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A sex genie appears and offers you three wishes. There are some caveats, though, to make things more fun:

1. The wishes must be about sexual gratification. Yours or anothers, but must be about sex and sex related. Anything tangential to the sexual pleasure will disappear when the deed is done.

2. You can wish for a non-sentient item (like a toy, machine, or a set of things), a personal alteration to your body or mind, or a once-off experience.

3. If you wish for a thing, it can be permanent or temporary, or even summonable. Wish for a change to yourself, and it can be the same. Wish for an experience, and it's one and done - so if you wish to fuck Scarlette Johannsen, you can, but you can't repeat, record, she won't remember, and no one will believe you.

4. No wishing for more wishes.

5. The genie gets set free after the wishes, so no need to waste a wish on that (you old softies).

Mine next comments.
File: aQeCstN.gif (1.24 MB, 720x480)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB GIF
Also: no bullshitting with "I wish for a sentient nano-robot that can change its form to anything I want" or "I wish I could change my body in any way I like" crap.
Okay, my three:

1. I'd wish to be able to change my gender at will to a look that I can choose to be my permanent alternate self.

2. I'd wish to be able to be immune to pregnancy and all sexually transmitted diseases and infections.

3. I'd wish for zero refractory period for either gender and the option to make myself horny at any time.
1) All men over 6'5" are shrunken down to only 2" tall and made tougher, cuter, and eternally youthful

2) Everyone in the world develops a fetish of some form related to these little people regardless of any taboos that otherwise might get in the way

3) A little person impregnating a normal sized person always results in more little people
File: 3 wishes.jpg (315 KB, 1200x821)
315 KB
315 KB JPG

I found the rules a little unclear, but I think your example 3 wishes set the limits where I can get what I want.

1. I would wish to be able to safely change my size at will.

2. I would wish to be able to safely digest anything and anyone.

3. I would wish to be able to grant sizes and digestion abilities to others.

Then I would take over the world and make all of humanity my food and playthings, while fucking a harem of giantesses.
I wish I was born female
I wish I had feathers instead of hair, particularly thighs, back, arms, throat, head
I wish for a large collection of dildos, or a shape-shifting dildo
I wish poop and farts would teleport to the poop dimension as soon as they are formed, where they'd be converted into other biomass and redistributed across the world.

I wish humans were immune to all diseases including the sexual kind.

I wish sex could last forever as long as partners were willing with no downsides or worries about strain, sex drive, tiredness, production, etc.

There were other things to wish for here but priorities are priorities. I could've also wished for immortality and tied it to sex somehow but that feels like such a wiseguy approach that I wouldn't.
1. I wish that sexual favors became socially and economically acceptable as a form of payment for goods and services, with a higher number of/more exotic and intense favors required for larger purchases (eg food for a week costs two blowjobs and a handie, but a house would take a month of hardcore electrostim bondage and anal probing or more.)

2. I wish that any after effects of sexual activity (STDs, Pregnancy, Refractory, etc) required the knowledge and active consent of all parties involved. You can't get pregnant or get infected or even feel sore unless you WANT to.

3. I wish that I could fully re-sculpt my body once, into that of an amazonian fertility goddess, with a fully-functional cock to match.

There, I just made the world a massively better place for wagecucks the world over, and I made it easy for me to get my needs met while having fun.
1. I wish that all my wishes take place in pocket dimension which is full of sex toys, sex machines, bdsm gear. Time does not flow forwads when I'm in that dimension. It also runs on porn physics.

2. I wish to be able to transport myself and any number of willing participants into that dimension, on command(including mental one for myself). It includes things that each person is wearing and holding.

3. I wish to be able to change gender of anyone in that dimension.
I wish to have the ability to change sex as I want.

The ability to have a save and load option.

And immortality.
Well, judging by the phrasing I can't wish for the world to become a magical realm, or if I can I can only do so temporarily. Instead...
>I wish I was a fit, cute tomboy
>I wish for the ability to easily form and maintain healthy relationships with friends with benefits, without the usual drama that comes with multiple partners and casual sex
>I wish that sex genies and wish granting of this type would become an everyday occurrence, if not for me, than for everyone else.

We could all use some excitement in our lives. Alternatively...

