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File: 1631974054438.jpg (208 KB, 826x1200)
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208 KB JPG
Saw a similar thread a while ago and need more.

Charts, stats, comparisons, visual sperm cells, etc.

Anything showing the reproductive superiority of futanari.
File: 1631900584919.jpg (161 KB, 850x638)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
File: 1631974012529.jpg (211 KB, 960x1200)
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211 KB JPG
File: 1631974090275.jpg (146 KB, 789x1200)
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146 KB JPG
File: 1631957740663.jpg (172 KB, 1920x1080)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
File: 1623022376809.jpg (1.85 MB, 3600x2400)
1.85 MB
1.85 MB JPG
File: Nizikuroryu_Futa_49_F_fix.jpg (296 KB, 1280x1810)
296 KB
296 KB JPG
Unfortunately the content is so sparse, there's not gonna be a lot of new stuff since last thread.
I hope Rainbow blak dragon won't get pigeonholed into hyper shit.
He's pretty much the only artist with futa fertility focus as main thing.
File: 1622290025452.png (1.02 MB, 2000x2500)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB PNG
Stories with focus of fertility/virility shaming/boasting by futas
Use DeepL/GoogleTL or know language

Futanari sister's physical examination (hyper) [JP]
>older brother take his sis to a lab to take mesurements

Futanari junior and sperm comparison [JP]
>student is asked by a 'female' friend to help with after class project

Study on male and futanari differences data gathering [CH]
>man is invited to come to a lab to participate in a study
pt1 https://www.pixiv.net/novel/show.php?id=11103212
pt2 https://www.pixiv.net/novel/show.php?id=11905386

Futanari sister's curiosity [JP]
>sis comes to your room with a weird question

That day for Mermaid (NTR) [JP]
>husband can't get his mermaid wife to ovulate, they ask professional to help
File: chrome_qSKi5TVnO1.png (18 KB, 1081x91)
18 KB
And if I ever decide that my writing gets good enough, I might drop some NovelAI prompts.
It's a godsend tool for all niche fetishes if you're starved on content.
How is NovelAI ? I tried it out once AID imploded couple months but it was giving me weird results. Is it better now ?
Based anon
Yep, there's really not much virile futa stuff. Most recent thing I've found is also from the same guy.
Not translated yet, but you can probably decipher it with something.
File: 1631233912735.jpg (753 KB, 1250x800)
753 KB
753 KB JPG
File: 1630183792990.jpg (603 KB, 1000x1215)
603 KB
603 KB JPG
Not quite sure what to post in this thread, there is way too little stuff.
File: ezgif.com-gif-maker.gif (2.52 MB, 458x566)
2.52 MB
2.52 MB GIF
>Pixiv has novels
Surprised I missed this
That's hot anon you should.
File: futachart.jpg (1.12 MB, 2000x2068)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB JPG
Much reposted but still good.
On release it was using shit model because they were justifiably trying to put out something asap.
Since then we got a proper 6B parameters model and most importantly modules system that allows people to finetune on whatever content they want.
Some anon made a module finetuned on futa stories.
Most importantly we are getting regular meaningful updates.
Some real shit like phrase biasing, not new UI gimmicks like old AID did.

New /aids/ thread on /vg/ every ~2 days with 95% using NAI should be a good indicator of how well it's doing.
We need more spermicidal takeover material. The thought of having a futa literally erase you from your own genepool so she can dominate you totally is so rare.
File: 1633622377757.jpg (582 KB, 3200x2400)
582 KB
582 KB JPG
Love the ones where its implied that they are audibly churning out their hypervirile oversized sperms, and they are producing so much that they could feel their balls tremble
Imagine cum so potent and heaving with sperm that it stimulates a futa's prostate, and the more swollen and stuffed with semen they get the better it feels.

If you massaged their hulking testicles you would be able to feel them throb with production, and see them pump upwards with an audible thicc gulp.
Anyone have any audio examples of what this anon is describing?
File: big_swimmers.jpg (299 KB, 680x1000)
299 KB
299 KB JPG
Is there a name for this?
Can you just post the images?
I don’t want to make an account.
>Stories with focus of fertility/virility
Make an account, you won't regret it. I've read all of those and they're great.
Is this from a doujin or a one off image?
>reproductive superiority
just post in the fucking "futa is always bigger" thread you double nigger
File: 1624302041728.png (2.33 MB, 1990x2048)
2.33 MB
2.33 MB PNG
Mmf, now imagine how good it'd feel to be pent up like that...
>futa addicted to edging by getting their prostate stimulated by their own sperm as a form of masturbation
>she jerks off their dick and grope and massage their testicles with countless vibrators strapped on it
>slowly but steadily her balls gets swollen and red as it gets stimulated and produces more and more cum
>concentrated spurts of sperm leaks from her testicles, seeping into her seminal vesicle and stretching it from the inside
>her prostate continuously gets stimulated as it gets stretched from the inside with her cum
>futa is constantly on the brink of orgasm as every sensitive part of her genatalia is exploding with pleasure

>after half dozen hour or so she's at her limit
>her dick is throbbing hard and spilling precum everywhere
>her prostate has been stimulated that it's swollen and created a bulge visible from the outside
>her testicles are monsterously big that she cant even get her hands or legs around it, rendering her immobile
>they've been have been teased and massaged to produce so much that she's rapidly birthing hyper sperms
>she can feel her testicles loudly rumble and churn out cum as her testicles gets stretched to its limits
>every time she produces a cum a deep glorping sound can be heard and sends shockwaves of pleasure all the way through her body
>hundreds and thousands of sperm are forcing its way from her testicles to her semen duct, stretching and bulging her belly from the inside and makes its way to her urethra where she'll inevitably release her torrent of thick cum and freshly produced hyper sperm from her hulking, veiny, oversized mass of testicles
That's the "futa cucking people thread".
>nurse does a health checkup
>its twins
>boy and a futa
>its her first time dealing with a futa
>mostly normal stuff
>weight, height
>and some sex related stuff at the end
>she grabs a stetoscope
>puts it on brother's balls
>after half a minute of silence she hears a quiet squeak
>looks like he is properly producing sperms
>she checks off "testicles working properly" on a form
>moves on to the futa
>her testicles are as big as nurse's fists
>but there are no signs of inflammation
>nurse is suspicious and notes it down to mention it to a doctor
>places stetoscope against futa's balls
>it takes her a few seconds to double check
>no, it's not her stomach, she just ate
>the rumbling and gurgling is coming from the stetoscope
>it's a constant noise with no pauses at all
>her pussy instantly wettens a bit at the implication
>the rumbling suddenly increases in intensity
>she can't even hear now other sounds in the room
>she looks up and her and futa's eyes meet
>nurse feels the testicles in her palms twitch and pull up a bit as she and the girl stare at each other for a second
>no, the girl is not staring at her eyes
>nurse realizes that in her current position of kneeling in front of the girl, her cleavage is showing
>it's showing a lot
>and her cleavage is the cause of increased rumbling in futa's testicles
>flustered nurse quickly stands up and walks away a few steps
>she's hiding her blushing face
>she is weirded out but at the same time curious and aroused
>her breasts causing such a reaction is almost flattering in a way
>she takes a moment to calm down
>turns back to the futa
>only to see the futa give her a predatory smile
>the futa had a good look at her ass while she was collecting herself
>nurse gulps nervously
>looks at the form in her hand
>taking semen samples is next
Moar anon
Literally, just delete the account when you are done, it takes five fucking minutes to create and delete. FFS.
File: 743745748527485.jpg (113 KB, 1200x849)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
File: 85839308_026.jpg (178 KB, 697x1000)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
Wish there were more stuff like this where the futa produces so much massive hyper sperms at that it creates countless bulges all the way from their balls to the tip
File: 1626545224021.png (587 KB, 1982x709)
587 KB
587 KB PNG
>futa is on verge of orgasm
>stuffs 2 cumplugs down her dick, real demon's souls starts now
>steadily gains size as her internal anatomy flexes to fit more cum in
>prostate and seminal vesicles bulge to pregnant proportions
>every nerve scintillates with pleasure as sperm seethes around them
>the feeling of fullness is almost better than ejaculation
>she rotates her hips and squeezes her nuts between her thighs looking for more space
>heaving with cum, she runs her hands over her tummy and nuts enjoying the firmness
>she's getting uncomfortably big, her balls begin to lift her hips off the bed
>she desperately contorts, she wants to get just a little bigger, but physically can't
>her monstrous cumtanks repeatedly convulse, ramming her seminal vesicles and prostate with mountains of cum, but the cum has nowhere to go
>the first cumplug pops out due to the pressure
File: 1593461437261.png (1.48 MB, 1280x1428)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB PNG
File: 1600718209647.jpg (296 KB, 909x1470)
296 KB
296 KB JPG
Huh? You mean that their balls just WHURR?
like they prepare to cum and then just wrench clanging noises and machinery?
have you played super metroid?
Can't achieve industrial production without industrial processes. Welcome to Cumtorio.
>Gotta build spaceship
>These women with dicks keep attacking my base
>Cum all over everything
>Everything is fucking clogged
>Lights blaring, ropes flying
>This isn't the winter wonderland I was told about
>I think that's an OSHA inspector writing on a clipboard in the distance.
>Try to get his attention, slip in thick load
>Wake up, he's standing over me shaking his head docking points off before walking away
>One of the machines exploded from a clogged exhaust
>Replace it, slip again
>Land in soft pile of cum
>Barely can get out because of how thick it is
>Nother rope slams in the face, more splattered all over the floor
>I'm in a fucking naval port with the amount of ropemaking going on.
>Decide I've had enough
>Build factory for cleaning supplies
>Game turns into Voluptuous Cleanup Detail.
File: 1448382889040.png (792 KB, 720x960)
792 KB
792 KB PNG
Is the sperm talking? What?
File: 227426.jpg (607 KB, 778x1100)
607 KB
607 KB JPG
File: 075_barretxiii_330134.jpg (581 KB, 828x1200)
581 KB
581 KB JPG
10/10 post, would read again
Do plain impregnation pics count as "Futa Virility" too?
Or this one?
File: 1348660979101.jpg (275 KB, 720x866)
275 KB
275 KB JPG
File: TeHf6cW.jpg (238 KB, 1200x1064)
238 KB
238 KB JPG
File: 1781384ead67b79.jpg (347 KB, 1601x1075)
347 KB
347 KB JPG
Hot af anon, please continue
File: non_cheating_version.png (2.05 MB, 2160x2415)
2.05 MB
2.05 MB PNG
created non-cheating edit.
Very based. Thanks anon
I seem to recall there being a second page, with a side by side comparison. The left side had a single condom and the girl complaining that the guy couldn't get hard after prematurely ejaculating without putting the condom on, and the right side had hundreds of filled and bursted condoms, with a note that that the girl was basically reduced to a childs intellect after several hours of sex with a futa.
Canvas Solaris = カンバスそらりす
File: 17027245_p1.jpg (156 KB, 1000x1200)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
File: 1165118400910_143.jpg (570 KB, 866x1024)
570 KB
570 KB JPG
File: 93906411_p0.png (2.17 MB, 1920x1080)
2.17 MB
2.17 MB PNG
Hey anons,
I'm trying my hand at making comics.
I'd appreciate feedback.
I doubt this is the feedback you're looking for, but from this angle that teddy bear is distractingly low poly
yeah, it is. Can't remove scenery, unfortunately. Might put a text block over it. Either that or take the deep dive and become a blendlet
File: 86832823ca029cf23d1d.jpg (412 KB, 850x1133)
412 KB
412 KB JPG
You're posting under the english futanari (14,869 Works) tag
Use "ふたなり" (151,959 Works) if you want people to organically find your stuff
Thats where all the content is and thats what people will search by
You ideally want to use combo of eng+jp tags for everything

