from the rim.
But a least these women have a chance of living a real life.

>isolated nations, each their own families with different standards
The most successful families might not even have the need or desire to allow outsiders.
So popular are their women in the core worlds that they have the money to run their planet as a closed off paradise.
Many men aim for a fresh colony world for this very reason, a chance at becoming a god of their own lewd heaven.

>allow women legal freedom and independence more interesting than straight slavery ones
Some places could make emancipation a part of every woman's life.
It's made out to be a huge event for young women as it's first free choice of their entire lives;
>they can immediately sign away their freedom and keep a pampered life
>Or decide not to and try their luck at being free.

Should they choose freedom, it marks these women as targets to be made into a examples.
So long as they stay free their lives are made into a shows of public humiliation
Visual augmentation so that slaves only see what's projected into their eyes. Normally, they only see what the camera in the room sees, so they're always in 3rd person. Faces are blurred out as well, for privacy, plus helps them lose their sense of self. Punishment can range from nausea or even seizure inducing lights they can't look away from, to simply turning it off. Escape would be unlikely as once they're out of view of a camera, they would be completely blind.
File: 2912903_p0_master1200.jpg (141 KB, 566x800)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
I agree, I think it's worth expanding out a less overt setting, one where women are still free, with less slavery(or no slavery at all) but wage slavery being common.
Perhaps split education systems, where only the most brilliant of girls have a chance at getting a real education as the society sees it as a waste of resources since women are destined for menial roles or housework anyway
Those who do manage to make it through and get a degree find that many places simply wont hire her for anything other than entry level positions, and her promotions are more about how she dresses and acts then what she can do
Perhaps a tax on single women over a certain age, which more or less forces them to find a man, since most jobs won't pay them enough to cover it plus their living expenses,
Women who fall into debt are sent to workhouses until they manage to pay it off, with the conditions there being pretty awful, barracks style sleeping arrangements, bland nutritional paste for food, and the constant threat of having even those small luxuries taken away if a woman hasn't found work for a while.
They have to try and sell themselves like in >>10758617 with it being common knowledge that many of the contracts signed with workhouse girls contain stipulations for sexual acts, which further creates a stigma around women in this situation who are seen as whores willing to do anything for money.
Maybe have slavery as the punishment for those who go to long without "contributing to society" if we want to keep it as an aspect of the setting having her finally stripped of any semblance of humanity and sent off to work for the government as a laborer, or sold to a company or a private owner who can now do anything he wants to her.
Women working in any roles besides cashiers, secretaries, housekeepers and the like are looked down upon not just by men, but by the majority of women, who have all been raised to believe their place is in the home.
File: 110397745_p1_master1200.jpg (645 KB, 873x1200)
645 KB
645 KB JPG
>master caring enough about them to not simply do things the easy way
If a man is willing to actually train her, as opposed to just reprogramming her brain or doing something like >>10760249 then he clearly cares enough to want her to have a personality. With that context even the most brutal of training regimens is something to appreciate.
Different levels of augmentation are used for different kinds of slave, many lower rank slaves are barely even human anymore, having brain implants that strip away their free will.
Simply being allowed the choice to obey(rather than being forced) is a big reward for many slaves. Like you said, its a chance at a real life as opposed to being a programmed cyborg slave.

>chance at becoming a god of their own lewd heaven
Even if you can't get a whole planet to yourself, many of these rim worlds are split up into micro-nations each ran by a family with a patriarch at its head. While this isn't quite as all powerful, it still gives you a lot of land to work with and a great opportunity to create a bloodline and run your nation with whatever fetishes you may have.
The slave markets on these multi-nation planets often facilitate trade both offworld, and between various patriarchs, who while not wanting to dilute their bloodline, may still want some variety from time to time.

I really like this idea, completely cuts out any chance at resistance when her very vision is controlled by her master and can be used against her. I think controlling a slaves senses would be a great way to manipulate her, everything from her vision, to her pain(and pleasure) receptors, to her sense of taste and smell can be used to punish or reward her.
Gives almost a god like control over your slaves, who will truly have no choice but to obey since the punishments are horrid and all encompassing, turned blind or worse blinding lights that never go away, wracked with pain and with every bite of food she eats tasting awful.
What do you think is the relationship of a man to his mother?

The man inherits the status of that of his mother.
If she's a slave, he's a slave. If she's free he's free.
If she's married then she belongs to her husband. If her husband dies she belongs to the house of her husband, whether her son is part of it or not. If her son becomes the patriarch of her house, then she belongs to her son.

