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diy car neon lights?

I was thinking of buying one of these rgb led strips with remote controller. Any suggestions?
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File: IMG_20170715_132540_164.jpg (326 KB, 1080x806)
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If you want an underglow type of effect, I would suggest buying LED strips of the specific color you want. I see too many people that buy remote controlled strips and then just have a rainbow effect on their cars which looks absolutely terrible. Just remember, anything can look tasteful if done correctly. I drive a pink mercedes from the 80s, tons of compliments, just have to do it right.
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Looks like shit. Probably even worse without the Instagram Stacey filters. Faggot.
File: 20161029_205252_LLS.jpg (1.1 MB, 2322x4128)
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How about you /diy/ and make your own controller? It's not hard to use a mosfet to convert 5V to 12V signal. This way you could not only change the color but have custom animations.
This dude is the epitome of /diy/
File: 20170523_201559.jpg (1.61 MB, 2322x4128)
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Thank you my friend. When it comes to anything lighting wise I usually diy.
Do this and wire it up with a microphone/amp sensor to change intensity along with the bass
That lit senpai
That's a pretty good idea, but I'd have them inside then.
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Yeah I think I'll do this
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Light autist approves.
Please teach me your ways
File: 20170409_141217.jpg (564 KB, 2322x4128)
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this is a good starting resource. If you're going to do 12V as in a car you're going to need a medium between the 5V microcontroller and the 12V lights. This isn't hard to do though. There are youtube guides on it.

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