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Previous thread
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You have the power to go into any kind of fictional media, from books,videogames,movie and everything really, the only problem that in these fictional worlds you are very small
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Can I just say how royally pissed I am that Disney scrapped this movie?
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>how tinies react when you ask them what they think of giant girls
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Double dubs to feed my double depression.
Truly the worst timeline.
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They gave us hope and then they just yanked it away.

It could've even had a TV show where there girl could shrink & grow at will. And in one episode she's stuck in the size of an insect.
aww that's so cute, why must adorable lovey dovey stuff turn me on?
funny thing about gigantic, there's actually a sly nod to it in zoo-topia so there's still a small part of it that exists, what could of been...
how is that a problem?
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If you're looking for a show about a giantess, the French collabed with the Chinese to create La Petite Géante (The Small Giant)
Animation looks similar to the old Jackie Chan show of the early 2000s (Jade made a pretty great giantess that one episode, speaking of) I haven't seen the show though because desu I'd want to watch it French with English Subs, but I can't find it and sorta doubt that exists.
I'd most likely go in splatoon like in the picture, I wonder how Marian would react to a tiny human since their extinct and if I could thake her out of the game world as well, what would the rest of you all do with this power?
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>very small
For this to be a problem, I would need to be very, very, ve~ery small. So I would pick Nekopara; I would have a harem of catgirl maids with keen eyesight, excellent hearing, and cat-like dexterity to play with my diminutive form. S-tier giantess material for extreme size difference play if 'very small' means 0.1mm or less.
Greentext anon from the last thread, I had an idea about a giant sorceress who "attacks" earth but isn't really all that threatening, let me know what you think
>Be working at coffee shop owned by your mom’s old friend from college
>trying to get some money for school in the fall
>One day there is a strange portal in the sky above downtown
>earth shakes as a giant female figure slowly materializes through it
>over 100 feet tall and looking like the villain in a magical girl anime
>Jet black hair and purple eyes, demon horns, a scepter, the works
>watch from coffee shop window as she walks through the street
>people running and panicking
>she’s ranting about how the day of Earth’s defeat has come and surrender is inevitable
>you run outside just as she steps overhead
>look up and see that the evil sorceress getup with the metal bikini and armored skirt did not include underwear
>try to remain calm
>despite her threats you see she’s tiptoeing through the city
>being very careful not to step on anyone or damage buildings
>everyone else runs away but you start to follow her
>at a distance of course
>she reaches the park near city hall and stops as though she’s expecting someone
>keeps talking about the inevitable defeat and extinction of humanity but she’s less enthusiastic
>finally she just stops and is looking around the deserted downtown
>decide to approach her
>”Uh excuse me, Sorceress?”
>She turns to you and kneels down, felling several trees as she looms over you
>”You have my attention insect,”
>This might have been a mistake
>”My name is Anon Miss, is there uh, something you are here to do?”
>”I am awaiting this planet’s champions, beings who can challenge me.”
>visible confusion
>”Are there no, blast what are they called by mortals… Magical Girls or superheroes on this world?”
>”No Miss I don’t think so.”
>she’s stunned
>suddenly a hand the size of a truck grabs you up
>”Anon are you saying that I am this world’s ruler by… default?”
>try to respond but scared by house sized face
>suddenly hear helicopters
>they’re from the government and they’re here to help!
>one helicopter touches down and a woman in a pantsuit flanked by a squad of soldiers approaches
>Fed lady introduces herself and starts asking what Sorceresses intentions are
>Sorceress lowers you down and announces that she is now queen of the earth
>”And in addition I lay claim to this man, Anon, as my favored subject and pet”
>I didn’t agree to that
>Fed lady starts talking about how America will never bow to foreign invaders
>”I see, then witness a small part of my power!”
>Sorceress stands up and a purple beam flies out of her scepter
>it’s flying towards the hospital
>explosive impact
>hospital is… fine?
>Fed is white faced and is on her phone with someone
>soldiers train guns on sorceress and helicopters buzz angrily
>Fed seems shaken as she walks up to you
>”Anon whatever she shot at the hospital, everyone there is completely healed, cancer gone, organs regrown”
>”A few people walked out of the MORGUE fixed up anon”
>”The President wants to humor her for a bit to see where this goes”
>okay then
>Fed reverses course and announces that sorceress is now queen and asks what she wants
>Sorceress sniffs indignantly
>I will make demands as I have need, for now I will simply take Anon as tribute.”
>she reaches for you
>look to Fed for help
>she just shrugs
>”Anon your country needs you, godspeed”
>thanks feds I knew I could count on you
>Sorceress grabs you and stuffs you into her cleavage
>another portal opens and the two of you are suddenly in a massive stone castle
>well massive for you, more of a one bedroom apartment for her
>furniture all in her size
>”This is my sanctuary anon, it floats between worlds, long have I sought to anchor it to a suitable plane such as yours.”
>places you on a table and orders you to strip
>snaps her fingers and suddenly your clothing bursts into flames
>not hurt but startled
>and naked
>”if I give a command you must obey lest you incur discipline.”
>she picks you up to examine you, fingers linger near your groin
>licks her lips
>”I shall enjoy this world I think, but the hour is late. I am weary.”
>she takes you to the bed and flops on it just like you would at the end of a long day
>her armor has become a long nightgown
>horns and scepter gone
>you’re again tucked between her breasts
>she sighs and smiles as she snuggles you closer
>if she hadn’t “conquered” earth that day she might have been a normal girl with her teddy
>she’s out in minutes
>consider escape
>suddenly she rolls over
>pinned between her and the bed
>bit of drool coming down on you too
>not sure when morning is, no sun in this place
>she wakes up with a stretch
>fishes you out of her boobs
>you’re covered in sweat and drool
>”By the Gods I have not slept so well since I was a girl, I shall keep you with me every night.”
>She snaps a finger and she’s back in her armor
>”And now anon we shall return to your city and see what spoils it bears. Tell me what was your trade?”
>explain the coffee shop and how you worked there for money for school
>”You need no trade now anon, I shall take care of your every need, though I wish to see this coffee shop”
>she places you in her cleavage as another portal appears in front of her
>there is a flash of purple as she walks through it
>you’re suddenly on the street in front of the coffee shop
>well she is
>She's normal size
>well almost, she’s like 7 feet tall still
>you shrunk in proportion
>still in her boobs
>she enters the coffee shop
>”Greetings Subjects!”
>people just keep reading their phones
>Sorceress struts to the counter where Boss Lady is
>”I demand your finest coffee at once.”
>Boss Lady looks her up and down and sees you in her cleavage
>”Uh, yes at once your Majesty, I see you have my employee, might I have him assist me?”
>Sorceress dismissively places you on the counter
>”Anon will no longer be your servant, he answers to me now, but yes he may assist you
>Sorceress goes to wait at a table
>Boss Lady isn’t surprised to see you at a few inches tall?
>definitely letting her eyes wander
>”Well anon the feds said you made friends with this alien lady, we’re just supposed to play along with this, is that right?”
>”Something like that,”
>Boss Lady leans down to get a better look at you
>”You know anon when I said you should meet a nice girl this isn’t quite what I had in mind.”
>she gets Sorceress the coffee
>no charge for empress of the world of course
>Sorceress drinks it slowly and nods in approval
>”This is a fine brew, know that this shop has earned my favor and protection”
>Boss Lady actually seems flattered
>”I’m glad you like it your highness. By the way Anon was asking me if he could have something to wear?”
>Sorceress smacks her own forehead
>”Oh I am a fool, even a Queen makes mistakes I am sorry Anon.”
>she snaps her fingers and a collar appears around your neck
>nothing else
>Boss Lady is trying very hard to contain laughter
>”Oh yes, he looks much better.”
“Yes now everyone will know who he serves.”
>she scoops you up again unceremoniously and dumps you into her cleavage
>Suddenly Fed lady comes through the coffee shop door
>”Oh look it’s the new Queen of earth and Anon, I just happened to be in the same area!”
>she’s winded like she ran here
>”Uh, I just wanted to ask your majesty if one of your subjects is sick or injured-“
>Sorceress shrugs and hands fed a pink jewel
>”This will heal any mortal wound. Now leave me, I desire to see one of these “movies”
>fed looks at you
>”Uh listen anon, this whole you and her thing might become a long haul situation”
>g thx
>Sorceress steps outside and begins growing into a giantess to walk to the movie theater
>at least you’re growing with her
>still stuck in boobs
>this is your life now
>>at least you’re growing with her
Would've preferred anon remaining small while she's growing so there's more boob to explore.

The story premise is more interesting than the usual offerings on giantess world as of late. I've seen non-size fetish variations of a guy having to humour an alien girl capable of destroying the entirety of the planet, though your girl is much, much nicer than all of the ones I've seen.
Agreed. You should check out shrinking purgatory. There’s a scene where chocolate unbirths the player that’s pretty hot, and where she presses him against her breasts.
The way I see this going is that her threats are mostly a bluff and she doesn't really want to hurt anyone, maybe she "attacked" earth because she was bullied into it and expected and even hoped to be chased off by superheroes or something and now she's "conquered" the planet and doesn't have an exit strategy.

Anyways I'll have another part in a bit so if people have a place they want this to go or a particular act they think fits my ears are open
>been Sorceress’s pet for weeks
>her reign over Earth has mostly involved her taking luxury products from stores
>she hasn’t even left your city
>citizenry was shocked at first but she’s kind of old news now and so are you
>people still just give her free stuff, government pays for all of it
>Her only governing action was declaring a holiday for some shit tier comedy movie she saw
>Fed lady played along and even got a parade thrown with the actor flown in
>every now and then she uses magic to fix an environmental spill or heal a bunch of people
>gave a few magic trinkets to Fed
>Fed confides in you that they’re no closer to understanding it, tells you you’ve got to keep her occupied
>Which is easy because a lot of her routine has become doing things with/to you
>still hasn’t given you clothes beyond a collar with her sigil on it
>she discovered panties and loved the fact that they made it easy to carry you in certain places
>One day while stomping through town at 100 feet tall she saw a waxing salon
>liked the idea… for you
>had the waxing staff come out and do a full body on you in the parking lot
>she loomed over the proceedings and giggled
>she’s also had you paint her toenails twice
>in the park she lounged around at 100 ft and you painted them with stuff from the hardware store
>next day she made herself 7 feet tall and had you do them with nail polish while she drank coffee at your old workplace
>”I just want to compare how it looks anon”
>Boss Lady came by and commented and after some back and forth you ended up doing her nails too
>Sorceress has magic, always smells like fresh cotton
>boss lady does not
>her feet smell like feet
>Despite all of this you find yourself starting to enjoy introducing her to various aspects of modern life
>sat in her boobs and coached her through video games at the arcade
>walked some trails by your old house and explained local history to her
>actually started asking you what you want to do today
File: 51se1x0KZGL.jpg (42 KB, 349x500)
42 KB
Yeah, I played '大超萌领狱'; google translated the Chinese equivalent of 小人 (Tiny) as Villain, which I thought was amusing. Though the creator, Blood-rose (血蔷薇) had his size-fetish game posts thoroughly purged from Baidu, so I have no idea if he's still working on updates somewhere else in secret; there's a lot of people trying to profit of the v1.0 version by hosting it behind various sorts of pay-walls, and I know Blood-rose was expressing dissatisfaction at the idea of people getting tricked into spending money to play his game.
File: FA3nYljUcAU3zZ9.jpg (1.99 MB, 1700x1395)
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1.99 MB JPG
Raps back at it again
Is this the same schoolgirl as before, but older?
Do any of you have a recommendation for a story involving a cat girl and a mouse boy?
File: 123857.png (360 KB, 750x500)
360 KB
360 KB PNG
I got nothing but let me try
>be mouseboy
>own a full sized house
>only use the insides of walls
>apartment setup in there
>decide to rent the rest of the space for some cash
>Only applicant is a student attending nearby college
>mail her a key and tell her to move in at x date
>day of you come out of your mousehole to introduce yourself
>door opens
>Oh no
>She’s a catgirl
>eyes immediately spot you
>instinctively drops her bags and leaps for you
>you try to run but mousehole is on other side of house
>lifting you up by the tail
>”Now what’s a little Mousey doing in my new house?”
>”I’m t-the landlord”
>Catgirl grudgingly lets you go
>”You know Mousey you really should have put that you were a mouse in the ad”
>ad said you'd be living in spare area
>after she moves in she makes spaghetti for dinner
>smells great
>peer out of mousehole
>she’s sitting on the floor right outside it with a plate
>”Look I’m sorry Mousey just have a little food and we can get to know each other”
>lease is already signed
>might as well
>sit across from her and start eating a meatball
>”Heh just think Mousey if you hadn’t spoken up this would have been your little tail”
>she slurps a single noodle into her mouth
>eye contact with you as the end goes in
>she makes a smacking noise with her lips
>”Oh relax Mousey I was just kidding, Cat people haven’t even eaten you guys for like a hundred years or something”
>you keep eyeing the mousehole and wondering if you could reach it before she grabs you
>”There’s no way you’d make it”
>oh fuck did she read your mind?
>”Catgirl I don’t know what you-“
>”Look Mousey we’re going to be living together so you need to get over this irrational fear”
>flash of movement
>she was right
>you’re in her hand before you could even react
>grips you by the tail again and dangles you over cleavage
>”This might help ease the tension a bit”
>drops you in
>giant orca girls are known to be some of the most cruel and dangerous aquatic predators
>even giant great white shark girls are terrified of them
>and yet, there are next to no recorded instances of them even accidentally harming humans, unlike so many other larger monster women
>rather, there are countless tales of them being protective and friendly towards any humans they encounter
>most recent case was a pod of them murdering the shit out of some giant bull shark girls that were attacking a cruise ship, and then towing it to safety
>passengers comment that they wouldn’t stop cooing over and smooching them
>which was terrifying because they’re giant murder whale women
>sometimes, they can be a little naughty, too. Apparently they really, really like small little humans.
>seriously, if they find a tiny human guy they really like, a pod might permanently stay in the area
>marine biologists and sizeologists honestly have no clue why they’re like this
>the ones in captivity end up going a little loony though, and there have been… incidents
In that universe are there giant dolphin girl rape caves?
Giant dolphin girls eagerly save drowning swimmers but... well it's a quid pro quo and you're going to be MIA for a few days. They almost always let you go after awhile though
File: 80326065_p0.jpg (1.32 MB, 1320x2014)
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1.32 MB JPG
>this whole you and her thing might become a long haul situation
She makes it sound like that's a bad thing. Sorcerempress sounds great.
Well If you think so I'll domore
>Sometimes Sorceress leaves you with Boss Lady at the coffee shop while she goes off to do god knows what
>always a few inches tall and collared
>Boss Lady loves it
>one day you’re sitting by the register when Fed comes in
>”Good news anon, it's happening”
>”It’s over anon, we think we’ve gotten all the stuff she’s going to willingly give"
>"we’re going to wait until she shows up tomorrow and nail her with a bunch of hellfire missiles, I’m going to try to get you clear before we do it.”
>”Oh uh, thanks.”
>Fed gives you thumbs up and practically skips out the door
>Sorceress shows up later with a bunch of boxes in tow to collect you
>at her sanctuary later you try to avoid talking to her too much
>she addresses you anyway
>”Anon I wanted to say something, I know we must remember our stations as Queen and servant but…”
>she’s fidgeting like mad
>”I think I’d like to be more like… friends, at least when we’re away from the other subjects.”
>”Uh okay sure Sorceress.”
>she seems relieved
>”We’ll need to keep up appearances of course but I’ll only order you to do things you like doing from now on, like painting my toes.”
“Wait a minute I don’t-“
>she just grins
>maybe you like it a little
>She lifts the boxes from earlier up onto the table
>”I actually got you something Anon, Boss Lady said you wanted to be a doctor but when I went to the university to order them to make you one I didn’t know what type”
>the boxes are filled with honorary doctorates
>”I just had them make you a doctor of everything!”
>Looking at your now impressive educational credentials you realize you can’t go through with the plan
>”Sorceress I need to tell you something…”
>she looks angry a minute
>oh god she’s going to glass the planet
>she’s… crying?
>”W-why are they rebelling? Wasn’t I a nice queen?”
>”I didn’t s-squish or eat anyone!”
>slowly the truth comes out
>she’s never actually killed or even hurt anyone before
>her people are evil giant sorcerers but she’s a huge softy
>always felt bad for the tinies getting oppressed
>she came to a random dimension hoping she could get defeated by superheroes
>could limp back home and tell people she tried
>instead Earth ruined the plan by surrendering
>up until now
>”Well that’s not a big deal Sorceress we can just hide in Cancun or something they’ll never find us”
>”No Anon I invited my sister to come by my world to see how things were going”
>”If I’m not running the planet she’s going to go on a rampage!”
>suddenly phone ringing
>when did Sorceress get a phone?
>Fed gave it to her, it can somehow reach her dimensional sanctuary
>”Hi Sorceress, this is Fed, uh someone kind of showed up and says she knows you”
>”we had a bit of a scuffle, she destroyed the army base”
>”She knows my face now and she’s promising to drown me when she catches me”
>”she’s also saying it won’t be in water…”
>”If you could help I would really appreciate it”
>gotta give Fed points for keeping her cool
>Sorceress looks at you then back at the phone
>”Anon I think we need to abandon this dimension”
>Sorceress is near tears again
>never beats her sister in magical battles
>”And she’s going to squish you anon she always squishes any humans I like”
>maybe abandoning Earth is okay…
>nope, going to need to figure this out
>”Look Sorceress, you can beat her, you’ve never had me with you before, does she have any weaknesses?”
>Sorceress thinks a minute
>”Well when we were kids I could get away from her by tickling her, she can’t focus her magic when you do that”
>a plan starts to form
>If you can get in close to her…
File: 1567914580593.jpg (1.27 MB, 2000x1000)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB JPG
Moments like those where you get to see a glimpse at another side of the rigid Royal Highness hard-ass are my favorite.
>Sorceress teasing you about that flustered look on your face when you were polishing around the edge of her nails and she pinched you up between her toes
>or the quiet squirming when she sent you to hunt an itch inside her clothes and she started jostling you against her
I'm just impressed you wrote a character I can easily imagine being different when nobody else is around, and I'm really curious to see how they'll all handle things with her sister showing up. You're doing great so far!
What do gentle giantess chicks do when they're out and about in their day away from their beloved?
File: Ea5WhtWXgAAdlyq.jpg (166 KB, 1080x1294)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
Imagine her love settled into her pocket or on her shoulder throughout the day until they're together again? Or her sock, or her shirt. Wherever she'd keep them. Maybe message them with things like a palm-based "wish you were here" pic every now and then. I don't actually know. That's a really good question.
thanks I'm almost ready with the next part
It would depend a lot on the scenario, if you're a shrunken secret then there are lots of places she might not want to take you. I always like to imagine she's got a "sitter" for you in these situations, a mom, a sister, a friend, etc who either keeps you company or prevents you from escaping depending on your willingness. Bonus points if whoever is watching you knew you before you shrank and thinks your new size is an improvement.

