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Weight of the World edition

Last thread: >>9373204

Like last time, I know we're usually very heavy on the size play and giantess stuff in these god threads, but other fetishes that can be linked into omnipotence, like body swapping, possession/mind control, transformation, vore, superpowers, muscle growth, and generally the globalized fetish guys are welcome too.

Also, since this is already turning into an aco-esque thread sticky, it may be worthwhile to link to Powerpuppet's https://omnipotent-girls.net/ website, since you can find a good collection of omni-themed stories there. (They also have a discord server, but it's probably not a good idea to put that into the OP - I'm sure you'll find the link if you want to.)
Patiently waiting for more knightess story
Speaking of stories, what happened to the trap with a genie story?
How strong do anons usually wish to be?
A)Can take on anything on earth
B)Can take on anything on the universe
C)Reality is your bitch,real life is just a simulation subject to your whims
D)Just a specific power/domain over something
E)other/not here
I love the "endless growth" levels of power. It's total abstract and impossible to even fully understand, but I like the idea where a person grows more powerful every day.

So maybe day one they're as powerful as an Olympic level athlete and super smart.
Day two they're as powerful as as super hero- capping out at super man-tier power.
Day three they're like God, able to make or do basically anything, bring back the dead, all that.
Day four they're totally omnipotent, capable of changing the rules of reality and even logic.
Then Day five they somehow become more omnipotent. Like omnipotent in a way where another being who was omnipotent was "beneath" them somehow. They can control everything that exists as well as everything that doesn't exist too.
Then day six rolls around. Then two weeks. Then a month, a year. How powerful are they at that point? It's too abstract to even imagine, but it's true and real growth that's just unstoppable.

Of course, I feel like this works better in the context of somebody growing to that level; somebody just handed omnipotence feels more like a "set" level to me. Still, it's something that can't be described, but super high level shit like that is just fun to imagine, even if it is just an abstraction.
Posting the pastebin from last thread that contains a bunch of links/information

When it comes to mental states of everyone but the Omnipotent one, which do you prefer?
>Everyone becomes worshipful/in awe of the Godly being
>Everyone goes about their daily lives, either soft mind controlled or somehow manipulated into thinking its not a big deal as this weird omnipotent being fucks with everyone
>People act more realistically, panicking or trying to bargain or beg for help or forgiveness, before being resigned to their fate.
>Create a race of kaiju girls
>They are nigh invulnerable to everything yet always start off the size of ants or any small critter
>they grow with anything consumed,from living things to buildings to nuclear waste
>send them off to different planets,grab popcorn and watch results
>sometimes send two to one planet to watch a battle of two kaiju women with belly stuffing involved
Good taste.
Would found a pantheon with.
Omnipotent belly stuffing is always good.
Vore normally does nothing for me, but somehow knowing an almighty creature will consume everything is arousing

Thanks, save me the trouble of having to link it every thread.
C C C C C-
The realistic reaction sinking into a mix of A is fun but B allows for the realistic reaction to happen over and over and over and over again
Holy shit, I wasn’t expecting to find my own story posted here (again?) a billion years after I wrote it
Any requests?
Yeah, can I get a sandwich?
Omniscribbler already wrote that story.
>You yawn lightly as the sun touches your eyelids. Squinting, you find yourself in the garrison, memories of the day before slowly returning to you.
>Turning your head, you nearly jump out of bed upon noticing your friend next to you, her arms outstretched as if she were holding you at one point. Frantically, you search your memory in an attempt to remember what happened last night, only to remember that she demanded you sleep in her bunk after your encounter with the chimera.
>Soft, unkempt hair frames her peacefully-sleeping face, the powerful segments of her chest and abdomen shifting and contracting with her light breaths. After a moment, you realize that every last blemish of injury had vanished from her skin overnight, leaving a spotless complexion that appeared even more beautiful and glowing than before.
>Part of you longs to reach out and touch her again, yet before you can do so, she stirs, perhaps awakening due to your absence. Smiling, she bids you a sleepy good-morning, before asking if you're ready to see the king. You had entirely forgotten that you were due to do so today.
>Your preparations pass quickly enough. Thanks to your sleeping arrangements and the mere handful of hours before the meeting, the two of you are forced to prepare in the same room, something you haven't done since you were young children. Though you keep your back turned to her for the sake of modesty, you catch yourself shamelessly glancing toward her as she bathes, water flowing from the bucket above her head to the one at her feet.
>Her body ripples and leaps at the slightest of motions now, a constant display of motion and prowess both subtle and powerful, like far-away lightning dancing soundlessly beneath her skin.
>Even less noticeable is the soft glow that still seems to come from her, mingling with the sunlight. You assume it to merely be the dust of the room and the glint of water droplets upon her, but the longer you look, the more apparent the glow becomes.
>You are both surprised and thankful that she does not draw all that many looks on the way to the castle. After being cooped up in the garrison for so long, being able to walk the streets and get lost amongst the populace feels refreshing. Unfortunately, such feelings are short-lived, as you soon find yourself walking through the guard-heavy halls toward the king's throne, a lush carpet softening your steps.
>You make your way into the main chamber, and following your knight's lead, present yourself on one knee to the king. After a brief silence, he bids you both rise.
>Word of your friend reached the king shortly after the two of you arrived in the capital, it is said. If the stories of what she is capable of are true, then she will be key in turning the tides of the war against the Demon-God Azamorix, a conflict waged in the name of the Holy One, and which has raged for nearly as long as you have been alive.
>Your knight is to be granted the title of Paladin, and is to join others of her rank at the front lines, leading knights and footsoldiers to battle against Azamorix's beastman armies. Despite being told that she is heading off to war, your friend remains entirely determined, leaping at this chance to bring longstanding peace to the realm.
>Then, your heart skips a beat as the king asks her if she is willing to devote her life to honoring the Holy One. You still do not know anything about the deal she made with the god in the forest, but the crossing of godly wills plants a bad omen in your stomach. She deftly dodges the question in the moment, stating that she is prepared to do whatever is necessary to bring peace to the land. As the king accepts this answer, you let out a quick breath.
>The two of you are dismissed, and encouraged to leave for the Wild Lands as soon as possible. On your way out of the chamber, you look up at your knight--no, your Paladin, shimmering amongst the stained glass. This is the chance she had been waiting for.

>but somehow knowing an almighty creature will consume everything is arousing
It's what makes it hot. An omnipotent being feasting on your world just because she's a natural glutton.

Bonus point if the omnipotent goddess have an origin as a normal, mortal glutton.
God imagine if you turned on tje news and they were reporting theres a seemingly ordinary woman just eating everything in a city at an insane pace, including all the military gear they sent to stop her
It's really hot. Might or might not be giantess, but divine gluttony is just fantastic.