From there her son can decide what to do with her, whether to keep her in the family, remarry her to another man, or keep her for himself.
File: 109184144_p0_master1200.jpg (523 KB, 900x1200)
523 KB
523 KB JPG
I imagine in many places a boys mother is one of the few women he is raised to respect. Still with the knowledge that the gender roles of society place him above her from as soon as he can walk and talk, the boy none the less knows that since his mother was allowed to birth a male heir that she was no ordinary woman, and since the fathers are more focused on business and politics all true born children are raised by their mothers and a small cadre of nannies.
Some other places might use this relationship as a trial of how a man will one day treat his slaves, letting him practice on his mother and true born sisters
>Simply being allowed the choice to obey(rather than being forced)
That would be the mark of good slave training, the fact that a woman maintains her human personality/mind.
Even though she could be heavily augmented, but any man can tell her master never needed to directly program her mind.
So augmentations that are less invasive don't really affect a woman's price.
But invasive ones like brain implants tend to drop a woman's price.

>trade both offworld, and between various patriarchs
Makes for some nice variation in the types of women these planets sell.
They might share genetic traits or culture but each sub-type has their own cute appeal!

>birth a male heir that she was no ordinary woman
There's also a more lewd side of this too, a man's mother is usually entrusted with the responsibility of picking out a starting harem for her son.
Making sure only the best women will be his first. And in incestuous cultures that might mean picking a few of his sisters.
Or being the woman to take his virginity...

>letting him practice on his mother and true born sisters
This kind of thing would be more common in Paternalist type societies.
Where the core idea is teaching the young master that he has a duty of care towards the women he owns.
Reminds me of a crackfic I once read for... I think it was a fire emblem? Where the guy married a queen or empress or something, but it would be politically inconvenient for him to actually be on the throne doing important stuff, at least at first, so she went around trying to gather a harem for him. As long as she was picking them, it's not cheating.
I think this could be a game that exists within a dystopian patriarchal society. It's taught to free-women in processing centers and their decisions in-game will help their captors decide what the prisoners should be turned into. So a woman who consistently chooses to be a gynoid (like pic attached) will eventually have her body encased in a robotic exoskeleton.
The two standard types of crises are sieges and scandals:
In a Siege, a woman with high EMO and NUT stats will succeed. It's a scenario where oppositional forces have cut off a colony from the empire and the women within have to struggle to support their men (and each other) as supplies dwindle.
In a Scandal, women with high INF and REP stats will come out alright. The premise is that an Important Man has been found guilty of betraying the Patriarchy and now the authorities are questioning all of his associates, including the women!
I'm thinking the gameplay is that players start by choosing a character board which they use to keep track of stats. Then they take turns drawing an illustrations card from a deck. An AI scans the illustration and then reads out a dilemna that the player has to make a decision on. There's no words visible on the playing materials, in order to discourage female literacy.
File: 107237698_p0_master1200.jpg (662 KB, 1200x900)
662 KB
662 KB JPG
>brain implants tend to drop a woman's price
I like this as a way of categorizing slaves, those who have been reprogrammed are only really fit for mindless jobs. They can still be used for sex work, but its more like using a sextoy. They might have preprogrammed personalities that can be turned on or changed on a customers whims, but it will be obvious this isn't "her".
For the most part these slaves fill menial jobs, and labor, where their lack of humanity allows them to be worked like robots, without any thoughts towards morale or devotion.

>each sub-type has their own cute appeal
Initially, each nation on a world has its own thing going on, but through the planetary market, these bloodlines start to intermingle a bit.
They all still maintain a large enough population of "pure" slaves, since its those that they market most heavily to offworld traders, but these "hybrids" form a lucrative secondary product, a mixture of all the best from around the world, usually only sold internally or traded as part of business deals, some of these branch bloodlines end up fetching high prices on offworld markets.

>picking out a starting harem for her son
This is a great idea. it's the /d/ equivalent of a mother trying to pick out a wife for her son, almost like a comedy movie plot.
She only wants the best for her child, and is extremely strict about which women she will allow to join his harem, even if he has a woman or two in mind, she wants to sit down and interview them first, make sure they can please him sexually and serve him well.
With the open and sexual nature of these societies, its likely the mother knows exactly what her son is into fetish wise, and so she keeps that in mind when picking out girls for him.
For richer, higher society families this is coupled with her screening true born women to serve as his "wife" or the societal equivalent, who will be responsible for birthing his true born children.
File: 107946105_p0_master1200.jpg (495 KB, 1200x1052)
495 KB
495 KB JPG
Ah ok, so this is like a personality test type of game. Thats an interesting idea, sorting out captives based on their choices in game.
I imagine many are resistant to this at first, laughing at the idea, but enough punishment convinces them to play along and that starts their descent into slavery, giving the trainers something to work off of.
The mother is ultimately the property of the father or whoever owns her. So it ultimately depends on him. He could allow the son to be raised in a public orphanage where the son is served and raised by the slaves of whatever government is ruling. Or he could raise the son himself, with the mother available or not.

