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File: 1598684297992.jpg (521 KB, 895x1600)
521 KB
521 KB JPG
Post a picture of the person above's new body and a curse to go with it.

I can't believe I have to say this, but the curse should be sexy, not "you have cancer haha." : P

For example: You are a beautiful busty punk chick with plenty of piercings. Instead of nipples, your breasts are capped with luscious lipples. They lick and suck anything you put in front of them, often driving you to orgasm if they get a hold of a vibe, dildo or cock.

The catch is that whenever nobody is looking at you, your breasts will say dirty, flirtatious things to anyone you're with. They speak with your exact voice, and you cannot interrupt them.
File: deffcutie3.png (1.65 MB, 1489x1406)
1.65 MB
1.65 MB PNG
For fuck's sake, post a little more than a single image.

Anyway, on to the curse:

You're a sexy deathclaw-like woman, and you have the strength, speed and durability to match. Unfortunately, you're constantly going to be attached by humans of all stripes that want to get at your valuables. You could just hide, right? Wrong. You also have an insatiable need to breed, but your only available mates are those same raiders. Refusing to breed will slowly drain your power, and even if you have nothing more impressive than the scales on your back, it's still enough for those bandits to try and kill you. Conversely, though, breeding will make you exponentially faster and stronger, to the point that being the head of your own nest will make you a true terror.

Fortunately, you do get a little wiggle room. It's pretty much up to you how the eggs are eventually laid. You can rape the men if you so desire, in which case you'll be laying the eggs, but there are also females. If you bring them to orgasm, you still implant them with eggs that they will carry to term almost willingly. These women will slowly gain more deathclaw-like parts to them, but will never gain the same power you carry.

On the off-chance you are defeated, however, you might be able to entice your would-be killer with sex, but you will forever be subservient to them from then on. But that's probably still better than death, right?
File: art supplies.png (2.17 MB, 1754x1240)
2.17 MB
2.17 MB PNG
Good news! You've gained the artistic abilities of a true master, and people from all over the world will come to you to get their painting made. Even better, any "imperfections" you add, such as "accidentally" adding a little more muscle or an extra cup, will reflect itself upon reality. Pretty great, right?

Well, you can only paint people that give their permission, for one, and the main threat is that a lot of women are exceedingly persistent about getting themselves painted. To the point that they might just, say... sneak into your house and threaten you with a boxcutter if you don't do it. These same women are also completely and utterly infatuated with you, however, so it's not likely they'll ever do any serious damage to you.
Still... Get painting, boy.
File: midna smile-slam.gif (1010 KB, 700x983)
1010 KB
1010 KB GIF
Becoming a hot imp has its perks, the main one being a near-immunity to damage and having almost boundless energy; You even have the ability to float, so those high shelves wouldn't destroy you or anything. On good days, you even have some very basic magic available, like teleportation or levitation!
But that's about the end of it.

As a mischievous imp, you are obligated to be a cheeky little bastard that has a liking for putting large things (relatively, anyway) up yourself. It's important that both you and your victim of choice are having some level of fun. If either side isn't having fun, you'll feel yourself begin to weaken, your charm will begin to fail, and eventually, even your ability to float or cast magic will disappear; Worst of all, the glamour that prevents people from freaking out about your impy shape disappears.

So do your best in finding a victim with a lot of patience, or resign yourself to fucking a lot of people. There's bound to be something in there that likes you a lot.
File: ENF almost caught.gif (3.93 MB, 600x337)
3.93 MB
3.93 MB GIF
So, bad news. You've been cursed directly by one cunt of a wizard, and he decided that, once per week, at a time of his choosing, your clothes will disappear, and you will have to either make your way to a nearby place without being spotted, OR you spend a lot of time "almost" getting spotted. You know how much near-exposure is needed, but getting spotted will end your run instantly. Failing the run means your clothes are forever lost, and you'll have to deal with the ramifications of being caught naked.
If you succeed at the run, however, you teleport back to where you were before your sudden moment of streaking, time having reverted, and you'll even gain a bonus to luck for a day!

Fortunately, the wizard wouldn't find it fun if you had no chance, so you will always first be teleported to a "safe" location... albeit without your clothing, and on top of that, you have a sixth sense in knowing where people are around you. You'll just "know" if somebody's around that corner, or is about to look to the side. So it's all up to having the courage to sprint across that field, or to see if you can farm "almost spotted" bonuses to hurry this nightmare along.
File: komi writing.png (3.35 MB, 2844x3497)
3.35 MB
3.35 MB PNG
You have an unstoppable urge to write on your body, and you pretty much just write whatever is on your mind while you do it. The writing is so automatic to you you don't even notice, so if you happen to write "horny" on your arm while you were thinking about something hot, you enter a feedback loop where you soon feel yourself leaking everywhere, writing more and more lewd things are your inhibitions are overridden and you try to pull the closest fool into sexual relations.

More esoteric writings work too, but you have no real control over what you will write. It's all up to your subconscious... So maybe try to avoid getting too distracted, just in case.

There, now there's six images and six curses. Never ask me for anything ever again.
File: 85405243_p0.jpg (119 KB, 724x1023)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
You get this new body and live with your new master. He's a very rich guy with a great mansion. He can provide you with anything you desire. However, the only thing he allows you to wear is that thin and tight dress. It's made of a mix of latex and silk.

If someone else sees you, they won't mind your clothes. When you wear the dress, your body will gradually change and get sexier. If you wear it for a week, even during sleep, you'll look like pic related. Your mind will also be different. You'll be more obedient, slutty, and you won't think that much anymore. The effects gradually increase, and they stop after a full month of wearing it.

