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writer/artist pastebin

>build unto me a great pyramid!
>wow you guys actually did it? I was just joking!
>n-no it's nice
File: 1637078800601.jpg (925 KB, 645x3644)
925 KB
925 KB JPG
There is gotta be a meaningful way to interact with this kink, they say VRChat it's a good place but it honestly just sounds like a big turn off since likely the "Giantess" would be too afraid of turning on the mic to stranger... Or either they are a man.
There's gotta be some old forgotten ancient ritual that makes a giant girl gently isekai or kidnap you to her world.
It's fuckin unfair bros, this life ain't good enough and it's a crying shame really.
>In a cozy café, hardly anyone here
>The new barista seems happy and bubbly
>Definitely my type, but I'm not extroverted enough to compliment her or anything
>Bored high school senior behind me in line, talking on her phone
>"I'll be home in a bit, just grabbing something to eat," she explains, paying hardly any attention to me
>Place my order, and begin to search for my wallet
>Tip generously
>Time to remove card
>Glitch in the matrix bullshit happens to swap consciousness
>Trade places to be myself in the reality where all men are an inch tall
>I'm standing on the counter now in front of a tiny debit card reader
>Look up to the cute barista who is smiling down at me like nothing is wrong
>Girl behind me in line is standing closer to the counter now
>Both of them act the same as they were previously
>Chills fly up my spine as I'm now able to hear the giantess's stomach behind me rumbling
>A stomach I could easily fit into now
>Card reader is beeping at me to remove my card
>But I'm in a state of fear and confusion
>The cheerful barista is now giving me a worried look
>"H-Hey... are you okay?" she asks in a concerned tone.
>The previously bored teen behind me is also looking at me to see what's going on
>"Sir, you're looking kind of... pale?" the enormous barista decides to try talking to me again
>They're acting somewhat how people would normally react if this had happened to literally anyone their own size
>My brain finally catches up and decides to turn off shock mode into panic mode
>Scream in pure terror and run, trying to find a way off the counter
>Nearly run off the edge of the counter in a panic
>"W-Whoa!" the girl yells, and hastily grabs me before I would've plummeted to my death
>Hyperventilating, crying, flailing, not thinking rationally, assume I'm about to be eaten

Meanwhile, in another reality at the Sundollars café, a normal sized man randomly breaks down crying while paying and the barista walks around the counter to check on him.
Perhaps one day there will be a fantastic VR situation, populated by both people and highly advanced AI. The AI will happily play a giantess role for you.
Real people will, too, but they're just harder to come by.

Yep that's the Re:Zero experience. Subaru's gone through that more times than he can count. It's gotta be something for the other people.
You know you can just type to each other in VRChat, so even if it's a man behind the model he can still roleplay with you just fine. I don't have any problem with it, if anything it works better since he knows what a fellow man will enjoy. It's not like I'm looking for someone to marry here.

At some point you have to stop being so picky, accept that this is a niche fetish, and appreciate the options that are available to you.
Eh it's not much as a problem of him being a man, it's just from my experience when sometimes the reveal happens the situation quickly deflates and sometimes becomes awkward. And VRChat doesn't have that much in options but again that's just me being picky as you said, I don't consider this fetish as niche as some of the others, I think we just lack a critical success for the people that aren't sure they are into it.
File: 1674933815544685.jpg (1.12 MB, 2250x1500)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB JPG
>virus leaves a portion of the male population shrunken to various sizes from action figure size to micro
>society adapts most of the tinies continue on with life
>escorts and prostitutes realize there’s a whole new market to tap into
>big returns for little effort, sex workers start advertising and seeking tiny men as clients
>regulars become a thing as tiny men gain access to impossible sexual pleasure
>some escorts strike gold as wealthy tinies fork over thousands to be kept in their bras or panties for entire days and “special” attention scattered throughout the day
>all they have to do is let tinies indulge themselves and cum as much as they want while they take in the money
>slathered against a giant pussy, smothered between giant tits or ass cheeks, mind breaking blowjobs, hump a nipple or toe for an entire day, sometimes a week if they have the money and energy for it

What would you all go for? It’s stay wrapped around a nipple as big as I am and just cum all day long.
File: 104629857_p0_master1200.jpg (767 KB, 743x1200)
767 KB
767 KB JPG
>”I’m just saying, the double standard is ridiculous!”
>”A woman cuddles a couple different men throughout the week, she’s getting fist bumps from her friends.”
>”Three to four? Word spreads and women she’s never even met are giving her high fives.”
>”More than that? Double digits? She’s a fucking local legend!”
>”Yet, god forbid, if I cuddle with more than one woman a month, I’m a cuddleslut!”
>”I enjoy cuddling with a variety of partners. I don't expect anything in return. No fancy dinners, no vacations, no expensive clothes."
>"So what? Fucking sue me! Nobody's getting hurt here.”
>”Cuddleslut shaming has got to go. Stop living in the past, people. We shouldn’t be shunned just because we enjoy cuddling as much as a woman does.”
>the camera pans up from the knee-height man to the sharply-dressed reporter conducting the interview
>”And there you have it, folks. Impassioned words from a proud cuddleslut. I think he’s onto something, if you want my highly biased opinion. Stick with us as we continue our live coverage of CuddleSlutWalk 2023, while I try to get this cuties number!”