If the son is kept with the mother, then their interaction depends on the will of the father and his relationship with her. But if the father doesn't particularly care, and the mother is not disabled in any way:
> The mother, along with other assigned women, would serve his every needs, including sexual ones (look up 17th century nanny).
> Their conduct between each other would be master and exclusive servant. Their relationship aside from that would be of a man and the womb he emerged from and his dedicated milk jugs.
> She would be used as the example to teach the son the relationships and dynamics between man and woman, where other men, even her original owner, would need to get permission to touch her.
> It would also mean she'd be his first fuck and when he becomes angry or needs to vent his frustration, she'd be the one to tell him to lash out on her, often giving him his first whip.
> Education of general subjects can be left to his servants, while social interaction between men can be taught by another volunteering man and those between him and his properties can be taught by another servant, dragging the mother as the example.
> At the moment he reaches 18, he can be considered an adult and be given his mother, sisters and any daughters he made. Then he can sell any of them he wants and do anything with the rest. But at that point the mother would have grown old and her uses greatly diminished. So she's often kept as a trophy or if the son wants to thrown a big party for his adulthood, then the main dish.
>gather a harem for him. As long as she was picking them, it's not cheating.
In patriarchies that keep the idea of monogamy they have a vrey lewd take on it.
Every man only has a single wife who'll give him his male heirs.
But there's 0 restrictions when it comes to him sleeping around and fathering bastard daughters, it is his civic duty after all.
And when it comes to true born daughters it's lenient too, just keep it exclusive with your wife and concubines.
In many cultures it's customary to let the wife have a say on who gets to join as a concubine.

>without any thoughts towards morale or devotion.
There's also the opportunity of guilt free pain slaves, so these preprogramed personalities aren't only good for basic labor.

>"hybrids" form a lucrative secondary product
Every single slave woman has her genetics tracked and that database can easily be accessed by a bar or QR code tattoo.
But famous bloodlines will often mark the women that go off world with detailed & lewd public tattoos.
They show that she's as a genuine slave from her home world.

>mother knows exactly what her son is into fetish wise
Besides just picking out his first wife/starting harem, a mother's duty moves into grooming each woman that joins her son's harem.
So that every detail about them is just perfect and once a healthy harem is established she seeds a lot of duties to her daughter in law.
Moving to more behind the scenes roles like managing the maids.
>Using a monstergirls physical and magical powers for human gain, having whole corporations that capture and train monsters.
Exactly what I'd love to see, the ultimate victory of human intellect over the supernatural, keeping them bound and degraded to suit the whims of their human masters and profiting off their special skills and abilities.
>Most normal people consider this still too dangerous, but there are many who want such an exotic slave, or have use for their special powers.
I know it would be worth it. Imagine getting to be one of the few humans with an oni or orc girl concubine who you get to fuck AND survive!
>This picture is from a series called "Otherworldly Slave Market" by https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/71323560
>and this one is an Oni-girl who they mention needs to frequently be wounded to prevent her breaking out, but I imagine after proper training she would be a perfect bodyguard or a tireless physical laborer
Onis are so hot, I bet they got very musky bodies. Breaking their backs with hard labor would be so hot.
File: 109669277_p0_master1200.jpg (777 KB, 1200x1080)
777 KB
777 KB JPG
>guilt free pain slaves
Why risk damaging a slave you intend to use for other things, when you can simply take a cyborg and use her as a stress ball.
If a master still feels squeamish, he could even program her to be a masochist, so that the personality he interacts with appears to be enjoying it.
The whole idea of totally programmable slaves opens the door to a lot of options for more sadistic masters, and while the idea is pretty horrific to begin with, even those who don't intend to abuse their slaves might use this to ensure their lower ranking slaves stay 100% under control.

>genuine slave from her home world.
The barcode/QR code idea from last thread works really well with this.
Now it takes on a bit of cosmetic flare with these rimworlds placing elaborate tattoos on their slaves that surround her scanable code.
It's not just all the information on a slaves bloodline and characteristics, but considered a part of the finished product, a piece of the art so to speak.
Different regions would likely have different styles that they are known for, so even without scanning a knowledgeable buyer can tell where a slave is from simply by her tattoo

>grooming each woman that joins her son's harem
I really like the corruption of the normal "Mother in law constantly critiques the newlywed wife" trope.
Here its not just her cooking and cleaning, but her skills in bed, her physical appearance and her ability to serve.
Since in many regions, a mother was responsible for teaching a boy how to command his slaves, and likely served as a sort of training dummy for punishments, like >>10761382 there is nothing about him she doesn't know, and so neither her nor the boy see anything strange about her watching them in bed for the first few times and offering(highly critical) advice to his new head girl.
If the girl has any problems with this, she knows to keep her mouth shut, and that one day, if shes lucky she will serve the same role for her own male child.
File: 111785678_p0_master1200.jpg (967 KB, 941x1200)
967 KB
967 KB JPG
>Breaking their backs with hard labor would be so hot
Oh yeah, such a proud and powerful monster, slowly broken down and trained with magi-tech style slave collars and constant abuse, until she only knows servitude.
Converting her pride in herself into pride in serving you.
Honestly theres a ton of places to go with this kind of setting, arachnid girls being used to create fabric, dragons serving to forge metal or in head girl like roles, using their dominant qualities while still serving you.
Different monsters would require different ways of controlling them, which would create whole industries around enslaving and selling different types of monstergirls.
File: 101330065_p0_master1200.jpg (495 KB, 1200x1042)
495 KB
495 KB JPG
>create whole industries around enslaving and selling different types of monstergirls.
Monster girls that lived their lives free before they where enslaved might have their powers develop more.
While the ones that where born & bred in captivity are easier to control but loose some of their abilities.
Kind of like domestic dogs being artificially created, there's a sub-species of monster girls that are created to serve.