You're allowed to be naked inside the mansion, but you have to wear clothes when guests arrive. Your body and mind will revert at the same speed as they changed when you're not wearing your clothes.
File: EXOA8MJXQAofL6U.jpg (564 KB, 3374x4096)
564 KB
564 KB JPG
Good news is you're a cute elf. This comes with the youthfulness and lifespan you'd expect from an elf. Bad news is every day when you wake up a random bondage accessory and or sex toy will be placed on or in you, and you'll have no way to take it off or pull it out. You could wake up with a yoke (as pictured) and have to go the entire day wearing it, wake up gagged, have a chastity belt and padded bra, get stuck in a hobble dress for the rest of the day, and occasionally you'll get stuck with combinations of bondage items and toys. If you're lucky/unlucky enough you could be rendered almost completely immobile for the day.

Now just to keep you from starving to death or anything while bound you no longer need to eat or drink, and you no longer produce waste. You'll also have to keep living your life with this curse. You can't just stay home because you woke up with in a particularly rough set of restraints. The restraints you wake up with will almost always leave you with some way to carry on with your day to day live, though you might have to get creative (type with your feet, use voice to text, use a wheelchair if you wake up in a hobble dress...). People will no doubt view you as a pervert but you won't get arrested for public indecency. You'll just have to deal with the shame. Good luck figuring out how to get dressed while bound.
File: 1604382937148.png (2.35 MB, 739x5202)
2.35 MB
2.35 MB PNG
You are teleported to large temple in a magical world, finding a small statue you prick your finger on it as you turn into a female dragon monster girl.
You are magically linked to the temple so if you leave you will feel an urge to return, if you stay out to long you will just be teleported back no matter how far you go.
There are perks though, like being able to turn into a full non anthro dragon (bigger and stronger) and back, you can fly, you able to do some magic (mostly fire based but also able to make small portals to get food and entertainment but you cant use the portals to leave), longer life span, eternal beauty and lastly super strength and resilient to harm and pain.

And you are gonna need it, because you are not only a dragon girl but you are also a queen of dragons, every so often male dragons will come to either win your heart or try to make you submit to them so that they can breed you, and you also go into heat
Dragons are rare in this world and female dragons even more so, expect lots of visitors to your temple.

Most dragons who try to force you are not strong enough so you can push them away easily, that is if your breeding instincts don't take over.
The gentle dragons will try to win your favour with treasures and gifts, you can refuse, but being a queen dragon means you have a taste for treasures now.

And lastly there are knights who will come to you once in awhile and will attempt to seduce you, these are dragon layers.
They wish to have a child that is half dragon/human (they look human but are stronger, can do magic, turn into dragons if they practice), they will give you servants, treasures and even help repair your temple.

If you get knocked while in full dragon form, expect to be stuck that eay until you lay your egg(s), this can last several months if not a year or two, you will have all the cravings of a pregnant mother and the mood swings.
So get use to being an egg layer and mother of many dragons and dragon borns.
File: IMG_20200914_140654.png (495 KB, 2236x2830)
495 KB
495 KB PNG
So, you've ben Isekai'd to a magical fantasy world where you've been tasked to defeat the demon lord, as youd expect.

2 problems, first being that demons have taken over this world so thoroughly that demons have basically settled down and created cities and infrastructure all over the planet, theyre properly settled and using humans kept in perpetual stasis as batteries to power their society.
Second problem, you enter this world in the form of a fairy, and youre about 4 inches tall.
Its not completely impossible though first of all, youre completely indestructible. Youre made of pixie dust, so if someone tries to smash you or shoot you or whatever, you'll burst into a cloud of dust, and then reform shortly after. This also means that strong gusts of wind can reduce you to a cloud of dust as well, so youre still pretty weak.
Also, and this is the most important part, any demon you can manage to bring to orgasm will transform said demon into a card that you can use to either summon them as a servant or to transform your self into, though they'll always take the form of a female demon no matter what you fucked. Cards are one shot though, so if they (or you) die as a demon, they're gone. And you can return them back into cards by getting them to orgasm again (this includes any demon you transform into, if you want to return to your fairy form). As you create more demon cards you'll get more fairy abilities as well, but they'll all be fairly situational and still kinda weak, like tranforming into ribbons or a glass sculpture, nothing with direct offensive abilities.

That all said, since you cant die, you cant lose, all you can do is keep trying until you can eventually take out the demon lord. If you manage to succeed you'll get sent back to your world, but you'll still be a fairy, albiet with the ability to change into a human sized form to live a semi normal life.
File: 1588590333097.png (2.29 MB, 2010x2384)
2.29 MB
2.29 MB PNG
You're a super cute robot girl, but your lack of a mouth makes communication difficult. You also have a limited battery life that can only be refilled through sex (any kind of fucking works). You DO have a fucking machine at home that can recharge you, anally or vaginally, but there will be times when you run low on batteries away from home and you'll be forced to play charades to get people to fuck you, or write down your requests on paper or type them out on a phone. Your battery lasts 14 hours before it needs to be recharged, so you'll need to be brought to orgasm at least twice a day or you'll go into sleep mode.

If you go into sleep mode, you will still be able to see, hear, and feel everything around you, but you will be unable to move. Should this happen people will mistake you for a common sex doll and take you home, wash you up, and have fun with you. They won't know you're sapient either so they might not be so willing to let you go. Oh, and don't think you can play it safe with your "charging station" at home. Overusing it will cause it to break, and you'll be unable to get it fixed in time for your next charging session, so have fun finding people to offer yourself up to to keep you running.