She'd want to do any kind of cosmetic stuff she doesn't want you to do, haircut for example. Also shopping for things she knows you wouldn't approve of her buying, "cute" doll outfits and accessories, a stuffed animal suit, maybe she's on the meaner side of gentle and is picking up some glue traps to fence you out of parts of her home.

If this is one of those scenarios where there are tinies/giants just naturally then she probably doesn't worry about you too much because you presumably have your own house and tiny sized stuff. You'll probably get texts of her showing you new outfits and asking if they look comfortable to ride in, maybe she'll test and ask what brand it was that had those brushes you said were the easiest to use. If you're sick or something maybe she texts you that she's asking her friend to come check on you and because this is a size fetish story the friend either hates you or likes you a little too much.
>Sorceress portals you both back to earth
>Outskirts of the city are already on fire
>Oh shit there she is
>standing in the ruins of a shopping center
>Sorceress stands 100 ft
>Sister is closer to 120
>Wearing something similar to that armor Sorceress likes but it’s in a deep purple
>”Uh hi Sis, as you can see t-this is my planet, can you please stop destroying things?”
>Sister laughs
>”Sorceress, these ants don’t respect you, I am merely disciplining your new subjects”
>She pushes her boobs together and you hear screaming
>parts them again and… oh shit is that Fed in Sister’s cleavage?
>not looking so calm now
>”This one tried to attack me, she shall die slowly, come Sister let us destroy the rest of this city.”
>Sorceress gulps and holds scepter in front of her
>”No Sister, I… I forbid it.”
>Sister seems… pleased?
>”Very well Sorceress, you always lacked the firm hand needed for conquest. I shall take this planet and you can go back to your dolls!”
>Sorceress fires some lightning from her horns
>Sister knocked back a bit but retaliates with a beam that cracks Sorceress’s face like a punch
>she’s falling backwards
>her fall is broken by a store
>your fall is cushioned by her ample chest
>sprint up to her neck and start trying to wake her
>”Sorceress you’ve got to get up!”
>Sister is looming over you both
>”Oh what’s this?”
>she’s bending down to pick you up
>”Tsk tsk, she always gets so attached to things like you”
>Sorceress is waking up
>”N-No don’t take anon!”
>Sister has you up in front of her face now
>”Well Sorceress you do have good taste, so good in fact I think I’ll try him myself”
>Sister opens her mouth and holds you over it
>Suddenly Sorceress’s scepter smacks her hand
>she fumbles and you’re on her shoulder
>Sorceress is up again
>are her eyes on fire?
>technicolor lightshow of lasers firing out of Sorceress’s staff, hands, eyes
>Sister knocked off balance
>already charging counterattacks
>you shimmy down the strap of her breastplate to her armpit
>hold on with one arm as tight as you can
>with the other start tickling her with your full hand as hard as you can
>instinctively her arm comes down crushing you into pit
>hear her laughing
>”S-Stop this you insolent bug!”
>keep going
>can’t see anything
>stuck in pit
>can feel blasts impacting her
>Feel movement
>she’s falling!?
>cushioned by her pit and arm
>Sorceress standing over her defeated Sister
>Suddenly someone runs up to you
>Fed’s hair is frazzled
>seems a bit stunned
>”Well… Good job anon, I’ll call up Area 51 and we can get her there by tomor-“
>Sorceress clears her throat
>”My sister will return to her home dimension at once.”
>She snaps her fingers and Sister’s giant form begins to dissipate
>Fed seems disappointed
>Sorceress still glaring at her
>”So uh Fed? I told her about your plan”
>Fed’s face goes white
>”Indeed Anon is a LOYAL subject, but I have decided to abdicate the throne of earth.”
>She slowly shrinks down to merely Amazonian size
>you’re shrinking too
>back to “normal” at a few inches tall
>did she make you a little smaller than usual
>picks you up and returns you to your usual place in her boobs
>”Instead of queen I shall be protector. I will keep anon as tribute of course.”
>Fed bites her lip
>”could you please let him go?”
>Before Sorceress can respond you speak up
>”I’d like to stay with her for now actually”
>Sorceress’s regal composure has cracked
>visibly happy
>”I WOULD like some clothing other than the collar though.”
>Sorceress considers it
>”I can grant this, but you will not need it now.”
>opens a portal
>”Farewell, let it be known that tonight Anon will be rewarded for his strength and courage in battle”
>Fed gives you thumbs up
>”Hope that strength and courage holds kid”
File: 93160475_p7.jpg (224 KB, 1753x1373)
224 KB
224 KB JPG
File: 93160475_p6.jpg (203 KB, 1668x1423)
203 KB
203 KB JPG
File: 92490406_p0.png (1.36 MB, 3508x2481)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB PNG
File: 93141168_p0_50.jpg (1.48 MB, 1632x1000)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB JPG
Neet tiny and OL cutie or neet giant and slightly overworked tiny?
You'd be a wageslave for your owner, right anons?
office ladies are GOAT
I feel like if you've got a giant owner she won't put up with NEET ways for very long, you'd probably end up tucked in a shoe while she went to work if you refused to get a job or clean up, she'd probably just strip you down herself and forcibly clean you in the sink and if you won't pick up your clothes and trash she'll force you to sleep in a hamster cage until you learn your lesson
>you'd be a wageslave for your owner right anons
NEET giantess would be a huge brat and constantly be spending your money on junk food and video games and leaving her dirty clothes all over the place including whatever little corner is supposed to be yours. You'd have someone to watch anime or game with but if you don't agree to be healer to her tank she's going to sit on you until you change your mind. She'd also probably force you to make out with her anime figurines while she watches knowing that if she gets too hot you're going to end up in the panties of a giant girl who has probably not washed them or showered in a day or two at least.
File: EuOYyRrVEAUiVhJ.jpg (1004 KB, 1200x1079)
1004 KB
1004 KB JPG
She looks different. Darker hair.
File: Lusamine2.png (947 KB, 800x1067)
947 KB
947 KB PNG
So I decided to fuck around with this program called Krita and learned it has a "colorize" tool that supposedly colours in line art and what-not for you. I thought it was bullshit but decided to test it and...holy shit it actually works?!?!?
File: 251672.jpg (70 KB, 800x1067)
70 KB
for those curious and potentially lazy this was the original
Does anyone have any interest in a CYOA like the ones in /tg/ or /trash/? I was thinking it would go something like this
>you got the shrinking virus
>spend points on how it affects you
>choose a waifu to take care of you when you shrink
>spend more points on your living conditions
then maybe some extra section where you have to pick a few "incidents" that happen to you
File: 1539305356415.jpg (485 KB, 1503x1920)
485 KB
485 KB JPG
If it helps me buy her a pair of socks, I'd give it a try. My owner's been keeping me in her old ones for an hour a day until I can get her some... She won't even throw them in the wash.
I personally love CYOA; there's been a couple size fetish ones by rosanon and nousernameselected (sizablewaifu). Then there's beri's Fairy's Curse (I liked the dialogue when the fairy lists the extra curses, particularly for extra tiny).
>Be me, Gulliveran living in Brobdignag
>Parents moved here because the cost of living was really low for people our size
>It still is, but since I'm not happily married like they were/are I have to deal with 10000 times more Brobdignag "politics"
>As a general rule, they're all a little supremacist and very hedonist
>Never feel like I'm in any real danger but it wouldn't be the first time that a friend kidnapped me just because she was bored and thought I looked particularly cute that day
>Such as now
>Ada decided her boredom was more important than my desire to get home from work at a reasonable hour
>Boss agreed with the fellow Brobby, unsurprisingly
>So instead of going home to enjoy some gaming, I went home with Ada as she walked home at a glacial pace, enjoying me
>Ada's giant finger pressed me just a little bit more into the massive pussy at my back
>She probably wasn't going to actually insert me without my permission
>Inconsiderate as they are about smaller races' convienience Brobs generally take care not to cause actual trauma like that
>Unless they get drunk
>At which point the most I could hope for is that I'd survive her activities with nothing worse than a couple cracked ribs and a few months off of work
>Ada's talking with somebody
>I've mostly been tuning it out because it sounded political
>then the coversation turned "political"
>That is how Gulliverans should fit into Brobdignag/Brobdignagians
>Ada likes things how they are but thinks that Gullies clearly don't have any idea of how we should spend our time and need Brobbies to help us out
>It's a radical take around here
>Her conversational parter is radically opinionated in the other direction
>She thinks Brobdignag doesn't have enough Gulliverans to go around and the queen should annex one or two of her neighbors to get more
>not even the craziest take I've heard this year
>Ada offers to drop me off at my apartment
>Unspoken alternative plan soaked into my jacket
>I decline
>Gullie thinks stupid gaming time is more important than giving back to larger society
Come on anon Brobs rebuilt the entire infrastructure of their cities to accommodate gullies, isn't it fair to let them enjoy your company a bit after all they've done to try to make you feel welcome? As far as the annexation goes obviously there should be a free and fair vote on it but think about it, if the Gullie territories on the border get annexed then one giant construction worker can do the work of 100 Gullies and free them up for more valuable labor in the hospitality sector, a lot of them could also benefit from a bit more direction in their personal lives, not to sound rude anon but Ada is probably right that you're the perfect example of someone needing a bit more direction, be sure to thank her next time for looking out for you.
File: FA9l8EdVEAgX-eb.jpg (921 KB, 1176x1500)
921 KB
921 KB JPG

Excellent taste, OP
File: 1616968537315.png (1.5 MB, 1500x939)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB PNG
Yeah, I'm thinking that's pretty based.
File: 1615587056719.jpg (1.09 MB, 3496x2497)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB JPG
I've started working on it, the general theme is gentle giantess and slow shrinking, the gist is that you're going to be shrinking at a rate of about 6 inches per month until you reach tiny size so you need to pick a caretaker and make arrangements for your life once you're small. It'll have the usual CYOA point spending and customization.

For the choice of caretaker I was thinking each one would have a short bio, a description of how they'll treat you while you're shrinking down, for example do they want you to move in with them right away or wait until you're tiny, do they feel bad for you? excited? teasing? Then something similar for how you can expect to be treated when the shrinking process is completed as well as a final quick summary of any other facts/kinks that apply that waifu.

I'm aiming for 12 girls to choose from here's what I've got so far
>milf family friend
overly nurturing and protective
>goth chick former school bully
She'll still bully you but she did it because she had a crush on you
>Your stalker
this girl has been stalking you for years and thinks you shrinking is the perfect way back into your life
>Rich influencer girl
a spoiled rich girl from old money who wants a tiny as a pet for her social media exploits
>Asian biology professor
wants study you and run experiments
>Foreign student
she's very lonely in this country and wants a shrinkee as a companion

I'm still thinking of more but I'm open to ideas
I made a CYOA about a tiny shelter and posted in on here before, seemed to get a good response, so I think that people appreciate them and I personally would like to see what you come up with.
Kuudere office lady who’s a ice queen at work, but a total simp for her lady boyfriend
Meant tiny
File: 3914109.jpg (237 KB, 568x700)
237 KB
237 KB JPG
So it's going to be like Beri's Colossal CYOA where you pick a caretaker first, and then spend points on customisation afterwards? Don't know if it would be too much text bloat creep, but having the girls give their own 'voiced' response to the customisation choices would be an interesting change of pace.
>I'm open to ideas
DoM-type girl that gets off to being dominated by a tiny; she always wears a collar with a leash and wants to be treated like a pet
An office lady seems like a good idea
As far as text bloat I imagine this thing is going to be pretty long by CYOA standards anyways, I'm feeling pretty ambitious. I just don't know if the structure will allow a quote from each waifu for each option given that we're aiming for a full dozen. Here's the general flow I was thinking
>customize your shrinking
are you invulnerable, are you unusually agile or strong, do you taste good, etc.
the waifu picking part
>living conditions
This would be stuff like do you get clothes, a dollhouse, a tiny elevator to get upstairs etc. Each waifu gives you one option for free
these are things that happen to you over the course of your shrinking or when you're small, stuff like
>stolen by a (sexy) burglar
>lost in the park
>a cat got in the house
I was thinking these incidents once you choose them can be resolved by dice rolls with certain waifus or choices giving a modifier for success/failure (might have unique quotes for them here). Since this is a gentle CYOA even the bad outcomes aren't going to be TOO bad but you will probably get maybe a bit more pain/humiliation than you initially wanted.