>her watching them in bed for the first few times
It's fairly normal in these cases for a mother to take a hands on approach to training.
She might demonstrate proper form herself or be there to force his wife to take it to the base during deep throating.
Almost like how a madam teaches her whores to pleasure clients, except now it's a mother making sure these women are the perfect fuck toys for her son.

>has any problems with this, she knows to keep her mouth shut
In some cases it isn't just a mother-in-law she has to deal with, there's always the chance that a man took a sister or two into his harem.
Being that there's less of a age/authority gap the relationship here is more equal, so it might feel like the wife is suddenly adopted into a new harem.
Besides Oyakodon incest and getting the wife involved is always fun.
File: Hot Atlach Nacha.png (1.46 MB, 992x1403)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB PNG
What monster would you like to enslave, anon? I think I'd go with oni and use mindflayers to enlsave other girls. Atlach-Nacha are also a favorite of mine because they're made to be raped and enslaved.
>The venom that flows inside their body adversely affects even their own spirit, making them depressed, and so they are constantly irritated. For that reason, when a man with a peculiar mentality is sexually aroused by their appearance, as if to vent their irritation, they react in a manner unbecoming of a monster and hurl abusive language at him such as “lowest scum”, and will attempt to bite and inject him with venom. >The effect of the venom in a man doesn't cause irritation, instead, it incites wicked carnal desire towards the little girl in front of him. A man's spirit will become depressed, and a change will come over him so that he'll have no qualms about shutting them up by screwing his penis inside their mouth, the source of the abusive language, or pinning them down on the ground and violating their tiny body according to his own desire.
>Brat Rape Correction Monster Girl
>But you get turned into a Giant Spider.
I'm quite fascinated by the idea of wild selective breeding.
Basically there are still natural habitats left untouched by humans, not because it is dangerous but to make fun of monster girls.
> Hunters often go through the area culling the monster girls and leaving a trail of corpses with their useful parts harvested.
> Not all are killed, however. The more unique ones such as albino or exotic variants and ones with beautiful faces are either raped and impregnated or captured.
> it might depend on the specific hunter, but the above average ones are impregnated and released while the most attractive ones are caught.
> The aim is to gradually increase the population of exotic and beautiful monster girls while not having to worry about actually raising them and allowing some to retain feral, rebellious traits for owners to toy with.
> The captured slaves, after being auctioned to their new owners, may become impregnated. If the owner doesn't want to raise the child but it seems to be a waste to kill a good specimen, he can just hire someone to throw the child in her natural habitats for other monsters to raise and future hunters to catch/rape if they want.
> Sometimes, even the more unappealing ones are captured. They either become manual labor, or disposables such as food or headless onaholes. Their faces wouldn't be seen anyways.
> Sometimes, as a result of constant breeding and selection by humans, exceptional specimens appear, with divine beauty and great intellect to lead other monsters. They are highly sought after, on the level of royal gifts and treasures, their children highly bidded for and their beauty preserved through taxidermies.
> These variants, called Queens, can also be more actively produced by constantly maintaining a lineage of exceptional monster girls, breeding a new one and killing the mother right after she becomes capable of giving birth. The ones produced in the wild are called Feral Queens.
File: Atlach-NachaExtraArt.jpg (325 KB, 651x917)
325 KB
325 KB JPG
Worth it!
File: 110384150_p0_master1200.jpg (874 KB, 1200x579)
874 KB
874 KB JPG
>take a hands on approach to training
Having the new masters family involved is a great way of easing him into his new life.
We have talked before about bringing a new slave wifes sisters with her in order to keep her comfortable, but honestly a newly adult man who is going to be leaving home for the first time may want the comforts of his old life to come with him.
Having his mother, or favored sisters join him at the start of his harem would go a long way to helping him adjust.
As for his father, they presumably have a large enough harem that having his true wife leave for a few months or so wont leave him alone by any means, and so everyone wins.
Most men likely remain close to home anyway, particularly in places where the cultures are more insular

>took a sister or two into his harem
If we add this in, then what you get from a newly formed harem is a true blending of families.
The mans sisters, and other favored slaves join him, and his new wife brings some of her own sisters and lesser slaves with her as part of the dowry.
If we go back to the idea of planets that have multiple different insular nations. then these marriages between them are a mixing of the cultures as well.
The newlywed man gets to experience what life was like over the border, perhaps learning new fetishes he had never considered, all while still having family around to help him adjust, meanwhile the new wife and her fellow slaves get to see more of the world then they ever would have by being sent off to live in a new region, and they themselves will be immersed in the distinct, but similarly lewd culture that they have joined.