sorry for the extra dumb greentext, the word 'cuddleslut' has been firmly lodged in my head since some anon posted it lol
File: 60675309_p0.jpg (321 KB, 1181x1181)
321 KB
321 KB JPG
Tinies paying money to spend the day entrapped? Are...are you okay, anon? Did a woman accidentally drop you and give you a concussion? Women pay good money to have a tiny squirming against them for a day! I'd highly recommend it, I'm earning like three times as much as I made at my old job working only a few days a week.
There's a game called Shrink/Growth Blackjack. Nothing spectacular, probably cobbled together in a month with RPGmaker on the creator's weekends, but it was fun enough for a night.
I'm wondering if anyone else here has played or heard of it? I got a lot of endings, but I feel like I probably missed a few, due to Nip tendency to hide endings behind extremely esoteric and nonsensical requirements.
File: why do we climb mountains.jpg (749 KB, 1127x1600)
749 KB
749 KB JPG
God reality switching/warping is based. When the girl gets increasingly more distressed the more confused and panicky you are is just hnnnnnnng
I think I prefer it to shrinking honestly.
That's the thing. I think it's as close as possible to actually meeting a giantess who considers you an equal in terms of sentience. No threats or teasing of hurting you, they just see another person, almost like how you don't (or shouldn't)look down on someone who lost their legs or something.

I think it's cute watching a giantess or two freak out about your mental health, and it's even more adorable when they cannot possibly consider the fact that you'd even be scared of them. Especially the ones that live in a world where size differences are normal and not stigmatized.
Fire Emblem themed
>Waiting near a landmark
>Your mystery party member is supposed to come meet you guys
>The Great Knight and the Paladin that you joined up with face the West, while you're facing East
>They see something in the distance but don't tell you
>In fact, they prioritize their own safety
>Turn around to see what they could possibly be afraid of
>Absolutely enormous Swordmaster chick is running towards you guys
>The fact that she can move 30 tiles by the time you can cross 4 is insane
>It's hardly any time at all before she's close enough to speak
>You're simply frozen in fear
>Her outfit seemed Red from a distance, but now that she's closer it's actually just Green, still halfway turning to Blue
>"S-Sorry I'm late!" she greets you, out of breath
>She actually looks apologetic
>You're still too stunned to speak
>THIS is your new teammate??
>A cursory glance at her stats puts her well past the Dark Dragon of legends
>Who even needs 35,000 HP when they can one-shot everything?
>Music has changed to something uplifting as you've gained an ally
>You're still trying to catch your breath. If she wasn't friendly, you were fucked
>As a recently promoted Adventurer, you would have stood no chance
>"Who are they?" the girl asks, pointing at your 'comrades'
>Turn around to see they've taken the only two horses and left you for dead
>Those DASTARDS! you think to yourself.
>Giantess seems unconcerned
>"Can I please join you? The Dark Dragon killed my family, and--"
>She starts rambling about her past and how she wants vengeance against the evils of the land
>She also insists on you being the party leader
>You're only carrying an Iron Bow +3, Vulnerary 3, and Mend 15
>Meanwhile this titan is carrying a Wo Dao +5
>"Hello...?" she asks, seeing as you've barely uttered a word
>"I never thought my new leader would be so... um.. shy?" she asks, completely missing the point
File: 1693563218529219.jpg (122 KB, 600x853)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
>*sniff* *hic*
>"who even needs tinies"
File: FeS1a06UAAAUo83.jpg (225 KB, 1917x953)
225 KB
225 KB JPG
>mmmm, alicia was right, tiny foot massages are the best! i'll be sure to leave a good review, thank you so mu-
File: iboke6jy635b1.png (1.78 MB, 960x960)
1.78 MB
1.78 MB PNG
>Giant girl pretends to be evil and crule to preserve her image among her peers, but is really a big softy that loves tinies
best shit, I remember a greentext of an anon combining it with a giant Ojou-sama and let me tell you that did shit to my heart
>In a world where it's trendy to treat tinies like vermin
>One woman has quite the fearsome reputation for being quite creative with how she disposes of her pathetic little toys
>To make matters worse, she offers to buy tinies for pretty good prices
>Today is one such day
>Your cruel owner has finally had enough of your begging and sniveling
>"I could just twist your head and snap your neck, but I'm kinda broke, so..."
>Beg with her, plead with her
>Anything but being sold to "The Grim Reaper"-- Ms. Holly Laviscella
>Your complaints fall on deaf ears
>Trembling in the hand of your evil owner, who fully intends to screw you over
>In front of an opulent mansion
>The Grim Reaper looks like a princess, almost
>Unfortunately her cold stare instills a deep sense of dread within you
>There is no smile. There is no hope.
>Your owner receives her payment and casually drops you into Holly's outstretched hand
>She raises a hand to her face and laughs, the laugh of a cruel rich woman who has never faced any justice for her actions (Oh-ho-ho-ho...!)
>"You're dead meat, you little bitch..." she whispers to you as your owner watches, before departing
>You're mourning for your life as you're whisked away into the death lair
>As soon as the door closes, you see hundreds of tinies just existing as if they've got their own city
>Everyone waves at the Grim Reaper when they see her
>Thoroughly shocked, you turn around to face your new owner
>Tears are streaming down her face
>She just keeps repeating apologies
>"I'm so fucking sorry, I'm sorry, I'm--"
>Later learn she had your previous owner arrested for basically nothing because the cops are in her pocket
Looks like Rolo-chan is ending with chapter 10, according to Bookwalker.
>the cops are in her pocket
How would they manage to arrest her then? They're too small.
they're specially trained so she can toss them like pikmin
Cops don't have to be tinies, or even males.

