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Post a picture and write a curse about it for the previous poster
You turn into the girl in the picture and your tits constantly fill with milk. You can’t milk them yourself and will need someone to milk them twice a day or they’ll get swollen and uncomfortable
Every day you go without having sex you get hornier and have trouble thinking of anything but dick, two weeks and you won’t be able to hold back the craving anymore
Your friends gifted you a new vudeogame to play together, but once started it you found yourself stuck in the game
The only way to exit from the game is to complete it all alone, but the character the game gave you is not that strong...
Good luck with those huge orcs ahahahah
Every time you orgasm your ass gets bigger and more sensitive
You become a submissive cat girl who can only speak like a cat and must obey any order given
Was posting the other pics just to get the thread rolling. For your curse, you become a trap with a big dick. Every time you cum your penis gets an inch longer and the only way to shrink it is someone else cumming in your mouth or ass
What happens if I get fucked too many times?
It’ll turn into a pussy
Omg I don't want to lose my dick!!
I need to find a girl to fuck soon
You're an asshole.
File: 1625421968442.jpg (949 KB, 900x1200)
949 KB
949 KB JPG
You become pregnant, and every time you give birth you become pregnant again
File: 1588593263816.jpg (840 KB, 1009x1178)
840 KB
840 KB JPG
You have no mouth and you must scream.
You get transferred to the Pokémon world after an accident, unfortunately unlike most Pokémon trainers you don't get to catch and train to become the Pokémon champion, instead your job is to get off any Pokémon you come across using your body.
Covering more than 5% of your body causes extreme discomfort
You gain a physically enhanced body, much stronger and muscular than a regular human. However, you gain am additional pair of breasts, and they rapidly swell up with milk every time you become even slightly aroused, requiring you to drain them either through sexual activity or by milking them yourself by hand.
File: 1605073340358.png (962 KB, 1433x1013)
962 KB
962 KB PNG
^pic that didn't go through
File: 1627395425468.jpg (232 KB, 1448x2048)
232 KB
232 KB JPG
Your body is all jumbled up
File: 65364259_p0.jpg (2.7 MB, 1505x2125)
2.7 MB
2.7 MB JPG
You put on a pair of cursed latex gloves that you cant remove and they made you addicted to cum

24 hours without cum will cause the latex gloves to move your hands with their own mind until they receive cum
When any part of your body is submerged in water your clothes and demeanor will become that of a cock hungry beach slut for 1 hour
Twice a day whatever flat surface you sit on, a sex toy will appear forcing you to sit on it, you are unable to get up off it fully until you have a intense orgasm. (You can bounce or ride it to orgasm)
Wearing pants or underwear makes not difference to the toy being able to get inside you, the size, shape and type of toy will change everytime.

However if you don't at least have one orgasm a day through this way, the sex toy will appear when you are standing or doing some other activity and instead of only needed to have one orgasm you will need to have 2-3 depending how long you since your last orgasm.
You are become bouncerbutt. You cannot stand on your feet by yourself and instead get around by using your huge, rubbery dumptruck as a space hopper. Every slap it makes against the ground as it rebounds you into the air sends a rush of endorphins up your spine, making you laugh and giggle like an airheaded bimbo. Thinking becomes hard as your priorities become bouncing around on your inflated butt and giggling. Sex is also a priority.
The amount of pleasure you can feel from inserting something is proportional to its size compared to the largest thing you've previously inserted. Using any object multiple times decreases that object's pleasure to 90% of what it previously was. If this is the largest object you've ever inserted, that affects everything down the chain.

e.x. You insert a 6 inch dildo. Pleasure value of 1.
Now you insert a 12 inch dildo - pleasure value of 2 (12.6 = 2).
You insert the 12 again, that's a pleasure value of 1 (not 2, because now this is the largest thing you've had, and is now the baseline for the ratio) * 0.9 = 0.9
If you were to insert the 6 inch dildo at this point, you would get a pleasure value of 0.9 * (6/12) = 0.45 * 0.9 (because this is the second time you've inserted the 6 inch dildo) = 0.405

You can see where this is heading. However, you are going to be blesse with exceptional stretchiness - if something is inside your holes, you won't be ripped from it. And that's good - you'll need it.
File: 1572546814674.jpg (711 KB, 849x1200)
711 KB
711 KB JPG
Whenever you wake up there is a 25% chance that your body will be in pieces that need to be sown together in order to be reattached
Wow, who would have though I'd ever be Iranian
Every time you orgasm, you get a little smaller and your dick gets a little bigger
File: 1565702237252.jpg (590 KB, 2570x3448)
590 KB
590 KB JPG
You got fused with your mom and she controls most of your legs
File: 86468569_p0.jpg (876 KB, 827x1169)
876 KB
876 KB JPG
You become the hokage. Unfortunately, the weakest ninja from any foreign nation is a hundred times stronger than you, so your entire duty becomes to act as a grovelling old man fuck doll for invading forces, using your ability to make endless number of shadow clones of yourself, that return all experiences to you, to placate any foreign "diplomats" so you can stave off the destruction of your village by turning it into the worlds greatest brothel
File: 1581975637446.png (989 KB, 1521x1962)
989 KB
989 KB PNG
Everyone always wants to touch your neck
You become a hot and attractive young lady, however at least 1 week out of every month, you are pickup and taken to a horse breeding farm, where the horses use you as their own personal sex toy to blow off any extra steam and stamina they have left over from breeding with mares, unfortunately they always seem to have boundless horniess that last the full week.
File: 1627422831946.jpg (502 KB, 1000x1000)
502 KB
502 KB JPG
odd: left
even: right
dubs: middle
You are always mistaken for a very lifelike sex doll and treated as such.
File: 1623711375204.jpg (295 KB, 1080x878)
295 KB
295 KB JPG
Every time you see someone not working out you are compelled to run up to them and question why they aren't working out
File: 1605849580967.jpg (312 KB, 2048x2048)
312 KB
312 KB JPG
Your body changes to make you stuck everywhere, but it occurs at random and (usually) it lasts only until you embarrass yourself enough
File: 000_97.jpg (378 KB, 1215x1600)
378 KB
378 KB JPG
you receive an immortal, undying, and unchanging body
but for the first 10 years of having this body you will be tortured and raped every single day as agonizingly as possible
after 10 years you are dumped on the street and free to go
you have no mental protection
at anytime you can cancel but you you be put into a very ugly not-immortal body
File: 1563924912020.jpg (489 KB, 865x900)
489 KB
489 KB JPG
You've got no fucking legs haha loser
File: 1560110514369.png (332 KB, 800x800)
332 KB
332 KB PNG
Anytime someone presents their pussy to you, your face is drawn and stuck there until the person cums (you're able to move and talk normally but your body will not allow you to move your face away or harm them in anyway)

as well until they cum you must oblige any reasonable request or order they give you, mostly on what to do to pleasure them

lastly, anyone you find attractive within 50ft of you innately knows about your curse and how it works, but once they cum you are immune to their pussy for 24hrs
Anon, I'd just like to let you know there is know way for you to have known this but I'm legit a leg man. The irony actually made me laugh out loud.
well ive got all the time in the world to get over it
You need to make sure each of your dick cums at least once each day before you go to sleep, or another dick will grow in a random place when you wake up.

What if my dick grows long enough to selfsuck?
File: 1375218425259.jpg (248 KB, 939x734)
248 KB
248 KB JPG
Anytime you and another person find a mutual attraction and interest in each other, no matter the physical distance, you will both be sucked into an extra dimensional space and blended together in body and mind

You know about this because the current person you had feeling for was the first to be blended together with you

however as time passes you will consciously forget more and more about the curse as your minds melt together until the next time it activates, unless you actively seek to merge with other people, then your mind will mostly absorb the others though the more people merged the more you will feel the effects

body age is averaged out between your current form and the form of the other person, including age, B/W/H, height, etc (actively seeking more merging allows you some control over which form has more sway, think 50/50 to 65/35)

for the purposes of law, money, standing, memories, etc you and the other person's information are also blended together so that you have access to all the things they did as well as any demerits detriments or otherwise and everyone's memory adjusts to believe the new you has always been this way with adjustments made to make your timelines make sense for any major events in either/all of your lives
What is it with this kink and mothers...?
seriously? why would you post this??
File: 1625960379105.png (632 KB, 1863x1700)
632 KB
632 KB PNG
You keep shitting out anal beads instead of normal shit
fucking sissy, maybe /e/ is more your sport you twink bimbo bitch
Addition: what if it was a never ending one that gets bigger with every bead, but your ass has infinite elasticity?
File: 1207106997584.jpg (69 KB, 608x798)
69 KB
You become an attractive futa with a permanent erection and no refractory period after you orgasm. No matter what you actually want to say or do, you're always pleasant and accommodating. The things you wind up saying most often are "I'd love to!" and "That sounds wonderful!"
File: 22164932.jpg (1.36 MB, 1276x1600)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB JPG
You live in this car. You're only allowed residence is this car.
File: witch1.jpg (428 KB, 900x1200)
428 KB
428 KB JPG
Odds dick neck
Evens pussy mouth
File: 90537717_p0.png (528 KB, 1555x1100)
528 KB
528 KB PNG
Does this include boob eyes? If so, reroll
Curse: you will always be caught during intimate moments by people you don't want to be caught by.
yes it does include boob eyes and anus nose
All I can think about with this curse is having to eat a car panini
You get transformed into whatever some random anon desires, along with slowly changing your personality to be to their liking.
dude it's not about fetish at that point it's just straight triptophobia bait, and i don't think anyone is a sissy for thinking that is not only not sexy but also boner killer

like fuck, just be a little considerate, no need for anything actually courteous, just don't post literal maggots burrowing into people's skin? please?
Curse 1: you become extremely obese but everyone sees you as extremely anorexic and constantly forces you out to eat.

Curse 2: you become extremely strong but everytime you lift something extremely heavy, you gain equal to the amount lifted
Forgot the picture
getting your knickers this twisted over shintaro kago is a mark of shame bro
You've got a contagious case of hypercock, and those around you are extremely interested in having you "share the wealth" and "thanking you for your gift"

This is fun, but I want to be able to swap anon's each week.
File: DslvjAF.jpg (35 KB, 639x900)
35 KB
No matter what you do or try, you're permanently impotent and can't get an erection under any circumstances. You can only orgasm from someone else mocking, teasing, or insulting you about having a limp, useless penis, but you orgasm EVERY time someone makes such a remark to and about you specifically, whether you want to or not.
yes that's why it's no longer there... my knickers were just twisted... people are here to fap, just ya know, keep that in mind, even /d/ has limits that's why /b/ exists
Weak pussy-ass sissy
File: 90047336_p0_master1200.jpg (439 KB, 1028x1200)
439 KB
439 KB JPG
You gain the ability to seal people into total sensory deprivation latex sacks, the method for this is touching an opening on their body, from which latex quickly begins spreading over them until they are completely sealed

anyone can release them however by pressing on their ball gag

the curse is, this ability also works on yourself, and you'd be shocked how often you might reflexively touch your face or other places without thinking, and as it so happens that is you on the left there

the sacks are nearly impenetrable and will sustain the victim for as long as they are inside, the sac will also routinely pleasure and edge the captive unless ordered to not to by you (you can also set parameters yourself, but the last set parameters will be the ones your sack has when you inevitably get stuck in one yourself)
File: DV5e-PBVMAIBf0C.png (301 KB, 918x1065)
301 KB
301 KB PNG
If someone within 50ft of you is about to cum you are teleported into their balls and converted into cum (if a woman is about to cum they will rapidly grow a dick and balls to accommodate you)

You will then be expelled, in the form or pic related, giving the person the most intense and extended orgasm they have ever had while you are painted all over wherever their dick was pointed at the time (you will ofc cum as well from the sheer pressure compressing and launching your gelatinous and sensitive body)

you will sloooowly begin to reform/re-merg if you were shot all over the place (very common as you are shot out at maximum pressure) over the next handful of minutes

your body will fully re-solidify to flesh and bone in a few hours, however any women who grow dicks because of you will become futanari permanently

there is no refractory period, so going to orgies will be a very bad or very good idea and also make you likely very popular
File: 82829400_p1_master1200.jpg (416 KB, 1200x1200)
416 KB
416 KB JPG
You're now a fairy with massive tits, you can fly and do some simple magics (levitate light objects, make things glow with light, prestidigitation effects, etc)

the real interesting part about your biology is that you grow 5% taller everytime someone compliments or says something nice about you, and conversely you shrink 10% everytime someone says something that is mean or insulting about you

there is no range cap on this, they only need to know of you and the curse will change your height accordingly when they speak their opinion of you, however no matter how big or small you get no one will notice that you are not normal sized (except your boobs, which are perceived as huge no matter your height) or that compliments and or hate change your size (they still correctly interact with you, but they perceive it as if you are an average 5'5" stacked as fuck girl- think 'Shallow Hal' effect)

this means no one can orchestrate your size gain or loss... including you, you can ofc do good or bad deeds to try and change your size, but directly asking will always have the opposite intended effect of what you actually want (no reverse psychology here)

lastly the changes come in spurts, the curse loads all mentions of you into a que and every few minutes changes your size according to the next 5 comments in the que over the next few minutes, then the next 5 begin taking effect, etc etc till the que is empty again

your minimum size is 1 inch, your maximum is 50ft
File: SaHa_Sword_Breaker_13.jpg (335 KB, 1000x1400)
335 KB
335 KB JPG
May as well bust out an old one I made for /tg/ back in the day:

Cursed Choker of Edging

Touching the choker triggers a very difficult willpower save (depending on system and player level) to not immediately put it on. Once worn, the choker cannot be removed unless the curse is temporarily nullified or its counterpart magic ring is found at the end of the dungeon.

