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How could you let it die? You faggots.

Time to enjoy and share what you'd do to the slaves. I want to get some tribal slaves, it'd be so cool to use technological superiority to enslave some tribes, the differences in language and culture would be fascinating to crush. Would you enjoy traveling the multiverse enslaving races?

Previous thread
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File: r1WWYDl.jpg (347 KB, 1000x715)
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I really want to find a girl who's extremely special, a vibrant, stunning personality. The kind that lights up a room the moment she walks in. Clever, caring, incredibly funny. Bold and outspoken, bursting with personality.

I want to enslave a girl like that and break her down until she's a perfect shivering example of submissiveness. She'd be a quiet, excessively polite, frightened and whimpering shell of her former self.

She would have had a slew of hobbies in her old life that she loved to talk about in detail with enthusiasm. Her plants, her books, her art.

All of these topics would be off limits to her and she would only be allowed to show enthusiasm about sexualizing herself for myself and other men.
File: 1611198828039.jpg (107 KB, 850x645)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
That sounds beautiful, anon. I'd enjoy to mock her about everything she has lost.
And I wouldn't just want to ruin her. I'd want to ruin the memory of her from all the people she knew. Her friends, family. I'd allow her to stay in contact with them but only under strict conditions. I would train her in how she's to specifically communicate with them.

Despite hating me, she would have to put on a persona when having phone calls with her old friends or her parents and siblings where she acts as if she absolutely adores me. This would be strictly regimented when it comes to monitored phone calls. I would have a little checklist and if it isn't fulfilled she'd be punished, and if she really goes off script she'd be barred from ever speaking to people from her old life again.

She would be expected to segue into complimenting me at least three times per ten minutes of speaking to a loved one. If the person she's talking to speaks of me in a bad light she is to get extremely defensive, viciously insulting the person she's speaking to and insisting that I've made her life so much better, and that she's ashamed of her past self and thankful for being taught how to be a good girl.

Sometimes I'd give her topics to speak about on her phone calls. Perhaps make her spend five minutes talking to her father describing my cock in loving detail and explaining her favorite things about it. If he objects to hearing she would have to act angry toward him for interrupting her talk about her master who she loved so much and shortly thereafter hang up on him, then be made to try again later.

Slowly her old friends might get sick of the way she cruelly lashed out at them here and there when I made her. The image in their minds of this bubbly wonderful personality would be replaced by a bitter girl who drank the kool aid and truly loves the stranger who put a collar on her, despite her wishing so hard that she could just speak up and beg for help, or just have a few minutes to let it all out about how much anguish she's been in.
How damage would a slave have to have before you decide it wasn’t worth getting it? Would you pick up a amputated used up nugget on the side of the street or would you only prefer the freshest possible slaves?
lmao what is this
You, sir, need Jesus. And Mr. Rogers. And a urethral scrubbing.

thanks for reminding me why I avoid this thread
File: 9178d428.jpg (159 KB, 1920x1200)
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159 KB JPG
Beautiful. That's just proper, a slave needs to please the master first, I may not let it have attachments to her old life as that may prompt rebellions.

Don't like already amputated slaves, half the fun for me is in "improving" the slaves. Hacking away at the pieces I don't like and making them an extension of my will. Although scrap may also be fun to modify, put in artificial eyes so I can watch the world from their pov, new improved limbs so they can please me better.

I think I'd buy pre-damaged slaves for the cheap manual labor, and hunt live prey for pleasure. I particularly enjoy the idea of hunting down warriors and conditioning them by stripping away all ideas of freedom or self. Monster girls are my favorite slaves to hunt, more interesting and varied than simple humans.
Gobbos being a proper slave handler.

Good, now fuck off, faggot.
You get to go on a hunting reserve for more slaves. Which do you choose /d/?

>A modern cyberpunk city with lots of robotic threats and cyborgs. Use high tech to make them malfunction and modify as needed.
>A wet jungle filled with beasts and monstergirls, traps will be your best bet and if lucky you may capture the powerful dragon girls
>Slaughterhouse, lots of zombies and other horrors await to capture and tame as you need
>Vast fields, not as much space to hide but plenty to run and chase. Its part of its own thrill.
>Modern city. Lots of humans to hunt down and capture, don't expect much variety but lots of places to hide.
>Medieval world with lots of slaves and mercenaries you can hire to create your hunting party. Elves, dwarves and classic creatures here.
>Slave market. Fuck the hunt, just wanna buy the cheapest whore I can find.
File: 001.jpg (172 KB, 794x386)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
I really like the idea of healing magic when it comes to slavery. Like Dom being brutal, very aggressive, scaring, sadistic one. Breaking bones, slapping face hard enough to make nose bleed, torture for ban behavior. And if girl wants to get a healpot - she needs to earn it. Talking in a right way, being honest (obviously that means being a rat, if someone else did something wrong), being very polite and assistive. Not only not fighting back, but also keeping her arms being her back when she's about to get a few hits. And all that stuff.
You had your arm broken because you was covering from a few claps? You lost all your front teeth for a small bite? Got ordered to keep you hand above the fire for one minute? Healing potion can fix it! Sadly you'll feel the same amount of pain, but now in reverse, while your body is being forced to grow back teeth, splice the bone back, etc. But ~30-60 seconds of pain while your body healing is way better, than having only one working hand, or be ugly. Because if toy is broken - its just a dead weight. In best case scenario - other girls will be doing Your work while you're healing normally. After all - its only YOUR fault that you didn't earn a healpot.
Also i like to imagine the bottle of the healing potion to be made of a very fragile, thin glass. If you have one - you need to be very, very gentle with it, you need to save and guard it. (i really like to imagine the scene, where one mean slave is pushing the new girl, and breaking her well-earned healpot, spilling it on the floor)(Because stealing them/taking by force is forbidden.)
Does anyone remember the name of a browser game/site where you could buy slaves drawn in different art styles?
File: 78381676_p0.png (1.53 MB, 1920x1080)
1.53 MB
1.53 MB PNG
>Vast fields, not as much space to hide but plenty to run and chase. It's part of its own thrill.
now that sounds like a lot of fun
how big should the hunting party be?
File: 79134632_p1.jpg (217 KB, 1062x1500)
217 KB
217 KB JPG
Damn that's quite sdistic, anon! Also it may have a time limit because if the body heals on its own, then it will be considered the new "healthy" version. If you don't get a healing salve before your scarred face or amputated wound closes, then you lost it forever. All the more pressure for slaves to do their best to earn their healing.

How about 5 or so? Unless you'd prefer to go predator style and hunt alone.
I’d probably be okay with a limb or two gone and if she’d been used a bit is fine too, might be fun like taking in a abused dog. but definitely not if she’s a nugget or If she’s basically a chair on the side of the rode with a cardboard “free” sign. Although I might pick her up to be used by my guards or lower servants. Just chain her to a wall and let them go at it. Use her as a toilet, punching bag, whatever. They might even get a liking to her and basically treat her as a pet. It could even be a great reminder to my slaves at how much worse it could be for them.
File: 77369993_p0.png (1.08 MB, 1200x1600)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB PNG
Friendly reminder that impotently seething slaves are the absolute cream of the crop.
Stanford High School Project guy, if you happen to see this, can you repost your story? At least a couple of chapters were deleted from pastebin. Also, if you have any updates I've missed, i'd love to see them!