But speaking of giantess police, any story recommendations?
Silly anon, if they aren’t tinies then how would they fit into her pocket?
File: sensible-chuckle.gif (1.37 MB, 498x278)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB GIF
Some guys have it all…
File: E6IUXb2XsAMOhKH.webm (1.48 MB, 800x800)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB WEBM
"Oh, what's thi-"
>"Now, hold still..."
>just moved out to one of those new mixed towns.
>I wasn’t too sure how I felt moving out to where there’d be various monster and alien women of various sizes, but my old man had passed recently and left me a place on the beach he’d that had before the area turned into one. Cute place in a “little” cul de sac by the beach.
>beats paying rent in a boring city, and my work was remote these days.
>though I did get pretty nervous seeing as how my neighbor to the left was three times my height, and to the right is… fuck I don’t know she’s gotta be like a hundred feet tall. Her human part, that is.
>and their houses are sized appropriately so it’s all a bit fuckin weird looking but that’s the new normal, I guess. At least zoning and planning are handled well.
>Cindy, the amazonian alien lady to the left of me (some variety of space elf, a pink one), is… nice. Very flirtatious and has made it clear she’s gonna try to get into my pants, and has warned me her friends and family will visit a lot and do the same.
>Samara is the neighbor to my right. She made me real nervous to meet, since she’s a huge snake lady. And because I catch her staring down at my house from her giant windows all the time. And doesn’t look away when I catch her. She’s very polite though, and I’m 99% certain she does my landscaping at night with some scissors or something but I’m not gonna say shit.
>apparently both helped take care of my dad, and kept any overly interested parties away.
>he was a widower, my mom having passed before the Convergence. He just wanted to be with her. Turns out most of the new ladies in the world respect that type of thing. The decent ones, anyways. You hear stories…
>I’m not gonna lie I think my dad promised my hand to Samara or some shit. She’s weird. And Cindy is one of those “all human men need one of us to- blah blah” types. Very forward and intense.
>be tiny
>virus affected you harder than other men, shrunk down to nearly a centimeter
>thankfully worked an important corporate job that allowed you to work remotely
>apartment gets tiny proofed, regular furniture left for guests or family that visit
>food and essentials provided by courier service
>unfortunately life is lonely when you’re that small
>find out about escorts who specialize with tinies, hesitant at first but loneliness and horniness wins out at the end
>take the risk and look up escorts, find one who says she specializes with particularly small men and tit lovers
>fuck it, what’s the worst that could happen
>nearly 6’ tall, on the chubbier side but says she has F cups, pull the trigger and set a date
>either he gets robbed, kidnapped or worse or he finally gets to spend the night with a woman
>she arrives, let her in and watch in awe as she walks over to you enclosure in the living room
>tall and very busty as advertised but at your size her tits are truly gigantic
>feel yourself getting harder with every jiggle and wobble of her tits under her tight, low cut top
>look at her deep, imposing cleaver as she kneels to introduce herself
>she has a gentle voice, plays the part and asks if you’d like to be with her
>walk towards her and she talked her top off, revealing a lacy bra barely containing her tits
>you are rock hard now but then she hits you with a question that you hadn’t really considered
>she asks you if you know what you’d like to do for the day, a wave of embarrassment hits you when you come back to reality and realize you’re barely a centimeter tall and she’s a very *very* large woman
>you hesitate but decide to be honest and shake your head no
>she giggles and reassures you that it’s ok, she undoes her bra and your jaw nearly hits the ground when you see her tits
>they plop out on the table and and you could barely take in the expanse of flesh before you
>both have made it clear we have an additional neighbor, and just point at the water when I ask where. Her name is apparently not pronounceable by Humans. She goes by “Ms. Cutie” apparently. Her place is… basically the foreseeable horizon. Square miles in the double digits or some shit. I don’t know. But regulations allow her neighbors to make use of the beaches, and companies to use the waters with her and the governments approval. It’s all pretty complicated. Thanks god for all the robot girls and demonesses handling bureaucracy these days.
>turns out she does get a hefty payout for things like littering, spills, eco-damage, whatever. Huh.
>still haven’t met her, but one night when it was storming out, I swear to god when I woke up to take a piss, I looked out the window and saw… just hundreds of glowing green eyes staring at me.
>but I had also been really high at the time. Still, I keep those shutters down now.
>I have yet to work up the nerve to take a dip in the ocean.
>the other two claim she’s a sweetheart, and the neighborhood mom. She’s just shy with strangers, apparently.
>there’s also additional land in case any neighbors move in. Low chance of any humans, but both girl have agreed a young single human man being in the area would result in “some hussies moving in.”
>yes, they are that desperate. Most single guys stuck to human sized only cities, when possible.
>my next order of business: finding a gym.
>the nearest human sized convenience town is about 45 minutes away, but no gym. That’d be 1 hour and twenty. But the nearest multisize one is just 15, and had a highly rated multisized gym. With a human discount. So that’s convenient, but certainly adventurous. I’d never lifted in anything but a human only gym before.
>I didn’t even want to look at equipment prices for a home gym. I truly believe that the prices of gym equipment were being manipulated by the monstergirl illuminati to keep men in public.
File: 90907451_p1.jpg (1.81 MB, 1500x1393)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB JPG
Boy, my coworkers sure are airheads! One of them keeps accidentally pinning me under her chest when she reaches over to grab things. She seems apologetic. Keeps saying 'it's so hard to keep track of the girls' as she cups her bosom. She always has a smile when she says that. And a bit of a blush. They are awfully big. Being a woman sure seems hard!