Might be a good idea to make some "friends with benefits" who can bail you out of bad situations and "recharge" you. Penetrative or lesbian sex both work fine, so have your pick of who you fuck. Might want to stay with someone who can speak for you as well. I'm sure you can find a roommate and "guardian". They're getting a "free" sexbot out of the arrangement after all..
You're a cute femboy with a small dick.

However, when you're in public, you must make sure your penis is visible at all times. You can't keep the whole thing hidden under clothes; at least some of it must be in open air.

Of course, it's still illegal to be caught with your cock out; so you're going to have to find ways to have it visible, without people realising what they're seeing.
Follow-up picture
Then I just grab the bag which tears the little faggot's cock off of his body.
File: 1555188221533.jpg (104 KB, 800x1000)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
Everytime you orgasm, one body part multiplies. All changes are reversed every sunday.
File: 82262804_p0.png (733 KB, 985x1000)
733 KB
733 KB PNG
Your body turns into one big, animated onahole. All of your orifices are designed for pleasure, you self lubricate, and you can stretch to take large insertions. You retain all of your senses, and every one of your holes becomes an erogenous zone.

You're animated by magic, allowing you to move around despite lacking any real anatomy, and speak without any lungs or vocal cords. Being a fuck toy you no longer need to eat, drink, or breath, making you effectively immortal. You will also incredibly durable and if you're damaged in any way, you'll regenerate.

Of course... you're still stuck as a fuck toy. You can't hide this fact since your entire body is made of pink, translucent rubber. Because you lack any muscles or bones, it's incredibly easy for people to overpower you. You should also expect to get stretched and squished a lot. Some people may take advantage of this and try to use you. You won't get much respect from other people walking around with that lewd body of yours, so don't expect much sympathy from anyone but your friends. Have fun being a walking talking sex toy.
File: 1592502300304.jpg (264 KB, 1600x1200)
264 KB
264 KB JPG
Your pussy is abnormally large, and you can only wear clothes tight enough to reveal the fact that you're packing something extraordinary between your legs.

Whenever you get aroused, you drench your pants, and people can hear the wet sound of your puss lips slicking together with each step.

Your pussy isn't loose so much as it is very elastic. You're constantly on the hunt for a cock big enough to truly satisfy you.
Whenever anyone sees your dick, your higher order brain functions disappear for two hours, and are replaced with the instincts of a horny dog willing to please a human master in any way they desire.
File: 79036087_p0_master1200.jpg (606 KB, 858x1200)
606 KB
606 KB JPG
Have you ever heard the phrase "Clothes make the man?" Well, in your case this has a literal meaning. Whenever you put something on, you turn into a stereotype of someone who could wear that. Wearing a french maid costume could turn you into a slutty french maid with an accent, wearing skimpy clothes could turn you into a bimbo, wearing an oversized sweater could turn you into a milf, and an apron and nothing else might turn you into a horny homemaker.

You will retain your mind, sense of self, personality, and all of that when you transform, but your new forms will put "filters" on your actions. As a maid, saying "Hi" to someone might turn into "Bonjour" and saying "Fuck off" might turn into "Please monsieur, I'm but a poor maid...", followed by a cute pout. Your mannerisms and actions will also be affected, often compelling you to do things your stereotype might do but you wouldn't. Being an athlete might compel you to jog, wearing glasses might make you adorably awkward, a maid outfit might compel you to clean, etc. All while you watch your body do this, whether you approve of it or not. However, if you start to enjoy your new behaviors, or find them arousing, you may find yourself dedicating yourself to the role more, and you will find it harder to "snap out of" your compulsions. It will never erase your personality completely, there will always be a part of your mind watching in horror (or arousal) until you change clothes again.

Also, your wardrobe has been replaced with ridiculous outfits. Gothic lolita, cosplay, school swimsuits, bunny outfits, maybe even a ballroom gown, or a women's suit with a pair of glasses tucked into the collar. If you try to buy clothes they'll turn into something different after the transaction (no refunds). On the bright side? You're a master of cosplay and you'll never run into the problem of clothes not fitting. Your new body remains until you change clothes again. You're free from your compulsions while alone (or online).
File: 79257907_p0_master1200.jpg (872 KB, 958x1200)
872 KB
872 KB JPG
Some side notes:
>You sometimes get talents from your clothes. Dressing up as a nurse might give you some first aid experience, but you'll be a slutty stereotype first and foremost. Same with being a maid, though you can nourish these talents with time if you wish. (dressing as a superhero won't give you super powers)
>If you take your clothes off you keep the last body and stereotype you had. It will last until you put new clothes on.
>Mixing and matching clothes will mix stereotypes and body types, but clashing clothes will create an unstable amalgam of stereotypes, and is ill advised.
>You are effectively immortal so long as you don't dress up as anyone on death's door
>Your close friends will learn what you really mean behind your persona's "translations", but they'll still fuck with you for it
>You can turn into catgirls, elves, etc via cosplay and animal ears, but you can't dress up in a kaiju outfit and become a giant monster
>You will always be female (if you cosplay as a guy you will turn into a gender bent version of them)
>Seemingly mundane clothes can still have stereotypes, like a hoodie turning you into a swole, sweaty tomboy with messy hair.
>Fetish wear does what you'd expect. Wearing a collar and animal ears will take away your ability to speak and replace words with barks or cat noises, and your compulsions will match. Otherwise you generally turn into a dom if dressed as one or a sub if dressed as one. You can also turn into a slut if you wear trashy clothes, or a lack of clothes.
>Wearing the same outfit multiple times can give you different bodies, so long as that outfit also fits that body. (there are multiple stereotypes associated with glasses for example)
>You are infertile due to changing forms so often, but wearing maternity clothes will give you a fake pregnancy. (no baby)
>People will likely not recognize you between changes, so carry a phone with you so you can let them know (or not, it might be a good thing they don't know)
Oh, and I guess you could be a futa or trap. When I say always female I mean "female", but you'd have to cosplay as a futa or trap character, or wear clothes that somehow represent either (a dress for super flat girls and mens underwear? A strap on? You figure it out). You can also cosplay as monster girls, but nothing too stupidly powerful. Just keep in mind most characters that fit this description are incredibly lewd and you'll have to deal with their mannerisms and compulsions in public, as well as risk losing yourself to them, and you'll need to find or make the costumes as well, which isn't easy when you're already balancing so many other personas.