Finally there would be an ending section where a cure for your shrinking is available and you can choose to either regrow or stay small forever, each waifu would probably have a short quote depending on your choice.
>"Alright, now I'm not sure about catgirls, but this sign says that the store doesn't allow pets inside. I'll be right back, okay? You just sit right h... Hey, hey, not on--MMPH!"
>she makes herself comfortable right on top of her master for the next hour or so on the bench outside, mistaking his squirms for freedom as appreciative snuggles
Sounds like an interesting dynamic!
No no, lets see where this goes
File: 1617222707008.jpg (74 KB, 550x770)
74 KB
I don't even understand it. Is her boyfriend a lady that's just called a boyfriend by some arbitrary play of the word, or is her boyfriend actually a boy that happens to be ladylike in some way?
CYOA guy here, I suppose there could be a waifu choice that leans heavily into that aspect who forces you to wear more feminine doll clothes, grow your hair out, etc because she thinks it's cute or just is a bit of a bitch but I really don't think it would be the office lady. Maybe a giant NEET wants you to match her anime figurines? Honestly not really sure where to go with it. The theme of being forced into a barbie dress is fairly common in size changing stories but usually more as a matter of convenience/humiliation. What kind of waifu are you imagining if you want to be treated more like a Polly Pocket than a Mighty Max?
Personally? I think the NEET sounds good.
>"Why pay full retail price for another copy of the same magical girl figurines, just so I can take them out of their packaging, when I can have fun dressing up my little pal here instead at any given time? AND he's fully poseable! Look!"
>NEET tells everyone the mean reason is about being frugal so she can afford her snacks and manga but she's actually pretty into it
>sometimes she'll pull a model town set out of her closet and make you act out kaiju battles with her when she's bored
File: scary sherry profile.png (442 KB, 605x1763)
442 KB
442 KB PNG
Yeah I think that's a good approach, NEET is a bit of of a pervert and I think a lot of her "Bad end" options for the incidents will involve dressing you up, maybe some of her good outcomes too.

Here is a draft intro for our goth/bully character, I'm not 100% on anything here and I'll probably try to find a more "goth" looking pic later but I want to give people an idea of what I'm talking about. Again it's a slow shrink adventure so you'll be with your waifu as you slowly dwindle down from your current height to a few inches tall over the course of a year, accordingly I've broken up a few parts into things that happen while you're still shrinking and things that happen when you're tiny.

The way I'm thinking the "incidents" work is that there will be a brief description of what's happened and then each waifu will have a roll table to see how it's resolved with modifiers depending on your build. For example with Sherry here it would be like this
>Incident: going to a concert
>modifier: +1 if you have invulnerability
>Roll 5-6 - You watch the concert from Sherry's shoulder, the all-girl punk band thinks you're cute and invites you guys backstage where they take photos with you
>Roll 3-4 - Sherry hides you in her bra to sneak you in but you fall out when she flashes the band during a solo, you have to dodge being stomped until she recovers you
>Roll 1-2 - Sherry hid you in her boot to sneak you into the concert, you spent the night with her sweaty socked foot and couldn't hear hardly any music. She had a good time.
File: 1618068042243.jpg (889 KB, 1324x1600)
889 KB
889 KB JPG
Her look's got a bit an edge to it. I kind of like that one. Anyway,
>big tiddy goth gf

You're laying out some tough contenders already.
File: Ms Worth profile.png (618 KB, 604x1601)
618 KB
618 KB PNG
Like I said I'd like to hit 12 in total ideally with their own outcomes for incidents and endings. To recap so far I've got

>milf neighbor
>bullying "big tiddy" goth
>Laboratory scientist
>crazy stalker
>rich e-thot influencer
>lazy otaku NEET
>lonely foreign exchange student
>Office Lady who simps hard for tiny bf
>cosplay girl who is into being dommed by the tiny
>sporty fitness tomboy
and I'm trying to think of a couple more, each girl has particular recurring fetishes/themes although general size stuff is going to be present for all of them. Still I'd like it to be a tough choice for the player and encourage "replays."
Two more huh? I'd suggest a police officer/paramedic girl, something with a uniform. Leaning towards police officer, aviator shades, the whole bit. Lots of roleplay sessions where she suspects you of contraband/squatting and then "punishes" you with things both parties enjoy, like jailing you in her tits or pussy. Super big on tiny rights though and a stand-up enforcer of the law of whom you're her only outlet for her kinky side.
Wealthy nobility/aristocrat woman who is sick of boorish normal sized men and their machismo, and wants to have a cute tiny boy to pamper and play with, and occasionally (gently) domineer. So she employs one as her butler and secretly plans to marry him. Or something.
>lots of ohohohohoho’s
>makes you do trivial (but difficult for your size tasks) because she thinks it’s adorable
>my don’t you look cute
>we have a 12 course tasting menu, and then I shall demand a taste of you, darling
>will wear you as a gentle bound necklace or other accessory to events
>would never ever hurt you, and is too high class to be gross (well, within reason). Her feet at least are moisturizer and smell good.
Think of like this story by NSFW_ALT1234
Who does great gentle stories btw for anyone looking
Shit forgot the story:
File: 1615748428402.jpg (1.15 MB, 1904x1340)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB JPG
>sets you down between her tits
>>doesn't approve of much entertainment beyond the PG-13 rating
>try to point out the conflict, only to be thrown in with her clothes and wind up wedged between her thighs for the rest of the following day
>tell her that the FCC would definitely like a word about what constitutes family-friendly, she probably just bumped you up to an MA
>just keeps putting you in thighme out until you stop sassing her
Something tells me she's a difficult one.
File: Dr. Li profile.png (273 KB, 585x2023)
273 KB
273 KB PNG
These seem like good choices so I'll round it out with Cop and Aristocrat
yeah the way I'm imagining her options going she would probably be a poor choice if you're the kind of person who wants to sass your giantess unless you're deliberately trying to provoke her in which case that one's on you. Generally the profiles are meant to foreshadow what kind of things might be part of incident resolutions for that character. See if you can guess what kind of things are down Dr. Li's path! I don't think it's subtle.

I'm working out outlining some incidents, generally speaking even if you roll a bad outcome you will always be alive and back in your waifu's hands by the end of it, worse rolls just making things more uncomfortable for you or them, this is a gentle cyoa after all. Here were some I was thinking
>forgotten in clothing
>romantic rival
>attending a concert
>vacation together
>major disagreement with caretaker
>Going to the gym together
>Be me, gully assistent to Val, my boss and official brobby guardian of the democratic process
>Not really though
>Brobdignag statred complaining about electoral fairness in the territory before half of the regions even had a chance to weigh in
>Boss' boss doesn't even pretend that we're not here to actually ensure that the annexation happens
>Val though, she's kind of dense
>doesn't see how an armed Brobdignagian standing guard over the polling booths could possibly be intimidating, she just smiles at everyone and complements how cute they look in completely normal clothing
>As for me, I'm supposed to be helping make the gullies that haven't grown up around brobbies more comfortable with the idea of voting to let thousands of Brobdignagians come in and do whatever they want with the gullies here like they do back home
>Spend most of my time "assisting" Val how I usually do though
>Same job I've been doing since I was just an intern
>Last polling location before the annexation
>Nobody's even bothering to show up
>Not sure if that's because they're more intimidated by the Brobdignagian sitting on the government building or the fact that she's blatantly jilling off in public using my whole body as a toy
>suddenly pulled out into the cool air
>don't a chance to ask why before I'm inserted again
>This time in Val's mouth
>Guess it's my turn to cum
>Say what you want about brobby hedonism, they weren't actually selfish when it came to enjoying other people
>Lose train of thought as tongue presses into my crotch, lean back into her stretchy cheek and brace my feet against her teeth
>Come back to senses as loud crumbling noises outside are barely audible over her moan
>Right, local gully buildings aren't actually rated for Brobdignagians putting their full weight on them
>Val gets a slap on the wrist when we get back
>Pursuit of pleasure is a constitutionally protected right of all brobbies, but the rest of us are owed safety and she could have hurt somebody
File: 1615295473130.jpg (465 KB, 552x1200)
465 KB
465 KB JPG
How are the gullies and brobs supposed to coexist in peace when these cities won't even construct buildings strong enough to seat their people?
File: 3086194500_f3440b15e7_b.jpg (234 KB, 1000x727)
234 KB
234 KB JPG
>Finally there would be an ending section where a cure for your shrinking is available and you can choose to either regrow or stay small forever, each waifu would probably have a short quote depending on your choice.
I would like it if there's an additional ending where the cure backfires and you continue to shrink further. A Japanese size-fetish writer I financially support, NatsumeGTS, usually ends his stories with the tiny becoming too small as a climax that I've grown addicted to it.
Right? Really this whole thing was a long time coming. Gulliverans just can't be trusted to account for basic day to day things like that in their building codes. Then there's that bullshit "election" they tried to pretend wasn't totally rigged in favor of keeping their corrupt politcians around even at the cost of depriving the average gully citizen of the chance to have some fun with a brobby! Absolutely despicable. They're lucky the queen was merciful enough not to depose their asses with a war.
File: 19258058_p2.jpg (370 KB, 633x930)
370 KB
370 KB JPG
"It was love at first sight."
[Today, for the first time in my life, someone confessed their feelings about me.]
"Since I've fallen in love, I must be a hopeless guy."
[It makes me happy... However, I am unable to respond to his words.]
[Because I'm the goddess of this sea.]
[... I'm aware of that fact in my head, but...]
"Uugh... Curse this size difference!"

Anyone else think the perfect waifu needs an extreme size difference of at least this level? Shame, the original artist deleted it from their Pixiv; couldn't find it through reverse image search (last date modified was 2011). The rest of the pages were comics for non-size things.
The Doctor hardly seems fitting for a gentle thread.
>takes care of your basic needs, if even. Nothing else. No real relationship.
>hands you off to unknown assistants
>constantly basically threatens to feed you to animals
>no seriously keep fucking animal vore, even if just implied, out. Nobody in any giantess threads likes that Big Mig shit
>chews on your head
>bedtime? Into a glass box you go
>literally not a single nice thing she does for you listed
Why the fuck would anyone pick her?
Like, maybe someone looking to die in the vore thread might, so long as they got a guarantee that she’d do it and not a goddamn snake.
Gentle doesn’t just mean “they won’t kill you.” It means they’re gentle and nice. The goth bully girl barely makes the cut for that matter. Forcing a tiny to be trapped in a wad of boogers and spit is not gentle. But at least she makes up for it in other ways.
Dr. Li is basically a non-fatal (certainly a bunch implied though) uncaring/lightly cruel giantess.
Autistic rant over.
This one's nice too
Gotcha I'll soften her up for the final version, she's definitely a vore oriented choice but no you're not getting eaten by animals in this I just thought she'd kind of want to unnerve the tiny a bit. I'll think of something less outlandish.
I remember trying to see how many drawbacks I could justify and how many perks I could live without for her to keep taking as many copies of 'Out of Scale' as possible.
Well, don't keep us hanging
Are you the creator?
I can retread my build later if that's what you want.
nah I was just curious.
Can someone Give me the link to this?
File: Holy Woman Iris_01.png (718 KB, 726x1024)
718 KB
718 KB PNG
It was hard deselecting 'Fine Control', but ero won out.

Invasion of the Kaiju (Gift from the Depths)
Delicate+Feminine+Voluptuous (Transistor Glamour)
>Age: ??; Skin: Fair; Hair: Pink; Eye: Violet
>Sexuality: Bisexual; Sex Drive: Extreme; Sexual Attitude: Submissive
Lady Liberty
Delayed Growth+Conditional
Statistical Improbability
Physical: ??; Psychological: Positive; Reproduction: Yes
News of the Week

(1) A Little Fantasy (Inumimi)
(9) Out of Scale (300ft->[29 miles])
(1) Sensitive
(1) Supernatural Senses
(1) Hopelessly in Love (Puppy Love)

(+1) Dwarfed Intellect
(+1) Man-eater (Catladies)
(+1) Scaredy Cat (Hissy Cat Kowai~Konaide~!)
(+1) Clumsy
(+1) Superiority Complex (Small=Kewt~)
(+1) Destructible Environment
(+1) Hunted (League of Catladies)

(4) Double Trouble (Identical Quadrupulet Sisters)
(1) Human Climbing
(1) Sensory Beacon
(1) A-Factor

(+1)Bad Publicity
(+1)PR Management
(+1)Start with a Whimper

During the Event
No Specific Goal
Not that anon but I think the vore theme could still work if you make her become more overtly caring as she gets to know you better. Change it so she will still ask lots of psychological questions about being eaten, and tease you about "being lower on the food chain" but when it comes time to feed the lab animals, she's even more protective than usual and very serious about confirming whether or not you're okay helping her with this. Sort of implying she's not interested in feeding you to anything, but genuinely worried about how being tiny and bite sized for most creatures (including humans) might be effecting your mental health. Keep the absent minded mouth play as is though, that's cute as hell when combined with the above.
That's the whole thing, do you want direct links or something?
I just decided to scrap the parts with the lab animals because I feel like that anon was right and people are taking the wrong idea from it. Here's my updated text for her, I'm almost done with the profiles and I'm doing incidents next.

>Treatment when shrunk: She will begin keeping you close by, going as far as to get a small terrarium with a carrying cage so she can quickly take you with her throughout the lab. The regular phsyicals and interviews will continue, though Dr. Li may be a bit more intrusive and less professional than she was before, she will definitely include some questions about how you feel sexually and ask if you're attracted to women that now tower over you, being sure to highlight how easily they can control you now. At least once she will ask how you feel about being small enough to swallow whole and if the thought frightens you. If the interviews get you too upset she'll shut off the camera and try to cuddle you until you calm down. On her work days you will stay at the lab as long as she does, she's prone to overwork so you might need to remind her to take it easy, usually she'll listen to you and be thankful that you're looking out for her, she's not used to having someone with her so often. On really late nights she will crash in a cot she keeps in her office, she'll almost always grab you before she does and hug you close while she sleeps. In the morning she'll claim she just forgot to put you somewhere else and apologize. She will keep you in her hand as a fidget toy as she writes notes or grades papers, occasionally she will absentmindedly stick your head in her mouth like chewing on a pen, she will be embarassed and apologize about it though. Whenever she has a day off, maybe once every few weeks, she will take you wherever you want to go and will spend money on whatever you want to do. As you grow more familiar with her work she will ask you to act as a lab assistant for her, to the capacity you can, recording data mostly.
>29 miles
that's a huge bi... gal
File: 93150540_p1.jpg (214 KB, 992x1404)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
Dumb/naive tiny, dumb/naive giant, or two dum-dums?
Don’t get me wrong, I like vore. And gentle stuff is plenty capable of teasing it, mouthplay, and even non-fatal vore with the old puke up method, or hell, a suit or vessel for experimentation. The animal shit is just gross and unnecessary in my opinion - you can have her drop implications in other ways.

I stand by my other points though - she treats the tiny like a lab rat with seemingly no affectionate interactions as is. All she has to do is pet or be nice to the lab rat once in a while, or make a half effort to make sure it’s comfortable, then you can get away with more clinical and uncaring interactions with it still falling in the realm of gentle.
Yeah huge improvement. The tiny is still a subject for her to study, but you’ve thrown in ways to make romance/intimacy possible.
Definitely the second one, makes them a lot cuter- I like situations where a tiny is just smart enough to manipulate the giantess into halfway doing what he wants, but not smart enough to avoid potentially being worse-off than when he started.
When his attempts at being clever end up blowing up in his face (non-lethally of course) it's got that cute humor you don't see much in size, but I enjoy when it crops up.
File: 1615825992035.jpg (939 KB, 1940x1547)
939 KB
939 KB JPG
File: Officer Brooke profile.png (1005 KB, 580x2421)
1005 KB
1005 KB PNG
Don't worry message received loud and clear. I'm done with profiles and build options and I'm writing incidents now. The way this will work is that they will be divided into things that happen while you are still shrinking and things that happen when you are at your minimum size. You will need to take 4 in total and at least 1 from each category, here's what I've got so far

For while you are shrinking
you and your waifu have a fundamental disagreement on some issue, varies by girl
>mental breakdown
you're not taking shrinking well, she attempts to comfort you
>farewell to the old life
how do you break the news to family, friends, career?
>shopping trip
You go with her to a store, probably somewhere in the 2-3 foot tall range

Incidents when shrunk
>fulfilling a fantasy
you or your waifu have a fantasy you want the other to fulfill
>A Rival
a romantic rival comes between you, maybe they're going for you, maybe for her
>Working it out
you begin a workout regimen together
>A big event
Your caretaker has some big social event she wants to attend with you, a concert, a party, etc.