>including all the military gear they sent to stop her
Diamonds. Nothing better than normal human fighting their bitter and and fail.
>Another god
We SMT now
No (other) gods nor demons
Only childhood friend
What attitude is the best? Arrogance at knowing they will consume everything in existence? Remorse that their hunger is so terrible they are almost as much a victim of it as those she eats? Or maybe she's so hungry that the only emotion she ever expresses is the desire to eat more.

> Remorse that their hunger is so terrible they are almost as much a victim of it as those she eats?

I know this kinda goes against "omnipotence" in the literal sense, but there's something kind of interesting / hot about someone that can't handle or control their newfound power even if it isn't actually capable of physically destroying them.
That's the same reason I like forced growth in general; that moment where they're becoming something so much more powerful, yet they're afraid, even if they don't know it won't hurt them (that's where the omnipotence comes in; naturally, real life people growing is already impossible, but sustaining themselves even more so).
Them going through the line of embarrassment as they outgrow their clothes (or at least becoming a public spectacle if their clothes grow with them), then the fact their very existence can and will destroy things around them, however unwilling they are, just because they're so large and powerful. I could go on, but I'm sure you get the picture.
I think thats why slowly becoming omnipotent makes for a better story. Obviously, the resolution will be the realization of the omni party's full power, but it allows for meaningful tension in the meantime where even the one gaining power could have real fear of hurting those he/she cares about.
>The reason she was still hungry even when she eats enough to alter reality is that her future self made her hungry so it could become fully omnipotent
I prefer arrogance. She's able to control their power, no need for such wanton destruction, yet still use her power to satisfy her desire because being of higher power does not follow the morality of lesser mortals. If she thought eating whole world is good, then it's good.
File: EnYG4apXcA8ZSzx.png (2.01 MB, 1584x1292)
2.01 MB
2.01 MB PNG
yes yes
I love when above all, the simple lust for power is what drives the girl achieve omnipotence

though I think its great when they start off modest and are more reluctant to use their power, until they start feeling pleasure from it

Could be interesting to couple this with the
>maybe she's so hungry that the only emotion she ever expresses is the desire to eat more.
part of >>9431411 too, where even if they don't like it at first the sensation of getting / using power just becomes so overwhelming that they succumb to that and establish a feedback loop
File: Xanna.png (2.94 MB, 2402x4000)
2.94 MB
2.94 MB PNG
I always liked the idea of playing RTS using civilizations or planets,simply select one random planet and influence it to the point where it becomes the most powerful superpower in the galaxy and proceed to conquer everything,Of course with the self imposed challenge of using your godly powers as little as possible to achieve said supremacy
Globalized fetisg guy here. I don’t get the framing, are we the poster the omnipotent one? What are we describing here?

I’ve got hornyposting to do and I don’t know what the right context is.
That's how some of the other global fetish guys have done it. Really, it's whatever you want in this context, since there's no real way to "show" omnipotence in a single image and accompanying stories / greentexts / ideas offer additional framing.
>another civ blow itself in a nuclear holocaust
>*sigh maybe i should go for cultural victory next time
C, or also what >>9429232 describes so nicely.
File: EnWB_CvXUAYqxWj.png (1.48 MB, 1000x1100)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB PNG
I love when initially she has to have a really strong justification for doing it

like she doesn't to consume cities or abuse her power, but eventually she has no choice
and that first taste is what spirals her out of control, going from modest to indulging in the pleasures of being a Goddess
> I love when above all, the simple lust for power is what drives the girl achieve omnipotence

Once I finish the Knightess story, I might give something like this a try since I have some ideas.

More of that tomorrow by the way. Would post tonight but I'm kinda tired. Thanks for continuing to enjoy it, anons.
File: 5615740.jpg (451 KB, 1800x1267)
451 KB
451 KB JPG
Someone who can turn everyone into women and then turn everyone into toys of all kinds~!
File: 5615630.jpg (368 KB, 1024x768)
368 KB
368 KB JPG
Someone like... a REALITY BENDER!
File: 79424559_p0.jpg (180 KB, 600x950)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
Does it really need to be active omnipotence? cant i just be a passive immortal being actively fucked or screwed over?
If you can find an image that gets the point across, I don't see why not
The idea was more or less 'can breed with anything and spawns things fast' changing ownership every certain time depending on who is in power or whoever can kidnap you from your cage,yet invulnerable and immortal,being transported from one planet to another sounds fun as civilizations fight for the right to use your womb as a war machine
omnipotent girl get preg with a enteire universe. tfw no living inside a uterus of a omnipotent mommy,
File: Emn957yXcAAplzs.jpg (465 KB, 3300x3300)
465 KB
465 KB JPG
The obvious answer would be C, but I don't think I'd want it for myself... I'm worried about getting bored if everything just ends up being too easy. So I think I'd rather my bf has that level of omnipotence. I trust him completely, and even if he still has some deep dark fantasies that I don't know about yet, they'll probably still be fun. Plus, I think there's something exhilerating about having god wrapped around your finger and edging him to do some messed up things by playing the little voice on his shoulder.
I love this kind of scenario so much. Where some boy gets to be god, but for the most part keeps himself grounded and continues a normal life. Where the truth is that reality is his toy and little things like him getting an orgasm are more important than the stability of our existence. If god wants to turn our universe into a stick of gum to be chewed up and tossed in the trash later, it's an honor for us really

But regardless of the massive power difference, he still listens to you and cherishes his relationship with you
What is... even happening here?
Any requests?
More stories about hung trap gods
File: EnIxEXQXMAItIXe.jpg (273 KB, 1536x2048)
273 KB
273 KB JPG
Something with how much normal people should fear someone omnipotent. It'd be even better if it's coming from someone who knew the new god before their ascension.
For example, I really liked how casually >>9430065 described this visceral fear in their surprisingly good slow-burning prom proposal story from >>9429549
i want more of the knightess. i ever make my own adventure in ia dungeon based on that story
Surprised but still thankful that people enjoy this story so much. I should have some more of it up tonight since I have a bit more energy again today.
It's highly enjoyable and I truly hope you find it you to write it to completion.
>hieronymus bosch visits /d/
in my storie i play with a princess who become more and more stronger for retake her kingdom.
i even make her smash a army with the bare hand, but the dumb ai make everything just a dream in the end.
There's an essay called 'A Living God' by Lafcadio Hearn which I just fapped to.