You also can't wear the same clothes twice in a row. Anything that merges with you (cat ears) will come off the next morning. You also can't go out in public naked (duh) so have fun.
File: 1549270603448.jpg (286 KB, 1620x2150)
286 KB
286 KB JPG
You turn into Samus! Big win! Only draw back is: every day that you don't get fucked in a hole, it becomes more plump, round, and wet. You are unable to speak after 2 days of not giving head, and your vagina and ass become so swollen and plump after a week without sex, clothes will strain to fit on you. Better get used to taking dick.
File: EmfjvqvW8AERhEg.jpg (394 KB, 1469x2048)
394 KB
394 KB JPG
Your body sometimes inflates, making you able to float in the air... But you have no control over it, both in terms of when you inflate and in terms of maneuverability
How about a social experiment? Every week you gain a random cursed body from one of these threads. Roll a d20 to see which cursed body you get, in the order the images are posted (if you roll a 20 you become this dog girl). 12 AM every Sunday morning you will gain a new cursed body. However... you can save yourself from the next week's curse by having sex with someone else. By having sex, you can revert your current body to a non-cursed version of itself when the next week comes around, or elect to keep the curse you have if you're into it, or just, accept a random new curse if you just want to sow chaos. All of these are options.

However, anyone you have sex with will permanently gain a cursed body. It'll be the body you would have gained the next week had you not had sex with anyone. You can change their cursed body once a year if you both agree to (and proceed to have sex again) but you have no way of knowing what they'll end up with even then, it could be better or worse. Odds are, your victims will not be happy with their new situations, but they can't tell anyone else HOW they got cursed. They can say you were a terrible lay, but they can never tell anyone who hasn't been cursed by you yet that sleeping with you will turn them into a /d/egenerate form.

Every week you go without sex with another person, your libido grows exponentially. You can sleep with the same person or people to "contain" the curse (if they decide to let you after what you did to them... or if you rape their cursed body, either or.)... but this will only satiate your appetite. I'll prevent you from going mad with lust, but i'll never "satisfy" you. Having sex with someone you've cursed before will still be fun, you might even find it super hot depending on their curse and your curse (if you currently have one), but cursing someone new? That'll be like realizing a sexual fantasy. It'll always be super tempting, even if you're not unbearably horny at the moment.
File: 1586458090141.jpg (780 KB, 898x1050)
780 KB
780 KB JPG
So what'll it be? Will you sacrifice your own pleasure and try to be a virgin? Or maybe only subject one or two people to your curse? Or will you give into your desires and spread these curses like a plague? Ever wonder what might happen if you give someone a curse that merges them with someone else during an orgy...? Would it merge them with you or the other person you're fucking? Only one way to find out...
File: 07.jpg (265 KB, 825x1200)
265 KB
265 KB JPG
Whenever you cum whatever is touching or inside your pussy is transported to the location you're thinking of even yourself!

However after you use the ability you forget you have it until the next time you wake up, this also applies to anyone that is told about the ability (if you use it to transport people, they will know that you transported them and all the circumstances around it, but they will be confused about how you did it)

if you aren't thinking of a specific place, vague places will send anyone to a random location within' the limits of the definition, and if you aren't thinking of a place at the time the last place you've thought of will be used instead

using it everyday for a month gets you an additional use per day without forgetting you have it, using it twice a day for three months straight gets you a third use per day without forgetting, and using it 3 times per day for 6 months straight allows you to use the power at will without cumming (optional auto orgasm too whenever you use it) and you never forget you have it

I hope you have good mid orgasm clarity!
File: ugandanwarrior.jpg (33 KB, 630x630)
33 KB
Your new body my bruddah
so.... clicked Candy Cameltoe?
File: 1605112608731.png (954 KB, 1024x631)
954 KB
954 KB PNG
You stream on twitch as your only way of income. Unfortunately, your breasts grow proportionally to your followers. They shrink back if you lose subscriptions, but then again you need a lot of people watching if you want to maintain a decent lifestyle
File: mommy.jpg (112 KB, 850x1133)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
you were genetically altered to be a genetic factory that serves the colonization of space. it means that your goal is to protect humans. your body is capable of transmuting, producing drugs, regenerating and creating new members if necessary.

but its greatest function is to prevent the human gene and if necessary to change it. that means: breeding.
I can get behind this
Your granted a set of masks featuring women of a wide range of ethnicities. When you put on a mask, you turn into a woman of that ethnicity until you take it off. Beware however, as there is a chance that your left with a trait from the mask you chose.
By unspeakable acts of black magic and forbidden science you have gained the power to animate corpses. Go to any morgue and call out to them; the dead will rise and do your bidding.
More importantly you can transfer your soul into a corpse, allowing you to cheat death. For some reason this process only works on female corpses, so if you were male before I'm afraid there is no going back to that.
Your reanimated minions will decay, so there is a time limit on how long you can use them. Any body you inhabit will stop decaying, so you won't rot or smell or anything. You will always look rather odd though, being dead and all.
The only thing keeping you alive is sex magick, so the semen of the living is basically your food now. You can take it in any hole, but it has to come fresh from the cock - raiding a sperm bank won't work. The more you consume, the stronger you become.
File: 1605278402334.jpg (509 KB, 700x1022)
509 KB
509 KB JPG
You're normally a cute blonde, but your pussy is possessed by a succubus. More specifically, your genitals and lower body are the succubus. If you are overtaken by your lust, your junk will transform into the upper body of that succubus, and you will turn into her junk. You two can speak telepathically, but the person in charge can tune their junk out. The person stuck as genitalia also retain all of their senses, even that of the rest of their body, but their sense of touch is much stronger around their genitals (naturally), and everything will feel upside down to them. Their sight, smell, and taste will also be centered on the pussy. You will turn back to normal once the succubus is "satisfied", which usually takes a few days of debauchery.