I'm thinking you roll a 6 sided die and 1-2 are bad outcomes, 3-4 are good outcomes, and 5-6 are perfect, modifiers will be applied based on your build. At each incident you'll earn relationship points, 1 for good and 2 for perfect, and how many you have will determine each waifu's ending. Some waifus will have a bonus point awarded just for taking an incident. Anyways here's the cop profile

Fun fact if you search for giant cop images you always get Goddess of Law which is not the vibe I'm going for here.
the police girl sounds adorable, good job
>Be me, official "Royal Gulliveran Witness of Brobdignag"
>Title is meaningless, the otherwise rationalist administration came up with it and a bunch of things like it in the 70s to suck a little bit more out of that sweet sweet tourism industry cash
>It was something they copied off of the UK, not that Brobdignag would ever admit to Perfideous Albion having a decent idea
>I don't even know what my job technically is, spend most of my time on the clock getting carried around by other staff
>A year ago I was kissless virgin who worked at a knock-off McDonalds, then my shitty country got annexxed and I now spend hours at a time being paid to do nothing while practically swimming in the tiddies of hot maids and palace guards
>Get lots of hatemail from my old life, calling me a slutty colonialist, manwhore monarchist, etc
>I'd probably care more if I ever planned on going back there
>Dana, one of the chefs is rumored to have an actual crush on me
>Not sure why, I've made it very clear that I'm "easy" as far as gullies go
>Still though, she might actually ask me out, and that presents a problem
>Firstly, I'm not opposed to dating Dana, it's considered blanket permission for her to do whatever crazy sex thing she thinks of to me, but as I said, I'm easy. I'd probably let her do it anyway.
>But on the other hand, Brobbies get weirdly prudish about dating and marriage
>They'll dryhump anyone at the drop of a hat but mention anything that suggests the possible existence of a girlfriend and suddenly it isn't kosher
>And of course cheating on somebody is naturally just as big of a deal
>Social suicide, and for me the loss of my job since the palace isn't built with gullies in mind
>Doesn't matter that I don't technically do anything, as a staff member I need to be able to get around and if nobody wants to carry around the asshole who cheated on his girlfriend by ruding in some other brob chicks cleavage then I'd get sacked
>Fortunately, I've got time to think on it.
As the one who recommended a police officer I concur, very nice.

Super Science(Experimental Pharmacology, New Element)/Invasion of the Kaiju (Element comes from Kaiju, Kaiju to fight)
Athletic+Feminine+Voluptuous (Transistor Glamour)
>Age: 25-30; Skin: Fair; Hair: Red; Eye: Blue
Blue Collar(Machinist) -> NEET
Kind-hearted, Ambitious, Sly, Assertive, Motherly, Optimistic
>Sexuality: Hetero; Sex Drive: High; Sexual Attitude: Equal
Lady Liberty
Delayed Growth+Conditional+StrangeSensation(Comfort, Arousal)
Statistical Improbability
Physical: Genetic compatibility with element; Psychological: Ambitious; Reproduction: Yes
For your own Good
Research, Rescue, Military, Superhero

>Perks: (11/11)
(1) Size Control (Mind over Matter)
(1) A Growing Girl (Energy, Element Radiation)
(1) A Little Fantasy (God/Angel)
(3) Out of Scale (300ft->[2400 ft])
(1) Regenerative Size
(1) Supernatural Senses
(1) Beaming Talent
(1) Alpha Giantess
(1) Sizeable Age
(1) Hopelessly in Love (Puppy Love)

>Drawbacks: (+5)
(+1) Superiority Complex
(+1) Destructible Environment
(+1) Hunted (Military)
(+1) Hunted (Kaiju)
(+1) Hunted (Other Giants)

(1) Equal Partnership

(+1)Bad Publicity

During the Event
Power and Influence
Thirding the lady cop. [spoiler]If she gets off the ground I might try drawing her[/spoiler]
>be priestess
>be worshipping sacred goddess deity at local shrine.
>always looking after others and fulfilling my duties
>hear about crime things from other folks in town
>be worried about bandits and thieves coming to steal and pillage from shrine offerings
>pray to goddess for stronger protection than ever
>body feeling tingly all of a sudden
>strange but kind of pleasant too
>actually really nice and comfy
>very nice and comfy
>something hits foot and breaks down
>the shrine entrance has been destroyed
>be giant now
>villagers and other priestesses are wary, but soon get used to it
>would-be bandits are too scared to approach
>practically a celebrity now, thanks to goddess
>Don’t need a lot of food and drink.
>feel blessed
>be not-giant priestess at local shrine
>life’s been uneventful since giant priestess
>bandits all kicked away and scared off without effort. Town has been peaceful for weeks now
>town holds a feast every now and then
>giant priestess is always invited and always served first
>she hasn’t eaten or drank much since becoming huge for some reason.
>says it must be those blessings she keeps saying the goddess must have given her
>she’s always trying to be helpful so don’t think much of it
>more donations and offerings to shrine because of her
>have boyfriend from town who regularly visits shrine now
>can’t remember last time he did this
>catch him ogling the giant girl every so often
>get a little angry
>see him doing it again while sweeping near offering place
>he talks to himself while looking at her.
>listening in, you hear him saying he's got a thing for big girls, and makes a wish out loud
>wishes that you and the rest of the girls were giantesses, too
>get angry. No lewd or weird wishes allowed
>about to whack him with broom when whole body suddenly gets all tingly
>feels like getting massaged by a million warm hands all over
>hard to focus. feels too good.
>fall to your knees as the world gets smaller and smaller around you
>adjust and see the entire shrine and town are smaller now
>see that all the other priestesses are now as big as you are and just as confused at tiny shrine
>realise you all just got ‘blessed’ by goddess of the shrine
>just about everything that was part of the shrine is now rubble due to being crushed underneath ass, foot, hand, etc.
>thankfully, nobody else was around except boyfriend
>boyfriend, who was right next to you when he made his wish
>oh goddess where is boyfriend
>stand up and feel something moving in breasts
>look further down to see boyfriend somehow stuck from the neck down in between said breasts.
>hes not small enough to get lost in there.
>about to get REALLY angry, but then calm down and think about it
>decide that maybe he was onto something it would be cute to have a small boyfriend after all
>as for the shrine, everyone can figure out what to do eventually
>it wasn't as if the townsfolk hated any of the other priestesses either so that wouldn't be a major issue
>sexing him up was going to be rough, however
>It couldn’t be helped at your new size. Besides, boyfriend needs to learn a lesson about being careful what he wished for
>there is something else, you notice
>first giant priestess is now much bigger than before. She was practically a tower by this point
>you begin to think that the goddess has a weird sense of humour
>Be Giantess
>I go to the grocery store and buy as many tinies as I can
>Take them home and release them from their packaging
>Give them a little snack and stroke their head with the tip of my finger
>Not all Giantesses are bad!
>Now you're free!
>I expect them to run off to the ends of the earth
>They don't
Guys help, I've done this like four or five times and now I've got almost a hundred tinies living in my house. I love them, but I only have so much room in my heart! Also, they're eating all of my food!
File: photo0009.jpg (103 KB, 1000x750)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
Have you seen the homes of the crazy cat ladies?

That said, are tinies equivalent in intelligence to a full size person? Do they suffer from personalities where they're lazy and shortsighted? If not, she could use them to generate revenue (think those Chinese mobile phone farms where they have hundreds of phones running and a few people operating all of them).
File: milly and earth.png (3.12 MB, 1766x2500)
3.12 MB
3.12 MB PNG
If I cheated the system like >>9932394 reusing 'Hunted', I would keep adding additional factions like the PTA*, PETA, and so on until they're the absolute biggest and bestest panting quartet of bitches in heat~!

>PTA launches campaign against puppy girls due to them causing public morals to deteriorate (drastic increase in truancy among male youth).
>Boy on way to school finds abandoned litter of puppy girls hiding in back alley from 'dog-catchers'.
>Boy skips school and sneaks them inside his bedroom behind the back of his mother, who is the grumpy head of the PTA.
>Puppy girls get horny and dogpile the boy, fucking him.
>Boy cums all over puppy girls, triggering their growth process until they burst out of the house with an 'Awooo~!'.
>Mother returns home and has a conniption fit.
File: GG CYOA2.png (3.13 MB, 1280x6025)
3.13 MB
3.13 MB PNG
Glad you like her, I'm going to preview our Waifu profiles so people can look over them and let me know if there's anything to iron out. Each one ideally will have 3 possible endings depending on how many points you got from resolving incidents, a bad, a good, and a perfect one. Consider the art a placeholder until I find something ideal for each one.
Those townspeople need to up their offerings that goddess is really looking out for them!
File: GG CYOA3.png (3.17 MB, 1249x4641)
3.17 MB
3.17 MB PNG
File: gg cyoa 4.png (802 KB, 820x2792)
802 KB
802 KB PNG
File: moe 142499 sample.jpg (328 KB, 1400x990)
328 KB
328 KB JPG
When I saw Maggie's age, the first thing that came to mind is '永遠の17歳' (Forever 17 Years Old). If a woman like this is pressed to give their real age, it would be something like 17 years and 13 months old. Dunno if this is a familiar-enough phenomenon.

>"cat and mouse"
Is this going to be an R-18 CYOA, or strictly R-15 with only mentions of pantie and cleavage stuffing?
>"Pussy's hungry-nya~".
>Pounces on Tiny.
>Gingerly spreads nether lips with left hand.
>Deposits tasty teeny-tiny morsel into ravenous 'pussy' with right hand.
>Coos while pleading for you punish her fat cat bap (clit).
There are definitely going to be nsfw pics and one of the potential incidents is literally satisfying a sexual fantasy which will vary by girl, like I said there will be a roll table and some modifiers based on your build which will determine how well you performed in helping them live it.

Generally though I thought the intro profiles should all be clothed at the least
> '永遠の17歳' (Forever 17 Years Old). If a woman like this is pressed to give their real age, it would be something like 17 years and 13 months old. Dunno if this is a familiar-enough phenomenon.
I know very little about Japanese culture, the way I see is that Maggie definitely acts like a brat but if you look at her life accomplishments at her age there's no way she could be as ditzy as she pretends to be, none of which will help you if she's coming after you pretending to be a catgirl.
I can't whait until the game releases il choose Maggie for my first playtrough for sure, if always liked the idea of being shrunk with a cosplayer
File: 93303562_p0.jpg (272 KB, 992x1404)
272 KB
272 KB JPG
File: 93220436_p0.png (629 KB, 1500x876)
629 KB
629 KB PNG
I wanna chill in a big gals hoodie pocket
Would have taken off hopelessly in love and one out-of-scale if I wasn't re-using "hunted"- I left the first one in by accident anyways, and growth's on anyways.
File: games.png (1.01 MB, 1200x900)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
I like the neet a lot
File: mother of d'aww.jpg (692 KB, 1200x803)
692 KB
692 KB JPG
Please delete this, this is way too low quality.
>Be me, gully fetishist
>Also a hopeless romantic
>Most brobs my age only like gullies incidentally, since fucking them is convenient for us and rarely prevents a brobby from doing normal boring life stuff at the same time
>You cant exactly wash the dishes while another brob has you bent over the counter, but with a gully the whole encounter is contained in your underclothes and you rarely need to clean yourself up to look presentable
>The gully certainly does, but keeping them out of sight until they can get changed is both easy and arousing enough that it might just lead to round 2 instead
>Personally though, I'm really turned on the prospect of being a gully's wife
>I want to be my husband's whole world, so he never feels lonely and always has me available for whatever he needs help with
>I've got one as a boyfriend right now, his name is Jon, but so far it isn't the super cozy intimate experience I was expecting
>I have to initiate lovemaking every single time, even when he's been in my panties all day
>And sometimes Jon says he wants to not spend the day pressed against me?
>He says it's about enjoying the lack of unwanted flirting from other brobbies when he's running errands
>I don't get it
>I mean, I love that he's so devoted to letting me have everything he has to offer instead of giving it to some homewrecker, not not liking sexy stuff at all? That can't be normal
>He's so small and cute, and I love him, so I'd hate to say no to him
>But surely this is an unhealthy attitude to have. Why not just let me run all the errands for us?
>I've asked around my guy friends about Jon, and most of them have confirmed that he's just weird or something
>Though a couple have compaired him to their girlfriends who were born in predominantly gulliveran areas, so maybe it's just a cultural thing?
>Should I be helping Jon assimilate into the Brobdignag way of life instead of entertaining his outdated old culture that was ingrained in him by a tyrannical "republic".
They're all wonderful but poor Loralei sounds exceedingly cute and needs some love. Thanks for writing all this up so far
File: disagreement.png (3.83 MB, 1288x8114)
3.83 MB
3.83 MB PNG
Thanks for the interest, I am writing incidents right now and wanted to provide a teaser for what they'll look like. I have no real experience in game design of any sort so if anyone sees anything glaringly stupid about the system I've come up with please point it out. As you can see you select your incident and then go to your waifu's section and roll a six sided die to determine which outcome you get, there are global modifiers that apply to all of them and there are some modifiers that only apply to that particular waifu for the challenge. A 5-6 will reward 2 relationship points, a 3-4 will reward 1, and rolling a 1-2 will give you an outcome that will reward 0, how many relationship points you earn over the course of these incidents will determine the ending. Obviously once I get all the writing done I'll go back and clean up formatting, typos, etc. I'm using CYOA studio if anyone cares.

It's going to be several days at least before I have something I feel is ready to be posted in full and it's going to be pretty long, this thing is almost a full fledged interactive story.
>I have no real experience in game design of any sort so if anyone sees anything glaringly stupid about the system I've come up with please point it out.

The quickest way to spot game design issues is to create a skeleton so all you have are the numbers you're going with when you fill it with flavour text.

Since it's a dice rolling game with modifiers. The greater number of incidents will drastically decrease the chances of someone getting a perfect or critical fail run, so if you have a template for the total number of dice rolls, then you would have a rough idea about the percentage of players getting consecutive 5-6 or 1-2 rolls so you can introduce enough skill modifiers to turn an outcome that is only going to happen to 0.02% of players to one where a properly built player can select the skills to at least have a fighting chance at a specific outcome against the RNG.

>Example: 10d3 Incidents (No Modifiers)
10/30: 0.00%
11/29: 0.02%
12/28: 0.09%
13/27: 0.36%
14/26: 1.04%
15/25: 2.46%
16/24: 4.83%
17/23: 8.03%
18/22: 11.46%
19/21: 14.46%
20: 15.16%

With this, your outcomes for someone getting a score of 20 or 0 is unlikely to happen to anyone playing the CYOA. If you pick a score requirement for bad and good close to those two extremes, then the vast majority of honest players will only post a build that led them to a normal ending since scores around 9~11 will take up the lion's share.