Sexstories.com would be a good place to post if you are still looking for a good location, at least there they wouldn't get removed.
File: image2.png (1.49 MB, 1144x2033)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB PNG
I would designate the hateful girls who give dirty looks the worst tasks. I was thinking I would have a slave dedicated to piss for me. By that I mean any time I'm out and need to take a leak, say sitting in a waiting room somewhere I'd simply snap my fingers and she would be trained to be between my legs, fly unzipped, cock in her mouth in seconds. I'd relieve myself into her, she would swallow quickly and when it works its way through her she could go find a restroom or a patch of grass to piss it out and I would be saved the hassle.
I like to think that rich and sadistic masters who can afford to get slaves willynilly just throw out ones they determine too “broken” for their liking. Leaving them out in the trash letting less well of folks at the chance at the used goods. Of course this can range from a slave with only couple of bruises/ a missing limb being taken in by a lower middle class man who’s looking for just a spare hand at home to a nugget being kept as a homeless man’s pet.
I would definitely pick one up. I wouldn't want to care for her long term, but an abandoned nugget would be fun for a little bit of genital torture or something of the like before finally disposing of her properly. See if I can make her scream one last time.
This is even better when there was some sort of rival/nemesis relationship between the owner and slave beforehand. With one of them eventually being utterly defeated and kept as a trophy by the winner.
File: P2200x1206-14954.png (523 KB, 2200x1206)
523 KB
523 KB PNG
I'm with you, three to five works for a hunting pack.
Does it have to be just open fields though? I would like to hunt my slaves outdoors in general so a little varience is okay (woods, marsh, forest etc). I've mentioned in other slave threads my interest in a sort of private reserve where slaves can be physically hunted by prospective owners or by myself for personal reasons. Sometimes it's fun to maintain your own stock, catching, raping and inseminating your slaves to create more stock.

Gotta have a few twink studs on hand as well. Better chance of producing prettier products.

I'm still looking for a place to share this loose hunting style game I made an mspaint map for.
Right side is downhill, left is uphill. It's not a straight shot up as there is a winding road and dips in the topography. I intended it to be 5x10 miles but the map isn't symmetrical and that may be too big anyway.
I have recently had my prayers answered and now have a master. He made me eat his ass, something I would have never done before. I was wondering what are some fantasy I can work up for him. What would you want your slave to do?
That’s the stuff. I’d be great if they didn't even try and break them too much. Just keep them there as a pretty trophy in a gilded cage. Maybe take them out on walks in humiliating outfits sometimes.
File: 80327495_p0.jpg (525 KB, 1000x565)
525 KB
525 KB JPG
For simple stuff I'd like to get milked first thing in the morning, then for her to bring me breakfast and later a blowjob.

Great work, anon! I think one of the RPG communities may enjoy it, hell it could work on /qst/ or /tg/
File: 1613110657155.jpg (516 KB, 1167x833)
516 KB
516 KB JPG
Thanks, it's old stuff I haven't updated in a while, and I had an idea for a second map but never got around to fleshing out on paper. /qst/ and /tg/ look like blue boards though, and hunting, raping and breeding slaves isn't the only thing I like to do so I'm unsure there.

As for the RPG communities, there are ways of adding that element. I had some rules written down somewhere for a 'three strikes your down' hunting method. Tranq darts pretty much, so on the lighter scale of sadism. Each dart hit would increase the chance that prey would stumble into traps laid for them, and this would track with the level of the prey itself. Younger prey go down in one, older (and stronger) prey go down in three.

What sort of setting would be the most receptive you think? I'm partial to a scifi having already fleshed out some lore in it but I don't think I see a lot of that in the threads I like to lurk.

To any other anons, if you were to take part on a hunt, do you feel more inclined to hunt females (or males) of another race/species to human, or prefer to hunt your own kind for whatever reason?
File: 004.jpg (343 KB, 1050x1495)
343 KB
343 KB JPG
>Want to ass fuck my slave girl.
>She begs me not to do it because her religion condemns sodomy.
What should i do?
File: preview.mp4.jpg (35 KB, 636x480)
35 KB
File: 1614294098828.jpg (696 KB, 800x899)
696 KB
696 KB JPG
>Nice Option
Promise to respect the taboo, and let her show her gratitude by sucking your cock instead.

>Mean Option
Tie her down and fuck her ass. Then make her wear a visible plug out in public, so everyone can see she's a butt slut now. As punishment for presuming to think she could withhold any part of her body from you.

>Pragmatic Option
Agree to let her keep her anal virginity on the condition that she earns the privilege. She'll need to prove her value to you in other ways to make up for not using her asshole. Motivating her to be obedient and eager to please.
>To any other anons, if you were to take part on a hunt, do you feel more inclined to hunt females (or males) of another race/species to human, or prefer to hunt your own kind for whatever reason?
I like monster girls for the thrill, since they're all female I'd get to rape them afterwards to celebrate the hunt in a way reminiscent to "bathing in the blood of your enemies" just less gory. And the fact they can easily rip me to shreds if I'm not careful makes it more exciting. Of course I'd give myself some unfair advantages such as tech in a sci fi world or magic and armor in a fantasy world. I'd love to see the look on their face at how "unfair" it all is.
"and other men"
File: 1609222998848.jpg (636 KB, 700x988)
636 KB
636 KB JPG
>Of course I'd give myself some unfair advantages such as tech in a sci fi world or magic and armor in a fantasy world

I'm more partial to scifi for this hunt setting but I also appreciate the magic and fantasy setting. As for the scifi setting itself, do the monstergirls exist as an alien species or are they designed by man and introduced into a suitable ecology?
In my own default scifi setting, cloning and biological engineering allows humanity to create a subspecies of human that is more animal in it's mental capacities, but human in appearance (except for the eyes, to differentiate them from true humans). Decades of research and testing develops the engineering capable of producing, monstergirl adjacent breeds of these subhumans, for example. More challenging to hunt for human and xeno hunters who come for slaves, sport, and in xeno cases only, food.
File: 1553891551230.jpg (197 KB, 843x750)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
I love the image of a slave spouting a lot of threats and taunts while their master just smiles and nods, clearly not taking them seriously at all.
File: 58960256_p9.png (1.72 MB, 1471x1508)
1.72 MB
1.72 MB PNG
I think I enjoy aliens more due to variety, it'd be boring if I know what capabilities they have due to being standard factory bred. Also cyborg humans would be fun to hunt, being given time to make adaptations from scrap and try to defend themselves from me and my hunting party. It'd be like Predator except I'm the predator now.
I fucking love the figurehead of the ballista. The perfect amount of belly fat.
File: _0a07.jpg (187 KB, 1168x912)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
File: 1485960138141.jpg (493 KB, 850x717)
493 KB
493 KB JPG
Another great variant on that is if the relationship was more of a frenemy situation. Where they were on opposing sides of some conflict, but had also known each other and gotten along in other contexts. So after her defeat and capture the slave has strong conflicting feelings about her owner.