Another was standing directly over me today (I guess she didn't see me) and she must have forgot to put on underwear that morning. When I looked up to say something, her lady parts were on full display! What a ditz! And then it happened three more times after that. What a crazy coincidence!

My boss accidentally sat on me! I got knocked onto her chair by her hair and she must have not realized it. Next thing you know, I'm completely pinned under her rear! And I stayed that way for quite a while. Which is a little surprising, since I'm small, but not that small. You'd think she'd be able to feel something under her butt. I guess not. Learn something new everyday!

And I don't even want to get into how often they all drop things. Are their hands covered in oil or something? The way they pick things up is really strange, too. They keep their legs pretty straight as they bend over, which doesn't seem like the best form. Even weirder, they look back over their shoulder and make eye contact with me as they do it! I feel like I should tell them their undergarments show when they do that, but I'm not sure if that would be rude or not.

They sure are klutzy, but it always keeps things interesting around here!
>become kidnapped by cultists
>be told that you are a sacrifice
>it's really an "aw, shucks!" kind of moment, if you get my drift
>tossed haphazardly on the ground in a pentagram
>only three cultists, but they back up far away from me as they chant
>I've considered that I do not like the current string of events
>I physically cannot move
>cultists keep referring to me as food terminology like bait or snack
>ground rumbles
>ready to pass out
>the ground under the cultists morphs into a mouth, and sinks into the earth
>A giant, jet-black being's head pops from where they were standing
>they're in "Her?" mouth now
>going hysterical just watching Her?
>I begin laughing without being able to control myself
>She? swallows them alive, and yawns and stretches
>Her? form is easily seen against the night sky, but it's still akin to trying to watch a "black hole lense effect" woman do anything
>enchanting green eyes appear on Her? face, thankfully only two where they should be
>smitten on the spot
>also smitten in fear
>I could see the end times in the future, she's there
>Why is everyone laughing? They look happy
>"Hiya!" She? speaks in several ranges of wavelength
>She? seems ancient, yet extremely undersocialized
>almost like she's never met a human before
>"Oh-my-gosh! Why are you making that face?" She? asks "Is there someone behind me!?"
*She looks behind her for someone scary, and turns back to face me.*
"Nope, it's just me behind me right now like always. I'm pretty much everywhere, so that's okay."
>More ground crumbles as She? Rises
>I am in danger of debris, but She? grabs me with a yelp
>"Nonono you were in the protection circle! You're not allowed to die. Well, no one is, besides the snacks needed to summon me, but especially not you!"
*As soon as Her? hand makes contact, you experience true terror. The things this girl? can do are at least powerful enough to condense the first 1-7 dimensions into her anus if she wanted to. I recall we live in the third dimension
Embarrassing. I will not continue this. It was better in my head
So you guys are still trying to force this thread huh
File: 80802884_p0.jpg (309 KB, 1920x1920)
309 KB
309 KB JPG
Who even collects the cuddle tax, anyways? Is it the ICS? That doesn't seem right, everyone else would be very jealous. Is every woman an honorary member? Can the tax be paid to anyone?