While wearing the choker, the victim CANNOT cum, no matter what they try or how close they get.

Oh and removing the choker from its pedestal opens a concealed door, releasing a tentacle monster into the room, so good luck with that.
Did you mean to post that in the "cursed loot thread"?
Nullified you say,,,
File: EinxrewX0AAwmV2.jpg (133 KB, 800x1136)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
whenever someone speaks the word "kitty" you transform into this rubber service cat form on the spot until you service everyone around you that finds your form attractive (you will grow a rubber dildo cock should a person wish it so)

they will also have their inhibitions suppressed if they do find you attractive and people around who don't will pay you and those you're pleasuring no mind, acting as if it's completely normal

once no one has been pleasuring themselves with you for 10 minutes, you begin reverting back to normal, with anyone having witnessed it remembering it foggily and almost like a dream like occurrence, other than you ofc
File: 1566680559929.jpg (798 KB, 988x1246)
798 KB
798 KB JPG
Once a year around the same time you get uncontrollable urges to find a cowherd then turn into a fertile female milk cow

Your udders and teats must be milked everyday or they start weighing you down and leaking you also are extremely horny all the time impulsively lifting your tail in front of bulls and showing off your hanging bits

You can only return to a human after finishing a cows breeding cycle
File: E76KCUsXIAQo2vc.jpg (870 KB, 1224x1584)
870 KB
870 KB JPG
The hotter you get the bigger your boobs grow, which will also make you marginally hotter, this can get out of hand rather quickly

conversely the colder you are the smaller they get until you're flat as a board

at neutral temp your boobs are K cup (think med-large watermelon size)
>at neutral temp your boobs are K cup (think med-large watermelon size)
In US bra sizes, a single cup in the K-cup size range from 28K to 42K apparently has a volume from 1.18 dm^3 to 3 dm^3 (or the same numbers in liters, or from ~0.31 to ~0.79 US gallons).
I don't know about you, but I would've thought that a watermelon in the medium-to-large range would have a larger external volume than just three liters, and if the picture you posted is any indication of the recipient's intended bodytype, I'd guesstimate it to be lower on the above spectrum than that.
mmmmn maybe an L or M then; bra sizes are damn confusing, hence why i went with the back-up visual aid of med-lrg watermelon
File: 6headshydrasmall01.jpg (434 KB, 595x751)
434 KB
434 KB JPG
1-6 = left to right in the conjoinment
7 = mischievous bat girl
8-9 = one of the two mushrooms
0-dubs = your pick or multiple at once
>mmmmn maybe an L or M then; bra sizes are damn confusing, hence why i went with the back-up visual aid of med-lrg watermelon
42K, 40L, and 38M are listed as having equivalent single-cup volume.
If you ask me, you should've not mentioned cup-sizes at all, and just went with the watermelon comparison (and/or "percentage of head size" or somesuch).
probably fair, but saying a cup size is in many ways, much hotter
Permanently? Or can you gain it back some how?
Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo, I shall curse you... with ever present glory holes
When ever where ever you go to bathroom, there will always be at least one glory hole and when you take a seat dick will without fail poke trough. When ever possible hole is always positioned so that it will be right next your head.
You are free to ignore the dick but it will always be there.
Public toilets with stalls will always have more than one hole and number of holes will be directly correlated by the number of men using that toilet every day. Very high traffic toilets will be practically a wall of cocks.
Messier the toilet is dirtier, nastier and bigger will be the cocks be that poke trough.
Every hour, at a random point within that hour, you and anyone within 50ft of you have your gender, age, and body type randomly swapped in such a way everyone ends up with a body type they didn't start with (they can be similar ones, just not their own)

should there be no one within 50ft of you when the curse activates the range expands in 50ft increments until it includes at least one other person, then swaps every one within that radius
ah, i forgot to mention, should someone be pregnant the pregnancy is transferred with the body type, and body type, age and gender are bundled together so all attributes aren't distributed in a random fashion, the bundles of attributes stay together

also diseases are not transferred, but physical abnormalities are, such as missing limbs, eyes, extra parts, etc
File: 1628550297032.jpg (495 KB, 1280x1810)
495 KB
495 KB JPG
you always wanted bigger breasts, who knew rancid titties would keep on growing?
this isn't the gross out thread, could you not?
your true form is revealed

fuck you this is /d/ gross is in our nature newfag
File: curly.png (430 KB, 1035x1602)
430 KB
430 KB PNG
You're equipped with a pair of high-tech headphones that connects directly to your brain. The headphones have all the properties of a powerful, high-end computer, and will continue functioning even in extreme conditions but you cannot remove them or turn them off.

In addition, should you ever view or hear anything from the game "Cave Story", the headphones will take a step towards transforming you into a robot. Mentions of the game will not trigger this, but fanart and covers may trigger the headphone's filter.

The steps are as follows:
1- Your eyes will glow and become robotic.
2- Your voice will become synthetic.
3- Your hair will turn blonde and synthetic.
4- Your skin will turn pale.
5- Your voice will become feminine.
6- Your body will become more feminine.
7- Your skin and flesh will turn synthetic.
8- Your body becomes completely female.
9- Creases and joints appear.
10- Transformation complete.

Should the day end, you will revert a step in the transformation. After another 24 hours, another one will revert and so forth. However, should you reach step 10, the transformation becomes complete, and your body cannot revert. In addition, you become completely unable to resist the orders of the person who sent, posted, drew or composed the final piece of media that transformed you, whether it was accidental or not. They will recieve a notification explaining the situation, as well as a program to send messages directly to you.
Couldn't I just exploit this and make Cave Story stuff myself?
this isn't gross out, this is what i would expect, the other one is literal puss filled, canerous? nipples shooting out bile

also, i'd wager i've been here a lot longer than you have, i know very well what the difference between /d/ and gross-out is

and fyi it's the like between ass nipples and literal shit/puss/etc coming out of them, so stfu and learn what's actually allowed on the board or go make your own thread and see how it turns out

also, as a side note, you'd be cursing the idiot above you anyways
File: cursedparty01 - Copy.jpg (156 KB, 891x1155)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
1,4,7 = donkey girl fighter
2,5,8 = bird girl wizard
3,6,9 = candlestick bard
0/dubs = you choose and you get enough gold to undo the curse (which you can choose to spend on everyone or use on something else)
that's just the plot of cyberpunk 2077
Rancid titties?
The plot is keanu taking over the plot and your body and you die. I am still pissed at the fact they probably scrapped a fuckton of content because of this gay shit.
would be better if you were turning into keanu because some fag wants to bang him
Your boobs never stop swaying from side to side and you are unable to wear more than what you have on to cover them in pic related, (you can get creative with style, just don't expect to have more than a small to micro bikini's worth of fabric to work with)

This swaying also hypnotizes anyone who stares at it for 30 seconds or more making them insatiably horny and unable to suppress their desire to touch you, so expect a lot fo grabby hands

on the upside, they will follow any of your orders so long as they are also able to grope various parts of your body, rub their junk against you, or otherwise get off to you while doing so

they'll snap out of it if you can get out of their sight for 30+ seconds, or after they cum they'll be immune for 24hrs (breaking line of sight does not grant the 24hr immunity)
People don't figure out that compliments or insults effect your size, but do they notice you changing size? Especially when it inevitably happens right in front of them?
>they still correctly interact with you, but they perceive it as if you are an average 5'5" stacked as fuck girl- think 'Shallow Hal' effect
in short, no they perceive you as normal
File: ulq3wxay76571.jpg (140 KB, 1200x1163)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
I think the image speaks for itself
File: E2Uj5dbUcAImXpg.jpg (402 KB, 1460x2048)
402 KB
402 KB JPG
Your penis can be summoned. When summoned you feel exactly what is happening. The minimum requirement is to have to have at least 5 different people that will summon your penis for an hour, for a total uses of 25 (Average 5 each). You get to choose the first people. You need to hit 25 uses a week, but if you wanted to use 25 people each summoning once the quota is still met. When your penis is summoned they just have to have some interaction with it, not idle. This can range from using it as a dildo, replacing the shuttlecock in a game of badminton, tied to an active vibrator, fly on a flag pole, anything. Your cock is almost indestructible while summoned meaning it can survive things like being thrown in a freezer, on a hot plate, or the use as a shuttlecock above. If two (or more) summon your penis at the same time, they will summon a copy of your penis and you will feel both at the same time.
The people you choose, you will have to contact and inform them as to what is going on. If you do not choose, moreover, if the people you choose do not summon/use your penis enough someone else on the planet will be psychically informed. The person selected WILL summon your dick often and you probably won’t enjoy what they will do. Also, the people that know can teach others how to summon your dick. It would be a good idea to have and keep good relations with your chosen people
File: 1488953796651.jpg (2.49 MB, 4000x2500)
2.49 MB
2.49 MB JPG
You have been "blessed" with extreme fertility, so your crops are always prolific... As well as yourself
File: Ex9-oieWQAEMuLv.jpg (347 KB, 1448x2048)
347 KB
347 KB JPG
Anytime you enter info into one of those random generator prompt sites, the effects really happen to you, starting with the one in pic related

you will begin forgetting about the curse if you purposely avoid doing these, in which case you will eventually stumble upon one once a week at random and remember your cursed seconds after you've hit enter (also no making and playing your own randomizer/getting other people to make it for you)

if one of them leaves you physically unable to roll, a random one will be chosen and rolled for you with the last name you input

You can only roll 3 times per day and then you are stuck with whatever you rolled last, different ones can stack with each other but otherwise new ones overwrite previous ones

full character bios/extensive descriptions reset all changes so you don't get tooo out of hand
What happens when someone ejaculates in a uterus?
I'm more curious as to what'd happen when the afflicted person orgasms. Would they just splatter instantly, or perhaps slowly siphon more and more bodymass into the balls (and out the dick) until they're sprayed all over?
You were in an accident I lost most of your lower body. Thankfully you're in the future so the technology to replace limbs exist.
Unfortunately your DNA got mixed up with a veterinarian clinic that was trying to repair a prized breeding mare. You're guessing she was prized for her horniness because you are now hot and bothered constantly.
Thankfully, This mixup was kept confidential so no one quite knows the extent of your condition. Your friends assume you have a massive horse cock, and make jokes about how hung you are. Little do they know.
The woman you are spurred into is impregnated with you. You get reincarnated as that couples child, 50/50 for either gender but you grow up remembering everything. Eventually once you become 18 years old again the curse reactivates and you become cum again.
OP of that curse, you can get people pregnant by being in them, but only one sperm fertilizes an egg, and you are made up of likely trillions, haha

you just ooze back out slowly

you do not turn into your own cum, should have specified it's anyone within 50ft of you *excluding yourself, hahaha

although, i think what you said at the end of your comment would be a fantastic curse in and of itself!!
so are her nipples where her pussy would be?
You’re on the right. Your new landlady on the left is an enormous pervert and a mad scientist whose inventions can do damned near anything. As part of your contract, you are now her test subject for anything she wants at any time and in any place she wants. Your further consent and whether or not you even noticed that part of the contract at all are irrelevant. The lactation is tame by her standards; it can get extreme—use your imagination—but refusing is always worse than going along

She has some limits:
A: She’ll minimize permanent damage to your body. this is vague, doesn’t always cover pain or discomfort, and technically defines “permanent” as “something she can’t fix”—and she can fix a lot. She won’t seriously hurt or knowingly torture you on purpose but denial play(etc) are fair game and and the limits are mostly up to her.

B: You’re always able and allowed to go through a normal routine for five+ days a week. Might mean an actual job or just lounging around in the lab. It’s up to her and she can get you hired and kept on for any job you’d basically be willing to do with a normal body. Whether you’d want to do it with your body at the time doesn’t matter but you always have to be able to perform reasonably well at the job even if it’s not easy, comfortable, or fun. You can agree to relax this limit but can always go back to it.
C: No making you any dumber or unable to clearly communicate—at all, ever—and only as much brainwashing as you explicitly agree to.
D: One absolute veto per month. She won’t screw you over on this.
E: General motherhood limits. Knocking you up is fair, forcing you to take care of children long-term or taking away your children if you do want them is not. Stuff like that.

Aside from all that, she’s not 100% insane or unreasonable. Your body is hers but your mind is not and if you try to befriend/seduce her, etc, it has a fair chance of working.