>domestic dogs being artificially created
I really like this idea. For those who dont want the risk of breaking in a true monster, there exists programs to breed more submissive and weakened versions. Of course you miss out on the power that a "free-range" monstergirl has, but you also dont run as much risk of her killing you.
File: 111815640_p0_master1200.jpg (911 KB, 800x1200)
911 KB
911 KB JPG
Personally, go big or go home. An Oni as a bodyguard, some giantesses or ogres to do my manual labor, and the crown jewel of my harem, a dragon as head girl.
Theres a story I remember reading in one of the fem-chastity threads about a guy who gets into a relationship with a sexually submissive dragon, and I really like the idea of something so massively powerful and naturally haughty turning into putty when next to me.
She stays controlling and no nonsense when dealing with the other members of my harem, who know that she acts with my authority, but she obeys me unquestionably, either through technological control methods, or preferably because she is well trained and truly WANTS to serve me.

This is good stuff, keeping populations controlled and artificially "wild" like a free range ranches.
Could offer safari type programs where men are allowed to pay to go capture some monsters from the "wild" before bringing them back either just for their stay at the resort, or for an additional price take them home as a permanent slave.
Might even have wildlife preserves, kept almost entirely human free so as not to corrupt the monsters, who will naturally fetch a higher price after they reach maturity and are grabbed by rangers. Those that need meat to survive could be fed by releasing disobedient human slave girls into the enclosure, so they maintain their predatory nature. These monsters might not even know that they live in a controlled environment, making the culture shock of enslavement all the harsher, and giving their new master the fun of truly breaking her.
The Queen monster idea is great, turning the most powerful monsters into the most valuable slaves, meaning even those at the top of the hierarchy are still below humanity.

I posted these in the Slavery thread before I realized they fit better here:

Tell me what you think, please.
>mother, or favored sisters join him at the start
>As for his father, they presumably have a large enough harem...
Could be a wealth/status thing when it comes to the sisters though.
Richer families can afford to send off their sons with a parting gift of a few sisters.
While giving a son his mother as a gift is done more in cultures where men have multiple true wives.

>these marriages between them are a mixing of the cultures as well
>immersed in the distinct, but similarly lewd culture that they have joined.
A marriage between two different clans(not just cousin marriages) then it might be more along the lines of a alliance between royals.
It marks the creation of a new bloodline with the aim of creating another unique type of slave for the planet to sell!

Definitely would be a place for both the wild born and domesticated variants of monster girls.
though maybe the wild ones are seen as higher value/for experienced masters only.
While the domestic types are more commonly used.

Nice green text that's certainly a good fit for this thread!
I think the most likely outcome would be the family friend taking the boy as a ward until he reaches legal adulthood, but that itself opens some problems.
Does the boy(and his personal slave family) move in with his guardian? If yes who watches the estate? If no then does the guardian come to live with them? Again if so who runs his household?
Depending on the region and their particular brand of patriarchy, I could even see some sidestepping this problem by allowing the mother(who is deemed a step above other women since she was taken as a true wife) care for the boy, so long as he is still in charge. But this doesnt help with legal disputes where a woman wouldnt be allowed to be seen as the head of an estate.
The best outcome a man could plan, would be to have that family friend be extremely trustworthy, the boy remains the "head" of the household, but is instructed to sit tight and not engage in any business, while the friend handles any disputes and hopefully doesnt abuse his position.
Honestly a really interesting scenario, and one that a society where women are all viewed as second class at best and slaves more commonly would likely need laws to address
File: 109814779_p0_master1200.jpg (770 KB, 721x1200)
770 KB
770 KB JPG
>Richer families can afford to send off their sons with a parting gift of a few sisters
Thats actually a good point, those with less wealth will likely need to keep as many of their true daughters around in order to use them for deals and political marriages.
Even the non trueborn daughters will be needed for the value they potentially provide as part of a dowry or simply for use around the house.
It's the men who are wealthy enough to have other ways of securing alliances, or even just have enough slaves that they have an abundance of daughters, that can afford to send their sons off with a starter harem, otherwise I imagine the onus for supplying slaves is on the womans side of the family, part of the dowry is a collection of her sisters and especially half sisters.

>mother as a gift is done more in cultures where men have multiple true wives
That works, the father doesnt really "lose" anything, and he ensures that his son continues to get the familial guidance he has been raised with, especially if he has had multiple sons with different women, the attachment is only really there for his birth mother.