Please help, tax season is coming up and I'm very confused!
I'm a gynophobe, lady, so I'll give you a tax break
I see what you were going for but yeah it isn't great.
Last time I post while fucked up, hopefully.
Maybe besides this post explaining itself.
File: 1653092287891.jpg (403 KB, 2000x2000)
403 KB
403 KB JPG
better to learn from a mistake then not I suppose.
>Disney’s Gigantic cancelled
>Rolo-Chan getting canned
>My Hero Academia switched away from having a giantess protagonist
>Bye Bye Peter Pan had a very short run
You ever feel like we’re cursed? We always get teased with something big, but the rug is always pulled out from under our feet. I pray for the day we get a mainstream anime with a giantess main character but that’s looking increasingly unlikely.
>a giantess romcom is #1 most viewed on Shonen Jump plus
>giant ojosama is famous as well
>manga shops have endcaps dedicated to giantess manga
You aren't looking hard enough
>a giantess romcom is #1 most viewed on Shonen Jump plus
What is this referring to?
Come up with an idea, the beginning isn't super gentle, but bear with me
>a mother spends every evening at the size casino
>usually doesn't lose too much at least, except for one night
>out of desperation, bets her son's size in place of her own
>through scummy backroom dealings, this normally prohibited act is condoned
>mother loses all his size, decides to cut her losses after doing so, including the boy
>the dealer, a kind woman who was forced to partake in such an act decides to take the boy into her own care
>raising his 1-inch self, she teaches him the ropes when it comes to all games of chance
>once he turns 18, he steps through the doors (figuratively) to win back what was unjustly taken from him
Well, that massively sucks. Are you still gonna upload the last chapter here?
File: 2020fanbox04607_ENG2.jpg (180 KB, 1280x1791)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
Sometimes I wonder if I should start making it a ritual thing to cross-link monstergirl greentexts to the gts monstergirl thread. I feel like they could use the traction lol
No thank you, please keep that stuff here or preferably to yourself.
File: 1694856131534795.jpg (244 KB, 1167x1592)
244 KB
244 KB JPG
>duh nuh...
>duh nuh...
>duh nuh duh nuh duh nuh dun dun dun DUN DUN DUN-
>honey please, I'm trying to concentrate
Gambling addicts are always back for more.
His mother is gonna be there eventually, and she'll get her comeuppance in the /shrinking women thread/.
This is some Kaiji shit
>"Thow eeth it, Awow?"
>"Ith teh lighging gooh?"

>It had been a couple of months back when the shrinking had started.
>You and your girlfriend had originally been horrified by what was happening, but eventually, things settled into normalcy and you became accustomed to your new reality.
>To cope with it all you joined several groups dedicated to people dealing with the shrinking disease. It was then that you discovered the Giantess community online, and a whole new world opened to you.
>Encouraged by people online you began to experiment with your new reality, and soon enough you learned to love it, discovering you liked each other even more like this than before.
>Soon enough you were giving back to the community, posting content online of the plays you did in your spare time, and even opening a successful site for donations and requests from your fans online.

>One day, your girlfriend comes up to you with an idea.
>"Anon, wouldn't it be cool to have some photos taken from inside my mouth? It'd be great content for people who are into oral fixation, don't you think?"
>"How? Well of course you could get into my mouth and take some photos using your phone. It's that easy!"
>It was already hard saying no to your girlfriend when you were the same height, but you soon learned it had become practically impossible for you to do so once she started being able to eclipse the sun with her fingers.

>"Ith it ogge in thee?"
>You were starting to regret this. This was nothing like previous plays you had done.
>This was far more intense than anything you had done so far, and you had been around the block a few times already, with you deep inside her panties.
>The intensity of the sounds and her voice. The heat and wetness of it. The way everything moved, threatening to crush you at any moment. The threat of pit of death behind you. And how absolutely insignificant it made you feel.

>It was too much. You'd take the pictures and tap ou-

>"Awo- GEUH!'
File: FIQmoW6VkAE6ytj.jpg (135 KB, 1158x1637)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
Finally a slightly interesting green
File: F4OfN2dbMAAaX3z.jpg (104 KB, 828x1169)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
I'm glad I get that reference
Those characters get fucked harder than pornstars
I'm not sure if Rolo-chan is necessarily getting canned or was never intended to last long. Since it's ending before ever getting a compilation or volume release.
Its individual chapter purchases—the only way to read the series—were also more expensive at 220yen whereas other manga, long monthly chapters, can go for 140 yen or so in other online readers. Incidentally, weekly ones can go for as low as like 40 yen.