With the sample you provided, I cannot point out any glaring issues yet; that kind of thing can only be spotted if the skeleton is available.
>lastest vydia fad
It would be quicker if you hid the post; whatever bot is trawling 4chan /d/ has already archived it for future internet archaeologists to unearth.
Lorelei is so sweet it's almost painful
File: 250478.jpg (86 KB, 1024x567)
86 KB
This is some interesting stuff I'm going to digest a bit and exactly the kind of thing I was hoping someone would post. My current plan is that the player chooses four incidents to complete which in theory would produce an average playthrough score of 4 relationship points disregarding modifiers or bonuses but I'm thinking I'd like to be pretty generous with the endings and steer the range up so bad endings are relatively rare.

0-2 points bad ending
3-6 good ending
7+ perfect ending

from a story perspective bad endings would mostly end with you being something more like a slave or a pet to your owner, maybe some people are into that but in the Gentle thread it's definitely a bad end. Good endings would be a general happily ever after and a brief description of your life tiny, and perfect endings mean that you and your caretaker had some huge accomplishment that fulfills their ambitions and brings you closer together
>tfw it's not Toriel
I am looking for a comic pages from a comic called Playful Little Audrey Comic #10. The significant part was that her dad was shrinking. I don't remember much from it, other than Audrey's dad was going to fight another kid's dad, but he was so small that dad pushed him aside and said "I don't fight kids."

Thanks for taking the time to read. the link below is a reference.

File: brooke incident 3.png (347 KB, 373x1998)
347 KB
347 KB PNG
I wanted to reply to this comment again to say that if someone drew art of a character I created that would be really cool. Also I like to drop teasers to show people I'm still working on it, this is Officer's Brooke's resolution table to potential event you can choose while you are still shrinking, this particular event occurs when you are two feet tall.

This thing is going to be pretty long, like 15-20 pages in the cyoa studio, should I just post a link to an external album or would people just prefer it here when it's done?
File: 1602984008550.jpg (861 KB, 2200x3188)
861 KB
861 KB JPG
>Giantess concept: Deathly afraid of heights
File: FF12v2.jpg (1.03 MB, 2559x2724)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB JPG
File: FF49v2.jpg (1.01 MB, 2968x2504)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB JPG
File: FF64v2.jpg (630 KB, 2692x1630)
630 KB
630 KB JPG
I have no objections to you posting it here, in fact I'd prefer it, but will it be possible if it's so large?
Might be best to double up, post here and have it somewhere off-site as well.
OK I should have actually read what you posted with your question
I get how it could work, but as-is it feels too much like the personality of the giantess, which is supposed to be somewhat set (or so I thought) is too up to random chance. Instead of the giantesses character changing to suit the scene, be it good, bad, or neutral, I feel like it'd be better if outside events got in the way to make things better or worse.
I guess I'll cross that bridge when I come to it and worry about delivery when I've got a completed product, worst case scenario I can always post an imgur link or something.
I want the personalities to feel somewhat set so I see your point. I'll look through some of the events I've got and see about tweaking them to be more influenced by outside factors, generally the negative outcomes should be you experiencing some negative aspect of their personality, Lorelei's self loathing, Brooke's paranoia/control issues, Sherry's autistic insistence on bullying you instead of just admitting she likes you, etc. Another way to interpret it is that these are various things they try to do for the protagonist that for whatever reason just miss the mark and don't advance your relationship any.
>tfw you're surrounded by cute giant angels because you were the only one who could resist the temptation to fap to them
As just an example so I'm not criticizing without offering anything, I'd say for Brooke, maybe it starts that she has a day planned with you, but the outside events are, for the good thing it all goes exactly as planned, for the bad thing, Brooke gets called as the nearest officer and ends up on a stressful call that goes bad and she snaps at you as a result.
That way you're seeing different sides to her, but it's not her randomly being a different person to facilitate a positive, negative, or neutral outcome, but rather outside events influencing how she comes home to you.

Best of luck with the CYOA, I'm really looking forward to it! I'm happy to offer any suggestions I can, if needed.
Just want to say that I agree with this guy, some of these events read like the roll determines her personality in that scenario, instead of determining the success of your action or a random event which is usually how RPGs work.
>Be me, British spy in Brobdignag
>It's been over 200 years and they're still nursing that grudge over that bad first impression left by Gulliver
>Also the Opium Wars, apparently they were historic allies with China
>And then there was the whole colonizing the unused natural harbors of peninsula shortly afterwards for giant-sized spices
>Fucking whoops
>Needless to say, my accent is not popular, and I'm watched like a hawk even more than suspected spies usually are.
>Ordinarily, this is enough reason to try and pretend the giants on the other side of the world don't exist, which was going well as they can't feasibly build a navy or airforce at their size
>Then they decided to annex all those offending colonies with a paper-thin pretense used as an excuse
>So here I am, nervously sipping tea in the Brobdignag capitol as my "tourist guide" brob minder explains the local landmarks
>She's been very handsy and undressing me with her eyes since I was handed off to her by the Port Authority "for my safety"
>I'm not gay, but that might just be a bit too much woman for me, especially now
>Despite what Bond movies would tell you, this is actually catastrophically bad for opsec
>I'm supposed to be listening for rumors and secrets, I can't really do that when the world is muffled by at least 2 layers of thick brob-made cloth
>My cover unfortunately is that of a typical tourist to Brobdignag, which given their international reputation, would generally mean that any point-blank refusal would give the game away
>All I can do is pretend that I need to be wined and dined first and hope she gives up and goes after some other gulliveran bloke
>Plus I'm scared of heights, and she either keeps forgetting or keeps abusing that fact to make me cling to her in transit
>But I smile and soldier on, we have to know if this is a Sudetenland situation or if they actually do plan on stopping with taking back ancestral lands before settling down
>Oh god, she's undone another button
Be a pal and fix that button for her. Crisis averted?
>Be me, gully boyfriend of the actual fucking crown princess of Brobdignag
>Still not totally sure how that happened
>I'm not a celebrity or anything, we were just friends who shared a geology class and I agreed to go out with her not realizing her name wasn't a coincidence
>Her family is unsurprisingly intense about the whole thing
>I got the shotgun/shovel talk from a woman who could literally make me an enemy of the state with a few words
>And of course that's just if she didn't feel like getting her own hand dirty
>Message recieved, your highness mom ma'am, when would you like the wedding to be?
>So basically, Ruth and I are already married
>Actually okay with that, all things considered
>I mean she's a brob, so I kind of expected that she'd be sticking me somewhere fun and slippery at least every other day anyways
>The need to have an heir just means I get put somewhere fun and slippery every day instead
>It's notoriously difficult for mixed size couples to concieve, but not impossible with some persistence
>We've tried doing all the porn concepts already, turns out most of them are just fantasy
>Gully dicks can't even fit in a brobby cervix like that, unless you're pencil-thin
>Right now the plan is to drain me dry in here and then have Ruth lie on her back with her lower body against the wall for an hour or two so nothing can drain out
>I'll probably relax in her tits so we can just chat about classes and stuff
>For convenience, we take mostly the same classes so I don't have to worry about gettimg rides around campus
>A lot of brobs suddenly decide that they're too busy to carry a gully if sex is off the table, which maybe shouldn't surprise me but it's still damned inconvenient for a technically not married man with places to be
>Despite the royalty thing and the baby thing, surprisingly little has changed about our relationship
>It's a weird existence and totally not at all what I had planned in pre-uni but I'm comfortable with it
File: 1619201089180.jpg (884 KB, 1191x1684)
884 KB
884 KB JPG
So that nice brob girl you made friends with is royalty, and the name of the game is "have sex with our daughter or so help me, you'll rest in pieces buried beneath my foot". I guess that's not the worst condition for a threat? Long as she's still cool despite the whole thing.
I think that sounds pretty good- helps emphasize their traits, and makes it so there's a path of least resistance as it were to get the best outcome with the giantess of your choice, but also allows for those who want a challenge to avoid it to try to shape their giantess more to their tastes- not so much as to be unrecognizable, but for instance if there was a giantess who was worried about fucking tinies, it'd be easiest to go for the cuddly-only path, but to get her to open up would be a fun challenge.
File: 8b1.jpg (850 KB, 1120x1344)
850 KB
850 KB JPG
>giantess gf buys Deluxe TinyHome™ as a gift
>brand new model with spa and bowling alley
How do I tell her I prefer sleeping in her sock...?
File: 1592361352868.png (890 KB, 1548x1066)
890 KB
890 KB PNG
really wish that was me
also about the sock tell her something about you sleep better thinking of her while covered in it
File: 1543712164186.jpg (1.41 MB, 1254x1771)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB JPG
>"Aw, you didn't have to do that."
>point at gf's stockings
>"We've got a Deluxe TinyHome right there!"
>Be me, gulliveran airport security officer in the First International Airport of Brobdignag, for now anyway
>It used to be Clovesport International, but the Commonwealth Citystate of Clovesport no longer exists
>My job was making sure nobody who boarded a plane has a bomb, sadly a necessity in this day and age
>Of course, that was under the last government, Brobdignag on the other hand doesn't believe in trusting gullies with strength-intensive jobs like security and manual labor, so now my job is to train my replacements
>At least I get a nice final paycheck out of it
>That much money plus how cheap everything suddenly is with price setting according to the average brob's needs means I can retire a full 2 decades earlier if I want to
>For now though, I've got to teach these kids fresh out of school how to pick a smuggler out of a crowd and detain them without provoking them in the middle of that same crowd.
>The young man from the mountains is alright, a very polite sort of person, if a bit of a slow talker.
>But the brat he's taking turns with keeps insisting that I instruct her from her shirt pocket like a fucking pager
>I am getting paid just enough for this
>But only just
>She's at least attentive when I explain her new job to her, which is more than what some of my buddies in Cargo have to say about their job shadows
>You'd think the government would have hand-picked all their brob replacements for this, given that none of them have ever seen an airplane this close up before, but no
>I foresee a lot of easily avoided mistakes in the next few years, but at least it'll just be missing luggage instead of a hostage crisis.
>I just wish she didn't keep putting me in place to feel her nipple get erect every shift I have with her. That has to be intentional but there isn't a damn thing a gully like me could legally do about it.
>Like damn kid, I'm old enough to be your father
>Is a little professionalism so much to ask for in my last work assignment?
File: 7882723_p0.jpg (164 KB, 630x804)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
Remind your tiny who's boss by keeping their enclosure on a high shelf
File: EWj1NgIX0AcRddj.jpg (74 KB, 948x685)
74 KB
I like this a lot better. However, I think there's still room for her to be a vore tease, whether intentional or not. Like instead of joking that she'll feed you to animals in the previous version, maybe her jokes are more like "if anything in this lab is going to eat you, it'll be me."

It's a weird balance. I love gentle gts but I also like dominance and vore. A gentle, loving giantess who has a bit of a dominant edge, and low-key is fascinated with the romance/lust of feeling me slide down her throat is like, peak. Or even if she just has fun getting me off in her mouth while she acts like she wants to swallow me.
File: 264515.png (2.26 MB, 2480x3508)
2.26 MB
2.26 MB PNG
She's definitely still a vore tease but it's going to be explicitly about you and her. The way I imagine the character is that she really gets off on making you feel small and helpless but she knows in the back of her head that it's kind of fucked up since you're probably the closest thing to a friend she has, expect a lot of aftercare. Anyways since the cyoa is divided up into events that happen during shrinking and events once you're officially tiny (3 inches tall). Stuff I've written for her so far during the shrinking process is mostly psychological and the vore/mouthplay teasing really comes into focus once you're small. This is a strictly gentle cyoa so even her bad outcomes won't see you seriously hurt, also you'll have certain build options which have modifiers for certain events so if you're really wanting to get swallowed you'll be able to probably make a build that will make negative outcomes in vore based events a lot less likely if not impossible, for example you might want to take stuff like invulnerability, expanded lung capacity, etc.

Anyway the doctor probably won't be the only one with mouthplay events but if that's your thing yeah she'd probably be a good choice.
File: 1618671604898.jpg (696 KB, 1200x828)
696 KB
696 KB JPG
Asset dominance over your giant, dive into her cleavage from your new vantage point.
>A gentle, loving giantess who has a bit of a dominant edge, and low-key is fascinated with the romance/lust of feeling me slide down her throat is like, peak.
exquisite taste in kinks
>Jim's Hymns and Swim
>Formerly Ricks
>Be robotic Giantess
>You love your dear tiny with all of your equivalent of heart
>You'd very much like to take that love to the next level
>Which many Giantesses do through insertion
>The idea of having your tiny deep inside of you, him surrounded by you on all sides, feeling the warmth of your body, hearing your heartbeat all around him...
>You think about it constantly
>You want that so bad
>But... you're a machine
>You simply have nowhere to insert him into
>You weren't built anatomically accurate
>And even if you were...
>You have no softness or warmth inside
>No heartbeat to lull him to sleep
>You're nothing but cold metal and plastic
>Even if you opened your body panels up and put him inside, all he would find were sharp angles, hard bundles of wires, cold tubing full of coolant, and dangerous pinching joints that could kill him
>Why did you have to be this way?
Rick's Hicks and... Swicks?
File: 1615845804783.png (1.48 MB, 2566x3425)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB PNG
Isn't the ticking of gears sort of like a heartbeat? Isn't knowing he's tucked inside someone that loves him so much warmth enough to help him sleep at night? Look, just check behind the chest plating, there should be a compartment to hold a tiny safely in there.
File: 93391006_p0.jpg (418 KB, 1500x1050)
418 KB
418 KB JPG
New Raps!
>Heaven's No Place for a Paladin!
File: 93391006_p1.jpg (927 KB, 1500x1059)
927 KB
927 KB JPG
>man reaches giantess Heaven
File: 93391006_p2.jpg (862 KB, 1500x1050)
862 KB
862 KB JPG
>keeps his worries at home
Seems a bit silly, doesn't it?
Sounds like a perfect opportunity for the angels to go down to the material plane and fix the problem themselves
File: 1616985386156.jpg (917 KB, 1200x1017)
917 KB
917 KB JPG
Nah, having otherworldly beings messing with his life on Earth would probably freak him out even more; angels or not. He only wants to know everyone's alright back home before he can sleep on the sole of his guardian angel in peace. Just give him a peek through the clouds and he'll probably be good to go.
Anon if he's dead and he's still worried about the town, that means he died before he could defeat the monsters. I don't think everyone's alright back home.
File: EhbvZLIX0AAt15P.png (2.55 MB, 1424x1880)
2.55 MB
2.55 MB PNG
That's okay anon, if his village dies, they'll join him in Heaven!
>it doesn't matter if people die because the good people go to heaven and the bad people deserved to die anyway
This is the kind of logic that turns cute angel girls into lovecraftian monsters
File: 1575227044242.jpg (1.76 MB, 1280x2844)
1.76 MB
1.76 MB JPG
Think of it like this anon. Your life on Earth will last several decades typically. Your life in Heaven will last forever. Whatever pain or sufferings you may endure while on Earth are insignificant compared to the eternity of pleasure you will have in Heaven. In fact, if we were to look at things logically, we would celebrate the deaths of our loved ones, knowing that they're in a happier place. It's only because humans are selfish, irrational creatures that want our loved ones to stay with us on Earth that we desire to have them not die.
>Be me, gully server at a brob-owned outdoor restaurant
>Restaurant just opened recently, it's spread out all across one of the "new" gully towns with tables on rooftops
>Not really a new idea, but it's one that's unique to Brobdignag and Lilliput
>Gullies can get food from any part of the city they happen to be in, while brobs have to settle with dining at the location of the kitchen
>I have to get carried around by Sam, my brob coworker to take orders and distribute food to the gully parts of the business
>Sam is also my roommate, and we've gotten very- comfortable with eachother
>You know that nightmare where you realize that you've gone to school/work naked?
>I've lived that nightmare multiple times since we were hired
>Boss is savvy enough to have gully uniforms n site though, so it's fine
>Doesn't help the embarrassment when customers look between me and her while visibly trying to deduce what exactly my hair is wet with though
>It also doesn't stop Sam from deciding to fool around on slow days
>Such as now
>It's been raining cats and dogs for a few days
>Brobdignag rain, not normal rain
>Drops literally the size of cats and dogs
>Gullies shouldn't travel outside without brob company or using the subway system
>Sam fucking loves having shifts in this weather
>It gives her an excuse to keep me somewhere safe and warm out of the rain
>Usually just as wet as the rain though
>I don't even know if it's still raining, can't hear anything except her pulse, wet flesh sliding on itself, and the roar of her straining and relaxing thigh muscles as she walks around
>Some gullies apparently find it relaxing, but I'm just bored
>Accidentally forgot to charge my phone today so all I can do is listen and wait patiently for Sam to pull me out for our lunch break
>I'm thinking of trying the whale steak special
>Whale is a delicacy in brobdignag, but without a fishing industry to speak of it's limited to just beached whales
>I hope the flavor makes the price worth it
>This is the kind of logic that turns cute angel girls into lovecraftian monsters
I mean, they kind of are. Primordial entities from before time was a thing who are capable of inhuman levels of love and devotion. It's like, the cozy warm and fuzzy side of Lovecraft.