As for the content, and idk what is eacily changable
In my opinion add just a tiny bit of yellowish tint to futa's cum and it suddenly looks super virile
Neck bends get a bit whack in some parts of set you linked to
Texture detail between body and penis is making it look like a strap on, either chill with muscle details on body or make penis more detailed, different size of black outline on penis makes it worse
Futa looks llike she has bruises on her knees and elbows
tha'ts super helpful, actually. Yeah my coomer brain kinda takes over and I start posing characters and imagine getting NTR'd by them and kind of wipe out halfway through and I forget that I fucked something up and had to fix it, like the girl's neck.
Still learning body masks so when I get that done I can do real muscle groups without the weird redness
if you tried using sauce nao you could have found it on your own. Anyways Scene starts here: https://hentai2read.com/the_mating_diary_of_easy_futanari_girl/2/70/
Imagine the smell
sure but the sperm cells should be large or borderline hyper. or a ludicrous amount. any combo.
File: 1622602497397.png (244 KB, 1111x1554)
244 KB
244 KB PNG
this right here, this some gourmet shit. good stuff anon. testicle x-ray/cross section showing sperm is exactly what im looking for. thx.
that niggas art is fucking gross. his style is just... disgusting. idk but everytime i see something from him it makes me queasy.
File: non_cheaty_version.png (770 KB, 850x694)
770 KB
770 KB PNG
Edited dialog a tiny bit to create less (non) cheaty version.
Very based.
Love this artist's shit
File: 3c5edce9e5.jpg (217 KB, 850x940)
217 KB
217 KB JPG
I beg you do more!
File: Exlic0014.jpg (143 KB, 720x1152)
143 KB
143 KB JPG

bad early modern english kills my boner
What about combining it with ballpregnancy? So the futa "erases" your sperm because her own sperm are so powerful that when they fuse with your sperm, they turn into babies, so you'll never be able to impregnate a woman again because you'll spend the rest of your life gestating your futa lover's babies in your balls-turned-wombs and giving birth to litter after litter of strong, healthy futas?
That's too much, how about let's just say the futa sperm sterelises the male and leave it at that.
And here I was about to do a greentext about a guy just about to give birth for the first time after being outbred by a futa and finally realizing that this cycle of ballpregnancy and orgasmic birthing is going to be the rest of his life...
Rather than sexy that sounds like Alien nightmare tier, but don't let your dreams be dreams or me stop you.
File: EQRvHFqW4AE0xuW.jpg (146 KB, 1280x708)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
Idea: When a futa cooms in a man's ass, their sperm travels to the man's testicles, destroys the competition, then insert their own genes into the man's balls.

End result, the man's jizz now only carries the futa's genes.
only acceptable if the guy's dick becomes larger in the process and he isn't expected to pay child support.
>Sir, we've finally found the fountain of youth.
"Truly?! Then where is it? A cave in the Caribbean sea?"
>Well, no...
"Somewhere in the jungles of South America?"
"Well come on then, where is it? Tell me!"
>...It's in a teenage girl's balls.
>It's in a teenage girl's balls, specifically a Princess
"...You're lying."
>What? No I'm not.
"Did you think this would be a funny prank?"
>No Sir, please let me explain! There's this girl, the Princess, and she had magical hair because her mother, the Queen was cured of illness with a flower while she was still in the womb.
"How in the hell does a flower give magic powers to a girl's hair because her mother was sick when she was born?
>Beats me, Sir. Anyways, she was kidnapped by a witch who wanted her power to keep herself young, and somehow, the witch's experiments to try and extract the magic from her hair ended up giving her balls and a penis, and again, somehow the magic of her hair was transferred to her balls.
"Are you sure you're not making this up?"
>No, Sir. I would never
"Then how in the hell am I supposed to drink from the Fountain of Youth if the magic is trapped inside a Princess' balls?!"
>Well Sir, I'm sure it'd be relatively easy if you really put your mind to it.
"What do you mean?"
>You'd have to give her a blowjob, Sir.
>"Alright anon you remember the deal! If I sucked your dick you'd let me fill your balls."
>Proceeds to violently fuck your dick for hours
I could see the appeal, though I feel like it would hurt like a motherfucker even with hentai logic.
Very hot anon. Could work a few ways.
Man cheating on wifer with futa mistress gifts the futa kidscwithout him knowing.
Experimentation as kids hard line ends his chances before either even know.
Bratty sister violates brother in his sleep cause she finds his gf cute.
are the other parts translated?

Some of the stories I've compiled here (written by me and others) involve this in one way or another. Going to be adding more as I have time to catalog/find them
Here's a fresh one.
Anyone knows whether liberykiller's the one writing their stuff or do they comm those as well?

This is the good shit. Especially that casual line about wishing to fuck and impreg her senpai. Hope there's more.
I wish I had more to contribute to this thread
post it fag
>One drop.
>She warned you that all it'd take was one drop.
>You should have listened.
>Nine months ago, you were an ordinary guy, who just happened to have a futa girlfriend.
>Honestly, it was sweet; like having a best bro with the body of a hot chick.
>You used to chase girls together, scoredd primo tail, then came home and fucked like animals.
>But she always made damn sure you never, ever, handled her dick when you did.
>It started to bug you; why? You weren't no homophobe, you didn't care that she had something else down there, why all the fuss?
>Finally, she got drunk one day and told you that futa sperm wasn't like guy sperm.
>It was nastier.
>Said that if one drop of her jizz ever got near your dick, you'd change. You'd stop being a guy, and start being her breeder.
>That was that.
>Then one fateful day, 9 months ago, you got too drunk.
>Told her you wanted to be her breeder; you loved her more than anything else in the world.
>She tried to resist you... but she was drunk, and she always was a slutty drunk.
>You helped her jack off, and then she took one finger, slick and slimy with her powerful futa seed, and she rubbed it over the tip of your cock.
>Fuck, you still can't describe the feeling. Like something was crawling down your dick, a mass of wriggling, squirming, deliciously hot worms invading your deepest depths.
>You came like a firehose, like you were trying to flush them out from inside you, but it didn't work.
>The next day was normal. Just you and her, and a pair of hangovers you could have bent horseshoes around.
>Then it stopped being so normal.
>You started changing. Your body hair fell out in waves, your jaws softened, your hips widened.
>You don't look like you anymore... you look more like your tomboy flatchested sister.
>But even as the rest of you grew girlier, your dick and your nuts grew bigger.
>You're literally hung like a horse now, your cock a massive organ so thick and meaty that she could fuck it like a living onahole if she wanted to - and you know she wants to.
>Your balls are impossibilities. Swollen, bloated, obscene orbs that visibly writhe and squirm as the baby futas inside kick and jostle for space.
>Yes, babies. That's what futa seed does when it gets inside a pussy... and a guy's cock is just a pussy that turned itself inside out.
>And of course, all babies gotta come out.
>You're in your living room, your monster cock flopping around half-erect over your groaning, churning balls, belching gobbets of a thin, watery fluid.
>She's there with you, holding your hand, reassuring you as the orgasm-contractions rock your whole body.
>Your cock distends like a snake eating a goat in reverse, your world fades into a white-hot haze of pleasure as your firstborn slowly squeezes up your shaft and is ejaculated onto the floor.
>It takes hours, hours of constant orgasms, but finally your twins are out, crying their little lungs out as she wraps them in blankets, two healthy little futas.
>When it's all over, you admit to her that you'll be glad things will go back to normal now.
>That's when she tells you the truth: this IS normal now.
>Women take a load of futa cum, they get pregnant, but it's a one and done deal.
>Guys aren't so lucky.
>Her seed has impregnated your own so thoroughly it's permanent.
>You're going to be perpetually pregnant, birthing her babies out of this monster fuckhole dick for the rest of your life.
>And all it took was one little drop of futa cum.
That's hot anon, great job! I do wish you'd included a line or two about their relationship in the later parts though. It was cute to read about their dynamic in the first part, would've been nice to see how it evolved in as the reader's body changed.
>Kind of cringe desu
Glad you like! I basically wrote it in a blur of sleep deprivation and I was worried it was too long as-is, so I'm sorry, I should have added that.