There are two ways to "resist" the succubus. The first is to become pure and chaste, and starve her. However, if you have lewd thoughts she'll still be able to slowly take over. She'll even slow the transformation so she can play with your cute face, maybe shove something into it.

The other way to resist her is to overwhelm her with sex. Being a pussy is extremely pleasurable, and if she's being toyed with, teased, fucked, dommed, or just satisfied enough of the time, you can more or less keep her under your thumb.

Also, whoever is the other's pussy can refuse to cum for the other, or directly influence their arousal. You can use this to force the succubus to switch her back, with the promise of you playing with her and giving her release as soon as you do, or she could use it to make you horny and lust driven. Might want to get along with her, you two are quire literally joined at the hip.
You have been selected by a higher devil to become a succubus, which you can transform into at will. Your master requires you to take at least two souls a week though, which you of course do by having sex with and getting ejaculated in by a man. The catch is, you have to get forcibly taken by these men for it to have an effect, but you do have pheromones and a large sex appeal on your side in this.
One day you wake up in another room, along with a random /d/enizen. There is a maid dress and a curse is applied to you - you can't relief yourself without Master who is the /d/enizen. You thought it is about arousal? No, it is about peeing yourself with no caterers or surgery ever capable of saving you. Having no bladder control, you will leak at worst moments possible too.

Your body will also change if you'll be holding up and peeing yourself, leaking your masculinity and resistance away. So better put it on and do your best.
You're a very wealthy heiress with a good life. Well, you were until you pissed off a witch and got turned into your slave's cunt. You're still her mistress and you can order her telepathically, but you'll never not be her cunt. You'll just get better at ordering her body around as if it was your own, managing your life from inside her panties. She's still only human however. She'll do her best to serve you and follow orders, going where you want to, saying things on your behalf, taking her panties off and sitting spread eagle so you can watch whatever you're into on your enormous flatscreen TV, but she might stutter when asked to say something to someone, get horny in public and leave you soaked in her loins, fall asleep on the couch after a long day, leaving you in said soaked panties, or break down and masturbate without your permission. She'll apologize after but you can't discipline her for it in any way but verbally so you'd better learn some new ways to keep her in line. She'll can also use a computer for you and visit sites you want to go to, type what you want to, watch whatever questionable videos you want to or even read whatever adult literature you want to, but expect it to be VERY awkward until she gets to learn that side of you. Good news? As her cunt she doesn't really have a choice but to get turned on by your sick fetishes. Enjoy your new life.
File: 1603753614603.jpg (605 KB, 1680x878)
605 KB
605 KB JPG
You became a Goblin adventurer in a fantasy world. You will always find some new quests to do in order to have quite a good quality of life; however, other people often laugh at you at your capabilities due to them considering you little more than a try-hard slut (despite your real capabilities). Also, you seem to have very bad luck in terms of finding cursed items, which almost always physically transform you in some lewd way, which is not helping your reputation for sure.
You will become a super hot girl but you wont be able to see your reflection in anything , and even in pictures you will look blur.
Can you live whitout knowing how you look?
File: 1584546463428.png (38 KB, 599x799)
38 KB
your farts are VERY smelly
You're a special kind of succubus, and no not because of your fluff (though it is cuddly). Rather than gaining sustenance through sex, you feed on thoughts, fantasies, and dreams. You can cuddle up to someone who's asleep without waking them, and by doing so you can phase into the world of their subconscious. Your body will vanish from the real world when you do this.

You will find yourself in the horny part of their brain, and get to explore their deepest desires and fetishes... or more likely, their deepest desires and fetishes might explore YOU. Since you're in their mind, rather than your own, you're almost powerless. You could be bimbofied, given dick nipples, bound and gagged, or transformed into something else entirely with their thoughts alone. Now there are ways around this to have more control over your subconscious ventures. For one, on average, you have enough mental fortitude to resist most mental changes (if they're into that). If you fail to resist however, you'll revert back to yourself when you wake up (and retain all of your memories from whatever humiliating fetishes you were put through). You can also resist the physical aspects of the mindscape, but you need to have "energy" to spare, which is of course, gained through uncovering people's fetishes.