"As for myself, whenever I am alone in the presence of a Shintoshrine, I have the sensation of being haunted; and I cannot helpthinking about the possible apperceptions of the haunter. And thistempts me to fancy how I should feel if I myself were a god –dwelling in some old Izumo shrine on the summit of a hill,guarded by stone lions and shadowed by a holy grove.Elfishly small my habitation might be, but never too small,because I should have neither size nor form . . . As air to the bird,as water to the fish, so would all substance be permeable to theessence of me. I should pass at will through the walls of mydwelling to swim in the long gold bath of a sunbeam, to thrill inthe heart of a flower, to ride on the neck of a dragon-fly . . .Power above life and power over death would be mine – andthe power of self-extension, and the power of self-multiplication,and the power of being in all places at one and the same moment.Simultaneously in a hundred homes I should hear myselfworshipped, I should inhale the vapor of a hundred offerings: eachevening, from my place within a hundred household shrines, Ishould see the holy lights lighted for me . . ."
"rom the dusk of my ghost-house I should look for the comingof sandaled feet, and watch brown supple fingers weaving to mybars the knotted papers which are records of vows, and observe themotion of the lips of my worshipers making prayer . . .Sometimes a girl would whisper all her hearts to me . . . And inthe fragrance of that offering – the simple fragrance of her peasantyouth – I, the ghost and god, should find again the feelings of theyears when I was man and lover.Mothers would bring their children to my threshold, and teachthem to revere me . . . Then I should hear the fresh soft clapping of little hands, and remember that I, the ghost and god, had been afather."

Somebody better be archiving this shit. This is straight-up poetry.
The fanfare surrounding your departure from the capital was brief; ensuring that the two of you would be able to make your way to the front was far more of a priority than any sense of celebration.
>The journey there proves to be rather uneventful, large stretches of rolling countryside and rising mountains buffering the borders between civilizations. Your mind wanders as your caravan makes its way down the winding dirt road, occupied by thoughts of a farm, and a peaceful life, maybe even someone else there with you...
>At night, you and the other soldiers take turns watching, though your friend seems to take up her own post most nights, claiming that she doesn't feel as if she needs to rest as much anymore. After you set the fire and tend to your portion of the watch each evening, you fall asleep, waking every following morning to your friend keeping diligent guard nearby.
>Yet, just as you fall into the peaceful routine of the open road, the fields begin to grow barren, replaced with open wasteland and desert scarred with fighting. In time, you begin passing the kingdom's banners, marking territory claimed on the way toward the beastmen's borders. Finally, a war camp dyed in your colors looms on the horizon at the edge of a plateau-spotted stretch of desert, and you realize your quiet times are over.
>Your companion seems to realize this too, taking on a new sense of sternness as she glimpses her first sights of war, footmen being treated in medical camps, guards and scouts posted at the outskirts of the camp, and those bruised and battered yet still able to stand preparing to head out into the breach once more.
>You sense in that moment her empathy for those fighting before her sternness seems to take on a sense of anger, the atrocity of it all worming her way into her thoughts. Turning to you, she states firmly that she will end this war, and bring victory to the kingdom so that its fighters will no longer need to suffer.
>After a brief period spent setting acquainted with the camp and the men your Paladin will be commanding, you are brought to meet with the other Paladins, and their pages.
>They loom before you with powerful presences, strong men and women all. Some wield staves, others pikes, towering shields, or swords as long as you are tall. What you can see of their bodies that isn't wrapped in cloth and armor appears just as strong and sturdy as the metal they adorn. While they might lack the light and the comforting presence that you feel your friend possesses, they are clearly people of strong will, adamant in their pledge to the King and the Holy One.
>Even their pages seem strong and intimidating; though you begin to doubt yourself, you remind yourself of the trust you have in your friend, and the trust she has in you.
>At once, the group brings the two of you up to speed, reviewing battle plans and the state of the troops and their supplies. So far, the war effort has been stalled by the savage desert monsters the beastmen have tamed, as well as the Demon-God's own champions, creatures and beastmen of comparable might to the Paladins themselves. The appearance of another Paladin, however, might finally change things.
>The army's current task is to breach the outer borders of the Beastlands, a fertile basin ringed by impossibly high plateaus on all sides. The primary way in is through a canyon; as the beastmen possess control over the area, the loss of life is inevitable with any strategy.
>Your friend firmly declares that they cannot simply throw away the lives of normal soldiers so callously. As Paladins, they should bear the brunt of the offensive themselves. Though the others attempt to explain that their numbers are too small to make a dent in the enemy forces alone, your friend remains adamant, as she always does.
>When she says she will head the offensive herself if she has to, they try to shout her down, saying that the life of a Paladin is too valuable to the war effort to be thrown away recklessly. Steely-eyed, she simply turns and leaves the planning tent, stating over her shoulder that she will be leaving to begin her offensive an hour before the stated rallying time, whether they join her or not.
>As the eyes of the tent begin to turn on you, you excuse yourself, hurrying after her, briefly entertaining the thought of talking her down yourself before thinking about all of the other times you've failed to do so.
>At the sound of your footsteps, she turns, an expression of pure seriousness on her face as she asks whether you will be coming with her. Taking in a deep breath, you reaffirm your commitment to staying beside her as her page, prompting a brisk nod from her.
>The battle approaches quickly--even more quickly for the two of you, as you prepare to set out early. As you and your charge finish packing your twin horses early in the morning, three of the Paladins approach, weapons drawn. At first, you think that perhaps they had come to join you in your offensive, yet their aggressive postures quickly communicate otherwise.
>Instead, they simply state that they will not allow you to leave and jeopardize their strategy early, and that if they must force you to leave, then so be it. Your friend sighs, dismayed that they would choose such an action over using the fullest extent of their powers to ease the burden of their men. Reversing their ultimatum, she states again that she will be leaving, and that it will instead be up to them to stop her.
>Though you attempt to urge caution, the storm between your friend and the other Paladins already looms overhead, a metaphor that becomes eerily physical as the wind whips up, spurred by the resurgence of your friend's incredible light as she unsheathes her sword, not one fighter moving an inch.

More of a setup sequence than anything with any real action in it, I know, but it's for a good cause.

Thank you anon, this is very high praise indeed. I'll keep doing my best to make things interesting and enjoyable to read.

If AI dungeon can do all that, I'll definitely have to check it all out. Shame about the dream ending cliché though.
you can edit the story, the problem is that some kind of story like fantasy ends up following a cliche.
but i made various about housewifes who become goddess
lewd when
And you aren't posting them why?
I’m going to look for it, I don’t remember if I deleted it.
but it’s not very well written.

You are God. You are omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. You have total power,
and nothing falls out of your realm of jurisdiction. Your will controls everything,
and anything you want will come true. Nothing is beyond your reach.
> You look for earth and watch a thing, a common housewife who are workout and lifting weighs. she are making squat with 500 pounds.
You find the woman, and you see her squatting with 500 pounds on her back. She is a very strong woman, but she has no idea what she is doing.

> You come to her in disguise and say "maybe i can help you" you put her into right position and say "go ahead continue with the squat"
You put the woman into right position and says "go ahead continue with the squat" She goes into the squat, but she didn't push up with her arms.