>I wish to take the sex genie's place, as a sex genie, with the same rules as stated above for wishes
>I wish to be exempt from wishes that aversely affect me directly, unless I agree to them (to keep me from becoming someone's sex slave or something)
>I wish for off days (as many as this kind of wish would allow)

If I can't make the world a more exciting place, and I can't wish for more wishes, I'd like to be the one granting other people's wishes. And of course, interpreting them as I see fit... or maybe even giving my masters suggestions...
I'm sure almost everyone on /d/ has some kind of tranny wish.
Does this wish also partly stem from the nature of male and female attraction? An average male might get little female attention, but an average female might get a lot of male attention.
it's all curiosity isn't it?
we're all perverts finding our next kink, and the opposite sex is just an experience we haven't had yet - but never will
it's a forbidden fruit, you can see it but nothing more
1. I'd wish to be perfectly healthy and in shape, half for sex purposes and half for just making that part of my life trivial.
2. I'd wish for a summonable familiar, attached to a bracelet thats permanently attached to me. Without going into too much detail on the rules for said familar, they must obey any order given, are completely devoted to me and can change form to suit my desires, or need. Like if I need a pen or something I can turn them into a girl shaped pen. If for some reason I ever fall in love with another girl, she can choose to enter the bracelet as another familar, and when I die my body will dissapear and I'll become another familar within said bracelet. (Yes this is actually a fetish for me) Any familar can choose to cease being a familar unless they've been one long enough that they would have died had they not become one.
3. After I die all the way the bracelet works is changed so that any newly created familars get tied to seperate bracelets, which do not become permanently attached, and a familar can basically put themselves in sleep mode if they get used for something against their will. This will basically lock them out against being used by that person.

The way I'd actually make these wishes is write up a name for this special bracelet along with all its features and the features of familars, and ask for that, then write up a list of changes after I die, give that a name, and then ask for that clause to be added.
1. I wish to become a shapeshifter who has no limits or restrictions on that ability.

2. I wish to have the ability to alter anyone's body, as long as they're willing, for any given amount of time.

3. I wish for the ability to summon sex partners with whatever form, personality, and background I want at that time, and they will vanish when I am done with them.

With these 3 wishes, I should be able to create every conceivable sex scenario I want for myself and any paying customers to my new fantasy brothel.
> shape shifting mind control pussy
> electromagnetic levitation chamber that triggers continuous orgasm
> mommy dom mini giantess who will force me to worship her
Ok, i'll bite

1. I wish to be able to alter my body between my regular state and being a Futanari

2. I wish for a tentacle pet, it actually lives inside of my body and feeds off my sexual fluids.

3. I wish to be able to summon fictional characters, they can only perform sex and will disappear after I orgasm.

I think that's a pretty good set up.
B-but that's my fetish...
Couldn't you get that now?
For my first wish, I wish to have and be able to maintain a body like Motoko Kusanagi's
For my second wish, I wish that STDs were harmless and curable but still had interesting effects
For my final wish, I wish that men have no refractory period and can have multiple orgasms
File deleted.
I wish my waifu was real, and that we had sex every night and she loved it and I loved it.
I wish that every time I had sex I got a million dollars deposited into my bank account by kinky space aliens who like watching me fuck my waifu.
I wish that both her and I were immune to all outside factors that sought to harm us for 24 hours after each time we have sex
1. Futas become real
2. Get an extremely horny/sizewhore partner
3. Ejaculate immediately upon any form of sexual interaction
1) I wish to be transformed into a sexually irresistible young futa.
2) I wish to be able to make sex with me an earth-shatteringly amazing experience for everybody involved.
3) I wish for my sex life to be free from any negative consequences that are anything more than minor.
File: コミック2_005.jpg (1014 KB, 1417x2006)
1014 KB
1014 KB JPG
I wish I was invincible
I wish I was shrunken down micro-sized between your anal wrinkles
I wish you were gassy really often
File: 232937.jpg (196 KB, 1027x926)
196 KB
196 KB JPG

1.) I wish that I was a buff/athletic manlet (like 4'5") with a huge cock in the 99th percentile for both length and girth

2.) I wish we lived in a multi-size society where tiny faeries, large amazons, and humongous giants were real; with faeries being anywhere between 6" to 1' tall, Amazons ranging between 8'-18', and giantesses between 30' to 80'

3.) I wish all femmes under 3' tall and over 6' tall were intensely sexually attracted to me

Enjoy life as a stud in a multi-size polyamorous harem. Living the dream.

1) Whenever I want, I can transform into someones ideal vision of the most sexually perfect person they can imagine. Of course, because of that little caveat, I couldn't actually have an influence on how I change, but if someone happens to have, say, a fetish for hairy guys, is a size queen, and likes guys tattoos, then that's what I become.

2) A necklace that, when worn, enables the user to have hyper, biology-defying orgasms. A guy could cum enough to fill a pool, a woman could squirt equally as much, and it'd go on for as long as you want. Because it'd be very easy to get carried away though, it'd have a built-in "safety", where the effect diminishes if you risk doing something stupid (Flooding your basement, overflowing the tub and causing water damage, cumming in someone with enough volume that it could hurt them, etc. It'd be a necklace one could take on and off because, as mentioned before, that kinda thing can be tempting, so I don't wanna be having a casual jerk before bed and clean up a few gallons of cum. And it's sharable that way, which is fun of course.