Your energy isn't exactly your "food". You don't need to eat or drink, and you're waste free. Instead, this energy lets you take on human guise so you can more easily get in bed with your targets without them calling a priest, the police, or their local cryptozoologist. You start with 12 hours of human disguise and each subconscious venture nets you another 12 hours. You don't need to spend these 12 hours consecutively, but they must be spend in 1 hour increments. Hours gained also expire after 5 days. This energy is also how you resist the hazards of the dream world. (1/2)
Each 12 hours, each venture into the subconscious, nets you 1 unit of power. If you spend it on your disguise, it can't be used for its other primary use, resisting the hazards of people's minds. Without any power, you have absolutely no control over what's happening around you. You can be raped, mind controlled, and easily compelled to do what the person's mind wants you to. At 1 unit you will retain a clear mind and be able to resist the dream's influence. At 2 units you gain more resistance to transformations caused by the dreamer, and can overpower some, but not all things roughly your size in the dream (You can fight off the a humanoid trying to rape you, such as the dreamer's self insert in their fantasy, but not a tentacle monster), and you can speak to the person whos mind your in, though they'll likely forget what you said when they wake up. At 3 units, you stop growing "physically" stronger in the dream world, but the dreamer will have a harder time directly changing you while you're in their dream. You can also speak freely with your target, and they will remember what you say, but may not believe it to be anything more than a weird dream. At 4 units, you can implant suggestions in your targets, ideas they thought they came up with themselves. At 5 units, you are immune to being directly changed by the dream world and you'll get a lot of lucky breaks when it comes to being molested by the dreamer. They'll also actually listen to what you have to say.

This only goes up to five since power gained expires after 5 days, and you can only gain power once a day.

You will be shunted out of your target's dream as they start to wake up, with enough time to either get out of their or adopt a human form again if you seduced them.

If you run out of disguise... well... you're really hard to see at night, and you're pretty nimble so I'll just say the body comes with one free locksmith's kit and you can figure out the rest. (2/2)
I'd advice finding a place to hide during the day when you don't plan on going out. You're an actual cryptid, being spotted won't end well. On the contrary... some people might be into it, and you are kinda cute. You might be able to find a friend who'd be willing to shelter and hide you during the day, while giving you a free supply of dream energy (just note that no one can make their fantasies less deviant). As payment maybe you could help them with their night terrors? Or just keep them company?

You don't gain any extra charm or mind control like normal succubi. Girls will go gay for you and guys may decide you being a demon isn't a deal breaker but that's only if you play your cards right and get them to warm up to you first. On top of that, you can't wear clothes in your true form. They'll itch and feel constricting (blankets are fine though). Oh, and being a succubus won't give you anymore social skills than you already have. At the VERY least? You're oddly cute when you're awkward. Good luck trying to scare people with your spooky red eyes after you reveal how harmless you really are.
sure, also I'd just ask people how I look if i was really curious, haha
File: 1570878082034.jpg (209 KB, 1000x1000)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
You have been merged with a girl who is a pervert and constantly tries to touch your new shared body at any time she gets horny, which is... well pretty often, by pretty much anything/anyone.
You're a normal woman, but instead of a traditional vulva, you've got an ovipositor.

Most of the time, your ovi rests between your legs like a chubby flaccid cock without any balls. At a glance, it's easy to mistake for a rather large uncircumsized penis, and you can even pee through it.

That's where the similarities end.

For one, your ovipositor is prehensile. You can flop it from side to side and even curl it up without using your hands. Its skin is soft and sensitive, and stroking yourself is always pleasurable. You don't get erections persay, but when you're horny, your ovipositor swells significantly and begins to drool a viscous slime. You don't cum when you orgasm, but you do *gush* a little bit. You've always wanted to try penetrating someone, but you haven't gotten the chance.

If you focus, you can also retract your unusual sex organ. It rolls up on itself like a sleeve, leaving you with something that looks vaguely like a dog's pussy. No one notices the difference in a dark room, though men always mention how fucking you feels like some godly hybrid of a blowjob, a hand job, and traditional sex.

All this is weird, but, aside from not being able to wear tight pants without showing a bulge, you'd be able to live a normal life if not from the eggs.

It could happen at any moment. Your belly is always swollen to a level between first and third trimester. Your breasts are tender and leak milk. About fifteen minutes before it happens, your ovipositor swells and starts to leak. That's all the warning you have to dash to somewhere private. You lay between one and six ostrich-sized eggs each time. The birthing is so pleasurable, it reduces you to a orgasmic puddle for fifteen minutes after the birthing ends.

The time between each clutch is random and impossible to predict. could be a day, could be a week, could be even longer. The longer it is, the more eggs you birth.
File: 30314502_p0_master1200.jpg (439 KB, 818x1000)
439 KB
439 KB JPG
You're a harpy. However, your wings are too small and weak, and your body is too thicc for you to fly, leaving you flightless and armless. You're still a harpy in every other way. You lay eggs instead of getting periods, you fluff up your feathers when cold, and you have a fluffy cloaca.

Oh, and you don't get any freebies for your new life. You'll have to find work and find a way to get dressed in the mornings. You can't exactly live out in the wild, not without your flight. Sure you could be boring about it and sue some poor company for discrimination for not hiring you, get disability, and some boring white collar job that you can do without arms. It'd be much easier to whore yourself though. You don't actually have to have sex with anyone to make decent money, you could just strip and dance, you're rather exotic after all. You could also sell yourself to someone. You still have human rights until you're sold, so you can have a pretty good say in who you get sold to. Though if you want to keep your dignity... you DO have a very nice voice. If you manage to start a career as a songstress you might just be able to get by. You still can't do things that require arms though, so you might want to either hire someone to help you get dressed, make food, and groom yourself, or just get a friend to help you out with that stuff. Might I suggest getting a room mate?
File: 1605023514467.gif (643 KB, 914x1080)
643 KB
643 KB GIF
Your boobs just won't stay covered, and they will find a way to be free some way or another (be it by growing or by moving so much that they go out of your clothes), but at least you won't suffer from cold weather. Also, you're a goblin
File: QiFdAJt.png (1.94 MB, 2196x1600)
1.94 MB
1.94 MB PNG
You are able to change the world around you with art, by simply concentrating on someone and drawing them you will change their physical form

there are two caveats, you can only use this on yourself once a week and anyone can use this power on you

so any time anyone draws you you will be altered, they only need to know of you or have seen a picture of you (drawing or otherwise)