And they've all got bodyplans that don't make sense with wings and eyes everywhere they fit. The upper tiers of angel barely look like things that could exist at all.
>If you look at things logically, [deranged religious rant].
Please, get this shit out of the gentle giantess thread. Continue to contribute images, but do not accompany your images with text anymore. I think I speak for everyone when I say no one wants to hear this crap.
>I think I speak for everyone when I say no one wants to hear this crap.
I personally like to hear it every now and then just as a reminder that some people are genuinely fucking nuts. Puts things into perspective. Either way though, it doesn't belong here
File: 233674.jpg (398 KB, 681x1000)
398 KB
398 KB JPG
I was just trying to make it a happy scenario again.
File: Ikarus_2.png (2.01 MB, 1586x1985)
2.01 MB
2.01 MB PNG
if the greentext anon is still taking requests i NEED more of that really specific niche of non-consentual gentle mouthplay/vore where the tiny is at least partially unwilling/hesitant enough to not actually agree to being treated like a piece of candy by a giant qt, but because of the power dynamic they are forced into her mouth regardless and of course actually end up enjoying it.
this image inspired me to write this

>be giant girl
>live with parents next to human town
>never visit town that much
>always scared to step on someone
>go wandering away from town and into the woods
>walk around for what feels like an hour
>nobody around to accidentally step on
>suddenly boy from town finds you, shouting after you
>remember this was one of the friendlier kids in town
>goes on about how he went to go visit your parents and thought you had gotten lost
>be surprised when he blushes when saying he was worried
>you think that you like this boy
>tell him you were just about to start heading back anyway
>let him lead you back home
>stay a good distance behind him, just in case you accidentally punt him right into a tree or something
>leave forest without that issue thankfully
>while walking on road back to town, run into bandits with weapons
>practically twigs compared to you, so they might not hurt much
>boy steps in all of a sudden, swears to protect you
>could probably run up and kick them really hard yourself though but fighting has begun
>since thugs aren't that close, they don't notice the girl is giant
>or maybe they're retarded because one boy with a sword is now giving them trouble apparently
>continue to watch your 'protector' from afar, he does look pretty cute doing it
>boy starts getting winded, can't fight forever
>fuck it, start moving closer
>bandits see you
>they flee when they realise how fucking massive you are
>bandits not retarded after all
>boy too busy catching his breath
>thinks he's scared them off himself
>you give your 'protector' his reward
>a kiss on his cheek
>smooch near half his whole face doing so
>he blushes
>pick him up and carry him like a doll the rest of the way back, claiming concern for his injuri9es
>he blushes harder
>decide you might like this boy a lot more than you expected
>start visiting town a lot more often after that
Dumb bitch forgot to say “do not be afraid” - basic opener when talking to tiny mortals
File: 93305908_p0.jpg (579 KB, 905x1264)
579 KB
579 KB JPG
She did say new visitors don't really come by much, and she doesn't understand why because it's Heaven. She might forget that people have a little trouble with the conditions of getting settled in sometimes. It's an honest mistake; she's trying her best.
File: dr li incident 6.png (253 KB, 383x2355)
253 KB
253 KB PNG
guy working on the cyoa here, here's one of Dr. Li's events that I think might scratch an itch.

I'm about halfway done writing the events, all of the "shrinking in progress" ones are done and I'm currently writing the ones when you're tiny. Does anyone have any other kinks/scenarios they want included? ideally with a waifu choice that it would make sense with
File: 1615757516363.png (3.2 MB, 1920x2560)
3.2 MB
3.2 MB PNG
I really liked that story. You're good!
There's ways to do that without doubling down on a worldview that is guaranteed to lead to atrocities. Ex:
>angel goes to Earth and fights the monsters herself, as originally suggested
>paladin is resurrected to fight one final battle before his eternal reward
>divine intervention leads another hero to take the paladin's place in defending the village
File: 1587334319813.jpg (157 KB, 1500x844)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
Boob bouldering.
Though I guess this one wouldn't be that impressive a feat at 3 inches minimum size, but body exploration/treks is my biggest kink/scenario. Honestly, I'm more curious what you come up with in regards to the characters and what options you include to allow players to craft their own individual head canons.
This, but it's for safekeeping the tiny from a blizzard or just extreme cold desu.
File: 1614757157376.jpg (788 KB, 660x933)
788 KB
788 KB JPG
>giantess spits her tiny back out into the snow after he's all warmed up on their travels
>"Thanks a lot... I nearly drowned in there."
>"Yeah, but at least you're not frozen, right?"
>before he can answer, she looks closer to find that he's already been turned into an ice cube
>lets out a satisfied giggle and sticks him back inside of her mouth, the tiny pouting as he wraps his numbed arms around her tongue to thaw
I kind of like the idea.
File: 269461.jpg (664 KB, 2000x2000)
664 KB
664 KB JPG
While Dr. Li's event there is pretty straightforward in what happened a lot of them are open ended and you can decide for yourself what happened next. You'll also have the option to take mutations/powers at the beginning which will give you modifiers for various outcomes but also give you a bit more leeway in imagining how an outcome might have gone.

On the whole "boob bouldering" thing one of those perks is a "variable size" one that lets you have a bit of control over you how big you are, from a grain of sand up to maybe 6 inches. The penultimate event in this cyoa is going to be satisfying your giantesses sexual fantasy, while they'll all have the normal roll tables they'll also all have a "plus" event if you got a high roll AND have certain mutations present so one of those could be a body exploration thing where her fantasy was to have you explore her like that.
Amanda really being into the idea that you're smaller than her anime figs
Gentle mouthplay is one of my favorite kink on par with body exploration. I love of how such an innocent playful action for the giantess perspective can be extremely sensual for the tiny perspective.
File: Hat lady.jpg (129 KB, 763x1000)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
I enjoy it- maybe the butthurt lies solely with you?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fa7OxjpXLjQ finally something for the gamer shrinkees/tinies
>Be me, pumpkin farmer of Brobdignag
>My family's farmed this plot of land since ancient times
>And we've owned it since the King gifted it to us 2 generations ago
>There was a lot of unowned land back then, after another bloody civil war deposed what was left of the lesser aristocracy
>My grandmother was awarded the property for her chemistry discoveries, having found a more productive use for saltpetre than what that barbarian Gulliver tried to introduce
>Turns out it's a good fertilizer, and there was a lot of it up in the mountains thanks to the local roc population
>Is it any wonder she was immediately put to work growing the biggest pumpkins in the world?
>My neighbors all have similar stories, our community is small but proud
>For the most part anyway
>Marc, who owns the rabbit ranch on the other side of town, apparently values his prick over his pride
>He married a Gulliveran girl some three years ago, and they've got 2 kids now
>2 Gulliveran kids
>I don't have anything against the small folk, and in fact I had a little lady myself back when I was a young punk in school
>I think she's a school teacher now, at least, that's what she said she was going to university for
>... Time really does just fly on by, I wonder how she's doing?
>But anyway, Marc isn't a young punk, he's older than me
>The man's got no business marrying someone who can't give him a Brobdignagian child to inherit his land when he's gone
>It'd be different if he was a she, at least then the property would stay in the family
>But what Marc is doing as a landowner isn't good for anyone, especially as an only child, he's basically abandoned his history and given up on leaving anything real for those tiny kids of his
>Gulliverans can't work brob land, they're barely big enough to work a brob zipper
>It's not fair, but that's life. I really thought Marc was the responsible type
>For their sake, I hope his kids inherit their mother's sense use the money to buy themselves a good education
It suddenly occurred to me that I might be focusing too much on talking about the setting and forgot to check if sfwish giant male content was okay. Sorry about that, I just really wanted a farmer's POV to tie into history since that a canon thing brobdignag prides itself in and go into why it was okay for the brob crown princess to marry a gully.

I wrote this and the priestess stories similar to a series of drafts I've been writing. Nothing finished yet but I'm trying to get the shorter ones done before next year.
Pic somewhat related.
File: 89337771_p0.jpg (140 KB, 746x1000)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
I just wanna be a pet to a big dork
Bonus points if she doesn't really know what shes doing
File: FBlxdU_VUAUNRh-.jpg (604 KB, 2222x3204)
604 KB
604 KB JPG
>your life is now reduced to being a giant's teddy bear
that size should be used more
File: 80842882_p0.jpg (2.3 MB, 2000x2500)
2.3 MB
2.3 MB JPG
For real!
I also don't really understand wanting to be so small you couldn't really interact with her. if youre too small to even get finger pets comfortably why even bother
what is this? a handheld for ants?
File: 86945539_p0.jpg (3.41 MB, 2162x2736)
3.41 MB
3.41 MB JPG
File: EykX9ZXUYAAMliH.jpg (1.16 MB, 3072x4096)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB JPG
You need to imagine S-tier giantess scenarios.


These are examples of anthropomorphic white blood cells (you can imagine them however you want). If the size difference is such your girlfriend's tits are the size of the death star, once you crawl inside, you'll find yourself face to face with her anthropomorphic white blood cells. Instead of living on a crummy earth with its pollution and crappy people, you get to live on your girlfriend, who is your entire world, and every anthropomorphic cell in her body also loves you.
File: 1574397552246.jpg (326 KB, 1408x1484)
326 KB
326 KB JPG
Yeah, no thanks. I just want the big lady to dote on me herself.
Every cell is her doting on you herself; it's her doting on you herself cranked up to max. Anything else is doting you herself at 1% with the strong possibility the doting ceases and you're living a life doteless and alone.
okay dude, whatever you say
File: 260632.png (1.25 MB, 1920x1080)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB PNG
Seems nice, until you wake up covered in giantess drool
File: 81861361_p0.jpg (1.54 MB, 1600x2300)
1.54 MB
1.54 MB JPG
What's there to be upset about? Waking up covered in giantess spit is like getting an indirect kiss.
File: 1634233648644.jpg (1.31 MB, 1378x4437)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB JPG
>Be me, gulliveran husband to a brobdignagian miner
>Spend all my time indoors, because we live close to her job in the Brudang mountains
>The Brudang mountains are 30 miles tall, volcanic, and home to monster birds of prey that could theoretically snatch an elephant off the ground and fly away with it
>The climate is freezing, the air is caustic, and the wildness is home to not just those monster birds, but animals big enough to feed them too
>If I went outside I would get die horribly in several ways at once
>Brobs meanwhile just have to wear a facemask to protect their eyes from the chemicals that sometimes seep out of the volcanoes
>Wife leaves to go mining for about a week at a time, presumably hiking around in the range looking for sulfur, guano, iron, whatever the government contracts her company to get at the time
>I'm perfectly fine while she's away, but she still worries about me a lot
>What if a window gets left open? What if a wild animal gets inside? etc
>The moment she gets home I'm showered with affection
>It's mostly sexual in nature, but she's a brob, I've been dealing with their brand of friendliness since my first day in a multi-size highschool
>This last trip really spiked her anxiety, a storm rolled in while she was at work and buried half the town in ash
>I wouldn't be able walk straight for a few days after that first one if she had ever deigned to let me out of her grasp
>Wife's a bit more relaxed now, less focused on making sure I'm not a mirage or whatever, and more just enjoying her break watching movies and stuff
>Currently watching a romcom together while she eats a big bowl of chocolate pudding
>I'm her spoon
>At least, I think it's a romcom
>I've been more than a little distracted
>For all I know it's just a cheesy B-horror
>It definitely isn't just chocolate flavor she's been eating though
>At this rate I'm going to be totally spent before the end credits
>Goddamn is it nice to have a brob wife.
File: 1615740180155.png (2.08 MB, 3508x2480)
2.08 MB
2.08 MB PNG
mouthplay is underrated
Was it one of you that started this story?
I have had nothing to do with that story but one of the worst missed opportunities ever is that /size/ interested people colonized writing.com and not chyoa
Indeed, chyo is so much better it's insane, even before the management switch and the insane "servers busy, pay up fuckface" policy
I'm pretty sure that guy is just using the words for convenience since Jonathan Swift's brobdignagians are 60 feet at the very tallest, lived at roughly the same latitude as California, and had reportedly superior philosophy to the British in several areas rather than living like cavemen. Most of his fictional societies were like that, the whole book is a pessimistic critique of Europe.
Who are you referring to? The CHYOA story or the greentexts? Or both I guess?
that's what I want though, to be coddled and loved by someone kind, who will ease my stress and worries, she can even play dress up with me I don't care I just want a gentle person to just make me feel valued, to listen to me.
>Be me, professional gully boyfriend
>Sort of
>Brobs just really like being casually lewd with anyone they happen to like, every relationship stage between "acquaintance" and "dating" is a "friend with benefits"
>It's a fact of life for any gully that grows up in Brobdignag, so we're generally very accustomed to our brob friends deciding to enjoy us and be enjoyed by us
>None of this is particularly a problem since we know it's jutst some weird brob instinct and not malicious, but it's jarring for everyone involved when a brobby tries to involve a gully foreigner
>Which was rare enough to begin with, but incidents have been getting more and more frequent since those commonwealth cities got annexed
>Brobs generally don't like to think of themselves as cruel or monstrous, so having gullies they were trying to make feel good freak out and start crying generally affects them almost as bad as their "victim"
>This is where I come in
>Clients contact my company to teach them how to not come on so strong and ease a gully into the lifestyle the client would like to have with them
>I'm generally the practice dummy
>I actually had to get reverse training on where to draw the line in being handled by brobs
>Apparently getting cleavage rides around the office isn't okay behavior from a coworker?
>Like I get not wanting to go under the clothes or getting wet but really?
>Normally I roll my eyes when I hear what brobs think gullies are up to when we're just doing what's necessary to navigate a world that's too big for us, but now I'm starting to wonder if "new gullies" aren't just as baffling
>I don't usually put stock in that stuff, but maybe it's my brob grandfather's genetic influence?
>Or maybe giant boobs are just comfy as fuck to sit or lay on
>Who knows? I'm paid to pretend that I'm a new gully, not question the narrative of new gullies themselves
>I just gotta remember not to break the illusion when helping a client, it might undo their progress, or something
The CHYOA, yeah.

Greentext anon(s?) appears to be writing a sort of fanfic sequel of Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift that takes place on Earth in contemporary times, particularly with details like the British spy story and the numerous mentions of the government being a monarchy that operates on Enlightenment principles and has an antagonistic relationship with the lesser nobility.

While the CHYOA just straight up takes place in a separate scifi world that just happens to use the same words for the different sizes.