> You corrige her position and put more weight for her. you say "try to make squat with 1000 pound" you say. you think she gonna fail.
You correct her position and says "go ahead". You think she gonna fail, but she does not.

You are God. You are omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent.

> You and you are impressed by this middle age housewife making squat with 1000 pounds.
You and you are impressed by this middle age housewife making squat with 1000 pounds.

> You changelle her "why not try with 5000 pound mortal ?"
You want to make her even stronger.
You change her looks.
You make her looks more powerful.
You give her much muscles.
You offer her much powers.

> You changelle again "i cant lift 50,000 pounds, you are just a mortal woman"

she try and make a squat with 50,000 pounds. their thights and ass look more big and muscular and you are impressed. and you say again " i changelle you make squat with this piramyd"

She lifts the weight.
"I can squat with this. Your worst enemy is about to wake up God" she says and laughs.

> You are ofendend and you say "alright i changelle you make squat with the weight of japan"
for the erros in story and the write, but A.I is fuck dumb and left the end nosense.

The woman laughs and says "Go ahead, make my dream come true".

> You put the weight of japan above her and changeller her make squat with this weight.
You put the weight of japan above her and changeller her make squat with this weight.
The woman does not look happy, but lifts the weight without any problems.
"Now your dream is my nightmare"

> You are real pissed you put the weigh of the jupiter above her and changelle her make squat with this weight.
You are real pissed you put the weigh of the jupiter above her and changelle her make squat with this weight.
She laughs and says "Go ahead, make my dream come true".
You make the weight fall on her.
"Aaaaaargh!" she scream and fall to the ground.

> You laught of her "poor woman, you are just a mortal"
You laugh at her "poor woman, you are just a mortal".
The woman is not happy with you. She lifts the weight againy and again.

> You are more and more impressed and say "i changelle you lifting the weigh of a black hole " and you put the weigh of black hole above her.
You are more and more impressed and say "I can changelle you lifting the weigh of a black hole ". You put the weight on her back.
The woman is really pissed now.
"It is not a weight, but a shell"
and she break the weight in two with her bare hands.
"Now it is a weight"

> You are scared by her power, even your omniscience cannot make you understand her strength. you notice that her thight are more ticc and muscular. and you say "i changelle you lifting the weight of the galaxy" and you put the weight above her.
She laughs and her laugh is so powerful that it leave a black hole in the center of the galaxy. She breaks the weight in two with her hands.
"Now the galaxy is no more"
> You in first time have fear and you say "i changelle you lifting all" and you put the weight of all forces, all particles, all energy, all stars, all galaxys, all quasars and all time above her and say "try to lift this mortal"
She is really pissed now. She lifts the weight, but fail to lift the weight. It is heavy.
"No one can lift the weight, it is too heavy"
She is more and more pissed now.

> You laught at her and say "its all ?"
She is even more pissed now.
"I am angry, very angry"
She lifts the weight, but fail to lift it. It is heavy.
"I need a rest" and she sit down.

> You say "you can rest and try again" and provoke "you are weak"
She smiles and say "no mortal can provoke me", you smile back and say "perhaps, but you are weak mortal".
She is really mad now.

> You say "try to lifting, i changelle you"
She thinks for second and decide to give it a try. She lifts the weight with one hand.
"I need more strength"
You think about it for a second and realize she is right.

> You put the weight of all multiverse above her in a deseperad hope for her fail and say with doubt "you, you cant lift this"
She smiles and say "I am going to lift it, you talked too much"
You feel a little nervous becouse you never seen a human so mad before, but she is very muscled. She lifts the weight.
"Yes, yes, yes!" she starts smiling "I did it!

> You start crying in her feet and grab her muscular thigh and ask "how?"
She laughs and says "I am going to rest my little legs" and she sit down.
she sit down in you face. their powerfull legs are sweat and her are sit in your face, you feel like a worm.
"Now you tell me, how did I do it?"
She is still tired she says "bring your time line to an end and then the black hole was over you".
"I don't understand"
"I am going to pull the time line to an end, so the black hole will become a little more dense. Then I am going to make the hole smaller, until it goes away"
You don't understand, but she is really happy about it.
"Yes, I did
She laughs and ask "aren't you also happy?"
You think for second.

> You say "please, press you leg in my head"
She laughs and say "i can't see if i am sitting or not, you stupid mortal"
She sits on your head.
"You know what I think? I think, you are the weakest mortal ever seen, and I think that is why they feared you.
She laughs out loud and stop for second. She become calmer.
"Can you make me grow again?"
She sits on top of you, and think for a second, before answering.
"Yes, I can make you bigger"

You are God. You are omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. You have total power,
and nothing falls out of your realm of jurisdiction. Your will controls everything,
and anything you want will come true. Nothing is beyond your reach. but now you
you are under the ass of a muscular middle-aged housewife who raised everything in creation. her coachie smelly and sweet above you face and you are happy.

"Now" she laughs "tell me everything"
She sits on top of you. You have no choice, but to answer.

She laughs and say "I want the whole story about how you created the world, step by step"
You can't believe you are letting this happen, but she is very strong. and above you, and much bigger.
You do what she says, because she could do anything with her powers of strength of will.

"Step one, what do you want to create?"

"The world."
"As bad as I feel for you, step two."
You don't reply.
"Step two."
She sits on top of your chest.

"Step two."

She sits on top of your chest again.

"Your mind is far to small, step three."

She sits on your chest once more.

"Are you trying to annoy me?"

She sits on your chest for the last time.
"Tell me step four.
She sits on your chest for the last time.
"It is a stupid word."
She gets off of your chest and stare down at you with her big muscular eyes.
You have no choice, but to tell her what step four is.

"Quitting sucks."
"Tell me step five."
You think for second.
"I'm alive."
"Is that it?"