>creation of a new bloodline
This becomes a pretty major event, so it's usually only done with the most promising sons and daughters from already successful breeding families. The marriage is both a political agreement, and a business partnership, as this new bloodline will have connections to both halves of the family, with the mans half getting the controlling share since there are less men available, and the womans half being generously compensated and often demanding a promise of payouts down the line in exchange for a promising potential mother.
Alternatively sometimes a man has multiple sons, and the younger ones are a bit less valued, meaning they are married off mostly for the political value, with the hope that they will turn a profit from their new bloodline and make a name for themselves somewhat independently
developments occurred. i saw her again last Friday. if anyone is interested i can share.
Go on?
glad someone's interested.
well i saw her on Thursday evening. this was nearly five days after our first night together.
we were together with friends that night and i planed to ask her in front of everyone if she could "resist temptation" in order to embarrass her. sadly there was no good moment for that.
anyway, all night she looked for ways to be close to me.
we have the same way home and it was just understood that i come up to her apartment.
We cuddled and i asked her if she refrained from touching herself. which she did although it was hard for her.
eventually we went to her bed and we cuddled/try to sleep. i started rubbing her and explored her pussy. a real first for me. i told her to take off her panties and give them to me. after she did as told i put them in her mouth. ill have to ask her how that felt for her.
i continued playing with her.
after having a boner for idk how many hours i got cramps in my stomach maybe you know the feeling. anyway i went to the couch and tried to sleep there.
when i woke up it was morning and i felt better. I went back to bed. After noticing that she was wearing her panties again i told her that i don't remember allowing her to put them back on. She tried to excuse herself by mentioning that i was gone and i simply replied that it didn't matter.
i gave her a small slap/spank on her ass. we cuddled and fooled around. I even went down on her (also a first time for me). and later she gave me a hand job although i had to do most of it because her movements were to aggressive. she just finished me. she even licked my sperm off my finger.
At some point we looked at the time. it was nearly 2 o'clock in the afternoon!!! I had to leave so i showered, gave her a kiss and went on my merry way. notice that i didn't give her instructions this time before i left.
We didn't make plans when to meet again but i could go by her place tomorrow night. Any thoughts or ideas anons?
So... thoughts?
I just wanna talk about the various ways I can use slaves for entertainment lol.
The culture side could be used to invent a truly depraved society, with its own customs, traditions and social activities,...
File: 111821205_p0_master1200.jpg (541 KB, 781x1200)
541 KB
541 KB JPG
Seems like you have a good thing going here, I would urge you not to push it to far(for example nothing in public until you know if shes the type that likes that or if she only wants it behind closed doors)
If she is actually willing to go along with the denial stuff, maybe try "training" her a bit, you said she gives bad hand jobs, so require a good one before you let her cum.
Really the important thing is finding her boundaries, it''s a fine line between kinky and uncomfortable.

I like the idea of slaves trained for entertainment purposes beyond just sex stuff. Like a woman raised from as soon as she could walk to be a contortionist, or dancer. Slave musicians who have never known anything besides practicing their craft.
These slaves are shown off during feasts held by their master, and maybe even during major festivals, where a man can gain a lot of public clout by having the best trained, most entertaining slave girls.
Could even do a sort of "talent show" style event during the festival, with the ones who the crowd likes being showered in praise(and their masters given prizes) and the ones who disappoint being punished publicly, so at least we get some entertainment from them...
File: 1694901964867861.jpg (391 KB, 1273x2048)
391 KB
391 KB JPG
>afford to send their sons off with a starter harem
>onus for supplying slaves is on the womans side of the family
Most cases it would be expected that both families in a marriage supply at least a few slaves.
Neither side wants to appear as if they can't afford to do so, there might be dedicated slaves in the house hold purely for the breeding of dowry slaves.
Meanwhile lower class masters don't bother with the system of true-born daughters instead they buy a high quality slave & promote her as the wife.
Only really focusing on having legitimate male heirs and any daughters are treated as bastards.

>meaning they are married off mostly for the political value
Would be rather entertaining seeing these export focused slave worlds developing their own game of thrones -esque alliances/rivalries.
But instead of grand wars or raids you have things solved with lewd orgies and seduction.
The are competing to sell their women to off world slave markets!

>The culture side could be used to invent a truly depraved society
Maybe one motivation behind space faring patriarchies practicing incest is a desire to spit in the face of morals from old earth.
That attitude of contrarianism leads to other degenerate traditions forming?
File: 111812613_p0_master1200.jpg (898 KB, 900x1200)
898 KB
898 KB JPG
>might be dedicated slaves in the house hold purely for the breeding of dowry slaves.
I think it was last thread we had the idea that these slaves are raised alongside the true born children, but are taught from birth that they are to serve them.
For the daughters who are to be wives, these half sisters are there to fill the more menial roles, or even act as a sort of whipping girl.
For the sons, these girls are often how they first learn to train and control slaves, in kinder regions this familial connection is used to reinforce the idea that a mans role is to be a firm but fair protector.
How a boy treats his half sisters is a good blueprint for how he will treat his future slaves, and in particular his future wife, or wives.
Its not just a way to display wealth, but a foundational part of the childhood and development of a true born child.