Damn, that got way too long.
File: 20210815_232122.jpg (308 KB, 1568x2386)
308 KB
308 KB JPG
Self explanatory
Random generator prompt sites? Can you give me any examples of those, especially ones that would fit your curse?
is the one from the reference, but it could be anything that gives you a randomized answer

this is another fun one too

and one more for good measure

just putting in "tf generator" into google get you plenty of options
Portal technology has been used to create and sell the most successful line of sex toys ever to exist. It’s used for tons of other stuff, too, but that’s not important right now.

You see, there’s just one slight flaw with the sex toys: one of these millions of magical portal-fleshlights is always linked directly to your new vagina on top of its normal target. Exactly which one changes at random but you could end up being fucked by a clone of someone’s dick at absolutely any time and place with no warning. The safety features keep it more awkward than gruesome but even when it’s dangerous or physically impossible to shove something else in there, you’ll just get a phantom dicking that feels exactly the same.

That’s it. Nothing you do can stop this from happening. Start taking birth control and get good at hiding your reactions because you can absolutely be busted for “exhibitionism” if it’s too obvious.
File: 1586268649642.jpg (273 KB, 996x1347)
273 KB
273 KB JPG
Your sense of comfort is adjusted to be misleading to you with regard to how well your clothes fit. Any clothes that fit you actually fit you properly will feel uncomfortably loose, and in order to feel comfortable, you will have to wear clothes that are in reality much too tight/small.

However, if at any point you have a wardrobe malfunction, you will immediately become extremely aroused, and compelled to strip naked and fuck the nearest person, or failing that, begin masturbating right on the spot.
File: you.jpg (317 KB, 850x1258)
317 KB
317 KB JPG
I see nothing wrong with these.

You wake up in the body of a young woman: perfect beauty, voluptuous body, eternal youth, immune to all disease and illness and death itself through supernatural healing. You are always horny, almost everything on this planet wants to fuck you, and the curse forces submissiveness. You can never act violently or verbally abusively, not even in self defense. If someone decides to take you, there's nothing you can do about it. The curse prohibits you from using your looks or abilities to amass fame or fortune, but otherwise you're free to live as you see fit until the end of of humanity.

However, every night you are given a choice:

1) You will magically know the nearest ugly, disgusting and smelly nerd or old guy - the rejects - that needs intimacy and company. They will house you, feed you, and fuck you with curse-given supernatural potency. But you can only pick the same guy once a year this way, so you need to move around and you can't ever make stable arrangements for this.

2) Alternatively, you can choose to sleep alone or with anyone you want. But every time you do, there's a cumulatively increasing odd of a monster of unknown type that will appear and rape you. And you never know how long. Maybe it's just a few goblins and they're done in 5 minutes. Maybe it's a tentacle vore monster that swallows and rapes you for a week on end driving you to the edge of insanity (but never over it). Maybe a thousand insects that burrow into your pussy and ass and don't come out for days instead just keep on vibrating and driving you insane. Maybe a slime that will make you appear pregnant and fuck you from inside out for an eternity, until another monster forces it out. It could be anything.
You become the most beautiful, sexiest woman you can imagine. And right after you're amputated and kidnapped by a rich creep who will care for you for the rest of your life. He will feed you, wash you, comb your hair and love you and keep you company. He will also make sure you're lovingly fucked every day, several times a day, by him, his random guests, farm animals, everything really. You will become a living dildo, sometimes tied to the belly of his horses as they trot around with their massive dick hilt deep inside you.
based /fit/ poster
Quick question, are the cocks attached to a body and do they move ? I want to know if I have to push myself to choke on them
Every so often, your breasts grow to the absolutely massive size shown here. Merely existing like this won’t hurt you but you don’t get any kind of strength increase and the tension from trying to pull them around gets extremely painful. It won’t actually harm you but it hurts like hell.

They’ll stay that way for up to about a day and this happens roughly once a week. Your tits will never expand when it would physically harm you but can definitely get you stuck in some incredibly awkward situations until they shrink back down.
File: sam_torsoless2_900.png (570 KB, 900x1410)
570 KB
570 KB PNG
Anytime you go to reach for something there's a 5% chance you turn into an SBW, you'll stay transformed for the next 12hrs

Whenever you transform there is a 10% chance that instead of just losing your torso privileges you will also be collared, ball gagged and put in 8in heels as well until the timer runs out and they magically dissipate as you transform back
File: 1609131124417.jpg (279 KB, 883x1024)
279 KB
279 KB JPG
The longer you go without an intense fuck, the bigger your pussy and thighs get, until eventually, you can't walk. The growth accelerates if you masturbate. Fortunately, you're supernaturally stretchy for your small frame and porn physics apply to you. Likewise, should you grow too large to move and find a good fuck to set you back, the universe will write a very horny, hentai esq scenario where you WILL get fucked, just not under your terms. How it happens is completely random, from a horny pizza guy to a friend stopping by and getting hot and bothered by your lewd body.

Also you're hobbit sized, but that merely makes the curse less convenient. You can't grow taller and it isn't related to your sex life.
File: EmfjvqvW8AERhEg.jpg (394 KB, 1469x2048)
394 KB
394 KB JPG
You gain psychic powers, but the more you use them the more your ass grows. Also, the powers you get are lewd in nature and more often than not, when used, they leave you aroused and wanting for more
>Willpower save
Something tells me there has actually been some kind of "Sexual Fetish Fantasy" DnD campaign that's been run...
Do... do I scream with my vagina?
File: 1623102999194.png (535 KB, 859x1285)
535 KB
535 KB PNG
You are cursed to be seen, no matter what you're actually wearing, as always wearing something very pic-related, and they will treat you as such.

Hwelp! I know what I'm doing this weekend!
File: E6DRdkaWQAALQ5R.jpg (85 KB, 736x1200)
85 KB
Whenever you feel attraction to a depiction of a fictional character, especially when you fap to them, there is a chance that you'll become that character when you wake up the next day.

If it was a hentai character, you get to experience firsthand what a sequel for that manga would be as the one getting fucked. Fortunately, intense pain from any fucked up fetishes is dulled to a bearable amount unless you're into it. If it's some artist's character, you will get to experience the next drawing with that character in it as if you were really there. All events that were implied to have happened, or are implied to happen (ex. you're surrounded by horny futas, but no penetration has happened yet), will be experienced by you as if you were in their fictional universe.

Time will pass for you in these pieces much slower than time is flowing in the real world, so what feels like hours, or maybe even a day or more, could just be a few more minutes or an extra hour of sleep.

However... you will also wake up with the body of the character you had in that dream, and the piece of literature, or the drawing you were in, will be posted as soon as you wake up, with your likeness in it, like a photograph off your experience. Any harm that came to your body during these dreams will be undone, unless you were the subject of a TF drawing, or something else kinky altered your body without leaving you "hurt" (amputee doesn't count as hurt, you'll wake up with nubs). If this would leave you completely immobile, you will find yourself with a "friend" from the art piece or manga to occupy your time or help you get around. You will remain like this until the artist draws the character again some other way or you go to sleep again, in which case you will become the normal depiction of that character. You cannot die while like this.

All transformations will last until you fap to, or see something else hot, in which case there will be a chance that you wake up as the new target of your lust.
not only has it been run, there have been several sets of specific rules added to make it more immersive
File: 2f4f20_7721510 (1).png (1.49 MB, 900x1277)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB PNG
whenever someone cums inside you you triple in size and become insatiably horny and more than a little sadistic

you return to normal slowly over the next 12hrs
How is this a curse, and not just a blessing?
mostly the randomness and if you don't want to turn into the thing your attracted to, or if say you're into dominating not being dominated, this curse is mainly effective against someone that only likes things in one direction but not in both, if you're fine with being on the receiving end of your fetishes then you'll probably be fine

but there's always the chance you look at something extreme, get excited, and end up in a pickle
i would willingly grab this curse. this sounds great
oh no doubt, me too, just giving context of how it could still be inconvenient or not good for certain people (also i was not the person who wrote the curse)
>Also, the powers you get are lewd in nature
Can you elaborate?
I'd imagine either using the powers themselves causes your body directly to get sensitive and warm, or the residual psychic energy gropes, fondles, or otherwise teases you during or after using them
File: 1624991996133.jpg (329 KB, 1920x2715)
329 KB
329 KB JPG
Nothing special in particular. Just that your boobs are always too inconveniently big,
Too large to fit your bras and clothes quite right, too cumbersome in their environment to not hit thing with them, too jiggly to walk or jog without paying special mind to their motion, too heavy to move around easily and too productive to not embarrass yourself by untimely lactation.
When you finally adapt to any of these slight inconveniences, they get bigger. Not much bigger. Just big enough to be inconvenient or actively difficult to manage again.
You grow huge boobs that bounce and get out of control extremely easily with just the smallest movements. You can wear bras but you’re also prone to breaking them with these powerful bounces.
Where do I sign!?
Over the next week, you slowly turn into a female statue. The only way to reverse the curse is to have someone kiss you. If you completely change and then get kissed, you'll retain your female form. Hopefully you can convince someone to actually do it though.
you need to find someone to run or find someone you can pay i'd imagine!
people go around kissing statues all the time, so looking like that? I don't think you'd need to wait more than a week at most
File: 89823284_p0_master1200.jpg (373 KB, 846x1200)
373 KB
373 KB JPG
Anytime you become horny someone from nearby will be summoned to have sex with you, they will only care whether they find you attractive or not, if they find you attractive they will fuck you until you are satisfied gaining temporary protagonist levels of stamina and skill

Everytime you have sex more and more latex apparel will shift over your skin fixing itself into place (starting with a corset and gloves, panties, choaker, leggings, heeled boots, cuffs etc)

they appear randomly so you might get lucky in the order and be able to not be too encumbered by them... atleast...
File: 88551991_p0_master1200.jpg (508 KB, 956x1200)
508 KB
508 KB JPG
until you end up looking like this

any thing covered becomes self cleaning, and mouth covered makes you no longer require food

however the one thing that resets you to normal is if someone finds you unattractive and refuses to fuck you, and the people pulled at random are truly random people from the area around you, so you should get out fairly quick... or... eventually

but should you not be denied you will continue to be bound further and further until you're nothing but an immobile latex fuck sack

either way the later stages have inserts to ensure you will get horny quite quickly and the bondage will open holes for your 'helpers' to get as much access to you and any of your holes as they'd like
File: 88551991_p1_master1200.jpg (207 KB, 582x1200)
207 KB
207 KB JPG
this is basically the max also, i'd imagine this is something like 20 or so fucks without being denied or so
File: E4vD-UOUUAkDEtl.jpg (495 KB, 943x1180)
495 KB
495 KB JPG
You gain the body of a cute futa, and you no longer need to eat, sleep, defecate, etc, but each time you touch yourself TOO much these shackles come into being and lock you as you see here.

There is no real way to know when you're going to get shackled. While adjusting your member might be safe (with the occasional freak accident), attempted masturbation is around 75% likely to leave you bound. Feeling it through your pants and such activities in between will carry a fair risk that only gets more oppressive the more time you push the limits of your luck.

Speaking of getting creative, you will be far more accommodating to anal. You will always be clean and lubed just enough for smooth entry, but you will not be experienced. If you don't know how to already you will have to learn to cum from anal if you want to lay a suction cup dildo out before risking bondage.

While shackled you are edged and it becomes harder to orgasm, but it doesn't keep you from cumming. Which is good since the only way to get them off is to orgasm. You'll have to get creative, rub against things. Maybe if you practiced enough you could suck yourself off, but be warned that repeating the same technique to escape will cause you to gain a resistance to it.

Sexual partners can be a great help here, but you feel compelled to tell them about the curse, at least the basics, and they can tease you all they want if you're shackled.

Oh, and it absolutely can happen in public and people won't be super eager to help you out unless they feel they have something to gain from it. Don't expect any sympathy either, people will respond more with "Oh great she touched her dick didn't she, what a whore." instead of "We need to get those cuffs off!".
Is that Jeanne alter? if so, niiiice

time to go find some subs it seems
You get a body like the one shown but every time you sneeze your head pops off. You can’t reattach your head yourself, you’ll need to convince someone else to do it for you.
File: 1629095204778.png (349 KB, 490x842)
349 KB
349 KB PNG
I'm working on stuff for the udder thread so having one is your curse.

Magic lets you carry the udder: it still feels like you have cannon balls strapped just above your crotch but you can stand straight for a little while and mostly walk around. Running is a terrible idea unless you want to land flat on your extremely sensitive new udder and don't expect to kick doors down; your body isn't actually any stronger than it looks. You can only ignore just enough of the udder's massive weight to barely function as long as you're not too backed up.

Your milk supply is also magic: fills from nowhere, vanishes a day after leaving your body, but clean and harmless besides how stupidly much of it there is.
The taste is nothing special.

How often you milk your udder is important:

> Consistently & often? Move like a relatively agile pregnant woman and barely leak between sessions but it builds up insanely fast and when milking time comes, your teats blast out their full, massive payload whether or not you're actually trying anything with them or have a way to deal with the many gallons of liquid coming out of your body.