Maybe they're the same person, but it's definitely not the same story setting
Oh I see, well yeah it's not unusual, there are plenty of gulliver-like settings on GTSworld, many even use the same words. The most famous one is the one created by minuss, which has the sizes greatly exagerrated (lilliputians are 1 inch tall to gulliverians, gulliverians are 1 inch tall to brobdignagians).
I would dare say that the Gulliver style of story within gts fiction is used often enough to call it its own sub-genre.

As for the CYOA it is clearly inspired and takes most of its setting from Gulliver's travels. The change in attitude for the various races is probably to make it a viable setting for fiction. Swift created its universe as a way to criticize European culture as you said, so it is impossible to imagine it working as a fantasy setting, like Middle earth for example.The most simple worldbuilding question makes it crumble to the ground immediately, because it was never meant to be an exercise in worldbuilding but just a metaphor.
That said, it is actually pretty close to the book's canon. The brobbis do have monarchies, for example, and the correct size is 65 feet tall for them, I checked.

Anyway, I made the comparison because I found it suspicious that the thread filled up with Gulliver's Travel stuff and almost at the same time a story inspired by it appears on CHYOA, which is not known for gts stuff.
>TFW you are already disqualified from it
this is so cruel
Same feel as buying a cat a fancy cat house thing and prefering the box. Bet there is memes about it and everything.
A weird kink of mine would be getting stuck via some sticky stuff or something but no idea where or how you could fit that anywhere
File: 93161843_p0.png (458 KB, 1524x1024)
458 KB
458 KB PNG
Get yourself a girl thats a little bit scary
flystrips or glue traps, giantess uses them to control access to certain areas for tinies, maybe puts them in a row in the kitchen to keep tinies away from the snack/candy drawer? If you get caught on one she immediately knows you tried to go somewhere you weren't supposed to and then you've got to sit there and get scolded/teased while she gently rubs cooking oil on you to free you from it, plus the added humiliation that you fell for such a simple trap somehow.
>Be me, gully uni student
>Friends with this one brob girl, Lara, for as long as either of us can remember
>Live nextdoor to eachother, went to all the same schools, fucked like rabbits since late middleschool when we learned what sex was, etc
>Now we're going to attend the same university
>I don't really know what I'm going to major in, only went along with it because Lara begged me to
>She's got her whole life planned out
>Including getting into very specific sorority that her older sister was in years and years back
>Big initiation ceremony thing, she's allowed to bring a Plus One, tells me to overdress rather than underdress
>Aight, I don't really like fancy parties but it's clearly important to her that I be there for her
>Kinda curious about what kind of swanky activityies are involved in sority initiations anyway
>Night of the party, Lara picks me up at 7, dressed casually, ah fuck she pranked me again
>Briskly carries me over to the sorority
>Lots of other brob ladies there, all dressed in casual clothes, all carrying overdressed gullies
>Huh, weird coincidence
>Then they announce what the ceromony is, and it all makes sense
>Initiation is a test
>Potential members have to strip their gully friends using only their mouths. Like that cherry stem trick but brobbier
>We all get hogtied to keep us from "cheating" by taking off our own clothes
>Lose several articles of clothing that night to Lara's teeth
>I didn't like those pants anyway
>Long story short, Lara got in her favorite sorority, and so did I
>Sort of, I got to stay in her room anyway
>Spent the rest of the night getting tongue-fucked by my giddy and increasingly drunk roommate and several other girls who she kissed while partying
>Then I blacked out
>Next thing I know I'm up to my neck in my best friend's snatch, listening to her snore
>Still don't know what I'm gonna do classes-wise, but Lara's probably got me covered
>I'm probably going to marry this woman, and I'm totally fine with that
File: 1576677102033.jpg (614 KB, 3200x2400)
614 KB
614 KB JPG
File: 1613522235750.jpg (410 KB, 600x800)
410 KB
410 KB JPG
File: 20211014_083014.jpg (792 KB, 1974x3747)
792 KB
792 KB JPG
Tinies have no rights.
>you WILL be adopted
>you WILL love your owner for rescuing you from the shelter
>you WILL be coddled
>you WILL live on her terms and schedule
>you WILL be woken up at 2am when she feels like mastrubating
>you WILL gib liddle kisses whenever and wherever she wants
>you WILL bathe with her and smell like her shampoo
>you WILL occasionally accompany her on errands in her pocket
>you WILL raise your arms and beg for upsies when she gets home
>you WILL wear cute outfits she buys for you to show off to her friends
>you WILL go nude if thats what she feels like
>you WILL be a pet
And thats okay!
File: 84970067_p1.jpg (3.66 MB, 2480x3508)
3.66 MB
3.66 MB JPG
Stop it! Stop making the loss of autonomy sound so appealing!
>I WILL sleep wrapped in her sock when she's working overtime
>you WILL raise your arms and beg for upsies when she gets home
Why is this so fucking cute
File: 02.jpg (263 KB, 905x1280)
263 KB
263 KB JPG
>tinies are being involuntarily adopted in record numbers- and here's why that's a good thing
File: jumbo-size milk chocolate.jpg (556 KB, 1358x1920)
556 KB
556 KB JPG
How many pieces are there with these characters? They're super cute
File: 1604338009806.jpg (95 KB, 850x1147)
95 KB
>giantess puts you into her pocket but forgets to take you out before she goes off to work
>after hours of struggling, you are able to clamour out and poke your head out of her pocket
>greeted by the sight of several office ladies having a meeting
>their meeting stops as they all begin fawning over you instead
>all these giantesses vie for a chance to hold and cuddle you
>much to the annoyance of your adopter who keeps on pouting
>unofficially made the office's support tiny to help all the office ladies deal with their stress
>Be me, "new gully" virgin
>Can I just start by saying how much I hate that this country infantilizes us so much in pretty much every situation?
>It's tossed around like the word "muggle" in Harry Potter
>We're fucking normal, it's the brobs who are uniquely big
>I'm getting off-track
>Don't actually dislike brobs all that much, or at all, they're a very kind people
>It's their fucking government that's the problem
>No no, I'm done
>Recently moved to the northern part of the continent
>Not for any serious reason, just liked the weather, my job's online
>There aren't very many normal people up here though, so I got a lot of stares for the first few months before everyone realized that I wasn't just visiting
>Then I found myself getting into a lot of casual, if probing conversations
>Somehow these friendly chats with random strangers developed into a weird quasi-romantic relationship with the cashier at the grocery store I do all my shopping at
>Even more strangely, I eventually found myself here and now, completely naked in the palm of her hand while she smirked and sipped gallons of wine at a time
>Oh my god, this is actually happening
>Brobs truly are a different type of human
>Most girls my age are put off when they find out I'm inexperienced
>Vi grinned and asked if I needed to able to walk any time soon
>She started without warning, I had no time to change my mind before I was suddenly halfway in Vi's mouth, grappling her nose for dear life as she gently pinned my legs between her teeth and mercilessly stroked me off with her tongue
>Not once, but four times
>Some unknown time after that I found myself pressed up against her other lips
>Sex-ed did not adequately prepare me for a pillowy-soft vulva that was twice as large than the one my teacher drew on the blackboard
>Fortunately, Vi meant it when she said she didn't expect me to be able to move on my own, so I didn't have to figure this part out for myself before I felt her fingers on my back
>msdos filename
File: BigBlueWoman.png (354 KB, 873x600)
354 KB
354 KB PNG
>Sex-ed did not adequately prepare me for a pillowy-soft vulva that was twice as large than the one my teacher drew on the blackboard

Fuck, why is this content so fucking rare in this fetish? Like, there's panty entrapment but that doesn't usually emphasize how soft that little layer of fat on the lips would be at that scale.
Blush around the eyes is cute
Blush in the eyes looks like something else
File: 1634338250353.png (1.73 MB, 2048x2034)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB PNG
File: 83936106_p1.jpg (1.34 MB, 595x7937)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB JPG
File: 7.jpg (539 KB, 1200x1763)
539 KB
539 KB JPG
>tfw no giantess tomboy gf who loves to constantly taunt you, but would bawl her eyes out if you ever were genuinely hurt
File: 1536357548460.jpg (344 KB, 1200x675)
344 KB
344 KB JPG
File: 1558622759033.png (253 KB, 917x816)
253 KB
253 KB PNG
>tiny gets teased by family/owner
>someone actually hurts tiny then family/owner goes postal on them
really wish more stories gts/shrink had themes like this with tiny being teased but loved and they would make sure no harm is done instead of just being seen as a bug/trash by family and friends
any other websites besides giantessworld for stories? so many stories with good intros/themes but never go past intro chapter
File: 1628954111581.jpg (144 KB, 480x640)
144 KB
144 KB JPG

This girl reminds me a lot of emirichu's avatar
>Be me, living garnish
>It's a job that exists nowhere but Brobdignag
>I guess Lilliput could have them too but IDK if any rich gully people would actually be into this the way brobs are
>Essentially my job is to make the rest of the food look good and to make casual conversation or flirt if they initiate
>It's an expensive restaurant so serving sizes are hilariously small compared to normal
>For a brob anyway
>The food might look tiny compared to the plate but it's still significantly bigger than me
>People don't come here to be full, they come here to say that they have
>And possibly to lick strangers with the assurance that we don't have a disease
>That's another part of my job, naturally
>I'm laying here naked, trying to look as enticing as possible, because traditionally, I get tipped based on how much I let them do
>Reasonability of the requests can vary
>Sometimes I'm just a regular garnish and they totally ignore me or request that I leave
>Those ladies often turn out to be lesbians
>Other times they insist that I'm a palette cleanser or a "seasoning" dispenser and the evening turns sexual
>Most of the time though, I just have a nice conversation about whatever they want to talk about while completely naked and in whatever pose they think is sexy
>This is not one of those times
>"That's right Anon. Now stroke it like that. Slowly. And let me know when you're almost there. So what are your thoughts on the annexation?"
>Ag was something of a regular, she was like the queen's sister or something? She mentioned that the last time she ordered a plate with me
>Brobdignag doesn't have actual nobility anymore, so she doesn't have any real power beyond the royal family's money
>But that still meant she was rich and used to being treated like a literal princess
>I was kind of worried though
>We were on a first name/short name basis
>Which was usually a thing reserved for close friends
>I mean Ag's nice but IDK if I want inside her without it being my job
And here I was thinking Brobdingrag was a perfect utopia
Pretty good “violently protective big woman” story on gts world going on right now called Deliverance. Lots of very non-gentle stuff in the world setting/story - so maybe not for the squeamish, but the main F/m relationship is great. It’s very plot heavy, lots of world building, exploring morality, and twists and turns.

Tl:dr - homicidally protective giantess Mikasa-expy, gentle love in a cruel world, and plot with porn
File: 1618679797835.jpg (341 KB, 1200x1600)
341 KB
341 KB JPG
any update on the cyoa?
I'm still working on it I just don't want to post anything more until it's done. Currently at 8/10 events written, endings are done, all the build stuff done, I'd like to try to read through it and do a bit of editing etc but there is an end in sight.

I'll probably post it in an imgchest link, it's big enough that it would be a massive pain to post it here.
File: 92631609_p0.jpg (2.62 MB, 3604x2052)
2.62 MB
2.62 MB JPG
File: dreadgirl.png (95 KB, 350x371)
95 KB
File: 1633113536278.png (667 KB, 800x744)
667 KB
667 KB PNG
I read this manga before I realized I had the fetish, what a blast from the past.
File: 1599323486189.png (296 KB, 1332x733)
296 KB
296 KB PNG
File: 1546408168186.jpg (175 KB, 1280x1544)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
>giantess tip #134: When a giantess is trying to abduct/adopt you, plant a fast kiss on her lips to establish dominance
File: wealthy giantess (1).png (360 KB, 850x601)
360 KB
360 KB PNG
>Be me, gulliver male on the brob Bachelor show
>Have 30 different brob girls all competing to make me their lover
>There's tomboys, milfs, NEETs, gamer girls, police women, nurses, stoners, party girls, nerdy girls, office ladies, and every other woman under the sun
>Under normal circumstances, I'd be quite hyped, but the producers of the show expect a makeout session with nearly every girl every episode
>I'm lucky on the days they're willing to restrict themselves to mere mouthplay, brob girls rarely wait till marriage to get intimate
>No doubt hundreds of of thousands of brob girls are sitting at home watching me be buried under mountains of boob fat each episode and wishing they had me all to themselves
>Still, despite how hectic the show is and how overwhelmed I feel, I can't deny that it breaks me heart to have to send some of them home each episode, even if some of them try to snatch me up and make a break for it
anon how cyoa goes
File: 1591053739387.png (361 KB, 600x825)
361 KB
361 KB PNG
Huge boat!
File: 266630.jpg (715 KB, 1282x1532)
715 KB
715 KB JPG
I finally finished the cyoa, it's really long and kind of got away from me in the writing so I'm not going to even try to post it in thread
>12 waifus
>10 events + endings
Give it a shot and let me know what you guys think. The instructions are in it but the general idea is you make your build then run through 4 events of your choice with your waifu and then see what ending you got. Maybe someday I'll add more waifus/events or just spin off a new (and much shorter) cyoa on the same concept. I don't have a website or anything and I don't plan on any so if you want to post this around in places you think it would find interest go for it.


would love to hear people's builds/stories
File: IMG_000077.png (37 KB, 480x640)
37 KB
The way the CYOA keeps repeating images throughout the incidents made things confusing until I saved the project (280mb) to my computer. Starting to wonder if it would've been simpler to have each character occupy their own module; each player is only going through each route separately.

In any case, I did a blind run with Maggie. I assumed each Divine Favour is just 1 chance globally rather than per incident.

>Mutations (4)
Variable Sizing (0.02mm)
Proportionate Strength
Mental Link
Maggie (+Costumes)
>Living Conditions (15)
(1) Prepared Meals
(1) Smartphone
(3) Gaming PC and Games
(5) Home Remodeling
(5) Divine Favour
>1st Incident
4+2 (Reward: 2)
>Major Disagreement
6+1 (Reward: 2)
>Mental Breakdown
5+2 (Reward: 3)
>Farewell to Old Life
1+2 (Reward: 1)
>New Life
1+1 Divine Favour Reroll 5+1 (Reward: 2)
Skipped (Smurfs?)
6+1 (Reward: 2)
>Working Out
5+1 (Reward: 2)
>Trip Together
6 (Reward: 2)
>Fulfilling a Fantasy
3+2 (Reward: 3?)
Score: 8+3 or 16+3

You're right about it favouring a good ending, assuming that post-shrink incidents grant a relationship bonus and aren't just flavour. Didn't recognise any of the nerd/geek/otaku properties aside from Sailor Moon and Smurfs.

Picked variable size to fulfil a fantasy amateur film of a cosplay roleplay session involving Catzilla versus microman in one of a miniature city diorama (granted by home remodeling). The smartphone would have a camera so there's an ant's eye view of the destruction from below.
>each character in their own module
yeah I think that in the future that's the way to go and if I ever make a V2 that's how it'll be organized.

ideally how you calculate your ending is whichever 4 incidents you chose, pre or post shrinking, are the ones that go into your score with any more you decide to do just being flavor.

Overall did you enjoy the character/writing?
File: forone.jpg (116 KB, 820x1246)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
I see, my bad forgetting about the 4 incident limitation. I'm not the other anons that were offering you critique of the writing and characters earlier; their overall impression would be more in tune with what the silent majority of the western gentle giantess community would feel.