I'm not the guy who uploads Rolo-chan; I'm just some fag that can read moon.
File: 76004558_p0.png (994 KB, 794x1021)
994 KB
994 KB PNG
>be you, a tiny who recently moved into a mixed-size city
>having finally settled in, you decide to use your first free Saturday to visit the nearby waterpark
>well, “waterpark”
>there’s no slides or wave pools or lazy rivers
>it contains nothing more than a few normie-sized pools
>and, most crucially, the employees
>speaking of, shortly after checking in with the receptionist, a stunning woman in a bikini enters through a door behind the counter
>”You must be anon! My name’s Cari and I’ll be taking care of you for the day. It’s a pleasure to meet you!”
>placing her hand on the counter palm up, you eagerly climb aboard and she takes you to one of the pools
>what follows is the most fun you’ve had since you were a kid
>you get to use her hand as a diving platform, trying your best to push yourself to increasingly higher plunges with her giggly encouragement
>you let her throw you into the water, softly at first, but as you gain confidence she’s eventually launching you into a wild series of flips and twists
>you get to slide down her smooth arms and legs at breakneck speeds
>and when you’re tired, you get to take relaxing breaks on her flat, toned stomach as she floats on her back
>there’s one problem though: it’s just too much for you
>not the heights, or the dives, or the slides
>it’s her that’s overwhelming
>her smooth, tan skin, her athletic thighs, her perfect bubble butt, the faint outline of her abs, her modest, perky tits, the hint of cameltoe
>and all the skin contact, so much skin contact
>you can’t fight it anymore as you find yourself at full mast, desperately hoping the size difference will hide it from her
>it seems to be working out, until…
File: 77289427_p0.png (1.33 MB, 831x1122)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB PNG
>as you’re treading water after one of your dives, she offers you an index finger as your lift out
>you climb on, straddling the huge digit, and the acceleration of her hand presses you hard against her
>there’s no way she’ll notice your arousal, right?
>when you arrive in front of her face, you’re greeted by a smirk and a raised eyebrow
>”You seem to be enjoying yourself, anon. Like, really, really enjoying yourself.”
>god dammit
>”Look, I’m s-”
>”Relax. We’re both adults here. I’m flattered, really. In fact…”
>she bites her lip, mouth curling into a flirtatious smile
>”...maybe you’d like to indulge in some of the more…adult…attractions?”
>slack-jawed, you can only manage to nod dumbly, much her to delight
>things really escalate from there
>you get to try using her soft breasts as a diving platform, stumbling and faceplanting repeatedly into the pliant flesh as her giggling causes a relentless boobquake
>you get to slide down her back, using her incredible ass as a ramp to launch into the pool
>you get to try walking the tightrope of the string stretched tight between the cups of her bikini
>you even sheepishly ask her if you can try using her butt as a trampoline
> “I don’t think it actually works that way,” she says with a laugh “but go ahead” as she yanks her already small swimsuit into a deliberate wedgie
>when you’re tired, she insists you take a seat on the nipple visibly poking against the tight fabric of her top
>”Well, anon, it looks like our time is just about up.”
>you sigh heavily, disappointed this incredible day is about to end
>”You can try the special slide though, if you’d like.”
>the special slide?
File: 85810751_p0.png (950 KB, 680x842)
950 KB
950 KB PNG
>”You’d start riiiight here…”
>she rests a fingertip on her sternum
>”...slide through the canyon…”
>the finger trails between her breasts
>”...right over the bumps…”
>it continues over the ridges of her abs
>”...and finally…”
>her finger slips under her bikini bottom, over a patch of neatly trimmed pubes, and disappears from sight between her legs
>you almost nut on the spot
>”After that, I just need to gather my things, drive home, and then…well, my apartment has a nice tub.”
>”Just imagine allll the fun adult rides we can’t get away with here, anon.”
>you’ve never agreed to anything faster in your life
>you climb onto her sternum, lay down, and wait for her to sit up, sending you to the happiest place on earth
>”No no no, anon, no clothes allowed on this slide! My swimsuit is more than enough for both of us.”
>delicately, she pinches a leg of your swimsuit and, with the lightest of tugs, you find yourself naked
>”Much better. Enjoy the ride!”
>slowly, she sits up, sending you past the swells of her breasts, over her abs, into the darkness of her bikini bottom, before finally coming to rest against her delightfully plump labia
>the pressure suddenly increases as she releases her hold on her bikini
>you’re inundated by the intense odor of both chlorine and her arousal
>her clit is pressed directly into your face and you waste no time getting to work
>moans from somewhere far above you reach your ears, followed shortly by pressure at your back as she gently pats you through her bikini
>”Try not to go too wild in there, anon. You’re gonna need every last bit of energy you have for when we get back to my place.”
>Japanese Soapland style bathhouses specialized in shrunken people, staffed by regular people.
The only bad thing is that there's hiring the services of a normal-sized person isn't exactly for people with your average tiny salary, so the service would either be exclusive to wealthy patrons.
File: 83022191_p0.jpg (2.12 MB, 1500x2000)
2.12 MB
2.12 MB JPG
it's funny you mention that, the greentext originally had a conversation about how it was surprisingly cheap. She responded by talking about how the pay is kinda shit, but nobody really works there for the money, it's all about the "perks" of the job. In my head most of the employees are just looking to have some kinky fun with tinies, the money is more of a bonus. The greentext was too long, so I cut it.
Okay. So how cringe would a series of greentexts about a multisize-giantess-genderbent-WH40K-Great Crusade shit be? I’m new to the fetish and haven’t written anything before but I can’t get this shit off my mind. I don’t wanna spam though.
A rule of thumb i created right now if it can be written within 3 greentext post it directly otherwise if it takes significantly more link to it.