> Only when you absolutely have to? You can barely function(might want a wheelchair) from the enormous size, immense pressure, and unbearable weight of your backed-up udder. Smaller leaks and spurts are constant but basically manageable(so is the pain). With careful discipline, you can go for weeks without a major blowup but once it gets going, your teats blast out ridiculous amounts of high-pressure milk for at least twelve straight hours. We're talking hundreds of thousands of gallons and if you put it off for too long, this starts on its own with exactly enough time to reach open ground if you haul ass as hard as possible. The curse will keep you from freezing or overheating to death and call people over to help if this would leave you in a dangerous situation but it's still painful and embarrassing.

Finding a good middle ground is up to you.


Speaking of pain? Getting milked does feel good but only because of how much things suck the rest of the time. If you're empty(or close), your udder feels like a yawning pit of starvation. When it's filling back up, it's like you swallowed too much air and your guts are boiling—except, you know, in your udder instead of your normal guts. The pressure from being overfilled is pretty obvious. Letting your milk out mostly feels good from relieving the pressure and not feeling one of those other three things for awhile but it can still sting like a bitch, especially if you're pent up. Your teats also chafe easily and hurt like hell from being mishandled, which is easy to do, but just to be even slightly nice, they're just as sensitive to pleasure if treated properly.

Your udder in general will never stop being embarrassing—especially involuntary leaking, milking yourself or getting milked in front of other people(with how all-consuming this curse is, that's going to happen), and having to interrupt a conversation(etc) to go off and tend to your udder. The arousal from milking and teat-play is also awkward and embarrassing. Getting used to this—or at least, learning to get off on the shame—is possible but won't be easy.

Keeping yourself well-milked tones down a lot of the pain: the curse accepts making your schedule its bitch as compensation. There are other little tricks for you to find but they mostly involve trading one type of misery for another; you'll need to structure your entire life around the curse if you really want it to ease up.

BI had way, way too much fun with this so there's an escape clause. This is an genuine, magical curse. Someone cast it on you and you have a sporting chance to find them, convince them to remove it, seduce them, etc.

The ears, horns, and tail are optional, by the way, but that convenient outfit is not included with the body. Hell, the curse split really well so I guess all of part two is also optional.

i feel like stopping at the first half would have been the golden zone, so probably good call on the optional
Yeah, I was on a bit of a roll so I sort of just tacked something on that was bouncing around my head awhile ago. The curse was already pretty brutal, too, so the second part just brings it into cruel territory.

I also forgot that long curses can scare people off of these threads. The way I see it, it’s all in good fun no matter how long or short the curse is. Some anons just like to go overboard.
File: 1628801408861.jpg (356 KB, 889x1000)
356 KB
356 KB JPG
Hoping I get something opposite to this. Apologies for taking the easy way out by dropping a captioned picture, hope you like it.
File: EX_WORBWAAEM0gh.jpg (184 KB, 1561x1835)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
You have no problem cumming... but everyone is convinced you're a state of the art sex doll, and you have to obey your owner's commands. Here's the good part (for you). You can pick your owner from anyone you know, or any vague semblance of a person you can think of. You can even alter their sexual orientation and uh... "configuration" (futa is allowed).

Now comes the fun part for them. While you're still completely aware in that body, your owner will not know it, and they will give your orders that your body will follow on its own. At the very least, your body has enough cybernetics and modifications that you won't have needs during this time, and you won't feel fatigue from these chores. Only when given extremely vague orders, or verbal commands that require creativity or ingenuity, will you be able to act on your own.

While "wash the dishes" or "sit" will be hard to interpret in your own way, "have sex with me" and "cuddle up" will let you approach the 'problem' however you wish.

This is also your ticket out being a prisoner in your own body. You can show signs of sapience through your actions, though you cannot do more than you're asked to, so no talking during sex, unless you're asked to, and even then, more times than not it'll be "talk dirty" or "say my name" depending on the person. Even with this, you can sow the seeds in their mind that you're more than a toy if you're clever enough. Perhaps they'll see it in your eyes as you make love? Maybe you'll be given a vague enough command to make serious headway, such as "entertain me".

Once, and if, your owner realizes you're sapient, they will be ABLE to let you be as free as they're willing to let you be, but they will be under no obligation to give you more freedom, and you will always be considered property unless serious legal action is taken by them. I guess it's a good thing you get to pick your own owner huh?
>While "wash the dishes" ... will be hard to interpret in your own way

I would take those dishes outside to the yard and take the hose to them, never underestimate a person's ability to technically do what you ask/tell them to
Hmm you helped me remember an idea I had some years ago. Here's your curse:

You live your life normally, to however long you would until you die. When you die, you are instead transported back in time to when you were 20, and transformed into a hot girl with a different genetic makeup from what you used to be. You get to live your life again! Here's the curse part: You have to find your past male self and to become their lover, for life. If you don't, you will experience exruciating pain for as long as your male self lived and unable to prevent it even through suicide. And you can never let them know who you are. There will be no magic helping the two of you get together. If you used to be a fat disgusting blob, that's who you're going to deal with. All your past angst, mental issues etc, you need to work around them.

If you're a normie with a love life, this will be a true curse and you may feel disgusted throughout. If you're an incel, this might be your way to experience love from both sides and to see what your life might have been like the first time had you been loved. Whether you ever get used to the idea that you're dealing with a kind of forced narcissistic relationship or not, learning exactly how annoying your features are from an outside perspective, is your business.

The genders and sexuality here change as required. So if you're a female, you're born as a male instead. If gay, you're born as same sex, while looking completely different.
File: 1618890016562.png (776 KB, 1650x2550)
776 KB
776 KB PNG
Your butt swells and shrinks to always fit your chair, sofa, whatever you're sitting on. Your clothes don't change, however
Your curse will not be what you came here for. If your laptop or whatever device you are using has a pointing stick or "mouse nub" you are cursed to use that for the rest of the day. If it does not have one then you must now only use your non-dominant hand to interact with your device. You may hold it with your dominant hand if it needs held, but all interaction i.e. swiping, scrolling, clicking, typing etc. must ONLY be done with your non-dominant hand. Enjoy :)
Doesn't really mean much for left-handed people.

Speaking of hands, though? You can't use yours to get off, ever. To use porn, you have to use your nose on a touch screen, feet on a computer mouse, etc. Any lewd thoughts at all while using your hands to take your pants off will lock you out for several minutes(at least). Stuff like that. Your body is slightly more sensitive than a normal person's and you do have a vagina to help out. In general, orgasming is possible but obnoxious to do on your own.

The curse also blocks arousal to cut out any edging play but since this gives you less reason to bother with the curse at all, here's a new reason! Your balls swell up extremely quickly between orgasms. This size takes a few minutes. Max size takes three days and has them brushing the floor when you stand up. None of this is directly harmful but they're still massive, awkward, heavy as hell, and just as sensitive as ever. It does include pleasure and make hands-free stuff easier.

Nobody will ever believe you about either part of your curse and exhibitionism is just as harshly punished as ever. Your balls only get a pass if you genuinely can't hide them and act embarrassed enough about it. They won't get you any sympathy, either, no matter how huge they are. If you have or find a partner, your expansion will always at least slightly outpace their sex drive and they'll never understand why you don't just jack off with your own damned hands and sometimes want sex even though you look about as horny as a boulder.
You've sill got to remember that you're an object and your owner can sell you if they want. Can't get too annoying before they grow attached, if they do.
File: 83689527_p0_master1200.jpg (466 KB, 1200x1167)
466 KB
466 KB JPG
You've been granted incredible kitsune powers... but sealed away in this vessel because of them. Fortunately, you don't need to eat, drink, defecate, etc. It's comfortable enough to sleep in. Unfortunately, you cannot move without help from someone else. You can just swish your tail around and maybe try rocking back and forth, but you won't get anywhere.

However, while sealed away, you're not helpless. You will appear like this in your own home, and no one will remember why this body was sealed away in the first place. You have a natural charisma that, while not quite mind control, can get people to view you in an amicable way, as well as get them to pity you. You can build on these relations to have some friends as you get used to your new body, though they won't do anything sexual with you if it'd normally be against their nature. Also, be warned that it's not nearly enough to keep those who'd take advantage of you anyways from doing anything.

You can also lower the "strangeness" of your situation to keep people from freaking out. These are your two "core" abilities you start with.

With enough practice you might learn to manipulate small objects from afar, create illusory lights, send your voice moderate distances, or sense things outside your field of view. These talents may take weeks or months to develop, but can turn into full blown telekinesis, illusion magic, and remote viewing... given a few years...

Here's the kicker though. You can possess people and swap bodies with them, taking over their body while they get stuck in your sealed body. You lose your supernatural abilities, but unless your target has the time to practice them as you have, they won't be able to use them to much effect at all. This is how you can exert power from your stationary position, through other people. All you need to do to possess them is get them to go to sleep at the same time as you, in very close proximity. You will be able to enter their body while you two dream.
Of course, there are catches. Once someone is possessed, they'll know what you can do, and you'll be helpless to retaliate in your potted state. You will also lose proficiency with your psychic abilities the longer you're in the same body, setting you back ability wise. This can be mitigated by staying near your old body, but that also increases your chances of being found out. You can return to your body at any time, but you cannot erase memories of the person you possessed.

Even if you do figure out the full extent of your psychic abilities, with some basic research anyone can seal your powers away with a simple talisman somewhere on your pot... or a dildo/viberator in your pussy to disrupt your concentration. Perhaps even both.

You yourself are immortal. If you play your cards right you can find enough allies to keep your secrets secret, and perhaps even make deals to "borrow" bodies from people. You'll both be stuck in one place, and able to go anywhere you want, as anyone you want at the peak of your power.

On the other hand you might just end up as a display piece for some pervert, your powers sealed away, if you're reckless. You'll still have chances to try to get people to take the talisman off, or take the toys out, but they'll become rarer and rarer the more you fuck up. Good luck.
>directly asking will always have the opposite intended effect of what you actually want (no reverse psychology here)
But is there reverse reverse psychology? If asking for compliments to grow results in insults to shrink, could I ask for insults knowing that I'd get a compliment (which is what I always wanted) or vice-versa?
I mean, I'd wash the dishes well with the hose, i'd just do it in a away no machine ever would

then eventually they will ask me something along the lines of "what are you doing" - "i'm washing the dishes outside" - "why are you doing that" - "[explination about sentience]"
File: 1628378416397.png (1.24 MB, 1500x2000)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB PNG
Whenever you get anxious, flustered, or occasionally when you get horny, you turn into a Moped.
Beep Beep.
Bold move, could think you're hacked or something. Depends on your owner I guess.
File: 1574447334508.jpg (162 KB, 762x1280)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
You're a cute ghost girl, and you can look however you want. You can even change your appearance on the fly, even monster girls and porn logic bodies are possible. Of course, it won't matter because you're immaterial and no one can see or hear you. Someone might catch a weird blur of light in a photograph, or hear a weird noise when you're around, but that's it. You can jill yourself but you can't directly touch another person.

...However, while you cannot posses most objects... you CAN possess things that were made with sex in mind, or repurposed for sex. Dildos, fleshlights, onaholes, sex dolls, blow up dolls, even BDSM gear and fetishwear. You start your journey in a sex toy emporium where you can possess a toy for a potential hauntee to take home.

While possessing these objects, you can give yourself as many senses as you'd like (even sight and hearing, or smell and taste if you're into that), though you cannot fine tune it so everything feels orgasmic. If you're a dildo, your head will feel more sensitive, and if you're an onahole, your fake clit will feel the most sensitive. You can try to make other parts more sensitive but they'll never compare.

The longer you possess an object, the stronger of a bond you build with it. Eventually, you may learn to animate the object as if it were your body somewhat, and if you can keep your owner more satisfied than creeped out, you may slowly learn how to communicate with them. After enough time, you'll develop telepathy, and after even more time, you'll be able to alter the form and appearance of the sex toy you inhabit to bear the likeness of your ghost form (which can be whatever), but you cannot give it extra limbs or anything (you can give an onahole a head but that's it), and if someone you are not currently haunting enters the room you will turn into a normal sex toy again. (unless they grow thoroughly convinced of your existence)
thankfully, as you said, I do get to pick my owner
Now of course, you could possess a sex doll and learn to manipulate whatever limbs it has to mimic a human form again... since ghosts won't die you're going to live forever unless you're exorcised, and a change of pace might be nice.

However, there's another way to regain a proper corporeal form. Should you possess a worn sex toy, long term insert, lingere, or even lewd piercings, you will eventually gain control over who wears that sex toy. (butt plugs, cock rings, piercings, and fetish wear are all fair game). The only problem is that that person's friends may notice that you're not acting like them. You could perhaps make a deal with a mortal, or find some way to keep a toy or piercing in someone until you're ready to find a new vessel, though the more malicious you act, the more likely you are to get exorcised.