One one hand it feels like a serious betrayal. She thought there was mutual respect between them and had expected to be allowed some dignity in defeat. On the other hand if she has to be kept as a pet by one of her enemies, she's glad that it's this one.
You one hundred percent turn her into an anal only slut
File: Succubuttpossession.png (530 KB, 504x616)
530 KB
530 KB PNG
Reminder: possession and slavery is an incredibly powerful combination.

Add another entity to your slave today and make them better at anything you want.
Would (You) mislead your slave?
>Reads through thread full of rape, torture, and dehumanization
Meh, pretty normal stuff around here.

>Reads that comic strip
That fucking evil bitch! I hope the tables are turned on her somehow.
Probably because the former is within the realm of fantasy and fetish, and the latter is something we can likely relate with/expect.

Also, yeah, that image hurts.
I wouldn't turn down a little fugg nugg. Imho, the more nugged she is, the better.
I would actually prefer damaged goods. I picture owning a string of private medical/augmentation companies in a technologically advanced, anarcho-capitalist utopia.
So I would be able to easily access medical records where no one had time to tick all the data collection opt-out boxes, such as ER cases. I would pick out a particularly tragic case, a young man on a refund-based sports scholarship, hopelessly crippled in a hit-and-run by an automated truck, and left in chronic pain, his dreams crushed, with prodigious medical and college debts.
I would come in person to his ward in the lower levels of the city, descending like an angel to save him. I would offer him not just treatment, but growing him a whole new body, wiping away his debts, perhaps even smoothing his entry into the professional league, though of course with an obvious permanent sponsor on his chest. All out of the kindness of my heart.

The catch is, that body he now resides in legally belongs to me. It's made with my equipment, at my expense, in my facilities. And as long as he inhabits it, he will be my toy. A beloved doll, but a doll nonetheless. While I would not forbid him from vacating it, realistically the list of alternative providers is rather short, and I will not allow him to waste time holding a job or any other pointless activity aimed at raising money for such a slim prospect. Instead I would push him to excel in his chosen discipline (obviously with comically lopsided contracts in my favor), far past what he thought himself capable of, both as a advertisement vector and a source of prestige, and because such a body with the right clothes makes for some supreme arm candy.
(1 / field too long)
And of course for some fun times in the bedroom, or really where ever I felt like toying with him. Buried in the legalese of our agreement would be a brief mention of a nonstandard biomodification which prevents orgasm until a wireless signal is received. Hence he could be relied on to be up for the task whenever, where ever, and if not, there's always the classic ways of motivating organic property. I do after all have absolute faith in my peoples ability to repair any level of injury that might befall him, whether from accidents or from failing me.
It was defunct last I checked a month ago, forgot the name as well though
Disregard that I suck cocks, it's up and called Auctionhouse.club
Thanks for reminding me of this anon, there were some oddly specific slaves that catered to my fetishes on there (love the jewess who only speaks in yiddish)
I would encourage some of the enslaved females turning into warriors/soldiers, and then having them go through some traumatic experience that reverses them back into meek and submissive waifu material.
Fine but this means you’re getting turned into a baby factory
Where are all the male slaves? They're so cute and easy to humiliate.
File: els9o3.png (572 KB, 575x1073)
572 KB
572 KB PNG
What would you do if you bought an overly caring but annoyingly nagging slave girl who is always worried about your well being to the point of sounding just like your mother when she is scolding you for your unhealthy lifestyle?
File: TheRealQanon.png (866 KB, 1000x500)
866 KB
866 KB PNG
>How could you let it die? You faggots.
I've been busy with work... Faggot.
Late responce, but a good topic. We might want to run a worldbuilding thread or something.
Well, she did get hurt.
>Would (You) mislead your slave?
I would mislead my slave to mess with her, but not like that. That's... How would I put this?
There's fantasy, there's reality, then there's a messed up combination of both. What really gets me is the context. Valintines day, the slave set up everything for her master, and... Well, it was discarded.

I would cherish her concern, and praise her for thinking so deeply about her master but at the same time recognize that she needs to understand her place and that scolding and criticizing like that is not something a girl is fit to do.

She would to punished after an inappropriate comment, it would be a quick but severe punishment, one lash with a belt across her vulva, but a hard one that she wouldn't forget.

After the fact when she's curled up in pain I would take her, hold her and reassure her that I did what I had to because she was acting out of line and that I still loved her. She would be made to understand that her intentions though good, do not excuse talking down to one of her betters and that if she should have concerns she should express them in proper ways that don't belittle me.
Get her pregnant so she has an actual baby to take care of, win/win.
File: 1604702383119.jpg (127 KB, 806x1250)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
Worldbuilding is fun, I could dig around and see if I can find some old notes. The scifi setting I set up has a stupid long history before you even get to the place in time where you would have one of these 'games' of catch the prey.

Humanity expands into the cosmos, planets are settled, alien lifeforms discovered, and then the first sentient race other than humans come knocking. Over a century of war hardens humanity's optimism and hones their pragmatism, bringing back banned technologies for the survival of the species as a whole etc etc.

Fast forward to the present, and there's a tenuous peace between Humans and mostly carnivorous Space Lizards. Based on trade and mutual martial competition. Humans in this setting are typically xenophobic, but in the outer reaches of the human empire, cultures still blend, if ever so slightly.

Fuck I wish I had the balls to commission art for this setting. I never practiced drawing enough so I have no skill to speak of if I wanted to draw it myself.
What kind of fetishes would you subject a slave to?

Would you prefer her to be enthusiastic about the fetish or uncomfortable and resistant?
I would sell her immediately. Why would I want two annoying moms?
I want to teach a newly bought slave that I know what's best for her.
beat the shit out of her to remind her of her place
Light bondage, enemas and toilet control. She'll be trained to hold huge amounts for extended periods of time and will be plugged until she begs to release it.
She'll be hesitant but get off when she releases.
Damn I attached the wrong image..
I just want to get a slave with an anxiety disorder and fuck her while she's having a panic attack
But Anon, she just want the best for you.
File: 1619264017753.png (652 KB, 1146x1800)
652 KB
652 KB PNG
Are you picky when it comes to the race/nationality of your slave girls? OR you don't care? Which race/nationality do you prefer your slave girl to be?
God I want this to happen to me... One of my biggest kinks is being forbidden from my hobbies and given new ones.
Hell naw, if saw this me and my date are both going to play with her.
Probably playing a game of unless you hold the orgasm in, it will be up to us to decide how many you receive afterwards.
I have a strangely specific slavery fetish - contractual sexual slavery.

I fantasise about a world where sex work is fully legalised and celebrated, and a few choice legal arguments allows capitalism reaches its natural end point of allowing people to work off their debts or crimes.

Eventually, we find ourselves at an endpoint where people will voluntarily approach a government office and advise that they are in debt, and need held getting out of it. If they can afford it, a legal representative negotiates for you, or a court appointed one will do the work. They find a buyer willing to pay your debt in exchange for a negotiated period of service.

Rules are established on treatment of indebted slaves. They must not be injured, have three good meals per day, and a safe, warm place to sleep. The specifics of their role must be adhered to. Most men find themselves acting as servants and workers in fields no one else wants, but the women naturally gravitate towards what they're good at and requires the least labour - sex slavery.