If it helps, what I had in my head was that as the guy got more girly looking and sedentary, the futa would have become more lovey-dovey and doting. She'd stop chasing other girls and instead focus on being there for him, keeping him comfortable, reassuring him through the changing of his body, and also fucking him senseless because she is hornier and more turned on by him now than she's ever been in her life.

I also consider that, post first birth, he can still get off with penile stimulation (but he's too big to fully fit into any girl, even his baby-daddy, so it's largely titfucking, handjobs and oral), and also that she begins actively taking the lead in fucking his cock, since it's now so large and sensitive it's basically a supersized vagina, flooding his balls even bigger with loads of fresh, virile futa seed that ensure the strength and health of their litters. In fact, she may have been stretching the truth about the whole "you're perma-preg now" thing... but since he's basically an addict for the feeling of her filling his balls full of virile futa seed, well, he never catches on.
top fucking kek
You got any more stories because holy shit that last one was hot!
That's excellent anon, good stuff. Though personally I like informed consent more in those situations; primarily since she seemed to be treating it very seriously and was against it at first, so that final characterization comes across as a bit mean spirited given what we know about them. Still hot af and a great short green idea.
What sort of stories? Hyper-virile futas in general? Futas knocking up guys? Futanari-induced altlpreg? I might have a few greentexts I could do...

>A shota regrets letting his younger loli-futa sister sleep with him when she ruts him in her sleep and knocks him up. Complaining to mom, he learns that this was always going to happen, and she's going to just give him bigger and bigger pregnancies as she gets older and more virile.
>A guy learns why futas don't do no-nut november when his futafriend's attempt to do so causes her sperm to mature into babies inside her balls, and he needs to help deliver them.
>A futa baker hands out "special cream filling" pastries; anyone who eats them ends up pregnant.
>A delinquent student trying to remain cocky after his futa teacher made him suck her off in detention learns that swallowing instead of spitting knocked him up, and this won't be his last pregnancy if he doesn't straighten up.
>A futa teen eagerly learns the family trade of horse breeding, which involves them knocking up mares for horses to sell and stallions to produce the next generation.
>A futa gardener's secret to the yield of her patch? Regular infusions of rich, nourishing futa-spunk, of course!
>She wasn't *lying* when she said that sucking her off would make her boyfriend almost as hung and potent as her. She just didn't mention the little side-effects of it also turning him into a breedable femboi. Of course, she'll be happy to quench that heat for him; pregnancy will make his cock even bigger and stronger, and that's what's important, right?
>A Laura Croft expy regrets her skepticism about the myth of the Futamazon Queendom when the "sacred wine" she downs turns out to be a centuries-old bottled cumshot from the last Futazon Queen... which instantly impregnates her with a whole litter of Futazons.
>A secret club of futas meets to engage in their favorite pasttime: boasting about their impregnations. But one has a secret.
Some monsterfuta ideas if you're interested...

>A dragon regrets his foolishness now he's too pregnant with half-gnome eggs to even walk.
>An inquisitor examines a sudden outbreak of Futa Exposure Syndrome in a small village that turns out to be due to a futa dragoness jacking off into the village stream.
>"Don't play with the pixies", they said. They never said it was because they'd seduce you away to become their multi-pregnant femboi broodmare-queen!
>A deceased futa paladin stands before the Angels of the Gate, pleading her case as to why she should be let in after having taken such a...priapric...path to promoting goodness.
>Twin elven sorceresses, the last of their city, congratulate their mother on her brilliant plan to revive their line: by capturing an orcish warband and converting them all into bimbo shemale broodmares through the power of elfin girl-dick.
>A captured adventurer is forcibly transformed into femboi through a goblin futa bukkake before he is presented to the goblin princess as her personal broodmare.
>A teen futacubus nun is scolded by her mother superior for tempting the local boys to have wet dreams about her, which has led to them all getting pregnant with her babies.
>A she-stallion chevall (horse-based were-centaur) decides whether or not to come clean to her "master" that she's the reason why he's pregnant.
>A were-ram shepherdess takes a stroll through the market, admiring all the little lambs she's planted in the local teens and anticipating the next breeding season.
>A hugely pregnant young wizard tries to reign in his baby's father, his futa faerie dragon familiar.
>A futa learns she's a sorceress when an simple case of jacking off produces sperm-girl minions.
>A prince in exile finds the perfect hiding place as the broodmare housewife of a family of halfling futas.
>Why don't wizards take al'miraj as familiars? Because a teleporting bunny-futa is impossible to avoid being knocked up by.
There are some excellent and really funny ideas in here. I wish I was more into M-preg so I could enjoy most of them in a sexual way lul.
NTA but consider me intrigued and aroused by more than a few
>boyfriend sucking off
>secret club
All sound like very good stuff!
Anons, maybe someone knows this story I'm looking for. Sadly I have only a few details from memory.

>Futa and guy start fucking
>guy starts to get more "flexible"
>start growing a big ass and big tits
File: RampuPaladinFuta.jpg (377 KB, 1000x750)
377 KB
377 KB JPG
Some suggestions I might mock up:
> huge-dick futanari paladin in chastity (pic related)
You are a priest designated to a blue-balled enraged "holier-than-thou" futa paladin.

She is only permitted by the Holy See to remove her cage in your confessional, where dealing with her pent up libido is your duty.
Story would focus on her coming back from different quests of varying length and effects -- such as curses affecting her cock (horsecock curse?), or being particularly pent up or filthy down there.
Sounds hot af. How would you work the virility angle into it? There are a lot of ways to take that. Futa pheromones, impossible pregnancies, comparisons between other members and the paladin, etc.
whoops, forgot to talk about that.

>futa pheromones, etc.
yes to all that :)

The chastity belts are imposed by the church because of the sheer amount of breeding that the futanari impose upon the population.

Despite there not being a lot of futanari, they're more than capable of taking over. Even with the Church's efforts, their population is still projected to overtake that of either gender in 2 centuries at most (possibly in one's life time.)

Without the church the world would be in a debaucherous dystopia where the planet is overpopulated, the majority of them being futanari.

Most futanari don't want that, as they prefer having many men and women to fuck, and therefore go along with the church as enforcers like paladins -- while other wouldn't give a fuck -- and the downfall of this fragile balance of futacum might be a interesting direction to take.

(I'm just spitballing here, anyone can branch off these ideas or add their own if you want.)
Here are some characters:

>MC Priest
as a low-ranking and youngest male in the holy hierarchy, you get all the lowly duties such as the confessionals forced unto you.

>Femboy Elf?
Possible alternative MC, girly/submissive. orphan of the church? While all males are inferior to even the less virile futanari, elven "men" are the most pathetically incapable amongst even them.

> Futa Paladin
main futa interest. Personality described above as "holier-than-thou". Stereotypical puritanical paladin, church's greatest asset but also greatest fear as her semen is the most virile the church has ever documented.

> Ebony Futa Paladin
Biggest dick futa, the Mother Superiors
most excessive responsibility. Likes to make others feel small.

> Orc Futa Paladin
least devoted paladin, could give a rat's ass about futanari overpopulation as she only exists to breed.
Personality is violence.

>Centaur Futa Knight
Obligatory Horsecock. Chastity is either impossible or with an intricate or impractical design due to the sheath. Perhaps only needs excessive care when in estrus, elsewise she is on errant across the kingdoms as knight and horse. I can think of a scenario where she takes one "to go" on her quest, roping them up underneath her as a living cocksleeve.
(thinking about some kind of goblin/halfling shortstack)

>>FEMALE (breeding meat)
>Innocent Sister Nun
virgin, innocent but also an air-head. So ignorant she doesn't even understand her feelings for MC nor what futa are. Futa NTR bait and corruption for sure.

> MILF Mother Superior
Thicc latina-esque MILF, bombshell mature body with olive skin. Takes care of the most aggressive futanari in the church's employ. (probably more on this character)

> Futa-Bred Elf Woman
Pregnant AF elven lady, her swollen belly awaits to deliver what looks like a litter of elflings. Was bred by one of the aforementioned futa, blames the church and demands you take responsibility.

more but im at the limit -
Any specific one you want me to tackle first, or should I just go through them all in that same order?
If these were to be the final characters, it would be interesting to see dynamics play out between the MC, the main futa and the love interest nun that go beyond shallow BSS/NTR. The nun being so ignorant she doesn't even understand the purpose of her church feels like a boring excuse to emasculate the MC. Since taking care of the futas is such a huge part of the world, I think it would be more engaging to use the implications and consequences the trio have to live with. Their different views and how they try to retain their relationships despite their circumstances could be a narrative weight that adds to the story and sex scenes.

For example it wouldn't be strange for the MC to see being fucked as his job. The sex might feel good, but he doesn't care beyond that and thinks he's contributing to a good cause. Maybe the Nun knows this is his duty, but it bothers her because she views sex as a more intimate, loving act. Maybe she gets the wrong idea about his views on sex and tries to become "more like him" to catch his attention and be together (without ever actually consulting him for his preferences). Or perhaps keep the innocent angle. Have her unaware of the exact nature of his work and feel conflicted, maybe even betrayed/NTR'd herself, when she learns. Could lead to her vindictive, or maybe trying to "connect" with him through "sexual avenue" once she understands.