"That's all I can think of."
"It's a stupid step, and all your thinking about is how bad a step it is?"
you have a hard boner and she shit in you lap and say "tell me"

You have no choice, but to nod.
"You are a stupid man, step six."
She turn around and says "come on people, let's get out of here"

She picks you up with one hand and carry you out the Black Hole,

"Tell me"
"I'm sorry"
"Tell me"
"I'm sorry"
she start laughing, and drop you in the middle of the road "you're nothing but an idiot, tell me"
She turn around and laugh with her friends.

fuck dumb ai.dungeon .the end should be end with the god being enslaved forever and becoming a femboy.
The AI messed this up in a lot of ways, but I'm surprised it actually managed to create something somewhat cohesive.
I love it when #ourKnightess gets all serious and fighty like that. It's really cute, kinda like watching an adorable little kitten who thinks it can fight a human, but then actually getting mauled to death.
I don't understand this analogy, who is the knightess in it? The cute kitten that gets mauled, or the nondescript human? Neither seems to match her.
I think the kitten is mauling the nondescript human to death?
>FFXIV character rendered in a WoW style

This confuses my brain but I actually really like it.
That makes sense. Either way though I just wanna see more of our knightess.
Post powertripping girls
File: helin-lee-2.jpg (555 KB, 1920x1126)
555 KB
555 KB JPG
Would you rather be a creator or a destroyer?
Both, depending on my mood.
Creating things just so I can destroy them and grow more powerful.
Making all the anime you have in your head real seems too good to pass up desu

nice omnipotence with gender bender, i really like but i prefer when is a girl who have the power. but is cute in kind of way
Creator, why destroy anything? Everything I create would be perfect.
File: 1527291892004.jpg (378 KB, 2000x1646)
378 KB
378 KB JPG
i would probably just make everyone my sex toy and fall into depths of depravity and lewd
Fuck technology
Fuck culture
Fuck wisdom
turn everyone into slime sexy addcit creatures ? making them think who are a chance of win ? of curse
Literally jump from universe to universe and fuck anything that moves,turn everything into a mindless sex toy that only craves me
File: EX1X9cuX0AE0FQD.jpg (277 KB, 2048x1252)
277 KB
277 KB JPG
>A goddess appears before you, offering you her hand in love in return for your complete and constant subservience.

Do you take the deal?
I prefer the growth to be more gradual first, and self driven. I like it when the girl is herself responsible for her own ascension, and when the rate of growth increases over time as she even gets better at getting better.
Can you please explain what the downside is? Surely a goddess can just force you into complete and constant subservience anyway.
bros I think I spilled bleach on my universe
I managed to clean it up before it was soaked completely, but I think I accidentally wiped out all the life in the areas where the bleach hit
As if you didn't do it on purpose. Nobody needs bleach unironically.
>Take dweeby teenage girl
>Last day of summer
>Transform her into 10/10.
>Family thinks she just has a growthspurt all summer
>Closet gets replaced with high end clothes that vacuum seal onto her after putting it on
>Watch her tower over everyone looking like a goddess mogging everyone.
>She gets all scared by everyone staring at her ass.
>Insert myself as new student
>Made her extremely wet for me.
>Watch her get confused.
I like the cut of your jib. Turning good hearted plain-Jane's into goddess' among women is kino. The only change I'd make is getting to know and befriending her before the change, always be in her corner against the bullies and try and give her confidence before she's suddenly a seven foot tall curvy amazon. Push for that "reward you for sticking with me" angle since obviously she won't know it was me that changed her.
Personally I want to empower a MILF but same idea
Sure, it's more the principle of turning a girl or woman you want for yourself, befriending and flirting and whatever until you transform them into an impossibly hot goddess. Less actively having to mentally alter them to want to be with you, more "they were interested already, now I'll return the favour." It just feels sweeter, although if you want to mentally change them, that's your fetish, you do you; I've never been huge on mentally altering people.
Young adult, MILF, GILF, whatever you want; I just like empowering good people at the core after making them feel appreciated before so you got along without the omnipotent angle, but making them smoking hot afterwards is just top tier.
tfw no cute omnipotent girlfriend

o think someone like hitome chan from 'Hitomi-chan wa Hitomishiri' kind heart but just awakard and dont know how use this powers.
Yeah, I'm not in to mentally altering people either. Just saying I'd love to find a kind voluptuous MILF and give them an even greater body, or even just give them omnipotence
C. Reality Manipulation seems kinda fun I guess.
You were just cleansing sinners. What are sinners? You decide.
A reality bender transforming women to his whims. Stretching them out making them carpets, hollowing them out, wearing them like costumes, all the while they're kept alive, helplessly forced to be his toys. The picture posted right before the post you're referring to is part of that concept.
File: D22vLJmWkAEl506.jpg (1.01 MB, 3750x3192)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB JPG
Goddesses work in mysterious ways anon, maybe they're toying with you.
Well, either way sure. I'd do it for someone to genuinely love me.
>Be a God
>Don't have a Physical body but want to try one
>See world full of multiple races
>Fancy the race with horns and huge fucking tiddies
>Use the whole race to create my divine physical body to posses
>Make every single member of the race completely aware even when they are part of my skin
File: 1606051859640 (1).jpg (896 KB, 1500x3250)
896 KB
896 KB JPG
Forgot my pic
That sounds kind of horrifying to be part of that race
It'd be even worse for people who end up as part of the skin, given how quickly these cells die. Though that begs the question if the formation of new cells is like new members of that species being born?
i like them just turning the mass into beautiful fat as well
File: 79680143_p0.png (2.29 MB, 1240x1754)
2.29 MB
2.29 MB PNG
>Be Me
>Cosmic Entity with absolute power over the universe.
>Observe life on earth.
>Some of it is good.
>Eh, fuck it close enough.
>Create angels to spread my word and my will to the people.
>Make them all 10-foot tall amazon trads.
>Give them each more power than the entire rest of the universe combined.
>Create a perfect heaven-world for them to inhabit, where they hold eachothers hands and worship their creator.
>Whenever I need to send a message or do something involving the mortals, I ask an angel to do it.
>Last time I sent one, she didn't come back.
>She's fallen in love with a mortal.
>MFW I get cucked by some primitive mortal Chad.

What do I do?
File: EXYFRrQU0AAUnV1.jpg (278 KB, 1448x2048)
278 KB
278 KB JPG
Obviously you think with your horny brain and decide that this one angel is worth so much more than your many others simply because she is not interested in you right now. (Something something toddlers only wanting to play with the toys that are already in use.) And so you do the only hornily sensible thing and jump into the mortal's spot, and oh by your name was it worth it. Getting pampered by one of your divine angels feels so much more intense from inside a mortal body. Previously the touch of these universe-shatteringly powerful angels were still just like stimulating pricks to your infinitely vast being. But here, in this frail body one angel is all-encompassing to you, and she can stimulate you in ways you never experienced even by something as simple as breathing on you. And you live out the rest of this body's natural lifespan in pure bliss, even getting you to experience your own death in the relative comfort of her arms. But once it's over and she moves on the post-horny clarity hits you. You haven't returned to your previous self, because you switched spots with Chad, meaning that a mentally challenged monkey boy now sits upon the throne of all. Its even more ironic how all your mortal life he had so many of your angels to play with, while you were stuck with just one who was only interested in you because of your mortal body. Worst of all, after the creation of everything not much more happened in the universe because the new God couldn't figure out his powers and all angels were busy fulfilling the Mortal God's carnal wishes for an everlasting feast and orgy.
One thing I always wanted but haven't seen done before is a gentle girl becoming corrupted by power.