And there we find ourselves - in debt, and sold to a willing buyer who pays out our debts for a year of carnal service. He's well off but hardly a millionaire, so while he has a nice house, you're his only slave - whereas the Bezos of the world have thousands to work his warehouses.

All he wants from you is to service him when he gets the desire. You're more or less left alone. Sometimes he'll ask you to service his friends or guests, and you often find yourself woken in the middle of the night to give him ass.

It's a good life, easy, and could be worse. In three years you'll have paid your debts out.

Question is, will you want to leave?
I find it really hot what a shitty unfair deal women get in a scenario like this.

At the end of the day, most indentured men might be doing less than ideal work, but it's honest work. Something to be proud of. They have their dignity, they do their time, they go back to their old life a little more hardened is all.

Women on the otherhand get to look forward to years of rape and god knows what else. If her buyer has some sick fetishes she might have to do some really humiliating stuff. Maybe he has a kink for showing you off and makes you go out in public nude, any friend or acquaintance passing by getting an eyeful, knowing every little crevice of your body.

By the time she's free, she'll probably be a traumatized mess who needs years of therapy to even begin to feel normal again.

Also what would happen in the event of a pregnancy during servitude? Who would have the rights to the offspring?
File: excessive.jpg (121 KB, 1161x1600)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
Gokkun. Initially uncomfortable and hesitant but working her way around to being excited for it. A decent period of initial resistance to just how much jizz she's expected to guzzle down.

Eventually it turns into sheer excitement when toys are brought out (part of the 'ceremony' to it is buttplug, thigh-highs and choker being donned while chastity belt and panties are removed). She'll have to throatfuck her way through progressively larger toys before she gets her stomach full of spunk and is permitted to rub herself.

Sessions are ended with anal fisting and her being buttplugged and put back into chastity as she is anal only.
Concern for my health is good, but when it crosses the line in nagging I'd give her a sharp slap on the ass. As a signal that it's time to drop the subject. If she doesn't take the hint, she goes over my knee.

After a short spanking, I ask if she understands why she's being punished. If she says no I explain it to her. Then I ask her if she's learned her lesson and will improve her behavior.

If she doesn't give the right answer to that, she gets a more serious spanking before I ask again. Repeat with increasingly severe punishments as necessary.
File: 152a.jpg (11 KB, 320x240)
11 KB
>How could you let it die?
Let all debts be forgotten, and all slaves freed, MWAAAAH
File: _20210503_092753.jpg (943 KB, 2708x1661)
943 KB
943 KB JPG
File: slave5.jpg (1.11 MB, 1920x1080)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB JPG
gonna save this thread
File: 1607498039216.png (846 KB, 743x1050)
846 KB
846 KB PNG
excellent save, been looking for this one.

have one in return.
I don't live an unhealthy life style, but I guess it depends on how annoying she is.
That motherly instinct would make her a prefect breeding slave, she's bound to raise slave daughters well.
I'd have a few of my best male slaves to knock her up. Better then having her nagging in my ear as a personal servant/maid.
She's better suited for the role of a breeding slave, giving me well mannered slave girls.
That lady in red always catches my eye. Who is she? Why is she here?
Just Passing through, most likely.
Keep moving, eyes down, don't make eye contact, don't look at anyone. Don't look at them. Ignore the looks, the lustful glances and pleading stares, keep moving, don't think about how easy it would be for you to end up in here. Focus on hating the fuckers who put this hellhole on your daily commute, keep your eyes down, and just keep moving
>I'd have a few of my best male slaves to knock her up.
Why don't you do it yourself? Having some inferior niggers pass their genes down instead of you completely defeats the point.
File: 1566716843941.jpg (303 KB, 1750x2450)
303 KB
303 KB JPG
>Why don't you do it yourself?
Why would I ever father an heir with a slave woman, that's something I'd do with my wives not some slave bought for the purpose of being a sex toy and servant.
Sure the slave's got desirable traits and that's the reason for allowing her to be bred, to produce slaves for me and my sons to use when her slave daughters come of age.
Although it's not unheard of for a master to elevate his favorite girl to the rank of slave wife, that's not something I intend to do.
Besides I don't exactly like the idea of having daughters born of a slave and being Incestuous with them.

>Having some inferior niggers pass their genes down instead of you completely defeats the point.
I'd still have wives that I'd marry have have kids with, free women from good families
Besides dominating my field slaves by having them breeding a slave woman like animals is fun.
They'll know that any daughters they have will be born as my slaves and will be used as my toys once they grow up.
And their sons will be used for hard labor.
I want to save (not by force, just buy her, i am not a hero, just regular human) blonde elf girl on stocks from slavery. Even she is pregnant from... whatever. I will take responsibility. Want to confess my love to her, kiss her. Pamper her like queen, worship her, from the tips of the ears to toes. Make her my wife. And i think, i am a more degenerate then average anon? To make a orc/demon cumtoilet-slave into my wife?
If we're talking about the same elf, I'm afraid I have to differ slightly. That soft round ass screams "plaything" so I would have to buy her as a toy.

Not to worry, those beautiful blue eyes speak of uncertainty and apprehension. If I get to her before she is too far broken, I will most likely be a welcome boon. She'll end up right back into the same kind of restraints that pronounce her satisfying appearance, but the Master will be kinder; if a bit aloof and controlling.
File: 1607806023807.jpg (82 KB, 640x828)
82 KB
I totally forgot about your question. Nah that's actually kinda sweet if you ignore the whole raising the "not your child or even species" thing. More of a question of whether or not prohibiting such a thing would break the vulnerable mind of the slave who went through such trauma. Could hinder your efforts in repairing her mind.

The reason you want to save her is probably some kind of protective instinct, and based on her body language, which is quite good by the way.

The worship thing you may want to curb a bit though. If you set yourself up to constantly be on your knees for her, how can you stand up for her?

She should be on her knees instead. Not all the time, but enough to constantly remind you how thankful she is for you being there.
If you are slavemaster maybe you have someone for a fair price, to be my lovely, cute wife? Too broken (like Casca from Berserk?) is little too far for repair... But i think some girls can be saved. Maybe there someone from who are you tired of
O, yes. I think. Protective instinct. Sounds reasonable.
>She should be on her knees instead
I just can't allow that. Cute slave girl deserves respect from me. And love, of course. I am not a "Master", not even a "dom".
See, that's where my fetish gets weird. I don't think of there being opportunity for rape and weird public fetishes. To me, the scenario combines worker's rights with indentured servitude.

I find it hotter to consider that a person voluntarily or by court order puts themselves into the hands of another person to basically be their live-in/on-call prostitute or sexual partner for a period of time. They have to be treated well, fed, clothed, housed comfortably, but they are there to serve and service their master.
Put a dildo gag in her mouth and don't let her take it off for more then once a day so she can eat. Keep at this regimen for about a week and see if she fixes her behaviour. If she doesn't, just move up to a bigger gag and increase the time to the next release by a week.
If she is so hellbent on boring me with her speech, I'll take it away from her. Or if she persists at nagging for long enough I might just keep at the regimen permanently with the biggest dildo gag possible.
Or just cut her tongue out.
That would be cruel and pointless. Better to leave the tongue and to make her unable to use it in a manner inconvenient for her. And besides it's best to let your slaves free once they reach a certain age.
That's pretty much my fetish in a nutshell too. I just want to make someone feel loved and cared for in the same way that I want to be loved and cared for. And that just happens to involve being collared, smiling, kneeling at my master's feet, and being told what to do. I think there's a lot of love, trust, and respect implicit in that, and to be honest that's the most appealing part for me.