Also, if someone doesn't want you, they can just throw their sex toys away. You can't move long distances on your own so this would fuck you over for a long time if you got thrown away.
You do. Go wild. Still an object to the legal system though.
File: saturday1.jpg (242 KB, 623x884)
242 KB
242 KB JPG
You really shouldn't have pissed off that fire spirit. You're burning up and trying to keep a straight face as you hear the words only after they leave your mouth. Now that you think of it, you've inviting just about every person you've met today to hold you down and do whatever they want with you.

The idea is more appealing to you than you ever dreamed it might be, and you feel yourself keeping it together one second then getting completely lost in the tide the next. You catch yourself changing your body language, your hints, what you ask them to give to you -- all to be touched anywhere and everywhere as much as possible. It's heard loud and clear. You can't keep track of the hands. It's exactly the overwhelming you needed.

As you're filled more and more deeply, you feel the traces of the power that sent you down this route deep in your chest, siphoning energy from the others as they use you. You can only watch and feel, nerve endings quaking with energy. It couldn't dream of going back. The curse changes its host in return, its cunt deepening and softening. Preparation for your new deity to enter you. Good luck, champ!!

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File: saturday2.jpg (185 KB, 612x865)
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File: saturday3.jpg (195 KB, 621x874)
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File: saturday4.jpg (179 KB, 618x881)
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File: D7nQBCfUYAAkLQq.jpg (131 KB, 900x1200)
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131 KB JPG
Your body has the same consistency as an onahole. Luckily this means you don't need to eat or drink, however that's because your mouth, ass, and pussy are all connected directly as if you were a sex toy.

You can walk and do most tasks just fine, despite lacking bones. When you focus on performing certain actions the material stiffens enough to provide enough support for said action, within reason. (Usually walking or picking up something heavy).

However, you can quite literally turn to jelly through overexertion or overstimulation. If you exert yourself too much over a short period of time (moderate labor) or experience pleasure, your body will soften and you'll find your limbs bending far more than usual. In more severe cases of fatigue or bliss they'll go limp.

You retain all of your senses, of course, despite your anatomy no longer being entirely biological. While you no longer have a heart, you have a pulse that picks up with excitement and arousal, and you still produce body heat... and sexual fluids.

This of course, makes you an ideal sex toy. Should someone force themselves on you or seduce you, you could quite literally turn to jelly, or rubber in your case. Pleasure and exertion, even that from resisting someone, can and will make your limbs and body weaker.

On the bright side, whatever you're made of is indestructible and you're effectively immortal. You can be squished and stretched to extreme degrees, but never torn or cut.
Also not a curse. Until maybe after humans destroy the planet and you're stuck living an eternity alone. On the other hand since you have no needs, you could literally just walk around the planet regardless of the temperature. But by the time the sun went red giant you'd just be enveloped by it, drift towards its center and know nothing but extreme heat, light, and pressure for a virtual eternity.

So I take it back. It would be a curse. Just one that took a few centuries to a few million years to kick off.
>mouth nips
uh-oh this better not awaken something in me
i don't think that's a curse; no more shit, and i bet my hat there are freaks willing to buy used anal beads
have you seen the magical onahole osomatsu-san doujin?
File: 1626014379155.jpg (265 KB, 1400x1301)
265 KB
265 KB JPG
All images of you will reveal you without clothes, such as mirrors, window reflections, photos, videos, etc. Glasses too, for some reason.
File: enchanted dick.jpg (320 KB, 800x1133)
320 KB
320 KB JPG
Your dick is now magic. If you didn't already have a dick, you do now. Anyone who sees your dick will instantly and permanently transform both mentally and physically into your ideal sexual partner, whatever that may be. This includes dick pics. They will thwn immediately want your dick and will go to great lengths to do it. Aspects of them which you have no preference for will not change and they keep their memories, so not everyone changed will be clones of each other, more like the most attractive version of themself.

Sounds good right? Hardly a curse at all? a blessing even? Wrong! You can't control it. Your grandma and grandpa looking through your baby pictures and see your baby penis in that picture of you taking a bath? Well, they're sexy sluts forever now and you better be ready to take them to bone town. Doctor visit? More like booty call. Taking a shower in the locker room? Be prepared to have an orgy with all of your former gym buddies. Having sex with your significant other? Well, they are permanently changed into a completely different person forever now and don't think that the government won't suspicious of that.

The only way you can ensure you won't ever be discovered and taken to a laboratory is to never have sex and be super paranoid of getting naked.
I mean, you transform a gov't official, they keep all their memories and will "go to great lengths to do it" you convince them to put your file under cover and give them a dick pick to transform anyone they suspect of getting suspicious
And none of their coworkers would notice they became a completely different person? Unless you are lucky enough to encounter one who happens to already by your exact type.
Imagine one of them decides to record a video of you fucking and post it on the internet, and then everyone who sees it reposts it elsewhere looking for sauce. Overnight, there's suddenly a hoard of bitches trying to dox you so they can come find your dick.
>walk around naked
>everyone in the world sees your dick eventually due to exponential exposure
>you promise the most dickings to the country that can colonize space and figure out the secret to combating aging, world hunger, etc
>become the greatest mortal ruler man could ever ask for
That's the risk of being a wa/r/lock. But someone has to do it.
Why wouldn't they just rape you? That's a he'll of a lot easier than going to space. Also there'll be wars fought over which country gets your dick.
They can't all rape me at once.
You're a very wealthy heiress with a good life. Well, you were until you pissed off a witch and got turned into your slave's cunt. You're still her mistress and you can order her telepathically, but you'll never not be her cunt. You'll just get better at ordering her body around as if it was your own, managing your life from inside her panties. She's still only human however. She'll do her best to serve you and follow orders, going where you want to, saying things on your behalf, taking her panties off and sitting spread eagle so you can watch whatever you're into on your enormous flatscreen TV, but she might stutter when asked to say something to someone, get horny in public and leave you soaked in her loins, fall asleep on the couch after a long day, leaving you in said soaked panties, or break down and masturbate without your permission. She'll apologize after but you can't discipline her for it in any way but verbally so you'd better learn some new ways to keep her in line. She'll can also use a computer for you and visit sites you want to go to, type what you want to, watch whatever questionable videos you want to or even read whatever adult literature you want to, but expect it to be VERY awkward until she gets to learn that side of you. Good news? As her cunt she doesn't really have a choice but to get turned on by your sick fetishes. Enjoy your new life.

Though... there are two ways to get out of this. The first way is the painful way. If your maid gets pregnant like this she'll give birth to a clone of you that your soul will immediately inhabit once it's fully grown and out of her... after your entire body experienced the pain of birthing yourself. Even after this you'll have to ask the witch that cursed you for forgiveness, and show that you'll be a value to society, or at least a good person, lest you be cursed again, much to your maid's dismay. (Your treatment of your maid while cursed will affect her verdict for your uncursing)
File: Ek4XlkMXYAIDxEg.jpg (589 KB, 906x1300)
589 KB
589 KB JPG
On the other hand... instead of getting rid of the curse, you can reverse it, and put your maid in your shoes, or rather, your pants. She'll turn upside down and her cunt will become your head again, and her head will be your new cunt. The rest of your body will follow until it's your normal human body again, but with her as your pussy.

How do you do this? Well... you'll have to get her to both help you figure out how, and perform the ritual. If she knows what you're up to she may be understandably upset, but you can try to keep her in the dark by having other proxies research it for you... though you'll still have to communicate through her, so you'd better know some good codespeak.

On the other hand... you can lie to her and say it's only temporary, or convince her she'll be happier that way by leading her into a far more debaucherous life in ways only a cunt could, enough to make her envy you, or perhaps enough for her to want to give up responsibility over you and let you take control of the body so she can exist in what you've hopefully promised to be a blissful state.

And finally, if you can manage to seduce the witch, well... the results will be unpredictable, but the best outcome is she'll let you two switch places from time to time... or she'll turn you into her own cunt and you'll live as an immortal, attractive, and sex active witch's cunt, with your maid as her new familiar and lab rat. If you're feeling bold and want to try this, roll a d20. if it's 12 or higher you get to swap between the maid being in charge and you in charge. 19-20 and the witch will fancy you and undo the curse... though she will obsess over you both. 11 or lower and you're the witch's cunt for eternity with your maid as her magic test subject. On a 2 or lower the witch fails whatever she attempts to cast on both of you and you're all permanently afflicted with wild magic, constantly shifting configurations of body parts and minds in one body. A nat 20 and you pick.
Whenever you don’t have one, you form attachments very easily until the curse finds you a master/mistress to focus on. If you’re careful and a little lucky, you can influence who the curse chooses. Otherwise, it could end up being any at least youngish adult nearby—the area widens until you have a master if you avoid people.

You are obsessively doting, submissive, and maternal to your current master. You’ll do anything for your darling child, especially tend to those pesky sexual urges of theirs—which couldn’t have anything to do with the sexy nymphomaniac of a new “mommy” that you’ve become.

The curse lets you have a small amount of time to yourself but how you really feel doesn’t matter: you can hate your “master” but will still act like this, get turned on by everything they do, and try to “help them” with their arousal, which may not even exist, to satisfy your own. Your master/mistress keeps you around and won’t abuse you/the situation too much but can otherwise do whatever, including reject this insane bitch with a mommy fetish. Ie: you. A direct order temporarily stops you from harassing them but your fake personality is “forgetful” and needs to be reminded often, especially since orgasms are pathetic without their help.

Your cursed personality is also obsessed with your adopted child giving you a biological child. If they don’t knock you up for whatever reason(they’re female, gay, etc)the curse impregnates you with their child after a year or so. However, you need their permission to give birth: unless they genuinely want you to have their baby, you’ll stay in the last days of pregnancy for up to five years. This is just as miserable as it sounds.

Once you give birth, you stop being bound to that master. If they agree to it, you can choose to keep going with them or you can try for a better one. Either way, you need to take care of any biological children you have. Your curse is protective of those.
File: 1626665748966.png (1.51 MB, 1520x1720)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB PNG
Whenever you have sex with or fap to someone the next day you will wake up with your body swapped with theirs, no matter the distance. There is a small chance this can happen just from having sexual thoughts about them, even unconsciously. Masturbating to your current body or to fictional characters is safe though.

The only way to swap back to your original body is by meeting up and having sex.

This can happen multiple times leading to a mess of people in the wrong body. Also, new bodies will feel way, way more sensitive than they normally would for a few days after you get it. You might even get addicted to it if you are not careful.
Oh, and I forgot to mention. Your head will be affected by the hormones produced by the body. So if you are a woman and spend too long in a man's body you might grow a beard. Vice versa for all the ways a man might be affected by estrogen.
The neck comes with the body so you get the new voicebox, meaning your voice will match your body but will still have your accent.
That's what you get for being greedy... unless you wanted to be her cunt instead. I'm sure your maid will still be loyal to you, as it turns out she can still hear your telepathy if the witch allows it.

The witch may come to like you if you make for a pleasant companion for her, but if you act out, she might try to put you in your place. She can't un-make you her cunt though so if you want to arouse and embarrass her into doing things for you... you'd better have a stronger will than she does, lest she have sex with you as her cunt in ways only a witch could manage, or perhaps order your former maid to pleasure you to thee point of madness with a futa and or endurance spell.

Oh, and technically you're her unwilling familiar now. Get ready for shenanigans.
File: D-SJnesU8AAuKcb.jpg (38 KB, 430x630)
38 KB
You're given the body of an idealized elven lady, with the lifespan to boot. Almost like a living work of art. Probably because you are one. If anyone ever sees you naked they'll find a brush in their possession that allows them to alter your form however they wish. There are quite literally no limits, porn physics are enabled, the only thing they can't do is draw wounds on you or anything else that would cause immediate bodily harm. Their artistic talent will be elevated to master like levels when they are in possession of the brush. You cannot use the brush on yourself.

The effects will wear off if not changed in six months, but it's very difficult to undo previous changes without painting over them. For example, it will take a very long, uncomfortable session of letting someone repaint you to remove a cock someone may have given you, or to reduce your breast size, but it'll be very easy for them to repaint you the way they want you, which might entail a cute bush being pained where the cock was or a flat chest being painted over the double d's. All of your sexual partners will feel compelled to experiment with the brush and as soon as they lay their hands on it you'll be forced to pose for them as they desire, powerless to resist. Even people who like or love you will feel compelled to mess around.