The main futa can have interesting struggles as well. With her own desires and her denial of them. Maybe she hates what she craves and what her body does to people, but she also likes it and refuses to find a healthy way to resolve this conflict due to her puritanical views and the corruptive nature of her sex. Maybe she falls in love with the MC or Nun and feels like a villain once she realizes one of them loves the other. Maybe this is a huge emotional blow to her, or maybe her cum addled brain decides the only way to settle this is to fuck them both and form a poly relationship.
Aside from supporting the suggestions that >>9979660 makes, here's my suggestion: perhaps part of the reason that futas are tied to the church like this isn't just because they're able to get women pregnant incredibly easy and/or produce hyper pregnancies, but because there's a corruptive effect to futa semen? Basically, futas fucking guys is just as much a threat to the population demographic as futas breeding girls, in a different way.

What I'd do, personally, is have it that guys who provide oral or anal sex to futas become increasingly feminine, as the sheer virility of futa semen transfigures them to become more receptive to its intended function. The church can slow the transformation, and even slightly alleviate it, but there's only so much futacock a guy can take before he ends up a girly-looking cuntboi - and if he takes a snatch full of futacum from there, he'll be a full-fledged momma, just like any girl.

This could similarly extend to women; oral or anal sex will slowly bimbofy them, making them bustier and sexier and more fertile, and put them into heat, which only furthers their likelihood of getting knocked up by a solid creampie.

Thus, the church keeps the futas in check partially because they have access to the magical/chemical cures that alleviate the worst of futa cum exposure - though they can't do anything about the pregnancies.
Love tf and feminization so I second these suggestions as well. Though personally I'd change blanket bimbofication to a range of more fecund body types that also include bimbo. I think it's more interesting to have transformations like these change a bit depending on the recipient. Same for the pheromones. It sounds like some people in this world can stay lucid enough to not like being impregnated afterwards, or to manage their responsibilities despite being working with futa consistently. So maybe it's more common to have it be like an IRL addictive substance where personality, health, life circumstances, and upbringing play a role in how the person reacts. Some people get totally mind broken and ruin their lives, some people treat it like a guilty pleasure or occasional indulgence, some people are totally fine and just enjoy it, etc. It can be a very intense experience while still retaining these interesting nuances, and I think that'll leave the characters more engaging to the readers.
You're right about developing the MCxNun relationship past the futa just NTRing, my plan was to make it so a three-way relationship including all the genders could be the "good ending" type.

I totally agree it should be more like you say with the girl having some more agency, even if it might backfire.

Multi-faceted endings seems like the way to go for this, the 'bad" endings having the characters in unbalanced, more carnivorous dynamics with each other while the good ones could be, like you said, the poly relationships.

The church providing a chronic kind of cure, elixir, or blessing or whichever is a pretty good idea. It might make people addicted to it as well and easier to control (I guess the church is not exactly "good", more "world influence", maybe those at the top are hypocrites or succubi?).

I gotta admit though that boys tf-ing into girls isn't really my jam nor is feminization, though don't let me stop you guys -- these are good ideas that work for this I think.
They're just not the routes I would personally take/write about in a story; you guys can take all that.

I think the idea of being addicted but still somewhat lucid deep down hits that sweet-spot of scary/hot, so I'd like things futa-related to have a spectrum of effects on different people like you explained.

This was just one idea btw I had for a header btw in some of my notes, we can workshop other worlds too.
Futaccubus, Paladin and Secret Club sound like absolute winners even compared to the rest! I just hope I'm right about the secret of one of the club members, will be fun to see!
File: 1593084090617.png (1.52 MB, 3672x3474)
1.52 MB
1.52 MB PNG
>Futa POV stories are happening
Joy for me finally!
Alright, I'll try and get the Secret Club greentext done soon. I won't spoil the climax, but are there any specific feats of futa-provided impregnation you want to see before we reach that part?
Good question, the kinds you've described previously are pretty hot - perhaps knocking up people of all kinds with at least triplets given how virile they are? Maybe one who takes pride in making other's sacks so full of her jizz and babies they can't move for most of the pregnancies, and she enjoys seeing if she can knock them up even bigger all throughout? Could also be one who gets off on impregnating boys' balls then ride their dick herself, get her own seed shot back inside her if that's how it could work afterwards
This desu. Can't ever get enough futa POV
That art is effecting me.
Does anyone have the archives of the threads about this character? I remember seeing them a while ago but I can't remember if they had a tripcode or anything
>Carnivourous dynamics
>Be futa paladin
>Go to confessional to 'unburden' yourself
>Priest boy is pretty cute...
>see him around a few more times
>develop crush, begin going out of your way to interact with him.
>He's very blunt and kind of distant buut you'll definitely get him to like you
>One day see him interact with this nun girl
>They're both smiling and holding hands
>See red
>Next time you go to confessional you intend to wreck his anus so bad that he loves you
>Only the nun is there instead
>We all know where this is going .gif
>Afterwards feel ashamed, what you did went against the way you were raised.
>See the two of them together again, they're still both happy around each other
>Feel something horrible growing inside you, decide to act on it
>Few chapters of graphic sex later and you have a husband and a wife...or maybe just two wives idk
>In a fancy-looking house, six women are having a little get-together.
>There are cakes and pastries of many different kinds, all oozing with thick, rich, heavy lashings of cream, and the women are glutting themselves on the bounty.
>There are six women, with a seventh meekly waiting on them all.
>They run a gamut of ages, from a teenager to someone in her mid-40s, but they are all beautiful... and all sporting very unladylike bulges around their lower regions.
>Very sizable bulges indeed.
>The evident matriarch, black hair lightly frosted with silver, taps a glass for attention, smiling warmly at all of them... except for the seventh, whose hands shake as she fills the empty cup, and gets a scornful look in return.
>"Well, ladies, it's been a month since last we met. Let's talk about what we achieved in terms of club business."
>She smiles a smile with hidden teeth in it.
>"As for myself, I hired a delightfully cute young boy and am proud to report that, after only a few baths with my 'special' homemade soap, his penis withered away and became a most fetching little pussy."
>"And is it fertile?" giggles one of the five allowed to sit at the table, munching a profiterole.
>"The six little heartbeats in his new womb suggest so," cackles the first. "Why, he came to me, begging me to quench the fire in his loins... what could I do but help?"
>"Well I," speaks a second, dark-eyed, raven-haired, and dusky as the night, "Won a bet with a pretty white boy and made him wear my panties."
>The only teen at the table, a pale brunette in goth attire, scoffs. "So what's the big news about that?"
>"Well, we never bet that my panties wouldn't be used," the dark futa grins. "A nice smear of dried cum near his ass, and now he's got triplets growing in him, and his ass has plumped up lovely too - he's a proper PAWG now," she laughs.
>"Lame," scoffs the teen. "I snuck into the school pool and wanked off in it before gym class taught swimming. I got all my classmates, boys and girls, pregnant in one swoop."
>"Only with one or two each, I heard," the first futa observes casually, and the goth flushes and grumbles.
>"Well, ah," begins a futa with blonde hair and blue eyes, "Have been doin' mah research into cross-species breeding. I done expanded my farm into tha dairy business. Buy bull calves cheap, then take 'em home and give 'em a regular pokin'. You'd almost think they were heifers in a week or two. And then they give me nice, fat, healthy daughters... daughters with some cowbits, mind, but still, they're mine," she declares proudly.
>She takes out a wallet, clearly eager to share baby pictures, but none of the others accept the invitation.
>"I got into a threesome with this cute couple," says the second youngest, a rainbow-haired punk. "Talked them into 69ing while I did her from behind... so he got a nice big faceful of cum, and he got just as pregnant as she did!"
>"Well, I got a cute girl to give me a titjob, and now both her tits are pregnant," adds the sixth, who looks quite smug at her achievement.
>"It seems we've all done very well this last month," says their leader. "Keep up the good work, ladies!"
>"Excuse me, mistress?" asks the seventh futa, smallest and meekest of them all, shyly standing beside the table. "But I have a story, too..."
>"What is it?" the leader snaps icily, fixing a cold glare on the impudent seventh.
>The others are almost as hostile, except the farmer, who just looks sort of guilty.
>"Well... I spent the last month being abstinent..." the seventh begins.
>"As if your limp dick ever got wet anyway," scoffs the teenager.
>"So I let my balls get nice and full of strong, fermented cum... then I milked myself dry, and I mixed all that rich, virile seed into cream, and I baked that cream into pastries and fed it to six nasty futas," the seventh continues.
>Looks of horror all around the table as those words sink in. Suddenly, they become aware of how many pastries they've eaten, how much "special" cream they've swallowed. They realize their bellies are rumbling and groaning, but that is the last warning they get, and it's too little, too late.
>Squawks and shrieks fill the air as six bellies start expanding, swelling up like balloons. Shirts burst open and buttons tear as newly gravid wombs tear their way through all obstructions. Massively pregnant tummies butt against the table and leave them straining to keep their balance, and their leader screeches as her chair suddenly collapses beneath the weight of her new belly, so huge it looks like she has another adult tucked away inside of them.
>The seventh futa watches them floundering, trying to cope with suddenly being so hugely pregnant, and she smiles playfully.
>"Do I win?"
lmao good ending
Nice. Gotta admit I was expecting the secret to be that the seventh was a boy in disguise and would get gangbanged by the others, but this is much better!
File: 1621206336666.jpg (401 KB, 1250x800)
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401 KB JPG
Got it
File: sperm_rape.jpg (91 KB, 714x638)
91 KB
Thanks. Glad I wasn't going crazy after seeing the first image. Guess I was slightly off about a few things.
File: b80739dc73960.jpg (134 KB, 850x870)
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134 KB JPG
File: 1320719577839.jpg (90 KB, 900x800)
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File: 1594229604653.png (931 KB, 2480x3508)
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931 KB PNG
I crave more futa POV
I've got something with a futa's sperm literally aborting some dude's kid so it can be replaced.
Oh, and the sperm would also kill all other remaining eggs so that it'd be the last thing the woman ever bore.
That is extremely hot, wish I could read more of your stories
Nice, got more from pixiv?
Thanks for the translation anon. Love the girl's kuudere actitude.
Does anyone know what happened to this artist? Loved d anon-chan
Love the swimming pool idea

Imagine a muslim futa jacking off into a Holy water fonts making everyone in this church pregnant with her muslim babies <3
this shit is amazing, does any one have more like these two
I have seen several things like that, you would need to be more specific

>priest boy
>sit in my confessional
>staring blankly at the lattice hole
>Her cock will be here soon . . .