The best way to see if an idea works is by writing it down
What's the context for a W40k green text to go on the Gentle thread instead of the regular one?
“Good” big ladies are 90% gentle and “bad” big ladies are like 10-40% gentle depending on faction.
Also it’d be an AU because the Empress isn’t a totally shit mom/step-mommy Isha is there to help, so no (major) Heresy.
So I am making a game that features one giantess.
She stays on "The Land Below", think Tears of the Kingdom depths, she is rumored to be a ancient bringer of evil but in reality she is just a huge dork that ended up experimenting a lot with magic that got her banished to the Land Below.
She starts out as a "wandering" boss fight until you defeat her, I wanted to stray far away from the usual tropes with giant enemies on games so I made her a NPC with something akin to a Social Link like system.
So I was wondering if you guys have any suggestions for the relationship/how she acts, any would be fine.
File: 78460384_p0.jpg (367 KB, 1610x2560)
367 KB
367 KB JPG
who gives a shit if it's cringe or not, just post. What's the worst that happens, some bitter/trolling anon makes fun of it? fuck 'em
File: Colossal_Girls_02.jpg (524 KB, 1200x1714)
524 KB
524 KB JPG
>she is rumored to be a ancient bringer of evil but in reality she is just a huge dork that ended up experimenting a lot with magic that got her banished to the Land Below.
So she's either a loner dedicated to her research, or lonely due to being banished and having no social contact with anyone.
The Loner version would probably be disinterested and frigid regarding you unless you managed to demonstrate or bring her something that would be new and exciting to her research when she'd become extremely interested and attentive since she often doesn't get new things to research/experiment on.
The Loney version would probably be clingy from the start and would either force you to stay with her or try to convince you to do so, at which point you could introduce something she's looking for to convince her to let you go, but only after promising that you'll come back with more of it later.

Both would probably speak in an archaic manner due to their age, even more than other characters of similar age because of their forced isolation from other people.
Since the NPC is a researcher of magical stuff the gifts that could be made to them would be of that same nature, and in exchange, you could receive some sort of magical item or spell for services provided.
File: 1647234273113.png (2.11 MB, 1457x2064)
2.11 MB
2.11 MB PNG
I agree with >>10765802 about the length, greentexts are nice but if it's really long you should upload it somewhere else and post the link
in my opinion R63'd WH40k is great for amazon / mini-gts stuff, so I'm interested to see what you come up with
File: kit.jpg (216 KB, 1004x827)
216 KB
216 KB JPG
>”Look! I actually caught one! For real!”
>”Sure you did.”
>light floods your eyes as the woman holding you lifts the hand that had been shrouding you in darkness
>gripping your shins even tighter, you remain curled in the fetal position on her palm, trembling violently
>”He’s right here, look! I found him under the bleachers when I was cleaning up! I think he was looking for food.”
>”Yeah, yeah, sure you di- holy shit, you actually did find one!”
>next thing you know, you’re surrounded on all sides by massive uniform-clad women as you’re displayed proudly by your captor
>an overwhelming cacophony of ‘ooo’s and ‘awww’s and ‘squee’s bombards you
>”Oh my god, he’s so cute!”
>”So small!”
>”So adorable!”
>you’re practically hyperventilating, bile rising in your throat, your body shaking uncontrollably
>an authoritative voice pierces the commotion
>”Everybody, shut the fuck up for a second! He’s clearly terrified! Give him a little space, for god’s sake!”
>the din immediately dies down
>the tomboyish woman approaches you, wearing a pair of spandex shorts and a long-sleeved shirt adorned with a large number ‘1’ and a small ‘C’ on the shoulder
>”You okay, little dude?”
>sensing this woman is the leader, you prostrate yourself before her, your forehead touching the palm beneath you
>“Please, I’m begging you! Don’t kill me! I don’t wanna die! I’ll do anything!”
>you could hear a pin drop in the silence that follows
>”What!? No! No no no! Nobodies gonna do that! Why would anyone do that!?”
>”But…but the stories I heard as a child…”
>”Giantesses are cruel monsters…we’re nothing more than pets, or toys, or slaves, or even-"
>you gulp nervously
>"Even food to you.”
>every face in sight is twisted into expressions of shock, horror, or disgust
>”Why would anyone do something like that to you? Just because you’re small? That doesn’t make any fucking sense!”
>you raise your head in confusion
>”So, you’re not gonna kill me? Or eat me? Or make me do weird things with your feet? There were a lot of stories like that.”
>”Weird things with our- what the fuck, man. Absolutely not. I don’t know where you heard those stories from, but…”
>she gently strokes a fingertip down your back
>”I promise you, you’re safe with us.”
you're continuing this, right?
All this talk of 40K reminds me of