and lastly any art you draw is automatically uploaded to a social media account you have no control over, other than the ability to see stats and post "approved" messages by the actual account manager, so the more art you draw the more popular you'll likely become and the more likely you'll be to get random "fanart" of your 'OC' as you are labeled on all the pictures you draw of yourself

sadly this is all magically done so there's no convincing the account holder otherwise, so good luck!
File: 1605511568801.png (1.86 MB, 1042x1512)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB PNG
You're an adorable little minigirl that can turn straight girls lesbian. Your charms can get you a lot of what you want, such as being lifted up onto a desk to use a computer, or have a tiny cute keyboard made for you. However, the same girls that help you can't help but fawn over you and humiliate you just 'cause it's cute. Expect them to make you tiny clothes and tease the hell out of you. Everything they do for you, they do because they want to. You can't MAKE them do anything, so do try to be amicable with them.

Also, that part about making them lesbian? It's pretty important since you're cursed so that you can only sleep while inside of another girl's panties while she's wearing them, inside of her bra (while it's being worn), or just laying on top of their boobs, pussy, or butt. Most girls won't have the heart to keep you from sleeping for long, but they might find it a bit annoying and want "things" in return.
File: 1605587935374.jpg (32 KB, 718x843)
32 KB
You're the last member of your race, and has been chosen by the gods to repopulate the world with your offspring in order to have new followers to serve them
I would take this if it weren’t for how often I’d need to recharge. 12 hours is not a lot of time to work with.
File: 1605338951930.jpg (1.71 MB, 3749x4099)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB JPG
After countless years of rituals and studying the occult, you've finally found a way to gain immense power. The downside is that the form you've taken is as strong as any normal person and the only way you can get stronger is to absorb women by getting them to willingly have sex with you. With each woman you absorb you get stronger but your body will become more unstable, faces, anuses, vaginas, and mouths will begin to appear and disappear all over your body, your genitals may suddenly grow tongues or start breathing. Be careful not to let your guard down as doing so may allow someone else to take control, if this happens you'll become a passenger in your own body, reduced to nothing but another face gasping for air through an anus until you have a chance to regain control of your own body.
File: 1519234190309.png (933 KB, 880x1280)
933 KB
933 KB PNG
Good new! You get the body of your choice and you're functionally immortal! Never ageing, no need to eat, no need to sleep, hell you don’t even need to breath. All your biological functions work though so you will get hungry, you will get tired, and you will feel like you are drowning or asphyxiating. You will heal at the normal rate, if not a little better, but a broken bone will still take 6-8 weeks to heal and pieces of your body that are removed don’t regrow if they normally wouldn't. Pretty much the only way to actually kill you is to remove your head from your body.

Bad news: You pissed off some very resourceful people who know about your immortality. You are now their permanent display piece for their organization and all those to come, more of a source of entertainment than anything else. They can put on quite a show for members and business partners. It took nearly a week to get that chain through you and wont be going anywhere any time soon. Unfortunately for you, you will never escape, you will never be released, and you will never earn anyone's pity. Lets hope you learn to enjoy at least parts of your unique situation.
Find a friend who's into cute demon girls and visit them in their dreams, you get your power and they get company, win win. Maybe make multiple friends and have safe houses. Maybe you could drop your disguise while not in public? You don't need to eat or drink so you'll save a ton of money on groceries, meaning you wouldn't need any real job to get by.
File: 65250470_p0_master1200.jpg (821 KB, 795x1081)
821 KB
821 KB JPG
You are now a sexually transmitted soul, or STS for short. You start off in this young woman's body. For whatever reason you were sealed away when you stumbled upon her. Whatever was the case, you're now her. You control her body as if it were your own.

Problem is, she's still in there, and she exists as a voice in the back of your head, telling you to give her her body back. Unfortunately for her (and fortunately for you?) there's only one way to do that... but it's pretty straightforward. Have sex with someone and you'll take them over instead, leaving your last body's host back in control of themselves. As part of the curse, they can't tell anyone else about you or who you possessed after them. They can talk to you about you possessing them, and they will know you did, you fucked the other person in their body, after all, but they can't warn other people of anything other than you being an asshole or a bad lay (which they might if they're afraid you'll take over their friends).

Lucky for you the girl you start in is bi and has a few people who were already interested in her. Other students at her Iaijutsu school (weeb swordsmanship). After that you're pretty much free to go wherever you want. You can work your way around social circles and start taking over important people, pornstars, or just people you take a liking to. Fucking flight attendants is a great way to travel internationally for free.

Just one problem. You will never have a body to yourself, and most people who exist have lives, lives you'll have to play along with if you don't want to lose your source of income and hurt your chances with people that person might be able to fuck. The soul cohabiting the body with you will help you fit in after some convincing, if only so they can return to normal after you leave. Or maybe you'll just end up ruining their lives and whoring yourself, who knows, but know that taking over less attractive bodies will knock you down the social ladder. Good luck.
File: 20201110_131739.jpg (3.1 MB, 1700x2500)
3.1 MB
3.1 MB JPG
You become a beautiful girl with naturally huge tits, the drawback is they will grow a cup size every day.
You need to give men titfucks to shrink your breasts to maintain a normal lifestyle so that your breasts do not inconvenience you. After performing one titfuck your breasts will shrink by three cup sizes.
File: 1368228382564.jpg (528 KB, 1280x936)
528 KB
528 KB JPG
Your body is made of a substance that destabilized people's form as well as turns them into a woman with an ideal body if they weren't

in small doses it will remove excess fat, brighten skin, etc everything to make someone into the ideal form, however you are highly addictive as well