>this has been the longest time She's been away
>after seven months on errant, She's coming
>after seven months in chastity, She'll be free

>and it'll be my responsibility, yet again

>a sixth sense told me of Her arrival
>before I could hear her armored physique echo through the cathedral walls
>my little dick twitched, her oppressive pheromones wafting in from dozens of yards away

a similar reaction would be happening to the females, a moistness developing between their thighs

not after long, they would succumb: women of high stature and faith, chaste mothers and wives, and innocent daughters too . . .

Without exception, all would be in heat for just her scent if she were to linger. That was what was at stake; an orgy of adultery and baser breeding.

>I erect myself as I hear the penitent's curtain draw back suddenly -- She's here

"Lady Constance . . ." I greet her timidly, forgetful of the point of an anonymous confessional.

>only Her heavy breathing greeted you in return.
>Her silhouette towered above, becoming erratic as She shrugged off her metal pieces.

>all but one . . .

> She pressed herself against the divider, the
pillowy flesh of her enormous breasts meshing through -- Her needy nipples lactating lewdly.
>Though even that was the least of Her that required milking . . .
> beginning to recite prayer, I'm cut off by the mechanism plunged through the latticed opening:

the church's futa chastity cage was iron, banded in bronze.

Through the iron body, linked by chain, were bra-like concaves that hoisted up her heavy balls, keeping her churning organs taut together with the rest of her scrotum.

A reservoir at the tip of the bellend, perforated for urinating, drooled instead an excess of precum through it's holes.

the whole intricate contraption was held together at the waist by belt and padlock . . .


the whole intricate contraption was held together at the waist by belt and padlock . . .

>to which the contents of Her cage, I knew, could only be unsheathed by the rosary I wore about my neck.

"Noel . . ." She called my name through gritted teeth.

"Key. Now." She ordered, stern but trembling from desperation.

>I obey, bringing myself to belt's locking mechanism, to her pelvis.
>Her pubic mound heaves like a living animal with the futa's quickening breath, the belt is barely enough
> Thick, dirty blonde hair reached out from the metal, the concentration of pheromones they contained made my penis jump.
>such exposure to her has made me incredibly sensitive to her presence and commands
>I produce the small key from my rosary's hidden locket.
>this small key is the one thing that keeps Her cock from me . . .
>. . . and I from it.
>I place it within the padlock, and brace myself as I turn it.
> The belt becomes undone falling on Her side of the confessional
>she sighs in frustration.
>were not done yet, her meat is too turgid for the rest of the device to just simply fall off
>I have to make this quick or she might actually kill me
>first I unhook the chain to free her testicles
> the scrotum bra clatters at my feet, and her long hanging balls dangled menacingly
>mine were like raisins in comparison.
>they don't even look like the same organs.
>Her balls had swelled to the size of grapefruits, bruised and pregnant looking
>backed-up with cum
>i hurry up and firmly grip the last metal piece
>it takes my entire weight to pull it off
>loosening it sends it launching off her furiously engorging cock with a jerk.

Her cock was a monolith of worship.
Contrasting her creamy white skin was Her cock's tanned and dark with veins that snaked down her length.
It was instantaneous erect and dangerous, it swayed under it's own weight and a wicked curve made it hard to estimate -- but there must be 14 inches of her!

-- there must be 14 inches of her

A radiating blonde bush of her messy pubes surrounded her crotch, like a lion's mane for her bestial cock.

it was now my obligation to take the place of the Constance's chastity cage around the futa's cock.

>I felt a cold shiver down my spine
>it was hard to comprehend, it's almost like a religious experience

"Hey, nun boy! Get your fucking hands to work, already!" Constance roared, not caring who heard.

"Quiet, please!" I beg but without conscious thought I grabbed her member. It was so hot and hard I had to use all my strength, and my fingers fail to wrap entirely around her circumference.

Even so, I twist and jerk the ginormous cock as She groans in deep satisfaction.

>I bring my hands all the way up her length
>then all the way down
>to the precum drooling tip, to her blonde nether-hair, her cock becomes slick in her own
pre-seminal juices.
>each motions brings my face closer to her cockhead
>even circumcised in the order of the church, the flared head looked no less threatening

"how do I ever get my lips past that?", I think to myself.

>I take a deep breathe and muster up the courage.
>with one hand you cup one of Constance's huge balls and begin to knead
>while the other positions her cock head just below your nostrils
>you hold it there just for a moment as her pre slathers your lips as if to lube up a cunt

Constance began to utter something above, no doubt to complain, but this time it was my turn to cut her off

>Parting my coated lips finally I threw myself forward in a fluid motion spearing my face on her cock

"I-i-. . .OH! Hnnnggggh~" was the futanari paladin's only response.

>gagging hard, I manage to keep my lips wrapped just around her cock-head
>Her salty, heady taste consumes me.
>I explore the underside with my tongue, deftly cleaning the unwashed folds that have been untended to for several months
>I suck her cock like a teat, my throat in a constant state of draining her spouting precum.
(i keep on fucking up, i mean to keep this from the preist boy's pov, no "yous" or "yours")

>Constance gasps as I pop her member out of my mouth -- only to tongue her urethra and plant kisses across her cockhead
>then I shove it all back in, trying each time to get it deeper in my throat.
>My right hand pumps and manipulates her cock in tandem with the blowjob.
>While my left massages her aching balls, the weight like globes of lead
>all to try and coax the cum from her as expertly as I've been instructed.
>my methodology seemed to have some effect, as Constance humped mindlessly at the divide trying to get more and more of me.
>I was trying to work myself further and further
>her precum now pumped almost directly into my gut, foreshadowing a deeply fulfilling warmth to cum.

"You're going to have to loosen that jaw up, you beautiful boy!" Constance ordered in batted breath.

>I hope that means she's close and redouble my efforts.
>with zeal, I skewered my head with finality on Constance's cock

"Oh, fuck!" said Constance biting her bottom lip "Good pet~" She praised.

>With my own sense of amazement, I must of had the majority of her inside me!
>But there was still a quarter-ways to go before I would before she could bottom out.
>As I was told, I would must take the place of Constance's cage
>Not just with my mouth and hands anymore, I use my entire weight to push her deeper and deeper.
>I could hear the pleasurable grumbling of Constance, but couldn't make a word out from my own gurgling.
>I free my mind of anything but advancing towards her crotch with my throat
> Her pelvis is flexing and glistening with sweat
> her pubes look soft and inviting, encouraging me with their aroma.
>Whenever I lost any ground, it would never be fore long
>I would suck on the way down, then work myself back up.
>I would not lose traction after coming so far.
>Suddenly, even under my own copious spluttering, I heard Constance moan loud and brusquely . . .

>clenching her muscled ass, Constance bucked her powerful lower body forward into my mouth
>eliminating the last several inches in a single, brutal movement
>now I had her futa-cock's entirety within me

>Constance became a chorus of blasphemies above me:


>the balls i had been handling jumped as the testicles flexed within her ballsack, finally releasing
>Constance's cock swelled from the base, locking my jaws in place around it as her orgasm thickened her already girthy cock

>There was no escape, even if I wanted to
>I was stuck there, my mouth attached to her crotch, nose buried in her pheromonic pubes making my head spin.

>choking helplessly, I somehow kept myself conscious despite the lack of air.
>even as that monstrous thing throbbed with sperm, the indignant bellowing of her cum depositing deep inside me
>torrent after torrent, ropes of cum splattered my insides with impossible warmth
>tears streaked down my burning face

>There was this horrible burbling sound as thick, white cum sprayed from the corners of my frothing mouth.

>her cum even leaked from my nose in a sight that would've made her laugh if she could see him in such as a state as this over her cock.

>she must've cum several more times before she pulled back from my mouth
>the suction was so great in took me out of my stupor
>it felt as though she was taking a part of me with when she finally freed her cock from my mouth, throat, and body -- with a resounding pop.
>Constance wrung out the last strands of cum from her cock unceremoniously into my side of the booth
>strings landing on the low hem of my chasable, though my priest's outfit was already long ruined.

"Done." Constance said more to her own cock than to me it seemed, satisfying herself with the completeness of the word.

>next is last.
Thats... a bit fucking grim. It'd be better if it just overwrote the DNA of the fetus so it becomes her child, and then maybe corrupts the remaining eggs in the womb so they have the futa's DNA instead of the mother's.

"I have indulged you, and now offer absolution from your sins, and may the abeyance of your loins be fruitful. Amen."

"Fucking, Amen, you little slut." Constance replied shortly.

>even as her cock receded to hang flaccid over the lattice opening . . .
>I could feel her still
>It was madness, but I could feel her virile writhe where it touched my skin, in my mouth, and especially in the great sum of it that sloshed in my innermost.
>if her cock and balls could be so large, could it really be possible that even her sperm was so much many times larger?
>It really is of paramount importance that you fulfill your duty to the church and Constance

there's no doubt in my mind that with the cum from this one confession, Constance could fecundate the nuns and every pious woman in or near our cathedral.

"You best better clean up, Noel." Constance said passing me a kerchief through the opening "If I'm not caged by the time all those breedable pussies come by, and this box still stinks of my cum -- you'll be held responsible for what happens next." She laughed.

Recoiling at her tongue, even after what we just did Constance had a way of making everything seem much more dirty.