3) The ability to make someone cum on command. I would be able to make it range from a little flush of excitement, to something so brutally intense that you can't walk for the week. But no matter how intense it gets, it never lets someone black out, pass out, or sustain long-term injury from it. They experience and remember every second of it.
1. My ex seduces my girlfriend into forcibly feminizing me into their rape-slave.
2. They whore me out and everybody I've ever cared about gleefully betrays, rapes and abuses me.
3. I suffer horribly and don't want what's happening to me, but even if I try to deny it, I experience an ecstasy that increases with and surpasses my level of anguish.
File: 4172038.jpg (35 KB, 635x600)
35 KB

Better health. Don't even need to be unnaturally strong or anything, just in shape and not having to worry about getting out of shape.

Shapeshifting. Going by >>9485051, unlimited shapeshifting isn't an option, but I'd settle for having some specific forms that I can shift between at will. Clothing included, just for convenience.

A computer or some other device that can manifest any porn or fetish material I can think of. Any setting or characters, any style, any medium (image, video, game, etc.), however I imagine it, and I can save/reload/edit at will.
File: D-SJnesU8AAuKcb.jpg (38 KB, 430x630)
38 KB
1: Magical, soul bound stylus and tablet that can be used to draw new things into existence, and draw over or edit existing things
2: The ability to tap into and borrow the talents, artstyles, and artistic knowledge of other artists whos works I've seen
3: Magic to fill in the gaps of what separates real life from art, so someone without a nose doesn't suffocate, someone with a giant cock doesn't pass out from blood loss, etc. Porn/cartoon logic, basically

Guess I'll draw myself a new body in the mirror and go cause some mayhem then, though that "no bullshitting" rule is a bit hard to quantify. I feel like this isn't that bullshit since the changes are earned and I spent three wishes on the same thing to make sure it works as intended. Might want to clarify those rules OP.
File: unknown[1].png (559 KB, 899x676)
559 KB
559 KB PNG
I wish for monstergirls (and monsterboys) to be a thing, retroactively, starting on the day of the Alamogordo nuclear explosion. I also wish to look like pic related. Finally, I wish for her to go to everyone I've ever had sex with, and ask them if they would also like to change phenotypes.
File: 1604382878064.jpg (1.67 MB, 1500x1956)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB JPG

I've got pretty bad AGP(autogynephillia). I've *always* had AGP, even as a little kid. Miserable, miserable paraphillia. I'm thankful the tranny cult wasn't around when I was a child.

Option 1.)I'd turn myself into a woman, maybe a waifu, slow identity death. I'd coom my brains out until I lost myself. Wouldn't be able to not make that wish. Kinks hit: AGP, self abuse

(I'm going to do three mutually exclusive wishes I'd consider rather than three together)

Option 2.) Stay a male and wish for a partner/SO that was lesbian but still bound together somehow, in a positive way. A relationship, but complete sexual denial with girl on girl "cucking". Kinks hit: denial and girl on girl, probably related to AGP.

Option 3.) Keep male mind/current sexuality but be transformed into a fox yokai. A fox girl spirit, with floofy tails and a set of perky fox ears. HOWEVER, the catch being I'd have to gain energy sustenance from men, by fucking them like a succubus. It's like option 1, but with a price to pay for the AGP fulfillment. Kinks hit: Foxgirls, AGP, and humiliation.
All three wishes are granted at once and you have split into 3 people sharing one mind, congratulations!
Spidu world becomes more or less reality. This wish comes with a number of changes, but most notably is the shift in normalization of many sexual acts, e.g. orgies, public, piss fetish, incest, casual sex, etc.