It’s a 30k fanfic with female primarchs and astartes engaged in the Empress’ great crusade. Features a weirdly moe pre-heresy female Lorgar. Warning; I’ve only read the first few chapters.
Can’t forget the sororitas
>“D… does she really need to be so big?”
>“In the face of the xeno threat, drastic measures are sometimes necessary…”
File: Fh2VDRhUUAAOPcx.jpg (1.04 MB, 3541x2508)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB JPG
File: 111908552_p0.png (1.85 MB, 1753x1370)
1.85 MB
1.85 MB PNG
these darn pics exude too much smug teasing oneesan vibes. i could think of nothing more heinous than dealing with a big sis and her equally giant friends shenanigans as a tiny.
Anyone have any size game recommendations? I already know about Shrink High of course, as well as Giant Guardians. Tiny Misadventures too (garbage, with a bitch of a dev)
It doesn't need to be super cuddly gentle, I can put up with bad ends, though excessively violent stuff naturally isn't my cuppa
(Wraps this greentext into a blunt and takes a long drag)
That's good shit, Anon
He’s dead, Jim. Classic case of gentle gone wrong.
File: giantess gamer.jpg (452 KB, 1131x1600)
452 KB
452 KB JPG
Quick fire list.
Glitter Invitation (3d Japanese game. Mostly gentle.), Little Snatcher (goes without saying), Resistance to Giantess (3d Japanese game, EDF but with giant girls. Very early beta.), shrink/growth blackjack (Hard to find Japanese RPG maker. English translation sucks a bit.), UCOP (Tower defense against growing wave of giantess), any of Ochikos games (Very short, hard to find), GiantessWithUE5 (Chinese game. Still in development. Looks promising at least), Sizebox (Sandbox game. Best 3d giantess game of all time but discord for it is aids)

And the GOAT of recent memory, Bad Status: Dragon Rider (RPG maker with some kino nano scales and actual effort put into it. Author is 10/10 writer.)
File: pranked.png (1.5 MB, 1632x1248)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB PNG
Addendum cause I forgor:
Giantess Research Club is really great, but really skirts the line on gentle (translation is eh too). Consensual cruelfaggotry is how it's best described. Worth checking out if you can stomach a fair bit of it.
Also, avoid Giant Bishoujo Adventure and related games at all costs. You'll bump into it if you're looking for giantess games, and let me tell you, that game is next level cruelfaggotry. It was to the point where it converted me into being a strict gentlefag. It's not badly made, but it's really REALLY bad with how cruel it is.
File: 1695252496214979.jpg (1.45 MB, 1631x1307)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB JPG
Giantesses think they're invincible until you tickle them
File: PaElD9qw9p.jpg (263 KB, 1518x600)
263 KB
263 KB JPG
I'll second Bad Status: Dragon Rider. It might not be everyone's cup of tea and the gameplay is pretty simple, but holy shit did it hit practically all the right buttons for me, especially the part with the airship. God I cannot wait for the next update.
>makes use of the pair up mechanic
>you occupying the same tile just has her placing you in her bra
>despite the level difference you actually manage to give her a decent stat boost due to mechanics
>this becomes a common arrangement for you two
>even outside of combat
File: Fa3wUWIXoAAzAw_[1].jpg (130 KB, 1200x675)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
Disgaea 7 literally has a mechanic where you can grow a unit huge and one of the main characters is a really tall muscle woman.
I wonder if that also sets their combat level to one hundred million.

I only played Disgaea 2, but I'll give it a look.

Please let this fetish become more mainstream. Japan seems hard at work on it.

Some people tend to Nope the fuck out when they see macrophilia incorporating death and horrible things, but I really vibe with gentle BECAUSE violence exists along it. It's a Yin/Yang fetish sometimes.
There’s always that one guy who keeps making some relatively decent giantess vr games.
I'm going to get so fucking blazed that I'm scared of gentle giantesses (happens sometimes) and then I'm going to play Giant Bishoujo Adventure.
I like this
Please make more
File: 1681995552051085.jpg (1.3 MB, 1101x1198)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB JPG
File: 1659670452713157.jpg (615 KB, 701x900)
615 KB
615 KB JPG
>all these greens
nature is truly healing. thank you anon writefags for your work
I'll look into those, thanks anon
Apparently it's free on the guy's DA, I'll look into it
What might make it not everyone's cuppa though, the koitsu art?
File: H2ju8fljUr.jpg (1.84 MB, 2894x4093)
1.84 MB
1.84 MB JPG
The art is just RPG Maker default stuff and Koikatsu screenshots but it totally works for me. The battle system can be a little annoying at times but you can learn a skill that basically lets you bypass it if you want. I think some people might not like that the tiny protagonist is kind of a pathetic pushover, but I like being a pathetic, helpless tiny, so again, it totally works for me. I would definitely recommend trying it out to see for yourself if you like it.

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