"That won't happen," I say bluntly. "you're my responsibility."

"Oh, how exclusive!" Constance said as she fumbled with my belt around her waist. "Guess I just gotta settle with breeding you . . ."

. . . . .
(passage of time)
Seeing Constance off was an affair itself. She had much to report to the Mother Superior, having been one of their paladins off for sometime, but she seemed to want to stay attached to me instead.

I already had my hands full with trying to clean up after her mess.

Even so, it was always was a shock to see her outside of the confessional.

Despite her smug nature and impressive height, not to mention her full-plated paladin armor, one would never expect such a cock as she possessed.
Even if one knew she was a futanari, it was hard to comprehend that behemoth between her legs with her full, womanly face and gentle grey eyes.

Her lips were full and she was prone to smirking. In fact, her smile only broadened when she seemed to become interested with a certain part of my face.
Was there something on it?

No sooner had I just finished cleaning the confessional when Sister Cybelle appeared as I exited the curtain.

"Belle!" you exclaim, feeling caught in the act for some reason.

"That's Sister Bele, mister!" she said jokingly, wagging her finger at me with mock anger.

Her nun's habit was did little to hide her figure, though any larger and it would be too long. The problems of a short yet busty girl, I guess.

Her hair was dark and had a healthy gleam to it. She had large circular glasses and mousy features. Even though I knew you shouldn't, from a plethora of reasons, I coveted her.

"I was wondering where you were. Guess you were working pretty hard in there, huh?" she said reaching up to pat me on your head.

Suddenly, she like Constance, seemed to focus on something as she brought her face to mine.

"Oh . . . ?" said Cybelle, plucking a wiry bit of blonde hair from the corner of my mouth.

>one of Constance's pubes

(that's all im gonna write for now, I'll probably turn this into a story somewhere/sometime when I get the freedom to, but whatever. I think this was a bit bloated lol)
this was really good bro, Idk how to keep my shit concise
VERY good shit, anon! Obligatory GIWTWM
Good stuff anon. Enjoying your take on this so far.
File: FEFzDQaagAApzNr.jpg (457 KB, 1577x2039)
457 KB
457 KB JPG
Requesting sauce on that one chief.

Found here: https://exhentai.org/g/1273276/d4107a07d4/
Warning includes ball pregnancy and penis birth.
File: 1383780372782 87.jpg (93 KB, 827x1169)
93 KB
Does anyone have that screencap on how to improve cum quality and quantity?
File: unknown.png (1.92 MB, 2048x2048)
1.92 MB
1.92 MB PNG
This one right?
I wrote this AU fact file or anatomical rundown-type thing about futanari a while ago that might fit this thread but I'm not sure how to post it seeing as pastebin seems like a no-go these days. Can anyone recommend anything?
Yeah that's it.
Different guy but I wonder should you just not touch yourself period for a certain amount of days before starting the edging process you does it really not matter
File: Unity_7S6UaI3DV5.jpg (476 KB, 1337x686)
476 KB
476 KB JPG
I went full power horny autism mode
File: Unity_NhNsYfjqkC.png (59 KB, 718x537)
59 KB
At least I've learned some shaders...
And if anyone is wondering where it's going >>9954577 >>9954578 >>9959440
Nice work anon, maybe it's possible to turn that into a gif and overlay it on images?

You should listen to your body, but it's good to be turned out every few hours while abstaining to keep production maxed. A lot of cum is produced during restful sleep too.
File: XO9vhRvcL.jpg (333 KB, 1575x1181)
333 KB
333 KB JPG
Alright here it is https://ghostbin.com/yH36D/1234 (password 1234)

Thanks for the hosting rec
Good stuff anons
I know that's jadf-tan but who is getting impregnated here?
There's always so much hyper virility stuff, but no-one ever seems to consider how uncomfortable that looks.

Then again even in this pic with proper ball lingerie it doesn't look any more comfy kek.
File: i.png (725 KB, 1200x1129)
725 KB
725 KB PNG
I think discomfort is part of the fetish. If a futa is uncomfortably full of cum you know she's at her limit, and she'll experience the limits of orgasmic pleasure as a payoff for the discomfort.
File: 144.jpg (241 KB, 850x958)
241 KB
241 KB JPG
File: 24335985.jpg (149 KB, 620x775)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
File: 24.jpg (767 KB, 1280x1813)
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767 KB JPG
There is a massive lack of any good futaxmale mpreg, be it captions, stories, images, across the board. You'd think with all these virility threads there would be a wave. Reading the same two doujins gets boring after a while.
File: 89928972_p3_master1200.jpg (552 KB, 849x1200)
552 KB
552 KB JPG
OreoManko has this very hot gender-bender streak going, but the most consistent one is yugami.
Agreed. It's ridiculously rare. Honestly...I would love to try and put together one of those erotic CYOA charts you see here for building a futa+mpreg world, but I have no idea where to even begin doing so... maybe we can discuss it here? It's a fun pair of concepts that really deserves to get more love as a pairing.
The only way you could possibly change it up from the normal futanari cyoa charts is by somehow incorporating fertility. I was thinking about comissioning a great amazon futanari x femboy artist to do a mpreg scenario. I was thinking someone like Snickerz, I love their work. And they're seemingly interested in the idea as well as they've been hinting at it since their revival. Problem is they take a while and or commissions slots are hard to get.
>The only way you could possibly change it up from the normal futanari cyoa charts is by somehow incorporating fertility.
I disagree. I mean, I haven't looked at such a CYOA for a while, but some elements of one that immediately stand out are:
>How common are futas
>How easy is it for futas to impregnate men
>What do pregnant men give birth to
>How well-known is futa virility in the wider world
>How do pregnant men give birth
>How feminine are men compared to futas by default
>What physical changes, if any, come about due to male pregancy.
>Random virility- and fertility-related quirks/perks - addictive semen, feminizing semen, TGing semen, superfetation, superfecundation, etc.
>Social hierarchy of men, futas and women.

I think if we as a board put our minds together, we could come up with a fun CYOA for quickly putting together worlds in which futa virility and mpreg are found todether.ee
Are there any already existing futa CYOAs that we could use for reference on this?
Uh... good question. Anyone know? It's not actually something I have saved..
File: FE7dSRMXsAERLqS.jpg (176 KB, 979x2000)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
By based G29
Golden thread
File: 92796191_p1_master1200.jpg (985 KB, 900x1200)
985 KB
985 KB JPG
Emergency Bump
There is a thread on aco rn but idk if it'll have Futa stuff.
He's always had a smattering of it. But he sticks to 'Futa is Bigger' mainly.
OreoManko has been drawing some real nice stuff, I will be sure to post what I can
File: 9.png (1.67 MB, 2137x3016)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB PNG
Can't forget to post the OG
File: 25.png (1.78 MB, 2103x3015)
1.78 MB
1.78 MB PNG
He ded.
File: 89928972_p4_master1200.jpg (607 KB, 849x1200)
607 KB
607 KB JPG
He has been upgraded from twink to futanari baby maker
Alright, so, looking there... the first thing to come to mind is this: what kind of CYOA are we maing? Are we making:
>Futanari + Mpreg World-building CYOA?
>A CYOA in which you are a virile futa out to breed one or more cute boys?
>A CYOA in which you are a cute boy out be bred (or delightfully fail to resist being bred) by hot futas?

The first two strike me as most thread relevant, but the third could also be thread relevant, I guess?

Or we could be really bold and try to get all these CYOAs worked on. There's an mpreg thread up now we can move to once this thread hits the bump limit....
>>A CYOA in which you are a virile futa out to breed one or more cute boys?
Can't stop thinking about this one, so here's a rough outline of how that might look, sans flavor text or points cost.

Commonality: How common are futas like you?
>Unique: You're one of a kind... at least, until you start breeding.
>Minority: Futas are known to exist, but you're distinctly uncommon. More points makes you a Significant Minority, which means you make up double-digits of the population.
>The Fairerer Sex: Futas are equally common as women. More points and you replace women entirely.
>Majority: Futas outnumber either women, boys, or both.
>Dickworld: The world is only futas and fembois. Decide if futas are minority, equal, or majority.

Acceptance: How does society respond to the idea of futas breeding cute boys?
>Reviled: It's illegal for futas to breed guys. You risk punishment if proven guilty.
>Unknown: You're the first of your kind. No prejudices, but people will freak.
>Controversial: It's not illegal, but opinions are strongly divided on it.
>Accepted: It's just a fact of life.
>Encouraged: Society actually pushes futas to breed boys, and/or boys to be bred.
>Mandatory: Guys HAVE to be impregnated at least once in their lives. Great for those who like a more femdom/futadom world.

Family Planning: How far do you intend to spreads your genes?
>Mah Waifu (Male): You want a husband to call your own and pump full of spawn on a regular basis.
>Wild Oats: It's the party circuit for you; spread those seeds far and wide!
>Harem: Best of both worlds, other choices may make this easier or harder to get.

Split for length...
Virility: How easy is it for you to get a guy pregnant?
>Cultivation: You need to "condition" the lucky baby-daddy with dominance and/or emasculation before your seed will take.
>Breeding Season: Guys are only able to get pregnant during a certain time of year.
>Fertilizer: You need to give your baby-daddy some kind of drug, potion or even weird foodstuff to make them receptive. Exactly how obvious this is affects the points return; you get more points back for needing to stick somebody with a needle than you do for needing to make them drink your cum.
>Difficult: Guys are considered to "cycle" like women, but are much less likely to "take" than a woman.
>Easy: Guys are at least as likely to conceive as women, if not more so.
>Effortless: If you cum in a guy, he's going to be a mom.

Virility Perks: Optional extras that make breeding easier.