If that only counts as one wish, then throw in the ability for people to choose their general form on a per-day basis, i.e. "I wanna be a long-dong futa with huuuuuge tits today", and finally for cartoon physics to generally apply during sex, i.e. stretching, unrealistic amounts of fluids, and notably a removal of injuries as obstacles to degenerate hedonism. Hell, just the noted aspects of the last wish would be enough for me.
1. I'd wish that I'd always been thin and fit with an additional inch down there.
2. I'd wish for the ability to summon myself from any point in my life to me.
3. I'd wish for the ability to summon any girl once for a no-lasting-effect sexual encounter wherever I am.
File: gre3.jpg (897 KB, 1414x2000)
897 KB
897 KB JPG
Alright, here we go.
1. Wish to be absurdly inventive with sex toys. Like a complete genius, can invent crazy sex machines just on a whim.
2. Wish for incredible technical skill, only for the purpose of building sexy machinery, of course, to maintain balance.
3. Wish for a theoretically unlimited supply of parts for these machines, but they can only be used for these machines or they disappear to where they came from. Also, it can only output 1 cubic meter of materials/parts each day. Don't want to make anything too broken here
Well there we go, now everyone can profit from me inventing lightspeed ships that only work as long as they keep fucking you, or powerful cybernetics that can only function if you're tied up like in pic related.
1. Wish for the ability to change between 5 different forms at will; Form 1: Myself but far more fit, attractive, and with a larger dick, Form 2: Short Asian woman with large tits, Form 3: A Mediterranean woman with average proportions and height, Form 4: Amazonian Latina, Form 5: Randomizer (Random race, height, sex, and dick/breast size, but not weight or age)
2. Wish that Forms 2-5 cannot be impregnated, although Form 5 can impregnate others if they are male
3. Wish for the ability to create any object I want as long as I know the process of how it's made
i wish freckled bodies were more common in real life, specially for hot ginger women
i wish futas were real
i wish to be able to control germs, std's, smells, fluids and those other things to make sex "cleaner"
1. ability to switch between my birth body and a beautiful bottom-heavy venus futa (dick+balls only and non-hirsute) body at will
2. ability to inflate people's bodies and/or parts of their bodies (including my own) with any substance without the risk of popping or any negative health effects.
3. longer orgasms with shorter refractory periods
There's something called the 'Traveller's Curse', where someone who travels a lot finds more and more qualities they like about certain places until they reach the point where no place on Earth possesses everything they like, and they will never be fully content anywhere. The same applies to sexuality. If you've found attractive qualities in enough body types, eventually you end up with a list of things you like that probably don't all coexist in one person anywhere. Blending the sexes together is a simple way to tick more boxes with one imaginary partner than you otherwise would.
I wish I was a woman! A sexy one at that
I wish that my exact favorite type of men would love me no matter what
I wish that I could be someone's beautiful little pet
1. a female version of me that is short ginger and hot that also is lesbian that i can turn in to at any time
2. a succubus/demon femdom haunting me all the time and sexually abusing me/ tying me up raping me and etc.
3.a sex dungeon where i can randomly be teleported to by the succubus.
1. Full shapeshifting powers (to partner's ideal only if I have to)
2. 0 consequence sex (no STDs, no jealousy, no pregnancy unless both parties want it)
3. I can seduce anyone with a look.
Can I get some sauce on this?
I shall wish for the following:

1. The inability to get any STDs, STIs, or generally sick

2. To never damage my asshole. It will need to still be stretched and it can be uncomfortable, but no tearing, intense pain, perforation, fissures, etc

3. For anal sex to be the preferred method of sex globally
1. Ability to erase a past event while retaining memory
2. Shapeshifting, limited to monstergirl forms (because #9485051)
3. Number 1 automatically triggers upon death
If anyone is wondering how 1 and 3 are sexual, I want to be able to kill myself over and over again.
>2. To never damage my asshole. It will need to still be stretched and it can be uncomfortable, but no tearing, intense pain, perforation, fissures, etc
damn, that's a good one. i might have to trade one of mine out for it
Is a free sex genie a bad thing? Like are people gonna start getting blue balled as payback?
I like you, anon
Payback? for what?
Right? Imagine the fun you could have
File: 1595789600635.jpg (270 KB, 985x1280)
270 KB
270 KB JPG
This is some weird ass fetish shit y'all be posting. I can't believe I'm sharing a board with you weirdos.

But anyway, here's mine:
1. First I'd like to have my dick grow into one of those purple, constantly throbbing 15in. abominations as thick as a beer can with a thick foreskin and swollen balls to match. I want my new penis to smell very strongly at all times and especially when I'm beating it, and for it to produce vastly increased amounts of lumpy semen and precum to ensure pumping the foreskin gives off that distinct fapping sound as loudly as possible. I want it to be impossible for me to try and hide the drippy, stinking knee-slapper I'm carrying.

2. I'd like to become delibitatingly aroused at all times, essentially to have my self-control shattered when it comes to sex, and also to increase my addiction to masturbation even further to effectively render me incapable of doing anything but jerk off or think about my next session. I want to reach a stage where masturbating my new penis rules my entire life and I am incapable and indeed unwilling of hiding it anymore.
If the genie could also secure an income to actually enable this behavior for me that'd be a big plus.

3. This one's a bit trickier to explain. I'd like to have my mom present as the two previous wishes were explained and granted, but thinking I wasn't aware of her being there or having requested it. Like having her watch through a key hole or something. I also don't want her to know of this third wish and to have the genie act the scene out as if it didn't exist.
I want her to know, for her to be the first to know and for it to be absolutely impossible for me to hide it from her, but that's all. Whatever she'd do with the knowledge would be up to her.
1. I become a king of a rich sex obsessed land where perversion is on daily basis and women are beautiful and cheaper than cattle. Everyone is fertile and our kingdom processes and consumes female milk, meat, skin, fat, bones, everything.

2. I am the only lawgiver in the land and I can't be appealed, or thrown down. Most people are willing to obey the rules even if they are horrible and crazy. This doesn't just apply to laws but behaviour, traditions, culture, everything. Everything I do or order is eventually forgiven.

3. My body is great, my cock is shapeshifting, I can cum as much and as often as I want. Invincible and young.

The rest doesn't need to be wished for.