>legitimate male heirs and any daughters are treated as bastards
I like how pragmatic that is for a less wealthy family.
They know only their son will truly matter, and so any daughters they sire are for internal use or earmarked to join the heirs future household.
Being able to provide a sizeable group of slaves to start him off is important even for those families that aren't at the top of the pyramid.

>competing to sell their women to off world slave markets
This can get pretty cutthroat. Slave breeding is big business, and the families that produce the best women are the ones with the most power.
Marrying a daughter to the heir of a powerful slave rancher is a great way to move up in the world, but more often these marriages are between already powerful families, or are kept within the bloodline entirely.
Sabotage and undercutting is common, and it's not uncommon for this to spill over into skirmishes or small scale wars.
In that mech setting for example, this likely leads to powerful houses having breeding programs for soldiers and pilots in order to defend their operations and attack competition
File: Perfection.png (2.79 MB, 1600x2600)
2.79 MB
2.79 MB PNG
Any love for the idea of making Manticores submit?
File: Discipline.png (864 KB, 670x1730)
864 KB
864 KB PNG
Children are judged as children.
Adults are judged as adults.

This is the nature of Justice.
File: 107946162_p0_master1200.jpg (1.23 MB, 1200x1111)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB JPG
If I remember right, the Greek writer who made the first western reference to the Manticore mentioned that the locals captured young manticores and crushed their stingers with rocks, essentially leaving them as just a big lion.
I could see a way of using technology to inhibit her stinger, so she cant use it to attack anymore. Could leave you with the monstergirl equivalent of a de-clawed cat, but with the ability to unlock it if you train her for combat purposes.

SauceNAO is failing me, what is this from?
File: FvZK2L1XwAAc6F0.jpg (201 KB, 976x744)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
>SauceNAO is failing me
Cause I merged two images into one.

Artist is @saagelius on Twitter. Really likes DILF x Young Woman and similar stuff.
Has a lot of stuff that I think fits here.
File: F4Ev6-XXcAEi6Lq.png (693 KB, 738x868)
693 KB
693 KB PNG
File: F4EwR1aXsAArDJX.jpg (92 KB, 969x626)
92 KB
File: F2EW34TWMAAys1a.png (1.17 MB, 773x703)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB PNG
File: FOJ93ggXIAMTtQ1.jpg (494 KB, 992x1014)
494 KB
494 KB JPG
File: FiiAfCVWYAAvb4R.jpg (124 KB, 1064x858)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
File: FiiMuzhXEAIwyDA.png (160 KB, 987x841)
160 KB
160 KB PNG
File: Fg02nX5XkAEey1h.png (284 KB, 555x721)
284 KB
284 KB PNG
Showing off your pet project's progress.
That's as much as I'll post.
>reinforce the idea that a mans role is to be a firm but fair protector.
Relating to this post about training women for more then just sex >>10763765
Upper class families would have a larger focus on giving their daughters courtesan type skills.
Along the lines of how high ranked medieval Japanese prostitutes where more then a just a good fuck.
Obedience & sexual skills is a given so other talents are developed as a way to show off the family's prowess in training slaves.

>pragmatic that is for a less wealthy family.
>sizeable group of slaves to start him off is important
When marriage between families isn't an option, the other choice is always taking your sisters as slaves.
While any spares produced are to be sold off, so the ones marked for sale anre't viewed like sisters.
But are seen no different from any other slave; they'll be trained, cared for and eventually sold.

>Sabotage and undercutting is common
How for things go would be under the control of the planet's overseer.
Some let things escalate to cooperate wars while others keep a lid on things.
A world that's focused on creation of mach pilots might let things go further.
Yet a pleasure plant would prefer things be solved with forced marriages.

>DILF x Young Woman
Wish they had more art, it goes well with the thread theme!
File: FhZ1eBdWIAI6K4d.jpg (309 KB, 986x575)
309 KB
309 KB JPG
>Wish they had more art
There's definitely some more on their Twitter, and from what I saw some of their exclusive Patreon stuff is on Kemono as well.
File: 103522373_p0_master1200.jpg (526 KB, 900x1200)
526 KB
526 KB JPG
Ah ok, that makes sense, I really like the setup in that image, with her underestimating an adult punishment, the rest of their work seems great, certainly going to follow them.
File: 111872962_p0_master1200.jpg (677 KB, 1200x848)
677 KB
677 KB JPG
>the family's prowess in training slaves.
I like the idea of well trained courtesans from high society families. Some are taught instruments or other performance arts, and are set to be marketed for their entertainment.
Keeping with the geisha idea, some could even be educated in politics and business, not with the intent of having them be in charge, but because she is expected to have powerful clients who might want to be able to talk about these topics, or because they are intended to be married, and her future husband should be able to talk about his day with her.