...To me, that seems like a solid base for such a CYOA. Other elements that immediately come to mind are standard "build a futa" CYOA elements - your race, how hung you are, how big your cumshots are, stuff like that. Any opinions?
This is an excellent starting outline for a CYOA. Next would be to consider events that will occur, optional downsides for the player to give them more points, and specific modifications the player can make to their body/futa bodies in general. It would also be good to consider what gives and takes points, and why a player would want to spend them. In my experience you want players to spend points on things that give them more options, and gain additional points from things that limit their options. The design here is a little tricky because it needs to be done while considering fetishism. I think it can be done though.

On a side-note, it would probably be more appropriate to the thread if the focus of the CYOA is on the futa aspect and their virility. As the outline stands it reads more like an mpreg CYOA that happens to have a futa player.
Great ideas for expansion! And that side-note is very important, I agree. Care to take a stab at offering up some more "futa-centric" elements of the CYOA?
Artist name?
Whilst I eagerly await other suggestions, here's a couple of potential CYOA flaws.

>Romantic Nonsense: Your seed needs emotional investment to reach its full potential. Decrease Virility unless you are in love with the target. Less refund: only the target needs to be in love with you. More refund: you need to be mutually in love. Can be taken with Power of Love (Virility increases if target is love interest).
>Ultra Estrogen: Your unique futa sperm erases tesosterone. Those you repeatedly sex will turn into fembois (least refund), cuntbois (moderate refund) or full women (high refund). No impact on Virility, but causes social link problems unless paired with mind-impacting cum perks.
>Dumbfuck: Whether through the nature of futa cum or just your sheer sexual skill, you literally fuck the wits out of your interests. Overexposure turns your partner into a bimbo, either temporarily (less refund) or permanently (high refund). A bimbofied partner no longer counts as loving you.
>Assimilative Testo-Estrogen: Your cum actually makes those who imbibe it more sexually aggressive, confident, assertive and dominant. Great if you like a powerbottom lover, not so great if you want to be 100% in control. If combined with Addictive Jism, your lover(s) will jealously guard their access to you, even against your will.
>Nourishment of Seed: Those you impregnate need to feed on your semen to maintain a healthy, viable pregnancy. If they can't get it, they ultimately miscarry. This impacts how many you can keep pregnant at once by how often you can cum.
>Wrong Target: Requires Gender Prejudice world element. Kids you sire are always of the discriminated gender. You can still bear kids of the favored gender yourself, which may be its own drawback. At a higher negative value, you only make "unwanted" kids, regardless of whether you sire or carry them. Doesn't impact Virility.
I think it's a pretty simple fix honestly. Just give the player some more options focused on their customization and then give a few female specific or neutral options. A few examples might include:

How many children the people you impregnate give birth to on average.

What type of sexual approach and personality do you possess? Do you use your charisma to convince people to fuck you? Do you rape them? These options could be informed by what setting you chose.

Do you specialize in any specific types of sex or fetishes? Do you force your partners to partake in them, convince them to, or just entertain your interests when possible?

What kind of body type do you/futas posses (I.E. Interior VS Exterior testicles, average body and sexual characteristic proportions, etc)?

Hyper and Super Pheromone flaw options that can have their inconveniences countered with the proper character building.

A Nemesis flaw option that creates an opposing character who cannot be impregnated or swayed by your perks, and tries to get in the way of your goals. Another Nemesis option could be an opposing futa that has the same amount of points you do and will try to steal your lovers/get in your way/fuck you. These options could either have them be someone who genuinely hates you, or maybe they're just yandere for you.
Source on this one?
C'mon anon it's literally the only result on SauceNAO
And the futa is a child. My boner is dead.
Some good additions to the CYOA's building blocks. Anyone wanna try writing them up, or should I take a stab at it?
I don't know about others here, but I'm no good at formatting so please don't wait for me.
File: FFDdSkkaMAAvf0h.jpg (292 KB, 1377x2039)
292 KB
292 KB JPG
Thanks for the tip bro
Does anyone have the english translation of the Canvassolaris futa x male redhead senior fucking the junior image set? I've only found the Japanese text. If someone wants to help translate them i could post them but its a pretty big set.
File: n1cl0esq1te61.jpg (100 KB, 773x780)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
I think take away the option to become full women, we're sexualizing femboys and traps here, and in this new world i like to think women still exist so its unecessary. Cuntboys are fine, but I think being able to make bussies for femboys and traps after fucking/raping them into it is hotter. I would love to be one of these cute little femboys and in the world be unwilling to be fucked by a futa until a big and strong goddess rapes me til I accept that I will sire her many heirs and be her baby maker. Just thinking about it makes me want to buy and ride an 18 inch dildo.
Something like this where my new futa mistress forces me to wear girl clothing after fucking and raping me for a while until I eventually subside to the effects of her rewards and I physically become more feminine to a point where I am able to give her the kids she wants with my cum-filled bussy. On top of that my mind is broken to a point where all i can think about is taking her cock and raising her kids. Sorry for the blog, hoped this helped some people get in the mindset.
File: 10 (1).jpg (734 KB, 1280x1864)
734 KB
734 KB JPG

I hope you don't mind, but I couldn't help but write that part out.

>Weeks pass. Then months.
>You grow and grow and GROW.
>After that initial series of changes, you could feel little fetuses inside your ballpurse, about the size of golfballs.
>Thankfully, your girlfriend assures you that such rapid gestation won't happen again.
>But your babies may end up a pound or so heavier than average. They certainly won't be any lighter, even though you're having twins.
>There have been no checkups, no ultrasounds, no consultations. But the bulges out of your soft-skinned sack make it pretty easy to tell how many there are, especially after the first trimester ends.
>Going to a hospital would lead to invasive medical studies. She reminded you that to most of the world, futas don't exist.
>You had so many questions. Like, how the hell does she know all this about herself, if the world doesn't know?
>She didn't give many answers, only promising that when you needed to know something, she'd tell you. And that it was for the best.
>You wanted to argue that point, but then you thought about how *you* were the one that talked her into all this.
>She tried to steer the two of you clear of it.
>You made this bed, now lie in it.
>It's not all bad, though. She took over the household affairs as you got big, while you support your new lives in a WFH gig.
>Your pregnant, squirming balls comfortably saddled in a little sling at the front of your office chair.
>Waiting. Growing.
>Your girlfriend would get hard just at the sight of you. She could barely keep her hands off you during work hours, and the moment you clocked out, she'd pounce you.
>Pushing deep into your throat, your ass, and yes, your new onahole of a cock.
>She had no reason to hold back anymore~.
>And you loved every minute of it.


>As the second trimester ended, you looked at yourself in the mirror one morning.
>Still the same androgynous, flat-chested, wide-hipped, soft-voiced, horse-hung tomboy that you were on 'Day 1' after what you've come now to think of as the best mistake of your life.
>Only now you have to wear a ballbra just to walk without knocking your sensitive boulders to and fro.
>You asked your girlfriend when the next wave of changes was due.
>She looked confused, to say the least.
>Tits. When are you getting tits?
>She giggled. She whispered into your ear that you weren't getting them.
>Tits are for mothers. Not breeders.
>You went bright red and wordlessly nodded.


>Today makes nine months. You were starting to think the day would never come.
>You're in your living room, your monster cock flopping around: half-erect over your groaning, churning balls. Belching gobbets of a thin, watery fluid.
>Not precum. Not cum.
>It's time.
>She's there with you, holding your hand, reassuring you as the orgasm-contractions rock your whole body.
>Your cock distends like a snake eating a goat, but in reverse.
>Your world is glazed over by a white-hot haze of pleasure as your firstborn slowly squeezes up your shaft.
>You push and push, moaning. Gasping.
>Even though you didn't take anything for the pain, it's manageable.
>It's the *pleasure* that has you crying with the intensity. You can barely process it.
>Either your cock is going to explode, or your brain is going to melt. No one is built for this.
>It takes hours and hours of constant orgasms, but finally your twins are out, crying their little lungs out as she wraps them in purple blankets. >Two healthy little futas. Fraternal twins.
>Ten pounds, two ounces each.
>As she puts you to bed, she kisses your forehead and tells you that you're a natural.
>You burn inside~. You've never felt more proud.


>Hours later, you wake in the middle of the night.
>Your sleep schedule got rocked after staying up for 22 hours straight, most of it in labor.
>You use the bathroom, glimpse yourself in the mirror, and see how much mass you've lost.
>You run into your girlfriend back in the hall; she must have woken up when you left the bed.
>She congratulates you again. Calls you her Breeder.
>That always makes you shiver~.
>Now though, you give her a satisfied smile.
>You tell her that you're looking forward to raising your two daughters together, and that while you know things won't really be the "same" ever again--
>You admit that you'll be glad to be back to normal.
>She smiles back.
>Even in the barely-lit hallway at 3 in the morning, you can see how unsettlingly pleased she looks~.
>This IS normal now, she insists.
>Women that take a load of futa cum get pregnant, but it's a one-and-done deal.
>Futa sperm is powerful, but it's not immortal.
>Like male seed, it dies and gets naturally absorbed by a woman's body in a day or less.
>Guys aren't so lucky. Futa seed is built to infest them~.
>She pets over your baseball-sized orbs as she explains in a quiet, honeyed voice. She knows you love this.
>A huge portion of her sperm entered your cum-factories and injected their DNA, forever turning your balls into genetic chimeras.
>Now they make HER sperm, instead of yours.
>But whenever your body starts to lack the specific pregnancy hormones that come with futa-pregnancy, your balls will take that as a signal to start making their original male sperm, as well.
>That means that sometime in the next week or two, you're going to knock yourself up.
>Your sperm and hers: trapped in your balls until they sniff each other out and combine into two more futa embryos.
>Or four, if the stars should align~.
>You're going to be perpetually pregnant, birthing her babies out of this monster fuckhole dick for the rest of your life.
>And all it took was one drop of futa cum.