I wish I was fully female, but infertile

I wish all diseases were gone (if that's too unrelated to sex then just the stds)

I wish all society everywhere became less prude relative to how prudish they were before. Areas like the middle east would now be about on par with the west coast in its current state, while the west coast would be fully sex positive and accepting. In this new system places like the middle east would still be seen as regressive, even if by modern terms they would be relatively progressive. Essentially this is a shift of the sex positivity Overton Window, but not of the fetish/extremes Window. Due to lack of prudishness people might be more accepting/less shameful of fetishes, but this would not make any particular fetish any more common by itself or directly lead to any more extreme fetishes.
Do you have a politics fetish or what
File: Darkness5.jpg (1.28 MB, 1777x2500)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB JPG
I. I wish I had the body of a blonde & fit woman.

II. I wish I could only get pregnant on the night of a full moon.

III. I want a homestead with a big basement where I can set up a dungeon and get fucked silly.
I'd love a shapeshifting familiar or to make a waifu real but those break the rules. Instead I'd wish for:
>extra sensitive ass and prostate, making prostate orgasms easy and frequent
>retractable tentacle tail with a "mouth" that can suck and be fucked or fuck when it is closed. The tail can take on a mind of its own if I want it to.
>I can convert my body fat into cum and can cum as much or as many times as I want until I run out of fat.
Shapeshifting, but apparently that's not allowed, so fuck off useless genie, you stay in that fucking lamp
Azula from ATLA exists and is a big cock futanari with addictive cum (only pleasure, no brain dead effect)
She is absolutelly in love with me
I have no gag reflex, my ass is always lubed and clean and my body fluids are addictive in the same way
1) worldwide all womens breast size & weight is multiplied by 10, with lifelong hyper-lactation setting in as they finish puberty
2) their intelligence is reduced to about the level you would expect in farm animals
3) all men are granted the legal rights and material requirements to keep at least one woman as his personal dairy/breeding cow.
1) I wish every and all adverse effects of sex (STD, unwanted pregnancy, etc) dissapear
2) I wish Sex and sex-related things werem't taboo anymore, both in a more basic way (ex: having sex as a passtime or for fun) and in a more deep way (ex:you can talk freely about it without anyone feeling uncomfortable)
3)I wish that i have the superpower of making people orgasm on command, being capable of adjusting the potency, lenght and all aspects of said orgasm
I wish humans would slowly turn into any form they orgasm to after each session.

I wish people immediately transformed into what they think is the sexiest body. (Including inhuman forms)

I wish fetishes were contagious with the least possible in real life being airborne and the most common being stds.
1. I wish women could only survive by drinking cum.

2. I wish everyone had a fully functional set of male genitals.

3. I wish all cocks were three inches or under, balls were at least the size of apples, and they were all smooth and hairless.
My cock is now your lamp. Get in there.
1) I wish everyone was an attractive futa with fully functioning male and female organs.

2) I wish every New Year's Eve, the human population went through a transformation based on the Chinese zodiac. (A full year of cowgirls, lamias, satyrs, etc.)

3) I wish my jizz served as an aphrodisiacal, temporarily lowered intelligence, and induced lactation upon contact.
1.) I gain the ability to change my size at will to whatever I want be it large or small.

2.) While I’m not at my normal height, I’m invincible to everything (acid, crushing, suffocation, falling etc...) or if something irreversible happens to me I reset to my room at normal height.

3.) I gain the ability to stop and resume time for everything except myself and anyone/anything I’m touching at the point of time stop.
So I can wish to get vored and digested and I'll still be alive afterwards?
1. All human women, including myself, gain a penis in place of their clit, making them futanari. This becomes the default and accepted form of women, and will be passed down to all descendants.

2. All penises are now retractable, to keep them out of the way if you don't want a bulge in your pants, or to keep them safe in sports or fights. Plus, this means men will fit in chastity belts.

3. The human rectum is now self-cleaning and self-lubricating, for quick and easy penetration. Plus, it's stretchy enough to fit any dick without injury.
File: 3qVyMpI5_400x400.jpg (16 KB, 400x400)
16 KB
1. To summon and form a bond with a succubus that is able to change the form of herself or anyone else and sustains herself on the sexual satisfaction of others (rape and non-consent doesn't sustain her, but she can push boundaries if in the end it is satisfying). I can make requests, but there is no guarantee she will fulfill them or not alter them as she desires. (Sorry if this is too complex for a single wish. Ignore either of the following if so.)

2. I have a pocket dimension I can travel to and bring anyone else I wish that agrees to. Inside can be as large as I want and contains any sex machines or toys I or anyone else inside can imagine. Anything native to the pocket dimension disappears if taken out.