The stuff that I read here with pregnancy, rape, excessive cum, lolis, death/disfigurement, bestiality, etc... I look at it and just kinda cringe. I don't get it. I just want to snuggle up with my master while he or she pets my hair and rewards me for a job well done. Or to similarly reward someone else.
>it's best to let your slaves free once they reach a certain age
just sell them to someone looking for cheap workers
If you give them the hope of a eventual respite they'll work harder trying to avoid permanent punishments, it'll serve as a light on the end of the tunnel.
and the light at the end of the tunnel could be a lie. They will never know about what happens to the slaves who leave the house.
That might be too cruel for my taste. Welding their chastity cages/belts shut before letting them free is more in my style.
File: 1612141576972.png (1.74 MB, 1538x1138)
1.74 MB
1.74 MB PNG
then it's only a difference in taste I guess, can't argue against your personal tastes.
have a pic
I have been sentenced to enslavement due to legal circumstances. However, I consider myself lucky - my rich, but introverted, childhood friend has bought me as soon as I was put on the market. At first, we joked about me being a slave and hanged out as friends. It was just like hanging out. I was not his only slave - he had at least 20 female slaves working his estate and none of them were treated even remotely as good as me. But it gradually changed as time went on.

At first it was innocent enough - he asked me to make tea or dinner. A month went by and asking turned into straight out telling and ordering around. The responsibilities increased as well. Additionally, he wished I dress in female clothes and attain female physique. I obliged without resistance. I was afraid of him, because I witnessed his punishments to girls who were not willing to do as he wished. It never ended at just isolation or beatings, usually these girls had their characters absolutely broken by the time he was done.

I looked fairly feminine anyway, with long hair, short height and low bodyweight. I have done everything I could to pass in order to please my master. My master was very pleased with the results. I remember to this day how my master told me I was the prettiest girl he had ever seen while holding my chin with his palm.


My master was quite introverted. He was just not comfortable with the girls he owned, which spared them the worst of sexual abuse. He was quite fond of me, however. It began innocently enough, with him touching my arm or feeling my ass when I was cleaning. Do not get me wrong, I did not hate my master. In fact, I crushed on him the longer I was his slave. The thoughts of when we were just friends are so distant to me now. I quickly began advances and making my master as comfortable as possible with sexual encounters - I was his first everything. We began with kissing and naked petting and eventually progressed to me sucking his cock and finally - sex. I will not forget his excited and somewhat frightened face when he was inserting a buttplug in me for the first time. I find it very endearing that my master also cares for my pleasure, but I do everything in my power to make it about him first and foremost.

I had always preferred women until my enslavement. The thought of sucking someone off or cock entering my ass were simply not that appealing to me. But, I had to accommodate my master. To be honest, it was so endearing that he chose me over any rather good looking slaves he had, or any other girl for that matter. I was my master's first love and his inexperience had shown. He had gotten attached, but I found it cute. I also became attached for he too was my first - I have never attracted a girl. It was at that point when I began looking up any information to make his life better - better and kinkier sex, better cooking and some other things.


A year has went by. Everyday I do my best to make my master's life a little easier and a little more fun. However, I think my master is slowly growing bored with me. The other day, he said I am too obedient and too perfect for him. I tried to make him feel better by presenting my lubed behind. What followed was natural. However, he flirtatiously suggested he should have my balls castrated because I "don't need them anyway". While balls deep in me, he also suggested he should arrange removal for my penis, or balls and penis at the same time. He means the world to me, but I do not want to go that far. I realize that I am just his property but I do not want him to do these things. He eventually started suggesting it every time I was around. That's when I knew he was serious.

I pleaded and begged on my knees, but I think it just aroused him. Every time I did so, he became very aroused and just fucked me on the floor with more confidence than ever before. He constantly teases me with the prospects of me being castrated. Maybe it is hot while it is a fantasy, but I want to convince my master to not do this to me.

Today I was invited to his study, where he was meeting with a doctor to fulfill his wish. They had both treated me like a piece of meat, putting their hands on my nether region and discussing the surgery between each other, completely ignoring me. I wanted to cry, tears were silently falling down my cheeks.

Masters and slave caretakers, is there any help for me? What can I do in this situation? Should I accept my fate?

3/3 (end)
A doctor can't cut off your pp without your consent (or if they can tell you don't want it). It's a violation of the Hippocratic oath and they would lose their ability to practice medicine. It's also a violation of medical ethics to mistreat a patient by disregarding their opinion/not respecting their sovereignty over their own body. Big no-no.
It ok to be scared, you are just suffering delusions that you still own your body because op previous relationship with your Master.
After little snip-snip you are going to feel much better.
I would go a step further and have my girl's clitoris excised before she's to go free. Not as an act of cruelty, but as an act of love. It would be done in a safe, clean environment with anesthesia.

I would cherish the pleasure that I gave her and her for me. I would want our moments spent mating to be remain special even as she moves on to her own life and so the end of her slavery would mark the end of her sexual fervor. Even if she finds another man she'll still think back to me and the pleasure I could give her when she was still my own. She'll always be mine in that way, even if we're apart.
File: 1618087790157.png (646 KB, 1023x724)
646 KB
646 KB PNG
When you are fucking your slave girl, do you prefer her to be quiet, loud and moaning in pleasure, or crying and begging you to stop?
File: Maid.jpg (84 KB, 499x600)
84 KB
Sounds accurate. I don't like the idea of taking orders, but I want someone to call my own. A girl I can pat on the head when she does a good job, hold tight when I fall asleep, and someone I can trust. I'd want to do everything from watching movies to going to the beach with her. If she does a good job I'd put in the effort to reward her, and I'd enjoy seeing her face light up when I surprise her with a gift, some tlc, or a date.
Morgiana for quiet submissive sex, green haired girl for loud moans of pleasure and brown haired girl for rough rape and cries.
So, what differentiates this from a normal vanilla relationship where you each take care of each other's needs? Other than the fact that she used to be and/or still is a slave and is therefore obligated to have sex with you if you wanted.

For me it's the D/S dynamic stuff with the collar, kneeling, orders, rewards, punishments. All done lovingly and with enthusiastic consent for the purpose of building comfort and trust. And it seems like you're into something similar, just not that those specific activities.
At what point can we say "enough is enough, you're genuinely dangerous?"
Begging for orgasm after merciless teasing whole day.
>do you prefer her to be quiet, loud and moaning in pleasure, or crying and begging you to stop?
Best pick for me is a girl that's screaming my name while I fuck her, a girl that enjoys the sex is a better fuck in bed anyways.
And it plays into one of the ways I'd keep my other slave girls in line, they know obedience will be rewarded.
Only the good girls get to the rank of concubine or even slave wife, women who have earned the privilege are model slaves.
During the day they're the ones who get pampered by the slave maids and during the night they make sure to let the maids know how good life can be.