Good job m8, this was a fun different take on it!
Okay, let me start trying to further the CYOA...

Brood Size: How pregnant do your partners get?
>Realistic: 1 baby.
>Stud: 1d3 babies.
>Super Stud: 2d4 babies.
>Mega Stud: 3d6 babies.
>Ultra Stud: 4d8 babies.
>Supreme Stud: 5d10 babies.

Futa Type: What is your genitalia arrangement?
>Dickgirl: Male genitalia, no female genitalia.
>Clitty-Dick: You have a vagina and a penis, but no external testes.
>Herm: You have a vagina, a penis, and balls.

Breeding: What's your go-to strategy for getting baby-papas in the sack?

...Honestly, I'm kind of running dry on choice ideas here. If folks want to stick their oars in and suggest categories, choices, details, I'm all for it. Especially when it comes to perks and flaws, because those tend to be where the really fun stuff is.
File: 9.jpg (880 KB, 1275x1800)
880 KB
880 KB JPG
Probably wrong thread to ask,any content were futas are used as semen dispensers? something extracting the cum out of them nonstop
File: 69975164_p2.jpg (1.37 MB, 2100x1280)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB JPG
In context of the thread since masters in fate can using magic and as of a recent thing could totally boost themselves to monstrous effects with magecraft, Gudako could technically both wish to have a dick and then precedingly waste seals and magic on bulking up virility and potency just because
No, command seals can't do that.
Not really, she canonically is a magiclet with garbage circuits and who doesn't know shit about magic, Merlin does all the heavy lifting, plus command seals don't work like that
Also fuck you for reminding me about it, it's criminal how little decent quality FGO futa content has even if it was incredibly popular for a couple years, and even less featuring Gudako as the futa even if all normal fanart depicts her as a gigastacy
If I knew how to write properly the first thing I would do is make a fapfic rewrite of all the singularities using only female servants and Gudako solving all problems with the power of futa dick
At least there's this comic I found, enjoy
How about including some options for settings, items, and goals? Settings can give context with a brief description and add flavor to the CYOA. Items would be different things the player can spend their points on besides their body, things that could give them unique options. Goals would be something the player's futa is working towards and make the CYOA more engaging outside of just making your fetish avatar. The Setting and Goal chosen could also help dictate the amount of base points that the player can spend on their futa.

Some settings can be things like: Fantasy, Present Day, Sci-fi, IRL Hentai, Post-apocalypse, etc

Some items could be things like: Hypnotism item (can be a spell in Fantasy, an App in the modern day, maybe neural-hacking for Sci-fi?), Omni-use onahole, Omni-use dildo/vibrator, forced sex-changing item, Omni-use bondage, etc. Probably best to keep them sex themed or inline with doujin convention so it doesn't feel out of left field.

Some goals could be things like: Living a normal life without your futanari body being discovered/getting in the way. Impregnating as many people as possible. Becoming the most notable figure in the underground. Taking over your local government. etc. Many of these could be tied to a time limit of some kind, or tie into a competition if you have a nemesis.
>that shitty qos tatoo
Why whay are they forcing that shit in this
File: E4FLi-qVUAEWzZ3.jpg (462 KB, 1488x2088)
462 KB
462 KB JPG
Actually in a few PVs(and one or two events) as well as the anime, it's 100% possible for a master have good enough magic to beat a servant. specifically in the case of Gudako she was literally able to withstand a journey through time without actual assitance.

In the case of Gudako/Gudao, it specifies(on the wiki): "Their skills as a mages actually isn’t much different from Lord El-Melloi II.[118] Despite being considered an inferior mage by Olga Marie Animusphere, their untrained magic circuit were still of high enough quality to allow them to form Servant contracts and be converted into spiritrons for the purpose of Rayshift.[3] However, the spells they can use, like the offensive Gandr, are dependent on the Mystic Code they wear.[119] Without a Mystic Code, they are virtually incapable of using even the simplest forms of magecraft, although it is uncertain if this is due to lack of training, inferior magic circuits, or both." It's less that they are canonically garbage, more they are literally just incapable for undetermined reason(for lore/story). It's not like they couldn't get better since other maters can do shit like beat servants in a 1v1 with certain self conditions/additions, it's a lack of effort on the part of the MC.
Oh I wasn't just referring to using them on themselves, I meant forcing someone else to help.
forgot to add but I read that comic a littler while ago, I've been waiting the the sequel.

On that later half of your talk, there are some stories on FGO and a few doujins but none that ae really full on topic with the thread or are all that long or good, More content than I can find for GBF to say the least but I'd say FGO has it decent since more of the world knows FGO than GBF.

I hate the lack of futa Djeeta content and translated doujins.
Check the stuff from "白土"(sirosoil) his art is a bit rough but he has some nice stuff with Gudako.

File: 68635128_p1_master1200.jpg (394 KB, 595x842)
394 KB
394 KB JPG
Oh I know of them as well, I follow them on pixiv already.
I can try to give you these two multi chapter stories

first like is FF the second is Ao3
Not that guy but thanks, did you read this already?
File: CK_Yp92UcAAYDZy.jpg (84 KB, 647x900)
84 KB
yeah, that's what he linked here >>9998613, sad to say I'm kinda on top of most of the futa stuff for FGO and GBF.

It sucks waiting for new futa content for the latter since the latter almost never gets any new stuff
To whoever likes stuff like >>9977076 check:
and the other stories of this guy.
Question: Would I just be using Google translate on this?
Sounds like some pretty solid options for fleshing out this CYOA to me... in fact, how are we actually going to keep this alive? All we've got so far is a bunch of random notes and suggestions scattered in posts. Are we going to make a googledoc or something and start building it into a proper CYOA sheet?
Thanks anon
I know this is old, but-
last one was done, forget which thread.
third one is on literotica, but it's less femboy-ization than it is just straight ballpreg.

Gives me an idea.

>Guy gets frisky with a one-night stand with a futa.
>docks her, fucks her overgrown cock.
>winds up busting a nut inside her dick, before she bust a fucking waterfall that splatters all over his lower half.
>some sperm gets inside of his dick, and goes for the kill, similar to the ballpreg breeder story.
>Except in this case, the gestating eggs don't go past a certain age unless inside of a woman/futa.
>dude goes from 6'4 football player to 5'10 stacked, fatassed, overhung, and gurgling ballsack loaded with eggs bombshell.
>constantly calls up different one-night stands to relieve the pressure
>dozens of "oviposited" women carrying his kids.

Ironically, she's the one fucking.
Utilize magic to buff yourself
Im more of an assbaby than a ballpregnancy guy myself.
Is there any futa on male content where this actually results in them having a child? I've seen a fair amount of anal pregnancy in doujins of this type, even allusions to the guys having somehow developed the necessary equipment to give birth, but I cannot recall a single doujin or imageset where they give birth or have a child afterwards.
God I wish I was that bucket
Seems like a good idea. Don't want to lose what's been built up so far in the thread.
I'm not exactly one for true ballpreg, what with all the fetuses, but >>9998951 hit that exact middleground.
I've always been one for more inhuman-based stuff.

>Adventuring party going through a forest.
>Stereotypical trappish/femboy elf knight in this oversized set of armor.
>Still fairly strong, but actually uses some of his mana to pilot the whole thing.
>Unfortunately for him, the forest is known for its rather predatory slimegirl futas, and they have a specific taste in males.
>One manages to drip into his roomy armor one night, and hides long enough for him to start walking with his party.
>Reforms behind him in his armor, soaking through his clothes and almost immediately starts fucking him with the solider part of her body.
>She's a quickshot, but uses a tendril to reroute her orange-white cum from his ass to his urethra.
>His balls go from decently-empty to overfull in one shot.
>She forces him to continue walking and stay quiet, the rest of the party oblivious to their knight getting pumped full of corrupting load after corrupting load.
>Inevitably found out, but the party leader lets the girl stay if she helps the elf in combat, as if expecting it.
>He'd feel betrayed if he wasn't getting fucked into oblivion during the negotiations.
>Almost immediately after, the slimegirl finally starts modifying him.
>His balls already reached 1/3 of the way down his thighs, now they're hitting 2/3 and beyond.
>His dick is just barely longer than his balls now, the slimegirl apparently seeing no need in making it any larger than it already is.
>Suddenly, all of her slimy sperm crowd his own, and immediately start forming new slime-cores.
>Party rogue swears she can hear a bit of sloshing behind her.

>Later on, the elf's leaning against a tree, desperately trying to release the eggs clogging his tubing.
>Slimegirl just teases him, knowing they won't come out until they're ready.
>Fortunately for him, that's soon.
>Party reaches forest's edge, and the elf almost immediately falls over, scrambling to take his armor off.
>Top-down, bottom-up, sphere after sphere starts shooting out of his dick, with him going far past "moaning in abject ecstasy" and straight into a silent state of constant orgasm.
>It continues for minutes, but his balls barely shrink as the pile below him grows.
>Eventually, he recovers, but he feels a familiar prodding at his back.
I like this idea a lot. Futas corrupting guys into horny self-producing baby factories that serve only to spread the futa's lineage further by pumping other women full of the futa's children rather than their own.
1. holy shit new digit
2. new idea get-
>Futa warlock/benefactor corrupts guy's sperm into "seedlings" that require females (or other males) to fully grow into human offspring.
>Spilled seedlings become semi-sentient controllable collective organism that constantly mutates and tries to add more to itself, through more corruption or more jizz from it's owner.
>over time, the collective gains the ability to give instructions to either testicles/wombs to "manufacture" tools, equipment, material, chemicals, or the like through cellular construction.
>Guy goes from aspiring warlock to full-blown chitin-armored bombshells with jizz-swarm that turns people into flesh-weapon vending machines.

Shit, I might have to write a story about this when I have the time.

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