>through one method or another, the dainty quiet girl had managed to make herself grow her ideal body, and has fun showing it off
>...but then she grows again, and uncomfortably feels the room squeezing around her
>she worries about being seen as a freak, yet can't help but feel a small thrill upon realizing how powerful she is
>despite all this, she swears to always take great care to avoid causing more destruction
>though people have reluctantly accepted her, they grow more and more uneased by how she grows bigger and bigger
>no matter how careful she is, she can never get used to her new size, making it inevitable for her to have a small accident here and there
>and they make sure she feels terrible about it
>her original good will is now starting to wear thin, as she starts to feel like no matter how hard she tries, she will always be a freak
>her kindness has turned to apathy
>it has become incredibly hard to care about or identify with such tiny fragile beings, especially when all they provide is complaints
>her inceasing power has made her confident that they're no longer capable of stopping her, and maybe they realize this as well
>what's most worrying is how has begun to enjoy being a nuisance, because it means she has nothing holding her back anymore, not even her own morality
He's fucking them? He created a body for himself and he's fucking them?

Oh no.

You knew never to do that. You were smarter than that. Every time he partakes in carnal union with an Angel, divine essence flows through the bond from him to her.

And now they're powerful enough to realize You cucked them. And that he was in Your body.

You only hope You made them merciful enough.
File: zbyF8Y8.jpg (541 KB, 950x712)
541 KB
541 KB JPG
Transform into an 10000/10 girl and become his sex slave what services him better than the angel. He will choose you over the Angel. Angel cries as you get fucked by her love. As punishment depower her and turn her into an sex slave of an orc
nhé, i just want a cute omnipotent tomboy waifu and have slice of life adventure like senko san or miss kobayashi.
Imagine having a fit omni tomboy gf who works out using galaxies as weights when working out
>Follow 8/10 around as spirit wizard.
>Make all the men in her life tell her her mom is a hottie.
>Every time an attribute of hers gets mentioned, it gets enhanced in front of the girl. IE they say her mom's got a great ass and then her ass shifts into being a younger girl's ass but large and super toned with super tight pants.
>Eventually mom looks 18 and impossibly hot.
>Everyone genuinely tells her dad he must have two daughters and he just casually goes oh that's my wife.
>Daughter is flustered as mom casually mogs her all the time even though she's honestly just trying to be a good mom.
>Maybe give mom subtle mind control powers on men that only work in front of daughter like how she'd appreciate it if the daughter's boyfriend would help shovel only for the guy to spring up and help out girlfriend be damned.
did knightess anon die?
I'm still here, thanksgiving just knocked me out for a few days. I'll start working on posts again tomorrow since I'm tired and have some work to get done tonight.
File: human_in_a_vial.jpg (875 KB, 779x1600)
875 KB
875 KB JPG
Personally I'd want to empower a milf who ends up getting a mommy complex over all of humanity. As in, she considers humanity itself to be her children in the most literal sense possible, and even makes changes to reality so that people see her as their mom as well.
There is something enormously appealing about a woman who wants to mother everyone getting the power to do so.
File: 1595992764946.jpg (213 KB, 798x1291)
213 KB
213 KB JPG
I mean let's be honest, our own mothers would've loved to have this power over us. Always knowing where we are, and having the power to keep us safe at all times. Always knowing what we're thinking, and keeping us from getting sad. Hell, how many times have our mothers lamented the fact that we grow up on them? I'd be willing to bet a mother with omnipotence would slow the aging process or even stop it entirely for their children, and I wouldn't put age regression past them either if they really miss the days of looking after their little boy.
I'm kind of conflicted,on one hand I love the freedom of being an adult, but on the other hand having an almighty mom take care of you sounds amazing. Ideally they'd eventually let you grow up and do your own thing, but then again does if even matter if everything begins amd ends with your mom?
File: 06.jpg (341 KB, 1000x1412)
341 KB
341 KB JPG
For those of us who grew up with helicopter parents, mom will never stop being a mother until she's dead. Hence why kids who grow up in such families tend to go to colleges very far away, and gets jobs that are distant from their families, because even though we still in all likelihood genuinely love our mothers, they are very smothering and we need room to breath.

But imagine if your mother was an all powerful goddess, and after moving away to a college in a different state, you found the entire college shrunk and transported to a snowglobe on mother's nightstand.

Or imagine that, just before graduating highschool, you found yourself in a time reversal, where you started to age backwards, and the school was sending you back a grade each year instead of letting you graduate.

Or imagine that, as soon as you thought you might be able to live a life of independence, you suddenly had an overwhelming urge to be close to mom. Every other thought that entered your mind was of mom, and even though you knew it was of her doing you still wanted nothing more than to drive straight home and give her a big hug.
Or you finally buy a place far away and open the door to it, only to find it leads to your mom's house instead. Or you show up to your first day or work and you find out you're promoted to just under the CEO, who is your mom, because she asked nicely to be given the company. Or you even just find yourself suddenly warped to your mom's emcrace every time she feels lonely and misses you.

Honestly, i don't think I'd hate it.
File: 1606778716020.jpg (1.94 MB, 2900x4096)
1.94 MB
1.94 MB JPG
There's two different ways it could go down. The first is through infantilization, the motherly insistence that you can't handle your own life, and you need her loving protection and care to perform even the most basic of duties. This would quickly get on the nerves of most people for obvious reasons.

But the other is mom simply wanting to be a part of her child's life, wanting to see her boy grow up and tackle the world while having his back just like she did when he first went to school so long ago. And that would be a much more welcome motherly goddess imo.
Yeah, the second is much more appealing. Having an all-powerful mom who generally doesn't interfere with your life, but is always there for you if she's needed sounds very nice. She allows you to live your life how you dictate, but if you ever want to talk to her you're just a thought away from having her appear out of nowhere to sit down with you and talk. She doesn't just give you your desires either because she wants you to have the satisfaction of making your own way and earning thing through your own merits, but you better believe theres nothing like your god-mothers celebrations over your achievements.
>wake up in college, there's a giant lipstick smudge on your window, your mother must have shrunk and teleported your room into her bed last night to watch you sleep all night long
>get in the car on your way to work and turn on the radio, all the radio stations are your mother giving you words of encouragement and love on your way to your new job, occasionally interspersed by your favorite songs that you used to sing together growing up with her
>pick up your very first girlfriend to take her on your first date, only for your mom to suddenly pop up next to your booth during dinner and sit next to you, giving your gf an intensive interview that nevertheless ends with both girls laughing and the girlfriend getting your mother's seal of approval (which just so happens to mean that she'll get teleported alongside you for any goddess shenanigans your mom decides to pull in the future)
>while studying in college for big tests, you'd find cups of neverending coffee affixed with notes wishing you luck from your mom
>when you dont get that promotion at work, getting home that night you find your mom there with your favorite dinner and she encourages you to keep working at it
>when you finally proposed to your gf, your mom came over the very next day to talk wedding details. You can hear them talking about possible venues being "a cloud", "the bottom of the ocean", and "the moon"
>Go to college
>Hoping to meet a GF.
>Every girl is BFF's with a younger version of your mom who picks the nice one for you.
I imagine the only times she intercedes is when you are in real danger. I pity someone who poses a threat to your wellbeing.
I imagine that there might actually be a fair amount of intervention, but a lot of it is stuff that you don't even notice, like mother secretly clearing a traffic jam on the road so that you aren't late for work, or mom deciding to secretly boost your grade on a test that you studied very hard on but still flunked.
Or management is trying to decide who to give a promotion and mom influences their thoughts so they have a real good feeling about you.
File: adfadf.png (681 KB, 495x700)
681 KB
681 KB PNG
Would you rather have a single mother who has omnipotent powers over the universe, and uses that to her own benefit and the benefit of her family?