3. I can stop time except for myself and anyone and anything I want.
1. Everyone turns into futas with 6-8 inch dicks, accommodating but tight vaginas and throats, perpetually clean buttholes, and the ability to cum a cup of semen multiple times a day
2. All human to human transmittable diseases and unwanted pregnancies disappear, as to limit any reason to not have sex with anyone
3. I get my consciousness transplanted to my high school years, with the above changes, to relive/redo my first romances and my first sexual experiences
1) All women are bisexual and are more likely to engage in threesomes/orgies/etc.
2) My dick gains two inches.
3) I have greater sexual prowess and stamina.
1. Cured from (and immunity to) all STDs even if i don´t know i have them
2. ability to heal all STDs a person has by having sex with them
3. minor penis enlargement
A young femboy body. Narrow shoulders. slender arms, neck, waist and legs. Pouty pink lips, girly face, bright blue eyes and blonde hair. Flat chest and sromach. Wide hips and a tight, round bubble butt. Small dick, no body hair.
Everyone wants to fuck me.
Immune to STDs.
Yes you can. And you can probably choose clean or dirty. If only this was real...
Do you not like basketball but want them to have more kids?

Thank you. Do you want to talk to me?
1. I would wish to be able to control the breast size and sensitivity of any woman

2. I wish for the ability to put someone's mind inside a bodypart

3. I wish for the ability to hear thoughts and share emotions/feelings (inlcuding with the bodyparts)
1. Eternal sexiness. Just always wanna look good and have that effect on people. Immortality would have too many tangential benefits to work.

2. Freedom from consequences of sex, including injury, disease, child support claims, and even death, should it occur.

3. The hyperbolic orgy menagerie. An easy-access palatial pocket dimension functioning similarly to its namesake; however, this one contains a large controlled habitat for monstergirls and monstergirls(male) who are all well maintained and cared for.
Ha, no. I’m 6’6”, so I’d be amongst those shrunk. I just didn’t want to be the *only* person shrunk, I like the idea of being a tiny person desired by everyone, but I don’t want so much attention that there’s media and paparazzi everywhere, hence why I chose every male over 6’5” to shrink.
1) I wish I was a cute 4 foot tall girl loli build.

2)I wish I was made out of latex and rubber. Still able to move and stuff of course

3)I wish there was a society formed on an artificial island as a hyper sexual society. Legal sex slavery, brothels everywhere and fetish wear common place. Science sector focused on fetish research instead of cancer or gun ya know.
File: 86137174_p0.png (1.31 MB, 1003x1416)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB PNG
1. I wish to become fox girl that is always young and sexy, no aging. I can conceal fox part whenever I want, grow fur or become full animal as a part of my form.
2. I wish to be able to to make others into beings like me by drinking my urine.
3. I can feminize and masculinize people.
1. Having a perfect immune system
2. Being irresistible arousing for any human being in the planet at will
3. The capacity to control any person in the world orgasm (including me). I could prevent someones orgasm and mine for an x amount of time and then making ourself cum at the same time.
1. The ability to change how much someone likes me.
2. The ability to turn back time.
3. I would wish for something for the genie, only need the first two.

I would use the first ability to get people alone and then turn it off so they are fiesty when I rape them, then turn back time and act like it never happened.
File: 1578781272905.webm (1.36 MB, 728x556)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB WEBM
1. I wish that my penis gives the ultimate pleasure to all women.

2. I'm now irresistible to women I'm not related to.

3. My stamina is now infinite, I can have sex as long or as many times as I want without fatigue but I never need more like an addict.
I wish the genie was a futanari.
I wish to marry the genie.
I wish to impregnate the genie to raise a happy healthy futanari daughter together.
Half this thread can't fucking read apparently

1. I wish I was a thicc uno mako tier futa mommy that always smelled like vanilla

2. I wish all STDs and diseases in general were wiped from the earth so I could fuck with impunity

3. I wish my body required no sustenance, were nigh indestructible, and hyper elastic so I could fuck myself with ridiculously sized objects for days on end
1. I wish for somebody to love me.

That's all.
1. I'd wish for a endlessly refilling bottle of medicinal lube that cures/counteracts common VDs like gonorrhea and herpes simplex. Not HIV, not syphilis.

2. I'd wish for a cock that gets hard and ready in under minute, even if I just came.

3. I'd wish to be able to project a feeling of lust equal to my own in a target of my choosing up to three times a day for the rest of my life.

A little noncommittal, but ought to cover my bases without ruining the fun for other guys that found a sex genie.
1st: No STDs
2nd: instant complexation of refractory period
3rd: I wish to become a futanari (and also futanari to exist).
You're nobody until somebody loves you

And I'm that somebody

I love you!
File: 1490683641734.png (162 KB, 526x873)
162 KB
162 KB PNG
1: The ability to shapshift enough to let me swallow whatever I want to at the time I want to.
2: The ability to safely (for me) digest anything that goes in my stomach; organic, inorganic, poisonous, all without grtting stuck or harming me.
3: the ability to create copies of people from pictures of them, either with their normal mind or a version that is compelled to follow any orders I give them.