Also anons what's your take on cuckqueaning/cucking your slaves?
"Your soul can belong to God, but your ass belongs to me. Lube up."
Variety is the spice of life.
You might want to check out the Patriarchy thread, anon.
Considerations like this are what makes a slavery kink fun. Force is fun and all, but thinking about different 'management' styles really makes it more interesting
File: 1617767330746.png (1.79 MB, 1024x1024)
1.79 MB
1.79 MB PNG
Would depend on the situation really. I would only say that I prefer them to be quiet when I'm just passing through or about to leave a room they are cleaning/stationed at when I just want a quick nut. Keeping them quiet with oral would be easier but sometimes you gotta take advantage of running into a slave or maid in a compromising position.

It lets her know that you are powerful enough to protect as well as overpower her and she will feel safer knowing you won't rough her up if she just goes with it.
The patriarchy thread is a much worse place than this one. Lots of weird pregnancy and incest fetishes. Lots of disdain for bdsm.
It died cause it's a shitty kink.
It died because everyone autistically posting pages of world building probably moved to shitty erp in discord dms.
Good until you mentioned "other men". Pathetic cuck
File: Happy.jpg (56 KB, 474x670)
56 KB
>So, what differentiates this from a normal vanilla relationship where you each take care of each other's needs?
I've been through hell IRL, and have trouble making a traditional relationship work. I will not trust people who take care of me without expecting something in return. And because I have issues understanding boundries, I'd prefer boundries to be set in advance. I don't know how to set the right mood for a kiss, but I can order someone to kiss me as a reward for good behavior. I also want to care for whoever I'm with. But It's difficult for me to understand what they want without giving them everything they ask for.
Now, Imagine there's this group of people who are turned on by clear boundries, rewards for good behavior, and want you to ignore them if they ask for something without following the rules that are written in advance. The only thing you need to do is plan for sessions, and act like a badass.
I don't have a fetish, but I can rely on fufilling someone elses fetish to have a traditional relationship.
There's that small space between crying and moaning. It's like a soft sort of moaning in pleasure. That's what I like.
in the same vein what your take on keeping these types of girls in your home?
Like how'd they'd get along or their entertaining reactions to how you treat them differently...

You could rape a crying slave girl while getting your loyal bed mate off with fore play.
Sadism and love all in the same night with two different slaves...
I really like this idea. I'd love to have a girl who's completely bought into the stockholm syndrome and absolutely adores me, then another who's a terrified sobbing mess.

It would be fun if the slave who loved me were rather sadistic too. She would be encouraged to berate and demean the other girl, cruelly making fun of her for crying when she's violated. Picking apart her looks, just generally being a huge bitch to her, all for my approval.
File: 1588312566161.png (545 KB, 800x1142)
545 KB
545 KB PNG
Accept it faggot
File: 1572364953632.jpg (2.03 MB, 2893x4092)
2.03 MB
2.03 MB JPG
Doctors fix people and animals. I'm not a doctor, I'm a mechanic. I fix toys.
File: 74685465_p2.jpg (1.47 MB, 3177x4500)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB JPG
This doesn't sound like a good business practice.
Fixing slaves is honest work with honest pay. What can I do for your slaves? Does the blond one need bigger tits? Want me to cut her achilles tendons? How about the whole leg? Sure she needs arms? A fuckpillow don't need no eyes! Breast lift, face lift, I do it all! Or maybe she just has a cold? Remeber: Anesthesia costs extra!
Interesting take. However, I think that master/slave relationships (especially consensual ones) are much harder to navigate than normal relationships. There's no (good) cultural context to base them off of, so you have to find your own way together. Also, there's a much greater potential to do harm than there is in a normal relationship. The solution to both of these problems is constant communication and a large amount of respect for each other. I've seen people irl in the bdsm scene who have made it work this way, although the people who choose to live their lives this way are relatively few and far between.

As a side note, I had to say goodbye to a good sub friend of mine today. She's a good girl, but I have to move and it sucks. Being without someone to practice on is unfortunate. If I were to get in a master/slave relationship, I would do it for the companionship. That way I'd have someone to bring with me.
>completely bought into the stockholm syndrome and absolutely adores me
Always has a sadistic side to my slavery like wanting to inflict mental anguish or physical pain but at the same time that's not something I'd like to do 24/7.
Having a loyal slave girl for cuddling and happy sex is great. Even better if he can help me abuse or rape my other slaves!

>It would be fun if the slave who loved me were rather sadistic too
Always loved that idea of having a slave girl as your number 2, like she's the one that actually punishes your girls while you simply do the sentencing.
You could basically give her as much freedom as you want in punishing/abusing other slaves and her devotion to you means any rules will be followed.
IE no permanent damage/ not the face.

>being a huge bitch to her, all for my approval.
Even better would be the self enforcement of your rule over her, your best girl fears disappointing you more then she fears any punishment you could ever do to her
That inner voice in her hear always criticising her for not putting in her best for your.
And the best reward is your approval and love for her.
LOL guys i got the funniest story for you ever

>join a discord thats "misognstic"
>a girl says "oh i got all this curvy body waiting for you at home"
>see she have "degrade me " Tag
>Say "by curvy you mean you are fat fuck"
>THE entire discord is lit on fire and start bitching at me
>get kicked out of the server

Lmao guess i was too misgonstic for them
Misogyny is fine. Bodyshaming is not.
Ask for a [permanent] chastity cage instead of a castration. Meet at the middle and offer to gradually decrease the size.
Spoken like a true tubtard
File: Ey0zWvsUUAQlhf6.jpg (271 KB, 806x1039)
271 KB
271 KB JPG
It's generally correct to get to know someone before you degrade them. Different people want to be degraded in certain ways and not others, and if you don't know that you're probably pretty shit at it.
Is that a Captain Planet character?
I like the idea of being effectively somebody else's prisoner in my own body, but sports tends to have an early-ish retirement age of mid 30s, unless they're doing a less-athletic sport/role like golf/darts/goalkeeper, maybe even tennis at a push, which kind of defeats the point a little bit, although it does mean you have more freedom to dress them up when they're doing it. Cycling is also a good one, especially if you invest in a rickshaw carriage, reigns, and leash for personal travel.

If I was an owner slaves would only be allowed to talk on three conditions
1) When spoken to
2) If no free person is in the room
3) To beg permission to speak
Punishment for breaking that is either to be gagged for the rest of the day, or a weight attached to their tongue for a short time to avoid permanent damage. If those rules were followed I wouldn't punish them for concern

I imagined the male slaves would be owned by a separate disposable labour heavy company like a mine, which would let you buy the seed for certain pedigree slaves of theirs to impregnate your slaves, (modified so you can pick what gender). When the baby is born, the slave has to hand them over to you, knowing you could either sell it at any moment, or keep it as a replacement and sell the mother
>male slaves would be owned by a separate disposable labour heavy company like a mine
Actually think that's a better idea then using any males I'd own myself, reduces any chances of escape attempts or her getting any ideas about freedom.
Especially if my breeding slave knows that the father of her child is some expendable labour slave that she'll never see again.
A fun activity might be bringing the breeder to the company and picking out a stud to breed her, it'd be so objectifying for both her and the male slaves.
Them lined up like chattel and being rigorously inspected for better traits.