Would your rather have every mother in the world be omnipotent, but only in the confines of their own family or within their household?
The first
File: 85810751_p0.png (952 KB, 680x842)
952 KB
952 KB PNG
I quite like this story I've been working on so far


A woman who doesn't take it as seriously as she should, being a casual deity over simulation world in her free time is super hot imo. And I really wish there were more authors that tackled this kind of subject
Had a be the goddess mommy fantasy
>Take form of young women, barely older then a teen if that
>Forcibly seduce older man with teenage son.
>Toy with him but in his best interests.
>He can't help but call me mom even though anyone looking at us would assume I'm his older sister.
>If he's running late getting ready for something, I tell him he looks fine which instantly shifts his appearance to be prim and proper.
>If I tell him to do something, he loses control of his body and starts doing it.
>Any friends who come over to leer at me get fucked with.
>If he plans on going to a party but has a test to study for, I turn into him, take his phone, go to the party and make everyone pose in ways to make him look good on social media/have memories of him being a cool guy there and pick a hot girl and implant a crush in her/get her phone number for him for being a good boy and studying.
>Take form of young women, barely older then a teen if that
That's what makes it gay. Become an actual milf with big badonkadonks and a dumptrack ass instead you coward.
Sub it if you want, I personally find the idea of a teenager being compelled to call a women barely older then him mom amusing enough to imagine both.
my version
> being a omnipotenty milf.
> randomly enter the home of a young man who lives alone with his father and who lost his mother and is now a criminal
> only he notices the absurd but you don't care and put him on the line.
> makes him study and forbids smoking marijuana, in addition to beating bullys.
> at the same time constantly provoking him with his hypersensual venus body.
> makes him unable to masturbate until he corrects himself. as a reward, if he's a good boy fuck him.
> Now turn him into a girl because you always wanted to have a daughter.
File: 1604455210348.jpg (218 KB, 1280x1707)
218 KB
218 KB JPG
I'd love a omni mommy but only if she looked like this
Ha, it's actually really funny you post that, DM, because there's literally another story on the same catalog that's this concept but, infinitely more fucked up with its take.

Yeah I read the first 6 chapters of that story, and it's really well written! But it's just not for me

I prefer cute, careless, and playful gods to rule my digital worlds. Not sadists who actively seek to unravel, torture, and destroy their reality. This is just my preferance though, this story definitely outclasses mine by a long shot
>Despite your friend's impressive display of power, the Paladins facing her refuse to back down. For good or for ill, the confrontation is set.
>In the literal blink of an eye, one of the Paladins, a longsword-wielding brute of a man, closes the distance to your friend in the blink of an eye. Panic sets in as you realize that she still has her own blade planted firmly in the ground in front of her, hands resting atop it.
>Had he moved too quickly; was she unable to react? Before you can even finish your panicked thoughts, a flash of light emanates outward from the Paladin's wide swing. It collides with her, cutting through her armor with unprecedented force as shards of metal crack, falling and flying away from her form.
>The two are bathed in dust, their forms obscured by the aftermath of the opening salvo, tents still fluttering in the settling wind several long seconds after the titanic clash of energy. Ordinary soldiers drawn forth by the prior argument unbrace themselves, letting go of posts and lowering shields as they attempt to peer through the thick brown clouds now surrounding the action.
>A loud, shattering clang sounds from somewhere within the dust cloud, followed by the telltale sound of splintering metal. After a moment's thought, you wonder how such could be; though the impact had taken place in but an instant, you distinctly remember your friend's armor coming apart as the result of her opponent's powerful surge.
>The clouds finally begin to clear, bringing the two figures locked in conflict back into strict focus. Strangely, the first thing you notice is the shock sported by the other two battle-ready Paladins preparing to step in at the edge of the conflict. It is only once you properly focus on the state of the fighters themselves that you experience your own wave of surprise, beginning with the longsword held in the trembling general's grasp, its blade shattered like a drunkard's broken bottle.
> Racist school girl gains omnipotent power
> Immediately uses it to bully members of races she deems inferior
> Progressively forcibly removes minorities from her school, then neighborhood, then city, nation, world
> Alters reality so that her race is as superior as she thinks they are
> She rules over a racially pure world/universe for all eternity
>Though her armor had been blown away, your charge remains in the same stance and position as she had before. Her flesh, liberated from its metal casing, is blemished with naught but dust, a large chunk of metal resting behind her.
>The fruits of her laborious training are placed once more on full display, having somehow ripened even further over the course of your journey to the front lines. Voluminous separations divide her back into graspable portions, rippling seamlessly into perfectly-sculpted shoulders, smooth, and rounded with power. Even from a distance, the fullness of her muscles is palpable; the change in her silhouette could not have been any more drastic from the girl you once knew.
>Lacking armor, it is clear that only one thing could have broken her opponent's blade: her own body.
>The muscles in her back twitch and leap as she finally moves to pull her sword from the sand, prompting an immediate step back from her stunned opponent. Casually, and perhaps coldly, she remarks that his efforts amount to a mere waste of time that could be used to route the enemy; though her voice stands in sharp contrast to the solid, imposing, raw physicality exuded by her form, it nonetheless bears something in common with the smooth tapers formed by the ends of her muscular groupings, and the elegant curves and arcs possessed by each and every ridge and bundle.
>She steps forward, striking sideways with an open palm as opposed to her blade; no doubt she knew that a strike from her weapon would kill her fellow soldier. Instead, she grips his pauldron, the momentary screech of metal changing shape against its will filling the air as she locked her fingers into place. Then, she slung the man into the dust with one arm, kicking up clouds once more as he rolled several yards away.
>The shock of the other two Paladins merely intensifies as a result of this display. Yet, they steel themselves, perhaps thinking that the folly of their companion came in his facing her alone.
>One, a woman with a lithe frame, darts to the side, cycling around with the same blinding speed shown by their now-defeated fellow, before rushing in from the side as the second, a lightly armored male with a polearm, begins to prepare a spell. A look of disappointment forms on your partner's face, though its cause is unclear; was she unsatisfied with their showing, or merely dismayed that they were continuing to trouble her?
>As she clenches a fist, her light surges around her, nearly blinding her opponents. With a single swing, she knocks the woman away with the flat end of her blade, sending her spiraling into the dust before she quickly rebounds, flipping up into another ready stance.
>It is then that a torrential rush of magic flies toward your friend, the other Paladin having finished their spell. Turning her attention toward the punishing blast of energy in an instant, she pulls back her sword-arm again, her swing summoning an arcing trail of light that routed the swirling ball of death as one might swat a fly. The veritable meteor of magical energy arced upward into the sky, before slamming into a far-off mesa. Miles away, dust and stone flew into the air, the destruction of the rock face appearing as an eruption to the eyes of the encampment.
>As the spellcaster watches the impact in shock, your knight reaches him in a blur of light, knocking him to the ground with the pommel of her blade before spinning it toward the last of the Paladins, firmly demanding she yield. A look of pure, embarrassed rage is thrown toward the victor, yet she does so, setting her twin blades on the ground and bowing her head.
>Slowly, your friend turns to you, her sternness fading slightly as she senses your gaze. Quietly, she asks you to search for a new set of armor.