I'm into vore and long hair, so I love eating hair to he point I've had surgery to remove massive hairballs twice. If it was only a single wish it would be the digestion one so I could eat as much hair as I want without consequence
1. Ability to shapeshift and change sex on a whim allowing me to be the perfect physical partner to who ever i want
2. Be able to cum litres of cum without dehydrating
3. Be able to give perfect after sex cuddles and lull to sleep anyone giving them good dreams
Do you have ED? Don't most cocks do #2 already
Not completely sure I understand the rules or if this all fits, but:

1) I want a dick. (Attached, not inside.)

2) The world full of busty, big-dicked, eternally horny and submissive futanari.

3) An inescapable chastity belt design to slap on them.
1. The ability to transfer sexual attributes / whole body parts from one person to seamlessly add to or enhance another just by touching others and thinking about it. I would always know where my parts were and could reset back to normal at any time.

2. The ability to make people I interact with suggestible, open about their kinks, amenable and not judgemental so they would be totally ok toward nudity and talking to me about sexual desires but are not complete slaves to my will or lacking any inhibition.

3. I want any cum my body produces to be nutritious and tasty while also being a mood and fertility enhancer.
>I wish for all humans to permanently become hermaphrodites with horse-like features (hooves, ears, genitals, tail, etc.)
>I wish for pregnancy to always happen when both parties want it to
>I wish for sexual partners to always orgasm at the same time as one another
File: dICTj_tgu.jpg (337 KB, 2048x1662)
337 KB
337 KB JPG

1. I wish for an end to any and all disease that would prevent someone from enjoying sex with every sense of their bodies. Bye-bye STDs. Bye-bye blindness and deafness. Bye-bye pain for non-masochists.
2. I wish that the sight or touch of my dick was enough to instantly, turn any woman into a worshipful sex slave to me, warping her body and mind to serve me. (Expect to grow some really big milky tits)
3. I wish that every woman that sucks my dick undergoes an orgasmic transformation into a sex genie with a fresh set of wishes to grant me.

It's a simple set of wishes that turn my dick into an infohazard, as in sharing memes involving pictures of it turn those that see it into busty submissive sluts. Each of them would be eager to board a plane to fly across the world just to lay their lips on my legendary artifact and find themselves becoming a beachball-titted wish-granting fuckdoll.

....wishes for sexual stamina, zero refactory period, etc would come shortly after.
1) I wish for all people suffering from anorgasmia/ED to be cured.
2) I wish I could shapeshift between male and female forms and no one would question it.
3) I wish borrowers (tinies) were real and that at least ~20% of them had fetishes for humans.
>4. No wishing for more wishes.
I see you trying to get around that one
1. I wish for the power to grant my own wishes
What fun is there in a wish-granting sex genie if you can't fuck the rules as hard as you can fuck her?
What if I wish I could change my body in any I like, but the caveat is that it would always be heavily fetishized and the more drastic a change the stronger I'll be aroused?
Imagine if the sex genie had to fly up the wisher's ass in order to fulfill the wishes. Free wish right there.
1) gods over concepts, like the old pagan gods, exist, and they're all women
2) all of them lust over me
3) i get heroic levels of sexual prowess
1. Wish to be at perfect physical health & condition
2. The ability to change genders by snapping my fingers without any drawbacks
3. Complete immunity to all diseases
1. Turn into cute girl permanent
2. Youthful and healthy forever
3. Set of really cute clothes
I wish for more sex genies
1 - The perfect chastity cage. 100% inescapable, 0% chance of letting through any kind of orgasm-inducing stimulation. Perfect fit, super comfortable, always clean.

2 - I'd wish for my gf to become extremely sexual and very kinky. Her main kink would be to tease me and deny my orgasms. With a perfect balance of both cruelty and love, she'd be relentless in her efforts to constantly push my limits and turn my life into a bittersweet nightmare. She'd constantly be aiming to reach new records: the longest lock-up period, the least stimulation to get me to cum, the longest teasing session, and so on. She'd also be dabbling in other kinks and fetishes, most of them related to chastity, like cuckolding or pegging.

3 - The ability for my gf to grow a nice, big cock so that we could spice things up every once in a while.
Lmao this dude is so bad at drawing calendars. His january is 42 days long.
There's another pic from him with a similar 'chastity schedule' theme, and iirc the calendar there is like a 4x5 grid lol.
>His january is 42 days long.
Keyholder: I'll let you out by february
Also keyholder: Owns the calender factory
1. I can change my gender at will

2. I am immune to any sort of damage that will come from 3.

3. I wish, whenever I change gender, to have a random curse/scenario fall upon me. I can opt out by changing back.
First wish would be to test full biological gender swap. See what it's like. To keep my options open, let's say I have the ability to swap at will, indefinitely. I don't expect the swapped-me to be a sex symbol, just a version of me with about the same genes, just born a different sex. I think the experience of life as the opposite sex would be worth it a wish. It could also reshape my world view and decisions regarding the next wishes.
Second wish would be for a symbiote with a few definitions to avoid unwanted abuse. To allow variability, let's say those definitions may be changed by me consciously at any time. Basically a living shapeshifting skin-tight suit that works to keep me strong and safe, while also providing covert sexual pleasure anywhere. It could be defined to be more of less aggressive and penetrative to different degrees based on whatever I learn from my swapping experience.
Third wish... I have no idea. We'd have to wait for the after-swap me to see what's still needed.
Mine is going to be pretty boring by /d/ standards.