Finally, if you are not seen naked by anyone for a week, your nudes will be leaked to random fetish artists, some of which you may follow on social media. They will receive the brush and view your image as nothing more than another one of their pieces. You can be anywhere when they start drawing over you, and there's no warning as to what they might do or when they'll do it, so pick your friends wisely and make sure to expose yourself frequently (hopefully to the right people).
I've seen this posted a few times now and i was wondering, can you send your nudes to someone yourself? maybe some kind of limited time thing, or if they have them can they change them at will anytime? or is it like, they only get one use of the brush before it disappears, when they see a nude picture of you?

also do all pictures reflect your current form, or just your form from when the picture was taken?
Have to be pics of your current form, but it's first come first served for who gets to change you, and people can re use the brush, but again, it's very hard and time consuming to undo changes, and you have to pose naked for it. More time and effort than most partners will have. People will feel compelled to paint you how they want to see you, even if you make requests. You can send nudes.
File: 207.jpg (3.72 MB, 2150x3036)
3.72 MB
3.72 MB JPG
Your body turns into the most stimulating onahole while your head remains otherwise sentient. Others are compelled to masturbate you and every time you cum you get blissed out for a few hours cumming yourself silly.
File: 1571786455012.jpg (789 KB, 959x1200)
789 KB
789 KB JPG
You're normally a QT elf, but feeling long attraction to people (real or fictional) over long periods of time, you risk inexplicably waking up as a lewd decoration for them in their home. They will receive a note explaining that you had lewd thoughts of them, and they will always feel obligated to play with you or tease you in some manner. You will return to normal after they get tired of you (can be days before the novelty wares off for some, far longer for others), or if you stop finding them ladyboner fuel. However, after this happens one it can happen again with the same person should they will it. People will remember these incidents as well. Finding true love lifts the curse (unless lifting the curse would make either of you unhappy by ruining the dynamic, or maybe you like being that way?)
Whenever you get wet while wearing clothing, you instantly transform into a mermaid and your clothing turns into body paint (caught in the rain, hit with a supersoaker, car running through a puddle and hitting you with the splash, etc)

You also lose the ability to speak anything but cute chirping noises other aquatic creatures can understand, and you are returned to normal when you convince someone to kiss you (you cannot force yourself on them, they have to bring their lips to you/kiss you of their own free will)

however, if 90% or more of your body washes off, you are stuck permanently as a voiceless mermaid, also you body paint is water resistant, but will slowly wash off in rain, flowing water, or if left submerged for too long

You always have the option of streaking in the nude if you get caught out in the rain or need to get off a boat, but if you get wet by surprise the change happens before you have time to react, so make sure you weigh your options wisely! (also rain coats count as clothing, obviously but umbrellas or other covers you need to hold work fine)
File: Flanery mermaid.png (2.42 MB, 4005x2915)
2.42 MB
2.42 MB PNG
also permanent transformation form
Whenever you develop a /d/egenerate fetish, over the course of a few months, your body will slowly transform to reflect your perverted tastes. You will also have a lot more questionable boners and ladyboners, causing you to be more open to new fetishes. The changes will remain after the transformation is complete until you develop a new fetish, which will cause the process to start again, using your newly transformed body as a base.

Oh, and just to keep things fun, should you ever be in an ongoing sexual relationship, with one or more (if you can somehow manage it) people, they will share the curse as well, and you may end up as each other's fetishized forms. This can even lead to fetishes that required more than one person to be realized, like conjoinment, part transformation, body swapping, etc. They keep the curse the same amount of time they were involved with you after they stop seeing you, so people can't just get the curse for a little bit and get rid of it. Look forward to your interesting sex life. And brace yourself for a very awkward normal life...
>Glasses too, for some reason.
Would your diet effect them? Like if I eat corn does that mean they'll be little yellow beads in between the bigger ones or would they have little yellow bumps over each bead?
You're haunted by tall, faceless, vaguely humanoid apparitions that only you can see and interact with. Most of they time they're merely watching you from a distance or when you're not looking. Like still, fleshy statues twice your size. You've given up hope long ago of people believing you or ever seeing what you see. The Docs didn't help nor the Pills. You either accepted you were mad or this was just your reality. They're seemingly everywhere, watching you from the streets and tall of buildings, only their smooth heads turning to track you. You've gotten use to it.

What you still haven't gotten use to is the fact they're getting more... aggresive. They've started getting closer and closer. Now only ever a few feet away whenever you turn your back, yet never block your way. They seem to even actually move and follow you for some time like a small crowd of admirers. And then one night you feel immense weight crawl into your bed as two huge, fleshy colored arms wrap around you and force you into a tight embrace right between knees of the creatures breasts. You sigh tiredly as you cuddle the creature back, hearing it mewl in it's own primitive language.
File: 1535897160061.jpg (2.99 MB, 2481x3509)
2.99 MB
2.99 MB JPG
It seems somewhere far far back in your lineage, you have some genie blood, as such whenever you finish drinking the liquid from a container you are sucked inside it and sealed until someone opens it to releases you

also, should they ask you for anything after freeing you you will be compelled to do it (you get a little bit of magic after being released so you can do very minor things, body modifications, hypnosis, minor item creation, etc)

you don't have to tell them they get a request, but if they ask if you're a genie or if they get a wish you are compelled to explain that they get one request and the limits of what they can get

lastly, you never remember what the trigger is until it happens again, you remember everything including being stuck inside the containers, but no matter what you try you can't grasp the cause
File: blue_balls_c-7407.jpg (56 KB, 550x364)
56 KB
You are not able to climax no matter how much stimulation you have, unless you are told by someone specifically that you are allowed to orgasm. Only one person can give you permission and you do no know who it is.
Your balls will continue to grow until they are very sensitive and feel like they are being crushed, leaving you in constant agony. After a month of denial when your balls are each nearly the size of your fist, your cum will start to be stored in your chest giving you breasts that grow each day as your body will not stop producing semen. After 3 months you will start to appear more feminine with a thinner waist, puffier lips, and so on.
Every single person who has any sort of attraction to you knows about this curse but the curse effects them as well. They all develop two fetishes at random from the list below.
>chastity/orgasm denial
>domestic servitude
>body worship
>total slavery
The people that are attracted to you will only be able to give you permission to cum once their fetishes have been fully satisfied. The same person can only give you permission to cum once every few years.
forgot to mention, once you are given permission, the person who is able to let you cum changes to someone else with an attraction to you.
jesus i should have just let the thread die
File: 1620083203699.png (1.51 MB, 2266x1600)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB PNG
Oh no! You've been infected with the mofu. You'll have to live with being an animal eared.
I’m afraid I’m gonna have to turn you down on this one. No cute genie outfit, no deal.
Congrats, you got turned into a succubus. You never get hungry or thirsty like a normal human. Instead, you get horny. You physically need to be dicked in order to survive. The longer you go without, the more ravenous your body will become. When you're "starving", instead of losing weight, your breasts will swell up and your hips will flare out. Instead of becoming slow and lathargic, you'll become unconciously sensual in your movements - the very way you shift your body about when you walk will drive men into a frenzy. After a while it becomes hard to think about anything but your next "meal". Masturbating does as much to relieve this as drinking water does for hunger.

After you're satiated, you revert back to a fat ugly bitch, not that your prey will care, because you fucking a man will kill him in the process.
File: 1355812497711.jpg (637 KB, 792x1056)
637 KB
637 KB JPG
You're bad at your job and you never get tips :'<
You have an irresistible glue fetish and always forget to put the remover within reach
File: DwYC6N2UYAABSgw.jpg (170 KB, 900x1200)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
Bad news, you're a quad amputee. Good news, due to experimental body modifications you've been equipped with detachable prosthetics and... lewd tattoos, a removed gag reflex, and a stretchier anus?

I should mention the procedure wasn't free, and it was offered by a bondage film studio and advanced sex toy company. Legally, they owe your limbs until you pay them off, and all of them together cost about as much as a nice suburban house.

Fortunately, they'll let you pay as you use them, and they even have some "work" lined up for you.

...Actually you have to do some of their work no matter how else you pay for the limbs, their legal team has you in a bind. They mostly do pornographic shoots and er... offer their employee's "services" to those who can afford them. This means porn and high class prostitution.

Fret not though, for you get to select your clientele, including their gender, appearance, demeanor, fetishes... whoever works best with you, in your opinion. Hell, you can just turn away who you'd refuse to have sex with.

...But you can't get too picky, because if you fail to "advertise" their product (your body), the company can confiscate your limbs and have your torso "work overtime".

You're also heavily expected to show your sexual partners what you can do bondage wise, maybe even anally. You're very clean back there due to your body mods. Once you strike a deal with a client, they have permission to remove your limbs, or even remotely control them to a degree from their smartphone. You can still fuck people for fun, but it won't do anything to pay off your debts.

Taking a lot of clients without being picky will earn you a large income, that of a vice president of the average white collar job. Whoring yourself out will earn you the income of a straight up executive. Choosing your clients within reason while still working hard will get you enough money to pay it off in roughly five years. Being picky will make this last for a good portion of your life.
File: 78680572_p0_master1200.jpg (862 KB, 900x1200)
862 KB
862 KB JPG
There is another option, however. Instead of working for the company under their terms... you can rent your body out to people for weeks or months... so long as you're willing to cover any damages that may come to your borrowed parts, but surely you're a good judge of character, right?

While rented, the person will "own" you, and how they use you is up to them, but they will pay a premium for you and they will likely make the most of it, so expect housework and kinky sex.

You could also get someone to buy you... and erase the debt entirely... but you'd be their property unless, for some reason, they decided to give you away. Remember, that'd be like giving a half million dollars away. Though there might be a lonely man or woman just looking for company... perhaps you could let them rent you first? Surely you're a good enough judge of character to not give yourself to someone you'll regret... they'll probably treat you better than the company, at least.
File: 1588030761929.jpg (976 KB, 3716x2942)
976 KB
976 KB JPG
You're bed ridden as a result of the weight of your massive booba. You do have a boyfriend who takes care of you, though.
Could I have a gf instead?
Your own milk-swollen breasts, overstuffed womb, hyperactive balls, and permanently-hard cock barely weigh anything at all but that doesn’t really matter with how huge and awkward they all are.

All of your assets are both extremely sensitive and almost numb at the same time: you explosively cum at the drop of a hat—which makes a gigantic mess everywhere—but don’t get any pleasure out of it. Reaching an orgasm that you can actually appreciate, on the other hand, is a goddamned nightmare that can easily take hours.

Despite all of this, you still need to keep up a regular job. Kind of a shitty one, too, from the look of it. Your “condition” nets you just enough support payments to stay alive and fed but on its own, you’ll be nowhere near comfortable. You can’t be fired if you’re doing your job to the genuine best of your abilities, though, so at least there’s that.

Your spawn will get the same barely-enough payments once they’re born, by the way, and you’ve got a few months before that happens—but with how huge you already are, god only knows how many babies you’re even stuffed with.

. . . Damnit. Some day, I’ll do a curse for one of these threads that’s supposed to be short and actually is.
File: 79572088_p1_master1200.jpg (792 KB, 1020x1200)
792 KB
792 KB JPG
You turn to stone in the daylight, but that's ok because a sexy magical sculptor took you in, and she takes good care of you. Well, mostly. She can freely mold your body as if it were clay, a process that is immensely pleasurable, and frequently does to give you new, creative, and lewd forms. When day rolls around she'll set you outside for passerbys to appreciate. She can turn you into fountains, statues, benches, and more. The only limit is her imagination. While stone, you're indestructible, though you retain your sense of sight and touch, though you no longer feel pain. A butterfly might land on your nipple, which will feel pleasurable, though you cannot cum while stone. If you're turned into a statue the water running through your cock, cunt, or breasts will also feel very pleasurable. You can still see as a statue, though only in the direction your eyes were facing when you turned to stone.

Your mistress does technically own you, and she loves to make you cum or edge you to the moment of a climax right before sunrise, after giving you a new form. She can also choose what material you turn into, meaning you could be turned into a metal statue with a ridable cock. Sometimes she'll even take her other "statues" (who definitely aren't alive... probably) and pose them with you before the sun rises, you could spend a day as a statue being railed by another statue, frozen in time with a girthy cock inside of you, or your cock inside of another statue's ass.

When the sun sets and night falls you will return to a fleshy version of whatever form your mistress gave you, and all of the pleasure you experienced throughout the day will hit you like a truck, almost always causing you to orgasm uncontrollably. Aside from using you as a toy, the witch does try to be accommodating, giving you a room to use in her estate and sometimes letting you make requests as to what your new body will be. She might even let you stay inside some days, or maybe share a bed with her...
File: 1630461936297.jpg (1.2 MB, 1200x1600)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB JPG
You're one of the few survivors of an extremely brutal and unethical supersoldier program.
You're tall, strong, fast, with heightened senses, and have reaction times measured down to around 70 milliseconds.
Your grip can snap wrists. Your pounce hits with the force of a car, punches can cave in faces and kicks can shatter concrete. You can smell fine chemical changes from hundreds of meters away, hear heartbeats, and see into the UV and IR spectra. Your skin is sensitive to the slightest airflow, and your brain is capable of processing all of this.
However, this strength, and this lack of hesitation came at a cost. Alongside the lack of proper socialization, you don't have the ability to control or command yourself (beyond the very basics needed to live, which even then you mentally fumble with). Instead, you imprint onto and depend on a 'handler' who gives you instructions that you obey immediately and without question.
You choose this handler from one of the above individuals in the thread. However, once you have imprinted on them, you no longer have any control and depend on their instruction.
theres an mcstory that takes this route called twisted
File: 1590827759566.png (2.09 MB, 2500x2000)
2.09 MB
2.09 MB PNG
You are the tattoo, you are cursed to become a womb tattoo on your most trusted female or futa friend once a month on a random day

You are stuck on them for a week, increasing their libido and need more and more as the week stretches on, but, if they cum at any point your 7 day timer is reset

You can only see from where your eyes are on their body but you are able to fully communicate with them telepathically and you will feel everything they do~

but, besides the fact they are your most trusted friend they also have some incentive to not just keep you trapped as a tattoo forever, should you go a full month without turning back, you will swap gaining full control of their body and they will become a tattoo that resembles themselves with you having no time limit or swap back conditions save for the no cumming for 7 days returning you both to normal (your libido is still effected same as your friends was though while you control their body)

ofc you can choose to not tell them about this part of your curse if you wish to test just how loyal they are, or if you just want to stop having to transform into a tattoo every month, just make sure you don't forget to cum and ignore the pestering voice in your head~

also you at all times control who you consider to be your most trusted friend (you have to actually be some level of friends tho, no picking literally anyone you see), so choose your friends wisely
File: 1567066853063.jpg (477 KB, 1606x2048)
477 KB
477 KB JPG
You are extremely easy to hypnotize (anyone can do it to you, and this is widely known), and you are exceptionally obedient under the effects of such, even to the point where your body will physically change to fullfill requests. For instance, if you're told to make your tits bigger, your boobs will physically grow to match their order.
Self explanatory
File: 1597115668813.jpg (539 KB, 1500x2000)
539 KB
539 KB JPG
You and a female friend come across a set of ancient Egyptian collars which turn you both into the likeness of an incredibly hot Pharaoh and her sister (that's you on the right).