As a bonus now I get a cute pregnant slave girl to play with for 9 months!

>the slave has to hand them over to you, knowing you could either sell it at any moment, or keep it as a replacement and sell the mother
I'd have her raise her own daughter to be my slave. I wanted a born, bred and raised slave girl any ways.
Everything about her personality and mental state could be built from the ground up to conform to my preferences.
Then there's also the added perversion of a mother dutifully raising her daughter to be her master's sex slave.
Think of all the fun things she could do once she's grown of age, like mother-daughter threesomes and more!

Anon that's Yuffie Kisaragi from FF7
>bringing the breeder to the company, and picking out a stud lined up like chattel
Kind, of but most of the traits will be in the slave you already own. Also depending on how humiliating you want it to be for your slave, you'll have her milk the father, collect the seed, and have her legs chained up in stirrups whilst its dripfed into her.

>raised her own daughter as your slave
That's the general point, far too much of a liability for companies to buy young in bulk, but the option is there for the Master to recoup losses, and both slaves know it, and are terrified of it.
It also opens the way for a continued bloodline, of slaves, where the most important days of the year to a slave, are her Master's birthday, and the anniversary of the day when her Master's family first bought her ancestor

>Dutifully raising her daughter, to be her Master's sex slave
There's a lot of good scenarios in that.
>As the slave is cradling the baby still exhausted from giving birth her Master comes in
>Despite her fatigue she has to get down on her knees in front of Master and present the newborn in front of her as an offering to her Master
>Master takes the infant and orders the slave to re-shackle herself to the four chains from each corner of the bed, the slave has no choice but to obey
>Master strokes her cheek, whipsers "good girl", and leaves the room
>the slave is chained there, and can only wonder what Master is doing, when Master will return, and what Master will name her daughter.

>Later growing up
>The slave begs Master to spare her daughter
>Master asks "Haven't I been a good Master to you, Hasn't Master been kind to you? Aren't you happy to serve Master?"
>Slave knows she can only really say "Yes, Master" to each of them, and to plead for Master to forgive her impudence/outburst
>how humiliating you want it to be for your slave... its dripfed into her.
It'd have to be humiliating for both my bitch and the "studs".
>while the males are lined up they're blind folded too so they never get to see the mother of their child.
>Milking is even more dehumanizing as the stud is drugged to keep him hard and to lower the refractory period.
>My slave will then milk him for a couple hours and the beaker of semen is sent to the lab/alchemist to only have X chromosome cells.
>As for insemination It'd be done with a gynecologist's setup, clinical and loveless.
>I'd have another slave girl use a turkey baster and schedule daily sessions until she's pregnant

>option is there for the Master to recoup losses, and both slaves know it, and are terrified of it.
Exactly The mother knows at any point that if there's even a hint that her daughters won't turn out to be prefect, master can just sell her or her daughters off.
Even better if she has multiples or I have her knocked up on a yearly basis to get a few "batches" of slaves growing up at once.
I'd love see older sisters/ the mother harshly disciplining a younger sister about the smallest failures because they all know what's at risk.

>continued bloodline, of slaves... Master's family first bought her ancestor
It's disturbingly hot, could be a kind of social order/norm that a slave's "family" is kept along side her masters.
Every generation being only females and breeding via stud farms method.
They born and raised as slaves and every male in the family will be assigned at least one slave girl for his use.
The play the role of everything from concubine to head maid with a lucky few recorded in history as getting the rank of slave wife...
instead of the alchemy thing, I always imagined there was a drug in their food so they could only produce X chromosomes, a smaller portion the same, but can only make Ys, and a smaller batch still that are spared this treatment, in case the owner wants a surprise.

As for the multiple births, there's the option to feed your slave fertility drugs, to increase the chance of twins/triplets but can be inadvisable unless you have already fully broken the mother, and have an existing elder sister to help maintain the natural hierarchy.
There can also be scenarios to create drama/friction between the slaves.
>Sell the daughter and buy a younger model as a replacement
>The mother has to accept this new slave as her "daughter", knowing she will most likely never see her real daughter again
>The replacement is Master's favourite, and can taunt the mother at will
>the mother only has her Master left, and can't risk falling out of favour by retaliating against the new slave.
Then there's also potential scenarios for her to meet up with her old daughter, like she's purchased by one of Master's houseguests, Master takes her out for a walk, and they bump into the daughter and her new owner in the park, or if the Master is feeling particularly evil, or sadistic he can take her to the daughter's auction.

>every male will be assigned at least one
I think all children will be, as having a slave is the perfect way to teach them responsibility. The question is what age gap would you use? Would you have a significantly older slave, so your heir can't get them pregnant, one that's the same age, where they were raised as Master and slave, slightly younger so that he can learn to train obedience in slaves at the same time, or slightly older so that she's a trained young adult for when he reaches the right age?
For me it's same age to older, so that they learn responsibility, and slave management, then early 20s he can learn to rear them
>drug in their food so they could only produce X chromosomes
Always liked treating male slaves with more sadism, they are far more expendable then slave girls after all.
Might go further with things like body mods, like nerve stapling or other methods that truly dehumanize them.

>fully broken the mother
The level of devotion it takes to raise your own daughters as slaves is so perverted.
Imagine the process of taking a Emancipation terrorist bitch and warping her into a loyal slave breeder.
Who's biggest joy is seeing her master bedding her eldest daughter...

>There can also be scenarios to create drama/friction between the slaves.
What about allow a slave's daughters to compete for the position of slave wife.
>once her daughters come of age I tell them that the true purpose was to breed be a prefect wife.
>all their years growing up enslaved and trained was for this sole purpose.
>just watch as the girls desperately try to out slut each other, every single one trying to get into master's pants.

Though I wouldn't be too cruel, the others get to be concubines (kept on contraceptives), while my slave wife can have my heirs.

>Master is feeling particularly evil, or sadistic he can take her to the daughter's auction.
Oh just imagine the fear and desperation that she must silently endure, not knowing if her daughter will be some expendable play thing or sold to a man looking for a slave wife.
While a born n bred slave is more expensive that won't stop richer men that go through girls on a weekly basis but there's always a market for high quality concubine/wives...

>The question is what age gap would you use?
I'd think it's along the lines of older master to younger slave girl, like that whole first dog idea.
No bigger gape then 4-7 years you want him to train his slave girl himself as a way to grow into a man.
And a well trained slave girl is a good servant for life.
File: AyeFairEnough.jpg (76 KB, 531x429)
76 KB
>Dude, you need to fix some shit.
Pic related.

Imagine it like whipping someone. You can cause a bruise, or you can flay flesh from skin.
Telling a woman she is fat is like flaying skin from bone. Someone might be into that, but most people aren't.
File: EW3hUYNU4AAlhjT.jpg (812 KB, 2026x1678)
812 KB
812 KB JPG
>Dude, you need to fix some shit.
>Pic related.

I have no idea what you're talking about.
>wife vs concubine
When they're all slaves would there really be that much of a difference in how they're treated? What special privileges would you afford the wife that you wouldn't give the concubines?