>no different from any other slave
That would be the primary difference between more influential families and the common man, if they can spare to have a daughter they raise to be a person rather then a slave.
The idea of a "true-born" daughter is something only those who know they will have enough slave daughters for a dowry, and enough actual funds to start their son off right.
These families can educated their daughters a bit more, not just in entertainment and sex, with the hope of using them for a more legitimate marriage, and creating political ties.

>How for things go would be under the control of the planet's overseer.
Having some planets so dedicated to creating warriors that they allow infighting to provide a Darwinian environment where only the best survive is interesting.
Most planets try and stay harmonious, with only economic pressure and backroom deals to fear, maybe the occasional assassination.
Problems here are solved in courtrooms and private parties rather then the battlefield
Conflict is bad for business, unless of course, conflict IS the business
Thank you for it.
Fuck off
... thank you for posting these? What's pissing you off that much?
File: Go away, I'm Busy.jpg (104 KB, 913x771)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
Don't be mean at the Anon answering to me.

Who knows what that Anon's malfunction is.
File: 108769387_p0_master1200.jpg (484 KB, 1200x779)
484 KB
484 KB JPG
File: 108769387_p1_master1200.jpg (302 KB, 749x1200)
302 KB
302 KB JPG
Wow, ok. I didn't think you'd hate apple juice. Rude.
>taught instruments or other performance arts, and are set to be marketed for their entertainment.
>powerful clients who might want to be able to talk about these topics
Fairly common side business for powerful families is running brothels.
And much like the red light districts of Edo Japan there's a ranking system to it.
As expected these Family run brothels often have the owner's daughters at the top of the hierarchy.
If they weren't sold, married off or used for dowry that's the reason they where kept arround.

>they can spare to have a daughter they raise to be a person rather then a slave.
The boring "behind the scenes" type roles still need someone to staff them.
So the place of an office slut to common whore is filled by the women of the low - middle class.
As well as the many bastards daughters created by the lewd culture of sex and degeneracy.
It's just the norm for your average man to sell off his daughters as a simple finical matter, there's never a shortage of useful roles they can fill.

>Darwinian environment where only the best survive is interesting.
Maybe a world focused on creating Amazons could even keep their female populations living a wild/primitive life.
Essentially being free ranged slaves, having a culture/religion of seeing men as living Gods.
Who descend from the heavens to breed them and to take some women as offerings.
All of it's designed for the purposes of space age slave trading of course.

>Those pics
Maybe in certain cultures it's considered normal for those who can afford it to have multiple sets of wives.
Especially in cases where men gifted their wives to their sons as a head slave.
They pick out a favored concubine or buy a younger woman fresh off the marriage market.
Either to sire another male heir or to start a hobby project in slave breeding.

Got any links for the latest version of the women's prison series?
Ive been getting them from https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/59461214
But this is the most complete set I've found
Strange, that second link stopped working, I'll try and find it somewhere
File: 101671369_p0_master1200.jpg (769 KB, 858x1200)
769 KB
769 KB JPG
>the owner's daughters at the top of the hierarchy
Raised to be more then just good in bed, these daughters were selected specifically to be the main attraction of the brothel.
It's these girls who attract high value repeat customers, often even from offworld.
It's not uncommon for a slave trader to spend several days at each stop to hash out business, and during the nights, he will entertain himself at the brothels operated by the breeding family.
During these stays it's the task of the various daughters to try and upsell him, they listen as he talks business(more comfortable in doing so since he knows these women aren't in any position to make deals themselves) and relays his thoughts on to their father and brothers. They talk up the slaves available for sale, and use their bodies to win him over, many major deals are sealed with help from these high ranking brothel whores.

>"behind the scenes" type roles
It's for this reason that only the rich and powerful can afford to keep daughters around for marriage or personal use, most lower and middle class families need to sell them or at the very least put them to work.
Working off the brothel idea, I imagine most of the employee's are the daughters of middle and lower class men, with those at the top coming from affluent households who have given them extra, more specific training.

>creating Amazons
I REALLY like this idea. Totally free range slaves, who are left to fight amongst themselves, but with men seen as gods, easily so since they literally come down from the stars with technology beyond the womens wildest dreams.
These women would see being chosen to be taken as the greatest honor imaginable, meaning loyalty is no question.
Another idea could be the "Spartan" style women like >>10756509 where they are taught that serving, and fighting as either soldiers, gladiatrixes or bodyguards is the highest honor.
The men of this planet are still in charge of course, but they hold administrative roles
File: 108760847_p0_master1200.jpg (595 KB, 849x1200)
595 KB
595 KB JPG
Maybe it was just when I was on mobile, the link seems to work fine now

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