As for me, if you were to flesh things out with Maggie and write a proper short story with her, I would read it, especially to get a better idea of some of the questions generated from the story segments in the CYOA. That would be the best way of expressing my impression of the character and writing. It was interesting seeing a western author try writing a giantess into pet play.
File: 1616828283260.jpg (484 KB, 1810x2560)
484 KB
484 KB JPG
Mental link
Advanced healing
Chemical immunity
One day a month (Free)
>Living conditions
Tailored clothes
Gaming PC
Luxury home
Divine favor
>1st Incident
6 (+2)
>Major disagreement
3+1 (+1)
>Mental breakdown
6 (+2)
>Farewell to the old life
5+1 (+2)
>New life
6 (+2)
>Working out
4 (+1)
>A trip together
3 (+1)
>Fulfilling a fantasy
5+2 (+3)
>The end
14; waifu ending

I'm not actually sure if I got this right, but I enjoyed it anyway.
File: 168972.jpg (340 KB, 750x1000)
340 KB
340 KB JPG
Well like I told the other poster the idea is to pick 4 incidents total, looking at how many people are wanting to do more I guess just increase the ending score requirements to whatever you feel is appropriate. Really the whole point of this thing is to have fun.

>chemical immunity
Interesting choices for Tabitha, if you introduce mouthplay/vore to her she's going to get really into the idea of you being "as close as you can possibly be"
hate the way they draw faces but the rest is great
File: 85177025_p0.jpg (846 KB, 800x908)
846 KB
846 KB JPG
Then I guess I'll go with the 1st Incident/Tabby Guarantee™, the Mental Breakdown/Password Bond, Farewell to the old life and New life/Sitting in. That sounds good.
>she's going to get really into the idea of you being "as close as you can possibly be"
Yeah. That sounds good.
File: 1600052634261.png (1023 KB, 4000x4000)
1023 KB
1023 KB PNG
Nice choices. I tried to mix in a decent amount of more romantic/personal events with the sexy ones. Talking about Tabitha and vore has me thinking about some of the other characters and how they'd react if you asked them for more niche giantess kinks. Like Lorelei would be so scared of something going wrong you'd really have to push to get her to want to swallow you even if you've got all the right mutations to easily survive it whereas Sherry would think it was hilarious and probably do it and "threaten" you with it all the time.
File: 1547425225691.png (1.41 MB, 1600x1135)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB PNG
>It's raid boss time, and Amanda is all too excited to play the part as well as the dungeon. She'll expect you to fight at her stomach walls, and occasionally send down chewed gingerbread men and gummy worms to represent your party and their familiars while teasing you about being the last one standing (for now...). She'll make it a game, so she'll be super into it.
Mrs. Worth:
>"I'm... not quite sure what to say. I always joked that you were cute enough to eat, but.." Stays cagey until you've completely assured her that you can survive inside her stomach, and continues to mother you and ask if you're feeling okay throughout the day. If you choose to continue, she'll become a little more comfortable with the idea, and her concern will shift toward things like whether you need food or a breather.
>(1-2) You fall asleep and she's worried sick thinking that the worst might have happened to you, and she she grows distant and uneasy at the suggestion of trying it again for the next couple of weeks. (3-4) The following afternoon, She gets you out just a little worse for wear. The short oxygen supply left you a little bit lightheaded, and your eyes seem to have some trouble readjusting to the light of the world outside of Mrs. Worth. All things considered, she thought it was a nice bonding experience. She still doesn't quite understand your interests, though. (5-6) Relationship point +1: You spend the day exploring inside of your new caretaker, and she appreciates the feeling of your tiny hands pressing against her as she goes about her business, letting her know that you're safe inside of her. It sort of reminds her of when she was giving birth to her children. It makes her feel younger, and she sees you as even more of a family member than she did before. That's still not going to stop her from doing lewd stuff with you, though. She makes it a point to entertain this interest of yours every Friday and Saturday evening as the week winds down.
File: 85596195_p0.jpg (137 KB, 1024x1024)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
Dang. I ran out of room and accidentally copied over the other ones I had written up.
I love it, thinking about the others
there's a viral challenge to see how many hard candies you can swallow while holding a shrinkee in your mouth at the same time, she fucks it up and down you go
>"Uh sorry guys looks like I failed the sweet shrinkee challenge, gonna cut this one short while I figure out how to get him out of there..."

>Officer Brooke
given her interest/fetish for shrinkees she definitely knows about vore fantasies and would be willing to do it with you but she'd tease you about being a stereotype
>"Feet AND getting eaten? You are just SUCH a shrinkee sometimes! No no it's cute really, so do you want me to get you a lifeline so you can come back up or are you the kind of guy who wants to take the whole trip?"
Now I'm imagining the whole thing as one of those old school harem animes where all the girls are trying to get the MC's attention. Maggie, Sherry, and Alex are childhood friends of yours so they probably know each other and as your bully/defender Sherry and Alex probably hate each other
>Sherry let anon out of your sock NOW!
>Oh fuck off muscles he loves it
Maggie probably sneaks you away when they're fighting a lot and plays with you until they catch up. Ms Worth is probably the "canon" caretaker in this scenario since she'd be the most likely to encourage MC to spend time with the other girls while still flirting and lewding the MC. Brooke probably comes by a lot to check on MC and wants the girls to all be educated on proper handling/care of tinies. Tabitha probably kidnaps the MC whenever she can but usually brings him back for plot reasons and keeps saying eventually he's going to choose her permanently, which pisses off the other girls to no end.
File: 1628183512109.jpg (1.04 MB, 1494x1500)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB JPG
I can't play since imgchest randomly closes by browser
Well that's odd, I guess the alternative options are to just download it and play it offline, a little prohibitive due to the size but possible, or trying a different browser to see if it works. Anyone else having this issue? I could try a different host if it's killing everyone's browsers but I don't hardly ever do stuff like this so I don't know which one that would be, I hear imgur has a porn ban these days.
Have you considered, uh, using another browser?
File: 93413232_p0.png (360 KB, 1024x1358)
360 KB
360 KB PNG
>ywn have a centuries-old giantess occasionally visit your village and poingnantly watch you grow old and dote on your grankids
File: 81654258_p0_master1200.jpg (265 KB, 1200x900)
265 KB
265 KB JPG

I thought I was gonna like Lorelei the best, but Maggie was my favorite. Protected/cared for girl returning the favor hits me real deep for some reason. Thanks for your hard work anon
>be me, catch shrinking virus
>devastated, everything I own has to be liquidated as I get ready to slowly transition to my new life in a year
>luckily DNA tests show that I'll develop an Iron Body, Advanced Healing, Mental Linkage, and Advance Lungs
>get paired with Sherry, surprised she and I got paired together even though we parted ways in high school
>still, she was the reason I was into femdom, so maybe the government's background check is more thorough than I thought
>invest in prepared meals, a phone, a PC, and home remodeling
>Sherry has some spare clothes and knows a bit about cosmetology, so no need to worry about itchy jumpsuit
>since I know she loves entertainment and movies, I can introduce her to torrenting once the PC is installed in case we want a more authentic experience
>first incident, already she take a photo of me standing next to the height bar at exactly 5' (+2)
>major disagreement, even if I'm three feet tall, I want to spend the last few months I'll have with my normal size friends
>by some miracle, my friend is late, so Sherry seizes this time and pins my face within her sweaty armpit
>start to think this is good karma for donating the rest of my money to my local church as a farewell gift. Maybe there's a cute angel that wanted to take pity on me (+1, used reroll)
>start to wonder if Sherry is the same Sherry I grew up with, though she did say that she wanted to trap me underneath her gigantic ass
>1 year passes, shrinking virus is in full effect
>Sherry is much happier, her speech patterns is much more in line with how I remember growing up with her in middle school and high school
>already she snatches up off her bed and starts listing off every single thing she wants to do to me
>my heart races as she continues, I decide that I want to be stuffed within her sock and be pinned to her foot (+2)
>couple months pass
>both of us are comfortably living our lives as Caretaker and Tiny, or Master and Slave as she insists after we tried out a set of bondage clothes
>one day she gets back home
>already we can feel what our minds are thinking
>"I-If you want, you can go all out today, Sherry..."
>Sherry confirms if I'm serious, I affirm my stance
>Sherry starts giggling, a lustful hum creeping out of her mouth
>*sweats profoundly*
>already she's chasing me, but this time she catches me instantly
>instead of her usual hijinx, she calmly takes me towards her bedroom
>she suddenly takes out a bottle of anal lube and starts lathering it all over my body
>oh fuck, does she intend on abusing my lung capacity?
>come to think about it, what happened to those anal plugs she's been buying recently?
>as she dehumanizes me, she slowly takes off her panties and lowers me towards her anal hole
>after bidding farewell, with no ceremony, she instantly shoves me inside
>the pressure was enormous, more than strong enough to flatten metal
>as she flexes her ass cheeks to crush me within her anus, the pieces fell into place as if her ass were making them fuse together
>she was in love with me, and I was madly in love with her
>she keeps me in her anus for the rest of the day, which persisted until after college hours the next day
>iron body could not handle her anal pressure, regeneration slowly starts kicking in
>she reaches in and pulls me out, laughing her ass off at how pathetic I look
>she doesn't know that I love her dominating attitude and love being treated like this
I love this story so much. Thank you
>a few weeks pass after she used me as her buttplug (+3), we're watching a romance movie
>happily rest my head on her panties, super comfy with hot chocolate
>credits roll, think now is the time to confess
>Sherry wanted to admit something, but I wasn't paying attention and just screamed that I loved her
>for the first time, Sherry did not respond. She simply got up from the couch we sat on and stared at the screen as the credits music was playing serenely
>stared at her butt, thinking it grew even bigger compared to over a year ago, almost two
>Sherry starts crying, but I could sense that they were tears of joy
>she turns around, her tender, tear-stroked face got me crying as well
>she picks me up and huge me, burying me within her D-cup breasts
>we exchange heartfelt words mixed with gentle femdom, swearing our love to each other
>Sherry brings up the idea of her in a black wedding dress
>I tell her it sounds like a wonderful idea
>she's even been getting paid more for her high distinction in Tiny Caretaking, so affording the dress would be no problem
>before we sleep together and prepare for our lives together, Sherry asks if I want to be stuffed up her anus like a few weeks ago
>without any hesitation I say yes
>she gives me a huge kiss before we part ways as I become her anal plug for the night
>"Goodbye, anon, my love. I'll make sure that steel body of yours is too weak to handle me. I'll push your lungs to their limits; I'll make a few minutes feel like an entire week! I'll turn your regenerating mutation into a curse! I want to see you struggle! I want to feel your hopelessness when confronting me in the morning, assuming you will even live~!"
Thank you for reading my autistic greentext story
No problem. I think I'm an amateur at writing shit, and this is just a spurt of inspiration after a stressful day today. Now I can sleep peacefully
File: FCcRnZUUUAIhgQi.jpg (233 KB, 2048x1605)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
thank you for playing my autistic cyoa, this is exactly the kind of thing I hoped to inspire. If you want to do any other characters I'd love to read your romance with them
i know this feel
I tried to give them all at least a few genuinely heartfelt moments, and yeah I like that trope too.
Any (size) artists worth commissioning for cute F/m couple moments ?
tfw no tiny catgirl to play poniter with
File: bug_sempai.png (3.66 MB, 1728x2480)
3.66 MB
3.66 MB PNG
Page 2 cuts off at the bottom.
only one line is missing, Dr. Li's bonus which is 1 extra mutation

Most western size artists are human trash, but one of my friends from Mexico likes doing gentle F/m coupling, but lately she's been changing her art style from Puni (this is the word Yunzo, the OG size-fetish Japanese web host used to describe her old style) to Furry (because of her new boyfriend). I always request she uses her old style, but that aside, Skeb should have you covered.
File: 23549191.jpg (159 KB, 400x941)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
Is there a western size fetish community like macrochan? While he is nowhere like Yunzo, Greatbooks was the closest thing the west had to a 'good' size fetish web host.

There's a game that is estimated to be released in June 2022, and I want somewhere sane I can post and discuss the game in a singular thread that will stay up for months.

Giantesscity, and all of its moderators, belong in a prison cell for all of the evil they committed against Yunzo, Alice Magic, A.S., and Uru among others. And I doubt Eka's portal with its Vore theme would be an appropriate substitute.
What happened there on giantesscity?
Not sure what anon is referring to, but gtscity is really strict with its rules, so maybe those authors were prevented from posting or something similar?
There aren't people available on skeb i want to commission from right now, and it's for 2 characters without background, a bit like this >>9954325 so I don't want to pay like 10k yen just for that
Can you teach a young soul what this means, i have no idea what you're talking about
Giantesscity and /aco/ and /d/ are the only places I know of where I can go for giantess community stuff outside of Twitter and Discord (Yuck).
I mostly just end up with /aco/ and /d/ though, giantesscity is slow and uninteresting, I mostly only go there for the live action collages.
File: maid.jpg (94 KB, 450x750)
94 KB
Yunzo is the main web host of the Japanese side of the size fetish internet since the early 2000s. He operates gs-uploader and other websites everyone should have bookmarked. His original character, Eliza, has cameos in many size fetish games.


Puni is an art style. Reading a Japanese dictionary's definition of it as a Moe Attribute is misleading when you examine things that are marketed as Puni. I personally do not know what is, and is not, Puni.

Giantesscity doesn't have 'strict' rules. It's simply run by thugs that steal from Japanese creators and then attacks anyone who tries to file share the garbage put out by the western crooks associated with them (this is partly what destroyed macrochan because the regular users had no self control).

Yunzo tried to offer an olive branch to Giantesscity by sending users copies of HIK's doujins through the mail, but those bastards were quick to betray Yunzo and HIK's trust.

What you're misunderstanding as strict is just them having an inconsistent application of an 'underage' rule to screw with specific Japanese artists; there's plenty of underage stuff posted on there all of the freaking time with the most damning being live photographs of an adult woman and an ~11 year old boy standing next to each other naked marked as mini-gts. If I didn't know the fears behind their underage policy wasn't 100% bullshit, I would ask someone living in the US to send a link of that thread to the FBI to see if it wouldn't lead to an investigation; I wouldn't be surprised in the least if it turns out one of those moderators isn't privately paying women to molest boys to fulfil his mini-gts fantasies and the inconsistent underage policy is just a smokescreen to hide that. But regardless of whether that could be true, they're utter imbeciles.

The problem with /d/ is that you cannot have a slow thread discussing one topic that's going to span years. It would be really, really sad if outside Eka's Portal, Giantesscity is the only game in town because they destroyed every other western community not associated with their league of crooks.
File: 92980808_p0.jpg (949 KB, 1060x1280)
949 KB
949 KB JPG
Animal rights groups have freed all the world's livestock? Genetically engineer giant cow girls for milk.
File: 93641203_p0.jpg (2.12 MB, 1800x1500)
2.12 MB
2.12 MB JPG
But make sure to pamper her
>Be me, unofficial mascot of women's swim team
>Also the only gully guy on campus
>Relationship evolved organically, as the university neglected gully dorms for decades and it wasn't really fit to live in
>So instead I bunked with a brob friend
>Friend is mostly a lesbian, so I don't get inserted into her as much as you might think
>Not never, but not as much
>On the other hand, I still get inserted significantly more than if I was just dating somebody
>She's friends with everyone on her team, and friends share everything with eachother
>Especially their gully friends
>I think I saw them practice like once, over a year ago
>Since then I've been rotated through the whole team as they take turns playing "Submarine"
>Team is so comfortable with the idea of having a willing gully available some of them don't even ask permission anymore
>Not that I hate it, but it is pretty jarring to go to sleep in one girl and wake up in another
>I've given up on ever not smelling like pussy
>It just doesn't wash out after a point
>Roommate says it's an improvement over the cologne I used to use
>She would, the shameless dike
>Kinda worried though
>Haven't been studying as much as I planned what with all the splunking
>Should I work harder or just accept my fate as someone's uneducated dildo?
File: file.png (658 KB, 938x852)
658 KB
658 KB PNG
>billboards can sometimes be as low as 200-300 canadian
I’m not saying someone should put giant ladies on billboards but I am saying it’d be really funny. And you should do that.
But I don't even live in the land of maple and mounties.

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