This effect begins during any direct contact giving anyone who even brushes past you a warm tingling sensation, however prolonged contact will result in pic related, absolute bliss and the sensation of cumming over and over in waves but it leaves the body as nothing more than a puddle on the ground

once the good effects have completed 10 additional minutes or consuming a part of you will lead to this liquidification which is permanent, though a select few with strong wills may be able to learn to reform themselves as slime-like beings, the majority will be stuck as blissed out human puddles, as well you'll likely have to invest in a pool somewhere to keep all of them

on the bright side, you have some sort of benefactor in high places who stops all attempts that would be made to capture you and even made it so you are not responsible for people who seek you out or refuse to let go of you and end up causing themselves to melt, however prejudice people will be prejudice so be sure to try and do good and avoid liquefying tooo many people, or atleast be sure to go play with your human bath every once in a while~
File: 1368229080774.jpg (1010 KB, 1024x768)
1010 KB
1010 KB JPG
bonus pic of someone reforming
One day you discover having magical powers. It starts small with snapping fingers to switch on the lights in your room but grows steady every day.
However these powers are connected with your physiological and mental changes. Long story short - you are becoming a witch.
With increasing magical power you start transforming into some hideous persona barely resembling a human being with your mind becoming the slave of the body.
File: 1605767061559.jpg (977 KB, 800x1200)
977 KB
977 KB JPG
You become a cute catgirl with a futa clone. Problem is, both you and your clone will think they're the original, and the other exists for their pleasure. This isn't without merit though, you two do exist for each other's pleasure. In fact, having sex with each other will replace all other human needs. You two will be waste free and infertile to allow you two to keep enjoying yourselves. If you both keep an active enough sex life you're basically immortal. You can also trade bodies with each other... but only with the other's consent, meaning neither of you are stuck in the futa/female body, unless the other wants to remain in their current body.

There are a few problems though. First off, while you two will start more or less the same person, you will both change over time into different people. If one of you gets fucked more often they might grow more submissive, and the one who fucks more may become the "master" in the relationship. This isn't even mentioning the hormonal changes you'll both experience as girls (even the futa will experience them). Since you will start in the female body, it could be very easy for your clone to grow more dominant. It might take a while to convince them to let you swap with them. It'll also be nearly impossible for you two to live separate lives since you two are both sustained by an active sex life with the other. And just for kicks? Your clone WILL start with a more dominant mindset than you, so it'll be an uphill battle for dominance or even equality and understanding for you.
File: En4FE7fXYAAKtbn.jpg (154 KB, 1403x1845)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
Your butt will steadily grow fatter each day. You will need to exercise more in order to keep it under control. The upside of that is that you will be comfy sitting anywhere you like
File: p9ds9bhjd3f51.png (630 KB, 640x904)
630 KB
630 KB PNG
Your curse is a simple yet effective one. You have the need to show off your body to anyone who asks. It may not happen all the time but since another part of the curse is that you have to go to the gym all seven days of the week it would happen frequent enough.
Whenever you see an empty cup your breast begin swelling with milk quickly beginning to leak until the cup you saw is full

there is no grace period, so multiple cups means multiple cup sizes for you and accelerated milk production till every one is filled up, also only cups with less than 10% of something in them count as "empty"

you are also compelled to be unable to trow the milk away, so either offer it to someone else or pop it in the fridge, but anyone who drinks it will see their bust size increase over the next week until they begin to leak and find out they are now minorly lactating, more of your milk drank means more cup sizes and more milk production
Whenever you have any kind of sexual encounter with someone, be it willing, planned, spontaneous, or otherwise, you will turn into an embodiment of one of their fetishes. Your body can take nearly any shape, even porn logic is allowed. You could end up a monster girl, futa, quad amputee, mega milf, or even an animate sex toy/doll. The only real "limit" is that they can't change who you are, but they can give you compulsions or "alter" your behaviors, such as making you speak a foreign language or have more feminine mannerisms.

Your partner cannot choose what form you end up with, though it'll always be something that'll excite them that encounter. This means you can't select a partner with the same fetish as you and be guaranteed to get the body you want. It'll be random chance. On top of this, you keep the body you were given for sex afterwards, and only take a new form when you have with someone else, or wait two days to have sex with the same person (who will give you another random fetish body). You MIGHT want to make arrangements with your partners so they'll let you stay with them rent free until you find yourself in a body you can go in public with... which isn't even guaranteed. You might just have to bite the bullet and go on living with a cunt as a mouth or an extra pair of breasts for a few days, though it can certainly get worse. If you're lucky it'll just be something "vanilla" like a dark skinned milf or a redhead tomboy, but even people with "normal" fetishes will have a chance of turning you into something from the deepest recesses of their mind, maybe even something they weren't aware of.

Don't think you can hang onto a body you like either. If you go without sex for a week, you will turn into the sexual fantasy of a random pervert from somewhere in the world. You have no way of controlling who this is or what you turn into. Better hope it's something your other partners can stomach so you can take the form of a more "tasteful" fantasy.
File: 1587390370303.jpg (241 KB, 1200x1092)
241 KB
241 KB JPG
If you chose to, you could easily become one of the best sex workers out there, be it a high class prostitute or pornstar. Just be warned, that becoming one of the best will also make you one of the most sought after, and as I've said, you don't need to be willing to fullfill someone's fantasy.

So what'll it be? Lay low and enjoy a select few friends with benefits, or aim for fame and fortune at your own peril?
File: 1602945277420.jpg (764 KB, 1280x960)
764 KB
764 KB JPG
You can be either of these two but it doesn't fully matter seeing as they act and do about the same things. They are both Vulgar loud mouthed people who love to fuck and suck.

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