It's true function is to grant immortality by having both of you share a life force... but this comes with the side effect of not being able to be away from each other for long periods of time. If you are, the collars will materialize around your necks and a ghostly chain will slowly pull you two towards each other, but not with enough strength to pull you into any danger unless you intentionally fight it.

The best way to "charge" your batteries to go different places and distance yourselves is to spend similar amounts of time together in close proximity, as you see in the picture. The collar cannot be taken off, but it will turn ethereal and invisible when it isn't needed. In other words, if you two willingly meet up when you need to it won't show up, but if you two are in dire need of each other's company, it will hold you two together as you see here.

Sleeping in the same bed is a great way to gain more power from each other, and the more you experiment with the artifact... you'll find that clothes get in the way... and you two can get even closer... with noticeably stronger effects. If you two commit ancient incest you'll both feel invigorated, so much so it might become addicting. Hope you can make your eternal lives fulfilling ones.
File: 5666487.jpg (134 KB, 1392x1096)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
You need a constant supply of suppression materia, else you start lactating and orgasming uncontrollably.
They're purchaseable like regular batteries, but you can't monitor their charge until they're empty.
One charge randomly lasts between 12 and 48 hours, and will leave you a dripping mess until you can replace them.
File: 89461083_p1.jpg (474 KB, 707x1000)
474 KB
474 KB JPG
Every time you orgasm your sexual bits grow a bit bigger. The growth will halve for every 24-hours you manage to go without cumming. Have fun finding a balance!
oh this one is a lot of fun, id love to build off of it
nicely done
You become an irremovable and indestructible diaper, you are able to see and hear through your victims senses, but you always teleport to a different person just as they're about to use you. Thus leaving them to soil/piss themself and denying you the pleasure of being used.
File: 1582090803244.jpg (87 KB, 1023x800)
87 KB
By having lewd thoughts about someone, you run the risk of finding yourself shipped directly to them as a lifelike sex toy, unable to speak or move, but retaining all of your senses. The recipient won't know it's actually you or think it's weird. This happens when you go to bed. You will return to normal after one day. This usually only happens one day a week, though it can happen more or less based on how lewd the thoughts are.

The recipient will always be sexually interested in you. The girl you were thinking lewd thoughts about will suddenly turn gay to play with you, or maybe it'll turn out she was a futanari all along, whatever it takes for you to get used. When you return to normal, you'll wake up in your bed, perfectly fine. However, if the recipient gives you enough attention, electing to sleep with the doll instead of putting it aside, you may revert to normal in the recipient's bed that morning. The odds of this happening increase the more you're sent to the same person. If this happens you'll have a lot of explaining to do.
You can only actively control two out of you six arms(and hands). The other four respond to unconscious desires and random urges—including a whole bunch of really lewd ones that you probably didn’t even have before. Your extra arms aren’t always making trouble but doing things like grope your tits, masturbate you out of nowhere, molest anyone you find attractive, and steal random objects are all extremely common, especially when you’re concentrating on something completely different.

Your extra arms don’t know or care about things like “personal boundaries” “public spaces” but they also won’t be all that strong unless you go out of your way to exercise, which is one of the few times when they’ll do pretty much what you want them to. The rest are mostly situations where it would be seriously dangerous for your arms to be fucking around. Driving, for example.

Oh, and just for the hell of it? Which arms you can control changes randomly about once a day and it can be ANY two of them. Odd combinations like both middle arms, middle left and top right, or top and bottom left? All fair game.
File: 1611159021675.png (467 KB, 1245x1189)
467 KB
467 KB PNG
You get to change your body into a form you desire (within human limits) for your new life. This is your chance to change your gender if you want, and you probably won't get the chance twice. Any existing partner's/crushes's sexualities will change to accommodate the change. No one will find it odd.

Now that that's out of the way, if you think within human limits is boring, you'll be glad to know it probably won't remain within human limits for long. You have become a /d/eity, however, you have no control over your influence on reality, nor does anyone know the changes are coming from you.

Your fetishes will subconsciously leak out and semi regularly bring about global changes to everyone they could apply to. Into futa? They're real now, you might become one. Like traps? Have fun recognizing your guy friends when they look like cute girls. Even the strangest fetishes can be realized, though you have no say as to how. If you're into ladypots or fuckplants all women could be turned into them overnight, including you should you elect to have a female body, or even if you don't (though it's a much smaller chance). Gender targeted fetishes have a higher chance to affect you if you are that gender.

People will find the curse very strange at first, but they will quickly get used to the frequent reality changes, and become more lax with the new forms they wake up with. "Six pairs of tits? Must be Tuesday." They will not, however, see types of changes as normal. If they turn into, say, a boob slug, they'll wonder what the fuck their body has become and who would think of such a thing, so needless to say they'll still have strong reactions to your more intense kinks. They will simply understand that these sweeping changes across entire populations are here to stay, and people will try to go on with their lives as best they can, though many may become more sexually open due to the nature of the changes. (1/2)
File: 1595879170080.jpg (241 KB, 1000x1000)
241 KB
241 KB JPG
Another global change might undo some previous changes, but that doesn't mean you can't have multiple global changes active at a time... not that you can control them. All men could be traps and all women could be futa for quite some time, or perhaps that body swapping and gender changing from last week never resolved itself properly, and you don't know when it will, or if it will...

The kinkier you are the more frequent the global changes will be, and the more can happen at the same time. Oh, and so you don't get desensitized to it, /d/ stuff will become mainstream and artists will come up with new fetishes monthly so your level of /d/eviation will never truly be limited. Just about any fetish is possible though these changes, though any fetishes you're strongly adverse to will be filtered due to the changes coming from you, so no unexpected gore, fluids, or fucked up shit, unless you'd actually want that for the world.

Expect episodic sexcapades and shenanigans for the rest of your life. Have fun~
File: 70og0bn9e9841.jpg (114 KB, 918x1299)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
Whenever you have dominant sex with someone you will absorb the masculinity, confidence, and attraction to women out of them. So if you Fuck a tomboy long enough they will become a submissive girly girl and you will become a bit more masculine. If you Fuck a guy they will become a gay trap, eventually a full-blown shemale or even woman, and you will become extremely manly.
File: wouoLYd.png (1.14 MB, 1200x1455)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB PNG

But if you have sex as a submissive the opposite happens. If a woman rides you she will become a dominatrix tomboy and you a submissive sissy, if this happens enough you can even switch genders.
If you get ducked by a guy you become a submissive gay trap and he comes a he-man.
There is a group of insecure incels and women who want to be men that know you have this power who will try to rape you to get your masculinity.
File: 1628447078494.png (3.18 MB, 2422x1839)
3.18 MB
3.18 MB PNG
You endlessly reincarnate into a easily fattened women that can gain more than a hundred tons of fat with no ill effect.

Every 666 tons you gain across your various lives lets you reincarnate as you please.
File: 1598986413491.jpg (86 KB, 600x600)
86 KB
Wouldn't it be fun to go into a realm where there were elves and orcs and all monsters of any kind? Well... unfortunately you won't be going there! Yeah I know I'm a tease but I find it hot. You've been isekai-ed and put into a tiny hut... where is that hut? Well it's in the elven woods of dragilks!

Not much special lives in these woods... just normal animals and the rare majestic fantasy monster. But the highest level monster there are slimes! This is where your fate lies. You see... you have a defect that just attracts so many slimes!

Of course you started grinding for levels on these slimes... one by one you slaughtered these little gooey fellas. until you were level five! Then something weird happened... you felt jiggly! And your voice sounded weirder... but it was ok! You kept grinding! It felt nice! Slowly your hair started turning blue like the water slimes that were so common near your village. Then your chest started expanding... ad your ass... you felt so gooey and wet! It was wonderful! Eventually you stopped going back to your camp and found a nice hollow tree to call home... these cute little slimes were hospitable to you as well! Eventually one even gave you a tiny hollow rock that you put on your head... you were now a queen slime!
File: 1597196192463.jpg (280 KB, 1151x643)
280 KB
280 KB JPG
Here's one with a simple premise that can vary wildly based on your kinks: You turn into the last thing you jerked off too. If it was porn involving two or more subjects, you turn into whichever one aroused you the most out of the lot of them. Porn logic and physics will apply to let whoever or whatever that may be exist in the real world.

Here's the catch. Your initial transformation may be based on the thing you brought yourself to climax to prior to reading this, but this curse is randomly activated from that point forward, meaning sometimes you'll turn into what made you came and more often than not you won't. You won't be able to condition your fetishes to be more tame either, if anything you may find it more exciting to pleasure yourself to "riskier" things, that would leave you in a more /d/egenerate state. You won't be able to masturbate your way out of a new form if you don't like it either, not immediately. You have to remain that way for the minimum of half a month before the RNG kicks in again, though due to the nature of this RNG, it can be anywhere from two and a half weeks to six months before this curse activates again. Sometimes it'll throw you a bone and give you a fun or normal body, other times it'll make sure to turn you into something that puts post nut regret in a whole new light.

A few more ground rules. The body cannot be dead or deathly injured, though it can be freshly injured from, say, spanking or bdsm, in which case you'll feel what the character or person felt for a short time after transforming. Serious injuries will be healed, but body modifications and the like will not. Anything relating to pregnancy will not result in an actual child inside of you, rather, you will have a literal phantom pregnancy with all of the effects of a real one, but there will be no child involved. If you ever give birth it'll be a random sex toy with the size and weight of a child. (It'll feel real inside of you, but take toy shape once outside)
File: 1597196229969.jpg (478 KB, 1000x1400)
478 KB
478 KB JPG
If the character is fictional you will take their form exactly where you climaxed, though if they had any "supporting" characters from the porn in question like say, a conjoined twin, someone using them as a long term cock sleeve, or maybe even someone controlling them for sexual reasons, someone associated with you will find themselves also afflicted with your curse, becoming that person as long as you have that body. They will still be themselves, but have an overwhelming desire to "play the character", to the point where their body will act without them, so expect to be fucked while your partner apologizes profusely, or spews profanities, confused as to what's going on, depending on the person involved. It will usually be someone fitting for the role. If you are unable to pleasure yourself in your new body, well, that'll suck. But eventually someone will come along and get you off so the cycle can continue, as if an invisible author were writing your life as a hentai manga.

If for whatever reason you jerk off to a real person, like a pornstar, you will possess them and take over their life for the duration of the transformation. People believe you are that person and it'll be hard to convince them otherwise, and if you're a porn star, you'll find yourself being pushed to star in new shoots, but hey you might get a nice house out of it for a bit so that's cool. Finally, if jerking off to your own lewd body is enough for you, it has a chance of refreshing the timer, though you may find your body more closely resembling the vision of it you masturbated to than what it actually was, and if someone else gets you off, and they're the reason for your climax, that counts, and you two will swap bodies until the cycle begins again. And yes, assuming you're not jerking off to grannies, you can basically live forever. Have fun. (2/2)
bruh you chose the wrong anon to give this to... I don't fucking nut
File: 1622841694805.png (1.33 MB, 2579x1065)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB PNG
The sole reason for your existence is to be an outlet for your owners crossdressing fantasies
Then whatever smut you partake of, in what would be your equivalent of nutting. You're going to end up being brought to orgasm in those new bodies though.
File: 1611123450538.jpg (137 KB, 850x844)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
You and a girl you find... well, kind of a bitch, are both turned into cute animal girls and soulbound. That red string is intangible until you two get into a fight, or spent too much time away from each other, especially while on bad terms with each other. When there's enough tension between the two of you, it will tighten and keep you two from leaving each other, eventually pulling you two as close as you see here.