1. I wish I could instinctually know what exactly my partner wanted and how to give them the best orgasm while I'm giving head.

2. I wish my saliva increased sexual arousal, pleasure, and orgasm intensity.

3. I wish for increased tongue dexterity and stamina.

I would keep my wife very happy :3

1. I wish males were rare. And all genes for making ugly, fat, or bald men would disappear.

2. I wish 50% of all women born had a vagina, huge penis, and overactive balls. Along with super strength, extreme stamina, and decreased aging.

3. Women objectify men as a means of sexual relief. The government does not protect their rights and sees them as a sentient pet.
>tg comic about turning into ahri
where the fuck did you find this, i need this in my life

>Option 3.) Keep male mind/current sexuality but be transformed into a fox yokai. A fox girl spirit, with floofy tails and a set of perky fox ears. HOWEVER, the catch being I'd have to gain energy sustenance from men, by fucking them like a succubus. It's like option 1, but with a price to pay for the AGP fulfillment. Kinks hit: Foxgirls, AGP, and humiliation.
i literally will take this. this is what i'd wish for

um with the other 2 wishes?
i guess i wish that men and women had no refractory period and can have multiple full body orgasms?
and i guess i wish that sex leaves no unwanted effects (no stds, no unwanted pregnancy, so on)

idk those are just for the rest of humanity to enjoy i'm happy with being fox girl
File: 6.jpg (412 KB, 690x974)
412 KB
412 KB JPG
1: I'd wish for a second body, female obviously, that I could control and get sensory input from at the same time as my male body

2: I'd wish for the ability to make anyone super horny for me, like "I wish I could drop everything and fuck you" horny, not "I actually will drop everything and fuck you" horny. There's a difference

3: I'd wish I could make any girl into an animal girl, ie. Catgirl, foxgirl, cowgirl, etc. At will
I just wanna be friends with a sex gratification genie.

Okay, make me a loli, then we’ll be gal pals.

Basically I just don’t want to be me and I don’t want to be alone, wish yourself a genie futa dick if it makes you happy.
these ones, especially the first one, i can handle the other two
1. change gender at will to a male/female/shemale whose proportions and genital size i can decide
2. STI/STD immunity
3. be able to cum easily handsfree via my ass (or pussy if female), multiple times, as long as i'm getting fucked or masturbating
I wish for a completely inescapable, programmable self bondage suit which defaults to a latex catsuit with no attachments (so hands, feet, head free)

I wish for a tablet computer which links to the suit and allows me to add to or change pretty much any aspect of it I want, as long as the base minimum remains a catsuit (e.g. i can change material to leather, pvc, et. al.; add boots, add gloves, add mitts, add plugs, add hoods [open faced, discipline, etc.), collar, corset, turn the top half into a straitjacket, add an armbinder, add a gag, etc. etc.).
It also allows me to set a program for length of time in suit, orgasms per minute, edging, shocks, tightness and sizes of addons, what addons appear when, etc. (e.g. i could program it to keep me in the suit for a week, every night at 10pm forcing me into a skintight sleepsack + discipline helmet and edging me for an hour before making me cum, then just keeping me bound until 8am when it transforms back into a catsuit)

Then IDK, I guess a non-sentient Amber Heard sexbot with the ability to generate and customise its own outfit. It feels and looks completely realistic but as stated is non-sentient; it can speak normally but only situationally specific stuff, sort of like an incredibly advanced chatbot. She's verbally programmable but takes commands literally (e.g. "tie me up and make me cum like a million times" would not be a healthy command). Her personality has several base options which go from submissive to dominant: Sex Doll, Slave, Submissive, Switch, Dominant, Dominatrix, Goddess. She uses "learning" AI (again, similar to a super advanced chatbot) to fill in blanks and generate proactive "story" progression when in each mode. This means if you're not specific things can easily get out of hand (e.g. set her to goddess, tell her to control you completely, end up the permanent sex slave of a completely dispassionate and unfeeling sexbot who will completely ignore your pleas)
1. I wish to be a busty and curvy rubber sex doll permanently!

* stares up at the ceiling unable to move or speak anymore
sign me up to be trapped in your suit under your control or as your amber heard sexbot. both sound fun
Not sure I like the sexbot's possibility for things to go fatally wrong, but I'd definitely sign the fuck up for your first two wishes.
I should have probably added a caveat that her built-in programming prohibits her from taking actions that would physically harm her owner and that if their health is at risk she reverts to slave and enacts a basic untying/first aid program before calling an ambulance.

But oh well I made the wish now, time to accidentally trap myself in eternal sexual torment.

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