>older master younger slave
I think with the slave being older it could lead to an interesting power dynamic. where the slave can manipulate her younger inexperienced Master to an extent. I find slaves having some power makes the dynamic more interesting like headslaves, or caring for an elderly relative.
>Woman buys a cheap slave for her ageing father who is losing his eyesight
>Slave knows her status and purpose will only exist as long as her Master survives.
>Her Master depends on the slave for care, and will treat her much kinder than previous Masters
>Mutual fear and dependency leads to a degree of affection.
Then there's even more scenarios once her Master's eyesight fades.
>Does she now start wearing a bell on her collar so that Master knows where she is
>if she spills something would she can choose to confess, or clean it up and Master wouldn't notice
>Master has a small window of time to teach her to read and write so he can do mundane things like crosswords through her after his vision goes completely.
>When out in public does she act as a guide dog, and gently lead her Master around, or does her Master give her free reign to collect shopping etc.
>If she does collect the shopping/run errands by herself how does everybody else treat the untethered slave? Ignore her and refuse to move out the way for her? Heckle, spit, and jeer at her?
>Although she'd be wearing chastity devices, gangs could still video record themselves beating and dryhumping the defenceless slave, knowing no passerby would put themselves out for a lowly slave.
>One can take off his belt, and use it to tether her neck , or hands to a lamppost
>even when they get bored and leave, nobody would untether her thinking it's just her Master punishing her
>difference in how they're treated?
There quite a few differences in the treatment of a slave wives Vs your average concubine.
For one it's the master-slave wife relationship it's a lot closer to genuine love and care, from little things like calling master by his name to spending time together as a couple out side of sex.
Wives are also expected to have their master's kids and raise them, so they're limited to only have sex with their master.
A concubine is more of a designated fuck toy, sure she wont do any work like the maids but they're marked purely for sexual entertainment.
So they might be ordered to entertain guests.

>special privileges would you afford the wife...
Becoming a slave wife gives her legal and social protections. A slave wife having kids, her offspring are seen legally the same as if her master had kids with a freewoman.
Other protections is that her master cant sell her until her sons are of legal age at that point if master sells her, the slave wife's sons have first bid at buying their mother.
Basically it's a more permeant position that's very intimate with master, there's a few other minor privileges but we can get into that later...

A concubine has far less protection and is legally/socially seen as just another slave save for the fact she's been assigned the role of sex toy.
So if she gest pregnant her master has the option of not acknowledging her kids and just treating them like other born slaves.

>run errands by herself how does everybody else treat the untethered slave...
IRL people don't kick or otherwise abuse a seeing eye dog with laws stating it's outright harmful to the dog's master.
so I'd say it's much the same as that for a slave that's a critical caretaker for her master.
A slave that's used for medical needs is marked off with a specific uniform, a open face burka and a colored vest(like IRL guide dogs wear)
It's looked down on and might be illegal to publicly abuse these slaves
Objectively the beat slaves are the ones who could kill you in an instant if they were free
Change my mind
File: fetch[1].jpg (1.1 MB, 1800x1295)
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1.1 MB JPG
Could kill you or would kill you as there's an important distinction between them
Could is nice to have a slave that powerful so utterly tamed/domesticated, but would is great for the anger in their eyes when you're breaking them in
Can't argue with the truth.
Por que no Los dos?
I was toying around with the idea of having an extremely coercive slavery system.

A girl would be bought and at no point would she be forced to do anything she didn't decide to. She wouldn't be raped, molested, or made to do anything she wasn't comfortable with.

The catch is, her privileges are directly tied to how far she's willing to go as a slave.

When she's first purchased, she'll be given a tiny, bare room. No bedding to sleep on, no entertainment, extremely plain food. She'll have to figure out how to get comfortable on the concrete to sleep. It wouldn't be very nice.

Want a bed? Give up your normal clothes and wear something skimpy around the house. Don a tight shirt and a miniskirt get a bed. A pillow too? You'll have to go without panties for that.

Going insane spending your off time in a small room with literally nothing to do but stare at the wall? Better get used to letting me feel you up then, casually groping your ass or your tits when I feel, allow me that and I'll let you have a book or two.

This would go on, giving her access to a huge variety of privileges. The most willing slave girls would live their off time as a life of relative luxury. Of course, that sort of privilege would probably come at a cost. It would start with small things like orders to wear certain kinds of clothing, being touched and used sexually, but for bigger privileges more extreme requests would be made, body modifications would come into play, or more extreme fetishes in general.

All in all, perhaps a more ethical way to do slavery. If a bit manipulative. It's not rape if she says she wants to so she can be allowed to talk to a friend for ten minutes once a week right?
Q: How much of this is explicit/implicit? Do these slaves know that their willingness leads to creature comforts or are you going to torment them with blandness till they do?
It would be very spelled out for her in incredibly specific detail. She would be given a guidebook for actions/choices that result in benefits, with a lot of fidelity between the choices. She would, for example be able to pick a skirt of varying lengths, but for each inch shorter she decides she'll be buying herself an extra five minutes a day of time doing an activity she enjoys like drawing or singing.

She might be modest at first, but what's a slightly shorter skirt for the sake of getting to do something that she actually wants to for a little bit.

There would be a fully fleshed out manual offering her thousands of choices like this, with various small rewards. They add up of course, if she's willing to indulge them.
I do enjoy the idea of a vampire being reduced to a slave. Since in a lot of media vampires tend to be obsessed with family lines you could have one belong to one. Long ago a vampire was dethroned by a hero but instead of killing her the hero imprisoned them in their own manner. Eventually the vampire die to Stockholm kicking in took the hero’s family line as her own and is now forever a servant who passed down the generations.
Fat tard detected
I've had a similar-ish idea regarding slavery myself, tho a bit from a different approach.
The slaves would be placed in a somewhat detrimental position, including a bare room, lacking food filled with aphrodisiacs, chastity cages and little else and would be offered various things in exchange for services. Use the power of horny-ness to get them to basically self-feminize and to start cam-girling in exchange for better living quarters and possible unlocks from chastity belts and cages, with the better performing ones getting better rewards.
They both are coercion, carrot over stick and self-inflicted degradation. All you need now is to make it a competition between them

I think the main charm to the slave having such a longer life span is that you can decoarte their room/cage with revisionist tapestries and artwork showing your ancestor heroically beating the slave in battle, the slave grovelling before the original Master, the slave being fucked senseless by the orignal Master and begging for more
(fictional) Incest is hot. Deal with it.
So...you're an asshole?
Oh absolutely, the competition between the slaves would be encouraged. Even more so between the slaves that are starting to form groups and good relations. I'd want my slaves to not form bonds with each other and to instead bully each other, preferably to the point where very little to no positive interslave relations are really present. Ideally I'd find some way to directly reward them for fucking each other over like for a example letting them cum from anal if they bully another slave into accepting more responsibilities for no rewards.
File: helltaker4.jpg (917 KB, 1300x2000)
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917 KB JPG
The recent Helltaker expansion made me think of you guys. Tfw no CEO devil maid(?) slave.
File: 1569460097457.jpg (527 KB, 1200x1039)
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I usually dislike when characters that are built for femdom are used as subs, but damn do I enjoy seeing Esdeath get bullied.
She is so horrible I wouldn't mind seeing her get put through the ringer

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