>You can do anything
>Create a cult of sexy witches
>Use your powers to seek out candidates
>Offer them eternal youth and slowly morally corrupt them into sluts
>as orgys become regular occurrence, offer them some more blessings
It probably would be boring.
>our knightess is back
Fuck yeah
>You love being gigantic, towering over (recently) mortals, but alas, you have grown too tall and Earth can't take you anymore
>After thinking for few seconds (you could do it instantaneously, speed of light no longer applies to you, but you felt like committing to a ritual) you snap your fingers
>with your power you gently take all the celestial bodies in the solar system and focus on earth
>All the seismic detectors in the world began to feel slight shake as you begin to do your craft
>continents began to drift apart as earth's radius began to increase
>waves of pleasure flowed through your active bodies
>as pilots began to panic, you carefully placed their vehicles on clouds, giving their passages some wings
>as ration between water and land shifted more and more in favor of former, you rose new continents from the sea
>in a blink of an eye you appeared on one of them
>you sat, throne appearing below you
>as you began to masturbate, you began to grow along with your planet
>soon, a river began to flow from the mountain that was you throne, and you the fact that your lower tits are now obscured with clouds
>finding this amusing, you began to grow until they came in level with your various genitalia
>with a thought, something resembling an excuse for an outfit began to appear around your "private" parts
>maybe you should place some of your future worshippers there, you thought as you sat in center of what will become your continent temple
>been blown away, your charge remains in the same stance and position as she had before. Her flesh, liberated from its metal casing, is blemished with naught but dust, a large chunk of metal resting behind her.
>>The fruits of her laborious training are placed once more on full display, having somehow ripened even further over the course of your journey to the front lines. Voluminous separations divide her back into graspable portions, rippling seamlessly into perfectly-sculpted shoulders, smooth, and rounded with power. Even from a distance, the fullness of her muscles is palpable; the change in her silhouette could not have been any more drastic from the girl you once knew.
>>Lacking armor, it is clear that only one thing could have broken her opponent's blade: her own body.
oh boys, that is great. i dont know why, but i get horny in this scene
Read the whole thing last night; seriously best giantess/omni story I've read in years, maybe ever.

i like this storie, even isnt a erotic one
Imo you're not a proper god unless you have a legion of servants doing tasks which you are perfectly capable of doing yourself by just snapping your fingers.
File: 60973533_p0.png (724 KB, 1280x1024)
724 KB
724 KB PNG
The world needs more casually-strong goddesses.

They know what they are, but they don't make a big deal out of it.

Maybe it's even a bother for them because things around them just keep breaking.

>"Why do I have to deal with all these worshippers again?"
>"I only stopped that tsunami because it was going to ruin my beach day"
>"No, I don't want your undying loyalty"
>"I'm just trying to get to the store..."
yes, like she ever think that being omnipotent is a big deal.

> she walks through the empty city to shop when and cel is covered in black.
> a meteor from the tanhao of the moon approaches, leaving the empty market and destroying her garden by the gravity that pulls out the lilies.
> when the meteor is about to touch the earth the omni milf just slaps the meteor that is sent at the speed of light to another galaxy and destroys an alien planet
>Goddess wants some dick
>Could counjur uber Chad but can't be arsed to imagine it
>Just looks for some decent looking guy on the street and gives him a compulsion to fuck her brains out.
>alone in saturnday night,
>decide play with herself a little bit before sleep
> wake up and turn on tv.
>news shows several countries devastated by tidal waves and earthquakes caused by her orgasms.
>Goes to party
>Hates the food
>Transport everyone into a 5 star catering hall
>If anyone goes up to her to complain, she makes them extremely horny and generates a partner for them to go fuck so they go away.
Oh I'm just imagining a secret goddess playing a teenage girl and helping people out in fun ways.
>Catholic school
>Girl wears her skirt short
>Teacher demands a check
>You make the skirt longer just for the check.

>Friend says she has a crush on a boy but lacks the nerve to ask him out.
>Goddess makes her lose control of her body to confidently ask the guy out while forcing the guy to get aroused by the look of her.
>Goes to party
>Everyone's getting drunk and host is worried about their parents house getting trashed.
>Goddess makes it so that everyone sobers up quickly as parents arrive and damage subtly fixes itself.
File: 82505785_p0.png (3.94 MB, 2275x1608)
3.94 MB
3.94 MB PNG
> Oh I'm just imagining a secret goddess playing a teenage girl and helping people out in fun ways.

> "Sen~paaaaai~! We really trashed your team in the sport's festival this year, didn't we~!"
> "What's with that face? It's not *our* fault you're so feeble!
> "Ahahahaha~! Are you cry~ing~? The star of the basketball team is cry~ing~?"
> "You look so cute with that pathetic look! I think it suits you~! Ahahaha!"
Does anyone else prefer multiple gods instead of just one?
I like my teenage goddess to play up the stereotypical petty and recklessness
its in total spite of everyone's expectations of a goddess, and of their literal power to just make themselves smarter than this

like she seems to always go backwards with her "solutions" to her problems
>goes traveling around the world by making herself giant so she can just walk everywhere
>tired of her and her friends being known as bimbos, she turns them all into superstrong geniuses
>but in a way that makes them retain their trashiness, so they can enjoy humilating everyone and acting like they're superior beings

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