You either need to make it up to each other or fuck it out of your system to gain your independence again. You can "break" the curse by recognizing each other's differences... but this will just leave you two to afflict two more people with the curse, turning into animal girls. If everyone works to end their curses, it will spread exponentially until everyone turns into a cute girl and world peace is achieved. You can also just accept to be bound to someone. Also an option.
File: 1628638980678.jpg (720 KB, 3200x4500)
720 KB
720 KB JPG
You now have a creepy yandere stalker. Also she saw your browser history and thinks she can make you love her by fufilling all of your fetishes, and I do mean all of them, especially the weird ones that would be impractical/dangerous in real life. She knows magic so she can do that.

Even if your on my into vanilla probs (then why are you on /d/?) she is still a creepy overly possessive handers who will kill any girl you tall to. Good luck.
*Even if you're into vanilla prons (then why are you on /d/?) she is still a creepy overly possessive yandere who will kill any girl you tall to. Good luck.

Fuckin' autocorrect
File: Ed6Ot5rWkAEF2Ee.jpg (542 KB, 950x950)
542 KB
542 KB JPG
You get isekai'd to a /d/ themed fantasy world, and you're tasked with taking down a fleshcrafter sorceress who turns people into things like ladypots, fucknuckets, and slug girls. The only way to defeat her is with her own magic, and in her helpless state, you'll be free to take her, your new body, and any treasures you found back with you to the real world. You'll also have a two way portal to and from the isekai world. You're also very long lived as an elf. What more could you ask for?

Problem is you're cursed to be unable to wear enchanted garb that adventurers need to stay alive in a world of swords and magic. Instead, you can only have magic sex toys or genital piercings. Nipple piercings of alluring charisma, clit piercings of regenration, butt plugs or vitality, stamina increasing vibes, the chastity belt of the repressed berserker... Even the cursed armbinder of the marathon runner. These are examples of the items you'll find to give you a chance on your quest, and they don't work when covered by clothing.

You'll need some very high tier items that can only be obtained through questing and leveling to even stand a chance against the sorceress. You'll also need a party of fellow /d/egenerates you will meet on your quest. Higher level gear will also be bigger/more lewd/more intense, so you'd better get used to wearing that stuff. Oh, and if the sorceress takes out your entire party it's game over. You'll be reduced to her guinea pig for all eternity, or maybe she'll turn you into a piece of living art? A sex toy that can talk back? Or maybe she'll bless you by turning you into her cunt for all eternity. It'll depend on how amusing she finds your antics. In terms of difficulty? I'd say this quest is about on par with trying to fit one of those giant novelty dildos up your ass. People have done it and so can you, but it'll take practice and if you hurt yourself doing it that'd equate to a game over.
Every drug you take has extreme, sexual side effects. You could end up with pretty much anything that might end up on /d/ without being removed.

The side effects are technically temporary but exactly how long they last varies wildly. If you truly despise what’s happening, you won’t be stuck that way for long. If you like a side effect, it’ll either wear off long before you can get much enjoyment out of it or stick around long enough for you to get thoroughly sick of it.

Exactly which drug triggers which side effect in what way is inconsistent. The same one could do something completely different every time you take it. If you take a long-term prescription, the side effects will usually be relatively livable and occasionally flare up into something more dramatic. If you try to avoid the curse, however, it will widen the definition of “drug” until something triggers it and slam you with something particularly bad as punishment.

The curse is flexible but not omniscient; it won’t be easy but if you’re clever, you might be able to trick or appease it to get side effects more to your liking.
File: 1609895413632.jpg (468 KB, 935x1100)
468 KB
468 KB JPG
You're an incredibly powerful witch. Your lifespan is however long you want it to be, you can alter your form and appearance however you like (risk free once a month), though you'll keep your telltale red eyes. You also have a witch's staff that you can fly with and a hat that contains a pocket dimension the size of a modest sex dungeon. Both of these are bound to you and will reappear beside you when lost. Problem is... you might be a bit too powerful.

Your spell knowledge is what it is now. Which is to say, nonexistent. Your new body doesn't come with instructions, only a few spell tomes. The only way you can really learn to use magic is through practice. Luckily for you, you have just the excuse.

You're constantly filling with magic and so long as you don't use at least some of it, you'll "explode". This will create a magic storm that flings random spells at everyone and everything in your vicinity. Don't worry though, no one will get hurt... because your magic is mostly eromancy. Almost all of your spells target yourself or other people. Gender bending spells, body swaping, quad amputation, multi boobs, you can even turn people into inanimate, yet fully aware sex toys. They might even still be able to speak. Your hat can hide a lot of your victims, and it'll keep anyone inside sustained. You can also enter your hat, though if you leave it in the open, other people might put it on and get a bit of your magic, causing more chaos

You'll need to find a way to reliably cast magic on other people without drawing too much attention to yourself. Underground magic shows might be a good idea, though remember to skip town before people realize that the transformations might be your doing. You can try to hide some victims in your hat, but it's basically sweeping the problem under the rug. You can still have fun with them though... if you're fucked up like that. Just saying a personal talking onahole could be fun.

Wonder how long it'll take you to learn dispel magic?
*Best pic I could find, eyes will still be red or an unnatural color of your choice.
It is impossible for you to loose weight on your own. Diet and exercise will not work. You can’t starve to death either but you will still feel very hungry if you try to forego eating entirely.

You can however form a verbal pact with someone who will lose weight for you, but they cannot lose any weight of their own while the pact is active. You also must be in an active sexual relationship with other party for the pact to be available. The pact can be broken and reformed as many times as you and the other party want, and it can be made with different people, but only one person at a time.

Your fat does distribute quite well though.
File: 1624188007293.png (1021 KB, 1256x1176)
1021 KB
1021 KB PNG
You die in a horrible accident, but a coven of attractive witches brings you back to life as a kindness... though... seeing how quick they were to find your body and bring you back, as well as how vague they are with the details, you get the feeling they might be covering for an accident you got caught up in...

Of course, they can't risk anyone learning that witches are real so they soul bind you into the coven. This is also why you're brought back as the woman you see here, only women can be witches.

You're under no obligation to live a witchy life, but by being soul bound to the coven, you're physically unable to tell anyone about it, and the witches can track you down if you betray them. You could just leave and life your own life, except...

Raw magic courses through your new veins. Without an outlet, you can accidently cast spells on other people or yourself based on your subconscious thoughts. Do you want to have sex with that person over there? You accidentally charmed them and now having sex with you is their top priority. Did you see a weird body type on /d/ that got your juices flowing? You just gave yourself that monster dick and extra set of breasts.

Unfortunately, dispelling magic is beyond your abilities unless you train extensively (lots of dancing naked in the rain with pagans). You can go to them for help if you fuck up, but they will thoroughly mock you before they fix the problem, and they'll take their time fixing things they can get away with procrastinating. So what if you turned someone into a literal fucktoy? No one's looking for them yet, and it's kinda funny. Oh you grew a second vagina? Fine, we'll fix it when we find the time you big baby.

There is a way to reduce the risk of your magic though. The more "natural" a state your body is in (this means less clothes), the more control you'll have. But it also makes your magic more potent, even if you do fuck up, which you will, so try to balance things. (Pointy hats also help)
So if I understand this correctly it'd be free carbs for the other party if I made a deal for a bodybuilder, since they'd need to put on weight as they build muscle. With the right people you could make a profitable business model out of this.
You’re a normal woman possessed by a horny spirit. During the day you seem to be a normal housewife. At night however, you turn into a whore. The catch is, the more you fuck, the more powerful the spirit inside you becomes.
File: 1631309010287.jpg (262 KB, 1280x1948)
262 KB
262 KB JPG
Technically more of a metaphorical curse than a magic one, but whatever.

You get kidnapped by a wealthy and horny plastic surgeon. Next thing you know you are waking up in a locked sound proofed basement feeling weak and sore all over. You think he gave you liposuction everywhere but you chest and ass, then he gave you ass and breast implants for good measure. And given from how puffy and sensitive your nipples are you think he might have also been pumping you full of hormones for as long as you've been here, in a chemically induced coma. All your facial and/or body hair has been permanently removed. Your face has also been altered to resemble some beautiful woman, maybe the surgeon's ex.

Roll 1d4. If 1 then he keeps you as a test subject for new beautification procedures, eventually becoming a living sex doll. If 2 then he keeps you as a sex slave. If 3 he hypnotizes you into believing you are his ex, and live happily ever after as his wife. If 4 he lets you go, but you know you'll never be able to afford to reverse everything he's done to you.
Also, if your a guy then you still got a dick. Though if you roll a 1 you end up with a vagina as well.
Whenever you have sex with someone, you will wake up the next day having swapped bodies (you will black out for a few minutes during the early morning and swap anyways if you try to stay up).

However, the real curse is that you can't swap back with the person you most recently had sex with, and if you don't have sex semi regularly, a sexual partner will approach YOU, and whether or not you actually have sex with them, you two will body swap the next morning. In other words, you can either pick who you swap with or have who you swap with picked for you. You'll find sexual encounters far easier to come by than normal to make this feasible.

Now here comes the fun part. The people you swap bodies with have a chance to inherit the body swapping through sex curse. Sometimes but not always. You can swap with the same body once they're no longer your most recent lay. You can very well attempt to amend the chaos you cause by trying to solve this logic problem, but the curse has one last part. Thinking about how to return people to their bodies makes you horny. Not so much you lose control, but enough to distract you and make you lose your train of thought, making this very hard. The same applies to those who try to help. Odds are you'll involve a lot of people in this web and keep making it bigger in attempts to fix it, if you attempt to fix it, and no matter how well you manage to mitigate the chaos, there will always be a person or people not in their own bodies.
File: 1521866872273.jpg (310 KB, 1280x1280)
310 KB
310 KB JPG
You can orgasm only after wearing an anime bodysuit for a full day
You get X-ray vision, but once you come into visual contact with a cock you feel a strong desire to pleasure it until it cums (cocks whose owners are in refractory period won't trigger this, and all of them will consent). If you are a guy this applies to your own dick too. And if you don't use the X-ray vision for at least 10 minutes per week, you instinctively seek out the nearest human male to do so.

Something cum and/or futa related for me please.
Your dick leaks huge amounts of semen for a very long time after every orgasm even though it only feels good for a few seconds. After that, it’s just bland; you can feel the leak happening but that’s pretty much it.

The leak gets worse if you put pressure on your dick or try to contain the flow. If you slap a condom on, it will explode or slip off after just a few seconds. Some kind of milking machine with a big enough tank might give you a few minutes to move around. Things like jerking off by hand or continuing to fuck your partner will pump out even more semen but don’t make the feeling any less boring or the flow from stopping any sooner. You can try to be clever about it but the most reliable way to avoid a massive, ridiculous mess will always be to just park your dick over a drain(or a lake) and wait it out.

How long you need to wait depends on how often you orgasm. Once a day has you leaking for about an hour. After a week, it’s closer to twelve. If you somehow hold out for a month, you will go to sleep and wake up with your dick still spraying for most of a week. The exact length varies, though: it’s usually just enough to make planning around your curse a huge pain in the ass. Naturally, the curse can also force you to orgasm and/or change these rules if you don’t trigger it often enough—or whenever the hell it wants just to mess with you.

The semen itself is thick, musky, extremely slow to evaporate, and all but worthless. It has no nutritional value; can’t really be used for anything except for knocking up women, breaking electronics, or making a huge mess; et cetera.

Those big testicles of yours are heavy, awkward, and extremely sensitive, by the way, and congrats on the new ballbusting fetish. If you’re too rough or gentle with them, the pain or pleasure can easily set you off.

Oh, and just to be clear? You can never orgasm again until your dick stops leaking from the last one. Feel good? Yes. Climax? No.
The sensible solution would be to post it as a hypothetical over the internet. You don't want anyone to track you down and fuck you adding to your assorted pile of variables, hence it'd have to be somewhere Anony-Aw shit.
The randomness aspect would probably curse enough other people to keep changing the answer, and working with others who can swap bodies on their own would be tricky.

Still a solid option though
File: 1556204042583.jpg (312 KB, 1200x900)
312 KB
312 KB JPG
You gain the body of a cute redhead, and you get to experience one of the most hardcore fetishes you have. Something that would ruin most people's lives, like amputee, tf, impreg, body modification, etc.

Oh but that's the catch. You have to deal with the consequences of whatever fetish you experience, and you can't pick which hardcore fetish it is. You might get stuck with a gaping anus, a child, stuck as something helpless, etc. If the consequence is pregnancy you'll be re-impregnated after giving birth so you don't get to be done with it.

Though since that alone would be boring, and I'm feeling generous, I'll give you the option to make a wish and "re-roll" what fetish you have to live with every new years. The damage from the previous one will be undone, but you'll have to deal with whatever hardcore shit you're into as soon as January 1st rolls around. It could be better or worse, but at least it'll be something different. Have fun being mindbroken, enslaved, having a lewd, broken body, having dick nipples, or living with whatever you may have enjoyed seeing fictional characters go through, because the shoe's on the other foot now.

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